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Ultrafine lightly coated superparamagnetic particles for MRI
Device and method relating to cable TV networks
Method and apparatus for measuring a frequency datum
Discharge cells between barrier walls of alternating current discharge type plasma display panel
Method of and apparatus for obtaining fluorescence image
Method and system for ensuring completeness and quality of a multi-component project
Stabilized PV system
End-fire antenna or array on surface with tunable impedance
Electrochemical methods for generation of a biological proton motive force and pyridine nucleotide c...
Poinsettia plant named `Duemond`
Dual section sound wall panel and method of manufacture
Subsequence matching method using duality in constructing windows in time-series databases
Footwear upper portion
Implement having speed regulation
Wafer-scale package for surface acoustic wave circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Methods of immobilizing ligands on solid supports
Removable stent for body lumens
Data storage and retrieval apparatus with thin film read head having planarized extra gap and shield...
Caulking gun holster
Process for producing vinyl acetate resin emulsion and water-based adhesive
Somatostatin antagonists and agonists that act at the SST subtype 2 receptor
Food containing active strains for inhibiting infection and treating gastritis, gastric and duodenal...
Cycloalkene derivatives, process for producing the same, and use
Rewinding method and machine for making logs of paper and the like
Packet tunneling optimization to wireless devices accessing packet-based wired networks
Active phased array antenna and antenna controller
Wafer flattening process and storage medium
Soak apparatus for leaching soluble constituents from insoluble materials
Console box mounting structure of vehicle
Adaptive array device
Anti-inflammatory dental care agents
Method and device for the production of an aqueous solution containing chlorine dioxide
Pressure-sensitive cleaning sheet, image-forming material having cleaning part, and method of cleani...
Method for producing alkanesulfonic acids
Ultrahigh power density miniaturized solid-oxide fuel cell
Bow body consisting of two separate parts, and bow comprising same
Aspiration system and method
Method for processing returns from oil and gas wells that have been treated with introduced fluids
Method and configuring a user interface for controlling a controlled device based upon a device clas...
Battery with trench structure and fabrication method thereof
System and method for acoustic integrity monitoring
Dual lane conveying apparatus
Polypeptide composing human chimeric antibody
CRT display apparatus
Light emitting semiconductor device having reflection layer structure
Storing structure for document camera
Embedded CMOS camera in a laptop computer
Method and apparatus for motion estimation for digital video encoding
Method and apparatus for detecting motion
Method for tracking moving object by means of specific characteristics
Facilitating the compositing of video images
Method for processing a noisy digital image source sequence
High storage capacity, fast kinetics, long cycle-life, hydrogen storage alloys
High capacity and high performance Zr-based hydrogen storage alloy for secondary cells
Optical serial link
Nemesia plant named `Nemplum`
Distribution strip for absorbent products
Apparatus and method for nuclear waste storage
Radio guided seed localization of imaged lesions
Acoustic logging tool
Method and search method for structured documents
Footwear upper portion
Semiconductor display device
Unit for controlling electronically controlled throttle valve
Method of measuring motion
Piezoelectric actuator for positioning with heat dissipating inactive end section
Method for killing gram-negative bacteria with biologically active peptides from functional domains ...
Methods for detection of nucleic acid sequences in urine
Magnetic head shield structure having high magnetic stability
Wheel bearing apparatus
Fungal efflux pump inhibitors
Human chemokine .beta.-7 deletion and substitution proteins
Method for determining container leakage
Lithium secondary battery
Method and apparatus for detecting a leak within a fuel cell
Fuel cell with proton conducting membrane
Method for the removal of arsenic from sulfuric acid solution
Substituted thioacetamides
Rechargeable spinel lithium batteries with greatly improved elevated temperature cycle life
Anode material for non-aqueous lithium secondary batteries, a method for the production thereof, and...
Room slide out actuator with slotted rail shaft cage
Systems and methods for internetworking data networks having mobility management functions
Optical component for producing linearly polarized light
Vacuum control system
Semiconductor producing apparatus and temperature control method therefor
Method and system for dynamic recompilation of statements of a first language embedded in a program ...
Card issuing device and method
Control console for a printing machine
Control console for a printing machine
Printing unit for a web fed rotary printing machine
Printing unit
Decoupling between plural antennas for wireless communication device
Methods for imaging pulmonary and cardiac vasculature and evaluating blood flow using dissolved pola...
Method and apparatus for controlling exposure of camera
Epoxy coated multilayer structure for use in the production of security documents
Reduction of shrinkage of poly(arylene ether) for low-K IMD
Polymer composition
Carbon monoxide concentration reducing apparatus and method for driving the same
Chemical reactor for a fuel cell system
Fuel cell system controller
Sporting goods having a ceramer coating
Article comprising small diameter nanowires and method for making the same
Nickel powder and conductive paste
Sheet for whitening cosmetics and method for using the same
Convex fuel manifold providing uniform pressure seal to fuel cell stack
Memorabilia articles having integral collectable attractiveness attributes
Embolic protection device having expandable trap
Fuel cell separator and production method thereof
Lead-acid battery having tin in positive active material and silica in separator
Polyester molding composition
Vacuum switch including vacuum-measurement devices, switchgear using the vacuum switch, and operatio...
Self-retained spring probe
Fibrous absorbent material and methods of making the same
Method of accelerating blood coagulation using an antimicrobial metal
Semiconductor device with gold bumps, and method and apparatus of producing the same
Apparatus for photo exposure of materials with subsequent capturing of volatiles for analysis
Metal halide lamp for curing adhesives
Metal halide lamp and a vehicle lighting apparatus using the lamp
Automated, CCD-based DNA micro-array imaging system
Laminated packaging material, a method of producing the same, as well as packaging containers
Controlled delivery system for hair care products
Controlled release compositions and method
Detergent mixtures
Aqueous two-component cross-linkable composition
Scratch resistant layer containing electronically conductive polymer for imaging elements
NL8 tie ligands homologues
Poly(ethylene oxide) and organically modified clay compositions having reduced melt viscosity and im...
Solventless nontoxic high refraction index and low birefringence organic/inorganic hybrid materials
Electrical heating devices and resettable fuses
Water heating unit with integral thermal energy storage
Acid reduced whole bean coffee and process
Molding material
Image-transfer medium for ink-jet printing, transfer printing process using the same, and transfer p...
Photopolymerizable resin compositions and use thereof
Polypropylene series resin sheet
Light multiplexing wave division device
Optical waveguide device for optical wiring and manufacturing method therefor
Transmission cable optical fiber protector and method
Optical cable
Plasma display panel having large offset margin for assemblage and controlling method used therein
Acidic all purpose liquid cleaning compositions
Method and apparatus for etching a semiconductor wafer with features having vertical sidewalls
Method and system for integrating spatial analysis, and scheduling to efficiently schedule and monit...
Inverted aerosol dispenser
Lock and slide mechanism for tube launched projectiles
Modular rocket boosted penetrating warhead
Methods and systems for homogeneously routing and/or queueing call center customer interactions acro...
System and method for providing an improved IFOG hub to coil thermal and mechanical slip interface
Chemokine binding protein and methods of use therefor
Method to reduce memory latencies by performing two levels of speculation
Computer-implemented paramaterless language with exception handler
Slurry for chemical mechanical polishing silicon dioxide
Method of forming a copper wiring in a semiconductor device
Method of reducing carbon incorporation into films produced by chemical vapor deposition involving o...
Anti reflective coating polymers and the preparation method thereof
Apparatus for determination of additives in metal plating baths
Camera with variable sound capture file size based on expected print characteristics
Anthurium plant named `Red King`
Method, system and program products for atomically and persistently swapping resource groups
Techniques for identifying and manipulating quoted or reproduced material using a quote bar
Database reconciliation method and system
Apparatus and method for swapping devices while a computer is running
Digital signal processor having multiple access registers
Method and device for measuring a magnetic field with the aid of the faraday effect
Optical unit sealing devices for projection television sets
Efficient separation of enantiomers of piperidone derivatives by precipitation of the desired eantio...
Process for the preparation of optically active enones and intermediates thereof
Geometrically optimized fast neutron detector
Device for dynamic excitation of panel loudspeakers
Implementing descending indexes with a descend function
Shoelace with enhanced knot retention and method of manufacture
Liquid crystal display device, active matrix type liquid crystal display device, and method of drivi...
Fuel injection control system for marine engines
Bi-level multilayered microelectronic device package with an integral window
Piezoelectric ceramic composition, and high power output transformer made of the same composition
Method and system for measuring and valuing contributions by group members to the achievement of a g...
Position-based information access device and method
Sifter dispensing cap and base
Device to blend plant on walls
Nitrosamine-inhibiting compositions for shortstopping of free radical emulsion polymerizations
Hand wrap multilayer film products
Filterability improver
High modulus polyether sulfone compositions with improved impact
Dual cores for golf balls
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Mitomycin biosynthetic gene cluster
Zinc ionophores as therapeutic agents
Method and composition for enhancing transport across biological membranes
MR lead structure for controlling arcing across thin dielectric film
Method and apparatus for preventing cargo spills
Flexible, buoyant, weather resistant polyethylene foam boat bumper/fender
Method for reducing strum in tow cables
Submarine launched unmanned combat vehicle replenishment
Foam backed joint seal system
Mixed transition metal catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Controlled release oral tablet having a unitary core
Bolonkin's method movement of vehicles and installation for it
Elastomeric compositions and methods for making same
Composition and method for promoting adhesion of thermoplastic elastomers to metal substrates
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
Beam focusing in near-field optical recording and reading
Optical feedback assembly
Refining and casting apparatus and method
Sample preparation for inspection of ball contacts and internal vias
Energy dispersion x-ray fluorescence analysis of chemical subtances
Adaptive apparatus and method for testing auditory sensitivity
Ultrasound enhancement of transdermal transport
Growth factor homolog ZVEGF4
Pulse oximeter probe
Thermal head and ink transfer printer using same
Nonlinear contingency screening for voltage collapse
Multilayer capacitance structure and circuit board containing the same and method of forming the sam...
Apparatus for adding additives during the conditioning of animal feed
Message receiving apparatus and message transmitting apparatus
Data processing method and apparatus to determine killer ratio based on a variety of defect types
Method and system for communication in a heterogeneous network
System and method for providing dynamically alterable computer clusters for message routing
Real time device driver interface apparatus and method therefor
Apparatus for memory bus tuning and methods therefor
Head mount display
Liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for character font generation within limitation of character output media and c...
Image forming apparatus and printer apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for establishing synchronous fax communication through ISDN
Enhanced error diffusion by using directional guided line thresholding
Paddle wheel arrangement for flat copies
Device and method for providing a cover for a book
Scanner with prepress mode
Banner holder
Optical toner low sensor
Formulation and system for intra-oral delivery of pharmaceutical agents
Accommodating intraocular lens
Perfusate preparation for ophthalmic operation
Process for preparing urethane compound for medical instruments
Speech synthesis employing concatenated prosodic and acoustic templates for phrases of multiple word...
Machine management systems and monitoring methods
Devices and methods for controlled manual and automatic firearm operation
Process of making a composite membrane
Method for designing semiconductor device
Layered product
Vacuum switch operating mechanism including laminated flexible shunt connector
Universal saddle for lift
Landscape edging and border structure
Ball and socket construction toy
Voice amplifier toy
Personalized doll system
Sets of toy robots adapted to act in concert, software and methods of playing with the same
Display apparatus for aquatic toy animals
Latent fingerprint lifting and recordation device
Method for producing a particular photoluminescent polychromatic printed image, resulting image and ...
Nitrogenous composition resulting from the hydrolysis of maize gluten and a process for the preparat...
Digital authentication with digital and analog documents
Customizable international note counter
Method and apparatus for magnetic communication via a photographic filmstrip
Method and apparatus for controlling traffic queues in network switches
Laminated microchannel devices, mixing units and method of making same
Nucleic acid sequence detection employing probes comprising non-nucleosidic coumarin derivatives as ...
Red-shifted luciferase
Lipolytic enzymes
Method for enhanced protein stabilization and for production of cell lines useful for production of ...
Methods and compositions for overcoming resistance to biologic and chemotherapy
Backrest pad having cooling and sound producing arrangement
Method of temporarily displaying information by an electronic price label
Media manager for controlling autonomous media devices within a network environment and managing the...
Semi-automatic index term augmentation in document retrieval
Rewriting a query in terms of a summary based on functional dependencies and join backs, and based o...
Navigating heirarchically organized information
AC-discharge type plasma display panel and method for driving the same
Method and apparatus for fault tolerant data storage on photographs
Method of activating compound semiconductor layer to p-type compound semiconductor layer
Multi-layered thin-film functional device and magnetoresistance effect element
Ferroelectric memory device
Method of re-working copper damascene wafers
Method and device for producing security elements for electronically securing goods and a correspond...
Neuron, hierarchical neural network using the neuron, and multiplying circuit used for multiplying p...
Portable oxygen dispenser
Vapor driven aerosol generator and method of use thereof
Apportioning a work unit to execute in parallel in a heterogeneous environment
Message forwarding of multiple types of messages based upon a criteria
Offshore floating production method
Fluid display cover assembly
Desktop information carrier
Method of pre-caching user interaction elements using input device position
Structure for removably securing a container to a substantially planar supporting surface
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with high and low voltage wells
Brushless motor, method for operating brushless motor and method for manufacturing brushless motor
Character printing method and device
Direct-current power-supply apparatus, control circuit thereof and semiconductor integrated circuit ...
Sense amplifier control circuit of semiconductor memory device
Synchronized disk recording device having speed variation with recording condition
Interleukin-1 .beta. converting enzyme like apoptosis protease-3 and 4
Interdigitated capacitor with ball grid array (BGA) terminations
Evectins and their use
Mold apparatus
Apparatus and method for evaluating musical performance and client/server system therefor
Tiarella plant named `Pink Skyrocket`
Apparatus and method for efficient defect management in a magneto-optical data storage system
Inhibition of glutathione transferase by haloenol lactones
Noise suppressor with a bypass resonator
Method and apparatus for measuring foot geometry
Electrostatic microactuator with viscous liquid damping
SAW device with inclined reflectors and communication device using SAW device
Methods of inhibiting hematopoietic stem cells using human myeloid progenitor inhibitory factor-1 (M...
Cytoprotective biocompatible containment systems for biologically active materials and methods of ma...
Inhibitors of cell-cycle progression and uses related thereto
Downhole flame spray welding tool system and method
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Morphogen-enhanced survival and repair of neural cells
Supermicrocellular foamed materials
High strength, flexible, light weight hook and loop bundling straps
High efficiency a wetted surface cyclonic air sampler
Anti-pilfering packaging assembly
Electronic component package for standard and odd form components
Copper alloy GMR recording head
2-(Purin -9-yl)-tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol derivatives
Precast modular concrete shapes and methods of installation to form shoreline stabilization, marine ...
System and method for generating code for query object interfacing
Vertical-beam photometer for determination of light absorption pathlength
Layered speculative request unit with instruction optimized and storage hierarchy optimized partitio...
Method and apparatus for multiplatform stateless instruction set architecture (ISA) using ISA tags o...
Multiple processor system with standby sparing
Non-invasive transdermal detection of analytes
Apoptosis Inducing Molecule II and methods of use
Business system and method of compiling mailing list of interested customers
Bioactive peptides and peptide derivatives of parathyroid hormone (PTH) and parathyroid hormone-rela...
Collapsible container and method of making and using same
Hybrid system and method for golf course distance determination using GPS navigation signals
Propanolamine derivatives
Use of 3-(1H-imidazol-4-ylmethyl)-indan-5-ol in the manufacture of a medicament for intraspinal, int...
Vitronectin receptor antagonist
Devices, methods and systems for delivery of X-ray
Device for aircraft thrust recovery capable of linking a turboshaft engine and an engine strut
Solid state switch with pulsed control
General purpose distributed operating room control system
Ground penetrating radar system for non-invasive inspection of trees for internal decay
System and method for generating and using systems of cooperating and encapsulated shaders and shade...
Method and apparatus for fast loading of texture data into a tiled memory
Animal litter box
Multichannel optical spectrum slicer and method of measuring modal birefringence and/or polarization...
Method for gain equalization, and device and system for use in carrying out the method
Methods for objectification of subjective classifications
Hydraulic line coupling arrangement
Method for treating gases to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions
Non-damaging drilling fluids
Stroke adjusting device for press machine
Sign holder with changeable display
Object with an optical effect
Preparation of powder agglomerates
Local anesthetic compounds and uses
Method to force-balance capacitive transducers
Radio frequency identification tag
Device and method for improved long term signal attenuation performance of fiber optic cable and app...
SPST switch, SPDT switch, and communication apparatus using the SPDT switch
Carrying handle
Foldable table-tennis table fitted with locking means
High throughput assay system for monitoring ESTs
Polymer electrolyte membrane electrochemical fuel cells and stacks with adhesively bonded layers
Vacuum switch
System for remote control and operation
Helical fiber amplifier
Diffractive structure for high-dispersion WDM applications
Optical transmission line and optical transmission system including the same
Digital camera with memory format initialization
Web site registration proxy system
Delivering targeted, enhanced advertisements across electronic networks
System and method to negotiate private network addresses for initiating tunneling associations throu...
Vehicle operation control method and apparatus that controls deceleration of a vehicle
Automatic vehicle routing and recommendation system
Real-time integrated vehicle positioning method and system with differential GPS
Single-site catalysts based on caged diimide ligands
Electronic ticketing system and method
Ultra-heavy mail piece processing system
Session management over a stateless protocol
Recording medium, recording method and recording apparatus incorporating anti-tamper features involv...
Remote reconfiguration of a secure network interface
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Building construction configuration and method
Nitride semiconductor LED with embossed lead-out surface
Reference voltage generator for MRAM and method
Method of fabricating ferroelectric memory transistors
Method of dispensing tickets
Collaborative filtering with mixtures of bayesian networks
Water-flux limiting cleansing articles
Personal care articles comprising hotmelt compositions
Uses of D-xylose, the esters thereof and oligosaccharides containing xylose for improving the functi...
Reaction products of hyaluronic acid and natural amino acids and their use in cosmetic and pharmaceu...
Tricyclic inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases
Method and apparatus for aligning and comparing images of the face and body from different imagers
Inhalation therapy assembly and method
Ergonomic aerosol container
Support for summary tables in a heterogeneous database environment
Underwater battery powered lighted fishing lure and method therefor
System and method for tracking and monitoring prisoners using impulse radio technology
System and method using impulse radio technology to track and monitor people under house arrest
(+)- and (-)-2-cyclododecylpropanol and (+)- and (-)-2-cyclododecylpropionic acid and the preparatio...
Techniques and systems for analyte detection
Flexible variation of haptic interface resolution
Classifying apparatus using a combination of statistical methods and neuronal networks, designed in ...
Computer-readable recording medium whereon a game procedure control program is recorded, server, and...
Driving game machine and a storage medium for storing a driving game program
LCD game apparatus
Billiard-type game
Artificial lawn with hollow grass blades
Banner material with double grommets
Combination therapy method for treating chronic hepatitis B
Automated design of parallel drive standard cells
Electronically latching micro-magnetic switches and method of operating same
Passenger airplane container system
Mechanical walker
Electronic deer call
Simplified method to produce nanoporous silicon-based films
Aluminosiloxane compound and process for preparing the same
Ferroelectric capacitor and a method for manufacturing thereof
Ferroelectric memory device having a protective layer
Sol-gel method for encapsulating molecules
User interface for controlling audio functions in a web browser
Magnetic displacement detecting device having linear changing magnetic field over the length of the ...
Process for determining a critical angular position of a vehicle leading to roll-over
Electric power steering controller and method of controlling same
Constant groundspeed autoshift method and apparatus for maximizing fuel economy
Four wheel drive anti-lock brake control having torque transfer alleviation
Automatic compensation mechanism for brake unit
Hanger assembly
Bicycle carrier
Battery control apparatus and management method of battery
Method and means for network control of traffic
Arcade game with spinning wheel bonus
Petunia plant named `Dancasoft`
Optical security device printing system
Chimeric gene constructs
Pass-transistor logic circuit and a method of designing thereof
Emergency backup system, method and program product therefor
Sensor apparatus and method for sensing angular rotation of an object using light reflected off a ro...
Social expression card with detachable gift portion
Cooling fan in sync with audio output level
Method for processing network messages
Sandal with toe guard
Method and apparatus of displaying objects on client areas and display device used therefor
MEMS device members having portions that contact a substrate and associated methods of operating
Transducer receiving voltage inputs, such as square waves, rich in harmonics
Vehicular brake control apparatus and control method therefor
Length decode to detect one-byte prefixes and branch
Even length proportional amplification of nucleic acids
Methods and compositions for aiding in smoking cessation and for treating pain and other disorders u...
Network disaster recovery and analysis tool
Methods and compositions for improving salicylic acid-independent systemic acquired disease resistan...
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Spin-valve magnetoresistive sensor including a first antiferromagnetic layer for increasing a coerci...
Longitudinal light source
Color correction for fiber optic illumination systems
Moisture reduction assembly
Portable traffic light
Multi-mode backlight for electronic device
Light source utilizing diffusive reflective cavity having two oppositely inclined surfaces
High capacity memory module with high electrical design margins
Internal termination for optical fibers
Optical component having fibers with partitioned cores and production method thereof
Method and apparatus for upgrading an optical fiber communication system
Optical fiber cable routing guide
Method and apparatus for region-based allocation of processing resources and control of input image ...
Hybrid-linear-bicubic interpolation method and apparatus
Data processing apparatus having DRAM incorporated therein
Automatic input impedance balancing for electrocardiogram (ECG) sensing applications
Evaluation of electrocardiograms in the field of extrasystoles
Method of obtaining information that corresponds to electrocardiogram of human body from pulse wave ...
Self jigging concrete wall structure and method of construction
Acoustical composite steel member
Apparatus for setting gems and providing hidden compartments in a timepiece
Method and system for managing related electronic messages
Method and apparatus for stabilization of angiography images
Method for the use of isolated soy protein in the production of fresh, unripened cheese analogs and ...
Plastic and semisolid edible shortening products with reduced trans-fatty acid content
Process for producing fat composition
Transgenic non-human mammals expressing DNA sequences encoding homologous complement restriction fac...
Animal feed
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheet
Method and apparatus for spectrophotometry of the eye
N-(aryl/heteroaryl) amino acid derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods...
Methods of determining an increased risk of a woman carrying a downs syndrome affected fetus by meas...
Queue based memory controller
Fluorescent protein sensors of post-translational modifications
pH control method of reducing nitrogen oxides emission
Method and apparatus for processing an event occurrence within a multithreaded processor
Purse for carrying various articles
Data processing method for eliminating influence of heat accumulation in thermal head of thermal pri...
Arm cradle for fishing rod
System and method for freeing shared resources in a computer system
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
PEAR composites for oxygen systems
Voice-controlled vehicle control system
Solid and liquid separation device
Pilot-type two-port vacuum valve
Continuous electrolytically regenerated packed bed suppressor for ion chromatography
Catalyst composition for purifying exhaust gas
Strong monoarylide pigment/hydrocarbyl polypropyleneamine compositions
Method for designing mask pattern of a self scanning light emitting device
Leverage accessory for power drills
Method and system for reproducing a progressive or regressive pattern of sonic variations
Steering device
Use of functionalized silicone composition for producing a hydrophobic and/or oil-repellent coating ...
Hematopoietic stem cell proliferating agents
Methods of performing surgery with galactomannan polymers and borate
Automatic equalizer
Sign panel with replaceable, frameless-appearing sign face
Kinase inhibitors
Uninterrupted flow pump apparatus and method
Device for preparing coffee, tea or milk beverage
Method for image formation and apparatus for development processing
Integrated traction inverter module and bi-directional DC/DC converter
Methods for modifying monofilaments, bundles of monofilaments, and fibrous structural material
System and method for fastening an object
Pile connector and method of installation
Transport and support frame for a bop assembly
Apparatus for protecting structural supports
Adjustable channel installation bracket
PLL circuit and recorded data reproduction apparatus
Method of driving display device, display device and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit and data processing system
Image forming apparatus including image bearing member and electrification means with changeable per...
Apparatus for displaying fluorescence images
Billing/clearing house system and method for an overloaded card
Gaming device having a competition bonus scheme
Aspiration method
Dinuclear platinum complexes as cisplatin analogs for cancer treatment
Generation of neural precursor cell lines
Microcell electrochemical devices assemblies with corrosion management subsystem, and method of maki...
Process for polymerizing alpha-olefins
Mica as flame retardant in glass filled noryl
Vacuum exhaust element of vacuum switch
Portable lift and straightening platform
Persistent names for logical volumes
Method and system for advertisement using internet browser with book-like interface
Portable electronic subscription device and service
Life-like doll
Book and pages having mechanical means for activating pop-up figure
Yo-yo and method for its manufacture
Method of controlling a device for varying the valve control times of an internal combustion engine,...
Fail-safe processing system and method for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Cool ice column profiling
Method of and system for efficient use of telecommunication networks
Method and apparatus for servicing queued requests
Coupled acoustic echo cancellation system
Method and apparatus for providing enhanced communication capability for mobile devices on a virtual...
Production of spherical catalyst carrier
Catalytic conversion process for producing isobutane and isoparaffin-enriched gasoline
Process for the desulfurization of FCC naphtha
Carbon dioxide recovery in an ethylene to ethylene oxide production process
Process and intermediate compounds for the preparation of pesticidal fluoroolefin compounds
Method and apparatus for regulating a stream of gaseous fuel
Olefin isomerization process
Superacid catalyst for the hydroisomerization of n-paraffins
Agents and method for producing temporary colorations of keratin fibers
Fragrance and flavor compositions containing odor neutralizing agents
Proteases having modified amino acid sequences conjugated to addition moieties
Topical leave-on compositions containing selected pantothenic acid derivatives
Vitamin B12 --biodegradable micro particulate conjugate carrier systems for peroral delivery of drug...
Fluoroalkyl polymers containing a cationogenic segment
Method for increasing the pH value in acidic soil
Pigmented formulations based on aqueous polymer dispersions
Moisture barrier film coating composition, method and coated form
Non-systemic control of parasites
Plastisol compositions with two dissimilar acrylic polymer components
Photoconductive imaging members
Hydrophobic coating compositions, articles coated with said compositions, and processes for manufact...
Antisense modulation of GU protein expression
System for converting media content for interactive TV use
Support planar and tapered quasi-planar germanium waveguides for infrared evanescent-wave sensing
Fiber optic interface device
Body cavity light using diffuse light source
Information record/reproduction device, information record/reproduction method and supply medium the...
Transflective liquid crystal display device
Multifunctional, granulated pellet aid and process
Aqueous emulsion and dispersant for suspension polymerization of vinyl compounds
Combination drug therapy for glycolipid storage diseases
Sterically hindered poly(ethylene glycol) alkanoic acids and derivatives thereof
Binder-free compacted forms of 1,3-dihalo-5,5-dimethylhydantoins
Building construction system, components thereof, and method therefore
Receiving data on a networked computer in a reduced power state
Hierarchical wiring method for a semiconductor integrated circuit
Microcomputer control system in which programs can be modified from outside of the system and newer ...
Programming programmable logic devices using hidden switches
Signal routing in programmable logic devices
Method and system for circuit design top level and block optimization
InGaN/AlGaN/GaN multilayer buffer for growth of GaN on sapphire
Apparatus and method for rapid thermal processing
Structure for masking integrated capacitors of particular utility for ferroelectric memory integrate...
Modification of fatty acid composition in plants by expression of a fungal acyl-CoA desaturase
Block deformation removing filter, image processing apparatus using the same, method of filtering im...
Image data interpolation system and method
Video recorder having playback-signal processing means adaptable to different playback qualities of ...
Camera operating apparatus
Hybrid cameras having optional irreversible clearance of electronic images with film unit removal an...
Image output apparatus and camera
Waterproof, durable products made from recycled rubber products
Process for recovering caprolactam and steam
Process for the production of benzaldehyde by the catalytic liquid phase air oxidation of toluene
Self-extinguishing cable with low-level production of fumes, and flame-retardant composition used th...
Simplified process for producing nanoporous silica
Optical assembly for an exposure apparatus
Glass composition
Catalysts for hydrogenation of carboxylic acid
Method of fabricating photonic structures
Coated optical fiber
Low optical loss polymers
Splice closure with removable and pivotable splice trays, and associated methods
Production of silica particles
Method to produce a transition metal carbide from a partially reduced transition metal compound
Process for recovering sulfur from H2S-bearing gas
Fine particulate silica gel and fine particulate silica gel internally containing microparticles of ...
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Glazing element
Cleansing articles for skin or hair
Nasal medication administering device
Aerosol device containing a polycondensate comprising at least one polyurethane and/or polyurea unit
Multiple attribute file directory manipulation and navigation system
Joint on a spacecraft
Kite having noise emitting device
Space photovoltaic power generation system, power satellite, and electric power base
Integration of self-locating feature into detail parts
Inertial measurement unit with magnetometer for detecting stationarity
Data transfer method for wire real-time communications
System for electronically emulating musical instrument
Contact arrangement and counter-contact module
Classifying apparatus designed in particular for odor recognition
Liquid precursors for aluminum oxide and method making same
Polybutene containing denture cleanser compositions
Method for the quantification of human alertness
Two-piece solid golf ball
Recovery of natural nanoclusters and the nanoclusters isolated thereby
Colorimetric artificial nose having an array of dyes and method of artificial olfaction
Net shape manufacturing using carbon nanotubes
Glasses for laser and fiber amplifier applications and method for making thereof
Method for treating multiple sclerosis
Relaxed InxGa1-xAs buffers
Optical fiber cassette
Real-time event processing system for telecommunications and other applications
Pattern-recognition-based geolocation
System and method for optimizing a wireless network by adaptive configuration of base stations and w...
Fuzzy-logic based overload detection and correction for packet gateways
Method of forming a glass preform
Undersea telecommunications cable
Magnet roller
Genes encoding plant transcription factors
Plant xylanases
Sun devil lettuce variety
Potato cultivar FL1889
Rice cultivar M-104
Toner coagulant processes
Thermal scan line bow adjustment in an optical scanning system
Data flow control and storage facility for an image reproduction system
Bichromal beads having charge adjuvants therein
Current switching driver with controlled bias and ON states
Liquid developer system employing a pretransfer station
Digital data transfer apparatus and method
Using smartcards to enable probabilistic transaction on an untrusted device
Generating RSA moduli including a predetermined portion
Secure session tracking method and system for client-server environment
System and method for authentication of network users
Driving point model utilizing a realizable reduced order circuit for determining a delay of a gate d...
Place and route scan chain partitioning by clock regions
Miniature monolithic optical demultiplexer
Methods for extracting substances using alternating current
Method of fabricating thin-film transistor
Driving circuit of thin-film transistor electroluminescent display and the operation method thereof
Odor sensing with organic transistors
Method of providing replay on demand for streaming digital multimedia
Generic object for rapid integration of data changes
Method, system and computer program product for providing a user interface with alternative display ...
Memory system for use on a circuit board in which the number of loads is minimized
Anonymous web site user information communication method
Virtual reality peripheral vision scotoma screening
Reactor for processing a workpiece using sonic energy
System for processing a workpiece
Flat media processing machine
Plant phosphatidic acid phosphatases
Bone reinforcers
Supporting multiple FPGA configuration modes using dedicated on-chip processor
Latch mapper
Handheld controller for monitoring/using medical parameters
Markup language for interactive services to notify a user of an event and methods thereof
Combinatorial method foe development of optical ceramics
Fingerprint recognition device and fingerprint reading window construction
Optical identification element
Optical amplifier
Confocal scanning microscope
Optical amplifier, optical transmission equipment, optical transmission system, and method thereof
Fiber-optic channel selecting apparatus
Method and system for estimating plasma damage to semiconductor device for layout design
Vehicle tire rim
Specific cable ratio for high fidelity audio cables
Stalk lever fixed with holder member for operating turn signal switch or knob switch and the like
Sub-surface imaging under paints and coatings using early light spectroscopy
System, method and article of manufacture for collaboration with an application
Target simulation system
Lock cylinder
Modular combat load system
Position-controlled tensioner system
Rubber-epoxy bonding via an interfacial layer containing acrylates
Composite multilayer material for plain bearings
Thrust hydrodynamic bearing, spindle motor provided therewith, and disk drive utilizing the motor
Anti-skew idler roller system
Fluid bearing and rotary drive apparatus using the same
Bushing and bearing assembly
Bearing wheel for conveyors and the like
Linear motor drive unit
Intermediate liquid crystal display device product having an end point detection window, method of f...
Lateral exhaust microthruster
Method and system for accessing and interchanging multimedia data in an interactive format professio...
Folding mirror structure
Biochip reader
Enhanced hide and seek game and method of playing game
Hermetic compressor
Remote monitoring and control of devices connected to an IEEE 1394 bus via a gateway device
Distributed agent software system and method having enhanced process mobility and communication in a...
Method for enforcing device connection policies
Method and apparatus for intializing a hub interface
Enhanced PCI clock control architecture
Pentafluoropropane compositions
System for the continuous and automatic production of automotive and other paints capable of handlin...
Process for the multi-layer repair coating of substrates
Polymeric film having a coating layer of a phosphonic acid group containing polymer
Graft copolymer with an amide functional group as a pigment dispersant
Polyolefins with new structures
Control system and associated method for coordinating isochronous devices accessing a wireless netwo...
Frequency hopping method and radio system
Method and device in a radio communications system
Computer-based radio scanner internet system
Prepaid subscriber service for packet-switched and circuit-switched radio telecommunications network...
Processed whey protein and process for manufacturing the same
Near-room temperature CVD synthesis of organic polymer/oxide dielectric nanocomposites
Phenylalanine-free protein and DNA coding therefor
Methods and devices for detecting microbial spoilage in food products
Asymmetric substituted benzaldehyde alditol derivatives and compositions and articles containing sam...
Process for sterilization using a tubular exchanger
Bleaching composition for dry cleaning containing transition metal bleach catalyst
Process for making non-particulate detergent product readily dispersible in water
Fluid cleaning compositions having high levels of amine oxide
Shape-formed, three dimensional, moisture vapor permeable, liquid impermeable articles
Prepolymers containing isocyanate groups and a method for the production thereof
MRI apparatus
Magnetometer for detecting a magnetic field associated with nuclear magnetic spins or electron spins
MRI apparatus provided with anti-interference supply conductors for electrical connection equipment
Cryogenic rectification system for producing high purity nitrogen using high pressure turboexpansion
System for disabling wireless communication devices
Three piling boat lift
Electro-optical reader with electronic stylus
Process of producing polymerized toner
Image developing device with sealing members for preventing toner leakage
Developing agent carrier having a sealing mechanism at each end of a developing roller
Method and apparatus for automatically generating schedules for wafer processing within a multichamb...
Gaming device having a destination pursuit bonus scheme with advance and setback conditions
Children's stand up spinner ride
Thin Loudspeaker
Symbol-based memory language system and method
On demand administration of clomipramine and salts thereof to treat premature ejaculation
Apparatus and method for suppressing growth of oxide film on coil
High strength cold rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Control of electrode depth in electroslag remelting
Method and device for control of metal flow during continuous casting using electromagnetic fields
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
Method of making a Schottky diode in an integrated circuit
Real time, dry mechanical relaxation station and physical therapy device simulating human applicatio...
Aqueous wrinkle control compositions dispensed using optimal spray patterns
Immortalized human keratinocyte cell line
Herbal composition for the treatment of alopecia
System and method for non-invasive determination of optimal orientation of an implantable sensing de...
Method of making closed cavity pistons
Interleukin-4 production inhibitors
Method of using steam ironing of fabrics as a way of causing reduction of physiological and/or subje...
Laundry bleaching compositions
Salicylaldehyde-containing composition having antimicrobial and fragrancing properties and process f...
Substituted alpha-hydroxy acid caspase inhibitors and the use thereof
Image forming apparatus capable of preventing damage to a photosensitive body by charging particles
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate
Golf club head
Heat resistant steel casting and method of manufacturing the same
Iridium-containing nickel-base superalloy
Anodized magnesium or magnesium alloy piston and method for manufacturing the same
Method and aid for the early recognition of sunburn
Method, system, and program for performing conditional program operations
Cosmetic composition with organic sunscreen and porous powder particles
Method for inhibition of photocarcinogenesis or photoimmunosuppression using niacin
Use of mixtures of micropigments for preventing tanning and for lightening skin and hair
Treatment and composition for achieving skin anti-aging benefits by corneum protease activation
Topical composition comprising a functionalized acid anhydride-based cosmetic bonding agent
Process for treating bentonite and products thereof
Benzo[b]pyran derivatives useful as external agents for the skin
Topical pharmaceutical base with anti-pruritic and/or anti-inflammatory drugs
Calibration method and apparatus for correcting pulse width timing errors in integrated circuit test...
Bottle body portion
Manufacture and method for obtaining accurately dimensioned features from a metal-containing web pro...
Bottom of stand up bag
Method and apparatus for lifting tabs of a laminate from a substrate
Blow-molded container and closure, and method and apparatus for making same
Plastic container having a carbon-treated internal surface
Compositions and systems for forming high strength medical sealants, and associated methods of prepa...
Mx-1 conditionally immortalized cells
Stimuli responsive hybrid materials containing molecular actuators and their applications
Modulation of the sulfonylurea receptor and calcium in adipocytes for treatment of obesity/diabetes
Complex of DNA and microparticle of defatted lipid-binding protein for gene therapy
Compositions containing lysophosphotidic acids which inhibit apoptosis and uses thereof
Compounds, compositions and methods for treating or preventing pneumovirus infection and associated ...
DNA encoding the outer membrane protein of Pasteurella multocida
Pharmaceutical composition for treating or preventing influenza, and novel capped oligonucleotide
Manipulation of cellulose and/or .beta.-1,4-Glucan
Methods and apparatus for the centralized collection and validation of geographically distributed cl...
Therapeutic method for conflict resolution and product for using same
Steering wheel assembly and a switching device thereof
Disubstituted phenanthrenes and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Dicing machine for cutting CSP plate into pellets
Polishing slurry
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Filter assembly with shaped adsorbent article; and devices and methods of use
Method for preparing an improved liquid crystal clinical thermometer
Medicament-loaded transdermal reservoir and method for its formation
Ultrasonic transducer, transducer array, and fabrication method
Water filled hoop construction
Explosives disrupter
Recoilless telescoping barrel gun
Firearm having chamber status indicator and firearm retrofitting method
Handgun system with an exchangeable barrel
Barrel assembly with removable barrel insert for pneumatic paintball gun
Gripper device
Modulation apparatus/method, demodulation apparatus/method and program presenting medium
Rapid prototyping method using 3-D laser inner cutting
Process for preparing ether-capped poly(oxyalkylated) alcohol surfactants
AC methods for the detection of nucleic acids
Step-down clock control and method for improving convergence for a digitally controlled self-calibra...
Programmable wireless electrode system for medical monitoring
Radio frequency coupler apparatus suitable for use in a multi-band wireless communication device
Apparatus and method for speed sensitive operation in a wireless communication device
Method and apparatus for seamless multi-rate speech coding
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding frames of voice model parameters into a low bit rate ...
Design evaluating method and apparatus for assisting circuit-board assembly
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for olefin polymerization, and method f...
Transition metal compound, olefin polymerization catalyst component, olefin polymerization catalyst ...
Method and apparatus using laser enhanced dielectrokinesis to locate entities
Image reading apparatus
Optical muzzle blast detection and counterfire targeting system and method
Method and system for custom manufacture and delivery of a data product
Vehicle impact-sensing method with improved severity discrimination
Electronic control apparatus with memory validation and method
Compounds, hardening accelerator, resin composition, and electronic part device
Substrate for detecting base sequences, method of manufacturing the substrate, and method of detecti...
Method for forming a nitridized interface on a semiconductor substrate
Detergent compositions with enhanced depositing, conditioning and softness capabilities
Impact modified melt-stable lactide polymer compositions and processes for manufacture thereof
Initiators for carbocationic polymerization of olefins
Copolyesters and fibrous materials formed therefrom
System for network device location
Apparatus for determining degree of restoration of diseased part
Method of selecting transformed Brassica tissue
Video copy-control with plural embedded signals
Holey fibers filled with raman active fluid
Static/dynamic control for optimizing a useful objective
Optimization control method for shock absorber
Apparatus and method for determining loft time and speed
Method and system for tracking clustered items
Clean-up of orphaned server contexts
Catalysts for producing methylamines and method for manufacturing the same
B-lactam-like chaperone inhibitors
Recombinant Sef14 fimbrial protein from Salmonella
Hand-held vacuum cleaner with headlamp
System, device and method for rapid packet filtering and processing
Video storage and retrieval system
Compositions and methods for increasing bone mineralization
Method and apparatus for controlling the travel speed of a vehicle
`Kristin Lipka's Variegated Weeping Dogwood Tree`
Osteospermum plant named `Seidacre`
Strawberry plant named `Sonora`
Chrysanthemum plant named `92-296-25`
Geranium plant named `Kleroder`
Geranium plant named `Klerotyst`
Geranium plant named `Kleropur`
Method for testing signal integrity in a data storage system
Liquid crystal compound, liquid crystal mixture or composition, electrolyte comprising the same, ele...
Sulfur containing polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions and method of production
Lithium secondary cell with an alloyed metallic powder containing electrode
Proton conductor, production method thereof, and electrochemical device using the same
Non-aqueous electrolyte comprising a fluorinated solvent
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Pyridine-substituted benzanilides as potassium ion channel openers
Topical compositions comprising protected functional thiols
Hydroxy aromatic mannich base condensation products and the use thereof as soot dispersants in lubri...
Comonomer compositions for production of imide-containing polyamino acids
Primary alkaline battery including nickel oxyhydroxide
N-[(substituted five-membered di- or triaza diunsaturated ring)carbonyl] guanidine derivatives for t...
Prevention of loss and restoration of bone mass by certain prostaglandin agonists
Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer
Electrode metal material, capacitor and battery formed of the material and method of producing the m...
Metal oxide electrochemical psedocapacitor employing organic electrolyte
Combination pillow and tote bag
APJ ligand polypeptides
Method for the control and treatment of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Soluble forms of amoxicillin and treatment of animals
Triazolo and derivatives as chemokine inhibitors
Molding facilitator and use thereof
Channel forming toxins as antiviral agents
Drugs containing phosphoric acid derivatives as the active ingredient
Method for suppressing sorbate- and/or sorbic acid-induced discoloration
Thermal printer and thermal printing method
Method and apparatus for electrophysiology catheter with enhanced sensing
RF-safe invasive device
Highly specific technique for discriminating atrial fibrillation from atrial flutter
Internal cardiac output monitor
Endothelium preserving microwave treatment for atherosclerosis
Thermal therapy catheter
Dual frequency microwave heating apparatus
Bucket with tubular support
Paint bucket lid
Curved drain board
Clothes peg
Rubbish bin
Plow blade mount
Image forming apparatus and method having an improved heating mechanism in fixing device
Rocket fairing and method of opening the same
Information processing apparatus and method therefor
LCD slider
Method and apparatus for protecting a hard disk drive from shock
Method and apparatus for providing automatic status information of a delivery operation
System and method for providing access to electronic works
Control device with PCMCIA card for communications with field device
System, method, and software for memory management with intelligent trimming of pages of working set...
Testing content addressable static memories
Throwaway dog's dung bag and adjustable tie-belt combination unit
System for transmitting subscription information and content to a mobile device
Analog controls housed with electronic displays for clocks
Electromagnetic drive
Green concrete retaining wall and method for constructing the same
Displaying thumbnail images of document pages in an electronic folder
Transcoding audio data by a proxy computer on behalf of a client computer
System and method for managing application installation for a mobile device
Golf ball covers containing high acid ionomers
Ethyllithium in dibutyl ether
Method and apparatus for determining position using a handheld personal computer and a cradle
Software product uninstallation system and method
System and method for detecting and correcting fragmentation on optical storage media
Method for database assisted file system restore
File update performing comparison and compression as single process
Method and system for implementing network filesystem-based aid for computer operating system upgrad...
System providing data quality display of digital video
Dimethoxy quinazolines for treating diabetes
Polyhydroxylated monocyclic N-heterocyclic derivatives as anti-coagulants
Oxyiminoalkanoic acid derivatives
Isoxazole compositions useful as inhibitors of ERK
Scytonemin and methods of using thereof
Polyhydroxylated monocyclic N-heterocyclic derivatives as anti-coagulants
Method for manufacturing tricyclic amino alcohol derivatives
Electronic device and a method of manufacturing the same
Image-capturing lens
Lens driving apparatus for optical disc player and printed circuit board coils for lens driving appa...
Optical element and its manufacturing process
Transmission control method in a network system for interactively transmitting a signal between node...
Method and apparatus for providing transformation of the polarization of light
Fiber devices based on fiber squeezer polarization controllers
Solderable aluminum
Low thermal stress balance bar for a coriolis flowmeter
Method for separating a compound obtained by polymerization of non-transformed monomer isocyanates
Antibody compositions for preparing enriched dendritic cell preparations
Preconditioning spins near a nuclear magnetic resonance region
Method and apparatus for generating multiple selectable contexts
Data signal line driving circuit and image display apparatus
Calibration of a system for tracking a writing instrument with multiple sensors
Print head driving apparatus and printer using the same
Database managing system
Articulated robot
Device for clamping the trailing edge of a printing plate in a plate cylinder of a rotary printing m...
Locking device in a printing machine
Sheet-guiding device for a sheet-fed printing machine
Device and method for splitting a printed product stream
Digital photolithography system for making smooth diagonal components
Self-adhesive label
Electric toothbrush attachment
Communication control method and transmission apparatus
Cellular uptake of modified peptides
Flame resistant rubber modified polymer compositions
Organic phosphorus-phosphorus oxyacid compounds
Polymers obtained from monomers allowing a sequential polymerization, and their use for preparing io...
Method for producing carboxylic acid tertiary alkyl ester
Electron emitting device, electron source, image forming apparatus and producing methods of them
Dried or frozen pharmaceutical preparation containing a class III antiarrhythmic compound
Gelcasting polymeric precursors for producing net-shaped graphites
Recording medium having grooves and prepits and a recording system for the recording medium
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell including a water-retaining layer on a ribbed plate
Device for degassing and brazing preassembled vacuum interrupters using inductive heating
Method and apparatus for balling and assembling ball grid array and chip scale array packages
Offline viewing of internet content with a mobile device
Particles comprising amphiphilic copolymers
Polymerization process
Increase of nodule number and nitrogen fixation in leguminosae
PTP-S31: a novel protein tyrosine phosphatase
Nucleic acids encoding extracellular matrix proteins