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Fixation of the wheel hub bearing to the suspension of a motor vehicle
Bearing with integral transformer
Spindle motor and bearing assembly
Method for lubricating a rotational-part supporter
Active optical side-looking fuze
Method and apparatus for automatically removing vector unit in DNA base sequence
Electrostatic transportation device, development device and image formation apparatus
Projectile sonar
Reducing the susceptibility of titanium nitride optical layers to crack
Method of formatting values in a fixed number of spaces using the java programming language
Deformable loudspeaker
Angled illumination for a single order light modulator based projection system
Method and apparatus for reducing crosstalk between a monitoring channel and a data channel in a WDM...
Wavelength division multiplexing apparatus
Optically recording medium having differently-shaped pre-pits formed respectively in first and secon...
Prepit detecting apparatus
Systems and methods for visualizing multi-dimensional data in spreadsheets and other data structures
Absorbent article for controlling normal flora of the skin
In-situ metalization monitoring using eddy current and optical measurements
Absorbent materials having improved absorbent properties
Processor memory system
Cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical preparations
Hypermedia identifier input mode for a mobile communication device
Chrysanthemum plant named `Bajimba`
NVH and gas pulsation reduction in AC compressor
Dynamic attenuator of discharge noise from rotary vacuum machines
Active noise reducing nozzle
Inner cushions for helmets
Method of manufacturing micro-lens array, electrolyte and manufacturing apparatus used therefor
Molecular sensor and raman spectroscopy process
Piezoelectric driving body, ultrasonic motor and electronic apparatus having an ultrasonic motor
MOS transistor with ramped gate oxide thickness
Liquid crystal display
Apparatus and method for driving multi-color light emitting display panel
Opto-electrical devices
Monoclonal antibody and the method of using the antibody
System identification to improve control of a micro-electro-mechanical mirror
Nickel-base superalloy
Mixture consisting of metal particles and/or alloy particles and of a liquid electrolytic medium and...
Polyurethane foam products with controlled release of agents and additives
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with double data storage circuit for writing and write-verif...
Multi-layer wiring board
Character printing method and device as well as image forming method and device
Motor with improved motor casing
Sunshade of a sunroof for a motor vehicle and manufacturing method thereof
Robot arm mechanism
Port door removal and wafer handling robotic system
Method and arrangement for embedding a watermark in an information signal
Steganographic system, method, program and storage medium therefor
Template for watermark decoder synchronization
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Principal axis look-up for color correction
Gray scale image processing apparatus and gray scale image processing method therefor
Light source modulator
System for compensating for chip-to-chip gap widths in a multi-chip photosensitive scanning array
Self-heating or self-cooling containers
Method and system for creating and maintaining assessments
Method and apparatus for providing an interface mechanism for a computer simulation
Psychometric assessment testing method
Method and system for interactive communication skill training
Method and apparatus for allowing a battery to preserve charge in a handheld device without an suppl...
Compact multiyear calendar
Method of manufacturing loading plane border frame tubes for chairs
Method and apparatus for managing golf related information obtained in part by using impulse radio t...
Multiple game apparatus and method
Combined poker games
Collapsible game hanger for pickup truck
Therapeutic and computer input gauntlet
Resin/binder system for preparation of low odor fiberglass products
Styrene resin composition and method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing styrene ...
Volume hologram laminate, and label for preparation of volume hologram laminate
Form for non-impact printers
Apparatus and method for thermal desalination based on pressurized formation and evaporation of drop...
Employment of value of unknown in portion of partial state space for analysis of part of system
Method for streaming multimedia information over public networks
Verification coverage method
Elapsed time reminder for telecommunication network
Devices using a ceramic piezoelectric
Nanotube films and articles
Method for searching multimedia data using color histogram
Computational graceful degradation method using priority information in multiple objects case
System, method and article of manufacture for element management in a hybrid communication system
Emergency low altitude parachute wherein canopy is deployed and inflated prior to use
System and method for loading stores on an aircraft
Arrangement and associated system having an actuator and a tubular flap-drive member about the actua...
Survivability and mission flexibility enhancements for reconnaissance aircraft
Powder inhaler
Pulmonary dosing system and method
High lubricity, multi-layer polyolefin laminate
Roll of wet wipes
Apparatus and method for collating image
Compounds and methods for stimulating .beta.-catenin mediated gene expression and differentiation
Barrier film for limiting transmission of oxygen and moisture therethrough
Woven strecth fabric
Method and apparatus for cavitation vibro-suction massage
Soft tissue paper having a softening composition containing a polysiloxane-polyalkyleneoxide copolym...
Bipolar plates for fuel cell stacks
Flexible graphite article and method of manufacture
Process for the purification of sulfur
Composite polybasic salt, process for producing the same, and use
Carbon nitrogen nanofiber compositions of specific morphology, and method for their preparation
Low-EMI electronic apparatus, low-EMI circuit board, and method of manufacturing the low-EMI circuit...
Planar polymer capacitor
Exposure method and apparatus
Image formation unit including stored performance information
Laser light marking of a container portion
Method for encoding the volumetric information of a virtual object and the retrieval of same
Sugarcane UBI9 gene promoter and methods of use thereof
Method for preparing metal nitride thin films
Method of manufacturing photomask and method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit devic...
Magnetic memory device with larger reference cell
Device and methods for mixing fluids
Optical reflective structures and method for making
Method for compiling high level programming languages into embedded microprocessor with multiple rec...
Manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Wiring resistance correcting method
Validating integrated circuits
Conversion of aromatic hydrocarbons
Method of superplastic extrusion
Metal halide lamp
Method and apparatus for controlling starting of synchronous motor and electric pump for controlling...
Binder compositions exhibiting reduced emissions
Method for preparing asphalt/polymer emulsion-rubber paving composition
Water compatible energy curable compositions containing maleimide derivatives
Fungicidal heterocyclic aromatic amides and their compositions, methods of use and preparation
Method for making interactive information devices with spacer elements
Low emissions one part adhesive
IR-MALDI mass spectrometry of nucleic acids using liquid matrices
Aqueous reactive putty (I)
Aqueous coating composition and method
Method for fractionation of water soluble or dispersible polymers containing amino groups with a bro...
Catalytic composition for dimerizing, co-dimerizing and oligomerizing olefins
System and method for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxide in a gas stream
Process for converting waxy feeds into low haze heavy base oil
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with improved auxiliary amalgam
Extraordinary magnetoresistance at room temperature in inhomogeneous narrow-gap semiconductors
Method and apparatus for treating aqueous liquids
Decorative candle
Apparatus for expressing milk
Method and system for unifying search strategy and sharing search output data across multiple progra...
E-mail messaging system
Method and apparatus for runtime remediation of object-code instructions in a computer program
Image forming apparatus
Automated high-throughput seed sample processing system and method
Isothiazole derivatives
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Expression of exogenous polynucleotide sequences in a vertebrate
Treatment of acute coronary syndrome with GLP-1
Method and system for filtering messages based on a user profile and an informational processing sys...
Communication system and communication method
Method and apparatus for multiple application trace streams
Network switch memory interface configuration
Method for block-based digital image watermarking
Method for handling IP multicast packets in network switch
Recording and reproducing system, recording apparatus and reproducing apparatus having copy protecti...
Method and system for estimating sensor dark current drift and sensor/illumination non-uniformities
System and method for digital film development using visible light
Methods for separating a tocopherol from a tocopherol-containing mixture
Curable compositions containing thiazole functionality
Die attach adhesives with vinyl ether and carbamate or urea functionality
Method and apparatus for navigation of relational databases on distributed networks
Information search device and information search method using topic-centric query routing
Fuel pump for an internal combustion engine
Engine method
Reed valve VCT phaser with worm trails
3-step cam-profile-switching roller finger follower
Valve system for variable displacement diesel engine
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve in internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
System, method and software for protocol analyzer remote buffer management
Big game tracking arrow and apparatus for the manufacture thereof
System and method for detecting and monitoring noncompliant interstate transportation of materials
Method of providing vehicle instructions to a non-navigable point of interest
Vehicle speedometer
Vehicle navigation system
Real-time ad hoc traffic alert distribution
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gearsets and three input torque...
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets with two clutches and...
Family of multi-speed power transmission mechanisms having three interconnected planetary gearsets
Family of multi-speed planetary transmission mechanisms having fixed interconnections and six torque...
Method of remanufacturing a transmission assembly
Multi-speed planetary transmissions with a stationary member
Multi-speed transmissions with a stationary planetary member
Six-speed transmission with three planetary gear sets and five torque transmitting mechanisms
First stage clutch
Motor device for actuating vehicle door operation device
Engine control based on exhaust back pressure
Method, computer program, and control and/or regulating device for operating an internal combustion ...
Optical waveguide Y junction
Implantable hearing aid microphone
Method and system for providing common coordination and administration of multiple snapshot provider...
Exercise support instrument
Game machine, and display
Coin cup holder for use with a gaming machine
Noncontact tonometer capable of measuring intraocular tension by optically detecting deformation of ...
Diagnostic apparatus and method to provide effective intraocular pressure based on measured thicknes...
Apparatus and method for monitoring intraocular and blood pressure by non-contact contour measuremen...
Apparatus for measuring intraocular pressure
Apparatus and method for improved intraocular pressure determination
Aplanation tonometry apparatus
Method of and apparatus for determining the topology of a cornea
Erasable marking composition
Pulsed power method for increased read range for a radio frequency identification reader
Multi-stage data buffers having efficient data transfer characteristics and methods of operating sam...
Method for initial power control for spread-spectrum communications
System and method for heterodyning an ultrasonic signal
Optical signal routing method and apparatus providing multiple inspection collection points on semic...
Method for identifying graphical objects in large engineering drawings
X-ray diagnostic installation having a planar solid state X-ray image converter
Method and apparatus for optimizing audio response in telephony-over-LAN systems
Reception time of messages in access channels of TDMA mobile communication system controlled by tran...
Pump source with increased pump power for optical broadband Raman amplification
Device and method for detecting polarization mode dispersion
Method of forming an alignment feature in or on a multi-layered semiconductor structure
Method for textured surfaces in floating gate tunneling oxide devices
Adjustable nanopore, nanotome, and nanotweezer
Dust filter bag including a highly porous backing material ply
Ornithine carbamoyltransferase
Method of and composition for preventing tissue damage
Molds for the manufacture of a dental restoration and methods of making dental restorations
Methods for producing sialyloligosaccharides in a dairy source
Compositions comprising arabinogalactan and a defined protein component
Dual supply voltage pipelined ADC
Cold-resistant fat composition and process for producing the same
Growing cells in a reservoir formed of a flexible sterile plastic liner
Metal catalyzed ascorbate compounds as oxygen scavengers
Process for producing washed citrus oil flavors
Method of removing the fibrous shells from cereal grains
Drawn yarn package and production method therefor
Combined speaker/dome lamp
Easily controlled exhaust pipe
Display enclosure having thin speaker
Double-walled damping structure
Methods of treating and/or suppressing weight gain
Method for including a self-removing code in a self-removing message
Method for selective LDAP database synchronization
Volatile memory with non-volatile ferroelectric capacitors
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Degradable poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels
Monocyclic or bicyclic carbocycles and heterocycles as factor Xa inhibitors
Formation of hydrophilic polysaccharide coatings on hydrophobic substrates
Spray-dried microparticles and their use as therapeutic vehicles
Expandable push-in arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant with tapered configuration during inserti...
Non-metal spacers for intramedullary nail
Use of iso-osmotic saline solutions, method for preparing same and cerumenolytic medicines based on ...
Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) mapping system
Noise suppression in lightwave communication systems
Optical transmitter comprising a stepwise tunable laser
Discharge laser with porous insulating layer covering anode discharge surface
Truncated ridge waveguide for all-metal gas laser excitation
Laser diode with an internal mirror
Light source device for laser beam printer
Chemical partitioning agents and methods of using same
Methods for quenching pathogen inactivators in biological materials
Antisense inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1 expression
Methods for detection and use of differentially expressed genes in disease states
DNA encoding mammalian neuropeptide FF (NPFF) receptors and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for detection of disease
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Program support for disk fencing in a shared disk parallel file system across storage area network
Remote power control system
Interference management for a wireless communication system
System and method for providing computer upgrade information
System and method for handling threads of execution
Data processing system, data processing method, and program-providing medium therewith
Web based tool control in a semiconductor fabrication facility
Pre-execution logon (PEL)
Pre-authenticated communication within a secure computer network
Method and system for implementing subroutine calls and returns in binary translation sub-systems of...
Apparatus and method for communicating the completion of asynchronous input/output
Method and apparatus for implementing compact type signatures in a virtual machine environment
Self-operating PWM amplifier
Technique and apparatus for wave-mixing frequency translation in a network
Cuk style inverter with hysteretic control
Phase-controlled AC-DC power converter
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Transient override circuit for a voltage regulator circuit
Control apparatus for electric motor
Breathing apparatus and method for operation thereof for examining pulmonary mechanics of a respirat...
Apparatus and method for providing high frequency variable pressure to a patient
Device for monitoring breathing during sleep and ramped control of CPAP treatment
Apparatus and method for relieving dyspnoea
Method and apparatus for predicting a distillation temperature range of a hydrocarbon-containing com...
Decreasing method of N-oxyl compound
Method of extracting gaseous fluid
Pelletized chromatography media of agarose, dextran or acrylamide/azlactone copolymer
Method for extracting anions
Split-flow water filtration apparatus and method
Process for hydrothermal treatment of materials
Seal assemblies
Infant clothing with traction devices
Acoustic sample introduction for analysis and/or processing
Process for manufacturing integrated chemical microreactors of semiconductor material
Inbred maize line NP2222
Soybean cultivar 0127563
Soybean cultivar 0120283
Soybean cultivar 0120282
Cell cycle stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Integrated circuit fractal antenna in a hearing aid device
Use of mouth position and mouth movement to filter noise from speech in a hearing aid
Apparatus and method for ossicular fixation of implantable hearing aid actuator
Polarizer apparatus for producing a generally polarized beam of light
Movable barrier operator
Moving member for surface acoustic wave actuator and surface acoustic wave actuator using same
Actuator capable of revolving
Process and device for ceramising the base glass of glass ceramics
Process for preparing phosphoric ester
Terminal-blocked isocyanate prepolymer having oxadiazine ring, process for producing the same, and c...
Systems and methods that use at least one component to remove the heat generated by at least one oth...
Mounting fitting of heat sink and method of removing the same
Heat-dissipating module
Cooling apparatus for electronic unit
Side exhaust heat dissipation module
Device for cooling CPU chip
Modular personal computer, connection device for modular personal computer, method of cooling modula...
Pacing channel isolation in multi-site cardiac pacing systems
Method and apparatus for optical beam power attenuation
Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch
Optical switch based on rotating vertical micro-mirror
Resiliently packaged MEMs device and method for making same
Wavelength cross-connect
3-D electro optical switch
Power management in selective deposition modeling
Evoked response variability as an indicator of autonomic tone and surrogate for patient condition
Pulse oximeter with calibration stabilization
Driving device for a hydroacoustic transmitter
SYK-UBP proteins, compositions and methods of use
Ratchet wrench having a direction controller that is assembled easily
Reverse apparatus for air impact wrench
IBM PC compatible multi-chip module
Avionics system for determining terminal flightpath
Automatic flight envelope protection for uninhabited air vehicles: method for determining point in f...
Method and computer program product for estimating at least one state of a dynamic system
Floatation system including life raft
Simplified buoyancy system for avoiding aircraft crashes
Variable spacer for a separation system of a launch vehicle
Apparatus for slowly and safely descending from a high-rise building
Method for providing a virtual contrast agent for augmented angioscopy
Method and system for altering defects in digital image
Fully automatic rapid microscope slide scanner
Method of measuring a biomagnetic field, method of analyzing a measured biomagnetic field, and metho...
Method of correcting white balance in video camera
Method for calibrating spectrophotometric apparatus
Method and a system for determination of particles in a liquid sample
Apparatus and methods for determining biomolecular interactions
Imaging system using polarization effects to enhance image quality
Method for the photometric analysis of test elements
Method of optical measurement for determing various parameters of the patient's blood
Phase modulation spectrophotometric apparatus
Balloon catheter
Feedback control of ultrafiltration to prevent hypotension
System and method for assessing transmurality of ablation lesions
Apparatus and methods usable in connection with dispensing flexible sheet material from a roll
Top light source device
Diffractive optical element and a method for producing same
Automotive wheel
Player identification using biometric data in a gaming environment
Method and apparatus for aggregating gaming event participation
Method of playing game and gaming device comprising a primary gaming unit and a pinball-type game
Scroll compressor having a deflectable bearing housing for shaft alignment
Inflation/deflation device having spring biased value
Regulated pump
Diagnostic system for a compressor
Rotary machine with reduced axial thrust loads
Variable displacement pump
Prefetch unit
Sewing apparatus management system
Sustained release heterodisperse hydrogel systems-amorphous drugs
Cable modem system using CATV transmission path
Random access video playback system on a network
Generic code book compression for XML based application programming interfaces
Linearization of framesets for audibly rendering frames
Robust carrier identifying method and apparatus for bandwidth-on-demand (BOD) system
Real time backup system for information based on a user's actions and gestures for computer users
Security monitoring apparatus based on access log and method thereof
Tumor antigens and CTL clones isolated by a novel procedure
2-substituted-4-nitrogen heterocycles as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Compounds with analgesic effect
Stabilized viral envelope proteins and uses thereof
41 kDa Cryptosporidium parvum oocyst wall protein
IgE-dependent histamine-releasing factor-binding peptides
Preparing aqueous polymer dispersions
Method of treating palmar and plantar fibromatosis
Method and apparatus for performing field data collection
Vehicle navigation system and method for swathing applications
Method for vehicle dispatching system
Navigation system with run-time training instruction
Method for operating a navigational system
Method and apparatus for gathering vehicle information
Method and apparatus for collecting and propagating information relating to traffic conditions
Dishwashing detergent compositions containing organic polyamines
Use of quaternary polysiloxanes in laundry detergent formulations
System and method for diluting a super-concentrated detergent in situ at customer locations
Powder detergent
System and method for implementing a knowledge management system
Fly-by serial bus arbitration
Method apparatus, and system for sensing a power change during operation of a microelectronic device
Schottky rectifier with insulation-filled trenches and method of forming the same
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Contact`
Chrysanthemum plant named "True"
Chrysanthemum plant named `Arango`
Coloring ceramics by way of ionic or complex-containing solutions
Surface absorbing polymers and the uses thereof to treat hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces
Hemoactive compositions and methods for their manufacture and use
Enhancer composition for agricultural chemicals and agricultural chemical composition
Acidified nitrite as an antimicrobial agent
Extended release oral dosage composition
Thixotropic formulations for filling capsules
Injectable pamidronate disodium
Multivesicular emulsion drug delivery systems
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Method and apparatus for reduction of pain from electric stimulation therapies
MRI-compatible medical device with passive generation of optical sensing signals
Method for automatically segmenting a target bone from a digital image
System and method for determining the location of a catheter during an intra-body medical procedure
Secure write blocking circuit and method for preventing unauthorized write access to nonvolatile mem...
Method and system for compiling circuit designs
Method and apparatus for interrupt redirection for arm processors
Write and erase protection in a synchronous memory
Communication apparatus, image processing apparatus, communication system, communication method, ima...
Power distribution control apparatus for four-wheel drive vehicle
Method and device for controlling the triggering of a motor vehicle occupant protection system
Electric power steering control system
Power steering system
System, method and program for supporting driving of cars
Distance measurement apparatus
Tracked compact utility loader
Sash for land grid arrays
Surface acoustic wave device, method for producing the same, and circuit module using the same
Socket for testing of semiconductor device, and semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the...
Contact probe and probe device
Surface acoustic wave device and substrate thereof
Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same
Coherent diffusion barriers for integrated circuit interconnects
Monoclonal antibody recognizing phosphatidylinositol-3,4-diphosphate
Enzyme substrate delivery and product registration in one step enzyme immunoassays
Method for detecting rheumatoid arthritis employing the CB10 peptide of mammalian type II collagen a...
Printed wiring boards and methods for making them
Methods of deploying helical diagnostic and therapeutic element supporting structures within the bod...
Hydrothermal treatment system and method
System for separating entrained liquid from a gas stream using a sloped vessel
Assembly and method for separating gas from flowing liquids
Chemical/Biological decontamination filter
Linking metadata with a time-sequential digital signal
Speech processing apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for distributing audio and video content
Semiconductor exposure apparatus and parameter check method
Radio communicating apparatus
Image forming apparatus and belt unit detachably mountable thereto
Robot system, robot apparatus and cover for robot apparatus
Catalytic process for the preparation of light olefins from methanol in fluidized bed reactor
Component for multilayer printed circuit board, method of production thereof and associated multilay...
Integrated optoelectronic circuit and method of fabricating the same
Shaped piezoelectric composite array
Polymer composite squirrel cage rotor with high magnetic permeability filler for induction motor and...
Core-sheath composite conductive fiber
Superabsorbent polymers providing long-term generation of free volume in partially hydrated absorben...
pH reducing formulation and delivery system for a tampon
Chemically amplified resist, polymer for the chemically amplified resist, monomer for the polymer an...
Radiation image read-out apparatus
3-heteroarylalkyl substituted gaba analogs
Protected forms of pharmacologically active agents and uses therefor
Methods of treating or preventing neuropathic pain using sibutramine metabolites
Process for the synthesis of a known tetrazol derivative
Solid state electrochromic device, and mirror system and CRT display using same
Lighted exterior mirror system
Methods and systems for providing information based on similarity
Apparatus and method for saving commerce related information in a broadcast programming network
Method, apparatus and product for evaluating test data
Method for custom fitting of apparel
Wearable computing device capable of responding intelligently to surroundings
Method and apparatus for intelligent ranging via image subtraction
Flexible liquid crystal display
Decorated filigree container
Wireless centrex call return
Method and system for efficient storage and restoration of display state data
Composition for alleviating symptoms of uremia in patients
Method of obtaining the BIOS version date in the windows operating system
Language processing apparatus
Robot control apparatus, robot, and production facility
Robot control apparatus
Large area substrate processing system
Wafer transport apparatus
Cable laying structure for robot
Screw tightening apparatus
Online service registration system and method
Tracking semantic objects in vector image sequences
Apparatus and method for device independent messaging notification
Resonant thermal out-of-plane buckle-beam actuator
Portion of an attachment arm
Method of limiting key usage in a postage metering system that produces cryptographically secured in...
System and procedure for protection against the analytical espionage of secret information
Tuneable photonic crystal lasers and a method of fabricating the same
Contoured belt clip for folding knife
Zoom lens and video camera comprising the same
Method for treating disturbances in iron metabolism using a combination of erythropoietin and iron
Diagnostic compositions, elements, methods and test kits for amplification and detection of human CM...
Combined lancet and electrochemical analyte-testing apparatus
Nerve stimulator output control needle with depth determination capability and method of use
Container for a test strip drum
Transgenic mouse assay to determine the effect of A.beta. antibodies and A.beta. Fragments on alzhei...
Epoxy or phenolic functional polyester or polyether
Molded object of thermoplastic resin and composition
Optical sheet, polarizer and liquid-crystal display device
Flat panel liquid crystal display such as for a laptop computer, having alkali-free aluminoborosilic...
Vacuum heat treatment furnace
Rule-based, n-way, synchronization of multiple copies of a database
Keyframe selection to represent a video
Transmission method using error correction processing
Image forming apparatus and method of setting up the same
Method for replacing technologically aging sub-systems in a system
Method and apparatus for estimating tire air pressure
Water saturation and sand fraction determination from borehole resistivity imaging tool, transverse ...
Compositions, apparatus and methods for facilitating surgical procedures
Physiological sensor system
Synthesizing signal net information from multiple integrated circuit package models
Method of optimizing high performance CMOS integrated circuit designs for power consumption and spee...
Hard/soft error detection
PECL voltage DIMM with remote multi-module etch skew compensation
Method for synchronizing plurality of time of year clocks in partitioned plurality of processors whe...
Secure printing method
Non-speculative instruction fetch in speculative processing
Hybrid least squares multivariate spectral analysis methods
Device for measuring rotor imbalance
Method and apparatus for improvement in set-top box network performance
Process for producing olefin polymer
Light emitting device and electronic equipment using the same
Electrochemical conversion system
Limited swing driver circuit
Image forming apparatus designed to prevent curling of a cleaning blade
Image forming system with a finishing capability
Power management system in an image forming apparatus
Method of synchronizing phase-locked loop, phase-locked loop and semiconductor provided with same
Inflating device for balancing jackets for diving activities equipped with horseshoe-shaped inflatab...
Modular fiber log erosion and sediment control barrier
Grooved retaining wall block and system
Method of constructing the foundation and support structure for elevated transportation systems
Sediment control system for fluid containment basins
Irrigation system and method
Large capacity boat lift
Screening method
Peptide nucleic acids having enhanced binding affinity, sequence specificity and solubility
Pretargeting methods and compounds
Treatment of substance P-related disorders
Stent treatment apparatus and method
Reversible DC motor drive including a DC/DC converter and four quadrant DC/DC controller
Cell substrate and liquid crystal display device in which a resin plate has a conductive layer via a...
Optical-based sensing devices
Thin film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) and inductor on a monolithic substrate and method of fabric...
Method of making molecular sieve catalyst
Porous nanostructures and method of fabrication thereof
Eyeglasses and method of making same for the treatment of low-vision
Methods for designing multifocal ophthalmic lenses
Floating phakic refractive lens design for preserving eye dynamics
Methods of obtaining ophthalmic lenses providing the eye with reduced aberrations
Coffee maker
Lantana plant named `Balucpeach`
Dahlia plant named `Karma Bon Bini`
Gaura plant named `Baltinrose`
Lantana plant named `Balucgold`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Moza Ves 02`
Hosta plant named `El Nino`
Papaver plant named `Papillon`
Levelling agents for surface coatings
Process for the solid phase synthesis of aldehyde, ketone, oxime, amine, hydroxamic acid and .alpha....
Nanocomposite materials with engineered properties
Golf balls including solution blended polymeric composite and method of making same
Anti-friction bearing interposable at the crossing-over point between two spokes of a bicycle wheel
Simplified training wheel-to-frame mounting assembly bicycle
Indicator for a bicycle suspension system for indicating travel of the suspension system
Simplified pedal-to-crank mounting assembly cycle
Hand-powered vehicle
Manpower-driven cycle with rower mechanism
Method and apparatus for recovering a solvent
Poly(3-cyclopropyl-3-hydroxypropionate) and processes for its preparation and derivatives thereof
Inhibitory or blocking agents of molecular generating and/or inducing functions
Method for regenerating a zeolitic catalyst
Molded part of ceramic material derived from polymers, process for producing ceramic molded parts an...
Method for forming integrated circuits using high aspect ratio vias through a semiconductor wafer
Method of fabricating micromachined devices
Human E3.alpha. ubiquitin ligase family
Peelable label
Device for infeeding a web
Arrangement for sheet holder systems on storage drums in turning devices of sheet-fed printing machi...
Rollers for guiding paper webs
Method of adjusting two rollers that can be placed on each other in a printing unit
Modular printing machine system for printing on sheets
Image-forming machine having a development station with a developer flow monitoring system
Method for image data compression for two-color images
Pre-fold sword insertion device
Device for retention of products on a transporting surface in a folder
Sheet material conveying apparatus with adjustable top grippers for pockets
Method of and apparatus for machining web-shaped workpiece and apparatus for processing scrap
Bolster-elevating device for a press
Phosphor panel with good humidity resistance
Method and apparatus for performing neuroimaging
RF surface resonator for a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and method for operating same employing an electrostatic rel...
Superconductive magnet device
Process for producing water-soluble polysaccharides, and method for clarifying water-soluble polysac...
Hydrolysis-stable and polymerizable acrylophosphonic acid
Refrigeration control apparatus and method
Housing for intrinsically-safe electronics
Marine coating
Powder metal scrolls
Chair with seatback and rotating damper device
Pipe beveller tool
Small crystallite zeolite CHA
Apparatus for purification of raw gasoline from catalytic cracking
Catalytic cracking process
Method for preparing a catalyst
Method and apparatus for combining video and graphics
Catalyst for purification of aromatic acids
Optically variable interference pigments
Method for deriving a functional circuit description
Method terminal device, node, program module, and user interface for the determination of features r...
High speed scanning arrangements
Filter monitor
Vacuum valve with heater
Pneumatic pressure control device
Method and apparatus for error detection/correction
Procedure for the control of applications stored in a subscriber identity module
Structural reinforced superconducting ceramic tape and method of making
Integrated information appliance
Nanoparticulate, redispersible zinc oxide gels
Method for production of antibodies to specific sites of rapamycin
Spectroscopy illuminator with improved delivery efficiency for high optical density and reduced ther...
Integrated IP network
Event control device and digital broadcasting system
Arterial prosthesis
Hydrophilic polymers, pressure sensitive adhesives and coatings
Supported phosphinimine polymerization catalyst
Method and apparatus for monitoring service-intensive replaceable parts in an assembly
Cable splice enclosure and components
Inorganic ion receptor-active compounds
Systems and methods for delivering agents into targeted tissue of a living being
Process for preparing two-phase polymers in the form of their aqueous dispersions and water-redisper...
Power management for hearing aid device
Operation method of storage and storage and remote storage used therein
Speech therapy system and method
Plasma display panel and method of driving thereof
Abrasion resistant transparent and colorable elastomeric compositions
Delivering non-default items in association with search results
Error correctible channel coding method
Game display method, recording medium, and game display apparatus
Automatic cell placement and routing apparatus and automatic cell placement and routing method used ...
Slaphammer tool
Enhancing concealment in the presence of fine mistuning for various TV scrambling techniques
Aryl or heteroaryl fused imidazole compounds as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents
Real-image variable-magnification viewfinder
Method of forming composite member
Antibodies that bind testis-specific insulin homolog polypeptides
Method and apparatus for evaluating athletes in competition
Method and system for implementing persistent object services on a relational database
Non-chemical aerosol dispenser
Elimination of vapor anaesthetics from patients after surgical procedures
In-situ ductile metal/bulk metallic glass matrix composites formed by chemical partitioning
Client-based background update monitoring
Interpolation method using pre-emphasized input samples
Bookbinding structure and method
Particulate addition method and apparatus
2-port memory device
Balanced load memory and method of operation
Method and apparatus for detection, transmission and processing of safety-related signals
Static RAM architecture with bit line partitioning
Distance measuring apparatus
Method for driving plasma display panel
Personal digital assistant with a foldable memory card adapter
Computer-aided orthopedic surgery
Method and apparatus for communicating with plug and play devices
Aluminoxane modification
Interception system and method
System and method for packet parsing and data reconstruction in an IEEE 1394-1995 serial bus network
Integrated absorption cogeneration
Process and apparatus for producing liquid carbon dioxide
Cogeneration/CO.sub.2 production process and plant
Chemical heat pump and chemical energy storage system
Heat pump
Fluid/vacuum chamber to remove heat and heat vapor from a refrigerant fluid
Heat pump
Open cycle heat pump system and process for transferring heat
Coaxial resonator structure and filter
Easy handling ultraclear thermoplastic film
Thick sheet lamination product for use in exterior automotive body panels
Ergonomic wax pen
Transverse strut for a twist-beam axle of a motor vehicle
Cooling of extruded and compression molded materials
Plastic label holder with integral sign holder
Aqueous carbon black dispersions
Transparent support of remote I/O in a process control system
Method of accelerating delivery of magazines to a new subscriber
Polymorphism analysis by nucleic acid structure probing with structure-bridging oligonucleotides
Methods of diagnosing and treating hepatic cell proliferative disorders
Target-dependent reactions using structure-bridging oligonucleotides
Crystalline solids of carvedilol and processes for their preparation
Balanced power amplifier for low power radio communications
Projection type display
Thermal infrared detector
Skin abrading medical electrode mounting and packaging system
Printer and transfer unit
Method of creating conformal outlines for use in transistor level semiconductor layouts
Fuel cell having an anode protected from high oxygen ion concentration
Method for producing 4-chlorobiphenyl and 4-chlorobiphenyl-specific specifications
Curing system
Amine organoborane complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Low optical loss polymers
Drillpipe structures to accommodate downhole testing
Device usable in the treatment of affections of the airways
Production of modified polysaccharide S-7
Adipogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
Valve, particularly solenoid valve
Full sized scattering bar alt-PSM technique for IC manufacturing in sub-resolution era
Pet cage assembly having smoke activated escape feature
Modular integrated self-contained cargo deployment/retrieval system
Receiving module and receiver
Telephone indicator system and method
Capillary column sealing technique
Method for quantification of stratum corneum hydration using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Cotton cells, plants, and seeds genetically engineered to express insecticidal and fungicidal chitin...
Associative processor
Fiber optic cable shield bond system
Gun safe door with one arm handle
Resin composition and use thereof
Method and device for riser tensioning
Coupler for wireless communications
Processes for preparing patterns for use in metal castings
Two-medium spraying nozzle and method of using same
Cleated anti-creep floor mats
Process of dynamically loading driver interface modules for exchanging data between disparate data h...
Multi-line telephone system emergency call processing
Method and apparatus for elastic shorts testing, a hardware-assisted wire test mechanism
Hybrid semi-physical and data fitting HEMT modeling approach for large signal and non-linear microwa...
Poinsettia plant named `Future Pink`
Camera having rotary optical encoder
Method for removing organic liquids from aqueous solutions and mixtures
In vitro selection of signaling aptamers
Control system for robots
Video and audio streaming for multiple users
Racquet sport game and shuttlecock for use therewith
Online education course with customized course scheduling
Catalysts for producing methylamines and method for manufacturing the same
Method for estimating coverage of web search engines
Metered dosage inhaler system with variable positive pressure settings
Surface treatments to improve corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steels
Security management tool for managing security attributes in computer systems
Method and apparatus for performing hierarchical address translation
Injection molding soft resin composition and users thereof
Fuzzy logic controller optimization
Manually operable electronic apparatus
Climbing rocks with full outer grip
Semiconductor memory device
Scaleable high performance magnetic random access memory cell and array
Semiconductor laser device
Reflector-containing semiconductor component
Radio signal broadcast system and method
Kernel file I/O management system and method
Information provider, terminal and system and recording medium for the terminal
System and method for personal multimedia communication over a packet switched network
Chain transfer agents in fluoroolefin polymerization
Gas generating device
Polymerization of non-fluorinated monomers in carbon dioxide
Process of drying a cast polymeric film disposed on a workpiece
Mismatch repair detection
Thermal transfer sheet
Thermosensitive recording material
Adjustable flow probe
Connector with a coupling system and a port system
Computer with a mechanism for securing a storage medium drive and a mother board
Magnetic tunnel junction read head devices having a tunneling barrier formed by multi-layer, multi-o...
Tunneling magnetoresistive head and a process of tunneling magnetoresistive head
Magnetoresistive film, magnetoresistive head, and information regeneration apparatus
Magnetoresistive effect device utilizing a magnetization-coupling layer which couples adjacent ferro...
ESD protection for GMR sensors of magnetic heads using SiGe integrated circuit devices
CDMA encoder-decoder, CDMA communication system, WDM-CDMA communication system
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Automobile personal computer systems
Computer system having internal IEEE 1394 bus
Developing apparatus
System and method for controlling steam in a fuel system with a fuel processor
Method for the production of bisphenol-a
Cover tape for electronic part conveyance and electronic part conveying member
Compositions and kits for compounding pharmaceuticals
Wavelength separation optical device and multiple wavelength light transmission module
Planar heating element
Inhalator attachment and nebulizer equipped with same
Device for assembling separable toothbrush elements
Placard holder
Method for the preparation of copper (meth) acryloyloxyethyl phosphate coordination complex
Hydrogel-forming system with hydrophobic and hydrophilic components
Membrane filtration device
Multiple-use smart card with security features and method
Mounting arrangement for a gas turbine engine
Adapters for mounting containers on a shaker
Method and apparatus to monitor the run state of a multi-partitioned computer system
Amide compounds
4-aminopyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine compounds specific to adenosine A2a receptor and uses thereof
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
Data processor with flexible multiply unit
Process of controlling plural test access ports
Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of copolymer of parylene N and comonomers with various dou...
Polymer composition and monomer composition for preparing thereof
Methods for enhancing survival of a neuron
Isolated human enzyme proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme proteins, and uses ther...
Velocity flume and method for collecting machining coolant
Modified finger assignment algorithm for high data rate calls
Adheson variants
Flying disc
Method and device for the production of security elements for electronic article surveillance and co...
Method and apparatus of using a security feature which includes plural patterned microscopic makers ...
Security envelope detectable for foreign substances
Indicia for containers
Plasma display panel apparatus and method of protecting an over current thereof
Tool free system for adjusting the mounting location of an engagement member
Method of doing business by identifying customers of competitors through world wide web searches of ...
System and method for creating a page usage record
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in VLSI circuit designs
Peach tree named `TexPrince`
Auxiliary module use relaying component and auxiliary module
Charge barrier flow-through capacitor
Bio-chip, photoluminescent methods for identifying biological material, and apparatuses for use with...
Use of hydroxycarboxylic acid esters as thickeners
Robot apparatus and its control method
Method and apparatus for displaying calling party information
Sports game system
Method and apparatus for converting an analog audio source into a digital format
Process for the preparation of anionic clay and boehmite-containing compositions
Canister inhaler having a spacer and easy to operate lever mechanism and a flexible, elastic mouthpi...
Honeycomb hydrogen storage structure
Miniature automated teller machine
Cryptographic authorization with prioritized authentication
Authentication method
Polycarbon sulfide, process for preparing the same and nonaqueous electrolyte battery comprising the...
Soft-bodied drink and wet doll
Photographing system
Inflatable recreational device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Memory having a precharge circuit and method therefor
Nitride semiconductor laser device
Range finder of light amount detection type with multi zone resolution
EL element, method for forming EL element, and display panel that uses EL element
Method and system for capacity planning
Method for adding redundant vias on VLSI chips
Method, system, and apparatus for distributing and using computer-based applications over a network
Use of thiocarboxanilide derivatives for the preparation of a medicament for preventing the transmis...
Phenylindoles for the treatment of HIV
RANTES derived peptides with anti-HIV activity
Physiologically active protein originating in mammals
Surface acoustic wave filter and communications apparatus using the same
System and method for data burst communications in a CDMA network
Discharge lamp lighting circuit with protection circuit
Liquid electrophotographic image forming apparatus
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation leaving one or more selected unprocessed areas
Anisotropic conductive film and production method thereof
Inhibition of TNF.alpha.-initiated neutrophil response
Triclosan-containing medical devices
Optical information recording medium for recording optically reproducible signals thereon through th...
Armored products made of fiber-reinforced composite material with ceramic matrix
Time interval based channel estimation with transmit diversity
Removable tab and method for gaining physical control of an object
Method for producing phosphonium phenolates
In situ formation of CLA
Variable size blended wing body aircraft
Method and system for managing and preparing documentation for real estate transactions
Device for upper extremity elevation
Methods for managing memory in a run-time environment including registration of a deallocation routi...
Method of treating androgen-dependent disorders
Cyanohydrin ethers and esters as high-sensitivity enzyme substrates
Method and apparatus for generating X-ray or EUV radiation
Compresses video decompression system with encryption of compressed data stored in video buffer
Polymerization of olefinic compounds
Self-supporting pleated filter
Fiber reinforced composite liner for lining an existing conduit and method of manufacture
Method, system and apparatus for monitoring and adjusting the quality of indoor air
Game call
Fused--Al2O3-MgO-Y2O3 eutectic abrasive particles, abrasive articles, and methods of making and usin...
Thermal imaging fitting system
Apparatus and method for providing server state and attribute management for voice enabled web appli...
Method and apparatus for delivering mail items to non-postal route locations
Impatiens plant named `Danchepurjoy`
Thermal transfer recording medium, image-forming method and image-bearing body
Diagnostics and therapeutics for diseases associated with an IL-1 inflammatory haplotype
Hydroxy-kojic acid skin peel
Device and method for emergency call
Spatial awareness device
Database processing method and apparatus using handle
Wheelbarrow leg stabilizer
Control method and apparatus for embedding information in data
Stacked electrochemical cell and method for preparing the same
Slide copper system
Quick exchange infinity mirror display apparatus and method
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure including a metal oxide interface with silicon
Semiconductor device and method for the manufacture thereof
Three-dimensional memory cache system
Wireless personal mobile data terminal receiving a wide-area broadcast and capable of two-way commun...
Organic light emitting device with improved moisture seal
Internet telephone service
System and method of implementing netware core protocol within a sockets model
Method and apparatus for determining positioning relative to utility lines
Pressure impulse telemetry apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for pest deterrence
Field emission devices having structure for reduced emitter tip to gate spacing
Traveling wave tube having multilayer carbon-based emitter
Flat cathode-ray tube, electron gun for flat cathode-ray tube and producing method thereof
Electron gun in color CRT
Chaos applied apparatus
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having two input clutches
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms with three input clutches and three planetary gearsets
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and five torque-trans...
Family of multi-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gearsets and five torque-transm...
Transmission mechanisms with three planetary gear sets and a stationary fixed interconnection
Dual input clutch planetary transmission
Planetary transmissions with a stationary member and clutched input
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having three planetary gear sets and four torque-transm...
Modular monitoring and protection system with local protection loop
Fault tolerant apparatus and method for determining a revolution rate of a gear
Computerized operator assistance for turbine component inspection
Working machinery for elongated work
Method for highlighting information contained in an electronic message
Size adjustable coin escalator for use in gaming apparatus
Single beam tone burst ultrasonic non contact tonometer and method of measuring intraocular pressure
Intraocular pressure measuring apparatus
Tonometer probe with replaceable membrane
Applanation detection system for a non-contact tonometer
Non-contact type tonometer
Controlling pressure in the eye during surgery
Non-contact tonometer
Optical wavelength converter
Generation of an immune response to a pathogen
Hot plate precipitation measuring system
Sheet media system having radio-frequency identification transponder
Automated unmanned rental system and method
Coded and electronically tagged welding wire
Automatic power control and laser slope efficiency normalizing circuit
Method for calibrating a lithographic projection apparatus and apparatus capable of applying such a ...
Projection exposure apparatus and method
Exposure method and exposure apparatus
Methods and apparatus for increasing data bandwidth in a dynamic memory device by generating a delay...
Method for dealing with peripheral units reported as defective in a communications system
Method and apparatus for measuring white blood cell count
ICP analyzer
Thermogravimetry apparatus
Bioactive materials
Closed cell metal composites
Prosthetic joint component having at least one solid polycrystalline diamond component
Implant element
Method and apparatus for replicating the position of intra-osseous implants and abutments relative t...
Dental implant fixture
Distributed computer network air travel scheduling system and method
Method for electronically aligning the frequency of an infrared transmitter
Handover method in CDMA mobile communication base station and mobile station
Dimmer arrangement for gas discharge lamp with inductive ballast
Polyamide composition and method for producing the same
Composite reverse osmosis membrane and method for producing the same
Membrane for use with implantable devices
Disk drive apparatus
Electrical connector with conductive plastic features
Systems and methods for breathing exercise regimens to promote ischemic preconditioning
Immunosupportive drug sparing diet
Installation of cured in place liners with air and steam and installation apparatus
Portable lighted display
Antilipemic formulation
Method for controlling the temperature in a climate chamber and climatic device
Wideband, multi-core dispersion compensation fiber
Comfort noise generation for open discontinuous transmission systems
Wide deflection-angle optical switches and method of fabrication
Automatic bright window detection
Audio reproducing apparatus
Method for configuring a wireless network
Aircraft spiralling mechanism
Method and apparatus for digital content copy protection
Steam iron
Combined clothing stand and drier
Squeegee with suction cup
Cleaning device for motorcycle disc brake
Implantable coronary sinus lead and method of implant
Double-isolated, symmetric, high-damped mount system
Non-aqueous electrochemical cell
Microemulsion compositions and methods of making and using same
Method for determining concentrations of additives in acid copper electrochemical deposition baths
Controlled diffusion coefficient electrochromic materials for use in electrochromic mediums and asso...
Method and apparatus for uniform electropolishing of damascene ic structures by selective agitation
Method for the fast acquisition of a magnetic resonance image
Method and apparatus for providing automatic configuration of a computer system based on its physica...
Devices and methods for monitoring drug therapy compliance
Unary coding scheme for digital audio signals
Language independent and voice operated information management system
Mass airflow sensor for pulsating oscillating flow systems
Object and method for accessing of articles for reliable knowledge of article positions
Method of automatic production of specifications
Method for translating MOF metamodels to UML models
Oligomers and polymers of di-substituted cyclic imino carboxylic acids