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Image display device and frame for such a device
Highly efficient scrolling projection system and method
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for driving the same
Magnetic tunnel junction memory device
Chemical amplification, positive resist compositions
Environment exchange control for material on a wafer surface
Method of making a golf ball vapor barrier layer
Circuit device with at least partial packaging and method for forming
Word line driver circuit for a content addressable memory
Anisotropic etching of organic-containing insulating layers
Refractive index system monitor and control for immersion lithography
Genetic markers for screening animals for improved disease resistance (NRAMP)
Methods for the treatment and prevention of cancer using anti-CD40 antibodies
Mating-based method for detecting protein--protein interaction
Sushi serving system containing a premium message
Fan for rotating electric machine
Wire harness arrangement
Rejuvenation and/or cleaning of catalysts
Downshift control apparatus of vehicular automatic transmission, and control method thereof
Control apparatus for an automatic transmission and a method for controlling the same
Vehicle driven by internal combustion engine having generator
Air distribution system for a motor vehicle
Vehicle fold-out ramp
Screening methods employing fish model assessment of vision
System for achieving and maintaining long term wellness
Methods and devices for the treatment of neurological and physiological disorders
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by electrical stimulation of an...
Method of sample control and calibration adjustment for use with a noninvasive analyzer
Process for the preapartion 3-aryl-2-hydroxypropionic acid derivative
Combination of serotonin reuptake inhibitors and norephinephrine reuptake inhibitors
Agents for Treating Diseases Caused by Nonsense Mutations
Cyclic compound and ppar agonist
Use of hydroxyoleic acid and similar compounds in the production of medicaments
Sertraline compositions
Carbonylamino-substituted acyl phenyl urea derivatives, process for their preparation and their use
Preparation of trans-fused 3,3a,8,12b-tetrahydro-2h-dibenzo[3,4:6,7]cycloh- epta[1,2-b]furan derivat...
Phenyl substituted 5-membered nitrogen containing heterocycles for the treatment of obesity
Tetraline derivatives as ghrelin receptor modulators
Amide derivatives as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Ring fused pyrazole derivatives as CRF antagonists
Use of n-(indolecarbonyl-)piperazine derivatives
2-Amino-pyridine derivatives useful for the treatment of diseases
Automatic detection and patching of vulnerable files
Adenovirus E4 protein variants for virus production
St-B17 serotonin receptor
Disposable vessel
Integrated biomolecule sensor, method and apparatus for fabricating the sensor, and method and appar...
Alleles of the lysC gene from corynebacteria
Fermentation process for lipstatin and method of extracting lipstatin from a fermentation broth
Strain of Streptomyces griseus
Method for homogenizing a super-conducting NMR magnet
Moving three-dimensional display for a gaming machine
Mounting process for outgassing-sensitive optics
Method for forming contact plug in semiconductor device
Selective refractory metal and nitride capping
Method of manufacturing a flash memory cell using a self-aligned floating gate
Air cleaning
Detecting chemiluminescent radiation in the cleaning of a substrate processing chamber
Method of cleaning a semiconductor processing chamber
Ventilator having an abnormal operation indication device
Method of producing ethylene (di)chloride (EDC)
Apparatus for preparing polyolefin products and methodology for using the same
Ultraminiaturized reserve battery cell
Interconnect swizzling for capacitive and inductive noise cancellation
Fuel cell stack and fuel cell module
Norbornene derivative and norbornene polymer obtained therefrom through ring opening polymerization
Liquid-crystal display device
Polarizing plate and liquid crystal display using the same
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Real time determination of gas solubility and related parameters in manufacturing processes
Ballistic fabric laminates
Bulk access system for a data storage system
Fuel oils based on middle distillates and copolymers of ethylene and unsaturated carboxylic esters
Road paving material and method
Method and apparatus for modeling three-dimensional electromagnetic scattering from arbitrarily shap...
Universal vehicle tire/wheel and floor spray shield kit
Phosphonite ligands and their use in hydrocyanation
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibito...
Antigen constructs useful in the detection and differentiation of antibodies to HIV
Method of treating the syndrome of lipodystrophy
Flat gable composite packing provided with a resealable spout and procedure for its manufacture
Method of producing an absorbent material, an absorbent material and absorbent articles including th...
Polyalkoxylated terpenic compounds, their process of preparation and their use as defoaming agents
Suction muffler for a refrigerating machine
Method and apparatus for performing technology mapping
Rotatable cutting tool
Scale inhibitor for an aqueous system
Method and apparatus for creating, sending, and using self-descriptive objects as messages over a me...
Language input architecture for converting one text form to another text form with tolerance to spel...
Mobile virtual LAN
Adapter unit for a personal digital assistant having automatically configurable application buttons
Combination ball and dog leash
Optical and electrical interconnect
Loading and unloading device for a furnace wagon
Apparatus and method for high dose rate brachytherapy radiation treatment
Optical media pick and process
Mesostructured materials, silica mesostructured materials, preparation methods thereof and control m...
Synthetic biomaterial compound of calcium phosphate phases particularly adapted for supporting bone ...
Gear shifting on target speed reduction in vehicle speed control system
.beta.-thioamino acids
Bit error rate estimation
Compositions and methods relating to lung specific genes and proteins
Methods and systems using field-based light scattering spectroscopy
Flexible multi-compartment container with peelable seals and method for making same
Modular mounting arrangement and method for light emitting diodes
Plasmid-based vaccine for treating atherosclerosis
Hydrogels and methods for their production
Shortened aircraft holding patterns
Optical network unit and optical line terminal
Process for trapping residual monomer with an epoxide functional group in a thermoplastic compositio...
Liquid jet writing instrument
Modified proteins of the TGF-.beta. superfamily, including morphogenic proteins
DNA encoding the human serine protease EOS
Regeneration and genetic transformation of Acacia mangium
Zero overhead exception handling
System and method for alternative encryption techniques
Interconnect module with reduced power distribution impedance
Substrate with a photocatalytic coating
Fusing device for an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
System for localizing and sensing objects and providing alerts
Method and system for computer based training
Conceptual factoring and unification of graphs representing semantic models
Inbred maize line PH6WA
Quick-updating stethoscope receiver
Musical performance data search system
Caching memory contents into cache partitions based on memory locations
Coordination system
One-piece biocompatible absorbable rivet and pin for use in surgical procedures
Blends of olefinic thermoplastic vulcanizate with high impact polystyrene
Clustering of task-associated objects for effecting tasks among a system and its environmental devic...
Selective inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2
Nemesia plant named `Balarropi`
Camera system, camera and lens apparatus
Curable compositions
Method and system for searching information using sensor with identifier
Carousel product for use in integrated restocking and dispensing system
Fas peptides and antibodies for modulating apoptosis
Magnetically attached robotic breakaway
Seat holding structure for a two-wheel vehicle and two-wheel vehicle
Clethra alnifolia plant named `Sotite`
Method, system and program products for managing cluster configurations
Stress relieving mouse
GPS device for measuring wave height and current direction and speed and GPS system for measuring wa...
System for fitting a container to a distribution device and method of use
Monitoring of vehicle health based on historical information
Dynamically creating hyperlinks to other web documents in received world wide web documents based on...
Microstructured filter
Article having turbulation and method of providing turbulation on an article
Mobile tool cart
Information processing system and method for displaying an operation button
Membrane electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Miniature, unmanned aircraft with onboard stabilization and automated ground control of flight path
Dynamically extensible rule-based expert-system shell for database-computing environments
Internet web browser with memory enhanced hyperlink display
Method and system for monitoring, controlling, and locating portable devices performing remote diagn...
Method for analyzing spatially-varying noise in seismic data using Markov chains
Forgery/alteration protective material
Trampoline system with plural beds
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method of fabricating the same
Multi-port scan chain register apparatus and method
Semiconductor light emitting devices
Method and apparatus for treating oxygenate-containing feeds and their use in conversion of oxygenat...
Saccharide-based resin for the preparation of foam
High-pressure gas discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for intelligent data assimilation
Method of exchanging goods over the internet
Security architecture for distributed processing systems and associated method
Data pass-through to sponsors
Method for the transmission of multimedia messages
Muon radiation therapy
Method and apparatus for treatment of living matter using pulsed radio frequency electromagnetic rad...
Electrode arrangement for use in a medical instrument
Treatment using implantable devices
Organ separation for thermal therapy
Radiation and thermal energy source
Eye movement sensing system
Microwave antennas for medical hyperthermia, thermotherapy and diagnosis
Noncontact laser microsurgical method
Corneal tissue ablation designed for dark adaptability
Cancer treatment system employing supplemented thermal therapy
Contact tip for laser surgery
Method for corneal laser surgery
Automated laser workstation for high precision surgical and industrial interventions
Tumor treatment
Combination radioactive and temperature self-regulating thermal seed implant for treating tumors
Microwave energy delivery system including high performance dual directional coupler for precisely m...
Delivering laser energy
Apparatus and method for performing laser thermal keratoplasty with minimized regression
Process for Fly Ash Beneficiation
Methods and cement compositions for cementing in subterranean zones
Methods and compositions for cementing subterranean zones
Side effect-relieving agents and/or hypoglycemic effect enhancers for thiazolidine compounds
Cement compositions with improved mechanical properties and methods of cementing in subterranean for...
Methods and compositions for compensating for cement hydration volume reduction
Device and system for anchoring tissue to bone
Ink-jet recording medium
Mixed organic and inorganic composites with intermingled facial layers
Coating compositions having antiseize properties for a disassemblable socket/pin and/or threaded con...
Methods and facilities for producing revenue from gypsum-based refuse sites
System and method for using web based applications to manipulate data with manipulation functions
On-line sales and profit or discount sharing
Inspection system for and method of confirming soundness of transported object
Adaptive transport TCP/IP phone management
Method for making a payment secure
Reservation system and method
Apparatus for receiving voice signal and data and controlling method thereof
Internet-augmented radio port controller unit (RPCU) of personal acces communications systems (PACS)
Method and apparatus for digital cellular internet voice communications
Method for completing internet telephony calls
Address resolution method and address resolution communication system
Error informing apparatus and error informing method
System and methods for providing a health care industry trade show via internet
State migration in multiple NIC RDMA enabled devices
General dependency model for invalidating cache entries
Virtual connectivity with subscribe-notify service
Multi-valued properties
Intelligent metadata attribute resolution
Method and system for accessing database objects in polyarchical relationships using data path expre...
Method and system for accessing a network database as a web service
Electronic draft capture
Constant bitrate media encoding techniques
Entropy coding by adapting coding between level and run-length/level modes
Multi-pass variable bitrate media encoding
Extensible multi-language compilation
Adding recording functionality to a media player
Intelligent differential quantization of video coding
Coding of motion vector information
Intraframe and interframe interlace coding and decoding
In-loop deblocking filter
Range reduction
Extended range motion vectors
Advanced bi-directional predictive coding of video frames
Spatial-domain lapped transform in digital media compression
Vibration-proofing structure for hollow pipe for vehicle
Acoustic isolator
Surface mounted loudspeaker and bracket for the mounting thereof
Variable area plug nozzle
Focus detecting optical system and camera provided with the same
Instant camera and recording apparatus
Image-erecting viewing optical system
Camera having a liquid crystal display device
Kinematically reconfigurable camera mount
Extended range bar code reader
Mission certification quiz for fundraising campaign
Mural design kit and method
Aircraft canopy jettison apparatus with airbag
Self stowing thrust reverser
Thrust reverser with sliding pivot joints
Multi-positional tail skids and associated methods of use
Apparatuses and methods for preventing foreign object damage to aircraft engines
Omni-directional air vehicle personal transportation system
Rotary/fixed wing aircraft
Lift generator by continuously rotating impeller
Tailboom-stabilized VTOL aircraft
System and method for periodically adaptive guidance and control
Survivable and reusable launch vehicle
Stable heli-borne vector platform for performing geophysical measurements
Prevention of ice formation by applying electric power to a liquid water layer
Flywheel prognostic health and fault management system and method
Method of controlling pointing for a flexible structure
System for high efficiency spacecraft orbit transfer
System and methods for integrating a payload with a launch vehicle
Adaptable kite/airfoil
Method and apparatus for the authentication of integrated circuits
Apparatus for control and certification of the delivery of goods
Method and system for providing personalized online services and advertisements in public spaces
Process and method for secure online transactions with calculated risk and against fraud
Postage metering system having multiple postage meter configuration capability
Method for certifying public keys used to sign postal indicia and indicia so signed
Contents managing method and contents managing apparatus
Indicator system for screening protected material
Method and apparatus for secure distribution of software/data
Method and system for reduced cost debit processing
Multi-note method and system for loans based upon lease revenue stream
Method for conducting a financial analysis
Method of evaluating long-term average portfolio risk and return for cyclical corporation
Method for formulating an investment strategy for real estate investments
Method and apparatus for managing credit inquiries within account receivables
Method and device for central supply control
System and method of conducting on-line auctions
Automatic sampling device
Torus-shaped mechanical gripper
Nuclear waste disposal system
Paddle boat water removal system and method of use
Towable submarine mast simulator
Cooling water system
Inflating watercraft flotation device
Remote controller
Magnetic construction toy
Spherical beverage container
Supported novelty with ballast
Hydroxypyridonate and hydroxypyrimidinone chelating agents
Tie-2 ligand-3
Isolated proteins containing portions of FAP.alpha. and other proteins
Calcium phosphate bone graft material, process for making same and osteoimplant fabricated from same
Gentle-acting skin disinfectants
Topical administration of basic antifungal compositions to treat fungal infections of the nails
PEI: DNA vector formulations for in vitro and in vivo gene delivery
Colorectal neoplasia prophylaxis
Systemic administration of a therapeutic preparation
Preventing airway mucus production by administration of EGF-R antagonists
Water soluble pouch package
Skin substitutes and uses thereof
Genetically engineered herpes virus for the treatment of cardiovascular disease
Virulence genes and proteins, and their use
Viral vectors having enhanced effectiveness with reduced virulence
Methods and molecules useful for identifying molecules that bind LFA-1 and for determining receptor ...
Vehicle control system, program and method
Conveyor system
Automated substrate processing system
Infrared monitoring system having variable assignment of grey scale values
Data processing system and method of data processing
Methods and apparatus for reconfiguring protocol data when reducing multiplexed data streams
Far-field display
Modular television for providing a distinguishable sound according to a selection of a module and/or...
Picture data memory device with picture data input channels and picture data output channels
Video switching detecting circuit
Method and apparatus for reducing noise in an image sequence
Digital television receiver
High quality, cost-effective film-to-video converter for high definition television
Motion-adaptive de-interlacing method and system for digital televisions
Video display protection circuit
Integrated portable videoconferencing unit
Imaging apparatus having autofocus function
Solid-state image pickup device for producing thinned image
Method for the oligomerization of C2 C8-olefins
Method of conversion of heavy aromatics
Process for separating unsaponifiable valuable products from raw materials
Method for producing polyisobutylenes
Synthetic isoparaffinic premium heavy lubricant base stock
Circulating fluid bed reactor system
Reducing CO2 levels in CO2-rich natural gases converted into liquid fuels
Thermally stable jet prepared from highly paraffinic distillate fuel component and conventional dist...
Method for computer-aided layout of manufacturing cells
Seismic data acquisition method and apparatus
Method and system for obtaining road grade data
Method and apparatus for finding a location in a digital map
Method and system for map and globe navigation
Apparatus for cleaning lines on a playing surface and associated methods
Minimally invasive apparatus for implanting a sacral stimulation lead
System and method for determining reentrant ventricular tachycardia isthmus location and shape for c...
Debugging techniques in a multithreaded environment
Method and apparatus for filling lines in a cache
Method and system for portable cellular phone voice communication and positional location data commu...
Location visit detail services for wireless devices
System and method for accessing local services with a mobile terminal
Cellular telephone system that uses position of a mobile unit to make call management decisions
Trick-mode stream creation for personal video recording functions
Optical fiber tube assembly having a plug
Shorting rings in dual-coil dual-gap loudspeaker drivers
Quick shift jack panel
Method for creating a sports league and playing interactive league games
Defect detection and repair of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) devices
Monitoring and correcting bragg gratings during their fabrication
Miniaturized multi-layer coplanar wave guide low pass filter
System and method for preventing and alleviating short circuiting in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and package product of the semiconductor device
Micro-scale interconnect device with internal heat spreader and method for fabricating same
Area array semiconductor package and 3-dimensional stack thereof
Semiconductor wafer having discharge structure to substrate
Variable reactor (varactor) with engineered capacitance-voltage characteristics
Microelectronic capacitor structure with radial current flow
Silicon capacitive microphone
Semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory device and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device using ferroelectric film in cell capacitor, and method for fabricating the same
Low switching field magnetic element
Floating gate and fabrication method therefor
A-C:H ISFET device, manufacturing method, and testing methods and apparatus thereof
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Elimination of implant damage during manufacture of HBT
Holder, system, and process for improving overlay in lithography
Silicon nitride powder, silicon nitride sintered body, sintered silicon nitride substrate, and circu...
Toothed daylight blinds
Golf shoes
Golf ball
Golf ball having a controlled weight distribution about a designated spin axis and a method of makin...
Golf putter
Method of playing a game with a telescopic putter mounted to headband
Putting pool game
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Ventilation device
Weather strip including core-removal slot
Steering wheel having airbag apparatus
Method for manufacturing gallium nitride compound semiconductor
Light-emitting device
Light emitting device
Airbag cover having ornament
Airbag device for passenger's seats
Method for manufacturing a gallium nitride group compound semiconductor
Illumination device
Light emitting diode
Vehicle information providing apparatus, on-vehicle information playing apparatus, vehicle informati...
Optical recording medium using scattering bodies to enhance modulation
Method and apparatus to measure amount of movement using granular speck pattern generated by reflect...
Image forming apparatus
Three dimensional optical circuits
Method and apparatus for delivery of x-ray irradiation
Dual-flow common combustor chemical laser
Solid state laser disk amplifer architecture: the normal-incidence stack
Laser gas supply path structure in an exposure apparatus
Blower for gas laser
Gas laser apparatus emitting ultraviolet radiation
Ridge-type semiconductor laser element
Semiconductor laser device and laser module using same
Self-sustained pulsating laser diode
Semiconductor laser device and method for producing the same
Optical device with wavelength monitor
Wavelength-selectable laser capable of high-speed frequency control
Tunable laser with microactuator
Short-wavelength laser module and method of producing the same
Optical reproducing device and optical memory medium
Magneto-optical recording medium including a calibration magnetic domain recorded in a predetermined...
Optical head and method of adjusting optical path thereof
Monolithic ink-jet printhead and method for manufacturing the same
Pigment preparations, a process for preparing pigment preparations and use thereof
ADC linearity improvement
Light-emitting nanoparticles and method of making same
Weighted SAW reflector using distributed acoustic reflective dots
Process for synthesis of 1-(aminomethyl)cyclohexane acetic acid hydrochloride
Process for preparation of chiral amlodipine salts
Heterocyclo-alkylsulfonyl pyrazole derivatives
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Antiviral nucleoside derivatives
Plant disease resistance genes
Method and system for programmable replacement mechanism for caching devices
Compounds to treat alzheimer's disease
Method and system for analyzing biological response signal data
Emergency ECG electrode chest pad
Image forming apparatus having a selectively discharged storage
MR imaging method and medical device for use in method
Video inspection device
Hydraulic valve system
Method and apparatus for on-demand video program access control using integrated out-of-band signali...
Electronic device and method of driving the same
Method and system for rapid biomolecular recognition of amino acids and protein sequencing
Fluoropolymer compositions
Low-dielectric-constant glass fiber and glass fiber fabric made thereof
Solid- and solution-phase synthesis of heparin and other glycosaminoglycans
Oral care chewing gums and method of use
Nucleotide sequence of the Haemophilus influenzae Rd genome, fragments thereof, and uses thereof
Self-adjusting clutch release bearing
Satellite communication with low probability of detection
Fluid dispensing valve and method of use
Flag mounting device
Antibody against LAR phosphatase subunit
Oxime-linked polysaccharides and methods of preparing the same
Siloxane-based lubricant composition, not releasing hydrogen, preparation method and use thereof
System for converting hardware designs in high-level programming languages to hardware implementatio...
Fundamental entity-relationship models for the generic audio visual data signal description
Grouping multimedia and streaming media search results
Multimedia visual progress indication system
Zero-block encoding
Method and apparatus for recovery of waste water
Retractable tether for animals
Composite components for use in high temperature applications
Snapshot restore of application chains and applications
Coil car with internal walkway
Methods for treating diseases and disorders related to unregulated angiogenesis and/or vasculogenesi...
Mesh protection service in a communications network
Water-soluble aluminium and aluminium alloys hot rolling composition
Activatable material
Guidance with feature accounting for insignificant roads
Contacted three dimensional sole measurer
Efficient data backup using a single side file
Hierarchical software path profiling
Arbitration technique based on processor task priority
Antimicrobial composition formulated with essential oils
Rose plant named `POULcs004`
Automatic feature augmentation for component based application programming interfaces
Color toner, electrostatic latent image developer, image forming method, and image producing device
Method for identifying validated target and assay combination for drug development
Set of decorative braids for a bicycle helmet
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sizzleness Pink`
Mobile terminal with a solar cell
Low defect density silicon having a vacancy-dominated core substantially free of oxidation induced s...
Magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy member superior in corrosion resistance
Universal selling station
Document conversion using an intermediate computer which retrieves and stores position information o...
High security personalized wireless portable biometric device
Fuel cell stack having grommet which covers each edge of communicating passages formed in terminal p...
System and method for determining specific requirements from general requirements documents
Method and arrangement for controlling a drive unit
Soybean variety 93M90
Microwave cooking device with improved venting configuration
Optimizing printing parameters for a print medium
Light-emitting diode device geometry
Method for determining juxtaposition of physical components with use of RFID tags
Plasma display panel with improved brightness and color purity
Method of managing slowly changing dimensions
Self-service terminal
Overshot loader for autonomous operation
Systems and methods for switching internet contexts without process shutdown
DCR-5 bone affecting ligand
Osteoporosis treatment
Gene encoding a multidrug resistance human P-glycoprotein homologue on chromosome 7p15-21 and uses t...
Soybean variety 92M31
Soybean cultivar 92422749
Transformation method and transgenic plants produced thereby
Process for the production of plants with enhanced growth characteristics
Production of lysosomal enzymes in plants by transient expression
Non-endogenous, constitutively activated human serotonin receptors and small molecule modulators the...
Crude extract from Viscum album coloratum, and proteins and lectins isolated therefrom
Game providing server and game providing system
Wireless game player
Liquid reactive materials and method for using same in games and other applications
Casino game method providing a side wager based upon a dealer's hand
Bingo-style word game
Resistive materials
Casting steel having high strength and low thermal expansion
Device for collecting, processing, working, and managing call details and method for collecting, pro...
Private branch exchange apparatus and accounting process method
Method and apparatus for validating pre-pay and post-pay communication services using the same integ...
Communication charge calculating apparatus, control method for the same, and medium in which program...
Method and apparatus for alphanumeric data entry using a keypad
Emergency personal device with base station
Method and system for informing callers within a queue
Voice input apparatus
Accent-based matching of a communicant with a call-center agent
Remote power feed method and system
Method and apparatus for robust call routing
Self-installable and portable voice telecommunication service
Method of accessing a dial-up service
Method for evaluating customer call center system designs
Portable communication terminal and communication service system
Marine seismic surveying
Mine stopping and braces therefor
Method and apparatus for enhancement of prefabricated earth drains
Boatlift and movable canopy assembly
Water recreation dock
Method and system for distributed syndicate gaming
Articulating spinal implant
Radiolucent bone graft
Spinal vertebral implant and methods of insertion
Anatomic posterior lumbar plate
Power reduction circuit and method with multi clock branch control
Hydrogen refinement apparatus
Silicon nanoparticle and method for producing the same
Process for producing hexachlorodisilane
Process for treating gaseous emissions generated during production of carbon anodes in an aluminum p...
Catalyst for decomposing nitrous oxide, process for producing the same and method for decomposing ni...
Methods for producing indium-containing aqueous solutions containing reduced amounts of metal impuri...
Process for treating acidic and metallic waste water
Co-retarding agents for preparing purified brine
Sulfatization process for metal extraction from sulfide ores
Multi-layer feminine hygienic pad
Device for damping movements of structural elements and a bracing system
Electrical component and a shuntable/shunted electrical component and method for shunting and deshun...
Sized reinforcements, and materials reinforced with such reinforcements
High permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects
Method and apparatus for making prefastened and refastenable pant with desired waist and hip fit
Completion apparatus and methods for use in hydrocarbon wells
Nickel-aluminide based wear resistant material for piston rings
Endpoint detection for electro chemical mechanical polishing and electropolishing processes
Superconducting cable
Plastic structural element with inserts
Apparatus and method for tissue removal
Tire with reinforced sidewalls
Software management system for providing software installation and maintenance over a network
Automatic fetching and storage of requested primary and related documents or files at receiving web ...
System and method for adaptive delivery of rich media content to a user in a network based on real t...
System and method for improved handling of client state objects
Method and system for creating mail rules from existing mail
System and method for extending client-server software to additional client platforms for servicing ...
Systems and methods for backing up data files
System and method for generating EJB components from reusable business logics in servlet program
Methods and apparatus for managing dependencies in distributed systems
Aromatic amides
Tagged epitope protein transposable element
Transfer laminate donor for lenticular images with anti-stick backing material
Dye dispersion liquid and thermosensitive recording material using the same
Composite sheet, method of preparing same, and adhesive label sheet assembly having same
Performance in a data storage device using head-to-head offsets in access command scheduling
Servo with digital filter to control gain in a frequency band where open loop characteristic is high...
Magnetic head device and recording reproducing apparatus
Magnetic tunnel junction device with bottom free layer and improved underlayer
Magnetoresistive head and perpendicular magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
Spin valve thin film magnetic element and thin film magnetic head
Construction method and design for a magnetic head actuator mechanism
Actuator for use with a disk drive having a coil assembly designed to aid in heat convection from th...
Electrostatic discharge protection for disk drive integrated lead suspension
Split VCM actuator
Repeatable runout compensation in a disc drive
Repeatable runout determination within a rotating media storage device
Method and apparatus for providing matched differential MR biasing and pre-amplification
Methods and apparatus for gradually decreasing supply current demand in arm electronics for write-to...
32V H-bridge driver with CMOS circuits
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus using the same
Recording tape cartridge
Processing chamber feedthru coupler
Disk drive allocating cache segments by mapping bits of a command size into corresponding segment po...
Disk cartridge
Disk drive executing part of a linked disk command
Magnetic recording medium having ternary or quaternary alloy seedlayer
Lightweight data replication
Macrocyclic NS3-serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus comprising N-cyclic P2 moieties
Peptide inhibitors of Hepatitis C virus NS3 protein
Microarrays and their manufacture
9-substituted minocycline compounds
Method and system for identifying program module functionality needed by a computer when disconnecte...
Liquid crystal display device
Helical peptidomimetics
Image formation controlling method and image forming apparatus
Methods for performing DAF data filtering and padding
Method and apparatus for updating an error-correcting code during a partial line store
Polyolefin catalysts, production thereof and method of use
Acylatign agents and dispersants for lubricating oil and fuels
Preparation of 1-methoxy-2-propanol
Adhesive film for underfill and semiconductor device using the same
Zein recovery using non-porous membranes
Medical effect of jojoba oil
Optical waveguide type microplate
Positive-working photoimageable bottom antireflective coating
Flat end head made of polymer material
Unified antenna diversity switching system for TDMA-based telephones
Tooth whitening appliance
Hang tag and method of applying hang tag to an elongated object
Manual card reader
Microencapsulated red phosphorus
Reactor-based viewport clipping using arbitrary graphical entities
Pet feeder
Method of memory management in a multi-threaded environment and program storage device
Ureido-substituted aniline compounds useful as serine protease inhibitors
Method and apparatus for determining connections in a crossbar switch
Inflatable balloon catheter structural designs and methods for treating diseased tissue of a patient
Bimetallic indenoindolyl catalysts
Partitioning placement method and apparatus
Method and system for an adaptive multimode media queue
Fish serine proteinase and their pharmaceutical and cosmetic use
Catalytic antibodies as chemical sensors
Set of decorative ponytails for a bicycle helmet
Verbena plant named `Miss Anne`
Essential oil vaporizer
Sweeper base
Comparison of hierarchical structures and merging of differences
System for determining successful reception of a message
System and method for mining unstructured data sets
Electric power steering apparatus
Device for reheating by microwaves
Card magnetic strip protector sleeve
Sense amplifier configuration for a semiconductor memory device
Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Plasma panel
System and method for scrubbing errors in very large memories
Synchronous to asynchronous to synchronous interface
Circuits and methods for recovering link stack data upon branch instruction mis-speculation
Data processing arrangement and method
Dense server environment that shares an IDE drive
Microprocessor having a page prefetch cache for database applications
Method and apparatus for detecting devices that can latchup
Apparatus for classifying or disambiguating data
Chrysanthemum plant named `Abba`
System and method for data protection with multidimensional parity
Method and system for processing financial instrument deposits physically remote from a financial in...
Enhanced user display for use in a restaurant kitchen
System for facilitating weight control incorporating hand-held computing device
System for facilitating weight control embodied on hand-held computing device
Sanitary measurement system
Treatment of heaves
Organ fibrosis inhibitor
Movable gaming machine tray
Novel lactobacillus sp. strain and use thereof
Printed thermoplastic film with radiation-cured overprint varnish
High gloss disposable pressware
Alkaline health food and method for production thereof
Method of vacuum tumbling for processing meat
Rice ball structure
Process for converting brined sweet cherries into sweetened dried red tart cherry-like products and ...
Reduced trans fat product
Coffee products and brews with improved stability
Affinity of bovine-derived water for proper lactose and protein solubility in condensed milk
Fat continuous food product
Whey protein emulsion
Application independent write monitoring method for fast backup and synchronization of open files
Intelligent data inventory and asset management system method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for prefetching recursive data structures
Automatic database statistics creation
Method and apparatus for significance testing and confidence interval construction based on user-spe...
Proxy processing method
Edible hot melt composition
Traditional snacks having balanced nutritional profiles
Tray assembly for a microwave oven incorporating toaster
Composition and article for reduced food adhesion
Nucleotide sequences for detection of Bacillus anthracis
Laminate packaging material
Lamination for specialty meat packaging
Liquid fatty component containing composition
Food product
Nonwoven web material for infusion packaging and method of making same
Embossing apparatus
Method of cooking complete meal in one vessel
Heat transfer ice cream scoop
Method and apparatus for production of an alcoholic beverage
Resealable package having zipper closure including a slider device and retaining notch
Methods and means for telecommunication
Method and system in a wireless communications network for the simultaneous transmission of both voi...
RF printed circuit board connector with through-hole leads
Frequency-stabilized transceiver configuration
Receiver circuit compensation for filter response error
Apparatus and method for testing micropower short-wave frequency-modulated digital radio
Transmitter-receiver apparatus with signal coding unit according to RDS standard
Radio, infrared, and audio assistive listening device
Determinant-based synchronization techniques and systems
Base station, base station module and method for direction of arrival estimation
Ultrawide-band communication system and method
Multifrequency garage door opener
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving high order digital signals over two RF carriers in a...
Anti-abduction system and method
Limiting receiver access to secure read-only communications over a network by preventing access to s...
Method for authenticating a spare key for using a vehicle
Storage card with integral file system, access control and cryptographic support
Gaming software distribution network in a gaming system environment
Method and system for distributed conference bridge processing
Multi-point video conference system
Process for the selective elimination of inorganic phosphate from liquids by means of absorbent mate...
Method for the selective removal of acyl-functionality attached to the 2'-hydroxy-group of paclitaxe...
Anti-angiogenic compositions and methods of use
Recombinant expression of heterologous nucleic acids in protozoa
Synthesis of metal nanoparticle compositions from metallic and ethynyl compounds
Method and device providing data derived timing recovery for multicarrier communications
Method for managing bandwidth in a packet-based communication system using call unit reservations
Method and apparatus for maintaining a customer database using license plate scanning
Ultrasound image and other medical image storage system
Expressive parsing in computerized conversion of text to speech
System and method for identifying solder joint defects
System and method for statistical analysis of QT interval as a function of changes in RR interval
X-ray detector with an applied stray radiation grid, and method for applying a stray radiation grid ...
Medical image processing apparatus, medical image processing method, program and a recording medium ...
Automatic provisioning of protection circuits in a communications network
Circuit protecting against electrostatic discharge
Optical probe accessory device for use in vivo diagnostic procedures
Measurement of photolithographic features
Ultra-high linearity RF passive mixer
Wireless device which uses an upper MAC and lower MAC interface
Data input method and device for a computer system
Communications network utilizing transmitter and channel diversity to mitigate path impairments
Slanted hub layout for wireless networks
Navigation system using wireless communication network and route guidance method thereof
Continuously monitoring and correcting operational conditions in automobiles from a remote location ...
Vehicular communications system initializing abnormal control unit
Four channel light system for vehicles
Retractable antenna for personal computer card
Information set importance determination system and information set importance determination method
Method and system for optimally searching a document database using a representative semantic space
Method and system for appending search strings with user profile qualities
Document retrieval by information unit
Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system
Method and apparatus for serving data
System and method for optimal selection and presentation of streaming media types
Method for distinguishing signals from one another, and filter
Multilayer coaxial structures and resonator formed therefrom
Methods that facilitate control of memory arrays utilizing zener diode-like devices
Semiconductor devices, and methods of manufacture of the same
Gate edge diode leakage reduction
Bi-directional Fowler-Nordheim tunneling flash memory
High aspect ratio contact surfaces having reduced contaminants
Dual gate oxide high-voltage semiconductor device
Enhanced retention time for embedded dynamic random access memory (DRAM)
Semiconductor element and semiconductor device comprising the same
Semiconductor device
Solar cell and method for making a solar cell
Five transistor CMOS pixel
Method for manufacturing solar battery
Bipolar transistor with graded base layer
Semiconductor device with built-in light receiving element, production method thereof, and optical p...
Light emitting device
Chip-type composite electronic component and manufacturing method thereof
Traffic signal control system employing universal co-ordinated time (UTC) of GPS as time base
Planetary transmissions with clutched input and a stationary member
Smoothly shifting multispeed transmission
Method of controlling torque converter clutch slip
Retina implant assembly and methods for manufacturing the same
Connection system for a multi-polar lead
Charging member and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Wavelength dispersion compensating filter
Variable blazed grating
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence and thickness of carbon and oxide layers on EUV refl...
Method and apparatus for a pellicle frame with porous filtering inserts
Method of adjusting a substrate size of liquid crystal display device
Liquid-crystal display and a lighting apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Electromagnetophoretic display system and method
Torsion spring for electro-mechanical switches and a cantilever-type RF micro-electromechanical swit...
Electric start for a prime mover
Electron beam apparatus and image forming apparatus
Rewind and fast-forward for enhanced television
Progressive image transmission using discrete wavelet transforms
Workstation for processing and producing a video signal
Interface for a display screen
Portion of a display screen
Portion of a display screen with a border having a frosted glass appearance
Methods and compositions for inhibiting inflammation and angiogenesis comprising a mammalian CD97 .a...
Hydrotalcites, syntheses, and uses
Method of treating lower urinary tract disorders
Combinations of drugs for the treatment of neoplastic disorders
Method for making micromechanical structures having at least one lateral, small gap therebetween and...
Chemically synthesized and assembled electronic devices
Mitogenic oxygenase regulators
Method and polynucleotides for determining translational efficiency of a codon
Method of colloid crystal growth on patterned surfaces
Selective chemical-mechanical polishing properties of a cross-linked polymer and specific applicatio...
System and method for cleaning and/or treating vehicles and the surfaces of other objects
Erosion resistant projectile
Method of treating allergy by administering an anti-histamine antibody
Method of manufacturing a multi-layer packaging laminate and packaging laminate obtained by the meth...
Lighting ballast with reverse current flow protection
Time-resolved fluorescence assay for the detection of multimeric forms of A-beta 1-40
Color image forming apparatus
Selectively controllable heads-up display system
Catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation process and catalyst
Fuel cell stack monitoring and system control
Triarylmethane dyes
Pyruvate ester composition and method of use for resuscitation after events of ischemia and reperfus...
Promoting whole body health
Methods and compositions for HDL holoparticle uptake receptor
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Flowable and meterable densified fiber flake
Tissue tract sealing device
Reflective signage
Method and apparatus for providing verifiable digital signatures
N-substituted phenylurea inhibitors of mitochondrial F1F0 ATP hydrolase
Nanopore chip with N-type semiconductor
Polarization analyzing apparatus and method for polarization analysis
Process for producing solid catalyst component and catalyst for .alpha.-olefin polymerization, and p...
Synergistic biocidal composition
Flexible membranes
Application server for self-documenting voice enabled web applications defined using extensible mark...
Command aging method for data storage devices
Measure of analysis performed in property checking
Optical switching matrix and method of fabricating such a matrix
Climbing rose plant named `POULyc004`
Systems and methods for clearing aerosols from the effective anatomic dead space
Utility portion of carpet sweeper
Seal and fuel cell with the seal
Control-loop auto-tuner with nonlinear tuning rules estimators
Method for determining a longitudinal vehicle velocity by compensating individual wheel speeds
Method for vapor deposition of a metal compound film
Semiconductor memory device
Boron phosphide-based semiconductor layer and vapor phase growth method thereof
Current-stabilizing illumination of photocathode electron beam source
System and method for computer-aided rebate processing
Shrub rose plant named `Meipadan`
Process for preparing single enantiomers of 5,5,5,5',5',5'-hexafluoroleuci- ne and protected analogs
Authentication method and apparatus for use with compressed fluid printed swatches
Methods for solubilizing and recovering fluorinate compounds
Control equipment and method for an extracorporeal blood circuit
Dialysis solutions with reduced levels of glucose degradation products
Macroporous gel, its preparing and its use
Clean and test for fluid within a reflection optical switch system
Filtering apparatus
Separator of floating components
Process and filter for filtering a slurry
Coated microbubbles for treating an aquifer or soil formations
Poultry processing water recovery and re-use process
Methods, apparatus, and compositions for controlling organisms in ballast water
Electrodeionization device and methods of use
Method and apparatus for remediating wastewater holding areas and the like
Flow control suction barrier apparatys and system
System and method for point-of-use filtration and purification of fluids used in substrate processin...
Apparatus and method for water treatment by a direct co-precipitation/filtration process
Filter apparatus for removing sulfur-containing compounds from liquid fuels, and methods of using sa...
Stabilized formulation
Method and apparatus for treating a fluid
System and method for converting kinetic energy of gases or liquids to useful energy, force and work
Molecular imprinting of solute on cellulose/silica composite, and products and uses thereof
Preferential precipitation membrane system and method
Process for treating chromate waste liquid
Fuel supply device for a motor vehicle
Membrane filtration element having sleeve element and socket members
Microbial composition and a process useful for the neutralization of alkaline waste-waters
Combination filter assembly
Method for decomposing bromic acid by photocatalyst and apparatus therefor
Magnetic fluid filter adapter
Removal of phosphate from water
High stability porous metal oxide spherules used for one-step antibody purifications
Sludge stripping process and system
Liquid filtration device
Filtering method and filter chamber sealing arrangement
Filter assembly for a control valve in a vehicular brake system
Process for removing oil from solid materials recovered from a well bore
Phosphonamide and phosphonamide blend compositions and method to treat water
Recombinant Stokesia epoxygenase gene
Method for customized data output on a web site
Lipstick case
Hair clipper housing
Razorblade holder
Jaw clip handle
Toothed heated hair styling device
Rechargeable lamp system
Wall lamp
Lighting fixture support
Rechargeable halogen lantern
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Object-proximity monitoring and alarm system
Switching device for a vehicle horn
Method for controlling an automatic transmission
Integral vehicle front assembly
Indicating instrument assembly having a housing and method of making same
Motorcycle frame having removable portion
Airbag apparatus for a compact vehicle
Shock absorber for a power wheelchair
Rack and pinion steering apparatus and method for producing the same
Lift axle air pressure transfer control apparatus
Vehicle body platform
Four-wheel drive vehicle
Hydraulic transaxle apparatus for a four-wheel driving vehicle and four-wheel driving vehicle using ...
Engine mounting structure for motorcycles
Movable rack system
All-terrain vehicle
Floribunda rose plant named `Meimanesk`
Miniature rose plant named `Meimiros`
Rose plant named `POULac008`
Peach tree named `P.F. 9A-007`
Peach tree named `P.F. Lucky 21`
Peach Tree named `Calara`
Geranium plant named `Clips Rosspla`
Petunia plant named `MP201`
Anthurium plant named `Rijn200024`
Petunia plant named `Bluette White`
Osteospermum plant named `Osoutis`
Fothergilla major plant named `Blue Shadow`
Arundo plant named `Oriental Gold`
Nectarine tree, `GBN-ONE`
Magnetic resonance tomography method and apparatus with suppression of ambiguity artifacts in spin e...
Magnetic resonance method
Chemical species suppression for MRI imaging using spiral trajectories with off-resonance correction
Method of enhancing an MRI signal
Aqueous sample holder for EPR and MR spectroscopy
Event management service in a service-oriented gaming network environment
Active organic light emitting diode drive circuit
Pixel driving circuit system and method for electroluminescent display
Light source with organic layer and photoluminescent layer
Organic thin film transistor (OTFT)
Organic luminous material and organic light-emitting device
Detergent compositions
Benzotriazole/hals molecular combinations and compositions stabilized therewith
Photopolymerizable composition and recording material using same
One dose vaccination with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae
Active noise control system with on-line secondary path modeling
System and method for utilizing a memory device to support isochronous processes
Drive mechanism control device and method, driving operation confirmation method for a drive mechani...
Network interface device
Method for managing an open computer system
Method and apparatus for selecting condition indicators in determining the health of a component
Method and apparatus for scheduling packet data transmissions in a wireless communication system
Watch including a case of elongated shape
Flexible magnetic insole and method of manufacture
Climbing aid
Support and cushioning system for an article of footwear
Sealed shoe and a method for the production thereof
Shin rest
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
System and method for identifying and locating an acoustic event
Integrated system for quickly and accurately imaging and modeling three-dimensional objects
Apparatus and method for removing horizontal moire in cathode-ray tube monitors
Powder coated strap and method for making same
Electron gun for a multiple beam klystron using magnetic focusing with a magnetic field corrector
Electrode structure for electron gun
Welding contact tip and diffuser
Binder system and method for particulate material cross-reference to related application
High efficiency nozzle for thermal spray of high quality, low oxide content coatings
Compressed air pistol with blowout nozzle
Integrated control and diagnostics system
RF identification system for determining whether object has reached destination
Radio frequency data communication device in CMOS process
Mono-, oligo- and polydithienopyridine
Method for field programming radio frequency identification return forms
Identifying system of overlapped tag
In-tank fuel level data networks for retailer data
Charged particle beam detection system
Aluminum oxide material for optical data storage
Switching system with improved message distributor
Method for removing ATM cells from an ATM communications device
Method for measuring the optical signal-to-noise ratios OSNR in a wavelength division multiplex (WDM...
Tilt-based pointing for hand-held devices
Component having an acoustically active material for tuning during operation
Method for generating wander or wander sequences
Method and apparatus for providing predictive maintenance of a device by using markov transition pro...