Pathological tissue detection and treatment employing targeted benzoindole optical agents


Novel tumor specific phototherapeutic and photodiagnostic agents are disclosed. The compounds consist of a carbocyanine dye for visualization, photosensitizer for photodynamic treatment, and tumor receptor-avid peptide for site-specific delivery of the probe and phototoxic agent to diseased tissues A combination of these elements takes full advantage of the unique and efficient properties of each component for an effective patient care management.

Phototherapeutic тумора романа специфически и photodiagnostic вещества показаны. Смеси состоят краски для визуализирования, фотосенсибилизатора carbocyanine для photodynamic обработки, и пептид тумора приемн-padki1 для мест-speqificeski поставки зонда и phototoxic вещества к diseased комбинации а тканей этих элементов принимает полное преимущество уникально и эффективных свойств каждого компонента для эффективного терпеливейшего управления внимательности.


< Methods and systems using field-based light scattering spectroscopy

< Noninvasive measurement system

> Combinative multivariate calibration that enhances prediction ability through removal of over-modeled regions

> Device for non-invasively detecting the oxygen metabolism in tissues

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