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System for and method of searching music data, and recording medium for use therewith
Analysis and profiling of vehicle fleet data
Method and apparatus for secure vendor access to accounts payable information over the internet
System and method for providing expert referral over a network
Encryption strength evaluation support apparatus and recording medium recording encryption strength ...
Encryption and decryption method and apparatus using a work key which is generated by executing a de...
Method and apparatus for encrypting data
Method of transferring information between a subscriber identification module and a radiocommunicati...
Method for electronically merging digitized data system of generating billing statements for publish...
Method and system for monitoring and dynamically reporting a status of a remote server
Apparatus, methods and systems for routing information from a packet-switched network to a mobile de...
Methods, apparatus and computer program products that perform layout versus schematic comparison of ...
Dynamic determination of execution sequence
Network intermediate node cache serving as proxy to client node to request missing data from server
Disk control device and method processing variable-block and fixed-block accesses from host devices
System and method of fast biometric database searching using digital certificates
Sort system for text retrieval
Search user interface with enhanced accessibility and ease-of-use features based on visual metaphors
Classification of retrievable documents according to types of attribute elements
Cell based signal generation
Fungicidal mixtures
Method for the development of an HIV vaccine
Electrode-less discharge lamp
Reduction of signaling load in packet radio network
Epitaxial growth of nitride semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for discharging memory array lines
Integrated memory with plate line segments
Canine allergy therapeutic recombinant chimeric anti-IgE monoclonal antibody
Printed document having a value and comprising a luminescent authenticity feature
Wireless network
Control unit and mission planning station for a manned paragliding system
Dynamic determination of continuous split intervals for decision-tree learning without sorting
Adhesive or paint coating for toy articles
Golf cart
Atomizing nozzle an filter and spray generating device
Cosmetic aerosol composition for fixing and sheen of keratin substances, and processes
Application-independent data synchronization technique
Quasi-crystalline boehmites containing additives
Process for the formation of vulcanized hollow bodies
Hyper-absorption of vitamin E combined with milk protein
Interactive education system for teaching patient care
Body motion teaching system
Gripper system, in particular vacuum gripper system
Pin part locator
Gripper for picking apparatus of a module IC handler
Cleaning sponge roller
Print head device and ink jet printer including the print head device
Dielectric ceramic composition, method of preparing dielectric ceramic material, and dielectric reso...
Semiconductor light emitting element and manufacturing method thereof
SOI-structure field-effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Pharmaceutical preparations for the targeted treatment of crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
Method for capturing analytes eluted from surface-bound ligands
Microstructure array, and methods of fabricating a microstructure array, a mold for forming a micros...
Electro-luminescent arrangements with thiophene carboxylate metal complexes
Addressing methods for displays having zero time-average field
Organic electroluminescent device
Process for the production of 2-pyridylpyridine derivatives
Chirped multi-well active region LED
Barrier films
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Multilayered piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramic actuator
Ferroelectric random access memory device
Apparatus and method for practice and evaluation of musical performance of chords
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Simultaneous multi-data stream transmission method and apparatus
Casing for reflection measurement device
Damper based vehicle yaw control
Intelligent network with distributed service control function
Telemanagement system with single point of entry
Mechanism for measuring resistance of telephone subscriber line and generating measurement as pulse ...
Apparatus for enabling a telephone user to obtain telephone directory information
Replaceable top tube for bicycles
Interactive programmable fitness interface system
Automated ultrasound system for performing imaging studies utilizing ultrasound contrast agents
Elongated structural member
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Display techniques for three-dimensional virtual reality
Apolipoprotein A-1 adenovirus vector compositions and methods
Citrus tree named `Moria`
Flowable and pumpable metallic-pigment semifinished product for the production of paints and lacquer...
Use of beta-hydroxyalkylamide in ambient and low bake liquid coatings
Computer system with adaptive memory arbitration scheme
Circuit synthesis method
Flexible kite
Engine automatic start stop control apparatus
User control system for internet phone quality
Fibrin sealants or adhesives comprising a hyaluronic acid derivative material
Matrix protein compositions for wound healing
Ferulic ester derivative, 3,9-diferulylcoumestrol and cosmetic product containing same
Fibrin microbeads prepared from fibrinogen, thrombin and factor XIII for binding cells
Method of forming an electronic device
Enclosure for an air aspirating machine
Relational database system for storing nodes of a hierarchical index of multi-dimensional data in a ...
Deodorant products
Liquid crystal display device
Carbon monoxide venting system
Structure for an optical switch on a substrate
Switched power converter utilizing a piezoelectric transformer
Camera including electronic flash, camera shake detecting system, and power supply control function ...
Rotor structure of spindle motor
Camera that displays predominant color multi-color scene and/or multi-color captured image of scene
Method and apparatus for designing trace lengths of a clocked bus of a mounting surface
Redundant bit steering mechanism with delayed switchover of fetch operations during redundant device...
System and method for testing signal interconnections using built-in self test
Aerial top having a stepped axle and a varied diameter tether
Dispersion stable curable compositions and method for making hollow shells using same
Selective information synchronization based on implicit user designation
Optical simulcast network with centralized call processing
Fabric coating containing energy absorbing phase change material and method of manufacturing same
Bouyant moon pool plug
Isolated nucleic acid encoding a human lactate dehydrogenase and uses thereof
Under tissue conditions degradable material and a method for its manufacturing
Magneto-optical head having thickness of the core same as a track width
Controllable variable magnetic field apparatus for flow control of molten steel in a casting mold
Method for producing non-grain oriented magnetic sheet steel
Level with magnetic inserts for hands-free adherence to steel beams
Method for converting a plastic waste into oil in a stainless steel reactor
Method for producing steel rolling bearing rings
Method for preparing beverages containing powdered tea using a steamer
Composition related to low glycemic index foods
Oxygen-absorbing multi-layer laminate, production method thereof and packaging container
Combination regimens using 3,3-substituted indoline derivatives
Safe, efficient, low t-butanol forming organic peroxide for polypropylene modification
Absorbent article having good body fit under dynamic conditions
Method and system for spatial evaluation of field and crop performance
Propargylethoxyamino nucleotide primer extensions
Processor having a datapath and control logic constituted with basis execution blocks
Emulated branch effected by trampoline mechanism
Digital image scrambling for image coding systems
Logic circuit design method and cell library for use therewith
Automated fuse blow software system
Methods for detecting mutations using primer extension for detecting disease
Open magnet with recessed field shaping coils
Processor and system for controlling shared access to a memory
Methods and uses for transposon-based gene targeting
Method and apparatus for preparing taxol using supercritical fluid from source materials
Line thermal printer and thermal head
Shock actuated responsive mechanism for vertical fluid valve assemblies
Federation of naming contexts across multiple and/or diverse underlying directory technologies
Semiconductor memory device
Convertible vertical take-off and landing miniature aerial vehicle
Dual floating gate programmable read only memory cell structure and method for its fabrication and o...
Tunable optical encoder and decoder
Raman amplified dispersion compensating modules
Planar lightwave wavelength blocker
Active waveshifting
Spectral power monitors with active alignment compensation
Nickel-molybdenum alloys
Method for providing for persistence of java classes where the persistence semantics may be orthogon...
Apparatus and method for scheduling and dispatching queued client requests within a server in a clie...
System using an OS inaccessible interrupt handler to reset the OS when a device driver failed to set...
Method and system for implementing universal login via web browser
Accessing page bundles on a portable client having intermittent network connectivity
Method of driving liquid crystal display device
Active-matrix-type image display device
Image processing device
Color image-forming apparatus capable of discriminating the colors of the original image
Method of and apparatus for detecting a face-like region and observer tracking display
Image recognition apparatus and method
Method of producing polycrystalline silicon for semiconductors from saline gas
Portable display support with combined stabilizer and insertion aid
Methods and compositions for preparing a genomic library for knockout targeting vectors
Non-alcoholic and hypoallergenic face cream for the treatment of razor bumps
Integrated antenna assemblies including multiple antennas for wireless communications devices
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Color-stable solution of dimethylaminoacetonitrile in water and process for preparing it
Pulse oximetry sensor with improved appendage cushion
Method for preparation of plant extract powder oral compositions containing plant extract powder pre...
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for area rasterization using sense points
System, method and article of manufacture for fractional tessellation during graphics processing
Heat-resistant polymer foam, process for producing the same, and foam substrate
Continuous process for the preparation of diaminodicyclohexylmethane
Thin graphite bipolar plate with associated gaskets and carbon cloth flow-field for use in an ionome...
Gas diffusion electrode and its production
Optical sample X-ray testing apparatus and method for testing optical sample with X-rays
Upper closure of a portable telephone and method of producing the upper closure of the portable tele...
Optical deflecting element, optical switch module, light signal switching device
Integrated optics beam deflectors
Automated order filling method and system
Radiant energy control system
Concrete foundation pierhead and method of lifting a foundation using a jack assembly
Precast concrete beam element and methods of making and installing same
Diving jacket
Flexible buoy assembly
Distribution box for a wastewater treatment system
Image forming apparatus and an image forming process unit
Belt driving device and image forming apparatus using the same
Method for just-in-time delivery of load data by intervening caches
Image forming apparatus with toner having releasing agent in a binder
Process for forming multilayer articles by melt extrusion
System and method for programming a logic control unit
Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Apparatus and method for providing speech input to a speech recognition system
Method of manufacturing surface textured high-efficiency radiating devices and devices obtained ther...
Optical fiber communication system using optical phase conjugation as well as apparatus applicable t...
Methods of commercial production and extraction of protein from seed
Behavioral synthesis links to logic synthesis
Method of applying a coating by physical vapor deposition
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Multiple ACK windows providing congestion control in reliable multicast protocol
Method for implementing an associative memory based on a digital trie structure
Naphthamidine urokinase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical composition containing tetrahydrocannabinol and a transdermal/transcutaneous delivery...
Camera with printer
Method for navigating an object
Resistive cross point memory with on-chip sense amplifier calibration method and apparatus
Ferroelectric memory devices with memory cells in a row connected to different plate lines
Apparatus and method to achieve continuous interface and ultrathin film during atomic layer depositi...
Method for adaptive ad insertion in streaming multimedia content
Geographically sensitive automated notice system
Serviceable power modules for a power distribution assembly
Apparatus and methods for finding information that satisfies a profile and producing output therefro...
Fluid-swellable composition, device and method for using the same
Sabot shotgun slug assembly
Corrosion and grain growth resistant aluminum alloy
Compositions for aerosolization and inhalation
Non-chlorofluorocarbon aerosol formulations
Poly vectoral reverse navigation
Information encoding and retrieval through synthetic genes
Projection system with projector and deflection mirror
Modulator design for pattern generator
Pourable liquid vehicles
Hardener for epoxy resin and epoxy resin composition
Propylene polymers and products thereof
Safety enhanced transformer circuit
Product irradiator for optimizing dose uniformity in products
Method and apparatus for distributing location-based messages in a wireless communication network
Use of virtual reality and desk top computer formats to diagnose executive dysfunctions
Computer readable program product storing program for ball-playing type game, said program, and ball...
Casino game with multiple playing modes and wagering options
System and method for facilitating casino team play
Football game
Ball game ball
Method for displaying an object in three-dimensional game
Data distribution in a disk array
Vulcanizable rubber composition usable for the manufacture of a tire, and a tire comprising this com...
Compositions containing nucleic acids and ligands for therapeutic treatment
Optical switches including reflectors having associated actuators and latches located adjacent to a ...
Process for producing nanoporous dielectric films at high pH
Method and apparatus for display of interlaced images on non-interlaced display
Camera which is pleasing in appearance, which can be easily assembled, and in which appearance porti...
Processor including efficient fetch mechanism for L0 and L1 caches
Storage lock mechanism
Organic electroluminescent device
Cutting guide instrument
System and method for functional testing of distributed, component-based software
Method for sinusoidal modeling and prediction of fast fading processes
Power steering fluid additive
High speed internet access
Information recorded medium, device for reading the information, information recorded medium transfe...
Process management system wherein process descriptions provide indices to document histories
Biocontrol agent containing an endotoxin gene
Polydialkylsiloxane/polyamide copolymer, process for producing the same, and various materials
Terminal and input/output characteristic measurement method and calculation apparatus for display de...
System and method for providing a virtual school environment
Passive alignment method and apparatus for fabricating a MEMS device
Method and apparatus for a mix signal module
Nucleic acid ligand diagnostic biochip
Basketball retrieval device
Dual-chamber loudspeaker
Process for producing graded coated articles
Tracking, safety and navigation system for firefighters
Change-speed lever for a bicycle gear
Electrochemically reactive cathodes for an electrotransport device
Arylpiperidine and aryl-1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyridine amide derivatives
Ethers of O-Desmethyl venlafaxine
Process for the preparation of 1-[cyano(aryl)methyl] cyclohexanol
Telecommunications patch panel
Continuous casting process for producing low carbon steel strips and strips so obtainable with good ...
System and method for managing computing devices within a data communications network from a remotel...
Data transfer utilizing preview data
Method for scalable memory efficient thread-local object allocation
Methods and computer software products for multiple probe gene expression analysis
Situ method and apparatus for biodegradation of alkyl ethers and tertiary butyl alcohol
Method for communicating information among a group of participants
Vibration based downhole power generator
Fungicidal amides
All terrain vehicle lift
Driving apparatus and method for recording medium
Method for flashing ESCD and variables into a ROM
File segment subsystem for a parallel processing database system
Scratch segment subsystem for a parallel processing database system
Object oriented apparatus and method for allocating objects on an invocation stack
Control information generating apparatus for broadcast system
Illumination apparatus
Non-incandescent lightbulb package using light emitting diodes
Transducer apparatus responsive to external perturbation
Secondary alert light for motor vehicles
LED warning signal light and light supports
Coordinates detection apparatus
Closed loop piecewise-linear histogram specification method and apparatus
Apparatus for transmitting information via a network to a device that can display a user interface, ...
Photometric apparatus for microscope
Efficient method for producing off-line closed captions
Optical waveguide and method for fabricating the same
Apparatus for delivering smoothed light from an uneven source
Illuminated surgical retractor
Optical fiber assembly
Optical fiber organizer
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
Optical equipment and methods for manufacturing optical communications equipment for networks
Method and apparatus for image registration
Optical device
Image processing apparatus using a cascade of poly-point operations
Image processing apparatus and method and memory medium
Method for combining the computer models of two surfaces in 3-D space
Active implantable medical device, in particluar a pacemaker, defibrillator and/or cardiovertor, cap...
Diagnostic imaging systems and methods employing temporally resolved intensity tracing
Catheter having a high tensile strength braid wire constraint and method of manufacture
System and method for deriving a virtual ECG or EGM signal
Process for preparing benzoxazin-4-one polymer conjugates
Solvent-based non-fluorescent ink for writing instruments based upon pigment dispersions in non-aque...
Method and apparatus for interfacing a processor to a coprocessor
Matrix operation apparatus and digital signal processor capable of performing matrix operations
Co-catalysts for metallocene complexes in olefin polymerization reactions
Analyzing thermal characteristics of geometries
Package having re-sealable end closure and method for making same
Method for locating magnetic implant by source field
Methods and apparatus for planning and executing minimally invasive procedures for in-vivo placement...
Device and method for examination and handling of deer and other animals
Method and device for detecting undesired matter in eggs
Reversible crank handle for a fishing reel
Sheet-metal highway guardrail system
Processed dairy products
Network-based mail attachment storage system and method
Transgenic animal model for neurodegenerative disorders
Human tumor necrosis factor receptor-like proteins TR11, TR11SV1 and TR11SV2
Method and apparatus for controlling remote locomotive operation
Method of reducing or preventing malodour
Diagnostic imaging system with ultrasound probe
Communications node, information equipment including the same and network system
Non-invasive tissue glucose level monitoring
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling vehicular velocity of a vehicle
Synthesis of higher polyol fatty acid polyesters by transesterification
Nutrient therapy for immuno-compromised patients
Process for the preparation of styrene and propylene oxide
Method for the decontamination of metallic surfaces
Container for liquid cosmetics
Make-up composition containing a blend of waxes
Cosmetic compositions with menthol
Tertiary amide-terminated polyamides in structured personal care compositions
Stable colored thickened bleaching compositions
Alkaline detergent containing mixed organic and inorganic sequestrants resulting in improved soil re...
Anhydrous skin care composition
Citrus tree named `Nora`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dash`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Watch`
Phygelius plant named `Blaphy`
Daylily plant named `Sunset Returns`
Vinca minor plant named `Sunny Skies`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Date`
User specifiable allocation of memory for processes in a multiprocessor computer having a non-unifor...
Computer-implemented securities trading system with a virtual specialist function
Order centric tracking system
Workflow management system for an automated credit application system
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
Automatic teller machine with secure variable storage for internet applications
Verifying the authenticity of printed documents on universally available paper stock
Method and apparatus for improving access to literature
Ink ribbon cassette for thermal transfer printer
Suspension mechanism for a snowmobile
Method for storing multiple levels of design data in a common database
Laser-excited plasma light source, exposure apparatus and its making method, and device manufacturin...
Panel of composite material and method of fabricating the same
Animal bandage device
Document/view application development architecture applied to ActiveX technology for web based appli...
Method and system for secure running of untrusted content
Article and method of automatically filtering information retrieval results using test genre
Washer supply device for power nailers
Temporary floatation stabilization device and method
Data acquisition device
Network and method for providing an automatic recall telecommunications service with automatic speec...
Method for routing of nets in an electronic device
System and method for treating irrigation water
Co-processed pigments
Authentication for secure devices with limited cryptography
Process and apparatus for preparation of ethylbenzene by alkylation of benzene with dilute ethylene ...
Selective para-xylene production by toluene methylation
Catalyst for converting aromatic hydrocarbon compound and method of converting aromatic hydrocrabon ...
Toluene disproportionation using coated zeolite catalyst
Small crystal ZSM-5, its synthesis and use
Method of conversion of heavy aromatics
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Long-acting drugs and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them
Fluorophenyl-substituted alkenylcarboxylic acid guanidides, process for their preparation, their use...
Peroral gene therapy of diabetes and obesity
Indole and dihydroindole derivatives
Use of 4-amino pyridine for treatment of peripheral neuropathies
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, manufacturing system, support system and recording medium...
Parallel mechanism structure for controlling three-dimensional position and orientation
Lead-free solder alloys
Method of correcting face image, makeup simulation method, makeup method makeup supporting device an...
Hydraulic line connection
Process for gelling aqueous media, use of copolyesters as gelling agents for aqueous media and new g...
Multiple interactive electronic program guide system and methods
Gas discharge lamp comprising a phosphor layer
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Repositionable doubled-sided adhesive pad having a display
Method and apparatus for completely hiding refresh operations in a dram device using clock division
Strip for whitening tooth surfaces
Vehicle travel control apparatus
Thienopyrimidine-based inhibitors of the Src family
Carbon fiber sheet materials and methods of making and using the same
Crystal polymorphs of a yellow disazo colorant, and their preparation
Method and apparatus for creating time-optimal commands for linear systems
Methods for identifying RNA binding compounds
Endoscope shaft comprising a movable distal end
Flavorant compositions
Terminally sterilized osteogenic devices and preparation thereof
Image fixing apparatus and thin tube-like endless film having inner and outer layers
Preparation of enol ethers
Alicyclic photosensitive polymer, resist composition containing the same and method of preparing the...
Technique and apparatus to control the charging of a battery using a fuel cell
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Single pass lead system
Authentication for secure devices with limited cryptography
Methods of using randomized libraries of zinc finger proteins for the identification of gene functio...
Method and apparatus for the modeling and synthesis of harmonic distortion
Implantable fuel cell
Hybrid cameras that revise stored electronic image metadata at film unit removal and methods
Method of alkylating aromatic hydrocarbon
Method and apparatus for using formant models in speech systems
Method to identify fungal genes useful as antifungal targets
Method and system for management of message attachments
Simultaneous signal attenuation measurements utilizing code division multiplexing
Station jump loop
Construction and civil engineering database generator and display
Internet communication of parking lot occupancy
Method and system for transmitting graphical images
Method and device for device-to-device enablement of camp-on capability
Alternating-current plasma display panel
Magnetic systems with irreversible characteristics and a method of manufacturing and repairing and o...
Modality fusion for object tracking with training system and method
Balanced access to data volumes with redundant copies stored in data storage libraries
Method and apparatus for distributing data across multiple disk drives
Cache having virtual cache controller queues
Multiprocessor system bus with combined snoop responses explicitly informing snoopers to scarf data
Method for controlling data flow associated with a communications node
System and method for reducing effects of optical impairments in optically amplified lightwave commu...
Article comprising means for mode-selective launch into a multimode optical fiber, and method for a ...
Apparatus, method and system for mobile wireless communication hand-off utilizing directed call pick...
Chirp compensated Mach-Zehnder electro-optic modulator
Synthetic quartz glass and method for production thereof
Solanum named `G.U.Y-D Orange Pom Pom`
Torpedo mounted dispenser for a coil of flex hose and control wire
Method for installing a number of risers or tendons and vessel for carrying out said method
Hydrofoil wing system for monohull keel boat
Hyperoncotic artificial cerebrospinal fluid and method of treating neural tissue edema therewith
Mach-Zehnder inteferometers and applications based on evanescent coupling through side-polished fibe...
Camera having a vari-focal lens apparatus
Tiarella plant named `Jeepers Creepers`
Stack oriented data processing device
Dispersion-compensating fiber
Shoe system
Liquid crystal display element and a display device having a homeotropic alignment
Pipette tip
Gas cushion proportioning microsystem
Vehicle suspension system
Gold-based electrical interconnections for microelectronic devices
Compensated surface acoustic wave filter having a longitudinal mode resonator connected with a secon...
Encapsulation of sensitive components into a matrix to obtain discrete shelf-stable particles
Pneumococcal surface proteins and uses thereof
Neurogenesis inducing genes
DNA shuffling to produce nucleic acids for mycotoxin detoxification
Compositions and methods for identifying antigens which elicit an immune response
Head slider capable of improving shock resistance of recording disk drive
Process automation system
Method and system for extending the functionality of an application
Locking quick-release bike hub skewer
Microdermabrasion device
IC card, antenna frame for IC card and method for manufacturing the same
Rotor blade flap drive apparatus
System, method, and program for accessing secondary storage in a network system
Stackable semiconductor package having conductive layer and insulating layers and method of fabricat...
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Sensor system and method for determining yaw orientation of a satellite
Photoconductor unit and image forming system
Coffee machine for brewing coffee power pre-packed in a cartridge
Fitting composition, body-worn tool produced using the same, and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for a fuel cell based fuel sensor
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods for treating pain
Methods for identifying compounds for inhibiting of neoplastic lesions, and pharmaceutical compositi...
Non-peptide bradykinin receptor antagonists for use in controlling intraocular pressure and treating...
Method and apparatus for optimizing testing sequences for electronic equipment
Memory test circuit
Method and system for enforcing floating licenses
Web based vehicle tracking and user on-board status system
Preparation of camptothecin and nothapodytine derivatives
Graphic fluorescent display device
Camera having a monitor
Light emitting diode
Thin film magnetic device including memory cells having a magnetic tunnel junction
Neuron architecture having a dual structure and neural networks incorporating the same
Method of using water-borne epoxies and urethanes in print bonding fluid and products made therefrom
Manufacturing method of fused molded product mainly composed of various plastics
Edible dough support
Electroless nickel plating solution and process for its use
Optical disc recycling method and recycled optical disc
Method for recycling waste styrene resin
Remedies for photochemotherapy
Wavelength router
Camera distance measuring device
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Keihayanasa`
Method, system, and program for mapping logical addresses to high performance zones on a storage med...
Disposable stethoscope diaphragm and dispenser
Cleated footwear
Liquid crystal display device
Outboard motor power head
Addressable fuse array for circuits and mechanical devices
Piezoelectric transformer driving circuit
Methods for amplifying and detecting multiple polynucleotides on a solid phase support
Method for assembling an actuator device for a hard disk, comprising a read/write transducer, a micr...
Psyllium husk product
Benzocycloalkylenylamine derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
1-(adamantyl)amidines and their use in the treatment of conditions generally associated with abnorma...
Catheter core wire
Nucleic acids encoding a katanin p60 subunit
Polyester molding composition
Liquid crystal display element integrated with a touch sensor
Method of rotating aircraft wheels
Computer network adaptor
Semiconductor device which prevents leakage of noise generated in a circuit element forming area and...
Electronic circuit design environmentally constrained test generation system
Method for manufacturing a bipolar plate
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method of producing lens sheet and projection screen
Bridged metal complexes
Modular polymer electrolyte membrane unit fuel cell assembly and fuel cell stack
Interferometeric imaging with a grating based phase control optical delay line
RATC from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly...
Integral load connector module
Apparatus and method for placing elevated concrete slabs
Preparation of multiwall polymeric microcapsules from hydrophilic polymers
Electrode assembly with a detachable distal tip
Method for applying guidelines for visually handicapped persons
Internet-audiotext electronic advertising system with inventory management
Production method of .alpha.-methylene-.gamma.-butyrolactones
Lens holding frame and lens barrel
Electronic driver circuit for word lines in a memory matrix, and memory apparatus
Method of electronic knowledge extraction, transfer and use
Isolation apparatus for electronic equipment
Method for forming a multi-layer protective coating over porous low-k material
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sharp`
Dynamic classification of conditional branches in global history branch prediction
System and method for computer system initialization to maximize fault isolation using JTAG
Muffler for all terrain vehicle
Apparatus and method for determining position
Firearm safety lock
Laser bore-sight scope and mount for riffles
Skin package
Method of internally coating a weapon barrel
Methods for identification and verification
Static pressure air bearing
Hydrodynamic bearings and boundary lubricated system with DLC bumps
Sliding bearing
Tilting pad for bearings
Bearing/seal member/assembly and mounting
Seal ring, sealing apparatus and bearing apparatus
Method and apparatus for manufacturing sewn goods
Stacked display device with folded substrate
Magnetic sensor with modulating flux concentrator for 1/f noise reduction
Oscillator with frequency stabilizing circuit and method of constructing same
Method and dedicated frame buffer for loop initialization and responses
Dual interrupt vector mapping
Materials and methods for detection and quantitation of an analyte
Marker for inflammatory conditions
Multiple zone data storage system and method
System for increasing the call capacity of a wireless communication system
Method for variable block scheduling indication by an uplink state flag in a packet data communicati...
Method and apparatus for allocating tones to a plurality of users in a multi-tone modem communicatio...
User's color matching system, thinned pigment dispersion set for color matching, paint color matchin...
Quinuclidine-substituted heteroaryl moieties for treatment of disease
Radio network and method of establishing time synchronization among a plurality of buses
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Suspension for air generation units in aircraft
Deflectable interconnect
Enzymatic conversion of GDP-mannose to GDP-fucose
Manifold assisted channel estimation and demodulation for CDMA systems in fast fading environments
Textile film lamination
Process cartridge and photosensitive drum driving mount
Composition for sustained release of human growth hormone
Benzylidenepyrazolones, their preparation and use
Method and an apparatus for reproducing bitstream having non-sequential system clock data seamlessly...
Swing arm clamp mechanism
Encapsulation system for the immunoisolation of living cells
Turn detection algorithm for vehicle positioning
Method and apparatus for activating a crash countermeasure using a transponder and adaptive cruise c...
Automotive safety enhansing system
Calibration for a vehicle weight classification system
Method of determining waveform stability for pulse echo layer thickness transducer
Automatic lease residual management system
Sertraline hydrochloride polymorphs
Method and apparatus for acquiring and storing data in association with a mode annotation
Method and system for operating variable displacement internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Selectable 2-stroke/4-stroke camshaft drive system
Variable-valve-actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control system and method and engine control unit for internal combustion engine
Method for reducing wrinkles and improving feel in fabrics
Process for the conversion of organic materials, particularly saccharide materials, comprising an en...
Image reading apparatus having multiple wavelength light sources and control method for the same
Utility of selected amine oxides in textile technology
Method for locating a concealed object
Agile network protocol for secure communications with assured system availability
System for scaling an application server system
Bacterial strain, processed plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their prepar...
Insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBF-5)
Rotating earth globe having music box spring motor that plays music and rotates globe
Learning and entertainment device, method and system and storage media thereof
Digital signal processing device
Pipeline elements which verify predecode information
Method and apparatus for round-trip software engineering
Electronic data searching method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for discovering context groups and document categories by mining usage logs
Exporting and importing of data in object-relational databases
Device and method for UV-irradiation, especially for disinfecting, flowing liquids with reduced UV-t...
Manganese dry batteries
Method for preventing and treating peripheral neuropathy by administering selegiline
Thallium free--metal halide lamp with magnesium and cerium halide filling for improved dimming prope...
Metal halide lightbulb strobe system
Microelectromechanical liquid metal current carrying system, apparatus and method
Method for non-hyperbolic moveout analysis of seismic data
Method and colorant for the coloring of rubber
Multifunctional particulate additive for personal care and cosmetic compositions, and the process of...
Heat activatable adhesive composition and adhesive sheet having adhesive layer thereof
Granulated bleaching activator
Hydroxy and sulfonic acid substituted alkenes and salts
Compositions which contain at least one cationic polymer and at least one active molecule contained ...
Molecular level optical information storage devices
Biocompatible polymer film
Method and apparatus for synthesizing characterizing and assaying combinatorial libraries
Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factors
Process for selective oxidation of organic feedstocks with hydrogen peroxide
Integrated hydrogen peroxide production and organic chemical oxidation
Non-aqueous detergent compositions containing bleach
Transparent media for phase change ink printing
Granular fertilizer coated with decomposable coating film and process for producing the same
Recording medium, and image forming method employing the same
Carrier for electrophotographic developer, method for manufacturing the carrier, and coating liquid ...
Xyloglucanase from Malbranchea
Asynchronous remote data mirroring system
Optical coupler with a new geometry
Arrayed waveguide grating type optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Optical waveguide coupler and method for producing same
Plasma display panel capable of being easily driven and definitely displaying picture
Coating materials for sensors and monitoring systems, methods for detecting using sensors and monito...
Dermatomyositis-specific auto-antigen
Membrane-bound C1 inhibitor
Stable microemulsions for the administration of fatty acids to humans or to animals, and use of thes...
Distance-measuring apparatus
High density memory sense amplifier
Method for fabricating a ferroelectric memory configuration
Luminescent compounds and methods of making and using same
Methods and systems for estimating engine faults
Manufacture of stereoregular polymers
Cable with impact-resistant coating
Glass substrate for a display
Polymeric material composition
Refractive index distribution type light transmitting device
Bar tester
Fiber optic cable having water blocking and flame retardant properties
Fiber optic cables with strength members and an apparatus for making the same
Catalyst for oxidizing SO2 to SO3 and utilization of the catalyst in a method for producing sulfuric...
Method of forming fluorine-bearing diamond layer on substrates, including tool substrates
Process for the production of hydrogen
Molybdenum based oxidation catalysts
Abatement of effluent from chemical vapor deposition processes using ligand exchange resistant metal...
Method of creating color-changing displays
Bib having a durable pocket structure
Apparatus for increasing bulk of foreshortened fibrous web
Intravenous infusion needle with soft body
Aromatic dimethicone copolyol polymers as sunscreen agents in personal care applications
Condensate of SAR abolisher, producing method thereof, and SAR abolisher powder
Light transmitting panels
Sun-protection formulations active against herpes simplex viruses
Aerosol generator having multiple heating zones and methods of use thereof
Deployable flexible airlock
Satellite, satellite control method and satellite communication system
Satellite attitude control system and method
Attachment device for a cryogenic satellite tank
Mitigation of spacecraft charging by means of polar molecules
Audio, video, or multimedia system keypad controller having multiple vector control paths and associ...
System and method for teleconferencing on an internetwork comprising connection-oriented and connect...
Audio system for a personal computer
Method for browsing and replaying a selected picture by a multimedia player
Neuron circuit
Software access
Process for growing silicon crystals which allows for variability in the process conditions while su...
Cleaving process to fabricate multilayered substrates using low implantation doses
Constructions comprising insulative materials
Distributed feedback surface plasmon laser
Modular sleeve
Modular sleeve yoke
System and method for scheduling data delivery using flow and stretch algorithms
Timestamp-based system and method for serializing lazy updates in a distributed database
Distributed communications system having garbage collecting virtual processes
Method and apparatus for locating caches in a network to optimize performance
Generating temperature compensation profiles
Morphing leaf
Approach for publishing data in a relational database system
Polyester resin and its production process
Air conditioner for vehicle
Photocatalytic optical fibers and apparatus using the optical fibers
Method for producing jasmonate derivatives and intermediates thereof
Combined game system of portable and video game machines
Game racquet with separate head and handle portions for reducing vibration
Method for curing reactive ink on game balls
Input device for game machine, and method of controlling position of controller thereof
Image generation device and information storage medium
Random number generator seeding method and apparatus
Tire with crown reinforcement including radial ply
Article support using stretch releasing adhesives
Remote control device for painting system
Process and apparatus for the on-line calendering of SC-A paper
Method and apparatus to determine golf ball trajectory and flight
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional reconstruction of coronary vessels from angiographic imag...
Wide scan angle circularly polarized array
Protective headgear and chin pad
Thermochromic laminates and methods for controlling the temperature of a structure
Maize endo-1,3;1,4-.beta.-glucanase nucleic acid
Expression of Cry3B insecticidal protein in plants
Nucleic acids conferring chilling tolerance
Method of dwarfing plants
Toner coagulant processes
Message management system for a user interface of a multifunctional printing system
Thin film printhead with layered dielectric
Method and apparatus for managing job contention for system resources in an electronic reprographic ...
Method and system for designing spatially-partitioned and correlated stochastic screens for color ha...
End-effector with integrated cooling mechanism
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit and an electronic apparatus incorporating a multiplicity of semicon...
High frequency wiring board and its connecting structure
Structure and method for hiding DRAM cycle time behind a burst access
Semiconductor memory integrated circuit
Area efficient redundancy multiplexer circuit technique for integrated circuit devices providing sig...
System for contrast control using linearized variable network of parallel resistive terms
Method and apparatus for synthesizing levelized logic
Lithographic printing members having secondary non-ablative layers for use with laser imaging appara...
Dry cleaning method
Laser cleaning process for semiconductor material and the like
Method of cleaning turbine component using laser shock peening
Lithographic printing plate precursor and plate-making method of lithographic printing plate using t...
Heat treatment apparatus and method
Methods of preventing reduction of IrOx during PZT formation by metalorganic chemical vapor depositi...
Catalyst for use in production of epoxide, method for producing the catalyst, and method for produci...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of insulating stem pins of a cathode ray tube
Recumbent abdominal exercise apparatus
Reciprocating therapeutic exerciser
Powder-coated substrates with topcoat based on silanes containing epoxide groups
Inhibitors of bacterial NAD synthetase
Rechargeable battery for headlight and attaching structure thereof
Curve slider apparatus
Slot driven video story
Method and device for making a metal bump with an increased height
Tuple-based information space for data exchange between applications
Method and apparatus for device control
System and methods for determining and displaying product promotions
Method in a computing system for comparing XMI-based XML documents for identical contents
System, method and article of manufacture for a table-driven automated scripting architecture
Data transmission between a first mobile services switching center of a first mobile radio system an...
Mobile radio communication system and radio circuit controlling method therefor
Method and network element for forwarding multicast messages
Method for controlling forward calls by predetermining the transmission power in the base station of...
RF test connector plug locking system
Comfort noise generation in a radio receiver, using stored, previously-decoded noise after deactivat...
Semiconductor device, semiconductor device design method, semiconductor device design method recordi...
Pluraflavins and derivatives thereof, process for their preparation and use thereof
Bone cutting guide and method to accommodate different-sized implants
Referential integrity navigation in a database system
Dynamic mapping of broadcast resources
Height adjustable swing for an infant or child
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Method and apparatus for providing a general purpose stack
Providing composed containers and data objects to support multiple resources
Optical disc having groove and land tracks
Hemoglobin-polysaccharide conjugates
Web-fed rotary press
Pump inker unit
Low complexity maximum likelihood detecting of concatenated space codes for wireless applications
Converting a hierarchical data structure into a flat data structure
Laminate making method
Synthesis of layers, coatings or films using precursor layer exerted pressure containment
Cationic ruthenium complexes, their production and their use
Enzymatic fuel cell
Stacking and manifolding of angularly offset, unitized solid oxide fuel cells
Formation of thin film resistors
Muffler with variable sound-absorbing characteristics
Polishing apparatus and method
Metalloproteinase inhibitors-compositions, uses preparation and intermediates thereof
Creams containing vitamin D3 derivatives
Load leveling yarns and webbings
Personal cleansing sheet
Water based white color tone pigment ink for ball point pen
Tunable patch antenna
Fly height control for a read/write head over patterned media
Sun protection agents
Method for vitrification of biological cells
Cell membrane-directed drugs
Infectious cDNA clone of North American porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus a...
Laser-scribing brittle substrates
Semiconductor substrate made of a nitride III-V compound semiconductor having a wurtzite-structured ...
Three-dimensional holographic stamping of multi-layer bit-oriented non-linear optical media
Method for including traditional photographic calibration into digital color management
Bragg grating assisted MMIMI-coupler for tunable add-drop multiplexing
Bidirectional optical communication device and bidirectional optical communication apparatus
Acid resistant film forming dental composition and method of use
System and method for classifying legal concepts using legal topic scheme
Snowmobile construction
Egonomic sportsboard
Portable computer having a flat panel display device
Method and arrangement in a hybrid vehicle for maximizing efficiency by operating the engine at sub-...
Learning method and system based on questioning
Aircraft to respond to threats
Method for an optical switch on a silicon substrate
Disk drive suspension with multi-layered piezoelectric actuator controlled gram load
Method and apparatus for resource sharing in a multi-processor system
Bus bridging method and apparatus including use of read size indicators
Method and system for perfetching data in a bridge system
Memory-to-memory compare/exchange instructions to support non-blocking synchronization schemes
Method and system for concurrent garbage collection
GPS urban navigation system for the blind
Method for identifying polymorphisms
Decorative drapery rods
Polymeric strands including a propylene polymer composition and nonwoven fabric and articles made th...
Ethylene acid copolymer with enhanced adhesion
Elastic films including crystalline polymer and crystallizable polymers of propylene
Method and apparatus for an increased throughput furnace nitride BARC process
Magnetic wire external lubricant
White light emitting phosphor blend for LED devices
Thermoplastic film with good interply adhesion
Thermoplastic blend comprising poly(arylene ether) and polyamide
Device for producing milk froth for cappuccino
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Biogradable in-situ forming implants and methods of producing the same
Methods of using semiconductor nanocrystals in bead-based nucleic acid assays
Method of detecting carcinomas
Liver enriched transcription factor
Epstein barr virus induced genes
Method of measuring chemical concentration based on spatial separation and resolution of luminescenc...
Pneumatic float for light and ultralight aircraft
Waterjet propulsion unit
Servo steering mechanism for boats for example
Passive air vent system for a marine propulsion engine
Method and apparatus for desalinating sea water, natural salt and fresh water
Gold-indium intermetallic compound, shape memory alloys formed therefrom and resulting articles
Regulating circuit for regulating the driving stability of a motor vehicle using a motor vehicle ref...
Electric power steering apparatus
Relative steering angle sensor diagnostic for momentary signal dropout
Vehicular deceleration control apparatus, and braking system control method
Balloons for medical devices and fabrication thereof
Balloons for medical devices and fabrication thereof
Inhibition of pulp and paper yellowing using nitroxides, hydroxylamines and other coadditives
Aqueous, film forming preparations for coating mineral shaped bodies
Retroreflective sheeting containing a validation image and methods of making the same
Articles having elevated temperature elasticity made from irradiated and crosslinked ethylene polyme...
Foam trajectory toys
Animated toy
Running toy
Artificial blank and eye
Inertial exerciser device and method
Signal processing apparatus and method
Rin2, a novel inhibitor of Ras-mediated signaling
Method and apparatus for remotely controlling telephone call-forwarding
Method and apparatus for equitable call delivery
Efficient resource management for packet data services
Call forwarding in a telecommunication system
Speech recognition system for electronic switches in a non-wireline communications network
Defining of a telephone's ringing tone
Rechargeable battery-powered livestock prod
Bag clip for a pool cleaner filter bag
Hand vaccum
Upright vacuum cleaner dirt separator front
Electric iron
Portable ice chest
Sprocket system for inverted tooth chain
Packing unit seal
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrochemical cell having an integral, electrically-conductive, com...
Read head with a combined second read gap and pinning layer for a top spin valve sensor
Data structure for efficient access to variable-size data objects
Process for producing organosilanes
Method and device for absorbing torsional vibrations of a printing machine
Method of detecting the positional accuracy of register and folding or cutting edges on flat copies
Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling a web printing press
Method and device for separating and transporting sheets of paper
Lifeguard (LFG) polynucleotides and polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Resonator-integrated fan shroud and resonator-integrated fan shroud with air intake duct
Solid composition comprising vitamin E acetate
Instrument for folding and inserting anterior chamber intraocular lenses
Subcutaneous muscle treatment using electronic stimulation and topical compositions
Bottle body
Packaging web and process
Cap with angled upper skirt
Pressure control device for maintaining a constant predetermined pressure in a container
Sealable valve bag and method for making a sealable valve bag
Device for oil removal and transport
Method and apparatus for activating a moving web
Denture care compositions and kits
Wrinkle reduction laundry product compositions
Script character processing method for determining word boundaries and interactively editing ink str...
Method for three-dimensionally correcting distortions and magnetic resonance apparatus for implement...
Magnetic resonance imaging system using coils having paraxially distributed transmission line elemen...
Recombinant expression vector of human parathyroid hormone
Methods for recombinant peptide production
CARK protein and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor
Bivalent agonists for G-protein coupled receptors
Driving record monitoring system and method
Drive mechanism for an aircraft landing gear bay door
Enamel-safe tooth bleach and method for use
Heat strippable optical fiber ribbons
Process control system and method with improved distribution, installation and validation of compone...
Terrain following apparatus for a vehicle
Generating restriction queries using tensor representations
Convertible flatbed utility stock trailer
Conjugate comprising an antinociceptive agent covalently bonded to a blood component
Radiopaque marking of lead electrode zone in a continuous conductor construction
Intraocular transplantation of encapsulated cells
13-substituted methacycline compounds
Computerized asset management system
Negotiation manager incorporating clause modification and markers for tracking negotiation progress
System and method for processing a recurrent operation
System for playback of network audio material on demand
Computer readable storage medium for providing repeated contact with software end-user
Communication device and method for electronic price label systems
Probabilistic theft deterrence
Cryptographic processing apparatus cryptographic processing method and recording medium for recordin...
Method for providing security for a transmission of information through a plurality of frequency ort...
Method and apparatus for modifying a video signal by back porch lowering
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Expandable threaded arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant with cylindrical configuration during in...
Spin-valve magnetoresistive head, and composite-type magnetic head and magnetic recording medium dri...
Apparatus, method, and storage medium for generating input parameter
Stabilized fabric softening compositions
CPR manikin with optional automatic external defibrillation
Carbon heating element and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for randomizing sector addresses in a disk storage device
Circuit modeling
Medical diagnostic method and apparatus to control dual energy exposure techniques based on image in...
Pesticidal 1-arylpyrazoles
Method and architecture for synchronizing a transport and path overhead generator and/or extractor t...
Server and a method for communicating event messages from the server connected to a peripheral devic...
System and method for collecting connectivity data of an area network
System and method for transferring information over a computer network
Multicast support for small groups
Method and system for approximate, monotonic time synchronization for a multiple node NUMA system
Data processing apparatus with communication feature, and communication method in a data processing ...
Method and system for managing meta data
Portable barbeque and rotisserie rack
Centralized queue in network printing systems
Plane emission type semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Fe-Ni alloy material used for shadow mask having improved formability of through-holes by etching
Structure and method for controlling copper diffusion and for utilizing low K materials for copper i...
Driving device and driving method of liquid crystal display device
Image forming apparatus having a trial print mode
Image processing apparatus carrying out multi-value error diffusion process
Method of managing hop-count in label switching network and node apparatus
Method and apparatus for smoothing text outlines
Device for guiding vehicle
Methods and assemblies for changing vending machine sign face graphics
Adaptive directivity transmission device and method
Process for preparing racemic amino derivatives
Fuel cell fluid flow plate for promoting fluid service
Method for operating fuel cells on impure fuels
Information processing apparatus with resume function and information processing system
Water-enhanced production of 1,1,1,3,3,-pentachloropropane
Two-tier noise rejection in speech recognition
Molecule associated with apoptosis
Integrated semiconductor superlattice optical modulator
Fiber optic imaging endoscope interferometer with at least one faraday rotator
Long-band fiber amplifier using feedback loop
Polarization independent grating modulator
Dispersion compensator using Bragg gratings in transmission
Method and apparatus for increasing bandwidth of a stripline to slotline transition
Recognition device for connecting contacts on switch panels
Apparatus, system, and method for extracting an optical clock signal from an optical data signal
Apparatus and method for measuring selected physical condition of an animate subject
System and method of implementing new product designs on computer numerical control machines
Rapid robotic handling of mold parts used to fabricate contact lenses
Multifunctional mobile appliance
Bearing with data storage device
Multi-processor mobile computer system having one processor integrated with a chipset
Monitoring apparatus
Quantum dot white and colored light emitting diodes
Computer email with telephony support
Directory enabled policy management tool for intelligent traffic management
Real-time event processing system with analysis engine using recovery information
Single cycle linear address calculation for relative branch addressing
Component based wizard for creating wizards
On-chip optically triggered latch for IC time measurements
Rods secured in anchorage by at least one of organic and inorganic mortar composition
Ophthalmic composition containing active vitamin D