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Tire design based on first principles of structural engineering
Counter-rotational drive belt system and method
Tire tread
Stabilizer for cantilevered tire building drum
Expandable tire building drum with alternating fixed and expandable segments, and contours for sidew...
Nanocomposite formed in situ within an elastomer and article having component comprised thereof
Tire tread
Tire tread
Preparation of elastomer with exfoliated clay and article with composition thereof
Method and apparatus for removing tire treads from storage device
Tunable spring rate and energy storage spring body
Tires with high strength reinforcement
Puncture sealing agent for a tire, and process for producing the same
Golf club shaft
Rubber composition and rubber roller
Rubber composition and rubber roller
Microlaboratory devices and methods
Golf club shaft
Powerpack laser diode assemblies
Laser oscillation apparatus, exposure apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing method, semicond...
Optical margin testing system for automatic power control loops
Methods of controlling a laser in a WDM application
Solid-state laser device
Method for fabricating a prism and method for fabricating an optical system
Apparatus for reshaping an optical beam bundle
Disc driving apparatus
Fiber depolarizer for fabry-perot laser diodes
Optical signal time-scaling arrangement
Semiconductor laser devices, and semiconductor laser modules and optical communication systems using...
Semiconductor laser device and process for producing the same
Optical amplifier
Semiconductor laser apparatus and method of observing semiconductor laser apparatus
Decoupled alignment axis for fold mirror adjustment
Organic laser having improved linearity
Apparatus and method for generating a dynamic image
Tunable laser temperature sensing control system
Illumination device and method for laser projector
Cap and timepiece device
Cleaning formulation
Functional composition, functional resin composition, and functional molding
Revolving gun safety cabinet
Comfort management system for equine
Clothes drying apparatus and method of drying clothes
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear sole
Decorative light blocking assembly for blinds
Fluid flow system for spring-cushioned shoe
Insole with fabric
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Device for plasma incision of matter with a specifically tuned radiofrequency electromagnetic field ...
Heat nozzle for welding floor seams
Acoustic source array system module for underwater operation which can be installed on a motorized b...
Acoustic portal detection system
Electromagnetic induction detection system
Space-saving cathode ray tube employing a non-self-converging deflection yoke
Multibeam generating apparatus and electron beam drawing apparatus
Electron amplifier utilizing carbon nanotubes and method of manufacturing the same
Weighted noise compensating method and camera used in millimeter wave imaging
Electrode alignment inspector and method
Modular welding guns
Method for labeling individual cells
Physical vapor deposition apparatus and process
Method for field programming radio frequency identification labels
Closed-loop conveyance systems for well servicing
Method and apparatus for melting titanium using a combination of plasma torches and direct arc elect...
Single stage kinetic energy warhead utilizing a barrier-breaching projectile followed by a target-de...
Electrolytic capacitor
Electrolytic capacitor with improved volumetric efficiency
Wavelength tunable light source and pulse light source
Intelligent condition-based engine/equipment management system
Method and device for determining the exhaust gas recirculation mass flow of an internal combustion ...
System and method for creating a representation of an assembly
Fully implantable microstimulator for spinal cord stimulation as a therapy for chronic pain
Image forming process and image forming apparatus
Water treatment system and water heater with cathodic protection and method
Digital micromirror device having mirror-attached spring tips
Waveplate and optical circuit formed from mesogen-containing polymer
Electrochromic rearview mirror element incorporating a third surface reflector
Electroacoustic transducer, process of producing the same and electroacoustic transducing device usi...
Optical wavelength resonant device for chemical sensing
Compact neutron generator
Data writing method for semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device
Electron spin mechanisms for inducing magnetic-polarization reversal
Fair scheduling in broadcast environments
Self-calibration for a catadioptric camera
Mixed but indistinguishable raster and vector image data types
Reducing fill and improving quality of interlaced displays using multi-sampling
System and method to facilitate native use of small form factor devices
Caching transformed content in a mobile gateway
System and method for matching a textual input to a lexical knowledge base and for utilizing results...
Knitwear modeling
Unique digital content identifier generating methods and arrangements
Cashless transaction clearinghouse
Display device, and game machine
Methods of conducting games of chance and gaming devices with multiple pay lines
Ink jet recording head
Apparatus for manufacturing laminated member
Method of manufacturing a bubble-jet type ink-jet printhead
Optical fiber cord, manufacturing method thereof, and manufacturing apparatus thereof
Low cost antennas using conductive plastics or conductive composites
Method and device for the molding of wood fiber board
Portable easel
Bar code data driven communications by mobile computer terminals operable in wireless networks
Media storage system using a transponder for transmitting data signal
Method for field programmable radio frequency identification testing devices for transmitting user s...
Method and apparatus for self-testing a customer services terminal and for loop testing telephone li...
Customer services terminal method and apparatus for testing a plurality of interface circuits and te...
Stacked hybrid semiconductor-magnetic spin based memory
Position detection apparatus, alignment apparatus and methods therefor, and exposure apparatus and d...
Spectrometer apparatus for determining an optical characteristic of an object or material having one...
Exposure method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Systems and methods for modifying an ice-to-object interface
Computer connections
Method and system of telecommunications trace diagnostics by multiple users
Method for automatically locating a motor vehicle wheel and corresponding locating unit
Method for the production of an open-loop control block and said control block
Raman amplifier system
Method of operating a hearing aid and hearing-aid arrangement or hearing aid
Computed tomography apparatus with automatic parameter modification to prevent impermissible operati...
Device and method for converting data sequences between FR format and ATM format
Configuration comprising two contactors connected in series
Pumping source with a number of pumping lasers for the raman amplification of a WDM signal with mini...
Method and device for monitoring electric components in a pick-and-place device for substrates
Wheel unit and method for activating a wheel unit
Theft protection system for an automobile and method for initializing the theft protection system
Electromagnetic switching device, in particular a contactor
Circuit for loss-less diode equivalent
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with continuous table motion
Method for operating asynchronous motors and corresponding device
Electric component with an integrated circuit mounted on an island of a lead frame
Method for driving appliances and household appliance with energy management
Latching mechanism for locking a spring energy store
Configurable arrays for steerable antennas and wireless network incorporating the steerable antennas
Apparatus and method of generating charged particles
Apparatus for processing and observing a sample
Implant hole guide
Implant positioning device and method
(2S)-2-(adamantan-1-ylmethoxycarbonylamino)-3-(4-(2-(1,4,5,6-tetrhydropyrim idin-2-ylcarbamoyl)ethyl...
Vitronectin receptor antagonists, their preparation and their use
Surgically implantable knee prosthesis having different tibial and femoral surface profiles
Dental implant-carrier assembly
Method for fabricating a photonic crystal
Variable blower controller for vehicle
Heat sink and package surface design
Heat sink with visible logo
Cooling structure of a projection tube
Apparatus using plate arrangement for exothermic reactions
Block manifold for heat exchanger battery fan coils
Variable height thermal interface
Heat pipe having an inner retaining wall for wicking components
Dual-density header fin for unit-cell plate-fin heat exchanger
Coolant motor fan drive
Flow distributor and baffle system for a falling film evaporator
Air conditioner and method of controlling the same
Data reading module capable of being built in computer or plugged into computer slot
Pin retention for thermal transfer interfaces, and associated methods
Heat sink, fixing method thereof and electronic apparatus using heat sink
Heat-dissipating device
Heat dissipation device with liquid coolant
Heat dissipation apparatus
Modular converter unit
Biotinylated-chemokine antibody complexes
Lipoprotein lipase and lipoprotein lipase activators in the treatment of inflammatory conditions
Labeled macrophage scavenger receptor antagonists for imaging atherosclerosis and vulnerable plaque
Process to prepare 2-aminoindan derivatives
Haemopoietin receptor and genetic sequences encoding same
Linked biaryl compounds
Crystalline salt forms of valsartan
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) active vinyl carboxylic acid derivatives
N-substituted-2-oxodihydropyridine derivatives
N-substituted spiropiperidine compounds as ligands for ORL-1 receptor
Pyrrolo[2,1-f][1,2,4]triazine inhibitors of kinases
Heterocyclic compounds that are inhibitors of the enzyme DPP-IV
Gene associated with regulation of adiposity and insulin response
Animal management system
Credential/condition assertion verification optimization
Apparatus and method for preventing disclosure of protected information
Methods and apparatus in distributed remote logging system for remote adhoc data analysis customized...
System and method for agent reporting in to server
Method and apparatus to manage network client logon scripts using a graphical management and adminis...
Methods and systems to manage and track the states of electronic media
System and method for web co-navigation with dynamic content including incorporation of business rul...
Intranet-based medical data distribution system
Self managing software agents with introspection
Adaptive scheduling of function cells in dynamic reconfigurable logic
System for managing networked information contents
Method and apparatus that simulates the execution of paralled instructions in processor functional v...
Method and device for restarting the spinning of open-end spinning devices
Portable electrical mouse trap
Rapid microbiological test for the detection of antibacterial compounds
Shaving cream dispenser
Advantageous carrier solution for vitrifiable concentrations of cryoprotectants, and compatible cryo...
Screen printing method including variable speed plate separating operation
Reinforcing device for household bean milk and bean curd makers
Ice cream unit comprising at least an ice cream maker combined with an ice cream display cabinet
Multiple match detection logic and gates for content addressable memory (CAM) devices
Image transfer material with image receiving layer and heat transfer process using the same
Yellow images with improved light stability and yellow dyes useful therein
Color-image-forming medium
Anti-drawback medical valve
Tool for facilitating the connecting of a catheter or other tubular member onto a guide-wire without...
Disc cartridge, optical disk device, and method for information recording and reproducing
Magnetoresistive sensor including magnetic domain control layers having high electric resistivity
Semiconductor slider with an integral spin valve transistor structure and method for making same wit...
Free layer and design for higher areal density
Spin valve magnetoresistive head having a free layer contacted at each end by a ferromagnetic layer ...
Oxide buffer layer for improved magnetic tunnel junctions
Magnetoresistive effect thin-film magnetic head
Inductive writer with flat top pole and pedestal defined zero throat
Double layer spacer for antiparallel pinned layer in CIP/CPP GMR and MTJ devices
Piezoelectric actuator, driving method and information storage device
Head slider having piezoelectric actuator
Weld pads for head suspensions
Disc head slider having vertically contoured features and method of fabricating vertically contoured...
Method for suppressing tribocharge in the assembly of magnetic heads
Magnetic head having short pole yoke length and method for fabrication thereof
Magnetic disc apparatus and its fabricating method
Dual feed through cassette transfer apparatus
Height adjusting mechanism for a tape guide pin and tape device
Motor driving device and disk device
Method for manufacturing a magnetic write element
Tag memory disk cache architecture
Disk drive cover for use with a disk drive to provide for disk shrouding and heat dissipation
Double winding twin coil for thin-film head writer
Disk drive including a disk plate having a damping member
System and methods for optimized drug delivery and progression of diseased and normal cells
Substitituted polycyclic aryl and heteroaryl pyridones useful for selective inhibition of the coagul...
Nitrosated and nitrosylated taxanes, compositions and methods of use
Method of changing conformation of a matrix metalloproteinase
Tissue type plasminogen activator (t-PA) variants: compositions and methods of use
Crohn's disease-related polymorphisms
Method for treatment of renal failure and occlusive lesion of blood vessels by administration of hep...
Method and apparatus for patient temperature control employing administration of anti-shivering agen...
Medical device with sensor cooperating with expandable member
Method and apparatus to measure blood flow by an introduced volume change
Two-phase compositions
Cyclic amine compounds and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Facility to transmit network management data to an umbrella management system
Methods for regulating gastrointestinal motility
Polysubstituted imidazopyridines as gastric secretion inhibitors
Lead system with sleeve for passing a lead
Method and apparatus for optimizing cardiac resynchronization therapy
Suspension device and method
Cardiac vein lead and guide catheter
Apparatus and method for determining tissue characteristics
Overlapping type piezoelectric stator, overlapping type piezoelectric actuator and applications ther...
Repeated structure of nanometer thin films with symmetric or asymmetric configuration for SPR signal...
Delivery methods, systems and components for use with radiopharmaceutical substances
11-O-methylgeldanamycin compounds
Method of diagnosing and treating gliomas
Pharmaceutical compounds
Store operated calcium influx inhibitors and methods of use
System for eliminating unauthorized electronic mail
Method and system for filtering unauthorized electronic mail messages
Polyhydroxyalkanoate that comprises unit having (methylsulfanyl) phenoxy structure in side chain the...
Spatially controlled, in situ synthesis of polymers
Stimulus sensitive gel with radioisotope and methods of making
Cucurbiturils and method for binding gases and volatiles using cucurbiturils
Benzoxazine derivatives and uses thereof
Production method of polyhydroxyalkanoate from substituted fatty acid ester as raw material
Pharmaceutical compositions of insulin drug-oligomer conjugates and methods of treating diseases the...
MDA-9 and uses thereof
Compositions for treating shoes and methods and articles employing same
Estrogen receptor modulators
Compounds for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, synthesis, and methods of use
UCS1025 derivatives
Phenyloxyaniline derivatives
Isoquinolinone potassium channels inhibitors
Biologically active peptides and compositions, their use
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Back casting prefabricated incisal veneers
Power source circuit
Double throughput analog to digital converter
Power converter
Solid-state image sensing device
Implanted hearing aids
Hearing aids based on models of cochlear compression
Electrode-membrane assembly and process for the preparation thereof
Brushless DC motor
Ion exchange system structure with a microtextured surface, method of manufacture, and method of use...
Heating apparatus and heating stabilization device in thereof
Optical information recording medium
Retrofit fluorescent lamp adaptor
Composite rotors for flywheels and methods of fabrication thereof
Handle and lock
Fenestration sealed frame, insulating glazing panels
System and method for energy usage curtailment
Image forming apparatus with reduced variation of rotation speed of image carrier
Vibratory motors and methods of making and using same
Process for controlling anode effects during the production of aluminum
Oxygen enrichment of indoor human environments
Cooking apparatus
Method for deciding semi-S curve for tone process of a digital color image
Combinative multivariate calibration that enhances prediction ability through removal of over-modele...
System for directed molecular interaction in surface plasmon resonance analysis
Small spot ellipsometer
Method for real-time control of the fabrication of a thin-film structure by ellipsometric measuremen...
Cut resistant paper and paper articles and method for making same
Method for making a transducer
Marine coating
Water-injected screw compressor
Piston pump
Compact molecular-drag vacuum pump
Molten metal pump system
Compressor with built-in motor and mobile structure using the same
Piezoelectrically driven fluids pump and piezoelectric fluid valve
Method of reducing pressure peaks in a fuel injector
Microelectromechanical device for controlled movement of a fluid
Electric compressor and control method therefor
Double-acting hydraulic pressure intensifier
Multi-cylinder high-pressure plunger pump
High-pressure cleaning device
Oil supply apparatus for hermetic compressor
Refrigeration cycle apparatus
High pressure fuel pump delivery control by piston deactivation
System and method for generating software tools
Data compressing apparatus, reconstructing apparatus, and method for separating tag information from...
Method and device for interleaving and method and device for deinterleaving
Computerized password verification system and method for ATM transactions
Image processing system that communicates with a portable device having user information
Information distribution control system, and information distribution control method
Gene expression by positive feedback activation of a cell type-specific promoter
Navigation apparatus
Method for transmitting data packets between motor vehicles
Vehicle navigation system
Information providing system and information providing method
Rugged, waterproof, navigation device with touch panel
Continuous feedback container security system
Method and system for communicating telematics messages
Security belt
Data bus, particularly in motor vehicles
Method for on-board diagnosis of cold start emissions reduction control strategy
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, the internal combustion engine and a control app...
Device and method for determining intermittent short circuit
Optical axis adjusting system for vehicle head lamp
Washing machine equipped with means for generating microbubbles of air
Dry cleaning machine and method of dry cleaning
Friction modifier additives for fuel compositions and methods of use thereof
CMOS low-noise MR read head pre-amplifier circuit
Multiband phase-vocoder for the modification of audio or speech signals
Method for manufacturing PDLC-based electro-optic modulator using spin coating
Method for treating a sphincter
Methods and apparatus for mounting an electromagnetic interference shielding cage to a circuit board
Bicycle rear suspension
Antiparasitic composition for the treatment and protection of pets
Methods of making medical devices
Method and apparatus for adjusting receiver voltage threshold and phase sampling point using FEC cou...
Receiver and method for avoiding intersymbol interference in a high speed transmission system
Feedforward equalizer for DFE based detector
Method and apparatus for storing signals in an implantable medical device
Series/parallel OLED light source
Array of discretely formed optical signal emitters for multi-channel communication
Light emitting device, driving method of light emitting device and electronic device
Pinch-off type vertical junction field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Transistor structure with thick recessed source/drain structures and fabrication process of same
Method and apparatus for improved MOS gating to reduce miller capacitance and switching losses
Integrated circuit structure with improved LDMOS design
Dual-sided capacitor
CMOS pixel with dual gate PMOS
Heterojunction bipolar transistor containing at least one silicon carbide layer
Avalanche photodiode having an extrinsic absorption region
Self-aligned raised extrinsic base bipolar transistor structure and method
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
High efficiency light emitting diode and method of making the same
Apparatus for treating metal-working fluid
Enhanced separation and extraction of gas from a liquid utilizing centrifugal forces
Font architecture and creation tool for producing richer text
Image display device and method of adjusting an image display device
Sheet-thickness detector device and sheet-processing apparatus, image-forming apparatus having the s...
Image forming apparatus and belt rotating device
Developing apparatus
Communication apparatus
Optical material, optical element, multilayer diffraction optical element, optical system, and metho...
Halftoning by enhanced error diffusion
Determining color mappings for a color printer
Conductive liquid crystal device and organic electroluminescence device
Image sensing system for sensing an image and converting the image into image signals with a control...
Image forming apparatus
Linear motor and stage apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
Method for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder with electrical stimulation of the brain internal ...
Shorted lamp detection in backlight system
Robot apparatus and walking control method thereof
Information processing apparatus and method
Robot control device
Receiving apparatus
Apparatus and method for estimating a position and an orientation of a mobile robot
Workpiece regrasping system for robot
Robot and robot operating method
Autonomously moving robot management system
Certain principles of biomorphic robots including foot placement selection using non-geometric visua...
Library device
Gait producing device for leg type movable robot
Automated method for transferring lenses in a hydrated state from molds to receivers
Substrate processing apparatus
Substrate processing apparatus, and combined system of functional blocks for use in substrate proces...
Substrate processing apparatus for performing photolithography
Modular motion unit with tensioner
Automotive vehicle framing system
Industrial robot system comprising a programmable unit
Substrate processing apparatus for inspecting processing history data
Lithography tool having a vacuum reticle library coupled to a vacuum chamber
Image distribution system
Communication breaking device and method thereof
Device and method of designating spreading code for forward common channel
Base station spread spectrum CDMA subtractive interference canceller
Enhanced architectures of voltage-controlled oscillators with single inductor (VCO-1L)
Environmentally friendly polylactide-based composite formulations
Aviation snip handle
Knife blade
Child's bowl with lid and cutlery
Method and apparatus for use in specifying and insuring service-level quality of service in computer...
Lytic reagent composition for leukocyte differential analysis
Lancet device having capillary action
Synthesis of pentafluorosulfuranyl substituted alkanes
Lateral-only photoresist trimming for sub-80 nm gate stack
Fluorescent ballast with isolated system interface
Method and apparatus for automatic volume control in an audio system
Double-downshift gear strategy for a dual clutch automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for controlling an airbag
Boring tool tracking fundamentally based on drill string length, pitch and roll
Device and method enabling fluid characteristic measurement utilizing fluid acceleration
Data exchange between a handheld device and another computer system using an exchange manager via sy...
Method for improving the control of power plants when using input/loss performance monitoring
Control apparatus, control method, control unit, and engine control unit
Device for measuring ionic activities
CPR device with counterpulsion mechanism
Device for actuating a seat element and seat comprising it
Method for performing add/drop functions of light signals in optical fiber light transmission system...
PWM controller with automatic low battery power reduction circuit and lighting device incorporating ...
Belt driving apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Verification of redundant safety functions on a monolithic integrated circuit
Illumination optimization for specific mask patterns
Interface apparatus, communication device including same, and communication method using same
Techniques for spreading zeros in a digital filter with minimal use of registers
Method and system for vehicle impact assessment using driver braking estimation
Exciter system and method for communications within an enclosed space
Direct electrical-to-optical conversion and light modulation in micro whispering-gallery-mode resona...
Power spectrum monitoring and management in a wavelength division multiplexed network
Monolithic integrated optical component including a modulator and a heterojunction bipolar transisto...
Isotopically altered optical fiber
Optical fiber communication system using optical phase conjugation as well as apparatus applicable t...
Variable optical attenuator
Optical cross-connect switch
Method of varying optical properties of photonic crystals on fast time scales using energy pulses
Method and device for characterizing a CMOS logic cell to be produced in a technology of the partial...
Expandable intelligent electronic device
Automated interactive bill payment system using debit cards
Developer container for an image forming apparatus
Plastic optical fiber, optical fiber cable, plugged optical fiber cable, and production methods ther...
Optical circuit, method for manufacturing optical circuit, optical circuit device and method for con...
Method for forming optical thin film and optical element provided with optical thin film
Plate antenna and electric appliance therewith
Latex for dip molding and a dip molded product
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having SOI structure
Soft magnetic alloy fiber, manufacturing method for soft magnetic alloy fiber, and information recor...
Removable pressure-sensitive adhesive and adhesive sheet of the same
Apparatus for analyzing biologic fluids
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a plurality of kinds of sheets having ionizing radiation curi...
Clean room for semiconductor device
Device for the articulated connection of two bodies
Capillary mixer with adjustable reaction chamber volume for mass spectrometry
Inhibition of angiogenesis by high molecular weight kininogen domain 3 peptide analogs
Pain treatment by peripheral administration of a neurotoxin
Photopolymerized sol-gel column and associated methods
Medical line securement device for use with neonates
Process for producing .alpha.-olefin polymer
Process for producing thin film metal oxide coated substrates
LED fixation device for topical anesthesia eye surgery
Long wearable soft contact lens
Indole-type derivatives as inhibitors of p38 kinase
Apparatus and method for target polishing intraocular lenses
System and method for filtering graphics data on scanout to a monitor
System, method and computer program product for a programmable pixel processing model with instructi...
System, method and article of manufacture for allowing direct memory access to graphics vertex data ...
Material and method for three-dimensional modeling
Wind power plant stabilization
Vertical-axis wind turbine
Polymerization process and polymer composition
Ink set for ink jet recording and ink jet recording process
Exercising bicycle
Pedal powered watercraft and equipment
Reflective flashlight holder
Dignified broad footprint beach wheelchair
Bike mount
Support stand for a bicycle
Assisting apparatus for changing speeds in a bicycle transmission
Safety headgear
Office exercise device
Program for monitoring cumulative fitness activity
Method for the production of melamine
Resist composition and patterning process
Hybrid thin film/thick film solid oxide fuel cell and method of manufacturing the same
Method of making coated articles and coated articles made thereby
Cigarette with smoke constituent attenuator
Process for hydrotreating a hydrocarbon feedstock and apparatus for carrying out same
Vacuum insulated quartz tube heater assembly
Fine powder of metallic copper and process for producing the same
Water-absorbent resin and production process therefor
Lightweight and porous construction materials containing rubber
Single mask via method and device
Method and apparatus for preventing nitrogen interference in pyro-electrochemical methods
Glass powders, methods for producing glass powders and devices fabricated from same
Rearview mirror with display
Folding blade cylinder of a folding machine
Cylinder of a rotary printing machine having tempering medium flow chamber
Stapling method and apparatus
Apparatus for viewing originals
Positioning device for a gripper carriage of a sheet-processing punching and embossing machine
Device for laterally aligning sheets in sheet-processing machines, especially printing presses
Gathering-stitching machine having a guide element in the stitching region
Apparatus for a intermittent feeding of a strip shaped blank to a press and a method of operating sa...
Image decompression from transform coefficients
Image processor for detecting specified pattern
Optical scanning lens, optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image processing method depending on the ty...
Method and apparatus for image data processing system increasing quality of produced images
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image processing method
Digital image outputting device, and image data handling device and method thereof
Image reading apparatus with adjusting lines of image data taken
RAM incorporated display driver for reducing load on display screen control and image display appara...
Computer readable data storage medium storing a program for displaying reading conditions of changea...
Lighting unit and liquid crystal display device including the lighting unit
Driving apparatus and method of liquid crystal display apparatus
Display device and display method
Ink Jet recording apparatus having maintenance means for cleaning an ink jet recording head
MR apparatus provided with an open magnet system and a quadrature coil system
Persistent current switch and method for the same
RF coil apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
MRI apparatus and method for selectively routing/diverting and combining signals along different pat...
Pressure reduction valve
Skimmer protector with intregral blow tube
Hydraulic cushioning of a variable valve timing mechanism
Drill stand with settable base plate
Processing of textual information and automated apprehension of information
Fluid control valve
Pipe joint
Computer with a pen or touch sensitive display
Method of selectively coating a wood composite, and coated wood composite
Design and architecture of an impairment diagnosis system for use in communications systems
Dark-field phase contrast imaging
Image taking apparatus
Micromirror systems with side-supported mirrors and concealed flexure members
Method for modifying the design of a structural part
Sorbitol dehydrogenase inhibitors
Electrolytic solution and electrochemical cell using the same
Electrode material, method for preparing same, electrode, and battery comprising same
Sealed battery
Secondary battery
Lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Aqueous borohydride compositions
Single component sulfur-based cathodes for lithium-ion batteries
Bath and method of electroless plating of silver on metal surfaces
Electrolytic process and apparatus
Enhanced electrochemical deposition (ECD) filling of high aspect ratio openings
Method for electrochemically processing a workpiece
Methods and apparatus for reducing sulfur impurities and improving current efficiencies of inert ano...
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and positive electrode for the same
Polymeric electrolyte and lithium battery employing the same
Systems and methods for the identification and displaying of information
High security identification system for entry to multiple zones
Method and apparatus for positioning an article handling device
Method of forming ultra thin film devices by vacuum arc vapor deposition
Device and methods for automating transfer of multiple samples to an analytical instrument
Systems and methods of inventory management utilizing unattended facilities
Cascading optical switch three dimensional switch fabric system and method
Compact optical fingerprint capturing and recognition system
Sonar Scanner
Floating gate analog voltage feedback circuit
Re-writable memory with non-linear memory element
Layered micro optics polarization converter
Nondegenerate optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier
Holographic viewing device, and computer-generated hologram for the same
Fishing pole harness
Heated pet enclosure
Animal litter, process for preparing animal litter, and method of removal of animal waste
Livestock feeding assembly
Fishers lure
Fishing reel
Heated bird perch
Aquarium system
Animal watering apparatus
Collapsible feeder
Milking device and method
Fish catching system
Fishing rod and reel container
Surgical robotic tools, data architecture, and use
Elastic blends comprising crystalline polymer and crystallizable polymers of propylene
Plastic material
Low haze high strength polyethylene compositions
Olefin-based thermoplastic alloy, process for making the same and molded parts containing the same
Optical fiber coatings with pressure sensitive adhesive characteristics
Pressure perturbation calorimetry instruments and methods
Vinylidene fluoride polymers, process for manufacturing them and use thereof
Compositions and methods of nematode control
Apparatus for determining when a patient is susceptible to defibrillation
Portable ECG monitor and method for atrial fibrillation detection
Method and system for performing closed-chest bypass
Patient monitoring systems having two-way communication
Pre-shaped catheter with proximal articulation and pre-formed distal end
Electrically isolated power and data coupling system suitable for portable and other equipment
Acoustic wave device
Measuring device and method
Blunt cannula and filter assembly and method of use with point-of-care testing cartridge
Apparatus and method for chronically monitoring heart sounds for deriving estimated blood pressure
Blood-pressure determining apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring pulsus paradoxus
Personal computer with a biometric sensor having improved resistance to environmental distortions
System and method for determining capacitance for large-scale integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for classifying time series data using wavelet based approach
Sensing device
Texture description method and texture-based image retrieval method using Gabor filter in frequency ...
Configurable pattern optimizer
Method and apparatus for efficiently encoding chromatic images using non-orthogonal basis functions
Image encoder and method of encoding images according to weight of portions of image
Method for automatic removal of vertical streaks by modifying image data associated with non-homogen...
Methods apparatus for generating shaped gradient fills
Method of sorting out defect-free workpiece
Picture feature extraction device, picture retrieving device, and methods thereof for picture featur...
Method for detecting defects in a material and a system for accomplishing the same
Optical device, optical device mounting method, and optical module
Tap outlet collimator
Embedded mode converter
Optical switching device comprising plural mechanical optical switches
Optical switch, element therefor, and optical switching method
Spread polarization transmitter and associated system and method of operation
Fiber splice tray for use in optical fiber hydrophone array
Optical fiber plug including fiber positioning holder
High fiber count optical fiber cable with buffer tubes around central strength member
Interconnect including a repeater for an optical transmission cable
Fiber-type optical coupler with slanting Bragg diffraction gratings and optical parts and apparatuse...
Optical switch and method for making
Method and overhead system for performing a plurality of therapeutic functions within a room
Supply connector for a discharge lamp
Storage box illumination device for compact vehicles
Assembly for a wedge base track lamp holder
Illuminated animated ornament
Foldable lamp shade
Illumination systems utilizing highly reflective light emitting diodes and light recycling to enhanc...
Light fixtures for illumination of liquids
LED symbol signal
Lighting apparatus
Candle holder for jack-o-lantern lid and method of applying the same
Illuminated holiday treat carrier
Portable palm tree in a planter
Light transmitting plate
Illuminated implement apparatus
High velocity underwater jet weapon
Gun loading device
Safety units for a hammer in a firearm
Multiple auto primer system for muzzle-loading firearm
Dyed olefin yarn and textile fabrics using such yarns
Topcoat compositions, substrates containing a topcoat derived therefrom, and methods of preparing th...
Method and apparatus for picking up a semiconductor chip, method and apparatus for removing a semico...
Electrophotographic photoreceptors with novel overcoats
Port tube closure assembly
Print media products for generating high quality, water-fast images and methods for making the same
Integrated surface compositions and articles made therefrom
Conformable multi-layer sheet materials
Resist compositions and patterning process
Pigmented cable jacket comprising color pigments
Thermosetting plastic foams and methods of production thereof using adhesion additives
Irradiated biaxially oriented film
Chelation compositions
Alkoxylated alkyl ester and alcohol emulsion compositions for fuel cell reformer start-up
Apparatus and method for controlling undesired water and fuel transport in a fuel cell
Compact precooler and cooling process
Membrane exchange humidifier for a fuel cell
Fuel cell system and method for producing electrical energy
Fuel cell stack and a method of supplying reactant gases to the fuel cell stack
Integrated fuel cell system
Fuel cell power plant
Use of transcription factors for treating inflammation and other diseases
Nociceptin analogs
Metered electro-dose
Isolated human ras-like proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human ras-like proteins, and...
Stabilization of sunscreens in cosmetic compositions
Laundry treatment for fabrics
Method for manufacturing discrete articles from a material web using synchronized servo-actuated ope...
Spraying device
Topsheet pattern for a sanitary napkin
Breathable absorbent articles comprising chitosan material
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Electrostatic spray device
Bearing configuration and method for reducing noise in a bearing
Roller assembly for supporting a slide-out room
Speed sensor target wheel with improved retention capability
Center bearing support
Apparatus for sealing a water pump bearing
Rolling bearing and spindle device for machine tools
Electric motor
Rolling bearing
Roller bearing
Washer having oil-bearing holes
Bearing-hub unit for motor vehicle wheel
Linear guide device
Plain bearing and process for producing the same
Rotor/stator type homogenizer
Furniture pillar
Parking lock mechanism and a roller bearing outer race for same
Transmission main shaft centering device
Bearing device
Method of preloading tapered roller bearings
Containerized rocket assisted payload (RAP) launch system
Apparatus and method for removing the slide of a semi-automatic pistol
Protective packaging device for blast and fragmentation mitigation
Cadmium sulfoselenide surface-mountable optocoupler
Back-side wafer singulation method
Optical element
Stack of clear laminated removable lenses for reducing surface drag on airfioils
Rear projection screens and methods of making the same
Position sensing with improved linearity
Dual beam spectrophotometer modular sample system
Apparatus and method for optically projecting pixel-based image information onto a light-sensitive m...
Optically- and electrically-addressable concentrators of biological and chemical materials
Terrestrial optical communication network of integrated fiber and free-space links which requires no...
Method to diffract and attenuate an optical signal
Connector-less high speed underwater data interface
Optical circuit board
Wideband ASE light source
High resistance polyaniline useful in high efficiency pixellated polymer electronic displays
Methods and apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Process and apparatus for treating a workpiece such as a semiconductor wafer
Methods for removing metallic contamination from wafer containers
Apparatus and method for loading of carriers containing semiconductor wafers and other media
Dispenser carton with tilt platform
Variable-profile optical device including variable profile mirror and optical element including vari...
Method for producing quantum dot silicate thin film for light emitting device
Magnetic recording medium
Protection of a surface by partially subjecting it to an electrochemical treatment
Porous polymer/carrier solid phase reactants, method for producing same and the use thereof
Ink-jet recording head having a vibration plate prevented from being damaged and ink-jet recording a...
Electrooptical unit with a flexible board and electronic apparatus
Antiglare film, sheet polarizer, and image display device
Electroluminescence system and device for the production thereof
Electro-optical device and method of driving the same, organic electroluminescent display device, an...
Automated positioning of mobile laser peening head
Efficient test structure for non-volatile memory and other semiconductor integrated circuits
Multi-layered wiring board for slot coupling a transmission line to a waveguide
Method of producing a pre-alloyed stabilized zirconia powder
Structure for connecting non-radiative dielectric waveguide and metal waveguide, millimeter wave tra...
Multiple channel optical assembly and method of manufacture
Semiconductor memory system with a data copying function and a data copy method for the same
Semiconductor memory device
Reflection-type color liquid crystal display apparatus
Tooth-cleaning composition and method for producing it
Film with metal foil
Temperature control method for refrigerator
In-line automated dual or selective multi-hole punch
Substrate with raised surface portion
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer readable medium
Dye thin film, production method thereof, optical switch, optical distributor, optical modulator and...
Process for minimizing toner usage in minimum area coverage patches and minimizing toner churning
Method and apparatus for rendering a continuous tone image representation with multiple digital half...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image forming apparatus
Toner for developing an electrostatic latent image, developer, developer unit, and method for formin...
Printing control program, printing control system, and printing control method
Ink jet printer
Sheet supply cassette and image forming apparatus
Printer sheet lateral registration and deskewing system
Flexible radiant barrier
Thermal therapy sleeve
Air-conditioning control apparatus using heater
Protective drainage wraps
Light weight ladder systems and methods
Method and apparatus for rendering a low-resolution thumbnail image suitable for a low resolution di...
Apparatus for coupling stacked sheets
Printer and printing method
Hydrocarbon-terminated polyether-polyamide block copolymers and uses thereof
Water-soluble hotmelt adhesive
Heat exchanger made of aluminum alloy
Pharmaceutical formulations containing a non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug and a proton pump inhib...
Composition and method of effecting superficial chemical skin peels
Transfer-free mascara composition comprising at least one volatile solvent and at least one polymer
7-Nitro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazole and 7-nitro-2,1,3-benzthiadiazole derivatives, as well dyeing agents fo...
Ultrasonically actuated needle pump system
Rotary cleaning apparatus
Aligning device and method for feeding products into an automatic packaging machine
Thermoplastic flower pot with a thin skirt
Oxidation-resistant reactive solders and brazes
Reducing scintillation effects for optical free-space transmission
Method for encoding a user identifier in a communication system
Micro-electrical-mechanical system (MEMS) device having a plurality of pairs of reflective element a...
Wiretap implemented by media gateway multicasting
Circuit for transmitting plesiochronous signals in a SDH system
Fast protection switching by snooping on upstream signals in an optical network
Optical fiber closure having an integrated bend limiting feature
Automatic protection switch decision engine
Optical beam-steering switching system having beam coupling control
Method and apparatus for channel detection
Method and apparatus for filtering a clock signal
Fiber closure sealing apparatus
Device and method of forming a unitary electrically shielded panel
Cleaner with adjustable aerosol canister retainer
Phototherapeutic treatment methods and apparatus
Responsive gastric stimulator
Applicator for applying functional substances into human skin
Use of sulphonamide derivatives for the manufacture of a medicament for the prophylaxis and/or treat...
Method of prevention of lysosomal leakage in eukaryotic cells by using 6-methyluracil based water-so...
Foldable bopp film suitable for fat packaging
Film structures and packages therefrom useful for packaging respiring food products
Multi-piece food product and method for making the same
Canola protein isolate functionality II
Process for retaining moisture in cooked food with peptide
Method for reducing acrylamide formation in thermally processed foods
Soybean jam
Inulin infused fruit and method of preparation
Food product and method
High fiber high protein ready-to-eat cereal
High protein puffed food product and method of preparation
Incorporation of phytosterols into flavorings
Dispensing system for blended frozen food compositions
Method of measuring volatile components of foods
Method for preserving food using metal-modified apatite and food container used therein
Method and apparatus for combining cookie dough and ice cream
Multicomponent food product and methods of making and using the same
Methods for the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Isolated human transporter proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human transporter proteins and ...
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device having multi-bit control function
Multiplexed active biologic array
Semiconductor light emitting device
Apparatus and method for using a 2-wire bus to deskew 4 XAUI lanes across multiple ASIC chips
Embedded server chassis hardware master system and method
Slew rate limited reference for a buck converter
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for designing the same
Incremental placement of design objects in integrated circuit design
Design system of integrated circuit and its design method and program
Method for mapping logic design memory into physical memory device of a programmable logic device
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a self-testing function
Power-on state machine implementation with a counter to control the scan for products with hard-BISR...
Sequencer and method of selectively inhibiting clock signals to execute reduced instruction sequence...
Instruction code conversion apparatus creating an instruction code including a second code converted...
Enhancement of electrochemical cell performance
Multi-level stamper for improved thermal imprint lithography
Electro-mechanically polished structure
Silicon-on-insulator biosensor device
Large line conductive pads for interconnection of stackable circuitry
Use of a bioadhesive composition comprising a polyphenolic protein
Hybrid intravascular stent
Binder systems derived from amorphous silica and bases
Agricultural solid waste composition and product made from the same
Microprecipitation method for preparing submicron suspensions
Absorbent article with fluid treatment agent
Modified vortex for an ion mobility spectrometer
Device for operating a high pressure discharge lamp
High pressure discharge lamp and method for producing the same
Photoactivatable coating composition
Self-adjusting mechanism for a thermostat responsive to humidity
Polymerization method comprising sequential irradiation
Sensor for detecting small concentrations of a target matter
Mercury recovery apparatus
Apparatus and method for photo-induced process
Microporous filter media with intrinsic safety feature
Flashlight equipped with low wattage arc lamp
Enzymatic cycling assays for homocysteine and cystathionine
Determination method of biological component and reagent kit used therefor
Method of delivering a protein to poultry
Method for producing chiral carboxylic acids from nitriles with the assistance of a nitrilase or mic...
Lipid-mediated polynucleotide administration to reduce likelihood of subject's becoming infected
Amylase variants
Module with membrane elements in cross-flow and in a dead-end arrangement
Method, apparatus, and system for multi-line communication
Method and apparatus for varying automated data processing
Method and system for sending data between computers using a secure pipeline
Apparatus and method for decoding and computing a discrete cosine transform using a butterfly proces...
Child carrier
Linking documents through digital watermarking
Method and system for instruction of a computer using coded marks
Output tower for a community communication hub kiosk
Polymers that inhibit calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate scale in autodish applications
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Frameless variable valve actuation mechanism
Vacuum management system for engine with variable valve lift
Method and system for engine braking in an internal combustion engine using a stroke limited high pr...
Electromagnetically driven valve control apparatus and electromagnetically driven valve control meth...
Wide area real-time software environment
Method and apparatus for suppressing music on hold
Output power controlling apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Transmission systems
Method of controlling an automatic transmission
Control system of a continuously variable transmission for a vehicle and method
Volume stability control for partitioned audio system
Subway movie/entertainment medium
Bumper-aerial assembly
Chaologic brain function diagnosis apparatus
Free-flow fluid measurement meter
Spectroscopic fluid analyzer
Liquid metering
Milking apparatus for laboratory animals
Method of and a device for automatically milking a dairy animal
Process and equipment for the thermal annihilation of the protein contained in a material of animal ...
Identification process of application of data storage and identification hardware with IC card
Hybrid tea rose plant name `Jasper Crane`
Geranium plant named `Duecorona`
Verbena plant named `USBENAS24`
Verbena plant named `USBENA5122`
Verbena plant named `USBENAS10`
Verbena plant named `USBENAS18`
Verbena plant named `Wesverrose`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sant219A`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sant214E`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sant217A`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Hadmoo`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S70`
Variety of Pelargonium plant named `Paceyes`
Variety of calla lily named `Swan Lake`
Hop plant named `YCR Accession No. 4`
Florabunda rose named `Hadbal`
Organic lighting emitting element, organic lighting emitting device having the organic lighting emit...
Light-emission drive circuit for organic electroluminescence element and display device
Encapsulated organic electronic devices and method for making same
Organic device including semiconducting layer aligned according to microgrooves of photoresist layer
Adjustable width product display system
Vaccum transfer system and method for food grade product
Apparatus and method for verifying memory coherency of duplication processor
Antenna built-in type mobile phone
Method of controlling special playback mode of video signal reproducing apparatus
Mode entrance control circuit and mode entering method in semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having improved redundancy scheme
Data output circuit in combined SDR/DDR semiconductor memory device
Multi-level flash memory with temperature compensation
System board
Color separating device using dichroic mirror wheel and image projecting apparatus using the same
Optical illumination system of projector using optical device for homogenizing luminous energy and p...
Device for aspirating and dispensing liquid samples
Method and system for guiding an aircraft along a preferred flight path having a random origin
Vehicle sensing system
Driveway security sensor
Technique allowing a status bar user response on a portable device graphic user interface
Antenna module
Inventory control system
Sensor for recognition of seat occupancy
Wireless tire pressure alarming system as directly powered from car cigarette-lighter receptacle
Controlling processor-based systems
Fast adaptive power control for a variable multirate communications system
Portable navigation device and system, and online navigation service in wireless communication netwo...
Method and apparatus for estimating carrier frequency offset and fading rate using autoregressive ch...
Apparatus and method for microwave heating using chaotic signals
Apparatus for supporting microelectronic substrates
Liquid crystal display device having a black matrix with a specific resistance
Multicolor image forming material and method of multicolor image formation
Integrated transformer
Conductive material for integrated circuit fabrication
High-frequency electron source
Plasma display apparatus
Board for plasma display with barrier ribs, plasma display and production process therefor
Panel assembly for PDP and manufacturing method thereof
Light-emitting devices utilizing nanoparticles
Cold emission film cathode and flat panel display with nanocrystalline carbon film emitter
Device interconnection
Thermal management of rotor endwinding coils
Wafer-bonding using solder and method of making the same
Method and system for control of turbogenerator power and temperature
Power delivery through a flex tape in decoupled I/O-power hybrid substrate
Versions and workspaces in an object repository
Computer system with noiseless cooling
In-situ digital inking for applications
Paramagnetic particles that provide improved relaxivity
Tamper-indicating barcode and method
Combustion turbine with airfoil having enhanced leading edge diffusion holes and related methods
Turbine spring clip seal
Adapter for a dish basket of a dishwasher
Method for defining the injection time in an injection system for an internal combustion engine
Steam generator
Direct drive for a wheel set
Differential pressure signaling device and method employing a magnetoresistive sensor
Bus joint cover assembly
Device for determining the internal resistance of a linear oxygen probe
Electrical connection passing through a dividing wall
Method for operating a programmable washing machine and corresponding washing machine
Method of initializing a simulation of the behavior of an industrial plant, and simulation system fo...
Optimal ratio estimator for multisensor systems
Method and configuration for transmitting data in a motor vehicle
Method and device for determining a similarity of measure between a first structure and at least one...
Priority based methods and apparatus for transmitting accurate emergency location identification num...
Power component assembly for mechatronic integration of power components
System and method for collecting, disseminating and managing information using a voice and data base...
Remotely controlled power supply in an electronic label
Proactive maintenance application
Protectable expressions in objects having authorable behaviors and appearances
Battery life estimator
Substituted polycyclic aryl and heteroaryl pyridones useful for selective inhibition of the coagulat...
(Hetero)aryl-bicyclic heteroaryl derivatives, their preparation and their use as protease inhibitors
Use of calreticulin and calreticulin fragments to inhibit endothelial cell growth and angiogenesis, ...
CD39/ECTO-adpase as a treatment for thrombotic and ischemic disorders
Gimbaled bladder actuator for use with test strips
Implantable stroke preventing device
Temporary intraluminal filter guidewire and methods of use
Rotary blood pump and control system therefor
Preparation of thioarabinofuranosyl compounds and use thereof