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One-chip micro-integrated optoelectronic sensor
Projector with array LED matrix light source
Meta normalization for text
Processing of binary data for compression
Composition, synthesis and therapeutic applications of polyamines
Piperidin-2-one derivative compounds and drugs containing these compounds as the active ingredient
Alpha amino acid derivatives-inhibitors of leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Pyrido[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase-13 inhibitors
Combination therapy using interferon-tau
Method of diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders caused by small intestinal bacteri...
Recombinant human interferon-beta-1b polypeptides
Methods for treating multiple sclerosis
Polarization independent packaging for polarization sensitive optical waveguide amplifier
Polarization dispersion compensating apparatus
Four-port PM circulator
Optical system with particular optical distortion
Liquid-crystal lens and method and apparatus for driving the same
Optical arrangement for high power microobjective
Optical device, optical unit and projector
Wearable display system
Microlens, its forming method and optical module
Method and system for interference lithography utilizing phase-locked scanning beams
High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof
Method for generating a stereoscopic image of an object and an arrangement for stereoscopic viewing
Optical display assembly clamp
Microscope having a contrast-increasing image a acquisition apparatus
Wavelength tuneable optical device
Chromatic dispersion compensation in waveguide arrays
Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and environmentally friendly methods for making the same
Process for making electronic devices having a monolayer diffusion barrier
Phase synchronized array of non-identical oscillators using coupling network
Device and method for preventing superheating of liquids in a microwave oven
Process for measuring nonlinear transition shift (NLTS) at high recording densities with a giant mag...
Apparatus for managing the installation of software across a network
Method and system for visual linker
Universal graph compilation tool
Apparatus and method for performing power management functions
Method for inharmonic tone generation using a coupled mode digital filter
Asymmetric ligands useful for transition metal catalyzed bond forming reactions
Timing and frequency synchronization of OFDM signals
Multipath calibration in GPS pseudorange measurements
Endothelial cell adhesion molecules
Hypertext document transport mechanism for firewall-compatible distributed world-wide web publishing
Apparatus and method for core body warming of mammals experiencing hypothermia
Application of electrothermal feedback for high resolution cryogenic particle detection using a tran...
Smoothing method for cleaved films made using a release layer
Downhole referencing techniques in borehole surveying
Facial image recognition apparatus
Transflective LCD device with different transmission parts each having a particular transmittance
Triple redundant latch design using a fail-over mechanism with backup
Method and system for energy reclamation and reuse
Electroluminescent device with resin protective film
Energy storage flywheel system with a power connector that integrally mounts one or more controller ...
Microprocessor based automatically dimmable eye protection device
Contrast enhancing marking system for application of unobtrusive identification and other markings
Solar energy collection system
Low VOC cleaning compositions for hard surfaces
Alkali-free glass and glass plate for a display
Aqueous ammonium hydroxide amorphous silicon etch method for forming microelectronic capacitor struc...
Process for depositing metal contacts on a buried grid solar cell and solar cell obtained by the pro...
Method for crystallizing semiconductor material without exposing it to air
Method for polymeric surface modification
Method and apparatus for embedding motor error parameter data in a drive motor of a power driven whe...
Medical fluid therapy flow balancing and synchronization system
Slow release lubricant additives gel
Parallel structure of centrifugal tubular slide body and related apparatus
Filter system
Blood centrifuge having clamshell blood reservoir holder with index line
Vibratory screening machine with suction and method for screening a slurry
Manually operable water purifying device
Device and method for siezing,sizing, sifting, filtering or sorting substances
Method of treating a subsurface formation with ferrous iron to reduce contaminants to harmless speci...
Method and apparatus for mixing additives with sludge in a powered line blender
Method of controlling asphaltene precipitation in a fluid
Method and apparatus for oil spill containment
Compositions for treating phosphate in water
Chromatography system, method and software for the separation of biomolecules
Water filtration using immersed membranes
Method and apparatus for determining access flow
Means for removing protein-bound substances
System for separating oil from water
Waste treatment with control over biological solids
Contaminant removal by additional ferns
Porous polymer particle, anion exchanger, producing method thereof, column for ion chromatography, a...
Method for processing formalin-fixed organic waste and an apparatus therefor
High throughtput screening of potential displacer molecules
Method for recycling aqueous paint
Apparatus and methods for collecting and transferring solids separated from wastewater
Method for recycling of oil based drilling fluid contaminated with water and water contaminated with...
Method for perchlorate removal from ground water
Method for removing radioactive substances from affecting water wells
Disposable fluid changing kit and method of disposing of the same
Method for setting up a dialysis treatment in a dialysis machine
Cyclic aeration system for submerged membrane modules
Optically active poly (N-methylbenzylmaleimide), method for its production and its use
Method for separating lactone-containing high-molecular weight compounds
Wastewater trickle tower(s) controlling and grooming
Process for treating industrial and municipal waste water highly loaded with ammonium
Integrated tidal wastewater treatment system and method
Melt-spun polysulfone semipermeable membranes and methods for making the same
Spiral wound element with improved feed space
Apparatus and system for the containment of oil spills
Eccentric interference retention system for a filter cartridge
Plant transcriptional regulators of abiotic stress
Method of grain production for heterozygous waxy sugary-2 maize
Nucleic acids coding for a ISUM2A polypeptide and use of said nucleic acids to obtain transformed pl...
Xenorhabdus nematophila DNA sequences induced within insects
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 98P4B6 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Generation of diversity in combinatorial libraries
Method of removing isoflavones and phytates
Utilization of FPRL1 as a functional receptor by serum amyloid A (SAA)
Chimeric Galpha 15 variants and their use in the analysis and discovery of modulators of G-protein c...
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising dinucleoside polyphosphates and salts thereof
Crystalline drug form
Novel inhibitors of poxvirus replication
Transfection agents
Dimeric pharmaceutical compounds and their use
5-substituted hydantoin racemase, DNA coding for the racemase, and processes for producing optically...
Production of invert syrup from sugarcane juice using immobilized invertase
Alpha-amylase mutants
Human regulatory proteins
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
System for expressing hyperthermostable protein
Qualitative differential screening
Test piece and quantitative method and apparatus for an organism-oriented substance
Proteases from gram-positive organisms
Protein having glutaminase activity and gene encoding the same
Mutant B-type DNA polymerases exhibiting improved performance in PCR
Chemical synthesis of S-adenosyl-L-methionine with enrichment of (S,S)-isomer
Myeloid cell promoter and constructs containing same
Nucleic acid-based compounds and methods of use thereof
AKT nucleic acids, polypeptides, and uses thereof
Method and system for providing emergency alert system messages in an internet protocol
Prunus plant named `VSL-2`
Miniature Rose plant named `POULhi008`
Field emission displaying device and driving method thereof
Organic light emitting diode display and operating method of driving the same
Panel of organic electroluminescence device and method for manufacturing the same
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Indole derivative, material for light-emitting device and light-emitting device using the same
Organic light-emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Blue organic electroluminescent devices having a non-hole-blocking layer
Organic electro-luminescence element and the manufacturing method thereof
Method for treating hepatitis
Process of purification of paclitaxel and docetaxel
Compositions and dosage forms for gastric delivery of irinotecan and methods of treatment that use i...
RUSH-DCS--an adaptable high performance interface for services
Transfer connection device for wirelessly connecting mobile phone and hand-free handset
Wireless user terminal and system having signal clipping circuit for switched capacitor sigma delta ...
Method and apparatus for CDMA soft handoff for dispatch group members
Wireless user equipment for use in reducing cross cell interference
Autonomous zone forming communication device and autonomous zone forming method
Region-wide messaging system and methods including validation of transactions
Apparatus and method for making a magnetic coated medium, and a coated medium therefrom
Explosive destruction system for disposal of chemical munitions
Method for separating seismic signals from two or more distinct sources
Windshield wiping system manufacturing method
Method for fabricating a hard cover for an article
Multi-spectral LADAR
Interactive system for monitoring and inventory of emergency vehicles and equipment and associated m...
Deflection yoke
Limited-life cartridge primers
Metrology process for enhancing image contrast
Apparatus and method for coating pipes
Process for the synthesis and recovery of nitramines
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Antiproliferative agents
URL mapping methods and systems
Methods and systems for mixing digital audio signals
Method and system of providing emergency data
Block transform and quantization for image and video coding
Texture generating apparatus for dynamic interference checking
Virtual keyboard for touch-typing using audio feedback
Fast data decoder that operates with reduced output buffer bounds checking
Method and system for using a keyboard overlay with a touch-sensitive display screen
Methods for continuous embedded process monitoring and optical inspection of substrates using specul...
Off-axis levelling in lithographic projection apparatus
Substrate bias generator in semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with differential output driver circuit, and system for semi...
Compact serial-to-ethernet conversion port
System and method for utilizing circuit switched and packet switched resources
Method for equivalently connecting subassemblies in 1:N redundancy
Shielded compartment for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Method for optimized processing of connections conducted outside a switching center
Speed-dependent setpoint correction in electrically regulated slave drives
Optical spacer switch and insertion head, automatic insertion machine and method for inserting compo...
Broadband planar inverted F antenna
Method for generating an output clock-pulse and a corresponding clock-pulse generation circuit
Method for operating a hearing aid or hearing aid system, and a hearing aid and hearing aid system
Method and apparatus detecting shorted turns in an electric generator
Tungsten composite x-ray target assembly for radiation therapy
Connection device for positional fixing of a gradient coil assembly of a nuclear magnetic resonance ...
Method for digitally transmitting data with a variable bandwidth
MRT user interface allowing accurate slice planning based on a distortion-conrrected MRT overview im...
Mixture for the production of a high-expansion stone die
Task chair
Gas water heater and method of operation
Refrigerating device
Lubricant for refrigerating machine employing ammonia refrigerant
Method of making a field emission cold cathode
Image forming apparatus that heats a fixing device and that reduces a warm-up period
Process and apparatus for the production of methanol
Tailored ink for piston driven electrostatic liquid drop modulator
Electron emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Micro-fabricated electrokinetic pump
Illuminant and method
TIR prism arrangement and optics for providing an undistorted illumination image
Apparatus and method for irradiating a substrate
Ratchet wrench
Method for classifying a substrate
High-power surface emitting laser and fabrication methods thereof
Plasma enhanced liner
Thermally and electrically enhanced ball grid array packaging
Ammonia gas passivation on nitride encapsulated devices
Low leakage MIM capacitor
Methods and apparatus for providing an antifuse function
Semiconductor device that include silicide layers
SRAM memory cell, memory cell arrangement and method for fabricating a memory cell arrangement
Method and apparatus for a flash memory device comprising a source local interconnect
Electrically-programmable non-volatile memory cell
Semiconductor device with analog capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for examining fluids of biological origin
Systems and methods for evaluating semiconductor layers
Apparatus for optical measurements of nitrogen concentration in thin films
Method and system for determining bilirubin concentration
Washing system
Hydraulic control apparatus of vehicle and control method
Reciprocating compressor having reduced vibration
Compressor within motor rotor
Multi-stage screw compressor unit accommodating high suction pressure and pressure fluctuations and ...
Fuel supplying apparatus
Microprocessor runaway monitoring control circuit
Enhanced diagnosis of a multi-banked catalyst exhaust system
Gear stage detection device
System for the wireless transmission of information and/or energy between a removable vehicle seat a...
Laser emission head, laser beam transmission device, laser beam transmission device adjustment metho...
PSCA: prostate stem cell antigen and uses thereof
Drug targeting
Neuroprotection and cardioprotection afforded by chelators with high affinity and specificity for ca...
Methods and kits for diagnosing tumorigenicity and determining resistance to the antineoplastic effe...
Laundry detergent composition having granular cyclodextrin for removing malodor from laundered items...
Method for the open-loop and closed-loop control and documentation of a cleaning operation with a cl...
Extraction cleaning with collapsible tanks
Sensing head positioning system using two-stage offset air bearings
Precision liquid mixing apparatus and method
Techniques using heat flow management, stimulation, and signal analysis to treat medical disorders
Impedance spectroscopy system and catheter for ischemic mucosal damage monitoring in hollow viscous ...
Use of magnesium (Mg2+) for the preparation of a therapeutic composition for transfection of a polyn...
Sulfonated amino acid derivatives and metalloproteinase inhibitors containing the same
Assembly for purifying water
Multi-stage EDM filter
Process for aerating dispersions
Charging member, charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Charging apparatus determining a peak-to-peak voltage to be applied to a charging member
Arithmetic decoding method and device and storage medium
Communication device, and method and program for controlling the same
Exposure apparatus
Drive signal generator and image display apparatus
Vibration control of an object
Imaging apparatus
Method of forming silicon nitride deposited film
Toner, and process cartridge
Recycled ABS resin, recycled ABS alloy resin and production process of ABS alloy resin
Liquid discharge recording head, liquid discharge recording apparatus, and method for producing stop...
Image printing apparatus and control method therefor
Ink jet recording apparatus
Friction pull plug welding: chamfered heat sink pull plug design
Fuel fill system
Device for detecting three-dimensional shapes of elongated flexible body
Process for preparing (.+-.)trans-4-p-fluorophenyl-3-hydroxymethyl-1-methylpiperidine
Integral filter support and shutter stop for UV curing system
Microencapsulation using electromagnetic energy and core and shell materials with different dielectr...
Mold assembly for blow molding plastic articles and method of use
Charging apparatus used with a mobile robot
Handling robot system having robot hand
Process and device for controlling the pressing force of an electrode holder
Apparatus for electroless deposition
System and method for increasing CDMA capacity by frequency assignment
Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding transport format combination indicator in CDMA mobile com...
Method and apparatus for releasing SCH in CDMA mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for overlaying two CDMA systems on the same frequency bandwidth
Semiconductor switching device
Optical compensation film, viewing angle compensation integral type polarizing plate and liquid crys...
Optical sheet, polarizer and liquid-crystal display device
Automatically aligned liquid crystal display and its reflector structure
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
High-density illumination system
Wire winding machine with remote pedestal control station and remote programming capability
Vehicle accessory microphone
Switching power supply device
Variable impedance network for an integrated circuit potentiometer
Sensor for adjustable vehicle systems
Drive unit of electric vehicle
Electronically switchable motor with overload protection
Shift actuator for a transmission
Semiconductor pressure sensor
Fuel level detection device for a fuel tank
Sensor system for disk device using floating head
Tunable frequency-converting optical device
Phase angle controlled stationary elements for long wavelength electromagnetic radiation
Movable structure, and deflection mirror element, optical switch element and shape variable mirror i...
Transverse optical fiber devices for optical sensing
Broadband infrared spectral surface spectroscopy
System and method for power pump performance monitoring and analysis
Fixing device and control method therefor
Digital tracking servo system with tracking skate detection
Digital servo system with feed-forward control loops
Pattern inspection apparatus
Apparatus and method for relative position annotation of standard cell components to facilitate data...
Software application and method for scanning documents with a scan system
Method of resolving conflicts in access control lists in router by comparing elements in the lists b...
Control of low frequency noise floor in upsampling
Incremental refresh of materialized views with joins and aggregates after arbitrary DML operations t...
Vehicle information and interaction management
Method and apparatus of a semiconductor-based gain equalization device for optical amplifiers
Apparatus and method for multiplexing and de-multiplexing optical signals employing a anamorphic bea...
Apparatus and method for providing gain equalization
Optical switch fabric with redundancy
Disk device
Secure virtual interface
Lithography system and method
Threshold setting apparatus for adjustably setting a threshold for use in identifying serial data fr...
Carriage servo control system and information-recording medium in which program for carriage servo c...
Axial tube assembly for a motor
Electronic apparatus
Control of temperature of flat panel type of radiation detector
Chimeric hybrid analgesics
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device to provide a plurality of test element groups (TEGs) ...
Nonaqueous electrolytic solution and lithium secondary battery
Cut resistant yarns and process for making the same, fabric and glove
Method for producing propylene oxide
High refractive index aromatic-based siloxane difunctional macromonomers
Intraocular lenses with a groove for closing the opening of the posterior capsule
Chlorhexidine-containing medical devices
Process for manufacturing highly stressed composite parts
Portable information terminal
Substituted triazinyl acrylamide derivatives and methods of use
Pulse width position modulator and clock skew synchronizer
Driving member for rotating component intergral with a printing machine and method for separating sa...
Method of crosscutting a moving web
Power supply management in paper-processing machines
Printing method and apparatus having multiple raster image processors
Restraining apparatus and method for use in imaging procedures
Gradient coil apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Method for accelerating focused excitation with multiple RF transmit coils
Ferromagnetic frame with laminated carbon steel
Sizing agent and recording paper comprising sizing agent
Live poultry loading system
Electrographic position location apparatus
Expandable and contractible keyboard device
System and method for providing a data backup of a server on client systems in a network
Energy conserving satellite tracking tag
Electrothermal self-latching MEMS switch and method
System, method, and computer program product for reformatting non-XML data for use with internet bas...
Sulfur substituted sulfonylaminocarboxylic acid N-arylamides, their preparation, their use and pharm...
Antimicrobial activity of gemfibrozil and related compounds and derivatives and metabolites thereof
Vessel electrode line
Method and system for magnetic resonance imaging
Solid state polymerized medical services
Expandable stent and method for delivery of same
Disc holder
Electrode material for rechargeable batteries and process for the preparation thereof
Process for manufacture of negative electrode material for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary batte...
Binder for electrode for lithium ion secondary battery, and utilization thereof
Stacked electrochemical cell
Battery-driven electronic device and mobile communication apparatus
Particle based electrochemiluminescent assays
Method of processing light sensitive planographic printing plate precursor and pre-washing solution ...
Image formation method
Method for resorting characteristics of polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Primer composition for polyesters
Processes for the preparation of low dust, limited particle size distribution, surfactant granules
Electrolytic copper plating solution and method for controlling the same
Flux for solder paste
Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording paper
Digitally watermarking holograms for identity documents
Method and apparatus for watermarking film
Method for keyless unlocking of an access door to a closed space
In-mold molded component
Medicament dispenser
Method for calculating physical properties, physical properties calculating apparatus, and computer ...
Process for production of polyalkyl-substituted aromatic aldehyde
Production method of xylylenediamine
Preparation of tetrahydro-3-furoic acid
Process for producing tricyclic fused heterocyclic derivative
Dibenzosuberanyl piperazine derivatives and drug-resistance overcoming agents containing the derivat...
Free radical retrograde precipitation polymer dispersions
Method for producing copolymer of alkylvinyl ether and maleic anhydride, and copolymer of alkylvinyl...
Catalyst for addition polymerization and process for producing an addition polymer
Processes and apparatus for continuous solution polymerization
Polyurethane composition with glass cullet filler and method of making same
Personal care products based upon surfactants based upon alkyl polyglucoside quaternary compounds
Process for producing titanium-containing silicon oxide catalyst, the catalyst, and process for prod...
Polypeptides, their production and use
Forming thin films on substrates using a porous carrier
Liquid deodorant killing microorganism and method of microorganism-killing deodorization
Alkyl group-substituted organopolysiloxane gels
Burner with high capacity venturi
Laser pulse shaping device
Brake control system
Method for calculating instantaneous characteristics of a satellite in orbit, equipped with a GNSS r...
Nanowire optoelectric switching device and method
Current tuned Mach-Zehnder optical attenuator
Tomosynthesis X-ray mammogram system and method with automatic drive system
PCRAM rewrite prevention
Reading ferroelectric memory cells
Noninvasive detection of colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal pathology
Reel unit for spinning reel
Powered fishing reel
Robotic device for locomotor training
Plastic wood duck house with wetlands pole
System and method for controlling fish flow with jet device
Self-watering pot
Fishing gear recovery device
Line connector
Removable and interchangeable limited resistance dive-action bait-navigating fishing bobber
Fishing lure
Self-propelled cast fishing system
Suction device for removing pet litter
Combined bobber and hook-setting assembly
Pond protection system
Ice fishing net assembly
Spool support structure for a spinning reel
Fishing bobber having a pair or more of adjustable floats
Switchable volume hologram materials and devices
Reducing concentration of organic materials with substituted cyclodextrin compound in polyester pack...
Golf ball cores comprising a halogenated organosulfur compound
Polyproplylene materials and method of preparing polypropylene materials
Matting agents for thermally curable systems
Plastic material
Transparent, sealable, flame-retardant polyester film, method for the production and use thereof
Long-lasting aqueous dispersions or suspensions of pressure-resistant gas-filled microvesicles and m...
Fiber-based product
Photoinitiator system with titanocene initiators
Fluoroelastomer composition for crosslinking
Thermosetting resin compositions comprising cross-linked reactive microparticles with improved mecha...
Class of electrocatalysts and a gas diffusion electrode based thereon for fuel cells
Wire-stranded medical hollow tube, and a medical guide wire
Compensation of human variability in pulse oximetry
System and method for measuring the validity of a bioelectric impedance measurement in the presence ...
Image signal processor with adaptive noise reduction and an image signal processing method therefor
Adaptive quantization using code length in image compression
Image compression and expansion apparatus and pixel number increasing apparatus
Method and apparatus for rapid grain size analysis of polycrystalline materials
Fast loss less image compression system based on neighborhood comparisons
Image data processing method and electronic camera using the image data processing method
Method for image texture analysis
Text mining method and apparatus for extracting features of documents
Method and apparatus for translating detected wafer defect coordinates to reticle coordinates using ...
Method of registering images
Wavelet-based clustering method for managing spatial data in very large databases
Method and device for displaying or searching for object in image and computer-readable storage medi...
Image transmission for low bandwidth with region of interest
Wavelength division multiplexing coupler
Video processing system
Packaging unit for optical fiber array
Optical fibre
Fiber profile for achieving very high dispersion slope
Preform for producing an optical fiber and method therefor
Method and apparatus for the alignment of optical components
Coherent power combining of single-mode sources in waveguide fiber couplers
Arrayed waveguide grading with optical input and output characteristics settable to desired values
Optical device for dispersion compensation
Color separation disc assembly combinable with lightning ball and article formed of optical fibers
Side mirror cover and side mirror body
Vehicle illumination guide
Electric lighting device in the form of a candle
Lighting apparatus with electronic shadow compensation
Light source with heat transfer arrangement
Lamp on sheet and manufacturing method thereof
High intensity photocuring system
Mold frame, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Extensible linear light emitting diode illumination source
Flashlight using a light emitting diode as a lamp
Connectors, connector assemblies, fluid systems, and method for making a connection
Sub-lethal, wireless projectile and accessories
Igniter for a projectile which is fired from a barrel with angular momentum
Blast diffuser
Lockable firearm safety device
Analyte concentration determination meters and methods of using the same
Golf training aid
Gamma-stable high pressure stopcock
Patient support
Espresso machine
Polyvinyl alcohol copolymer composition
In situ production of synthesis gas from a coal formation, the synthesis gas having a selected H2 to...
Method and apparatus for determining an approximation for fuel volatility on-board a vehicle
IP network over a partially meshed frame relay network
Bioabsorbable breast implant
Left ventricular conduit with blood vessel graft
Method of lifting an epithelial layer and placing a corrective lens beneath it
Fabric softening component
Pouched compositions
High speed embossing and adhesive printing process and apparatus
Mild cosmetic composition with stabilized retinoids
Symptomatic relief for soft corns
Magnetic speed sensor-equipped bearing assembly and motor using the same
Phase change material memory device
System for decoupling a fan from a turbojet by means of an explosive charge
Rolling bearing for hard disk drive
Anti-friction bearing for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Hydrodynamic and hydrostatic hybrid bearing and its manufacturing method
Linear motion guide unit
Linear guide
Bearing unit for wheel and manufacturing method thereof
Feed screw device
Parking brake for a motor vehicle
Method for forming a bearing apparatus
Method for manufacturing yoke of electric rotating machine
Wide viewing angle fringe field multi-domain aligned LCD with electrically conductive grids and meth...
Optical proximity correction method utilizing ruled ladder bars as sub-resolution assist features
Substantially colorless and optically anisotropic material
Method and apparatus for display of spatially registered information using embedded data
Diffuser with spiral opening pattern for electroplating reactor vessel
System and method for communicating with temporary compression tables
Phosphorescent marker for laboratory autography
Method for the determination of glucose employing an apparatus emplaced matrix
Downhole sorption cooling and heating in wireline logging and monitoring while drilling
High-density lipoprotein assay device and method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Coil-embedded dust core and method for manufacturing the same, and coil and method for manufacturing...
Nitride compound semiconductor, nitride compound semiconductor light emitting device and method of m...
Electrical distribution board with interconnected optical repeaters and electrical breakers
Printing service method, system, and printer
Sheet folding apparatus
Method and system for cutting puzzle cut petals in belts
Production processes for basic water-absorbent resin and water-absorbing agent, and use thereof
Modeling compound
Method for treating skin disorders
Aqueous composition comprising oligomeric esterquats
Compositions useful as rinse cycle fabric softeners
Emulsifier-free finely dispersed water-in-oil type systems
Method and system for collecting data on the internet
Control channel reselection in an autonomous mobile system
Optical resonators that include chaotic ray paths
Call center queue administration
Document information search apparatus and method and recording medium storing document information s...
Dispensing device
Method of forming a contact structure and a ferroelectric memory device
Magnetic memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Gallium nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device and method
Low emissions one part adhesive
Method for shifting the bandgap energy of a quantum well layer
Methods and apparatus for subjecting an element to an electrical field
Raw material composite for carbon material used in electric double layer capacitor, manufacturing me...
Method for producing a multi metal oxide catalyst, method for producing unsaturated aldehydes and/or...
Low-fluence irradiation for lateral crystallization enabled by a heating source
Additions on circular singly linked lists
Method and device for IC identification
Wide area network synchronization
Flow control system for network devices
Liquid-containing substance analyzing device and liquid-containing substance analyzing method
Method and system for querying database, as well as a recording medium for storing a database queryi...
Valve timing control system
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Brand reinforcement and service level summary via wireless link for in-vehicle systems
Electronic device system with detachable computer
Navigation system
Collision object discriminating apparatus installable on a vehicle
Driving assist system
Real time stamping synchronization system
Tracking unit signal filter
Secure and custom configurable key, pen or voice based input/output scheme for mobile devices using ...
Flexible board and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for efficient processing of data for transmission in a communication system
Device, methods, and user interface for providing optimized entry of alphanumeric text
Cancellation system for frequency reuse in microwave communications
Portable information apparatus and information notification method for the same
Portable communication apparatus having an optical or magnetic reading device
Apparatus and method for selecting cluster points for a clustering analysis
Method and system for information handling system automated and distributed test
Method and system for remote automation of object oriented applications
Magnetic resonance imaging of different chemical species in a system having magnetic field heterogen...
Map of a property
Method and apparatus to improve signal-to-noise ratio without compromising field-of-view for simulta...
Method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for compensating contrast inhomogeneities in magneti...
Method for determining an acceleration factor of a parallel image acquisition in magnetic resonance ...
Apparatus and method for non-invasive measurement of cardiac output
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus probe
Superconducting magnet, process for producing the same and its magnetizing method
Coil system for an mr apparatus and an mr apparatus provided with such a coil system
Noise suppression in an open mr apparatus
Microcapsule and process for manufacturing the same
High solids polymeric additive systems: compositions, processes, and products thereof
Level indicator having thermochromic leucodye inks
Easy slip fit shoe
Athletic clothing with sting reduction padding
Article of footwear having a sole structure with adjustable characteristics
Footwear sole
Waterproof boot liner
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Process for production of gabapentin intermediate
Polyhydroxybutyrate polymerase
Roller spacing device
Process for preparing 4-trifluoromethylsulfinylpyrazole derivative
IC card
Oral treatment/care agent
Structure for supporting sign board
Formulation of preservation mixtures containing sensitive biologicals to be stabilized for ambient t...
Printed circuit board, method for producing same and semiconductor device
Production of polyethylene
Super humanized antibodies
Powder formulations containing tiotropium suitable for inhalation
Separator for polymer battery
Method for reducing power consumption when sensing a resistive memory
Optical probe and optical pick-up apparatus
Method and apparatus for efficiently initializing secure communications among wireless devices
Portable picnic table
Electron-emitting device and image forming apparatus
Agglomerated zeolitic adsorbents, method for obtaining same uses thereof
Method for predicting properties of a sedimentary deposit from a thickness contour of the deposit
Method and system for trawling the World-wide Web to identify implicitly-defined communities of web ...
Shrub rose plant named `BAInder`
Field repairable embedded memory in system-on-a-chip
Portable, digital projector device and a system using the same
Data processing technique for formatting data files that are subjected to a high volume of changes
System and method for distributing drawings that illustrate animation
Low work function material
Menthyl half acid ester derivatives, processes for preparing same, and uses thereof for their coolin...
Diamond setting comprising marquis shape total 4 round diamond
System and method for recording a signal using a central point of control
Methods for improving performance and reliability of biosensors
Easily expandable, flexible paper popcorn package
Digital TV system with synchronized world wide web content
System and method for protecting a computer network against denial of service attacks
Flexible media request identification technique
Amusement apparatus
Method of tracking and using player error during the play of a casino game
Robotic sailing device
Tourist game
Toy vehicle slot track
Cat toy with music string component
Method for controlling machine with control module optimized by improved evolutionary computing
Computational architecture for managing the transmittal and rendering of information, alerts, and no...
Apparatus and method for selecting length of variable length coding bit stream using neural network
7B2 knockout transgenic animals as models of endocrine disease
Bio-Potential Activation of Artificial Muscles
Heart valve leaflet locator
Implantable device for processing neurological signals
Compliant osteosynthesis fixation plate
Disposable electric bandage
fMRI system for use in detecting neural abnormalities associated with CNS disorders and assessing th...
Functionalized polymers for medical applications
Method for providing long-lasting pain relief through intrathecal administration of civamide
Novel thyroid hormone receptor ligand, medicinal compositions containing the same and use thereof
Thiol-based NAALADase inhibitors
Oral formulation of lipid soluble thiamine, lipoic acid, creatine derivative, and L-arginine alpha-k...
Fused pyridazine derivative compounds and drugs containing the compounds as the active ingredient
Combination of dehydroepiandrosterone or dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate with a PDE-4 inhibitor for t...
Combination of dehydroepiandrosterone or dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate with a methylxanthine deriva...
Ligands for TGF-beta binding proteins and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for eliminating undesired subpopulations of T cells in patients with immuno...
Purification of lineage-specific cells and uses therefor
Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells in avian embryos
Minimally invasive gastrointestinal bypass
Sleep logbook
Methods for non-invasive analyte measurement from the conjunctiva
Lipase inhibiting polymers
Novel mandelates salts of substituted tetracyclic tetrahydrofuran derivatives
Thiophene-based compounds exhibiting ATP-utilizing enzyme inhibitory activity, and compositions, and...
Indole derivatives useful for the treatment of diseases
Heteroaryl substituted pyrrole modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptor-5
Cyclic diamines and derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Phenyl-substituted imidazopyridines
Phenyl-substituted imidazopyridines
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and method
Pharmaceutical composition comprising a glitazone and a 4-oxobutanoic acid, and the use thereof for ...
Aminobenzimidazoles as selective melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagonists for the treatmen...
Nitrogen-substituted hexahydropyrazino[1,2-a]pyrimidine-4,7-dione derivatives, processes for their p...
Azabicyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-1,6,9,-trioxa-3-aza-cyclopent- a[a]naphthalene as 5-ht1...
Composition and method for forming a sprayable materials cover
Test administration system using the internet
Method and media for educating and entertaining using storytelling with sound effects, narration seg...
Karaoke system with built-in camera
Pediatric congenital heart defect repair model
Surgical training simulator
Stereotypy test apparatus and methods
Training simulator and method of constructing same
Method of teaching a foreign language of a multi-user network requiring materials to be presented in...
Tools and method for acquiring foreign languages
Apparatus and method for braille instruction
Training grenade
System and method for training
Learning system
Interactions for electronic learning system
Method of predictive assessment
Breast cancer detection
Emotional state modification method and system
Articles of manufacture having a chalkboard like section for educational and entertainment value
Braille display system
Educational interactive games
Web playlist system, method, and computer program
Electronic musical apparatus with authorized modification of protected contents
Stringed instrument truss assembly
Repositionable adhesive label for optical recording media
Method of delivering advertising material
Assembly and method for customized application of index tabs to indexing material
Rice hybrid RH101
Inbred corn line 4XA321
Cotton cultivar PM 2167 RR
Cotton cultivar PM 2344 BG/RR
Soybean cultivar 0509249
Soybean cultivar 0487686
Soybean cultivar 0053840
Soybean cultivar SX95512
Soybean cultivar 0034754
Soybean cultivar SG5611NRR
.omega.-3 fatty acid desaturase
Galactomannan compositions and methods for making and using same
Process for the preparation of 9-.beta.-anomeric nucleoside analogs
Anti-VEGF antibodies
Neuropeptides and their use for pest control
Purified linear epitopes from cashew nuts, nucleic acids encoding therefor, and associated methods
Kit for determining DNA double-stranded breaks with anti-.gamma.-H2A antibodies
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Isolation and use of tissue growth-inducing Frzb protein
Fusion proteins for identifying proteases, protease target sites and regulators of protease activity...
Control system and method for electric vehicle
End to end network communication
Stalling pipelines in large designs
Molecular model representing molecular structure
Area coverage with an autonomous robot
Track anomaly detection in an automated data storage library
Event driven motion systems
Conveying arm
Autonomous floor-cleaning robot
Skimming continuous multimedia content
Methods for enabling near video-on-demand and video-on-request services using digital video recorder...
Methods and systems for managing viewing of multiple live electronic presentations
Methods and systems for managing viewing of multiple live electronic presentations
Method and system for defining and controlling algorithmic elements in a graphics display system
Object-based systematic state space exploration of software
Method and system for debugging a program
Method for automatically updating a computer registry
Dynamic controls for use in computing applications
Content layers
Method and system for maintaining font sizes on different platforms
Web page display system
Language input architecture for converting one text form to another text form with tolerance to spel...
XSL transform
Proxy server using a statistical model
Page granular curtained memory via mapping control
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
Communication apparatus with address translation for multimedia communication in different address s...
Apparatus for and method of processing low-speed circuit data and high-speed packet data
Camera, device for capturing object image, automatic focus adjusting system and method for adjusting...
Method and device for orienting a digital panoramic image
Image merging apparatus
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Calibration system for vision-based automatic writing implement
Systems for MPEG subsample decoding
Video code processing method, which can generate continuous moving pictures
Method for synchronizing to a data stream
Over-current protection circuit
Color wheel including light deflecting means
High angle micro-mirrors and processes
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Apparatus for displaying guide line for picture adjustment in monitor
Apparatus and method for controlling display of image information including character information, i...
Intelligent camera flash system
Image pickup apparatus
Color separation beam splitter for projectors
Solid-state image pickup apparatus with fast photometry with pixels increased, and signal reading ou...
Clock signal generator for solid-state imaging apparatus
CCD imaging device and method for high speed profiling
Solid state imaging device configured to add separated signal charges
System, method and computer program product for rapidly posing relevant questions to a group leader ...
Moon phase display device, particularly for a timepiece
Sensory feedback educational tool
Jewelry display and storage box with removable jewelry holding members and magnetic closure and magn...
Test of parietal lobe function and associated methods
Taxidermy form and method
Apparatus for math calculation and instruction
Interactive learning system method for infants toddlers and young children
System and method for communication of character sets via supplemental or alternative visual stimuli
Dynamic composition of restricted e-learning courses
Printable, reusable key masks
Method and apparatus for extending network address translation for unsupported protocols
Subscription-based priority interactive help services on the internet
System and method for restricting data transfers and managing software components of distributed com...
End to end simulation of a content delivery system
Method and apparatus for disclosing profile information to a reader
RDL search engine
Internet-based sports equipment rental method
Method and system for cross-marketing products and services over a distributed communication network
System and method for providing shopping aids and incentives to customers through a computer network
Methods and systems for assessing athletic performance
Method for the addressing of a mobile terminal
System and method for providing and using universally accessible voice and speech data files
Telecommunications network
Hybrid fiber twisted pair local loop network service architecture
Method and apparatus for interworking between internet protocol (IP) telephony protocols
Distribution of mainframe data in the PC environment
Extended distribution of ADSL signals
Message parsing in message processing systems
Method and data structure for compressing file-reference information
Disassembling object code
Method and system for packing and unpacking web pages
Compiled structure for efficient operation of distributed hypertext
Method and apparatus for accessing paged memory with indirect addressing
Method and system for performing range rule testing in a ternary content addressable memory
System and method for managing information retrievals for integrated digital and analog archives on ...
Providing traditional update semantics when updates change the location of data records
Location estimation in partially synchronized networks
Sequence time domain reflectometry using complementary golay codes
System and method for advanced 3D visualization for mobile navigation units
Information provision system and apparatus and method therefor
Method for controlling the operation of a marine vessel
Electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nerve chain
Mobile phone featuring audio-modulated vibrotactile module
Wide viewing angle reflective display
Method of fabricating nano SOI wafer and nano SOI wafer fabricated by the same
Water-dispersible pellets
Special turf filler comprising silica particles
Golf ball with varying land surfaces
Golf ball and method of manufacture
Self-recording golf ball, golf ball cup, and reading device system
Kit and method for playing a golf-like game
Carrying device for a cartable item providing single to dual-shoulder support transitioning
Vehicle body configurations
System and method for increasing the roll offset operating range for a spacecraft
Method and apparatus for delayed parachute deployment
Aircraft cockpit window
Remediation of fan source production of smoke in an aircraft cabin
Overhead bin and monument attachment support system
Vibration damper for aircraft engine
Apparatus and method for preventing foreign object damage to an aircraft
Enhanced flight control systems and methods for a jet powered tri-mode aircraft
Split torque gearbox with pivoted engine support
Geopositionable expendable sensors and the use therefor for monitoring surface conditions
Aerostat deployment apparatus
Vehicles particularly useful as VTOL vehicles
Projectile guidance with accelerometers and a GPS receiver
Fall protection lanyard apparatus
Spacecraft radiator system using a heat pump
Multi-nozzle ink jet head and manufacturing method thereof
Inkjet ink composition, method for manufacturing the inkjet ink composition and image forming method...
Ink-jet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing an ink jet head
Composition, film manufacturing method, as well as functional device and manufacturing method theref...
Color filter manufacturing method and apparatus, ink jet device, color filter, display device, and a...
Integratedly molded ink jet printer head manufacturing method
Method of manufacture of active matrix substrate and liquid crystal display device
Injection molding of polymeric material
Molding composition based on polyetheramides
Methods for manufacturing super micro fibers
Method and apparatus for microcellular polymer extrusion
Apparatus for manufacturing encapsulated products
Electrically actuated blow-moulding machine
Equal channel angular extrusion method
Colored pigments
Metallization of nucleic acids via metal nanoparticles produced ex-situ
Use of reinforced foam implants with enhanced integrity for soft tissue repair and regeneration
Method for detecting acetyltransferase and deacetylase activities and method for screening inhibitor...
Benzimidazole derivatives
Method for preparing microparticles using liquid-liquid extraction
Uses for amino acid anticonvulsants
Liquid crystal display device for use in electronic apparatus
Apparatus and method for automatically identifying between USB and PS/2 interface
Hydroxamic acids and acyl hydroxamines as naaladase inhibitors
Three dimensional vector cardiograph and method for detecting and monitoring ischemic events
Image forming apparatus with photoconductive element and intermediate image transfer member
Air auto shut-off
Connecting configuration for a diaphragm in a diaphragm pump
Decoding apparatus, decoding method, data-receiving apparatus and data-receiving method
Structured electrodes
Personal communication device connectivity arrangement
Communications system for providing broadband communications using a medium voltage cable of a power...
Optical member and optical product provided therewith
High temperature scintillator
Method for manufacturing homeotropic alignment liquid crystal film
Degradable carbamate-containing bis(acryloyl) crosslinkers, and degradable crosslinked hydrogels com...
Phase-change type optical information recording medium
Deodorants and antiperspirants
Carbon wire heating object sealing heater and fluid heating apparatus using the same heater
Terminal diversity for off-board railway communications
Dynamic data restore in thyristor-based memory device
High resolution tiled microchannel storage phosphor based radiation sensor
Optical device and a method of making an optical device
Transition valving by means of non-return valves
Hardware for cutting bone cores
Good and service description system and method
Hand-held bar code reader with eyelet or hook
Diffractive optical position detector
Accelerometer transducer used for seismic recording
Method and system for tracking repair of components
System and method for replenishment by purchase with attribute based planning
LSI manufacturing support server, LSI manufacturing support method, and LSI manufacturing support pr...
Portable communication device and system using the portable communication device and attachment for ...
Method for creating and/or updating dictionaries for automatically reading addresses
System and method for protection of digital works
Recordable optical disk including an auxiliary information presence indicator
Semiconductor memory device
IC card and management method of nonvolatile memory in IC card
Electronic record system and control program device with display and tablet function for manipulatin...
Method and system for building a family tree
System and method for linking an indicium with address information of a mailpiece in a closed system...
On-line negotiations with dynamic profiling
Digital identifiers and digital identifier control systems for intellectual properties
Apparatus and method for comparing rate plans on a net-net basis
Method of providing price-per-unit discounts for fuel to a customer
Sealable lid for vacuum distillation apparatus
Boat set assembly
Seating for amphibious vehicles
Collapsible roof assembly and method for a boat or the like
Personal watercraft and buffer member for personal watercraft
Watercraft roll-on system
Unmanned watercraft retrieval system
Plunging towed array antenna
Outboard motor steering system
Boat hull design
Roll of tissue paper sheets, and associated manufacturing method
Apparatus and protocol for detected error propagation in serial-transport block-coded interfaces
Method of transmitting electrical power
Roof support truss
Tensile reinforcement-to retaining wall mechanical connection and method
Multi-cellular floating platform with central riser buoy
Reconfigurable barrier system
Farm pond sediment diverter
Design method for multilayer wiring board
Die oven and method of operating a die oven
Computer system for integrating car electronic devices
High coherent power, two-dimensional surface-emitting semiconductor diode array laser
Method and apparatus for managing infant care
Material suitable for an individual's tissue reconstruction
Method for mapping procedural C++ code to java object-oriented classes
Ring-opening metathesis polymerization of bridged bicyclic and polycyclic olefins containing two or ...
Phenyl benzisoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Coin tube organizer
Blend, cross-linkable poly(propylene fumarate) for immobilization and controlled drug delivery
Adhesion promoter for cord-reinforced rubber and metal or polymer substrate/rubber composites
System and method for stateful web-based computing
Method of constructing a capacitor stack for a flat capacitor
Real-time system and method of monitoring transient operations in continuous casting process for bre...
Query routing based on feature learning of data sources
Method and apparatus for non-invasive glucose sensing through the eye
Video game distribution network
Implementing cable modem functions on a host computer
Methods, systems and computer program products for coupling electronic mail and relational database ...
Material processing by repeated solvent expansion-contraction
Methods and devices for performing impedance spectroscopy
Object oriented microfluidic design method and system
Production of dialysis concentrate from a highly densified concentrate prestage and example of an ap...
Channel director for cross-channel customer interactions
Game projectile dispensing device
Device for releasably attaching and storing a focusing straw onto an aerosol can
Delivery of diphenhydramine through an inhalation route
Lead-free solder alloy and lead-free solder paste using the same
Systems and methods for compression of key sets having multiple keys
Method and apparatus for routing sets of nets
Perforated cylindrical fuel cells
Simplified bottom electrode-barrier structure for making a ferroelectric capacitor stacked on a cont...
Magnetic random access memory including a cell array having a magneto-resistance element
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser that uses intracavity degenerate four-wave mixing to produce ...
Multilayer field emission klystron
System and method for enhanced data access efficiency using an electronic book over data networks
Shrub rose plant named `BAIsist`
Multiple device error management
System and method for managing distribution of content to a device
Methods and apparatus for automatically locating an electronic shelf label
Production of cyclodextrin complexes
Slow cooker with dual heating elements
Vehicle-mounted radio wave radar
Fire-fighting vehicle
Independent paddle lift axle suspension system
Power transfer device with hydraulic clutch actuation
Electric power steering device and control method utilized for controlling said electric power steer...
Power steering apparatus
Ball-screw assembly isolator
Dual pedal foot control for hydrostatic drive
Automatic steering control system and method
Manual-electric wheelchair drive device
Vehicle attitude adjustment assembly
External air bag occupant protection system
Inboard brake system for a straddle-type all-terrain vehicle
Vehicle with one-sided swing arm
Arrangement of electrical equipments in motor vehicle