Apparatus for reshaping an optical beam bundle


Apparatus for shaping an optical beam bundle carrying a plurality of substantially parallel optical beams disposed in a common plane of travel. First reflective facets and second reflective facets are provided, the first reflective facets being oriented so as to deflect the optical beams of the bundle into a plurality of intermediate, substantially non-parallel optical beams. Each of the second reflective facets is spatially disposed so as to receive a respective one of the intermediate optical beams at a different respective distance from the plane of travel of the optical beam bundle. Also, the second reflective facets are oriented so as to deflect the intermediate optical beams into a bundle of substantially parallel output optical beams. In this way, the output beam can be more adapted for a particular application. In certain cases, this also achieves increased brightness of a laser beam through reduced output beam divergence and/or total cross-sectional area.


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