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Method of extending capability of music apparatus by networking
Overexpression of a DNA sequence coding for a 1-desoxy-d-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase in pl...
Receptor kinase, BIN1
Insect p53 tumor suppressor genes and proteins
Streaming media buffering system
System and method for enabling interoperation and partnering among products over a network
Internet website traffic flow analysis using timestamp data
Speed sensitive content delivery in a client-server network
Currency verification
Fiber channel flow control method and apparatus for interface to metro area transport link
Method of storing a disc-ID on a record carrier, device and record carrier
Continuous process for production of scrambled eggs
Search engine with natural language-based robust parsing for user query and relevance feedback learn...
Approach for collecting statistical information in information systems
Range check cell and a method for the use thereof
Method and system of ranking and clustering for document indexing and retrieval
Poppet valve actuator
Diagnosing proper operability of a cylinder charge motion control device
Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Air freshener sports figure fan for air vents
Spring-driven toy vehicle
Rotatable decorative-article structure
Toy vehicle with multiple gyroscopic action wheels
Optical layer multicasting using a single sub-carrier header and a multicast switch with active head...
Apparatus for providing information for persons in vehicle
Uploading and managing vehicle position information
Method and apparatus for determining deployment of a safety restraint device in an occupant restrain...
Transfer apparatus
Wood panel clamping tool
Chess board spray paint template
Toy block incorporating a seat and table for children
Door panel and method of forming same
Media gateway proxy
System and method for comfort noise generation
Method for optimizing downstream data transfer in an asymmetric digital subscriber line modem
Virtual home agent service using software-replicated home agents
Frequency domain technique for narrowband noise cancellation in DMT receivers
Distributed protocol processing and packet forwarding using tunneling protocols
Method and device for measuring the waveform of an optical signal
Optical fibre communication system
Methods and optical fibers that decrease pulse degradation resulting from random chromatic dispersio...
Double filtering fiber optic soliton signal transmission system
Frequency guiding filter for dispersion managed soliton transmission
Optical communications
Automatic method for quantifying the relevance of intra-document search results
Battery cooling system
Battery pack for cordless device
Optical bit rate converter
External door lock mechanism invention
Bevel locking system for a sliding compound miter saw
Blade ejection mechanism for a saw blade clamping arrangement of a power tool
Cable way assembly cover
Cable way assembly
Apparatus and method for image processing
Display device
Satellite navigation system of which map data are partially updateable
Position determination method and navigation device
Call center IVR and ACD scripting method and graphical user interface
Undockable sub-windows
Method, apparatus, and system for attaching search results
Method for tagged bar code data interchange
System and method of arranging delivery of advertisements over a network such as the internet
Method of integrating a picture archiving communication system and a voice dictation or voice recogn...
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Radiographic apparatus and imaged object support therefor
Device for cushioning of compression surfaces
Method and device for detecting a dysfunction of an ulatrasonic flowmeter
Composite uniprocessor
Low cost and high RAS mirrored memory
System creating chat network based on a time of each chat access request
Semiconductor automation system for a daily check and method thereof
Structure and method for amplifying target overlay errors using the synthesized beat signal between ...
Process error prevention method in semiconductor fabricating equipment
Waveguide-type optical device and manufacturing method therefor
Fast image simulation for photolithography
Arrangement for back-biasing multiple integrated circuit substrates at maximum supply voltage among ...
Internet service error tracking
System and method for caching and retrieving information
Continuous adherent melanocyte cell line
Attenuated strains of mycobacteria
Method for manufacturing thin-film lithium microbatteries
System for delaying drug delivery up to seven hours
Dosage form comprising means for changing drug delivery shape
Hydrocodone therapy
Osmotic dosage form composed of an extruded polymer tube form
Gel composition and methods
Equalizing and decoding device for a frequency-selective digital transmission channel
Circuit and method for adjusting duty cycle of a high speed, low swing output signal
Efficient multicarrier filter
Method of processing a pulse response with an adaptive threshold and corresponding receiver
Physiological-signal-analysis device for measuring a blood pressure and method
Dielectric laminated device including a buried electric conductive member to form a strip line and i...
Laminated dielectric resonator and laminated dielectric filter
Dual-mode band-pass filter
Stacked type dielectric filter
Resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication device
Transmission line connection structure, high frequency module, and communication device
High-frequency circuit device and communication apparatus using the same
Composition of aromatic polyepisulfide,polyglycidyl ether and/or ester, and acid anhydride
Microencapsulation of red phosphorus
Glass ionomer cement
Micropore open cell foam composite and method for manufacturing same
Bicyclic ketolide derivatives
6,11-4C-bicyclic 9a-azalide derivatives
9a-azalides with antibacterial activity
Semiconductor wafer including a low dielectric constant thermosetting polymer film and method of mak...
Photosensor system and drive control method thereof
Circuit structure with W, WC and/or W2C layer on AlN substrate
Microelectronic fabrication with corrosion inhibited bond pad
Bottom antireflection coating color filter process for fabricating solid state image sensors
Two-layer electrical substrate for optical devices
Device structure and method for reducing silicide encroachment
Method of fabricating power rectifier device to vary operating parameters and resulting device
Systems and methods for caching with file-level granularity
Indicator to show that a cached file is being displayed on a client system
Click based trading with intuitive grid display of market depth
Rotational mechanism for a wireless communication device
Portable modular indoor/outdoor golf practice apparatus
Analog and digital electronic receivers for dual-use wireless data networks
DNA molecules encoding human NHL a DNA helicase
Proteoliposomes containing an integral membrane protein having one or more transmembrane domains
Electronic apparatus, control circuit for electronic apparatus, and method of controlling electronic...
Low-dispersion optical fiber and optical transmission system using the low-dispersion optical fiber
Nonlinear dispersion-shifted optical fiber, optical signal processing apparatus using said optical f...
Communication method of contactless ID card and integrated circuit used in communication method
System for controlling wavelength of laser beam
Semiconductor laser module, manufacturing method thereof and optical amplifier
Coarse wave division multiplexer
Preferred crystal orientation optical elements from cubic materials
Optical waveguide type defraction grating device and a method of manufacturing thereof
Adhesion promoter for a primer and primer composition
Phenol resin forming material for pulley used in motor vehicles and phenol resin pulley for motor ve...
Mobile radio with GPS capability
Roller switch
Pneumatic tire having an innerliner of a rubber composition which contains a low molecular weight tr...
Endless elastomeric track with corrosion resistant cables
Reinforced wedge-insert construction for extended mobility tires
Preparation of nitrone derivatives
Bladder lifting apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for removing tire treads from storage device
Golf club shaft
Rubber composition
Golf ball
Highly crosslinked polymer particles and coating compositions containing the same
Device and method for providing electric service
Piezoelectric adjusting element
Reaction synthesis of silicon carbide-boron nitride composites
Implantation into high-K dielectric material after gate etch to facilitate removal
Device for producing an aqueous chlorine dioxide solution
Ozone applications for disinfection, purification and deodorization
Absorbent articles having differential strength refastenable seam
Device and method for ignition in an internal combustion engine
Body implantable lead with improved tip electrode assembly
Liquid developer imaging system
Electrostatic image forming device with conditional toner cleaning roller
Network system
Laser amplifying system
Fan for gas discharge laser
Laminated resilient flexible barrier membranes
Upright human floatation apparatus and propulsion mechanism therefor
Athletic shoe
Foot airthotic
Footwear sole incorporating a lattice structure
Stitch and turn footwear construction
Tracking sustained chaos
System and method for capturing, enrolling and verifying a fingerprint
Method for detection of pathogenic microorganisms
Automatic recognition of radar scan type
Multi-speed dual-clutch transmissions having three interconnecting members and four brakes
Multi-speed dual-clutch planetary transmissions having four fixed interconnecting members
Shift control system for continuously variable transmission
Method of manufacturing dental prosthesis, method of placing object for measurement and measuring de...
Method and system for automated software control of waterjet orientation parameters
Magnetic coupling antennas for implantable medical devices
Application programming interface for temporary release of associated file locks on storage devices
Project-based configuration management method and apparatus
Dynamic personalized information organizer
Supercritical solutions for cleaning photoresist and post-etch residue from low-k materials
Method and apparatus for cleaning substrates using liquid carbon dioxide
Liquid manufacturing processes for panel layer fabrication
One piece sleeve gas manifold for cell stack assemblies such as fuel cells
Process of making polyester filamentary yarn for tire cords
Apparatus for forming confectionery product
Mounting of flexible display panels
Phthalocyanine cyan dye with appended chelating arm to induce monomer dye formation and increased ch...
Method for producing highly-branched glycidol-based polyols
Combined approach to treatment of cancer with hCG vaccines
Material systems for semiconductor tunnel-junction structures
Method of communication in a radio frequency identification system
Camera system having a communication system between a camera body and a photographing lens
Jumping zoom lens for digital still cameras
Lens-fitted photo film unit with stop changing device
Apparatus and methods for identifying bus protocol violations
Providing multiple unicast resource records to domain name servers for indication of simultaneously ...
Storage and transmission of HDTV signals
Emergency telecommunication device
Link aggregation
Exposure method and device
Chilled item server
RISC processor with a debug interface unit
Method and system for web caching based on predictive usage
Method for loading a function provided by a first computer (server) onto a second computer (client)
Method of producing images from measured computer tomographic data
Apatite-coated metallic material, process for its preparation, and its use
Medical article with a diamond-like carbon coated polymer
Software suitability testing system
Application server configured for dynamically generating web pages for voice enabled web application...
System for remote monitoring and control of an instrument
Infrared out-of-position detection system and method for a vehicle restraint system
Printed web-type material
Process for making shelf-stable carbonated milk beverage
Deep dish pizza crust
Method for preparing infant formula from powder with dispensing and filtering means
Method for controlling the use of an audiovisual display device, display device for implementing the...
Ordering program data for loading on a device
Device for determining the mask version utilized for each metal layer of an integrated circuit
Image forming device, image forming program, computer readable recording medium on which the program...
Information storage medium including device-aspect-ration information method and apparatus therefor
Information storage medium including device-aspect-ratio information, method and apparatus therefor
Device, server, system and method to generate mutual photometric effects
Method of using hardware-type electronic signature in e-mail handling system
Databus communicator within a telemetry system
Unified geographic database and method of creating, maintaining and using the same
Short message service (SMS) message e-mail configuration message
Image pickup device having e-mail incoming indication means
System and method for providing a plurality of programming services in a television system
Bi-directional snow sled with steering/braking levers
Electronically commutated drive system for vacuum cleaner
Acidic superabsorbent polysaccharides
Endostatin protein and fragments thereof
Controlled drug release system of retinoic acid
Loop peptide and TGF.alpha. for stimulating stem cell proliferation and migration
Tango 294, a lipase-like protein
Devices and methods for heart valve treatment
Methods, systems, and computer program products for imaging using virtual extended shear wave source...
Tricyclic compound having acyloxymethoxycarbonyl side chain
Cyclohexylamine derivatives as subtype selective nmda receptor antagonists
2,3,5-substituted biphenyls useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Light emitting device
Antibodies to DcR3 Polypeptide, a TNFR Homolog
Chemical amplification type positive resist composition
Positive photoresist composition and method of patterning resist thin film for use in inclined impla...
Method for updating an earth model using measurements gathered during borehole construction
RF pulse power amplifier
Multiple channel class D audio amplifier
Low power audio device
Full-wave coupled inductor power converter having synchronous rectifiers and two input switches that...
Variable order sigma-delta modulator
Small form factor in-line switched multichannel fiber optic power monitoring apparatus
Oscillating circuit, converter with such oscillating circuit, and preconditioner with such converter
Washing pattern determination method
Dual-output direct current voltage converter
Apparatus for maintaining airway patency
Method and apparatus for transceiving multiple services data simultaneously over SONET/SDH
Method and system for creating and implementing zones within a fibre channel system
Grinding mill
Hydraulic circuits for tree-harvesting knuckle booms
Redox flow battery
Electronically controlled prosthetic knee
Furnace having increased energy efficiency and reduced pollutant formation
System and method of generating a low-pain multi-step defibrillation waveform for use in an implanta...
Tunable antenna matching circuit
Antenna with variably tuned parasitic element
Mechanical beam steering antenna and fabricating method thereof
Micro power supply with integrated charging capability
Micro-optic absorption spectrometer
Method of controlling line edge roughness in resist films
Micro-actuator transducer stack inertia cancellation control
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Multiple reflectivity band reflector with non-uniform profile and laser system employing same for la...
Interferometer system and method of manufacturing projection optical system using same
Swageless mount plate or unimount arm based milliactuated suspension
Relative intensity noise controller with maximum gain at frequencies at or above the bias modulation...
Alkane diol foam controlling agents
Method for analyzing detections in a set of digital images using case based normalcy classification
Apparatus and method for fingerprint recognition system
Method for operating an image system of an imaging medical examination device and medical examinatio...
Circuit for controlling luminance signal amplitude
Fan guard of fan unit
Connector for a portable combination fan and mister
Fuel pump and fuel feeding device using the fuel pump
Lubrication system for downhole application
Piston operating assembly for a linear compressor and method for manufacturing the same
Multishaft electric motor and positive-displacement pump combined with such multishaft electric moto...
Foot plate for hermetic shell
Application program developing system, application program developing method, and recording medium i...
Methodology for testing spreadsheet grids
Asset management and scheduling graphical user interface for media streamer
Electrostatic discharges and transient signals monitoring system and method
Atmospheric pressure wafer processing reactor having an internal pressure control system and method
Immunoglobulins devoid of light chains
Fast code-vector searching
System and method for providing patient status information during interrogation of an implantable ca...
System and method with improved automatic testing functions for automatic capture verification
Weight sensor assembly for determining seat occupant weight
Motor vehicle, especially convertible, including actively controlled torsion stabilizers
Steering device for a vehicle
Vehicle steering apparatus
Rear wheel steering device
Vehicles having two front rolling and steering wheels and at least a rear driving wheel
Method for adjusting the speed of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for deriving body fat area
Method and apparatus for by-product removal in a hydrogen generation system
Separation apparatus including porous silicon column
Hydro-energy conversion system
Detection of motive force applied to transport box mounted on a fims system
Polyethylene compositions and films formed thereform having improved moisture vapor transmission rat...
Notebook computer with a keyboard with adjustable angles
Micro cell base station with interfering signal attenuation
Apparatus for lighting a discharge lamp at electric characteristics appropriate to a type of the dis...
Method and apparatus for integrated circuit design with a software tool
Industrial robot
Apparatus and method for patient rounding with a remote controlled robot
Device for generating motion of legged mobile robot
Cluster device having dual structure
Apparatus and method for robot handling control
Search robot system
Device for the ultrasonic testing of a workpiece by the transmission technique
CDMA receiver, path detection method, and recording medium on which path detection control program i...
Optical fiber for ultra-high capacity transmission
Hepatitis C inhibitor peptides
System and method supporting nonlocal values
Exendin analogues, processes for their preparation and medicaments containing them
Glucose meter
Polymer mixture containing an amorphous polyolefin which contain cycloaliphatic olefins
Method and system for enabling personal digital assistants and protecting stored private data
Lighting strike position locating method, apparatus, system and program
Termination circuitry for dual forward and reverse test points for amplifiers
Image forming apparatus with a photoconductive element and intermediate image transfer member
High precision position detecting apparatus capable of removing error contained in signal
Method for improved safety in externally focused microwave thermotherapy for treating breast cancer
System for delivering pain-reduction medication
Magnetic resonance imaging method and system
Method for the operation of a magnetic resonance apparatus and magnetic resonance apparatus for the ...
Optical sensor device having creep-resistant optical fiber attachments
Verifying proximity of ground metal to signal traces in an integrated circuit
System and method for determining operand access to data
Apparatus for and method of memory-affinity process scheduling in CC-NUMA systems
System and method for retrieving an abstracted portion of a file without regard to the operating sys...
System and method of measuring low impedances
Spare ADF scan window storage
Systems and methods for limiting access to imaging device consumable components
Probe for NMR apparatus using magnesium diboride
Alignment of attachment(s) mounted on a power tool
Persistent storage of information objects
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Tumor cells having tumorigenic potential but lacking invasive/metastatic potential, method for prepa...
Plugs for filling bony defects
System for protecting software
Delay device, semiconductor testing device, semiconductor device, and oscilloscope
Method for executing a cross-trade in a two-way wireless system
Image forming apparatus
Semiconductor memory device including an SOI substrate
Reflection-transmission double type liquid-crystal display device
Repetitive-PN1023-sequence echo-cancellation reference signal for single-carrier digital television ...
A/D converter with noise elimination function
Method and apparatus for lifting and stabilizing a foundation
Motion reduced floating structure
Method and apparatus for connecting underwater conduits
Tunnel waterproofing construction method
Plasma process and appropriate equipment for the removal of hydrocarbons contained in the sludge fro...
System and apparatus for rapidly installed breakwater
Building levelling system
Peptides used as angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor and preparation process thereof
Method of using hydroxycarboxylic acids or related compounds for treating skin changes associated wi...
Use of angiotensin II receptor antagonists for treating acute myocardial infarction
Composition and method for treatment of conditions having an inflammatory component
Inhibition of angiogenesis by high molecular weight kininogen and peptide analogs thereof
Methods for treating cardiovascular diseases with botulinum toxin
Autonomous solid state lighting system
Chimeric hydroxyl-phenyl pyruvate dioxygenase, DNA sequence and method for obtaining plants containi...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Hydrophobic coating compositions, articles coated with said compositions, and processes for manufact...
Crosslinked polymers and refractive devices formed therefrom
Macromolecular compounds
Accommodating positive and negative intraocular lens system
System, method and article of manufacture for a compressed texture format that is efficiently access...
Method and apparatus for occlusion culling in graphics systems
Method for preparation of stable bitumen polymer compositions
Device for controlling the level of a liquid in a boiler of a coffee machine
Servo spot welding control system and method of welding workpieces
Hibiscus plant `Balhiblu`
Floribunda rose plant named `POULfl002`
Climbing rose plant named `Meidrason`
Cactaceae plant named `Prancer`
Anthurium andreanum plant named `Anthefaqyr`
Almond tree named `Kochi`
Alstroemeria plant named `Christina`
ABA-type block copolymers having a random block of hydrophobic and hydrophilic monomers and methods ...
N-halamine vinyl compounds and their polymeric biocides
Article utilizing block copolymer intercalated clay
Polyester nanocomposites
Dynamo control circuit for a bicycle
Remote lock operation apparatus for light vehicle
Photo-voltaic trigger system
Method of controlling bicycle assembly
General learning support system
Bicycle wheel rims
Method for sealing fine groove with siliceous material and substrate having siliceous coating formed...
Use of antagonists of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) for the treatment of asthma and chro...
Photonically controlled active array radar system
Method for detecting tracking short
Method and laser system for production of high quality laser-induced damage images by using material...
Method for production of laser-induced damage images with special characteristics by creating damage...
Oxidative cleavage of unsaturated oils and products obtained therefrom
Thermoset and ceramic containing silicon and boron
Heat-sensitive recording material
Combination floss dispenser and toothbrush
Method of forming self-aligned thin capacitively-coupled thyristor structure
HER-2/neu overexpression abrogates growth inhibitory pathways
Identification document and ticket carrier
Method and device for processing sheets
Method for controlling a circumferential register in a web-fed rotary press
Method and apparatus for exposing printing forms
Control system
System for deploying the petals of a sectored mirror of an optical space telescope
High stability latch mechanism
Satellite system and method of deploying same
Method and apparatus for controlling passenger flow on aircraft
Structural assembly of part of an aircraft and aircraft, particularly rotary-wing aircraft, comprisi...
Stiffeners for aircraft structural panels
Phosphor coated waveguide for the efficient collection of electron-generated photons
Method and apparatus for sensing image
Temperature controlled sample changer for NMR analysis
Double-counter-rotational coil
Magnetic resonance signal evaluation method and apparatus using combinations of simultaneously recei...
Binaural synchronization
Test circuit for input-to-output speed measurement
Rotor for a permanent magnet synchronous machine
Substituted 3',4'-di-O-camphanoyl-(+)-cis-khellactone analogs, compositions thereof, and methods for...
Nucleotide sequences encoding variable regions of heavy and light chains of monoclonal antibody 1F7,...
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane polyimide composites
Process for manufacturing pouches of ethylene copolymer film for containing a flowable material
Modeling dough and a surface active drying agent coating composition for same
Quantum dot tunable external cavity lasers (QD-TEC lasers)
Light hardening device and a light source suitable for use in a light hardening device
Phosphorus compounds
Device for measuring an electrical current that flows through a strip conductor
Apparatus and method for demand load analysis
Method and apparatus of using a single computer program source code base to provide a program that i...
Calendar-induced program execution
System, method, and computer program product for scoping operating system semantics in a computing e...
Dynamic, policy based management of administrative procedures within a distributed computing environ...
Generalised program hooks
Hydraulic tensioner
Method to ensure robust operation of a pin lock in a vane style cam phaser
Control method for preventing integrator wind-up when operating VCT at or near its physical stops
Alpha olefin production
Process to upgrade fischer-tropsch products and form light olefins
Method for adding heat to a reactor system used to convert oxygenates to olefins
Manufacture of high octane alkylate
Catalytic production of olefins at high methanol partial pressures
Aviation gasoline containing reduced amounts of tetraethyl lead
System and method for detecting and resolving IR remote signal conflicts
Radio frequency identification system write broadcast capability
Module for receiving a light beam and converting it to a scanning beam
Method for generating multimedia projects
Systems and methods for managing multiple communications
Interlock valve
Rodless linear drive
Mailbox number plate mount
System and method for logging messages in an embedded computer system
Scorpion toxins
Delivery methods, systems and components for use with hazardous pharmaceutical substances
Dynamic credential refresh in a distributed system
Method, computer program, and system for automated real-time signal analysis for detection, quantifi...
System and method using environment memory having signatures
Liquid vaporization with housing stabilization system
Method for manufacturing an optical device with a defined total device stress
Method and article of manufacture to align and reinforce a driver's installation irrespective of dri...
Method of customizing HRTF to improve the audio experience through a series of test sounds
Industrial robot device
Integrated circuit, method of circuit configuration and program thereof
Composite high frequency component and mobile communication apparatus including the same
Coin holder
Magnetic mailbox device
Pallet jack brake
Forklift truck
Curb ramp
Shopping cart frame and basket assembly having a lowered center of gravity
Method and system for evaluating cardiac ischemia with heart rate feedback
Fluorescent fiberoptic probe for tissue health discrimination and method of use thereof
System and method for generating an image from an image dataset and a video image
N-(aryl/heteroarylacetyl) amino acid esters, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and method...
Safe hug child seat and infant cradle restraint device
Server contained four juxtaposed hard disk drives
Enterprise process models and enterprise application for information technologies
Domain-independent reconfigurable scheduler
Method of background downloading of information from a computer network
System and method for providing easy access to the world wide web
Method and system for selecting a personalized set of information channels
System and methods for multilevel electronic mail communication programs
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution and secondary battery containing same
Negative electrode for lithium rechargeable batteries and lithium rechargeable batteries
Solid electrolyte battery and production method thereof
Integrated monolithic microfabricated dispensing nozzle and liquid chromatography-electrospray syste...
Flame-resistant polycarbonate compositions having increased chemical resistance
Neuroprotective methods and reagents
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Oxygen separation through hydroxide-conductive membrane
Ionically and covalently cross-linked polymers and polymer membranes
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Method and device for regulating a docking process between two automobiles
Methods and apparatus for managing computer processes
Method for preparing porous carbon material, porous carbon material and electrical double layer capa...
Data terminal, data distribution system, and internet telephone system
Communication terminal device
System and method for echo cancellation
Side-tone control within a telecommunication instrument
Testing box for a telecommunications system
Telecommunications resource connection and operation using a service control point
Identifying call parties to a call to an incoming calling party
Materials and methods for the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, and ather...
Method and system for controlling a vehicle
Yoke compartment of voice coil motor for hard disk drive and voice coil motor using said yoke compon...
Method of index trimming a waveguide and apparatus formed of the same
Calibration and alignment of X-ray reflectometric systems
Pulse referenced control method for enhanced power amplification of a pulse modulated
Multithreaded layered-code processor
Resetting a processor in an isolated execution environment
Hierarchically structured control information editor
System and method for preparation of workload data for replaying in a data storage environment
Implantable refillable infusion device
Nucleic acids that encode transcriptional adaptor proteins
Method and system for creating and using knowledge patterns
Preparation of an aggregate whey protein product and its use
Use of echinacea as a feed additive to enhance protection against coccidiosis
Spinning reel for fishing
Clicking reel shell for spinning reel
Sure stay system
Animal cage with wire bar lid
Method to enhance reproductive performance in poultry
Patient-supporting apparatus for a piece of medical equipment
PPE copolymers, preparation thereof, and resin composition utilizing the same
Adhesive compositions based on polychloroprene dispersions
Halogen-free flame-retardant composition
Adhesive systems
Biologically powered electroactive polymer generators
Bromination process
Adjusting method and adjusting jig of button attaching apparatus
Cooking shelf for microwave oven and microwave oven having the same
Anthocyantin coloring agent and method for the production thereof from organic matter
Method and apparatus for the detection of volatile products in a sample
Gift basket stacking tray
Low DP food casing from high solids viscose
Sugar-free confectionery
Binocular doubling as toy
Hopping mechanism for model car
Sensor switch assembly
Modular game call system
Steel toy disk
Collapsible structures
Vehicle compartment occupancy detection system
Electric power steering control device
Electrical load management in conjunction with idle shutdown
Sensor device for a vehicle seat
Distributor system and method for the supply of consumers
Control system for front-and-rear wheel drive vehicle
Peptides having anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activity
Stabilizing element for use on mobile devices
Replacement motorized drive unit for boat lifts
Stackable guide funnel system and method
Watercraft with flexible seating configurations
Segmented jewelry item
Five petal flower gemstone
Process for producing a thin sheet of ultra-low-carbon steel for the manufacture of drawn products f...
Maraging steel having high fatigue strength and maraging steel strip made of same
Method for producing non-grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet
Galvannealed steel sheet superior in workability
Steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Multi-layer steel cable for tire crown reinforcement
Balascopy system and method with improved sensitivity
Electrical impedance method and apparatus for detecting and diagnosing diseases
Sensing device with identifier
Method and system for extracting data from surface array deposited features
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium used therewith
Method and system for compressing data and a geographic database formed therewith and methods for us...
Fast and efficient computation of cubic-spline interpolation for data compression
Method and system for interactive ground-truthing of document images
Fiber array, and waveguide device
High density fiber optic module
Equipment box, in particular a splice box
Cable clip with segregator and method
High germanium content waveguide materials
Vertically-tapered optical waveguide and optical spot transformer formed therefrom
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method with data feed access
Auto focusing system
Color sensor
Slidably detachable mobile phone display unit
Method for regulating the picture power in a television receiver
Color isolated backlight for an LCD
Perforated film constructions for backlit signs
Switch device in steering wheel and steering wheel
Light guide, line illumination apparatus, and image acquisition system
Illuminating or indicating device of improved appearance, for a motor vehicle
Vehicle lamp
Nasal epidermal lifting mechanism
Fluorinated ionomers
Triamine derivative melanocortin receptor ligands and methods of using same
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Methods for using specific saccharides for treating alzheimer's disease and other amyloidoses
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Mapping of an RDBMS schema onto a multidimensional data model
Pneumatic ratchet
Techniques for increasing bandwidth in port-per-module memory systems having mismatched memory modul...
Method for producing organic thin film device and transfer material used therein
22438, 23553, 25278, and 26212 novel human sulfatases
Electrochemical device and process of making
Continuous isothermal process for preparing mononitrotoluenes in the presence of phosphoric acid
Method of cutting a protective tape and protective tape applying apparatus using the same method
Sprayable analgesic composition and method of use
Fibrillated bast fibers as reinforcement for polymeric composites
Belt device and unit device including belt device and image forming apparatus using the belt device ...
Use of wax mixtures for coatings
Pigmented, weatherable molding compositions
Inhalation device
Fast forward link power control for CDMA system
Fluid control valve and a feedback control system therefor
Method and apparatus for illuminating advertising and marketing metered and unmetered parcel and pac...
Protecting and linking groups for organic synthesis on solid supports
Method for forming a pattern and a semiconductor device
Synthesis of stable solutions of rare earth tris (organophosphate) in hydrocarbon solvents
Clamp for connecting a cylindrical temperature sensor axis-parallel to a tube
Measuring probe and method for measuring the concentration of agents in gases and/or liquids
Adaptive interface for a software development environment
System and method for updating a table of contents in a frameset
System and method for transaction-selective rollback reconstruction of database objects
Cache synchronization method, system and apparatus for a distributed application and an object locat...
Augmented processing of information objects in a distributed messaging framework in a computer netwo...
Dynamically incorporating updates to active configuration information
Thermal target
Multi-layered structures and methods for manufacturing the multi-layered structures
Medical apparatus remote control and method
Extrusion die and process
Methanotrophic carbon metabolism pathway genes and enzymes
Espresso tamper
Foam compositions from blend of alkenyl aromatic polymers and alpha-olefin/vinyl or vinylidene aroma...
Combination of a nonionic silicone surfactant and a nonionic surfactant in a solid block detergent
Cementitious compositions and cementitious slurries for permanently plugging abandoned wells and pro...
Blends of poly (vinyl alcohol) and poly (ethylene oxide) and articles made therewith
Liquid aluminum stop leak
Composition and method for color improvement of nitroxyl containing polymers
Method and device for increasing the shelf life of an oxygen sensitive product
Top coating composition
Graft copolymer composition and vinyl chloride resin composition containing the same
Fuel-fired water heater with dual function combustion cutoff switch in its draft structure
Inking plate for rotary printing machine
Method and system for address server redirection for multiple address networks
Selective control of lignin biosynthesis in transgenic plants
Method for producing molten salts with an extruder and use of the molten salts
Fuel cell system and method for operating the same
Method for producing hydrogen
Standard package design for both atmospheric and pressurized SOFC power generation system
Electrochemical fuel cell stack with improved reactant manifolding and sealing
Mineralization and biological modification of biomaterial surfaces
Dental compositions comprising bisacrylamides and use thereof
Handle arrangment for a carton
Tamper evidencing closure
Fabric care compositions
Process for producing coated detergent particles
Cleaning concentrate
Liquid dishwashing detergent composition having polymeric particles
Hair conditioning composition comprising carboxylic acid/carboxylate copolymer and moisturizing agen...
Concentrated perfume compositions and manufacture of fabric softening compositions therefrom
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Composition in the form of an aerosol mousse based on polyurethane and anionic polymer
Use of an amphoteric polymer to treat a hard surface
Systems and methods providing scan-based delay test generation
System, method and article of manufacture for late synchronization during the execution of a multime...
Method and system for delivering media services and application over networks
Velocity dependent soft handover for a cdma cellular system with random bts selection
CDNAs encoding catenin-binding proteins with function in signalling and/or gene regulation
Vascular stent with composite structure for magnetic reasonance imaging capabilities
Precast one piece upper castable ring for induction furnaces
Method for finding solutions
Substrate treating compositions
Apparatus and methods for a coding scheme selection
Method and apparatus for performing beam searching in a radio communication system
Radio base station apparatus with inter-shelf communication
Method of controlling a channel between a radio terminal and a cellular radiocommunication infrastru...
Method of adjusting frequency of cellular radio repeater
Memory device
Flowable dental resin materials and method of use thereof
Transparent medium having angle-selective transmission or reflection properties and/or absorption pr...
Adhesive sheet and floor surface covered structure
Diagnostic devices and apparatus for the controlled movement of reagents without membranes
Tunable, polymeric core, fiber Bragg gratings
Preparation and use of crosslinkable acrylosilane polymers containing vinyl silane monomers
Method for protection of stone with substantially amorphous fluoropolymers
Copper tantalate compositions containing trivalent cations
Method for preparing dimetal sulfonyl amide salts
Program execution device and process migrating method thereof and storage medium which stores proces...
Two-part memory address generator
System for determining status of multiple interlocking FIFO buffer structures based on the position ...
Dynamically adaptive network element in a feedback-based data network
Adjustable microphone boom with acoustic valve
Camera body, camera and method for assembling same
Lens-fitted photo film unit and method of producing the same
Motion detector camera
Tremble correcting device and optical device provided with tremble correcting function
Phase difference detection method, phase difference detection apparatus, range finding apparatus and...
Display element with a backprint comprising a squarine dye
Method for simulating operation of an automated banking machine system
Color image display device
Spindle motor and disk drive furnished therewith
Copper-based, sintered sliding material and method of producing same
Roller bearing cage
Roller bearing
Tilting pad bearing arrangement
Connecting rod bearing
Vehicle gun holder
Optical combiners
Electric motor stator assembly having novel winding arrangement and method of making same
Compositions isolated from plant cells and their use in the modification of plant cell signaling
Unified technique for multi-rate trellis coding and decoding
Method and system for maximizing DRAM memory bandwidth through storing memory bank indexes in associ...
Transparent fiber-optic communication network
Method and apparatus for effecting alignment in an optical apparatus
Arrayed waveguide grating
Optical module
MEMS membrane with integral mirror/lens
Multi-spectral line Raman laser
Multi-channel magnetic tape system having optical tracking servo
Financial board game
Pasteurella neuraminidase diagnostic methods and immunoassay kit
Flexible external control of unsolicited web pages sent to a user accessing the internet
Adopting browser environmental attributes of e-mail sender
Telecommunications network with a transport layer controlled by an internet protocol layer
Infusion machine
Device for injecting water into an apparatus for preparing a beverage from a capsule
Game ball lacing
Ball glove with reinforced finger stalls and a wrist panel with spaced-apart padding
Multipin feedthrough containing a ground pin passing through an insulator and directly brazed to a f...
Component position indicating apparatus
Multi-fluorescent hairpin energy transfer oligonucleotides
Spinal prosthetic implant and insertion instrument
Computer system and method for implementing a virtual reality environment for a multi-player game
Method of preparing monomer-grafted syndiotactic polystyrene with polarity
Lightweight support for bumpers
Composition and method for the treatment of sinusitis
Intelligent SPAM detection system using an updateable neural analysis engine
Method, system and computer product for providing an object class based distributed virtual mailbox ...
Lowly lactone-modified reactive monomer composition, acrylic polyol resins produced with the same, c...
Flavoring agent from filamentous fungus
Optical disk adapter for optical disk label printers
Method and apparatus for selective acoustic signal filtering
Sound reducing device for a coffee grinder and other kitchen appliances
Custom-moulded ear-plug, and process for producing a custom-moulded ear-plug device
Acoustic-structural LPC splitter
Mouse telomerase reverse transcriptase
Filter arrangement
Solid state free space switch array on a substrate
Sol-gel coatings for solar cells
Method of N2O growth of an oxide layer on a silicon carbide layer
Method for forming patterns for semiconductor devices
Display unit and method of manufacturing the display unit
Active matrix type display apparatus
Active matrix display device and inspection method therefor
Display apparatus
Method for manufacturing organic EL device, organic EL device, and electronic apparatus
Active matrix substrate, electrooptical device, and method of producing active matrix substrate
Method for fabricating an isolated microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device incorporating a wafer...
Coatings, method of manufacture, and the articles derived therefrom
High temperature resistant magnesium alloys
Ti-Zr type alloy and medical appliance formed thereof
Ciclesonide contained pharmaceutical composition for application to mucosa
Semiconductor integrated circuit and memory system
Pre-biased voltage level shifting circuit for integrated circuit devices utilizing differing power s...
Gas turbine system and method for controlling the same
Organic substrate for flip chip bonding
Heat transfer structure for a semiconductor device utilizing a bismuth glass layer
Data converter and recording medium on which program for executing data conversion is recorded
Navigation system with decryption functions and secure geographic database
Encoding and decoding methods in which decryption data is conveyed steganographically within audio o...
Method and apparatus for encrypting data in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for attenuating effects of positive over-spray on photoreceptor
Operating screw with spiral projection having cylindrical surface and retreat surface
System and method of printer/copier active line current control
Interactive required stock fault recovery methodology
Infrared correction in color scanners
Assist channel coding with vertical block error correction
Method and apparatus for removing a checkerboard-like noise artifact from a captured composite NTSC ...
Das5, a P450 protein involved in the brassinosteroid biosynthesis pathway in plants
Vehicle anchorage system for child seat
Computerized system and method for teaching and assessing the holistic scoring of open-ended questio...
Learning station
System and method for assessing organizational leadership potential through the use of metacognitive...
Network-assisted behavior management system
Method and apparatus for behaviorally reinforced training with guided practice
Automated diagnostic system and method including synergies
Intravenous fluid bag promotional apparatus with clock
Game machine, startup method for the game machine, and execution method of a game program for the ga...
Game device, picture data forming method and medium
Image display method, computer game processing method and recording medium
Synthetic grass sport surfaces
Skill games
Isolation of natural products from birch bark
Production and use of high molecular weight aliphatic polycarbonates
Molding composition
Printed matter including invisible information and printing system
Tape indicia on clear film media
Optimal complementary punctured convolutional codes
Methods and apparatus for managing communication networks supporting multiple quality of service cla...
Orientation stabilization for MEMS devices
Chromatic dispersion measurement
Redundant data storage and data recovery system
Intra-tracheal aerosol delivery system and method of using same
Skin cosmetic care system and method
Paintball gun having a hinged receiver and method for making same
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor control
Cleaning implement comprising a removable cleaning pad having multiple cleaning surfaces
Network processor processing complex and methods
Intrinsically safe oxidation process
Synthesis of alumino- and silicoalumino-phosphates of CHA framework type
Thermal spray rare earth oxide particles, sprayed components, and corrosion resistant components
DASC compositions, process for preparing same and suspensions containing same
Polarizer constructions and display devices exhibiting unique color effects
Cable with impact-resistant coating
Xylanase from trichoderma reesei, method for production thereof, and methods employing this enzyme
Method of fabricating optical filters
Thin-film circuit substrate
Radiation emitting structural element
Signal splitter matrix for a cable modem termination system
Diagnostic technique for debugging memory corruption
Computer-implemented method of process analysis
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, storage medium on which cell library is stored and designin...
Programmable gain amplifier with single stage switched capacitor circuit using bandwidth balancing
Manufacturing platform
Method for producing L-prolyl-L-M-sarcolysyl-L-p-fluorophenylalanine and derivatives thereof
Dye combinations for multiple bandpass filters for video displays
Hardening flux, soldering resist, semiconductor package reinforced by hardening flux, semiconductor ...
Reactive diluent and curable resin composition
Thermoplastic moulding materials based on special highly effective grafted polymer components
Tire sidewall composition
Photosolder resist composition
Electron induced fluorescent method for nucleic acid sequencing
Polymer dispersion for impregnating paper
Microencapsulation using ultrasonic atomizers
Method for preparing a plastic surface for printing with toner
Thermal recording material
Method and structure for a slug pusher-mode piezoelectrically actuated liquid metal switch
Metal binding compounds and their use in cell culture medium compositions
Short arc type mercury lamp
Hydrogen-selective metal membranes, membrane modules, purification assemblies and methods of forming...
Benzoylcyclohexanedione derivatives and their use as herbicides
Process for purifying a compound
Heteroaryl-substituted heterocycles
Invisible encoding of meta-information
Digital watermark screening and detection strategies
Digital watermark embedding device, digital watermark detection device, digital information distribu...
Trash receptacle and advertising kiosk
Method and system for performing money transfer transactions
Process for obtaining lignan
Process for making paper
System and method for creating a search query using movable elements in a graphical user interface
Information processing apparatus and method using a conceptual database
Collection recognizer
Method and system for incorporating filtered roles in a directory system
System and method for filtering explain tables
Method and system for increasing the estimation accuracy of cam phase angle in an engine with variab...
Aerodynamic sound-emitting amusement device
Gaming device and method having a plurality of serially dependent and independent bonuses
Method for storing odometer data
Method for sensing the readiness of a driver to steer
Automated control system for vehicle leveling and elimination of torsion in a vehicle chassis
Vehicle diagnostic record mapping
Vehicle-roadside service providing system
Slab optical multiplexer
Multi-chip memory devices and modules including independent control of memory chips
Methods and computer program products for characterizing a crystalline structure
Semiconductor packages and methods for manufacturing such semiconductor packages
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method and system for removing conductive lines during deprocessing
Web based data mining and location data reporting and system
Full-duplex speakerphone with wireless microphone
Method and system for verifying the position of a mobile station based on multiple positions
System and technique for plane switchover in an aircraft based wireless communication system
Data communication method using mobile terminal
Duplex satellite communication using a single frequency or pair
Rotational mechanism for a wireless communication device
Use of an amphipathic compound for providing an adjuvant to a subunit vaccine
CoRT-PCR assay for the discrimination of endogenous reverse transcriptase activity in eukaryotic cel...
Chlamydial vaccines and methods of preparation thereof
Near-field super-resolution optical cover glass slip or mount
Weak current generation
Adhesive microstructure and method of forming same
Conotoxin peptides
I-superfamily conotoxins
Agrochemical suspension formulations
Method and system of using an insecure crypto-accelerator
Golf ball
Golf club putter and method of putting
Golf putter with a rear mounted shaft
Putting device
Golf cup
Susceptor with built-in plasma generation electrode and manufacturing method therefor
Vented cell structure and fabrication method
Apparatus for interconnecting continuous tubing strings having sidewall-embedded lines therein
Apparatus for transferring a discrete portion of first web onto a second web
Molding die and manufacturing method of molded product
Method for producing one-piece, three-dimensional shaped bodies, shaped bodies produced according to...
Developing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus that applies lubricant to a surface of image carrier
Coated optical fiber and manufacturing method and apparatus therefor
Buffered optical fibers and methods of making same
Dispersion and slope compensating optical fiber and transmission link including same
Optical communication system using optical transcription material
Integrated optical router
High power excimer or molecular fluorine laser system
Laser beam reforming system
High repetition rate UV excimer laser
Gas laser oscillator
Hydrogenated polymer
Dissipation of static electricity in workwear
Parallel ski training device
Grip pads and article of footwear for use therewith
Removable liner and inflatable bladder for snowboard boots and method of manufacture
Display device
Method and apparatus for converting image files into hierarchical charts as a learning aid
Methods and apparatus for radar signal reception
Container crane radiation detection systems and methods
Downhole magnetic-field based feature detector
Method of electrically blowing fuses under control of an on-chip tester interface apparatus
Transmission mechanisms with three gear sets and a stationary gear member
Control system for an eight-speed automatic transmission
Modular equipment dynamic condition monitoring system with multiple processors
Vibration monitoring system for gas turbine engines
Display device and method for producing the same
Methods and apparatuses for removing thermal energy from a nuclear reactor
Integrated active flux microfluidic devices and methods
Magnetic nanoparticles having biochemical activity, method for the production thereof and their use
System and method for remotely creating a physical memory snapshot over a serial bus
Methods and systems for processing media content
Texture tiling with adjacency information
System and method for maintaining data for performing "what if" analysis
Automated banking machine housing with improved service access
System and method for securely storing and controlling the dispensing of a payout
Laminate with gas barrier properties, production method therefor, and paper container employing said...
Method and apparatus for making plastic film, and plastic film
System and method for determining location of extrusion in interconnect
Ladder tool holder
Multi-layered stretched resin film
Photonic crystal light source
Low probability of intercept (LPI) millimeter wave beacon
Diversity systems for receiving digital terrestrial and/or satellite radio signals for motor vehicle...
Applications for radio frequency identification systems
Real world showroom
Unified directory services architecture for an IP mobility architecture framework
Method and apparatus for controlling signaling links in a telecommunications system
Interface device, control method for the same, and data storage medium for recording the control met...
Pulse-by-pulse cavity ring-down spectroscopy
System and method for detecting address fields on mail items
Method and device for reducing a number of measured values of a technical system
Hearing aid having improved speech intelligibility due to frequency-selective signal processing, and...
Circuit arrangement and method for generating an x-ray tube voltage
CMOS imager with a self-aligned buried contact
Multi-trench region for accumulation of photo-generated charge in a CMOS imager
Coating for use with medical devices and method of making same
Preparation coping for creating an accurate permanent post to support a final prosthesis and method ...
Sector-coding technique for reduced read-after-write operations
Method and circuit for modeling a voice coil actuator of a mass data storage device
Retrieval method and retrieval device by designation of recording time in image recording/reproducin...
Positioner for precisely moving an e-block of a disk drive
Low stiffness, high torsion suspension
Disc drive suspension having an independent hinge member
Thin film magnetic head causing appropriately suppressed side fringing and method of manufacturing t...
System and method for real-time, personalized, dynamic, interactive voice services for property-rela...
Method for the quantitation of alphavirus replicon particles
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Device and method for exchanging frame messages of different lengths in CDMA communication system
Ballast with lamp-to-earth-ground fault protection circuit
Track position error determination
Fixing temperature control method utilizing new factors and image forming apparatus
On-flow preheating in NMR measurements
Power hand tool with rotatable handle
Input/output interface and semiconductor integrated circuit having input/output interface
Proton conducting polymer, method for producing the same, solid polymer electrolyte and electrode
Fabrication method of oral care composition
Method for making a charge of moldable material
Portable oxygen concentrator
Closure with hinged hook
Process for production of aspartame derivative, crystal thereof, novel production intermediate there...
Hydroformylation of unsaturated compounds using polymeric phosphite ligands
Stem cell and dental pulp harvesting method and apparatus
Method for treating by combustion carbon-containing particles in an internal combustion engine exhau...
Pet transporter for a bicycle
Cockpit access protection system