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System for reproducing information recorded on a disc
Electronic music display device
Method and apparatus for flexible led lamp
Collapsible music stand with light
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Article comprising MEMS-based two-dimensional e-beam sources and method for making the same
Field emission device and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for high density nanostructures
High-throughput biomolecular crystallization and biomolecular crystal screening
Metal powder with nano-composite structure and its production method using a self-assembling techniq...
Non-penetrating projectile
Amusement ride with cable-launched carrier
Nozzle plate for ink-jet printer and method for manufacturing the same
Process for profile extrusion of a polyester
Zipper tape for a bag and method of producing the same
Hardness taper tube and production method and device therefor
Expanded porous thermoplastic polymer membranes and device for the production thereof
Sealing member, connecting structure using sealing member, and liquid discharge recording head
Coextruded products of aluminum foam and skin material
Genes from the 20Q13 amplicon and their uses
Method and apparatus for performing mobile assisted hard handoff between communication systems
Image forming apparatus and fixing apparatus
Diffusion replica delay circuit method
Intramedullary nail with snap-in window insert
Thermoplastic resin composition
Fullerene-containing polymer, producing method thereof, and photorefractive composition
Dentrifice comprising calcium carbonate granules
Anti-fouling flag and windsock display assembly
Phosphors containing oxides of alkaline-earth and Group-IIIB metals and light sources incorporating ...
Method for preparing organo-zinc derivatives by electrochemical process associated with a cobalt sal...
Manifold for electromagnetic valve
System for calculating analytical data and making calculation results available as an output
Electric discharge tube, method of manufacturing the tube, stroboscopic device using the tube and ca...
Method and system for associating parameters of containers and contained objects
Enterprise integration system
Obstruction management system for robots
Sink support shell apparatus and method of making a protective sink support shell
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
2, 4-disubstituted-pyridine N-oxides useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Waterproof speaker for use in an automobile
Organic electro-luminescence display element, finder screen display device, finder and optical devic...
Method and apparatus for query-specific bookmarking and data collection
Graphical user interface for providing and facilitating user for searching and accessing information...
Processes for the preparation of substituted isoxazoles and 2-isoxazolines
Method to establish sensitometry curve for a photographic medium
Migration of different source languages to an execution medium
Low dielectric constant films derived by sol-gel processing of a hyperbranched polycarbosilane
Method and apparatus for assaying a drug candidate to estimate a pharmacokinetic parameter associate...
Securing optical elements and optical devices
Methods for coating pharmaceutical core tablets
Apparatus and method for automated game ball inspection
Cogeneration of methanol and electrical power
Storage system and method using interface control devices of different types
Aerosol coolant spray for killing and removing ticks
Cold weather breathing device
Profile for a lift truck mast
Digital contents copying inhibition apparatus, digital contents copying inhibition method, and compu...
Centralized broadcast channel real-time search system
System and method for controlling and/or regulating the handling characteristics of a motor vehicle
Applications for laminate web
Method and apparatus of programmable interconnect array with configurable multiplexer
Process combining hydroisomerisation and separation using a zeolitic adsorbent with a mixed structur...
Signal power detection device and frequency analysis apparatus using the same
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `Nova`
System and method for unorchestrated determination of data sequences using sticky byte factoring to ...
VZV ORF29p protein-related compositions and methods
Plants and seeds of corn variety I363128
Peach tree, `Burpeachnineteen`
Efficient thread programming using a single callback function
Optical boolean logic devices for data encryption
Spherical tetragonal barium titanate particles and process for producing the same
Method of preparing nanosized spherical vanadium oxide particle
Process for continuously producing aluminum from clays
NOx reduction methods and apparatuses
Methods and apparatus for increasing and extending oil production from underground formations nearly...
Enhanced mercury control in coal-fired power plants
Silicon wafers with stabilized oxygen precipitate nucleation centers and process for making the same
Multilayer carbon nanotube films and method of making the same
Browser user interface
Radiation curable resin composition for fresnel lens and fresnel lens sheet
Multi-layer structure with variable bandpass for monochromatization and spectroscopy
Method of designing a product worn on a body in a virtual environment
Method and system for creating three-dimensional images using tomosynthetic computed tomography
Gantry for combined tomography scanner
Methods and apparatus for truncation compensation
Motor vehicle door lock system
Anti-theft protection system for a motor vehicle, and a method for operating an anti-theft protectio...
Internal combustion engine ignition coil, and method of producing the same
Light emitting device and electric device using the same
Dynamically optimized coincidence septa
Pressure activated switch and touch panel
Electronics enclosure having an interior EMI shielding and cosmetic coating
Self-aligning ultrasonic displacement sensor system, apparatus and method for detecting surface vibr...
Soybean cultivar 0491728
Soybean variety XB30W03
System and method for verifying digital postal marks
Methods, apparatus, and program products for analyzing context in a networked computing environment
Process and methodology for selecting cutting parameters for titanium
Method and apparatus for dynamically selecting an electrocardiogram compression process based on com...
Method, apparatus and system for removing motion artifacts from measurements of bodily parameters
Estimation of toner usage
Process cartridge
Device and method to scatter optical fiber output
Large diameter optical waveguide having blazed grating therein
X-ray tube for operating in a magnetic field
Method and device for distributing bandwidth
Inverter controller
Angular, azimuthal and displacement insensitive spectrophotometer for color printer color control sy...
On-line model prediction and calibration system for a dynamically varying color reproduction device
Self referencing mark independent alignment sensor
Multiple templates for filtering of far field R-waves
Dielectric block signal filters with cost-effective conductive coatings
Microsystem package structure
Flat panel color display with enhanced brightness and preferential viewing angles
Memory, writing apparatus, reading apparatus, writing method, and reading method
Short-wavelength photodiode of enhanced sensitivity with low leak current and method of manufacturin...
Semiconductor chip mounting substrate, electrooptical device, liquid-crystal device, electroluminesc...
Power switching device
EL display device having a pixel portion and a driver circuit
Semiconductor memory device having full depletion type logic transistors and partial depletion type ...
Semiconductor device formed on an SOI structure with a stress-relief layer
Semiconductor device having shallow trenches and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a method of manufacture thereof
Magnetic memory unit and magnetic memory array
Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing the same, and method for driving the same
Photoconductor on active pixel image sensor
Flat panel detection type solid-state imaging device
Palladium silicide (PdSi) schottky electrode for gallium nitride semiconductor devices
Group III-V compound semiconductor crystal structure and method of epitaxial growth of the same as w...
Method for increasing light olefin yield by conversion of a heavy hydrocarbon fraction of a product ...
Hydrocarbon conversion using zeolite SSZ-64
Photoluminescent markers and methods for detection of such markers
Retroviral vectors comprising a functional splice donor site and a functional splice acceptor site
Method of extracting virus from cell culture
Functionalized porous substrate for binding chemical and biological moieties
Lentiviral vectors encoding clotting factors for gene therapy
Methods for generating genetically altered antibody producing cell lines with improved antibody char...
Ligands for FPR class receptors that induce a host immune response to a pathogen or inhibit HIV infe...
Artemisolide compound isolated from the aerial parts of Artemisia sylvatica, isolation method, and u...
Gastric acid secretion
Method of using optically-activated particles in cosmetic preparations
Methods for therapy of radiation cutaneous syndrome
Synthetic transfection vectors
Compositions and methods for treating female sexual arousal disorder using hydrophobic-calcitonin ge...
Cyclosporin analogs for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Therapeutic agents
Method of preparation of stabilized thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI) and methods o...
Methods for screening cellular proliferation using isotope labels
System for remote booting of muntliple operating systems using chained bootstrap mechanism in a netw...
Router table manager
Communications network
Methods and apparatus for searching for and identifying information of interest to users
Client/server architecture for text-to-speech synthesis
Time varying harmonic analysis including determination of order components
Print controller, print system, print controlling method, and record medium
Method and apparatus for in situ determination of molten polycarbonate composition using electronic ...
Enteral feeding adapter
Tray structure for loading in and unloading disk from disk drive
Giant magnetoresistive sensor with high-resistivity magnetic layers
Light induction type thin film magnetic head
Remote-operated integrated microactuator, in particular for a read/write transducer of hard disks
Actuator molding and baking process parameters for polyphenylene sulfide 40% glass fill for high tem...
Electrical interconnect scheme
Disc head slider designs with particle flushing channels
Low profile cartridge for data storage disk
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Low moment material for magnetic recording head write pole
Write head with magnetization controlled by spin-polarized electron current
Magnetic heads for perpendicular recording with trapezoidal pole tips
Disk drive rocking mode vibration damper
Power-efficient seek operations in hard disk drive
Hard disk drive having a plurality of head disk assemblies
Method and apparatus for handling end of data processing in a data storage device
Information refresh method, storage system and storage medium thereof
Frequency modulation system and method
Positioning control method
Method for forming a disc stack assembly
Compounds having anti-hepatitis C virus effect
Use of N-substituted-1, 5-dideoxy-1, 5-imino-D-glucitol compounds for treating hepatitis virus infec...
Cellular regulators of infectious agents and methods of use
Method for detecting a hand-off target frequency in a cellular mobile telecommunication system
Akt3 inhibitors
Foamed elastic member for use in image forming apparatus
Integrated circuit with layout matched high speed lines
ArF photoresist copolymers
Optical waveguide thermoplastic elastomer coating
Filter medium for turbine and methods of using and producing the same
Diazabicyclic central nervous system active agents
Portable device for dental hygiene
Antagonists of MCP-1 function and methods of use thereof
Connecting optical fibers
Cannula for the separation of inhaled and exhaled gases
Personalized picture postcard for holding inserted photograph
Boron phosphide-based semiconductor light-emitting device, production method thereof, and light-emit...
Aquarium protein skimmer
Optical wiring substrate, method of manufacturing optical wiring substrate and multilayer optical wi...
System and method for adjusting magnetic center field for permanent MRI magnetic field generator
Optical apparatus
System and methods for easy-to-use periodic network data capture engine with automatic target data l...
DNA encoding oxidoreductase and polypeptide encoded thereby
Methods and devices for treating diseased blood vessels
System, method, and computer program product for aiding optimization of die assembly shape for plast...
Method for computing complexity, confidence and technical maturity indices for reservoir evaluations
Clear sound side fill center fill
Method for eliminating false failures saved by redundant paths during circuit area analysis on an in...
Method of detecting a cancerous cell expressing EGFL6, and EGF mutif protein
Apple tree named `Brak`
Preparation of thin silica films with controlled thickness and tunable refractive index
Displacement assay on a porous membrane
Integrated transparent substrate and diffractive optical element
Charged lipids and uses for the same
Hand-held mobile mouse
Method and computer program product for color coding search results
Liquid dispensing mop
Storage system and method for data transfer between storage systems
Copy prevention apparatus and method in digital broadcasting receiving system
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Mechanism for constructing predictive models that allow inputs to have missing values
Brake device for vehicle
Trans free hard structural fat for margarine blend and spreads
Memory system allowing fast operation of processor while using flash memory incapable of random acce...
Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Radio communication system, private branch exchange and radio terminal for place of business
Self-ballasted electrodeless discharge lamp and electrodeless discharge lamp operating device
Representing database permissions as associations in computer schema
Achieving tight binding for dynamically loaded software modules via intermodule copying
Method and apparatus for isolating the root of indeterminate logic values in an HDL simulation
Method and system for software rejuvenation via flexible resource exhaustion prediction
Checkpoint computer system utilizing a FIFO buffer to re-synchronize and recover the system on the d...
Replacement algorithm for a replicated fully associative translation look-aside buffer
Limiting the number of dirty entries in a computer cache
System and method to monitor connections to a device
Method for enabling value-added feature on hardware devices using a confidential mechanism to access...
Method for guaranteeing a device minimun bandwidth on a usb bus
Petunia plant named `Wespecawhite`
Multimodal optimization technique in test generation
Tumor-associated antigen (R11)
Inbred corn line KW4636
Pentas plant named `Lava Pink`
Autofocus system
Image processing system
Data processor controlled DC to DC converter system and method of operation
Image stabilization and balancing system
Zoom lens barrel assembly
Rolling code security system
Secret sharing system and storage medium
Ultra-wideband communications system
Gaming device having an offer and acceptance game with a termination limit wherein the offer is pick...
Method for automated mass screening for visual dysfunction in children
Clearing trap
Target system
Entrapment device having a net
Football bola game
Card game
Blackjack game with side wager on displayed cards
Board game
Triggered hyperband scanning
Subharmonic mixer
Analog multiplier
Automated transmitter combiner monitoring system and method of using same
Combination lanyard and external antenna for wireless communication device
Dynamic channel quality measurement procedure for adaptive modulation and coding techniques
Mobile telephone network access
System for providing signals from an auxiliary audio source to a radio receiver using a wireless lin...
Digitally controlled radio back-end
Contention resolution method in channel allocation
Open loop timing control for synchronous CDA systems
Method of reducing radio channel access delay in GPRS system, and packet radio system
Method and radio communications system for transmitting information between a base station and other...
Relay antenna masts for cellular radio-telecommunication system
Circumferential antenna for an implantable medical device
Global network computers
Process for correction of a disulfide misfold in IL-1ra FC fusion molecules
Signal deformation monitor
Portable tester for LAAS ground facility
Method of treating sexual disturbances
Method and apparatus for printing
Suspension system and product holder for products
Navigation guide device and navigation guide system, method thereof, program therefor, and medium fo...
Navigation apparatus
Position locating system, server, position locating method, and program
Multisource target correlation
Vehicle to vehicle distance controller and vehicle
Space heater and light source
Zoomable beamspreader for non-imaging illumination applications
Reduction of blind spots by using display screens
Vehicle tracker with test features and related methods
Electronic fish counter apparatus
Violation alert speed display
Multi-mode signal
Message board with work lights for vehicles
Aerial sampler system
Backlight device
Vehicular lamp having a vibration-dampening lamp-attachment ring
Wireless receiving device and method jointly used by computer peripherals
Distributed transport communications manager with messaging subsystem for high-speed communications ...
Method and apparatus for providing partitioned telecommunication services
Cell relation manager
Recovery in a wireless environment
Intelligent remote software loading method for wireless portable communication device
Microphone emulation
Systems and methods for mining model accuracy display for multiple state prediction
Method and system for enabling a printing program to communicate with a printer
Information cursors
Battery pack
Sheet-form layered structure with attractive appearance and utilization thereof
Coin collecting tray for a casino machine
X-ray fluorescence thickness measurement device
Addressable and electrically reversible memory switch
Small particle analysis by laser induced incandescence
Chemotherapeutic composition and method
Silicon nanocrystal capacitor and process for forming same
Method of processing solution on a substrate
Optical sorting method
Photo-definable self-assembled materials
Silicon-based fuel cell electrode structures and fuel cell electrode stack assemblies
Cellulose matrix encapsulation and method
Seizure sensing and detection using an implantable device
Apparatus and method for detecting a received on-off keying signal in a CDMA mobile communication sy...
Antisense oligonucleotide compositions and methods for the modulation of JNK proteins
Electrophotographic toner containment apparatus and methods
Inclined magnetic field generation coil and magnetic field generator for MRI
Protecting film for polarizing plate and polarizing plate
Method for the separation of formaldehyde from a reaction mixture containing polyols by the addition...
Method of manufacturing metal foil
Saframycins, analogues and uses thereof
Actuator body for an inhalation device
Fluid-dispensing and refilling system for a power toothbrush
Apparatus for displaying images to viewers in motion
Halogen-free, phosphorus-free flame-retardant advanced epoxy resin and an epoxy composition containi...
Replaceable media filtration
Thermally compliant PCB substrate for the application of chip scale packages
Neurotrophic pyrrolidines and piperidines, and related compositions and methods
Adaptive selective retransmission of packets
Diagnosis of Smith-Lemli-Optiz syndrome
Universal detector for biological and chemical separations or assays using plastic microfluidic devi...
System and method for flexible packaging of software application licenses
Programmable identification in a communications controller
Trap guard device
Universal nucleic acid amplification system for nucleic acids in a sample
AC plasma display panel
Planar magnetic transducer
Methodology for stitching reduced-order models of interconnects together
Downmodulating an immune response with multivalent antibodies to PD-1
Dispersion-compensated optical wavelength router
Drug delivery device
Grease fitting cleaner
Fuel cell, and collector plate thereof
Push-pull output neuron circuit
Soy hydrolysate based nutritional formulations
Wordline driven method for sensing data in a resistive memory array
Light emitting element
Metal halide lamp for automobile headlight
Aster plant named `Victoria Gaby`
Managed access of a backup storage system coupled to a network
Hybrid maize plant & seed 39K40
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsasweet`
System and method for probabilistic quality of communication service determination
Spraying nozzle support
Lint collector for a laundry dryer
Lint filter for a laundry dryer
Mechanical sweeper
Stain removing appliance
Litter tray frame
Handle sheath
Retainer for a hair clip
Holder for hair dryer and accessories
Hair treatment apparatus
Solar powered outdoor light
Cap mounted headlight with remote battery pack
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Night light
Jar candle stand
Method of transmitting and receiving graphic short message service messages in a portable radio term...
Method for disabling alarm temporarily in mobile communication terminal
Data transmitting and receiving method and portable communication terminal apparatus
System and method providing automated welding information exchange and replacement part order genera...
Automated self service hotel/motel front desk attendant system
Terminal software architecture for use with smart cards
Company information disclosure system and memory medium
Method and apparatus using consumer idle time for productive activities
Method and apparatus for sales volume and share decomposition
Automated task management and evaluation
Personal injury claim management system
Balance and a method for operating a balance
Health monitoring system for car seat
Vehicle immobiliser/alarm
Control method and apparatus for internal combustion engine electric hybrid vehicles
Gravity-based vehicle power system
Weighing apparatus
Motor vehicle drive
V-belt type transmission
Occupant sensor
Method for occupant classification in a motor vehicle
Torque transfer device having an electric motor/brake actuator and friction clutch
Torque transfer device with double ball screw clutch actuator
Electric power steering device
Electric power steering apparatus for a vehicle
Method and system for providing secondary vehicle directional control through braking
Vehicle-pedal-backward-displacement preventing device for preventing displacement of depressable por...
Front end of a motor vehicle
Retaining device for utility vehicles
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizchbut`
Loropetalum plant named `Bill Wallace`
Argyranthemum plant named `OHAR01241`
Aster plant named `Victoria Ilona`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsasenan`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Cecil`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizros`
Pentas plant named `Lava Cerise`
Pentas plant named `Lava White`
Hibiscus plant named `Dallas`
Hibiscus plant named `Santa Fe`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsamay`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsambia`
Process for manufacturing highly concentrated hydroxylamine
Dual stage centrifugal liquid-solids separator
Vortex grit collector with mechanical conveyor for grit removal
Method for suppressing growth of mycobacteria in metalworking fluids
Method for monitoring and controlling chlorine levels in an aqueous medium
Methods and compounds for controlling the morphology and shrinkage of silica derived from polyol-mod...
Processes for recovering oligomers of glycols and polymerization catalysts from waste streams
Method for removing noxious substances and filter for removing harmful substances
Method for the extra-corporeal qualitative and/or quantitative recording of neurotoxic substances in...
Membrane-assisted fluid separation apparatus and method
Fractionation of liquid mixtures using membrane contactors
Method of separating components in a sample using silane-treated silica filter media
Membrane supported bioreactor for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
Wastewater treatment unit
Delivery systems for mycotechnologies, mycofiltration and mycoremediation
Self-venting filter element for a fuel filter arrangement
Unitary two stage filtration system
Refrigerator with treated water
Anti-Spray Aquarium Airlift Tube Elbow
Oil filtering device
Centrifugal separator and sample preparation device using the separator
Aerobic wastewater treatment apparatus
System and method for AI controlling waste-water treatment by neural network and back-propagation al...
Method for effluent purification
Membrane bioreactor using non-woven fabric filtration
Dialyzing apparatus
System for separating solids from a fluid stream
Monitoring waste liquid to determine membrane cleansing performance
Extension module for a portable device
Method for treating power plant heater drain water
Method for reducing the maximum water concentration in a multi-phase column reactor
Methods of enhancing confidence in assays for analytes
Method and apparatus for reducing the amount of hydrogen sulfide in effluent of a water heater
Methods and apparatus for processing temperature sensitive materials
System for producing ozone water and control method thereof
Treatment of sewage sludge
Multi column chromatography system
Method and device for cross-flow filtration
Secondary acoustic attenuator for vehicle
Lightweight loudspeaker enclosure
Match making based on proximity measures between devices
Light-emitting devices
Solid-state imaging device
Display driver and method for driving an emissive video display
Organic electroluminescence element
Organic electro-luminescence device
Image-display device
Electron-beam apparatus and image forming apparatus
Light-emitting device and iridium complex
Method of assembling electron gun electrodes for a cathode-ray tube
System and method for effecting high-power beam control with adaptive optics in low power beam path
GM-CSF nucleic acid sequences
Ion texturing methods and articles
Thermal barrier coating on a surface
Device and method for supplying atomizers, and spraying installation equipped with such a device
Coating boron carbide on aluminum
Spray gun with improved pre-atomization fluid mixing and breakup
Device using a pneumatically-actuated carrier to eject projectiles along a trajectory
Solid propellant formulations and methods and devices employing the same for the destruction of airb...
Flexible impact-resistant materials
Collapsible ballistic shield
Close combat butt stock for assault weapons
Stun gun
Reflex sight with multiple power sources for reticle
Planetary gear type multiple-step transmission for vehicle
Eyepiece optical system
Redundant analog to digital state machine employed to multiple states on a single line
Apparatus and method for sorted table binary search acceleration
Method of providing power to field programmable gate array modules
Hybrid semiconductor--magnetic spin based memory with low transmission barrier
Methodology for fabricating a thin film transistor, including an LDD region, from amorphous semicond...
Apparatus and method for optimizing the use of multiple gateway in ToL systems
Low-voltage circuit breaker comprising a data memory
Head-up display with an adjusting device for a mirror
Switching device for superconducting technology
Multiple electronically commutated motor control apparatus and method
Method for the noise-free evaluation of radar signals
Method and apparatus for detecting the three-dimensional position of an examination instrument inser...
System and method for positioning an electronic portal imaging device
System and method for measuring beam quality and dosimetry using electronic portal imaging
Method for transmitting data via a traction control which carries an electrical driving current for ...
Method of gamma ray event selection
Glass/plastic compounds
Transmit circuit for imaging with ultrasound
Cooling system for a turbine blade having a double outer wall
Methods and systems providing fair queuing and priority scheduling to enhance quality of service in ...
Communication system
Visual database system for storing data with time codes
Automated configuration system and method
Method of making anti-microbial polymeric surfaces
Solid free-form fabrication methods for the production of dental restorations
Protective guards for finger and thumbs
Flavorful low-fat cheese
Potato dough
Low calorie, palatable fiber-containing, sugar substitute
Process for producing a dehydrated food product from a wet plant material
Coffee extract and process for providing customized varieties and strengths of fresh-brewed coffee o...
Highly acidic metalated organic acid as a food additive
Microorganism reduction methods and compositions for food
Method for reducing color migration in multi-layered and colored gel-based dessert products and the ...
Meal-equivalent food bar
Manufacturing method of food additive composition and food composition containing the same
Preparations containing folic acid and a natural isomer of a reduced folate
Thermoplastic shaped-body of trehalose, process and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for stacking food portions
Apparatus for cleansing hands
Automatic machine for cooking food in a liquid
Electronic programmable fishing lure
(Halo-benzo carbonyl)heterocyclo fused phenyl p38 kinase inhibiting agents
Methods of monitoring enzyme activity
Heat spreading layers for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Semiconductor laser device
Discharge electrode and discharge electrode manufacturing method
High-average power active mirror solid-state laser with multiple subapertures
Optical module and optical transceiver
Off-axis mode scrambler
Semiconductor laser with gain waveguide layer providing transversal and longitudinal mode stability
Semiconductor device and optical pickup device
Single mode vertical cavity surface emitting laser using photonic crystals with a central defect
Semiconductor laser device and manufacturing method thereof
Mode-limiting diode laser structure
Single mode, single lobe surface emitting distributed feedback semiconductor laser
Eyesafe Q-switched laser
Single mode grating-outcoupled surface emitting laser with broadband and narrow-band DBR reflectors
Apparatus and method for laser driver operation
Fiber-coupled tunable single-mode long-wavelength vertical-cavity laser
Laser driver, optical disk apparatus using the same, and laser control method
Catalyst for Pauson-Khand reaction
Fluorous nucleophilic substitution of alcohols and reagents for use therein
Optical information recording medium
Porous, fine inorganic particles
Process and apparatus for the utilization of nitrogen-organic componds by gasification
Method for producing organometallic compounds
Resin bracelet
Switching power amplifier
Class D switching audio amplifier
Digital switching power amplifier
Resonant converter with phase delay control
Signal line driving circuit for an LCD display
Apparatus and method for providing a conscious patient relief from pain and anxiety associated with ...
Method and apparatus for automatically transferring I/O blocks between a host system and a host adap...
Hybrid maize plant and seed 36N70
Inbred maize line PH6JM
Choline monooxygenase gene
Potato cultivar FL 1922
DNA sequences for an amino acid transporter plasmids, bacteria, yeasts and plants containing a trans...
Methods and compositions for the introduction of molecules into cells
Process for the preparation of oligonucleotides
Apoptin-associating protein
Simple method for labeled conjugate production
Protective undercoating for a printed medium
Process for carbonizing wood residues and producing activated carbon
Power supply apparatus and electronic equipment
Capacitor unit with electric double layer capacitors, control method and control apparatus for the s...
Fuel supply device for internal combustion engine
Device to provide continuously variable gear reduction
Start-up circuit for switched mode power supply
Lactobacillus KCTC 0774BP and acetobacter KCTC 0773BP for treatment or prevention of obesity and dia...
Compact beam re-tracing optics to eliminate beam walk-off in an interferometer
Apparatus and process for purifying a liquid by thermoelectric peltier means
Sealed and pressurized liquid cooling system for microprocessor
Liquid circulation cooling system for electronic apparatus
Heat sink assembly with embedded fan
Reactor for catalytic gas phase oxidation
Heat circulation apparatus
Heat exchanger
Evaporative heat exchanger of streamline cross section tube coil with less even without cooling fins
Boiling cooler for cooling heating element by heat transfer with boiling
Cooling device of electronic apparatus
Temperature adjustment apparatus, exposure apparatus having the temperature adjustment apparatus, an...
Heat dissipation device with working liquid received in circulatory route
Cover apparatus for dissipating heat and shielding electromagnetic interference
CPU radiator holding mechanism
Heat sink apparatus that provides electrical isolation for integrally shielded circuit
Heat pipe system for cooling flywheel energy storage systems
Heat sink assembly with retaining device
Pulse tube cryocooler system for magnetic resonance superconducting magnets
Method for reading and writing memory cells of spatial light modulators used in display systems
Shock-wave modulation and control of electromagnetic radiation
MEMS driver
MEMS device
Optical microswitch printer heads
Edge plated transmission line and switch integrally formed therewith
Probe card for testing an integrated circuit
Method for making electronic devices including silicon and LTCC and devices produced thereby
Power circuitry with a thermionic cooling system
Microelectronic device package with an integral window mounted in a recessed lip
Packaging of MEMS devices using a thermoplastic
Dual metal-alloy nitride gate electrodes
Wavelength switch with independent channel equalization
Optical waveguide switch
Optical cross connect utilizing free space optics and an array of micro mirrors
Wavelength tunable external resonator laser using optical deflector
Image reconstruction method
Combined occupant characteristic and acoustic crash sensor arrangement
Apparatus and method for mass flow controller with network access to diagnostics
Implantable cardiac stimulation system and method for monitoring diastolic function
Optical switch and optical waveguide apparatus
Optical imaging apparatus
System and method for providing improved event reading and data processing capabilities in a flow cy...
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Surface acoustic wave device having balanced and unbalanced terminals and a delay line
Composite filter, antenna duplexer, and communication apparatus
Oscillator circuit, semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device provided with the oscillato...
Voltage control oscillator having a ferroelectric thin film perovskite single crystal resonator
Passive magnetic field sensors having magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials
Passive solid-state magnetic field sensors and applications therefor
Detection circuitry for surgical handpiece system
Methods for array-based comparitive binding assays
Ratchet wrench having switch locking device
Herbicide containing substituted pyrazole derivative as active ingredient
Medical mapping system
Method for optimizing an image processing and printing process
Linear motor
Compressor with built-in motor, and mobile structure using the same
Ultra-thin pump and cooling system including the pump
Gas pressure driven tank fluid pump having float and snap-acting rotary valve
System for regulating fluid pump pressures
Paste ejection apparatus
Compressor with internal accumulator for use in split compressor
Compressor system and vehicle air conditioning system having the same
Method for operating compressors of air conditioner
Stringed instrument strumming/picking apparatus and method
Reduced complexity computer system architecture
Execution of a computer program
Methods for predicting instruction execution efficiency in a proposed computer system
External storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof, and data transmission/reception apparatus
FCC spent catalyst distributor
Fuel additive and fuel refining process
Method for producing maleic acid anhydride
System and method for troubleshooting a network
Verification of identity and continued presence of computer users
Processor with pipeline conflict resolution using distributed arbitration and shadow registers
Method and system for quarantine during bus topology configuration
Link layer device and method of translating packets between transport protocols
Method and apparatus for controlling a speech synthesis system to provide multiple styles of speech
Lost frame recovery techniques for parametric, LPC-based speech coding systems
System and methods for determining semantic similarity of sentences
Audio coding and decoding methods and apparatuses and recording medium having recorded thereon progr...
Method for segmentation of text
Method of operation of a multi-station network
Navigation apparatus, map information storage medium, and method of providing information about area...
Substitution of high quality position measurements with upgraded low quality position measurements
Agricultural vehicle dispenser regulator and method
Method for synthesizing mobile identification numbers
Method and apparatus for detecting communication network delays
System for acquiring spread spectrum signals
Optical-reflectance-based mass-flow sensor
Modified starch-based polymer-containing fabric care compositions and methods employing same
Method of producing a multi-layer detergent tablet
Useful mutations of bacterial alkaline protease
Dual loop regulator
Cable organizer
System and method for implementing a user interface for use with Japanese characters
Drying method for selectively removing volatile components from wet coatings
Wrinkle cream
Immunologically active proteins from Borrelia burgdorferi, nucleic acids which encode them, and thei...
Method for localization of blood clots
Transcutaneous power optimization circuit for cochlear implant
Electroactive polymer sensors
Heat stable mutants of starch biosynthesis enzymes
Multipurpose antibody derivatives
RecA proteins
Compositions encoding lepidopteran-toxic polypeptides and methods of use
Repressing gene expression in plants
Altered recombinases for genome modification
Electromagnetic disturbance analysis method and apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing met...
Semiconductor storage device
Controller for delay locked loop circuits
FIFO read interface protocol
Selective multi-carrier direct sequence spread spectrum communication systems and methods
Method of communicating data in communication systems
Determining the timing of a data signal
Method and apparatus for communication between an electronic device and a connected battery
Asynchronous FIFO circuit and method of reading and writing data through asynchronous FIFO circuit
Voltage ID based frequency control for clock generating circuit
Memory mapping system and method
Signal transmission and receiving methods optimized for integrated circuit implementation
Substrate attracting and holding system for use in exposure apparatus
Processing system and device manufacturing method using the same
Stage control method, exposure method, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image reading apparatus and control program
Matrix substrate, liquid crystal display device using it, and method for producing the matrix substr...
Camera control apparatus for controlling a plurality of cameras for tracking an object
Electronic device, control method therefor, and storage medium providing power supply control functi...
Image display device and method and image communication apparatus and method
Information processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Image communication method and apparatus
Image communication apparatus and its control method
Print control apparatus with decompression, and method and storage medium
Method and apparatus for setting a limitation of copy to generated data in a system having a plurali...
X-ray mask and method for making
Method of preparing clarithromycin
Inner mirror with built-in antenna
Acid impervious coated metal substrate surface and method of production
Telemetered characteristic monitor system and method of using the same
Methods for making garments with fastening components
Method of optimizing tension in applying leg elastics
Method and system for closed chest blood flow support
Shopping cart with rigid frame and flexible, expandable walls
Golf accessory holder and clip therefor
Convertible handbag
Method and system for interference cancellation using multiple filter sets and normalized filter ada...
Learning system capable of performing additional learning and robot apparatus
Electrode system
Transflective liquid crystal display having dielectric multilayer in LCD cells
Passive range and angle measurement system and method
Driving apparatus and method for a double-side printable machine
Contactless electronic tag for three-dimensional object
Directivity controllable antenna and antenna unit using the same
Band-pass filter and communication apparatus
Wafer resistance measurement apparatus and method using capacitively coupled AC excitation signal
Digital focus and tracking servo system
Field addressable rewritable media
Programmable power supply
Marking print documents for visible ownership
Estimating utilization of an electronic system component
Determination of pharmaceutical expiration date
Apparatus and method for discharging an electrophotography component
Method and apparatus for assigning color management actions within a computing system
MRAM parallel conductor orientation for improved write performance
Method and apparatus for shock and vibration isolation of a circuit component
Dual-purpose computer having gravity-actuated fan speed control
Blocking mechanism to reduce leakage current
Magnetic resonance imaging of prostate brachytherapy seeds
Semiconductor integrated circuit compensating variations of delay time
Product code based forward error correction system
Flexible and absorbent alginate wound dressing
EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
Composite eye diagrams
Scanning unit and scanning microscope having the same
Through terminal and X-ray tube
Regulation method for the drain, body and source terminals voltages in a non-volatile memory cell du...
Therapeutic uses of nitric oxide inhibitors
Shock absorbing member capable of absorbing larger impact applied to electronic apparatus
Composite non-woven ink absorber
Solid-state electronic image sensing device with high subsampling efficiency and method of reading a...
Process for fabricating a thin-film device having inclined sides
Method of driving a plasma display apparatus
Production of ascorbic acid
Spacer structure having a surface which can reduce secondaries
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same
Waterproof venipuncture site cover
Articles formed from propylene diene copolymers
Catalysts for polymerization of alkylene oxides
Socket of pipe coupling for charging hydrogen
Alkaline cell with improved cathode including copper hydroxide and a sulfur additive
Solar cell unit with removable layer
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Method and apparatus for generation of programmable shader configuration information from state-base...
System appliance and cartridge for personal body care
Multi-dentate late transition metal catalyst complexes and polymerization methods using those comple...
Directionally cloned random cDNA expression vector libraries, compositions and methods of use
Method and apparatus for remote interactive exercise and health equipment
Mirror device for a cap
Method and apparatus for depositing railroad plates along a railroad track bed
Gel compositions based on reaction products of polyols and polyisocyanates
Bicycle frame
Body-connected bike
Training machine, image output processing device and method, and recording medium which stores image...
Tooth contour structure for large sprocket set of bicycle
Bicycle frame
Bicycle fork and pivot for same
Two-speed wheel assembly for manual wheelchairs, with a quick-release mounting capability
Electrode structure
Method for producing multilayer substrate and electronic part, and multilayer electronic part
Integrated pyrolysis systems and methods
Method of carbonization of organic waste and apparatus therefor
System and method for decongesting a waste converting apparatus
Method for simulating flow of an extinguishing agent
Method of generating three-dimensional fire and smoke plume for graphical display
Method and coating system for reducing carbonaceous deposits on surfaces exposed to hydrocarbon fuel...
Methods for producing imaged coated articles by using magnetic pigments
Method for making texture multilayer optical films
Biomass gasification system and method
Disposal of fluoroform (HFC-23)
Golf balls with thin moisture vapor barrier layer
Non-directional magnet field based proximity receiver with multiple warning and machine shutdown cap...
Method for viewing a full color animation
Method and apparatus for applying a layer of lacquer to an upper side of a printed medium
Fountain or dampening duct for a dampening unit of an offset printing machine
Press production series with offset drive
Surface mount aluminum capacitor having anode foil anodized in an aqueous phosphate solution
System and method for rendering printing traps with application of color transformations
Media for enhanced optical auto-focus performance and methods for using same
System and method for producing halftoned color separations for an output imaging device
System and method for providing an on-line gaming experience through a CATV broadband network
Monitoring circuit
Method and apparatus for automating a microelectronic manufacturing process
Battery pack and wireless telephone apparatus
Data entry by string of possible candidate information in a hand-portable communication terminal
Keypads for electrical devices
Blade tensioner and system for a chain
Control method for transitions between open and closed loop operation in electronic VCT controls
Adjustable band to be worn by a person or animal
Optical waveguide and method for preparing the same
Higher order mode stripping optical fiber and modules and systems utilizing the same
Integrating cavity for optical measurements
Methods and apparatus for dishing and erosion characterization
Virtual coherent signal controlled oscillator
Color image processing method, color image processing apparatus, and liquid-crystal display
Adjustable beamwidth and azimuth scanning antenna with dipole elements
Surveillance system and method for aircraft approach and landing
Method of multiplexing column amplifiers in a resistive bolometer array
Lens and bonded body of optical component
Ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
X-ray emitting system and method
Use of anticoagulant agents in the extracorporeal treatment of blood
Stent containing rapamycin or its analogs using a modified stent
Stent for keeping open tubular structures
Collapsible jacket guard
Covered stent and method of covering a stent
In-stent ablative tool
Apparatus and methods for delivery of intraluminal prostheses
Electrode metal material, capacitor and battery formed of the material and method of producing the m...
ECL labels having improved non-specific binding properties, methods of using and kits containing the...
Methods in electroanalytical techniques to analyze organic components in plating baths
Battery, especially flat cell
Buried anode lithium thin film battery and process for forming the same
Balanced anode electrode
Cyano-substituted dihydropyrimidine compounds and their use to treat diseases
System and method for converting adiabatic RF pulses into pseudo adiabatic RF pulses
Method of simulating indoor behavior of pesticidal compound
System and method for estimating power consumption of a circuit thourgh the use of an energy macro t...
Method to reduce magnetization in high current density superconductors formed by reaction of multi-c...
Tunable add/drop node
Information processor
Page handling efficiency in a multithreaded processor
Method and apparatus for modeling using a hardware-software co-verification environment
Fixed-depth of investigation log for multi-spacing multi-frequency LWD resistivity tools
Method for automatically-remapping an HDL netlist to provide compatibility with pre-synthesis behavi...
Steroid-activated nuclear receptors and uses therefor
Fishing spinning reel
Polymer dispersions as an additive in building materials
Non-heat cleaned fabrics and products including the same
Multilayer containers and preforms having barrier properties utilizing recycled material
Equipment coating
Process for preparing a K-type polarizer
Device and method for moving charged particles
Nitrogen-containing group-13 anionic compounds for olefin polymerization
White pozzolan composition and blended cements containing same
Model-based system for determining process parameters for the ladle refinement of steel
Clamping device for stainless steel sinks
Steel-concrete composite beam using asymmetric section steel beam
Vapor barrier for use in the heat insulation of buildings
System and method for determining a measure of the physical activity of an object
Implantable sensor electrodes and electronic circuitry
Apparatus and method for powering portable battery operated light sources
Percutaneous gastrostomy device and method
Therapeutic and diagnostic needling device and method
Placing a guide member into a heart chamber through a coronary vessel and delivering devices for pla...
Blood-pressure measuring apparatus and inferior-and-superior-limb blood-pressure-index measuring app...
Oscillometric automatic blood-pressure measuring apparatus
Ultrasonic cellular tissue screening tool
Apparatus for and method of detecting object on road
Device and method for reading image, and recording medium for image reading program
Dynamic templates for specifying values for parameters of an operation in a video editing system
Image interpolation device
Method and apparatus for scaling an image with locally selected interpolation functions
Method and apparatus for automatic spatial resolution setting for moving images
Method for orthocorrecting satellite-acquired image
Method of performing lens effect using transform mask
Method and system for cataloging images
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processi...
Method and system for segmenting and identifying events in images using spoken annotations
Stereo image measuring device
Method for processing spatial-phase characteristics of electromagnetic energy and information convey...
Arrayed waveguide grating, arrayed waveguide grating module, arrayed waveguide grating module wavegu...
Variable dispersion compensator
Method and device for passive alignment of optical fibers and components, using cross-shaped notches
Optical tunable grid-assisted add/drop filter in codirectional mode of operation
Isotopically altered optical fiber
Variable attenuator for optical fiber applications
Cassette for receiving optical waveguides with overlengths and fiber splices
Tray for a coiled optical fiber
Cable trough cover
Compact three-dimensional mode size converters for fiber-waveguide coupling
Coated optical fiber
Optical transmission line
Lighting system
Decorative candle lamp
Cooling apparatus for optical engine assembly
Light modifier mounting assembly
Collapsible lampshade
LED lamp with prismatic cover lens
Lamp holder
Safety/warning device
LED flashlight assembly
Faraday flashlight
Method and apparatus for a pulsed L.E.D. illumination source
Container lid having an indicator
Brake light
Wireway enclosures for lighting systems
Balloon alignment and collapsing system
Multilayered shrink films and labels made therefrom
Espresso machine
System, method, and computer program product for blending textures during rendering of a computer ge...
Golf ball cover with segmented polyurethane
Resin compositions, method of producing resin compositions and filler blends for use in resin compos...
Particulate sealant for filter plug forming
Foam comprising polyolefin blend and method for producing same
Emulsion aggregation toner containing a mixture of waxes incorporating an improved process to preven...
Polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer and polylactic acid polymer compositions for laminates and films
Three component filtration material
Process for the preparation of 1-chloro-1-fluoroethane and/or 1,1-difluoroethane
Method and apparatus for configuring network devices
Method and apparatus for molding concrete into a bridge or other structure
Modified .crclbar.-alumina-supported nickel reforming catalyst and its use for producing synthesis g...
Process of producing liquid hydrocarbon oil or dimethyl ether from lower hydrocarbon gas containing ...
Cooling fan system for a vehicle with fuel cell propulsion
Fuel supply for a fuel cell
Method for generating immune-compatible cells and tissues using nuclear transfer techniques
Economical, stackable container for retail goods
Plant and method for orderly aligning products in rows along a packaging line
Advanced multilevel antenna for motor vehicles
Toilet bar having a latent acidifier
Hair care compositions which reduce color loss in hair and methods of using the compositions
Multicolored soap bars
Fused heterocyclic compounds
Adjustable ozone delivery system for air disinfection
Benezene-fused heteroring derivatives and pharmaceutical agents comprising the same as active ingred...
Method for determining susceptibility to heart disease by screening polymorphisms in the vitamin D r...
Breathable elastic polymeric film laminates
Applicator for and method of applying a sheet material to a substrate
Planarizing solutions, planarizing machines and methods for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planar...
Ethylene oxide sterilization process indicator inks
Electron emitter device for data storage applications and method of manufacture
Process for the production of liquid hydrocarbons
Method for preparing a spray-dried composition for use as a polymerization catalyst
Monocomponent developing arrangement for electrophotography
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Elastomeric intumescent material
High temperature glass fibers
Method for acylating cyclic compounds
Copolymerization of cyclic ester oligomers
Process for the continuous production of liquid, pigmented coating compositions
Coating solutions suitable for improving the adhesion of nylon coatings and processes for the applic...
Process for coating a wire or cable with polyphenylene sulfide alloy and resulting coated wire
Method and apparatus for centralized snoop filtering
Data transfer control device and electronic equipment
Method and device for accessing service agents on non-subnet manager hosts in an infiniband subnet
Method and apparatus for responding to threshold events from heterogeneous measurement sources
Robust power-on meter and method
Method of recycling batches of mixed color cullet into amber, green, or flint glass with selected pr...
Paint for forming insulating film, and plasma display panel using the paint and method of manufactur...
Vehicle wheel bearing
Rolling bearing
Linear rolling bearing
High velocity forming of local features using a projectile
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a voltage conversion circuit
Repaired solar panel and method of preparing same
Information storing medium with guide tracks and information tracks
Integrated photosensor for CMOS imagers
Optical recording medium
Multibeam laser servowriting of magnetic data storage media
Method of replicating a high resolution three-dimensional imprint pattern on a compliant media of ar...
Parallel fiber optics communications module
Pump power monitor system and method for gain control of optical amplifier
Parallel fiber optics communications module
Wavelength division demultiplexing apparatus
Parallel fiber optics communications module
Optical switch assembly with flex plate and method for making
Parallel fiber optics communications module