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On-board processor compensated oven controlled crystal oscillator
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
UV detector and method of measuring UV intensity and dose using the same
Pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives and their use as inhibitors of cytokine mediated disease
Stable emulsions
Laser illumination system
Process for the cryo-preservation of plants
Dispersion compensation unit and method of producing the same
Optical fiber grating device
Electric connection box
Contact probe with guide unit and fabrication method thereof
General-purpose induction motor adaptable for a plurality of types of AC power supply
Photodiode and method of producing same
Process for producing retinol and intermediate compounds for producing the same
Low allergenic natural rubber and method of preparing low allergenic natural rubber latex
Ether, polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and method of making heterojunction bipolar transistor
Thermally processed image forming material
Method for etching laminated assembly including polyimide layer
Projection lithography photomask blanks, preforms and method of making
Member for semiconductor device using an aluminum nitride substrate material, and method of manufact...
Thermal transfer recording media
Ink jet recording sheet
Method of reducing resistance for conductive film formed on base material
Position location of multiple transponding platforms and users using two-way ranging as a calibratio...
Method and apparatus for GPS signal receiving that employs a frequency-division-multiplexed phased a...
Method for processing in dual frequency civilian GPS receiver
Method for measuring GPS air sensitivity and mobile terminal having function of measuring GPS air se...
Food products coated with 1, 6-GPS and 1, 1-GPM
Passive biometric customer identification and tracking system
Gaming device having an indicator selection with probability-based outcome
Methods and systems for conducting lottery-type games with strategy elements
Gaming device having directional bonus scheme
Isoxazolidine compounds useful in the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and atherosclerosis in ...
Methods for large-scale production of recombinant AAV vectors
Gelatin nanocomposites
Sprayable phosphate cementitious coatings and a method and apparatus for the production thereof
Combined cancer treatment methods using therapeutic conjugates that bind to aminophospholipids
Compositions and methods for modulating variola virus
Waterproof illuminated disc flyer
Building toy kit, component thereof, method of enhancing the glow, method of packaging, and package ...
Playset having a retractable track section
Fountain water toy utilizing a battery-powered pump
Method of making hypoallergenic pet food
Coffee compositions comprising processed coffee grounds
Process utilizing agar-agar in a high temperature, short time processing of high solids confectioner...
Use of metal salts to improve the taste of low-calorie beverages sweetened with sucralose
Seasoning compositions, foods containing such a seasoning composition, and process for preparing suc...
Food winding method
Method and system for forming a cooked product using ultrasonic energy
Triple coated confectionery tablet product
Grooved freezer-to-oven pizza crust
Method of stabilizing fruit-concentrate powders
Energy-rich food flakes for fish and invertebrates and method for the production thereof
Benzamidine derivatives
Bicyclic and tricyclic amines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
System and method for employing slot level locking of a cache
Single switch electronic dimming ballast
Transfer-and-fixation system with preheated printing medium for creating images using liquid-develop...
Microprocessor monitoring system for fastener tightening
Emulation system with multiple asynchronous clocks
Process for the preparation of aromatic nitriles
MMP inhibitors
Fixing head for tubes
Metallized inkjet substrates and methods of making the same
Method of producing improved three-dimensional features in data recording structures
Electret filter media and filtering masks that contain electret filter media
Methods for quantitative and qualitative analyses of phospholipids using one-dimensional thin layer ...
Periodontal treatment compound and method of use
Defect-free semiconductor templates for epitaxial growth and method of making same
Compact full-traction differential
Dental handpiece having internal filter unit
Acoustic source using a shaftless electrical hammer
Coatings for medical devices
Fluorine-containing acrylate monomers
Chemiluminescent acridinium compounds and analogues thereof as substrates of hydrolytic enzymes
Protecting groups for biological labeling
Methods for quantitative analysis of nucleic acid amplification reaction
Charge tags and the separation of nucleic acid molecules
Optical sensor arrangement for start of scan detection and improved vertical beam alignment range
DC stabilized power supply
Step-down converter
Brushless doubly-fed induction machine control
EMI reduction of voltage inverters by way of controlled randomized modulation of oscillating signals
Fuel controller
Digital switching system
Image reading apparatus and control method therefor
SCSI enclosure services
Time controlled hearing aid
System and method for energy management
Organic electroluminescent device
Heat engine electricity generating system having low-pressure enclosure for flywheel, clutch and ele...
Powder coating of thermosetting resin(s), polyphenylene ether(s) and curing agent(s)
Fuel reforming apparatus
Fuel processing system
Compositions of difluoromethane, pentafluoroethane, 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane and hydrocarbons
Dielectric breakdown chemical reactor for liquids
Method of and device for controlling and automatically controlling the thickness profile in the prod...
System and method of multiple-phase pumping
Momentum imparting bicycle suspension apparatus
Systems and methods for controlling temperatures of process tools
Thermostat with one button programming feature
In situ thermal processing of a relatively impermeable formation to increase permeability of the for...
Embedded liquid pump and microchannel cooling system
Ozone removable electrode corona generation system
Phase change material with inhibitor and a method of making the same
Heat softening thermally conductive compositions and methods for their preparation
Wax liquid temperature control device of wax injector
Dual zone automatic climate control algorithm utilizing heat flux analysis
Air conditioner for vehicles
Fouling reduction device for a tubular heat exchanger
Method and system for removing heat from an active area of an integrated circuit device
Tabular heat pipe structure having support bodies
Coupling mechanism for radiator
Heatsink and heatsink device using the heatsink
Cooling device, electronic apparatus, display unit, and method of producing cooling device
Method in connection with a pipe grate for fluidized bed boiler and a pipe grate
Optical attenuating device and method of manufacture therefor
Snap down pivoting optical element
Portable interactive printer
Inductor employing carbon nanotube and/or carbon nanofiber
MEMS optical mirror array
MEMS tunable filters
High quality parallel resonance oscillator
Gravitational wave generator utilizing submicroscopic energizable elements
High voltage integrated circuit amplifier
Semiconductor device
Electric charge detector
Optical routing elements
Arrangement for obtaining information about an occupying item of a seat
Optical cross-connect with magnetic micro-electro-mechanical actuator cells
Package structure and method for making the same
Ultrasonic security system for personal computer
Method, system, and apparatus for remote data calibration of a RFID tag population
Near field light probe, near field optical microscope, near field light lithography apparatus, and n...
Optical fiber Bragg grating tuning device
Waveguides and devices incorporating optically functional cladding regions
Enhanced polarization control and stabilization by macroscopic in-plane anisotropic strain in vertic...
Fly height detector
Disc drive stiction/friction characterization utilizing piezoelectric microactuators
Direct mapping of DNA chips to detector arrays
Ratchet wrench
6-aryl-4-aminopicolinates and their use as herbicides
Image analyzing apparatus and image analyzing method
Device for determining type and dampness of textiles, appliances applying the device, method for det...
Apparatus for optical measurements of nitrogen concentration in thin films
Polarization measurement device and method
Diffractive optical elements and grid polarizers in focusing spectroscopic ellipsometers
Flow cytometry-based hematology system
Devices for optical detection of nucleic acid hybridization
System and method for monitoring body functions
Animal model for infection by an apicomplexan parasite
Check valve seal assembly
Fuel sender assembly
Linear compressor having an anti-collision device
Hydraulic pump reservoir having deaeration diffuser
Air compressor
Control valve of variable displacement compressor with pressure sensing member
Self-priming centrifugal pump
Regulating jet pump with two fluid seals, one opening at an intermediate inlet pressure and the othe...
Method and apparatus for controlling fluid pumps
Tuning tool for a stringed instrument and method of tuning a stringed instrument
Systems and methods for use in reduced instruction set computer processors for retrying execution of...
Data plane restart without state change in a control plane of an intermediate network node
In-place data transformation for fault-tolerant disk storage systems
System and method for secured configuration data for programmable logic devices
Distributed processor memory module and method
Method and system for interfacing with a shipping service
Method of incorporating user reaction measurement software into particular web pages of a website
Energy saving multiplication device and method
Implementation of wavelet functions in hardware
Processes for determining whether a test substance contains lipases or lipase inhibitors
Boat-lift systems and methods
Boat with convertible tender garage area
System for providing traffic information
Method of providing dynamic regionally relevant data to a mobile environment
Wireless vehicular repeater system
Vehicle information system
Safety system for a closed compartment of a vehicle
Portable electronic device detachable vehicle mounting and vehicle use systems
Modular barrier system for satisfying needs unique to a specific user
Satellite signal waveform monitor
Processes for making granular detergent composition having improved appearance and solubility
Lubricating oil composition
Roof-screen system
Delay locked loop clock generator
CMOS sequential logic configuration for an edge triggered flip-flop
Method of manufacturing a microbalance
Coils for generating a plasma and for sputtering
Chair tilt lock mechanism
System and method for scheduling bandwidth resources using a Kalman estimator with active feedback
Deferred shadowing of segment descriptors in a virtual machine monitor for a segmented computer arch...
Process for preparing a cosmetic formulation
Process for the preparation of a vaccine for the treatment of tuberculosis and other intracellular i...
Plant-based non-toxic sunscreen products
Diagnostic method for diabetes using C-13 labeled pyruvic acid
Value-added traits in grain and seed transformed with thioredoxin
Methods of homing molecules to lung using membrane dipeptidase
Sucrose phosphate synthetase (SPS), a preparation method and cDNA therefor, and use of the cDNA for ...
Gene disruption methodologies for drug target discovery
Proteins related to neuronal regeneration and uses thereof
Anti-viral vectors
Method and apparatus for latency reduction in low power two way communications equipment application...
High performance symmetric multiprocessing systems via super-coherent data mechanisms
Method, system, and program for destaging data in cache
Computer system and process for transferring streams of data between multiple storage units and mult...
Status register to improve initialization of a synchronous memory
Synchronous flash memory with non-volatile mode register
System and method for machine specific register addressing in a split transactional unidirectional b...
Signaling address resolution in a communication network
Data calls using both constant bit rate and variable bit rate connections
Interleavement for transport of frames and cells
Passenger restraint
Protective motorcycle suit
Vehicle steering control system
Automatic steering apparatus for vehicle and control method of same
Steering booster device
All-wheel distributor gearbox for a motor vehicle
Power-assisted steering apparatus with a one-piece, monolithic component
Truck chassis configuration
Four-wheel vehicle for traveling on irregular road
Vehicle traction control system
Driving control apparatus for industrial vehicle
Tracked vehicle
Joint and a steering assist system using the same
Method of determining if deterioration in structural integrity of a pressure vessel, a pressure vess...
Polymer based permeable membrane for removal of ions
Image processor for processing reservation and information processor for requesting reservation
Management system and apparatus, method therefor, and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus having function of automatically selecting one of sheet feeders, method of c...
Imaging apparatus, control method for imaging apparatus, and computer program product for providing ...
Image forming apparatus using copy speed to control fixing temperature
Encoding method and apparatus for compressing a data structure having two or more dimensions, decodi...
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of image forming speeds
Apparatus for making outgoing call
Image formation apparatus and method for controlling the feed of a recording sheet prior to a print ...
Reflecting type optical system
Optical element and optical scanning device using the same
Data communication method of apparatus connected to LAN
Facsimile apparatus and facsimile system
Water-and oil-repellent, antistatic composition
Method for converting relational data into XML
Polyquat anionic scavengers for rinse cycle fabric softeners
Radio frequency radiation-free environments
Antenna assembly and method of construction
Semiconductor processing tool alignment technique implemented in a FIMS system
Electromagnetic field deflecting garment
Fibrous creased fabrics
Silicone compositions for treating wool materials
Red photoluminescent phosphors
Downdraft dust collector
Absorbent article having means for positioning the article in the underwear of the wearer
Method of acupuncture and magnetic treatment for weight loss
Bib for attachment to a seat belt
Beamformer for multi-beam receive antenna
Fluorescent lamp and amalgam assembly therefor
Taught position modification device
Apparatus and method of assembly of fixed blade knife
Knife handle
Method for synthesis of polypeptides in cell-free systems
Dry analytical element for acetaminophen assay
Lancet dispenser
Blood glucose meter
Device for determination of an analyte in a body fluid
Thermally conductive sensor
Modular analytical system having at least two modules connected by a connecting plug
Developing device and image forming apparatus
System for and method of efficient, expandable storage and retrieval of small datasets
User-replaceable fuser cartridge for electrophotographic printing systems
Head tracking and color video acquisition via near infrared luminance keying
Method of optimizing high performance CMOS integrated circuit designs for power consumption and spee...
Secondary trace build from a cache of translations in a caching dynamic translator
Data backup and recovery systems
Computing device and methods and systems for same
Share masks and alias for directory coherency
Alternate tape repositioning method during data recovery
System and method for replication of distributed databases that span multiple primary nodes
Collage making apparatus and method for making a collage
System and method for monitoring a computer system process or peripheral
System and method for accurately reproducing color
Appliance and method for navigating among multiple captured images and functional menus
Portable computer system including detachable peripheral device and combined mouse/joystick for use ...
Rotary impact wrench clutch
Error-correcting code adapted for memories that store multiple bits per storage cell
Robotic device management system and method, and information management apparatus
Chart parsing using compacted grammar representations
Developer container, developing conveying device and image forming apparatus using the same
Thermal development apparatus and image recording apparatus
Clock-generating circuit and image-forming apparatus having a function of canceling unevenness of sc...
Stacked stator core and method of manufacturing thereof, and rotary motor and method of manufacturin...
Semiconductor module and mounting method for same
Probe opening fabricating apparatus, and near-field optical microscope using the same
Microwave oven
Printed circuit board with wiring pattern formed thereon by screen printing and process for manufact...
Electrostatic image developing toner and image forming method
Gas barrier resin composition, gas barrier coating material, and gas-barrier molding
Alkyl silane liquid crystal compounds
Method of recycling molded plastic parts for photosensitive material and recycled plastic molded par...
Microfluidic systems and methods of transport and lysis of cells and analysis of cell lysate
Golf tee
Underwater line bundler
Water containment structure
Control wellhead buoy
Apparatus and method for focusing and selecting ions and charged particles at or near atmospheric pr...
Tetracyclic derivatives, process of preparation and use
Methods and using chemico-mechanical microvalve devices for the selective separation of components f...
Positively charged non-natural amino acids, methods of making thereof, and use thereof in peptides
Unilayer fabric with reinforcing parts
Unilayer fabric with reinforcing parts
Method for continuously acylating chromanol ester derivatives
MIIIN based materials and methods and apparatus for producing same
Solid polymer fuel cell system and method for humidifying and adjusting the temperature of a reactan...
Pitch based graphite fabrics and needled punched felts for fuel cell gas diffusion layer substrates ...
Reactor for producing hydrogen from hydrocarbon fuels
Process for efficient microwave hydrogen production
Low gravity electrochemical cell
Filter assembly for intake air of fuel cell
Porous planar electrode support in a solid oxide fuel cell
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Method of manufacturing an electronic device
Travel toothbrush system
Miniature rose plant named `POULra028`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescadarkblue`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kiecasal`
Scaevola plant named `Balscavbon`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Verburch`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACurnam`
Verbena plant named `Bodcomcar`
Begonia plant named `Gum Drop White`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Padmos Time Pink`
Helenium plant named `Helbro`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Orinoco Yellow`
Petunia plant named `Bodtruwhi`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Honey Yograceland`
Dual stimuli-responsive hydrogels and their synthetic methods
High pressure delivery system
Resin composition for calendering and polyolefin material for leather-like article
Methods using hydralazine compounds and isosorbide dinitrate or isosorbide mononitrate
Life-size communications systems with front projection
Wheel hub for bicycle
Molded article having a rigid support and a flexible hollow member
Bicycle seat
Hub post for a bicycle
Ski vehicle
Automotive vehicle bicycle rack having load assist apparatus
Tubeless tire compound and a system and method for retrofitting non-tubeless tires
Custom conformable device
Brake shoe for a bicycle
Theft-protection device for bicycles
Bicycle front fork vibration-proof structure
Magnetic switch capable of performing normal detection for a long period of time
Optical recording medium having mark and space portions based on frequency band of RF signal
Control of cell swelling by the proper choice of carbon monofluoride (CFx) cathode materials in high...
Inhalation device
Filters for removal of pathogens from liquids
Method for manufacturing cathode, electron source, and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for making multilayer optical films
Electrolyte for electrochemical device
Collector for alkaline secondary battery, method for making the same, and alkaline secondary battery...
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Glazing panel
Patches for teeth whitening
Railing advertising - surface, system and method
Printing unit with reversible image setting and digital changeover
Imaging unit for a printing form cylinder
Offset printing machine having intermediate sleeve fitted to core cylinder using compressed air
Method for adjustment of a belt tension in a rotary press machine
Printing unit of a rotary printing press
Compact multibeam laser light source and interleaving raster scan line method for exposing printing ...
System and method for the processing of scanned image data using a pixel window
Active matrix display device and inspection method for the same
Aqueous ink composition for use in an ink-jet printer
Mobile terminal operating in telephonic and tactile modes
Data driven method and system for monitoring hardware resource usage for programming an electronic d...
Computing system and method for preparing a computer-readable medium
Recording/reproducing device having plural disk units which access an information recording medium i...
Digital signal processor
Cellular telephone case
IVC rack system and method for detecting infections particles within an IVC rack system
Raster operation unit
Dynamically controlled amplifier
Vision system with reflective device for industrial parts
Node-B/base station rake finger pooling
Method and apparatus for controlling fanout of a multicast tree
Zoom lens system
Apparatus and method for document reading and authentication
Cleaning device
Vacuum cleaner canister body
Portable vacuum cleaner
Bitless rein assembly
Lighted hair extension
Pedicure basin
Hair trimming device
Cosmetic block
Light pole
Solar powered light
Hand-belt, versatile utility clip, compass and flashlight
Automobile light
Automobile light
Treatment of heart rhythm disturbances with N6-substituted-5'-(N-substituted) carboxamidoadenosines
Nucleotide and protein sequences of vertebrate delta genes and methods based thereon
Selective coating of medical devices
Medical electrical lead
Synthesis of (.+-.)-2-((dimethylamino)methyl)-1-(aryl)cyclohexanols
Cubane derivatives as metabotropic glutamate receptor agonists or antagonists and process for their ...
Piperidine compound and pharmaceutical composition thereof
Process for preparing a sulfonamide polymer matrix
Stent device and method for treating glaucoma
Crimpable balloon/stent protector
Methods for inhibiting or suppressing stenosis of arteriovenous access fistulas and grafts
Removable vein filter
Magnetic catheter navigation
Fire sprinkler mount
E-business bid process
Purchasing card transaction risk model
Automated transaction system and method
System for inhibiting fraud in relation to the use of negotiable instruments
Storing information concerning suspect currency notes received in an ATM
System and method for enhanced fraud detection in automated electronic credit card processing
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Vinyl polymer and organic electroluminescent device
Austenitic steel
Polymeric gel electrolyte and lithium battery employing the same
Carbon electrode coated with porous metal film, its fabrication method and lithium secondary battery...
Method for manufacturing a lithium polymer secondary battery
Method and system to perform a thread switching operation within a multithreaded processor based on ...
High-chromatic flaky pigment coated with semi-transparent film
Mold release and anti-blocking coating for powder-free natural of synthetic rubber articles
Model-based data conversion
Selective power-down for high performance CPU/system
Data memory with short memory access time
Optical semiconductor device
Processor with redundant logic
Data processing device for use in cooperation with a memory
System and method for implementing an enhanced raid disk storage system
Use of a cache coherency mechanism as a doorbell indicator for input/output hardware queues
Data prefetching apparatus in a data processing system and method therefor
Airborne e-mail data transfer protocol
Method of producing mutant mice
Method of feeding swine
Automatic water supply device
Method and system for controlled cooling of small milk quantities
Fishing lure holders and methods
Method of decreasing the K value in SIOC layer deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Implantable prosthetic or tissue expanding device
Dryer vent mounting block
Compactable ladder for a boat
Hydrofoil boat
Choke valve with pressure transmitters
Method and apparatus for separating ions from a fluid stream
Gemstone arrangement
Steel wire for MAG welding and MAG welding method using the same
Direct bond of steel at low temperatures
High-carbon steel wire rod with superior drawability and method for production thereof
High speed oxyacetylene cutting of a thick steel part and device therefor
Sintered steel material
Steel container, especially intended for the transport of bulk goods
High-strength steel pipe excellent in formability and burst resistance
Method and device for testing the rigidity of biological tissue
Integrated lancing and analytic device
Heart rate monitor and heart rate measuring method
Hand-held blood pressure measuring apparatus
Myoelectric feature-pattern classification method and apparatus
Anchoring mechanism for implantable telemetric medical sensor
Medical timing system for use before and during childbirth labor
Self-adjusting assembly and method for close tolerance spacing
Carrier and specimen-handling tool for use in diagnostic testing
Color filter imaging array and method of formation
Two-dimensional ultrasonic array with asymmetric apertures
Method and apparatus for improving contrast-to-tissue ratio in ultrasound contrast imaging with subh...
Image formation method, image formation apparatus, computer program, and storage medium
Rotated transform of an image using block transfers
Image matching using resolution pyramids with geometric constraints
Method and system for compression of images
Producing a compressed digital image organized into layers having information relating to different ...
Image processing apparatus utilizing pixel values of peripheral pixels adjacent the subject pixel
Method and apparatus for table recognition, apparatus for character recognition, and computer produc...
System and method to facilitate pattern recognition by deformable matching
Image identification apparatus and method of identifying images
Method and system for searching for words in ink word documents
System and method for establishing an aggregate degree of brightness for each primary color to creat...
Cable management brackets and cabinet
Optical waveguide device and coherent light source and optical apparatus using the same
Optical waveguide and optical circuit base component
Dispersion shifted optical fiber
Multimode interference coupler, multi-layer optical planar waveguide using the same and method of ma...
Coupling method of coupler
Multi-channel optical equalizer for intersymbol interference mitigation
Temporal synchronization of video watermark decoding
MPEG picture processing apparatus and data transferring method using the apparatus
Method for marking a compressed digital video signal
Method for driving a CCD solid-state imaging device
Image display apparatus and method of correcting image on image display apparatus against inclinatio...
Assembly, in which light from a light source is directed onto a surface
System and method for providing fast acquire time tuning of multiple signals to present multiple sim...
Motion adaptive noise reduction method and system
Auxiliary digital data extractor in a television
Motion adaptive de-interlacing method and apparatus
Digital camera with video input
Transmitting apparatus, and method for transmitting video signals of high speed image pickup apparat...
Lighting apparatus for inspection of an object
Hitch receiver with integral lighting, accessory ports and towing hooks
Suspension stabilizers for overhead lighting fixtures
Surface-mounted, billet-formed ball-type headlight mount
Adjustable reflector device
Light fixture, reflector housing, and facility that includes a plurality of light fixtures
Optical assemblies for concentration of radial light distribution within confined luminaire packages
IR laser diode based high intensity light
Apparatus for recreating and illuminating a visual image
Apparatus, methods, and computer program products for transactional support of network management op...
Method and apparatus for simplified administration of large numbers of similar information handling ...
Instance-reduction algorithm for garbage-collected language
Storage reclamation on tape management systems
System and method for providing secure transmission, search, and storage of data
System and method for operational assistance during system restoration
Apparatus and method for avoiding cross-contamination due to pendent drops of fluid hanging from dis...
Recording medium, image forming process using the same, and process for the preparation of the same
Method and apparatus for treatment of drinking water
Method of dicing a semiconductor wafer and heat sink into individual semiconductor integrated circui...
Flame-resistant polycarbonate blends
100% solids radiation curable conductive primer
Matte biaxially oriented polypropylene film with improved matte property and processability
Method for coating apparatuses and parts of apparatuses for the construction of chemical installatio...
System for treating petroleum and petrochemical slop oil and sludge wastes
Rubbery polymer
PCV assembly and fitting
Dynamic fuel processor mechanization and control
Methanol plant retrofit for manufacture of acetic acid
Device for gasification of spent liquor
Fuel cell systems with evaporative cooling and methods for humidifying and adjusting the temperature...
Application and utilization of a water-soluble polymer on a surface
Double shell closure with support ribs
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material, pyrrolotriazole compound, and dye-forming...
Emulsible polyolefin wax
Use of alkylhydroxyalkyl cellulose possibly in combination with a carboxymethyl cellulose for the im...
Discolored teeth bleaching system
Compositions comprising at least one hydroxide compound and at least one complexing agent, and metho...
Polyolefin additive packages for producing articles with enhanced stain resistance
Amine-free emulsification of alkaline earth metal sulfonates
Plating bath and method for depositing a metal layer on a substrate
Optical element
Peptides and peptidomimetics with structural similarity to human p53 that activate p53 function
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Piperidines derivatives and their use as serotonin receptor antagonists
Process for making Boc-protected 3-aminohydantoins/thiohydantoins and 3-aminodihydrouracils/dihydrot...
Bicomponent fibers comprising a thermoplastic polymer surrounding a starch rich core
Metered-dose underarm product and package
Transmitter and receiver circuit for radio frequency signals
Method and radio station for transmitting information
Method and system for random access packet channel request
Method and apparatus for implementing network planning
System and method of wirelessly triggering portable devices
Dual-function removable reversable unit for radio and telephone
Conversion spur avoidance in a multi-conversion radio frequency receiver
Transceiver including reactive termination for enhanced cross-modulation performance and related met...
Ink jet recording medium
Transparent thermoplastic composition containing polytetrafluoroethylene particles
Method of producing 3-aminoalkanoic acid esters
Aminobenzophenones and photopolymerizable compositions including the same
Photosensitive plastics films and information storage devices
Process for preparing polymeric fibers based on blends of at least two polymers
Pretreated sheet product for lithographic plates
Toner composition for organic black matrix and preparation method thereof
Decorative paper with a high opacity
Laser thermal annealing method for high dielectric constant gate oxide films
Easy to disperse, high durability TiO2 pigment and method of making same
Deinking method and composition for wastepaper
Coating composition
Removal of biomaterials from aqueous streams
Vat acid dyeing of textile fibers
Aromatic polyamide compositions for molding
Process for determining changes in liquid media, in particular coating agents under shear stress
Call processor system and methods
Processor including replay queue to break livelocks
Storage system and data relocation method
Multi-version data caching
E-mail client with programmable address attributes
Enhanced multimedia mobile content delivery and message system using cache management
Method and apparatus for recovering from failure of a mirrored boot device
Fault tolerant memory system utilizing memory arrays with hard error detection
System and method for notifying of changes in web page hyperlinked documents
Soft error detection in high speed microprocessors
Iris authentication apparatus
Electronic camera
Lens assembly of digital camera with non-step focusing function
Electrostatic actuator and method of driving the same
Apparatus and method for thermal film development and scanning
Focal-plane shutter for digital camera
Monitoring camera with detachable lens housing
Image viewing device
Method of producing polycrystalline thin film of MgO
Silicon nitride wear resistant member and method of manufacturing the member
Method and apparatus for supporting rotor assemblies during unbalances
Angular contact ball-bearing cage with lubricant pockets
Linear guide assembly
Bearing shear block
Force activated switch
Method to produce pyrotechnical igniting mixtures
Obturator for large caliber smooth bore ammunition
Non-lethal cargo projectile
Pliant firearm projectiles
Semiautomatic or automatic gun
Electric discharge weapon for use as forend grip of rifles
Nodular nickel boron coating
Magnetic transfer method
Thermal head, thermal activation device for thermally active sheet and printer assembly
Compact fused disconnect switch
Method and apparatus for fourier transform mass spectrometry (FTMS) in a linear multipole ion trap
Method of improving nematode resistance in plants via transformation with a DNA encoding a proteinas...
Attenuator integrated with modulator and transmitting module for WDM systems using the same
Method and apparatus for integrating an optical transmit module
Ring laser gyro with optically independent semiconductor ring lasers
Apparatus and method for displaying image
Thin integrated circuit package having an optically transparent window
Method of producing optically active lactone compound and complex used in the method
Automatic recognition of an optically periodic structure in an integrated circuit design
Image input system
Metal coordination compound and organic luminescence device
Pressurized electrical contact system
Arylmethyl-carbonylamino-thiazole derivatives and their use as antitumor agents
Pyrazole compositions useful as inhibitors of ERK
Therapeutic use of a thienylcyclohexylamine derivative
5-(arylsulfonyl)-,5-(arylsulfinyl), and 5-(arylsulfanyl)-thiazolidine-2,4-diones useful for inhibiti...
Diphenylurea compounds
Piperazine-containing compounds useful in the treatment of pain
Aromatic dicarboxylic acid derivatives
Processes for preparation of cyclopenta[b][1,4]diazepino[6,7,1-hi]indoles and derivatives
Synthesis of anti-estrogenic and other therapeutic steroids from 21-hydroxy-19-norpregna-4-en-3-one
Converter for satellite broadcast reception having structure for uniform grounding pressure
Object oriented processing system and data sharing environment for applications therein
Thermosetting compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Method to enhance performance of thermal resistor device
Plasma display panel and method of fabricating barrier rib thereof
Optical element, optical element composition and method for controlling stimuli-responsive polymer g...
Light-absorptive antireflection filter, with pigment containing light-absorptive film and electrocon...
Ultrasonic membrane transducer for an ultrasonic diagnostic probe
Method of measuring anodize coating amount using infrared absorbance
UV curable transparent conductive compositions
Integrated circuit dielectric and method
Thermal transfer of a black matrix containing carbon black
Dinaphtopyrene compound, and organic EL element and organic EL display using the same
Web material having wells for combinatorial applications
Mold with metal oxide surface compatible with ionic release agents
Calibration medium for wavelength calibration of U.V. absorbance detectors and methods for calibrati...
Sample preconcentration tubes with sol-gel surface coatings and/or sol-gel monolithic beds
Solar selective absorption coatings
Vacuum ultraviolet transmitting silicon oxyfluoride lithography glass
Binder-loaded type charge-transport liquid crystal material
Display device formed of a multi-color light emitting material and method of making same
Waveguide grid array and optical measurement arrangement
Audio transducers
Electro-optical device, clock signal adjusting method and circuit therefor, producing method therefo...
Contact between element to be driven and thin film transistor for supplying power to element to be d...
Digital micromirror device and method of driving digital micromirror device
Liquid crystal display device having a front light unit
Molecular layer epitaxy method and compositions
Exposure apparatus
Disposable working electrode for an electrochemical cell
Railway wheel alloy
Anti-tombstoning solder alloys for surface mount applications
Semiconductor memory device and electronic instrument
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and data programming method
Photovoltaic module, solar-power generating apparatus, a support member for supporting photovoltaic ...
Gas purifier system containing an ultra-low emission carbon material
Gas purifier system for removing trace impurities from a reactive fluid
Technique for addressing and tracking in a delivery system
Curved infrared foil heater for drying images on a recording medium
Phase change waste ink control apparatus and method
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Ink jet recording apparatus
Sheet feeder and image formation apparatus
Method and apparatus for implementing a camera mouse
Systems and methods providing bi-directional passage of an object via an articulated member
Printer with photo stand and photo stand detachably attachable to printer
Baseball-related card game and method
Concentric game board and method of playing a game
Fuel dispensing nozzle equipped with a game or other activity
Gaming device having a container-item holder
Polycarbonates, polyester carbonates and polyesters having branched terminal groups
Sprayable hard surface cleaner and method of use
Cosmetic and dermatological article comprising N-(3-chloroallyl) hexaminium chloride
Acrylic polymer compositions, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesion tapes and process for producing th...
Topical compositions
Oil treatment system
Solid cleanser holder
Method and apparatus for olfactory stimulation
Mobile combustion exhaler for the vaporization of insecticide or perfumed substances having a low va...
Quality of service (QOS) enforcement method
Method for estimating the traffic matrix of a communication network
Packet transmission scheduling with threshold based backpressure mechanism
Method and apparatus for multi-layer resource management in wireless communications systems
Method and apparatus for controlling application processor occupancy based traffic overload
Broadband amplified WDM ring
System and method for reducing amplifier distortion using distortion feedback
Coaxial cable cutting tool
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and device for recycling pet materials
Offset printing paper
Protector for sheet metal coils
Flushable commode liner
Embossed packaging laminate and method of making laminate
Apparatus and method for absorbing and recycling material in a blender
Method for the production of expandable plastics granulate
Method and device for producing short fibers
Anaerobic film biogas digester system
Polishing-washing method
Method for building classifier models for event classes via phased rule induction
Isolation and characterization of the genomic DNA clones of ribosomal protein gene L25 in tobacco
Inhibition of cationic amino acid transporter protein and uses thereof
Inhibitor and stimulator of stem cell proliferation and uses thereof
System for expressing hyperthermostable protein
Method for forming refractory metal oxide layers with tetramethyldisiloxane
MRAM and access method thereof
Standard cell, standard cell array, and system and method for placing and routing standard cells
Design method for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Convolutional interleaver employing an efficient memory scheme
Test access port (TAP) controller system and method to debug internal intermediate scan test faults
Memory device redundant repair analysis method, recording medium and apparatus
Statistical counters in high speed network integrated circuits
Arrangement for reducing a media independent interface speed in a network switch emulation system
Inexpensive method for diagnosing manufacturing defects in an embedded system
Reflective liquid crystal strain gauge with aspected particles and polarization-sensitive devices
Projection-type display apparatus
Perylene-derivative based crystallization modifiers
Pigment, method for producing pigment, pigment dispersion, and electrostatic image developing powder...
Reversible and reusable authentication system for secure documents
Toner for developing electrostatic image
Hetero-composite yarn, fabrics thereof and methods of making
Polyvinylidene fluoride composites and methods for preparing same
Use of standoffs to protect atomic resolution storage mover for out-of-plan motion
Use of standoffs to protect atomic resolution storage mover for out-of-plane motion
Use of standoffs to protect atomic resolution storage mover for out-of-plane motion
X-ray detector module
Permeable capacitor electrode
Mobile monolithic polymer elements for flow control in microfluidic devices
Non-gelling high molecular weight polymer compositions and thermosplastic blends thereof
Method for preparing a dialkyl carbonate, and its use in the preparation of diaryl carbonates and po...
Method for execution of query to search strings of characters that match pattern with a target strin...
Electronic musical apparatus customizing method
Internet controlled telephone system
Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus, and communication system which utilize a watermark inse...
Motion picture electronic watermark system
Method and system for a multi-tasking printer capable of printing and processing image data
Diversity and adaptive antenna arrangements for inductive pick-ups
System and method for displaying projector system identification information
Semiconductor package with a die attach adhesive having silane functionality
System and method for data flow analysis of complex data filters
Camshaft accumulator
Valve timing control device
Control apparatus and method for valve actuating system of internal combustion engine
Multi-mode handheld computer
Apparatus for promoting nerve regeneration in paralyzed patients
Calcilytic compounds
Method and device for estimating movement parameters of targets
Method and arrangement for performing an exhaust gas analysis on motor vehicles having an on-board e...
Method for magnifying torque during the operation of a motor vehicle
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Method of operating a vehicle transmission
Control system for a motor vehicle transmission comprising a torque converter or a hydrodynamic clut...
Industrial vehicle safety system
Chimeric proteins
Parasitic helminth cuticlin proteins and uses thereof
Method for producing a polynucleotide library in vitro by mismatch repair of heteroduplexes
Composition and method for increasing exorphin catabolism to treat autism
Enone reductases, methods for producing same, and methods for selectively reducing a carbon-carbon d...
Human carboxypeptidases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Crosslinking base layer for fixing interlinings according to double dot and paste process
Cursor and display management system for multi-function control and display system
Digital interconnect of entertainment equipment
Method and apparatus for reminding the vehicle operator to refill the spare tire in a tire pressure ...
Vehicle wheel vibration monitoring system
Process and apparatus for real-time determination of a solid sample composition as a function of the...
Universal electronic identification tag
Liquid crystal display panel and method of injecting liquid crystal into the display panel
Method and apparatus for delivering a subscriber-customized group message in a selective call messag...
Estimated remaining lamp life indicator system
Electrode plate and manufacturing method for the same, and gas discharge panel having electrode plat...
Design of interconnection pads with separated probing and wire bonding regions
Apparatus for monitoring intentional or unavoidable layer depositions and method
Bench top tubing sealer
Method for extending mobile IP and AAA to enable integrated support for local access and roaming acc...
Method and apparatus for detecting forward and reverse link imbalance in digital cellular communicat...
Polyepitopic proteinic fragments of the E6 and E7 HPV proteins, production and use thereof in vaccin...
Capacitor fabrication method
Capacitor of semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Single crystal TFT from continuous transition metal delivery method
Amorphous silicon photovoltaic devices
Additives for pressure sensitive polishing compositions
Fabry-Perot cavity manufactured with bulk micro-machining process applied on supporting substrate
Vertically-stacked, field-programmable, nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Liquid crystal display device and method of forming the same
X-point memory cell
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Variable flow deposition apparatus and method in semiconductor substrate processing
Planarization using plasma oxidized amorphous silicon
Nitride pedestal for raised extrinsic base HBT process
Elevated source drain disposable spacer CMOS
Low temperature polycrystalline silicon type thin film transistor and a method of the thin film tran...
Fluorine-containing layers for damascene structures
Method and apparatus for face-up substrate polishing
Eddy current sensor arrays having drive windings with extended portions
Sintered glass bead filter with active microbial destruction
Solid propellant formulations and methods and devices employing the same for the destruction of airb...
Apparatus and method for predicting failures of spinning disks in turbo-machinery
Method and apparatus for assessing performance of combined cycle power-plants
Diagnostic systems for turbocharged engines
Method for marking or drilling holes in glass lenses and device for realizing the same
Zoom lens system
Automatic video object extraction
Dynamic tree-node property page extensions
Methods and systems for a portable, interactive display device for use with a computer
Real time monitoring of cable patch panel
Method of making interactive information closure
Apparatus and method for estimating the time of arrival of a spread spectrum signal in a wireless co...
Exposure recording apparatus for recording a two-dimensional image
Power amplifying system with supply and bias enhancements
Contactless IC card system
Semiconductor device adaptable to a plurality of kinds of interfaces
Control method and control device for the operation of coupled drive axes with superposed movement c...
Telephone having improved hands free operation audio quality and method of operation thereof
Method and apparatus for checking the functionality of a switching center
Control interface unit for realizing a simultaneous controlling of at least two logical units and ap...
System and method for restarting of signaling entities in H.323-based realtime communication network...
Induction apparatus with damping feature
Circuit arrangement and method for an electronic system for time-delayed outputting of a switching s...
Automatic application loading for e-mail attachments
Method for calibrating of machine units located in machine tools or robotic devices
Method and device for driving an electric actuator unit
Arc quenching device for low-voltage switching devices
Method and apparatus for structuring printed circuit boards
Web server apparatus and method for virus checking
Distributed systems for providing secured HTTP communications over the network
Halogen incandescent lamp and a lighting apparatus using the lamp
Toner cartridge and toner supply device
Multi-junction phase qubit
Pneumatic nut runner with torque indicator
Integration type input circuit and method of testing it
Movable display sign
Enhanced intravaginal devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Clamp for securing multiple, spaced-apart tubes
ARP packet to preserve canonical form of addresses
Tamper resistance with pseudo-random binary sequence program interlocks
Information processing apparatus equipped with display device
System and method for dynamic generation and clean-up of event correlation circuit
Methods and apparatus for secure content distribution
Interconnect with low dielectric constant insulators for semiconductor integrated circuit manufactur...
Laminate substrate containing fiber optic cables
Integrated circuit device characterization
Therapeutic treatment for blood sugar regulation
Surgical system
Miniature rose variety `POULra022`
Extraction of pollutants from underground water
Real-time audio/video communication method for use on the internet and device therefor
Tin-containing organolithium compounds and preparation thereof
Game balls with cover containing post crosslinkable thermoplastic polyurethane and method of making ...
Method and system for evaluating the performance of an instructor of an electronic course
Floating stability device for offshore platform
Method for producing water for use in manufacturing semiconductors
Method and apparatus for language translation using registered databases
Beaded thin wall aerosol container
Bubble humidifier with improved diffuser and pressure relief device
Hydrogen storage alloy having laves phase and production method therefor
Media guide rail spacer
Method and apparatus for automatic layout of circuit structures
Information distribution and processing system
Creating a summary having sentences with the highest weight, and lowest length
Nonaqueous electrolyte and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Double layer blocks capable of turning endlessly
Automatic feature selection system for data containing missing values
Method and system for the storage and retrieval of web-based education materials
PDA systems, functional data, and methods for generating a route
Vehicle steering angle position determination method
Integrated onboard maintenance documentation with a central maintenance system
Method for assaying clustered DNA damages
Multiple recipe merge with feedback
Multi-standard enhanced inband data receiver
Method for obtaining a printed product with visual effects, and printed product
Modular water play structure
Optical recording method using optical recording medium containing nanoparticles
Shared volatile and non-volatile memory
Method for enhancing knowledge discovered from biological data using a learning machine
Synthesis of oligomeric poly(silarylene-siloxane-acetylene)'s and their conversion to high temperatu...
Integrated airborne transponder and collision avoidance system
Bond program verification system
Tubular hole cutter
LED matrix moldule
Linear alpha olefins from natural gas-derived synthesis gas over a nonshifting cobalt catalyst
System and method for customizing cached data
Status monitoring system
Determination of vehicle payload condition
Finger ring with expansible shank
System and method for performing a synchronization operation for multiple devices in a computer syst...
Method and apparatus for preventing a denial of service (DOS) attack by selectively throttling TCP/I...
Method and system for automatically evaluating physical health state using a game
System and method for programming non-volatile memory
Calcilytic compounds
Selective capture and storage of A/V objects in an interactive multimedia system
Motion sensitive switch and circuitry
Footwear with GPS
Cleat-forming woven fabric article for the manufacture of anti-creep floor mats
Treated nonwoven fabrics
Footwear pack
Shoe having an inflatable bladder
Walking shoe
Boot provided with a gaiter
Sole for footwear
Portion of a shoe outsole
Space heating system
A/D converter circuit and current supply circuit
6-Azauracil derivatives as thyroid receptor ligands
Method and system for allocating aircraft arrival/departure slot times
Microwave device for de-icing, or keeping hollow bodies free from ice and method for the operation o...
Geometric morphing wing with layers
Deployable inflatable boom and methods for packaging and deploying a deployable inflatable boom
Method for engaging a probe and drogue for aerial refueling
Control device and method for emergency opening of an aircraft evacuation door
Snap-in window assembly and method
Wing structure of airplane
Aircraft landing gear having an independent low-noise fairing system
Rapidly-convertible roadable aircraft
Thrust reverser system with sequential torque decoupler
Forward in flight (IFE) entertainment cooling system
Ejector based engines
Thrust reverser actuator with an automatic relock and lock drop prevention mechanism
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion processes
Supported catalyst treatment
Thermoplastic film label composite with a printable, untreated, cavitated surface
Synthetic porous crystalline material, EMM-1, its synthesis and use
Process for reducing coke agglomeration in coking processes
Metal-containing macrostructures of porous inorganic oxide, preparation thereof, and use
Winter diesel fuel production from a fischer-tropsch wax
Polypropylene compositions methods of making the same
Hydrotreating using bulk multimetallic catalysts
Cavitation enhanced liquid atomization
Diene-modified propylene polymer nucleating agents
Deformable gravel pack and method of forming
Method of employing instrumentation to efficiently modify a lubricant's flow rate or properties in a...
Substituted tropolone compounds, oral care compositions containing the same and methods of using the...
Identification of sel-12 and uses thereof
Tumor specific human monoclonal antibodies and methods of use
N-Terminal amyloid-.beta. antibodies
Isolated peptide or polypeptide of the extracellular portion of the human interferon receptor (IFN-R...
Use of ubiquinone Q10 for the local treatment and prevention of post-surgical ophthalmologic patholo...
Fungicidal active ingredients combinations
Topical composition
Methods of treating hepatitis delta virus infection with .beta.-L-2'-deoxy-nucleosides
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Method of inhibiting fibrosis with a somatostatin agonist
Glove donning delivery system
Bacteriophage, a process for the isolation thereof, and a universal growth medium useful in the proc...
Method of forming a cell pattern on a surface
Cell expansion system for use in neural transplantation
Adenovirus carrying gag gene HIV vaccine
In vitro methods for determining in vivo thrombotic events
Composition comprising extracts of flos lonicerae, fructus forsythiae and radix scutellariae, uses a...
Composition and method for treating the effects of diseases and maladies
Process for the production of highly branched Fischer-Tropsch products and potassium promoted iron c...
Device having one or more contact structures interposed between a pair of electrodes
Fabric comprising nonwoven elements for use in the manufacture of tissue products having visually di...
Ultrasonic horn assembly with fused stack components
System and method for refilling a dispenser
Slit neck spunbond process and material
High pulp content nonwoven composite fabric
Dental wipe
Pant-type personal care articles, and methods of making and using such personal care articles
High wet resiliency curly cellulose fibers
Dispenser for dispensing sheet material
Regionally distinct nonwoven webs
Apparatus for controllably focusing ultrasonic acoustical energy within a liquid stream
Smooth bulky creped paper product
Pseudo real-time diagnostic and process monitoring system
Customer conversion system
Method and apparatus for hemostasis and blood management
Programmable thermostat including a feature for providing a running total for the cost of energy con...
Smart card customizing system
Sort system and method utilizing instructions to direct placement and provide feedback
Method and apparatus for automatic cashing of a negotiable instrument
Apparatus for data copyright management system
Method and system for authenticating a network user
Semiconductor memory card, data reading apparatus, and data reading/reproducing apparatus
Managing account database in ABDS system
Client-server multitasking
System and method for microbilling using a trust management system
Vehicle environment monitoring system
Direct modification of DGPS information with inertial measurement data