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Composite buoyancy module
Stereolithographically marked semiconductor devices and methods
Portable phone bank
Method and apparatus for monitoring hydroelectric facility maintenance and environmental costs
Mooring device
Rubber composition for tire treads
Anthurium plant named `Snowy`
Robot motion compensation system
Embossed tissue sheet
Surface pattern for embossed paper product
Embossed tissue sheet
Labelling and selection of molecules
Method and apparatus for air purification
Data recording device and camera system
Poinsettia plant named `Eckalaric`
Distributed termination system for two-way hybrid networks
Seat cushion height adjustment assembly
Method for the preparation of core-shell morphologies from polybutadiene-polystyrene graft copolymer...
Joint replacement method and apparatus
Sequence numbering mechanism to ensure execution order integrity of inter-dependent smart card appli...
Apparatus and method for providing music-on-hold service in key telephone system
Method and system for installing files in a computing system
Hybrid vehicle
Method and apparatus for training an ultra-large vocabulary, continuous speech, speaker independent,...
Method and apparatus for brewing tea with an espresso machine
Potato cultivar FL1930
Methods for transforming plants to express Cry2Ab .delta.-endotoxins targeted to the plastids
Device to aid the orientation of blind and partially sighted people
Dimensionally stable device construction
Surface acoustic wave device, surface acoustic wave filter, and manufacturing method for the surface...
Vehicle noisemaker
Integral compressor muffler
Non-lactate-assimilating yeast for improving aerobic stability of silage
Fiber blend for enteral composition
Nitrogen-containing tricyclic compounds and drugs containing the same
Phosphorus binder
Carnitine supplemented diet to prevent or alleviate ascites in broiler type poultry
Quantitative cooking device
Device and method for identifying a size of an absorbent article which is fit-appropriate for a pote...
Swab deliverable actives
Antimicrobial wipes which provide improved immediate germ reduction
Composite material releasably sealable to a target surface when pressed thereagainst
Laundry and cleaning compositions containing xyloglucanase enzymes
Bleaching compositions
Direct-current arc furnace comprising a centric charging shaft for producing steel and a method ther...
Telephone handset sterilizer method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing enhanced functionality to product webpages
Compounds and methods for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder
Compositions including modafinil for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and multi...
Methods for the treatment of neuroleptic and related disorders using sertindole derivatives
Method for strengthening a steel channel member
Optical sensing based on whispering-gallery-mode microcavity
Integrated circuit device made secure by means of additional bus lines
Manhole protective pad
Image supply apparatus, image output apparatus, control apparatus therefor, and image forming appara...
Nucleic acid sequence and methods for selectively expressing a protein in a target cell or tissue
Method of intranasal gene transfer for protection against respiratory infection
Antisense compositions targeted to .beta.1-adrenoceptor-specific mRNA and methods of use
Protein purification
Antiparasitic helminth larval thiol specific antioxidant-antibodies, and uses thereof
MRI system and method for producing an index indicative of alzheimer's disease
Electroactive pore
Log-on verification protocol
Storage device having testing function and memory testing method
Method and apparatus for restricting privilege access to distributed content information
Login permission with improved security
Enabling business transactions in computer networks
Access control and authorization system
Isolated human secreted proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human secreted proteins, and uses ...
Materials handling vehicle
Recording and reproducing an MPEG information signal on/from a record carrier
Multi-mode lighter
Group-15 cationic compounds for olefin polymerization catalysts
Self-aligning peptides modeled on human elastin and other fibrous proteins
Channel information transmitting method and receiving apparatus
Method of searching novel ligand compounds from three-dimensional structure database
Method for regulation of plant lignin composition
Polypeptides associated with alterations in bone density
Fluoroscopic tracking and visualization system
Skin care compositions
Personal cleansing compositions
Apparatus and methods for measuring autonomic nervous system function
Region of interest selection for varying distances between crop rows for a vision guidance system
Process for manufacturing olefin polymers
Pigment mixture
Optical brighteners as bleaching agents
Topical composition comprising a functional aromatic derivative cosmetic bonding agent
Liquid rinse-off compositions for personal care comprising a trimethyl-silylalkylsilsesquioxane
Combination of a nonionic silicone surfactant and a nonionic surfactant in a solid block detergent
Cosmetic applicator
System for efficiently maintaining translation lockaside buffer consistency in a multi-threaded, mul...
5, 5-disubstituted-1, 5-dihydro-4, 1-benzoxazepin-2 (3H)-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase in...
Pharmaceutical compositions for inhibition of cytokine production and secretion
Antiviral protease inhibitors
Heptahelix receptor and its use
Peptides for inhibition of HIV infection
Process for reducing the salt content of fractions comprising high boilers obtained in the preparati...
System and method for electrode localization using ultrasound
Antithrombosis enzyme from the snake venom of agkistrodon acutus
Systems and methods for completing diagnostic tests on rechargeable devices using cradle contacts
Platform independent memory image analysis architecture for debugging a computer program
Optical disk having electronic watermark, reproducing apparatus thereof and copy protecting method u...
Flexible structural frame
Method and apparatus for generating encryption stream ciphers
Pressure control systems for medical injectors and syringes used therewith
Method and apparatus that provides a scalable media delivery system
Lightweight word-oriented technique for generating a pseudo-random sequence for use in a keystream o...
Coating for inhibiting stain formation in floor covering
Escapement cylinder
Cradle for a hand held portable electronic device
Discriminatively trained mixture models in continuous speech recognition
Method for correcting synchronization error and radio system
Multi-level decision-analytic approach to failure and repair in human-computer interactions
Dynamic reconfiguration of a quorum group of processors in a distributed computing system
Inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Treatment of diabetes and related pathologies
Heteroaromatic compounds containing a phosphonate group that are inhibitors of fructose-1,6-bisphosp...
Para-amine substituted phenylamide glucokinase activators
Method for treating pain in humans
Working process end point real time determination method
Automated quill drive assembly for a milling machine
System and method of vehicle competition with enhanced ghosting features
Method for making aryl hydrazines and substituted indoles
Magnetic body formed by quantum dot array using non-magnetic semiconductor
Transmitting notification of new video clips of interest from servers in wide area network
Regioselectively substituted esters of oligo- and polysaccharides and a method of producing them
Apparatus for and method of single-sided magnetic resonance imaging with palm-size probe
Superconductive networks to optimize multiply tuned NMR coils
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Process for the palladium and phosphine ligand catalyzed carbonylation of ethylene
Method of producing heterocyclic derivatives
Reflective type semiconductor display device
Universal paint tinting concentrates
Electromagnetical imaging and therapeutic (EMIT) systems
Cure monitoring and control system
Fragrance compositions containing 2-cyclohexyl-1,1-dimethyl ethanol esters
Cleaning composition comprising inorganic acids, an oxidant, and a cationic surfactant
Methods for treating neuropathic pain using heteroarylmethanesulfonamides
Fuel cell air purification subsystem
Phospholipase A2 inhibitors as mediators of gene expression
Antiplatelet agent
Contulakin-G, analogs thereof and uses thereof
Tetrahydropyran derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
4-amino substituted-2-substituted-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolines
Method of controlling thermal therapy
Microwave icing avoidance system
Detector of faulty radar transmit tubes
System and technique for mounting a radar system on a vehicle
Acousto-optic tunable filter hyperspectral imaging system
Blocking circuit for high voltage spike testing
Forming and storing data in a memory cell
Dual bi-laminate polymer audio transducer
Fender and management system thereof
Distributed client-server speech recognition system
Recovery procedure for a dynamically reconfigured quorum group of processors in a distributed comput...
Amorphous tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene copolymers
Hm2 cDNA and related polypeptide
Flexible printed circuit board with resilient tabs and method of mounting components thereon
Dynamic end-seal for toner development unit
Antioxidant activity in SDG metabolites
Underwater nuclear material reconnaissance system
Hard-top design inflatable watercraft with assembly for shelter and circumference walking support
Device for sea urchins picking
Slidable door and sidewall associated with tents, awnings, and other protective enclosures
Method and device for controlled cleaving process
Campanula plant named `Pantaloons`
Method and system for selecting and displaying medical image data
Method of making a composite material orthotic insert for enhanced control and durability
Increased bandwidth thin film resonator having a columnar structure
Microcapsule and process for production thereof
Growth factor antagonist materials and methods
Methods and apparatus for dampening vibration of a disk drive
Self-removing email verified or designated as such by a message distributor for the convenience of a...
Mechanical and pharmacologic therapies to treat cardiac arrest
Method and system for generating actual random numbers within a multiprocessor system
Ink composition for thermal ink jet printer or thermal ink permeation printer
Antenna device and assembly of the antenna device
Cruise missile downed airman decoy
Aquarium base
Circuit device with bonding strength improved and method of manufacturing the same
Fibrous substrate treatment
Double-sided magnet with graphical image on each side
Antenna apparatus and waveguide for use therewith
Compositions and methods for amelioration of human female sexual dysfunction
Method for preparing polyether polyols
Personal information system using proximity-based short-range wireless links
Updating animated images represented by scene graphs
Error recovery mechanism for a high-performance interconnect
Substituted styryl benzylsulfones for treating proliferative disorders
Electron-emitting element and image display device using the same
Connecting a multimode terminal to the network in a mobile communication system
Heat dissipation system for high power LED lighting system
Zinc-complex photoinitiators and applications therefor
Programmable microelectronic devices and method of forming and programming same
Polyesters by photochemical cyclopolymerization
Polymer/clay nanocomposite having improved gas barrier comprising a clay material with a mixture of ...
Colorant composition, a polymer nanocomposite comprising the colorant composition and articles produ...
Method for producing alcohols by hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds
Immunogenic formulation of OSPC antigen vaccines for the prevention and treatment of lyme disease an...
Solid state RF switch with high cutoff frequency
Transparent fishing hook including transparent structural coating
Spathiphyllum plant named `Stwentynine`
Method and apparatus for the production of a liquid cryogen
Replacement, upgrade and/or addition of hot-pluggable components in a computer system
Bearing seal
Split bearing ring and method for manufacturing same
Self-retained wheel bearing assembly
Wheel mounting with a bearing race embedded in a cast component
Seal apparatus for a water pump, rotation-support apparatus for a water pump, and a water pump
Manufacture of plain bearings
Apparatus for regulating the position of an adjustably positionable vehicle part with drive shaft an...
Magnetic disc apparatus and magnetic head in which a recording/reproduction element is mounted on a ...
Energy supply system and operation method thereof
Rigid window well structure
Biomaterial derived from follicle basement membranes
High activity carbenium-activated polymerization catalysts
Tire inflation gas temperature, pressure, and oxygen monitoring system
Apparatus for and method of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance testing a sample
System for estimating the locations of shaley subsurface formations
Remote signal conditioner for a Coriolis flowmeter
4-oxatricyclo[ 3,8]undecan-5-one derivative and process for producing the same
Communication and bed function control apparatus
Dynamic feedback costing to enable adaptive control of resource utilization
Two-color thermal printing process
Synchronous cable transmission system for boat lifts
Mobile IP mobility agent standby protocol
Target-detection device for a missile system
Method and apparatus providing a cable modem management and provisioning system
Use of cellulose microfibrils in dry form in food formulations
Object detector
Precursor fiber bundle for manufacture of carbon fiber, manufacturing apparatus and method of manufa...
Processing low dielectric constant materials for high speed electronics
Polyanhydride linkers for production of drug polymers and drug polymer compositions produced thereby
Process for the manufacture of bis(4-hydroxyaryl)alkanes
Method for reading and sorting documents
Transforming documents using pattern matching and a replacement language
Database appliance comprising hardware and software bundle configured for specific database applicat...
System, apparatus, and method for managing a data storage system in an n-way active controller confi...
Human nm23-like protein
Electron-beam generation device and image forming apparatus
Method of estimating the need of capacity for different parts of a cellular radio system
Method for manufacturing group III nitride compound semiconductor laser diodes
MRAM sense layer isolation
Channel managing apparatus and method for digital/analog TV
Adaptable raster distortion correction system for multiple horizontal scanning frequencies
Content-based multiplexer device and multiplexing method
Apparatus and methods for in-space satellite operations
Image classification using evolved parameters
Fiber optic sensor coil and tool for forming same
Design evaluation method, equipment thereof, and goods design method
High gain, frequency tunable variable impedance transmission line loaded antenna having shaped top p...
Method of forming a photoresist pattern using WASOOM
Cleaning composition useful in semiconductor integrated circuit fabrication
Organic anti-reflective coating polymer, anti-reflective coating composition methods of preparation ...
Anthurium plant named `Valentine`
Method and apparatus for denormal load handling
Articulated set of sequentially opened solar generator panels
Method and apparatus for converting a monophasic defibrillator to a biphasic defibrillator
Display device and method of driving the same
Valve arrangement for combustion sensor
Regeneration procedure for Fischer-Tropsch catalyst
Activation of hydrocarbon synthesis catalysts with hydrogen and ammonia
Mono-and Bis-acylphosphine oxide photoinitiator combinations
Special visual effect polycarbonate-polyester composition
Semiconductor laser
Treatment method of nuclear reactor internal component
Multilayer circuit board
Cyclosporin compositions and process therefor
Adhesive fixed anchors
Process for preparing a simulated in situ polyethylene blend
Sealants containing multimodal polymer blends
Hydrogen response Ziegler-Natta catalyst for narrowing MWD of polyolefin, method of making, method o...
Firearms security
Arrow spin device
Bullet setting out mechanism for hunting cartridges
Mobile communication system and method for registering location of a mobile terminal in the mobile c...
Disc player
Golf ball compositions comprising saponified polymer and polyamide blends
Composition of epoxy resin, chain extender and polymeric toughener with separate base catalyst
Block copolymers of lactone and lactam, compatabilizing agents, and compatibilized polymer blends
Ebonite tape
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Acid activation of ruthenium metathesis catalysts and living ROMP metathesis polymerization in water
Films produced from substantially linear homogeneous olefin polymer compositions
Memory access request reordering to reduce memory access latency
Method and system for communicating event messages between a peripheral device and a client computer
High-resolution NMR spectroscopy of molecules encapsulated in low-viscosity fluids
Gene encoding the rat dopamine D4 receptor
Extravasation detection apparatus and method based on optical sensing
Method and apparatus for speculatively locking objects in an object-based system
Inhibition of the carboxyltransferase component of acetyl-CoA carboxylase, and the use of such inhib...
Method of reducing wear in lubricated metal cutting operation
Horizontal directional drilling machine and method employing configurable tracking system interface
Engine uplift loader
Drive unit for a model helicopter
Electronic document delivery system in which notification of said electronic document is sent a reci...
In-situ method for measuring the endpoint of a resist recess etch process
Silicone composition cross-linkable into adhesive gel and absorber with microspheres
Housing for double-ended fuse
Computer based human-centered display system
Head support mechanism in magnetic card reader
Apparatus for correctly registering and mounting of a printing plate
Rollers or cylinders with a metallic foam core
Rubber cylinder sleeve, especially for web-fed rotary offset printing machines
Stack changing device
Mattress sign display
Circular polarization antennas and methods
Coating composition, and a coated film and glass each having a coating layer comprised thereof
Gas-liquid separator for fuel cell system
Active solid polymer electrolyte membrane in solid polymer type fuel cell and process for the produc...
Methanol, olefin, and hydrocarbon synthesis process
Method for disinfecting liquids and gases and devices for use thereof
Potential masking systems and methods for combinatorial library synthesis
Method of manufacturing a printed antenna
Non-woven fiber webs
Modification of starch content in plants
System and method for integrating schedule and design environments
Method and system for manipulating page-breaks in an electronic document
Reed-solomon decoder
High pressure metallic vapor discharge lamp
High intensity discharge lamp with single crystal sapphire envelope
Compact and stabilized arc high-pressure mercury lamp
High-pressure discharge lamp electrode having a dendritic surface layer thereon
High-frequency excitation point light source lamp device
Microfluidic printing with gel-forming inks
Process for producing free hydroxylamine aqueous solution
Oxide having perovskite structure, barium titanate, and manufacturing method therefor, dielectric ce...
Stable synthetic material and method for preparing same
Agents for treating keratin fibers
Ink jet recording sheet and process for producing it
Detergent compositions
Adhesive sheet
Release composition
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Optical cable
Indoor/outdoor optical cables
Method and apparatus for improved fiber optic light management
Fiber optic faceplate
Device for applying decors and/or characters on glass, glass ceramics and ceramics products
Combinations comprising VX478, zidovudine and/or 1592U89 for use in the treatment of HIV
Use of the green fluorescent protein as a screenable marker for plant transformation
Plasma display device
Range finder device having mode for removing steady light components and mode for not removing stead...
Free channel selection method
Timing optimization and timing closure for integrated circuit models
Method and apparatus for assigning PLD signal routes to input signals having different voltage requi...
Method of manufacturing mask for conductive wirings in semiconductor device
Light-emitting device with a quantum-wave interference layer
MRAM configuration
Problem area location in an image signal
Rotary-wing aircraft rotors with automatically folding blades and electrical connection installation...
Rolling toy
Media dispenser
Production process of material for lithium-ion secondary batteries, material obtained by the process...
Display system for displaying lists of linked documents
System and method for duplex printing
Large area micro-structure template for creation of closely packed arrays
Mobile e-mail document transaction service
Six-degree of freedom micro-positioner
Immunomodulator, immunomodulator food and immunomodulator feed
Bump map compositing for simulated digital painting effects
Method for granulating aerogels
Photometry device
Control of flow separation and related phenomena on aerodynamic surfaces
Hydrocarbon fired thermophotovoltaic electric generator insert having low bandgap cells for use as a...
Accurate real-time landing angle and telecentricity measurement in lithographic systems
System and method of optically inspecting structures on an object
V-shaped optical coupling structure
Apparatus and method for aggregate indexes
Polyurethane elastomers having improved hydrolysis resistance
Method for manufacturing fringe field switching mode liquid crystal display device
Process for regenerating used deNOx or dedioxin catalytic converters
Combination lollipop holder and stand
Architecture, system and method for ensuring an ordered transaction on at least one of a plurality o...
System and method for time weighted access frequency based caching for memory controllers
Method and apparatus for preventing starvation in a multi-node architecture
Elimination of turnaround cycles on multiplexed address/data buses
Combination of fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery complex images acquired using magnetic resonance ...
Preparatory pulse sequence for suppression of artifacts in MR images
Method for imaging with nuclear magnetic resonance given a k-space trajectory proceeding on an irreg...
Biodegradable terephthalate polyester-poly (phosphonate) compositions, articles and methods of using...
Nucleic acid molecules that encodes human Zven1
Compositions and methods for helper-free production of recombinant adeno-associated viruses
Cell-cycle regulatory proteins, and uses related thereto
Method of treatment of liver tumors and pharmaceutical compositions for use therein
Sunscreen compositions and methods and materials for producing the same
Absorbent article composition for sequestering skin irritants
Heat activated durable conditioning compositions comprising C3 to C5 monosaccharides, and methods fo...
Process for making 2-hydroxy-4-alkoxyphenyl or 2,4-dihydroxyphenyl substituted 1,3,5-triazine UV abs...
Organic toothpaste containing saponin
High efficacy liquid gel product
Stable, homogeneous natural product extracts containing polar and apolar fractions
DNA encoding the human serine protease EOS
Phosphine oxide photoinitiator systems and curable compositions with low color
Two stage dispensing cap for pressurized containers
Tamper evidencing closure
Method of forming a support structure using strings or stays
Methods, kits and compositions pertaining to linear beacons
Bioerodible polymeric semi-interpenetrating network alloys for internal fixation devices and bone ce...
Disc cartridge
Lithium ion conductive glass-ceramics and electric cells and gas sensors using the same
Extracorporeal pneumoperitoneum enclosure and method of use
Upgradeable imaging systems with configurable printing routines
Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communications device having speci...
System and method of controlling clearance between turbine engine blades and case based on engine co...
System and method for time-to-intercept determination
MRI image quality improvement using matrix regularization
Magnetic resonance angiography using undersampled 3D projection imaging
Device for high gain and uniformly localized magnetic resonance imaging
Arrangement and reference means to direct a beam in radiation therapy
Package substrate
Aircraft with elliptical winglets
Articles of composite structure having appearance of wood
Multiprocessor system that communicates through an internal bus using a network protocol
Determination of dielectric constants of thin dielectric materials in a MOS (metal oxide semiconduct...
Artificial human eye and test apparatus
Method for condensation of aromatic derivative(s) and a sulphinic derivative
Variable-width spray applicator for a printing press
Cleaning device for a printing machine
Appetite suppressant toothpaste
Antenna components and manufacturing method therefor
Method of making metal matrix composites
Process for the preparation of pigment granules
Stain removing chewing gum and confectionery compositions, and methods of making and using the same
Accommodating IO-lens eyes
Methods and apparatus for measurement and correction of optical aberration
Optical interface arrangement
Device and method for conditional authentication
Interpolation processing apparatus and recording medium having interpolation processing program reco...
Picture decoder for a picture transmission system
System to communicate information from a plurality of machines to a remotely located receiver
Method and apparatus for real time yield control
Waste treatment plant and process
Curtain assembly for waste treatment
System and method for reducing the amount of repetitive data sent by a server to a client for vehicl...
Mobile navigation apparatus with route deviation indication
Vehicle cruising control device and method
GPS vehicle collision avoidance warning and control system and method
Toy top maze game
Multilevel changing game
Device for independent hydraulic actuation of the phase and axial position of a camshaft
Variable camshaft timing system with pin-style lock between relatively oscillatable components
Hydraulic actuator for variable valve mechanism
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve timing of internal combustion engine
Transitions among operating modes in an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Valve timing regulation device
Internal combustion engine with variable cam timing oil filter with restrictor arrangement
Locus-recordable portable handwriting device
Edible compositions including particulated gel
Production of lactate using crabtree negative organisms in varying culture conditions
Radiation curable hot melt adhesive
Automated security chambers for queues
System and method for accessing the internet in an internet protocol-based cellular network
Anthurium plant named `Favorita`
Heuchera plant named `Black Beauty`
Tiarella plant named `Neon Lights`
Botanical drug for treatment and prevention of alzhimer's disease
Mixture of primary fatty acids obtained from sugar cane wax
Activity based resource assignment medium access control protocol
Two way authentication protocol
Video duplication control signal, video playback device, video recording device, information superim...
Data communication network
Method and equipment allocating industrial or technical resources within technical systems
Method and system for flowing data to an arbitrary path defined by a page description language
Method of controlling external models in system-on-chip verification
Method and apparatus for finding mirrored hosts by analyzing connectivity and IP addresses
Generating union queries using tensor representations
Method and apparatus for finding a first element
Externalizing very large objects in a relational database client/server environment
Database fine-grained access control
Method and device for forming angled wells in an electrophoresis gel slab
Testis-specific human SVPH1-8 proteinase
Preparation of camptothecin and of its derivatives
Cosmetic composition containing a steroid and a 2-alkylalkanol or an ester thereof
System for rapid generation of recombinant baculovirus-based expression vectors for silkworm larvae
Lens drive control apparatus
Method for inputting information to a mobile radiotelephone
III-nitride light-emitting device with increased light generating capability
Magnetoresistive memory and method for reading a magnetoresistive memory
Solution for forming ferroelectric film and method for forming ferroelectric film
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having incorporated therein a high K capacitor diele...
Methods and compositions for transformation of cereals using cultured shoot meristematic tissue
Method of forming a multilayer ceramic coating
Method for designing a HVAC air handling assembly for a climate control system
LiPO3-based coating for collectors
Key agreement and transport protocol
Inhalation device
Method for reducing search results by manually or automatically excluding previously presented searc...
Method for periodically reactivating a copper-containing catalyst material
Device, kit and method for learning to tie fishing knots
Palletizing system and method for palletizing a load
Fiber stub type device and an optical module using the same, and a method for producing a fiber stub...
Substrate processing apparatus
Chemical mechanical polishing for forming a shallow trench isolation structure
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Semiconductor device, image display system and electronic system
Multi-value semiconductor memory device with write verify circuit
Synchronous dynamic random access memory
Process for manufacturing thin pipes
Wear-resistant iron base alloys
Microelectromechanical structure comprising distinct parts mechanically connected through a translat...
Method for patterning oriented materials for organic electronic displays and devices
Band gap engineering of amorphous Al-Ga-N alloys
Electrophotographic photoconductor and method of producing aromatic polycarbonate resin for use in t...
Organic luminescence device with reduced leakage current
Super critical drying of low k materials
Method for preparing preferentially oriented, high temperature superconductors using solution reagen...
Method of manufacturing an electric heating element
Discrete element light modulating microstructure devices
Multilayer insulation composite
Method and system for influencing possible structure-borne sound conductions and possible noise radi...
Stethoscope holder
Surface mount ring assembly for loudspeaker
Strategy to use an on-board navigation system for electric and hybrid electric vehicle energy manage...
Method and device for deploying a retaining system
Electronic device with housing supplement
Prepaid wireless telephone account regeneration in a wireless access protocol system
Automated radio network trend detection
Communication system with multicarrier telephony transport for controlling a plurality of service un...
Method and system for routing calls to wireless directory numbers in a network
Unified messaging system with automatic language identification for text-to-speech conversion
Motor vehicle load carrier
Sports implement
Bi-modal handles for exercise apparatus
Brake arrangement for magnetic or electric ergometer
Dynamo-electric machine rotating by electromagnetic induction such as it acts in linear electric mot...
Method for creating a two-dimensional image
Orbital sanding tool
Electrification system for removable vehicle seats
Animated holiday-scene display device
Waterslide and waterslide bowl
Shutter release unit having multiple functions
(Hetero) aryl-sulfonamide derivatives, their preparation and their use as factor XA inhibitors
Thermosetting compositions containing epoxy-functional polymers prepared using atom transfer radical
Method for providing fail-safe secure data transmission between a numerical control system and a spa...
Vehicular deceleration warning system
Bis (arylsulfonylaminocarbonylaminobenzoate) compounds and thermosensitive recording materials conta...
Air pump with noise silence arrangement
Process, apparatus and program for transforming program language description of an IC to an RTL desc...
Liquid crystal display device having improved aperture ratio
Venting device for hazardous material containers
Method for adjusting a pseudo-range model
Distributed MEMS electrostatic pumping devices
Positive coupling of piezoelectric devices in disk drive suspensions
Puffing fan driven smoke unit for a model train
High numerical aperture catadioptric lens
System and method for producing modulated complex lapped transforms
Navigation applications using related location-referenced keywords
Guide roller
Method and apparatus for a display producing a fixed set of images
Methods and systems for electronic receipt transmission and management
System and method for collaborative filtering with applications to e-commerce
Method and apparatus for managing electronic money and storage for storing an electronic money manag...
Media-integrating system, terminal device, recording medium and broadcasting method for use in the m...
Method and device for lining a lateral sewer pipe
Systems and methods for performing reactions in an unsealed environment
Lipase-catalyzed transesterifications to regulate copolymer structure
Steel basement wall system
Steel pole step assembly
Non-stainless steel nitrided piston ring, and method of making the same
Heat resistant austenitic stainless steel
Resulfurized austenitic stainless steel
Battery container with surface treated steel sheet
Process to prepare ethylene propylene elastomer
EPG transmitting apparatus and method, EPG receiving apparatus and method, EPG transmitting/receivin...
Solid phase supports
Ring opening metathesis of alkenes
Magnetic resonance tomograph
Error correction method and transmission apparatus
Retractable handle assembly with multiple engaging position for wheeled luggage
Thermal transfer printer that is capable of maintaining intermediate transfer sheet tension constant
Foot support device with adjustable forefoot rocker angle
Anode target for X-ray tube and X-ray tube therewith
Lowerable baggage compartment for a passenger cabin
Method and apparatus for reproducing ciphered data
Lactational performance of dairy cattle
System and method for regulating the transmission of media data
Pivoting valve device, especially an amplifier
Portable handheld terminal housing
Time-axis compression/expansion method and apparatus for multichannel signals
D/A conversion circuit having n switches, n capacitors and a coupling capacitor
Multiple wavelength optical interferometer switch
Strictly non-blocking wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) cross-connect device for use in a hetero...
Distributed filter for DWDM cascade device using Mach-Zehnder interferometers
WDM channel equalization and control
Method, system and apparatus for chromatic dispersion compensation utilizing a gires-tournois interf...
Electrical detector for adaptive control of chromatic dispersion in optical systems
Aluminium-lithium alloy
Steering arrangement
Process for the preparation of 1-aryl-3-cyclopropyl-1,3-propanediones
Web browser which automatically loads selected types of graphics
Data processing with distributed messaging problem determination
Interface control system for exchanging signals by superposing signals to an existed signal line usi...
Liquid crystal display device, and method for driving the same
Digital image forming apparatus and method for changing magnification ratio for image according to i...
Image forming apparatus and method for correcting density level of pixel data corresponding to each ...
Apparatus and method for identifying the location of a coding unit
Diagnostic test unit network and system
Vehicle travel route control system
Products and methods for the remineralization and prevention of demineralization of teeth
Chip antenna, radio communications terminal and radio communications system using the same and metho...
Pneumatic oxygen conserving device
Field emission display panel equipped with two cathodes and an anode
Refreshing a sticky cleaner for a fuser
Pressure sensitive adhesive tape containing natural rubber latex
Isozyme of autoclavable superoxide dismutase (SOD), a process for the identification and extraction ...
Processing low dielectric constant materials for high speed electronics
Flexible wound covering based on fibrin and process for its production
Liquid-crystal display device
Reflection-type projection screen
Rear projection image display device
Heater member with conformable, cured fluorocarbon thermoplastic random copolymer overcoat
Resin system
Fuel cell hybrid flow field humidification zone
Forward error correction system for packet based real time media
Multimedia playing apparatus utilizing synchronization of scenario-defined processing time points wi...
Almond tree named `Winters`
Method and apparatus for local advertising
Method and apparatus for organizing notes on a limited resource computing device
Antisense modulation of PTPN2 expression
Tetrahydroisoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid alkoxyguanidines as integrin antagonists
Azaindole derivatives, process for their preparation, and their use as antitumor agents
Method for inhibiting CD95-independent apoptosis in AIDS
Color display device with first and second dynamic focusing voltages
Camera with blur reducing function
Optical disk and optical disk apparatus
Integrated memory having memory cells and reference cells, and operating method for such a memory
Semiconductor device fabricated by a method of reducing electromigration in copper lines by forming ...
Antibodies and methods of making antibodies to human thyroid protein zsig45
Self-aligning wireless interface system and method
Camera system capable of storing compressed data
Lettuce variety icon
Method and arrangement for controlling the speed of a vehicle
Method for optimizing a line of pick and place machines
Toy garbage transportation truck
Cartridge case preparation device
Inhalation device
Retrieval and matching of color patterns based on a predetermined vocabulary and grammar
Stable colloidal silica aquasols
Training aid for needle biopsy
Laser video display system and method
Counterfeit detection system
Device for revascularizing muscular tissues
Method of evaluating an anisotropic thin film and an evaluating apparatus
Co-continuous interconnecting channel morphology composition
Functional alcohol releasing substance
Preparation of phosphine ligands
Process for producing optically active 3,7-dimethyl-6-octenol and process for producing intermediate...
Driving state monitoring apparatus for vehicles
Casino card game
Electronic gaming method and apparatus using simulated number card deck
Self-learning gaming machine
Method for progressive jackpot gaming
Video game apparatus outputting image and music and storage medium used therefor
Character input control equipment
Television antenna with bypassable amplifier circuit
Pulmonaria plant named `Silver Shimmers`
Gene treatment to enhance feed efficiency and growth rate of livestock
Acoustic biosensor for monitoring physiological conditions in a body implantation site
Integrated fuel reformation and thermal management system for solid oxide fuel cell systems
Method and system for audio data collection and management
Use of inhibitors of cyclooxygenase in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Processes and systems for secured information exchange using computer hardware
System and method for AC performance tuning by thereshold voltage shifting in tubbed semiconductor t...
Circuit for monitoring the ignition system for a safety device in an automobile
Virtual dial-up protocol for network communication
Compositions and methods for analyte detection
System and method for information and application distribution
Article comprising wedge-shaped electrodes
Arm connection apparatus for an artificial model
Microphone stand sound monitor
Food disinfection using ozone
Database for a remotely accessible building information system
Selector for a bicycle gear mechanism
Method for operating a slag tap combustion apparatus
Method of determining the friction between strand shell and mold during continuous casting
System and method for supporting multimedia communications upon a dynamically configured member netw...
Dynamic mac allocation and configuration
Methods and apparatus for remote method invocation
Run-time routing for programmable logic devices
Use of hexahydrolupulones as antibacterial agents
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Fiber-coupled microsphere laser
Failure indicator for rolling cutter drill bit
Image forming apparatus for forming images with primary and secondary image data
Multicast downloading of software and data modules and their compatibility requirements
Process for producing functional styrene copolymer
Isolated human transporter cofactor proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human transporter cofa...
Absorbent article with central pledget and deformation control
Digital timing recovery using baud rate sampling
Multi-user interactive web server and communication method between users using the same
Multiple personality internet account
Policy management method and system for internet service providers
Dynamic caches with miss tables
Data storage subsystem with fairness-driven update blocking
Dispersion-shifted optical fiber
Design of low insertion loss, single-mode polymeric waveguides
Mounting and alignment structures for optical components providing optical axis direction deformatio...
Fiber optic cable segregation and slack storage apparatus and method
Strain relief device with bend limiter and slack storage
Blank module with conduit retainer
System and method for the vacuum assisted insertion of optical fibers
Replaceable gem stone setting for a jewelry piece
Covered spark-generating device for a lighter with engageable manipulable member
Water-swellable polymer gel and process for preparing the same
Sunflower seeds and oil having a high stearic acid content
Combination of a bottom of a pan and a heating means
Toaster chassis assembly with improved safety device
Optical fiber cord fixing component
Redundant satellite system
Immortalized human keratinocyte cell line
Treat dispensing toy
Cat trap/carrier/cage
Spinning-reel reciprocating device
Animal refuse shovel with attachable bag
Microfiltration of skim milk for cheese making and whey proteins
Method for producing polyurethane elastomer fibers and fibers produced according to this method
Amorphous form of cell cycle inhibitor having improved solubility and bioavailability
In-sheet transceiver testing
Switchable field of view apparatus and method for magnetic resonance imaging
Genetically engineered mice containing alterations in the genes encoding retinoic acid receptor prot...
Sol-gel matrices for direct colorimetric detection of analytes
Luggage container
Full-color image forming apparatus with belt-shaped transfer member
Ballistic shield for dual engine single output shaft propulsion system
Secure satellite communications system
DNA encoding a plasminogen activating protein
System for remote pass-phrase authentication
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for adjusting the local service policy within an ATM switch based on non-ATM pr...
Robot hand tool mounting device
Apparatus and method for distinguishing similar-sounding utterances speech recognition
Methods and systems for detecting and for responding to connection of a battery to a logic device
Method for producing an asymmetric support membrane by physical gelation and the membranes obtained ...
Method and apparatus for determining liquid absorption of aggregate
Interference pigments
Simplified methods of manufacturing titanium silicate membranes
Synchronization method of image decoder
Process for selective hydrogenation of an olefinic feed stream containing acetylenic and diolefinic ...
Dehydrogenation process using layered catalyst composition
Multistage reaction system with interstage sparger systems
Catalyst based on dealuminated mordenite containing at least one metal from groups VI, VII or VIII, ...
Shape selective zeolite catalyst and its use in aromatic compound conversion
Method and apparatus for alkylation using solid catalyst particles in a transport reactor
Human leukocutye 12-lipoxygenase and its role in the pathogenesis of disease states
3-heteroarylidene-2-indolinone protein kinase inhibitors
Five-membered heterocycles having biphenylsulfonyl substitution, process for their preparation, thei...
Anticancer compounds: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Genes and proteins predictive and therapeutic for stroke, hypertension, diabetes and obesity
Bonded layer semiconductor device
Process for drilling oil-holes in crankshafts
Ni-Fe alloy sputtering target for forming magnetic thin films, magnetic thin film, and method of man...
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Keratinocyte stem cells
Glucan incorporating 4-, 6-, and 4, 6- linked anhydroglucose units
Catalyst comprising a complex of a metal of subgroup viii based on a phosphinite ligand, and a metho...
Thru-stroke tipping moment severity monitor
Counterweight for construction vehicle
Driving a visual indicator array in an electronic signaling system
Toothbrush with fluorescence means for locating dental plaque
Method and an arrangement in a mobile radio system
Ramp for information recording disk apparatus
Polymer suitable for photoresist compositions
Optical probe having and methods for difuse and uniform light irradiation
Impact modifier, process for production, and resin composition containing the same
Removal apparatus for molded product and method for removing molded products
Enzyme capable of hydorlyzing plaque, microorganism producing the same, and a composition comprising...
Suspended printed inductor and LC-type filter constructed therefrom
Developing roller and method of producing the same
Lenticular lens sheet
Lenticular lens sheet
Graphite nanofiber catalyst systems for use in fuel cell electrodes
Filtration device using absorption for the removal of gas phase contaminants
Chiller with hybrid falling film evaporator
Desalination of seawater by evaporation in a multi-stack array of vertical tube bundles, with waste ...
Method and apparatus for detecting liquid and gas segment flow through a tube
Filtration device and method using absorption for the removal of gas phase contaminants
Single shell boiler
Electrically insulated capillary arrays for electrophoretic applications
Method and system for spinal cord stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure
System and method for preventing Sudden Cardiac Death by nerve sprouting from right stellate ganglio...
Method and device for recovering liquid substance
Containment/exclusion boom and methods of using the same
Submersible modular dike and method for segregating body of water
Foundation flood gate with ventilation
Low cost, self regulating heater for use in an in situ thermal desorption soil remediation system
Foaming composition
System and method for transmission of application software to an embedded vehicle computer
Intrusion detection signature analysis using regular expressions and logical operators
Software development system that presents a logical view of project components, facilitates their se...
Abelia.times.grandiflora variety named `Goldenglossy`
Substituted chiral allosteric hemoglobin modifiers
High molecular weight, medium density polyethylene
Anchorage system and apparatus for a child safety seat and method of using same
Semantic based collaborative filtering
Script character processing method for automatically supplementing blank writing space
Ethylene copolymerization process
iso-CBI and iso-CI analogs of CC-1065 duocarmycins
Pancreatic .beta. cell hexokinase transgene
Cathode ray tube apparatus
Bath for electrolytic reduction of alumina and method therefor
Fundus photographing device
Method and apparatus for programmable pulse width modulated signal generation with period and duty c...
Process for recovering hydrocarbons from inert gas-hydrocarbon vapor mixtures
Nonvolatile solid-state memory device using magnetoresistive effect and recording and reproducing me...
Reed-Solomon decoder
Peanut allergens and methods
Method and apparatus for monitoring TV channel selecting status
Container for heating rapidly and evenly frozen foods in a microwave oven
System for preventing lane deviation of vehicle and control method thereof
Methods and systems for accessing disks using forward and reverse seeks
Methods and apparatus for classifying terminology utilizing a knowledge catalog
3D hanging ornament
Substrate coated with a conductive layer and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for screening a VLSI design for inductive coupling noise
Contract methodology for concurrent hierarchical design
Mechanism for dynamic selection of an object's method
Dynamic code motion optimization and path tracing
Methods and apparatus for optimizing programs in the presence of exceptions
Anhydrous antiperspirant and deodorant compositions containing solid, encapsulated, d-pantothenate s...
Topical composition comprising a cyclic imidocarbonate-based cosmetic bonding agent
Laundry detergent compositions comprising a saccharide gum degrading enzyme
Detergent tablet
Rinse-added fabric conditioning composition based on specific starch and method using same
Softener active derived from acylated triethanolamine
5-(2-imidazolinylamino)-benzimidazole derivatives, their preparation and their use as .alpha.-adreno...
Apparatus for receiving digital broadcast signal and apparatus for recording and reproducing digital...
Object security boundaries
Receiver initiated recovery algorithm (RIRA) for the layer 2 tunneling protocol (L2TP)
Hardened aluminum alloy for use in the manufacture of printed circuit boards
Modulated release particles for aerosol delivery
Network-access management system and method applied to network and computer program product includin...
Image-based method and system for building spherical panoramas
Electric double layer capacitor and method for producing the same
Stable pressurized antiperspirant compositions containing dimethylether propellant and a low polarit...
Dynamic positioning dock-loading buoy (DPDL-buoy) and method for use of such a DPDL-buoy
Process and system enabling the blind or partially sighted to find their bearings and their way in a...
Erasable product
Multiple company integrated document production
Validation of procedures
Apparatus and method for making cylindrical columns
Tread pattern which reduces the running noise of a tire
Miniature rose plant named `Meidarin`
Ophthalmic compositions containing galactomannan polymers and borate
Distributed real time operating system
Optical switch
Thin film fiber optic electrode sensor array and apparatus
Hydrogen-free contact etch for ferroelectric capacitor formation
Method and apparatus for installing applications in a distributed data processing system
Viewfinder optical system
Method and apparatus for turbo-code decoding a convolution encoded data frame using symbol-by-symbol...
Color-stabilized electrochromic devices
Facet screw and bone allograft intervertebral support and fusion system
System and method for identifying finite state machines and verifying circuit designs
Automated decoupling capacitor insertion
Data structure for representing a program containing components organized in a series of data blocks
Mechanical differential gear assembly
Resource reservation in mobile internet protocol
Use of targeted glycemic profiles in the calibration of a noninvasive blood glucose monitor
Rubbish bin
Recycling material container
Garbage can
Carrying cart
Materials handling vehicle
Demountable barrel storage rack
Quick-detachable structure for on-wall speaker panel
Inbred sweet corn line I778S
Message display device
Ultrasound transducer and method of manufacture thereof
Synthesis of dysidiolide and uses thereof
Template-directed ring-closing metathesis and ring-opening metathesis polymerization of functionaliz...
Stress proteins and uses therefor
RCA-free adenoviral vector system and propagation method
Self-enhancing, pharmacologically controllable expression systems
Bacteriophage, a process for the isolation thereof, and a universal growth medium useful in the proc...
Evolving susceptibility of cellular receptors to viral infection by recursive recombination
Expression vector for use in a one-step purification protocol
Spin valve head, production process thereof and magnetic disk device
Volumetric computed tomography (CT) fluoroscopy system for small animal studies
3-aminopyrazole inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinases
Load binder with locking structure
Process for optimizing accesses to a database
Landing gear
Pet-play apparatus configured for interactive use
Proxy apparatus and method for streaming media information
Method for selecting components for a matched set using wafer interposers
Multi-level scanning method for defect inspection
Electromagnetic operable mechanical brake for an electric motor
Natural source composition for the control of post-harvest pathologies and methods of application
Dual tilt control system for work vehicle
LED illuminated plaque
Diversity antenna system including two planar inverted F antennas
Explosive-triggered RF beam source
Methods for treating or preventing diseases of the oral cavity
Method of forming a printed circuit board
Finely foamed pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet and method for producing the same
Projection screen
Rear-projection screen
Modified thermoplastic norbornene polymer and process for the production thereof
N-terminal site selective inhibitors of human angiotensin conversion enzyme (ACE)
Aprotinin variants having improved properties
Covalently coupled benzoylecgonine, egconine and ecgonidine derivatives
System and method for high-speed laser detection of ultrasound
Apparatus, assembly, and method for making micro-fixtured lensed assembly for optoelectronic devices...
Image life tunnel scanner inspection system using extended depth of field technology
Communication system with communication route retrieval and selection function
System and method for interfacing data with a test access port of a processor
Mercury-free metal halide lamp with a fill containing halides of hafnium or zirconium
Semiconductor device, its manufacturing method and substrate for manufacturing a semiconductor devic...
Reference layer structure in a magnetic storage cell
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory having shunt lines
Deposition of transition metal carbides
Sensor response rate accelerator
Organic waste disposal equipment and systems
Raman system for rapid sample indentification
Polymer gel electrode
Computer program for making measurements of accumulations of magnetic particles
Waterproof type photographing apparatus and package for lens-fitted photo film unit
Strawberry plant named `BG-625`
4K derating scheme for propagation delay and setup/hold time computation
Electrode substrate and reflection type liquid crystal display device having low compatibility betwe...
Current control for a pumped air reference oxygen sensor
Impact actuator and equipment using the impact actuator
Flowline connector with subsea equipment package
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Silver-containing, sol/gel derived bioglass compositions
Tunnel magnetoresistance effect element
Methods for producing plants with elevated oleic acid content
Compositions and formulations of 9-nitrocamptothecin polymorphs and methods of use therefor
Efficient recovery of multiple connections in a communication network
Bretylium compositions and kits, and their use in preventing and treating cardio-vascular conditions
Selectable on-off logic modes for a sensor module
Luggage having enhanced clothing and accouterment carrying capabilities in an accessible configurati...
Method of measuring the read-to-write offset in a disc drive having separate read and write elements
Pneumatic actuator for a stores carriage and ejection system
Collar with self-retracting leash
System and method for ensuring data integrity on a removable hard drive
Method for producing low acid beverage
Cooling fan drive control device
Monopulse array radar with single difference beam for simultaneous azimuth and elevation angle deter...
Electrostatic image-forming apparatus controlled to compensate for film thinning
Method for preparing a supported catalyst system and its use in a polymerization process
Composition and method for dissipating heat
Antibiotic composition for inhibition of angiogenesis
Rear projection screen having reduced scintillation
Projection type display device
Mycrobacterial proteins, microorganisms producing same and uses of said proteins in vaccines and for...
Multi-component yarn and method of making the same
Cannula for use with a medical syringe
Chemical protective covering
Disposable portable waterless teeth-cleaning assemblies and method of manufacture
Heteroaryl amidines, methylamidines and guanidines, and use thereof as protease inhibitors
Protective glove
Electronic shopping and merchandising system accessing legacy data in a database independent schema ...
Database network system
Method and apparatus for obtaining telephone status over a network
Gas discharge lamp with separately operating electrode groups
Methods of manufacturing tunnel magnetoresistive element, thin-film magnetic head and memory element
Form for concealing variable printed information
Closure-cap and container as a two-chamber cartridge for nebulizers for producing aerosols and activ...
Method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device having oxide film formed thereon with l...
Substrate processing apparatus and method and a manufacturing method of a thin film semiconductor de...
Cellulose ethers and method for producing the same
Electrode component thermal bonding
Anchoring device and methods of use
Heat insulating paper cups
Multi-purpose contact lens care compositions
Sealing device for a bearing
Bearing assembly
Ball bearing
Control lever assembly
Roller and method of producing the same
Hybrid air/fluid bearing
Image creating method and apparatus, recording medium for recording image creating program, and vide...
Footwear upper
Liquid crystal display device with wide viewing angle
Non-thermal plasma reactor for lower power consumption
Piezoelectric element for injector
Projection screen apparatus including holographic optical element
Optical reproduction apparatus for reproducing information from an optical recording medium having w...
Method and system for predicting print quality degradation in an image forming device