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Optical communication with predistortion to compensate for odd order distortion in modulation and tr...
System and method for producing pulsed monochromatic X-rays
Carbon dioxide-philic compounds and methods of synthesis thereof
Method of determining a chemotherapeutic regimen based on glutathione-S-transferase pi expression
Method and circuit for down-converting a signal using a complementary FET structure for improved dyn...
Method for milling raw materials
Resonant switching power supply circuit with voltage doubler output
Display device
Dynamically-switched power converter
System and method for digital data communication
Modulation technique for flyback converter
High resolution digital diode emulator for DC-DC converters
Inductive thermal fixing apparatus having magnetic flux blocking plate with specific thickness
Infrared drying and curing system for circuit boards
Method for plasma jet welding
Susceptorless reactor for growing epitaxial layers on wafers by chemical vapor deposition
Cooling system for integrated circuit chip
Apparatus for cooling electronic components in a phase change electronic cooling system
Electronic system having electronic apparatus with built-in heat generating component and cooling ap...
Multiple compressor refrigeration heat sink module for cooling electronic components
Temperature compensation warming fabric
Cooling plate and production method therefor
Apparatus for heating flowing material containing solids
Connection discovery for optical amplifier systems
Multiplexed optical scanner technology
Noninvasion biological optical measuring instrument, measured portion holding device, and method for...
Sensing pad assembly employing variable coupler fiberoptic sensor
Power tools
Nanostructured devices for separation and analysis
Luggage strap with ratchet and lock
Method of generating an optical signal with a tunable laser source with integrated optical amplifier
Method and system for normalizing a plurality of signals having a shared component
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information providing medium
Method and apparatus for ellipsometric metrology for a sample contained in a chamber or the like
Analysis of a composition
Catheters for breast surgery
Fundus blood flowmeter
Non-invasive method and apparatus to detect and monitor early medical shock, and related conditions
Oral cleansing product
Leak detection apparatus for blister packs
Implantable drug delivery pump with desiccant humidity protection
Valve assembly for sucker rod operated subsurface pumps
Flexible tube positive displacement pump
Fluid apparatus including gravity induced check valves and downwardly inclined lower lamella portion...
Water pump
Liquid cooled integrated rotordynamic motor/generator station with sealed power electronic controls
Front of a guitar body
Human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies to respiratory syncytial virus
Process for producing optically active amino alcohols and intermediates therefore
Macrocyclic chelants for metallopharmaceuticals
Display method and apparatus of navigation system
Navigation apparatus, navigation method and information recording medium containing navigation progr...
Mobile-trailer tracking system and method
Shaped bodies with improved solubility in water
Preparation of virally inactivated intravenously injectable immune serum globulin
Audio-visual scrubbing system
Multi-chip semiconductor package with integral shield and antenna
Defect-free dielectric coatings and preparation thereof using polymeric nitrogenous porogens
Surgical instruments for accessing and stabilizing a localized portion of a beating heart
Fluid fitting with torque suppression arrangement
System and method for providing a regulated atmosphere for packaging perishable goods
Sunglasses incorporating a centered skull having LED eyes operated by a battery/switch
Method and composition adjusted to the isoelectric point of hair for conditioning of oxidatively dye...
Connection system for an iontophoretic drug delivery device
Animate entity's line-of-bearing location device and method linking species-specific non-uniform-ele...
Metalloprotease inhibitors
Reagents for detecting cannabinoids
Adsorption of polyampholytes to charged surfaces and assays incorporating same
Stand alone water purifier system
Developer replenishing apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Image forming apparatus having an end offset avoiding mode based on sheet size
Modified kernel for image interpolation
Selective .beta.3 adrenergic agonists
Method of making a housing with integral gasket components for a rearview mirror actuator assembly
Lighted vehicular exterior rearview mirror system
Exterior rearview mirror
Fabric or garment with integrated flexible information infrastructure for monitoring vital signs of ...
Automatic address book update system
Method and apparatus for determining the temperature of an infant
Rate detection in direct sequence code division multiple access systems
Sending a file as a link and/or as an attachment
High frequency electronic ballast
System and method for providing a network host decoy using a pseudo network protocol stack implement...
Online recognition of robots
Word sequence output device
System amd methods for adaptive control of robotic devices
Method for controlling an industrial processing machine
Apparatus for manufacturing integrated circuit device
Electronic part mounting apparatus and method
Pool cleaning method and apparatus
Component aliasing operating within a component-based computing system
Method and assembly for washing wares for food and filling wares with food
Self locking folding knife
Sword handle
Tone signal detecting method and tone signal detector
Cell for electrochemical analysis of a sample
Energy sensitive electrically conductive admixtures, uses thereof, methods of fabrication and struct...
Method and apparatus for adaptable control of a variable displacement engine
Packet processor
Means and method of installing toner seals
Method of optimizing high performance CMOS integrated circuit designs for power consumption and spee...
Apparatus and method for fast memory fault analysis
Method and apparatus which enable a computer user to verify whether they have correctly input their ...
Expedited memory dumping and reloading of computer processors
Network operating system adapted for simultaneous use by different operating systems
Peripheral device for information processing
Checkpointing for recovery of channels in a data processing system
Grandiflora rose plant named `Wezlavn`
Data transfer device and data transfer method
Gaming machine with sorting feature
Apparatus providing audio manipulation phrase corresponding to input manipulation
Diagnostic clearing house
Neural control system and method for alternatively fueled engines
Parallel, individually addressable probes for nanolithography
Propellant composition comprising nano-sized boron particles
Ink jet marker
Ink jet marker
Erasable marking composition
Erasable colored pencil lead
Erasable colored pencil lead
Marking composition and method for marking dark substrates
Velocity-dependent dewarping of images
Device with quality controllable SAR function by upper layer instruction, LSI unit and quality contr...
Architecture for high speed class of service enabled linecard
Optical sensor for opaque and non-opaque materials
Rotary machine and thermal cycle
Concrete cap for a wall
Piercing apparatus
Stump grinding bit and tip therefor
High-speed label applicator
Systems and methods for a communications switch component including a motherboard with removable dau...
Face for a concrete wall block
Method for evaluating a presentation layer data unit
Method and system for selectively caching web elements
Audio-active communication stations, communication method and communication system with audio-active...
Retrograde well structure for a CMOS imager
Method of inducing and maintaining neuronal cells
Enhanced fatigue strength orthopaedic implant with porous coating and method of making same
Therapeutic compositions and methods
Method of cleaning dairy pipelines using enzyme pretreatment
Thin wall closure for use with a container
Process concentrate and dairy products
Nutritional or therapeutic supplement and method
Method for treatment of insulin resistance in obesity and diabetes
Substituted pyridines and pyridazines with angiogenesis inhibiting activity
Method for selective chemical vapor deposition of nanotubes
Phenyl propenone compounds
Method for treating pulmonary disease states in mammals by altering indigenous in vivo levels of nit...
Method for suppressing transients using a pulse shaping look-up table
Power control of a multi-subchannel mobile station in a mobile communication system
Publishing/republishing data tables in HTML documents while maintaining formatting and functionality...
Efficient hepatitis C virus replicon and its use in identifying antiviral compounds
Method and system for analyzing test coverage
Phenylalanine derivatives as alpha 4 integrin inhibitors
Method of and apparatus for identifying a portion of a waveform representing a physiological event
System, method and article of manufacture for signal constructs in a programming language capable of...
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of data processing system
Method for the efficiency-corrected real-time quantification of nucleic acids
Detecting errors in coded bit strings
Method and system for automated tracing of an agricultural product
Inbred broccoli line BRM50-3905
Porous biodegradable polymeric materials for cell transplantation
Information receiver and information transmission and reception method providing information usage s...
Thermally wavelength tunable lasers
Solid surface modification method and apparatus
Diagnostic port between independent robots
Image processing method, image processing device, and data recording medium
Image forming apparatus including intermediate transfer element for preventing occurrence of white s...
Methods for treating dementia due to HIV disease
LCD power loss indication
Phosphor, method for preparing phosphor layer and vacuum fluorescent display
Interfacing a service component to a native API
Polyalkoxylated superamides optionally functionalized, use as emulsifiers
RFI filter for a frequency converter
Memory tests using item-specific weighted memory measurements and uses thereof
Silver-containing particles, method and apparatus of manufacture, silver-containing devices made the...
Looking thread cold forming tool
Method for creating a characterized digital library for a digital circuit design
Voicing measure as an estimate of signal periodicity for a frequency domain interpolative speech cod...
Computer display optimizer
Therapeutic method and composition utilizing antigen-antibody complexation and presentation by dendr...
Web-based method and system for providing assistance to computer users
Infrasound hazard-warning method and device for alerting night-migrating birds to obstacles
Key transforms to discriminate between beams in a multi-beam satellite communication system
Dimming device for an aircraft window
Image carrier and image forming apparatus
Long term archiving of digital information
Pulley, cradle arrangement for a sliding door
Medical line securement device
Method for reducing the wheel slip of a motor vehicle
Biological pacemaker and implantation catheter
Human tumor, necrosis factor receptor-like proteins TR11, TR11SV1 and TR11SV2
Ultrasound-guided near infrared spectrophotometer
Self assembling monolayer compositions
System and method for calibrating inter-star-tracker misalignments in a stellar inertial attitude de...
Film forming compositions containing benzoic acid esters of 8-carbon alcohols as additives
Vitamin D3 derivative and treating agent for inflammatory respiratory disease using same
Methods and compositions for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus infection
Tethered polymer ligands
Nucleic acid encoding the arabidopsis ELF3 protein and a method of using it to alter photoperiod in ...
Surface modifications for enhanced epithelialization
Revetment useful to line stream bed and assembly of said revetments
Method and apparatus for rendering unauthorized copies of digital content traceable to authorized co...
Entertainment project workforce search system network
Numerical control data creating device and numerical control data creating method
Modified HIV Env polypeptides
Suction muffler for a hermetic compressor
Semi-scale toy plane
Method and apparatus for characterizing network traffic
Robot-arm telemanipulating system presenting auditory information
Head mount type display device
Focused search engine and method
Label and/or sign holder and adaptor
Semantic encoding and compression of database tables
Method of matching retention times among multiple chromatographic system
Method and apparatus for analyzing the progress of a software upgrade on a telecommunications switch
Method and system for on screen text correction via pen interface
System for distributing music data files between a server and a client and returning the music data ...
System and method for spinal reconstruction
Apparatus and method for welding aluminum tubes
Polynucleotides and proteins encoded thereby
Poinsettia plant named `Ted's Red`
Self-annotating camera
Interpreter optimization for native endianness
Anisotropically conductive sheet, production process thereof and connector
Methods for generating differential profiles by combining data obtained in separate measurements
Methods and apparatus for obtaining data for process operation, optimization, monitoring, and contro...
Methods for vaccination and vaccines therefor
Chrysanthemum plant named `Juno`
Lightweight cement compositions and methods of cementing in subterranean formations
Adaptive state space signal separation, discrimination and recovery
System and method for executing user-definable events triggered through geolocational data describin...
Large membrane space structure and method for its deployment and expansion
Method of producing hexagonal ferrite and magnetic recording medium using said hexagonal ferrite
Data sensor validation system and method
Pyrotechnical aerosol-forming fire-extinguishing composite and a method of its production
Clamping assembly for maintaining the position of a respiratory care treatment device
Zirconium-base alloy and nuclear reactor component comprising the same
Abdominal exercise station
Method and system to determine state-of-health of a fuel cell using an intelligent system
Method and system for extending Java applets sand box with public client storage
Battery operated ink capture device that operates in a normal power mode during active use and a min...
Method and device for accelerated stability analysis
Video-based surgical targeting system
Methods and apparatus for hiding data in halftone images
Organic electroluminescence element and manufacturing method thereof
Ferroelectric memory device and programming method thereof
Three-dimensional opto-electronic modules with electrical and optical interconnections and methods f...
Process for the production of para-xylene using toluene feeds and pressure swing adsorption
Error correction using packet combining during soft handover
Method and circuit arrangement for controlling the operating point of a cathode ray tube
Method for modeling seismic acquisition footprints
Special purpose operating system for executing a database server
E-service to manage contact information and track contact location
System and method for assembly integration
Late transition metal polymerization catalysts
Security architecture with environment sensitive credential sufficiency evaluation
Method and apparatus for providing access isolation of requested security related information from a...
Multimedia system for sharing brand information keeps history of modifications of production informa...
Prosthetic kidney and its use for treating kidney disease
Corporal tissue penile reconstruction
Penile reconstruction
System for enabling a receiver for only a fix amount of time and disabling the receiver thereafter
Method and apparatus for coupling a voiceband modem circuit to a common phoneline connector
Remote scanning through a computer system network
Apparatus for growing silicon crystals
Spiral heater for use in czochralski crystal pullers
Drill guide apparatus for perpendicular perforation of the cranium
Angled hole ventricular catheter with non-circular bore
Reactive dyes containing a linkage
Ink-jet textile printing method and apparatus therefor
Method for coating a textile
Reactive disazo dyes
Ink-jet textile printing ink, and ink-jet printing process and instrument making use of the same
Cloth suitable for ink-jet textile printing and ink-jet textile printing method
Ink-jet textile printing ink, ink-jet printing process and instrument making use of the same, and pr...
Pore structures for reduced pressure aerosolization
Fluoropolymer stabilization
Apparatus for extrusion of polymers and plastic products formed with the apparatus
Stable phase change materials for use in temperature regulating synthetic fibers, fabrics and textil...
Rotary connector
Non-contact extrusion nozzle head for applying sealant material in an insulated glass assembly
Production of vehicles
Rosin-supported urea- and urethane-modified emulsion polymers
Rosin-supported urea-and urethane-modified emulsion polymers
Disazo dyes and inks containing them
Cooling device
Multi-level D/A converter incorporated with multi-level quantizer in multi-bit sigma-delta A/D conve...
Methods and apparatus for a coated anchoring device and/or suture
Wireless communications terminal, computer program executable by wireless communications terminal an...
Liquid crystal display device and backlight having particular connection between light house and lig...
Immunodominant human T-cell epitopes of hepatitis C virus
Device for measuring a volume of drug
Electrocardiogram system for synthesizing leads and providing an accuracy measure
System for altering operation of a graphics subsystem during run-time to conserve power upon detecti...
Delay tuning to improve timing in multi-load systems
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Modifiers for improved olefin polymerization with activated neutral aluminum compounds
Optical member
Biological systems for manufacture of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers containing 4-hydroxyacids
Image forming apparatus with movable cleaning element
Thyristor-based device that inhibits undesirable conductive channel formation
Labelling system
Phosphoric esters as emulsifiers and dispersants
Dye-polysaccharide conjugates and their use as a diagnostic agent
Composition comprising an inorganic coating and a core comprising at least a polyhydroxyl compound
Pump housing mounting flange with tangentially positioned mounting slots
Hydrogen storage alloy powder and method for producing the same
Universal semi-automatic foldable box
Descrambling device for the use of several conditional access sub-systems
Anti-hijacking system
Optical fiber circuit
Method and apparatus for an electronic collaborative education process model
Method for the spectroscopic determination of the concentration of alcohols with 1 to 5 carbon atoms
System and method for discovering patterns with noise
Aluminum complexes for olefin polymerization
Catalyst for bulk polymerization, catalyst for vapor phase polymerization, method of polymerization ...
Process for graphic visualization and diagnosis of thrombi by means of nuclear spin tomography with ...
Rubber flooring and method for producing rubber flooring for heavy animal maintenance and care facil...
Isolated human phospholipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phospholipase proteins,...
Borehole mining method
Toy vehicle
Liquid crystal display device
Roller skating device
Method and apparatus for locating multi-region objects in an image or video database
Induction system with low pass filter for turbo charger applications
Document preparation method and machine translation device
Use of limited program space of general purpose processor for unlimited sequence of translated instr...
Memory management in embedded system with design time object instantiation
Methods, systems, and computer program products for compiling information into information categorie...
Connection structure of flexible board arranged in camera
Toner for developing a static latent image and image forming apparatus
Halogen-modified silicon, surfaces
Vehicle condition monitoring system
Manipulator control method
Lateral displacement pier and method of installing the same
Communication device and method for producing a color illumination uniquely identifying a calling so...
Game software management system, linking game files
Multi-agent collaborative architecture for problem solving and tutoring
Carbon foam, graphite foam and production processes of these
Method and device for controlling optimization of a control subject
Functional memory based on a trie structure
Aerosol sampling system
Therapeutic aid
Lead-free solder and solder joint
Terminal server data file extraction and analysis application
Signal reproducing/recording/transmitting method and apparatus and signal recording medium
Electrically controlled racing game with information and control center
Classification system with reject class
Vehicle drive overdrive system
Dynamic assignment of maintenance tasks to aircraft maintenance personnel
Full form utilization feature of an image forming device
Gaming device having an ordered designation of bonus values in multiple value sets
Magnetoresistance effect device, magnetic head therewith, magnetic recording/reproducing head, and m...
Nitride semiconductor device
Transition metal complexes and oligomers therefrom
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit with cascoded trigger-switch suitable for use with over-v...
Unified messaging methods and systems for communication and cooperation among distributed agents in ...
Electron gun with resistor and capacitor
Profile driven instant web portal
Gate apparatus, on-board unit, setup method of the on-board unit, toll collecting method and judging...
Nucleic acid encoding rat agouti related protein
Selective linear peptides with melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4-R) agonist activity
Growth hormone secretagogue related receptors and nucleic acids
Paramagnetic and active analogue (EMP-2) of melanocyte stimulating hormone containing amino acid-typ...
APM1 biallelic markers and uses thereof
Touch switch with thermo-chromatic layers
Image receiving sheet and transfer image forming method
Multipurpose catheter
Computer system with disk drive having private key validation means for enabling features
Integrated controller to process both optical reads and optical writes of multiple optical media
Method and apparatus for copy protection detection in a video signal
Preformatting optical recording medium
Electronic apparatus
Magnetoresistive-effect device with extended AFM layer and method for manufacturing the same
Methods for treating hepatitis C
Molecular characterization of chromosome translocation t(11;18)(q21;q21) and its correlation to carc...
Methods of Treating hepatitis virus infections with N-substituted-1,5-dideoxy-1,5-imino-d-glucitol c...
Chemiluminescent assay
Virtual pilot channel generating apparatus and its operating method for supporting effective hand-of...
Method for managing client services across browser pages
Marine engine throttle control method for single or twin engine applications
Automotive alternator
Skin-mounted electrodes with nano spikes
Topological data categorization and formatting for a mass storage system
Interative decoding based on dominant error events
Polarizing element, optical element, and liquid crystal display
Patches for teeth whitening
Vascular occlusal balloons and related vascular access devices and systems
Optical element and optical apparatus provided with the same
System for facilitating compliance with materials handling rules
System for metering and auditing the dots or drops or pulses produced by a digital printer
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Piston compressor
Image processing apparatus and method
Use of stainless steel alloy as umbilical tubes in seawater environment
Retractable pet leash
Rolling code security system
Threat-resistant cushion
Single layer electronic capacitors with very thin dielectrics and methods to produce same
Quick fastening safety device for fixing a tool to the end of a loader arm or the like
Highly purified ethyl EPA and other EPA derivatives for psychiatric and neurological disorders
Lettuce varieties PSR 4569 and PSR 4570 having both iceberg and romaine lettuce characteristics and ...
Method and apparatus for high-performance sequence comparison
Translating property names and name space names according to different naming schemes
Method for manufacturing spark plug and caulking metallic mold
Isolated human kinase proteins
Apparatus and method for the robotic repairing of an underground pipe junction with a flexible patch...
Computer-aided learning system and method
Apparatus and method for water jumping game
Decorative balloon holder
Form with integrated label or fold-over card intermediate and photograph well
Carrier for information storage unit and method
Method of making transaction card assemblies
Method for structuring and searching information
Noise absorbing device and device for taking air into engine room of a construction machine
Object code compression using different schemes for different instruction types
Enhanced general input/output architecture and related methods for establishing virtual channels the...
Method for indexing and managing a searchable community of non-HTML information
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcebapst`
Photographic display elements comprising stable IR dye compositions for invisible marking
Monitor conversion in a multi-threaded computer system
Ink jet recording material
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Robot crash protector
Adjustable rigid riser connector
Data recording system for storing as data the contents of telephone calls made by internal telephone...
Storage medium for storing animation data, image processing method using same, and storage medium st...
Correction support apparatus, correction support method, correction support program, and correction ...
Silver ion sequester and release agent
Inhaled insulin dosage control delivery enhanced by controlling total inhaled volume
Alloy composition and improvements in mold components used in the production of glass containers
Method and apparatus for associating memory windows with memory regions in a data storage system
Whirling streamer snake toy
Braking and controllability control method and system for a vehicle with regenerative braking
Portable telephone capable of increasing facility of operation
Labeled humanized anti-CD18 antibodies and fragments and kits comprising same
Method of forming a gate electrode contact spacer for a vertical DRAM device
Method for forming minimally spaced MRAM structures
Method for reducing amplitude noise in multi-wavelength modelocked semiconductor lasers
Process for oligomer production and saturation
GPS signal driven sensor positioning system
System and method for personalizing and applying a post processing tool system
Method and system for multidimensional storage model with interdimensional links
Method and apparatus for acquisition and analysis of non-imaging data collected during ultrasound ex...
Method and apparatus for high-speed network rule processing
Process for preparing guaifenesin tannate
Rodenticidal composition
Uses of thioredoxin
Gene therapy method
Piperidinylethyl-, phenoxyethyl-, and .beta.-fluorophenethyl-substituted thiourea compounds with pot...
Piperazine derivatives useful as CCR5 antagonists
Composition and methods for treatment of HIV infection
Combination therapy for HIV infection
Method and system of testing and verifying computer code in a multi-threaded environment
Probabilistic diagnosis, in particular for embedded and remote applications
Bra with reinforced contourline
Method of forming brassiere frames with cushion tips
Breast prosthesis
Cushion tips for brassiere frames
Ladies' undergarment, in particular a brassiere
Decorative link for underwire brassiere cups
Breast prosthesis
Method and system for spinal cord stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure
CDMA mobile communication system, searcher circuit and communication method
Light-source lamp unit, light-source device and projection-type display apparatus
Communication system for defining a variable group of processors for receiving a transmitted communi...
Multi-port PCI-to-PCI bridge with combined address FIFOs but separate data FIFOs for concurrent tran...
Process cartridge mounting and demounting mechanism and process cartridge
Log permeability model calibration using reservoir fluid flow measurements
Error propagation control method and device based on multi-level decision feedback equalization
Video mirror systems incorporating an accessory module
Stimulation signal generator for an implantable device
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Light pipe and method for producing the same
Oral care compositions comprising tropolone compounds and essential oils and methods of using the sa...
Externally positioned anvil apparatus for cutting anastomosis
Optical disk with magnetic layer separated magnetically between tracks and method of magnetically se...
Inhibition of human telomerase by a G-quadruplex-interaction compound
Sign applique transfer and assembly apparatus
Crystalline rare-earth activated oxyorthosilicate phosphor
Auxiliary for liming and loosening hairs of animal skins
Vehicle hydraulic driving system
Audio and visual message center
Hydrogen absorbing alloy and method for its production
Handle with grip for comfortably holding articles by hand
Multiple keys for decrypting data in restricted-access television system
Inflatable airfoils, and elevated and propulsion driven vehicles
Laminate-type dielectric device, a production method and an electrode paste material
Vehicle light with high resistance to heat
Compositions and methods for treating surgical adhesions
Method and apparatus for identifying unknown compounds in complex chemical mixtures using mass spect...
Persistent data storage for client computer software programs
Method and apparatus for changing microcode to be executed in a processor
Material for sealing threaded pipe joints, and dispenser therefor
Iceberg utilization process improvement
Fusing apparatus of electrophotographic image forming apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Inflatable humanoid forms
Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Double-layer sock having inverted, side-by-side toe closure seams
Database system providing optimization of group by operator over a union all
Fluid-borne noise suppression
Bank loan trading system and method
Geranium plant named `Free Pink Two`
Parallel plate development with multiple holes in top plate for control of developer flow and pressu...
Spacers, display devices containing the same, and methods for making and using the same
Transcriptional regulatory factor
Method for an alarm event generator
Method of stabilizing biologically active substances
Method and system for robot localization and confinement
Calla lily plant named `Pink Pot`
Mine stopping and method of installing same
System and method for providing language translation services in a telecommunication network
Vehicle hazard warning system
Process for reducing or avoiding foam production during chemical and physical materials conversion p...
Context management system for modular software architecture
Aerosol dispenser cap
Regulator for diving
Partially transparent mailbox
System and method of controlling a vehicle steer-by-wire system applying multivariable decoupling co...
Method of making composite airfoil structures
Microwave oven and method of controlling thereof
Ferroelectric random access memory with isolation transistors coupled between a sense amplifier and ...
Method of forming self-aligned, trenchless mangetoresitive random-access memory (MRAM) structure wit...
Process for purifying styrene monomer feedstock prior to polymerization
Calibration method for an adaptive antenna system
Color electroluminescence display device
Methods and apparatus for data retrieval, storage and analysis
Recreation of archives at a disaster recovery site
Electronic ordering of goods with delivery by automatic drive-up storage device
Distributed server cluster for controlling network traffic
Portable reverse osmosis unit for producing drinking water
Point-of-use water purification system with a cascade ion exchange option
Multi-stage water filter system
Conditioning process and device for producing pure water
Hemodialysis apparatus having a single balance chamber and method of dialyzing blood therewith
Filter bed backwashing devices and methods
Water purifying apparatus with timed discharge after non-use periods
Tonometer calibration tool
Noninvasive methods and apparatuses for measuring the intraocular pressure of a mammal eye
Hand-held non-contact tonometer
Method for harmonic phase magnetic resonance imaging
Non-contact instrument for measurement of internal optical pressure
Method for monitoring intraocular pressure using a passive intraocular pressure sensor and patient w...
Implantable shunt device
Nanocrystal electron device
Supramolecular pairing system, its preparation and use
Method for producing catalyst structures
Micromechanical system fabrication method using (111) single crystalline silicon
Vitamin D analogues
Spreading code selection process for equalization in CDMA communications systems
Method and system for performing multi-texturing operations using recursive interleaving
Multi-functional charger with power generating and illumination functions
GTP binding stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Method for the hybrid-automated monitoring of production machines
Programmatic time-gap defect detection apparatus and method
Method of and system for the reduction of toner pressure applied to a print seal through the impleme...
Method and system for physiological gating of radiation therapy
Circuit and method for masking a dormant memory cell
Variable wall thickness for delivery sheath housing
Nanocomposite surgical materials and method of producing them
Desensitizing dental composition
Tricolosan-containing medical devices
Magneto-optical recording medium
Pressure actuated switching device and method and system for making same
Inhalation device
Formulation of adenovirus for gene therapy
Condition responsive traffic sign
Method of producing aluminate phosphor
Lipooligosaccharide based vaccine for prevention of moraxella (branhamella)catarrhalis infections in...
Axial piston unit for integrated wheel hub
Treat dispensing pet toy and training device
Method of manufacturing a molded door skin from a wood composite, door skin produced therefrom, and ...
Second transfer logic causing a first transfer logic to check a data ready bit prior to each of mult...
Image-based artifact troubleshooting for medical systems
Product environmental load evaluation method
Removal of noise from seismic data using improved radon transformations
Method of optimizing a layout of selected parts to be cut
Electronic ticket system
Variable cycle propulsion system with mechanical transmission for a supersonic airplane
Power resistor and method for making
Thermotherapy method for treatment and prevention of breast cancer and cancer in other organs
Methods of molecular spectroscopy to provide for the diagnosis of tissue
System for determining the location and orientation of an invasive medical instrument
Wall-mounted touch screen information system
Secondary battery and electronic instrument using it
Battery and equipment or device having the battery as part of structure and locally distributed powe...
Mulch composition and method
Flat-shaped nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Acetate detecting sensor
Dimensionally stable electrodes
Niobium powder for capacitor, sintered body using the powder and capacitor using the same
Resin composition and three-dimensional object
Petunia plant named `Balsundeum`
Verbena plant named `Balazpink`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcebgrapi`
Hydrangea plant named `Big Daddy`
Polymorphs of an epothilone analog
Multicasting video
Apparatus and method for transition between fluoro-mode and diagnostic mode magnetic resonance imagi...
Method and apparatus for monitoring operational performance of fluid storage systems
Compounds specific to adenosine A3 receptor and uses thereof
Method for determining discrete quantitative structure activity relationships
High temperature superconductor film, method for forming the same and superconductor element
Three-dimensional photonic crystal waveguide apparatus
Method for evaluating a compound for its effect on skin
Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and related neuropsychiatr...
Methods for manufacture of fat-free cream cheese
Method and pharmaceutical composition for replacing iron losses in dialysis patients
Fishing-reel sounding device
Transgenic mouse model of basal cell carcinoma
Method and device for visualization of positions and orientation of intracorporeally guided instrume...
Systems and methods for tubular object processing
High throughput mechanical property testing of materials libraries using capacitance
Derivatized polyurethane compositions which exhibit enhanced stability in biological systems and met...
Diffraction devices and methods
Rheology-modified polyolefins
Polymerization process
Thermally stable, anthraquinone colorants containing copolymerizable vinyl groups
Secondary coating composition for optical fibers
Method and apparatus for binary-oriented set sequencing
Process of making high-strength polyethylene fibers
Grout and mortar bottle
Electronic range
Food additive or product or a pharmaceutical preparation, comprising hydroxymatairesinol
Bactericide compositions prepared and obtained from microccus varians
Method of treating mast cell activation-induced diseases with a proteoglycan
Embeddable corrosion monitoring-instrument for steel reinforced structures
High strength cold rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Composition for controlling spangle size, a coated steel product, and a coating method
Manufacturing process for making engine components of high carbon content steel using cold forming t...
Stainless steel toilet resistant to corrosion by sea water
Rapid prototyping system
Method of forming a composite panel
Bolus calculator
System and method of constructing a photo album
Apparatus and method for detection and sub-pixel location of edges in a digital image
Method and apparatus for image registration
Image alignment with global translation and linear stretch
Efficient predictor of subjective video quality rating measures
Image processing circuit and method for reducing a difference between pixel values across an image b...
Single fiber Sagnac interferometer based secure communication system
Device for compensating polarization dispersion in an optical transmission system
Optical crossconnect using tilting mirror MEMS array
Optical fiber array and method of aligning optical fibers in the array
Optical waveguide termination
Method and apparatus for waveguide optics and devices
Direct accessing apparatus and method of disk recording and reproducing system
System and method for detecting text in mixed graphics data
Lighted microphone cable indicator
Multi-beam scanning device
Scrolling backlight system for LCD TV
Front safety light for alerting braking conditions of a vehicle
Year-round decorative lights with selectable holiday color schemes
Thermally stable polymers, method of preparation, and articles made therefrom
Solution striping system
Elastomeric knit fabric with antiflame properties
Absorbent article with central pledget and deformation control
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Multi-level marketing computer network server
Techniques for dicing substrates during integrated circuit fabrication
Print media products for generating high quality images and methods for making the same
Method of preparing a microporous film, and imaging method
Additive for thermoplastic resins and flame retardant resin compositions
Polymeric blends for sensor and actuation dual functionality
High-pH oil based adjuvant blend for enhancing efficacy of pesticides
Coating method
Weathering resistance of polymeric materials
Symmetrical paint ball land mine
Use of insulin for the treatment of cartilagenous disorders
Hybrid nanofibril matrices for use as tissue engineering devices
Transfer glue system and method for a right angle gluing machine
Connection assembly
Object dispensing apparatus
Continuous strip bag feeder and loader with integrated printer assembly
Container body portion
Methods for preparing O-desmethylvenlafaxine
Vision system computer modeling apparatus including interaction with real scenes with respect to per...
Methods and devices for analysis of X-ray images
Methods, kits, and antibodies for detecting parathyroid hormone
Medical image display system
Nuclear magnetic resonance pulse sequence with refocusing pulses having reduced tipping angle
Nuclear magnetic resonance technology for non-invasive characterization of bone porosity and pore si...
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Detergent compositions
Oxidation process and composition
Household cleaning and/or laundry detergent compositions comprising lignin-derived materials
Detergent compositions
Detergent compositions having a specific hydrophobic peroxyacid bleaching system and anionic surfact...
Garment stain removal product which uses sonic or ultrasonic waves
Hair care compositions
Managing one or more domains in a system over a network connection
Network problem indication
Location-independent packet routing and secure access in a short-range wireless networking environme...
Computer system for accessing initialization data and method therefor
Method and system for de-interlacing/re-interlacing video on a display device on a computer system d...
Cushioned carpeted floor mat with at least one cushioning integrated rubber protrusion
Cleanroom lift having an articulated arm
Support disk for a support disk bearing for spin rotors
Mounting means
Deformable spindle end portion
Retainer for ball bearing, and ball bearing including the same
Retainer for rolling bearing
Rolling bearing unit with ABS capability in a protective arrangement and a protection cap or protect...
Binder matrix for gas generants and related compositions and methods
Speedloader dispenser
System and method for effecting mechanical translation of projectiles in cased telescoped ammunition...
Integrated circuit and method of operation of such a circuit employing serial test scan chains
Apparatus and method for receiving multiple data streams
Multi-tone transceiver system using two steps of DMT-CMFB
Method and system for multi-media collaboration between remote parties
Method and system for controlling distortion of turbine case due to thermal variations
Method and apparatus for actively influencing the intake noise of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for assessing the play in bearings or joints of components coupled to one anoth...
Waveguide coupler and method for making same
Article comprising a reflection-type spectral equalizer/optical switch
Optical switch having MEMS array with reduced optical loss
Optical switching element having movable optically transmissive microstructure
Method of using an integrin antagonist and radiation therapy as combination therapy in the treatment...
Biocompatible polymers, process for their preparation and compositions containing them
System and process for supporting multiple wireless standards with a single circuit architecture
Increased radio communication capacity using transmit power balancing
System and method for reducing dropped calls in a wireless communications network
Method and apparatus for network problem segment isolation
Method of intradermally injecting substances
High speed file I/O control system with user set file structure to effect parallel access pattern ov...
System and method for transferring partitioned data sets over multiple threads
Anthurium plant named `1999-22`
Dynamic quality-of-service and pricing in communication system
Self-diagnostic system for cellular-transceiver systems with remote-reporting capabilities
Networking by matching profile information over a data packet-network and a local area network
Steering control apparatus for a vehicle
Electric power steering system
Earmold for improved retention of coupled device
Cryogenic devices
Optical waveguide article including a fluorine-containing zone
Ferroelectric memory device
Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic disk drive with air bearing surface pad on movable portion and method of controlling
Low-loss tunable ferro-electric device and method of characterization
Color display device having color filter layers
System and methods for sequencing by hybridization
Method and system for estimating jitter in a delay locked loop
Exponential increments in FET size selection
.beta. sheet breaker peptide analogs that inhibit .beta. pleated sheet formation in amyloid .beta.-p...
System and method for comprehensive availability management in a high-availability computer system
Light-emitting diode driving circuit and optical transmission module using the same
Inductive load driving circuit
Device for high-resolution measurement of magnetic fields
Digital camera
Wearable muscular-force supplementing device
Detection and handling of semiconductor wafers and wafer-like objects
Encoding device and encoding method, decoding device and decoding method, information processing dev...
Watermark insertion and extraction into and from a high quality signal is performed using sample rat...
Color imager bar based spectrophotometer for color printer color control system
Display apparatus
Determining the font of text in an image
Rotating element sheet material with dual vector field addressing
Toner compositions comprising vinyl resin and poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
Inkjet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Data display software for displaying assay results
Method for determining a parameter indicative of the progress of an extracorporeal blood treatment
Method for displaying microarray information
Hydraulic barrier
Physical object location apparatus and method and a graphic display device using the same
Batting aid
Conversion of drilling waste to fuel
Hybrid buoyant riser/tension mooring system
Arrangement and method for turning a propulsion unit
Submerged flowline termination buoy with direct connection to shuttle tanker
Boat cover
Vehicle of immersion forced by hydrodynamic flow (VIFHF)
Method and apparatus for reducing tension variations in mono-column TLP systems
Ethernet cross point switch with reduced connections by using column control buses
Process for the preparation of quasi-crystalline boehmites from inexpensive precursors
Robust model-free adaptive control
Method and apparatus for aircraft inlet ice protection
Airflow diverter for aircraft
Aerosol dispenser cap
Methods and apparatus to generate liquid ambulatory oxygen from an oxygen concentrator
Laundry cart
Molding compounds with reduced adhesiveness use in the automobile industry
Chemical method of removing paint film on plastic resin using isopropyl alcohol
Production of farnesol and geranylgeraniol
Image forming method and electrostatic image developing toner
Utility cart
Portable leaf bag holder
Cleaning system
Interface for lower front panel for laundry appliance
Self-contained carpet extractor
Organic electroluminescence display device and fabricating method of the same
Semiconductor device having a capacitor with a multi-layer dielectric
Mask and method for patterning a semiconductor wafer
Magnetoresistive memory or sensor devices having improved switching properties and method of fabrica...
Electro-fluidic assembly process for integration of electronic devices onto a substrate
High-resolution field emission display
Hybrid polymers for phase change ink jet inks
Method of making semiconductor device
Thermally developable materials containing backside conductive layers
Photosensitive composition and photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Fabric imaging element
Conductive paste
Water and oil repellent masonry treatments
Photosensitive litographic printing plate and method for making a printing plate
Storage-stable isocyanate dispersions
Aqueous superabsorbent polymer and methods of use
Color filter, color filter forming material and process for producing color filter
Color filter, method for manufacturing it, and liquid crystal panel
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising acrylic copolymers
Process for removing carbon dioxide from combustion gases
Method and apparatus for introducing sulphur dioxide into aqueous solutions
Family of conducting liquid crystals
Solid state metathesis chemistry
Absorbent materials having improved fluid intake and lock-up properties
Calibration scheme for continuous monitoring of mercury emissions from stationary sources by plasma ...
Electrically isolated liquid metal micro-switches for integrally shielded microcircuits
Method for preparing substituted [1,4]diazepino[6,7,1-hi]indol-4-ones
Abatement of hazardous gases in effluent
Curing light
Integrated light source
Back projection visual field tester
System and method for implementing a natural language user interface
Method and apparatus for longest match address lookup
Method and system for address lookup in data communication
Voice dialing using speech models generated from text and/or speech
Flexible configuration file manager
Method of printing a token by a printer
Modified Streptomyces host cells for increased avermectin production and methods of making the same
Fencepost descriptor caching mechanism and method therefor
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing electronic watermark information, and recording m...
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Canola oil with reduced linolenic acid
Gelled and gellable compositions for food products
Fractionation method for sucrose-containing solutions
Control of internal combustion engine based on phase position of camshaft relative to crankshaft
Intake air quantity measurement for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus of internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Engine valve actuator assembly
Camshaft adjustment device for an internal combustion engine
Method of piloting electromagnetic actuators for the control of a plurality of valves of an engine
Bar top gaming unit
Client computer, server computer, network ranking system, network ranking method, task processing me...
Wireless communications system for a quiz game
Game system, judgment table producing method, and computer-readable storage medium carrying game pro...
Method and device for the detection of a pressure drop in a tire of a vehicle wheel
Vehicular trajectory collision avoidance maneuvering method
Vehicle navigation system and method
Fuel optimization system with improved fuel level sensor
Method and system for optimizing purge of exhaust gas constituent stored in an emission control devi...
Method and system for identifying a lane change
Method for producing metallic nanoparticles
Semiconductor nanocrystals for inventory control
Nanoparticles for hydrogen storage, transportation, and distribution
Water-based coloring compositions containing submicron polymeric particles
Marking composition and method for marking dark substrates
Marking system
Inclined adjustable easel with slidably drawer
Washable coloring composition suitable for use in dry erase markers
Washable marking composition
Selective cloaking circuit for use in a radiofrequency identification and method of cloaking RFID ta...
Method, system and apparatus for calibrating a pulse position modulation (PPM) decoder to a PPM sign...
Homodyne I/Q transceiver for a spread spectrum reader
Electronic identification system with forward error correction system
High temperature tag having enclosed transceiver
System and method for authentication of the contents of containers
Image processing apparatus and method for thermally processed films
Camera positioning system with optimized field of view
Sunroof assembly
Cache management system utilizing cascading tokens
4 F2 folded bit line DRAM cell structure having buried bit and word lines
Low voltage differential signaling for communicating with inkjet printhead assembly
Face for a concrete wall block
Time domain electromagnetic analysis and inspection system for conduits
Form for manufacturing concrete retaining wall blocks
Rock drilling device
Stump grinding apparatus
Bus control unit for assisted program flow monitoring in star topologies, associated program flow mo...
Method and configuration for replacing a faulty module, particularly a faulty module within a digita...
Method and array for echo compensation in partial bands
Growth factor
Resorbable bone implant material and method for producing the same
Therapeutic polyesters and polyamides
Device for analysing preferably animal manure
Protein macromolecular dyes
Product blender and dispenser
Speaker assembly
Method for restricting delivery of unsolicited E-mail
Systems and methods for treating ischemia
Nucleic acid molecules encoding DRT111 and uses thereof
Amide derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases, TNF-.alpha., and aggrecanase
Modulators of .beta.-amyloid peptide aggregation comprising D-amino acids
Portable emergency response system
Method for aligning laser diode and optical fiber
Method of manufacturing grating
Virtual optoelectronic crossbar switch
X-ray sources that maintain production of rotationally symmetrical x-ray flux during use
Secondary containment system for pipelines
Method of testing an aircraft oxygen supply system
Methods and apparatus for determining instantaneous elastic recoil and assistance pressure during ve...
Chromatographic separation of enantiomers of lactones
Anion exchanger, process for producing same, and its use
Methods and devices for processing blood samples
Process of obtaining compositions of stable lutein and lutein derivatives
Free-standing fluid sensors, filters, and catalyst devices, and methods involving same
Method and apparatus for controlling delay in a shared communications network
Hearing aid
Various directional/omni-directional hearing aid microphone and housing structures
High growth methanotropic bacterial strain
High efficiency LED driver
Fluorescent lighting assembly
Vibratory motors and methods of making and using same
Air guide
Externally mounted on-line replaceable fan module
Digital data processor chassis with flow balanced air intake into multiple circuit board assemblies
Aluminum alloy heat exchanger resistive to tobacco odor impregnation
Air handling unit with supply and exhaust fans
Method of and system for controlling an air conditioner
Planar waveguide dispersion compensator
Tunable DWDM demultiplexer
Control system for a two chamber gas discharge laser
Active housing broadband tonpilz transducer
Sonar transducer with tuning plate and tuning fluid
Bi-directional ratchet wrench
High aspect ratio metallization structures
Method for representing and comparing digital images
Spectral bio-imaging data for cell classification using internal reference
Integrated surface metrology
Method and apparatus for observing and inspecting defects
Method and apparatus to determine fly height of a recording head
Method and apparatus for awarding and redeeming prepaid telephone time
Fuel cell with uniform compression device
Integrated blood handling system having improved pump
Sealless rotary blood pump
Protector for electrical submersible pumps
Fastener mounting arrangement
Compressor and dehydrator system
Display unit for displaying an image based on a video signal received from a personal computer which...
Production of attenuated chimeric respiratory syncytial virus vaccines from cloned nucleotide sequen...
DNA molecule for detecting glyphosate tolerant wheat plant 33391 and progeny thereof
First-level removable module having bar code I/O and second-level removable memory
High-speed programmable synchronous counter for use in a phase locked loop
Nonlinear transmission line waveform generator having an input voltage matched to the C/V characteri...
Phase detecting with parallel discharge paths
Shielded planar dielectrically isolated high speed pin photodiode and method for producing same
System and method for separating three-dimensional models
Front bumper
Removal of ectoparasites
Viscous compositions containing carbon dioxide
Method of identifying and treating invasive carcinomas
Method of identifying a substance that affects long term memory and CREM/CREB/ATF-1 subfamily member...
Skin care product containing powder of evening primrose
Automated laser capture microdissection
Methods and apparatuses for checking equivalence of circuits
Method and apparatus for swapping state data with scan cells
Active memory pool management policies
Aggrecanase molecules
Aromatic sulfone hydroxamates and their use as protease inhibitors
Method and test strip of detecting oxidizing adulterant in urine
Shift control apparatus for continuously variable transmission and shift control method therefor
Centrifuge and container system for treatment of blood and blood components
Charging device having rotatable charging roller and DC voltage applying means or source
Printer-based interface with removable digital storage media
Image processing apparatus and method
Close-assist device and auto original feeder and image forming apparatus equipped with the device
N-dimensional data encoding of projected or reflected data
Excimer laser oscillation apparatus and method, excimer laser exposure apparatus, and laser tube
Stackable markers
Device exhibiting photo-induced dichroism for adaptive anti-glare vision protection
Monitor having a polymer internal reflective element
Compliant wafer-level packaging devices and methods of fabrication
Solid golf ball
Method and apparatus for a biometric transponder based activity management system
Multi-functional time indicating device with a multi-colored fiber optic display
Modal display, smooth scroll graphic user interface and remote command device suitable for efficient...
Weight measuring system and method used with a spring system of a seat
Real-time floor controller for control of music, signal processing, mixing, video, lighting, and oth...
Method and apparatus for canceling pilot interference in a CDMA communication system
Graphics geometry cache
High precision luminance control for PWM-driven lamp
Query processor, query processor elements and a method of establishing such a query processor and qu...
Sound processing apparatus
Biped robot
Micro capsule robot
Biped locomotion robot
Method and system for determining a location of a wireless transmitting device and guiding the searc...
Automated system for isolating, amplifying and detecting a target nucleic acid sequence
Knife handle
Sword handle
Technique to test an integrated circuit using fewer pins
Image forming apparatus, replacement assembly for image forming apparatus and integrated circuit chi...
Circuit and method for hardware-assisted software flushing of data and instruction caches