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Multispecies food testing and characterization organoleptic properties
Method of producing sealed packages containing pourable food products from a tube of packing materia...
Polyester film for metal plate laminate, film-laminated metal plate and metal container
Applications for laminate web
Egg replacer concentrate and liquid egg replacer
Soybean processed food
Aerated compositions, process and apparatus for achieving such aerated compositions
Method for maintaining cooked food in a ready-to-serve condition using a freestanding cover for food...
Segmented rolled food item
Method of controlling microwave oven
Grilling station
Process for controlling body weight
Hearing aid with a face plate that is automatically manufactured to fit the hearing aid shell
In-ear hearing aid and method for its manufacture
Converting sensed signals
Acoustical ceiling tiles
System for identifying potential licensees of a source patent portfolio
Systems, methods, and apparatus for instant issuance of a credit card
Mediation device development method
Method, system and computer readable medium for web site account and e-commerce management from a ce...
Investment company that issues a class of conventional shares and a class of exchange-traded shares ...
Cross channel delivery system and method
Method and system for using customer preferences in real time to customize a commercial transaction
Method of adjudicating medical claims based on scores that determine medical procedure monetary valu...
Apparatus and method for analyzing routing of calls in an automated response system
Method of transmitting data to members of an operator service
Method for restoring a portion of a communication session transmitted over a computer network
System and method for providing a call back option for callers to a call center
Method and apparatus for alerting an operator of an incoming cellular or portable phone call
AIN to ISDN message mapping for intelligent peripheral service enhancement
Telephone dialing apparatus capable of directly downloading telephone directory from mobile phone su...
Multi-service telecommunication system and associated methods
Method and system for vocoder bypass using differentiated telephone numbers
Analysis method for provisioning subscribers in a next generation telecommunications network
Testing a communication network with a shared test port
Methods and systems for telephony call completion
Method and apparatus for providing a wireless communication device with local audio signal storage
Charging in communication networks having split control planes and user planes
Telephone headset with indicator light
Apparatus for sending a ringing signal and data with reduced impulse noise
Line take-up detection circuit
Light-projecting device
Viewfinder mechanism
Film scanner
Casino card game
Mounting assembly for vehicle panels
Cyclization method for the synthesis of pyrrolidine derivative compounds
Arrangement for open-end rotor spinning
Sidelobe controlled radio transmission region in metallic panel
Disintegrator roll with a coated accessory wire
Machine for producing a patterned textile product and nonwoven product thus obtained
Curable film-forming composition exhibiting improved yellowing resistance
Use of nanoparticulate organic pigments in paints and coatings
Front structure for a motor vehicle
Apparatus for the optimizing of the regulation adjustment of a spinning machine as well as a procedu...
Radiation-curable composition for optical fiber coating materials
Method and device for detecting and controlling the level of biological contaminants in a coating pr...
Safety assembly for a syringe pre-filled with liquid, in particular a medicine
For a motor vehicle, an outside element providing a capacitive sensor, and a piece of bodywork inclu...
Aminoplast crosslinkers derived from tall oil rosin powder coating compositions containing such cros...
Methods of adjusting glass melting and forming temperatures without substantially changing bending a...
Method of manufacturing a vehicle trim component
Plasma processing apparatus with real-time particle filter
Positioning, exploration, and/or intervention device, in particular in the field of endoscopy and/or...
Connecting piece and connecting arrangement
Power transformers and power inductors for low-frequency applications using isotropic material with ...
Sealed motor
Polycrystalline translucent alumina-based ceramic material, uses, and methods
Refastenable absorbent product with Z-folded side panels and method of making same in the machine di...
Method to produce a printing form for rotogravure, printing form for rotogravure and their use
System and method for determining a dielectric property associated with a substrate
Modified rubber-based adhesives
Reinforcing rod for body and/or chassis elements for a motor vehicle
System and method of digitally modelling craniofacial features for the purposes of diagnosis and tre...
Method, apparatus and system for high-speed transmission on fiber optic channel
Laser bar locking apparatus
Method and apparatus for filtering an optical beam
Two stage laser system
Diffusion-cooled laser system
FCSEL that frequency doubles its output emissions using sum-frequency generation
Optical semiconductor device having an active layer containing N
Laser diode, optical pickup device, optical disk apparatus, and optical communications equipment
Temperature insensitive VCSEL
High compliance laser driver
Semiconductor laser module
Method and apparatus for performing pattern defect repair using Q-switched mode-locked pulse laser
Waveguide laser devices
Method and apparatus for optical data storage
Tracking method in an optical storage
Apparatus for achromatizing optical beams
Method and system for selecting an output of a VCSEL array
Wavelength conversion apparatus
Frame grabbing with laser scanner with sweeping by silicon planar electrostatics actuator
Apparatus for detecting fatigue and doze by voice, and recording medium
1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydroazepino[4,5-b]indoles containing arylsulfones at the 9-position
Method of treating metabolic disorders, especially diabetes, or a disease or condition associated wi...
NK1 antagonists
Polyarylcarboxamides useful as lipid lowering agents
Substituted alkylamine derivatives and methods of use
Amides as inhibitors for pyruvate dehydrogenase
Carboxamides useful as inhibitors of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein and of apolipoprotein ...
Compounds for the treatment of sexual dysfunction
C-terminal region of agouti-related transcript (ART) protein
Methods for treating urinary incontinence in mammals
Blood pressure analyzer
Animal sorting and grading system using MRI to predict maximum value
Process for preparing highly water soluble double salts of hydroxycitric acid particularly alkali an...
Process for preparing chiral diol sulfones and dihydroxy acid HMG CoA reductase inhibitors
Binary state machine system and method for REGEX processing of a data stream in an intrusion detecti...
Thermosensitive recording material, and synthesis method of oligomer composition for the recording m...
Heat-sensitive recording material
Audio and video signal recording apparatus and method having a function of informing user when the s...
Brake circuit for three-beam optical tracking system
Nonvolatile memory device utilizing spin-valve-type designs and current pulses
Magnetoresistive effect element having a ferromagnetic tunneling junction, magnetic memory, and magn...
Junction stability and yield for spin valve heads
Magnetoresistive device and magnetic memory device
Exchange coupling film and electoresistive sensor using the same
Recording head design for identifying reader-to-permanent magnet isolation failure
Thin film recording head with a localized coating to protect against corrosion and electrostatic dis...
Adjusting mechanism for flying pickup head in data storage device
Carriage arm assembly for locating magnetic head, and magnetic disk apparatus using the same
Disk drive including an actuator with a constrained layer damper disposed upon an actuator body late...
Integrated lead suspension and method of construction
Air bearing having a cavity patch surface coplanar with a leading edge pad surface
Head slider and disk drive unit employing the same
Magnetic head capable of being increased in shape freedom of support and magnetic head device using ...
Magnetic recording disk drive
Positioning control mechanism for a magnetic head in a magnetic storage device
Method for thermally writing servo patterns on magnetic media
Signatures for facilitating hot upgrades of modular software components
Viewer object proxy
Sound source separation using convolutional mixing and a priori sound source knowledge
Scanner unit and carriage therefor
Pressure/temperature calculation apparatus
Procedure for fixing of toner on a print material and fixing device
Process for determining the biomechanical compatibility of head equipment
Gradient calculating camera board
Catalyst fixed on a carrier and used for the metathesis of olefins
Selective coatings for PEM fuel cell electrode contacts
Polymer, chemically amplified resist composition and patterning process
Method for preparing organofunctional silanes
Running method and treatment system for spiral wound membrane element and spiral wound membrane modu...
Manufacture of carbon composites by hot pressing
Device for holding toothbrush, toothpaste tube and/or solid soap
Semiconductor device having a conductive layer with a cobalt tungsten phosphorus coating and a manuf...
Method of reducing chemical oxygen demand in water
Isolation, selection and propagation of animal transgenic stem cells
Method of incorporating lens aberration information into various process flows
Fish tank vacuum
Image forming apparatus
Active data type variable for use in software routines that facilitates customization of software ro...
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Support mechanism and feeding unit including same
Electronically-controlled locker system
Synergistic combinations of UV absorbers for pigmented polyolefins
In-line code suppression
Method and apparatus for creating a critical input space spanning set of input points to train a mac...
Specifying timing and triggering functionality in a graphical program using graphical program nodes
Quaternary ammonium compounds
Stripping method
Bee venom polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Geranium plant named `Genlibred`
Method and apparatus for retrieving data representing a postal address from a plurality of postal ad...
Aerosol inhalation interface
Airway device
Method to selectively identify reliability risk die based on characteristics of local regions on the...
Key management for content protection
Polymerizable composition and use thereof
Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory unit
Semiconductor memory having a defective memory cell relieving circuit
Temporary antioxidants for Fischer-Tropsch products
Method and system for estimating movement speed of mobile unit
Plasma display panel and fabrication method of the same
Network processor services architecture that is platform and operating system independent
Demand responsive method and apparatus to automatically activate spare servers
Method and apparatus for varying the level of correctness checks executed when performing correctnes...
Molecular-wire-based restorative multiplexer, and method for constructing a multiplexer based on a c...
Electromigration risk analysis in integrated circuit power interconnect systems using pseudo dynamic...
Controlling presentation of a GUI, using view controllers created by an application mediator, by ide...
Sequence-based verification method and system
System and method for testing operational transmissions of an integrated circuit
Conditional hardware scan dump data capture
Risk assessment methodology for AIX-based computer systems
Software configuration monitor
Switching power planes of external device interfaces in a computing system in response to connection...
Analytical database system that models data to speed up and simplify data analysis
Method and apparatus for creating and executing secure scripts
In-built antenna for mobile communication device
Systems and methods for displaying a message on a mobile communication device
Wireless communication method and system using beam direction-variable antenna
Method employed by a subscriber unit for controlling initial power ramp-up using short codes
Method to provide authorization from a certifying authority to a service provider using a certificat...
Method and apparatus for adaptive QoS-based joint rate and power control algorithm in multi-rate wir...
Synchronously shared online documents
Radio communication system
Method and system for limiting quality of service of data transmission
Method and apparatus for transferring information between mobile terminals and entities in a radio a...
Method of using a reference control composition for measurement of nucleated red blood cells
Gamma-tocopherol and gamma-tocotrienol therapy for multiple sclerosis
Use of obg3 for promoting central nervous system remyelination
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system
Use of IL-12 and IL-12 antagonists in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Methods and compositions for immunotherapy of B cell involvement in promotion of a disease condition...
Aerosol formulations of delta tetrahydrocannabinol
Sigma ligands for neuronal regeneration and functional recovery
Preventives and remedies for diseases in association with demyelination
Use of (3-(2-ethylphenyl)-5-methoxyphenyl)-1H-[1,2,4]-triazole for the treatment of autoimmune disea...
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Therapeutic agents for multiple sclerosis
Combination therapies for multiple sclerosis
Pharmaceutical composition for treating multiple sclerosis
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Bicyclic CB2 cannabinoid receptor ligands
Sigma ligands for neuronal regeneration and functional recovery
Immunoassay of human medullasin and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis using the same
Fluorothiophene derivatives, process for preparing them and pharmaceutical compositions containing t...
Thiophene amino acid derivatives, process for preparing them and pharmaceutical compositions contain...
Alpha B crystallin for use in diagnosis and therapy of auto-immune diseases in particular multiple s...
Method for diagnosis and prognosis of multiple sclerosis
Method and apparatus for modulating an optical beam in an optical device
Silicate glass for upconversion fluorescence
Interference colored filters
Broadband refractive objective for small spot optical metrology
Optical gimbal apparatus
Power/manual lens barrel having a manual operating ring
Imaging optical system
Binocular viewing system
Holographic spectral filter
Autofocus module and method for a microscope-based system
Microscope for backplane ribbon fiber analysis
Infrared filter
Gain control in optical amplifiers
Constant output light attenuator and constant output light attenuating method
Fiber amplifier having an anisotropic numerical aperture for efficient coupling of pump energy
Galvanometer mirror and optical switching device using the same
Distributed raman amplifier for optical network and method
Manatee vocalization detection method and system
Acoustic processing for estimating size of small targets
Light scattering detector
Seal compression indication system
Magnetically shielded circuit board
Constant concentration delivery device and method for vaporized substances
Semiconductor substrate incorporating a neutron conversion layer
Highly conducting and transparent thin films formed from new fluorinated derivatives of 3,4-ethylene...
Low-cost, no-fragment explosive access tool
Magnetic anomaly guidance system and method
Polyimides having an unusually low and tunable electrical resistivity useful for electrical and opti...
Combined in-plane shear and multi-axial tension or compression testing apparatus
Minimum signature propellant
Laser-based acousto-optic uplink communications technique
Broadband antennas
Catalyst system for producing carbon fibrils
Solid lipidic nanospheres suitable to a fast internalization into cells
Carborane supercluster and method of producing same
Drug delivery formulations and targeting
Scanning probe microscope with improved scan accuracy, scan speed, and optical vision
Semiconductor nanoparticles coated with electroactive polymers
Positioning unit and positioning apparatus with at least two positioning units
Bulk amorphous metal magnetic components for electric motors
System and method for estimating a frequency of slider airbearing resonance
Characterization of individual polymer molecules based on monomer-interface interactions
Method of determining a mode of code generation
Method for runtime code integrity validation using code block checksums
System and method for developing software utilizing determinative representations
Pipelined processor and method using a profile register storing the return from exception address of...
System and method for manipulating and managing computer archive files
Central processing apparatus and a compile method
Method for translating instructions in a speculative microprocessor featuring committing state
Polynucleotide encoding insect ecdysone receptor
Semiconductor capacitively-coupled NDR device and its applications in high-density high-speed memori...
Manufacture of high-density pillar memory cell arrangement
Patched antibodies
Navigation data processing with filtering for refined position determination
Synthesis of polyketides from diketides
Method to produce novel polyketides
Method and system for automatic control of vehicles based on carrier phase differential GPS
Nucleic acid encoding human DNA polymerase .alpha.
Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I envelope protein and human monoclonal antibodies specific the...
Interaction of MHC Class II proteins with members of the PCNA family of proteins
Cerebellum-derived growth factors
Processes for genetic manipulations using promoters
Quantum well exciton-polariton light emitting diode
Multizone bake/chill thermal cycling module
Serial analog-to-digital converter using successive comparisons
High-power RF load
Active high-power RF switch and pulse compression system
Generating categorical depth maps using passive defocus sensing
Low voltage electron beam system
Efficient synthesis of musical tones having nonlinear excitations
Information autocompletion system
Method and system for delegation of security procedures to a visited domain
Stream-cipher method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for enabling a privacy feature in a communications network
Method for encoding an input signal
Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating data into a variable length code and a providin...
Method and apparatus for watermarking images
Apparatus and method for selecting data sets
Broadcast verification system, broadcast verification method, broadcast verification apparatus and s...
Range-based cache control system and method
Method and system of use of transcode directives for distributed control of transcoding servers
Domain manager and method of use
System for managing and exchanging telecommunication system subscriber data stored in a single logic...
Processing of requests for static objects in a network server
System and method for processing and presenting internet usage information to facilitate user commun...
Synchronous collection of cyclic garbage in reference counting systems
Modification system for supporting localized data changes in a mobile device
Method for storing records in database or reading the same therefrom
Teat cup carrier
Assembly for and a method of feeding and milking animals, a feed platform, a milking pre-treatment d...
Assembly for and a method of feeding and milking animals
Sampling end for fiber optic probe
Power source inverter circuit
Current detector for surge arrester diagnostic and overvoltage assessment in high voltage substation...
Electrochromic display device and compositions useful in making such devices
Electronic device and electronic apparatus
LED warning light and communication system
Mailboxcam instantaneous remote mail viewing system
System and method of micro-fluidic handling and dispensing using micro-nozzle structures
Current adjusting apparatus and current adjusting method
Methods and structures for metal interconnections in integrated circuits
Semitransparent optical detector including a polycrystalline layer and method of making
Visible light emitting diodes fabricated from soluble semiconducting polymers
Photovoltaic device and manufacturing method thereof
Nanostructure and nanocomposite based compositions and photovoltaic devices
Dual filter system for filtering of injector fluids
Drain structure having drainpipe and fluid filter using the same
Readying cooling circuits for use in fuel cells
Method for control of wastewater treatment plant odors
Methods for recovering metals
Environmental remediation method
Stormwater treatment system for eliminating solid debris
Automated water treatment system and method of use
Treatment of liquid using porous polymer containment member
Method for stabilizing and conditioning urban and industrial wastewater sludge
Method and composition for control of microbial contamination in drinking water produced by condensa...
Reverse osmosis membrane and process
Soil decontamination method
Method and apparatus for continuous separation and reaction using supercritical fluid
Rectificative separation of an acrylic acid-containing liquid
Apparatus and method for controlling biomass growth in suspended carrier bioreactor
Anaerobic sludge digester
Method for recovering a disposal trench with a biomat slime, and method for operating a waste treatm...
Incubation treatment of sludge for pathogen reduction prior to digestion
Integrated three phase separator
Cyclone separator
System and apparatus for removing dissolved and suspended solids from a fluid stream
Dental equipment and method of operating such equipment
High efficiency ion exchange system for removing contaminants from water
Ion-exchange based fluid treatment systems
Method and apparatus of treating water containing a nitrogen compound
Filter cartridge assemblies and methods for filtering fluids
System and method for withdrawing permeate through a filter and for cleaning the filter in situ
Method for separating viable cells from cell suspensions
Method for producing silver salt-containing facilitated transport membrane for olefin separation hav...
Devices and housings for test sample preparation
Fluidized solids removal with pulsation
Automatic valve assembly for water circulation systems
Filter device
Flexible tube for cartridge filter
Method for oxidizing materials in supercritical water
Wastewater clarification methods and apparatus
Method for in-situ microbial seeding
Novel genes for conditional cell ablation
Genetic sequences encoding flavonoid pathway enzymes and uses therefor
Plant genes encoding pantothenate synthetase
Herbicide tolerance achieved through plastid transformation
Method for producing reactive cyclodextrins, textile material provided with same, and use of said cy...
Heterogenous carrageenan manufacturing process with recovery of alkali
Process for preparing antiviral nucleoside derivatives
Method of separation using aromatic thioether ligands
Methods of stimulating growth of stromal cells in a human
Histone deacetylase-8 proteins, nucleic acids, and methods for use
Multimeric oxidoreductases
Leinamycin biosynthesis gene cluster and its components and their uses
Compositions comprising alternating 2'-modified nucleosides for use in gene modulation
Water-soluble chitosan having low endotoxin concentration and methods for making and using the same
Human hepatoma-derived growth factor 5, its encoding sequence, method for producing it and the uses ...
Recombinant C140 receptor, its agonists and antagonists, and nucleic acids encoding the receptor
Moraxella (branhamella) catarrhalis antigens
Process for the antimicrobial treatment of fiber materials
Synthetic heparin pentasaccharides
Nucleic acid treatment of diseases or conditions related to levels of Ras, HER2 and HIV
Peptide-conjugated oligomeric compounds
Process for the stabilization of acylglycerols comprising high amounts of .omega.-3 polyunsaturated ...
Compositions comprising cyclodextrin derivatives
Apoptin-associating protein
6-11 bicyclic ketolide derivatives
Compounds and methods
Logically ordered arrays of compounds and methods of making and using the same
Antisense oligonucleotides against tenascin for treating vitiligo
Gene encoding dihydrodipicolinate synthase from Bacillus methanolicus and methods of making lysine w...
Video distribution system for viewers to view video programs without paying subscription fee and bei...
Bariatric sleeve delivery devices
Bariatric sleeve removal devices
Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve
Charged phospholipid compositions and methods for their use
Lateral flow assay devices and methods of use
Bio-based method for making mannitol
Extraction and quanification of vitamins a & d in fluid samples
Enhanced proteins and methods for their use
Use of carbohydrate-based metal complexes in non-caking salt compositions
Method and apparatus for vertically stuffing casings with sausage emulsion
Method of processing soy protein and a product thereof
Method of dewatering grain stillage solids
Toasted flavor additive
Kit for preparing a spread
Butter and cream cheese composition
Culinary base and method for the preparation of a ready-cooked dish or a flavored drink
Mixing and frothing device and method
Tables delivery system
Process for producing snack, snack and snack-like food
Tongue-shaped dispenser for dissolvable film strips
Mobile station, base station and method for data transmission in a mobile radio system
Shower head radio
Control of short range RF communication
Wireless electrostatic charging and communicating system
Personal sound link module
Structure and method for selecting, controlling and sending internet-based or local digital audio to...
Radio receiver AM-MSK processing techniques
Quick layer-3 message multiplexing
Connection establishment in a wireless telecommunications network
Apparatus and method for generating RF signal and control signals in optical disc system
Radio frequency module
Antenna alignment method and device
Antenna device and electric appliance using the same
Roadway-powered electric vehicle system having automatic guidance and demand-based dispatch features
Vehicle drive apparatus, method and computer program
Pivoting implement hitch extension
Process for capturing mercury and arsenic in a distilled hydrocarbon cut
Process for conversion of organic compounds
Rubber process oil and production process thereof
In vivo CTL elicitation by heat shock protein fusion proteins maps to a discrete domain and is CD4+ ...
NF-AT polypeptides and polynucleotides and screening methods for immunosuppressive agents
Chrysanthemum plant named `Agapi`
Verbena plant named `Balazcherd`
Miniature rose plant named `KORglolev`
Miniature rose plant named `KORcarill`
Euphorbia plant named `Tasmanian Tiger`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Chisel Time Cerise`
Integrated OLED display and touch screen
Organic EL element and organic EL display
Photosensitive polymeric memory elements
Multiplication device comprising resin-dispersed organic semiconductor film and method for producing...
Material for transporting electrons and organic electroluminescent display using the same
Compounds capable of transporting/injecting hole and organic electroluminescent device having self-a...
Organic electro-luminescence element used in a display device
Organic electroluminescent display device comprising an optical filter
Organic thin film transistor array substrate
Large-scale, fault-tolerant audio conferencing over a hybrid network
Chemically modified TNF-.alpha.
Isolation of taxanes
Taccalonolide microtubule stabilizing agents
Nanoparticle coated material and production method of same
Nanoparticle synthesis and the formation of inks therefrom
Method of controlling microwave oven
Method and device for monitoring and controlling a process
System for controlling international mobile telecommunications--2000 (IMT-2000) base station
Reagents and methods for detection and characterization of protein-protein interactions, nuclear exp...
Wrinkle-resistant dressing and gently adhesive composition thereof
Method and system for acquiring calibration data for an electronic compass
Back-up warning system for a vehicle and related method
Decorative lamp assembly
Structure of luminous pet lead
Modular rearview mirror assembly
Color-changing illumination assembly for vehicle accessory
Navigation device
System and method for monitoring remotely located objects
Map display control apparatus, map information update apparatus, map information update system and c...
Low speed range indicator
Flight guidance system providing perspective flight guidance symbology
Apparatus and method for detecting traffic lane mark for automotive vehicle
Back light unit in liquid crystal display
Floor lamp having improved dimmer configuration
Detachable lamp assembly device
Pointing device with pressure sensitive resistor
Communication apparatus, communication method and program storage medium
Method for economic evaluation of a facility
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance arteriography using contrast agents
Fiber optic endoscopic gastrointestinal probe
DC offset, re-radiation, and I/Q solutions using universal frequency translation technology
Image forming apparatus
Method of digital image enhancement and sharpening
System and method for analysing and displaying two- or three-dimensional sets of data
Layered product and capacitor
Master information carrier for magnetic transfer
Optical apparatus, optical apparatus adjustment method, and storage medium recorded with a processin...
Projection lens and microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Signal processing circuit substrate used for liquid crystal display unit and method of assembling th...
Laser thermal transfer recording method and apparatus therefor
Article identifying system
Method for supervising parallel processes
Synchronous network traffic processor
Unified exception handling for hierarchical multi-interrupt architectures
Rotor torque predictor
Liquid handling system with electronic information storage
Dual drive torque split technique
Iterative X-ray scatter correction method and apparatus
Method of automatic registration of three-dimensional images
Computed tomography system with integrated scatter detectors
Method and apparatus for deriving motion information from projection data
Computed tomography apparatus
Media terminal adapter-cellular transceiver (MTA-CT)
Scanning interferometer for aspheric surfaces and wavefronts
Peer-to-peer fault detection
Secure maintenance messaging in a digital communications network
Internet-based emissions test for vehicles
Mobile communications system and operation method thereof
Control and messaging during emergency calls
Link-quality estimation method and components for multi-user wireless communication systems
Remote access unit for wireless wide-area data networking
System and a method for building routing tables and for routing signals in an automation system
Receiver and method for digital transmission in a wireless communication network
System and method of searching for electronic data
Random access memory (RAM) method of operation and device for search engine systems
Apparatus and method for information challenged persons to determine information regarding pharmaceu...
Cushioning conversion system and method
Method and apparatus for dynamically varying the noise sensitivity of a receiver
Method and apparatus for automatically determining a peak voltage level for a data signal propagated...
Amplifiers using spin injection and magnetic control of electron spins
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser with buried dielectric distributed Bragg reflector
Beamsplitter utilizing a periodic dielectric structure
Semiconductor device with isolated intermetal dielectrics
High withstand voltage semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having an SOI substrate
Transistor with improved safe operating area
Vertical-type power MOSFET with a gate formed in a trench
Vertical device 4F2 EEPROM memory
Spin switch and magnetic storage element using it
Photoelectric conversion device, and image sensor and image input system making use of the same
Carbon-modulated breakdown voltage SiGe transistor for low voltage trigger ESD applications
Reduction of contamination of light emitting devices
Light-emitting diode with plastic reflector cup
Light-emitting device having element(s) for increasing the effective carrier capture cross-section o...
Semiconductor device
Thin lightshield process for solid-state image sensors
Papilloma pseudo-virus and preparation
Indoor GPS clock
Parallel object-oriented, denoising system using wavelet multiresolution analysis
Virus retardation method and apparatus
Write-once read-many hard disk drive
Fine denier multicomponent fibers
Regionally imprinted nonwoven fabric
Method of treating a bacterial infection comprising amoxycillin and potassium clavulanate
Lead-free nontoxic explosive mix
Powder coating system and method for quick color change
Under stair storage shelf system
Spray gun having improved fluid tip with conductive path
Offset drift compensating flat fielding method and camera used in millimeter wave imaging
Paint spraying gun
Construction of coupling spline sections of automatic transmission
Method for forming image
Bi-directional optical/electrical transceiver module
Multi axis ribbon
Display device
Optical waveguide device and process for production thereof
Planar particle/droplet size measurement technique using digital particle image velocimetry image da...
Spherical lens and optoelectronic module comprising the same
Image display medium and image writing device
Systems and methods for suppressing pressure waves using corrective signal
Method of manufacturing implantable tissue stimulating devices
Modified proteins
Autoregulatory system for validating microbial genes as possible antimicrobial targets using a tetra...
Methods for identifying agents that inhibit serum aging factors and uses and compositions thereof
Azide method and composition for controlling deleterious organisms
Vanadium compounds for treating proliferative cell disorders
Coated medicament forms with controlled active substance release
Hydrogels that undergo volumetric expansion in response to changes in their environment and their me...
Compositions for regenerating tissue that has deteriorated, and methods for using such compositions
Personal care composition comprising hydrophobic gel
Resorcinol composition
Cosmetic effervescent cleansing pillow
Cosmetic preparations
External skin care composition
Capacitance touch slider
System and process for generating high dynamic range video
Method for designating communication paths in a network
Regional progressive meshes
Method and apparatus for arranging and displaying files or folders in a three-dimensional body
Method for implementing scheduled return play at gaming machine networks
Coin-shaped IC tag and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-band horn antenna using corrugations having frequency selective surfaces
Systemic formulations containing beta-carotene and derivatives thereof
Nanosized particles of molybdenum sulfide and derivatives, method for its preparation and uses there...
Affinity sensor for detecting specific molecular binding events and use thereof
Molecular interaction assays on a solid surface
Method of molecular-scale pattern imprinting at surfaces
Compositions comprising a sapogenin and a xanthine and methods of using the same
Method of producing organic light-emissive devices
Magnetorheological nanocomposite elastomer for releasable attachment applications
Method for routing connections in the display of a network topology
System and method for XML parsing
Methods and systems for secure transmission of information using a mobile device
Application server message logging
Measurement system software architecture for easily creating high-performance measurement applicatio...
Multi-panel molded brassiere cup and related methods of manufacture
Method and apparatus for providing communication between electronic devices
System and method for loop avoidance in multi-protocol label switching
Address resolution snoop support for CPU
Gate driver multi-chip module
Substrate processing apparatus
Row and/or column decoder optimization method and apparatus
Voltage mismatch tolerant input/output buffer
Programmable logic device architecture based on arrays of LUT-based Boolean terms
Method and apparatus for online detection and correction of faults affecting system-on-chip buses
Configuration for identifying a switch position of a power switch
Firewall clustering for multiple network servers
Polishing apparatus
Evaluating excessive tolerances in NC parts programs
Method and apparatus for transmitting voice data over various types of networks
Switching contact arrangement
Permanent magnet rotor electrical synchronous machine with different alternatively arranged tooth pi...
Switchgear enclosure
Method for producing a component and the use of said component
Air mass flow controller
Automation system and method for operating an automation system
Method for separating fuel vapour-air mixtures and device for carrying out said method
Grease filter
Method for removing a metallic layer of a layer-system
Self-aligning apparatus for acoustic thermography
Method and apparatus for attaching a seat sensor mat to a foam cushion
Insert for a measuring tube of an inductive flowmeter
Differential pressure signaling device and method employing a magnetoresistive sensor
Test method for an exhaust gas catalytic converter and a corresponding testing device
Low-emission skin material
Ethyl 3-mercaptobutyrate as a perfuming agent and methods for preparing and using same
Short body endoprosthesis
Human antithrombin IIIs and methods related thereto
Formulations for pharmaceutical agents ionizable as free acids or free bases
Serine protease inhibitors
Therapeutic compounds for inhibiting interleukin-12 signals and method for using same
Bicyclic inhibitors of factor Xa
3,4-di-substituted pyridazinediones as CXC chemokine receptor antagonists
Imidazotriazinones and the use thereof
Process for producing soyasapogenol B and novel microorganisms
Methods for the identification of compounds useful for the treatment of disease states mediated by p...
Polycyclic aryl and heteroaryl substituted 4-pyrones useful for selective inhibition of the coagulat...
Certain 1,3-disubstituted isoquinoline derivatives
Reconfigurable bracelet
Chamber having discharge base
Speed control circuit of brushless DC fan motor
Apparatus for sensing the presence of an inductive load driven by a pulse width modulated signal
DC-DC converter
Differential pipelined analog to digital converter with successive approximation register subconvert...
Switching-type, inductive DC-DC converter with improved efficiency
Switching power supply unit
Storage system, disk control cluster and a method of increasing of disk control cluster
System and method for multiplexing and demultiplexing optical signals using diffraction gratings
Method and apparatus for calibrating DC-offsets in a direct conversion receiver
Hearing aid with a self-test capability
Low-cost magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Cryo-system
Optical structure for the compensation of chromatic dispersion and dispersion slope in a light signa...
Low-power driver with energy recovery
Device to control a 3-phase motor
Induction heating of thin films
Nickel-rhodium based catalysts for synthesis gas production
Mechanical and thermal improvements in metal hydride batteries, battery modules and battery packs
Anode structure for metal air electrochemical cells
Pure vacuum swing adsorption system and apparatus
Thermally energy efficient vehicle
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation while inhibiting coking
Vehicle fuel management system
Preparation of optical fiber
Electrical energy-generating heat sink system and method of using same to recharge an energy storage...
Heating device, heat treatment apparatus having the heating device and method for controlling heat t...
High speed bi-directional solid state switch
Faceplate having specific phosphor
Variable air volume system including BTU control function
Fan-securing device for use with a heat transfer device
Central inlet circuit board assembly
Static mixer-heat exchanger
Systems and methods for weatherproof cabinets with variably cooled compartments
Vehicle air conditioner
Heat storage device
Cooling unit and manufacturing method of the same
Heat transfer head for a Stirling engine
Sensitivity correction method and image reading device
Multiple image harmonization system
Pixel processing system for image production
Methods and apparatus for suctioning and pumping body fluid from an incision
Linear motor and linear-motor based compressor
Eccentric single-rotor screw pump
Mechanical bladder pump
Multifunction microfluidics device
Vacuum pump
Dishwasher pump mounting assembly
Vane pump with a bypass valve and passage arrangement for equalizing excess fluid flow through dual ...
Lobed convergent/divergent supersonic nozzle ejector system
Apparatus and method for vehicle tire repair or replacement
Mud suction unit
Enclosure for oil lubricated, rotating elements
Motor-driven compressor
Oil pressure detector for electric assisted turbocharger
Bass fish guitar body
Facsimile system
Browser for use in navigating a body of information, with particular application to browsing informa...
System and method for providing an adaptive streaming flow control mechanism between the TCP and IP ...
Timing recovery in a packet network using a buffer
Low power communication device
Security system for implantable medical devices
Data storage apparatus that combines a group of continuous data series stored in buffer separately b...
Method and system for installing different communications jacks into an intelligent data concentrato...
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving for image
System, method, and program for establishing modem communication between a master computer system an...
Polynucleotides encoding a mammalian Langerhans cell antigen
Dual antenna capable of transmitting and receiving circularly polarized electromagnetic wave and lin...
Virtual remote monitor, alert, diagnostics and programming for implantable medical device systems
Method and system for controlling meat products
Simple navigation system and method
Apparatus and articles of manufacture for an automotive antenna mounting gasket
Powered telescoping trailer tow mirror
Engine control and catalyst monitoring based on estimated catalyst gain
Isolated human transporter proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human transporter proteins and ...
VEGF receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Synthesis and applications of polymaleimide
Detergent compositions and components thereof
Process for the production of a detergent bar
Fluid mixer with rotatable educator tube and metering orifices
Method for detecting chitin-containing organisms
Denitrification system for nitrified wastewater or nitrified water
Night light
Method and system for client-less viewing of scalable documents
System and method for normalizing a resume
Method and system for the recognition of reading skimming and scanning from eye-gaze patterns
Narrow bitline using Safier for mirrorbit
Magnetic thin film media with a pre-seed layer of CrTiAl
In situ plasma process to remove fluorine residues from the interior surfaces of a CVD reactor
Generation triple-targeting, chiral, broad-spectrum antimicrobial 7-substituted piperidino-quinolone...
Programmable logic devices with stabilized configuration cells for reduced soft error rates
Absolute calibration of optical flats
Method and system for securing and controlling an electro-statically driven micro-mirror
Anticancer anthraquinones and method of use thereof
Polishing machine and method
High flow rate bubbler system and method
Method for determining die placement based on global routing architecture
Method for eliminating via blocking in an IC design
Polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions having controlled degradation rates
Isoflavonoid methylation enzyme
Managing policy rules in a network
Method and apparatus for remotely testing semiconductors
Communication interface for virtual IC tester
Memory device test system and method
System for testing multiple devices on a single system and method thereof
System and method for providing automatic data restoration after a storage device failure
Content sensitive control of rotating media
Storage device, system and method which can use tag bits to synchronize queuing between two clock do...
Phase-adjustment control method and information processing apparatus
Whole blood immunoassay
Ultrasensitive immunoassays
Apparatus for purification of water
Filter cartridge for use in severe environments
Method and apparatus for removing VOCs from water
Document processing apparatus and method
Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with density detecting means
Information processing apparatus, method therefor and memory medium storing information processing p...
Apparatus and method of processing characters
Decoding bit-plane-encoded data using different image quality for display
Image processing method, apparatus and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Data processing with power saving function
Exposure apparatus, control method for the same, and device fabricating method
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
Image formation apparatus
Method and device for checking the synchronization between two nodes Ni-1, Ni in a network
Data management system, server, and data management method
Administration of resveratrol to treat inflammatory respiratory disorders
Inductor induced light emitting bottle
Apparatus and method to provide redundant accessor availability
Manual-mode operating system for robot
Content providing system
Information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium, and program
Leg-type moving robot and floor reaction force detection device thereof
Two-arm transfer robot
Scalar type robot for carrying flat plate-like object, and flat plate-like object processing system
Device for absorbing floor-landing shock for legged mobile robot
Adaptable servo-control system for force/position actuation
Method and apparatus for processing a physical channel with partial transport format information
Code division multiple access mobile communication system
Power control for active link quality protection in CDMA networks
Code division multiple access mobile communication system
Expandable knife holder
Methods for configuring separate accessibility of each channel of a dual channel SCSI chip
Cultures of GFAP+ nestin+ cells that differentiate to neurons
Controlled release cooling additive composition
Cell adhesion-inhibiting antiinflammatory and immune-suppressive compounds
Anti-inflammatory androstane derivatives
Ink set for ink jet recording, ink jet recording process, and recorded matter
Condensing heat exchanger formed of norbornene polymer
Multi-domain liquid crystal display including polarizing plate having polarizing directions neither ...
Apparatus for treatment and prevention of alopecia
Shift control apparatus for a bicycle transmission that operates when signals are detected
Led-based planar light illumination and imaging (PLIIM) based camera system employing real-time obje...
Motorized traction device for a patient support
Adjustable vehicle throttle pedal and method
Gear change device
Service device for a refrigerator, and refrigerator featuring such a device
Power saving automatic zoned dryer apparatus and method
Plural colorants in flow tracer/debugger
Speaker and its production method of the same
Magnetic head actuator having an improved microactuator oscillatably supported by metallic micro-bea...
Actuator for scanning detecting light
Exposure apparatus and method that exposes a pattern onto a substrate
Polymeric materials with improved dielectric breakdown strength
High speed low power bitline
Retiring instructions that meet the early-retirement criteria to improve computer operation throughp...
Synchronization of hardware simulation processes
Method and system for assisting a user taking measurements using a coordinate measurement machine
Approach for managing power consumption in buildings
Method, computer program product and apparatus for scheduling maintenance actions in a substrate pro...
Pulse oximeter with motion detection
Localized heating of substrates using optics
Photonic crystal and photonic-crystal waveguide
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization and catalyst
Fixing device, method of fixing substrate and apparatus and method for manufacturing a liquid crysta...
Thin film transistor, method of producing the same, liquid crystal display, and thin film forming ap...
Method and testing circuit for tracking transistor stress degradation
Process for producing polyurethane foam
Rotation detection sensor and method for manufacturing a rotation detection sensor
Brushless motor control method and controller
Ultraviolet ray-absorbing, colorless and transparent soda-lime-silica glass
Method for manufacturing silicon wafer
Dry etching
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
Toner additive, electrostatic image developing toner and electrostatic image developer
Metal foil for current collector of secondary battery and method of producing the same
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation and semiconductor device using the same
NOx-concentration measuring apparatus
Composition for use in electroporation
Perfluoronated cycle-containing tertiary amines used as a basis for gas-conveying emulsions and devi...
Electro-thermal scratch drive actuator
Dye for an intraocular lens and an intraocular lens using it
Polarized contact lenses with a clear peripheral portion
Contact lens with transition
Defect tolerant redundancy
Pressure-sensitive adhesive featuring low outgassing
Irreversible humidity indicator cards
Cooling system for exercise machine
Amphibious table with seats attached
Folding bicycle
Bicycle storage apparatus and method
Crank of a shock absorber for a bicycle
Bicycle wheel with puncture resistant tire liner
Collapsible side wheeled walker
Bicycle pedal that can fit a multiplicity of shoe cleats
Handgrip shifter for a bicycle
Amusement and alert flap mount clamp accessory for bicycles or the like
Distance-measuring device
Electromagnetic positioning
Antitheft apparatus and antitheft auxiliary device
Thermoset composition, method, and article
Snatch disconnection lanyard
Rubber composition for a tire comprising a multifunctional polyorganosiloxane as coupling agent
Resilient cushion and method of manufacture
Piston-rod assembly
Producing method of the liquid crystal display panel
Semiconductor films on flexible iridium substrates
Diamond ultraviolet luminescent element
Charged particle trapping in near-surface potential wells
Process for the preparation of a molecular sieve adsorbent for the size/shape selective separation o...
Separator for solid electrolyte condenser and solid electrolyte condenser using the same
Tilted fuel cell apparatus
Magnetic carbon nanotube
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using pressure and/or temperature c...
Device for conveying a supply roll
Device for changing the direction of means of transport
Quality control device
Drying installation within a sheet-fed printing press
Gripper device in a sheet-processing machine
Phosphoriboxyl-pyrophosphate synthetase polypeptide
Silver halide photographic emulsion and photographic element comprising it
Embryonic stem cells
Hydraulic tensioner with ratchet mechanism
Method of weed control
Guided wave radar level transmitter
Disabler circuit
Universal wafer carrier for wafer level die burn-in
Method for manufacturing and batch testing semiconductor devices
Adaptive ballast control IC
Packaged microelectronic devices and methods for packaging microelectronic devices
Optical delay line and manufacturing method therefor
Medium access control protocol for data communications
Circuit package for electronic systems
Digital offset corrector
Multi-photon imaging installation
Guide wire insertion and re-insertion tools and methods of use
Folded flex circuit interconnect having a grid array interface
Synthesis of acyclic nucleoside derivatives
Preventives or remedies for heart failure
Cross-linked glycopeptide-cephalosporin antibiotics
Methods for determining steroid responsiveness
Therapeutic angiogenesis by bone marrow-derived cell transplantation in myocardial ischemic tissue a...
Animal model for flaviviridae infection
Method of making a catheter balloon using a polyimide covered mandrel
Intravascular flow modifier and reinforcement device
Digital swing weight scale
Active material for battery and method of preparing same
Visible image receiving material, conductive pattern material and organic electroluminescence elemen...
Surface treatment method of copper foil with silane coupling agent
Pulse reverse electrodeposition for metallization and planarization of semiconductor substrates
Regenerative plate making and printing process, and plate making and printing apparatus
State surveillance system and method for an object and the adjacent space, and a surveillance system...
Universal interface driver system for data reader
IC card having a mica film for stable resonance frequency and enhanced antenna properties
Resist patterning process
Room-temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition
Heat resistant coated member
Process for preparing N-methylated melamines
Transfer sheets
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Inflator processing apparatus and method of judging charge of inflator
Free radical polymerization using acidified ethoxylated conjugated fatty ether surfactants
Catalyst support
Capped nonionic surfactants
Methods for producing multi-layer foamed sheets
Pesticidal emulsifiable concentrate composition
Reactivation of aromatics alkylation catalysts
Mortar or concrete composition
Sublimation purifying method and apparatus
Wire delay distributed model
Method and apparatus for a disc drive client interface
Metal interconnect reliability evaluation device, method thereof, and recording medium storing progr...
Using intensity and wavelength division multiplexing for fiber Bragg grating sensor system
Turbo decoder stopping based on mean and variance of extrinsics
Intracavity doubled laser
Electrostatic discharge circuit and method therefor
Shear inducing beamsplitter for interferometric image processing
Locking drag cover
Ceramic accessories for wild birds
Insect container
Magnetic resonance scanner with electromagnetic position and orientation tracking device
Method and device for checking a marking element for displacement
Referencing or registering a patient or a patient body part in a medical navigation system by means ...
Stereoscopic visualization of beating heart
System and method for 3D statistical shape model for the left ventricle of the heart
Cochlear implant MAP optimization with use of a genetic algorithm
Dialyzing apparatus
Dialyzing apparatus
Analytical element and measuring device and substrate quantification method using the same
Incubator having combined HEPA and VOC filter
Treatment of bioprosthetic tissues to mitigate post implantation calcification
Apparatus and method for intraductal abalation
Sleep scoring apparatus and method
Method for reducing artifacts in a spatial measurement
Video coding and video decoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for encoding frames of image data at a varying quality level
Method and apparatus for statistical text filtering
Methods for outlining and filling regions in multi-dimensional arrays
Memory efficient image artifact removal technique for LCP
Image artifact removal technique for LCP
Reverse dispersion optical fiber and optical transmission line using reverse dispersion optical fibe...
Optical transmission line and optical transmission system using optical transmission line
Installation bundle with spacer
Apparatus and method for on-line binder laylength measurement and adjustment
Multi-degree-of-freedom of precision positioning device using spring-mounted electromechanical actua...
Connection between a waveguide array and a fiber array
Drop-before-add optical switching and routing system employing grating-based wavelength selective sw...
Film spacer for setting the gap between an optical coupler and a whispering-gallery mode optical res...
Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers with servo control and dynamic spectral power managemen...
Method and an arrangement for manufacturing optical fiber assemblies
Integrated selectable waveguide for optical networking components
Dispersion shifted fiber having low dispersion slope
Arrayed waveguide grading with optical input and output characteristics settable to desired values
Ornamental sphere
Illumination system for a projection system
Electric light for work
Process for improving the visibility in vehicles
Flashlight and video recorder device
Single intraveneous drip component illumination device
Variable beam illumination device
Canted head-mounted light
Illuminating fixture for enclosed space containing a humid environment
Structure of illumination apparatus
Archery arrow rotation prior to separation from bow
Multi-stage projectile weapon for immobilization and capture
Individual premeasured charges with reduced moisture content and method of producing same
Storage magazine for propellant charge modules
Insulative window covering
Semiconductor device incorporating a dicing technique for wafer separation and a method for manufact...
Automatic coloring of pixels exposed during manipulation of image regions
Method for nitrating and aminating an aryl polymer
Container of liquid seasoning with a stirring mechanism
Process for polymerization of vinyl chloride
Fuel cell power generating apparatus, and operating method and combined battery of fuel cell power g...
Silicone polymer emulsions