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Inhibition of matrix metalloproteases by substitued biaryl oxobutyric acids
Schiff base reductant co-dispense process
Bioresorbable oxidized cellulose composite material for prevention of postsurgical adhesions
Magnetic coil actuator
Animated headsets
Coated article and solar battery module
Automatic wheel-driven generating means and lighting device thereof
Rearview mirror assembly with added feature modular display
Electroluminescence display device with improved driving transistor structure
Method and apparatus for determining the location of an occupant of a vehicle
Structure for preventing wires from being damaged
Synergistic antiplaque/antigingivitis oral composition
Method and device for video compression
Dual film exposure, electronic exposure camera with electronic information editing after each exposu...
Variable bit-rate encoding device
Teletext broadcast receiving apparatus using keyword extraction and weighting
Multiple audio and video signal routing with PC compatibility
Plastic optical fiber
Optical device with a defined total device stress and method for manufacturing it
Optical waveguide circuit
Overlay for telecommunications distribution frame
Handling of optical fibres in confined or limited spaces
Vertical cable management system
Variable optical fiber attenuator device
Digital signal coding and decoding based on subbands
Scalable coding/decoding methods and apparatus for producing still image using wavelet transformatio...
Picture information processing method and apparatus and entertainment apparatus
Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image decoding method and tra...
Data medium handling apparatus and data medium handling method
Dynamic thresholding module with IR LED light source for a contact image sensor
Visual database system
Balloon kite
Leash for securing a surf craft to a limb of a person
Process for preparing .beta.-ketoester fragrance pro-accords from 1,3-dioxan-4,6-diones
Preloading rail clips in steel sleepers
Method for treating steel works dust by wet process
Hot rolled electrical steel sheet excellent in magnetic characteristics and corrosion resistance and...
Method for pickling steel products
Ball screw with alternately disposed steel balls and ceramic balls
Process for preparing colloids of particles coming from the hydrolysis of a salt of a metal cation
Decorated pearl with integrated ornamental element
Hydraulic valve arrangement
Antimicrobial composition and methods of use in the treatment of disease
Process for the preparation of a monoglyceride
Residually heated food carrier
Method for controlling defrosting in microwaven oven
Heavy-metal microwave formations and methods
Magnetron having magnetic pole pieces providing a specific magnetic flux to thickness ratio
Single chip frame buffer and graphics accelerator
Olefin polymerization chelate catalyst and olefin polymerization method using the same
System for constructing and distributing block-based fragments
Implantable myocardial ischemia detection, indication and action technology
Method for operating a magnetic resonance tomography device
Interleaved operation of MRI and electronic equipment
Apparatus and method for compensating for respiratory and patient motions during treatment
Method and apparatus for automatic generation of programs for processing data units of multiple form...
Portable corral
Portable restraint and confinement device
Magnetic connector
Fly protector
Spinning reel for fishing
Royal jelly collection frame
Fat blends with crystal modifiers
Mathematical analysis for the estimation of changes in the level of gene expression
Human thyroid protein ZSIG45
Augmented reality-based firefighter training system and method
Motor arrangement
Elapsed time clock for part call tag-based replenishment system
Ornamental bead in shape of an automobile
Methods and devices for combined ECG and PPU controlled magnetic resonance imaging
Removal of photoresist and residue from substrate using supercritical carbon dioxide process
Stabilizing rhodium catalysts for the hydroformylation of olefins
Prototype development system
Emplacement stand
Method and system for binary data firewall delivery
Transfer/transfuse member having increased durability
Method and system for check stop error handling
Zeolite ITQ-3
Process for the production of hydrocarbons with a high octane number by means of the selective dimer...
Late transition metal catalyst complexes and oligomers therefrom
Process for selective dimerization of propylene principally into branched dimers
Catalysts and processes for the conversion of aromatic hydrocarbons and uses thereof in the producti...
Aromatic alkylation process using UZM-5 and UZM-6 aluminosilicates
Semiconductor package structure having central leads and method for packaging the same
Material having the capacity of absorbing vibration
Valve apparatus for controlling hydraulic pressure for a clutch or a brake and method for controllin...
Tactiovisual distance-to-exit exit-finding system
Antibodies against analogs of brain-derived neurotrophic factor
Design, fabrication and operation of antennas for diffusive environments
Epoxy optical sheet and process for producing the same
Method for producing aryl thiols by hydrogenating diaryldisulphides
Movable self-elevating artificial work island with modular hull
Portable piling extender apparatus
Compliant porous groin and shoreline reclamation method
Tool for replacement of underground plastic pipe
Hydrostatic balancing jacket with removable ballast
Electronic money holding device and electronic money automatic payment method
Broadcasting program displaying device for receiving and displaying a program video and property inf...
Jam detector for an image fixing apparatus
Oblique incidence interferometer for removing higher-order interference fringes
Image forming apparatus using a developing liquid, developing device therefor and program recording ...
Electrical impedance tomography method and electrode arrangement for use therein
Vehicle anti-theft lock apparatus and method
Resin composition
Mammalian cytokine-like factor 7
High impedance electrode tip
Flexible catheter
Method for simulating noise on the input of a static gate and determining noise on the output
Fuel cell structure
Hybrid cameras that download electronic images with reduced metadata and methods
Method for inserting antenna diodes into an integrated circuit design
Process for BTX purification
System for generating formant tracks by modifying formants synthesized from speech units
Superabsorbent polymer
Light emitting diode (LED) device that produces white light by performing phosphor conversion on all...
Deposition and annealing of multicomponent ZrSnTi and HfSnTi oxide thin films using solventless liqu...
Pyrrolidine derivatives and processes for preparing same
Double walled bottle
Sub-macro cellular base station
Image forming apparatus and image forming head
Image forming apparatus
Developing cartridge with agitator driven to rotate independent from developing roller
Riveting system and process for forming a riveted joint
Accessing of two-terminal electronic quantum dot comprising static memory
Transmission of an electronic data base of information
Self-diagnostic circuitry for emergency lighting fixtures
Digital postage meter system having a replaceable printing unit with system software upgrade
Battery-powered communications apparatus
Deviated borehole drilling assembly
Ferritic Cr-containing steel sheet having excellent ductility, formability, and anti-ridging propert...
Thermal insulation to be inserted between two insulating structures
Particle coated bonding systems for hydratable cementitious composition casting and methods for maki...
Processes for continuously producing fine grained metal compositions and for semi-solid forming of s...
Shade determination apparatus and method for specifying and determining colors for teeth and dental ...
Polypeptide fragments capable of competition with Streptococcus mutans antigen I/II
Double-focusing mass spectrometer apparatus and methods regarding same
Compressible support column
Apparatus for generating L-band light source using optical fiber, and optical amplifier
Rocket engine with reduced thrust and stagable venting system
Breast pump
Method and system for locating a resource within a broadcasting environment
Transfer system
Method and apparatus for bus parameter optimization using probes of system configurations
Method for controlling taper pipe thread and corresponding control devices
Transgenic reduction of sinapine in crucifera
Roller vehicle for ground compaction
Heat activating and thermosensitive recording for thermosensitive adhesive label
Method and apparatus for dynamic adaptation of a large vocabulary speech recognition system and for ...
Auto attendant having natural names database library
Automated help system for reference information
Flame-proofed polyamide composition
Unique associated Kaposi's sarcoma virus sequences and uses thereof
Method for the diagnosis of brain/neurological disease using monoclonal antibodies specific for PHF-...
Melanoma associated antigenic polypeptide, epitopes thereof and vaccines against melanoma
Nucleotide sequence encoding a mammary cell growth inhibitor
cDNAs coding for human proteins having transmembrane domains
Ultraviolet-ray irradiation apparatus for sterilization of a liquid or sludgy substance
Batch dispensing system for fluids
Product and process to regulate actin polymerization in T lymphocytes
Composition for the detection of signaling pathway gene expression
Method for treating atherosclerosis or restenosis using microtubule stabilizing agent
Extendable and retractable lead having a snap-fit terminal connector
Burial vault
Superconductor-based processing
Disposable surface wipe article having a waste contamination sensor
Dental composition and method
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly...
Transition metal compound, catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for olefin polymer...
Dispersants prepared from high polydispersity olefin polymers
System, method, and article of manufacture for a polymorphic exception handler in environment servic...
Shock reducing structure
Bilayered collagen construct
System and method for providing television services
Apparatus for entertainment and education and method of use
Gradient coil arrangement comprising dampening of inner mechanical vibrations
Electronic candy and oil thermometer
Method for presenting thrombosis and hemostasis assay data
DNA sequences which lead to the formation of polyfructans (levans), plasmids containing these sequen...
Tip for a suction device
System for the noninvasive estimation of relative age
Preparation of carvone
Easily decontaminated MRI endocavity coils
Method and apparatus for cluster system operation
Vehicle position recognizing system
Loading microcolums for the separation of analytes from a sample in the millisecond time scale
Process for preparing halogenated hydrocarbons
Method for manufacturing of silica sols
Lipstick case with mirror
Detergent injection systems for carbon dioxide cleaning apparatus
Copolymer for cosmetics
Use of colostrinin, constituent peptides thereof, and analogs thereof, as oxidative stress regulator...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Icon`
Polemonium plant named `Snow and Sapphires`
Scabiosa plant named `Walminipink`
Nectarine tree named `Burnectfive`
Grapevine cv. `Sugratwentyone`
Tiarella plant named `Pink Pearls`
Scabiosa plant named `Walminiblue`
Formulations for the prevention or the treatment of diseases affecting mucosae or skin, or for pregn...
Replication defective HIV vaccine
Method for detecting oxidized forms of soluble guanylate cyclase
Anti-viral composition
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibito...
Organosilicon compounds
Unified analog/digital waveform software analysis tool with video and audio signal analysis methods
Methods of preparing carbohydrate crosslinked glycoprotein crystals
Thermal printer
Log divider
Method and apparatus for performing binary translation method and apparatus for performing binary tr...
System for recovering motor function after spinal cord injury
Magnetic powder and isotropic bonded magnet
Valve means
Dry extract which is rich in isoflavones in the form of aglycones and process for preparing the same
Determination of frequency of timer ticks
Method for the improvement of islet signaling in diabetes mellitus and for its prevention
Pharmaceutical composition for neurotrophic action
Unsaturated hydroximic acid derivatives as per abstract inhibitors
Substituted 2-aminoacetamides and the use thereof
Preventive or therapeutic drugs for fibrosis containing chymase inhibitors as the active ingredient
Methods and compositions useful for inhibition of angiogenesis
Tapping tool
Revolving deck for earthmoving machinery
Civilian--military--aviation time conversion device
Method and apparatus for antialiasing using a non-uniform pixel sampling pattern
Security between client and server in a computer network
Method and apparatus for application of proximity correction with unitary segmentation
Advanced NOX reduction for boilers
Method of making non-linear optical polymer
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium secondary battery adopting the same
Memory address decode array with vertical transistors
Substrate for photoelectric conversion device, and photoelectric conversion device using the same
Soft touch TPO compositions comprising polypropylene and low crystalline ethylene copolymers
Method and apparatus for preparing an acellular red blood cell substitute
Method for selecting a cylinder group when adjusting a frequency of air/fuel ratio oscillations
Fuel injection system
Laser-diode-pumped laser apparatus in which Pr3+-doped laser medium is pumped with GaN-based compoun...
Sarracenia pitcher plant named `Redbug`
Portion of a shoe upper
Systems and methods for using locks with computer resources
Mesoporous composite gels an aerogels
Heuchera plant named `Canyon Belle`
Ball bat
Torque ripple free electric power steering
Weights and sinkers
Muzzle brake vibration absorber
Electric actuated explosion detonator
Flameless tracer ammunition
Laminated armor
Electrical connection arrangement for a magnetic head of a floppy disk drive
Remedies for diseases caused by insulin resistance
Monolithic inductor
Oral/nasal cannula
Low dielectric-constant dielectric for etchstop in dual damascene backend of integrated circuits
Display system
Electromagnetic wave radar device mounted on a car
.beta.-amino acid derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and TNF-.alpha.
Distal protection device and method
Polynucleotide and polypeptide sequence of rabbit G-protein alpha 16
Parameter editing method and semiconductor exposure system
Polycarbonate resin blends containing titanium dioxide
Power circuit breaker having molded insulative casing with a dead front
Tilting pad thrust bearing arrangement
Bioresorbable compositions of carboxypolysaccharide polyether intermacromolecular complexes and meth...
Modular, compliant, sealing bearing assembly
Self-sealing flexible metal hose
Head bowl set of bicycle and the like
Suspension and drive mechanism for a multi-surface vehicle
Plain bearing
Sealing device for a flanged bearing
Constant velocity fixed joint with cross-groove tracks
Performance sensor ring with reduced mass
Personalizing patterns for footwear soles
Vehicle traction control system and method
Piezoelectric transformer, driver circuit incorporating the piezoelectric transformer, and liquid cr...
Staple fibers produced by a bulked continuous filament process and fiber clusters made from such fib...
Liquid crystalline polymer composition
Method for manufacturing alkali metal or alkaline-earth metal formate
Method for corrugating a metal foil and packages of such foil
Infrared thermographic screening technique for semiconductor-based chemical sensors
Ink jet printing method
Environmental barrier material for organic light emitting device and method of making
Ink jet recording element
Locating positions on maps
Container with automatically controlled discharge for continuous metering of liquid flow
Adjustable voltage boundary scan adapter for emulation and test
Dual driving unit for a magnetic head carriage assembly and magnetic disk drive
Packaging of nozzle for pressurized dispensing containers
Treatment of chemical hydrolysates
Magnetoresistor die composed of two reference mangetoresistors and a linear displacement sensing mag...
Method and apparatus for transmitting data from a plurality of users in a multi-tone modem communica...
Apparatus, method and system of liquid-based, wide range, fast response temperature control of elect...
Central processing unit method and apparatus for extending general instructions with extension data ...
Optical fiber ribbon with pigmented matrix material and processes for making same
Handling variable delay in objective speech quality assessment
Anti-wrinkle preparation and method of reducing wrinkles in facial skin and neck
Recovery of lithium compounds from brines
Display tile structure using organic light emitting materials
Alignment mark set and method of measuring alignment accuracy
Printable tag with integral fastener
Drilling, image, and coal-bed methane production ahead of mining
Coated superelastic stent
Hollow medical wires and methods of constructing same
Gelatinous compositions formed from hydroxyaluminoxane, solid compositions formed therefrom, and the...
Polypropylene resin composition with tapered triblock copolymer
Process and arrangement for selective network monitoring for switchgear
Lock mechanism for lift
Use of inter-polyelectrolyte complexes as charge control agents
Branching of polyamides with esters of carbonic acid
Hay feeding case
Apparatus and method for evaluating semiconductor structures and devices
Method for manufacturing circuit component
Radar system and method including superresolution raid counting
Structural attachment system and method for a vehicle
Objective lens for optical recording media and optical pickup apparatus using the same
Method of making stripped porous polymer films
Three-dimensional micro-coils in planar substrates
Method for continuously monitoring and controlling the monomer conversion during emulsion polymeriza...
Method and apparatus for improved delivery of input reactants to a fuel cell assembly
Oxygen production process
Power circuit switch
Free form capacitor
Bioresorbable compositions of carboxypolysaccharide polyether intermacromolecular complexes and meth...
Record and verification method and system for radiation therapy
Methods, systems and computer program products for copying between templates having associated field...
Radioactive decontamination and translocation method
Method for making tissue sheets on a modified conventional wet-pressed machine
Sodium-xenon lamp with improved characteristics at end-of-life
Method for preparing a filter for removal of leucoclytes coated with chitosan
Supported sulfur compositions and the preparation and use thereof
Carbon dioxide recovery at high pressure
Diamond growth
Cathode material for a lithium secondary battery and method for manufacturing same
Cosmetic and skin protective compositions
Hyperbranched polymeric micelles for encapsulation and delivery of hydrophobic molecules
Disposable urine collector
Fiber-reactive polymeric dyes
Dye fixatives
Deodorizing preparations
Toner binder for electrophotography and toner for electrophotography
Rubber-erasable aqueous ink for writing material composition and writing materials using the same
Water resistance imparter, ink composition, reactive fluid, and method of ink-jet recording with two...
Unsaturated nitrile-conjugated diene-typed rubber, rubber composition and process for the production...
Arrayed waveguide grating
Semiconductor nonlinear waveguide and optical switch
Low pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamp with electrode shield mounted on current supply conductors
Nucleic acid transfer system
Method and apparatus for optimization of servo parameter values in a data storage device
Process for the production of hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide
Alarm upon detection of impending sleep state
Conformable composite structural member and method therefor
Job-based accounting method and apparatus for image processing
Static charge controlling system and a reproduction machine having same
Polythiophene filled xerographic component coatings
Method and apparatus for producing a solid actuator and medium storing a program for controlling the...
Microsensor arrays and method of using same for detecting analytes
Anthurium andreanum plant named `Antnerom`
Apparatus for measuring the distance between a mobile station and a base station in a mobile radioco...
Radio reception apparatus and method for detecting reception timing
Process for treating a workpiece with hydrofluoric acid and ozone
Method for inserting test circuit and method for converting test data
Twisting-cylinder display
Antireflection article of manufacture
Conversion of solar energy
Method and apparatus for switching signals of multiple different communication protocols
System and method of computer tomography imaging using a cerium doped lutetium orthosilicate scintil...
Apparatus and method for information retrieval, and storage medium storing program therefor
Heel cushion
Removable marine gearcase plate
Anisotropically electroconductive adhesive and a ladder filter using the same
Method and system for servicing cache line in response to partial cache line request
Synchronous memory sharing based on cycle stealing
Prioritized bus request scheduling mechanism for processing devices
Multiple mode memory module
Panel stiffeners for blow-molded plastic containers
Situ soil sampling probe system with heated transfer line
Process for making ABS polymeric blends
Method of making polycarbonates
Computer method and apparatus for creating visible graphics by using a graph algebra
Dyeable fluoropolymer fibers and films
Multilayer optical bodies
Thinning and dicing of semiconductor wafers using dry etch, and obtaining semiconductor chips with r...
Dicing method
Monoclonal antibodies that recognize antigens associated with tumor metastasis
Methods of identifying agents that modulate the binding between MDC and an MDC receptor
Method of handling reagents in a random access protocol
Substituted indole sulfonamides as anitviral agents
Prevention of apoptosis in non-cancerous cells
Broad range light detection system
Giant magnetoresistive sensor with a CrMnPt pinning layer and a NiFeCr seed layer
Bearing apparatus for wheel
Rapidly disintegrating and fast-dissolving solid dosage form
Enhanced dye durability through controlled dye environment
Antisense modulation of MEKK3 expression
Poly(meth)acrylate plastisols
Ferroelectric data processing device
Pyrido[2,3-D]pyrimidines and 4-aminopyrimidines as inhibitors of cellular proliferation
Method and system for assigning labels to data flows over a packet switched network
Methods of targeting a chromosomal gene sequence in a eukaryotic cell
Rotor blade with optimized twist distribution
Wafer inspection device and wafer inspection method
Stratified scavenging two-stroke cycle engine
Universal flange joint for attaching
Combination toothbrush holder and dental floss dispenser
Real time multiple simulated targets generator for mono pulse radar
Probe for skin high frequency treatment
Intraocular lens insertion instrument
Method for coagulating plastics dispersions using a device with shearing elements
Fuel cell system and method for controlling operating pressure thereof
Micro-machined tunable delay line
Apparatus and method for indicating the location of a field of view for a vision system
Heat dissipation in electrical apparatus
Memory device
Assembly and method for reorganizing planar lightwave circuit channels
Transmit power control circuit
Rejuvenating SAPO molecular sieve with anhydrous liquid or vapor
Coating of a hydrophobic polymer substrate with a nonstoichiometric polyelectrolyte complex
Interactive talking dolls
Engine with two cylinder banks each with a valve operating device enabling variation of valve timing...
Variable valve control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
System and method for implementing intelligent online community message board
Polymer having a hydrophilic backbone and hydrophobic moieties as soil suspending agent in powder de...
System and method for controlling a vapor dryer process
Process for the isolation, recovery and purification of non-polar extractives
Expandable space frame
Recombinant phages
Herbicide combination with acylated aminophenylsulfonylureas
Alkali or alkaline earth metal of n-butyric acid for treatment of cognitive and emotional conditions
Anti-theft case, particularly for compact disks, video cassettes, music assettes and the like
Data encryption and signal scrambling using programmable data conversion arrays
Prompt coupon reimbursement after coupon redemption
Selective proxy approach to filling-in forms embedded in distributed electronic documents
Method and apparatus for data item movement between disparate sources and hierarchical, object-orien...
Receiver having DC offset decreasing function and communication system using the same
Structure and method for fabricating an electro-optic system having an electrochromic diffraction gr...
Capacitor having perovskite series dielectric film containing copper and manufacturing method thereo...
Alkoxylated silicone carboxylate--amido cationic complexes used in personal care applications
Automatic pilot system for model aircraft
Data item evaluation based on the combination of multiple factors
Interactive toy
Digital signature method
Awning for a recreational boat including a sliding window
Interior automotive trim member having improved scratch resistance and a method of making the same
Customizable web-based training system
Apple-shaped cap
Bearing apparatus
Plasma display device
Successive-approximation analog-digital converter and related operating method
Character image layout method and device
Semiconductor memory device
Heat shock genes and proteins from Neisseria meningitidis, Candida glabrata and Aspergillus fumigatu...
Method of dry etching PZT capacitor stack to form high-density ferroelectric memory devices
Peach tree named `Burpeachseven`
Apparatus and method for interpreting and intelligently managing electronic messages
Interconnection system
Thermal protection system especially for space vehicles
Surfactant, and an emulsion-type cosmetic composition and a lipsome containing said surfactant
Resorbable matrices for delivery of bioactive compounds
Oil absorption retarder
Database method and apparatus using hierarchical bit vector index structure
Shoe with external torsion stability element
Color liquid crystal display device wherein the color polarizer having wavelength dependence of the ...
Outboard engine unit
Surface acoustic wave filter with optimized width and pitch of interdigital electrodes and reflector...
Compact camera
Automatic focusing apparatus
Flash photography system
System and method for batching data between link and transport layers in a protocol stack
Method for reducing ringing in nuclear magnetic resonance well logging instruments
Method and apparatus for preventing artifacts due to magnetic field outside of field of view
Implant coating for control of tissue/implant interactions
Sample presentation apparatus for mass spectrometry
Barbituric acid derivative and preventive and therapeutic agent for bone and cartilage containing th...
Prostaglandin agonists and their use to treat bone disorders
Channel allocation using enhanced pathloss estimates
Method for forming a patterned semiconductor film
Hairstyling composition comprising a polymer with particular characteristics and a non-ionic polymer
Process for limiting the penetration into the skin and/or the keratinous fibres of an active cosmeti...
Temperature insensitive one-phase microemulsions
Skin lightening compositions
Membrane delivery system
Method of bleaching cereal grain
Ceramer composition and composite comprising free radically curable fluorochemical component
Single-shot entry code for software state transition
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Disk drive isolation mount
Vortex attractor
Intest security circuit for boundary-scan architecture
Static branch prediction mechanism for conditional branch instructions
Method of dynamically changing the lowest sleeping state in ACPI
Usage of redundancy data for displaying failure bit maps for semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for random stimulus generation
Control of multiple computer processes using a mutual exclusion primitive ordering mechanism
Coatings and soaks for medical prosthetic devices comprising taurinamide derivatives and carboxylic ...
Mutual crosstalk elimination in medical systems using radiator coils and magnetic fields
Catheter based probe and method of using same for detecting chemical analytes
Synchronizing property changes to enable multiple control options
Rotating element sheet material with generalized containment structure
Breathing mask stowage box
Inertial spring latch assembly in a disc drive
Connector and support system for a touchpad keyboard for use with portable electronic appliances
Double etalon optical wavelength reference device
Optical connector for connecting a plurality of light sources to a plurality of light sinks
Telecommunication device
Wood based composite decking panel
Method of forming insulating material alignment posts associated with active device structures
Single-mode fiber ring laser
Wavelength stabilized light source
Multi-port fiber optic device with v-groove ferrule
Operator controlled multilingual doll
Iterated soft-decision decoding of block codes
Neural transplantation using proliferated multipotent neural stem cells and their progeny
Master/slave architecture for a distributed chat application in a bandwidth constrained network
Method and apparatus for using fibre channel test extended link service commands for interprocess co...
Processing data transmission jobs to destinations in batch or not depending on specified transmissio...
Interface apparatus and method, and image output apparatus having interface apparatus
Client/server computing for transaction processing with superior coordinator optimization
Method and apparatus capable of performing information providing operation with information security...
Job processing system using job designation sheet
Digital copying apparatus
System and method for the dynamic thresholding of grayscale image data
Ultraviolet laser apparatus and gas for ultraviolet laser
Identification tag
Self-closing manual dispenser
Toothbrush with bristle configuration adapted for cleaning tooth surfaces and interproximal areas
Multi-user touch surface
Process of manufacturing a wet-laid veil
Variable capacitor
Method for processing a biological fluid
System and method for whitening teeth
Hydrolysable hydrogels for controlled release
Method of preparing a carbamate- or urea-functional compound
Fuel cell power system, method of distributing power, and method of operating a fuel cell power syst...
Thermistor and method of manufacture
Radio frequency receiving circuit having a passive monopulse comparator
Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
Fiber optic monitor using interferometry for detecting vital signs of a patient
Electrode configuration for extreme-UV electrical discharge source
Dialer programming and device with integrated printing process
Devices and methods for controlled manual and automatic firearm operation
Bristlelines: a visualization for discovery relationships between sorted web documents and their usa...
Method for electrolyte injection
Olefin oxidation catalyst and process for its production
Method and system for ablating surfaces with partially overlapping craters having consistent curvatu...
Optical pulse propagation
Maskless, microlens EUV lithography system
Narrow band excimer or molecular fluorine laser with adjustable bandwidth
Bioresorbable compositions of carboxypolysaccharide polyether intermacromolecular complexes and meth...
Controlling internal thermal oxidation and eliminating deep divots in SIMOX by chlorine-based anneal...
System for sequencing traffic
Navigation apparatus, navigation method and information recording medium containing navigation progr...
Method for multimedia-supported navigation and navigational device
Method and system for enabling automatic vehicle routing
Apparatus and method for deactivating electronic article surveillance in a retail self-checkout term...
Use of 1-propanone-1-(2,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-3-hydroxy-3-(4'-hydroxyphenyl) as an anticarcinogenic age...
Sterol glycosyl transferases
CRT display device to suppress electromagnetic radiation therefrom
Compact camera with improved collapsible housing
Method and an apparatus for determining the pathloss between a base transceiver station and a mobile...
Lamp assembly incorporating optical feedback
Cruise missile deployed sonar buoy
Toy car camera system and rear vision mirrors
Polymer and macromolecular solid electrolyte containing the same
Synthesis of hydrothermally stable metal incorporated mesoporous molecular sieve of MCM-41 type
Cyclic amine compounds and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Symbol-display system
Steer head roping training apparatus
Game machine notifying formation of a specific prize mode
Video game system with data transmitting/receiving controller
Method of manufacturing a mask for team games
Game pad
Boat with hideable bow seating area
Gripper for parts having different shape in surface mount device
Fungicidal mixtures
Vibration compensation for sensors
Optical sensors for rapid, sensitive detection and quantitation of bacterial spores
Color-developing agent, silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and image-forming method
Semiconductor thin film and semiconductor device
Electro-optical device and electronic equipment
Display panel
Voltage generation circuit and display unit comprising voltage generation circuit
Driving circuit for display device and liquid crystal display device
Surface treatment on solgel coated substrate to improve glide height performance
Coating compositions and method for the surface protection of plastic substrate
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Air gap semiconductor structure and method of manufacture
Apparatus and method of forming preferred orientation-controlled platinum film using oxygen
High temperature glaze for metal halide arctubes
Dual-tuning microwave devices using ferroelectric/ferrite layers
Slurries of abrasive inorganic oxide particles and method for adjusting the abrasiveness of the part...
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a vehicle cross car beam or other structural, functional arti...
Seat belt buckle engagement detector and seat belt system
Apparatus for determining steer angle of a motor vehicle
Use of an echo canceller for the detection of CAS signals
Multichannel echo canceller with a compander
CID message retrieval methods and devices
Sending dialed number
Method and system for distribution of stand-by electric power
Method for meniscus coating with liquid carbon dioxide
Resilient cushion composition
Battery exchange apparatus
Methods and apparatus for displaying a travel route and/or generating a list of places of interest l...
Systems and methods for determining energy experienced by a user and associated with activity
System and method for determining loft time, speed, height and distance
Using hyperbolic trees to visualize data generated by patent-centric and group-oriented data process...
Indication optical system within finder
Chrysanthemum plant named `Resomee`
Amide derivatives for the treatment of diseases mediated by cytokines
Trading cards for an investment game, and game and method thereof
Method for making holographic foil
Cosmetic hair care preparations
Airbag system and method for facilitating emergency egress from an aircraft
Vehicle transmission control apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining a longest prefix match in a segmented content addressable memor...
Skating and other apparatus
Electro-optical device and projection display device including the same
Plasma processing apparatus provided with microwave applicator having annular waveguide and processi...
Micromachined optomechanical switches
Device for detecting activation movement for laser gyroscope
Interactive talking dolls
Interrupt handler with prioritized interrupt vector generator
Feedback cancellation improvements
Flow control for electro-hydraulic systems
Vehicle operator advisor system and method
Device and method for stabilizing a combination of a tractor vehicle and at least one semitrailer or...
Memory management for use with burst mode
Processor with instruction qualifiers to control MMU operation
Fixing device with reduced power consumption and shortened warm-up time
Device for pressing a side wall in installation for continuous casting of metal strips between two d...
Method for selecting objects to be cached, method for discarding cached objects, and computer
System and method for analyzing temporal expressions
Method of using decoupled chain of responsibility
Data storage unit having plural removable magazines
Method of controlling a network element using a service profile and apparatus of the same
System and method for synchronizing data mirrored by storage subsystems
Information transmission method and device
Light manifold assembly
Head lamp apparatus for vehicle
Headlight or light
Structural truss system with adjustable mechanical mounting track and internal conduit accessible fr...
Diffuse reflective articles
Lamp thermal control by directed air flow
Panel light source device
Video bitstream error resilient transcoder, method, video-phone, video-communicator and device
Panel detector pixel replacement method and apparatus
System and method for activating uniform network resource locators displayed in a media broadcast
Adaptive feedback control method for polarization mode dispersion or chromatic dispersion compensati...
Dispersion-compensating fiber having a high relative dispersion slope
High-attenuation fiber with cladding mode suppression for all-fiber optical attenuator
Waveguide optical device and method of fabricating the same
Connector cable for connecting between an optical cable and multiple devices
FBG stretching mechanism with integrated thermal compensation
Positioning device especially for assembling optical components
Method, system, and product for analyzing a digitized image of an array to create an image of a grid...
Apparatus for authenticating products and authorizing processes using the magnetic properties of a m...
Method and device for control and compatible delivery of digitally compressed visual data in a heter...
Methods and devices for processing data and notably for compressing and decompressing images
Method and apparatus for differential illumination image-capturing and defect handling
Image scaling using pattern matching to select among scaling algorithms
Automatic access to an automobile via biometrics
Efficient multi-slice acquisition with black blood contrast
Multi-polar electrode arrangement
Method for marking steel and aluminum alloys
Open gutter strainer (OGS)
Endoscope system
Calibration of an instrument
Intrabody measurement
Hay bale container
Method of monitoring animal feeding behavior
Turmeric-containing cooking oils and fats
Methods for producing transgenic pigs by microinjecting a blastomere
Method for measurement of physical characteristics of crystals
Methods for detecting mutations using primer extension for detecting disease
Synergistic combination comprising roflumilast and a pde-3 inhibitor
Integrated wireless broadband communications network
Epimorphin antagonist and process for producing it
Method and device for improving the efficiency of a postage meter
Method and system for controlling bidding in electronic auctions using bidder-specific bid limitatio...
Electronic payment device using unbalanced binary tree and the method of the same
Syringe guide and vial holder
Method and apparatus for facilitating information security policy control on a per security engine u...
Micro-retarder plate
Breathing masks box for emergency equipment
Animal collar with integral identification holders
Pressure swing adsorption process
Catalytic trap with potassium component and method of using the same
Desalination using positively buoyant or negatively buoyant/assisted buoyancy hydrate
Method for prolonging the effectiveness of a pyrolytic cracking tube treated for the inhibition of c...
Conversion of C1-C3 alkanes and fischer-tropsch products to normal alpha olefins and other liquid hy...
Thin film capacitance device and printed circuit board
Systems and methods for improving emotional awareness and self-mastery
Method of estimating performance of integrated circuit designs
Multilayer skin or dermal equivalent having a layer containing mesenchymal stem cells
Labeling system and method
Proton motive force toothbrush
Regional programming in a direct broadcast satellite
Plasminogen activator as an anti-inflammatory agent
Foamlike mineral building and structural material as well as a method of producing a mineral foam an...
Apparatus and method for reducing impact-induced shock and vibration in a portable computer
Structural recycled plastic lumber
Method of remineralizing teeth
Polyesters having a controlled melting point and fibers formed therefrom
Method for producing acrylic acid
Direct methanol fuel cell including integrated flow field and method of fabrication
Structural member for composite assembly device and method for erosion control and sediment retentio...
Drainage system with membrane cover and method for covering wastewater reservoir
Reduction of soil contamination
Method and apparatus for treating waste water
Flat plate and light guide plate
Silver halide light sensitive emulsion layer having enhanced photographic sensitivity
Ultrastable zeolite Y-containing hydrogenation catalyst and process for hydrogenating aromatic and/o...
Orthogonal ion sampling for APCI mass spectrometry
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Color image forming apparatus with separate housings for image forming units
Computer and recording medium including a thread management program for limiting threads
Method of producing electrode for non-aqueous electrolytic cells including a narrow-gap dispersing p...
Vacuum switch and vacuum switchgear using the same
Script character processing method and system
Method and system for adaptive network security using intelligent packet analysis
Method for implementing an associative memory based on a digital trie structure
Single-site catalysts containing chelating N-oxide ligands
Method and apparatus for playing a quiz game
Lease renewal service
Lubricating grease composition and preparation
Control and observation of physical devices, equipment and processes by multiple users over computer...
Electrolyte treatment for aluminum reduction
Extrusion of synthetic wood material using thermoplastic material in powder form
Apparatus and method for substantially stress-free electrical connection to a liquid crystal display
Transceiver for selecting a source coder based on signal distortion estimate
System using programmable processor for selectively enabling or disabling power to adapter in respon...
Magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) cross-point array with reduced parasitic effects
Circuit for generating timing of reference plate line in nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and...
Even nucleation between silicon and oxide surfaces for thin silicon nitride film growth
Media coding for loss recovery with remotely predicted data units
Communication apparatus and method
System and method for tracking objects by fusing results of multiple sensing modalities
Scoring apparatus for simulated combat
Generator control system to accommodate a decrease in a power grid voltage
Methods and apparatus for populating a network cache
Method and apparatus for extracting first failure and attendant operating information from computer ...
Performance of data stream touch events
Method of assigning integrated circuit I/O signals in an integrated circuit package
Computer aided design flow to locate grounded fill in a large scale integrated circuit
Biological method for the production of adipic acid and intermediates
Adeno-associated virus capsid immunologic determinants
Nucleic acid-immobilized substrate
Germplasm containing an identifier nucleotide sequence and method for identifying germplasm
Digital imaging system for assays in well plates, gels and blots
Underwater high speed projectile speed sensing device
Aerosol cleaning composition containing an organic acid and a spore forming microbial composition
Method and system for development of a knowledge base system
Method and system to answer a natural-language question
Material distribution vessel and method for distributing material recovered in a dredging operation
Pneumatic tire having tread made of foamed rubber composition
Triode ion pump
System for the three-dimensional display of wireless communication system performance
Multipurpose console
Amusement device
Electronic device and shield
Input position detection device and entertainment system using the same
System software architecture for a passenger entertainment system, method and article of manufacture
Zoom finder device
Means used to allow driver software to select most appropriate execution context dynamically
Sun visor having an electro-luminescent film for illuminating a mirror
Polystyrene nanocomposite optical plastic article and method of making same
Contrast media for angiography
Member preference control of an environment
Dual action spoiler with CAM actuated tips
Electronic commerce system for referencing remote commerce sites at a local commerce site
Air-circulation enhancer for use with a clothes washing machine
Vacuum cleaner with attached accessories
Tabletop refuse container
Trash can
Wastebasket hold down attachment
Griddle layout for portable cart
Jack stand
Evaluation of biofilms and the effects of biocides thereon
Method and apparatus for rapidly estimating the doppler-error and other receiver frequency errors of...
Methods and apparatus for bonding deformable materials having low deformation temperatures
Portable computer and method for mounting a flat panel display device thereon
Gas sensor
Optical configuration for a dynamic gain equalizer and a configurable add/drop multiplexer
Tunable optical fiber bragg and long period grating
Musical hula hoop
Oil-and-fat feedstock for production of cream and low-oil cream composition
Whey protein and carrageenan heat-set gels
Rapid method for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Extended release growth promoting two component composition
Cyclic regimens using quinazolinone and benzoxazine derivatives
Individually packaged absorbent article
Low viscosity thermoplastic compositions for structures with enhanced moisture vapor permeability an...
Disposable absorbent article with a skin care composition on an apertured top sheet
Process for producing electrostatically coated non-particulate detergent product
Methods of treatment for cancer or viral infections
Production and use of improved polyimide separation membranes
Biometric security encryption system
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Image forming with light and dark hue toners
Creepless snap acting bimetallic switch having step adjacent its bimetallic element
Method for provisioning communications devices and system for provisioning same
Method for supplying rolling oil for cold rolling
Method for processing aluminum spent potliner in a graphite electrode ARC furnace
Method and apparatus for a non-oil-filled towed array with a novel hydrophone design and uniform buo...
Roof support arrangement for mining apparatus and roof bolting equipment
Method and apparatus for secure distribution of information recorded of fixed media
Method and apparatus for centralized processing of oilfield or waterfield engineering data for desig...
Arrangement in a subscriber line interface circuit
Resorbable calcium phosphate-based bio-compound particles and the manufacturing procedure thereof
Skin perfusion evaluation apparatus
Graft fixation device combination
Ionically crosslinked hydrogels with adjustable gelation time
System for hydrogen generation through steam reforming of hydrocarbons and integrated chemical react...
Controlled air injection for a fuel cell system
Electroconversion cell
Acylated aminophenylsulfonylureas, processes for their preparation and their use as herbicides and p...
Testis specific glycoprotein zpep10
Tumor necrosis factor antibodies
Immunization-free methods for treating antigen-stimulated inflammation in a mammalian host and shift...
Low molecular weight cell, bone marrow and immune stimulants
Graft polymer and moulded medical articles employing this
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human carbonate transporter proteins, and uses thereof
Morphogen treatment for chronic renal failure
Burial columbarium
Video and/or audio data recording and/or reproduction apparatus
Correction tape applicator
Uniform heat trace and secondary containment for delivery lines for processing system
Process and apparatus for monitoring a physical condition of a hose
Direct synthesis of segmented glycolide copolymers and crystalline materials therefrom
Adhesive blends comprising hydrophilic and hydrophobic pressure sensitive adhesives
Method and apparatus for debugging an integrated circuit
System and method for simulating air mode and ground mode of an airplane
Apex to base cochlear implant electrode
Methods and systems for providing information about programs available for viewing
Biofeedback device for an incontinent person
2-deoxy-isoguanosines isosteric analogues and isoguanosine derivatives as well as their synthesis
Optoacoustic monitoring of blood oxygenation
Excitatory amino acid receptor modulators
Burn rack dynamic virtual local area network
2,3-olefinic epothilone derivatives
Method for controlling a transfer case which utilizes a proportional and an integral control compone...
Silicon germanium crystal
Cosmetic stick container and method of producing cosmetic stick in such cosmetic stick container
Stable cosmetic emulsion with polyamide gelling agent
Gladiolus hybrid plant `Brick Beauty`
Gladiolus hybrid plant named `Palampur Queen`
Verbena plant named `Lobena`
Phlox plant named `Cotton Candy`
Aechmea plant named `Del Mar`
Penstemon plant named `Pink Chablis`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Keihatakaho`
Instruction fetch unit aligner for a non-power of two size VLIW instruction
Methods for treatment of HIV and other infections using A T cell or viral activator and anti-retrovi...
Methods of treatment of disease using adsorbent carriers
Lentiviral vectors
Method for induction of L-selectin shedding
Antiretroviral compounds and compositions
Disulfone reagents and methods of preparing and using same
Wireless battery charging system for existing hearing aids using a dynamic battery and a charging pr...
Multi-layer optical recording media and system for recording and reproducing information data
Common flight deck module for family of commercial aircraft
Device and method for automatically milking cows
Method and apparatus for securing software distributed over a network
Method for inspecting wireharness
Transverse flux induction heating device with magnetic circuit of variable width
Rotary actuator with cushion mechanism
Method of monitoring the diameter of columns made by injection
Automatically storing and presenting digital images using a speech-based command language
Reversible load-time dynamic linking
HPLC apparatus for fractioning and preparing sample for NMR spectrometry and method of changing mobi...
Method for sequencing reaction cleanup by constant pressure diffential ultrafiltration
Machine-independent memory management system within a run-time environment
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido bicyclic heteroaryl hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloprote...
Cyclamine sulfonamides as .beta.-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Oxazole derivatives, their production and use
Mitochondria protecting agents for treating mitochondria associated diseases
Treatment for complications of type 2 diabetes
Use of compounds for the elevation of pyruvate dehydrogenase activity
Applications for non-volatile memory cells
Endmill and cutting method
Oxidation resistant coatings for molybdenum silicide-based composite articles
Reaction test
Methods, apparatus and computer program products that perform layout versus schematic comparison of ...
Circuit arrangement for the supply of an electrical coil with a predetermined operating current
Cultures of human CNS neural stem cells
Management of memory heap space for data files accessible to programs operating in different address...
Method for the oxidation of aldehydes, hemiacetals and primary alcohols
Dimensioning of a superconducting shim device in a superconducting magnet arrangement
Driver of a magnetic-field sending antenna with RLC circuit
Distributed capacitance inserts for NMR probes
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging coil arrays with separable imaging coil elements
rf shielding method and apparatus
Phosphinite-oxazolines and metal complexes thereof
Method for appraising the condition of a semiconductor polishing cloth
Folding three dimensional construction
Holder for a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, spray or the like
Wireless network
Method for assisting in differential diagnosis and treatment of autistic syndromes
Device for detecting membrane leaks in a diaphragm pump
Heating element for a slow cooker
Particulate bleach activators based on acetonitriles
Optical recording medium having a land height ratio
Method of promoting production of living tissue equivalents
Parallel kinematics mechanism with a concentric sperical joint
Low temperature non-crystallizing liquid xylitol compositions and co-hydrogenation processes for mak...
Electrostatically focused addressable field emission array chips (AFEA's) for high-speed massively p...
Dishwashing compositions containing alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants
Damping material, damping method and disc drive
Semiconductor devices
Thermally degradable epoxy underfills for flip-chip applications
Platinum-ruthenium-palladium alloys for use as a fuel cell catalyst
System for supplying power to a load connected to a distribution network
Methods and compositions for treating conditions of the central and peripheral nervous systems using...
Synergistic tumorcidal response induced by histamine
Method for calibrating mass spectrometers
Drug screening and diagnosis based on paracrine tubular renin-angiotensin system
Method for reducing inflammation and inducing an analgesic effect and compounds thereof
Bicyclic amino derivatives and PGD2 antagonist containing the same
Hermetically sealed feedthrough connector using shape memory alloy for implantable medical device
Secure electronic mail system
Method for verification of crosstalk noise in a CMOS design
Methods of preparing a microporous article
Current source and display device using the same
Digital data authentication method
Implantable medical device employing integral housing for a formable flat battery
Direct epoxidation process using a mixed catalyst system
High-voltage switching device having at least two-series-connected vacuum interrupters, and a method...
Pneumatic snap pilot
Licensing java objects
Catalyst comprising an element from groups 8, 9 or 10 with good accessibility, and its use in a para...
Sonodynamic therapy using an ultrasound sensitizer compound
Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
Field emission display including a resistor
Group III nitride photonic devices on silicon carbide substrates with conductive buffer interlayer s...
High throughput microfluidic systems and methods
Mobile point-to-point protocol
Software-defined transceiver for a wireless telecommunications system
Metallic testing of a subscriber loop that provides both voice and digital subscriber line services
Telecommunication system, method and telephone with personal caller identification capability
Method and system for controlling forward transmit power in a wireless system
Single side-band mixer
Detection of a substance by refractive index change
Integrated circuits and manufacturing methods
Poinsettia plant named `Duespotwi`
End-of-utterance determination for voice processing
Disk scheduling system with bounded request reordering
Sole for footwear
Plasma display device and method of driving plasma display panel, having first and second representi...
Cyrogenic inertial micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device
Piezoelectric element and manufacturing method and manufacturing device thereof
Apparatus for the production of plastic lenses
Delta-6 desaturase homologs
Method and apparatus for forming vascular prostheses
Dual stripe magnetoresistive (DSMR) head with co-extensive magnetoresistive (MR)/dielectric/magnetor...
Water generating machine
Tricyclic indole-2-carboxylic acid compound used as NMDA receptor antagonist
Electrode positioner for a splint to be used for muscle stimulation
Reeling mechanism for coiled tubing
Disk drive apparatus
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
Massage device with flexible support straps
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and information processing system therefor
Horizontal scroll compressor
Scroll temperature protection
Scroll compressor
Method and apparatus for machining bearing housing
Scroll machine with asymmetrical bleed hole
Scroll machine with discharge valve
Sleeve insertion system for the manufacture of shirts
Automatic suction type transfer of limp material on conveyors
Fabric tensioning system and separator plate for automated sewing machine
Pneumatic tensioning arm for automated sewing machine
Edge hemmer with corner controller
Roller type stacker and method for stacking pieces of limp material
Method for increasing likelihood of locating sought individuals including missing persons or wanted ...
Method for simulating echo signals for doppler radar systems
Solid lipid particles, particles of bioactive agents and methods for the manufacture and use thereof
Aminal diones as potassium channel openers
Base film for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet
Rear projection screen having resistance to change of external humidity
Fluid delivery systems and methods and assemblies for making connections
Flexible respirator filter
Multipart component for a cut resistant composite yarn and method of making
Spur glove for birds
Fishing reel provided with a sound mechanism
Core wire with shapeable tip
BirA from staphylococcus aureus
Thin battery and method of manufacturing
Polyetherimide resin compositions with improved ductility
Method and apparatus for mounting vapor shield in vacuum interrupter and vacuum interrupter incorpor...
Air activated internal valve