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Precursors of engineered powders
Super-sampling and multi-sampling system and method for antialiasing
UV-crosslinkable acrylic hotmelt PSAs with narrow molecular weight distribution
Mobile communication optimization near wireless dead zone regions
On-demand type radio transmitting/receiving apparatus and method for car user
Surface formed complex polymer lenses for visible light diffusion
Inhalatory compositions of Formoterol
Devices containing a carbon nanotube
Method for production of laser-induced images represented by incomplete data, which are supplemented...
Methods and apparatus for separating and detecting specific polyhalogenated diaromatic hydrocarbons
Ultra-clean fluoropolymers
Tonometer air pulse generator
Method and apparatus for traffic flow control in data switches
Memory control circuit and control system for a plurality of memories interconnected via plural logi...
Method and apparatus for inspecting defects of a specimen
Flexible engine and data structure for packet header processing
Method and apparatus to provide embedded substrate process monitoring through consolidation of multi...
Universal controller expansion module system, method and apparatus
Universal method for pre-calculating parameters of industrial processes
Optical measurement device in a pressed-in conductor bar in an electrical machine
Apparatus and systems for utilizing caller ID data to automate return call processing
Revolution counter for determining a number of revolutions of a rotary element
Method and system for configuring a radio interface
Methods for fabricating microfluidic structures
Sustained release drug carrier, and method of manufacturing sustained release drug carrier
Dental implant fixture
Implant for subcutaneous or intradermal injection
Universal O-ball mini-implant, universal keeper cap and method of use
Method for producing milk calcium composition
Indole carboxylic acids as thyroid receptor ligands
Methods for controlling gibberellin levels
Optical fiber preforms
Aerosol process for fabricating discontinuous floating gate microelectronic devices
Composite bone marrow graft material with method and kit
Liquid distributor in mass transfer column and method of installation and use
Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system and method including mental status exami...
Acylhydrazine derivatives, their production and use
Percutaneously adminstrable preparations containing cerebral function activators
CDMA code address data routing system and method
Remote software installation and maintenance
Ground fault circuit interrupter with indicator lamp and protective circuit powered from hot bus bar
Hepatitis C antigen--antibody combination assay for the early detection of infection
Single-focus lens
Drug delivery systems and methods
Synchronization of controlled device state using state table and eventing in data-driven remote devi...
Descrambling device for use in a conditional access system
Fusing apparatus having an induction heated fuser roller
Electromagnetic radiation immune medical assist device adapter
Drawer open position controller
Environmental monitoring system
Low odor polyoxyalkylene polyol, process for producing the same and urethane composition
Illumination device and/or a liquid crystal display device
Apparatus and method for performing surgery on a patient
Methods and apparatus for ensuring quality of service in an operating system
Method and apparatus for using DFSS to manage a research project
Photoresist composition for deep UV radiation containing an additive
Valved fenestrated tracheotomy tube having outer and inner cannulae
Carbonated beverage for strengthening acid resistancy of teeth
LED driving circuit and optical transmitting module
Methods for the preparation of plants with changed sucrose concentration by transformation with a su...
Oligosaccharide synthesis
Concrete comprising organic fibres dispersed in a cement matrix, concrete cement matrix and premixes
Friction clutch comprising a friction element formed of flake graphite alloy
Method for producing cutting tools
Electronic document delivery system employing distributed document object model (DOM) based transcod...
Housing for a portable electronic device
Workpiece high-speed pressurizing method and mechanism by using cylinder with cushioning mechanism
Method for controlling information exchange via the internet
Identifying field replaceable units responsible for faults detected with processor timeouts utilizin...
Crosslinking agent for water-absorbing resin and water-absorbing material obtained with the same
Digital watermarking
Method and apparatus for planar actuation of a flared surface to control a vehicle
Timing closure methodology
Leaf spring load plate with retained linear cam slide
Vehicle stability operator feedback system
Canal hearing device with tubular insert
Chemiluminescent compounds and use thereof
Products comprising corn oil and corn meal obtained from corn
Methods for noninvasive analyte sensing
Digital signal processing method and system thereof for precision orientation measurements
Nucleic acid molecule and encoded protein associated with sterol synthesis and metabolism
Method for preparing graft copolymers and compositions produced therefrom
Storage-stable isocyanate binders containing latent catalysts
System for minimizing notifications in workflow management system
System combining proton beam irradiation and magnetic resonance imaging
Microphone mounting assembly
Inflatable tent
Speech analysis system and method
Apparatus and method for driving surface discharge plasma display panel
Heating/warming textile articles with phase change components
Ranking search results by reranking the results based on local inter-connectivity
System and method for 32 bit code branching to 64 bit targets
Storage reduction method and apparatus for mass spectroscopy analysis
System and method for creating an e-mail usage record
Self-locking modular prosthesis having taper feature and associated method
Seating structure having a backrest with a bowed section
Temperature sensing adapter and automatic temperature regulating mixing valve constructed therewith
Finder and camera using such finder
Reminder system for broadcast and non-broadcast events based on broadcast interactive applications
Capping layer for EUV optical elements
Helice pier post and method of installation
Bus architecture for high reliability communications in computer system
Picture data process system for controlling display of picture data
Braking device for watercraft
Container including a slider and a reclosable fastener
Process for the integrated preparation of ammonia and urea
Learning-type movement control apparatus, method therefor, and distribution medium therefor
Artificial lung device
Composite magnetic tape
Optimizing upstream transmission in a cable television distribution plant
Fuel cell vehicle and method for predicting possible running distance
Apparatus for the simulated rearing of a movable living object
Method, system, and program product for analyzing a fault log of a malfunctioning machine
On-vehicle information processing unit
Method and apparatus for conserving power in an integrated electronic device that includes a PDA and...
Dual mode tuner for co-existing digital and analog television signals
Data carrier and method for producing same
Children's space pod module assembly
Production of thebaine and oripavine
Non-volatile mass storage cache coherency apparatus
Memory storage device with heating element
Zn1-xMgxSySe1-y pin-photodiode and Zn1-xMgxSySe1-y avalanche-photodiode
Process for producing a highly paraffinic diesel fuel having a high iso-paraffin to normal paraffin ...
Installation for treating substances, and a corresponding workstation and support for substance rece...
Output driver with over voltage protection
Underwater camera
Insulation assemblies for metal production cells
Matrix-addressable optoelectronic apparatus and electrode means in the same
Multilayer metallized polyolefin film
Petunia plant named `Sunbelrikupi`
Progressive watermark decoding on a distributed computing platform
System and method for maintaining multiple identities and reputations for internet interactions
Controller system for interfacing with a work flow management system
Scaffolding system having improved safety structures and connecting members
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics White`
Method and apparatus for capacity consumption profiling in a client/server environment
Interpolation circuit having a conversion error connection range for higher-order bits and A/D conve...
Network protection for denial of service attacks
Methods, apparatus, and systems for storing, retrieving and playing multimedia data
Tire with minimal-marking tread and skid steering, fixed axle, tire/wheel or vehicular track assembl...
Adjustable tire building contour drum and method of building tire thereon
Device for detecting the tire pressure of a motor vehicle tire
Apparatus for process line testing
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Method and apparatus for probabilistic recognition using small number of state clusters
Vehicle/tire performance simulating method
Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) fiberoptic source
Conjugated electroluminescent polymers and associated methods of preparation and use
Low-modulus polymer composition and sealant using the same
Preparation of images on a substrate surface utilizing an opaque coating composition that becomes tr...
Three-piece solid golf ball
Blends of ethylenic polymers with improved modulus and melt strength and articles fabricated from th...
Anti-microbial fiber and fibrous products
Tufted surface covering and method
Article of footwear with a replaceable ground-engaging member and method of attaching the ground-eng...
Dynamic and static cushioning footbed
Shoe cartridge cushioning system
DNA mobility modifier
Sequencing method using magnifying tags
Heater part, especially for a vehicle water or air heater which is operated with liquid fuel
Method of treating rosacea
Method to increase the number of simultaneous users in a control hold MAC state in CDMA
Methods and systems for constructing and interpreting hierarchical configuration files
Polarized light illuminator with a polarized light beam splitter
Pseudo halftone image expression method
Mice having a mutant SOD-1-encoding transgene
Portable terminal device with power saving backlight control
Data transfer control device and electronic equipment
Developing assembly and image-forming apparatus
Environmental sampler for mass spectrometer
Reduced icing valves and gas-driven motor and diaphragm pump incorporating same
Method for producing oxirane
Binocularly viewable holographic viewfinder and camera
Integrated modem and line-isolation circuitry and associated method powering caller ID circuitry wit...
Combination current sensor and relay
Thermally operated valve containing liquid and filler for automatically modulating the flow of fluid...
Water immersed electrical switch and method for preparation thereof
Composite reverse osmosis membrane and process for preparing the same
Amphiphilic copolymer planar membranes
Apparatus for brewing tea with an espresso machine
Laser beam machine
Multiple in-line contact connector
Aqueous compositions of a UV-active agents, their production and use
Combination EMI shielding and environmental seal gasket construction
Apparatus for assistance for venting a patient
Infant and toddler drinking containers with child resistant caps
Anti-microbial breath freshening mouthrinse
Curved panel assemblies and methods of assembly thereof
Pyrazolopyrimidinones which inhibit type 5 cyclic guanosine 3',5'--monophosphate phosphodiesterase (...
Method for preparing smooth-surface spherical microparticles completely or partially made of at leas...
Materials and methods relating to the transfer of nucleic acid into quiescent cells
Silicide target for depositing less embrittling gate oxide and method of manufacturing silicide targ...
Disposable body part warmer and method of use
Event-driven servers for data extraction and merge for EDI transaction processing using the internet
Methods and structures for removing ice from surfaces
Method and apparatus for providing a connection-oriented network over a serial bus
Boat trailer
Dual pointer device and method for surgical navigation
Spray-dried compositions and method for their preparation
Monitoring and control of slurry processes for polymerizing olefins
Thermotherapy method for treatment and prevention of cancer in male and female patients and cosmetic...
Device and process for coating stents
System for monitoring connection pattern of data ports
Nozzle for dispensing viscous material
Substituted 6H-DiBenzo[c,h]chromenes as estrogenic agents
Door for security safes and gun cabinets
Isolated human phosphatase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phosphatase proteins, and...
Methods and compositions for treating intervertebral disc degeneration
Graft polymeric membranes and ion-exchange membranes formed therefrom
Polymorphic and other crystalline forms cis-FTC
Toy-hauling tent trailer
Ditch liner system
Object-oriented program with a memory accessing function
Characterizing oil, gasor geothermal wells, including fractures thereof
System and method for locating personal units, notifying called parties of incoming calls and automa...
Method and apparatus for non-invasive analysis of blood glucose
Method and system in an electronic spreadsheet for introducing new elements in a cell named range ac...
Blocked based design methodology
Information distribution method and system
System and method for presenting and processing documents on the internet
Platinum-ruthenium-nickel alloy for use as a fuel cell catalyst
Method and apparatus for tracking carcasses
Tire pressure and parameter monitoring system and method using accelerometers
Biomaterials for preventing post-surgical adhesions comprised of hyaluronic acid derivatives
Linked manufacturing system for processing parts
Method for installing grout within a piling
Turbo-charged vehicle engine sound simulator
Method of producing acid fluorides from acid chlorides
Configuration utility
Intubation device
Metal product containing ceramic dispersoids form in-situ
Method of using an electronic ticket and distributed server computer architecture for the same
Cell voltage monitor for a fuel cell stack
Toy vehicle magnetic coupler
Process database entries to provide predictions of future data values
Method for obtaining location data
Application of human facial features recognition to automobile safety
Method and apparatus using historical data to associate deferral procedures and fault models
Ventilation system for a cooking appliance
Multi-media data automatic delivery system
Authentication using near-field optical imaging
Moving uplift apparatus
Identification and expression of a novel kinesin motor protein
Method and apparatus for changing the mode of a display apparatus
Magnetic random access memory
Exposure method and exposure apparatus using near-field light and exposure mask
Humidification of hydrocarbon mixtures for use in polymer synthesis
Portable radio device
Lens-fitted photo film unit with electronic flash device
Global network computers
Local-file-transfer method and local-filed-transfer system for client-server system
Automated on-line commerce method and apparatus utilizing shopping servers which update product info...
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisupnic White`
Method and apparatus for retrieving information from semi-structured, web-based data sources
Decoding circuit using path sequence including feed-back type path sequence storing blocks
Multimedia processing system architecture
Fan cooling of active speakers
Noise attenuator for an air supply system of an internal combustion engine
Acoustic blanket for machinery and method for attenuating sound
Coating foods and pharmaceuticals with an edible polymer using carbon dioxide
Method of manufacturing an ink ejecting device wherein electrodes formed within non-ejecting channel...
Method of manufacturing honeycomb extrusion die and die manufactured according to this method
Vehicle glass run and method of manufacturing the same
Sectional computer housing
Continuously operational high volume frozen confection dispensing machine
Method for manufacturing a honeycomb structure having slits
Method for wrapping rubber strip and wrapping apparatus
Ether/ester dispersants
DNA encoding a human melanin concentrating hormone receptor (MCH1) and uses thereof
Systems and methods for assessing vascular health
Media library with failover capability
Recording and reproducing an MPEG information signal on/from a record carrier
Disc cartridge and system
Digital adaptive equalizer for different quality signals
Low temperature yoke type tunnel valve sensor
Bias structure for magnetic tunnel junction magnetoresistive sensor
Magnetoresistive element and device utilizing magnetoresistance effect
Directed evolution of protein in mammalian cells
Antiviral agent for use in treatment of cancer
Personal communications apparatus
Automated selection between a USB and PS/2 interface for connecting a keyboard to a computer
Portable film conversion device
On-vehicle emergency report apparatus, emergency communication apparatus and emergency report system
Lens-fitted photo film unit having aperture stop device
Controller fault recovery system for a distributed file system
Apparatus and method for image formation with a liquid developer
Plants containing a cytosolic acetyl CoA-carboxylase nucleic acid
Bimetal catalyst for the (co) polymerization of .alpha.-olefins
Method of drying thermoplastic norbornene resin and method of manufacturing magnetic recording mediu...
Air-permeable filter for ink cartridge and ink cartridge comprising same
Epoxy resin and polyglycoside based polymers and process for the preparation thereof
Image forming apparatus having a supporting device for supporting imaging units
Preparation of diketopyrrolopyrrole pigments
Golf club and other structures, and novel methods for making such structures
Dental mask
Pouring mouth member for container
Oral care compositions comprising diglycerol
System for bill-posting
Hair conditioning formulation
Purified and isolated PIWI family genes and gene products and therapeutic and screening methods usin...
Aluminum alloy and slide bearing
Safety release for curtains used in livestock confinement buildings
Electronic identification system and method with source authenticity verification
Space photovoltaic power generation system
Display and its manufacturing method
Apparatus and method for redirection of network management messages in a cluster of network devices
Intelligent public transit system using dual-mode vehicles
Corticotropin-releasing factor2 receptors
Tissue site markers for in VIVO imaging
Fluidized bed polymerization reactor
Alpha-olefin polymerization catalyst system which contains an aromatic silane compound
System for dispensing controlled amounts of flowable material from a flexible container
Estrogenic compounds as anti-mitotic agents
Isolated human helicase enzymes
Preparation and use of viral vectors for mixed envelope protein vaccines against human immunodeficie...
Training and/or gaming apparatus and method
Method for printing a label pair with information-based indicia program (IBIP) indicia
Apparatus and method for managing work and completion queues using head and tail pointers
Apparatus and method for providing a diagnostic problem determination methodology for complex system...
Mechanism for translating between word processing documents and XML documents
Digital watermarking
Systems and methods providing flexible representations of work
Alstroemeria plant named `Tara`
Digital film recorder
Method and apparatus for defining and modifying connections between logic cores implemented on progr...
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Signal transducing synaptic molecules and uses thereof
Method of making a functional device with deposited layers subject to high temperature anneal
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Purple`
Device for operating inflation and deflation valves of an air chamber of a scuba diver's balancing j...
System and method for tracking and reporting data transmission and receipt
Electronic scorekeeping device and system therefor
Speech recovery device
Fatty acid isomerization with mesoporous zeolites
Method and device for determining the rolling force in a roll stand
Image data transfer method and system therefor
Active walls
Metal material for electronic parts, electronic parts, electronic apparatuses, and method of process...
Method for the execution of an encryption program for the encryption of data in a microprocessor-bas...
Engineering ionomeric blends and engineering ionomeric blend membranes
Torsion spring powered toy vehicle
Alarm device and running control apparatus including the alarm device
Attitude detection system for artificial satellite
Inbred maize line PH6WG
Cleaning composition
Steerable night vision system
Facility for practicing a snow sport
Isolated peptides corresponding to amino acid sequences of NY-ESO-1, which bind to MHC Class I and M...
Memory architecture with memory cell groups
Low remanence flux concentrator for MRAM devices
Method for producing anthracenes
System and method for improving communications between a digital loop carrier and a central office
Refrigerator having multimedia functions and method for controlling the same
Ion-source neutralization with a hot-filament cathode-neutralizer
Method, system, and program for using a remotely accessed desktop interface and network drive to acc...
Method and system for allocation of file descriptors
System and method for integrating paper-based business documents with computer-readable data entered...
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisupnic Coral Ice`
Automation system and method for operating an automation system
Robust digital watermarking
Method and apparatus for configuring configurable equipment with configuration information received ...
Dynamic testing of electronic assemblies
Optical transmission line
Wavelength monitor and laser module
Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
Gain control in Raman amplifiers
Vertically aligned (VA) liquid crystal display device
Photodefinition of optical devices
Laser optimized multimode fiber and method for use with laser and LED sources and system employing s...
External cavity laser with selective thermal control
Electrostatic sensing chuck using area matched electrodes
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Active energy ray-curing adhesive composition and keypad for a push-button switch
Power distributor for a vehicle and production method thereof
Actuator with piezoelectric member
Optical amplifier and optical transmission system using same
Raman amplifying control unit and optical transmission system
Photodiode and photodiode module
GPS receiver and method for processing GPS signals
Indoor GPS clock
Pseudo-noise correlator for GPS spread-spectrum receiver
Compensation for frequency adjustment in mobile communication-positioning device with shared oscilla...
Inertial GPS navigation system
Antenna design utilizing a cavity architecture for global positioning system (GPS) applications
Composition comprising polymers having a star structure, the polymers, and their use
Functional radiographic imaging methods and agents
Methods, pharmaceutical and therapeutic compostions for administering adenosine
Bispecific antibody and chemokine receptor constructs
Use of parapox B2L protein to modify immune responses to administered antigens
Vortex inhibitor with sacrificial rod
Concrete form assemblage process and form tie extender therefore
Method for identification of the indicators of contamination in liquid samples
Curable liquid sealant used as vacuum bag in composite manufacturing
Moulding process
Activator of PPAR delta
Methods and apparatus to despread dual codes for CDMA systems
Lamp ignition circuit for lamp driven voltage transformation and ballasting system
Method and apparatus for manufacturing partially diffusing optical fibers
Method for hibernation of host channel adaptors in a cluster
Drive control method of photoreceptor drum and image forming apparatus
Molybdate/peroxide microemulsions useful for decontamination of chemical warfare agents
Process for the controlled production of polyethylene and its copolymers
Polarizer, optical element, lighting device and liquid crystal display
Biopolymers and biopolymer blends, and method for producing same
Compounds and methods for modulating claudin-mediated functions
Process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus and image forming method
Friction body of silicon-infiltrated, carbon fiber-reinforced porous carbon and method for making sa...
Tongue adhered dentifrice apparatus
Sign holder
Process for forming a phosphate conversion coating on metal
Capsular polysaccharides from enterococci
Filter cleaning method
Method and apparatus for generating an angular sweep of a directed propagation of electromagnetic ra...
Environment protestant equipment animal toilet
Cryptographic device having reduced vulnerability to side-channel attack and method of operating sam...
Method of lift control of aircraft and system therefor
Color image processing apparatus for performing color adjustment and color conversion processing
Football launcher
Document stream operating system with document organizing and display facilities
Nuclear decay laser and method
Intravascular radiation delivery device
Method of verifying designed circuits
Ladder standoff
Depositing fluid specimens on substrates, resulting ordered arrays, techniques for analysis of depos...
Method for economically sub-optimizing interactions in data communications network environments, and...
Computationally efficient process and apparatus for configuring a product over a computer network
Method for producing electric-mechanical acoustic converter
Ramp rate limiter to control stress during ramping
Intermittent actuator of moving bear toy
Plasma display device having efficient heat conductivity
Evaluation of interconnect reliability using propagation delay through interconnect
Efficient redundancy calculation system and method for various types of memory devices
Method and system for speculatively invalidating lines in a cache
Chrysanthemum plant named `Golden Yolynn`
Camera strobe recharging integrated circuit
Fibers and fabrics with insulating, water-proofing, and flame-resistant properties
Therapeutic compositions comprising anti-IGE antibodies and immunosuppressive agent
Use of insulin-like growth factor-I in muscle
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisupnic Salmon`
Method of replaying game, recording medium, program, and entertainment system
Comparison sample for simulating an appearance of a keratinous element, and related methods
Semiconductor with coordinatively irregular structures
Computerized database system and method
Medicament inhalation delivery devices and methods for using the same
Mailbox cover decal
Membrane-electrode-assembly with solid polymer electrolyte
Bayesian neural networks for optimization and control
HEV charger/generator unit
Method for deploying an orbiting sparse array antenna
Resin film laminated metal sheet for can and method for fabricating the same
Nonvolatile solid-state memory and method of driving the same
Technique seamless handoff of a mobile terminal user from a wireless telephony network to a wireless...
Method for preventing improper correction of a database during an updating process
Cashierless shopping store and components for use therein
Inbred maize line PH7CP
Chrysanthemum plant named `Moza Sunc 02`
Sharing data safely using service replication
Apparatus, method and computer program product for guaranteed content delivery incorporating putting...
Seven speed transmission mechanisms with three interconnected planetary gear sets
Transmission mechanisms with three planetary gear sets and one fixed interconnection
Six speed planetary transmission mechanisms with three interconnected gearsets
Transmission for performing reliable continuously-variable-speed operation through gear meshing, and...
Family of transmission mechanisms with three planetary gear sets and a stationary member
Method and apparatus for controlling a bicycle transmission
Family of six-speed transmission mechanisms with three planetary gearsets
Multi-speed power transmission with three planetary gear sets
Forward-reverse rotation device for a continuously variable transmission
Transmission with non-coaxial output
Three-speed transfer case
Automotive alternator
Braking arrangement and braking maneuver means
Error correction chip for memory applications
Cleaning-apparatus line configuration and designing process therefor
Process control system
Methods and systems for synchronizing multiple computing devices
Selective information synchronization based on implicit user designation
Electronic casino gaming with authentication and improved security
Universal player tracking system
Gaming device having multiple selectable changing awards
Gaming device having value selection bonus
Gaming device having value selection bonus
Hybrid slot machine
Method of playing game and gaming device with interactive driving game display
Process to mitigate stress corrosion cracking of structural materials in high temperature water
Nanometer scale data storage device and associated positioning system
Particular type of a thin layer inorganic light emitting device
Compositions for inhibiting arginase activity
Technique for forming an oxide/nitride layer stack by controlling the nitrogen ion concentration in ...
Method for fabricating n-type carbon nanotube device
Method for enhancing post-processing content of beneficial compounds in beverages naturally containi...
Air intake system with an air filter
Short peptides which selectively modulate the activity of protein kinases
Using polyamide nucleic acid oligomers to engender a biological response
Variable rate transmission and reception methods, and variable rate transmission and reception devic...
Cold cathode lamp and lamp control circuit
Inducible site-specific recombination for the activation and removal of transgenes in transgenic pla...
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Data and image capture, compression and verification system
System for managing and organizing stored electronic messages
Static random access memory and semiconductor device using MOS transistors having channel region ele...
Method for partially demineralized cortical bone constructs
Treating disorders by application of insulin-like growth factors and analogs
Methods and compositions for the treatment of motor neuron injury and neuropathy
Methods of use for anti-CCR1 antibodies
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
26934, a novel cytidine deaminase-like molecule and uses thereof
Chk1 and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a laser module in fiber optic transmissions
Fiber laser device for medical/cosmetic procedures
Optical transmitter-receiver
Wedged and lensed optical fiber
Handheld laser system emitting visible non-visible radiation
Wavelength tunable laser light source
Electromagnetic wave assisted chemical processing
Inbred maize line NP2052
Inbred maize line PHJ8R
Soybean cultivar 0332134
Microphone arrangement in a hearing aid to be worn behind the ear
Hearing aid and switch for a hearing aid
Hearing aid
System and method for repairing a memory column
Electron beam-irradiating reaction apparatus
System and method for sensing atmospheric contaminants using transmitter with dual optical parametri...
Use of catalytic distillation reactor for methanol synthesis
Lithium-based active materials and preparation thereof
Heat sink assembly with adjustable clip
Blindmate heat sink assembly
Apparatus for thermal management in a portable electronic device
Radiator mechanism and electronic apparatus having same
Variable optical attenuator using wavelength locked loop tuning
Robust multi-layered thin-film membrane for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) photonic devices
Conformal grating device for producing enhanced gray levels
Monitoring system with power supply built therein
Measuring a trans-septum bio-impedance in an active implantable medical device, in a particular pace...
Laser facet phase control
Femtosecond laser-electron x-ray source
Pawl shifting device for a ratchet tool
Apparatus for modeling IC substrate noise
Water dispersible granules
Laser assembly for ladar in missiles
Autonomous onboard absolute position and orientation referencing system
Correcting defect pixels in a digital image
Device and method for image processing
Automatic coil selection of multi-receiver MR data using fast prescan data analysis
Verification of positions in camera images
Apparatus for compensating digital video signal
Methods for separating particulate substrates from solution while minimizing particle loss
Method for 3' end-labeling ribonucleic acids
Single sweep phase shift method and apparatus for measuring chromatic and polarization dependent dis...
Method and device to calculate and display the phase transformation of optical polarization
Scanner for airborne laser system
Apparatus and method for measuring optical properties by feedback control
Quality indicator for measurement signals, in particular, for medical measurement signals such as th...
Sensor for transcutaneous measurement of vascular access blood flow
Absorbent paper product with asymmetric structure
Intelligent cooling fan
Pump system for delivering cryogenic liquids
Universal tube clamp assembly
Fuel injection pump
Turbo blood pump
Metering pump with combined inlet/outlet valve element
Scroll compressor with motor control for capacity modulation
Gig box
System to optimally create parallel processes and recording medium
Branching in a computer system
Automated on-line capacity expansion method for storage device
Locking of computer resources
Computer-based documentation and instruction
Methods for determining toxicity reversing agents
Antibodies that bind chemokine teck
Method for identifying inhibitors of dual substrate enzymes
Personal data archive system
Method for dispensing a detergent comprising an amionic/silicate agglomerate
Automatic dishwashing compositions comprising diacyl peroxide bleach and blooming perfume
Lubricating oil composition
Cellulases, the genes encoding them and uses thereof
Laundry detergents and cleaning products based on alkyl and/or alkenyl oligoglycosides and fatty alc...
Programmable logic with lower internal voltage circuitry
Apparatus for manipulation of ions and methods of making apparatus
Magnetic recording medium with antiparallel coupled ferromagnetic films as the recording layer
Bicycle damping enhancement system
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Bule`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Rose`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Sunre`
Method of making a compound precursor by coating
Lubricious coatings for substrates
Polyoxometalate materials, metal-containing materials, and methods of use thereof
Powdered composition for cosmetic effervescent cleansing pillow
Methods and compounds for the treatment of immunologically-mediated diseases using mycobacterium vac...
Article for applying artificial tanning agent and method of making
Model for cell migration and use thereof
Method and apparatus for assisting left-handed manipulation of a vehicle ignition switch
Automobile engine disabling device
Suspended drive axle and agricultural tractor with same
Optoelectronic devices and method of production
Opto-electronic device integration
Near field optical head and method for manufacturing thereof
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Protective electrodes for electrophoretic displays
Liquid crystal display device
Immunoassay method and kit
Process for designing high frequency circuits in multiple domains
Detoxification of onium compounds
Gas separator improvements
Degassing centrifugal apparatus with energy recovery, process for degassing a fluid and process for ...
FIFO overflow management
Pattern matching method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus provided with a reverse discharging portion
Image processing method, apparatus and storage medium therefor
Encapsulation of components into edible products
Electrotransport system having flexible means
Personal care products having reduced leakage
Hydrogels containing substances
Polyester/polycarbonate blends with reduced yellowness
Cleanser that is gentle to human skin
Fragrance emitting article
Printable film and coating composition exhibiting stain resistance
Protective cleaning mitten
Processing reduction in CDMA telephones
Lighting control system with variable arc control including start-up circuit for providing a bias vo...
Image data creating device and image display
Optical arm for guiding a laser beam on a robot arm
Robot with tactile sensor device
Robot pre-positioning in a wafer processing system
Construction set for constructing a user-definable apparatus
Wafer transport apparatus
Method and device for generating radiation with stabilized frequency
Smart service unit
Knife handle
Chiral compounds
Light scattering sheet, light scattering composite sheet, and liquid crystal display
Method and an apparatus for adjusting clock signal to sample data
System, machine, and method for maintenance of mirrored datasets through surrogate writes during sto...
Method and apparatus for causing computer system interconnection to be in the same state each time t...
Circuit for allowing data return in dual-data formats
System and method for generating cache coherence directory entries and error correction codes in a m...
Method and system for fast unlinking of a linked branch in a caching dynamic translator
Method and system for exclusive two-level caching in a chip-multiprocessor
Method and apparatus for increasing flash ROM programming performance in a multiple processor comput...
Process for preparing amino compounds by using salen-manganese complexes as the catalyst
Olefin thermoplastic elastomer composition comprising crystalline polyolefin resin and ethylene/.alp...
Hair treatment promoting apparatus with rotatable reflector
Scaling images for display
Female physical condition managing apparatus
Fixing mechanism for use in image forming apparatus
Image processing method and system
Adjustable porous structures and method for shoreline and land mass reclamation
Soil compacting device comprising a vibration generator, and method for controlling the vibration ge...
Use of COMT inhibitors as analgesics
High affinity small molecule C5a receptor modulators
Capsaicin receptor ligands
Bisphenol production
Sulfonamide and carbamide derivatives of 6(5H)phenanthridinones and their uses
Apparatus and method for ultrasensitive nanoelectromechanical mass detection
Water management system for fuel cell
Method for catalytic conversion of carbon monoxide in a hydrogen-containing gas mixture
Intraocular surgical apparatus
High refractive index aromatic-based siloxane difunctional macromonomers
Covalently-bound, hydrophilic coating compositions for surgical implants
Iris-supported intraocular lenses
IOL insertion apparatus and method for using same
Implant for the correction of presbyopia in phakic eyes
Semaphore enhancement to improve system performance
System, method and article of manufacture for anisotropic texture sampling
Programmable pixel shading architecture
System of sharing objects having a plurality of contents
Assembly comprising a tube and a sleeve
Protein analogs of brain-derived neurotrophic factor
Single and multiple illuminated images
Method for installing and removing slack from a web of cleaning material in an electrophotographic m...
Image forming apparatus with variable toning bias offset service utility
Method for automatically selecting color calibrations
Method for using hard magnetic carriers in an electrographic process
Automatic machine for the continuous binding of books and brochures
Device and corresponding method for rapid image data transfer in printing presses
Device for turning sheet material, printing unit, and multicolor rotary printing press
Liquid-sealed mount
Pattern detection for computer segments
Control method for dual dependent variable CAM timing system
Animal communication device
Storage format for encoded vector indexes
System and method for monitoring devices and components
Smart filing system
Automatic load adjustment
Method and apparatus for remote imaging of biological tissue by electrical impedance tomography thro...
Method of passing a cryptographic key that allows third party access to the key
Wing tip extension for a wing
Disk mastering based on near-field optical systems
Fully transposed high tc composite superconductor, method for producing the same and its use
Plastic mailbox
Inspirational hand piece
Jack apparatus for quick raising
Plow blade mounting cart
Shopping cart corral
Apparatus and methods for reducing pain and/or retraining muscles
Method and apparatus for characterizing cardiac tissue from local electrograms
Multiple cannula image guided tool for image guided procedures
Separator for battery and battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and production method thereof
Plating metal negative electrodes under protective coatings
Multiple electrospray device, systems and methods
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell with a plural-layer carbonaceous negative electrode
Protective layer for hydrophilic packaging material
System and method of preparing data for a semiconductor mask manufacturer
Cosmetic lip product with sour flavor
DNA repair polypeptides and methods of use
Self-cleaning pencil
Method and system for contention resolution in radio frequency identification systems
Production of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol from polyethlene terephthalate by ammoniolysis
Method, system and storage medium for optimizing a product design
Lazy symbolic model checking
Method and apparatus for fault detection of a processing tool and control thereof using an advanced ...
Methods and means for preventing or treating inflammation or pruritis
Portable animal treat dispensing and training device
Dog treadmill
Self-storing wall-mounted pet enclosure
System and method for ligament graft placement
Apparatus for measuring nonuniform attenuation in a scintillation camera
Vector velocity estimation using directional beam forming and cross correlation
Laying out markup language paragraphs independently of other paragraphs
Autodeposited coating of epoxy and OH groups-containing resin with NCO lower T crosslinker and highe...
Polymers for use in optical device
Lithographic printing plate precursor and method for the preparation of lithographic printing plate ...
In situ molded thermal barriers
Welded steel pipe having excellent hydroformability and method for making the same
Steel workpiece oil quenching method
Soft stainless steel sheet excellent in workability
Formed member made of steel sheet and method for producing same
Device and method for manufacturing hot-rolled sheet steel and device and method for sheet thickness...
Drawing of steel wire
Living body measuring apparatus
Method and system for monitoring sedation, paralysis and neural-integrity
Two-dimensional pyramid filter architecture
Cable management device for mixed media
Method of fabricating polymer optical channel waveguides with multiple types of waveguide core mater...
Bidirectional router and a method of bidirectional amplification
Silicate waveguide compositions for extended L-band and S-band amplification
Variable optical attenuator
Communication system
Products combining television and video recorder
Light collection assembly having mixed conic shapes for use with various light emitting sources
Circuit for driving light-emitting diodes
Cotton candy making apparatus
Reflector for a light assembly, such as a taillight, a headlight, or an interior light, of a motor v...
Light bar and method of assembly therefor
Security entrance system
Method of producing and purifying angiostatin
Directional image lenticular window sheet
Isolated human kinase proteins
Solvent soluble poly(urethane/urea) resins
Polypropylene with high melt strength and drawability
Fade printed decorative sheets and methods and apparatus for making the same
Foamable vinyl chloride-base resin compositions
Method for loading a continuous explosive charge assembly in an elongated cavity
Inflatable corner cushion
Ring for a wrapping apparatus and a method for manufacturing the same
Flexible pouch
Safe lawn mower blade alternative system
Topical drug preparations
Method for modulating expression of exogenous genes in mammalian systems, and products related there...
Proces for producing protein powder
Process for making extruded multiphase bars exhibiting artisan-crafted appearance
Enzyme inhibitors
Domestic treatment of fabrics with film-forming materials and blowing agents
Method and apparatus for reducing dynamic false contour in plasma display panel by decreasing visual...
Torque limiter and reel mount
Thrust ring and method for producing a thrust ring, bearing system for bolts of universal joints and...
Vehicle-use bearing apparatus
Fluid dynamic bearing
Low torque seal assembly with open cell filter media
Slow combustion pyrotechnic composition
Method and apparatus for producing particle bearing filter rod
Game controller with parental control functionality
Substantially noiseless fastening systems for apparel and carrying packs
Controlled terminal kinetic energy projectile
Apparatus and method for actuating a bolt carrier group of a receiver assembly
Method and system for capturing streaming data by an actionable information engine
DICOM XML DTD/schema generator
Remote echo cancellation in a packet based network
Thumb actuated x-y input device
Acoustic sensing system for downhole seismic applications utilizing an array of fiber optic sensors
Hybrid TDM/WDM demultiplexing in low duty cycle optical transmission systems
Electro-optically tunable filter with mesh structure to filter optical signal
Digital watermarking of physical objects
Deformable mirror
Branched, substantially unsaturated fatty alcohol sulfates
Photodynamic therapy for pre-melanomas
Method and system for preserving data resident in volatile cache memory in the event of a power loss
Clock modes for a debug port with on the fly clock switching
Weight measurement system, method and weight sensor
Automated semiconductor processing system
Lossless SRNS relocation procedure in a wireless communications system
Mobile telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for speeding up AAL2 connection setup during handover in advanced cellular netw...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Rosy Yodenise`
Substituted n-benzyl-n-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfe...
(R)-chiral halogenated substituted n-benzyl-n-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting ch...
Loop diagnostics for ADSL systems
Method of cancelling echoes in a telecommunications system and an echo canceller for the execution o...
Alerting device for notifying incoming call by using earphone jack in portable mobile phone
Composite porous media
Optical switch device
Spark plug with nickel alloy electrode base material
Method of producing organic-inorganic composite material and organic-inorganic composite material
Methods for forming multiple damascene layers
Method of automated design and checking for ESD robustness
Performance groups-based fast simulated annealing for improving speed and quality of VLSI circuit pl...
Use of relaxin treat diseases related to vasoconstriction
Pack preparation
Active matrix type display device
Display driver and display unit and electronic apparatus utilizing the same
Semiconductor device having a wiring pattern and method for manufacturing the same
Optical semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
Caliper for a disk brake for a high-performance motorcar
Techniques for efficient memory management for longest prefix match problems
Self-reconfigurable robot
Method and apparatus for using fast fourier transform feedback to compensate for non-linear motion
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Piecewise color transformation by gamut partitioning
Photoelectric conversion element and photoelectric conversion device
Chemically resistant polythioethers and formation thereof
Electronically actuated display array for displaying arithmetic operation symbols
Individual discreet prompting device with remote
Virtual pet game in which the virtual pet can converse with the player and learn new words and phras...
Sound generator circuit system and method
Electronic whiteboard hot zones for controlling local and remote personal computer functions
Package assemblies with attachment strips
Password protection using spatial and temporal variation in a high-resolution touch sensitive displa...
Volition induction apparatus and input/output apparatus which use optical measuring instrument, and ...
Day and night croquet and bocce
Game system and computer readable storage medium therefor
Chromene compound
Privacy enclosure system
Buoyant platform for dogs
Air pump having minimum number of parts
Electrical equipment arrangement for small watercraft
Breach filling device
Apparatus and method for providing optical channel overhead in optical transport networks
Wavelength selective cross-connect (WSC)
Automatic call distribution center with queue position restoration for call-back customers
Method and apparatus for fast decoding in a multiple-antenna wireless communication system
Method for wireless differential communication using multiple transmitter antennas
Smart synchronization of computer system time clock based on network connection modes
EUO-structural-type zeolite with a low si/Al ratio and its use as catalyst for isomerization of C8-a...
Partitioning search key thereby distributing table across multiple non-contiguous memory segments, m...
Device for emptying cavities containing powder by means of suction
Impulse motor and apparatus to improve trajectory correctable munitions including cannon launched mu...
Non-thermoplastic starch fibers and starch composition for making same
Cleaning implements
Fuel cell stack having terminal element located at specified location
Systems for ameliorating aqueous hydrocarbon spills
Automated document processing system with document imaging and value indication
Networked automated document processing system and method
Media selection using a neural network
Ferroelectric memory device
Current perpendicular to plane type magnetoresistive device, magnetic head, and magnetic recording/r...
Semiconductor light source for providing visible light to illuminate a physical space
Emissive display device and electroluminescence display device with uniform luminance
Butadiene polymer latex
Minimization of ablation in thermally imageable elements
Curable composition, coating composition, paint, antifouling paint, cured product thereof and method...
Strippable systems based on acrylic block copolymers
Fouling inhibition
Method of treating paper making rolls
Method for automatic organization of microstructures or nanostructures and related device obtained
Multi-component ceramic compositions and method of manufacture thereof
IR MALDI mass spectrometry of nucleic acids using liquid matrices
Method for producing encased spherical granular grains
Cosmetic composition with a fixing and/or conditioning polymer containing a specific acrylic copolym...
Clear, cosmetic preparations containing fatty alcohol polyglycol ethers, ether sulfates and/or alk(e...
Methods of manufacturing personal care products
Synthesis of porous crystalline materials in fluoride media
System and method for manipulating nanotubes
Method for generating a gene library
Discharge lamp
Resins having vinyl ether linker for the solid phase organic synthesis
Silver halide photographic material
Alkaline battery without mercury and electronic apparatus powered thereby
System and method for searching and providing contents, and software storage media
Apparatus and method to support management of uniform resource locators and/or contents of database ...
Method for resolving dependency conflicts among multiple operative entities within a computing envir...
Optimized fault notification in an overlay mesh network via network knowledge correlation
Internet presentation system
Multiple-computer data processing system and method with time-versioned data storage
System and method for secure software installation
Partial gene sequence from pelargonium to control ethylene levels in geraniums
Transparent address remapping for high-speed I/O
Image processing method, image processing device, and recording medium
Method of processing image information and method of preventing forgery of certificates or the like
Retention bolt for a cam phaser
Locking pin mechanism for a camshaft phaser
Device and method for changing the relative rotational angle of a camshaft
Variable valve control apparatus for engine and method thereof
Control strategy for regenerating a NOx adsorber catalyst in an exhaust system of an engine having a...
System and method for programmable removal of sensitive information from computing systems
System and a method for navigating a vehicle
Control apparatus and applicable control method and control program for vehicle
Method for processing seismic measured data with a neuronal network
Personal identification method and apparatus using acoustic resonance analysis of body parts
Process for the adaptive beam control of medium-energy laser weapons
Cleaning system for welding torches which effects cleaning by means of cold temperature
Signal transmission circuit capable of tolerating high-voltage input signal
Semiconductor device used in two systems having different power supply voltages
Automatic breakthrough detection device
At-home health data management method and apparatus
Method for converting a system call
Method and apparatus for E-mail based communication with automated facilities and devices
Brightness and contrast invariant detection of vertebra pedicles
Method for tracking a video object in a time-ordered sequence of image frames
Substituted purine derivatives, processes for their preparation, their use, and compositions compris...
Process for making a work piece having a major phase of .alpha." from a titanium alloy
Method and apparatus for performing ridge preservation and implant treatment
Cookie/cracker dispenser
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of body weight disorders, including obesity
Electrophoretic display device
Waveguide with nanoparticle induced refractive index gradient
Nano-engineered phosphors and related nanotechnology
Methods and compositions for healing and repair of articular cartilage
Structured mass transfer packing with improved baffles
Arylsulphonyl substituted-tetrahydro- and hexahydro-carbazoles
Substituted acid derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
DMA channel for high-speed asynchronous data transfer
Highly componentized system architecture with a loadable interprocess communication manager
Color image reader for use in image forming apparatus
Selectively enabling expression folding during program compilation
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Method of producing transgenic plants having improved amino acid composition
Password recognition circuit and security checking method
Channel changer for use in a switched digital video system
Image forming apparatus with blade and brush cleaning section
Magnetic resonance imaging method and device
Diagnostic method and system for a multiple-link steering system
Upward-joining-noise decreasing method and apparatus
Power supply circuit and control method for the same
Capacitive data and clock transmission between isolated ICs
Distal protection device and method
Control system for an electric heater
Crosslinking systems for acrylic latex films
Electroconductive member and image forming apparatus using the same
Relational text index creation and searching
Integral pneumatic dispenser and method for controlling same
Amphiphilic networks, implantable immunoisolatory devices, and methods of preparation
Polymeric phosphinic acids and salts thereof
Making beverages and food in a microwave oven
Full off-set two-piece fiber reinforced composite wheel using spoke or web area box sections
System and method for patient-controlled relief of pain associated with electrical therapies
Semiconductor capacitively-coupled NDR device and related applications in high-density high-speed me...
Container with label for monitoring use
Fluorous phosphines and phosphine oxides
Monitoring function
Use of crosslinked polymers as anti-leaching agents
.alpha.+.beta. type titanium alloy, process for producing titanium alloy, process for coil rolling, ...
Actuating device for a tool or workpiece tensioning jack in a machine tool spindle
Method and apparatus for database retrieval utilizing vector optimization
Packet loss control method for real-time multimedia communications
Data processing apparatus and bus control method therefor
Collaborative multimedia architecture for packet-switched data networks
Multiple multicasting of multimedia streams
Interactive multimedia book
Scaleable network server for low cost PBX
Multimedia call center
Bundle of products consisting of absorbent paper
Method and apparatus for simulated error injection for processor deconfiguration design verification
Injector systems and syringe adapters for use therewith
Coding apparatus and an information processing apparatus provided with the coding apparatus
Miniature spacecraft
Attachment device for a mobile phone or the like
Bacillus thuringiensis strains and their insecticidal proteins
Enhanced NOx trap having increased durability
Non-invasive tissue glucose level monitoring
Radio frequency coil for magnetic resonance image
Compositions and methods for TIGR genotyping assays
Method of non-linear analysis of biological sequence data
Integrating heterogeneous authentication and authorization mechanisms into an application access con...
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method
Method and arrangement for determining the angle of roll of a launchable rotating body which rotates...
Copolymer for cement admixtures and its production process and use
Multi-mode lighter
Estrogen receptor modulators
Multistate triple-decker dyads in three distinct architectures for information storage applications
Plastic mailbox
Apparatus and methods for preventing or treating failure of hemodialysis vascular access and other v...
Optical detection
ABS compositions having improved combinations of properties
Presentation broadcasting
Method for reducing the permeability of films or coatings to water vapor
Roadway surface grating with trash detention during drier conditions
Object oriented framework mechanism and method for providing a generic order entry processing interf...
Method of compensating for hearing loss
Melting vessels provided with a cooled bottom electrode
Membrane support system
Electronic educational toy appliance and a portable memory device therefor