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Preparation of n-butylamines
Planar fuel cell assembly
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with porous gas vent within electrolyt...
Optically driven therapeutic radiation source having a spiral-shaped thermionic cathode
Optical switch having a planar waveguide and a shutter actuator
Lean burn engine with brake system
Battery case with edge seal
Self-cleaning web-threading apparatus for a web-fed printing press
Polyester based coating composition for anti-stain PCM outside panel
Self-cleaning separator for cohesive or adhesive products
Intraocular lens implant
Mold assembly for producing ophthalmic lens article
Apparatus and methods for reversal of presbyopia using near infrared selective laser on zonnulas
Method and apparatus for inserting a flexible membrane into an eye
Toric intraocular lens material
Gene encoding hyaluronan synthase
Aminosugar and glycosaminoglycan composition for the treatment and repair of connective tissue
System, apparatus, and method for reducing birefringence
Method for refracting and dispensing electro-active spectacles
Electrolytic etching method, method for producing photovoltaic element, and method for treating defe...
Release coating system for crucibles
Hard masking method for forming residue free oxygen containing plasma etched layer
Segregated exhaust fuel cell generator
Air breathing direct methanol fuel cell
Composite catalyst for solid polymer electrolyte type fuel cell and processes for producing the same
Highly conductive composite polysilicon gate for CMOS integrated circuits
Method and reagent for treatment of lung cancer and other malignancies caused by the deregulation of...
Norbornene polymer composition
Polymer electrolyte fuel stack
27411, a novel human PGP synthase
Information delivery method for vehicular communication devices
Electronic control unit
Vehicle control using multiple sensors
Document summarizing apparatus, document summarizing method and recording medium carrying a document...
Communication device, multiple bus control device and LSI for controlling multiple bus
Sterilization apparatus for dental and orthodontic tools
Compositions suitable for making elastomeric articles of manufacture
Soft electrical textile heater
Surgical glove
Food handling glove
Methods and apparatus for treatment of pulmonary conditions
Parts bin
Competitive gambling board game
Core wire with shapeable tip
Therapeutically useful peptides and peptide fragments
Method using on site generated ammonia to reduce particulates
Vacuum switching device
Thrust bearing assembly
Drug delivery system exhibiting permeability control
Driving force control system for four-wheel drive vehicles
Method of and system for coupling location information
System and method for charging for vehicle parking
Drive power control apparatus and method for vehicle
Pai gow poker with tiebreaker cards
Secure system for remotely waking a computer in a power-down state
Task scheduling in an event driven environment
Method of controlling loss of a subterranean treatment fluid
Solvent-based process for manufacturing latent curing catalysts
Method and system for performing money transfer transactions
Recombinant bacterial cells for delivery of PNP to tumor cells
Porcine cardiomyocytes and their use in treatment of insufficient cardiac function
Ice confection
Process for the production of vitamin b12
Methods of initiating embryogenic cultures in plants
Multimeric immunotoxins
Controlled release polyacrylic acid granules and a process for preparing the same
Specific binding members for TGFbeta1
Image communicating method, facsimile type electronic mail apparatus and facsimile apparatus
Method and apparatus for cryptographically secure algebraic key establishment protocols based on mon...
Electronic watermarking in the compressed domain utilizing perceptual coding
Method for determining the steady state behavior of a circuit using an iterative technique
Method and apparatus for placing repeaters in a network of an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for using metadata to dynamically generate a display page to solicit input from...
Information search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
Arrangement for enhancing weighted element searches in dynamically balanced trees
Hypervideo: information retrieval using realtime buffers
Techniques for handling function-defined hierarchical dimensions
Billing system for distributing third party messages to form a community of subscribers to negotiate...
Method for determining stacking velocity parameters or other reflection geometry information from se...
Expression of herbicide tolerance genes in plant plastids
Lettuce variety legend
Potato cultivar FL 1944
Plants and seeds of corn variety I362697
Rice cultivar M-205
Antisense inhibition of cyclin D2 expression
Polynucleotides encoding human eosinophil-derived basic protein
Composite plastic/wood flour building construction system
Camera with self-timer for delayed action shutter release
Semiconductor laser device and optical information reproduction apparatus
Memory cell configuration, magnetic ram, and associative memory
Method of forming ultrathin oxide layer
Divalent lanthanide metal complexes
Method of selecting desired domains and for developing a seeding methodology for a knowledge base sy...
Contractile toy structure
Systems and methods for data processing using a protocol parsing engine
Portable target
Gold wire for semiconductor element connection and semiconductor element connection method
Techniques for performing incremental data updates
Multimedia interface for IP telephony
Telecommunications system
Optical disc for coordinating a variable reproduction of video images
Information search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
Bilge pump interface housing and method of facilitating operation and replacement of a bilge pump an...
Boat landing apparatus with elevation device
Anchor assembly for boats and watercrafts in general
Propelling system
Technique for making floating objects in synthetic resins reinforced with continuous fibers and made...
Down rigger mount bracket
Video game device, play control method for video game, and readable recording medium recording the m...
Gaming machine with re-trigger bonus
Three-dimensional image processing apparatus with enhanced automatic and user point of view control
Pneumatic tire with turnup portion wrapped along outer peripheral face of bead core
Binder with reclosable outer transparent window
Detachable coupling for handheld computer and peripheral attachment scheme
Fluorinated solvent compositions containing hydrogen fluoride
Message processing technique to improve client computer response to user input
Reading device and methods of using same to teach and learn reading
Application of multi-media technology to psychological and educational assessment tools
Antifuse with improved radiation SEDR
Phase coherent optically delayed radar target
Computerized system and method for teaching and assessing the holistic scoring of open-ended questio...
Shin-guard, helmet, and articles of protective equipment including light cure material
Speed reducer with rotation detector
Articulated robot and method of controlling the motion of the same
Method for planning/controlling robot motion
Edge gripping end effector wafer handling apparatus
Complete blade and wafer handling and support system without tape
Stud welding tool changer
Tape printing apparatus, tape cartridge and tape printing apparatus including the tape cartridge, an...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with pad impedance adjustment mechanism
Circuit system suitable for codifying NRZ type binary signals into CMI type binary signals
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Image processing apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit and manufacturing method therefore
Geophysical inertial navigation system
Analytical method and apparatus
Method for recording and reproducing information, apparatus therefor and recording medium
Liquid crystal electro-optical device and electronic appliance
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Electroluminescence display device
Integrally fabricated gated pixel elements and control circuitry for flat-panel displays
Method of driving a flat display capable of wireless connection and device for driving the same
Fluorochemical sulfonamide surfactants
Charge pump or other charge storage capacitor including PZT layer for combined use as encapsulation ...
Method for producing formed bodies of high temperature superconductors having high critical currents
Photothermal optical switch and variable attenuator
Fiber bundle and optical amplifier
Soundproof type engine driven work machine
Air-coupled surface wave structures for sound field modification
Vehicular exhaust pipe with illuminating devices
Automatic guided system and control method thereof
Lane keeping assistance system and method for automotive vehicle
Operator reaction dependent stand-by brake torque build-up rate controlling scheme
Method and device for protecting the differentials of a motor vehicle
Driving force control system for four-wheel drive vehicles
Method for controlling the speed and distance of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for transmitting DTMF signals employing local speech recognition
Automatic distribution of voice files
Method and system for scripting for system management information
Method and system for managing a real time bill of materials
Ink jet recording sheet
Rotary electric motor having magnetically isolated stator and rotor groups
Ultrasonic obstacle detector
Goal based educational system with personalized coaching
Method system and computer program product for storing bi-directional language data in a text string...
Media manager for controlling autonomous media devices within a network environment and managing the...
Apparatus and method for dynamically defining exception handlers in a debugger
Safety document
4,5-diaryl-3(2H)-furanone derivatives as cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Free standing modular architectural beam system
Racemic thioesters for production of polyketides
Apparatus and method for aligning vertebrae
Sensors arrangement
Method and device for extracting the contents of a capsule
Method for controlling density of liquid carrier in the toner images
Markup language for interactive services and methods thereof
Stackable electrochemical capacitor cells
Ironing press
Hand-held vacuum pick-up
Paint bucket lid
Stocking holder
Battery operated iron and recharging base
Silverware bin
Control of nucleic acid amplification procedures including the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
Index allocation for data broadcasting
Monitoring activity of a user in locomotion on foot
Optical unit and image display device thereof
Pipette tip
Catalytic converter for use in an internal combustion engine
Bowling method
Bundled map guide
Apparatus and method for high speed optical signal processing
Smart laser with fast deformable grating
Method of wiring power service terminals to a power network in a semiconductor integrated circuit
Inheriting code in a transformational programming system
Methods and apparatus for packaging a program for remote execution
Flexible cache architecture using modular arrays
Speaker unit
Cleansing wipe article and method of manufacture
Water soluble sachet with a dishwashing enhancing particle
Cleaning compositions comprising a cytochrome
High density detergent-making process involving a moderate speed mixer/densifier
Detergent bar comprising amorphous silica and salt of carboxylic and/or sulphonic acid
Concentrated quaternary ammonium fabric softener compositions containing cationic polymers
Chamber effluent monitoring system and semiconductor processing system comprising absorption spectro...
Hat fasteners for eye glasses
Toner for use in electrophotography and image formation method using the toner
Slide-rotating collar protecting rotatable resin shaft
LED display
Method of sharing a communication port
Osmotic device within an osmotic device
Apparatus for quenching metallic material
System for determining receptor-ligand binding affinity
Quantitative analysis methods on active electronic microarrays
Entertainment system capable of discriminating model of operation device, operation device, and mach...
Method for determining the winning value upon reaching of a game result at a coin operated entertain...
Mobile water ride having sluice slide-over cover
Set-top electronics and network interface unit arrangement
Metering system
Chemical reactor and method for gas phase reactant catalytic reactions
Electrochemical conversion system
Method of producing synthesis gas from a regeneration of spent cracking catalyst
Integrated solid oxide fuel cell and reformer
Electrolyte for electrolytic capacitor
Composition for detection of genes encoding membrane-associated proteins
Addressable vehicular lighting system
Active Hanukkah candelabrum
Decorative candle display and method of formation
Reflector substrate for illumination device and reflector for illumination device
Self-ballasted fluorescent lamp
Electronic display apparatus
Method of determining reflective surface of reflector in vehicle lamp
Digital keystone modulation circuit
Enclosure assembly
Data transmission and receiving system for multiplexing data with video data
Mode control for trellis decoder
Digital data distribution system having a reduced end station memory requirement
Optical waveguide
Electro-optic structure and process for fabricating same
Fiber administration system having optical fiber route tracing capabilities
Waveguide window
Method for mid-span branching of optical fiber cable
Optical fiber interconnection closures
Dynamic gain equalizer method and associated apparatus
Dual video camera system for scanning hardcopy documents
Image processing method and apparatus for detecting the tilt amount of input image data
Linear horizontal and vertical zoom for compressing an image to a smaller area in display
Sheet processing apparatus, sheet processing method and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus using post contrast-enhanced steady-state free precession in MR imaging
Motor vehicle occupant detection system employing ellipse shape models and bayesian classification
Method and circuit for computing the discrete cosine transform (DCT) in microcontrollers
Method and system for detecting white matter neural injury and predicting neurological outcome parti...
Portable tension and stress detector and method
System and method for rapid recruitment of widely distributed easily operated automatic external def...
Implantable cardiac stimulation device and method which discriminates between noise and cardiac acti...
Fluoroscopic tracking enhanced intraventricular catheter system
Method and apparatus for measuring stimulus-evoked potentials of the brain
Partition wall system
Method of making a steel cable reinforced conveyor belt
Pneumatic steel bar binding machine mechanism
Method and apparatus to determine and control the carbon content of steel in a BOF vessel
Continuous composite steel girder bridge constructed by applying a temperature gradient and method f...
Process for manufacturing carbon-steel strip by twin-roll continuous casting, product produced and a...
Method for manufacturing cement using a raw material mix including finely ground steel slag
Process for removing stains from steel sheet in a continuous pickling line
Multi-mode lighter
Method for preparing template DNA from processed vegetable food, which is feasible for amplification...
Solvent fractionation of menhaden oil and partially hydrogenated menhaden oil for making lipid compo...
Method of manufacturing a sterol ester mixture
Cooking arrangement for cooking food such as a stove, a cooktop, and other cooking appliances, with ...
Stove or grill for cooking, and a stove or grill for cooking having a glass ceramic cook top or hob,...
Method and apparatus for distributing food product bits to a packager, especially gelatin-based prod...
Center-fill absorbent article with a wicking barrier and central rising member
Standalone device for identifying available document services in a token-enabled operating environme...
Aluminum complexes for olefin polymerization
Olefin polymerization catalyst and polymerization process
Method and apparatus for tv broadcasting and reception
Chromogenic window assembly construction and other chromogenic devices
Isolation of purified TGF- .beta.1 and TGF -.beta.2 from bone tissue
Method and system for correcting customer service orders
Method for readjusting medical images on a patient and associated device
Mechanical actuator interface system for robotic surgical tools
Apparatus and method for photogrammetric surgical localization
Method for improved imaging and photodynamic therapy
Method and system for navigating a catheter probe in the presence of field-influencing objects
Calibration phantom and recognition algorithm for automatic coordinate transformation in diagnostic ...
Aspects of a control system of a minimally invasive surgical apparatus
Device for playing ball with a dog
Collar apparatus enabling secure handling of a snake by tether
Systems and methods for separation of organics from fluids
.beta.-D-galactosidase microencapsulated with fatty acid ester and milk containing the same
Leafy cotyledon2 genes and their uses
Process for making lyocell fibers from alkaline pulp having low average degree of polymerization val...
Classification system for sex determination and tissue characterization
Form A of fluoxetine hydrochloride
Method of making a fibrin sealant comprising alpha-2-antiplasmin
Thermal management for a thin environmentally-sealed LCD display enclosure
Slow release of fragrant compounds in perfumery using .alpha.-keto esters
Method and apparatus for synchronous presentation of video and audio transmissions and their interac...
Alkaline earth metal alkylene diamides, method for their production, and their use
Pre-treatment methods and compositions for carbon dioxide dry cleaning
Use of at least one lipid extract obtained from the fruit seed of the mirabelle tree
Method for treating an allergic or inflammatory disease
Skin care compositions containing combination of skin care actives
Topical composition comprising a diazonium salt-based cosmetic bonding agent
Topical composition comprising a 1,2-heteroatom constituted diene cosmetic bonding agent
Topical composition comprising a branched C24 to C28 fatty alcohol or acid ester
Agarista populifolia plant named `Taylor's Treasure`
Heuchera plant named `Amber Waves`
Anthurium plant named `Fresh Love`
Anthurium plant named `Sunny Love`
Anthurium plant named `VR 098`
Peach tree named `UFO`
Gladiolus plant named `Anurag`
Method and system for displaying VLSI layout data
Motorcycle luggage accessory
Heteroaryl, heterocyclic and aryl compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Tricyclic sulfonamides and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Diketoacid-derivatives as inhibitors of polymerases
Inhibitors of transcription factor-NF-.kappa.B
4,4-disubstituted-1, 4-dihydro-2H-3, 1-benzoxazin-2-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibit...
Coincidence detection method, products and apparatus
Optimal order choice: evaluating uncertain discounted trading alternatives
Open commodites exchange
Apparatus for receiving programs
Web-integrated inventory management system and method
Multimedia communication system and communicating apparatus
Wide format thermal printer
Carrier device
Ultrasonic cleaning apparatus
Plant-activating agent
Tire sealer and inflating composition and method of use
Purifying agent, apparatus and method for forming purifying agent, and purifying method using the ag...
Detergent compositions containing enduring perfume
Polymer compositions having specified PH for improved dispensing and improved stability of wrinkle r...
Drug screen targeting lipoprotein-membrane anchorage
Alkaline cleaners based on alcohol ethoxy carboxylates
Antimicrobial polymer latexes derived from unsaturated quaternary ammonium compounds and antimicrobi...
Integrated development tool
Halogenated composites for oxygen systems
Powered caster wheel module for use on omnidirectional drive systems
Implement for detecting physical abnormalities in milk
High order primary decay correction for CT imaging system detectors
Modular price indicator
Convertible pallet
CD-ROM drive having adjustable multiple speed ranges
Cylinder having guide
Point-of-use water treatment system
Methods for producing solid subassemblies of fluidic particulate matter
Chipkill for a low end server or workstation
Nitrogen containing dispersant-viscosity improvers
Methods of making emulsifying and dispersing surfactants and their use
Method for separating analogous organic compounds
Preparation of preparing substituted indanones
Polyhydroxylated monocyclic N-heterocyclic derivatives as anti-coagulants
Thienopyrimidine and thienopyridine derivatives useful as anticancer agents
Pharmaceutical compositions containing triazolones and methods of treating neurodegenerative disease...
Substituted phenylalanine type compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Glucocorticoid and thyroid hormone receptor ligands for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Compounds having MIF antagonist activity
Methods for inhibiting skin ulceration by use of cyanoacrylate adhesives
Optical integrated circuit and manufacturing method therefor
Method and device for installing an air tap onto a pressurized air pipe
Ni-Co-Cr high temperature strength and corrosion resistant alloy
Sign language instruction system and method
Cooling apparatus for power semiconductors
Organometallic complexes comprising cationic heterocyclic carbenes
Method for developing transgenic mice
Anti-aliasing magnetic resonance device which reduces aliasing from regions outside of the excitatio...
Self localizing receive coils for MR
Method and apparatus for evaluating signals produced in a magnetic resonance imaging system
Acoustic liner for mri gradient coils
Electrical conductor arrangement
Rapid magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance angiography of multiple anatomical territori...
Inherently de-coupled sandwiched solenoidal array coil
Triphenyl phosphine oxide polymer capacitors
Winding core holding mechanism, roll medium holding device having the same, and winding device using...
Polynucleotides encoding a novel SHC-binding protein
Cosmetic composition comprising fibers and a film forming polymer
Methods and apparatus for customizing pet food
Storage-stable plastics additives
Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Hindered amine light stabilizers based on multi-functional carbonyl compounds and methods of making ...
Methods for preparing N-[(aliphatic or aromatic)carbonyl)]-2-aminoaetamide compounds and for cyclizi...
Process for the preparation of polyether polyols
Optical component
Catalytic hydrogen storage composite material and fuel cell employing same
Recombinant parvovirus vectors and method of making
Pharmacotherapeutic process and composition for central nervous system disorders
Irrigation solution and methods for inhibition of tumor cell adhesion, pain and inflammation
Chitin oligosaccharides and/or chitosan oligosaccharides for preventing or treating common cold or t...
Kappa agonist compounds, pharmaceutical formulations and method of prevention and treatment of pruri...
Methods of treating C1s-mediated diseases and conditions and compositions thereof
Methods for treating multiple sclerosis
Implantable active fixation lead with guidewire tip
Slot antenna element for an array antenna
Optic flow sensor with negative iris photoreceptor array
Method and apparatus to compliantly interconnect area grid arrays and printed wiring boards
Automatic flight envelope protection for uninhabited air vehicles
Sensor apparatus for measuring volatile organic compounds
Method and system for determining magnetic attitude
Neural net controller for noise and vibration reduction
Walking sand snare and method for beach renourishment
Cable bed system utilizing drag route formers and layer device , and cable laying method using same
Method and apparatus for the trenchless laying of pipework underground
Self-elevating drilling unit
Tubular anchor
Method for biosolid disposal and methane generation
Method for remediating contaminated soils
Authentication of a host processor requesting service in a data processing network
Intravascular filter
Binuclear platinum complexes, method for preparing same and pharmaceutical compositions containing s...
Anti-RAS intracellular binding proteins and use thereof
Direct colorimetric detection of biocatalysts
Cell-based noise characterization and evaluation
Process of making a composite membrane
Semiconductor device having single crystal grains with hydrogen and tapered gate insulation layer
Process for alkylation of isoparaffin with olefin
Method and system for downloading updates for software installation
System for anchoring frames to a platform
Script character processing method for opening space within text and ink strokes of a document
Games, and methods and apparatus for game play in games of chance
Telephony service system employing cable network and telephony service method
Dental instrument assembly
Software apparatus for immediately posting sharing and maintaining objects on a web page
Packet loss tolerant reshaping method
Security system for notification of an undesired condition at a monitored area with minimized false ...
E-mail converting apparatus, internet facsimile apparatus, and e-mail transmission method
Method and apparatus for internet access which bypass local central end office using digital loop ca...
Method of handling a telephone call
Music holding device for a piano
Combining routers to increase concurrency and redundancy in external network access
XDSL-based internet access router
Remote prescription refill system
Update of web audio messages via audio user interface
Providing alerting/call waiting/call holding services to on-line internet users
Contact server for call center for syncronizing simultaneous telephone calls and TCP/IP communicatio...
Remote access and automated dialog building for seismic processing
Method and apparatus for creating and ordering customized branded merchandise over a computer networ...
Method, apparatus and system for merchandising related applications
Electronic account presentation and response system and method
System and method for searching and recommending documents in a collection using share bookmarks
System and method for providing internet accessible registries
System and method for an administration server
System and method for providing a full service television system
Pre-fabricated stage incorporating light-actuated triggering means
Network configuration method and system for a window-based operating system environment
Method, client device, server and article of manufacture for compressing universal resource identifi...
Global file system and data storage device locks
Method and system for allocating cache memory for a network database service
Method and apparatus for encapsulating address translation for shared persistent virtual storage
Using log buffers to trace an event in a computer system
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Default internet traffic and transparent passthrough
Focusing electrode for field emission displays and method
Method to decrease loss of aluminum and magnesium melts
Cordless telecommunications system
Method for growing low-defect single crystal heteroepitaxial films
Method for forming a capacitor of a semiconductor device
Method for the prevention of apoptosis
Low profile, high gain frequency tunable variable impedance transmission line loaded antenna
Microfabricated devices and method of manufacturing the same
Focal plane shutter having synchronous contact member
Dynamic digital asset management
Managing instruction execution in order to accommodate a physical clock value in a clock representat...
System and method for rewriting queries
Bearing assembly adjustable spacer and system for adjusting the same
Paper feeding device having a replaceable paper conveying roller
Universal guide device and moving table device using same
Bearing sleeve assemblies for heat dissipating fan motors
Method of aligning scroll compressor components
Wheel bearing unit
Motor with a shaft supported by ball bearings
Sterilizer exhaust gas inactivation
Inkjet printhead with nozzle pokers
Piezoelectric ceramic compact and piezoelectric ceramic device
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using a repeating precomputed schedule
Condensed 4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzo[C]thiophenes as enhancer for cell differentation induction factor ...
Olefin polymerization catalyst
DC/AC conversion apparatus and method having contactless, inductive energy transfer
Method for customizing seismic explosives
Distributed network search engine
Automobile data archive system having securely authenticated instrumentation data storage
Stored data object management and archive control
Production of high specific activity copper -67
Antimicrobial alcohol gel pre-operative skin-preparation delivery system
Method, apparatus and computer program product for invoking a thread-unaware routine that uses an op...
Recording sheet package, correction information sheet for the same, and thermal printer for use ther...
Optical recording medium with increased addressing accuracy
Single passenger aircraft
Data encrypting and decrypting apparatus and method
Wound healing foot wrap
Area efficient bond pad placement
Methods for enhancing wellbore treatment fluids
Real-time (STAP) filter for a fixed-target suppression
Mutant plasminogen activator-inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) proteins
Chondrocyte-like cells useful for tissue engineering and methods
Process for preparing phosphoric acid esters
Embolic protection device having expandable trap
Detection, quantitation and classification of ras proteins in body fluids and tissues
39443, novel human gamma-butyrobetaine hydroxylase
Conductive polyphenylene ether-polyamide blend
Device for data communications between wireless application protocol terminal and wireless applicati...
Type of easy-to-use electronic calculator
Cathode ray tube device
Camera equipped with flash light emission unit
System and method of automatic roaming analysis (ARA) for dialing abbreviated numbers in a wireless ...
Aggregate of semiconductor micro-needles and method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor app...
Method and apparatus for neural networking using semantic attractor architecture
Multilayer battery cell and method of producing same
Method for converting programmable logic devices into standard cell devices
Cell library database and design aiding system
Method for eradication of Helicobacter pylori
Process for Fabry-Perot filter train configuration using derived mode field size
Boat for organic and ceramic flip chip package assembly
Long and short-chain cycloaliphatic epoxy resins with cyanate ester
Non-hermetic APD
Camera enabling confirmation of normal completion of film rewind within the finder
Poinsettia plant named `Eckalbeno`
Shared FP and SIMD 3D multiplier
Thymosin .beta.-15 promoter and uses thereof
Water-decomposable absorbent article and method for producing it
Disposable personal articles which conform and adhere
Method and apparatus for separating non-metallic materials
Ammunition clip holder
Multi-lugged bolt carrier and barrel for rifles
Illuminated computer input device
Method and apparatus to clear minefields
Electric primer
Assembly and process for controlled burning of landmine without detonation
Shoe sole structures
Method for cleaning diesel engine exhaust gas
Thin-disc piezoelectric actuating ultrasonic motor
Apparatus and method for detecting a mobile phone in idle state
Tinted polyvinyl chloride composition and a method for its manufacture and use in a cable
Molded vehicle interior trim
Asynchronous transfer mode architecture migration
Surface acoustic wave filter pattern with grounding via connection lines to dicing lines
Bone cement paste containing an antibiotic
Methods and apparatus for determining specific analytes in foods and other complex matrices
Determination of biological characteristics of embryos fertilized in vitro by assaying for bioactive...
Biologically active alternative form of the IKK.alpha. I.kappa.B kinase
Portable product authentication device
Optical sight system with wide range of shooting distances
Power operated caulking gun
Prosthetic teeth and method of making therefor
Photoactivatable bases containing nitrogen
Supported catalyst composition for polymerization of olefins
Quaternary ammonium polymer, its preparation, its use for separating biomolecules
Manufacture of .alpha.-olefins
C-3' protected monomeric nucleotides and synthesis of oligonucleotides on solid support
Cyclic compounds
Method of making media of controlled porosity and product thereof
Rechargeable lithium battery
Non-aqueous secondary battery
Battery state monitoring circuit having differentiating circuit
Cement composition with polymeric latexes prepared in the presence of amps seed
Chelating agents as well as their tricarbonyl complexes with technetium and rhenium
Apparatus and method for cooling high-temperature fuel cell stacks
Method for producing nucleic acid strand immobilized carrier
Recording sheet package, correction information sheet for the same, and thermal printer for use ther...
Laser propelled vehicle
Bifunctional phenyl monophosphonic/sulfonic acid ion exchange resin and process for using the same
Method of testing an integrated circuit
Polysaccharide conjugates of biomolecules
Apparatus for eliminating backlash in gear trains of printing machines
Preparations of solids containing graft copolymers
Use of a flavonoid extract of Ginkgo biloba substantially devoid of terpenes, in the dentibuccal fie...
Detergent formulations comprising at least one water soluble polymer, or salt thereof, bearing a pho...
Storage stable methylene bis(phenylisocyanate) compositions
Regenerative braking system for a batteriless fuel cell vehicle
Vascular filter system with guidewire and capture mechanism
Method of destroying hyperproliferative cells by combined p53 and taxoid treatment
BTK inhibitors and methods for their identification and use
Two pole contactor
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery having heat-resistant electrodes
Process for the etherification of olefins
Methods for the production of ammonia from urea and/or biuret, and uses for NO.sub.x and/or particul...
Use allowed priority level for routing decision in SIMA networks
Heated stuffed animal
Lobster-shaped built-up toy
Device for adjusting the angle of rotation of a camshaft with regard to the crankshaft of a reciproc...
Method and system for determining the variable cam timing rate-of-change in an engine
Resilient pure chocolate coating composition for novelty ice cream items
Stabilized or stabilized, crosslinked waxy potato starch
Chelating pyrimidines as ligands for single-site olefin polymerization catalysts
Scalable cache
Method and apparatus for real time communication over switched networks
Method and device for color patterning of a web by hydrodynamic treatment
Programmable physical action during integrated circuit wafer cleanup
Use of evaporatively activated color change for verifying the integrity of an object, such as a data...
Detectable heavy duty needle
Strawberry plant named `BG-633`
Osteospermum plant named `Akvarza`
Variety of salvia plant named `Haeumanarc`
Shrub rose plant named `JACignat`
Methods for inducing localized vascular development and enhancing the repair of a wound in the mamma...
Compositions and methods for therapy and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Compositions and methods for therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Truncated insulin-like growth factor binding protein-5 having mitogenic activity
Chandra: a TH1-specific gene
Electronic device to detect and direct biological microvariations in a living organism
Musical apparatus detecting maximum values and/or peak values of reflected light beams to control mu...
Method and apparatus for improving call setup efficiency in multimedia communications systems
Timestamp modification for seamless branching
Hypervideo information retrieval usingmultimedia
Automatic cutting and crimping apparatus
Method and apparatus for replacing cache lines in a cache memory
Search engine with user activity memory
Database system with methodology for high-performance date
Search engine system and method utilizing context of heterogeneous information resources
Apparatus and method for compound on-line analytical processing in databases
Hair growth promoter
Pressure sensitive adhesive tape containing natural rubber latex
Cement compositions comprising redispersible polymer powders
Process for preparing aqueous, protective colloid stabilized vinyl ester homopolymer and copolymer d...
(Meth)acrylate ester-based resin composition
Photothermographic material
Block and graft copolymers and methods relating thereto
Water-dilutable brushing paint based on water-soluble alkyd resins
Combination of a sulfur compound and specific phosphorus compounds and their use in lubricating comp...
Lubricant, solvent and emulsifier composition and method of manufacture
Low VOC cationic curable lithographic printing inks
Feeding robot and control method therefor
Liquid crystal materials and alignment structures and optical devices containing same
Color cathode ray tube apparatus
Preparation and application of artificial anti-idiotypic imprints
Pharmaceutical solutions of modafinil compounds
Instant film unit advancing apparatus
System and method for providing packet-switched telephony
Indium gallium nitride smoothing structures for III-nitride devices
Method and configuration for compensating for parasitic current losses
Toy vehicle
Lithium secondary battery
Method of analyzing/searching user's viewing habit regarding aerial broadcasting
Interactive communication system for communicating video game and karaoke software
Image forming apparatus and replacement part used therefor
Method of operating a xerographic fusing apparatus with multiple heating elements
Cleaning mechanism for an intermediate transfer body in an image forming apparatus
Modular imaging member flange assembly
Stripper fingers and associated mounts for a fuser in a printing apparatus
Photovoltaic cell module tile
Spindle motor control method of optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus
Power amplification equipment
Vertical alignment liquid crystal display having improved driving voltage control
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions containing mupirocin
High-Q micromechanical device and method of tuning same
Multiple beam time sharing for a laser shock peening apparatus
Biomolecule and/or cellular arrays on metal surfaces and product produced thereby
Method and device for developing electrostatic latent images
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, process for producing the same, developer for devel...
Dielectric ceramic material and monolithic ceramic electronic element
Oxide thin film for bolometer and infrared detector using the oxide thin film
Luminous faceplate of color projection cathode ray tube and substrate for manufacturing the same
High acuity lens system
Externally heated roller for a toner fusing station
Method for the detection of telomerase activity
Ceiling element for a composite ceiling
Engine with soundproof cover of injector
Acoustic receiver
Vertical-force vibrator seismic wave source
Car controlling unit using a multitasking system
Torque-based monitor in a hybrid electric vehicle
Electric power steering control system and method for controlling electric power steering control sy...
Passenger detecting apparatus
Exercise resistance device
Ultrasound image acquisition with synchronized reference image
Asphalt compositions containing coated carbon fiber, methods for their manufacture and use
Computer for bicycles and method for obtaining riding information
Voice-controlled navigation device utilizing wireless data transmission for obtaining maps and real-...
Route guidance generation apparatus and method
Portable stove for use with a container containing fuel
Combinations of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors and nicotinic acid derivatives for car...
Roller coaster car having a force-isolated passenger compartment
Recording medium and entertainment system
Indoor skiing ground facilities having lighting fixtures
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACinber`
Aqueous pigment dispersion water-base ink composition and recording method using the ink composition
Method for forming coating film and vehicle lamp device formed by the method
Character information processing device equipped with a layout display function
Automatic failover for clients accessing a resource through a server
Active self discovery of devices that participate in a network
Host-based virtual disk drive for improving the performance of a hard disk drive's input/output
Application program interface for a graphics system
Fast parallel multiplier implemented with improved tree reduction schemes
Metallization structures for microelectronic applications and process for forming the structures
Method for cleaning semiconductor substrates
High Q gyrator structures
Error recovery in a disk drive
Arrangement for defining and processing voice enabled web applications using extensible markup langu...
Toner resin composition and toner
Optical semiconductor component with an optically transparent protective layer
Micromechanical transmission measuring cell
Optical transmission system
Symmetric anastigmatic endoscope relay system
Method of controlling emissions in exhaust gases from a two-stroke gasoline engine
Walking apparatus
Method and apparatus for SNA/IP correlation in a mixed APPN and DLSW network
Limiting write data fracturing in PCI bus systems
Method and system for controlling the execution of an application program
Unilateral magnet having a remote uniform field region for nuclear magnetic resonance
Graph-based schedule builder for tightly constrained scheduling problems
System and method for distributed content electronic commerce
Automated system and method for monitoring financial transactions
System for combining life cycle assessment with activity based costing using a relational database s...
Server for enabling the automatic insertion of data into electronic forms on a user computer
Merchandiser display fixture
EMI shielding enclosures
Method of protecting ink and providing enhanced bonding during molding of lenticular lens sheets in ...
Nanocomposites for high barrier applications
Ink jet recording element
Electronic watermarking system
Method for producing cloned bovines from cells of a bovine intramuscular preadipocyte cell line
Flushing stale data from a PCI bus system read prefetch buffer
Processor, compiling apparatus, and compile program recorded on a recording medium
Virtual tape storage apparatus
Retaining state information of an array of elements by subdividing the array into groups of elements
Data prefetch technique using prefetch cache, micro-TLB, and history file
Method and apparatus for a configurable multiple level cache with coherency in a multiprocessor syst...
Method and apparatus for dynamic focusing of ultrasound energy
Procedure and means for configuring a measuring device
Electron-emitting device manufacturing method and apparatus, electron-emitting device driving method...
Methods for dissolving hyperpolarized 129 Xe gas using microbubbles
Human lysyl hydroxylase-like protein
Machine readable sterilization indicator for monitoring articles to be sterilized
Cloned DNA encoding mammalian occludins
Monitoring system for telephony resources in a call center
External ear speaker ear-hook boom microphone
Flip cover and antenna assembly for a portable phone
Battery pack removing device
Method and telecommunication system for indicating the receipt of a data message
Method for treating neurological disorders
Surgical navigation systems including reference and localization frames
Steam iron
Rubbish bin
Rubbish bin
Litter bin
Garbage can
Over the door rack
Session management in a stateless network system
Stationary toner delivery device with clock pulses
Securing lock for aircraft trolleys in turbulence
Method and apparatus for use of a time-dependent watermark for the purpose of copy protection
Method for matching golfers with a driver and ball
Optimization prediction for industrial processes
Method and apparatus for decoupled retrieval of cache miss data
Maintaining cache coherency during a memory read operation in a multiprocessing computer system
System and method for printer output regression testing using display lists
Method and apparatus for incremental download from server to client
Substituted benzimidazole dosage forms and method of using same
Anti-bacterial composition and use thereof for skin care and fabric treatment
Hybrid spatial and wavelength selector and optical switching matrix including it
Light modulating system using deformable mirror arrays
Bidirectional optical amplifier
Optical transmission device and optical transmission system employing the same
Side-pumped fiber laser
Integrated optical multiplexer and demultiplexer for wavelength division transmission of information
Portable surgical trainer
Adaptive digital data transfer apparatus and method
Method and system for handling destage requests during shut-down in a log-structured array
Converter and conversion method
Combination editable and fixed entry input menu field used in a menu for a computer system prior to ...
Display controller with motion picture display function, computer system, and motion picture display...
Selection of image processing operation using network based acquisition of user inputs
Matrix display apparatus and plasma addressed display apparatus
Information processing apparatus
Electronic apparatus having a dictionary function
Node device and scheme for sharing common virtual connection indentifier between end-nodes
Laser discharge electrodes with current return plate structure
Propellant cross-feed system and method
Boundary layer control of aerodynamic airfoils
Aircraft control lever vernier
Unfolding joint for satelite solar generators
Removable hoist for aircraft
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
Device for recovering anaesthetic
Heavy oils having improved properties and an additive therefor
2H-benzotriazole UV absorbers substituted with 1,1-diphenylalkyl groups and compositions stabilized ...
Effervescent granules and methods for their preparation
System, method and computer program product for altering saturation in a computer graphics pipeline
Epothilone derivatives and methods for making and using the same
Transmission screen system
Transmission type screen and method of manufacturing thereof
Process for the preparation of enantiomerically pure (5, 5'-dichloro-6,6'-dimethoxy-biphenyl-2,2'-di...
Operating a fuel cell system during low power demand
Active matrix type semiconductor display device
Laser marking system and method of energy control
Microactuator for optical switching and method for fabricating the same
Disk cartridge with dual housing structure
Article dispensing system
Thin-film magnetic head having a magnetic layer including stacked magnetic material layers and a res...
Thin film magnetic head with diverging pole connection portions
Thin film magnetic head with recess for positional reference
Wavelength-stabilized light source apparatus
Arrayed waveguide grating and method for compensating optical transmitting center wavelength of ligh...
Heat fixing member having core metal and release layer, heat and pressure fixing apparatus, and imag...
Method and apparatus for visual measurement
Methods and apparatus for forward-directed optical scanning instruments
Knapsack having a one-piece shoulder-blade pad element
Vascular embolism prevention device employing filters
FabZ from Staphylococcus aureus
Systems for recording use of structures deployed in association with heart tissue
Organic electroluminescent device
Conductive polyphenylene ether-polyamide blend
Method and apparatus for receiving MPEG video over the internet
System and method for multimedia messaging system collaboration including proposal approval
Uses of kombic acid as an antioxidant
System and method for presenting information to passengers in conveyance
System and method for IP-based communication transmitting speech and speech-generated text
Integrated proxy interface for web based broadband telecommunications management
Xylofuranosly-containing nucleoside phosphoramidites and polynucleotides
Cathode ray tube apparatus
Downlink observed time difference measurements
Serial MRAM device
Iridium composite barrier structure and method for same
Method and device for continuous passive lumbar motion (CLMP) for back exercise
Spring canola (Brassica napus) variety SVO95-08
Neural network for modeling ecological and biological systems
Sound producing device
Scan structure for improving transition fault coverage and scan diagnostics
Method of integrated circuit design by selection of noise tolerant gates
Method and apparatus for automatically generating multi-terminal nets, and program storage medium st...
Firearm assembly
Utility cart and stool
UV blocking and slimming cosmetic composition
Oil-in-water emulsions containing high wax content and a softpaste oily phase
Plasters containing active substances
Elastic fastener
Topical composition for skin
Water whitening-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesives
Powder inhaler
Transcription-based gene mapping
Harness system for identification purposes
Process for the preparation of cis-2-tertiary-butylcyclohexanol by catalytic hydrogenation of 2-tert...
Process for producing optically active 3,7-dimethyl-6-octenol and process for producing intermediate...
Crosslinked, water-soluble or water-dispersible polyurethanes
Manufacturing method of copolyester for low acetaldehyde content of PET bottles
2-hydroxyphenyl benzotriazoles as UV-A/B filters
Game apparatus and control method for controlling the action power level of a player character, in a...
Game playing with individual anonymous laser pointers
Apparatus and method for providing keyboard input to a video game console
Game cassette unit with decode controller
Game apparatus having a spherical object drop mechanism
Sports floor structure
Anthurium plant named `Anouk`
MicroElectroMechanical optical cross-connect switches having reduced numbers of reflectors therein a...
Multipurpose thermal insulation test apparatus
Lens-fitted photo film unit and method of producing photographic print
Inhibitors of serine protease activity, methods and compositions for treatment of nitric-oxide-induc...
Software installation and recovery system
Occupant sensing system
Method and apparatus for generating a device index in a content addressable memory
Footwear with lateral stabilizing sole
Sealed symmetric multilayered microelectronic device package with integral windows
Bug-like flipping toy
Buffering data in a hierarchical data storage environment
Destruction of waste gas
Method and apparatus for efficiently allocating objects in object oriented systems
System and method for configuring and executing a flexible computer program comprising component str...
Array based electrophoretic system for the analysis of multiple biological samples
Process for labeling a ribonucleic acid, and labeled RNA fragments which are obtained thereby
System, method, and product for dynamic noise reduction in scanning of biological materials
Hybrid thermionic energy converter and method
Communication and proximity authorization systems
Thermoplastic molding materials based on highly effective grafted rubber components
Methods of assaying differential expression
Semisolid therapeutic delivery system and combination semisolid, multiparticulate, therapeutic deliv...
Information recording medium, and editing apparatus and method therefor
Optical fiber
Dispersion-compensating fiber having a high figure of merit
Glass for optical waveguides or the like
Display device with image display panel and illumination system
Flexible flat color display
Rolled metal product used as a light-guiding structure
Accelerated signal encoding and reconstruction using pixon method
Skew processing of raster scan images
Camera measurement system
Proofreading with text to speech feedback
Process for the production of grain oriented electrical steel strips
Surface treated steel material
High-strength, high-toughness martensitic stainless steel sheet
Cold workable steel bar or wire and process
Method of making a high-strength low-alloy hot rolled steel
Method of coating substrate with polymer from nonionic acrylic monomer and unsaturated carboxylic ac...
Method and apparatus for unix system catastrophic recovery aid
Helicopter flight training vehicle
Thermoacoustic tissue scanner
Combined PET and X-ray CT tomograph and method for using same
Imaging modality for image guided surgery
Collapsible, disposable litter box with latching handles
Bird launcher with remote controlled system
Dog behavior monitoring and training apparatus
Water supply manifold and method for its production
Method and system for verification of fertilization of poultry eggs
Anti-bacteria agent made from shell, and methods for purifying and desalinating water and for washin...
Non-mammalian transgenic animal having an adult onset neurodegenerative phenotype
Method to construct protein structures
Phytochelatin synthases and uses therefor
In-vitro diagnostic methods for determining whether a primary breast tumor is clinically metastatic
System and method of interactive positioning
System and method for avoiding deadlock in multi-node network
Thickeners for surfactant-containing compositions
System and method for dynamically moving checksums to different memory locations
Electrode bonding structure for reducing the thermal expansion of the flexible printed circuit board...
Cradle for personal digital assistant
Apparatus and method for in vivo delivery of therapeutic agents
Broadcast receiving system comprising a computer and a decoder
Browser system
Synthesis and application of vapor grafted porous materials
Organic electroluminescent device
Gas-phase dehydration reaction process
Method for synthesis of hydrocarbyl bridged indenes
Process for improving purity of para-xylene product
Aromatics production from oxygenated hydrocarbons
Integrated circuit package having a substrate vent hole
Training aid for application of false nails
Software debugging method and apparatus
Optical pickup device
Linear luminous body and production method thereof and scanner
Diagonal dual-polarized broadband horn antenna
Laser removal of foreign materials from surfaces
Disinfecting agent
Neurotherapeutic use of carboxypeptidase inhibitors
Radiation-curable heat-peelable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and process for producing cut piec...
Lenticular lens sheet with both a base sheet having lenticular elements and a surface diffusing part...
Methods for preparing primary alkyl bromides
Carbon fiber paper for solid polymer fuel cells
Hardware or software architecture adapted to develop conditioned reflexes
Block module
Light weight high temperature well cement compositions and methods
Thin film magnetic head with electroplated Ni-Fe alloy thin film having small average crystal grain ...
Package substrate
Methods for finding peaks in a characteristic surface of an image
Method and apparatus for processing order control
Integrated support system for supporting sheet metal machining
System, method and computer readable code for encapsulating system, language and device independent ...
Orthopedic implant having a porous surface and method of making same
Vehicle location system
Method for managing disposition of delinquent accounts
Method and system for providing temporary credit authorizations
Powerful and flexible server architecture
Production of monocycloalkyl aromatic compounds
Gemstone arrangement
Environmental certification system and method
System and method for processing electronic data interchange using a graphical representation
Method and system for managing multiple lightweight directory access protocol directory servers
Method for imaging discontinuites in seismic data
Illumination system for a micro display
Elementary stream multiplexer
Compact photographic camera
Methods and apparatus for silence quality measurement
Select line architecture for magnetic random access memories
Boost voltage generating circuit for nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for generati...
Automated design of processor instruction units
Appliances with the internet access
Method and system for managing rules and events in a multi-user intelligent agent environment
Composite optical amplifier
Wide-angle lens system
System and method for measuring stress during processing of an optical fiber
Electrical transmission frequency of SiOB
Athermal optical device
Optical waveguide fiber
Optical waveguide
Catalytic partial oxidation processes and catalysts with diffusion barrier coating
Spinel ferrite thin film and method of manufacturing the same
Fine carbon fiber, method for producing the same and electrically conducting material comprising the...
Carbon fiber, method for producing the same and electrode for cell
High purity carbon fiber reinforced carbon composites and manufacturing apparatus for use thereof
Method of manufacturing a synthesis gas to be employed for the synthesis of gasoline, kerosene and g...
Electrolyte system for lithium batteries, the use thereof, and method for enhancing the safety of li...
User-centered push methods and system
Method for altering carbohydrate metabolite levels in stored potato tubers
Plastid-targeting nucleic acid sequence, a novel .beta.-amylase sequence, a stimulus-responsive prom...
Genetic control of plant hormone levels and plant growth
Lead-free solder alloys
Device for feeding a powder in a predetermined amount and method thereof
Aerosol hazard characterization and early warning network
Non-computer interface to a database and digital library
Control device and method therefor, information processing device and method therefor, and medium
Vibration insulator from partially crosslinked butyl rubber
Monitoring system
Portable boat cleat
Tug and barge connector and receiver apparatus
Method and device for oil spill response operation
Marine structure