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Magnetic refrigerant material, regenerator and magnetic refrigerator
Design of adiabatic combustors
Electric circuit to control an air-conditioned seat
Method and apparatus for controlling a transport temperature control unit having selectively program...
Gasification reactor vessel
Blindmate heat sink assembly
Vehicle air conditioner with automatic air-conditioning control
Separable hybrid cold plate and heat sink device and method
Process and apparatus for achieving precision temperature control
Flip chip package with heat spreader allowing multiple heat sink attachment
Vehicle heating and air conditioning modules
Heatsink retention apparatus
Radiator (1)
Cell thermal connector
Heat exchanger for exchanging heat between internal fluid and external fluid and manufacturing metho...
Heat exchanger
Airflow/circulating design for one-row heat exchanger
Heat dissipating apparatus and method for producing same
High flux heat removal system using jet impingement of water at subatmospheric pressure
Parallel-plate heat pipe apparatus having a shaped wick structure
Heat pipe
Radiation apparatus
Integrated electromechanical microstructure comprising pressure adjusting means in a sealed cavity a...
Millimeter wave imaging array
Rolling shutter optical switch device with dimples on shutter, annular rim at optical port and short...
Charge control of micro-electromechanical device
MEMS digital-to-acoustic transducer with error cancellation
Projection screen
Two-dimensional free-space optical wavelength routing element based on stepwise controlled tilting m...
MEMS planar antenna array
Phase change control devices and circuits for guiding electromagnetic waves employing phase change c...
Method for measuring the etching speed
Binary half tone photomasks and microscopic three-dimensional devices and method of fabricating the ...
Optical switch having an array of optical fibers with respective, removable disposed mirrors and a l...
Tunable laser control system with optical path length modulation
Layered product, capacitor, electronic component and method and apparatus manufacturing the same
Optical system and optical instrument with diffractive optical element
Optical path control apparatus with mirror section, and manufacturing method for the same
Printing apparatus and printing method
Video camera system having remote commander
Resonant tube sensor
Locator system with an implanted transponder having an organically-rechargeable battery
High intensity radial field magnetic array and actuator
Multi-function universal ratchet wrench
Production of N-aryl-2-lactam and N-cycloalkyl-2-lactam by reductive amination of lactones with arly...
Integrated surface metrology
Sensor detecting attenuated total reflection angle by using semiconductor laser unit driven with dri...
Small spot spectroscopic ellipsometer with refractive focusing
Blood component measurement apparatus
Degassing centrifugal apparatus, process for pumping and degassing a fluid and process for producing...
Cylinder assembly and hermetic compressor having the same
Two-piece motor cooling and exhaust diluting blower housing
Piezoelectric micropump with diaphragm and valves
Measuring gas pump
Rotor assemblies for gas turbine engines
Double bellows gas lift valve "faustoval"
Guitar body
Method of determining the topology of a network of objects
System and method for generating a translation display
Method of acquiring environment consideration condition information
Coding method and coding apparatus for coding a serial data stream
Forward error correction (FEC) based on SONET/SDH framing
Modular system for a vehicle
Active night vision system for vehicles employing anti-blinding scheme
Filter for a gas analyzer
Method and apparatus for fusing signals with partially known independent error components
On-vehicle route guidance device and route guidance method
Nested cavity embedded loop mode antenna
System and method for locating a source of a signal
Dual use detergent dispenser
Percutaneous administration preparations
Nonvolatile memory cell with low doping region
Modular frame for a wafer fabrication system
Recoverable improved casing for the manufacture of recesses
Diffusion-controllable coatings on medical device
Nutritional supplements and methods of using same
Nucleic acid sequences encoding a plant cytoplasmic protein involved in fatty acyl-CoA metabolism
Pass-transistor very large scale integration
Method of designing circuit having multiple test access ports, circuit produced thereby and method o...
Using consecutive block IDs to keep track of data transferred across a serially linked bridge
Method, system and program product for logically disconnecting in fibre channel communication withou...
System and method for cardiac rhythm management with synchronized pacing protection period
Satellite communication system utilizing low density parity check codes
Communication system having wireless devices supporting ad hoc connections independent of the protoc...
Carbopyronine fluorescent dyes
Monoclonal antibody against apolipoprotein A-I
Three-dimensional in vitro model of human preneoplastic breast disease
Immunoassay method for BNP
Automatic kerning of text
Document processing apparatus, method, and memory medium
Developing apparatus
Driving force transmission mechanism, image forming apparatus equipped with such a mechanism, and pr...
Developing apparatus
Optical waveguide apparatus
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
Method of producing member with periodical structure finer than wavelength and optical element forme...
Print system, information processing apparatus, print job registering method, and storage medium
Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
Color matching, and calibrating a color-matching profile, preferably using a client-server architect...
Diffraction optical element
Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus having the same
Exposure apparatus and exposure method
Optical reading system and method for spectral multiplexing of resonant waveguide gratings
Polypeptide and process for measuring living body components using the same
Process of using sodium silicate to create fire retardant products
Scar treatment composition
Method and apparatus for production of RF labels
Apparatus and method for detecting alpha particles
Integrated light concentrator
Hydrophilic open-cell, elastic foams with a melamine/formaldehyde resin base, production thereof and...
Non-silicone polymers for lipophilic fluid systems
Production of N-aryl-2-lactam and N-alkyl-2-lactam by reductive amination of lactones with aryl and ...
High activity photo-catalyst
Velour fabric articles having flame retardance and improved dynamic insulation performance
Plastic grocery bag carrying device
Electrodeless discharge lamp operating apparatus, electrodeless compact self-ballasted fluorescent l...
Method of calibrating a component placement machine, device suitable for carrying out such a method,...
Crushing--breaking apparatus
Method for the uncoupled, direct, exponential amplification and sequencing of DNA molecules with the...
Detection of antibodies to gangliosides using solid-phase reactants coated with carbonyl groups
Removable memory module for a meter
Multispeaker sound imaging system
Toner supply apparatus for image forming machine
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Routing processing method in packet transmission and system therefor
Color conversion device and color conversion method
Light-emitting display device
Method and apparatus for polar display of composite and RGB color gamut violation
Method for assembling magnetic members for magnetic resonance imaging magnetic field generator
Full-closed control apparatus
Electron beam inspection method and apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing method and its manufac...
Treatment of addiction and addiction-related behavior
Method of forming an insulating film having SI-C, SI-O and SI-H bonds to cover wiringlines of a semi...
Manufacturing method for wiring circuit substrates
Epitaxial thin film forming method
Wafer shape evaluating method and device producing method, wafer and wafer selecting method
Recombinant vanadium haloperoxidases and their uses
Small conductance, calcium-activated potassium channels (SKI)
Small DNA encoding conductance, calcium-activated potassium channels (SK3)
Nucleic acid encoding small conductance calcium-activated potassium channel (SK1)
Preparation of cyclopentenones
Pipe coupling
Method of making a semiconductor radiation emitter package
Refractive intraocular implant lens and method
Method and system for memory access arbitration for minimizing read/write turnaround penalties
System, method and computer program product for z-texture mapping
Toothpaste dispensing toothbrush
Microencapsulation of polar liquids in copolymer shells
Method and electrical apparatus comprising a water tree resistant insulating composition
Collapsible pogo stick
Reliability system for networked exercise equipment
Inner-lock foldable joint
Saddle support
Adjustable bicycle seat
Load carrier for vehicle
Protective ski pole
Shaft driven bicycle and transmission therefor
Extendable article carrier
Angled heel/shoes/low-friction coalescent dance shoes
Tire pressure gauge
Device for protecting a pedestrian
Diamide compound and medicine containing the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Hollow balls and a method for producing hollow balls and for producing light-weight structural compo...
Activated carbon material, process for producing the same and electric double layer capacitor employ...
Process for the constrained sintering of asymmetrically configured dielectric layers
Electron emitting device, electron source, image forming apparatus and producing methods of them
Reaction chamber with a protected surface
Integrated circuit inductors
Process for the production of melamine crystals at high pureness
Catalyst and methods for polymerizing cycloolefins
Dentition cleaning device and system
Portable wordsign arrangement
Method for temperature compensation of an image sensor sensitivity
Method for producing acyl amino acids
Polymerizable siloxanes
Process for crosslinking carboxylated nitrile rubber, hydrogenating carboxylated nitrile rubber, the...
Vinyl ethers in unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl esters and vinyl ester urethanes for structural ...
Aqueous coating composition giving coatings having improved early hardness and tack-resistance
Railroad tie and method for making same
Modulators of cysteine protease
Laminated ceramic electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
EPTFE covering for endovascular prostheses and method of manufacture
Tubular endoprosthesis comprising a deformable collar and operating kit for its implantation
Endovascular device having a stent
High strength member for intracorporeal use
Endovascular support device and method
Stent with enhanced friction
Deployment system for intraluminal devices
Reduced diameter stent/graft deployment catheter
Introducer for deployment of branched prosthesis
Method of and apparatus for positioning and maintaining the position of endoscopic instruments
Method of identifying and treating a pathologic region of an intervertebral disc
System and method of performing an electrosurgical procedure
Internal indifferent electrode device for use with lesion creation apparatus and method of forming l...
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling use of medical devices
Nested tubing sections and method for making same
Multiple lumen access device
Venipuncture site protector and method of using same
Winged catheter securing tape
Catheter anchoring system
Single lumen balloon catheter apparatus
Safety limits for closed-loop infusion pump control
Electrochemical cell with reinforced separator
Electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Substituted azepino[4,5b]indoline derivatives
Hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and alkaline storage battery equip...
Anode thin film for lithium secondary battery
Thin film for anode of lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Hybrid battery housing
Protecting device for CD-ROM drive
Wood preservative
Film coating
Compositions containing both sedative and non-sedative antihistamines
Dermatological composition containing urea
Composition and method of use
Use of carotenoid aggregates as colorants
Immune-stimulating bacterial cell wall extracts
Compositions and methods for improving kidney function
Synthetic peptide vaccines for dental caries
Method of and compositions for immunization with the pseudomonas V antigen
Humanized immunoglobulin reactive with b7-2 and methods of treatment therewith
Immunogenic compositions of human papillomavirus and sera produced therefrom
Activated charcoal based composition and method for reducing hangover symptoms associated with the c...
Wireless communication device and method
Photon detection enhancement of superconducting hot-electron photodetectors
Synchronous machine with power and voltage control
Method for gain equalization, and device and system for use in carrying out the method
Distance measurement device with short distance optics
Lithography contrast enhancement technique by varying focus with wavelength modulation
Animation data generation apparatus, animation data generation method, animated video generation app...
Protective layer in memory device and method therefor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Scratch-resistant coating
Dissolution and processing of cellulose using ionic liquids
Golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Heat-conducting adhesive joint with an adhesive-filled, porous heat conductor
Deformable resealing closure for caulking cartridges
Robotic arm DLUs for performing surgical tasks
Posture training device
System and method for intraluminal imaging
Needle of the biopsy type or for taking other samples from human or animal organs
Ovulation-period-detecting reagents and the use thereof
System and method for providing diagnosis and monitoring of myocardial ischemia for use in automated...
Sphygmorgh measure method and device for pulse pressure and blood flow rate
System and method of pointed position detection, presentation system, and program
Method and apparatus for transmitting image updates employing high compression encoding
Methods and apparatus for associating character codes with optimized character codes
Apparatus and method for processing images, and a computer-readable medium
Structure-guided automatic alignment for image processing
Add/drop multiplexing in WDM optical networks
Fiber detector apparatus and related methods
Cable joint for optical fibers with splicing cassettes and overlength loops
Low slope dispersion managed waveguide
Dispersion slope compensating optical waveguide fiber
Optical fiber cable including freely movable plastic optical fibers
Optical waveguide circuit device
Tunable optical wavelength demultiplexer
Optical waveguide devices with electro-wetting actuation
Wide angle light diffusing optical fiber tip
Optical signal interleaving comb filter with reduced chromatic dispersion and applications therefor
Method for higher-order dispersion compensation
Optical amplifier, optical transmission equipment, optical transmission system, and method thereof
Multi fire full thickness resectioning device
Ion-exchange polymers
Fire-resistant and water-resistant halogen-free low-voltage cables
Medium density polyethylene compositions for film applications
Coated media for improved output tray stacking performance
Red-emitting phosphor blend for plasma display panels
Process for producing multilayer structures having a layer formed from a blend of an ethylene-alpha-...
Phenolic modified resorcinolic resins for rubber compounding
Surfactant blends for aqueous solutions useful for improving oil recovery
Method of extracting antioxidants from lamiaceae species and the extract products thereof
Method for making printed and/or embossed decorative grass
Multi-layer golf ball
Method of producing of vinyl chloride-based polymer
Nested compact fuel processor for producing hydrogen rich gas
Thermodynamic accelerator/gasifier
Polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions having controlled degradation rates
Adjustable threshold switch
Mixtures of insulin drug-oligomer conjugates comprising polyalkylene glycol, uses thereof, and metho...
Method and apparatus for establishing a communication group
Telecommunications system
Secondary user interface
Illuminated safety and work glasses
Polyimide substrates having an interpenetrating network morphology and methods relating thereto
Process for the preparation of powder coating compositions
Flourinated compositions comprising phosphorus
Cathodic electrocoating compositions containing hydroxyl-carbonate blocked polyisocyanate crosslinki...
One step laser fabrication of polymer wave-guided structures having varying width and height, and th...
Ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet transparent polymer compositions and their uses
Method and element for holographic replication
Carpets treated for soil resistance
Optical communication device
Controlled angle retarder
Bipolar time-of-flight detector, cartridge and detection method
Micro liquid crystal displays
Optical recording head having a solid immersion lens
Product with a security element
Linearly polarized fiber amplifier
Optical switch
Optical path switching apparatus
Prism, projection device and optical component
Fluororubber compositions and making method
Method of manufacturing electroluminescence display apparatus
Display apparatus
Printhead with liquid crystal shutter
Enhancement, stabilization and metallization of porous silicon
Light emitting device
Method of providing quality of service in a mobile telecommunications network
Method for distributed agent-based non-expert simulation of manufacturing process behavior
Layout of ferroelectric memory device
Method and apparatus for selectively compacting test responses
Configuration for testing an integrated semiconductor memory and method for testing the memory
Method of testing a memory
Computer system having a ROM correction unit
Programmable logic device with time-multiplexed interconnect
Duty analysis system for a semiconductor integrated circuit and duty analysis method of the same
Diagnostic architecture using FPGA core in system on a chip design
Full-speed BIST controller for testing embedded synchronous memories
Field repairable high temperature smooth wear coating
Composite for paste including carbon nanotubes, electron emitting device using the same, and manufac...
Single-molecule detector
Process for the preparation of a polyamide
Method and apparatus for high density nanostructures
Explosive detection system
Illuminator capable of cleaning air
Modulator driven photocathode electron beam generator
Ceramic honeycomb filter
Mercury gas discharge device
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Method and system for obtaining a video-related document
Vehicle-mounted structure for heat exchanger
Wireless snow plow control system
NMR analyzer
Superconducting planar coil in a low power nuclear quadrupole resonance detection system
Magnetic resonance imaging method with reduced acoustic noise
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
System and method for notification within decentralized network
Methods and compositions for regulating memory consolidation
Method of identifying immunosuppressive agents
Electrode connection with coated contact surfaces
Coordinating persistent status information with multiple file servers
Method and apparatus for handling nested faults
System, device, and method for providing mutual exclusion for computer system resources
Image forming apparatus having a cleaning mechanism for cleaning a photosensitive member
Express bit swapping in a multicarrier transmission system
Method and apparatus for providing efficient application-level switching for multiplexed internet pr...
Ejector latch indicator light
Tri-mode over-voltage protection and disconnect circuit apparatus and method
Sports shoe particularly for motocross
Lightweight sole structure for an article of footwear
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe sole
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper containing slits therein
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear outsole
Sole for footwear
Dual transmission spread processing circuit system for CDMA communication apparatus
Energy-saving light marking device with low power consumption
Recovered toner classifier capable of effectively removing foreign substance and crushing aggregatio...
Hollow flanged joist for deck framing
Decorative shade for a video display
Inhibitors of phospholipase enzymes
Reflector which exhibits good reflectance over wide angle range and liquid crystal display using the...
Short GCG expansions in the PAB II gene for oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy and diagnostic thereo...
Complementary input dynamic logic for complex logic functions
Method of polymerizing olefin
Child safe cream dispenser
Dyes and colorants
Nucleic acids encoding human TBC-1 protein and polymorphic markers thereof
Method and system using traction inverter for locked axle detection
Methods and apparatus for aerosolizing a substance
Magnetic memory equipped with a read control circuit and an output control circuit
Constant voltage charge-pump circuit with feedback
Connection system for firmly connecting at least two elements
Plasma display panel having a non-light emitting zone filling portion
Leaky cable based method and system for automotive parking aid, reversing aid, and pre-collision sen...
Dihydrocarbylamino metal compounds
Photo stable organic sunscreen compounds with antioxidant properties and compositions obtained there...
Rotating attachment device for a swing
Analytical method and device using disc cytometry
Super-thin restaurant griddle
Personal computer used in conjunction with television to display information related to television p...
Wireless internet access system
Systems and methods for protecting data secrecy and integrity
Method and apparatus for a unified RISC/DSP pipeline controller for both reduced instruction set com...
Method and apparatus for associating an end-to-end call identifier with a connection in a multimedia...
Image transfer over mobile radio network
Legged mobile robot and method and apparatus for controlling the operation thereof
Alloy coating, method for forming the same, and member for high temperature apparatuses
Stripe coated linerless labels
Skills based contact routing
Web page display system
Method and apparatus for distributed signal processing among internetworked wireless integrated netw...
Systems for managing network resources
Service node for providing telecommunication services
Method and apparatus for selecting and/or changing the display resolution of HTML home pages in a we...
Services control point selection in an advanced intelligent network
Method of providing data dictionary-driven web-based database applications
Methods and devices for relieving congestion in hop-by-hop routed packet networks
Super saturation method for information-media
System for sending and printing images
Photographs of fabrics and methods for making them
Method of providing alarm based wireless security monitoring
Internet refrigerator having a heat sink plate
Optical storage media with embedded security device
Dynamic reconfiguration of multimedia stream processing modules
Method and system for activity-based user interfaces
Mechanism for asynchronous components to be application framework agnostic
System and method for CPU bandwidth allocation
Delivering multiple installation images and computer-readable installation keys on installation medi...
Method and system for generating an efficient test suite from a domain description with given constr...
Reformulating resources with nodes reachable from defined entry points
Component dependency matrices
Importation of automatically generated content
Assembling verbal narration for digital display images
Time-aware best-effort hole-filling retry method and system for network communications
Recovery guarantees for general multi-tier applications
Technique for producing through watermarking highly tamper-resistant executable code and resulting "...
Integrated circuit devices with steganographic authentication and steganographic authentication meth...
Method and system for binding enhanced software features to a persona
Scalable rundown protection for object lifetime management
System and method for the discovery and use of repetitively accessed data
Transformation of an asynchronous transactional messaging language into a web services compatible la...
Discovery and control protocol for intelligent displays
When-free messaging
Microwave isolator
System and method of dual mode automatic gain control for a digital radio receiver
Method of identifying network layer PDU
Television tuner and television receiver
Optical control electromagnetic wave circuit
Logging device data dump probe
Communications system and method with A/D converter
Bias-management system and method for programmable RF power amplifier
Coil structure with tapered conductive members for improved homogeneity in MRI
Static measurement and detection in a gas phase polyethylene reactor
Guiding catheter system for ablating heart tissue
Non-contact IC card
Solar powered bird feeder
Method and system for restricting the operation of a radio device within a certain area
Radio transmission method and radio transmission
Method and apparatus for radio network management
Multiuser communications device
Apparatus for and method of adapting a radio receiver using control functions
Latent property diagnosing procedure
Key input device having Braille input function
Instrument for contemplation
Personal communication tool and method of use
Apparatus for turning pages of book
Computer training system with audible answers to spoken questions
Stencil assembly
Noise reducing
System and method for determining an azimuth of a seismic energy source
Acoustic window
Acoustic resistor for hearing improvement and audiometric applications, and method of making same
Acoustic board with an improved composite structure
Vibratory energy dissipation and isolation with magnetically biased rolling members
Ear plug
Suction system for an internal-combustion engine
Exposure device
Iris imaging apparatus
Camera lens module having recyclable lens barrel cap
Optical apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
Coating method for coating liquid
Parallel plate development with the application of a differential voltage
Camera rotation device
Modular thermal security camera system
Device for rotating a body about two axes
Universal registration system
Method and apparatus for providing information pertaining to vehicles located along a predetermined ...
Cockpit instrument panel systems and methods with redundant flight data display
Force sensor rod
Balloon device for lowering space object orbits
Integrated glass ceramic spacecraft
Kite control bar with ninety-degree handles and fail-safe release system
Fuel inerting system
Structural attach method for thin fairings
Integrated cockpit door lock and access system
Method for retrofitting an inertia reel access door to an ejection seat
Pivoting transmission unit with a device to take up play along the pivot axis
Rotary-wing aircraft
Wireless guidance system
Method and apparatus for testing telephone lines
Method and apparatus for remote identification of transmission channel interference
Access panel for network end linesharing ADSL/POTS splitter applications
Magnetic hinge apparatus
Manager-directed method for event pressure reduction
Wireless switch
Integrated rear-view mirror and microphone assembly
Cover for a telephone handset
Telephone line-powered power supply for ancillary equipment and method of operation thereof
Digital subscriber line (DSL) modem compatible with home networks
System and method for providing a caller identification to a called party for calls relayed through ...
Method and apparatus for executive phone call initiation
System and method for automated provision and customer selection of temporary advanced intelligent n...
Fault-tolerant load balancing of conference call bridges
Method and system for remote activation of a telephone profile
Caller ID display system for telephony over a packet switched network
Outputting of reports generated by a telephone exchange
Method for backing up call charge data of a telephone switching office
Multi-tenant, multi-media call center services platform system
Inbred corn line LH247
Hybrid maize plant and seed 34G13
Soybean cultivar 19704210
Soybean cultivar S010337
Soybean Cultivar S010341
Soybean cultivar 0332128
Soybean variety APA95-15294
4-coumarate co-enzyme a ligase promoter
DNA sequences encoding for subunit CHLD of plant magnesium chelatases and determining the activity o...
Serine O-acetytransferase
Process for selective oxidation of primary alcohols and novel carbohydrate aldehydes
Nucleic acid catalysts with endonuclease activity
Fibroblast growth factor receptor activating gene I and related compositions and methods
Aldehyde oxidase gene derived from plant and utilization thereof
Mutants of the factor VII-activating protease and detection methods using specific antibodies
Derivatized oligonucleotides having improved uptake and other properties
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding proteins involved in homeostasis and adaptation
Method of affinity separation and ligands for use therein
Method of affinity purifying proteins using modified bis-arsenical fluorescein
Method for purifying factor VIII/vWF company by cation-exchange chromatography
In situ remediation process using divalent metal cations
Ballast system for tension leg platform
Device for digging narrow trenches and laying prefabricated tongued and grooved components
Artificial island and method of construction thereof
Bunk beam and bunk cushion apparatus for supporting a watercraft
Lift for watercraft
Wedge anchor for concrete
Blocks and block forming apparatus and method
Hydrogen storage alloys having a high porosity surface layer
Coking and carburization resistant iron aluminides for hydrocarbon cracking
Large diameter tungsten-lanthana rod
Spindle-shaped goethite particles, spindle-shaped hematite particles, spindle-shaped magnetic metal ...
System and method for automatically predicting the timing and costs of service events in a life cycl...
Train building planning method
System and method for providing burst licensing in a circuit simulation environment
Method and system for previewing and printing customized business forms
Content guard system for copy protection of recordable media
Method and apparatus for secure distribution of information recorded on fixed media
Method and apparatus for automatic monitoring of simple network management protocol manageable devic...
Mailing machine including dimensional rating capability
Method and apparatus for manipulating billing and payment information within a browser interface sys...
System and method for producing technology-based price targets for a company stock
Market neutral pairtrade model
Method and system of routing requests for authorized approval
Method and apparatus for tax-efficient investment using both long and short positions
Method and system for optimizing request shipping in workflow management systems
Invoice entry
Apparatus for closed-loop pharmaceutical delivery
Legged mobile robot and method of controlling operation of the same
Walking platforms with automatic self-stabilization
Method and products to absorb oil and organic solvents from water and from sea
Boat mounted hunting blind
Inflating watercraft flotation device
Multihull boat
Vehicle weight observation system
Single point mooring regasification tower
Adhesive or paint coating for toy articles
Toy game
Toy figure with articulating joints
Fan with a separable flying disc
Process for the purification of serum albumin
Colon specific genes and proteins
Emulsification systems and emulsions
Composition comprising theanine
Pesticidal composition and method for controlling pests
Vasopressin agonist formulation and process
Delivery of therapeutic gene products by intestinal cell expression
Substance having physiological property, method for producing the same and uses thereof
Modulators of .beta.-amyloid peptide aggregation
Compositions and methods for treating gonadotrophin related illnesses
Ceramidase gene
Method of isolation and purification of trypsin from pronase protease and use thereof
Microorganisms and assays for the identification of antibiotics
Methods for diagnosis of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
Green tea extract for treating obesity
Method for denaturing allergens
Continuous acidification demineralization process for producing osteoinductive bone; and osteoinduct...
Autologous fibrin sealant and method for making the same
Composition comprising micro-encapsulated iron
Glyburide composition
Dual-block inverse discrete cosine transform method
Method and an apparatus for displaying sections of web pages in multiple modes
Method and system for compensating for scaling artifacts in mixed raster content (MRC) representatio...
Method for inspecting an automotive wheel and associated apparatus
Method for detecting a defect in a pixel of an electrical display unit and a method for manufacturin...
Receiver for digital broadcasting
Encoding of two correlated sequences of data
Adaptive quantization based on bit rate prediction and prediction error energy
Image registration server and an image mediation distributing system
Scaling adjustment using pilot signal
Linking external devices to switcher transitions
Method and circuit for the storage of digital data and television set implementing said storage meth...
Method of and apparatus for identifying a signal transmitting source
Optimizing display of progressive frame signals up converted to interlaced signals
Video signal processor
Deployable monitoring device having self-righting housing and associated method
Card slot door locking mechanism
Surveillance camera with rotary camera lens
Application program interfaces and structures in a resource limited operating system
MCrAlY supported catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes
Metal-containing zeolite catalyst, preparation thereof and use for hydrocarbon conversion
Compositions comprising octamantanes and processes for their separation
Process of desulphurizing gasoline comprising desulphurization of the heavy and intermediate fractio...
Method, system, and program for connecting to an electronic commerce web site
Programmable network control component and system of components
Method and apparatus for communication within a vehicle dispatch system
System and method for identification of transmitters with limited information
Apparatus and method that provides an input reference location
System and method for updating an executing executable file
Organizing and categorizing hypertext document bookmarks by mutual affinity based on predetermined a...
Fault event management using fault monitoring points
Real-time hardware memory scrubbing
Apparatus, method and computer program product for stopping processors without using non-maskable in...
Computer register watch
Personal computer security mechanism
Manipulating work queue elements via a hardware adapter and software driver
Method and apparatus for managing data in a distributed buffer system
System and method for automatically sharing information between handheld devices
Methods and apparatus for stationary object detection
System and method for extracting text captions from video and generating video summaries
System for playing music having multi-colored musical notation and instruments
Chromatic music notation system
Multi-media vending machine with digital docking station
Mirror device, mirror adjustment method, exposure apparatus, exposure method, and semiconductor devi...
Monitoring substrate processing using reflected radiation
Method of using foamed insulators in three dimensional multichip structures
Structure and method for reducing thermo-mechanical stress in stacked vias
Semiconductor device with semiconductor chip formed by using wide gap semiconductor as base material
Semiconductor structure with different lattice constant materials and method for forming the same
Integrated circuit isolation system
Surface acoustic wave device and method of producing the same
Quick punch through IGBT having gate-controllable DI/DT and reduced EMI during inductive turn off
Trapezoid floating gate to improve program and erase speed for split gate flash
Semiconductor device with a capacitor electrode isolation film formed from the same layer as a capac...
Cell nitride nucleation on insulative layers and reduced corner leakage of container capacitors
Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory device
Semiconductor mounting system
Extended length light emitting diode
P-n junction type boron phosphide-based semiconductor light-emitting device and production method th...
Light emitting devices with improved extraction efficiency
Method and system for electrically coupling a chip to chip package
Semiconductor light emitting device, manufacturing method of a semiconductor light emitting device a...
P-n junction-type compound semiconductor light-emitting device, production method thereof, lamp and ...
Cleaning composition useful in semiconductor integrated circuit fabrication
Power semiconductor module
Method and apparatus for multispray emitter for mass spectrometry
System and method of use for treating occluded vessels and diseased tissue
Prostate-specific gene, PCGEM1, and the methods of using PCGEM1 to detect, treat, and prevent prosta...
Modulators of morphogen expression and methods of identifying the same
Common neural progenitor for the CNS and PNS
Expandable fusion device and method
System and method for treating osteonecrosis
Air compressor
Method and system for storing graphics data
Inorganic colors and related nanotechnology
Ultrafine particulate titanium oxide and production process thereof
Titanium-oxide and photocatalyst and photocatalyst coating composition
Method for producing solar cell and solar cell
Method of reducing the dust generation of silicates
Low-temperature synthesis of actinide tetraborides by solid-state metathesis reactions
Method of measuring liquid composition, liquid composition, ink set, method for forming colored port...
Device for monitoring a conveyor
In-line shuffle modules utilizing three dimensional optical circuits
Configuration for coupling radiation into an optical fiber
Polarization maintaining optical fiber and projection display of the same
Method and apparatus for reading and verifying holograms
EUV, XUV, and X-Ray wavelength sources created from laser plasma produced from liquid metal solution...
Method of fabricating semiconductor laser device and semiconductor laser device
Pulse control in laser systems
Multistage synchronization of pulsed radiation sources
Modular approach to the next generation, short wavelength, laser-like light sources
Optical disk apparatus wherein recording clock signal is stopped being supplied to semiconductor las...
Hybrid component and method for combining two pumping lights and depolarizing them simultaneously an...
Scanning optical system
Apparatus and method for inspecting pattern
Method of minimizing the short-term frequency instability of laser-pumped atomic clocks
Amplifier circuit apparatus and method of EMI suppression
Spark plug and a method of producing the same
Integrated circuit substrate having embedded wire conductors and method therefor
Laser diode-excited biological particle detection system
Method for preparing a sample for use in laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry and sample pl...
Optical encoder
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Extrusion die for biodegradable material with die orifice modifying device and flow control device
Dispersions for use in ink jet inks
Pharmaceutically active compounds
A/D converter with improved resolution by sampling a superposed signal
Catalytic composition for the (co) polymerization of .alpha.-olefins
Encoding and decoding system in an optical disk storage device
Heat dissipator for optical writing and/or reproducing apparatus
Magnetic sensor having adjusted specific resistance distribution of first magnetic layer of free mag...
CPP sensor with in-stack biased free layer
Head slider precise positioning actuator including a base section and a pair of movable arms
Flexure design providing improved lift-off in a disk drive
Disc cartridge having a disc holding portion at a shutter
Method of manufacturing a thrust plate, method of manufacturing a shaft for a hydrodynamic bearing, ...
Disk drive with evacuation/fill valve assembly
Disk drive enabling simultaneous assembly of HSA and disk pack
Rotary recording apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining track identity from abbreviated track identifying data in a dis...
Head positioner and disk drive using the same
Apparatus and method to calibrate a servo sensor
Apparatus and method to read and/or write information to a magnetic tape medium
Method and apparatus for handling resonance effects in disc drives using active damping
Repeatable runout identification device and method
Methods and apparatus for thermally bonding lubricant to a disk surface by the repetitive writing of...
Eccentricity compensation in a web handling system
Boost system and method to facilitate driving a load
High bandwidth low noise cross-coupled amplifier
Method of forming a magnetoresistive device
Magnetic ram cell with amplification circuitry and MRAM memory array formed using the MRAM cells
Method and apparatus for implementing a dynamically updated portal page in an enterprise-wide comput...
Hepatitis C virus vaccine
Process for the inactivation of viruses with the aid of acridine derivatives
Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine nucleoside analogs
Erythromycin derivatives
Compositions comprising ether compounds and pharmaceutical uses therefor
Real-time method for maintaining formation stability and monitoring fluid-formation interaction
Processes for the preparation of substituted propenone derivatives
Branched adamantyl and noradamantyl aryl- and aralkylpiperazines with serotonin 5-HT1A activity
Method and an arrangement relating to optical fibers
Catheter leads for the intrathecal space and method of use
Dispersion managed optical transmission links for wavelength division multiplexed systems
Method and system for reducing intra-channel nonlinear effects in highly dispersed optical pulse tra...
Hetero-structure photonic bandgap materials
Non-sinusoidal optical fiber filters and method of making the same
Optical fiber having high temperature insensitivity over a temperature range centered on a selected ...
Fiber bragg grating fabrication method
Method and apparatus for fiber bragg grating production
Optical fiber gratings with azimuthal refractive index perturbation, method of fabrication, and devi...
Rectangular response optical filter for partitioning a limited spectral interval
Variable wavelength dispersion compensator
Fiber array switch having micromachined front face with roller balls
Hybrid integration of active and passive optical components on an Si-board
Cladding pumped fiber laser
Optical system for optical communications and method of manufacturing the same
Confocal microscopy with multi-spectral encoding and system and apparatus for spectroscopically enco...
Electro-optic display and lamination adhesive
Falling film evaporator having an improved two-phase distribution system
Vitamin D analogues
Phenyl naphthol ligands for thyroid hormone receptor
Augmentation of atypical antipsychotic agent pharmacotherapy with chromium supplementation
Noise generator
Liquid crystal display device including a transflector and a backlight between two liquid crystal di...
Method and system for sensor fault detection
C3 plants expressing photosynthetic enzyme of C4 plants
Automatic syringe
Pyrimidine compounds and derivatives thereof
Method and apparatus for providing patient care
Methods of ab initio prediction of .alpha. helices, .beta. sheets, and polypeptide tertiary structur...
Method for addressing network components
Catalyst carriers
Oled device having improved light output
Method and apparatus for transmitting data that utilizes delay elements to reduce capacitive couplin...
Substation system
Fuel cell ionic capacitor
Process for the stereoselective preparation of insecticide 6,7,8,9,10-10-hexahalo-1,5,5a,6,9,9a-hexa...
Methods for producing 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2-(alkoxyimino)-N-methylacetamide derivatives
Polarizing plate having all surfaces and sides covered with low moisture-permeable layers and liquid...
Kinase inhibitors
Systems and methods for sculpting virtual objects in a haptic virtual reality environment
Coffee brewer with independent control of dispense period and batch quantity and method
Method and system for providing a unified API for both 2D and 3D graphics objects
Seamless drying belt for electrophotographic process
Squeegee device and system
Lighted flexible display device having a battery supply mount
Electroluminescent lamp having luminescent layer with phosphor particles fixed uniformly
Viscoelastic surfactant fluids and related methods of use
Process and system for repeater insertion in an IC design
Reaming tool with a guide shank
Cast membrane structures for sample preparation
Split and joint compressed audio with minimum mismatching and distortion
Combined optical and radio frequency tag reader
Manifold valve
Method for providing a device communicating to a backplane the current status of an associated power...
Yarns, fibres and filaments that can be fibrillated, method and device for their production
Turntable assembly having disc centering lead springs clamped between upper surface of turntable and...
Process and means to prevent microorganisms blooming in an aquatic system
Method of labelling an article
Computer architecture utilizing layered device drivers
Floor cover and MR system
Method and system for recording and replaying the execution of distributed java programs
Rapid assembled and detached structure of lamp
Automatic engine stop and restart mode for reducing emissions of a hybrid electric vehicle
Methods and apparatus for selective encryption and decryption of point to multi-point messages
Endovaginal MRI receiver coil
Methods of identifying heterogeneous features in an image of an array
Usage-based billing and management system and method for printers and other assets
Television schedule system
Biodegradable copolymers linked to segment with a plurality of functional groups
Systems, methods, and software for using markers on channel signals to operate electronic program gu...
Method for manufacturing ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Methods and structures for sealing air gaps in a building
Catalyst patterning for nanowire devices
Front cover for a material handling vehicle
Membrane-associated protein 17KD (MAP17)-interacting protein and use thereof
Polymerization process using mono-and di-functional initiators to prepare fast crystallizing polylac...
LED lighted sign with a light diffuser
Head support mechanism and thin film piezoelectric actuator
Ultrasonic holography detector
Apparatus and associated method for downloading an application with a variable lifetime to a mobile ...
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Pant cuff protector
System and method to specify extended configuration descriptor information in USB devices
Surgical fastener system
2,3-diaryl-pyrazolo[1,5-B]pyridazines derivatives, their preparation and their use as cyclooxygenase...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Plasmon resonance sensor, especially for use in biosensor technology
MEMS disk drive and method of manufacture therefor
Methods and systems for torque ripple compensation
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Jubilee`
Game system and computer readable storage medium storing game program
Aerosol can ends
Airway device with provision for coupling to an introducer
Application generator
High crystalline polypropylene microporous membrane, multi-component microporous membrane and method...
Method, system, and program for converting code to executable code using neural networks implemented...
Information input system, control method thereof, and storage medium
Apparatus for cleaning a substrate
Cross point memory array using distinct voltages
System and method for videoconference initiation
Single wire interface with collision detection
Set of iron type golf clubs
High-pressure gas discharge lamp
Process for reducing coke agglomeration in coking processes
System and method for interacting with computer programming languages at semantic level
Integrated lithographic layout optimization
System and method for analyzing power distribution using static timing analysis
Pure fill via area extraction in a multi-wide object class design layout
Computer system, on-screen keyboard generation method, power-on-password checking method and memory
Method for coexistence and cooperation between system firmware and debug code
Method and apparatus for reducing hardware scan dump data
Parallel software processing system
Updating system ROM configuration utility using NVRAM
Method for automatically updating a computer registry
Data speculation within modulo scheduled loops
Object oriented method and apparatus for class variable initialization
Method and system for enhancing the performance of interpreted web applications
Method and apparatus for assigning a confidence level to a term within a user knowledge profile
Automatic cook sequencing system for multiple ovens with refrigeration unit
Chrysanthemum plant named `Beryl`
Computer readable storage medium storing 3-D game image processing program, 3-D game image processin...
System and method for playing a lottery-type game
Computer-based player performance variation
Card game
System for transporting and elevating coins in prize recreational machines
Interchangeable cartridge data storage system for devices performing diverse functions
Voice and video/image conferencing services over the IP network with asynchronous transmission of au...
Flashtoaster for reading several types of flash memory cards with or without a PC
Method and apparatus for retrieving service task lists from remotely located medical diagnostic syst...
Device for tumor diagnosis and methods thereof
Electroacoustic transducer
Image recording medium reproduction apparatus and method for removing images formed on an image reco...
Waveguide and method of making same
Combined tomography scanners
Color shifting carbon-containing interference pigments
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Display device with adhesion layers in pixel & peripheral regions of plastic substrate and thin glas...
High-brightness color liquid crystal display panel employing light recycling therewithin
Protective diffusion film, process for producing the same, surface light source device, and liquid c...
Methods and apparatus for programming a solid-state meter
Dynamic electronic forwarding system
Method and array for introducing temporal correlation in hidden markov models for speech recognition
Method and system for automated document processing
Method of providing public network service when call management device is in a down state in private...
Adjustable sled module for mass storage devices
Using time and/or power modulation to achieve dose gray-scaling in optical maskless lithography
Lateral electric-field liquid crystal display device suitable for improvement of aperture ratio
Liquid crystal display device with light-shielding memory wirings for storing display data
Control system of image processor
Method of addressing individual memory devices on a memory module
Intelligent diagnosis of environmental influence on well logs with model-based inversion
Systems and methods for modulation of pancreatic endocrine secretion and treatment of diabetes
Automatic adjusting method for a goniometer and associated device
Solid immersion lens array and methods for producing a solid immersion lens array
Periodic thermal poling of waveguides for quasi phase matching
Spectrometry and filtering with high rejection of stray light
Optical immersion probe incorporating a spherical lens
Arrangement and method to apply diffusing wave spectroscopy to measure the properties of multi-phase...
Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal display comprising an ultraviolet blocking layer and methods for ma...
Multispectral or hyperspectral imaging system and method for tactical reconnaissance
Method and apparatus for generation of consistent parameterizations for a set of meshes
Dynamic adjustment of transmitted data size for a subscriber device
Methods and apparatus for caching network data traffic
Method and device for recording and searching for a document on a communication network
Method and apparatus for file searching, accessing file identifiers from reference page
System and method for associating search results
Apparatus and method for selecting a mechanical seal
Implementation of short messages sending to mobile networks with mobile number portability or incomp...
Content addressable memory with configurable class-based storage partition
Ferrorefraction MRI system having two orthogonal remote field polarization axes
Wrist-worn device for displaying and setting heart rate parameters
Timing recovery device using a fixed equalizer
Slot electrode dielectric resonator, inductor, capacitor, dielectric filter, oscillator, and communi...
High withstand voltage semiconductor device
Metal gate engineering for surface p-channel devices
Optical device for converting incident light into a second harmonic
Power component bearing interconnections
Microwave field effect transistor structure
System with meshed power and signal buses on cell array
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Amorphous alloys for magnetic devices
Integrated circuit having multiple memory types and method of formation
Unipolar photodiode having a schottky junction contact
Semiconductor light detecting device
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Light emitting diode light source
Dual panel-type organic electroluminescent display device
TFT-LCD device having a reduced feed-through voltage
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having bump electrodes for signal or power only, and testing...
CMOS photodetector including an amorphous silicon photodiode and a saturation system
Optical waveguide
System and method for receiving and processing GPS and wireless signals
Calibrating the sampling frequency of a GPS receiver
System and method for analyzing communications of user messages to rank users and contacts based on ...
Methods and apparatus for defining, observing and evaluating message delivery outcome on a per-messa...
Dynamic content customization in a client-server environment
Client-server application partitioning with metering technique for distributed computing
System and method for network address translation integration with IP security
Methods and systems for extending an application's address space
Viewing web pages on small screen devices using a keypad for navigation
Local transaction management
Method and system for implementing automatic filesystem growth monitor for production UNIX computer ...
Apparatus and method for providing a threadsafe object pool with minimal locking
Method and system for facilitating access to a lookup service
Power control device and method for controlling a reverse link common channel in a CDMA communicatio...
Xenon discharge lamp lighting device
Cleaning apparatus including a toner breaking member and image forming apparatus using same
Audio recognition peripheral system
Olefin polymerization catalyst compositions and method of preparation
System and method for power generation
Reversing air flow across a cathode for a fuel cell
Process for preparing methylenedianiline and methylenebis(phenyl isocyanate)
Fluid coupler automatically uncouplable in an emergency
Bleaching compositions comprising multiply-substituted protease variants
Addition of unsaturated hydrocarbons to poly(vinyl chloride) and functionalization thereof
Image forming apparatus and method for processing a plurality of toner colors onto a transfer medium
Microcomposite power based on an electrical conductor and a fluoropolymer, and objects manufactured ...
Dispenser holder for vehicles
Traffic sign device
Apparatus for fabricating powdery thermoelectric material and method of fabricating powdery thermoel...
Isolation of biosynthesis genes for pseudo-oligosaccharides from Streptomyces glaucescens GLA.O, and...
Device and method for holding water for accommodating and growing aquatic organisms
Device and method for remote vessel ligation
Enzyme inhibition
Virtualization of computer system interconnects
G-CSF conjugates
Polymerization catalysts and processes therefor
Tricyclic rantes receptor ligands
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins and uses there...
Antenna structure for vehicles
Identity-coded surface region
Substrate which is made from paper and is provided with an integrated circuit
Substrate processing method
Plasma display panel
Portion of a shoe midsole with internal channels
Transparent software emulation as an alternative to hardware bus lock
Method, system, program, and data structures for maintaining metadata in a storage system
Method for improving retention reliability of ferroelectric RAM
Compounds and methods for modulating claudin-mediated functions
Antidiabetic preparation for oral administration
Lobelia plant named `Weslolav`
Method and apparatus for suppressing audible noise in speech transmission
Metered dose inhaler
Anaesthetic controller
Load back rest for a material handling vehicle
Mobile communication terminal in which start operation is simplified
Discontinuous cathode sheet halfcell web
Method for decarbonization refining of chromium-containing molten steel
Method and apparatus for controlling a vehicle with a gear-shift transmission
Oil and fat compositions having antifoaming effect
Chrysanthemum plant named `Babita`
Migration from in-clear to encrypted working over a communications link
Methods of identifying functional analogs of peptide regulators of biological pathways
Database management program, a database managing method and an apparatus therefor
Remote activation of enhanced functionality features in locally created documents
Method and apparatus for maintaining consistent data
Reversible mirrored restore of an enterprise level primary disk
Object and feature authorization for digital communication terminals
System for fast tape file positioning
Compression in the presence of shared data
System and method for managing usage quotas
System and method for maintaining large-grained database concurrency with a log monitor incorporatin...