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Phenoxypropanolamines, preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Siastatin B derivatives having a glycosidase inhibitory activity and processes for producing the sam...
Ratchet wrench and lighting circuit arrangement
Fire door core
Overtone headstock
Method for producing homopolymers and copolymers of isobutene
Gasoline sulfur reduction in fluid catalytic cracking
Method of displaying nodes and links
Memory LSI failure analysis apparatus and analysis method thereof
Method and system to avoid battery sag by detecting momentary fluctuation in a periodic terminal vol...
Molecularly imprinted polymers produced by template polymerization
Nur-RE a response element which binds nur nuclear receptors and method of use therefor
Gloucose-regulated mRNA instability element
Mammalian cell culture chamber
Programmable I/O element circuit for high speed logic devices
Communications interface and floating devices including such an interface
Digital PLL with gear shift
Voice and data exchange over a packet based network with timing recovery
Method and apparatus for reproducing timing, and a demodulating apparatus that uses the method and a...
Predictable updating of a baud divisor of an asynchronous serial port during data reception
Heat shield for exhaust insulator
Occupant protective apparatus
Method and apparatus for anticipating a vehicle crash event
Seat belt tension sensor assembly
Differential mechanism for a vehicle
Full time all wheel drive system
Two-wheeled vehicle-loadable vehicle and method of loading two-wheeled vehicle onto vehicle
Hinged lid structure for a vehicle
Lightweight compact collapsible folding personal transporter
Motor in wheel electric drive system
Speed control for utility vehicle operable from rearward-facing seat
Crawler running gear
Surface acoustic wave filter with split center IDT and specific weighting and communication apparatu...
Hydrocyclone having unconstrained vortex breaker
Scheme for controlling polarization in waveguides
Method for producing metal blocks or bars by melting off electrodes and device for carrying out this...
Rubber mixture that can be cross-linked by sulfur, method for the production thereof, and cross-link...
Microscope having an illumination optical system which is integrated with the microscope base which ...
Motion controller and motion control method for legged walking robot, and robot apparatus
Fast switching of forward link in wireless system
Liquid crystal display device and a method of manufacturing a viewing angle compensation film for th...
Herbicidal composition
Circuit for quasi-square-wave or resonant driving of a capacitive load
Apparatus and method for driving actuator
Exposure apparatus, substrate processing system, and device manufacturing method
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method that change a resonator length of a co...
Antenna with a magnetic interface
Coil for use on a substrate
Flat coil component, characteristic adjusting method of flat coil component, ID tag, and characteris...
Magnetic head
EEPROM memory including an error correction system
Reinforcement of multiple electrochemical cell frames for high-pressure operation
Multi-port side-fire coagulator
Lyocell multi-filament for tire cord and method of producing the same
Hard coating composition and resin product with hard coat
Method for coating a cylindrical photoconductive element for an electrophotographic image forming ap...
Golf ball
Golf club head and manufacturing method therefor
Electron-emitting device, electron source using electron-emitting device, and image forming apparatu...
Card-edge connector and card member
Linear light source device for image reading
Process for production of intermetallic compound-based composite material
Washing agent dispenser for a household a dishwasher
Respiratory mask
Method for producing multilayer wiring circuit board
Fuel cell with improved long term performance, method for operating a PME fuel cell and PME fuel cel...
Embossed current collector separator for electrochemical fuel cell
Fuel cell system for low pressure operation
Hydrogen combustion heater
Method and apparatus for controlling a fuel reformer by use of existing vehicle control signals
Hollow inorganic membranes produced by metal or composite electrodeposition
Method and device for performing online aberrometrie in refractive eye correction indices
Optical amplification in coherence reflectometry
Method for preparing acrylic copolymer materials suitable for ophthalmic devices
Ophthalmic lenses with reduced chromatic blur
Hydrophilic macromolecular compounds
Process for the manufacture of moldings
Lens assembly for depth of focus
Connection geometry for intraocular lens system
Delivering mechanism for dispenser
Low polydispersity poly-HEMA compositions
Electron-emitting device, electron source, image forming apparatus, and electron-emitting apparatus
Method of producing regioselectively substituted esters of oligo- and polysaccharides
Method and system for analyzing overhead line geometries
Timing vernier using a delay locked loop
Test interconnect having suspended contacts for bumped semiconductor components
Bandgap reference circuit
Recording apparatus, motor control apparatus, and motor control method
Open loop bi-level ballast control
Reduced terminal testing system
Infusion set adaptor
Medical probe device and method
Condensed perfusion circuit for cardiopulmonary bypass and cardioplegia
Soft tip guiding catheter and method of fabrication
Variable strength stent
Irrigation probe for ablation during open heart surgery
Self-indexing coupling for rotational angioplasty device
Method for engrafting a blood vessel
Radio frequency guide wire assembly with optical coherence reflectometry guidance
Apparatus and method for resecting and removing selected body tissue from a site inside a patient
Implantable refillable and ported controlled release drug delivery device
Method and apparatus for insertion of self-draining urine apparatus into bladder
Device for controllably applying liquids to body surfaces
Female catheter having distal recessed apertures
Mechanically active infusion catheter
Method for improving cardiac function
Collapsible bassinet/infant seat with canopy
T cell inhibitory receptor compositions and uses thereof
Amplification and detection reagents for HIV-1
Water resistant, wear resistant, and decorative cosmetic for hair
Semi-solid one- or two-part compositions
Assembly for packaging and applying a product, especially a cosmetic product
Synergistically high SPF photoprotective UV-screening compositions comprising benzotriazole-substitu...
Wafer inspection method of charging wafer with a charged particle beam then measuring electric prope...
Simultaneous MR data acquisition with multiple mutually desensitized RF coils
Methods and apparatus for generating high-density plasma
Method and apparatus for preventing overtunneling in pFET-based nonvolatile memory cells
Optical amplifier
Apparatus and method for coupling light between an optical resonator and a semiconductor chip with a...
Method of compensating for atmospheric effects while using near horizon radar utilizing a Doppler si...
Field emission cathode and field emission display
Photoacid generators, photoresist compositions containing the same and pattering method with the use...
Charged microfibers, microfibrillated articles and use thereof
Star block copolymers and related synthetic methods
Non-conforming golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Method for preparing a catalyst composition and its use in a polymerization process
Ultrasonic assisted deposition of anti-stick films on metal oxides
Self-assembled transport layers for OLEDs
Supported catalysts for the fixation of carbon dioxide into aliphatic polycarbonates and a process f...
Cooking appliance having a lid that is separable from the filter device
Portable food container with cooling device
Semiconductor device and learning method thereof
Rule based configuration engine for a database
Training apparatus and method
Method of trimming a gate electrode structure
Personal inventory management system
Method of and apparatus for measuring planarity of strip, especially metal strip
Immersion agent, coupling device and method for coupling an optical waveguide
Variable-width substrate conveyor, method of changing width of the same, and method of matching widt...
Method and arrangement for enhancing pre-synchronization reliability in a cellular radio system
Electrical device
Waveguide antenna apparatus provided with rectangular waveguide and array antenna apparatus employin...
Antenna device and method of adjusting said antenna device
Printed circuit board antenna structure
Antenna unit
Sink basin
Hose coupling
Debris and toxic waste catch basin for installation in a street storm drain
Water float
Wood-type head for a golf club
Reversible sign with external arrow
Printer with copying and scanning functions
Image sensor
Kimchi refrigerator
Portion of dragline bucket
Compact disk
Tuner for television receiver
Portable telephone
Cellular phone
DVD player with display
Video monitor for a sun visor
Television set
Method and apparatus with data partitioning and parallel processing for transporting data for data w...
Asarina plant named `Sun-Asaro`
Anonymity in a presence management system
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation in an asymmetric communication system
Self-learning real-time prioritization of telecommunication fraud control actions
Method of billing in an abbreviated dialing service
Method and apparatus for answering machine detection in automatic dialing
Ink jet printing paper
Azide method and composition for controlling deleterious organisms and for stimulating beneficial or...
Method of individually tracking and identifying a drug delivery device
Tunnel-type package identification system having a remote image keying station with an ethernet-over...
Date and time processing in computers
Fire suppression system and solid propellant aerosol generator for use therein
Mouthguard having device securing tab
Air current detection aid
System and method for selection of bearings
Reel for winding a cutting cord for a grass-cutting device and head for grass-cutting device incorpo...
Electrode assembly for lithotripters
Projector including a relay optical system
Container for coins or tokens
Fastener, hammering jig for installing the fastener, and drill bit for working undercut hole
Methods for conducting metabolic analyses
Reconstituted polymeric materials derived from post-consumer waste, industrial scrap and virgin resi...
Shock absorbing apparatus and method
Apparatus and methods for processing semiconductor substrates using supercritical fluids
Method and device for combustion of solid fuel
Rear projector and producing method thereof
Switchable video overlay apparatus and method
Multi display projector
Image distortion compensating apparatus with low switching delay
Directly compressible high load acetaminophen formulations
Cationic peg-lipids and methods of use
Agents and methods for promoting production gains in animals
Ingestible molluscicide
Composition attracting insects pertaining to the coleoptera family and use thereof in the control of...
Composition, in particular cosmetic, containing 7-hydroxy DHEA and/or 7-keto DHEA and at least an is...
Immunization for ebola virus infection
Surface proteins of Leptospira
Apparatus and method for processing multimedia and general internet data via a home media gateway an...
Method and apparatus for providing price updates
Cryogenically cooled phased array RF receiver coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Method for frequency division duplex communications
Image forming apparatus that adjusts image positional deviation without fail
Articulator and optical detection cursor positioning device
Device and method for imparting movement to a selected line
Method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate, semiconductor substrate, electro-optical apparatus ...
Method of manufacturing a flash memory cell
Fabrication of a microchip-based electrospray device
Method for measuring cellular transmembrane potential changes
Surfaces rendered self-cleaning by hydrophobic structures, and process for their production
Image-forming apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Toner and image forming apparatus using the toner
Flexible fabric from fibrous web and discontinuous domain matrix
Porous metal article, metal composite material using the article and method for production thereof
Reactive dye printing process
Lithographic printing method using a single fluid ink
Increased contrast overhead projection films
Sunscreen compositions comprising mineral oxides having hydrophobic coatings and glycoside-substitut...
Composite tooling
Method for operating extruder temperature controller with stable temperature reset
Device and method designed for ultrasonically inspecting cylinders for longitudinal and circumferent...
Drum having decorative heads
Instrument support elbow
Tone synthesis apparatus and method for synthesizing an envelope on the basis of a segment template
Time-axis compression/expansion method and apparatus for multitrack signals
Guitar fretboard capo
Stringed musical instrument
Audio signal outputting method, audio signal reproduction method, and computer program product
Electronic keyboard instrument and tone reproduction method therefor
Information search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
System for the analysis of organizational conflicts
Adaptive feedback control in e-service management
System, intelligent network service engine and method for detecting a fraudulent call using real tim...
High speed data stream pattern recognition
Hybrid use of rule and constraint engines
Evaluation of expressions using recursive SQL
Mouse showing neurofibril change due to senile dementia
Melanocortin-3 receptor deficient cells, non-human transgenic animals and methods of selecting compo...
Personalized content management and presentation systems
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by electrical stimulation of an...
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by the delivering of drugs to t...
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by electrical stimulation of th...
Method of inducing satiety
Pyloric valve corking device and method
Pyloric valve obstructing devices and methods
Methods and devices for tissue reconfiguration
Cervical plate for stabilizing the human spine
Device for promoting decomposition of body fat and enhancing muscular strength
Multi-substitued selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Preparation of cis-fused 3,3a,8,12b-tetrahydro-2h-dibenzo[3,4:6,7]cyclohep- ta[1,2-b]furan derivativ...
Hydroxylated indole derivatives and uses thereof
Spiro[isobenzofuran-1,4'-piperidin]-3-ones and 3h-spiroisobenzofuran-1,4'-- piperidines
Engineered anti-target immunoglobulin derived proteins, compositions, methods and uses
Receptors and membrane-associated proteins
Methods for treating metabolic syndrome
(-)-Hydroxycitric acid for controlling inflammation
Aniline-derived ligands for the thyroid receptor
Apparatus and methods for providing communication between systems having different protocol versions
Window view binder cover
Multimedia direct communication system linked with HTTP protocol
Apparatus and method for providing file structure for multimedia streaming service
Call admission control for nonhomogenous sources
Multimedia display
Synthetic fiber filled erosion control blanket
Method of reducing ground disturbance during freeze-thaw cycles and a subsurface insulation material
Structure of pile head joint portion and pile head fitting tubular body
Vertically restrained centerwell SPAR
Cable pulling apparatus
Apparatus for establishing adjustable depth bed in trenches for utility lines and encasing the lines
Underwater pipeline connection joined to a riser
Isolation of soil with a low temperature barrier prior to conductive thermal treatment of the soil
Precast concrete culvert system
Containment boom
Zero ground disturbance system
Storm water reservoir with low drag
Liquid drainage unit
Form for manufacturing concrete blocks for freestanding walls
Pile reamer with spoil container
Riser buoyancy system
Reinforcing system for stackable retaining wall units
Multi-channel retaining wall block and system
Retaining wall system
Label dispenser
Use of bar code to specify media type in an imaging device
Modified motion control for a virtual reality environment
Methods and products for inhibiting growth of fungal pathogens on turfgrass
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball which includes fast-chemical-reaction-produced component and method of making same
Circular arc golf swing guide and method
Electric generator and motor drive system
Self-camming snap ring for pop-up sprinkler with top serviceable diaphragm valve module
Navigating a UAV under remote control and manual control with three dimensional flight depiction
Aircraft kite
Methods and systems for operating aircraft landing gears
Solid oxide regenerative fuel cell for airplane power generation and storage
Nacelle integration with reflexed wing for sonic boom reduction
VTOL aircraft
Spacecraft radiator system and method using cross-coupled deployable thermal radiators
Fin-stabilized ammunition
Remote-control toy vehicle with power take-off mechanism
Easily constructable and collapsible portable tents
Weather-resistant exterior building material
Arrangement for a playground for children
Arbor guide shoe assembly for counterweight system
Reconfigurable maze
Symbol display device for game machine
Gaming methods and apparatus using interchangeable symbols
Gaming device having first chance means and serially dependent second chance means
Remotely controlled steerable ball
Limbo game
Composite payout for casino game
Six dice game
Method and device for playing an improved game of blackjack
Slotted game board and gaming table
Play media shooting machine with improved stop control
Tabletop game with lighted features
Contact center autopilot algorithms
Multi-component fibers having enhanced reversible thermal properties and methods of manufacturing th...
Phase change material thermal capacitor clothing
Method for producing a microstructured surface relief by embossing thixotropic layers
Method of forming an article of footwear
Porous membrane structure and method
Device for measuring the static and/or dynamic friction coefficient of an artificial grass lawn for ...
Loop fabric for hook-and-loop type fastener and method of making the same
Layered arch support
Footwear sole
Elongate ultraviolet light source
Method of manufacturing sheet, device and program for controlling sheet thickness, and sheet
Pore structures for reduced pressure aerosolization
Very low melt viscosity resin
Hydrolysis-resistant, transparent, biaxially oriented film made from a crystallizable thermoplastic,...
Enzymatic improvement of pasta processing
Extruder die injection nozzle
Apparatus and method for adding a coloring agent to a material for brick making
Extruder for processing rubber mixtures
Process and apparatus for manufacturing lithium or lithium alloy thin sheets for electrochemical cel...
Efficient cooler
A/D converter with adaptive background calibration skip rate
Method for conductance switching in molecular electronic junctions
Demineralized bone-derived implants
Heat exchange and mass transfer packing and packed column utilizing same
Drug delivery compositions and medical devices containing block copolymer
3-fluoro-2-oxindole modulators of KCNQ potassium channels and use thereof in treating migraine and m...
Method and system for handling an unexpected exception generated by an application
Solid-state accelerometer module and system therefor
Nucleic acid amplification method: ramification-extension amplification method (RAM)
Intermediate transfer unit having a primary and a secondary transfer member
Magnetic resonance imaging with fat-water signal separation
Multilevel semiconductor memory, write/read method thereto/therefrom and storage medium storing writ...
Relief object image generator
Wireless IC interconnection method and system
Combination current sensor and relay
Face mask support
Method of dispersing an insoluble material in an aqueous solution and an agricultural formulation
Transparent laminate, method for producing the same, and plasma display panel
Detergent composition
Steam docking unit of an espresso machine
Method for preparing graft copolymer of methylmethacrylate-butadiene-styrene having superior anti-st...
Contact member to optical disk, protecting film for optical disk and coating composition
Process for preparing bisallylboranes and nonaromatic boronic acids
Food information monitoring system
Method and apparatus for displaying logos on grille insert
Method and device for monitoring the functioning of a system
Process for producing optically active amide from .alpha. .beta.- unsaturated amide derivative in th...
Process for the production of molded particles for enzyme- or microbial cell-immobilization
Controller and a method for controlling an expansion valve of a refrigeration system
Manufacturing system for aircraft structures and other large structures
Translation ordering system
Two window optical scanner
Solenoid valve with terminal box
Sealing ring
Methods and systems for assessing creditworthiness of a country
Antimicrobial and antiviral compositions containing an oxidizing species
Light irradiation type thermal processing apparatus
Method and system for hypermedia browser API simulation to enable use of browser plug-ins and applet...
Crib rocking mechanism with lock
Adaptive cruise control system and method for automotive vehicle with inter-vehicle distance control...
Method and device for electrochemically building of muscle
Ligands directed to the non-secretory component, non-stalk region of plgR and methods of use thereof
Detection of hypoxia
Piezoelectric ignition mechanism
Techniques for modifying a compiled application
Method for securing software to increase license compliance
Processes for preparing 1,3-dioxolane nucleosides
Weight monitoring computer
Methods of identifying organism based on its genotype
Combination speaker enclosure mounting structure
Method for analyzing music using sounds instruments
Head end multiplexer to select and transmit video-on-demand and other requested programs and service...
Component material for constructing casing for electronic devices
Method and apparatus for a Meta Data Service in a data processing system
Coated doped oxides
Sensor array and method for detecting the condition of a transistor in a sensor array
Ultrathin optical panel and a method of making an ultrathin optical panel
System and method for providing on-line advertising and information
Arrangement for accessing an IP-based messaging server by telephone for management of stored message...
Foot switch for a computer
Query expansion and weighting based on results of automatic speech recognition
Cordless telephone headset with dialcard display
Telephone quick dialing/re-dialing method and apparatus
Electronic device including separable and independently operable personal digital assistant and mobi...
SMS conference
Method for call forwarding a call from a mobile telephone
Method of determining the technical address of a communication partner and telecommunications appara...
Self operating opening mechanism for use in a hand-held electronic device
Portable information terminal device using a single imaging element to perform identity verification
Feed arrangement for a subscriber loop with multi-level current regulation capability
Device and method for echo compensation in a two-wire full duplex channel transmission method
Method for reducing noise from a non-linear device that shares a customer loop with an asymmetric di...
System and method for processing an input signal communicated on a telephone line
Device for connecting a data processing device to a telecommunications system
System and method to provide automated scripting for customer service representatives
Method and apparatus for automatic calibration of robots
Decentralized patient management method
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsabel`
Method to characterize material using mathematical propagation models and ultrasonic signal
Method of presenting and teaching abstract concepts by animating abstract symbols
Breast model teaching aid and method
Electronic trigger pull gauge
Magnetic writing apparatus
Versatile work board system
Game progress management device, game server device, terminal device, game progress management metho...
Installation for harvesting ocean currents (IHOC)
Systems and methods for storing, delivering, and managing messages
Data storage device for fast multiple file write operations
Methods of forming via plugs using an aerosol stream of particles to deposit conductive materials
Delivery of analgesics through an inhalation route
Structurally reinforced panels
Wheel assembly for a boat trailer jack
Key conversion system and method
Copolymer of ethylene oxide and at least one substituted oxirane carrying a cross-linkable function,...
Document re-authoring systems and methods for providing device-independent access to the world wide ...
Method and apparatus for displaying an image and data related to the image conditioned on user ident...
Organic electroluminescence display device and method of fabricating the same
Polynucleotides useful for modulating transcription
Redundancy in series grouped memory architecture
Multi-headed decoder structure utilizing memory array line driver with dual purpose driver device
Wavelength conversion element for car use
Method of removing dimethyl ether from an olefin stream
Forward error correction scheme for data channels using universal turbo codes
High-speed photon detector and no cost method of forming the detector
Plasma display panel and plasma display device
Network dedication system
Schedule management system
Resynchronizing media during streaming
Virtual private data network session count limitation
Proximity-based registration on a data network telephony system
Disc device
Method and apparatus for generating device driver and user interface screen
Process and device for circuit design by means of high-level synthesis
Microcomputer logic development device
Program additional data processing device, server apparatus, program information display method, and...
Device and method for minimizing puncturing-caused output delay
Systems and methods for testing a device-under-test
Receiving device, transmitting device and programs
Printer server and print system and data receiving device and data sending/receiving system
Device for digital signature of an electronic document
Electronic writing device and method for generating an electronic signature
Contents recording method, recording medium and contents recording device
Authorization device, method and program
Techniques for initializing a device on an expansion card
System and method for accelerated device initialization
Media processing device using an external storage device
Storage device having a probe and a storage cell with moveable parts
Coordinates input device
Data interfacing apparatus and method of a network electronic device
USB-based peripheral device and method for starting up the USB-based peripheral device
Communications system with data storage device interface protocol connectors and related methods
Hotel video checkout with email account statement
Efficient new e-mail discovery
E-mail security system
System and method for conditioned delivery of electronic mail
Method and system for dynamically generating electronic communications
System and method for gererating configurations used for accessing electronic mailboxes
Method and system for merging topically related e-mail in a collaborative work environment
Information processing and database searching
Card holder application status system and method
Method for remotely diagnosing process flows in systems
Methods and apparatus for selecting a communication network
System and method for telephonic presence via e-mail and short message service
Method and system for secure transfer of electronic information
E-mail client with programmable address attributes
Wireless enabled memory module
Method for producing a custom book and custom book obtained thereby
Method and system for filter based message processing in a unified messaging system
Integration of e-mail with instant messaging services
Method, system, and program product for automatically formatting electronic mail
Scheduling and execution of program jobs in computer system
Dispensing unit for ice or snow-like particles
Reel type pipeline laying ship and method
Method and apparatus for maintaining cache coherence in a computer system
Data storage system using 3-party hand-off protocol to maintain a single coherent logical image
Method for managing flushes with the cache
Pseudo least-recently-used (PLRU) replacement method for a multi-node snoop filter
Memory compression for computer systems
Caching for context switching applications
Method and system for updating data in a compressed read cache
Storage virtualization system and methods
Apparatus to map pages of disparate sizes and associated methods
Virtual storage systems and virtual storage system operational methods
Virtual memory device for a digital home network
Shift register implementations of first-in/first-out memories utilizing a double increment gray code...
Programmable embedded DRAM current monitor
Method for refreshing a dynamic memory
Write-once memory storage device
Method and apparatus providing an interface to allow physical memory to be initialized using firmwar...
Method, system, and program for backing up objects by creating groups of objects
Transactional file system
Multi-processor system including a mode switching controller
User perception tool
Automated acquisition of video textures acquired from a digital camera for mapping to audio-driven d...
Electric stringed musical instrument having fastener shared between frame body and strap
Cement compositions with improved fluid loss characteristics and methods of cementing in surface and...
Process and composition for the manufacture of cement expansion additive
Decorative surface materials having a decorative pattern and process for preparing the same
Use of fermentation residues as flow-enhancing agents in cementitious materials
Elastomeric admixtures for improving cement elasticity
Polymers for cement dispersing admixtures
Cementing compositions
Lignocellulose fiber composite with soil conditioners
Prefabricated sealed composite insulating panel and method of utilizing same to insulate a building
Analog demonstrator showing qualitative weight loss or gain resulting from diet and exercise
Digital broadcast receiving apparatus and communication information transmission method
Methods of factoring operating system functions, methods of converting operating systems, and relate...
Managing position and size for a desktop component
Managing position and size for a desktop component
VPN enrollment protocol gateway
Secure hierarchical namespaces in peer-to-peer networks
License-based cryptographic technique, particularly suited for use in a digital rights management sy...
Method and system for authenticating a message sender using domain keys
Zoned based security administration for data items
Discovering printers and shares
Multi-level skimming of multimedia content using playlists
Interprocess communication mechanism for heterogeneous computer process
System and method for retrieving registry data
Keyboard with improved function and editing sections
Efficient motion vector coding for video compression
Adaptive multiple quantization
Weil and Tate pairing techniques using parabolas
Systems and methods for providing image rendering using variable rate source sampling
Capacitance touch slider
Data input device for tracking and detecting lift-off from a tracking surface by a reflected laser s...
Video on demand methods and systems
Extensible architecture for versioning APIs
In-vehicle device for wirelessly connecting a vehicle to the internet and for transacting e-commerce...
Imaging device
Radio communication system
Downlink power control method for wireless packet data network
Radio system and stations for, and method of, multicast communication
Apparatus and method for optimizing adjacent-channel measuring reports
Apparatus and method for receiving television audio signals in a mobile vehicle
Programmable radio receiver bandpass filter for cordless/wireless systems
Wireless communications systems and methods using satellite-linked remote terminal interface subsyst...
Power supply system for a packet-switched radio transmitter
System and method of reducing retransmission of messages in a TCP/IP environment
Radio antenna and transmission line
Compact, low profile, single feed, multi-band, printed antenna
Multi-station HF FMCW radar frequency sharing with GPS time modulation multiplexing
Miniature radio-acoustic sounding system for low altitude wind and precipitation measurements
Signal processing for object detection system
High frequency composite switch module
Protection circuit and method for RF power amplifiers in WLAN tranceivers
Apparatus for pre-acceleration of ion beams used in a heavy ion beam applications system
Silicon carbide having low dielectric constant
Vehicle undercarriage inspection and imaging method and system
Information processing method and apparatus
Systems and processes for decoding chain reaction codes through inactivation
Hanger systems and methods
Jet nozzle mixer
Non-ridging ferritic chromium alloyed steel
Method for removing chrome and/or nickel from liquid slags
Light curtain safety system for semiconductor device handler
Subsea wellbore drilling system for reducing bottom hole pressure
Pontoon boat dead bolt gate latch assembly
Boat tower hinge and footer assembly
Underwater vacuum attachment device
Semi-submersible offshore platform and methods for positioning operation modules on said platform
Underwater investigation system using multiple unmanned vehicles
Rotary electromagnetic launch tube
Apparatus for mooring vessels side-by-side
Method for constructing a very large turret mooring arrangement
Autonomous surface watercraft
Jet propulsion watercraft
Open loop minesweeping system
Cover structure for marine instrument
Nucleic acids encoding plant defensins and methods of use thereof
Methods for simultaneous control of lignin content and composition, and cellulose content in plants
Isolated DNA sequences encoding a flavonoid 5-glucosytransferase and methods of use thereof
Biochip with means for scanning light and method of reading the biochip
Methods, devices, and systems using acoustic ejection for depositing fluid droplets on a sample surf...
Inbred maize line PH76T
Inbred corn plant 85DGD1 and seeds thereof
Soybean variety 92M50
Soybean variety XB33S03
Soybean variety 91B42
Tolerance of trichothecene mycotoxins in plants through the modification of the ribosomal protein L3...
Methods of increasing polypeptide accumulation in plants
Phytic acid biosynthetic enzymes
Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthases
Plant glutamine amidotransferase homologs
Method for producing endotoxin-free nucleic acids and the use thereof
Method for characterizing program execution by periodic call stack inspection
Flexible help support in an object oriented application
Hierarchy of fault isolation timers
Method and system for triggering a debugging unit
Integrated driver electronic (IDE) device power control
System and method for system initializating a data processing system by selecting parameters from on...
Bi-directional bus bridge in which multiple devices can assert bus concurrently
Hardware method for implementing atomic semaphore operations using code macros
Methods, system and article of manufacture for pre-fetching descriptors
Scalable on-chip bus performance monitoring synchronization mechanism and method of use
Camera with light emission function, camera part inspection apparatus, camera adjustment apparatus, ...
Camera, lens apparatus, and camera system
Deployment apparatus for cameras and other hand-held devices and deployment method
Lens driving device
Optical viewfinder
Method and apparatus for a color scannerless range image system
Variable candela strobe
Flash bracket with shutter-synchronized spotlight
High-quality, reduced data rate streaming video production and monitoring system
Method for selecting transformed plant cells using ethionine and cystathionine gamma synthase as the...
Method of facilitating the transfer of information relating to livestock and/or food products
System and method for labeling pharmaceutical prescriptions
Method and apparatus for the treatment of obesity
Methods for producing sterol ester-rich compositions
Test kit for simultaneously detecting several types of residues
Inhibition of stat-1
Nonoriented stiff packaging film with superior tear properties
Paperboard laminate for food packaging applications
Caramel mixture and method for manufacturing thereof
Method and compositions for producing berry derived products
Method for producing flavored and savory sausage products and products produced thereby
Ground fish meat products starting with protease-containing fish meat
Novel fruit fillings, methods for their manufacture and their use in nutritional products
Reduced cholesterol brown eggs
High-protein, reduced-carbohydrate bakery and other food products
Shelf-stable cookie and brownie batter-ready to bake
Method for reducing acrylamide levels in food products and food products produced thereby
Rice flour cakes and process for producing the same
Mixtures of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) 42 or HFCS 55 and high-intensity sweeteners with a taste...
Method for cooking meat foodstuffs
Image sensor packaging
Strobe flash photographic illumination
Recording medium
Method and system for composing universally focused image from multiple images
Coding and noise filtering an image sequence
System and method for incremental and continuous data compression
Color reproducing system for reproducing a color of an object under illumination light
Image reproducing apparatus and image illuminating apparatus
Digital electronic still camera and removable memory card therefor
Image processing system, digital camera, and printing apparatus
Image pick-up apparatus
Aerial vehicle speed error correlation method for two-dimensional visual reproduction of laser radar...
Device and method for reducing lag and blooming in amorphous silicon sensor arrays
Phase-increase induced backporch decrease (PIBD) phase recovery method for video signal processing
Semiconductor radiation imaging device including threshold circuitry
Food information monitoring system
Method for making mannitol with Lactobacillus intermedius
Anti-listeria bacteriocin
Polyolefin oil resistant film using void initiating solid particles
Recombinant bacterial phytases and uses thereof
Process for retaining moisture in cooked animal muscle
Methods of obtaining selected pectin fractions, such fractions and their use
Sugar-free products with improved characteristics
Sweetness improving agent and foods containing the same
Soluble isoflavone compositions
Process for addition of a nutraceutical to a beverage
Aroma generating apparatus and method in a cooking apparatus
Packaging body for heating processing
Colored and/or flavored frozen french fried potato product and method of making
Freeze concentration process
Method for simultaneous extraction of essential oils and antioxidants from Labiatae species and the ...
Preventative and treatment effects of Morinda citrifolia on diabetes and its related conditions
Bear derived isolate and method
Hair care composition
Method and device for the transfer of snmp messages over udp with compression of periodically repeat...
ATM connection admission control device for DBR connections
System and method for provisioning a provisionable network device with a dynamically generated boot ...
System and method for discovery of remote device driver functionality and interface
Device message management system
Portable device medical assistant
Device and method for calculating a result of a division
Programmable logic device including multipliers and configurations thereof to reduce resource utiliz...
Method, device for adapting digital files
Device and method for establishing a security policy in a distributed system
Memory card device, rights managing system and time managing method
Device for providing voice driven control of a media presentation
Method and device for voice recognition
Method and device for multistage data processing, of a power generating station
Substrate inspecting device, coating/developing device and substrate inspecting method
Database system for navigation device
Device for the longitudinally guiding a motor vehicle
Method and device for implementing measures for averting danger for living beings in motor vehicles
Device and method for kinematic calibration of robots
Semi-autonomous operation of a robotic device
Robot device, motion control device for robot device and motion control method
Programmable automated trustee (PAT) system, capable of advanced oversight applications, through the...
System and method for managing approval status information
Systems and methods for claim processing in a recovery audit
Multifunction image forming apparatus and document information searching method
Document access control system and method
E-mail server
E-mail based decision process in a hierarchical organization
Universal presence indicator and instant messaging system
Electronic mail system, terminal device and software
System for remote data acquisition based on e-mail message communication through public and private ...
E-mail program capable of transmitting, opening and presenting a container having digital content us...
System and method for a rules based engine
System and method for communication between machine controllers
Wireless communication device, dynamic image preparation method and dynamic image preparation progra...
Information providing system, broadcast receiving apparatus, and server apparatus
System and method for identifying and filtering junk e-mail messages or spam based on URL content
System and methods for provisioning a service for a communication device
System, method and program product for authenticating an e-mail and/or attachment
Automatic e-mail address directory and sorting system
System and method for alerting electronic mail users of undeliverable recipients
Ventricular conduction delay trending system and method
Ionically conductive polymeric composition
Method and system of data collection and mapping from a remote position reporting device
Dynamic link
Method and apparatus for interfacing application systems via the internet
Secured commercial transaction
System and method for providing remote automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech services via ...
Mobile station internet messaging
Apparatus and method for computer telephone integration in packet switched telephone networks
Method for a mixed voice and data device in a home communications network
Method and apparatus for facsimile transmission capable of effectively decreasing communication cost...
Network game system, network game device, network game method and readable storage medium storing ne...
Electronic information management system
Systems, functional data, and methods for generating a route
Systems and methods for a navigational device with improved route calculation capabilities
PDA systems, functional data, and methods to bias map matching
Navigation apparatus
Method and system to provide an improved time domain reflectrometry technique
Method for making data transmission more effective and a data transmission protocol
Method and system for testing the logic of a complex digital circuit containing embedded memory arra...
Data processing method and apparatus, and storage medium capable of being read by a computer
Method and apparatus for obtaining a scalar value directly from a vector register
Multiple concurrent active file systems
Program for generating method retrieval information and an arithmetic processing apparatus
Pseudo-offset migration
Detecting a boundary in a formation
Apparatus for determining the behavior of a vehicle
Method for reaching a release decision for retaining means
Gaming device and computer control method
Image forming apparatus with first and second charging members for charging residual toner
Endless belt comprising a meandering-prevention member, and a process cartridge and an electrophotog...
Developing device including magnetic member provided on toner-scattering restraining device and imag...
Image forming apparatus with type-of-transfer material cleaning feature
X-ray diagnostics installation with a flexible solid state X-ray detector
Multi modality imaging methods and apparatus
Underwater alert system
Semiconductor memory device in which source line potential is controlled in accordance with data pro...
Transmissive light-diffusing layer
Color filter and liquid crystal display device
Device with at least one laser sensor and method of operating a laser sensor
Methods for controlling a system in a vehicle using a transmitting/receiving transducer and/or while...
Vehicular monitoring systems using image processing
Use of electromagnetic fields in cancer and other therapies
CAS bone reference and less invasive installation method thereof
Fluoroscopic tracking and visualization system
Fluoroscopic tracking and visualization system
Retractable registration system and method of use
Compact belt fuser apparatus with floating idler rollers supported by belt
Wavelength monitor utilizing a tunable bragg grating and blazed grating
High-speed, low-power optical modulation apparatus and method
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern localization
Method of treating a tumor by pre-irradiation
X-ray inspection system
Adaptation performance improvements for active control of sound or vibration
Method, apparatus, media and signals for identifying associated cell signaling proteins
Systems for and methods of distributing mail
Method and apparatus for displaying an image of a sheet material and cutting parts from the sheet ma...
Method and apparatus of three dimension electrocardiographic imaging
Medical apparatus
System and method for enabling encryption/authentication of a telephony network
Generating and navigating streaming dynamic pricing information
Match line sensing amplifier for content addressable memory
Semiconductor nano-rod devices
Vertical nano-size transistor using carbon nanotubes and manufacturing method thereof
Tooth cavity restoration with nanocomposite of epoxy resin and nanoparticles
Method and apparatus for coating skin piercing microprojections
Microprotrusion member retainer for impact applicator
Biological signal detection apparatus Holter electrocardiograph and communication system of biologic...
Digital signal sub-band separating/combining apparatus achieving band-separation and band-combining ...
Initialization scheme for a hybrid frequency-time domain equalizer
Composition, method and electronic device
Solar tile assembly
Schottky diode having a shallow trench contact structure for preventing junction leakage
Mask, exposure method, line width measuring method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor devic...
Multiple-thickness gate oxide formed by oxygen implantation
Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
Structure and method for fabricating configurable transistor devices utilizing the formation of a co...
Semiconductor device having a doped lattice matching layer and a method of manufacture therefor
Semiconductor switching devices
Semiconductor device with high mobility and high speed
Semiconductor device having reduced on resistance
Semiconductor device using partial SOI substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Ferroelectric capacitor, process for production thereof and semiconductor device using the same
Composite integrated circuit and its fabrication method
Haze-free BST films
High-breakdown-voltage semiconductor device
Floating gate and fabricating method of the same
Ultra high-speed Si/SiGe modulation-doped field effect transistors on ultra thin SOI/SGOI substrate
Semiconductor light emitting device
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Flat panel display with black matrix and method of fabricating thereof
Nitride based semiconductor photo-luminescent device
Method for controlling elemental mercury emissions
Method for the catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Hydroxide containing double metal cyanide (DMC) catalysts
Method of biotreatment for solid materials in a nonstirred surface bioreactor
Lithium metal fluorophosphate materials and preparation thereof
Pressurized solution feed system for introducing hypochlorous acid to a fluid stream
Process for the recovery of sodium nitrite
Process for treating fluorine compound-containing gas
Catalyst and process for removing organohalogen compounds
Method for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides
Method for emission control of dioxin and/or furan waste gas pollutants in a cement clinker producti...
Synthesis method for producing carbon clusters and structured carbon clusters produced thereby
Method and system for production fullerene
Method for recycling waste wire harness
Isomerisation process
Process for the alkylation of hydrocarbons
Aromatics alkylation
Process and apparatus for ethylbenzene production and transalkylation to xylene
Process for the production of low benzene gasoline
Natural gas hydrate and method for producing same
Hydrogenation process
GPS receiver and navigation device
Monolithic GPS RF front end integrated circuit
Reduced size TM cylindrical shaped microstrip antenna array having a GPS band stop filter
Triple band GPS trap-loaded inverted L antenna array
Directly acquiring precision code GPS signals
Multiple use connector for a GPS system on a marine vessel
Optical coupling and alignment device
Group velocity dispersion measuring device and group velocity dispersion measuring method
Optical interferometer generating a mode-locked laser oscillation, all-optical switch, all-optical a...
Polarization mode dispersion compensation in optical transmission media
Remote examination of reactor nozzle J-groove welds
Ring resonator based narrow-linewidth semiconductor lasers
Device for producing laser light
High power slab type gas laser
Resonator arrangement for bandwidth control
Optical transmitter having photodiode
Surface light emitting type semiconductor laser having a vertical cavity
Laser processing device and laser processing method
Optical module, transmitter and WDM transmitting device
Widely tunable laser
Semiconductor device with saturable absorbing layer
Beam homogenizer, laser irradiation apparatus, semiconductor device, and method of fabricating the s...
Recording apparatus and recording method
Optical module having temperature adjustment features
Rod lens and laser marking apparatus
Plant cinnamyl-alcohol dehydrogenase homologs
Lysophosphatidic acid acetyltransferases
Ketamine treatment of restless legs syndrome
Glycine betaine and its use
Formulation and manufacturing process for coenzyme Q10 soft gel capsules
Muscular fatigue-controlling composition and method for providing muscular fatigue-controlling effec...
Gene delivery compositions and methods
Method of treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with a protein extractable from mammalian organ...
Enzyme-activated anti-tumor prodrug compounds
Stimulation of cartilage growth with agonists of the non-proteolytically activated thrombin receptor
Anti-cancer agent
Detergent composition
Biological applications of quantum dots
Composite dressings for the treatment of wounds
Chamber with adjustable volume for cell culture and organ assist
Methods for the simultaneous detection of HCV antigens and HCV antibodies
Macrophage-infecting parasites expressing a granulocyte macrophage colony stimulated factor
Thymosin beta 10-like proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Method of large scale production of Hepatitis A virus
Human enzymes of the metalloprotease family
Methods for identifying inducers and inhibitors of proteolytic antibodies, compositions and their us...
P-glycoproteins and uses thereof
Heterodimeric opioid G-protein coupled receptors
Covalently reactive transition state analogs and methods of use thereof
Mutated peptide compounds, derived from hsp70, useful in cancer immunotherapy
Tropane derivatives useful in therapy
ADP-ribosyl transferase fusion proteins, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of use
Methods and compositions for increasing the infectivity of gene transfer vectors
Recombinant protein production in a human cell
Device for performing an assay, a method for manufacturing said device, and use of a membrane in the...
Pharmaceuticals and methods for treating hypoxia and screening methods therefor
Methods of administering/dosing anti-RSV antibodies for prophylaxis and treatment
Use of microparticles combined with submicron oil-in-water emulsions
Systems and methods for removing viral agents from blood
Pharmaceutical composition having prophylactic effects on lamivudine-related disease relapse and dru...
Polyepitope carrier protein
Immunological herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for use thereof
Apparatus with weeping tip and method of use
Bloodless treating device
Multi-thread processing apparatus, processing method and record medium having multi-thread processin...
Function values in computer programming languages having dynamic types and overloading
Clustering for data compression
Organizing graphical user interfaces to reveal hidden areas
System and method for authentication of network users
Data processor and method of operation
Method and system for remotely observing and controlling objects
Remote anomaly diagnosis and reconfiguration of an automatic data collection device platform over a ...
Method and apparatus for initializing a new node in a network
System and method for network access without reconfiguration
Pharmaceutically active morpholinol
Transferable UV protective image overcoat
Intermediate transfer recording medium and method for image formation using the same
Server based control of robotic libraries
Spin-valve type thin film magnetic element having bias layers and ferromagnetic layers
Spin valve sensor with in-stack biased free layer and antiparallel (AP) pinned layer pinned without ...
Pivot bearing cartridge including central pivot element and ball bearing set
Pivot bearing cartridge including central pivot element and ball bearing set
Flex cable assembly with improved flex cable dynamic loop characteristics
Airflow assisted ramp loading and unloading of sliders in hard disk drives
Method and apparatus for reducing read/write head wear while maintaining tape path and tension durin...
Suspension with minimized second torsion gain
Recording medium cartridge
Biased retaining ring for disc drive
Magnetic servo of a recording head
Device and method for generating synchronous numeric signals with phase-delay minimization in contro...
Disk drive apparatus and method of mounting same
Apparatus and method for providing a read signal for an information processing device
Phase tolerant servo gray code detector
Writing synchronized data to magnetic tape
Preamplifier system with selectable input impedance
Scheme to improve performance of timing recovery systems for read channels in a disk drive
Chemical monolayer memory device
Hybrid chemical and biological process for decontaminating sludge from municipal sewage
Process for the preparation of pure citalopram
Synchronizing a store with write generations
Multi-mer peptides derived from hepatitis C virus envelope proteins for diagnostic use and vaccinati...
Image forming apparatus and method of developing an electrostatic latent image
Method and apparatus for detecting a substance using a nuclear resonance
Fuel cell having a corrosion resistant and protected cathode catalyst layer
Method to ascertain the quality of herbs
Semiconductor device and semiconductor package
Manufacturing method for oriented film, polarizing film, polarizing plate, and visual display
Wild apple polyphenol and process for producing the same
Compositions and methods relating to breast specific genes and proteins
Preparation of glycol carboxyethylmethylphosphinate
Device for displaying information
Process for the preparation of N-phosphonomethylglycine
Method for simultaneous analysis of saccharide mixture and analytical apparatus system therefor
Apparatus and a method for forming a pattern using a crystal structure of material
Intermediates for making a bezofuran or benzothiophene derivative nitrated in position 5 and uses th...
Hydraulic valve system
Urine collection device with a detachable head part
Spinal intervertebral implant, interconnections for such implant and processes for making
Optical demultiplexer and optical multiplexer for wavelength division multiplex communication
Method and apparatus for producing a circuit description of a design
Ergonomic crutch
Gaming machine illuminating arrangement
O- or S-substituted tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives having retinoid and/or retinoid antagonist-lik...
Actuator used with an optical pickup having plate coils and magnets
Device for rapidly diagnosing upper respiratory conditions
Preparation of polyethylene
Method of polymerization
Proteins and methods for producing the proteins
Arthroscopic impedance probe to detect cartilage degeneration
Automatic siren silencing device for false alarms
Manufacturing method and composite powder metal rotor assembly for circumferential type interior per...
Apparatus, system, and method for managing quality-of-service-assured e-business service systems
Graphic user interface method and apparatus for testing a customer services terminal and a plurality...
Personal digital assistant assembly
Power distribution assembly with redundant architecture
Personal digital assistant facilitated communication system
Biosensor apparatus and method with sample type and volume detection
Optical switch system
Linear belt sorter and methods of using linear belt sorter
Protective headgear for whitewater use
Lavender plant named `Barcelona Purple`
Method, system, and program for accessing rows in one or more tables satisfying a search criteria
Aerosol generator for drug formulation and methods of generating aerosol
Wheelbarrow frame
Electrode for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same and rechargeable lithium batter...
Cu film deposition equipment of semiconductor device
Segmented metal bitlines
Thin film magnetic memory device conducting read operation by a self-reference method
Detection lamp equipped with light-emitting diode
High voltage type image display apparatus
Method and apparatus for insuring complete recording of a television program
Pewitt analyzer
Distribution and collection headers for a filter bed
Device and method for the removal of oil or floating materials from a water surface
Method for removal of MTBE from water