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Method and apparatus for providing visual feedback of speed production
Method and device for displaying images on a matrix display device
Film plaster using support films with improved sliding properties and good extensibility, achieved b...
Context swapping in multitasking kernel
Method and system for selecting a best case set of factors for a chemical reaction
Switch interaction subsystems for facilitating network information management
Event communication system
System and method for performing automated incremental compilation of computer programs
Threaded apparatus for fusing adjacent bone structure
Impact resistant thermoplastic molding materials comprised of syndiotactic polystyrene, glass fibers...
Seating structure having a fabric with a weave pattern
Plastic mailbox
Automated teller machine storage cassette
Mid-range vehicle winch
Handle of a golf cart
Outdoor station with sink and foldable faucet
Retention device for wastebasket and container liners
Sulfonylbenzene compounds as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Sweet Orange`
Cameras, methods, and systems with partial-shading encodements
Amorphous solid cast feed product made by solidifying liquid agricultural byproducts
System for cell-based screening
Method and apparatus for creating photolithographic masks
Method for treating colorectal carcinoma using a taxane/tocopherol formulation
Miniature rose variety `POULhi012`
Vertical membrane storage system and method of storing liquids using the same
Touch tone voice internet service
Random number generator seeding method and apparatus
Personal watercraft
Electronic circuit for controlling a movement by a fuzzy cellular architecture
Methods and apparatus for providing host controlled caching of data in a storage system
Side-feeding aerosol valve assembly
Pulmonary exercise device
Advanced aluminum alloys for hydrogen storage
Heteroatomic polymer for more efficient solid polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries
Arithmetic processing device, inter-object communication method, and robot
Method and apparatus for making predictions about entities represented in documents
Personal digital assistant with streaming information display
Smart seatbelt control system
Method and system for matching consumers to events employing content-based multicast routing using a...
Personal on-demand audio entertainment device that is untethered and allows wireless download of con...
Method for producing crystallographically textured electrodes for textured PZT capacitors
Address mapping in solid state storage device
Quantum-dot photon turnstile device
Process for separating linear alpha olefins from saturated hydrocarbons
Noise reducing method for radio portable terminal
Network photo-print service system, center server and information processing method
Fungal degradation and bioremediation system for pentachlorophenol-treated wood
Electroluminescence display apparatus
Input device for personal digital assistants
Remote storage system and method
Electronic money holding device and electronic money automatic payment method
Cyclic organo-oxide storage vent scrubbing
Method and apparatus for detecting malfunctions in communication systems
Method for computing the internet checksum
Device and method for forming waves
Pop-up surprise
Method for changing viewpoints using pressure-sensitive means, recording medium providing software p...
Gaming device having an input-output value bonus scheme
Wearable transmission device
Shoe sole
Multiple fiber floor mat and method
Joint protective shoe construction
Apparatus and method of lacing
Pneumatic inflating device contained entirely within shoe sole
Electronic device for performing active biological operations and method of using same
Preparation of microbial polyunsaturated fatty acid containing oil from pasteurised biomass
Preparation of expandable propylene polymer beads
Thermocalendered non-woven elastic laminate
Mixing device for manufacturing molding
Processing method of a mixture for tire rubber compound
Fishing line with enhanced properties
Structural panels with metal faces and corrugated plastic core
Mounting assembly for heat sink
Correction system and method of successive approximation A/D converter
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a DS-CDMA receiver
System and method for self-diagnosing system crashes
Dimmer for energy saving lamp
Partial delegation of complex OLAP queries with application to zero suppression condition evaluation
Method and apparatus for memory latency avoidance in a processing system
Processing events during profiling of an instrumented program
Electrostatic image forming apparatus with fluororesin in fixing roller layer
Confectionery compositions
Allylation poly(vinyl chloride) and further functionalization of allyl groups
Lens frame shape measuring apparatus
Self-adjusting clutch release bearing
Tooth whitening means
Message delivery device and display system for use therewith
Process for the production of a phosphorus-containing organic compound
Thickened film-forming composition
Aluminum alloy sheet material and method for producing the same
Electrodeionization process
Rotating plate carrier for changing focal distance of optical code imager
Biologically active compounds of Ganoderma pfeifferi DSM 13239
System for encrypting documents with stencils
Method and apparatus for stiffener reinforcement of a ram air parachute canopy
Imaging device and digital camera using the imaging device
Electronic circuit package
Latch mechanism for a circuit breaker
Triazole compounds useful in treating diseases associated with unwanted cytokine activity
Scoutless whole-body imaging with fast positioning
Perfume composition
Method of imaging cell death in vivo
Proteins and DNA related to salt tolerance in plants
Thermal transfer sheet, thermal transfer method and thermal transfer system
Focal-plane shutter for cameras
Independent component imaging
Protective coating on steel parts
Treatment of a leach field
Heat sink with a cutout
Analog phone bank connector
User interface for palm-sized computing devices and method and apparatus for displaying the same
Combined installation for the treatment of steel work gases
Aerodynamic flying disk having light sticks in the rim
Electrode structure of plasma display panel and method of driving sustaining electrode in the plasma...
Process for creating and displaying a publication historiograph
Acoustic sensing system for downhole seismic applications utilizing an array of fiber optic sensors
Method and system for periodic trace sampling using a mask to qualify trace data
Polystyrene binders
Method and apparatus for translating between source and target code
Fagopyrum cymosum (Trev.) Meisn composition, method to prepare and analyze the same and uses thereof
Workflow distributing apparatus and method
Chrysanthemum plant named `Bold Yomelissa`
Method and system for dynamically load balancing a process over a plurality of peer machines
Transmitter/receiver comprising bone-conduction speaker
Insulated exhaust manifold
Measurement chip for surface plasmon resonance biosensor
Method editor
Central control system and method for fine tuning individual cigarette manufacturing control systems
Pediculicidal and ovacidal treatment compositions and methods for killing head lice and their eggs
Impatiens plant named `Danchesal`
Retractable radome strake and method
System management bus address resolution protocol proxy device
Method and apparatus for temporarily marking a point of contact
Data processor controlled display system with audio identifiers for overlapping windows in an intera...
Reduced positive-electrode material in an electrochemical cell
Differential budding: method and apparatus for path planning with moving obstacles and goals
Method and apparatus for accessing targeted, personalized voice/audio web content through wireless d...
Valved aerosol tee adapter assembly
Monitoring process for metering different gaseous anesthetics
High strength aluminum based alloy and the article made thereof
Document clustering method and system
Deferred billing, broadcast, electronic document distribution system and method
Polyalkylene oxide polymer composition for solid polymer electrolytes
Apparatus for a multi-modal ontology engine
System and method of controlling vehicle steer-by-wire systems with adjustable steering feel
Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles
Integrated device based upon semiconductor technology, in particular chemical microreactor
Composition comprising 6-methyl-3,4dihydro-1,2,3-oxathiazin-4-one-2,2-dioxide, its salts, preparatio...
Pressure sensitive adhesive matrix patch for the treatment of onychomycosis
Anti-tear protection for smart card transactions
Hybrid data I/O for memory applications
Methods and systems for purifying styrene feedstock comprising use of low palladium catalyst
Method and device for improving hot carrier reliability of an LDMOS transistor using drain ring over...
Image stabilizing optical lens device with decentering of lens sub-unit
Organic electroluminescent devices and method for improving energy efficiency and optical stability ...
Storage system with online manual
Method and system for backing up storage system data
Communication schema of online reporting system and method related to online orders for consumer pro...
Prunus tree rootstock named `Piku 1`
Distributed virus scanning arrangements and methods therefor
Silicon oxide particles
Hydrogen production by high-temperature water splitting using electron-conducting membranes
Titanium oxide production process
Catalyst for oxidizing reformed gas
Panel-type heating element and method for the manufacture thereof
Automatic detection of pulmonary nodules on volumetric computed tomography images using a local dens...
Pumping light generator and fiber Raman amplifier
Current biased dual DBR grating semiconductor laser
DFB semiconductor laser device
Surface emitting semiconductor laser device capable of improving heat radiation efficiency and its m...
Method of joining mirrors to ring laser gyro block assemblies
Stripe type semiconductor light emitting element having InGan active layer, combined with optical re...
Apparatus and method for preparing microparticles using in-line solvent extraction
Device for plasma incision of mater with a specifically tuned radiofrequencty electromagnetic field ...
Chaos therapy method and device
System and method for processing an underwater acoustic signal by identifying nonlinearity in the un...
Game machine and game parlor
Inbred maize line PH54H
Soybean variety 93B87
Rice cultivar `Ahrent`
Inbred maize line PH5DR
Substituted anilinic piperidines as MCH selective antagonists
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in genes
Method for producing microcapsules and heat-sensitive recording material
Method of and device for improving the flow of aqueous humor within the eye
Data recording and reproducing apparatus and method
Disk changer
Background music controller
Method of making a spin valve sensor with a controlled ferromagnetic coupling field
Magnetic transducer with integrated charge bleed resistor
Magnetic head and magnetic disk apparatus
Magnetic head, magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus, method for reproducing and recording ma...
System and method for clock adjustment by subsequently detecting a target bit of data stream, re-adj...
Spindle motor having spindle motor stator for increased head stack assembly access
Disk drive base design for modifying airflow generated from rotation of disk
Cache control system and method having hardware-based tag record allocation
Digital audiovisual magnetic disk doubly linked list recording format extension to multiple devices
Adaptive inter-symbol interference boost equalization apparatus and method
Inductive transducer with recessed leading pole layer
Imidazolidinones and their related derivatives as hepatitis C virus NS3 protease inhibitors
NS5B HVC polymerase inhibitors
HCMV-reactive T cells and uses therefor
Methods for the simultaneous detection of HCV antigens and HCV antibodies
Methods for the analysis of non-proteinaceous components using a protease from a Bacillus strain
Immuno-reactive peptide CTL epitopes of human cytomegalovirus
Simultaneous plural code series generator and CDMA radio receiver using same
Transactional log with multi-sector log block validation
Portable fluorescent drop-light
Energy information system and sub-measurement board for use therewith
Running control device for a vehicle
Electrophotographic image developing process with optimized average developer bulk velocity
Electrochromic device
Apparatus and method for determining process width variations in integrated circuits
Direct methanol fuel cell including a water recovery and re-circulation system and method of fabrica...
Inverse chromatography methods and apparatus for evaluation of interactions between modifying agents...
Aromatic polysulfide and an asphalt composition containing the same
Method of construction for density screening outer transport walls
Advertising method using automatic blood pressure measuring apparatus, and automatic blood pressure ...
Personal identification panel for bike
Asymmetric catalysis based on chiral phospholanes and hydroxyl phospholanes
Gentle-acting carrier-based glass-like polysaccharide abrasive grit
Process for making a work piece having a major phase of .alpha. from a titanium alloy
Device and method for simulating natural cues so that waterborne fauna avoid contacting manmade barr...
Stream demultiplexing device
Derivative aircraft and methods for their manufacture
System and method for resource recovery in a distributed system
Hunter's shooting rest and method of using same
Process for preparing crystalline form I of cabergoline
System and method to insert a TCP checksum in a protocol neutral manner
Method and apparatus for high-resolution detection and characterization of medical pathologies
Method of connecting a terminal to a conductor
Method for non-redundant library construction
Object display method and apparatus
Plasma display panel
Identifying preferred indexes for databases
Cardiac impulse detector
Methods and apparatuses for treatment of syngas and related gases
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Chablis`
Apparatus provided with image blur prevention function
Techniques for managing multiple threads in a browser environment
Biosensors with porous chromatographic membranes
Guzmania plant named `Amimosa`
In situ formation of reactive barriers for pollution control
Game ball
Teaching system
System, method and apparatus for sensing and communicating status information from a portable medica...
Accessing media across networks
Apparatus for delivering air-borne substances
Silver alloy compositions
Method for accessing information
Simply interfaced semiconductor integrated circuit device including logic circuitry and embedded mem...
Electrolyte composition, electrochemical cell and ionic liquid crystal monomer
Traveling structure
System and method for training and using interconnected computation elements to determine a dynamic ...
Collision judging system
Power generation satellite and transmission antenna apparatus
Compositions comprising cefuroxime axetil
Computer-controlled identifier tag production system
Recombinant anti-CCR2 antibodies and methods of use therefor
Semiconductor device including ferroelectric capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic memory which compares first memory cell data bits and second data bits
Method of making an aligned electrode on a semiconductor structure
Process for manufacturing alkanes with methane
Image processing method
Traveling wave tube
System and method for selecting content for displaying over the internet based upon some user input
Network backup/recovery system and method regarding the same
On-line pharmacy automated refill system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Foxy Yopatricia`
Method for preparing polycation based bioconjugates suitable for transporting different kinds of act...
Toluene sulfonamide-containing anti-tumor composition and method of use thereof
Succinoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Phenoxyethyl-thiourea-pyridine compounds and their use for treatment of HIV-infections
Methods for preventing HIV-1 or HIV-2 infection
EIAV p26 deletion vaccine and diagnostic
Voltage controlled oscillator with two layered mounting structure
Indole and 2,3-dihydroindole derivatives, their preparation and use
System and method for automatic frequency control in spread spectrum communications
System and method for providing transaction management for a data storage space
Circuit arrangement for feeding a load
High frequency transmitter-receiver
System and method for the creation of a terrain density model
Automated telematics test system and method
Predictive control algorithm for an anti-lock braking system for an automotive vehicle
Loop MRI coil with improved homogeneity
Modified viterbi detector for jitter noise dominant channels
Method for processing a liquid hydroformylation discharge
Fuel cell
Method for producing aqueous polymer dispersions containing colorants
TWEAK receptor
Method for making performs
Method for determining a danger zone for a pre-crash sensing system in a vehicle having a countermea...
Process and composition for temporarily suppressing pain
Bottle with internal advertisement
Phosphino substituted pyridine amine ligands
Stakalloy: a uranium-vanadium-niobium alloy
Stake assembly having a controller
Silver halide photographic lightsensitive material and image forming method using the same
Manually disassembled and readily shippable miniature, unmanned aircraft with data handling capabili...
Electric double layer capacitor
Fingerprint and signature identification and authorization card and pen
Apparatus and method for producing logs of sheet material
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Method and system for storing and retrieving data using linked lists
Method and apparatus for decoupling RF detector arrays for magnetic resonance imaging
Purified proteins, recombinant DNA sequences and processes for controlling the ripening of coffee pl...
Trace buffer for a configurable system-on-chip
Implantable drug delivery patch
Genes expressed in treated human C3A liver cell cultures
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, recording medium and its program
Remote-controlled toy skateboard device
Manufacturing method for a plasma display panel, a plasma display panel, and a phosphor ink applying...
Vehicle having a sound-radiating element
Method of modeling the crossover current component in submicron CMOS integrated circuits designs
Method for correcting errors in transfer of information
Arrangement for providing mediated access in an HFC access network
Chrysanthemum plant named `Zembla Yellow`
Casing with improved drain hole
Musical score display apparatus and method
Variable potential electrokinetic device
System and method for investigating the effect of chemical and other factors on cell movement
MEMS dynamic optical spectral filter
Transcriptional regulator
`Strawberry Festival` strawberry plant
Portable flood barrier and method of installation
Intelligent network
Simulated real time game play with live event
Grounded electrical connector
Prefetching and caching persistent objects
System for controlling and regulating distribution of intellectual properties using internet protoco...
Battery having a film-type casing
Classification system trainer employing maximum margin back-propagation with probabilistic outputs
Reusable space access launch vehicle system
Polyolefin oil resistant film using a wax-containing layer
Method for producing a semiconductor memory element
Synthetic-ferrimagnet sense-layer for high density MRAM applications
Method for producing lithographic printing plate, lithographic printing original plate for laser sca...
Process for the production of linear alpha olefins and ethylene
High pressure discharge lamp with reflection layer on the neck portion
Method and apparatus for generating a keyword list from tables to facilitate searching an electronic...
Using speech recognition to improve efficiency of an inventory task
Volatile resource manager with pre-prepare notification
Method for testing multi-chip packages
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Arrayed waveguide grating type optical multiplexer/demultiplexer and optical waveguide circuit
Disc receiver device
Recording and/or playback apparatus of a recording medium with a moving mechanism
Fiber assembly alignment using fiducials
Chromatic dispersion and dispersion slope control method and apparatus
Vehicle lamp control
Holographic device for formation of colored, polarized and angularly separated light beams and video...
Method and device for achieving a high-Q microwave resonant cavity
Resin composition and cured product
Polycarbonate resin composition
Optical fiber and fiber grating device
Optical cable, method of installing optical cable, and optical transmission line
Structure of string resistor body in an operation panel device
Embedded permanent magnet type induction motor which allows coil embedding work to be easily perform...
Track model constraint for GPS position
Using digital television broadcast signals to provide GPS aiding information
Apparatus and method for minimizing multipath signal errors during tracking of GPS satellite signals
Acquisition for GPS C/A code and P(Y) code
Real time clock for GPS receivers
Method and system for data detection in a global positioning system satellite receiver
Dual redundant GPS anti-jam air vehicle navigation system architecture and method
Multi-step gear
Transmission, especially for wind power installations
Continuously variable transmission apparatus
Method and system for automatic identification of objects type according to their characteristic spe...
Humidity compensated charge density control for an internal combustion engine
Methods and systems for performing maintenance services on aircraft engines
Charger and process cartridge using the same
Drive method for a plurality of acousto-optic filters, acousto-optic filter apparatus, and selective...
Maximum bet table game and apparatus
Gaming device having a selectively accessible bonus scheme
Methods and apparatus for a casino game
Method of playing single or multiple hand twenty-one card game
Symbol display device for game machine
Non-contact tonometer having improved air pump
High efficiency single port resonant line
Floor finish composition
Methods and compositions for determining lipid peroxidation levels in oxidant stress syndromes and d...
Methods of use of semiconductor nanocrystal probes for treating a material
Audio A/D converter using frequency modulation
Robot system
Ball positioning structure
Toy ball apparatus
Interactive character system
Articulated rider for a toy vehicle
Toy with illuminated polyhedron
Turbine mechanism with directional control for toy watercraft
Transmissive conveyor for use in pulsed light sterilization
Microwave oven
Programmable slow-cooker accessory
Bread toasting control in a toaster by response curve of photosensitive element(s)
Double salts of fumaric acid with a carnitine and an amino acid and food supplements, dietary supple...
Method for preventing photooxidation or air oxidation in food, pharmaceuticals and plastics
Bacillus natto culture extract
Cushion cover for preventing pains in using earphones
Acoustic door assembly with continuous cam hinge
Low distortion loudspeaker cone suspension
Heart stimulator for administering antithrombus therapy
Preparation of enteric pharmaceutical dosage forms for omerprazole and lansoprazole
.beta.3 adrenergic agonists
Method for providing a therapy to a patient involving modifying the therapy after detecting an onset...
Anti-virus protection system and method
Comprehensive anti-spam system, method, and computer program product for filtering unwanted e-mail m...
System and method for hindering undesired transmission or receipt of electronic messages
Graphics display system with window descriptors
Method and apparatus for an asynchronous pulse logic circuit
Bone-tendon-bone assembly with cancellous allograft bone block
Degradable polymers from derivatized ring-opened epoxides
Conjugate of polyethylene glycol and chitosan
Molding of a polymer
Treatment and prevention of reactive oxygen metabolite-mediated cellular damage
Keratinocyte cultures and uses thereof
2504, 15977, and 14760, novel protein kinase family members and uses therefor
Methods of diagnosis and treatment of meniere disease
Cantilevered tower for jack-up platform
Synthesis of 2H- and 13C- substituted compounds
Chlorinated heterocyclic compounds and methods of synthesis
Process for preparing aminoguanidines and alkoxyguanidines as protease inhibitors
WF14573 or its salt, production thereof and use thereof
Methods for limiting scar and adhesion formation
Free space optical communication link with diversity
Laser device
Laser arrays for high power fiber amplifier pumps
Ridge waveguide type semiconductor laser device
Laser light intensity controller
Frequency locker
Apparatus for and method of controlling auto laser diode power
Low fluorescence assay platforms and related methods for drug discovery
Multi-test analysis of real-time nucleic acid amplification
Detection of nucleic acid hybrids
Method of monitoring the temperature of a biochemical reaction
Method of diagnosing, monitoring and staging breast cancer
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Secure message forwarding system detecting user's preferences including security preferences
System and method for managing statistical data regarding corrections to word processing documents
Security sheet and method
Composite tail cone assembly
Adhesive of flexible epoxy resin and latent dihydrazide
Multi-channel digital amplifier for shifting phases of PWM signals
Multi-level class-D amplifier by means of 3 physical levels
DC-DC converter with control circuit capable of generating step-up and step-down signals
Backup power supply for restraint control module
Switching power supply circuit
Rectifier apparatus for high voltages
High efficiency power converter
DC to DC voltage converter having a switching signal with adjustable frequency and an adjustable dut...
Controlled release dispenser
Method and apparatus for determining the cerebral state of a patient with fast response
Configurable sensor system for measuring biopotentials
Storage subsystem and storage controller
Fibre channel switching system and method
Scanning probe microscopy, method of producing the probe, and molecular processing method using the ...
Flexible heating cover assembly for thermal cycling of samples of biological material
System and method for automatically processing microarrays
Opiumless and alkaloid-free non-narcotic opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) variety "Sujata"
Inbred maize line PH726
Inbred maize line PH54M
Method for manufacturing hearing devices
Behind-the-ear hearing aid and surface-mounted module for this type of hearing aid
Hearing aid having switched release automatic gain control
Spectral enhancement of acoustic signals to provide improved recognition of speech
Hearing aid with internal acoustic middle ear transducer
Pulse width cardiac pacing apparatus
Non-contact communication system
Thin semiconductor GaInN layer, method for preparing same, light-emitting diode comprising said laye...
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Fabricating electronic devices using actinide oxide semiconductor materials
Fuel-cell system with autothermal fuel-reforming apparatus incorporating input air regulation
Heat sink fastener
Electrically isolated module
Heat dissipation device for server
Heat dissipating device for dissipating heat generated by a disk drive module inside a computer hous...
Control for heat pump with auxiliary heat source
Heat transfer apparatus with zigzag passage
Charge air cooler, especially for motor vehicles
Technique for migrating data between storage devices for reduced power consumption
Feeder/programming/loader system
System and method to calibrate an optical cross-connect
Optical cross connect switch
Detection of module insertion/removal in a modular optical network, and methods and apparatus theref...
True-time all-optical delay generator for array beam steerers
Shielded multi-conductor interconnect bus for MEMS
Method and device for detecting the position of a vehicle in a given area
Computer program for determining a corrected position of a measured alignment mark, device manufactu...
System and method for remote endoscopic surgery
Surface discriminating device and image forming apparatus having the same
Upper audio range hearing apparatus and method
Speaker apparatus and electronic apparatus having speaker apparatus enclosed therein
Modified SELEX processes without purified protein
Spotting pin
Multi-position ratchet mechanism
System and method for creating probe masks
Microcapsule suspensions
Method and apparatus for detecting and measuring thickness of ice on aircraft
Ring for connecting two rotationally symmetrical structural parts and method of making same
Device for articulating a flap to an aircraft aerodynamic surface
Method for making a support base plate for an artificial satellite on a dispenser platform for a plu...
Supporting arm of a passenger door of an aircraft
Method and system for directing an object using gyroscopes
Method for enhancing compressibility and visual quality of scanned document images
Thermal luminescence liquid monitoring system and method
Method and apparatus for removing defects from digital images
Method and apparatus for estimating true color values for saturated color values in digitally captur...
Ink jet recording method and apparatus for monochromatic medical image
Multispectral image processing method, apparatus and computer program product for determining the bl...
Method of measuring surface plasmon resonance using interference structure of reflected beam profile
Measurement technique for ultra-thin oxides
Method and device for determining the concentration of heparin in a sample of fluid
Methods and devices for vascular plethysmography via modulation of source intensity
Device for enhancement and quality improvement of blood-related signals for use in a system for non-...
Method for transforming phase spectra to absorption spectra
Diagnostic catheter using a vacuum for tissue positioning
Electrochemical sensor for analysis of liquid samples
Method and device for measuring access flow
Methods for engineering and manufacturing score-line-crack-resistant linerboard
Gaming apparatus with player tracking capabilities
Method and apparatus for playing a game utilizing a plurality of sound lines which are components of...
Gaming system with ticket-in/ticket-out capability
Gaming method and host computer with ticket-in/ticket-out capability
Proper tubing installation testing method and apparatus for a peristaltic pump
Reciprocating compressor with support springs placed between support members for radial compactness
Pneumatically driven liquified gas booster pump
Airflow generating device air intake
Thrust bearing cooling unit for a turbo compressor
Water pressure multiplier energy generation system
Electrostatically actuated pump with elastic restoring forces
Guitar body
Loop handling for single instruction multiple datapath processor architectures
Network translation circuit and method using a segmentable content addressable memory
Method for compressing digital documents with control of image quality and compression rate
System and method for coalescing data utilized to detect data hazards
Method for preventing unauthorized access to storage volumes
Semiconductor storage device in which commands are sequentially fed to a plurality of flash memories...
Process for catalytic cracking of a hydrocarbon feed with a MFI aluminisilcate composition
Amorphous silica-alumina, a carrier combination and a hydrocracking catalyst containing the same, an...
Propene recovery
Regeneration of iron-based hydrogen sulfide sorbents
Additive used in catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons and a process of catalytic cracking of hydrocarb...
Fluidized catalytic cracking process
11-.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 inhibitors useful for the treatment of diabetes, obesity an...
Systems and methods for contextually linking television program information
Method and apparatus for providing voice/unified messaging services using CATV terminals
Stored program pay-per-play
Automatic updating of computer software
Process for preparing cephalosporanic acid derivatives using .beta.-ketoacid derivatives
Iontophoresis disc pain blocker
Adenovirus E4 proteins for inducing cell death
Hair conditioning composition
Vectors that repress heterologous promoter activity
System and method of providing personal calendar services
Speech recognizing GIS/GPS/AVL system
Seamless surveying system
Vehicle navigation system and method
Display method and apparatus for navigation system
Application of the hough transform to modeling the horizontal component of road geometry and computi...
Method and device for controlling processes in conjunction with a drive
Detergent compositions
Method for manufacturing a molded detergent composition
Process for making non-staining colored particles for improving aesthetics of a liquid automatic dis...
Concentrated stock of capsules for detergent or personal care compositions
Heavy-duty liquid detergent composition comprising anionic surfactants
Detergent compositions
Unit dose detergent film
Clock template for configuring a programmable gate array
Recovery system for raid write
Fluid dynamic bearing thermal compensation
Quick change storage compartment for motorcycle
Application interface to a media server and a method of implementing the same
Apparatus and method for drying a substrate using hydrophobic and polar organic compounds
Mechanical and acoustical suspension coating of medical implants
Zinc containing compositions for anti-viral use
Sebum-adsorbent powder and use thereof
Tazarotene and alpha hydroxy acid treatment for psoriasis and/or photodamage
Mousse composition
Biofunctional hydroxyapatite coatings and microspheres for in-situ drug encapsulation
Microclysmic gel for treatment of tissue trauma and burns
Tetracycline antibiotic product, use and formulation thereof
Air fresheners comprising polyurethane/polyurea matrices for the delivery of fragrance agents
Aerosol spray
Methods for identifying compounds that modulate vigilance states
Multiparticulate modified release composition
Method and system for automatic identification and quantification of abnormal anatomical structures ...
Inbred maize line PH7CH
Inbred maize line PH5WB
Cell-based noise characterization and evaluation
Apparatus and method for applying multiple CRC generators to CRC calculation
Serial bus diagnostic port of a digital system
Hybrid triple redundant computer system
Nonmaskable interrupt workaround for a single exception interrupt handler processor
Can microcontroller that permits concurrent access to different segments of a common memory by both ...
Vehicle speed control system
Transmission gear selection method for enhancing the effectiveness of vehicle rocking maneuvers
Method for classifying a rollover event of a vehicle
Lane-keep control system for vehicle
Vehicle anti-theft system
Tamper-resistant theft deterrent method and system
Functional combined equipment for motor vehicle
Wiring board, method of manufacturing the same, electronic component, and electronic instrument
Electrostatic chuck
Slider of thin-film magnetic head
Thin film magnetic head, method of manufacturing the same and method of forming magnetic layer patte...
Thin film magnetic head
Method for imprinting a wafer with identifying information, and exposing method and apparatus for im...
Method and apparatus for marking microelectronic dies and microelectronic devices
Agent and method for modulation of cell migration
Immunological materials and methods for detecting dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase
Biological individual sampler
Substituted tryptophan derivatives
Microcolumn chromatographic immunoassays
Electrode for the transferring an electric current through a patient's skin
Scaffold-organized clusters and electronic devices made using such clusters
Surface acoustic wave filter device with an unbalanced-to-balanced conversion function
Awning assembly and control system
Method for separating liquids in a separation system having a flow coalescing apparatus and separati...
Process and device for separating impurities from a suspension by flotation
Apparatus and method for wet filtering machine exhaust
System and apparatus for accelerating mass transfer of a gas into a liquid
Signal processor with a plurality of kinds of processors and a shared memory accessed through a vers...
Image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus
Image forming apparatus having high-voltage power supply
Image forming apparatus and patch detection method
Image forming control using density detection
Ethylene alpha-olefin polymers, process and uses
Needle bearing assembling apparatus
Liquid phase diffusion bonding to a superalloy component
Image forming apparatus with simple transfer belt tension mechanism
Phospholipid derivatives of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Process for producing crystalline atorvastatin calcium
Extandable exterior rearview mirror assembly
Thermally conductive polymer composition and thermally conductive molded article
Photocatalyst, process for producing the same and photocatalyst coating composition comprising the s...
Fine carbon and method for producing the same
Production of hydrogen and carbon monoxide containing synthesis gas by partial oxidation
Method for producing carbonaceous articles
Preparation of fine .beta.-silicon carbide powder
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Cut-resistant polymeric sheets and articles formed therefrom
Absorbent materials having improved structural stability in dry and wet states and making methods th...
Topically applied creatine containing composition
IP relative addressing
Articles comprising oxidizing and hemolytic agents
Data interleaver and method of interleaving data
Dynamic controlling of attribute-specific list for improved object organization
Image-reading device having a contact prevention member preventing a lamp harness from contacting ot...
Object oriented scaleable test executive
Controllable object remote control and diagnosis apparatus
Robot with sensor
Apparatus for electro chemical deposition of copper metallization with the capability of in-situ the...
Single workpiece processing system
Rotary disc for encoder
Wafer handling for a reflow tool
Systems and methods for the automated sensing of motion in a mobile robot using visual data
Dispersion compensator and optical transmission system using same
Biodegradable compositions comprising starch and polysaccharide esters
Composition for use in a dishwasher
Method for softening soil on hard surfaces
Subtilase variants having an improved wash performance on egg stains
Structural member of fluorine-containing polymer having adhesive property at high temperature and sl...
Local naming for HDL compilation
Thermodynamically stable modification of 1-(4-carbazolyl-oxy-3[2-(2-methoxyphenoxy)-ethylamino]-2-pr...
Method and system for measuring heart rate variability
Manufacturing process to control particle size
Tamper evident syringe barrel
Antibody that specifically binds an Mch4 polypeptide
Transgenic mice containing retina-specific nuclear receptor gene disruptions
Alicyclyc structure-containing resin composition
Lithographic photoresist composition and process for its use
Polymers, chemical amplification resist compositions and patterning process
Polarizing plate
Electronic apparatus comprising a memory protection device and method of protecting data in a memory
Method and apparatus for processing physiological data
Processor having a conditional branch extension of an instruction set architecture
Host apparatus for simulating two way connectivity for one way data streams
Configuring both a programmable logic device and its embedded logic with a single serialized configu...
Fixing device and image forming device
Fluid delivery system including a reusable flow path and a per-patient disposable fluid path
Method for breath compensation in radiation therapy
Magnetic resonance method, apparatus and computer program product
Lens protection mechanism
Region growing based noise reduction method for digital images
Computer system performing machine specific tasks before going to a low power state
Dynamic allocation of devices to host controllers
Apparatus for and method of updating a device driver from a local resource
Three-dimensional mapping systems for automotive vehicles and other articles
Impact tool
System and method for management of mirrored storage devices storing device serial numbers
Exposing apparatus
Integral sealing method for fuel cell separator plates
Generation of route rules
Bidirectional optical communications using on-off keying to generate a hybrid form of Manchester ser...
Methods for identifying ligand binding sites in a biomolecule
Method and apparatus for dynamically accessing security credentials and related information
Semiconductor IC with an inside capacitor for a power supply circuit and a method of automatically d...
Method and system for restricting access to user resources
Business management system and method for a deregulated electric power market using online diagnosti...
Method and apparatus for routing information packets associated to addresses represented through num...
Magnetoresistive effect head
Magnetic head
Integral lofty polymer grid and fiber web matrix turf reinforcement mats
Crib platform device, kit and method of using
Methods and compositions for reducing dust and erosion of earth surfaces
Clamp system for holding a pipe under tension, and a floating support including the system
System and method for abandoning and recovering pipeline
System and method for detecting contamination using vegetation sampling
Methods for identifying ligand binding sites in a biomolecule
Herbal composition having antiallergic properties and a process for the preparation thereof
Mammalian metabolites of a tachykinin receptor antagonist
Anti-inflammatory compositions and methods of use
Semi-enclosed applicator and a cleaning composition contained therein
Fuel cell system having cool apparatus
Device for generating light signals
Light pipe, planar light source unit and reflection type liquid-crystal display device
Carburized silicon gate insulators for integrated circuits
Method of transferring ultra-thin substrates and application of the method to the manufacture of a m...
Field emission device and method of fabricating the same
Dynamic memory based on single electron storage
Formation of thin film capacitors
High refractive index aromatic-based siloxane monofunctional macromonomers
Uses of alpha adrenergic blocking agents
Process for modifying a surface
Adjustable intraocular lens
Polishing method for intraocular lens
Ocular lens materials and process for producing the same
Observation apparatus
System, method and article of manufacture for z-texture mapping
Method of configuring, controlling, and accessing a bridge and apparatus therefor
Relational text index creation and searching
Rosa plant named `Seliron`
Blackberry plant named `Driscoll Eureka`
Peach tree named `UFSun`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `TANrelcig`
Dieffenbachia plant named `Sterling`
Raspberry plant named `Driscoll Carmelina`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACeibre`
Pressure sensitive adhesive, particularly for apolar surfaces
Amine organoborane complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Light weight rubber composition containing clay
Vehicle proximity-alerting device
Heterocycle carboxamides as antiviral agents
Pedal assembly for stationary bicycle
Method and system for transferring information between a user interface and a database over a global...
Seat anchoring device
Separating machine for thinned semiconductor substrate and separation method
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric thin film device, ink jet recording head, and ink jet printer
Resistive heating element and production method
Silicon carbide precursor
Linear copolymers of fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon monomers synthesized in carbon dioxide
Circuit for changing over between receiving antennas
Method and apparatus for memory redundancy with no critical delay-path
Heat activating and thermosensitive recording for thermosensitive adhesive label
Sheet guide device in a rotary printing machine
Sheet processing machine
Two-part cylinder for a folder in a rotary printing machine
Sheet guide arrangement in a printing machine
Cylinder of a rotary printing machine
Monitoring device for printer
Capacitive probe toner level detector assembly
Cleaning device in a printing machine and printing machine with a cleaning device
Wick roller for an electrophotographic machine
Method and device for shortening the flap of paper resulting after an unsupported roll change
Apparatus and method for adjusting an air flow influencing a sheet transport in a printing machine
Device for aligning sheets of printed materials
Construction equipment
Labyrinth seal for bearing in brush mounting assembly for semiconductor wafer scrubber
Phosphors for fluorescent lamps
Pulse modulation signal generation circuit, and semiconductor laser modulation device, optical scann...
Graphical user interface for color transformation table editing that avoids reversal artifacts
Tunable superconducting resonator and methods of tuning thereof
Superconducting NMR resonators generating RF magnetic fields at the sample which are substantially p...
Superconducting magnet system
MRI antennas including electrically connected inner and outer conductors, and MRI systems including ...
Method for forming quantum dot
Polyisocyanate composition of low viscosity having a high functionality and preparation process
Determining and compensating for temporal overhead in trace record generation and processing
System and method of using partially resolved predicates for elimination of comparison instruction
Method and device for generating registration data at compilation to enable trace of stack
Method, system and software for programming reconfigurable hardware
Method and system for generating enterprise applications of a diversity of information technologies
Interactive television program guide system with title and description blocking
Externally mounted vacuum controlled actuator with position sensor control means to reduce functiona...
Choking assistance device
Canoe platform
Method for forming tube end
Reversible cutter bit
Dynamic settler
Separation of propylene from hydrocarbon mixtures
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation to produce hydrocarbons having a selected carbon numb...
Method and apparatus for accelerated catalyst poisoning and deactivation
Method and apparatus of obtaining water conditioning utilizing localized hot zone
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for error detection and channel management in a commun...
Audio control method and audio controlled device
Method and system for dynamically improving performance of speech recognition or other speech proces...
Method and apparatus for reducing RF emission levels in a portable electronic device
Secure battery latch
Modular keyboard
Multimedia system with a housing that operationally stores a plurality of multimedia modules
Intelligent signaling scheme for computer-readable medium for H.323 mobility architecture
Telephony system for conducting multimedia telephonic conferences over a packet-based network
Prioritized optimal server side bandwidth allocation in a multimedia session with push and pull sour...
Vacuum generating device
Vacuum producing device
Multiple processor computer
Mailbox assembly having a curved post
Coating having macroscopic texture and process for making same
Method and apparatus for protecting appliance memory contents
Method and a system for determination of somatic cells in milk
Method of providing preprocessed images for a plurality of internet web sites
Scripting language blocks to support multiple scripting languages in a single web page
Chip testing within a multi-chip semiconductor package
Side-to-side repeater
Apparatus and method of establishing a call using wireless and wireline integration through a teleco...
Telecommunications system
Cartesian parallel manipulators
Multichannel digital signal generation method and apparatus
Mailbox cover
Cremation urn ornament
Rolling tool crib and work bench
Creeper body
Cotton candy cart
Trash can lid
Device and method to measure and communicate body parameters
Method for reducing intraocular pressure using indole derivatives
Pacemaker having adaptive arrhythmia detection windows
Peritoneal dialysis solutions with polypeptides
Cellular-based telephone connection system
Method to inhibit the identification and retrieval of proprietary media via automated search engines...
Information presentation and management in an online trading environment
Unified message parser apparatus and system for real-time event correlation
Commercial distributed processing by personal computers over the internet
Generating combinations of offers and using action identifiers from the offers to obtain performance...
Digital data distribution system
Human .beta.TrCP protein
Fortified beverages with improved texture and flavor impact at lower dosage of solids
Variant of LAV viruses
Pharmaceutical formulations
Amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Anode for nonaqueous secondary electrochemical cells
Active material for non-aqueous secondary battery, and non-aqueous secondary battery using the same
Methods of making transition metal compounds useful as cathode active materials
Active negative material for lithium secondary battery, method of preparing the same and lithium sec...
Multiply stacked electrochemical cell and method for preparing the same
Extruded multiphase bars exhibiting artisan-crafted appearance
Rechargeable electrochemical cell
High productivity bisphenol-A catalyst
Composite body suitable for utilization as a lithium ion battery
Method of manufacturing porous cross-linked polymer sheet
Alkaline cell with improved cathode
Explosion-proof safety structure for column shape lithium battery
Rechargeable battery protection circuit with alarm unit
Nonionic surfactants
Polymerizable compositions in non-flowable forms
Biphenyl diquaternary ammonium compounds
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition in solid form comprising bis-acyl-amides
Methods for forwarding voice messages to an email account
Home networking over phone lines
Method and apparatus for audible presentation of web page content
Method and system for managing message pacing
System, method and computer program product for processing event records
Enhancement of fluid replacement in porous media through pressure modulation
Method for providing price-per-unit discounts for fuel to a customer
Supplemented antibody feed to enter the circulating system of newborns
Reducing fluid loss in a drilling fluid
Wear leveling of static areas in flash memory
Noise estimation for coupled RC interconnects in deep submicron integrated circuits
Detection and classification system for analyzing deterministic properties of data using correlation...
Ultra-low background gas-filled alpha counter
Semi-active shock absorber control system
Reduction clearing of polyester textiles
System and method for using scalable polynomials to translate a look-up table delay model into a mem...
Polarization-sensitive coupled fiber-optic biosensor
Water purifying method and apparatus
Spinning reel bail tripping device
Vectors in avian transgenesis
Rear support pet leash
Systems and methods for targeting a lesion
Modularity system for computer assisted surgery
Readily-donned elastomeric articles
Method of depositing a low K dielectric with organo silane
Shoe sole of gas-filled film with barrier layer of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer and aliphatic po...
Matt, UV stable, flame-retardant co-extruded polyester film, a method for the production thereof and...
Class of electrocatalysts and a gas diffusion electrode based thereon for fuel cells
Flanged interbody spinal fusion implants
Solid component of catalyst for the (co) polymerization of ethylene and .alpha.-olefins
Methods and apparatus for generation and distribution of surface mail objects
Whisker-mediated transformation of cotton embryogenic callus tissues and regeneration of plants ther...
Hand-held dispenser for applying a flowable correction medium on a substrate surface
Personal digital assistant/telephone combination device
Holographic privacy filter for display devices
Lightweight collapsible boat
Outfitting system for a kayak
Marine vessel for passengers, vehicular traffic or freight
Personal watercraft
Personal watercraft
Interchangeable jewelry system
Chemically processed steel sheet excellent in corrosion resistance
Soluble lubricating surface-treated stainless steel sheet with excellent shapability for fuel tank a...
Steel strip descaling apparatus and a steel strip manufacturing apparatus using the descaling appara...
Process for the production of stove-finished structural components from ageing-sensitive steel
Ultra-low carbon steel sheet
Insulative building panel with transverse fiber reinforcement
Evaluation method and apparatus for determining the time stationarity of measured physiological sign...
Retrieval and matching of color patterns based on a predetermined vocabulary and grammar
System for projecting light on a work surface to produce an image for tracing
Image search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
Apparatus and method for producing images using digitally stored dynamic background sets
Spatial filtering method for failure analysis of a device
Method for enhancing the edge contrast of a digital image independently from the texture
Method and apparatus for filtering images having insufficient tonal precision
Leadframe-based optoelectronic bidirectional transmitting and receiving module
Device for transmitting and receiving optical signals
Photodefinable composition, method of manufacturing an optical waveguide with the photodefinable com...
Organic waveguide and manufacturing method thereof and optical part using the same
Variable optical attenuator
Optical fiber locking device for fusion splicing
Multiple fiber chip clamp
Transmission device and terminal device for automatic reception/recording of broadcast programs
Apparatus and method for guiding broadcasting information of TV
Service provider side interactive program guide encoder
Video and audio streaming for multiple users
Flash device
Illumination system for computer hardware
Lighting panel for a display
Sun phantom LED traffic signal
Modularized LED illuminator
Base of an electric discharge lamp with an ignition device
Light generator for a rotatable object
System and method for providing connection between client and heterogeneous database management syst...
Automated web site creation system
System and process for managing content organized in a tag-delimited template using metadata
Quick connect/disconnect electrical connector having an extended insulating tab
Multilayered packaging materials for electrostatic applications
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Polymeric articles containing hindered amine light stabilizers based on multi-functional carbonyl co...
Filter assembly with shaped adsorbent article; and devices and methods of use
Dispenser package arrangement and methods
Automated process line
Culture dish and bioreactor system
Device and method for lumbar interbody fusion
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor dice by partially dicing the substrate and subsequent chemic...
Dicing machine
Polymer blend and fabricated article made from diverse ethylene interpolymers
Polymer blend for preparing liquid crystal alignment layer
Multiple texture compositing
Balloons made from liquid crystal polymer blends
Polymer blends that swell in an acidic environment and deswell in a basic environment
Press coated, pulsatile drug delivery system suitable for oral administration
Engineered wood-based mulch product
Method for preparing 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane
Method and system for providing cross-platform access to an internet user in a heterogeneous network...
Fuel cell reactant and cooling flow fields integrated into a single separator plate
Method and apparatus for generating hydrogen inside of a fuel cell
Fuel cell system and method of operating fuel cell system
Process for producing synthetic gas employing catalyst for reforming
Method of manufacturing synthesis gas
Process for carrying out non-adiabatic catalytic reactions
Medium and matrix for long-term proliferation of cells
Tissue formation by injecting a cell-polymeric solution that gels in vivo
Methods for fabricating a filament for use in tissue engineering
Anti-glare, anti-reflection film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device
Confectionery compositions
Multi-layer coating film-forming method
Composition and method for improving, altering, and treating teeth
Fabric softening compositions
Cosmetic composition
Articles containing enclosed compositions
Detergent bar and a process for manufacture
Methods of cleansing, moisturizing and refreshing using multiphase bars having artisan-crafted appea...
Mechanism for developing and dynamically deploying awarelets
Supporting inter-process communication through a conditional trap instruction
Treatments using venlafaxine
Undulating amusement slide
Cable winch hoisting device for stages
Method and system for reducing errors in a manufacturing process
Bicycle gear shifter having separate shift control members for cable pull and release
Toner and image forming apparatus using the same
Mechanism for forwardly and reversely feeding recording medium
Method of improving radio connection quality
Plastic lens and method for the production thereof
Safety goggles with earplugs
Production of functional proteins: balance of shear stress and gravity
Controlled removal of biological membrane by pyrotechnic charge for transmembrane transport
Medicinal compositions for treating osseous lesion in multiple myeloma
Method of and device for the compensation of variations of the main magnetic field during magnetic r...
Ultrafine composite metal particles and method for manufacturing same
Active package for integrated circuit