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Two-way shipping label construction and method
Color picture screen with blue phosphor layer
High yield S-nitrosylation process
Hydrocarbon, alcohol and/or ketone oxidation method
Motorized spindle
Biologically-based signal processing system applied to noise removal for signal extraction
Compact auto ID reader and radio frequency transceiver data collection module
Container with means for displaying still and moving images
Piezoceramic bending transducer and use thereof
Enhanced timer queue mechanism for dynamic capacity increase
Aquarium device
Apparatus for load transfer between aerospace vehicle components, aerospace vehicles including same,...
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Multiprogrammed multiprocessor system with lobally controlled communication and signature controlled...
Mount for connecting automotive fan motor to housing
2-aminopyridine derivatives, their use as medicines and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Retracting MRI head coil
Pulse oximeter
Mice with combined disruption of Gpx1 and Gpx2 genes have growth retardation, hypothermia, and colit...
System and method for testing abstracted timing models
Process for the preparation of ethylene copolymers, and their use as additives to mineral oil and mi...
Decorative window system
Printed circuit boards with monolayers and capture ligands
Compositions, assay kits, and methods for use related to a disease condition comprising multiple scl...
Thienylalanine derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Trailer for a tunnel borer follower train
Network management system access to radio frequency outdoor units in a point-to-multipoint wireless ...
Real-time-on-demand dynamic document generation
Retroviral protease inhibitors
Toy building set with flexible toy building sheet element
Plasma display panel suitable for high-quality display and production method
Tubular acoustic attenuation piece for an aircraft jet engine air intake
Detailed method for routing connections using tile expansion techniques and associated methods for d...
Systems for local network security
Liver function improvement formulation
Method of detecting fraud in electronic circuit cards used in telephony
Petunia plant named `Kakegawa S66`
Camera photometer
System and method for removing contaminants from water
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Thin film resonator and method for manufacturing the same
Synthetic complementary peptides and ophthalmologic uses thereof
Automated cell for handling of workpieces
Light emitting apparatus with light diffusing attachment
Miniature rose plant named `JACrepor`
Concrete module for retaining wall and improved retaining wall
Hierarchical process management in an intelligent call processing system
Electronic entertainment and communication system
Shaking test apparatus and method for structures
Method for optimizing a continuous complex system using a set of vertices and dynamic hierarchical c...
Method for determining the computability of data for an active multi-dimensional cache in a relation...
Free-cutting tool steel
Layout design system, layout design method and layout design program of semiconductor integrated cir...
Polymer electrolyte and method for producing the same
Method of game play using RFID tracking device
System and method for facilitating interaction with information stored at a web site
Calibration procedure for a permanently powered relative steering wheel angle sensor with power-loss...
Target designation system
Soybean cultivar 0332139
Water-stabilized organosilane compounds and methods for using the same
Camera apparatus with an auto focusing function
Glass laminate system for hockey rinks
Controlled release polyacrylic acid granules and a process for preparing the same
Nonvolatile memory device with sense amplifier securing reading margin
Alkylaromatic process with removal of aromatic byproducts using efficient distillation
Portable information terminal having wireless communication device
Film assembly
Micro-component for use in a light-emitting panel
Garbage collection using nursery regions for new objects in a virtual heap
Chrysanthemum plant named `Texas Time Red`
Immunostimulant emulsion
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Method for the reductive amination of polysaccharides
Anigenically-marked non-infectious retrovirus-like particles
Non-infectious, immunogenic, human immunodeficiency virus-like particles devoid of long terminal rep...
Labels and labeling process
Method for producing amorphous alloy ribbon, and method for producing nano-crystalline alloy ribbon ...
Nano-imprinting method, magnetic printing method and recording medium
Ohmic contacts on p-type silicon carbide using carbon films
Golf shoes
Golf shoe sole
Golf bag with detachable wheels
Wrist locking golf training device
Golf cart footrest
Connector for attaching and detaching attachment to/from shoe sole
Bi-modal ionomers
Composite wrap bat with alternative designs
Putter towel clip
Golf practice aid
Combination golf ball marker and stroke indicator device
Device for golf practice
Powered golf caddy vehicle
Flexible vane rotary engine
Tilt sensing device and method for its operation
Putter with alignment system
Exercise system
Centerline identification in a docking guidance system
Control system and method for implementing fixed cabin pressure rate of change during aircraft climb
Fast evacuation device for aircraft
Aircraft tailstrike avoidance system
Remote-control signal receiver
Tactical reconnaissance and ordnance system
Crossed bow tie slot antenna
Method of fabricating electronic interconnect devices using direct imaging of dielectric composite m...
Tissue anchoring system and method
Absorbent articles with refastenable side seams
Method for improving performance of thin film recording media and media obtained thereby
Inkjet print head
Method for forming an Arundo donax paper product
System and method for efficiently inscribing bullion articles utilizing a milling tool and a numeric...
Toner cartridge or cassette open/closure apparatus
Method of refilling used developing cartridge
Process cartridge remanufacturing method
Photoreceptor regenerating apparatus and image forming apparatus using regenerated photoreceptor and...
Unauthorized user prevention device and method
Air filtration system
Electric power steering apparatus
Steering control with variable damper assistance and method implementing the same
Driving force control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Laser communication system with source tracking
Optical microdevice with rotatable microactuator
Optical system for improving the brightness of a stack of lensed diode lasers
Laser having multiple reflectivity band reflector
Laser having equilateral triangular optical resonators of orienting output
Method for optical pumping of thin laser media at high average power
Line narrowing of molecular fluorine laser emission
Method of manufacturing monolithic ink-jet printhead
Extruded styrene resin foams and methods for producing the same
Packaging material for polymer cell and process for producing the same
Reinforced flexible laminate sealing strip and method of manufacturing same
Chemically stable, insecticidally active phosphoroamidothioate pellet compositions and methods for t...
Process of making lids having an embossed sealing layer
Method for extruding tire rubber material
Disazo dyes and inks containing them
Image recording apparatus and method and recording sheet for use therewith
Medical tubing connector
Methods and systems for performing push-pull optimization of files while file storage allocations ar...
Laser assisted magnetic recording apparatus and method
Thin-film magnetic head with low barkhausen noise and floating-type magnetic head therewith
Magnetoresistive sensor with oversized pinned layer
Method for the rapid measurement of magnetoresistive read head dimensions
Method for controlling common mode impedance in disk drive head suspensions
Head cleaner for a disk drive into which a disk media cartridge is inserted
Real time business process analysis method and apparatus
Caspase-8 interacting proteins
Methods for introducing helterologous cells into fish
Load balancing storage system
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
Method and apparatus for detecting tumorous tissue
Optical communication system optically combining both baseband and passband signals
Support clip for use with light fiber
Glucagon antagonists
Method of controlling intersystem hand-off by subtracting margin value from pilot signal strength of...
Module for powering and monitoring light-emitting diodes
Incremental maintenance of summary tables with complex grouping expressions
Method of treatment using electroporation mediated delivery of drugs and genes
Device and method for detecting the position of an object
Image forming apparatus with an induction heating fixing unit for shortening warm up time
Notification systems and methods with purpose message in notifications
Developing device and image forming apparatus including the same
System for synchronizing nodes in a heterogeneous computer system by using multistage frequency synt...
Prealkylated olefin polymerization catalysts and olefin polymerization employing such catalysts
Device and method for monitoring fuel cell performance and controlling a fuel cell system
Acetal group containing norbornene copolymer for photoresist, method for producing the same and phot...
Laminated quarter-wave plate or circularly polarizing plate, liquid-crystal display device using the...
Infrared thermography and methods of use
Highly functionalized ethylene-vinyl acetate emulsion copolymers
Polymerizable system with a long work-life
Mixed crystals of benzimidazolonedioxazine compounds
Indicating device
Acoustic toothbrush
Ashtray with levitating cigarette lighter and other objects
Intermediates for the synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives and a process for the preparation there...
Transgenic mice containing intestinal alkaline phosphatase gene disruptions
Compositions useful for obtaining high gloss coatings, methods of using such compositions and coatin...
Polyol processing
Window aquarium vessel
Aircraft passenger safety module
Method for manufacturing a planar lightwave circuit, and planar waveguide circuit
Fair assignment of processing resources to queued requests
Mammalian adhesion protease peptides
Method of optimizing the use of radio devices in a computing system
Pathological tissue detection and treatment employing targeted benzoindole optical agents
Data input device for individuals with limited hand function
Method and system for performing decoding using a reduced-memory implementation
Tubular composite containers having unsupported film liners and methods and apparatus for making sam...
Methods of diagnosing breast cancer
Column-stabilized floating structures with truss pontoons
Phase alignment transmit diversity system for radio communications systems
Methods and apparatus for parsing extensible markup language (XML) data streams
Acetylenic aryl sulfonamide and phosphinic acid amide hydroxamic acid TACE inhibitors
Apparatus, mold and method for producing substrate for plasma display panel
Cache memory capable of reducing area occupied by data memory macro units
Chrysanthemum plant named `Saintlouis`
Apparatus and method for automated use of phase abstraction for enhanced verification of circuit des...
Alternating-polarity operation for complete regeneration of electrochemical deionization system
Manufacture of a microsensor device and a method for evaluating the function of a liquid by the use ...
Network auto-provisioning and distributed restoration
Reduction of heartburn episodes after ingestion of orange juice
Chrysanthemum plant named `Coral Yograceland`
Satellite separator platform(SSP)
Notification systems and methods with notifications based upon prior stop locations
Game ball lacing
Composite oxide powder, catalyst and process for producing the same
System and method for searching disparate file systems
Inflator regulator with multiple adapters for connection to different size BC hoses
High chromium nitrogen bearing castable alloy
Golf cart
Security procedure in universal mobile telephone service
Fuel cell system with active methanol concentration control
Digital sports pop-up
Soybean cultivar 0332137
Zoom lens, and camera incorporating such zoom lens
Apparatus for maintaining the security of a substrate
Catheter flush solution and method for its use
Catalysis using phosphine oxide and sulfoxide compounds
Device for bi-directional transmission of audio and/or video signals
Camera and shutter device
High-pressure mercury discharge lamp and lighting apparatus using the lamp
Communication devices, methods, and computer program products for establishing concurrent calls on a...
Method and device for crediting a creditable machine
Japanese Spirea plant named `Lemondrop`
Printer diagnostics method
Cache memory system for selectively storing directory information for a higher level cache in portio...
Multiple discriminate analysis and data integration of vibration in rotation machinery
Prolonged release active agent dosage form adapted for gastric retention
Formulations for the administration of fluoxetine
Implantable cardiac stimulation device for and method of monitoring progression or regression of hea...
Dual mode band-pass filter
Dual mode band pass filter
Method of producing band-pass filter and band-pass filter
Dielectric resonator, inductor, capacitor, dielectric filter, oscillator, and communication device
Tunable mode dielectric resonator
Thermoelectric element
Thin gallium-arsenide-antimonide base heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) having improved gain
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for temperature compensation of read-only memory
Ultra thin back-illuminated photodiode array structures and fabrication methods
Signal communication structures
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for the preparation of direct tabletting formulations and aids
Topical patch preparation containing a delayed-type hypersensitivity inducer and methods for using t...
Modified vaccinia ankara virus variant
Forming complex-shaped aluminum components
Method for promoting contextual information to display pages containing hyperlinks
Longitudinally coupled resonator-type surface acoustic wave filter
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Tubular housing with light emitting diodes
Method for measurement of beam emittance in a charged particle transport system
Method and apparatus for real-time video editing using a graphics processor
Fibre channel port adapter
System and method for installing and servicing an operating system in a computer or information appl...
Electrode structure
Seals for fuel cells and fuel cell stacks
Microstructured components
Polyurethane prepolymers with reduced functionality having terminal alkoxysilane and OH groups, a me...
Wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Titanium derived compounds, preparation and use thereof
Organoborane amine complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Prefabricated external reinforcement plate for structural members
Mouthpiece for an inhalation device
Brush head for toothbrush
Sweetener compositions containing aspartyl dipeptide ester compounds
Decorative badge and method of making
Hydrophilic silicone elastomer material used in particular for impressions
Phosphorus-copper brazing material, brazing sheet, methods of manufacturing the material and the she...
Apparatus for determining dog's emotions by vocal analysis of barking sounds and method for the same
Method of and apparatus for releasing stores from an ejection rack
Multilayer printed-circuit board and method of manufacture
Clip and holder for portable devices
Multiprocessor exchange provided with floating function
Antitumor protein and corresponding gene sequence isolated from matsutake mushrooms
Metal complexes as catalyst component for olefin polymerization
Waterproofing apparatus for terminal connecting portion of sheathed wire
Mammalian myeloid progenitor cell subsets
Timing recovery switching for an adaptive digital broadband beamforming (antenna diversity) for ATSC...
Method and apparatus for displaying computer program errors as hypertext
Interactive apparatus with ball
Self-verifying security documents
Plasma display panel and plasma display panel manufacturing method for achieving improved luminescen...
Indexing management for hierarchical main memory
Security on hardware loops
Geranium plant named`Fisvita`
Method and apparatus for reproducing first and second digital audio signals
Hermetic seal for optical waveguide ribbon feed through
Immunogenic formulations comprising oil bodies
Miniature rose plant named `POULra024`
Method and apparatus for replacement of underground pipe
Portable phone device
Portable target for sporting projectiles
Tactile interface system for electronic data display system
Vanadium phosphorous mixed oxide
Method and apparatus in mark-up language documents for providing mark-up language hidden attributes
Method of making a FeCrAl material and such material
Fuel cell system having an energy source backup
Genetic control of plant growth and development
Fluoropolymer non-stick coatings
Minimizing errors in a magnetoresistive solid-state storage device
Method of producing an LED light source with lens
Stabilization of monomers by compositions based on alkylhydroxylamines
Radio network communication system
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp
Two phase local mobility scheme for wireless access to packet based networks
Method and system for print stream job determination and analysis
Automated analysis of kernel and user core files including searching, ranking, and recommending patc...
Device and method for examining and manipulating microscopic objects
System for controlling the effects of glitching using level sensitive latches
Method and system for creating and sending handwritten or handdrawn messages
Rapidly-deployable fixed wireless communication system and method of switching during operation of s...
Rare earth silicate molecular sieves
Process for the preparation of hydrogen peroxide
Method for reducing the bromide content in an aqueous bromide-containing solution using hydrogen per...
Optical recording method and optical recording device
Polarization inversion method of ferroelectrics and fabrication method of optical wavelength convers...
Damascene double-gate FET
Method and apparatus for forming thin microelectronic dies
Method of fabricating an exposure mask for semiconductor manufacture
Creating refractive index changes in glass by up-conversion of rare earth ions
Thermally-conductive, electrically non-conductive heat transfer material and articles made thereof
Thiazole compounds useful as inhibitors of protein kinase
Automated process for recycling batches of mixed color cullet into amber, green, or flint glass with...
Flexible shuffle circuit and method for assembling same
Phase retarder
Optical transmission system and channel assigning method
Wire cover and a connector provided therewith
Method for production of alkoxylated compound
Amide compounds and use thereof
Chiral ligand
Data communications synchronization using GPS receiver
Low cost system and method for making dual band GPS measurements
Gaming device having perceived skill
Dice game
Rapid method for determining potential binding sites of a protein
Protective helicobacter antigens
System and apparatus for nucleic acid sequencing of single molecules by polymerase synthesis
Nanometer-scale semiconductor devices and method of making
Magnetic production of carbon nanotubes and filaments
Moulded articles of cellulose hydrate with enzymatically modified surface
Food materials with improved flavor and functionality due to size reduction in a modified atmosphere
Method and composition related to low glycemic index foods
Cortical and cancellous allograft spacer
Bacterial parts washer, composition and method of use
Particulate insulin-containing products and method of manufacture
Collagen preparation for the controlled release of active substances
Process for the fractionation of polymers
Processes for preparing linoleic acid raw materials for subsequent conjugation
N-acylamino benzyl ether derivatives
High throughput assays for the proteotytic activities of clostridial neurotoxins
Custom bracelet
Gas supply device for sleep apnea
Gas supply device for sleep apnea
Device for reducing dead space in a ventilator system
Medical ventilator system
Low latency shared memory switch architecture
NOR gene compositions and methods for use thereof
A/D converter circuit
Method and apparatus for generating a volatilized liquid
In-the-ear hearing aid with reduced occlusion effect and a method for the production and user-fittin...
Hearing aid receiver with external mechanical shock and vibration damper and hearing aid that uses i...
Hearing aid and operating method therefor with control dependent on the noise content of the incomin...
Method of manufacturing a soft hearing aid
Resonant plasma x-ray source
Optical disk and method of magnetically separating tracks of the optical disk
Low noise optical amplifier and optical communication system using the same
Core support assembly for large wound transformer cores
Electric motor
Infrared lamp and procedure for heating material to be processed
Production of aromatic carboxylic acids
Heat dissipating fins interlocking mechanism
Electronic thermal management utilizing device with deflectable, two-leg conductive member; and with...
Heat transfer apparatus
Circuit board cover with exhaust apertures for cooling electronic components
Modular fan brick and method for exchanging air in a brick-based computer system
Heat sink, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus having the heat sink
Ruggedized electronics enclosure
Focal length dispersion compensation for field curvature
Demultiplexer/multiplexer with a controlled variable path length device
Diffraction grating-based wavelength selection unit having improved polarization dependent performan...
Optical 2R/3R regeneration
Interference tabs for avoiding snapdown of optical membrane and fabrication process
Methods of testing and manufacturing micro-electrical mechanical mirrors
Apparatus and method for achromatic liquid crystal electro-optic modulation
Dynamic control of overdrive pacing based on degree of randomness within heart rate
Battery conservation in implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and pacemakers
Time keeping apparatus and method for controlling the same
High power fiber optic modulator system and method
Controller for the drive train of a motor vehicle
Method for spread spectrum communication of supplemental information
Ratchet wrench for storage of nested sockets
Adjusting a sampling rate based on state estimation results
Aqueous herbicidal agent
Attitude-acquisition methods and systems for controlled spacecraft attitude
Artificial satellite with an orbit having a long staying time in a zenith direction, an orbit contro...
Store ejection system with replaceable pressure vessel
Model airplane hinge construction
Ceiling speaker system of aircraft
Bi-fold thrust reverser door assembly
Airplane spiralling mechanism
Interpolating operation method and apparatus for image signals
Method and apparatus for performing a contrast based dynamic range management algorithm
Character display device, character display method, and recording medium therefor
Method of multiresolution reconstruction of a three-dimensional image of an object
Pleural nodule detection from CT thoracic images
System to automatically detect eye corneal striae
Halftone image reproduction
Polarization compensator and wavelength division multiplexing apparatus using same
System and method for in-vivo hematocrit measurement using impedance and pressure plethysmography
Method for detecting coagulation in laser treatment of blood vessels
Surgical system supported by optical coherence tomography
Method for shaping an initial profile or a similar workpiece using an internal high pressure and pro...
High speed over-sampler application in a serial to parallel converter
Method and apparatus for casino machine gaming system
Automatic electronic device detection
Alternating current electric motor
Pump provided with diaphragms
Piston pump with pump inlet check valve
Hydraulic pump unit
Pump mount using sanitary flange clamp
Internal gear wheel pump
Dataflow algorithm for symbolic computation of lowest upper bound type
Processing Galois Field arithmetic
Integrated operation instructing system for operating power generation plants
Fully lazy linking
Trivia game and method of playing
Modified immunogenic pneumolysin compositions as vaccines
Process for the fixed bed sweetening of petroleum distillates using halogenated metal phthalocyanine...
Compositions and methods for enhancing analgesic potency of tramadol and attenuating its adverse sid...
Method for targeted delivery of nucleic acids
Interconnect model compiler
Composition for removing biofilms comprising a detergent and a salt forming acid
Polyglycerol fatty acid ester for detergent and detergent containing the same
Soil release polymers and laundry detergent compositions containing them
Excipients for use in adeno-associated virus pharmaceutical formulations, and pharmaceutical formula...
Method and apparatus for transient detection and non-distortion time scaling
Voice tube assembly
Method of and apparatus for sealing an hermetic lid to a semiconductor die
Automated machine control gap for conical fluid dynamic bearing ECM grooving
Wine rack and kit and method for its onsite assembly
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sound`
Fly-by serial bus arbitration
Method and apparatus for evaluating television program recommenders
System and method for encouraging viewers to watch television programs
System and method for identifying and segmenting repeating media objects embedded in a stream
Apparatus and method for displaying additional information
CATV system, CATV distributor, processing terminal, and receiver
Smart channel entry system
Light emitting markers for use with substrates
Method for making and measuring a coating on the surface of a medical device using an ultraviolet la...
Effervescent drug delivery system for oral administration
Clear oil-containing pharmaceutical compositions containing a therapeutic agent
Self-aligning peptides modeled on human elastin and other fibrous proteins
Compositions and methods for enhancing corticosteroid delivery
Free radical quenching composition and a method to increase intracellular and/or extracellular antio...
Long wave fluorophore sensor compounds and other fluorescent sensor compounds in polymers
Method and apparatus for displaying volumetric 3D images
Magnetic resonance imaging coated assembly
Inbred corn line RII1
Inbred maize line PH26N
Device and method of adapting turbocoders and the associated decoders to sequences of variable lengt...
Microprocessor with conditional cross path stall to minimize CPU cycle time length
System having user programmable addressing modes and method therefor
PC16550D UART line status register data ready bit filter and latch
System on a chip for networking
Packet-based direct memory access
Machine-to-machine e-commerce interface using extensible markup language
Advanced wheel slip detection using suspension system information
Skid steer drive control system
Method and apparatus for locking and unlocking brake lights
Electric generator for use with a vehicle wheel
Ultrasonic force differentiation assay
Charging system for mobile robot, method for searching charging station, mobile robot, connector, an...
Method for controlling airbag deployment
Magnetic memory
EMI feedthrough filter terminal assembly having surface mounted, internally grounded hybrid capacito...
EMI feedthrough filter terminal assembly for human implant applications utilizing oxide resistant bi...
Forming thermally curable materials on a support structure in an electronic device
Inspection apparatus and probe card
3-Arylsulfonyl-2 (substituted methyl) propanoic acid derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibit...
Anti-human medullasin monoclonal antibody process for producing the same and immunoassay using the s...
Inhibition of matrix metalloproteases by substituted biaryl oxobutyric acids
Process for the manufacture of multilayered wound dressings
Process for the reduction of concentration of nitrates and/or nitrogen-containing compounds by means...
Reservoir for reverse osmosis type water filtering system
Shared management of data objects in a communication network
Toner supplying container with shutter and related rotatable member feature and image forming appara...
Developing device
Image forming apparatus having process cartridge with intermediate transfer belt
Image forming apparatus with detected-current transfer material charging voltage control feature
Image pattern detection method and apparatus
Process for the synthesis of 1-(aminomethyl)cyclohexyl-acetic acid
Method for making homogeneous spray-dried solid amorphous drug dispersions utilizing modified spray-...
Thiazolidinedione derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases
Drive device for adjusting the mirror assembly of a rearview mirror
Electro-optic cell for rearview mirror
Adaptive tree-base lookup for non-separably divided color tables
Camera based man machine interfaces
System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
Image processing apparatus and system executing predetermined image processing on image data shot by...
System and method of radar detection of non-linear interfaces
Accelerometer-based infant movement monitoring and alarm device
Portable alarm system that interfaces with an individual's personal radio
Self-engaging strap-form tie with special tab
Apparatus and method for generating spreading code in CDMA communication system
Film scanner with uniformized infrared light by utilizing a cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Cycle skipping power control method and apparatus
Tape drive emulation software objects, and emulation of other peripheral systems for computers
Operation state analyzer for robot
Certain principles of biomorphic robots
5 Degress of freedom mobile robot
Robot remote manipulation system and remote manipulation device
Tweezers holder
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate plating apparatus
Razor blade material and a razor blade
Sword blade
Rach starting time vicinity estimation
Early warning network for biological terrorism
Colorant compositions
Polarizer integrated with transparent conductive film, a touch panel integrated with the polarizer a...
Capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Reduced table size forward error correcting encoder
Method and apparatus for predicting acute response to cardiac resynchronization therapy
Storage apparatus
Development systems for magnetic toners and toners having reduced magnetic loadings
Method and system for efficient and accurate filtering and interpolation
Intelligent speaker training using microphone feedback and pre-loaded templates
Post biospy tissue marker and method of use
Transmission line techniques for MRI catheter coil miniaturization and tuning
Digital ridgelet transform via digital polar coordinate transform
Method and system for reproduction in a genetic optimization process
Using task description blocks to maintain information regarding operations
Hot-replace of memory
Storage system for use in custom loop accelerators and the like
Processor with a general register set that includes address translation registers
Computer architecture with dynamic sub-page placement
System and methods for calibrating a printing process
Extended maxwell pair gradient coils
Power tool
Cordless alignment system having conveniently interchangeable batteries
Semiconductor test apparatus
Method and apparatus for circuit design
Olefin polymerization process
Opto-electrical devices
Method and apparatus for calibrating parameters to be used in a digital circuit simulation
Expanded capabilities for wireless two-way packet communications for intelligent electronic devices ...
Tissue repair matrix
Methods for reading watermarks in unknown data types, and DVD drives with such functionality
Computer recovery apparatus
Image forming apparatus that periodically discharges waste toner and method of operation thereof
Optical fiber and method for making the same
Method of extracting image from input image using reference image
Image signal transmission apparatus
Display device
Buoyancy control systems for tubes
Retaining wall system
Method of load reduction on buried culvert using EPS block and/or geosynthetics
Apparatus for rapidly laying, retrieving, and securing ground covers
Self propelled backfilling apparatus
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation with carbon dioxide sequestration
1-Acyl-7-nitroindoline derivatives, their preparation and their use as photocleavable precursors
2-(purin-9-yl)-tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol derivatives
Extracts of celery seed for the prevention and treatment of pain, inflammation and gastrointestinal ...
Ion-exchange materials with improved ion conductivity
Lens-fitted photo film unit having transparent parts
System and methods for detecting harmful agents within contents of mail
Method for chemical vapor deposition of single walled carbon nanotubes
Nanocomposite dielectrics
Large area silicon cone arrays fabrication and cone based nanostructure modification
Distending portion for intraocular lens system
Ophthalmic lens design method and resulting ophthalmic lens
High refractive index aromatic-based silyl monomers
Contact lens material
Translation member for intraocular lens system
TCP/IP/PPP modem
System and method for creating a vector map in a hardware graphics pipeline
Clip-less rasterization using line equation-based traversal
Device for iontophoretic transcutaneous administration of molecules
Substrate conveyer robot
Azlactone chain transfer agents for radical polymerization
Device and method with generic logic blocks
1:2 chromium complex dyes, their production and use
Enhanced consumption controller
Remote down-hole well telemetry
High mass throughput particle generation using multiple nozzle spraying
Label for in-mold decorating and labeled resin molded article
Adapter and syringe for front-loading medical fluid injector
Packet data service network in a mobile radio communication network and method of operating a packet...
Recordal service for voice communications
Apparatus and method of making a stabilized MR/GMR spin valve read element using longitudinal ferrom...
Magnetoresistive-effect thin film, magnetoresistive-effect element, and magnetoresistive-effect magn...
Thin-film magnetic head having ensured insulation between shield and magnetic detecting element
Magnetoresistive head on a side wall for increased recording densities
Data linking system and method using encoded links
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive...
Treatment for reactive arthritis or bursitis
Method and an apparatus for clipping signals in a CDMA system
Establishing relationships between objects based on object interfaces
Flat lamp for emitting lights to a surface area and liquid crystal display using the same
Textile printing system, and plate separation apparatus and method
Inter-system connection adapter and terminal
Disc driving apparatus with a disk having a center plane positioned above half height of the cartrid...
Toner cartridge
Determining wettability of an oil reservoir using borehole NMR measurements
System and method for isolating fibre channel failures in a SAN environment
Bone graft harvester
Polymer electrolyte composite for driving an electrolytic capacitor, an electrolytic capacitor using...
Process for the crystallization of xylitol
Light stabilizer composition
Composite material with improved damping characteristics and method of making same
Method of prophylaxis or treatment of antigen presenting cell driven skin conditions using inhibitor...
Method for merging position information with measurements and filtering to obtain high-quality image...
Inhibitors of C-reactive protein induced inflammation
Color laser display employing excitation solid laser unit, fiber laser unit, or semi conductor laser...
Fixing device
Banding-reduced imaging of a printing form
Adjustable gripping device for adjustable sheet-receiving pockets and method for adjusting sheet-rec...
Forming an image on a printing plate using ultrashort laser pulses
Folding cylinder with expansion plate
Device for controlling printed products
Catching device for a torn transport belt in a folder of a printing press and folder having a catchi...
Metal end shell and easy opening can end for beer and beverage cans
System and method for collecting information and monitoring production
Mechanical force sensor
White light emitting device based on UV LED and phosphor blend
Methods and apparatus for data compression
Method for imaging with UV curable inks
Establishing a reference printer state using a recursive tone scale matching
Registration pin system
Methods and apparatus for addressing pixels in a display
Image processing apparatus
Shimmed facility and shimming method employing multiple rolling bodies non-fixedly positioned in a t...
Embedded digitization system
Adjuvant compositions containing more than one adjuvant
Blow molded bottle with unframed flex panels
Oligosaccharides derived from ribose-ribitol-phosphate, and vaccines containing them
Titanium wire face guard
Concentrated suspension of precipitation silica, processes for its preparation and uses of this susp...
Multi-range current sampling half-bridge output driver
Pore structure analysis of individual layers of multi-layered composite porous materials
Invertebrate intestinal mucin cDNA and related products and methods
Two color chance device and two games using the same
Cam phaser for engines having two check valves in rotor between chambers and spool valve
Glass homogenizing pump
Method of recording and reading information using molecular rotation
Multi-station machining center
Selective production of meta-diisopropylbenzene
Process for preparing a branched olefin, a method of using the branched olefin for making a surfacta...
Viscosity modifier for lubricating oil and lubricating oil composition
Process of removing oxygenated contaminants from an olefin composition
Layered catalyst composite
Method of forming well(s) containing filtration devices
System for the creation of database and structured information from verbal input
Adaptation of a speech recognition system across multiple remote sessions with a speaker
Signaling arrangement for and method of signaling in a wireless local area network
Method and apparatus for loading data from memory to a cache
Method and system for remotely modifying presentations in a multimedia conference
Method and apparatus for implementing multi-user grouping nodes in a multimedia player
Client/server based architecture for a telecommunications network
Aluminum alloy strip manufacturing process for the manufacture of brazed heat exchangers
Accelerated error detection in a bus bridge circuit
Method for making a thermoformable liner
Caching mechanism for remote read-only data in a cache coherent non-uniform memory access (CCNUMA) a...
Real estate disclosure reporting method
Speech-controlled animation system
Method and apparatus for structure layout
Image forming apparatus and image forming method having speed control to improve throughput
Optical fiber array with precise fiber positioning
Woven labels with an invisible bar code
Soft magnetic film having high saturation magnetic flux density, thin-film magnetic head using the s...
Method for controlling access to a multiplicity of objects using a customizable object-oriented acce...
Gun safe door with three arm handle
Adjustable discharge apparatus
Combined trash and recycling receptacle with storage compartment
Dust pan
CD cleaner
Feeding tube skin guard
Plasma cross-linked hydrophilic coating
Linear or pivotal motion mechanism using ultrasonic motor and electronic device equipped with linear...
Polymer material
Movable blind
Transition metal complexes of n, n',n"trialkyl-cis-1,3,5-triaminocyclohexane and related composition...
Rechargeable lithium battery
Graphite powders suited for negative electrode material of lithium ion secondary battery
Niobium powder and solid electrolytic capacitor using the same
Method and apparatus for mine and unexploded ordnance neutralization
Method for production of porous cross-linked polymer sheet
Controlled release composition
Distributed scheduling of parallel jobs with no kernel-to-kernel communication
Salvia plant named `Sunsaruki`
Verbena plant named `Bodcomred`
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named `Sweet Caroline Light Green`
Chrysanthemum plant named `MN98-M91-1`
Ixora plant named `Pink Pixie`
Begonia plant named `Gum Drop Pink`
Petunia plant named `Sunchiffon`
Document authentication method and apparatus
Swab for make-up removal
Exfoliating and moisturizing toilet bar
Method for making high thermal diffusivity boron nitride powders
Organo-acid phosphate treated pigments
1,4-Disubstituted benzo-fused compounds
Multi-level RF identification system
High level expression and facile purification of proteins, peptides and conjugates for immunization,...
Rapid diagnostic method for distinguishing allergies and infections and nasal secretion collection u...
Magnetic field generator for magnetron plasma
Side pumping of optical fiber systems via multiple delivery fibers
Fast find fundamental method
Determining the failure rate of an integrated circuit
Method, system and storage medium for providing network based optimization tools
Focal point detection apparatus and focal point detection module
Systems and methods for replicating virtual memory on a host computer and debugging using the replic...
User-level checkpoint and restart for groups of processes
Method and apparatus for pausing a send queue without causing sympathy errors
Processor and method that predict condition register-dependent conditional branch instructions utili...
Prefetching instructions in mis-predicted path for low confidence branches
Data processor having an address translation circuit
Flexible medical container with selectively enlargeable compartments and method for making same
Device and method for mixing magnetic particles with a fluid
Methods and apparatus for diagnostic multispectral digital imaging
Time-dependent digital signal scaling process
Transgenic mice containing NPY6-R neuropeptide receptor gene disruptions
Pet food and feed
Water-in-oil type emulsified fat and/or oil composition
Seaweed supplement diet for enhancing immune response in mammals and poultry
External tank filter, in particular for an aquarium
Method and apparatus for securing a bandana
Method of estimating the BMD of a bone using radiogrammetry
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic position and orientation tracking with distortion compensat...
Apparatus and method for improving line-to-line word positioning of text for easier reading
Intervertebral spacer device utilizing a spirally slotted belleville washer and a rotational mountin...
High temperature viscosity stable thickener
Production process for ethylene oxide resin
Automatic prescription drug dispenser
High acid aqueous nanocomposite dispersions
Microwave oven food and drink enclosure assembly
Use of o-vanillin and o-vanillin/trolox combinations
Backseamed casing and packaged product incorporating same
Child-resistant piezoelectric lighter
Portable terminal capable of automatically switching into moderate power consumption mode for receiv...
Gemstone cut
Method and installation for hot dip galvanizing hot rolled steel strip
Low pressure coated article with polymeric basecoat having the appearance of stainless steel
Steel for machine structural use having good machinability and chip-breakability
High-strength austenitic stainless steel strip having excellent flatness and method of manufacturing...
Process for producing high-nitrogen ultralow-carbon steel
Cutting tool for precision machining a hydrodynamic bearing bore in stainless steel sleeve
Tissue oxygen measurement system
System and method for providing an internet-based correlation service
Method and apparatus for detecting natural electrical coherence within the heart and for administeri...
Method and apparatus for developing a vectorcardiograph in an implantable medical device
Method of monitoring utility lines with aircraft
Text selection from images of documents using auto-completion
Finite state automaton for control of frame error recovery for a universal serial bus video camera
Pyramid filter
Matched texture filter design for rendering multi-rate data samples
Method of color capture calibration for digital capture devices
UV portal-based appliances and containers
Kit for converting optical fiber retaining clip
Apparatus and method for slack management of fiber optic cables
Aerial closure for local convergence point
Cable manager for network rack
Compensation of the refractive index of doped InP
Polymeric optical conductors
Method of information transfer using optical zones
Electronic image display device and printing system therefor
Landmark-based location of users
Backlighting for computer keyboard
Light controller with sensitivity control
Rechargeable lithium battery packet
Method and apparatus for detecting the state of humidity on a road on which a vehicle is travelling
Vehicle headlamp
Stop lamp for vehicles
Rotating headlight for a motor vehicle, having a lamp with two light sources
Omnidirectional microscale impact switch
Method for removing odors in sterilized water
Polymer blends with improved impact resistance
Transaction card
Primers for screening schizophrenia and a method thereof
Sealing device
System and method for preventing differential power analysis attacks (DPA) on a cryptographic device
Method and apparatus for placing automated calls for postage meter and base
System and method for providing complete non-judicial dispute resolution management and operation
Electronic cash system
Licensing system and method for freely distributed information
In-situ wear measurement apparatus for dicing saw blades
Imaged nonwoven fire-retardant fiber blends and process for making same
Membrane material for automated dialysis system
Corn tortillas with improved texture retention using an enzyme blend in nixtamalized corn flour
Method for making mixed oxide (U,Pu)O2 nuclear fuel pellets from non-castable UO2 powder
Migrating corrosion inhibitor fibers
Thermosetting polyurethane material for a golf ball cover
Process for preparing vinyl chloride paste resin
Method and apparatus for simultaneously accessing a plurality of dispersed databases
Porous fibers from natural/synthetic polymer blends
CO2-processes photoresists, polymers, and photoactive compounds for microlithography
Patterned microwave susceptor
Dispenser pumps
Inflatable, cushioning, bubble wrap product having multiple, interconnected, bubble structures
Method and apparatus for storing prior versions of modified values to facilitate reliable execution
Method and system of memory management using stack walking
Methods and systems for generating a structured language model from a spreadsheet model
Apparatus and method for performing symbolic resolution of modules using static representations of a...
Distributed component testing in an enterprise computer system
System and method for power management in a Java accelerator environment
Memory management system supporting object deletion in non-volatile memory
Intelligent streaming framework
Entertainment apparatus, information processing unit and portable storage device
Remote control having touch pad to screen mapping
Inflatable structure with suspended features
Method for the radio coverage of a mobile terminal of a mobile radio network
Eyewear magnifying loupe
Prescription insert for safety glasses
Removal of thiothionylfluoride from sulfur tetrafluoride
Enzymatic fluorimetric assay of camp and adenylate cyclase
Anti-IgE antibodies
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus with adherence to SAR limits in a scan using data fr...
Carbon nanostructures and methods of preparation
Couplers for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Process for producing particles of amine reaction products
Registration system for phasing simultaneously advancing webs of material having variable pitch leng...
Two-part aqueous composition for oxidative coloration of hair
Disposable absorbent garment having highly extensible leg openings
Certificate revocation system
Optimization of cache evictions through software hints
Method for processing PCI interrupt signals in a logically partitioned guest operating system
Puppet book kit and method of using
Method for pest management using pest identification sensors and network accessible database
State transition system and method in interactive computer-based training
Display device having integrated circuit chips thereon
High performance RIM elastomers and a process for their production
High performance rotary axis
Cooling device motor having a hydrodynamic bearing with a unitary shaft thrust supporter
Polymer-metal composition retainer for self-lubricating bearing
Full complement antifriction bearing
Slide guide device for presses
DC brushless motor
Splined member for use in a slip joint and method of manufacturing the same
Retractable anchor device and method of mounting the anchor device
Backpack with incorporated gun scabbard
Extended lever for a firearm
Adjustable and collapsible target holder
Recoil control mechanism for a weapon
Precisely configuring optical fibers and other optical elements using an apertured wafer positioner
Tunable coupler device and optical filter
VCSEL assembly with edge-receiving optical devices
Optical disc and optical drive
Optical device
Gateway with voice
Molecular mechanical devices with a band gap change activated by an electric field for optical switc...
O-superfamily conotoxin peptides
System for playing music CDs on a computer in power-saving mode
Absorbent article having a deodorizing effect on a surface thereof
Systems and methods for intradermal collagen stimulation
Distribution--Retention material for personal care products
Bone impaction instrument
Processing apparatus with sensory subsystem for detecting the presence/absence of wafers or other wo...
Telemetry apparatus and method for an implantable medical device
RF architecture for cellular multi-band telephones
Status switching method of an information apparatus to ensure an operating status when the apparatus...
System and method for providing radio frequency conditions for testing wireless communications equip...
Impact tool control method and apparatus and impact tool using the same
Authenticated diffie-hellman key agreement protocol where the communicating parties share a secret k...
Plasma generator
Method and apparatus for fetching sparsely indexed MIB tables in managed network systems
System and method of linking items in audio, visual, and printed media to related information stored...
Data reallocation among storage systems
Mechanism for obtaining a thread from, and returning a thread to, a thread pool without attaching an...
Diffractive and retroreflective textile fabrics, methods of making same, and articles made therefrom
Charge control agent and toner for developing electrostatic images
Anamorphic prism wavelength locker
Use of substituted N, N-disubstituted reverse aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholester...
Illumination system and scanning exposure apparatus using the same
Folding mobile station with dual-movement hinge
Message notification system for wireless communication system
Alpha tagging and type indication of emergency call number
Telephone key arrangement with tactile indicating means
Elliptical flushmount speaker
Sandwich material
Energy attenuation restrictor device and method of forming such restrictor device
Suction muffler
Method for the formation of aerogel precursor using rapid gelation two-step catalysis
Polarization element and method for manufacturing the same
Glass microspheres for use in films and projection screen displays
Semiconductor device with multi-layer interlayer dielectric film
Synthesis of lower alkylene oxides and lower alkylene glycols from lower alkanes and/or lower alkene...
Enhanced high temperature coated superconductors
Method of forming ferroelectric random access memory device
Refining element for a refining disk
Corrosion resistant material
Ni-Cr-Mo-Cu alloys resistant to sulfuric acid and wet process phosphoric acid
Copper-nickel-silicon two phase quench substrate
Growth/differential factor of the TGF-B family
Semiconductor memory device and electronic instrument
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for demand based paging algorithm
Portable telephone
Semiconductor memory device having a small-sized memory chip and a decreased power-supply noise
Data communication system
Method and apparatus for discouraging duplication of digital data
Scrambler, de-scrambler, and related method
Method for remotely accessing vehicle system information and user information in a vehicle
Method and system for creating ad-hoc links from free-form ink
System for genre-specific summarization of documents
Method and apparatus for classifying images and/or image regions based on texture information
Variable length transfer assist blade
Precision partially cylindrical web guide member and improved manufacturing process for making the s...
Soybean cultivar S010355
Inbred cucumber line 8D-5079
Immunological detection of prions
Methods of forming polymeric structures using carbon dioxide and polymeric structures formed therapy
Control and motor arrangement for use in model train
Swim machine
System and method for training/managing basic ability
Apparatus for simulating ride on vehicle
Method and system for illustrating sound and text
Ink composition, ink jet recording method and recorded matter
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a user interface element displayed on a client and a software...
Cross-shape layout of chinese stroke labels with lyric
Automated diagnostic system and method including alternative symptoms
Fish measuring and weighting device
Consoles for playing and/or scoring games, internet access, and communication
Rotary pool and air powered hockey game table
System and method for dynamically loading game software for smooth game play
Image-display game system and information storage medium used therefor
Game system and program
Method for the production of alcohols on rhenium-containing activated charcoal supported catalysts
Alkanolamide surfactant emulsions and process therefor
Liquid cleaning composition containing .alpha.-sulfofatty acid ester
Informational article and an associated method
File folder and method
Submarine cable branching unit with current limiter
Via-sea layout integrated circuits
Surf craft snap-in fin system
Subsea intervention
Emergency air system for kayaks
Conversion cockpit for a sailboat
Cleat device for a flexible line and method of using same
Control channel processor and switching mechanism
Method and apparatus for combining signals
System and method for transferring packets in a "connectionless" network
Address option for use in an internet protocol-based multimedia mobile network
RAU optimization for UMTS URA connected state
Two-byte domain name server system for domain names in languages other than english
Cap for mounting on an aerosol container
Break-away gas check for muzzle-loading firearms
Absorbent article comprising a liquid handling member that rapidly distributes acquired liquid
Array of disposable absorbent article configurations and packaging
Camera casing and recycling method therefor
Electrophoretic composition, image display medium using same and image display device
Copolymerized polyester resin composition and stretched film
Process for producing modified polymer rubber
Drag-reducing polymer suspensions
Olefin type thermoplastic elastomer
Reinforced roofing membranes
Parallel programming of programmable logic using register chains
Stabilizing and reducing noise apparatus and methods in MRAM sensing operations
High resolution fan control at high PWM frequency with a low clock frequency input
Subject selection device and in-focus portion indicating device
Retrofit hurricane-earthquake clip
Drugs for prevention and treatment of diseases caused by abnormalities in cartilage tissues
Nasal delivery of parasiticides
Process of preparing a fluid rare earth alkoxylation catalyst
Negative-chargeability control resin
Publication gravure printing inks based on silicone modified water-based emulsions
Lubricating oil composition
Integrated electronic device having flip-chip connection with circuit board and fabrication method t...
Semiconductor device and wiring forming method in semiconductor device
Method for making improved ceramic cement compositions containing a dispersed seeded phase and a met...
Process for the preparation of anionic aqueous polymer dispersions containing no volatile tertiary a...
Process for the preparation of a rubber article having an outer polymer-coated surface and an inner ...
Stabilized imageable coating composition and printing plate precursor
Use of naphthalenesulfonic acid-formaldehyde condensates products as drying aids
Photothermographic material
Removal of free aldehydes
Bacterial method for conversion of arsenite to arsenate
Lithium secondary battery
Thermally stable alumina particulates
Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide and integration thereof into oxidation processes
Skin cleansing composition incorporating anionic particles
Method and structure for a slug caterpillar piezoelectric latching reflective optical relay
Method to treat laminitis and reduce dietary intake for horses
Generic method of defining a watermark for both print and copy
Encapsulated peroxide compositions
Universally oriented renewable liquid mirror
VLSI network processor and methods
Providing a network-based personalized newspaper with personalized content and layout
Fast hardware looping mechanism for cache cleaning and flushing of cache entries corresponding to a ...
Control mechanism for a crystal ball