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Nanocrystal waveguide (NOW) laser
CO2 slab laser
Electrode design to extend sputter life of a ring laser gyroscope
Photodiode configuration having two photodiodes, a laser diode configuration having the photodiode c...
Semiconductor laser element, semiconductor etchant, and method of fabricating the semiconductor lase...
Electrically pumped, polycrystalline ZnO laser and a method of fabricating the same
Gain-coupled semiconductor laser device lowering blue shift
Organic laser cavity arrays
Laser system utilizing highly doped laser glass
Method and device for determining the output power of a semiconductor laser diode
Laser apparatus
System for improved power control
Laser spectral engineering for lithographic process
Spatial filtering of laser ghosts
Optical pickup apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for illuminating a spatial light modulator with light from multiple laser diode...
Correction of angular deviation and radial drift of laser beams
Hydrogenated copolymer
Wheel incorporating a flashing light feature
Skate frame with cap construction
Footwear sole with a stiffness adjustment mechanism
Footwear with attachable covering
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
System for the combined handling, delivery and/or protection of multiple standardized containers and...
Method and system for digital printing by density scheduling
Method and device for prevention of gimbal-locking
Airborne biota monitoring and control system
Multi-sided remote control device
Internal micro alarm
Electromagnetic target discriminator sensor system and method for detecting and identifying metal ta...
High contrast surface marking using irradiation of electrostatically applied marking materials
Controlled fusion in a field reversed configuration and direct energy conversion
Decontamination of chemical warfare agents using a reactive sorbent
Method for using ammonium fluoride solution in a photoelectrochemical etching process of a silicon w...
Folic acid in solid dosage forms
Powder spray coating
Powder supply system for coating installations with a plurality of application units
Detection of signs of attempted deception and other emotional stresses by detecting changes in weigh...
Volume rendering in the acoustic grid methods and systems for ultrasound diagnostic imaging
System for chemical vapor deposition at ambient temperature using electron cyclotron resonance and m...
Drill for smooth- and hex-shank bits
Organic EL device and method of manufacturing organic EL device
Acrylic polymer capstock with improved adhesion to structural plastics
Endless belt electrophotography, process for producing the endless belt, and image forming apparatus...
Aerated compositions and process for achieving such aerated compositions
High-strength metal aluminide-containing matrix composites and methods of manufacture the same
Process for upgrading plastic material
Method for manufacturing thermoplastic tubing
Java common information model interface for windows management instrumentation via COM/DCOM
Mixed-mode execution for object-oriented programming languages
Method of and system for designing an N-tier software architecture for use in generating software co...
Apparatus and method for visualizing and analyzing resistance networks
Optimization of cell subtypes in a hierarchical design flow
Method of remotely monitoring an internet web site
Storage area network methods and apparatus for display and management of a hierarchical file system ...
Ice and snow removal system
Living body data management system with function of displaying growth process graph
Carbon fiber reinforcement material
Resin infusion mold tool system and vacuum assisted resin transfer molding with subsequent pressure ...
Method and circuit for folded analog-to-digital converter (ADC) using frequency detectors and time d...
Breadcrumb processing line and method
Resin compositions having biodegradation and hydrolysis properties
Strains of the Bacillus subtilis group for food fermentation
Insulated beverage or food container
Method and apparatus for separation of milk, colostrum, and whey
Flavor precursors
Storage stable pan release coating and cleaner
Method of treating produce
Partially thermal treated dough intermediate and method of making
Method for preparing flour doughs and products made from such doughs using lipase
Stabilized chewing gum base
Biocide composition containing propionic acid and iodine compounds
Liquid vitamin composition
Apparatus for sterilizing and sprouting grains
Method for making carbon steel bands, in particular packaging steel bands, and resulting bands
Decorating applicator
Infusion package
Dye-receptive layer transfer sheet
Heat-sensitive recording material
Exchange coupling film having improved wettability of seed layer
Magnetoresistance effect element
Magnetic head having high conductivity lead structures seeded by epitaxially matched seed layer
Magnetic read and write head with NiFeCo-O-N or NiFeCo-N shield and/or poles
Electrostatic microactuator with electrically isolated movable portion and associated drive circuitr...
Recording tape cassette
Tape drive with fan on take-up hub
Method for measuring PES noise of servo patterned media
Magnetic scanning system
Data storage device, head positioning apparatus and head positioning method
Average position error measurement in a data storage device
High-speed low-capacitive load common mode feedback
Acquisition signal error estimator
In-situ detection of contaminant accumulation on a slider in a disk drive
MRAM sense layer area control
Method of burnishing a burnishable rear pad slider in a disk drive
Process of manufacturing a magnetic write head
Manufacturing method of head arm assembly
Disk drive using rotational position optimization algorithm to facilitate write verify operations
Wear leveling techniques for flash EEPROM systems
Control for an industrial process using one or more multidimensional variables
Identification tag for fine art registry system
Global network based vehicle safety and security telematics
Method and apparatus for accessing information, computer programs and electronic communications acro...
Data transmission method, terminal equipment and data transmission system
Acyl sulfamides for treatment of obesity, diabetes and lipid disorders
SRAM self-timed write stress test mode
Feed-through assemblies having terminal pins comprising platinum and methods for fabricating same
Highly thermally conductive electronic connector
Polymer composite structure
Production of high purity fisher-tropsch wax
Highly active supported catalyst compositions
Method for extending operating life of a fixed bed reactor
Heavy oil upgrade method and apparatus
High strength marine structures
Method and system to extend lubricant life in internal combustion EGR systems
High barrier metallized film with mirror-like appearance
Burner employing flue-gas recirculation system
Methods for producing weld joints having thermally enhanced heat-affected-zones with excellent fract...
Modification of lubricant properties in a recirculating lubricant system
Antioxidant nitroxides and nitrones as therapeutic agents
Carboxylic acid derivatives
Peptide deformylase inhibitors
Process for preparing prostalglandin derivatives and stereospecific starting material thereof
Process for producing quinoline-3-carboxylic acid compound
Polyester urethanes
Polycyclic aryl and heteroaryl substituted benzenes useful for selective inhibition of the coagulati...
Process for the synthesis of trans-alkenoic acids, use thereof
Oil composition
Isomer enriched conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Use of pleuromutilin derivatives for transdermal treatment of bacterial diseases
Composites with large magnetostriction
Primary-side controlled flyback power converter
DC to DC converter
Voltage sense method and circuit which alleviate reverse current flow of current bi-directional conv...
DC-DC converter and DC-DC converter drive circuit
Converter circuit with controllable switching means utilizing a switching frequency window
Low output noise switched mode power supply with shieldless transformers
Sequential comparison type AD converter and microcomputer
Automated portable medication radial dispensing apparatus and method using a carrier tape
Wideband modulation summing network and method thereof
Integrated process for hydrocarbon synthesis
Electrochemiluminescent enzyme biosensors
Developing agent
Photobiomolecular deposition of metallic particles and films
Sterilization system employing a switching module adapted to pulsate the low frequency power applied...
Water-electrolysis-device-use electrode plate, unit, solid electrolytic membrane unit and electrolyt...
Automotive internal combustion engine control system
Liquid ejection method and liquid ejection head therefor
Heat trap with non-rotating sealing member
Ceiling grid system and method of assembling the same
Cast log structure
High-performance water heater
Tube-in-plate cooling or heating plate
Thermal connection layer
Heat dissipation system for audio amplifier
Fuel cell cooling system
Apparatus and method for reduction of gases emitted from a cooling tower
Air passage switching device and vehicle air conditioner using the same
PDA diagnosis of thermostats
Air mixing system for auxiliary vehicle HVAC units
Air baffle attachment to a heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Heat sink assembly
Refrigerated merchandiser with foul-resistant condenser
Method of fabricating multi-channel devices and multi-channel devices therefrom
Head portion of a ratchet wrench
Method, device and computer program for determining the blood flow in a tissue or organ region
Noninvasive measurement system
Method and apparatus of diagnosing deterioration of an article
Method for determining the concentration of glucose in a body fluid with glucose-containing perfusat...
Wire reduction device
Neck bonded and stretch bonded laminates with perforated nonwovens and method of making
System and method for attaching absorbent articles
Ultrasonic horn assembly stack component connector
Method of cutting a material from a rolled product
Method and apparatus for making on-line stabilized absorbent materials
Wiping products made according to a low temperature delamination process
RFID system and method for ensuring personnel safety
Cellulose fibers treated with acidic odor control agents
Foam treatment of tissue products
Apparatus for web cut-off in a rewinder
System and method for controlling the strain of web material
Method for making an absorbent binder composition and application thereof to a substrate
Process for manufacturing a cellulosic paper product exhibiting reduced malodor
Soft tissue
Stretchable absorbent article having zones of differential stretch
Secured method for monitoring the transfer of value units in a chip card gambling system
Apparatus for removing contaminants from a display device
Linear actuator and a pump apparatus and compressor apparatus using same
Micropipette and dividedly injectable apparatus
Magnetic pumping system
Swash plate type compressor having improved refrigerant discharge structure
Vacuum producing device
Above the motor bellows expansion member for a submersible pump
Stroke control apparatus of reciprocating compressor and method thereof
Gas operated automatic, liquid pumping system for wells
Guitar pick
System and method of improved calculation of diffusely reflected light
Method and system for enhancing reliability of communication with electronic messages
Method and apparatus for designing lamps with different phosphor blends
Customer self service subsystem for classifying user contexts
Execution control for process task
Unequal error protection Reed-Muller code generator and decoder
Low-interference communications device using chaotic signals
Configurable serial interconnection
Method and systems of enhancing the effectiveness and success of research and development
Antisense modulation of CD36L 1 expression
Key locating system
Dynamic attitude measurement method and apparatus
Soil characteristics survey device and soil characteristics survey method
Electronic compass
System and method for updating, enhancing, or refining a geographic database using feedback
Display method and apparatus for navigation system
Walking stick navigator for position determination
System and method for controlling an object detection system of a vehicle
Method and device for determining a future travel-path area of a vehicle
Navigation system
Lighting device for vehicle
Windshield fog detector
Detergent composition for petroleum refining apparatus
Method and apparatus for cleaning of a milking plant
Irregular optical interconnections to compensate for non-uniformities in analog optical processors
Gas flow method for detection of local preform defects based on statistical analysis
Administration of anti-inflammatory drugs into the central nervous system
Image forming apparatus and copier
Downhole geothermal well sensors comprising a hydrogen-resistant optical fiber
High density fiber optic distribution frame
Waveguide bends and splitters in slab photonic crystals with noncircular holes
Resin composition for a coating for an optical fiber, and coated optical fiber and optical fiber uni...
Silica optical fiber with a double polymer cladding
Photonic-crystal fibers and photonic-crystal fiber devices
Optical fiber
Optical Fiber Ribbons Having Preferential Tear Portions
Optical fiber drop cable
Air blown fiber (ABF) cable with low composite coefficient of thermal expansion
Apparatus and method for compensation of central wavelength shifting of a fiber grating
Method for aligning and assembling optical demultiplexer module, and automatic aligning mechanism fo...
Dispersion-compensating module
Optical switch assembly and method for making
Photonic switching including photonic pass-through and add/drop capabilities
Hermetically sealable transfer cask
Protected substrate structure for a field emission display device
Method and apparatus for compensating a photo-detector
Magnetic thin film media with a pre-seed layer of CrTi
Needle deployment for temperature sensing from an electrode
Information recording medium with SiO2-In2O3-SnO2-ZnS protective layer
Parallel network processor array
Library manager for automated programming of industrial controls
Chip arrangement determining apparatus and method
System and method of acquiring delay, setup and hold values for integrated circuit cells
Method and apparatus for performing technology mapping
Process for surface modifying substrates and modified substrates resulting therefrom
Method for enhancement of naturally occurring cytoplasmic male sterility and for restoration of male...
Gastroelectric stimulation for influencing pancreatic secretions
Assay for measuring enzyme activity in vivo
Method of producing a male sterile plant by exogenic allelism
Gene encoding brain-specific membrane protein
Non-volatile memory device with burst mode reading and corresponding reading method
DMA scheduling mechanism
Efficient interpolator for high speed timing recovery
System and process for embedded cable modem in a cable modem termination system to enable diagnostic...
Optical logical circuits based on lasing semiconductor optical amplifiers
Interleaved read/write operation in a data switch
Circuit and method for decreasing the required refresh rate of DRAM devices
Methods and apparatus for reading memory device register data
Apparatus and method for reducing test resources in testing Rambus DRAMs
Method for identifying and communicating with a plurality of slaves in a master-slave system
Hardware emulation of parallel ATA drives with serial ATA interface
Full area temperature controlled electrostatic chuck and method of fabricating same
Microtransformer for system-on-chip power supply
Integrated circuit leadframes patterned for measuring the accurate amplitude of changing currents
Component and antennae assembly in radio frequency identification devices
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Electronic part, an electronic part mounting element and a process for manufacturing such the articl...
Semiconductor switching circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Microelectromechanical systems using thermocompression bonding
Tab tape, method of making same and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a base metal lead frame
Designing method and a manufacturing method of an electronic device
Radiation shielding die carrier package
Thermal management of power delivery systems for integrated circuits
Photodiode array and method of making the same
Expression vectors for production of foreign proteins as soluble forms
Systems and methods for non-destructively detecting material abnormalities beneath a coated surface
Electrophotographic endless belt comprising meandering-preventive member, and process cartridge and ...
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus using the photoreceptor
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Magneto-optical storage medium capable of transferring magnetic domain from recording layer to repro...
Photochromic synthetic resin object with permanently increased contrast
Method of magnetizing magnetic sheet and magnetization apparatus
Flat light source
Rotor for small-sized motor and method of manufacturing same
Electrical circuit interrupting device
Light-emitting element and method of producing the same
Image forming apparatus with mountable and dismountable electric component unit
Fixing device including phase control and wave number control
Method for correcting and controlling image forming conditions
Image forming apparatus and control method for the same
Image forming apparatus and adjustment method of the same
Information processing apparatus, mixed reality presentation apparatus, method thereof, and storage ...
Image forming method featuring a step of thermally-fixing performed after steps of separately-applyi...
Image processing method and apparatus and recording medium
Toner supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image processing method apparatus and storage medium for recognition of irradiation area
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
Magnetoresistive element and MRAM using the same
Polarized display with wide-angle illumination
Plasma display panel, back plate of plasma display panel, and method for forming phosphor screen for...
Method and apparatus for identifying plastic
Process for preparing a supported polymerization catalyst using reduced amounts of solvent and polym...
Alkyl/aryl hydroxy or keto thiepine compounds as inhibitors of apical sodium co-dependent bile acid ...
Biphenyl sulfonamides as dual angiotensin endothelin receptor antagonists
Method for making a forming structure
Production method of drawn film
Fluid separation and delivery apparatus and method
Resin composition, water-resistant/moisture-proof paper, containing the same, and process for produc...
Tensioner lever for transmission device
Composite comprising organic fibers having a low twist multiplier and improved compressive modulus
Device for compacting matter such as packaging waste
Concealed type slide fastener with separable bottom end stop
Preventives for the recurrence of cerebrovascular failure and agents for ameliorating troubles follo...
Asymmetric wireless communication system using two different radio technologies
Speech interface for an automated endoscope system
CDMA receiver and DCMA demodulator with AGC circuit
Wander generator having arbitrary TDEV mask characteristic setting apparatus
Electrochemical test strip
Identification of human cell lines for the production of human proteins by endogenous gene activatio...
Security control system, method for the operation thereof
Methods and compositions for inhibiting .beta.-secretase
Polyurethanes and graft copolymers based on polyurethane, and their use for producing coating materi...
Aqueous primary dispersions and coating matters, a method for producing same and the use thereof
Free-flowing polymer composition
Stable composition
Small-animal mount assembly
Orthogonal signal projection
Locking drive tool
Light-producing high aperture ratio display having aligned tiles
Methodology to characterize metal sheet resistance of copper damascene process
Systems and methods for multiple winding impulse frequency response analysis test
Disk drive unit with tray being retractable and ejectable from a main body
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device for connecting to serial advanced technology attachment cab...
Low-profile, multi-antenna module, and method of integration into a vehicle
System device and method for monitoring electric users, particularly household appliances
Plasma display with split electrodes
Electron beam system and method of manufacturing devices using the system
Electron source substrate, production method thereof, and image forming apparatus using electron sou...
Linear pulse motor, stage apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Structure and method for formation of a blocked silicide resistor
Silicon carbide semiconductor device
Semiconductor crystal film and method for preparation thereof
Electric charge adjusting method, device therefor, and mass spectrometer
Semiconductor device fabrication method and semiconductor device fabrication apparatus
Wire-protective tube
Radiation sensitive resin composition, rib, rib forming method and display element
Lactam derivatives and methods of their use
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same, and tablet comprising epoxy resin compositi...
Ultraphobic surface for high pressure liquids
Controller for a memory system having multiple partitions
Disposable toothbrush with reservoir
Zwitterionic polymers
DSP-2 dual-specificity phosphatase
Accident evidence recording method
Navigation system
Vehicle sharing system and method for controlling or securing vehicle access and/or enablement
Mobile electrical power source
Triazolo compounds as MMP inhibitors
Turnabout climber exercise apparatus
Training machine, image output processing device and method, and recording medium which stores image...
Gear assembly
Skin light exposure control methods
Shock-absorbing bicycle seat mount system
Base rail kit for motor vehicle
Stroller trailer
Bicycle carrier
Power-assisted bicycle
In-car hydration systems
Method of fabricating a clipless bicycle pedal
Photoresist composition for imaging thick films
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a gradient coil system with stiffening elements
Nano-architected/assembled solar electricity cell
Transparent substrate coated with a polymer layer
Method of on-line coating of a film on the inner walls of the reaction tubes in a hydrocarbon pyroly...
Carbon fiber filters
Methods, systems, and apparatus for uniform chemical-vapor depositions
Method for attachment of one or more organic groups onto a particle
Rolling bearing
Jumper structure and timepiece having the same
Integrated circuit inductors
Method of press-working inorganic substrate and press machine therefor
Toner for developing electrostatic image, method for manufacturing the toner, developer including th...
Titanium-containing interference pigments and foils with color shifting properties
Method for producing a winding protection for tape-wound cores
Method of stimulating growth of melanocyte cells by administering stem cell factor
Frictionless self-powered moving display
Method for producing multicolor printing
Short inking unit for a rotary printing machine and method of improving the ink splitting in such a ...
Multistage screening with screens of any desired screen resolutions and screen angles
Folder apparatus
Pallet-changing apparatus
Drawing-device mechanism for a machine for processing sheet-like printing materials
Rotary printing press having a switchable speed-change gear mechanism with plant gears
Reusable printing form
Reversing or turning assembly of a sheet-processing machine
Method for making a low inertia roll
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus with improved spatial and time stabilization of the homogene...
Triazole linked carbohydrates
Purifying composition with NOx treatment and internal combustion engine exhaust gases
Hydromechanical transmission electronic control system for high speed vehicles
Ratcheting hydraulic chain tensioner with rotational reset and locking means
Hole cutting tool
System and method for eye tracking controlled speech processing
Low profile push-pull magnetic vibrating apparatus
Backpack having multimedia capabilities
Telecommunication chassis
Computer system and a method of assigning a storage device to a computer
System for information extraction from geologic time volumes
Optical functional device and optical integrated device
Method of protecting traffic in a mesh network
Material processing machine
Drug document production system
Programmable diffraction grating sensor
Disk drive control for improving the operation of a computer subjected to motion
Multi-node user interface component and method thereof for use in performing a common operation on l...
System and method for collecting and disseminating household information and for coordinating repair...
Method for characterizing the performance of an electrostatic chuck
Non-lethal method for extracting crude hemocyanin from gastropod molluscs
Stimuli-responsive polymer utilizing keto-enol tautomerization and stimuli-responsive separating mat...
Substituted indoles as alpha-1 agonists
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyros...
Use of hyaluronic acid and forms to prevent the narrowing of the vascular walls
Stabilized insulin formulations
Method and composition for enhanced parenteral nutrition
Methods for administration of antibiotics
Stimulation of angiogenesis via enhanced endothelial expression of syndecan-4 core
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery having a carbonaceous material containing negative electrod...
Electrolyte for a lithium-sulfur battery and a lithium-sulfur battery using the same
Non-aqueous electrolytes for lithium electrochemical cells
3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene compounds and polymers thereof
Apparatus for and method of forming seals in fuel cells and fuel cell stacks
Method and apparatus for calculating interconnect noise due to cross capacitance in the presence of ...
Open-loop for waveform acquisition
Automated delivery of treatment fields
Interface to a programmable logic controller
Efficiency GaN-based light emitting devices
Compact optical equalizer
Low-loss resonator and method of making same
Optical communication module and manufacturing method thereof
Tunable filter
Optical switch cascading system and method with variable incidence angle correction
Use of electromagnetic fields in cancer and other therapies
Self-extinguishing recombinases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods of using the same
Rotation support structure for dual-bearing reel
Variable use fly-fishing reel
Fishing reel
Boot and harness swimming system for an animal
Animal leash system
Apparatus for cleaning an animal's paw
Animal box with detecting means
Method and system for transporting live poultry
Cage with intercommunicating modular compartments
Aquaculture method and system for producing aquatic species
Litter box waste box
Pet bed having orthopedic properties
Fishing line weight that detaches from line
Universal guide
Fishing tool for snagged fishing line
Minimally invasive surgical training using robotics and tele-collaboration
Endoscopic targeting method and system
Template grid
Endoscope system
High modulus crosslinked polyethylene with reduced residual free radical concentration prepared belo...
Radiation-cured correction tape
Methods and compositions for preventing and treating male erectile dysfunction and female sexual aro...
Apparatus and method for providing turbo code interleaving in a communications system
Two-dimensional angle of arrival detection device
Optical module with alignment waveguide
Electronic device with improved user interface
Shielded x-ray detector
Method and apparatus for gain normalization of a correlation demodulator
Method and apparatus for performing multiport through-reflect-line calibration and measurement
Power measurement apparatus and method therefor
Use of ionic liquids for fabrication of polynucleotide arrays
Noise reduction in an air moving apparatus
Method and apparatus for displaying help screen information for measurement device
Tunable capacitor
Conductive lens
Building block with a cement-based attachment layer
Apparatus for RF diathermy treatment
Tri-mode medical telemetry antenna system
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging with simultaneous measurement of two neighboring...
Fever alarm system
System and method of determining whether to recalibrate a blood pressure monitor
Apparatus and methods for performing non-invasive vasectomies
System and method for providing feedback to an individual patient for automated remote patient care
Light guide and endoscope
Location of generally rectangular shaped objects in an image
Video information processing apparatus and transmitter for transmitting information to the same
Information communications apparatus
Lambertian reflectance and linear subspaces
Mask pattern correction method, mask pattern creation system using the correction method, and comput...
Automatic region of interest locator for AP spinal images and for hip images in bone densitometry
Method and system for calibrating multiple cameras with potentially non-overlapping fields of view
Method and apparatus for adaptive compression of scanned documents
System and method for directed acuity segmentation resolution compression and decompression
Image sequence coding method
Method and apparatus for dynamic loop and post filtering
Planar waveguide structure with segmented trenches and closely spaced, optically isolated waveguides
Optical waveguides derived from a combination of poly(perfluorocyclobutanes) and polymeric cyanates
Lightguide and method for manufacturing the same
Optical cable for telecommunications
Cable termination device with a clamped retention member
Floating optical carrier
Liquid crystal display device
LED retrofit lamp
Micro-machined coupled capacitor devices
Photodiffusion sheet and backlight unit using this
Fiber optic fabric with opaque coating for directional light emission
Light assembly, especially signal light, for motor vehicles
Vehicular lamp
Illumination device
Illuminated surfaces in the interior of an automobile
Vehicular lamp assembly with a simplified structure and CHMSL and tail lamp incorporating the same
Modular pole system for a light fixture
Stackable led modules
Collapsible lampshade
Large area shallow-depth full-fill LED light assembly
Light emitting diode lamp having parabolic reflector and diffuser
Optical configurations for distributing radially collimated light
Led tube light housings
Close packing LED assembly with versatile interconnect architecture
Electric connecting structure for a lamp
Locking device for locking a lamp rod
Flashlight utilizing differently sized batteries
System and method for sharing, mapping, transforming data between relational and hierarchical databa...
Product normalization
Information retrieval/distribution system, computer readable storage medium, and program for informa...
Object oriented based, business class methodology for performing data metric analysis
System and methods for predicting correct spellings of terms in multiple-term search queries
Structured-document search apparatus and method, recording medium storing structured-document search...
Document editing apparatus
Two-way speech recognition and dialect system
Communications apparatus, communication system, plug-in module control method, and computer-readable...
Remote monitoring diagnostic system and method thereof
Artillery firing mechanism
Contactless or hybrid contact-contactless smart card with reinforced connection of the electronic mo...
Positively charged membrane
Blend for masterbatches
Readjustable optical elements
Apparatus and method for recovery and recycle of tracer gas from leak testing process with randomly ...
Hydrophilicity of water repellent soil
Fire and thermal insulative wrap
Processes for the preparation of 2-methylfuran and 2-methyltetrahydrofuran
Slope monitoring system
Geophysical method for quantification of dense non-aqueous phase liquids in the subsurface
Fuel cell system and method of operating a fuel cell system
Method for quick start-up of a fuel processing system using controlled staged oxidation
Process for generating electricity with a hydrogen fuel cell
Tissue regenerative composition, method of making, and method of use thereof
Fabrication of a cartilage implant
Transdermal assay with magnetic clamp
Methods and systems for collecting and processing data in association with machine operation and mai...
Method and system to perform a thread switching operation within a multithreaded processor based on ...
Method and apparatus for performing technology mapping
System and method for intelligent web content fetch and delivery of any whole and partial undelivere...
Automatic design of processor datapaths
Simulation of data processing apparatus
Difluorobutyric acid metalloprotease inhibitors
Compositions and process for preparing cleansing bars comprising low levels of soluble surfactant fo...
Skin lightening agents, compositions and methods
Portion of a cleaning sheet
Anti-static, anti-reflection coating
Method for producing crystallographically textured electrodes for textured PZT capacitors
Composite board with OSB faces
Vulcanizable elastomeric compositions for use as tire treads
Solid metallocene catalyst system
Dielectric ceramic
High temperature interface layer growth for high-k gate dielectric
Method of polishing a multi-layer substrate
Color toner, method for manufacturing the toner, and image forming apparatus and method using the to...
Composite packaging materials and printable sheets, and methods of making
Method of making a halogen lamp and other analogous lamps and objects, and apparatus for the manufac...
Preparation of composite high-K/standard-K dielectrics for semiconductor devices
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Non-flammable, high-solvency compositions comprising trans-1,2-dichloroethylene, solvent, and inerti...
Thermal imaging processes and products of electroactive organic material
Self-dispersing pigment and process of making and use of same
Fluid barriers
Coating composition for metal conductors and coating process involving the use thereof
Photoresists, polymers and processes for microlithography
Method and apparatus for analyzing mixtures of gases
Electro-dipcoating baths with additives preventing the formation of craters in the baked coating
Fluorometer with low heat-generating light source
Polyurethane and polyurethane-urea elastomers from polytrimethylene ether glycol
Graft copolymer with a urethane/urea group as a pigment dispersant
Coating composition containing a low MFI ethylene acrylic acid copolymer
Low gloss free radical powder coatings
Method and system for interaction between a processor and a power on reset circuit to dynamically co...
Method of transferring data in a processing system
System and method for controlling trap generation of simple network management protocol (SNMP) by de...
Vehicle agent system acting for driver in controlling in-vehicle devices
Drive unit for wheel and assembly method for the same
Bearing device for axle
Double row tapered rolier bearing apparatus
Gas lubricated thrust bearing
Lubricant retention design for disk drive fluid dynamic bearing spindle motor
Hydrodynamic thrust bearing
Bearing unit, production method therefor and spindle motor
Multi-helical ball sleeve structure
Linear motion guide unit
Mounting assembly for inflatable curtain
Inner seal ring for rolling mill oil film bearing
Firearm bolt catch assembly
Flashlight mount for a firearm
Extractor assembly for a semi-automatic handgun
Door for a gun cabinet, pistol box, ammunition box, security safe, or the like
Vacuum arc interrupter actuated by a gas generated driving force
Vacuum arc interrupter having a tapered conducting bullet assembly
Radiation-curable thermal printing ink and ink ribbons and methods of making, using and printing usi...
Fuse handle for fused disconnect switch
Semiconductor component having stacked, encapsulated dice
Reflection-type optical circulator utilizing a lens and birefringent plates
Multi-functional optical device utilizing multiple polarization beam splitters and non-linear interf...
Quarter wave plate comprising two optically anisotropic layers
Electrode structure for liquid crystal display
Supply meter and method for reading a fixed supply meter
Optoelectronic circuit employing a heterojunction thyristor device that performs high speed sampling
Method for producing optically active salicylaldimine copper complex
Low water content, high refractive index, flexible, polymeric compositions
Waveguide-bonded optoelectronic devices
Method and apparatus for sensing a temperature along an optical path with a grating in semiconductor...
Macroscopic fiber comprising single-wall carbon nanotubes and acrylonitrile-based polymer and proces...
Method and apparatus for two-way viewing while reading
Procedure for the preparation of racemic and enantionmerically pure derivatives of 1,5-diaryl-3-trif...
High refractive index aromatic-based silyl monomers
Decorative material and method of its fabrication
Transparent paramagnetic polymer
Organic electroluminescent device and manufacturing method therefor
Fluid handling layers made from foam and absorbent articles containing same
Nitrogen mustard compounds and prodrugs therefor
Sodium-hydrogen exchanger type 1 inhibitor
2-alkoxyestradiol analogs with antiproliferative and antimitotic activity
Chirp slope multiple access
Communication node and packet transfer method
Biocidal polystyrene hydantoin particles
Polymerase III-based expression of therapeutic RNAS
Cross-platform audio feedback for GUI components
Information searching apparatus, information searching method, and storage medium
System for determining changes in the relative interest of subjects
Keyless locking device
Liquid crystal display device having soda-lime glass and method of fabricating the same
Thin film capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Oriented ferroelectric thin-film device and method for manufacturing the same
Hydrolyzable silanes and polymerizable silanes with low viscosity and use thereof
Prepolymeric (meth)acrylates with polycyclic or aromatic segments
Fluorochemical sulfonamide surfactants
Process of fabricating electro-optic polymer devices with polymer sustained microelectrodes
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Fuel cells having silicon substrates and/or sol-gel derived support structures
Polishing composition and polishing method employing it
Optical device, mold, and method of producing the same
Process for preparing an optical waveguide component from acrylate/titanium alkoxide composite mater...
Surface-type optical apparatus
Image sensor apparatus having additional display device function
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor d...
LCD module and a combination switch using the same
Display device with electro-optical element activated from plural memory elements
Anode structure for organic light emitting device
Providing an emission-protecting layer in an OLED device
Circuit board, mounting structure for semiconductor device with bumps, and electro-optic device and ...
Thin film transfer, organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method of the same
Semiconductor device having a buffer layer against stress
Light-emitting semiconductor device using gallium nitride compound semiconductor
Thin film transistor formed on a resin substrate
Light emitting device
Method for producing an organic electroluminescent display, and an organic electroluminescent displa...
Emission process for a single photon, corresponding semiconducting device and manufacturing process
Electroluminescent cable and mounting system therefor
Paper product
Method of modifying a workpiece following laser shock processing
Method for manufacturing color selection electrode structure and color cathode ray tube having the c...
Semiconductor wafer protection and cleaning for device separation using laser ablation
Method and apparatus for cleaning inkjet cartridges
Manufacturing method of semiconductor laser diode
Method of manufacturing a circuit board and its manufacturing apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating surround-sound data
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic instrument
Manufacturing method of polyamic acid, and polyamic acid solution
Analyzing and sorting of wood veneers
Compact image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including image transporting belt and rotary roll
Image forming device
Ergonomic computer mouse
Image fixing method
Coating method using hollow chuck head
Image-recording device
Droplet ejecting head, method for driving the same, and droplet ejecting apparatus
Packaging machine and method for wrapping and folding flexible photoreceptor belts
Insulating composite materials and methods for producing and using same
Pure water tank for fuel battery power generating system
System and method for ordering printing of images, and system and method for printing edited images
Monitoring device
Reading and writing assistant device
Gelatin soft capsule having the properties of removal of oral smell and cleaning of oral cavity
Apparatus and method for the controlled release of volatile materials
Process for preparing cleansing bars having well-defined platelet striations therein
Liquid finishing composition for textile products
Method and apparatus for manufacturing pressure sensitive adhesive label stocks with printing under ...
Conditioning/styling tetrapolymers
Composition for the dyeing of human hair
Pouches for collecting matter excreted by the body
Brush assembly with consumable cleaning agent
Coating tool and coating set
Modular electrical device for delivery of volatile compounds
Fluid emulsification systems and methods
Aerosol separator and method
Methods and devices for nebulizing fluids
Bleach stabilizer for stain removal pen
Mass spectrometer
Electrode substrate of plasma display panel and method for making the same
Method of removing iron oxide deposits from the surface of titanium components
Oomycete FtsZ-mt as a target for oomycete-specific antimicrobials
Surface protection film for freshly painted automobile surfaces with a multicomponent adhesive
Tyrosine kinase receptors and ligands
Single stranded DNA binding proteins from archaea
Colostrinin, and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for promoting lipid mobilization in humans
Composition for promoting passive extension of bladder smooth muscle
Use of colostrinin, constituent peptides thereof, and analogs thereof to promote neuronal cell diffe...
Integrated circuits with parallel self-testing
Magnetic memory device implementing read operation tolerant to bitline clamp voltage (VREF)
Methods of using an array of pooled probes in genetic analysis
Identifying a base in a nucleic acid
Facilitating press operation in abutted-pin hierarchical physical design
Initializing/diagnosing system in on-chip multiprocessor system
Multi-bit test circuit
Method and apparatus for calibration of an electronic device
Electronic device and communication method using bridging medium
Drive shafts for vehicles and other applications and method for production
Biasing circuit for degenerated differential pair
Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Method of manufacturing a thermally imageable element
Ink-jet recording paper
Apparatus for producing toner, method for producing toner, and toner
Carboxylic acid-modified vinylic polymeric compositions
Toner, method of forming the toner, and image forming method and apparatus using the toner
Rubber composition
Method of manufacturing imaging compositions
Energy activated electrographic printing process
Optical fiber with an improved primary coating composition
Information recording medium
Fast-writable and precision-writable high-capacity optical storage media
Polymer mixtures containing polydiorganosiloxane urea-containing components
Acrylic resin and antifouling coating
Low viscosity scratch resistant coatings using texturizing and inorganic fillers
Semiconductor device having a low dielectric constant dielectric material and process for its manufa...
High dielectric constant composites of metallophthalaocyanine oligomer and poly(vinylidene-trifluoro...
Composition for film formation and material for insulating film formation
Latex having a high solids content and a low viscosity and exhibiting a bimodal distribution
Water-soluble polymers of esters made from acrylic acid and alkylpolyalkylene glycols
Coating and binding agent for oral or dermal pharmaceutical forms
Method for modifying acid group containing polymers
Metal complexes of iminohydroxamic acids
Cross-linked acrylic microparticles, method for the production thereof and use thereof in coverings ...
Method for producing non-ionic tenside granulates
Use of phenylethylamine derivatives for the antimicrobial treatment of surfaces
Method for producing water-insoluble polysaccharides
Electric discharge lamp device
Mercury free discharge lamp with zinc iodide
Control of leachable mercury in mercury vapor discharge lamps
Tilt switch
Process for preparing acylfluorides
Method of manufacturing semiconductor having group II-group VI compounds doped with nitrogen
Method and system for creating a mercury halide standard for use in testing a mercury analyzer syste...
Magnetic field enhanced hybridization of target molecules to immobilized probes
Multi-purpose position sensitive floor cleaning device
Configurable memory management unit
Using linked list for caches with variable length data
Distributed control system architecture and method for a material transport system
Tunable optical waveguide filters with optimized lengths and method of designing same
Data processing method and data processing apparatus
Digital sum variation computation method and system
Multi-dimensional lattice network
Passive remote sensor of chemicals
Herbicidal mixture comprising a benzoyl derivative, a fertilizer containing nitrogen and an adjuvant
Glycosyl sulfotransferases GST-4.alpha., GST-4.beta., and GST-6
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable ...
Electronic watermark embedding device and electronic watermark detecting device, and electronic wate...
Apparatus and method for inserting and detecting watermark based on stochastic model
Health assessment kiosk
De-icing composition and method
Analyzing, optimizing and rewriting queries using matching and compensation between query and automa...
Memory management system and method providing increased memory access security
Recording/reproduction apparatus and recording/reproduction control method
Data transfer controller and electronic device
Crossover filter system and method
Method to validate system configuration
Branch markers for rapidly identifying branch predictions
Apparatus and method for controlling intake air amount of internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for simultaneously displaying a number along with its number of significant fig...
Method for remote engine start
Method for cruise control and distance regulation in motor vehicles
Wireless backup communication link for vehicle control
Method for processing signals produced by piezoelectric sensors mounted in a roadway for measuring t...
Remote control system for operating selected functions of a vehicle
Closed-loop system and a method for separating materials of differing melting points
Application of arsenic as a cancer and heart disease prevention agent
Liquid filtration apparatus and method embodying super-buoyant filtration particles
Manually controlled skimming of industrial oil contaminants
Ozonated water flow and concentration control apparatus and method
Grease interceptor (trap) and servicing method
Method and apparatus for recycling wash chemicals
Method and apparatus for removing contaminants from conduits and fluid columns
Heavy metals absorbent and method of use
Method for eliminating metal halides that are present in a liquid or gaseous, organic or non-organic...
Packing materials for separation of biomolecules
Method of separating components in a sample using silane-treated silica filter media
Method for removal of guanidine compound from aqueous media
Hemofiltration systems, methods and devices for treatment of chronic and acute diseases
Branched flow filtraction and system
Separation medium, its preparation and its use
Method and separating module for the separation of particles from a dispersion, in particular of blo...
Process and device for biological treatment of a suspension in a bioreactor with integrated hydrauli...
Method of treating sewage
Cement paste containing microbial cells
Modified membranes
Paste for forming thick film, method for manufacturing thereof, and filter apparatus
Drain element comprising a liner consisting of hollow rods for collecting in particular hydrocarbons
Fluid filter flowmeter self-generating power source system and method
Asymmetric porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane and process for preparing the same
Multiple well plate with adhesive bonded filter
Lint trap
Filter plate of a filter press
Swimming pool water treatment plant
Filter with an annularly constructed filter medium
Sensing device using MEMS technology and prognostic health monitoring
Method for fixing the position of an end cap on a filter element, using inductive heating
Molded core filter drier
Fluid processing systems and methods using extracorporeal fluid flow panels oriented within a cartri...
Methods for polymer addition control for water treatment
Novel salicylic acid-binding protein encoding nucleic acid, SABP2, and methods of use thereof
Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and pr...
Food and exercise calculator
Process for separating unsaponifiable valuable products from raw materials
Compounds for the reduction of excessive food intake
Compounds for the reduction of excessive food intake
Compositions and methods for protecting cultivated plants from herbicidal injury
Process for producing isoprenoid compounds by microorganisms and a method for screening compounds wi...
Nonoriented stiff packaging film with superior tear properties
Pullulan film compositions
High gloss film coating and stable solution therefor
Method of deflavoring soy-derived materials using electrodialysis
Protein enhanced low carbohydrate snack food
Ginger extract preparation
Process for flavor improvement of foodstuffs
Freezing method and apparatus
Dry powder which retains savor and flavor and method for producing the same
Fractionation of allyl isothiocyanate, p-hydroxybenzyl-isothiocyanate, protein and fiber from mustar...
Oil seed meal preparation
Miso with good flavor containing high amount of isoflavone compounds
Food product with high viscosity
Creamy, milk-free o/w emulsion, process for its preparation and its use
Liquid bread improver, the use and the process for producing thereof
Systems and methods for executing functions for objects based on the movement of an input device
Method and apparatus for assisting or resisting postures or movements related to the joints of human...
System and method for fast nested message authentication codes and error correction codes
Method of manufacturing color filter
System and method for selectively authenticating data
Computer-related method and system for controlling data visualization in external dimension(s)
Tools for interacting with virtual environments
Methods and systems for establishing games with automation using verbal communication
Organic EL display device having organic soluble derivative layer
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
EL element, EL display, and electronic apparatus
Organic semiconductor sensor device
Field effect transistor (FET) and FET circuitry
Method for the production and configuration of organic field-effect transistors (OFET)
Method in the fabrication of organic thin-film semiconducting devices
Organic electroluminescent device based on pyrene derivatives
Use of pyroglutamyl-glutamyl-prolyl amide (EEP) for neurological and neurobehavioral disorders
Flash memory device having uniform threshold voltage distribution and method for verifying same
ACPI complaint computer system and overtemperature protection method therefor
Fusing device for an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Vector modulator using amplitude invariant phase shifter
Method and apparatus for motion compensation adaptive image processing
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing receiver where FFT Window position recovery interlocks wi...
Aberration correction element and optical pickup adopting the same
Digital modulation apparatus used with DVD-RAM and DVD-R/RW for increasing margin of operation of ex...
Method and apparatus for generating a desired three-dimensional digital model of an orthodontic stru...
System for overvoltage protection
Substituted fused pyrazolecarboxylic acid arylamides and related compounds
Method and apparatus for localized liquid treatment of the surface of a substrate
Industrial switching hub for Ethernet network
Piezoelectric rate sensor system and method
System and method for display radar data
Method and device for digital control of electrical consumers in a model railway
Alarm apparatus for motor vehicle
System providing multiple focused radiation beams
Radiation therapy dosimetry quality control process
Computed tomography scanning method and apparatus wherein exposure of an examining person to scannin...
Single phosphor for creating white light with high luminosity and high CRI in a UV LED device
Positioning system for use in lithographic apparatus
Gap adjustment apparatus and gap adjustment method for adjusting gap between two objects
Elongated computed radiography cassette
Dual damascene semiconductor devices
Multi-tiered lithographic template and method of formation and use
Process for preparing radiation image storage panel by gas phase deposition
Optical amplification of molecular interactions using liquid crystals
Receiver and portable communication device
Process for forming printed circuit film used in waterproof keyboard
Liquid crystal display device with plastic substrate
Method and system having switching network for testing semiconductor components on a substrate
Miniature motor and method for manufacturing the same
Negative differential resistance (NDR) memory device with reduced soft error rate
Electro therapy method and apparatus
Zoom system
Position correction in Y of mask object shift due to Z offset and non-perpendicular illumination
UPC fail down
Semiconductor memory device permitting control of internal power supply voltage in packaged state
Apparatus and methods for fourier spectral analysis in a scanning spot microscope
Double-threshold admission control method in cluster-based micro/picocellular wireless networks
Method of handoff within a telecommunications system containing digital base stations with different...
System and method for enabling and disabling devices based on RSSI analysis
Variable wavelength impulse transmission
System and method for outbox-capable wireless transmission
Method and apparatus for merging accounting records to minimize overhead
System for facilitating personal communications with multiple wireless transmit/receive units
Antenna assembly for use with a portable computing device wireless communication
Data selection apparatus
Multiplierless finite impulse response filter
Triple-mode mono-block filter assembly
Hybrid optical element and photodetector device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Fabrication of low power CMOS device with high reliability
Structure of a trapezoid-triple-gate FET
Self-aligned MIM capacitor process for embedded DRAM
Light emitting diode and method of making the same
Semiconductor device having a channel layer, first semiconductor layer, second semiconductor layer, ...
Phosphor-coated light emitting diodes including tapered sidewalls, and fabrication methods therefor
Bipolar transistor structure with ultra small polysilicon emitter
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Optical semiconductor device including InGaAlAs doped with Zn
BJT based ESD protection structure with improved current stability
Pixel cell with high storage capacitance for a CMOS imager
Image sensor with improved dynamic range by applying negative voltage to unit pixel
Nitrogen-free antireflective coating for use with photolithographic patterning
Methods for determining ATPase activity and uses thereof
GPS navigation apparatus
Wireless GPS apparatus with integral antenna device
Electronic timepiece with a contactless data communication function, and a contactless data communic...
Conductive composition precursor, conductive composition, solid electrolytic capacitor, and their ma...
Method of on-line monitoring of radial clearances in steam turbines
System and method for remote data acquisition, monitoring and control
Low speed shift strategy for marine engines
Method for preemptive screen rendering
Multiphoton photosensitization system
Carbon nanotube gate field effect transistor
First approximation for OPC significant speed-up
Force detected magnetic field gradiometer
Scanning charged particle microscope
Process for the production of vinyl acetate
Catalyst component for addition polymerization, catalyst for addition polymerization, and process fo...
Plastic composition
Dual radiation/thermal cured coating composition
Networking applications for automated data collection
Nucleic acid sequencing by raman monitoring of uptake of precursors during molecular replication
System uses time pulse that simultaneously transmits with time of day message to synchronize network...
Method for controlling packet-oriented data forwarding via a coupling field
Compact converter station
Tripping device
Method for testing a capacitive actuator
Method for designing a selective RF pulse for use in a magnetic resonance apparatus
Measured value acquisition and processing unit for small measuring signals
Converter circuit
Connection device for an electronic box
Fluid-flow machine with high-pressure and low-pressure regions
Compositions produced by solvent exchange methods and articles of manufacture comprising same
Poly amic acid system for polyimides
1,4-dihydropyridine and pyridine compounds as calcium channel blockers
Compositions and methods for treatment of neurological disorders
Pyrazole derivatives as p38 kinase inhibitors
Urea compounds, compositions and methods of use and preparation
Derivatives of [6,7-dihydro-5H-imidazo[1,2-a]imidazole-3-sulfonyl]-pyrrolidine-2-carboxyl ic acid am...
Crystalline drug form
Pyrrolidine derivatives and their use as chymase inhibitor
Crude and crystalline forms of lercanidipine hydrochloride