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Substituted indoles, pharmaceutical compounds containing such indoles and their use as PPAR-.gamma. ...
Resin derivatization method and uses thereof
Sulfonamide compounds and pharmaceutical use thereof
Heterocycle derivatives and drugs
Benzhydryl derivatives
2,4,5,-trisubstituted pyrimidine derivatives
Emulating a persistent connection using http
System and method for retrieving registry data
Water based paint compositions
Switching mechanism of a lens barrel for switching between automatic and manual focusing modes
Substituted N-cycloalkyl-N-benzyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester tra...
Using purified telomerase to identify telomerase activators and inhibitors
Multi-layered unit including electrode and dielectric layer
Non-crystalline oxides for use in microelectronic, optical, and other applications
Semiconductor acceleration sensor
Wellbores utilizing fiber optic-based sensors and operating devices
High-frequency induction heating device
Solar cell substrate, thin-film solar cell, and multi-junction thin-film solar cell
Catalyst particles and method of manufacturing the same
Method for pretreating a polymer substrate using an ion beam for subsequent deposition of indium oxi...
Electronic device and method for fabricating the electronic device
Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming ferroelectric film, ferroelectric memory, method of manufacturing the same, semico...
Casting process and product
Casting having an enhanced heat transfer, surface, and mold and pattern for forming same
Process for the preparation of a cosmetic extract from marine ooze
Semiconductor memory device and current mirror circuit
Bitline reference voltage circuit
Programmable latch circuit inserted into write data path of an integrated circuit memory
Data holding device and data holding method
Clock controlled power-down state
Ceramic heater
Ceramic circuit board
Compositions for removing hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons from contaminated environments
High purity fine metal powders and methods to produce such powder
Image forming apparatus with sheet discharging device and discharge control unit
Scanning probe system with spring probe
Imaging members
Device for dispensing particulate matter and system using the same
High speed continuous feed printing system
Print order reception system for confirming print order information
Portable computer with removable input mechanism
Game keyboard device
Dedicated wireless digital video dics (DVD) controller for video game consoles
Fishing board game
Dice game apparatus and methods for using same
Apparatus for the production of ginkgo leaf tea
(+)-1-Bisabolone isolated from cymbopogon flexuosus and antibacterial activity thereof
Paste formulations
Absorbent pad for use with urinal
Solar radiation protection composition
Structure-improving hair care agents
Cosmetic composition
Compressing mallet with coating treatment
Hydrogen generating cell with cathode
Shock absorbing boat
Boat cover
Boat lifting device
Load guide system for pleasure craft
Propulsion system for boats
Liquefied gas storage barge with concrete floating structure
Pontoon and method of making the same
Alternative treatment for AIN fault handling
Transmitting DSL startup parameters over a voice channel
Interface between channel units of multiple local exchange carriers
Preparation for network interface recognition of network packet portion with declarative notation fo...
Method and system for suppressing signal distortions associated with nonlinearity in optical fibers
Universal mobile telephone system network with improved rate matching method
Apparatus for protection of electronic circuits
Method and apparatus for use in improving accuracy in geo-location estimates
Variable output power supply
Method and system for multi-parameter choice optimization
Ballistic resistant materials and method of manufacture
Method for gasket removal
Asymmetric 1,4-reductions of and 1,4-additions to enoates and related systems
Backerboard sheet including aerated concrete core
Random copolymers used as compatibilizers in toner compositions
Analysis device
Thermoplastic elastomer composition for powder molding, powder and molded article thereof
Cylindrical target and its production method
Bipolar quasi-divided electrolysis cells
Method and apparatus for die cutting and making laminate articles
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Thin film magnetic memory device capable of conducting stable data read and write operations
System, method, and computer software product for specifying a scanning area of a substrate
Group-III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and production method thereof
Linear-beam microwave tube
Inspection system with multiple illumination sources
Carbon dioxide enhanced complex-adsorption process for metal or metalloid removal from water
Mercury-containing material, method for producing the same and fluorescent lamp using the same
System and method for managing a suite of data management tools
Information processing apparatus and communication path selection method
DNA encoding growth hormone antagonists
Mammalian two-hybrid system for screening for modulators of the accumulation of metabolic products
Neospora vaccine
Cocktail watermarking on images
Authenticating objects using embedded data
Computer system control via interface surface with coded marks
Unit trigger actuator
Variable valve actuation mechanism having partial wrap bearings for output cams and frames
Installation procedure for wireless human interface device
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of manufacturing the same
Driving circuit of display and display device
Organic light emitting element and method of producing the same
Substrate with transparent conductive film and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Organic light emitting element and light emitting device using the same
Compositions, methods for producing films, functional elements, methods for producing functional ele...
Automatic emergency shut-off system for delivery transports
Tire condition estimating apparatus and method
Control module for providing access, monitoring vehicles states, and control of a vehicle
Control device for emergency stop in semiconductor manufacturing system
Electronic control device for use in vehicles
Mobile electric power supply system with deactivatable GFCI protection
System and method for tire pressure monitoring providing automatic tire location recognition
Pretreatment liquid for recording material and image recording method using the pretreatment liquid
Temperature indicator and insulator for powered surgical instruments
Catalytic osmium-assisted oxidative cleavage of olefins
55053, a novel human eukaryotic kinase and uses therefor
Hard surface cleaners which provide improved fragrance retention properties to hard surfaces
Methods and apparatus for providing location dependent cellular telephone communications
Method and apparatus for marine source diagnostics
Multi-beam exposure apparatus using a multi-axis electron lens, fabrication method of a semiconducto...
Microspot test kit and method for chemical testing
Method and apparatus for pulsed detonation coating of internal surfaces of small diameter tubes and ...
Electrical outlet box with secure quick connect and release features
Security wheelchair
Method for removing particles from a semiconductor processing tool
Method and system for assay and removal of harmful toxins during processing of tobacco products
Kit for securable enclosure
System and method for providing sponsored or universal telecommunications service and third party pa...
Cylinder for automatic transmission
Thin, lightweight acoustic actuator tile
Non-volatile semiconductor memory and method of operating the same
Ferroelectric storage apparatus, driving method therefor, and driving circuit therefor
Device and method for uniformly distributing electrode particles
Electrolyte for electrolytic capacitor
Electro-optical device having reduced size and improved light utilization efficiency and electronic ...
Automatic detection and installation of client peripheral devices by a server
Performance logging solution
Relative range camera calibration
Camera with indicator for determining position within the angle of view
Distance measuring apparatus
Viewing apparatus having a photographic function
Exchangeable connecting device between video camera and automatic iris lens
Camera frame assembly having independently back-pivoting drive hub for impact shutter
Film magazine
Method and system for self-service film processing
Frame handling system, and frame handling method
Network switch load balancing
Flow identifying device, flow processing device, flow identifying method, and flow processing method
Virtual private networks and methods for their operation
Encoder-based control of printhead firing in a label printer
Surgical method and apparatus for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element within the body
Basic cell for N-dimensional self-healing arrays
System and processes for performing quick changeovers on assembly lines
Device for controlling the closing of a power circuit breaker
Drive control system for a multiphase motor powered by a power converter
Stator for an electric drive with a tubular insulator as lost casting mold
Actuator having a permanent magnet
Method and apparatus for robust optical tracking with beacon markers
Gas turbine and method of operating a gas turbine
Longer stroke control valve and actuator
Double concentric inlet tube for setting armature/needle lift and method of manufacturing same
Injection valve with single disc turbulence generation
Dish rack for dishwasher
System and method including a fuel tank isolation valve
Injector valve for integrated air/fuel module
Method and device for adjusting opening time of a fuel injector for mounting a direct injection inte...
Method and feed device for effecting the advance movement of at least one tool support that rotates ...
Method and device for operating a hot rolling train with at least one edger
Thermal shield for a component carrying hot gases, especially for structural components of gas turbi...
Method for producing an individually made, implant-supported tooth replacement
Retrograde well structure for a CMOS imager
Interactive dental restorative network
Dental implant and tool and method for effecting a dental restoration using the same
Muscle pressure measuring instrument for mouth cavity, adapter for mouth cavity muscle pressure meas...
Methods for preventing/remedying mastitis
Semiconductor memories
Method and apparatus of delivery of inhaled nitric oxide to spontaneous-breathing and mechanically-v...
Conductor detecting device
Hearing aid design
Linear power amplifier
Fuel cell power generating system and operation method
Method and apparatus for humidification and temperature control of incoming fuel cell process gas
Apparatus and method for die casting
Machine for filling bags or the like comprising a control device with cams
Refrigeration system
Cooling system with evaporators distributed in parallel
Intake module having integrated ECU
Fixing device without screws
Optical transceiver cage
Retention of heat sinks on electronic packages
Compact air conditioner for automobiles
Heat exchanger having a manifold plate structure
Heat exchanger tube with optimized plates
Heat exchanger header assembly
Heat exchanger fin having canted lances
Cooling seat cushion
Fan holder for heat sink
Gas condenser
Outdoor electronic equipment cabinet
Air conditioner
Optical crossconnect and mirror systems
Method and apparatus for internal monitoring and control of reflectors in an optical switch
Bi-stable micro-actuator and optical switch
Time slot tunable all-optical packet data routing switch
Micromachined capacitive component with high stability
Anchors for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) devices
Damped micromechanical device
Tuneable optical filter
Multi-beam polygon scanning system
Cyclic time averaging for machine monitoring
Apparatus and method for adjusting the spectral response of an optical waveguide grating
Optoacoustic frequency filter
Method and apparatus for using quasi-stable light sources in interferometry applications
Method and apparatus for interrogation of birefringent FBG sensors
Delay time measurement apparatus for optical element
Laser interrogation of surface agents
Biochip reader and labeling reagent
Ratchet wrench
Display apparatus displaying pseudo gray levels and method for displaying the same
Method and apparatus for dynamic DMD testing
Turntable measuring apparatus utilizing attenuated total reflection
Method and apparatus for adjusting illumination angle
Emulsification of alkenyl succinic anhydride size
Low triggering N MOS transistor for electrostatic discharge protection device
Piezoelectric rotary pump
Laminated devices and methods of making same
Structure for reducing noise and vibration of scroll compressor
Fan in which motor yoke is mounted on a motor shaft by caulking or spot welding
Variable displacement compressor
Compressor with single shaft support
Variable capacity air conditioning compressor with improved crankcase oil retention
Fuel metering unit
High-pressure misting fan
Vapor evacuation device
Air circuit with air economizing and memory
Hydraulic pump circuit
Fluid motor
Air conditioning systems for vehicles comprising such air conditioning systems, and methods for driv...
Musical instrument storage and/or carrying case
Water-soluble copolymer film packet
Gas engine lubricating oil composition
Diversity slot antenna
Serial bus control method and apparatus for a microelectronic power regulation system
Microelectronic transient power generator for power system validation
Protocol for neighborhood-established transmission scheduling
Synchronous timing for interpolated timing recovery
Method and apparatus for Viterbi detector state metric re-normalization
Boom utilizing composite material construction
Topical application of opioid analgesic drugs such as morphine
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Method and kit for detecting resistance to antiviral drugs
Compound screening method
Ultrasound transducer unit and planar ultrasound lens
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for deconfiguring a processor
Method and apparatus for mask and/or counter address registers readback on the address bus in synchr...
Apparatus and method in a network interface device for determining data availability in a random acc...
Reducing memory requirements of a codebook vector search
Package structure with increased capacitance and method
Circuit component, circuit component package, circuit component built-in module, circuit component p...
Integrated schottky barrier diode and manufacturing method thereof
Self-aligning wafer burn-in probe
Probe card
Semiconductor device capable of preventing solder balls from being removed in reinforcing pad
Solder masks for use on carrier substrates, carrier substrates and semiconductor device assemblies i...
Rearrangement sheet, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Method and apparatus for reducing substrate bias voltage drop
Schottky structure in GaAs semiconductor device
Wafer-level burn-in and test
Semiconductor device with dual damascene wiring
Semiconductor device with under bump metallurgy and method for fabricating the same
Modification of vitreal matrix metalloproteinase activity
Use of a clathrate modifier, to promote passage of proteins during nanofiltration
Mixing, aeration or oxygenating method and apparatus
Process cartridge remanufacturing method, disassembling method and assembling method, positioning an...
Image signal processing apparatus
Reproducing apparatus
Zoom lens and optical apparatus using the same
Sheet feeding device, sheet treating device and image reading apparatus using the same
Image data processing method and image data transfer method
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, gas substituting apparatus, and gas substituting me...
Illumination device, exposure apparatus and exposure method
Liquid crystal device
Image pickup apparatus
Image pickup apparatus
Rod lens array and printer head and optical printer using the same
Ultrasonic horn mount
System and method of providing a per-use, auto-generation, personalized web page service
Microfabricated thermoelectric power-generation devices
Water vapor-permeable and waterproof material and method for manufacturing the same
Flame-resistant and high visibility fabric and apparel formed therefrom
Composite camouflage construction and method for manufacturing composite camouflage construction
Heat-setting label sheet
Traction splint
System, method, and apparatus for generating a timing signal
Legged mobile robot
Liquid crystal display
Switching power source device
Method and apparatus for determining track density during a servo-track writing operation
Nonlinear optical system for sensing the presence of contamination on a semiconductor wafer
Heat development apparatus having a temperature adjusting device
Antenna structure and mobile terminal having antenna structure
DIP switch configuration for increased usability with multiple cards
Apparatus and method for managing printing mode switching in a printing apparatus
Dynamically determining first-page out (FPO) time
Method and apparatus for de-skewing clock edges for systems with distributed clocks
Circuit card retention device
Field replaceable unit access device and method
Tablet computer keyboard and system and method incorporating same
Device for scanning reflective and transmissive data from a photographic image
Optimal-size and nozzle-modulated printmasks for use in incremental printing
Remote print queue management
Active pixel determination for line generation in regionalized rasterizer displays
Terminating pathway for a clock signal
Emitter with filled zeolite emission layer
Fluid ejection device
Clinical-examination-numerical-data-processing system and recording medium for diagnostic program us...
Zoom image pickup optical system
Spatial light modulator
Print processing method, printing order receiving machine and print processing device
Clock-generating circuit and image-forming apparatus having a function of canceling F-theta property...
Image-forming apparatus
High frequency semiconductor device
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Mass analyzing method using an ion trap type mass spectrometer
Electrically conductive fabric
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for increasing the dynamic range of mass spectrometers
Substituted aryl and heteroaryl compounds as E-type prostaglandin antagonists
Efficient model order reduction via multi-point moment matching
Method of and apparatus for producing electrode of fuel cell
Passive element for fuel processor start up transient temperature control
Electrolytic ozone water production method and device therefor and solid polymer electrolyte membran...
Fuel reforming system and stopping method thereof
Gap adjuster for laminating rolls
Solid oxide fuel cell
Fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
Biasing element for intraocular lens system
Small incision lens
Device and method for the increase of ocular elasticity and prevention of macular degeneration
Storage case having soft intraocular lens folding function
Aberration correction spectacle lens
Method for improving quality in graphics pipelines through a frame's top and bottom field processing...
Apparatus and method for transmitting data
Flexure and precision clamp
Mouthpiece for an inhalation device
Movable antenna for wireless equipment
Device for and method of displaying messages
Fuel injection apparatus
Kinase capable of site-specific phosphorylation of I.kappa.B.alpha.
Automatically retraining a speech recognition system
Composite electronic component and method of producing same
Lyocell fiber from unbleached pulp
Polynucleotides encoding macrophage derived chemokine
Apparatus and method for automated protein design
Digital design using selection operations
System and method for associating action diaries with a parent class object
Processes for the preparation of novel collagen-based supports for tissue engineering, and biomateri...
Spacecraft data acquisition and distribution interface
Standardized format for reporting error events occurring within logically partitioned multiprocessin...
Additive compositions
Method and apparatus for providing continued operation of a multiprocessor computer system after det...
Composite optical component and its manufacturing method
Composition, methods and reagents for the synthesis of a soluble form of human PHEX
Microband electrode arrays
Waste receptacle panel
Compositions and methods for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Quantitative epstein barr virus PCR rapid assay
Moisture-induced poly(ethylene oxide) gel, method of making same and articles using same
Fluorenecarboxylic acid esters, process for the manufacture thereof, and use thereof as medicaments
Interface device and method for a monitoring network
Smart card system and methods for proving dates in digital files
Data distribution method and apparatus, and data receiving method and apparatus
Fusing roller assembly for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Dynamic air ionizer and method
Databinding using server-side control objects
Scyphostatin analogues as SMase inhibitors
Learning-based controller for biotechnology processing, and method of using
Audio signal enhancement and amplification system
Remote detection, monitoring and information management system
Electronic book with simulated three-dimensional illustrations
Anti-reflection film, polarizing plate comprising the same, and image display device using the anti-...
Insulating and footwear system
Content-based visualization and user-modeling for interactive browsing and retrieval in multimedia d...
Information delivery system and server
Mechanism for determining restrictions to impose on an implementation of a service
Method and apparatus for selective recording of television programs using event notifications
Ultrasonically driven osteotome having a curved tool tip
Finger-mounted electrokinetic delivery system for self-administration of medicaments and methods the...
Method for producing fluid trap for film assemblage
Pest bait station
Reading dry chemical arrays
Encoded molecular sieve particle-based sensors
Enhanced inertial measurement unit/global positioning system mapping and navigation process
Controller for monitoring fluid flow volume
Composition and method for treating snoring
Method for controlling the movement of a robot
Mass communication assessment system
Raspberry plant named `PS-1703`
Underwater filtration operator
Access server fault isolation without service disruption method and apparatus
Balance and coordination teaching method
Method of making complex shaped articles
Detergent compositions having an anionically modified cellulose polymer
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Method and device for the three-dimensional representation of information with viewer movement compe...
Aerosol dispenser spraying apparatus
Fluid product dispenser
Shielded-type automotive relay controlling a magnet clutch load of a vehicle air-conditioner
Electrochromic polymers and polymer electrochromic devices
Doll which is restless and urinates after drinking baby bottle
File or database manager systems based on a fractal hierarchical index structure
Data output control apparatus connected via a network to a portable terminal and a plurality of prin...
Smart parking meter system
Automotive control apparatus and method
Device for determining and characterizing noises generated by mastication of food
Storage medium, and method and apparatus for information processing
Apparatus and method for enhancing the security of negotiable instruments
Apparatus for amusement
Bioadhesive compositions and biomedical electrodes containing them
Image forming apparatus for reducing a system return time
Semiconductor memory device reading data based on memory cell passing current during access
Folded cavity solid-state laser
Riser reactor system for hydrocarbon cracking
Spirit level
Method and apparatus of system offset calibration with overranging ADC
Acessesory device for use in combination with a snowboard
Incandescent tube bulb replacement assembly
Method of calculating a throw volume for quantitative fault analysis
Electrical charger integrating a business card scanner therein
Automated, hosted prepress applications
Method, system, and product for data integration through a dynamic common model
Method for conducting a contest using a network
Java runtime system with modified constant pool
Intrusion detection signature analysis using regular expressions and logical operators
Method and apparatus for repeated contact of software end-user
Method for providing repeated contact with software end-user using authorized administrator
Method and system for revocation of certificates used to certify public key users
Verification of service level agreement contracts in a client server environment
Startup methods and apparatuses for use in streaming content
Secure multi database system including a client, multi database server, and database server
Automatic categorization of financial transactions
Method for the sale of movies prior to the production thereof
Automated claim repricing system
Internet-based modeling kiosk and method for fitting and selling prescription eyeglasses
Combination forecasting using clusterization
Product management method, program for performing product management, and storage medium having reco...
Portable information communication terminal, entertainment system, and storage medium
System, method and apparatus for tracking deployment of cellular telephone network sites
Pattern recognition process for text document interpretation
Adaptable security mechanism for preventing unauthorized access of digital data
Scheduling system
Calendar display apparatus, calendar display method and computer program product
Structured data processing apparatus
Method of compensating for low toner consumption
Method and apparatus implementing random access and time-based functions on a continuous stream of f...
Method and apparatus for searching, browsing and summarizing moving image data using fidelity of tre...
Interprocess communication mechanism
Traffic control method for intelligent network services
Boot record recovery
Semiconductor laser, method of producing the same and evanescent optical head using the same
Microprocessor having a content addressable memory (CAM) device as a functional unit therein and met...
Processing of calls terminating in a packet switched protocol based cellular communication network
Method of storing and flattening a structured data document
ATM transport over multi-protocol label switching
Systems and methods to identify and disable re-used devices based on detecting environmental changes
System, device, and method for reducing the number of multicast routes maintained in a multicast rou...
Method for inspecting defect and system therefor
Network protocol for wireless ad hoc networks
Electrophotographic apparatus including transferring device
Dual input AC/DC power converter having a programmable peripheral power hub module
Process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and cartridge mounting method
Smart fan modules and system
Composition for clear gas barrier laminates
Method of manufacturing a leap-type testing implement
Foot lifter orthesis and method of formation
Shoes sole structures
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Shoe outsole
Pair of sandals
Optically characterizing polymers
Small volume chambers
Selectable cell surface marker genes
Flexible assembly system and mechanism adapted for an optical projection apparatus
Thyromimetic organic compounds
Diphenylalkylamine derivatives useful as opioid receptor agonists
Biodegradable bioadhesive controlled release system of nano-particles for oral care products
Gated nanoscale switch having channel of molecular wires
Process for the preparation of gabapentin free from inorganic acids anions
Dual adhesive transdermal drug delivery system
Phenyl inden-1-one compounds
Adaptive multi-users interference reduction and cancellation in a CDMA network
Image reading device
Inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Alzheimer's disease, secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Printer and fixing device which maintain a stable temperature for fixing a toner image
Enclosure for an air compressor
Encapsulated, streaming media automation and distribution system
Magnesium-diketonate complex derived polyolefin catalysts, method of making same, method of polymeri...
Organic electroluminescent display device comprising a protective layer
Method and system for spurious and noise cancellation in a wireless transmitter
Revenue meter with power quality features
Method and system for controlling power distribution in a hybrid fuel cell vehicle
Colorant compositions
Thermal interface materials and methods for their preparation and use
Fixing belt and fixing apparatus equipped with same
Systems and methods for creating virtual objects in a sketch mode in a haptic virtual reality enviro...
Water level detecting device for a percolator
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Optical information recording medium
Process for the preparation of acyloxybenzenesulfonates
Supporting insulatedly separated conductors
Method of using secretin and compositions made therefrom for the treatment of autism and other neuro...
Indicator for pill bottle
Phosphonium salts and processes for production of and uses for the same, and phosphines deriving the...
Methods for hydrogenating nitrile functions into amine functions
Stop for a threaded rod
Viterbi decoder with high speed processing function
Absolute and relative coordinate based format description system and method
Coating having macroscopic texture and process for making same
Method, system and computer program product to stress and test logical partition isolation features
Animal restraining apparatus and animal experiment for using the same
Self-piercing robotic rivet setting system
Muscle stimulation in a cast immobilized limo
Method for selecting a local antenna for use in producing image data in a diagnostic magnetic resona...
Physiological monitor and associated computation, display and communication unit
Synthesis of oligonucleotides
Methods for determining polypeptide structure, function or pharmacophore from comparison of polypept...
Parallel multiprocessing for the fast fourier transform with pipeline architecture
Method and apparatus for an atomic operation in a parallel computing environment
Sealant plug delivery methods
Systems and methods for cell subpopulation analysis
Hand dishwashing composition
Human mitochondrial proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
System, transmitter and receiver for code division multiplex transmission
Common feature mode for microprocessors in a multiple microprocessor system
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Indexing interleaved media data
Orientation adjusting apparatus for speakers
Apparatus for producing software and method for producing software
Processor with instructions that operate on different data types stored in the same single logical r...
Tannate compositions and methods of treatment
Photographic firearm apparatus and method
Data transmission apparatus and method, data receiving apparatus and method, and data transmission a...
Method of fabricating damascene structures in mechanically weak interlayer dielectrics
Membrane receptor reagent and assay
Method and apparatus for hierarchical optical switching
Herbal compositions for prostate conditions
Method for positioning a welding torch in the center-line of the desired course of a weld seam
Rose plant named `POULac018`
Riser tensioning construction
Process for reducing coke formation in hydrocarbon processing by application of radio frequency elec...
Process for the temporary lightening or dyeing of the hair, and aerosol device for carrying out this...
Rescue device and kit and method of using same
Electrode alloy powder and method of producing the same
Waste receptacle panel
Source editing in a graphical hierarchical environment
Method and apparatus of pre-loading a seed for a test code of a physical layer device
System and method of automatic wrapper grammar generation
Electrochemical device
Balloon valve adapter for supporting different sizes of toy balloons and assemblies using same
Data processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Antiskid braking control system
Highway safety net
Inspection method for microorganisms and the like, and unit therefor
Apparatus and method for operating an appliance light
Artificial passenger with condition sensors
Lanthanide doped TiOx dielectric films
Double data rate memory interface
Solid state illumination system containing a light emitting diode, a light scattering material and a...
Attitude angle detecting apparatus
Garage/carport for manufactured homes
Field emission display using line cathode structure
Method and apparatus for securing a computer-based game of chance
Information organization and navigation by user-generated associative overlays
Imaging methods and systems for concealed weapon detection
Attaching a device driver to multiple logical devices of one physical device
Pet registration, search and retrieval system
Premium product access system for performance in a video game
System and method for digitally marking a file with a removable mark
Field emission electron source
Optoelectronic device having dual-structural nano dot and method for manufacturing the same
Oxyhalopolymer protective multifunctional appliques and paint replacement films
Method for producing patterned deposition from compressed fluid
Templated compositions of inorganic liquids and glasses
Compositions comprising inorganic UV absorbers
Remote power communication system and method thereof
Oscillating middle axle for a utility vehicle
Flexible airflow separator to reduce aerodynamic noise generated by a leading edge slat of an aircra...
Bordered flying tool
Active satellite dispenser for reusable launch vehicle
Cargo drop system with cargo parachute and process for stabilization of a cargo drop system by means...
Window attachment method
Dual-flight mode tandem rotor wing
Method for operating an air-to-air missile and corresponding missile with autonomous or semi-autonom...
Cryptographic methods for remote authentication
Lane-keep control system for vehicle
Material delivery system for miniature structure fabrication
Method and apparatus for automatic tracking of an optical signal in a wireless optical communication...
Fiber optic header with integrated power monitor
Chiral fiber sensor apparatus and method
Laser assisted thermal poling of silica based waveguides
Target steering system for EUV droplet generators
Method of suppressing energy spikes of a partially-coherent beam
Method and laser beam directing system with rotatable diffraction gratings
Integrated laser oscillator-amplifier system
Wavelength selectable device
Laser arrangement
Method and apparatus for reduction of spectral fluctuations
Near field light generating device
Driver with tail currents in discrete subranges
Methods and apparatuses for measuring and controlling a laser output in a passive optical network
High energy laser beam dump
Cooled mirror device
Thermo-electric cooler circuit and method for DWDM/TDM mode selection
Orthogonal excitation-type laser oscillator
Expression system in microorganism and its use for expressing heterologous and homologous proteins
Anti-bacterial vaccine compositions
Protein Rim2
Tumor suppressor gene p33ING2
Soybean variety 93M40
Fructan biosynthetic enzymes
Maize MIP synthase promoter
Salt-tolerant transgenic turfgrass
Protein complementation in transgenic plants
Nucleic acid molecule coding for beta-amylase, plants synthesizing a modified starch, method of prod...
Transgenic plants with enhanced chlorophyll content and salt tolerance
Use of a class of enzymes and their encoding genes to increase the oil content in transgenic organis...
Polynucleotide and its use for modulating a defence response in plants
Substance FKI-0076 and process for producing the same
Mutant Actinosynnema pretiosum strain with increased maytansinoid production
Method for manufacturing ink jet head and ink jet head manufactured by such method
Method for metallurgically attaching a tube to a member
Method for making an aromatic polycarbonate
Polyester compositions of low residual aldehyde content
Process of making microporous film
Electric bus bar, the use thereof and a method for producing the same
Extrusion molding apparatus
Process for the production of cellulosic moulded bodies
Method and apparatus for wet trapping with energy-curable flexographic liquid inks
Heat-responsive-discoloring coloring composition, heat-responsive-discoloring coloring element compr...
Label and method of making
Data transfer and storage device and method
Method and apparatus for recording digital data streams and management information
Spin-valve magnetic transducing element and magnetic head having free layer with negative magnetostr...
Tunneling barrier material for a magnetic recording head
Current-perpendicular-to-plane spin valve reader with reduced scattering of majority spin electrons
Magnetoresistive-effect device and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic recording and reproducing method and magnetic recording medium employed for the same
Magnetic head device having suspension with microactuator bonded thereto
Pivot bearing cartridge including ball bearing set and magnet element for ball bearing set pre-loadi...
Device for suppressing magnetic noise of dual-layered disk in a disk drive
Digital device configuration and method
Limiter structure with reduced vertical extent for low profile disk drive suspensions
Cylindrical magnetic recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Perpendicular writer with laminated main pole
Thin film magnetic head having inductive write portion features that provide high recording field st...
Magnetic head having an antistripping layer for preventing a magnetic layer from stripping
Perpendicular recording write head having a recessed magnetic adjunct pole and method of making the ...
Magnetic field sensor utilizing anomalous hall effect magnetic film
Disk drive with disks having different disk stiffness, thickness and material combinations
Hard disk drive having air pumping groove
Thermal insulator for protecting a storage tape in a tape drive
Materials and method for the biological production of sulfuric acid
Trusted construction of message endpoints in a distributed computing environment
Polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide having heparanase activity and expression of same in genetical...
DNA detection by means of a strand reassociation complex
Reporter gene system for use in cell-based assessment of inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus proteas...
System and method for automated separation of blood components
Method for maintaining timing in a CDMA rake receiver
Apparatus for inspecting display panel and method for inspecting the same
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Data storage device using certification keys and method to perform access control using certificatio...
Method for producing sulfonated aromatic polymers and use of the process products for producing memb...
Optical sheet, polarizer and liquid-crystal display device
Bicyclic macrolide derivatives
Display device having an improved envelope for containing pixels therein
Photoresist compositions
Power converter, and photovoltaic element module and power generator using the same
Decorative valved tracheostomy device
Display holder for mounting items on fabric or non-woven fibrous surfaces
Aqueous compositions of perfluoropolyether phosphates and use thereof to confer oleo-repellence to p...
Gel air freshener
Block copolymer
Lariat with low-friction honda arm socks
Image heating apparatus and elastic roller therefor
Cradle for communications headset
Contraception method using competitive progesterone antagonists and novel compounds useful therein
Method and apparatus for very high field magnetic resonance imaging systems
Fluorescent quenching detection reagents and methods
Miniature implantable array and stimulation system suitable for eyelid stimulation
System and method for diagnosing computer system operational behavior
Automatic consistency checking of computer programs
Method for assembling a hub unit for supporting a wheel shaft
Extracellular matrix signaling molecules
Human kielin-like proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Method for determining when a communication device should rate shift or roam in a wireless environme...
Discovering printers and shares
Lentivirus vector system
Method and apparatus for measuring effects of exhaust gas recirculation deposits
Method and apparatus for providing a gray level in a plasma display panel
Hybrid longest prefix match and fixed match searches
Seismic detection apparatus and related method
Input replicator for interrupts in a simultaneous and redundantly threaded processor
System and method for designing an integrated circuit
Layer manager
Leg pillow with single clasp
Method for generating a textured range image
Automobile audio system for collection, management and playback of audio data
Nucleic acid sequences encoding capsaicin receptor and capsaicin receptor-related polypeptides and u...
Optical cross connect device with single grating
Uses of targeted oxidative therapeutic formulation in arteriosclerosis
Leucocoryne plant named `Elena`
Gaming system with individualized centrally generated random number generator seeds
Swimming simulation system
Methods to improve heteroatom lattice substitution in large and extra-large pore borosilicate zeolit...
System and method for managing authentication and coherency in a storage area network
High-strength alloy based on aluminium and a product made of said alloy
Cleaning head for use with a handle
Automated processing and delivery of media to web servers
Enterprise computer investigation system
NMR detector for supported monolayer and multilayer films
Swimming toy animal
Neural network system and method for controlling information output based on user feedback
Apparatus and method for controlling a vehicular component
Simmering control method in microwave oven
Metrology diffraction signal adaptation for tool-to-tool matching
Biologically active conjugates having a detectable reporter moiety and method of identification of t...
Process for forming barrier/seed structures for integrated circuits
Ferroelectric memory device and a method for driving the same
High reliable reference current generator for MRAM
Semiconductor light emitting device
Process to produce a dilute ethylene stream and a dilute propylene stream
Method and arrangement for managing cell reselection in a terminal for a cellular system
Light emitting element and production process thereof
Method for fault tolerant modification of data representation in a large database
System for automatic connection to a network
System and method for the distribution of software products
Automatic chord progression correction apparatus and automatic composition apparatus
Staff sheet printer
Telephone terminal to control functions and enter digits
Apparatus and method for orienting an image on a display of a wireless communication device
Electronic apparatus
Apparatus for transmitting and receiving signals
Network telephone system
Method and apparatus for entry of multi-stroke characters
Recognition of handwriting in mobile station
Double-talk detector suitable for a telephone-enabled PC
Echo canceller and method of echo cancellation using an NLMS algorithm
Current-mode differential active hybrid circuit
Transformer-coupled matching impedance
Telephonic automatic dialing system
Matching routed call to agent workstation
Method to transport a reference clock signal
Method and apparatus for sharing point codes in a network
Inter-network line level adjustment method and system
Suppression of methanation activity of platinum group metal water-gas shift catalysts
Reactor for temperature moderation
Hydrogen production from carbonaceous material
Methods of synthesizing an oxidant and applications thereof
Process for the reduction or elimination of NH3/HF byproduct in the manufacture of nitrogen trifluor...
Process for producing chlorine dioxide
Carbonaceous nanotube, nanotube aggregate, method for manufacturing a carbonaceous nanotube
Macroscopic ordered assembly of carbon nanotubes
Process for generation of precipitated calcium carbonate from calcium carbonate rich industrial by-p...
Method for the catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Catalytic treatment of gaseous effluents containing varying amounts of sulfur compounds
Method for treating exhaust gas containing fluorine-containing compound
Control of mercury and other elemental metal emissions from combustion devices by oxidation
Purification of gaseous inorganic halide
Hydrogen generation system
Composite material comprising activated carbon and expanded graphite
Method for recovering titanium compound, process for preparing titanium halide, and process for prep...
Methods of making foamed materials of blended thermoplastic polymers using carbon dioxide
Cytokines having neurotrophic activity
End of use and time duration indicator system and method based on volatile dye
System for detecting bacteria in blood, blood products, and fluids of tissues
Methods and compositions relating to phosphorylated myosin light chain 1
G protein-coupled receptor up-regulated in prostate cancer and uses thereof
DNA and protein from Dirofilaria immitis
Method for manufacturing a shape body containing a starch, a homogenised mass containing starch and ...
Anti-GPIIb/IIIa recombinant antibodies
Recombinant scFV antibodies specific to Eimeria spp. responsible for coccidiosis
Non-halogenated phenoxy and/or benzyloxy substituted phenols, antimicrobial compositions containing ...
Topical application of cetirizine and loratadine
Combinations and methods for promoting in vivo liver cell proliferation and enhancing in vivo liver-...
Bioconjugates and delivery of bioactive agents
Human haemopoietic maturation factor
Network navigator interface system and method
Method and apparatus for object persistence
Method and apparatus for providing web based services using an XML Runtime model to store state sess...
Multiple mode object locking method and system
Method and apparatus for just in time compilation of instructions
Integrated source code file and method and apparatus for creating a computer program therefrom
Method and system for protecting resource central programs
Server system determining server application corresponding to processing request based on informatio...
System and method to manage data to a plurality of proxy servers through a router by application lev...
Ether compounds
Multicarrier CDMA rake receiver apparatus
Surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Auxiliary active region determination for line width generation in regionalized rasterizer displays
Information generating method and apparatus, information reproducing method and apparatus, and infor...
Developing agent container including a sealing element for preventing developing agent from leaking ...
Dilution regulation method and device for breathing apparatus
Illuminated message display predominantly for automobiles
Reversibly cross-linked hydrogels
Use of hydrotalcite as filler in polymer compositions
Considering mask writer properties during the optical proximity correction process
Printhead pressure relief mechanism
Small animal and rodent exercise device
Semiconductor apparatus, power converter and automobile
Shock actuated responsive mechanism with improved safety means to prevent over-rotation of the valve...
Isoxazolone compounds useful in treating diseases associated with unwanted cytokine activity
Method for reducing spin-lattice relaxation time of silicone fluids used in magnetic resonance imagi...
DNA encoding IGA nephropathy indicating protein
Device and method for taking biological sample
Method and apparatus to approve documents
Fastener for laying pipes
Injectable and swellable microspheres for dermal augmentation
Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
System and method for facilitating the design of a website
Driving electrode structure of plasma display panel
Reducing injection loss in drill strings
System and method cancelling a speculative branch
Surface photo-acoustic film measurement device and technique
Microfluidic devices and manufacture thereof
Optical component having flat top output
Calcium dietary supplement
Salvia plant named `Rhapsody in Blue`
Advertisement distribution system and server
Swim stroke exercise device
Nasal ventilation as a treatment for stroke
Nanocomposite magnet and method for producing same
Dog chew toy
Method for playing media based upon user feedback
Method and system for secure transmission of information
Block set for educational purposes
Downhole sensing and flow control utilizing neural networks
Cocoa extracts containing solvent-derived cocoa polyphenols from defatted cocoa beans
Preparation of stack high-K gate dielectrics with nitrided layer
Method of forming a ferroelectric film and fabrication process of a semiconductor device having a fe...
Thin-film magnetic memory device suppressing parasitic capacitance applied to data line or the like
Nitride-based semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method of selecting cells in a cellular mobile radio system
Fluorescent lamp providing uniform backlight illumination for displays
Patient medication IV delivery pump with wireless communication to a hospital information management...
Method for establishing a signaling connection with a mobile station
Arranging control signallings in telecommunications system
Method for distributing the capacity of a transmission system in a base station network
Method and apparatus for resource reservation in a mobile radio communication system
Device for determining the base station subsystems involved in a paging, and method for the automati...
Systems and methods for uplinking downsampled radiotelephone signals from cellular radiotelephone ba...
Automatic radio wave output limiting system for portable telephone set
Antenna connectors for computer devices utilizing radio and modem cards
Method for controlling transmission power in WCDMA system
Method for estimating channel impulse responses of a mobile radio channel
Method and apparatus for wirelessly communicating different information streams
Signal coding
Asymmetric data access scheme
Mobile terminal and base station in a packet radio services network
GPS positioning system
Remote control, remotely controllable device and remote control configuration
Personal shopping data service system using extended gaming machine memory module
Conference call setup utilizing a wireless access protocol capable telephone
Composition and method for inhibiting reverse transcript of a retrovirus
Anti-TNF antibodies and peptides of human necrosis factor
Glass composite including dispersed rare earth iron garnet nanoparticles
Dissection of edges with projection points in a fabrication layout for correcting proximity effects
Method for encrypting data using IEEE 1394 serial bus network
System and method for the accurate collection of end-user opinion data for applications on a wireles...
Data compression device of digital recoding system and data compression method for using a data comp...
True color infrared photography and video
Optical pickup using an optical phase plate
Pulse width modulation control system
Method and apparatus for adjusting reproduction speed of optical disk
Data rate detection device and method for a mobile communication system
Device and method of recording information on an optical disc
Apparatus for interfacing a private branch exchange with an asynchronous transfer mode network and m...
Physical identification data addressing method using wobble signal, wobble address encoding circuit,...
Method for formatting signal in mobile communication system
Selective disturbance compensating apparatus used in reproduction from optical recording medium and ...
System and method for generating video taping reminders
Method and apparatus for signaling between an optical cross-connect switch and attached network equi...
Method and apparatus for building a medium cost, self similar, self organizing multicast routing tre...
Universal internet based telephony system that provides ubiquitous access for subscribers from any t...
Internet telephone system
PC-to-phone for least cost routing with user preferences
Periphery device in a wireless network
System and method for monitoring and analyzing internet traffic
Multiple-level internet protocol accounting
Method and service station for editing and delivering image data across the internet
Method and system for master slave protocol communication in an intelligent electronic device
Remote web-based control
Method and system for patching dispatch calling parties together
System level hardening of asynchronous combinational logic
Current derivative sensor
Monolithic battery charging device
Sandwich panel, insert therefor, structure comprising sandwich panels and method of joining such pan...
Implicit certificate scheme
System and method for embedding a watermark signal that contains message data in a digital image
Encrypting communications between wireless mobile units
Cryptation system for packet switching networks based on digital chaotic models
Digital system for embedding a pseudo-randomly modulated auxiliary data sequence in digital samples
End-to end protection of media stream encryption keys for voice-over-IP systems
Bit generator for determining a secret encryption key and corresponding process
Aperiodic encryption for digital data
Vehicle navigation system and method
Traffic management system based on packet switching technology
Mobile system and mobile management system
Polarized exposure for web manufacture
Direct view display with lenticular lens for improved brightness and wide viewing angle
Lighting panel for a display
Liquid crystal display having light pipe illumination
Method and apparatus for identifying waypoints and providing keyless remote entry in a handheld loca...
Aircraft flat panel display system
Non-stop toll collection method and system
Magnetic checkpoint
Mobile communication device
Communicating position information between vehicles
Vehicular reporting system
Dual mode regulated light-emitting diode module for flashlights
Home automation system and method
System and method for providing spatially distributed device interaction
Managing results of federated searches across heterogeneous datastores with a federated result set c...
Method and apparatus for determining treatment for stroke
Correction of defective pixels in a detector using temporal gradients
Image processing method and apparatus, and storage medium
Image data compression employing optimal subregion compression
Collimation system for dual slice EBT scanner
Method and apparatus for thin film thickness mapping
System and method for mitigating image noise with multi-energy image decomposition
Method of performing geometric measurements on digital radiological images
Radiation image recording method and apparatus
Apparatus for inspecting a heat exchanger tube and group of heat exchanger tubes
Method of correcting the extrafocal radiation of an X-ray tube in computed tomography
High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof
Method and system for scanning images in a photo kiosk
Apparatus for integrated monitoring of wafers and for process control in the semiconductor manufactu...
Image processing apparatus
Actuator and transducer
Phase change memory
Wide dynamic range digital imaging system and method
Method and scanning electron microscope for measuring dimension of material on sample
Reflective liquid-crystal display
Information processing apparatus, portable device, electronic pet apparatus recording medium storing...
System for a non-invasive online continuous measurement of phrase levels in converters or pyrometall...
Methods, systems and devices for optimizing cardiac pacing parameters
Variable temperature vaporizer
Method and control device for controlling a tomogram acquisition device
Contact magnetic transfer of servo pattern to rigid perpendicular magnetic recording disk
Printing a code on a product
Liquid crystal device
Resistance film type touch panel with short circuit preventing structure
Processing method and apparatus for encrypted data transfer
System and method for monitoring and controlling the production of audio and video streams
Apparatus and method for providing live display of aircraft flight information
Method for dynamic acceleration in an article transporting system
Electro therapy method and apparatus
Wireless device for use with a vehicle embedded phone
Dual density gray patch toner control
Optical corrosion measurement system
Method and apparatus to automatically enhance the quality of digital images by measuring grain trace...
Multi-leaf collimator and medical system including accelerator
Method of generating an initializing signal during power-up of semiconductor memory device
Ferromagnetic resonance switching for magnetic random access memory
Magnetoresistive film, method of manufacturing magnetoresistive film, and memory using magnetoresist...
Sensor assembly and method for measuring nitrogen dioxide
Sorting grain during harvesting
System and method for ranking hyperlinked documents based on a stochastic backoff processes
Generalized keyword matching for keyword based searching over relational databases
System and methods for monitoring application server performance
Interactive command recognition enhancement system and method
Voice network access provider system and method
Method and apparatus to receive selected audio content
Implantable cardiac stimulation system and method for measuring atrioventricular conduction and adju...
Device approximating a shunt capacitor for strip-line-type circuits
Left handed composite media
Multiple wavelength light emitting device, electronic apparatus, and interference mirror
Magnetoresistive memory devices and assemblies; and methods of storing and retrieving information
Systems and methods for altering the propagation of optical signals within optical media
Integrated semiconductor circuit device having Schottky barrier diode
Photo detector with passivation layer and antireflection layer made of the same material
Photodetector device and method for manufacturing the same