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Compositions and methods for controlling microorganism growth in water processing systems
Single-chain insulin analog and a polynucleotide sequence encoding the analog
Methods for treatment of disease-induced peripheral neuropathy and related conditions
Selected fused pyrrolocarbazoles
Cell adhesion inhibitors
Thrombin derived polypeptides: compositions and methods for use
3-aryl propionic acid derivatives and analogs
Hard metal drill bit for use on a drill
Method and apparatus for training of cognitive and memory systems in humans
Software constructs that facilitate partial evaluation of source code
Hydromechanical transmission
Water-dispersible granules comprising a fragrance in a water-soluble or water-dispersible matrix, an...
Antibodies against flt3 ligand
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising poly-.beta.-1.fwdarw.4-N-acetylglucosamine
Gradient coil set capable of producing a variable field of view
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium with image processing prog...
Light emitting diode device comprising a luminescent substrate that performs phosphor conversion
Printed article with floating insert
Automatic flood gate
Guidance method and guidance system of flood water
Remediation of contaminates including low bioavailability hydrocarbons
Cut-off device for concrete structures
Retaining components
Flocked tongue cleaning device
Method creating damage arrangement for production of 3D laser-induced damage portraits inside transp...
Low temperature silicon wafer bond process with bulk material bond strength
Electrode material and method for producing the same
Device comprising carbon nanotube field emitter structure and process for forming device
Light-emitting device having light-reflective layer formed with, or/and adjacent to, material that e...
Optical device, a fabrication method thereof, a driving method thereof and a camera system
Short-chain peptide-dye conjugates as contrast media for optical diagnosis
Cooking utensil
Preparation of alcoholic solutions of alkali metal alkoxides
Adhesive-free bonding method of fiber attachment for polymer optical waveguide on polymer substrate
Compatibilized pressure-sensitive adhesives
Device and method for handling objects, in particular items of luggage
Calcium phosphate colorants and method for making same
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Fuel cell systems and methods
Solid oxide fuel cell process gas sampling for analysis
Composite electrolyte for fuel cells
Diffusion fuel ampoules for fuel cells
Solid oxide fuel cells with symmetric composite electrodes
Gas diffusion electrodes containing modified carbon products
Fuel cell
Silyl and Heparin compositions
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive tape or sheet
Uninterruptible transfer switch
Agents to increase the uptake of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic substances into solid tumors
Fibrinogenolytic proteases with thrombolytic and antihypertensive activities: medical application an...
Treatment of hypertension in mammals with hydrolyzed whey proteins
Endothelial NOS transgenic animals and methods of use
Method for preventing, stabilizing or causing regression of atherosclerosis employing a combination ...
Combined PET and X-ray CT tomograph
Environmental protection and detection system
Wave forming apparatus and method
Ultrasonic cleaning apparatus and ultrasonic cleaning method
Multilayer ceramic electrodes for sensing cardiac depolarization signals
Surface treatment process for fabricating a panel of an organic light emitting device
Simulation circuit for MOS transistor, simulation testing method, netlist of simulation circuit and ...
Plasma display device with reduced display defects
Fixing apparatus capable of changing pressure contact force
Heated make-up air system
Twin MONOS array metal bit organization and single cell operation
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for producing olefin polymer with the catalyst
Temperature programmable timing delay system
Apparatus for balancing vehicle wheels
Fixing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Signal evaluation method for detecting QRS complexes in electrocardiogram signals
Mixed olefin polymerization catalysts, processes employing such catalysts, and polymers obtained the...
Polymeric film and film capacitor
B/B-like fragment targeting for the purposes of photodynamic therapy and medical imaging
Method and apparatus for information recording medium
Interactive system for analyzing scatter plots
Hepatitis C virus culture system
Method and system for conducting a contest using a network
Electronic document identification, filing, and retrieval system
Method and system for incremental web crawling
System and method for activity monitoring and reporting in a computer network
Just-in-time activation and as-soon-as-possible deactivation or server application components
Adaptive rendering of hypermedia documents
Method and system for automatic type and replace of characters in a sequence of characters
Automated schema and interface generation
Device for handling flat panels in a vacuum
Multiple independent robot assembly and apparatus for processing and transferring semiconductor wafe...
Wafer handling system
Substrate processing system and method
System and method for generating a set of robot commands based on user entry events in a user interf...
Electronic pet system, network system, robot, and storage medium
Apparatus and method for measuring position of mobile robot
Remote-control device of lamp series control box
Method and apparatus for interoperability between voice transmission systems during speech inactivit...
Accessory bag
Low melting high lithia glass compositions and methods
Reparatives for chemosurgery and laser (thermal) therapy
Voice and motion activated telephone
Developer filtration module
Pneumatic cell phone speaker assembly
Capability analysis of assembly line production
Apparatus for producing a radio-frequency signal
Bicyclic acyl guanidine sodium/proton exchange inhibitors and method
Pharmaceutical formulation and its use
Methods and compositions for preventing and treating chronological aging in human skin
Beadless welding apparatus comprising a weld head having a bias member for axial displacement
Removing deacetylase contaminant from cephalosporin C acylase using cationic surfactant
Process for hydrolyzing and recycling a polyurethane
Method and composition of a hydrophilic polymer dispersion containing a colloidal silica to be used ...
Polyurethane paste composition and sealing material
Method for purification of aromatic polyethers
Method for producing maleimides
Method of producing fluorinated organic compounds
Rad21 orthologue and uses thereof
Exhaust emission control process for internal combustion engines
Method to remove ammonia using a proton-conducting ceramic membrane
Making a dispersion managing crystal
Process for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen gas generating method
Reactive agent and process for decomposing fluorine compounds and use thereof
Superconducting Mg-MgB2 and related metal composites and methods of preparation
Electrical clinical apparatus and electrical stimulation method using variant assignment method
Manufacture of bone graft substitutes
High efficiency solid state light-emitting device and method of generating light
Process for mixing and dispensing a flowable substance
Processes for production of oxadiazoline derivatives
Adjustable bogey beam support for utility vehicles
Containment system for batteries of an equipment enclosure
Air cleaner for internal combustion engine
Assembly and method to improve tarpaulin function as a protective cover
High performance brushless motor and drive for an electrical vehicle motorization
Electronic traction control system
Application programming interface for data transfer and bus management over a bus structure
Platform for selectively providing a channel service unit/data service unit, a router/bridge, and a ...
Method and apparatus for promoting memory read commands
Processor and data cache with data storage unit and tag hit/miss logic operated at a first and secon...
Block based design methodology
Hierarchical test circuit structure for chips with multiple circuit blocks
Method and apparatus for changing execution code for a microcontroller on an FPGA interface device
Process to modulate disease risk with doses of a nutraceutical
Packaging for tablet-shaped objects
Method and apparatus for conserving water in a car washing apparatus
Family 5 xyloglucanases
Fuel and oil detergents
Impact resistant solid component
Perfumed detergent tablet
Solid detergent compositions comprising sesquicarbonate
Load control apparatus and method having single temperature detector
Method and system for providing a flexible and efficient processor for use in a graphics processing ...
Deterministic and preemptive thread scheduling and its use in debugging multithreaded applications
Network system, information processing apparatus, and information memory medium
Advanced load address table entry invalidation based on register address wraparound
Guitar fingerboard inlay
Vacuum pump
Integrated air compressor
Micropump driven by movement of liquid drop induced by continuous electrowetting
Small size air compressor
Thermal expansion inlet connection for a high pressure pump
Medical instrument flow stop interface
Smart token
Safe gaming system
Method for assessing cortical response to blue light
Non-invasive sensor capable of determining optical parameters in a sample having multiple layers
Skin evaluation apparatus
System and method of fluorescence spectroscopic imaging for characterization and monitoring of tissu...
Diagnosis method of inflammatory, fibrotic or cancerous disease using biochemical markers
Device for the determination of tissue perfusion and operative use thereof
Method and apparatus for performing trench depth analysis
Method and device for determining the concentration of heparin in a sample of fluid
Optical method and apparatus for red blood cell differentiation on a cell-by-cell basis, and simulta...
Temperature measurement and temperature controlled switching using change in helical sense
Device and procedure for the quality control of in particular finished surfaces
Workstation interface for use in digital mammography and associated methods
Method for aligning a lattice of points in response to features in a digital image
Histological reconstruction and automated image analysis
Similarity measurement method for the classification of medical images into predetermined categories
Image filtering in HSI color space
Image processing system
Method and apparatus for implementing integrated cavity effect correction in scanners
Airline seat parachute
Sun sensor alignment compensation system
Adaptable solid-hybrid rocket for crew escape and orbital injection propulsion
Method and apparatus for modulating airfoil lift
Extendable latch
Propellant utilization system
Electrochromic display device with power leads insulated from the electrochromic medium
Method of fabricating a distributed Bragg reflector having enhanced thermal and electrical propertie...
Powered impact wrench
Angle head impact wrench
Impact wrench
Pneumatic impact wrench
Impact wrench having torque controlling faculty
Cordless impact wrench
Impact wrench
Germinal center kinase cell cycle proteins, compositions and methods of use
Germinal center kinase cell cycle proteins, compositions and methods of use
Method and device for fluorescence measurement
Photoluminescent semiconductor materials
Arrays of proteins and methods of use thereof
Image forming apparatus with restorable non-volatile memory
Quadrupole acoustic shear wave logging while drilling
Methods for remote characterization of an odor
Modulation error compensation for a rotating load cell
Apparatus and method for measuring change in capacitance
Center-mass-reduced microbridge structures for ultra-high frequency MEM resonator
Wavelength-tunable mode-locked laser, wavelength converter and transmission system
Method and device for using an ultrasonic carrier to provide wide audio bandwidth transduction
Wide audio bandwidth transduction method and device
Reconfigurable optical switch
Tunable filter with core mode blocker
MEMS heat pumps for integrated circuit heat dissipation
Brazed condenser for an air conditioner
Module for a heat exchanger having improved thermal characteristics
Heat spreader with oscillating flow
In-stack adjustable magnetic head suspension
Head suspension including coupled flexure and damper constraint layer
Integrated circuit on a monocoque suspension
Head suspension having conductor protecting standoffs
Method for designing and manufacturing a suspension having optimized side profile
Head suspension having a flexure motion limiter
Base plate-mounted microactuator for a suspension
Head interconnect with support material carbonized shunt
Contact probe unit
Actuator for objective lenses
Electric contact probe unit
Optical device and optical module provided with optical device
Heating apparatus
Port switch as for a hearing aid device
Enzymes involved in squalene metabolism
Toxin genes from the bacteria Xenorhabdus nematophilus and photorhabdus luminescens
Soybean variety AP98041-4-117
Apparatus and method for high throughput electrorotation analysis
Use of the crystal structure of Staphylococcus aureus isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase in antibiotic design
Database system for predictive cellular bioinformatics
Methods for using functional site descriptors and predicting protein function
DC-DC converter
Digital to differential converters and digital to analog converters using the same
High speed, low power switched-capacitor digital-to-analog converter with a precharge arrangement
Resonant converter circuit
Power converter
Systems and methods for boosting DC link voltage in turbine generators
Method of attenuating zero crossing distortion and noise in an amplifier, an amplifier and uses of t...
Relay test set using computer controlled voltage supply to stimulate both voltage and current transf...
Precision switching power amplifier and uninterruptible power system
Class D high voltage amplifier system with adaptive power supply
High-fidelity and high-efficiency analog amplifier combined with digital amplifier
Envelope feedforward technique with power control for efficient linear RF power amplification
Class D audio amplifier
Aircraft signal definition for flight safety system monitoring system
Attitude sensing system for an automotive vehicle
Method and device for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
Vehicle heading change determination using compensated differential wheel speed
Method and apparatus for vehicle management
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Promoting savings by facilitating incremental commitments made with credit card and other consumer-i...
Apparatus and method for data gathering in games of chance
Game system, game device, game device control method and information storage medium
Game system and information storage medium
Game ball lacing
Universal contact switch
Apparatus and method for automated game ball inspection
Method and apparatus for limiting soft error recovery in a disk drive data storage device
Efficient recovery method for high-dimensional index structure employing reinsert operation
Method and system for indexing, sorting, and displaying a video database
Technique for implementing high performance stable storage hierarchy in a computer network
Network system and method
Information system and method using analysis based on object-centric longitudinal data
Smart toys
Decorative edging with bidirectional, interlocking joints
Smart internet information delivery system which automatically detects and schedules data transmissi...
Electronic program guide with hyperlinks to target resources
Anklet bracelet pad
Reversible jewelry fastener permitting selective illumination
Data transmission
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Control device for internal combustion engine
Automotive four-cycle engine
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve mechanism
Method and system for controlling auto-ignition in an internal combustion engine
Valve drive apparatus for internal combustion engine
Curable compositions containing benzoxazine
Aqueous dispersible sterol product
No-flow underfill encapsulant
Process for enzymatically modifying pectin
Lactide modified starch derivatives and the process of preparation thereof
Process for recovery of acid
Method of producing purified cyclopentane
Battery recycling
Kiosk having a people presence detector to determine if a kiosk item is to be presented to a custome...
System and method for accessing internet-based information resources by scanning Java-Applet encoded...
Customer image capture and use thereof in a retailing system
Safety device applied to engaging and disengaging a fuse in medium voltage electrical gear
Patterned media system
Programmable multicast scheduling for a network device
Method and apparatus for image identification and comparison
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Guided airborne vehicle, cargo and personnel delivery system
Cultivation of zygomycetes from spent sulfite liquor
Methods and compositions for in vivo gene therapy
Bicyclic heterocycles, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, their use, and processes for pre...
Automatic play apparatus and function expansion device
Compact disc recorder
Character information copying system, recording apparatus, and recording method
Musical event information pager and paging system
Handheld computer and data processing system
Efficiently updating a key table during outline restructure of a multi-dimensional database
Information processing system and method for communications between application systems
Message passing using shared memory of a computer
Method for loading instructions or data into a locked way of a cache memory
Search engine
Method and apparatus for simplified computer aided design (CAD) model search and retrieval
System and method for integrating data mining into a relational database management system
Paralleled content addressable memory search engine
Network-based photosharing architecture for search and delivery of private images and metadata
Gas filtering device
Stereolithographic apparatus and method for manufacturing three-dimensional object with photohardena...
Compressed microparticles for dry injection
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins and catalysts therefrom obtained
Method and apparatus for sequesting entrained and volatile catalyst species in a carbonylation proce...
Glow starter for a high pressure discharge lamp
Movable anti-theft device for mobile telephones
Highly carboxylated cellulose fibers and process of making the same
Silicone compositions for personal care products and method for making
Hair and skin care agents
Hair care compositions and protection from ultraviolet radiation
Cleansing compositions
PIT emulsions, methods of softening paper using the same, and paper substrates treated therewith
Aqueous polymer dispersions
Stable drug form for oral administration with benzimidazole derivatives as active ingredient and pro...
Cation exchanger, process for producing same, and its use
Aqueous polymer dispersion comprising rubber particles and polymer particles having a reinforcing ac...
Coating and excipient agent for oral or dermal dosage forms
Water-soluble carbamate materials
Method of removing lead from water using a high molecular weight cationic dispersion polymer
Reagents useful for detecting diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
Geometrical isomers of acrylonitrile compounds, mixture thereof, and process for producing these
Internally plasticized and low VOC latex compositions and applications thereof
Carrier for electrophotographic developer and developer containing the same
Antifouling coatings
Road marking compound comprising linear tetrablock copolymers
Aqueous dispersions of acrylate modified alkyd resins and use thereof
Method for producing liquid crystal display device
Color video projection display system with low-retardance compensator film for improved contrast
Circular polarizer and liquid crystal display
Controlled fusion in a field reversed configuration and direct energy conversion
Method for monitoring aluminum electrolytic cells
Recyclable tray liners for wooden mushroom-growing trays
System and method for efficient register file conversion of denormal numbers between scalar and SIMD...
Method for making an aerospace structural member
CAD system for an ASIC
Cell placement in integrated circuit chips to remove cell overlap, row overflow and optimal placemen...
Placement/net wiring processing system
Mask-programmable ROM cell
Microfluidic valve and microactuator for a microvalve
Memory cell arrangement
System and method for microwave cell lysing of small samples
Method of forming a metal wiring in a semiconductor device
Low temperature-inducible wheat WCS120 gene promoter
Polyphenyl oxidase genes from banana
Electroluminescence in light emitting polymers featuring deaggregated polymers
Method and apparatus for controlled composting and bioremediating
Antimicrobial biocidic fiber-plastic composite and method of making same
Methods and apparatus for testing a semiconductor structure using improved temperature desoak techni...
Printer with donor and receiver media supply trays each adapted to allow a printer to sense type of ...
Vibration damping silicone composition
Dose reading device and dose reading magazine
Optical amplifier with two directional pumping
Antivibration microscope
Overvoltage protector bridge circuit
Doped titanium dioxide
Titanium oxide, photocatalyst comprising same and photocatalytic coating agent
Axial conveyor and loop reactor containing said axial conveyor
Matrix of meltable minerals and fertilizers
Process for the manufacture of a crystalline solid
Mixture containing honey, at least one essential oil and/or at least one essential oil derivative
Ostomy appliance with perforated flange
(20S)-1.alpha.-hydroxy-2-methylene-19-nor-bishomopregnacalciferol and its uses
Use of dual compartment mixing container for enzyme mixtures useful to treat acne
Method for improving the cell protection
Dry powder inhaler
Method and multimedia communication device for enabling communication between terminals having diffe...
Multipurpose computerized television
Call waiting service in multimedia-capable network
Device and a method for connecting a mobile phone handset to an external keyboard
Portable multimedia player
Multimedia data transferring method
Method and apparatus for permitting direct handoff between base stations in a wireless network
Flexible telecommunications switching network
Decoding technique in discrete multi-tone (DMT) based communications systems
Echo cancellation in the network for data applications
Wireless portable information storage and retrieval device
Synchronization of transmit power level settings for soft-handoff in wireless systems by the use of ...
Method for adjusting the transmit power level during soft handoff in wireless communication systems
Method of preventing abuse of opioid dosage forms
Manufacture of conjugated diene polymers by using an iron-based catalyst composition
Preparation of pure triethylenediamine
Compounds having protected hydroxy groups
Illuminating candle warming apparatus
Odor communication system in multimedia
Game apparatus, method for displaying motion of character, and computer readable recording medium fo...
Video game apparatus and memory medium therefor
Game machine that provides support to players based on game history
Game device
Cartridge for a game machine
Method for discerning false from genuine
Envelope that is conducive to printing a facing identification mark with an information based indici...
Form with label and non-label portions, and method of manufacturing same
Laserable fold over carbonless form
Note pad
Printing service system
Stylus visual indicator system
Monitoring entropic conditions of a flash memory device as an indicator for invoking erasure operati...
Method and apparatus for group action processing between users of a collaboration system
System and method for supervised downloading of broadcast data
Bicycle ski link assembly
E-mail applications option to cc: secondary recipients without attachments
Context sensitive web-based user support
Image forming device
Array of rotatable solid elements for color display
Apparatus and method for the installation and alignment of an endless belt
Semiconductor light emitting element and manufacturing method thereof
All-in-one junction box for electrical hook-up of furnaces and ancillary fixed appliances
Ferroelectric thin film capacitors having multi-layered crystallographic textures
Reconfigurable processor module comprising hybrid stacked integrated circuit die elements
Synchronous motor driving system and sensorless control method for a synchronous motor
Display drive device, display device, hand-carry electronic device, and display driving method
Semiconductor laser device and method of fabricating the same
Ni alloy particles and method for producing same, and anisotropic conductive film
High-purity silver wires for use in recording, acoustic or image transmission applications
Spindle-shaped magnetic metal particles containing iron as main component and processes for producin...
Fuel cell hydrogen supply systems using secondary fuel to release stored hydrogen
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery
Remote terminal unit
Wafer cleaning using a laser and carbon dioxide snow
Low work function surface layers produced by laser ablation using short-wavelength photons
Wide area navigation for a robot scrubber
Casing for laser device, production method and cleaning method of the same
Formation of a graphite-free surface in a ferrous material to produce an improved intermetallic bond
Process chamber for laser peening
Ultrashort pulse laser machining of metals and alloys
Image display apparatus and method for compensating display image of image display apparatus
Laser apparatus
Electrooptic device, substrate therefor, electronic device, and projection display
Method and apparatus for selective enabling of addressable display elements
Thin film transistor having a covered channel and display unit using the same
Optical bus system and method
Method for making three-dimensional device
Anti-reflection member and cathode ray tube
Method of making a metal film pattern
Lamp utilizing fiber for enhanced starting field
Method and system for the situ synthesis of a combinatorial library of supported catalyst materials
Multilayer ceramic chip capacitor and method for producing same
Acicular photomultiplier photocathode structure
Inhibition of human telomerase by a G-quadruplex-interaction compound
Antisense compositions for detecting and inhibiting telomerase reverse transcriptase
Audio device and method including a membrane having at least two tongues with different resonant fre...
Apparatus for on-ear operation and off-ear operation with two sound reproduction transducers
Axially propagating mid and high frequency loudspeaker systems
Method of transacting an electronic mail, an electronic commerce, and an electronic business transac...
Hypersensitive response elicitor-induced stress resistance
Optical disk
Combined organic/inorganic polyols in waterborne film-forming compositions
Phosphonic acid reaction products and use in coating compositions
Production control system and method for producing air conditioners
Method for securely providing a text file for execution
Method of controlling an internet web browser in the absence of key activity on a computer
Predicate indexing of data stored in a computer with application to indexing cached data
Door seal interface structure for a motor vehicle space frame
Absorbent article
Tactile stimulation device for use by a deaf person
Program drive device for computers
System, method and computer program product for instant group learning feedback via image-based mark...
Method of ozone conversion in semiconductor manufacturing
Micro-environment chamber and system for rinsing and drying a semiconductor workpiece
Lift and rotate assembly for use in a workpiece processing station and a method of attaching the sam...
Cathode current control system for a wafer electroplating apparatus
Interspinous prosthesis
Safety device of a steam-frothing device for producing a frothy beverage
Method for producing microcapsules having improved wall characteristics
Golf ball with moisture exposure indicator
System for diverting an optical component signal from a multiplexed optical signal
Coplanar camera scanning system
Quantum switch
Method and apparatus for a polarization beam splitter/combiner with an integrated optical isolator
Disk drive apparatus including compensation and error correction circuits for having a high accuracy...
Message index descriptor
Method and system for processing positioning signals in a stand-alone mode
Light emitting apparatus, method for driving the light emitting apparatus, and display apparatus inc...
Expansion card and integrated fingerprint acquisition system
Intelligent drawing redlining and commenting feature
Correction of a sampling frequency offset in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Rail gun
Conversion of firearms to fire reduced-energy ammunition
Apparatus for detecting, identifying, and validating the existence of buried objects
Long range training cartridge
Projectile having a disc and multiple cores
Container for large-calibre ammunition
Gun safety and marksmanship training device and method for using same
Radially inner surface structure of a bearing
Rotary pump with bearing wear indicator
Anti-corrosion member for use in a vehicle wheel end assembly having an aluminum steering knuckle
Wheel bearing assembly
Constant velocity joint and wheel hub assembly
Gear bearings
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Elastomeric compositions having improved appearance
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Biofeedback based personal entertainment system
Signal routing based approach for increasing decoupling capacitance using preferential shielding
Loudspeaker-and-pre-stressed cabinet
Message signaled interrupt generating device and method
Method and system for transparent symptom-based selective software rejuvenation
Bus controller and associated device drivers for use to control a peripheral bus having at least one...
Process for restoring the appearance of pigmented or dyed para-aramid fabric
Separation of the products of polyamide ammonolysis
Thick film conductor composition for use in biosensors
Method for control of extrusion process
Process of making high RV polyamide filaments
Light-transmissive epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Memory device and method of making
Slightly conducting insulators for cathode-ray tube (CRT) applications
Durable, absorbent latex foam composition having high vertical wicking
Spacer elements for interactive information devices and method for making same
Wearable article having a wetness sensation member
Diaper having a lotioned topsheet
Resilient, three dimensional polymeric film comprising open and closed capillaries, and absorbent ar...
Dosages for treatment with anti-ErbB2 antibodies
Polymeric delivery agents and delivery agents compounds
Direct expression of peptides into culture media
Safety hat fasteners for eye glasses
Circular saw
Multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS) with hot swappable boards
Apparatus and method of manufacturing expanded sheet metal
Interactive entertainment system
Entertainment system container
Swing device with a driving unit
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Interactive video programming methods
Method and apparatus for computer integral with wall
Method for determining if a delay required before proceeding with the detected interrupt and exiting...
Tracing the change of state of a signal in a functional verification system
Integrated power solution for system on chip applications
Process for the preparation of substituted phenylacetonitriles
Method for classifying and treating physiologic brain imbalances using quantitative EEG
Visual meter for providing a long-term indication of dynamic parameters
Process for permanent reshaping of hair
Conditioning shampoo compositions containing polyalphaolefin conditioner
Cosmetic skin care compositions and containing gum mastic
Mousse-forming shampoo compositions
Stable hydroalcoholic compositions
Synergistically UV-photoprotecting mixed sunscreen compositions
Tear-off cushions of loose fill packing material
Blow molding appurtenances to a container
Devices and methods for cell harvesting
Drug-loaded biological material chemically treated with genipin
Rapid-gelling biocompatible polymer composition and associated methods of preparation and use
Flow-balanced cardiac wrap
Implant material
Hydrocarbon fueled hydrogen fuel generator system and apparatus in combination with hydrogen fuel ce...
Fuel cell cathodes and their fuel cells
Fuel cell-fuel cell hybrid system
Integrated fuel cell and pressure swing adsorption system
Fuel cell stack integrated with a waste energy recovery system
Device for compensating for fluctuations in fuel concentration in fuel cell systems
Sealing sheet assembly for construction surfaces and methods of making and applying same
Method of upgrading gravel and/or dirt roads and a composite road resulting therefrom
Methods for the reduction of bleeding of lignosulfonates from lignosulfonate-treated substrates
Methods for the reduction of bleeding of lignosulfonates from lignosulfonate-treated substrates
Treatment of behavioral disorders with .beta.-lactam compounds
Oxazolo, thiazolo and selenazolo [4,5-c]quinolin-4-amines and analogs thereof
Oxazolo, thiazolo and selenazolo [4,5-c]-quinolin-4-amines and analogs thereof
Synthesis of glycodendrimer reagents
Article of manufacture and method for protecting information-storage devices
Apparatus and method for improved processing of PVC
Plastics additives composition, process, and blends thereof
System and method for connecting equipment that supports only permanent virtual circuits to a switch...
Dynamic non-competitive atrial pacing
System for automatically determining a number of power supplies are required by managing changes of ...
Tapping tool for PVC pipes and fittings
Composite magnetizer, composite magnetizer sheet, and methods of manufacturing the same
Air content stabilizing agents for hydraulic cement compositions and hydraulic cement compositions c...
Highly chemically resistant thermoplastic vulcanizates based on fluorocarbon polymers and seal-gaske...
Speckle suppressed laser projection system with partial beam reflection
Flame and shrinkage resistant fabric blends
Laura's blend
Optical device containing polymeric material domains having different degrees of randomness
Narrow MWD, compositionally optimized ethylene interpolymer composition, process for making the same...
Cellular matrix
Combinatorial fluorescence energy transfer tags and their applications for multiplex genetic analyse...
Lipoxin analogs as novel inhibitors of angiogenesis
Moisture resistant package for storing sterile items
Reduced density foam articles and process for making
Inherently ink-receptive film substrates
Electromagnetic interference shield for electronic devices
Lidstock laminate
Polymerizable compositions for making optical lens with high refractive index and high abbe number, ...
Method and apparatus for rapid staking of antennae in smart card manufacture
Blunt trauma reduction fabric for body armor
System and method for providing geographically-related content over a network
System and method of network independent remote configuration of internet server appliance
Method for managing database models for reduced programmable logic device components
Multiple port memory apparatus
Electric lamp
Light emission device and camera equipped therewith
LED drive circuit
Liquid crystal display apparatus and electronic device incorporating the same wherein the optical gu...
Fiber optic real time display system
Image forming apparatus having cooling monitoring circuit
Image processing method and apparatus
Camera system
Method for adding personalized metadata to a collection of digital images
Fiber optic cable splice enclosure
Integrated processing system for optical devices
Fiber carrier and method for using the same
Silica glass composition with lasing properties, an optical waveguide and a method of amplifying opt...
Digital film processing system using a light transfer device
Method for subpixel registration of images
Multimedia information collection control apparatus and method
Creating a linearized data structure for ordering images based on their attributes
Method and apparatus for recognition of writing, for remote communication, and for user defined inpu...
Image reading apparatus
Defect inspection data processing system
Data logging system for implantable medical device
Combination light-weight deck form, with connectors
Synthetic core construction panel and apparatus for making same
Insulated concrete wall construction method and apparatus
Rapid prototyping using multiple materials
Ultra-low carbon steel composition, the process of production of an ULC BH steel product and the pro...
Galvanized steel for use in vehicle body
Container made of aluminum and stainless steel for forming self-baking electrodes for use in low ele...
Rubber composition for adhering to steel cords
High fatigue-strength steel wire and spring, and processes for producing these
Modular steel concrete reinforcement system
Antimalarial naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids and pharmaceutical compositions and medical uses thereof
Reliability-enhancing layers for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Method and apparatus for compensating for jitter in a digital video image
Image-based inspection system including positioning compensation for non-planar targets
Method of forwarding channel assignments for one or more traffic channels
Arbiter architecture allowing rapid implementation of arbitration policies
System for initializing a distributed computer system and a method thereof
Method and apparatus for displaying eye diagram on an error performance analyzer
Bone morphogenetic protein-16 (BMP-16)antibodies
Lost core method of molding gemstone seats
Method for marking gemstones with a unique micro discrete indicia
Sailcloth having improved stability
Vessel of the OBO or bulk carrier type
Deactivatable biocides in ballast water
Bi-metal, light weight self penetrating boat anchor
Article storage structure for a small boat
Inflatable watercraft and cargo holding systems
Motion-sequence activated toy wand
Toy tops
Foldable device suited for toys
Cable and rotor/linkage actuation system for animated toy mechanized movable limb
Character toy
Environment adaptive control of pseudo-emotion generating machine by repeatedly updating and adjusti...
Portable driver information device
Adjustable finger stylus
Mobile device having disk drive including a data storage zone with a data track pitch configured for...
PDA antenna device for switching between antennae of a PDA unit based on detected use condition
Indirect calorimetry system
Writing instrument grip
Green tea composition and molding matter thereof, and process for producing them
Polyester container
Internally coated food casings based on regenerated cellulose
Merchandisers with central heating and control mechanisms and methods for manufacturing and reconfig...
Procedure and system for the transmission of information and establishment of a telecommunication co...
Seam for a corrugator belt
Techniques for detecting ground failures in bathing installations
Low temperature heat-sealable polypropylene-based film
Method of preparing a bone product by removing cancellous bone matrix
Tear resistant elastic crystal gels suitable for inflatable restraint cushions and other uses
Dielectric compositions having two steps of laminating temperatures
Polysiloxane-containing polyurethane elastomeric compositions
Acetal and hemiacetal ester linked propylene carbonate functional (meth)acrylic esters and method of...
Determining transistor widths using the theory of logical effort
Methods for creating and editing topics for virtual robots conversing in natural language
Surgical manipulator for a telerobotic system
High-precision measuring method and apparatus
Radiation source
Graphical user interface for use with multiple electrode catheters
Method and system for visualizing an object
Adaptive heart rate prediction algorithm for computed tomography imaging
Spinning reel for fishing
Non-wear drag washer for fishing reels
Fishing rod holder
Method for making dairy product capsules
Cream substitute
Stable homogeneous emulsifier-free suspension, preparation method and uses in food compositions
Hydropneumatic accumulator
Apparatus for stimulating keypad entry of an access code into a keypad type security system
System and method for accessing internal registers in integrated circuits
System and method for performing a recoloring operation sequence on color objects
Method and system for matching a surface color
Methods to significantly reduce the calibration cost of multichannel measurement instruments
Artificial neural network voice coil motor controller
Nonvolatile memory apparatus for storing data from a host
Optical fiber ribbons containing radiation cured encapsulating materials
Water sinking confirmation device and portable terminal device using the same
Memory exceed notification for wireless network communication device
Voice mail service of a closed user group in a mobile communication system
Wireless communication device capable to transmit/receive TTY/TDD messages with variable data rate, ...
Method for displaying background image in mobile telephone
Folder operating apparatus for cellular phone
Registration mail system with a sent e-mail check function on internet and method for the same
Fuel cell system
Rhenium-and caesium-based metathesis catalyst and a process for converting C4 olefinic cuts by metat...
Lithium secondary battery and method of manufacturing thereof
Battery separator and lithium secondary battery
Lithium ion secondary battery and its negative electrode
Silane functionalized olefin interpolymer derivatives
Multiple electrospray device, systems and methods
Method for improving metals recovery using high temperature pressure leaching
Apparatus and process for electrodialysis of salts
Disposable lithium batteries
Image forming method
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, carbon material for negative electrode, and method for man...
Positive electrode material and battery for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Polymer electrolyte battery of high mechanical strength and high heat resistance, and method for pro...
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Smokeless gas generating material for a hybrid inflator
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Dielectric ceramic composition and method for manufacturing multilayered components using the same
Screw mounting installation and apparatus
Multiple activity center
Selective destruction of cells infected with human immunodeficiency virus
Methods for the propagation, isolation, identification, and preparation of human immunodeficiency vi...
Cyclic compounds and uses thereof
Human T cell-engrafted mouse, method for developing same and use thereof
Optical angle finder and coaxial alignment device
Apparatus and method for obtaining special images from a one time use camera
Resist printing on hydrophobic fiber materials
Method of treatment using phenyl and biaryl derivatives as prostaglandin E inhibitors and compounds ...
Polymers having novel cure system
Electrolyte composition and electrochemical battery using the same
Electroluminescent phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating s...
Powdery flame retardant
Gas phase polymerization process
Hard carrier particles coated with a polymer resin and a conductive material
Collapsible handcart
Frame member
Hoisting jack
Rain barrell
Unattended delivery receptacle
Partially transparent mailbox
Suction basket
Over door single hook
Over door valet
Over door rack
Over door double hook
Circuit board design aiding apparatus, design aiding method, and storage medium storing design aidin...
Back to back mounted compound woofer with compression/bandpass loading
Speaker system
Template matching system for images
Long-period optical fiber grating
Adapter for optical fiber cleaver
System and method for performing a mindflow process
Syringes and injector systems with collapsible cartridges
High concentration monoester peroxy dicarboxylic acid compositions, use solutions, and methods emplo...
Multiple port leak detection system
Method of measuring chlorine content in aqueous solution
Frameless mail slot
Performance monitoring in a storage enclosure
Integrated fluid sensing device
Rack and pinion type swing actuator
Modular tooling coupling apparatus
Can seam forming apparatus
Power management for a portable electronic device
Data capture apparatus with handwritten data receiving component
Load-adjusted speech recogintion
Rutile titanium dioxide effect pigments and production thereof
Use of effect pigments in ingested drugs
Video processor with multiple overlay generators and/or flexible bidirectional video data port
Apparatus for detecting position of featuring region of picture, such as subtitle or imageless part
Substituted 4-amino-2-aryl-cyclopenta[d]pyrimidines, their production and use and pharmaceutical pre...
Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine compounds
Machine tool
Dual PWM control of a center mounted spool value to control a cam phaser
Worm gear driven variable cam phaser
Combined drawer with guide rails
Compact high voltage solid state switch
Barbecue grill wrench
Electrically decoupled silicon gyroscope
Swashplate design
Surface modified stainless steel
Reflective analysis system
Scroll compressor with vapor injection
Angular gear
Control device for the position of a valve slide
Composition which is useful for obtaining a matt or satin coating, use of this composition and coati...
Low-temperature-sintering potassium-zinc-silicate glass
Solutions for use as plasma expanders and substitutes
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods of use and facilities for incorporating the same
Operating method for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Disjunct MRI array coil system
Fast A/D conversion signal processor, RF receiver circuit, digital receiver front end circuit, MRI a...
MR apparatus with a noise reduction system
Method and device for increasing the efficiency of a gradient system in a magnetic resonance tomogra...
Assist channel coding with convolution coding
Cut-paper printing type facsimile apparatus
Method for arranging a prepress workflow
Method of producing high-purity polycrystalline silicon
Apparatus for feeding sheets and method of determining the vertical position of stacked sheets
Image-forming machine having a development station with a dusting control system
Device for detecting register marks
Method for conveying sheets in a printing machine and a device for carrying out the method
Device for automatically changing printing plates in a printing machine
Method of setting guide elements for a flat material on the basis of printed-image information
Tools for measuring electrometer dispenser response
Apparatus for cleaning of curved surfaces employing the cloth principle
Inking device
Splitter module for folding system on printing machines
Method of starting up a rotary offset printing machine
Power supply for a rotary printing machine
Offset printing machine with a register control and method for operating said machine
Retractable modem cord device with spinning display
Administration of lycopene for combating skin/mucous membrane damage
One-tuner adaptive array
Oily-mist resistant filter that has nondecreasing efficiency
Low dielectric materials and methods of producing same
Catalysts for hydrodechlorination of carbon tetrachloride to chloroform
Time-of-flight bacteria analyser using metastable source ionization
Microelectronic interconnect material with adhesion promotion layer and fabrication method
Carbon nanotube device, manufacturing method of carbon nanotube device, and electron emitting device
Method for interpreting petroleum characteristics of geological sediments
Method for the preparation of a poly(arylene ether)-polyolefin composition, and composition prepared...
Packing article, particularly for pre-baked and frozen dough products
Process for preparing new crystal polymorphs of a methyl-substituted benzimidazolone-dioxazine pigme...
Toner cartridge for image forming apparatus
Positioning means for positioning the valve stem of an inner tube
Synergistically UV-photoprotecting compositions comprising mixed screening agents
Bicycle connecting element, particularly for connecting carbon rear forks to frames
Poly(arylene ether)-containing thermoset composition, method for the preparation thereof, and articl...
Exercise machine
Apparatus and method for spine fixation
Transfix component having haloelastomer outer layer
Injection blow-molded disposable tumbler and method of making same
Preparation of nanocomposite structures by controlled polymerization
Integrated circuit device socket
Fern plant named `NEVADA`
Variety of Sutera plant named `Wesbamega`
Variety of sutera plant named `Wesbablue`
Grape named `Sarah Anne`
Mini-flora rose plant named `Meiptipier`
Bracteantha plant named `Cream`
Plum tree named `PLUMSWEETTWO`
Hydrophobically modified anionic cellulose ethers
Semiconductor optical device and method of manufacturing the same
System, method and article of manufacture for decomposing surfaces using guard curves and reversed s...
Graphics pipeline selectively providing multiple pixels or multiple textures
Circuit and method for prefetching data for a texture cache
Laser surgical probe
Thiol-modified hyaluronan
Intraocular lens case
Multilayer materials
Method for determining the power of an intraocular lens used for the treatment of myopia
Uses of VEGF-E
Molecular dipolar rotors
Amino(oxo) acetic acid protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors
Resin composition for wiring circuit board, substrate for wiring circuit board, and wiring circuit b...
Front faceplate used in rear projection type screen, front-faceplate-equipped lenticular lens sheet,...
Voltage measuring circuit and voltage supply circuit of an integrated fuel cell system
Laparoscopic sealed access device
Scent-free camouflaged latex gloves
Shielded surgical scalpel
Elastomeric material for rubber articles
No-modified hemoglobins and uses therefor
Protamine fragment compositions and methods of use
Ion channel modulating agents comprising novel benzimidazolone derivatives
Matrix assisted laser desorption substrates for biological and reactive samples
Neuroprotective peptides and uses thereof
Antibodies to secreted protein HCEJQ69
Amorphous compound
Minimally-invasive access into the cochlea for electrode insertion and fluid delivery
Modification of geotextile tubes
In-situ chemical oxidation-reduction and precipitation of heavy metals in soils and groundwater
Assembly and method for jarring a drilling drive pipe into undersea formation
Vehicle test course surface
Water storing block and connecting member for water storing block and rain water storing/infiltratin...
Cable bolt apparatus and method of installation for mines
Beach restoration and regeneration systems, methods and compositions
Optical recording method and apparatus for an optical storage medium
Loudspeaker system
Image forming apparatus having a sensor for sensing an amount of reflected light from both a photoco...
Charge roller for an image forming apparatus and method of producing the same
Embroidery data generating apparatus
System and method for business decision implementation in a billing environment using decision opera...
Isolation, identification and characterization of tmst2, a novel member of the TNF-receptor supergen...
System and method for prevention of emergency call drops in a wireless network
Leakage-tolerant memory arrangements
Light emitting body, light emitting element and light emitting display device using same
Method for forming graphical images in semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for storing and delivering documents on the internet
Check valve having adjustable lift, packing assembly, and retrofit kit for same
Retention socket geometry variations
Method and apparatus for impurity detection
Apparatus and method using sub-cacheline transactions to improve system performance
System and method to automatically reset and initialize a clocking subsystem with reset signaling te...
Controller-based remote copy system with logical unit grouping
Detection of silent data corruption in a storage system
Method for ensuring correct pin assignments between system board connections using common mapping fi...
Hand held camera with tomographic capability
Apparatus and method for reversal of myocardial remodeling with electrical stimulation
Single-chip audio system volume control circuitry and methods
Isotope distribution encoded tags for protein identification
Nuclear imaging systems and methods with feature-enhanced transmission imaging
Fixing device preventing rubbing of toner image
Platform and method for assuring integrity of trusted agent communications
Gated ultrasound imaging apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for sensing torque angle
Flexible hydraulic brake line assembly for motor vehicle wheels
Use of graft copolymers for the production of laser-engravable relief printing elements
Transflective liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal device and electronic device
Method and system for fabricating a liquid crystal display by optically detecting anisotropic angula...
Dermatological compositions and methods
Ruthenium metal alkylidene complexes coordinated with triazolylidene ligands that exhibit high olefi...
Process for the epoxidation of an organic compound with oxygen or an oxygen-delivering compounds usi...
Light-conducting plate and method of producing the same
Fluoro-containing photosensitive polymer and photoresist composition containing the same
Resist compositions containing lactone additives
Method for producing an olefin type copolymer having a cyclic structure
Gamma amino butyric and acid analogs
.beta.-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Analytical elements having a surface charge
Method and instrument to measure vascular impedance
Analysis device for analyzing samples
Oligonucleotide primers for efficient multiplex detection of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human immun...
Optical sensor for in situ measurement of analytes
Analyte-binding assay
Methods for detecting pregnancy
Range control system
Method and tool for producing a telecommunication network
Azapeptides useful in the treatment of Hepatitis C
Divot repair tool
Water-soluble glass as corrosion protection for glassware in a dishwashing machines
Cleaning product which uses sonic or ultrasonic waves
Balanced kitchen cutlery device
Magnetic presentation and display board
Enantioselective enzymatic aminolysis of a racemic 2-isoxazolylacetate alkyl ester
High impedence structures for multifrequency antennas and waveguides
Spray gun air volume adjustment knob
Methods and systems for processing HTTP requests
Method and system for querying the dynamic aspects of wireless connection
Volume stacking model
Method and system for reporting a program failure
Recovery of online sessions for dynamic directory services
Multi-degree of freedom telerobotic system for micro assembly
Robot device and control method therefor and storage medium
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Pet robot charging system
Methods and apparatus for precision placement of an optical component on a substrate and precision a...
Action teaching apparatus and action teaching method for robot system, and storage medium
System and method for high-speed substitute cache
Phosphor consisting of hollow particles, phosphor slurry, phosphor beads for analysis using tracer t...
Image reading apparatus
CDMA mobile communications system
Decorative flower with lighting and voice message
Portable terminal with foldable keyboard
Method and system for scheduled delivery of training to call center agents
Fiber-optic assembly with sheathed light-transmitting core
Personalized garment coordination apparatus
Method and system for electronic commerce using multiple roles
Interactive doll
Receiver/transmitter apparatus
Embossing foil
Embossing foil
Embossing foil and a method of making
Method for decorating articles having a conical surface
Multi-sectional storage receptacle
Visually identifiable optical element
Embossing foil, especially hot embossing foil
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and method
Use of 5HT-6 antagonists
Method and system for sensing cardiac contractions during vagal stimulation-induced cardiopalegia
Apparatus and method for measuring a weight load exerted by a leg of a lab animal
Functionalized elastomers
Functionalized elastomers
Adhesive alpha-olefin inter-polymers
Use of phenylenediamines and hindered phenols to inhibit polymer formation during the manufacture of...
Apparatus for tying rolls of fabric
Developing device, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Large vibration tool, especially for welding applications
Need based synchronization of computer system time clock to reduce loading on network server
Autofocus feedback positioning system for laser processing
System, method, and program for controlling access to data services by a subscriber unit in a wirele...
Adaptive power control in a radio communications systems
Multi-mode radio receiver
Providing timing reference for radio heads
Information terminal