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Track drive for a mobile irrigation system
Motorized vehicle
Power transmission mechanism of four-wheel drive vehicle
Method for regulating the distance between a vehicle and another vehicle traveling ahead and a dista...
Suspension travel-limiting arrangement
Breather system and straddle-type four wheeled all terrain vehicle comprising breather system
Vehicle access port cover
Park pawl for electric vehicle transmissions
Parallel hybrid vehicle
Engine half-trolley for industrial vehicles
Sugarcane juice spread and a process for preparing the same
Soft candy and its production method
Mercapto-alkanol flavor compounds
Production of liquid foods without off-flavors
Recording media having protective overcoats of highly tetrahedral amorphous carbon and methods for t...
Laminated, extruded candy products
Candy having a syrup composition dispersed with chocolate
Method for preparing a puffed grain food product and a puffed grain food product
Superoxide scavenger and beverage containing such
Feed composition for egg-laying fowl
Fermentation vat
Substrate and method for anaerobic remediation
Process for producing isoprenoid compounds by microorganisms and a method for screening compounds wi...
Precision micro-optical elements and the method of making precision micro-optical elements
System and method for managing copyrighted electronic media
Secure messaging system with return receipts
Craps game with progressive jackpot
Lawsuit board game
Ball with a jigsaw cover
Gaming device with wild activation symbols and wild termination symbols
Baseball board game
Method for downloading data to gaming devices
Gaming machine with automatic sound level adjustment and method therefor
Video slot gaming machine
Game system, game apparatus and computer-readable storage medium therefor
System and apparatus for placing and controlling a wager on a gaming device
Gaming device and method
Baccarat gaming assembly and method of playing baccarat
Method of playing a casino card game
Method and system for order optimization
System and method for automatically adjusting gaze and head orientation for video conferencing
Liquid metal heat pipe structure for x-ray target
System and method for image pattern matching using a unified signal transform
Feature recognition using loose gray scale template matching
Collimation device and method for acquiring a radiation image of a long body part using direct digit...
Method for using a bone densitometry system, with dual-energy x-radiation
Multisource type X-ray CT apparatus
Microarray detector and synthesizer
Pattern forming method and pattern forming apparatus
Cathode current limiting circuit for projection television display systems
Position detection device, apparatus using the same, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing me...
Method and system for detecting ionizing radiation
Radiation image detector
PolymEric compound and resin composition for photoresist
Photoresist composition
Oxime derivatives and the use thereof as photoinitiators
Positive photosensitive resin composition
Electrostatic image developing
EUV mask which facilitates electro-static chucking
Substrate processing system with load-lock chamber
Polarizer, polarizing light source device and liquid crystal display
Active matrix substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Operating device for influencing displayed information
Apparatus and method for measuring the distance to an object
Monopole phased array thermotherapy applicator for deep tumor therapy
Apparatus and methods for monitoring tissue impedance
Method for multi-path rendering of medical images
Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging including local weighted interpolation
Method for measuring a wall thickness of a hollow vane
Multiple mode universal power source utilizing a rotating machine
Transmit and receive isolation for ultrasound scanning and methods of use
Core, rotating machine using the core and production method thereof
Method of making transistors
System, method and apparatus for court-ordered surveillance of call records
Method and systems to measure propagation delay in semiconductor chips
In-building navigation system
Beverage quality and communications control for a beverage forming and dispensing system
Bias charge roller with optimally induced AC corona
Time-constrained keyframe selection method
Image displaying method and apparatus
Method to compensate for pattern distortion on sheet-type work material spread onto a support surfac...
Synchronization arrangement for packet cable telephony modem
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium recording image processing...
Objective lens and optical pickup apparatus
Light drive
Semiconductor memory device having select circuit
Noise reduction method utilizing color information, apparatus, and program for digital image process...
Monitoring material buildup on system components by optical emission
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display device
SAW filter using tetrahedral amorphous carbon and method for manufacturing the same
Electronic battery tester
RF coil for magic angle spinning probe
Method and system for retrieving search results from multiple disparate databases
Multiple integrated machine system
High-resolution medical monitoring apparatus particularly useful for electrocardiographs
Receiving spread spectrum signals with narrowband interference
Heterojunction organic semiconductor field effect transistor (FET) with a gate insulation layer and ...
Organic light-emitting devices
Semiconductor optical device
Semiconductor component and method for fabricating it
Self-aligned SiGe HBT on a SOI substrate
Tunable thin film capacitor
Light-receiving module
Electronic device having a filled dielectric medium
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Non-volatile memory and fabricating method thereof
Thin film magnetic memory device
Magnetoresistive memory devices
Integrated high performance MOS tunneling LED in ULSI technology
Layout of a decoder and the method thereof
Electrochemical device
Semiconductor device with surge protective component and method of manufacturing the semiconductor d...
Light-emitting semiconductor potting composition and light-emitting semiconductor device
Homoepitaxial gallium nitride based photodetector and method of producing
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for producing the same
Focusing systems for perspective dimensional measurements and optical metrology
Interactive computer system for providing television schedule information
Using FFT engines to process decorrelated GPS signals to establish frequencies of received signals
System and method for concurrent multimodal communication
System and method for deploying a hardware configuration with a computer program
Method of determining causal connections between events recorded during process execution
Generic communication filters for distributed applications
Method, system and computer program product for digitally generating a function
Multi panel molded brassiere cup
Brassiere with visual enhancement features
Method for the preparation of citalopram
CDMA receiving apparatus and CDMA receiving method
Starter assembly for a gas discharge lamp
Thermally activated sealing apparatus and method
Electronic torque wrench
Rectification of (meth)acrylic acid with the addition of a tenside
Polymerizable liquid crystal compound and optical film
Brush device
Automated tooth shade analysis and matching system
Optical information recording medium and method for initializing the same
Pulmonary dosing system and method
Cotton collection trailer mobile sign
Prevention of preservative uptake into biomaterials
Phosphomagnesium mortar and method for obtaining same
Continuous roll basin insert
Randomized arbiters for eliminating congestion
Magnetic resonance antenna
Method and apparatus for determining position and trajectory of gateways to optimize performance in ...
JTAG testing arrangement
Prefabricated niche kit and method of installation
Methods for Identifying modulators of serine protease EOS
Glutathione S-transferase
Time-borrowing N-only clocked cycle latch
Method for particulate introduction for metal furnaces
Drive method and drive circuit for plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for measuring the maximum speed of a runner over a prescribed distance includin...
Method and apparatus for determination of an optimum fixed codebook vector
Mobile communication device having a prioritized interrupt controller
Impatiens plant named `Fify Pink`
High frequency thermoacoustic refrigerator
Microfabricated bragg waveguide
Composition and method for treating diaper rashes and skin irritations caused by acidic secretions
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `Moon Pie`
Particle aerosol belt
Oxygen delivery and gas sensing nasal cannula system
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution secondary battery
Intelligent tutoring system
Methods and systems for improving display resolution in achromatic images using sub-pixel sampling a...
MRAM cell having frustrated magnetic reservoirs
UV enhancer for a metal halide lamp
System and method for deadlock management in database systems with demultiplexed connections
Buxus plant named `Monrue`
Nack suppression for multicast protocols in mostly one-way networks
Pan cover
Lint collector for a laundry dryer
Hummingbird feeder shade
Pet toy
Back portion of a glove
Elongated cylindrical container for mascara
Nail imprinting machine
Nail accessory display and storage organizer
Consumer clipper
Roller tool for applying sunscreen lotion to one's own back
Compactable lotion applicator
Table lamp base
Wall mounted lamp
Lighting unit
Lighting device
Miniature rose plant named `WEKemilcho`
Musa plant named `Little Prince`
Sutera plant named `Sutharis`
Shrub rose plant named `KORravreli`
Miniature rose plant named `POULhi011`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsatine`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Flora`
Hibiscus plant named `Miami`
Dianthus plant named `Devon Octavia`
Kerria japonica plant named `Fubuki Nishiki`
Lantana plant named `Balandroglo`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizcorbut`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizsal`
Centrifuge adapter
Manhole structure constructing method, manhole structure water-stop flexible joint and manhole struc...
Filtration apparatus and filtration method
Dehydrating press for a sludge
Method and apparatus for adding oxygen to drinking water
Method for producing an essentially chlorite-free, stable aqueous chlorine-oxygen solution, the chlo...
Method and apparatus for purifying water
Process based on the use of zeolites for the treatment of contaminated water
Method and a device for preparing a medical liquid
Use of an oxidizer to improve trace metals removal from photoresist and photoresist components
Method for recovering a disposal trench with a biomat slime, and method for operating a waste treatm...
Sewage treatment apparatus using self-granulated activated sludge and sewage treatment method thereo...
Combined activated sludge-biofilm sequencing batch reactor and process
On-site treatment method of food waste generated from collective residence or institutional food ser...
Application of volatile antibiotics and non-volatile inhibitors from muscodor spp. to control harmfu...
Denitrification of aquarium water
Apparatus for collecting sludge from the floor of a settler basin
Epoxide-crosslinked, charged cellulosic membrane
Crosslinked cellulosic membrane
Hollow fiber membrane for purifying blood
Process for flocculating suspensions
De-watering process
Method and apparatus to remove additives and contaminants from a supercritical processing solution
Apparatus for integrated process of magnetic particles and method of controlling the same
Method and apparatus for treatment of wastewater employing membrane bioreactors
System and method for receptacle wall vibration in a centrifuge
Simulated moving bed chromatographic focusing
Environmental remediation method and apparatus
Method of treating incineration ashes with sulfate reducing bacteria
Water treatment apparatus
Latch-assisted lid extractor
Magnetic separation apparatus
Separatory material with the use of stimulus-responsive polymer and separation method by using the s...
Pool cleaner control device
Ozonated water flow and concentration control apparatus
Movable electrode flow through capacitor
Convoluted surface hollow fiber membranes
System and method for handling fluid using a manifold
Microdialysis probe
Consideration of historical MAHO measurements for frequency plan revision determinations
Method for controlling connections to a mobile station
Mobile communication system, mobile station and diversity handover branch control method
Mobile terminal communication system
Method for interrupting an idle state of a communication unit in a radio communication system
Radio apparatus and transmission/reception method
Radio terminal station apparatus for SDH network and method of selecting operation clock thereof
Time division protocol for an ad-hoc, peer-to-peer radio network having coordinating channel access ...
Adaptive rate channel scanning method for TDMA wireless communications
Link and radio cell adaptation in TDD systems
Portable computer in a process control environment
Calibration system for array antenna receiving apparatus
Method of generating or increasing product sales through the dissemination of on-line content for fr...
Display device
Matrix display
Light source with cascading dyes and BEF
Organic electroluminescence device having current injection layer between light emitting layer and c...
Thin film electroluminescent device
Transfer film and process for producing organic electroluminescent device using the same
Pyrromethene metal complex and light emitting device composition and light emitting devices using th...
Condensed eight-ring aromatic compound, and organic EL element and organic EL display using the same
Organic electroluminescent device and preparation thereof
Delivery of gene products by intestinal cell expression
Process of forming a multilayer nanoparticle-containing thin film self-assembly
Circuit and method for interfacing to a bus channel
Modified safe and efficient process for the environmentally friendly synthesis of imidoesters
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Method for location-based asset management
Fuse bulb twinkle light set
Electronic apparatus and liquid crystal display device for irradiating ultraviolet ray to luminescen...
Navigation apparatus and navigation method
Transmittable light-scattering sheets
Communication navigation system, information server unit and communication terminal unit for the sam...
Assembled lamp with detachable lamp rod and lamp seat
Apparatus and method for providing information to a driver of a vehicle, and apparatus and method fo...
Led-type vehicular lamp having uniform brightness
Systems and methods for distributing information to an operator of a vehicle
Signaling wiring assembly for a vehicle
Inspection and retrieval device
Vehicle lamp assembly with heat sink
Surface light-emitting device having light-guide panel wherein light radiated from exit surface is m...
Bicycle light
Liquid crystal display device having impact resistant light guide and housing
Vehicle light apparatus
Variable-strength error correction in ad-hoc networks
Wireless network monitoring
Orientation-adjusting device for properly orienting wireless transceiver in confined space
Wireless transmission network card
Method for categorization of multiple providers in a wireless communications service environment
Mobile wireless terminal system with simultaneous transmission function
Variable gain mixer circuit
Wireless communication apparatus processing intermittent data
Session dispatcher at a wireless multiplexer interface
Transmission of mobile requests in wireless uplink system
Methodology for managing power consumption in master driven time division duplex wireless network
System and method for establishing wireless connection
Method of using underbalanced well data for seismic attribute analysis
Computerized log and compliance system for truck drivers
Deep depression angle calibration of airborne direction finding arrays
Color CRT mask frame, a steel sheet used therefor and a manufacturing method for the steel sheet, an...
Waveform controller oscillator program for an aircraft countermeasure system
Micromachined field asymmetric ion mobility filter and detection system
Heat warning safety device using fiber optic cables
Conveyor lubricant, passivation of a thermoplastic container to stress cracking, and thermoplastics ...
Laser peening of components of thin cross-section
Camouflage U.S. Marine corps utility uniform: pattern, fabric, and design
Method for enhancing adhesion of metal particles to ceramic models
Reactor vessel, method and system for treating, sampling, and transporting toxic waste
Surface light source device and liquid crystal display device using it
Device for fastening barrel of gas operated soldering gun
Method and arrangement for heat treatment before the execution of sprayform techniques
Vehicle transmission systems
Electromagnetic induction type actuator device and mounting structure therefor and pda(personal digi...
Magnetic switching element and a magnetic memory
Ferroelectric memory device
Device having a state dependent upon the state of particles dispersed in a carrier
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Electrolytic capacitor for use in an implantable medical device
Weight identification method and feedback control method
Totally implantable hearing system
Image forming apparatus
Optical fiber with a radially varying index of refraction and related methods
Fiber optic tunable filter using a fabry-perot resonator
Piezoelectric actuated optical switch
Estimating flow rates in open-channel geometries having capillary pumping vanes
Method for controlling torque and a system for carrying out the method
Method for estimating wind
Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
System and method for efficiently controlling a graphics rendering pipeline
Reflective displays with color filter cross-talk compensation
Dynamic channel allocation in a synthesizer component
Unilateral thermal buckle-beam actuator
Methods of testing/stressing a charge trapping device
Method for adjusting a temperature in a resist process
Electro-mechanical actuator including brushless DC motor for providing pinch protection
Distributed multicast routing in packet-based communication network devices
Method and system for improving bandwidth availability in a data communication network by tokenizing...
Method of making hybrid semiconductor--magnetic spin based memory
Circuit for a lossless capacitive pump
Level shifting circuit and active matrix driver
Data collection system
System and method for processing ultrasonic signals
Method for the presentation of magnetic resonance image with a designation of distortion-containing ...
System and method for production and distribution of mail pieces for mass mailings
Method for controlling and pre-setting a steelworks or parts of a steelworks
Antenna diversity receiver with variable switching delay time
Bragg grating device for measuring an acceleration
Method for testing the availability of the signalling points of a switching network
Housing ventilation system, housing and housing portion, use of said system, and mold for manufactur...
Plant building for an installation and method for operating a plant building
Device and method for producing a blade for a turbine and blade produced according to this method
Tolerant internally-cooled fluid guide component
Door lock having a closing aid
Device and method for saving traction energy in rail vehicles
Electronic-hydraulic transmission control module and manufacturing method
Pressure detector adapted to be mounted in a tire
Silicone rubber resin composite, method for making dentures, and denture comprising the composite ma...
Methods and means for dental bone profiling
Linear list compression
Embedding information in digital image data
Frequency synthesizer
Laser with phase controlling region and method for driving the same
Optical apparatus
Printing apparatus, system, and method with an error search function
Image pickup apparatus having exposure control
Image forming apparatus and main scanning scale correcting method therefor
Method for controlling a solar power generation system having a cooling mechanism
Photovoltaic elements
Toner for developing electrostatic images and image forming method
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Magnetic domain wall displacement type magneto-optical medium and method for manufacturing the same
Multiapplication concurrent-execution interpreter execution method therefor and computer-readable st...
Image forming apparatus and cartridge detachably mountable thereto
Handle for digital radiography panel
Conductive thin film sheet, shield harness and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic disc cartridge, method of manufacturing the same and method of cleaning liners of the same
Interior rearview mirror system including a forward facing video device
Waterproof heat-preservative film and manufacture method thereof
Volume hologram laminate
Composition for shielding radioactivity
Wheel-less walking support and rehabilitation device
Multi-function touch pen for computerized apparatus
Composite textile material
Advanced dog collar flashlight
Vehicular seats including occupant protection apparatus
Robot device and robot control method
Ceramic dishwashing composition and method for inhibiting corrosion of glassware
Mixtures of gemini surfactants and fatty alcohol alkoxylates in rinse agents
Method for packaging disposable articles for parties, apparatus for carrying out this method and fin...
Method for enhancing pathogen resistance in plants
Electrical over stress (EOS) monitor
Antenna system with active spatial filtering surface
Confined plasma resonance antenna and plasma resonance antenna array
Switching type power converter circuit and method for use therein
High-frequency integrated circuit module
Electroacoustic transducer
Method for contrast mapping of digital images that converges on a solution
Employment of an over-bent ledge of a rack component to support an over-bent ledge of a drop-in chas...
Stack up assembly
Apparatus and method for cooling an electronic device
Configurable image display with integral docking station
Systems and methods for activating confidential print jobs from a remote electronic device
Flow imaging using balanced phase contrast steady state free precession magnetic resonance imaging
Method, system, and program for memory based data transfer
System for the telemanagement of weaving looms in weaving premises and method of assistance thereof
Method and system for evaluating a defective ratio of products
Optical device
Semiconductor memory device
Optical device and method for producing optical device
Semiconductor device
SOI semiconductor device
Induction heating device with a switching power source and image processing apparatus using the same
Process for bulk polymerization using a catalyst
Additive for rubber composition, additive composition for rubber composition, rubber composition and...
High-lubricity grease and modifier for lubricating grease
Method for manufacturing a polysilicon type thin film transistor
Negative-type photosensitive resin composition
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate
Information recording medium and method for manufacturing information recording medium
Coated cemented carbide cutting tool
Flavones as inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitors, cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors and potassium ch...
Methods of diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders caused by small intestinal bacter...
Electric power conversion device with push-pull circuitry
Flat plate fuel cell stack
Liquid crystalline 3,4:9,10-perylenetetacarbocylic acid diimides
Laser forward transfer of rheological systems
Optical switching system
Method and apparatus for integrated-battery devices
Method and apparatus for monitoring equivalent series resistance and for shunting a fuel cell
Fuel cell and fuel cell system
Activation of electrochemical cells with catalyst electrodes
Compact reactor capable of being charged with catalytic material for use in a hydrogen generation/fu...
Catalytic burner for a fuel gas generating stack system
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce hydrocarbon fluids and s...
Electrically conductive resinous composition, fuel cell separator and production thereof, and polyme...
Fuel cell
Stacking and manifolding of unitized solid oxide fuel cells
Battery pack
Method for forming low dielectric constant damascene structure while employing a carbon doped silico...
Light valve device
Ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngological device materials
Process for the production of polysiloxane-based polymeric compositions for use in medical devices
Apparatus for analyzing a sectional image of an anterior eye segment and a program for the same
System, method and article of manufacture for converting color data into floating point numbers in a...
Use in cosmetics of block ethylene copolymers with elastic character and compositions containing sam...
Erucamide-free closure and liner compositions
Near-field hybrid magnetic-optical head system
Inhalation device
Hanging sign assembly
Method and device for aligning print heads
Device and method for feeding sheets to a sheet-processing machine, especially a printing press
Method and device for suppressing vibrations in a printing press
Printing unit having a device for removing particles, and a machine for processing flat printing mat...
Phosphor for light-emitting element excited by vacuum ultra-violet ray
Method of adaptively enhancing a digital image
Image forming apparatus with overlapped light fluxes forming a dot
Detector of near-infrared light
Enzymatic method for textile dyeing
Pet blanket
Method and apparatus for improving the utility of a automatic dependent surveillance
Model predictive controller for coordinated cross direction and machine direction control
Optical switch using an optical waveguide
Method and device for polarization-based all-optical switching
Recognition apparatus and recognition method
Spring element for use in an apparatus for attaching to a semiconductor and a method of attaching
Stacked network devices including a protocol engine and distributed trunk ports and method of operat...
Patterned diffractive light modulator ribbon for PDL reduction
Fully released MEMs XYZ flexure stage with integrated capacitive feedback
Digital camera
Information-recording medium and information reproducing apparatus
SRNS relocation in a UMTS network
System and method for detecting dislodgement of an implantable medical device
Analgesic compounds, their synthesis and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Analogs of cocaine
Methods for the administration of adenovirus p53
Expandable medical implant and percutaneous delivery
Method and system for attaching a graft to a blood vessel
Stent with improved ring and link pattern
Hybrid stent
Methods of producing electrodes and methods of using such electrodes to accumulate and detect analyt...
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for processing an electronic message on an electronic m...
Semiconductor optical device apparatus
Game system with graphics processor
Mapping permeable reservoir formations by measuring the elastic nonlinear interactions of a seismic ...
Wavelength division multiplexing and de-multiplexing system
Apparatus and method for measurement and adaptive control of polarization mode dispersion in optical...
X-ray diffraction apparatus
Gain control in nonlinear polarization amplifier stages
Method for operating an MRAM semiconductor memory configuration
IC test system and storage medium for the same
System and method for supporting precise exceptions in a data processor having a clustered architect...
Address translation
Integrated circuit device having double data rate capability
Method for encouraging internet publication browsing while discouraging unauthorized printing
Laser measurement system with digital delay compensation
Method for absolute preserved amplitude processing of seismic well data
Microforce measurement method and apparatus
Apoptosis-inducing compounds
Drive mechanism for a fishing reel
Cattle management method and system
System and method of customizing an animal feed based on heat increment
Apparatus for harvesting bait
Adjustable-depth crankbait fishing lure
Vibrating fishing lure with water dynamics
Propylene polymers for oriented films
Method of depositing low K films
Motor and method for manufacturing the same
Steel sheet for procelain enameling and method for production thereof, and enameled product and meth...
Cellulosis fiberboard building construction panel having reinforcing bands on expansive surface
Integrated inductive circuits
Low frequency modulation sensors using nanosecond fluorophores
Safety blood collector device
Manoeuverable guide wire and method of using same
Method and apparatus for deflecting a screw-in lead
Viscosity measuring apparatus and method of use
Monitoring mayer wave effects based on a photoplethysmographic signal
Blood flow monitor for shock and resuscitation
Method and device for measuring systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate in an environme...
Electronic blood pressure monitor
Image processing method and image forming apparatus
Method and decoder system for reducing quantization effects of a decoded image
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for sharpening an image
Method of precision calibration of a microscope and the like
Robust codebooks for vector quantization
Transformation of image parts in different domains to obtain resultant image size different from ini...
Multi-resolution image data management system and method based on tiled wavelet-like transform and s...
Image production controlling device, image producing device, image production controlling method, an...
Planer waveguide and method of formation
High density fiber optic cable
Method for attaching multiple light sources to an optoelectronic module
Systems and methods for removing heat from opto-electronic components
Method of making a fiberoptic light guide
Adjustable temperature compensating package for optical fiber devices
Fiber bragg grating dispersion compensator
Variable attenuator for optical fiber applications and method of making
Saturable optical absorber, and an application thereof to regenerating a wavelength division multipl...
Waveguide optical device
Optical waveguides with embedded air-gap cladding layer and methods of fabrication thereof
L-band dispersion compensating fiber and transmission system including same
Color conversion method and apparatus for chromakey processing
Image pick-up printing apparatus
Video apparatus with image memory function
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation in digital communications using an echo cancellation refe...
Method and apparatus for changing the size of image
Apparatus and method for processing additional information in data broadcast system
Method for switching input terminal based on incoming signal format
Display system with single/dual image modes
Processing multiple streams of data encoded in respective VBI channels with a shared equalizer
Flexible hanger for chandeliers and the like
Light fixture including an improved latch mechanism
Concealed safety lighting device
Emergency laser array signal light
Lamphead for a rapid thermal processing chamber
Display seat for glass and crystal articles of display
Capsule dispenser
Methods and apparatus for brewing beverages
Composite laminate structures especially useful for automotive trim components, and methods and tie ...
Method of making one-piece lidded container and containers made by the same
Flexible tube and method of manufacture
Container and linerless closure combination
System and method for applet management
Integrated rider control system for handlebar steered vehicles
Master cylinder lever for a hydraulic disk brake having on the fly dead-band adjustment
Infra-red perimeter alarm
Magnetic bearing device with vibration restraining function, magnetic bearing device with vibration ...
Cell-signaling assays
Modulated chemical shift imaging solvent suppression
Polymorph of 5-[4-[2-(n-methyl-n(2-pyridyl)amino)ethoxy]benzyl]-thiazolidine-2,4-dione, maleic acid ...
Coupler for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Perfume containing surfactant compositions having perfume burst when diluted
Fabric conditioning compositions
Bleach activators with improved solubility
Apparatus for brewing a beverage
Troubleshooting method and apparatus
Mobile communication system and program transmission method
Split computer architecture to separate user and processor while retaining original user interface
Quad pumped bus architecture and protocol
Method, system and program products for providing clusters of a computing environment
Adjustable arch support orthosis including variably tensioned arch curve and method of utilizing ort...
Dynamic pressure bearing device
Linear guide rail holding device
Holder driving unit
Ball screw device and linear motion device
Sensing assembly removably securable to a bearing mechanism
Dual station applicator wheels for filling cavities with metered amounts of particulate material
Sabot for fin-stabilized ammunition
Bullet for optimal penetration and expansion
Plasma firing mechanism and method for firing ammunition
Method and device for judging the aiming error of a weapon system and use of the device
Lockable firearm safety device
Coating and method for strengthening a structure
Method and system for interactive messaging
Multi-spectral products
Mold release agent for duroplastic molded parts
Thin film thickness measuring method and apparatus, and method and apparatus for manufacturing a thi...
Method and device for measuring the optical properties of at least two regions located at a distance...
Optical security device
Photovoltaic solid state relay
Production method of .beta.-amino-.alpha.-hydroxycarboxylic acid
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Wafer serialization manufacturing process for read/write heads using photolithography and selective ...
Compensation films for LCD
Optically active compound and nematic liquid crystal composition containing the compound
Pivotal and illuminated saphenous vein retractor with tapered design
Ferrule product, method of making the same, and optical module
Calibrating a frequency difference between two or more lasers over an extended frequency range
Procedure for optimizing mergeability and datapath widths of data flow graphs
Apparatus and methods for processing a workpiece
Submicron metallization using electrochemical deposition
Contact assembly for supplying power to workpieces during electrochemical processing
Aqueous dispersion of fluorocopolymer
UV curable compositions for producing decorative metallic coatings
Lobelia plant named `Lilac Candles`
Method for forming a semiconductor device having a mechanically robust pad interface
Multi-planar volumetric display system and method of operation using multi-planar interlacing
Hydroperoxide decomposition catalyst
Method of forming a dual damascene structure using an amorphous silicon hard mask
Method of removing silicon oxide from a surface of a substrate
Process for preparing insulating material having low dielectric constant
SnO2 ISFET device, manufacturing method, and methods and apparatus for use thereof
Photosensitive composition for manufacturing optical waveguide, production method thereof and polyme...
Method of forming optical thin film
Component and manufacture of a photo-catalyst
Apparatus and method for forming a spiral wound abrasive article, and the resulting article
Method of manufacturing white light source
Method and skin cleansing compositions for dermatological basic treatment
Surface-mount type antenna and antenna apparatus
IC device having a transistor switch for a power supply
Preparation and purification of antiviral disulfonic acid disodium salt
Method for manufacturing single-crystal-silicon wafers
Context based control data
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data write method thereof
Semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Liquid crystal display device with particular on substrate wiring, portable terminal and display equ...
Difference potential preventing image forming apparatus
Wireless communication system and image forming device
Interactive custom video creation system
Adaptive illumination correction of scanned images
Customer product installation/configuration
Method of shifting an image or paper to reduce show through in duplex printing
Spacing compensating electrostatic voltmeter
Recording paper and image recording method using the same
Method for determining optimal batch sizes for processing print jobs in a printing environment
High intensity blending tool with optimized risers for increased intensity when blending toners
Integrated side shooter inkjet architecture with round nozzles
Integrated joypad for handheld computer
Calendar leaf
Plastic container coated with carbon film
Data processing apparatus and shading apparatus
Spatula induction heating apparatus
Composition for use in water reservoir
Cosmetic and dermatological light protection formulations in the form of O/W macroemulsions or O/W m...
Compositions and methods for treating cancer and hyperproliferative disorders
Central office control of receive and transmit handset volume
Survivable distribution of broadcast signals in loopback rings
Ranging arrangement and method for TDMA communications
Line card for supporting circuit and packet switching
Enhanced multiframe processing for tandem connection trails with transmission protection schemes
Diversity in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
Polarization independent optical taps
Device for controlling a breathing gas flow
Methods and compositions for amplifying detectable signals in specific binding assays
Factor VII or VIIa-like molecules
Liquid metal micro-relay with suspended heaters and multilayer wiring
Projection exposure system
Synthesis and use of chain-coupled polymeric sulfide compounds in rubber formulations
Method of and apparatus for processing at least one coded binary audio flux organized into frames
Perceptual weighting device and method for efficient coding of wideband signals
Method to estimate the parameters of a propagation channel
Displaying calling subscriber number in call set-up
Memory efficient method and apparatus for determining run times of DVD titles
Expression vectors with modified ColE1 origin of replication for control of plasmid copy number
Human LDL receptor encoding polynucleotides
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a regulator of fungal gene expression
Data monitoring method, data monitoring device, copying device, and storage medium
Video data recording and reproducing apparatus, a video data reproducing apparatus, and a method of ...
Broadcast encoding system and method
Cylinder judgment apparatus and cylinder judgment method of engine
Valve timing adjustment device
Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
Method to control electromechanical valves
Method, system and program products for assigning an address identifier to a partition of a computin...
Road recognition system
Vehicle control system
Auto diagnostic method and device
Display apparatus for vehicle
Combination satellite and terrestrial antenna
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging of arteries using a magnetic resonance contrast ...
Method and apparatus to improve an mri image
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with continuous table motion
Coil arrays for parallel imaging in magnetic resonance imaging
Secretions of proteins by encapsulated cells
Method for high throughput screening of an environmental library
Scanning, copying, and printing with rewritable media
Substituted imide derivatives
Molecular devices activated by an electric field for electronic ink and other visual display
Power control in a CDMA mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for signal combining in a high data rate communication system
Methods and apparatuses for guaranteed coherency of buffered direct-memory-access data
Control device of a position measuring system
Scheduling method and program for a substrate processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for scheduling transmissions in a communication system
Color image forming apparatus having multiple developing devices
Cable modem with dribble grant access system and method
Apparatus for generating laser radiation
Plant and method for the production of cement clinker
Breathing assistance apparatus
Electronic equipment
Modular cementitous thermal panels for radiant heating
Switchgear cabinet air conditioning device
Fin louver design for heat exchanger
Stud welded pin fin heat sink
Heat radiating structure of an interior member and related method
Heat sink and combinations
Heat exchanger for a supercharger
High reliability multi-tube thermal exchange structure
Heat exchanger for high purity and corrosive fluids
Optical switch using an annular array of optical ports
Structures that correct for thermal distortion in an optical device formed of thermally dissimilar m...
Anti-PDL beam swapping
Method for lubricating MEMS components
Low loss high Q inductor
Frequency synthesizer with on-chip inductor
Microelectromechanical generator using bubbles
Thin film electret microphone
Hermetically sealed microdevices having a single crystalline silicon getter for maintaining vacuum
Closed loop control of shifting clutch actuators in an automatic speed change transmission
Loudspeaker and method of driving the same as well as audio signal transmitting/receiving apparatus
Electronic device and interposer board
Simultaneously achieving circular symmetry and diminishing effects of optical defects and deviations...
Display device
Apparatus and method for generating diffractive element using liquid crystal display
Copper CMP flatness monitor using grazing incidence interferometry
Arrays of partially nonhybridizing oligonucleotides and preparation thereof using focused acoustic e...
Reversible ratchet wrench
Polarization detector and method for fabricating the polarization detector
Apparatus for monitoring a fluid conduit
Pump for pumping molten metal with expanded piston
Automatic control switch for an electric motor
Fuel tank mounted, motorized high pressure gasoline pump
Pump with detachable pressure gauge
Dual resolution syringe
Apparatus and method for controlling compressors of air conditioner
Musical instrument display stand
Heterojunction bipolar transistor having wide bandgap material in collector
Hydrocussion massager
Apparatus and method for air-contamination detection in disc drive hydrodynamic bearings
Cool and dry antiperspirant stick
Pharmaceutical compositions
Vectorless instantaneous current estimation
Method and apparatus for time-based reception of transmissions in a wireless communication system
Visualization of volume--volume fusion
System and method for asynchronous switching of composite cells, and corresponsing input port and ou...
Method and apparatus for transporting DS-X signals through a packet network
Virtual path aggregation
Semiconductor memory device and electronic information device using the same
Integrated circuit for targeted bitlength manipulation for serial data transmission
Means and method of data encoding and communication at rates above the channel bandwidth
Method and system using acoustic ejection for preparing and analyzing a cellular sample surface
Information processing method and apparatus
Label system and method for label alignment and placement
Food/drink tab/check holder
Impulse pay per use method and system for data and multimedia services
System and method for wagering-based transferable financial instruments
Scalable, hierarchical control for complex processes
Semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Method for improved processing and etchback of a container capacitor
1:1 projection system and method for laser irradiating semiconductor films
Integrated circuit test structure
Led lamp with light-emitting junctions arranged in a three-dimensional array
Multichip semiconductor device, chip therefor and method of formation thereof
Printed-circuit board and method of manufacture thereof
Reflowable-doped HDP film
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Metal-to-metal antifuse structure and fabrication method
Fuse boxes with guard rings for integrated circuits and integrated circuits including the same
Micromachined device having electrically isolated components and a method for making the same
Fill pattern generation for spin-on glass and related self-planarization deposition
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacture method therefore
High-k gate dielectric with uniform nitrogen profile and methods for making the same
Method for fabricating a self-aligned bipolar transistor with planarizing layer and related structur...
Semiconductor device comprising sense amplifier and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic device and defect repair method thereof
Pressure-equalizing PV assembly and method
Rubber mixtures containing silica, carbon black and rubber gel
Wet-resilient webs and disposable articles made therewith
Golf ball compositions with microencapsulated healing agent
Method and device for merchandising a product
Sole design and structure for athletic shoe
Gaming device having a destination pursuit bonus scheme with advance and setback conditions
Anti-terrorist aircraft pilot sensor system and method
Dual-mode airbreathing propulsion system
Autonomous payload recovery system
Determinant wing assembly
Aircraft with a plurality of upper and lower cabins functioning as cargo compartments or passenger c...
Propeller-driven aircraft with engine power scheduling with indicated airspeed
Vertical take-off and landing vehicles
Guidance for missle systems with target tracker and additional manual track point correction
Body harness
Waterproof, breathable articles of apparel
Footwear upper
Rear section of an anatomical footwear insole
Turf insole for footwear
Portion of a shoe sole
Automated electrostatic discharge device testing system
Inertially activated switch
Custom molded wrist area impression kit and method
Binding mounting method and apparatus
Shoe based force sensor and equipment for use with the same
System and method for generating electric power from a rotating tire's mechanical energy using piezo...
Expandable shoe and shoe assemblies
Shoe with tunable cushioning system
Methods and compositions for detecting polynucleotide duplex damage and errors
Screening assays using intramitochondrial calcium
Thermostat having a temperature stabilized superregenerative RF receiver
Method and system for VCO-based analog-to-digital conversion (ADC)
Biocompatible cement containing reactive calcium phosphate nanoparticles and methods for making and ...
Solid state device with encapsulant of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, 4-methylhexahydrophthalic anhydri...
Adherent N,O-Carboxymethylchitosan drug delivery devices for moist tissue and methods of their use
Method for producing 3,3-diarylpropylamines
Human beta-defensin-3 (HBD-3), a highly cationic beta-defensin antimicrobial peptide
Packet data reconnection timing control in mobile communication systems
Program-interface converter for multiple-platform computer systems
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Caller identification method for a telephone system and telephone system with a caller identifying f...
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Non-contact fusing roller/media separation apparatus and method for its use
Methods for determining oil in seeds
Impact wrench
Transforms for display or printing digital images
Electrical arc furnace protection system
Osteogenic implants derived from bone
Diffusing polarizing member and liquid crystal display
Immunoglobulins containing protection proteins and their use
Drive for a coffee-making device
Data storage library status monitoring
Multiprocessor computer system for processing communal locks employing mid-level caches
Vehicle personalization via biometric identification
Methods for imaging pulmonary and cardiac vasculature and evaluating blood flow using dissolved pola...
Projection system for aerial display of three-dimensional video images
Phosphor blends and backlight sources for liquid crystal displays
Compositions containing polysaccharides from phellinus linteus and methods for treating diabetes mel...
Synthesis method for polymers by controlled radical polymerisation with xanthates
Tool, tool holder, and machine tool
Connection of a user identity module to a compact card case
Method and apparatus for controlling the timing of the invocation of events within a computer runtim...
Multimedia interface having a processor and reconfigurable logic
Caller IP address
Method and arrangement for the parallel utilization of data transmission channels
Contraction unit with position sensor device
Front loading medical injector and syringe for use therewith
Electric-component mounting system
Personal digital assistant system
Drive torque transfer scheme
Three dimensional real-time image apparatus of ocular retina
Polynucleotides encoding SREB3 receptor
Metal complex dyes based on Bucherer naphthols
Stimulation for delivery of molecular therapy
Software system and methods for testing transactional servers
Vertebral body spacer having variable wedged endplates
Bearing device and method of manufacturing the bearing device
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Scarecrow gene, promoter and uses thereof
System and method for configuring and managing resources on a multi-purpose integrated circuit card ...
Test processing workflow tracking system
Computer-based document management system
Hyperspectral imaging calibration device
Digital data processing device that restricts usage of data present on a recording medium
Apparatus and method for securing a graft ligament in a bone tunnel
Variable state save formats based on operand size of state save instruction
Controlling plant pathogens with fungal/bacterial anatagonist combinations
System and method for distribution and delivery of media context and other data to aircraft passenge...
Aerogel type platinum-tuthenium-carbon catalyst, method for manufacturing the same and direct methan...
Molecular recognition at surfaces derivatized with self-assembled monolayers
Compact integrated self contained surveillance unit
Exercise promotion device, and exercise promotion method employing the same
Container for waste
Gaming machine that is usable with different game cartridge types
Functionalized silicas
Method and device for state estimation
Mechanism allowing separation of graphical display of object status from underlying data
Fine particle classification apparatus and method for classifying aerosol particles in a sheath gas
Oxygen delivery system and method of using same
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate
Sitting toy with water jets
Method and apparatus for estimating computer software development effort
Mechanism for attaching a detachable panel to a housing of a PDA
Method for mapping a two-dimensional data array in a memory
Collecting event data and describing events
Blue electroluminescence compound for an organic electroluminescence device and the organic electrol...
Storing data in-non-volatile memory devices
Image display medium and image forming device
Method of using carbide and/or oxycarbide containing compositions
Providing reference signal to radio heads
Back-drive circuit protection for I/O cells using CMOS process
Method for simulation characteristic of a physical system
Calla lily plant named `Picasso`
Property extensions
Antibodies, including FV molecules, and immunoconjugates having high binding affinity for mesothelin...
Aster plant named `Dynaster`
Method and system for servicing a selected piece of equipment having unique system configurations an...
Steel plate for enameling, having improved formability, anti-aging property, and enameling propertie...
Fin and tube for high-temperature heat exchanger
Network communications coupler
Method and apparatus for controlling cascading e-mail distribution
Personal safety enhancement for communication devices
Traffic estimation
Hand-held communication device with vertically oriented antenna
Noise suppression
Method and system for handling the transcoding of connections handed off between mobile switching ce...
Surrogate service attendant
Common package
Method of determining answer supervision at a line appearance of a public switch telephone network
Expandable and contractible keyboard with adjustable key sizes
Service creation in an intelligent network
Method and circuit for simultaneously establishing communication links between a subscriber station ...
Multi-channel telephone data collection, collaboration and conferencing system and method of using t...
System for updating a voicemail network
Methods and systems to make spoken name data available
Method and apparatus for testing an information notification service
System and method for measuring interactive voice response application efficiency
Efficient echo canceller for ADSL applications
DTMF transmission structure of W-CDMA WLL system
System and methods for imaging employing a levitating conveyor
Methods and apparatus for handling workpieces
Vessel with vertically elevational support legs
Subsea intervention system
Watercraft shroud
Underwater vehicles
Personal watercraft having adjustable angle sponsons
Mastless kayak sail
Extendible link soft or plush toy
Aerial toy apparatus
Apparatus, method and system for reading/writing data, and medium for providing data read/write prog...
Image processing apparatus, method of processing images, and storage medium
Process for detecting a change of shot in a succession of video images
Methods of and system for detecting a cartoon in a video data stream
Pixel based machine for patterned wafers
Occupant sensing system and method via imaging
Traffic monitoring apparatus
Apparatus for assisting makeup and an assembly constituted by such apparatus and apparatus for deliv...
MPEG data frame and transmit and receive system using same
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium storing th...
Apparatus and method for acquiring uniform-resolution panoramic images
Projector with fan controller
System and method for automatically configuring remote control device using removable storage media
Apparatus and method for YC separation and three-line correlation detection
Pixel calculating device
Control of video level by region and content of information displayed
TV receiver apparatus and related method
Wrist-carried camera and watch-type information equipment
Shutterless digital camera and method of using same
Sporting apparatus for horse riding
System for demonstrating effects of polarized lens
Interactive assessment tool
System and method of developing a curriculum for stimulating cognitive processing
Automatic conversion of telephone number to internet protocol address
Virtual whiteboard
Method and apparatus for conducting an interactive design conference over the internet
Device for operating a network management system
System and method for providing internet content using hybrid wireless and wire technologies at the ...
Method for increasing network bandwidth across multiple network interfaces with single internet prot...
Method and system for selecting a host in a communications network
System and methods for synchronizing data between multiple datasets
System and method for automatic preparation of data repositories from microfilm-type materials
Graceful recovery from and avoidance of crashes due to notification of third party applications
Customizing a client application using an options page stored on a server computer
Method and system for monitoring service quality in a restaurant
Navigation method and system for indicating area-specific traffic information
System and method for storing and using information associated with geographic locations of interest...
Vehicle traffic monitoring using cellular telephone location and velocity data
Method for identifying a loss of utilization of mobile assets
Multistage ordering system for a fueling and retail environment
Location update protocol
Method of global roaming services using gateway location register in third generation mobile telecom...
Method and apparatus for decoding video data
Connection setting method in ATM network
CAM with automatic next free address pointer
Direct threading helical tape path for single-reel tape cartridge
Keypad device
Course deviation indicator with unique display
In situ method and apparatus for biodegradation of alkyl ethers and tertiary butyl alcohol
Plantable geosynthetic reinforced retaining wall
Method and system for lifting of the massive constructions
Enlargement drilling system
Deep design filter method for design
System and method for providing informative communication