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System and method for managing the power state of a controlling device according to an indication of...
Storage control unit and storage system
Method and apparatus for shared system communication and system hardware management communication vi...
Message relaying scheme based on switching in units of flows
GPS receiver and receiving method
GPS receiver with recalibration and methods for recalibrating and reconfiguring a GPS receiver
Fiber optic safety system for wind turbines
X-ray catheter with miniature emitter and focusing cup
Electrically-pumped, multiple active region vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL)
Zero-crossing region filtering for processing scanned documents
System and method for progessively transform coding digital data
System and process for identifying and locating people or objects in a scene by selectively clusteri...
Method and system for extending ink word data structures while maintaining version compatibility
System and method for estimating the epipolar geometry between images
Method and system for converting and plugging user interface terms
Centralized maintenance and management of objects in a reporting system
Curable film-forming composition exhibiting improved impact strength and chip resistance
Cyclic amine derivatives-CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Method for electrical interconnection employing salicide bridge
Producing history managing method and system for photosensitive sheet package
Wafer track apparatus and methods for dispensing fluids with rotatable dispense arms
Camera support
Aperture mechanism
Lens shutter for cameras
Film scanning device for receiving either strip film or a slide mount utilizing a single photographi...
Electrostatic actuator and camera module
Label switching type of packet forwarding apparatus
Backpressure mechanism for a network device
Image reading and processing apparatus, digital printing apparatus using the image reading and proce...
Compact automated radionuclide separator
Optical mapping apparatus with adjustable depth resolution and multiple functionality
Description of methods to increase propellant throughput in a micro pulsed plasma thruster
Lithographic apparatus
Power electronics unit
System and method for volume rendering-based segmentation
Device for arranging the actuating shaft of a low-voltage circuit-breaker and multipole low-voltage ...
System and method for electrical contacts and connections in switches and relays
Sealed electrical cable duct and method for production thereof
Device having a foil-lined crucible for the sublimation growth of an SiC single crystal
System and method for providing safe data movement using third party copy techniques
Data saving method and external storage device
Dental implant abutment
Device for producing a dental replacement part
Mobile and method of using the same
Wind operated toy in the shape of a fish or the like
Novelty jeans
Low water activity filling
Method for vacuum packaging liquid containing foodstuff
Method and apparatus for hygienically preparing dried pepper by continuous sterilization and drying ...
Frozen foods and process for producing the same
Caviar alternative and method of making same
Pickle solution including transglutaminese, method of making and method of using
Variable tuned exhaust system
Engine cover
Pole speaker
Underwater audio system
Multistage compressor
System and method for managing files in a distributed system using filtering
Electronic mail filtering system and methods
Method and apparatus for attaching connective tissues to bone using a knotless suture anchoring devi...
Methods for producing poly(hydroxy) fatty acids in bacteria
Cationic lipid-mediated enhancement of nucleic acid immunization of cats
Ram air parachute canopy with improved nose structure
Personal aircraft device
Automatic inflation system for evacuation slide
Electronic automatic repulsion system
Athermal optical bench
Imaging method and device using shearing waves
Isometric exercise device
Servo valve erosion inhibited aircraft hydraulic fluids
Sealable and peelable film structure
Cyclic solvent process for in-situ bitumen and heavy oil production
Process for treatment of petroleum acids
Process for carbon monoxide hydrogenation
Coated multilayer polyethylene film
Servo valve erosion inhibited aircraft hydraulic fluids
Stabilized laser source
Optical arrangement for the use during a laser diode arrangement as well as laser diode arrangement ...
Discharge electrodes connecting structure for laser apparatus and laser apparatus therewith
Intra-cavity beam homogenizer resonator
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser
Coatings having fully fluorinated co-solubilizer, metal material and fluorinated solvent
Sensor platform, apparatus incorporating the platform, and process using the platform
Polymerase chain reaction assay for the detection of Toxoplasma gondii
Cyanine dye compound having tetracyanoquinodimethane compound as counter anion and optical recording...
Chemically amplifying type positive resist composition
Low power reduced voltage swing latch
Dye composition
Interactive rock stability display
Queuing delay limiter
Adhesive composition for semiconductor device and adhesive sheet for semiconductor device using the ...
Verification of operational capability of a tape drive
Linearization of a PDM Class-D amplifier
Dual mode class D amplifiers
DC converters
Electronic voltage regulator with switching control device and control method for stabilizing output...
Out of range image displaying device and method of monitor
Current DAC code independent switching
Serial-to-parallel data converter and method of conversion
Mass spectrometer autosampler
System and method for managing fibre channel switching devices
Phosphorothioate antisense heparanase oligonucleotides
Genes encoding protein having activity of transferring sugar onto aurone
Common gamma chain blocking agents
Hearing aid including an integrated circuit
Method of butt-welding hot-rolled steel materials by laser beam and apparatus therefor
Resin composition for manufacturing optical fiber ribbon and method for preparing resin for manufact...
Trench schottky rectifier
Potassium stabilized manganese dioxide for lithium rechargeable batteries
System and method of generating a low-pain multi-step defibrillation waveform for use in an implanta...
Regeneration device of exhaust gas purification filter and filter regeneration method
Image forming apparatus with reduced variation of rotation speed of image carrier
Ambient light tolerant image projection method and system
Filter with integral heating element
Ink jet head substrate, an ink jet head, an ink jet apparatus, and a method for manufacturing an ink...
Rotating brake member of braking device for vehicle and method for antirust treatment thereof
Fire resistant electronic engine controller
System and method for direct convective cooling of an exposed integrated circuit die surface
Power module for multi-chip printed circuit boards
Cooling system for hinged portable computing device
Heat sink fastener
Heat dissipation apparatus
Thermal transport element for use with a heat dissipating electrical assemblage
Semiconductor wafer electrical testing with a mobile chiller plate for rapid and precise test temper...
Apparatus and method for actively cooling instrumentation in a high temperature environment
System and method for switching-over between heating and cooling modes
Outdoor heat exchanger unit, outdoor unit, and gas heat pump type air conditioner
Torque balancing apparatus and method for an automotive temperature control system
Bi-stable electrostatic comb drive with automatic braking
Micro-electromechanical energy storage device
Fast switching method for a micro-mirror device for optical switching applications
Article comprising a MEMS device and method therefor
System and method for miniaturization of read/write heads
Suspension sense capability for windage control
Input-output optical system of spatially optical coupled type, and optical switch
Beam pattern contractor and focus element, method and apparatus
Micro electromechanical differential actuator
Vibration induced perpetual energy resource
Pulse oximeter probe-off detection system
Ultrasonic transducer for parametric array
Glide slider fly height calibration method using disk spin down and slider dynamic scan
Head-mounted virtual display apparatus with a near-eye light deflecting element in the peripheral fi...
Determination of arbitrary cardiac phases using non-electrical signals
Acousto-optical devices
Methods for modulating the solubility of synthetic polymers
Biological assay method
Microarray printing device
Ratchet wrench having a simplified pawl biasing device
Image correction apparatus and recording medium for storing image correction program
Image processing device and image processing method
Efficient method of computing gamma correction tables
System and method for enhancing document images
Method and apparatus for digital image rescaling with adaptive contrast enhancement
Image reader for use in image forming apparatus
Contrast enhancement apparatus of video signal
Method and apparatus for mass spectrometric genotyping
Scatterometry based measurements of a rotating substrate
Sample level detection system
Chemical signal-impermeable mask
Device for conducting in vivo measurements of quantities in living organisms
Dual-mode pulse oximeter
Method for producing a strip-shaped object
Lung surfactant compositions with dynamic swelling behavior
Viscoelastic cleansing gel with micellar surfactant solutions
Bidirectional MEMS scanning mirror with tunable natural frequency
Internally heated absorbent article
Molar shaped vaginal incontinence insert
Dispensing cartridge and system
Heat and moisture exchanger adaptor for closed suction catheter assembly and system containing the s...
Stretch edge elastic laminate
Self-sterilizing packaging
Nonwovens modified with alkyl polyglycoside surfactants
Ultrasonic horn with isotropic breathing characteristics
Sealing valve assembly for medical products
Ultrasonic rotary horn repair
Flexible orifice for wet wipes dispenser
Electrokinetic pump
Peristaltic pump, use of said pump, guide path for use in a peristaltic pump and a method of lubrica...
Hydraulic drive system for piston pumps
Fan with motor ventilation system
Pressure compensation for localized bearing heating in pumps driven by motors with fluid filled roto...
Vacuum preventing device for scroll compressor
Pressure blowdown system for oil injected rotary screw air compressor
Cylinder pump, an ink jet printing system using the cylinder pump and a photograph assembly having t...
Control valve for variable-capacity compressor
Water booster methods and apparatus
Fuel injection pump
Method for the control and regulation of the oil pressure-gas pressure relationship of diaphragm com...
Constant output fluidic system
Rotating, sliding activator spool for dual neck pedal steel guitars
System and method for monitoring unaligned memory accesses
Method and apparatus for optimizing load memory accesses
Method and apparatus for using a non-committing data cache to facilitate speculative execution
Semiconductor device manufacturing line
Recombinant DNase B derived from streptococcus pyogenes
Procedure and device for cracking of hydrocarbons using two successive reaction chambers
Smart tester and method for testing a bus connector
Hybrid interleaver for turbo codes
Dummy error addition circuit
Computer access authentication method
Dyadic instruction processing instruction set architecture with 20-bit and 40-bit DSP and control in...
Multi-frequency boring tool locating system and method
Audio/video reproducing apparatus and method
Estimation of toxic substance release
Methods and systems for determining a telecommunications service location using global satellite pos...
Location determination system
Geographic routing of emergency service call center emergency calls
Disc drive apparatus
Low density detergent composition
Fluted signal pin, cap, membrane, and stanchion for a ball grid array
Computer product and method for smart card
Generating a text mask for representing text pixels
Diode fabrication for ESD/EOS protection
Methods of assembling open coil electrical resistance heaters involving butt welding of rails and us...
Multiform-capable product display apparatus
Blackberry plant named `Driscoll Carmel`
Device for coating granules to be administered orally
Patch appliques for treating dry skin and method for the production thereof
Methods of making and selling a sunscreen composition
Cosmetic and dermatological light-protective formulations containing triazine derivatives and one or...
Magnetic resonance imaging agents for the detection of physiological agents
All wheel drive system for a motor vehicle
Vehicle with two/four wheel drive switching device
Adaptive cruise control system for vehicle
Battery compartment for a motorized wheel chair
Oil pump drive control apparatus
Walk behind working machine
Diagnostic apparatus for an evaporated fuel system, and vehicle control apparatus for a vehicle equi...
Aspects of a control system of a minimally invasive surgical apparatus
Image processing method and apparatus
Laser system and method of operation having improved signal continuity and safety
Characterizing powders using frequency-domain photon migration
Chemical modification of proteins to improve biocompatibility and bioactivity
Multiprocessor with pair-wise high reliability mode, and method therefore
System and method for coordinating activation of a plurality of modules through the use of synchroni...
Semiconductor memory having asynchronous pipeline stages
Method and apparatus for invalidating a cache line without data return in a multi-node architecture
System and method for managing data in an I/O cache
Detecting transfer of universal serial bus (USB) host controller information from operating system d...
Parallel port with direct memory access capabilities
1-Carboxylmethyl-2-oxo-azepan derivatives useful as selective inhibitors of MMP-12
Method for an immunoassay with a magnetic label and an apparatus for the same
Colored data storage media
Sonar dome and a mounting bracket for removably connecting an acoustic sensor element to a sonar dom...
Power electronics component with improved thermal properties
Information processing apparatus which obtains information concerning residual ink amount from an at...
Insulator to attach an antenna element to an antenna boom
Electric arc monitoring systems
Purification of group IVb metal halides
Process for producing silicon tetrafluoride
Rolling regeneration diesel particulate trap
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Process to selectively recover metals from waste dusts, sludges and ores
Carbon material
Fluid distribution device
Apparatus and method for wire or radio transmission information signal processing
Image forming apparatus with control for varying conveying speed between a registration section and ...
Image forming apparatus having different modes for preventing defective cleaning
Data storage based on serial numbers
Electronic watermark generating apparatus, electronic watermark generating method and memory medium ...
Communication apparatus capable of communication with single partner using a plurality of communicat...
Information processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Zoom lens and camera equipped with zoom lens
Radiocommunication apparatus, radiocommunication system, and radiocommunication method
System and method for an automated radio network planning tool
Handover between wireless telecommunication networks/systems
Cognition models for wireless communication systems and method and apparatus for optimal utilization...
Function limiting method for telephone communication terminal, telephone communication method, telep...
Wireless centrex call transfer
Mobile terminal device, content distribution system, content distribution method, and program for ex...
Method for recovering products from process solutions
Single part color photographic developer concentrate
Compounds made of polyamide substance(s) and perfluoroalkyl substance(s) and mixtures of these compo...
Method of making a terrazzo surface from recycled glass
Method for electrochemically producing an alkali metal from an aqueous solution
Robotic endoscope with wireless interface
Remote control mirror apparatus for automobile
Pressure sensor
Devices and methods with programmable logic and digital signal processing regions
System, method, and apparatus for controlling vehicle performance
PWM controller for DC powered heating blanket
Thermal warming devices
Crosslinkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds
.alpha.-sulfofatty acid ester laundry detergent composition with reduced builder deposits
Absorbent fabrics, products, and methods
Notebook computer with sliding keyboard
Pilot-signal searching with decimation reordering
Flat panel fluorescent lamp having high luminance
Robot apparatus, and behavior controlling method for robot apparatus
Biocidal cellulosic material
Knife handle
Knife blade
Method and system for elevated temperature measurement with probes designed for room temperature mea...
Positive resist compositions containing non-polymeric silicon
Liquid crystal display device with an input panel
Method and apparatus for accommodating primary content audio and secondary content remaining audio c...
Respiratory compensation in MRI coronary imaging using diminishing variance
Method and system for enhancing digital images
Electromagnetic field analysis method based on FDTD method, medium representation method in electrom...
Method and apparatus for updating and invalidating store data
Address assignment procedure that enables a device to calculate addresses of neighbor devices
Structure and process for distributing SCSI LUN semantics across parallel distributed components
Method and apparatus of providing a configuration script that uses connection rules to produce a con...
Magnetic resonance imaging using a reduced number of echo acquisitions
Pneumatic tool and vibration isolator mounts therefor
Cyclic redundancy checking of a field programmable gate array having an SRAM memory architecture
.alpha.-olefin/conjugated diene copolymers
Crosstalk analysis method, method for designing/manufacturing electronic circuit device by using the...
Graphic contour extracting method, pattern inspecting method, program and pattern inspecting system
Toner container and toner replenishing device using the same
Method for maintaining edit decision lists for digital audio/video reproducers to maintain synchroni...
Flying recording head having semiconductor laser formed by growing semiconductor crystal, and method...
Method of testing electronic devices indicating short-circuit
Spark plug
Electro-optical device and electronic equipment
Infrared sensor
Absorbent article with surface member of continuous filaments
Stern-on mooring boat lift
Form and method for casting a monolithic precast safety end
Brandykinin antagonist peptides
Internally manifolded, planar solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack with an inexpensive interconnect
Method for producing acid chlorides
Low temperature plasma Si or SiGe for MEMS applications
Identification tag
Process for producing aluminum oxide films at low temperatures
Method of producing semiconductor member and method of producing solar cell
Recharger for use with a portable electronic device and which includes a proximally located light em...
Method for forming crystalline semiconductor layers, a method for fabricating thin film transistors,...
Damascene method employing multi-layer etch stop layer
Method for manufacture of a solar cell
Damascene method employing composite etch stop layer
Method of manufacturing high-mobility organic thin films using organic vapor phase deposition
Limited use components for an electrochemical device
Process for preparing ocular lens with urethane compound and process for preparing urethane compound...
Process for preparing urethane compound for medical instruments
Fixation of an intraocular implant to the iris
Medical instrument for ophthalmologic intraocular lens cutting procedure
Liquid tooth whitening composition
Peach tree named `Sweet-N-UP`
Nectarine tree named `Sunbest`
Shrub rose plant named `JACtanre`
Hypericum plant named `Esmfashion`
Miniature rose plant named `KORlobea`
Fluid dispensing device with self-cleaning nozzle and methods of use
Acrylic-halogenated polyolefin copolymer adhesion promoters
High melt-strength polyolefin composites and methods for making and using same
Multi-sensor system
Cargo cover having hinged rails
Dual mode bicycle training aid
Pedal powered scooter
Bicycle wheel rim having corner reinforcing members at junctions of a spoke mounting wall with tire ...
Front suspension system with lock device
Model-based fault detection and isolation system and method
Battery charging system for a personal mobile electrical apparatus
Method and device for detecting rotational drive force
Tubular assembly having an internal plug
Mouthpiece for an inhalation device
Electrode for silicon carbide semiconductor, silicon carbide semiconductor element comprising the el...
Fine powders for use in primary and secondary batteries
Apparatus and method for fracture absorption layer
Method of making thermal insulating device by winding
Track-shaped loudspeaker
Transistion metal containing ceramic with metal nanoparticles
Substrate transport container
Method and apparatus for uplink scheduling
Drive circuitry for four-color organic light-emitting device
Drum scanner with loading magazine
Sheet separating device
Device and method for manufacturing a tubular printing blanket
Auto-positioning inching control
Processing system and method using a multi-dimensional look-up table
Electronic apparatus having operation panel
Apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging having a planar strip array antenna including systems and m...
Use of helium/nitrogen gas mixtures in up to 8kW laser welding
Method and apparatus to monitor the performance of a processor
Method and computer program for data conversion in a heterogeneous communications network
Automatic high negative pressure relief valve and chest drainage units using same
System and method for parallelizing file archival and retrieval
System and method for effectively implementing a personal channel for interactive television
Method for selecting a wireless communications service provider in a multi-service provider environm...
System and method to facilitate team communication
Method and apparatus for delivering messages to a device
Method and apparatus for agent optimization using speech synthesis and recognition
Segmented architecture for multiple sequence detection and identification in fading channels
System and method for restoring previously backed-up data in a mass storage subsystem
Liquid dispensing lighter-than-air airship system
Fiber optic cable
Egg carrier for an egg transportation system
Shopping cart frame assembly
Trash can
Trash can
Molded plastic container
Handle for vacuum cleaner
Investment casting
Low silicon-outgassing resist for bilayer lithography
Battery separator containing efficiency improving additives
Mat-faced gypsum board
Low-yellowing aqueous clear powder coating dispersions, method of making the dispersions, and proces...
Process for generation of finely divided calcium carbonate from calcium carbonate rich industrial by...
High density ANFO
Device and method for applying a product
Air freshener device
Air freshener device
Wardrobe hanger
Transparent or translucent cosmetic compositions colored by pigments
Method for controlling and removing dust and other particles from a material
Polyester polyurethanes, process for preparing them, pseudolatices produced from the said polyester ...
Air freshener device
Exothermic cosmetic composition
Composition for oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres and dyeing processes using these compositions
Bifurcated lead system for a cardiac vein
Tocopherols, tocotrienols, other chroman and side chain derivatives and uses thereof
Binder composition for lithium ion secondary battery electrodes and use thereof
Softener composition
System for planarizing metal conductive layers
Negative image-recording material and method of image formation
Positive electrode material and battery for nonaquous electrolyte secondary battery
Device for sealing lithium secondary battery electrolyte injecting hole
Lithium thin film lamination technology on electrode to increase battery capacity
Container for feeding rod-like cosmetic material
Dispenser/spreader article for spackling and paste
Dispensing apparatus
Case with releasably attached housing
Background data queries in wireless web applications
Method and system for call administration
System, apparatus, and method for improving speech quality in multi-party devices
Arrangement for communicating messages via a low-voltage electricity supply system and adapter
Digital switching system with shared analog line
Electronic device cover with embedded radio frequency (RF) transponder and methods of using same
Coupling arrangement including optical photoconductive drum and grounding plate
Signal processing method for improving the signal-to-noise ratio of a noise-dominated channel and a ...
Control system using process model
Systems and methods for generating photo-induced discharge curves
Bypass control circuit
Method, apparatus and computer program product for a network firewall
System and method for preventing a spoofed denial of service attack in a networked computing environ...
Floating point unit pipeline synchronized with processor pipeline
Interruptible an re-entrant cache clean range instruction
Higher order structure and binding of peptide nucleic acids
Demountable cutting and mixing wagon
Spinning reel with rear adjustable drag, adjustable handle length and universal pivot handle grip
Flush toilet for a dog
Animal training system
Fish handling tool and weigh scale
Method and apparatus for emission computed tomography using temporal signatures
Surgical headframe with soft contact pads for use with a stereotactic system
In vivo accessories for minimally invasive robotic surgery and methods
Use of accelerators in free-radical polymerizations of styrene
Electrically conductive non-aqueous wellbore fluids
Absorbent structures of chemically treated cellulose fibers
Alkylsulfonyloximes for high-resolution i-line photoresists of high sensitivity
High throughput rheological testing of materials
Polarizer and liquid crystal display element
Process for producing propylene based polymer compositions
Filter housing
Oil based well fluids with high solids content
Downhole surge reduction method and apparatus
Boat blind
Portable self-rescue device for kayakers
Gear driven outrigger positioner
Clamp-on cleats for boats
Apparatus and method for guiding and hoisting a sail
Attachable bow plate for reducing bow sinkage and vessel drag
Pear-shaped faceted gemstone crown
Method and apparatus for transferring low bit rate digital voice messages using incremental messages
Method for improving packet delivery in an unreliable environment
Method for a cellular radiotelephone to scan for service from adjacent cells
Fiber connection fault visualization
Channel estimator and method therefor
Air bag deployment sensing apparatus and method
Thermally limited battery protection and charging circuit
Method and system for automated focus-distance determination for molecular array scanners
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional relative movement sensing
Electrical isolation of fluid-based switches
Release etch method for micromachined sensors
Multi-wavelength transceiver device with integration on transistor-outline cans
Custom color spray paint cans
Low-cost stainless steel pressure sensor assembly for a pneumatic valve
Method and apparatus for avoidance of phrenic nerve stimulation during cardiac pacing
Overlay measurements using periodic gratings
Data timeline management using snapshot volumes
Document image skew detection method
Determining a bounding shape for a collection of points
Apparatus and method for identifying the points that lie on a surface of interest
System and method for mining patterns from a dataset
Tension-assisted mounting of fibers on a substrate
Optical link synthesis system
Rotatable holder
Cable clip
Optoelectronic device having a barrier layer associated therewith and a method of manufacture thereo...
Use of deuterated gases for the vapor deposition of thin films for low-loss optical devices and wave...
Multi-port fibre channel controller
Apparatus for data depoting and method therefor
Video processor for producing stored video key signals to be used for superimposing text or the like...
High-speed image transfer system
System and method for dynamic image recognition
Portable patient monitor with alarm light integrated into handle
Lighting apparatus with flexible OLED area illumination light source and fixture
Stem clip for high intensity discharge lamp
Side mirror cover and cover lamp to be used therefor
Aircraft lens attachment
Collapsible decorative star
Lighted game and light for a game having a net
Decorative garden lamp
System and method for providing safe data movement using third party copy techniques
Method and apparatus for filtering lock requests
Boundary scannable one bit precompensated CMOS driver with compensating pulse width control
Polycarbonate having pronounced shear thinning behavior
Wallet card with a magnifying lens and light
Method and apparatus for re-synchronization of a stream cipher during handoff
Foam comprising a blend of ethylene/styrene interpolymer and polyethylene
Golf ball
Pneumatic tire having lug and groove configuration extending from tread over at least 30% of sidewal...
Solution for sealing porous metal substrates and process of applying the solution
Multi-layer quiet barrier film and container made therefrom
Polymeric film structures useful as shrink bags
Endless two part rubber track comprised of polyurethane based tread component and rubber carcass com...
Pinch roller and pinch roller apparatus
Organic thiol metal-free stabilizers and plasticizers for halogen-containing polymers
Multilayered thermoplastic film and sign cutting method using the same
In situ production of synthesis gas from a coal formation through a heat source wellbore
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using conductor in conduit heat sou...
Porous pavement for water quantity and quality management
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation to produce hydrocarbon fluids and synthesis gas
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation and tuning production
Reinforced networked polymer/clay alloy composite
In situ production of synthesis gas from a hydrocarbon containing formation, the synthesis gas havin...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to pyrolyze a selected percentage o...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce a mixture with a selecte...
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to convert a selected amount of tot...
Carbon monoxide/water removal from fuel cell feed gas
Method and device for placing and remelting shaped pieces consisting of solder material
Benzohydrazide derivatives as herbicides and desiccant compositions containing them
Fused tricyclic compounds, process for their preparation, and herbicidal compositions containing the...
Structured surfactant systems
Enhancing mergeability of datapaths and reducing datapath widths responsively to required precision
Reducing datapath widths responsively to upper bound on information content
On-line debugging system in a switching node of a data transmission network
Method and apparatus for reducing the rate of commands being issued if the rate exceeds a threshold ...
Glazing, which can be subjected to high levels of thermal stress and comprising a glass body
Modular marker
Systems and methods for achieving a recovery of spins of nuclei
Chemical-organic planarization process for atomically smooth interfaces
Exhaust-gas aftertreatment device with nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter, and operating met...
Ink jet recording element
High thermal conductivity spin castable potting compound
Silica composite oxide particles and method of producing the same
Ethylene-vinyl acetate hot melt adhesive composition and article and method incorporating the same
Smokable films comprising a polyamide and a copolyester elastomer
Process for reducing the fluorine content of hydrofluorocarbons and hydrohalofluorocarbons
Corn plants and products with improved oil composition
Polymerization of olefins
Ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet transparent polymer compositions and their uses
Fluorinated onium salts
Heat-sealable polyolefins and articles made therefrom
Fluorinated lubricant additives
Lubricated fluoropolymer yarn
Data backup method of using storage area network
Method and apparatus for sharing an interrupt between disk drive interfaces
Detection of an attack such as a pre-attack on a computer network
Routing arbiter for data network switching
System observation bus
Projection display device using two liquid crystal display panels
Spindle motor and magnetic disc device using thereof having radial and thrust bearings
Hybrid foil-magnetic bearing with improved load sharing
Sliding bearing for internal combustion engine
Rolling bearing
Balanced pressure gerotor fuel pump
Asymmetric double row angular contact ball bearing, and cantilever mounting of gears on such a beari...
Composite fluid dynamic bearing and its manufacturing method
Radial piston pump
Ball screw
Exhaust gas valve device in internal combustion engine
Container for propellant charge modules
Arrangement for transferring large-calibre ammunition from an ammunition magazine to a loading posit...
Removable interior barrel adaptable in an interior of an original barrel for ammunition or pellets f...
Lunette hitch apparatus
Safety vest and other clothing articles
Cutaway vests
Turbo encoder with transmitter diversity
Fused electrical disconnect device
Releasing of glazing panels
Method and apparatus for monitoring the status of CAM comparand registers using a free list and a bu...
Systems and methods for detecting ionizing radiation with an imaging system
Scalable wafer inspection
Method of synthesizing optically enriched .alpha.-halo-esters, and product and composition therefrom
Image forming apparatus having an air opening in a paper discharge area
Optical assay device and method
Mask for a photolithography process and method of fabricating the same
Hybrid photonic analog to digital converter using superconducting electronics
Optically anisotropic sheet comprising aligned discotic liquid crystal molecules
Process for cross-linking an acrylic polymer or copolymer or an acrylic derivatives of a copolymer a...
Treatment of heart failure with growth hormone
Antimicrobial methods and materials
Reversible thermochromic composition
Rapid assay, method and system for detecting biowarfare agents
N-(4-substituted phenyl)-anthranilic acid hydroxamate esters
Amidine derivatives, preparation and use thereof as medicines
Signalling apparatus for the physically disabled
Multiple acting anti-angiogenic and cytotoxic compounds and methods for using the same
Slide projector
Instrumented torso model
Antimicrobial wallboard
Communicating between address spaces
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named `Sweet Caroline Green`
System and method for regulating cathode ray tube beam current using autobias
Color cathode ray tube and method of manufacturing thereof
.beta.-substituted organosilsesquioxane polymers
Thermal transfer of microstructured layers
Method for producing titanium-containing aqueous solutions
Image display apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting radiation
Display device and method for driving the same
Active matrix type display device
Apparatus and method for driving display panel
Apparatus for displaying a stereoscopic two-dimensional image and method therefor
Light-emitting device and display device employing electroluminescence with no light leakage and imp...
Embossed paper product
Immunogenic compounds
Data transfer system and data transfer method
Image forming method and device
Blood pump and ventricular assist device
Optical device module
Cleaning device and ink-jet printer
Suppression of banding due to vibration in imager with LED array
Imaging member
Magnetic core for use in a development system
Fast dry ink containing alkyl saccharide and methods of making and using said ink
System and method for directed acuity segmentation resolution compression and decompression
High resolution image mapping for simulating high resolution printing using high addressability with...
Halftone gradation processing method and apparatus
Roof insulation applicator with purlin connectors
Three-dimensional wideband antenna
Base ten primary teaching kit
Interactive, computer-aided handwriting method and apparatus with enhanced digitization tablet
Game apparatuses and methods for use in teaching the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divi...
Callback imitation as incoming calls
Game method for sharpening anagramming skills and apparatus therefor
Apparatus for financial investment education and entertainment
Container cover that generates audio output
Plastic base material
Method and compositions for binding loose sheets
Marine bilge pump mounting system
System and method for improving index performance through prefetching
Supporting concentrator in multiple paging channel environment
Fast protection switching by snooping on downstream signals in an optical network
Adaptive variable length decoding method
Process for coding and decoding stereophonic spectral values
Method and apparatus for providing efficient VoDSL gateway-to-gateway communication
Controlling customized announcements to subscribers and responses thereto in a telecommunication sys...
Transmit diversity and reception equalization for radio links
Policy enabled web caching
Apparatus for bait harness
Tail boom saddle for maintaining helicoptor main rotor blades in a stowed configuration for helicopt...
Projectile to be fired from a barrel with an over-caliber control surface assembly
Prop wash deflector
Low cost rapid mine clearance system
Proton conducting polymer, method for producing the same, solid polymer electrolyte and electrode
Radial adsorption gas separation apparatus and method of use
Process for magnesium granules
Molding processes and equipment for forming golf balls
Damping solution for offset printing plates and method and device for the preparation thereof
Process for producing coated preparation and its use
Process for improving the purity of quaternary ammonium hydroxides by electrolysis
Rechargeable hydrogen-fueled motor vehicle
Distributed parser of natural language input
Foreground/background detector
Timing recovery using the pilot signal in high definition TV
Obscuring video signals for conditional access
Fabrication method for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Magnetic non-volatile memory coil layout architecture and process integration scheme
Pen size LED inspection lamp kit for detecting fluorescent material
Method for making large-scale ASIC using pre-engineered long distance routing structure
Parasitic element extraction apparatus
Driver for integrated circuit chip tester
Apparatus for verifying the data retention in non-volatile memories
Method and apparatus for detecting AC removal
System for distributing clock signal with a rise rate such that signals appearing at first and secon...
Medicinal herbal compounds for the prevention and treatment of diabetes
Anthrax vaccine
Drugs for reducing vaginal acidity and treatment of vaginitis, and the use thereof
Fluorescent lamp
Film formation method capable of preventing fluctuation of ribbon
Treatment of substrates to enhance the quality of printed images thereon using azetidinium and/or gu...
Method for preparing lithographic printing plate
Method for fixing toner
Electrostatic image developing toner and image-forming method using the same
Alkylated tetrakis(triaminotriazine) compounds and phase change inks containing same
Hydrogenation process for hydrocarbon resins
Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation direct write
Use of multifunctional si-based oligomer/polymer for the surface modification of nanoporous silica f...
Dissolvable oxides for biological applications
Methods of joining polymers using ultrasonic energy
Method for recovering CO2
Process for producing magnetite particles
Extended cache memory system and method for caching data including changing a state field value in a...
Disk control device and method processing variable-block and fixed-block accesses from host devices
Enabling a docking station for ISA adapters
Method and system for processing load distribution for a packetized telecommunication network entity
Apparatus and method for trigonometric interpolation
Object relationship management system
Database system
Reduced memory row hash match scan join for a partitioned database system
Providing access to a high-capacity packet network
Method and system for providing short message services outside of the wireless network
Vacuum upright portion
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Grip handle for an extraction cleaner
Throwable rescue reel
Vent for sports helmet
Motorcycle mouth guard
Vaccine based on attenuated Haemophilus somnus
Models of prion disease
Recombinant antibacterial group IIA phospholipase A2 and methods of use thereof
Purified and isolated serine-threonine kinase receptors associated protein and use of same in the mo...
Process and apparatus for waste water treatment
Materials and methods for controlling pests
Macrolide antiinfective agents
Mammalian gamete and embryo culture media and culture media supplements
Methods of identifying agents that modulate P2Y12 receptor activity
Chrysanthemum plant named `Patterson`
Nectarine tree named `Western Sweet`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Danchryat`
Method of processing soybean by use of an enzyme, processed soybean obtained by the same method, and...
Methods and apparatus for providing live agent assistance
Middle approach to asynchronous and backward-compatible detection and prevention of ARP cache poison...
DTMF digit collection and transportation for a packet network
Gateway apparatus
System for granting permission of user's personal information to third party
Computer system interface surface with sensor having identifier
Computer system interface surface with processing sensor
Method and system for collaborative document markup
Method and apparatus for disc drive data security using a servo wedge
Method of using a server connected with a network and a server system
Method and apparatus for transmitting messages
Documented item destruction systems and methods
Verification of thickness modulations in or on sheet-type products
Voice processing system, method and computer program product having common source for internet world...
Method and system for servicing and maintaining thermal equipment, water treatment equipment and the...
Parking guidance and management system
Method for processing order changes in a manufacturing system
Digital pillbox
Multi-pass merge process for the check processing control system
Publication-dispensing apparatus
Search method in a used car search support system
System for multi-criterial decision making
System and method for using portable device with bar-code scanner
Method for attachment and recognition of external authorization policy on file system resources
Method and apparatus for collecting and expressing geographically-referenced data
Method and apparatus for organizing and using indexes utilizing a search decision table
Hierarchical syntax for satellite command and control directives
Digital signal processing method, data recording and reproducing apparatus, and data recording mediu...
System and method for reducing power consumption in a data processor having a clustered architecture
Method for controlling emissions
Passenger compartment isolator system for automotive vehicle
Instrument panel/parts assembly
Seat belt control device and method
Wedge fork clutch actuator for driveline clutches
Tear away bracket
Bubble wand with ornaments within a container
Inflatable figure assembly
Combination ring and object holder with integral spring
Motor securing structures and disc drive
Turn-table adapter capable of being attached to a game device and portable game device using the sam...
Lucky spin dice casino game
Token-operated game machine
Game table with recessed game board storage area
LCD game machine and ROM cartridge
Road surface friction sensor and road surface friction coefficient detector, and vehicle antilock br...
Sensor alignment method and system
Printing station located in the back of mass transit vehicle seats
Acceleration monitoring and safety data accounting system for motor vehicles and other types of equi...
Method for demonstrating reliability of occupant classification systems
Tire pressure monitoring system with a signal initiator
Control system apparatus and method using a controlled device for manual data entry
System and method for dynamically resynchronizing backup data
Bit interleaved data serial interface
System and method for interpreting sensor data utilizing virtual sensors
Sound-based vessel cleaner inspection
Image processing apparatus having A/D converter
Method and system for myocardial infarction repair
Therapeutic uses of factors which inhibit or neutralize MIF activity
Integrated circuit trenched features and method of producing same
Methods of using latent TGF-.beta. binding proteins
Spirooxindole derivatives that act as analgesics
Amino acid complexes of C-aryl glucosides for treatment of diabetes and method
Wireless transmitter and doorbell system
Excitation signal and radial basis function methods for use in extraction of nonlinear black-box beh...
Delayed uploading of user registration data
System and method for cycling a metal-halide lamp on and off at designated intervals to reduce risk ...
Alpha-ketoamide inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
DNA encoding a plant lipase, transgenic plants and a method for controlling senescence in plants
Deoxyamino acid compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting ....
Use of FLP recombinase in mice
Electrode structure and heart rate measuring arrangement
Sheet ejecting device, curl eliminating device and image forming apparatus
Exchange-based NMR imaging and spectroscopy of hyperpolarized xenon-129
Vibration-reduced pneumatic tool
Method, system and computer product to produce a computer-generated integrated circuit design
Propylene polymers incorporating polyethylene macromers
Self light emitting device and driving method thereof
Active resistive summer for a transformer hybrid
Zero threshold surge suppressor
Distal protection devices having controllable wire motion
System and method for suspending and resuming digital certificates in a certificate-based user authe...
Method of qualifying at least a portion of a fuel cell system and an apparatus employing same
Catalyst composition and process for preparing norbornene-type homopolymers or copolymers
Matrix-addressable apparatus with one or more memory devices
Adhesive tape and substrate for adhesive tape
Apparatus for obstacle traversion
Molecular computing elements, gates and flip-flops
Optical storage device with print layer surface feature
Phenolic compounds derived from dialkoxyethanals, their preparation process and their application
Heat retentive inductive-heatable laminated matrix
Self-grounding connector for joining end sections of fluid flow conduits and fabrication processes t...
Novelty with spring attached appendages
Phosphor coated waveguide for efficient collection of electron-generated photons
Method and system for determining and suppressing sympathetic faults of a communications network
Trisubstituted 1,3,5-triazine derivatives
Calanolide and related antiviral compounds, compositions, and uses thereof
Use of xanthophylls, astaxanthin e.g., for treatment of autoimmune diseases, chronic viral and intra...
Carbohydrate system and a method for providing nutrition to a diabetic
System and method for rapid completion of data processing tasks distributed on a network
Compound based on an alkaline-earth metal, sulphur and aluminium, gallium or indium, its method of p...
Method for automated measurement of the ohmic rotor resistance of an asynchronous machine
Common software application definition for resource management
Cutting-oil coater and cutting device
Dual rate periodic ranging system to reduce time to ascertain cable modem failure
Digital audio reproducing apparatus
Micro reader scan engine with prism
Web based video enhancement apparatus method and article of manufacture
Simplified IP service control
H.323 mobility architecture for terminal, user and service mobility
Reducing multipoint conferencing bandwidth
Collectable electronic multimedia trading card and portable card reader
Maintenance-easy two-port valve
Apparatus for fixing a slot angle
Sequential nibble burst ordering for data
Comfort grip bottle holder
Automated welding system utilizing overhead robots
Load carrier for sports equipment
System load testing coordination over a network
Material system for tailorable white light emission and method for making thereof
Steering wheel angle determination
Substituted 2-phenyl benzofurans as estrogenic agents
Method and apparatus for using a spectrum analyzer for locating ingress noise gaps
Alcohol-free perfuming composition
Antibodies to secreted protein HCEJQ69
Meltblown process with mechanical attenuation
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding cancer associated antigens, the antigens per se, and uses t...
Method and system for detecting near identities in large DNA databases
Universal boot disk
Method and apparatus for digital TV channel mapping
Coated implantable medical device
Multi-function reaction wheel assemblies for controlling spacecraft attitude
Convoluted EMC seal for subsystem CRU's in advanced controller based subsystems
Lady bug coin dispenser
Method of diagnosing, monitoring, staging, imaging and treating colon cancer
Polymer substrates for radiation-induced graft polymerization and filter stock
Method and system for seamless address allocation in a data-over-cable system
Determination of the property of a solution or solid using raman ratios
Absorbable bone anchor
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing capacitor
Spread spectrum receiver architectures and methods therefor
Headset with movable earphones
Remote control convertible toy vehicle assembly
Navigation PDA and method with optimal antenna placement
Interactive education system
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Towel and garment warmer
Information filter system and method for integrated content-based and collaborative/adaptive feedbac...
System and method for high speed processing of turbo codes
Wireless tag and monitoring center system for tracking the activities of individuals
Degree of hybridization detection method
Non-invasive glucose measuring device and method for measuring blood glucose
System for storing and orchestrating digitized music
Method and system for software object testing
Shape memory alloy staple
Catalyst to improve the color stability of N,N-dialkylalkanolamines
Camera system, vibration correction unit interchangeable lens unit and camera
Self-powered microthermionic converter
Glucose sensor
Apparatus and method for total internal reflection spectroscopy
Variable optical attenuator
Magnetic flux sensor and method
MN gene and protein
Methods and apparatus for integration of interactive toys with interactive television and cellular c...
Genus species Rhododendron hybrid varietal denomination `Roblee`
Method of forming a concrete retaining wall block in a front face up position
Method and apparatus for performing double-talk detection with an adaptive decision threshold
Method and system for reducing effects of sea surface ghost contamination in seismic data
System for dynamic registration, evaluation, and correction of functional human behavior
Humidifier for breathable gas apparatus
Electronic device
Synchronized teaching mobile
System and method for facilitating the communication of data on a distributed medical scanner/workst...
Method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving encoded images
Method of manufacturing a stack of spaced lites
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory and method for driving the same
Magnetic memory having a temperature compensated write circuit
Epitaxial growth of nitride semiconductor device
Method and system for transporting a flow of fluid hydrocarbons containing water
Apparatus and method for improving ESD and transient immunity in shunt regulators
Fabricated OSB stud
Method and apparatus for removing thimbles from the stubs of an anode
Organic electroluminescence display
Low corrosive integrated process for preparing dialkyl carbonates
Standing case for personal digital assistant
Building a meta file system from file system cells
Decorative, diamond-cut jewelry surface
System and method for preventing a spoofed remote procedure call denial of service attack in a netwo...
Hierarchical trusted code for content protection in computers
Evaluating pattern for measuring an erosion of a semiconductor wafer polished by a chemical mechanic...
Method of testing a semiconductor package device
Test coupon pattern design to control multilayer saw singulated plastic ball grid array substrate mi...
Flip-chip assembly with thin underfill and thick solder mask
Method and apparatus for user guidance in optical inspection and measurement of thin films and subst...
Semiconductor package with a thermoset bond
Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for identifying misregistration in a complimentary phase shift mask process
Semiconductor flip-chip package and method for the fabrication thereof
Conductive lines, coaxial lines, integrated circuitry, and methods of forming conductive lines, coax...
Dielectric layer liner for an integrated circuit structure
Low leakage and low resistance for memory and the manufacturing method for the plugs
Methods for alleviating symptoms associated with diabetes and diabetic neuropathy comprising adminis...
Protective recombinant Haemophilus influenzae high molecular weight proteins
Attenuated strains of leishmania and uses thereof
Acellular pertussis vaccines and methods of preparation thereof
Expressing gp140 fragment of primary HIV-1 isolate
Inactivated respiratory syncytial viral vaccines
Multi-component vaccine to protect against disease caused by Haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella ca...
Deep fiber network with high speed data and video on demand
Method and apparatus for restarting a write operation in a disk drive system
Apparatus and method for providing square wave to atomic force microscope
Zinc oxide containing surfactant solution
Nano-scale resistance cross-point memory array
Method of forming dual exposure glass layer structures
Polycrystalline material with surface features projecting from a surface thereof
System for enhancing the televised broadcast of a golf game
Impact accuracy increasing putter
Putting aid for aiding a golfer in properly aligning the golfer's line of sight, putting stroke and ...
Transistor oscillator rotating point-of-purchase display
Systems and methods for providing location-based arrival monitoring and notification
Method and device for reducing the vibratory motions of the fuselage of an aircraft
Dynamic unbalance compensation system and method
Aircraft with multipurpose lower decks and associated methods of manufacture
Sensor for measuring wind angle
Acoustically resistive layer for an acoustical attenuation panel, panel using such a layer
Methods of using ice-controlling molecules
Multiple display device display controller with video overlay and full screen video outputs
Water entertainment center
Ride apparatus with prize-grabbing arm
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions rheology-modified using peroxides and free radical coagents
Slip resistant nonwoven
Air cushion
Skate light assembly
Shelf structure for holding wet apparel and footwear
Footwear securement system
Footwear upper portion
Footwear outsole
Shoe regripper/the grip trip
Side element of a shoe upper
Water-resistant and floatable footwear and method of manufacture therefor
Foot liner
Air bag placed in a print cartridge and method for manufacturing the same
Multimode optical fiber having reduced intermodal dispersion
Extruded polymeric high transparency films
Method of applying an amorphous carbon coating to the internal surface of a molded container
Method and apparatus for extrusion of food products including back pressure valve/diverter
Method for making cordierite honeycomb
Film extrusion process for producing thermoplastic film
Segmented wheel disk for extrusion blowmolding apparatus
Extrusion head
Polymeric coating formulations and steel substrate composites
Method of adapting a printing process while maintaining the black build-up
Heat transfer system without a rotating seal
Process for the preparation of titanium complexes
Thermographic recording material with improved image tone
System and method for multi-stage data logging
Trilayer seed layer structure for spin valve sensor
Magnetoresistance effect device with a Ta, Hf, or Zr sublayer contacting an NiFe layer in a magneto ...
Magnetoresistive sensor with magnetostatic coupling of magnetic regions
Magnetic head having a read element shield and substrate with matching coefficients of thermal expan...
Head gimbal assembly with precise positioning actuator for head element
E-block having improved resonance characteristics and improved fragility
Pure torque voice coil motor