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Bullnose base/crown corner plug
Packet data communication device
Soybean cultivar SW80000
Mechanism for forward data in a processor pipeline using a single pipefile connected to the pipeline
Instruction translation system and method achieving single-cycle translation of variable-length MIPS...
Methods of sampling body fluid
Dendritic enriched secreted lymphocyte activation molecule
Method and device for deflecting a probe
Fault-tolerant maintenance bus architecture
Process and unit for carrying out a reaction on an organic feed, such as dimerization or metathesis,...
Cosmetic packaging device
Method and apparatus for electrostatic discharge protection in a removable cartridge
Over the door hook
Self adhesive hook
Hook part
Dispenser pump head
Composite high frequency component and mobile communication device including the same
Information processing equipment
Purified sulfonated organophosphorus compounds and catalysis of organic reactions therewith
Compositions for identification and isolation of stem cells
Wellbore treatment and completion fluids and methods of using the same
Device independent image compression and color management
Image output device and image output method
Controller for ATAPI mode operation and ATAPI driven universal serial bus mode operation and methods...
Phosphinite-oxazolines and metal complexes
Roll-fed method for constructing a rotatable label system
G-CSF analog compositions and methods
Enhanced solubility of recombinant proteins using Uracil DNA glycosylase inhibitor
Digital circuit for formatting and compressing radar video data
Disk drive actuator and method of making same
Copolymer blends and their use as additives for improving the cold flow properties of middle distill...
Reduction of seam mark from an endless seamed organophotoreceptor belt
Nucleic acids encoding 3-ketoacyl-ACP reductase from Moraxella catarrahalis
Oral care system
Folding photovoltaic strip device
Electrical double layer capacitor and portable electronic apparatus equipped with electrical double ...
Thermal dispersion mass flow rate and liquid level switch/transmitter
Illuminating address indication device
Sliding roof for motor vehicles
Apparatus and method for forming deposited film
Redispersable latex comprising a polythiophene
Hot-melt sheet for holding and protecting semiconductor wafers and method for applying the same
Production of optically active phospholanes
Polymer-containing photoresist, and process for manufacturing the same
Mold liner for facilitating manufacture of reinforced drainage blocks
Heater element for use in an in situ thermal desorption soil remediation system
Masonry retainer wall system and method
Buoyancy module with external frame
Highly thermal conductive grease composition and cooling device using the same
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and ...
Compounds and therapeutic methods
Process for the preparation of substituted thiazolidinedione
Process for the preparation of derivatives of 4-amino-3-hydroxypyrrole-2-carboxylic acid
Process for production of aliphatic aldehyde-acid and/or aliphatic dicarboxylic acid and catalyst fo...
Bone fixation system
Combinatorial decoding of random nucleic acid arrays
Heterogeneous anion exchanger
Active non-metallocene pre-catalyst and method for tactic catalytic polymerization of alpha-olefin m...
Light source optical system and projector having first and second lamps of different spectral distri...
Arrangement for angle measurements
Enhanced module chipping system
Automatic selection of stimulation chamber for ventricular resynchronization therapy
Method for measurement of hepatitis C virus
Laryngeal mask with large-bore gastric drainage
Converter for converting an AC power main voltage to a voltage suitable for driving a lamp
Ethernet frame encapsulation over VDSL using HDLC
Code tracking loop with automatic power normalization
Self-closing clasp assembly
Thin-film magnetic head, head suspension assembly, magnetic disk device and manufacturing method of ...
GPS system for navigating a vehicle
Wireless method and system for providing navigation information
Pneumatic pump control system and method of making the same including a pneumatic pressure accumulat...
Air-operated pump with bladder-controlled inlet structure useful in floating-layer separation applic...
Pressure setting means for a multistage type piston compressor
Sealing and cooling device
Oscillation-type compressor
Hybrid bearing arrangement for centrifugal compressor
Apparatus and methods for protecting a jet pump nozzle assembly and inlet-mixer
Circulating fluidized bed reactor
Combined heat exchanger and reactor component
Internally finned heat transfer tube with staggered fins of varying height
Heat-dissipating devices, systems, and methods with small footprint
Thermal module with temporary heat storage
High performance passive cooling device with ducting
Head suspension with motion restraining tethers
Head suspension connection assembly
Head suspension with connected actuator arm and load beam in a laminate, monocoque construction
Moment-flex head suspension
Integrated lead suspension flexure with serially arranged metal-backed and suspended insulator porti...
Method of making a flexure vertical motion stop
Method for designing a suspension having weakening structures for resonance-optimized side profile
Object lens actuator
Dripping device for an absorption type refrigerator
Reclining device for seat
Accumulator and manufacturing process thereof
Suspension for supporting magnetic head
Light transmitting/receiving module
Automatic telephone switch for hearing aid
Use of azetidinone compounds
Method for laminaribiose synthesis
Inhibitors of P38
Probe for bumps between printed wiring board and circuit component
Mode-hop-free single frequency solid state laser
Nasal mask
Road/air vehicle
Copolymer-1 improvements in compositions of copolymers
SS7 network planning tool
Multi-output laser-radiation source
Method for influencing source data for determining a route in a navigation system
Navigation system for supplementary representation of directional information
Method for selecting a cover material for use with a vehicle seat based on a fabric stretch requirem...
Two-dimensional round-robin scheduling method with multiple selection in an input-buffered switch
Air fuel module
Dual oil feed variable timed camshaft arrangement
Method and apparatus to implement the ACPI(advanced configuration and power interface) C3 state in a...
Method and mechanism for synchronizing a slave's timer to a master's timer
Static reduction
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
Watermarked digital images
Recording and reproducing system, recording apparatus and reproducing apparatus having copy protecti...
Bus arbiter for a data storage system
Nucleic acid sequences of CIITA genes which can be involved in controlling and regulating the expres...
G protein-coupled receptor-like receptors and modulators thereof
Plant kinases and methods of modulation of their activity in plants
Scale indicator for a keyboard instrument
Method and apparatus for enabling real time monitoring and notification of data updates for WEB-base...
Method and article of manufacture for seamless integrated searching
Methods and systems for provisioning online services
Operating system for generating overlapped input-output requests to a device in a disk array storage
Range content-addressable memory
Algebraic soft decoding of reed-solomon codes
Data search apparatus and internetwork relay apparatus using data search apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing distinct types of radix searches
System and method for context-based document retrieval
Distributed data retrieval system including mechanism for predicting an amount of response data
Method for improving the performance of a web service by caching the most popular (real-time) inform...
Microporous filter media, filtration systems containing same, and methods of making and using
Microbicidal composition containing potassium sodium tartrate
Low-pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamp having electrode shield carrying direct electric current
Renewable liquid reflection grating
Natural gas liquefaction with improved nitrogen removal
Hemoglobin sensor
Electrodeless lamp using SnI2
Key input device
Balance network directional coupler system and method
Hinge structure for collapsible portable phone
Folding mobile wireless device
System and method for tracking wireless messages originating from a single user
Restriction of communication duration in a telecommunications network
Method for purifying silicon
Methods for making molecular sieves
Zeolite SSZ-53
Process for preparing zeolites
Integrated urea manufacturing plants and processes
Nanoparticle encapsulation system and method
Intercalates formed with polypropylene/maleic anhydride-modified polypropylene intercalants
Use of nano-scaled metal oxide particles as polymerization catalysts
Cathode ray tube with low dynamic correction voltage
Humanized antibodies
Compositions containing a selenium monobromide-oil reaction product and epichlorohydrin and methods ...
Albuterol and ipratropium inhalation solution, system, kit and method for relieving symptoms of chro...
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method of forming photonic crystals using a semiconductor-based fabrication process
Production method and device for hologram
Methods of synthesizing a plurality of different polymers on a surface of a substrate
Hybridization assays on oligonucleotide arrays
Method of target enrichment and amplification
Magnetoresistive random access memory with reduced switching field
Contact structure for a ferroelectric memory device
Adhesive for bonding to low surface energy surfaces
Image processing method
Tissue cooling rod for laser surgery
Water-soluble compositions of bioactive lipophilic compounds
Increasing libido in humans via acute testosterone administration
Aerosol medication delivery inhaler mouthpiece
Method and system for wireless QOS agent for all-IP network
Multimedia wired/wireless content synchronization system and method
Server for operation with a low-cost multimedia terminal
Relevance vector machine
Road-based evaluation and interpolation of wireless network parameters
Wave division multiplexed switch fabric
Remote wireless communication device
Smart mobile assisted handoff (MAHO) method that disables MAHO
Method for determining forced choice consumer preferences by hedonic testing
Magazine insert and method for making same
Coated paper including a pseudo-watermark, and a method of manufacture
Printed sheet protector system and method
Method for recording image information
Polyalkylbicylic derivatives
Cyclic diamine compound with condensed-ring groups
Method and composition for waterproofing
Background advertising system
Supplemental wager for Pai Gow poker
Target-game execution method, game machine, and recording medium
Game apparatus, game processing method, game execution method, and game system
Gaming device having an offer an acceptance selection bonus scheme with a terminator and an anti-ter...
Internet gaming with multiple web sites
Image processing method and apparatus, and storage medium therefor
Processing of progressive video signals in digital TV receivers
Telecommunication device holster having a retractable earpiece assembly integrated with the holster
Promotional bag dispensing apparatus
Handedness detection for a physical manipulatory grammar
Calendar planning system
Method and apparatus for testing and training cognitive ability
System and method for distributing music data with advertisement
Wireless LAN scholastic tracking system
System and method for adaptive knowledge access and presentation
Self-spreading microbiological culture device
Multi-compartment pack
Inbred corn line CI9805
System and method for automatically analyzing gene expression spots in a microarray
System for controlling an electromagnetic device
Reliability model based copy count correction during system recovery for predictive diagnostics
Detoning blade
Systems and methods for optimizing a production facility
Personal information management apparatus and customizing apparatus
Apparatus and method for aligning an optical fiber with an optical device
Photovoltaic module
Signal supply apparatus and method for examining the same, and semiconductor device, electro-optical...
Level shift circuit and semiconductor device using the same
Integrated circuit for driving liquid crystal
Light emitting element array, optical printer head using the same, and method for driving optical pr...
Optical pickup apparatus with light source unit including first light source and common light receiv...
Nickel-base superalloy for high temperature, high strain application
Copper alloy having improved stress relaxation resistance
Stainless steels
Casting slab for shadow mask, method for heat treatment thereof and material for shadow mask
Method and system for optimizing data transfers between devices interconnected by buses operating at...
System and method for testing an interface between two digital integrated circuits
Uninitialized memory watch
Integration of data prefetching and modulo scheduling using postpass prefetch insertion
Laser shock peening quality assurance by acoustic analysis
Support insulator
Safety enclosure shield panel support system
Magic trick with vanishing effect
Amusement ramp and method for constructing same
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information providing medium
Multi-route client-server architecture
Fast data exchange system between different type computer and medium storing program of extent infor...
Stowable automotive seat assembly
System and method for videoconferencing across networks separated by a firewall
Radio transceiver on a chip
OFDM pilot tone tracking for wireless LAN
Recap, summary, and auxiliary information generation for electronic books
Radio communication apparatus with power consumption reduced
Method for cleaning copper surfaces
Selective treatment of microelectronic workpiece surfaces
Distributed power supplies for microelectronic workpiece processing tools
Apparatus and method for electrolytically depositing a metal on a workpiece
Apparatus and method for determining the relative position of bones during surgery
Method for detecting blade breakage using rate and/or impedance information
Absorbent article
Skid steer vehicle with self-leveling suspension
Ball lacing with raised pebbled surface
Compositions useful in the treatment of diseases of connective tissues
Compositions and methods for treating conditions responsive to estrogen
Morphogenic protein-specific cell surface receptors and uses therefor
Hyaluronic acid esters, threads and biomaterials containing them, and their use in surgery
Shock detection for a data storage device
Method and apparatus for searching in a disk drive
Data recording method, data reproducing method and data recording medium
Optically detectable information recording medium with limited root mean square roughness R .sigma.
Optical filter
Waste receptacle
Vanity wastebasket
Waste receptacle
Modular mobilizer assembly
Industrial truck
Engine shipping mount with adjustable slider insert
Method of switching between a first and second clock signal by establishing a trigger time in which ...
Binary viral expression system in plants
Multiple call waiting in a packetized communication system
Control for transmission system utilizing a centrifugal clutch
Electronic pad with vibration isolation features
Shorting switch and system to eliminate arcing faults in low voltage power distribution equipment
Ranged limited projectile using augmented roll damping
Method of making a non-lead hollow point bullet
Jump correcting projectile system
Game device using game token
Recoilless impact device
Detent for a handgun
Spring assembly for a bi-directional overrunning clutch
Fluid pressure bearing
Linear displacement guide
Method of connecting two panels of a piece of furniture and a piece of furniture utilizing such a co...
Motor with a stationary shaft with formed knurled grooves on shaft and/or housing
Coupling structure for bearing and bushing
Retractable tailgate bench
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Suppressed ringing connectivity
Method for improving muscle control and muscle tone and improving sensory integration
Method and apparatus for controlling exhaust noise
Notification method that guarantees a system manager discovers an SNMP agent
Adaptive retry mechanism
Independent reset of arbiters and agents to allow for delayed agent reset
Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) data processing system that provides notification of remote dealloc...
Coherent translation look-aside buffer
Regenerative heat exchanger and method for heating a gas therewith
Stabilization of ferulic acid in cosmetic compositions
Modified subtilisins and detergent compositions containing same
Compositions and kits comprising a defined boron compound and methods of their preparation
Liquid detergent package with transparent/translucent bottle labels with UV absorbers
Water soluble sachet with a dishwasher composition
Titanium-based alloy
Pre-fetching of pages prior to a hard page fault sequence
Adjacency-bound service discovery
Shifter for actuating the gear mechanism of a bicycle
Automated reconfigurable object manipulation device with an array of pins
LED and light diffuser for a lighted sign
Propelled-pivoting motion base with rotating disc and method
Gaming device having a bonus scheme with symbol generator and symbol terminating condition
Command and control transfer
Resonant optical wave power control devices and methods
Decorative container dome
Induction foil cap sealer employing litz wire coil
Apparatus for making a plastic container and closure combination
Inflatable packing material
Beverage cooler box
System for a dual feedback translation loop for power amplifier feedback control
Coating substrates by polymerizing macromers having free radical-polymerizable substituents
Tissue engineered testicular prosthesis and use thereof
Porous constructs fabricated by gas induced phase inversion
Bioreactor and method for fluidly suspending a product
Laminin 2 and methods for its use
Methods and compositions for controlled polypeptide synthesis
Reticulated ceramic foam catalysts for synthesis gas production
Hydrogen purification membranes, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Reformer for fuel cell system
Fuel cell arrangement and gas supply system and method for operating the same
Water purge fuel cell system and method
Proton electrolyte membrane fuel cell with anti-freeze coolant and humidifiers
Immunological activity for a peptide of the limulus anti-LPS factor
System for monitoring the expression of transgenes
Low density lipoprotein binding proteins and their use in diagnosing and treating atherosclerosis
Method of increasing recovery of heterologous active enzymes produced in plants
Well pipe extraction apparatus
Method of automatically determining whether power consumption devices can be powered up in a power c...
Lightweight greenhouse structure for rapid assembly, disassembly, storage and transport
Process for polymerization of vinyl chloride
Thief sampling probe
Device and method for sealing a puncture in a blood vessel
Controlled-viscosity food flavoring system
Polymeric films and packages produced therefrom
Blended pressure-sensitive adhesives
Compatible thermoplastic polyurethane-polyolefin blend compositions
Espresso coffee maker
Method of treating fibroproliferative disorders
Firearm bore sight system
System, method and apparatus for providing an enterprise portal
Method and apparatus for restoring computer resources
System for automatically restoring trouble, method and storage medium
Methodology server based integrated circuit design
Object synchronization between objects stores on different computers
Vehicle headlamp system
Rechargeable flashlight and battery charger
Method and apparatus for providing a monitor deployment
Surgical lighting system with integrated digital video camera
Illumination device and display apparatus including same
Illumination optical system and projector comprising the same
Method and apparatus for detecting motion between odd and even video fields
Three-dimensional structure acquisition method, apparatus and computer readable medium
Apparatus and method for adaptively reducing noise in a noisy input image signal
Electronic view finder apparatus
Optical device and method therefor
Variable optical attenuator
High density fiber optic cable distribution frame system
Optical fiber cable exit trough system
Hermetic seal feed-through assembly for optical fiber
Method, apparatus, and storage media for image processing
Method and apparatus for image contrast modulation
Method system and apparatus for providing image data in client/server systems
Image reproducing apparatus
Late integration in audio-visual continuous speech recognition
Apparatus for evaluation of skin impedance variations
SERS substrates formed by hydroxylamine seeding of colloidal metal nanoparticle monolayers
Methods of refolding proteins
Jewelry with gemstone
Chine system for a boat hull
Recycled cushion, finned, and bustled air cushion enhanced ship
Planing, air-conveying bottom for boats
Riser pull-in method and apparatus
Paddle support for a vessel
Vaccine against Staphylococcus intoxication
Miniaturized motor vehicle
Output shaft structure for shaft drive vehicle
Drive system
Retention frame for a battery pack
Control circuit for an alternating-current ignition circuit of a restraining means
Remote control system
Artificial nails with three dimensional features
Display device for inflated buoyant novelty balloons
Balloon and method of connecting objects to one of two sheets forming the balloon
Flexible track for a toy vehicle
Toy vehicle removable wheel connection
Toy vehicle programmed to follow a manually drawn path
Wireless engine-generator systems digital assistant
System for adapting driver information systems to existing vehicles
Alkali-metal-beta-and beta"-alumina and gallate polycrystalline ceramics and fabrication by a vapor ...
Multi-layered plastic container providing good product drainage
Rapid method of detection and enumeration of sulfide-producing bacteria in food products
Methods for using water-stabilized organosilanes
Capsicum based disinfectant and sterilizant
Method to decrease aldehyde content in polyolefin products
System and method for implementing an automated communication response service
Adhesive caulking material which can mimic the appearance of a multicolored stone surface
Liquid spill-sensing keyboard which shuts down when a liquid spill is detected
Method for producing an olefin homopolymer or an olefin copolymer
System and method for computer system duplication
Cartilage repair plug
Method, system, and program for filtering content using neural networks
Near-field tomography
Method of compensation for the thickness of an organ
Distortion-free image contrast enhancement
Method and apparatus for image registration using large deformation diffeomorphisms on a sphere
Pet toy
Animal assisting apparatus
Method for the production of in vivo model of hepatocellular carcinoma without lung metastasis
Chimeric mice that are produced by microcell mediated chromosome transfer and that retain a human an...
Transgenic animal whose expression of the opiate receptors is modified
Transgenic animals for studying regulation of genes
Gene discovery through comparisons of networks of structural and functional relationships among know...
Soybean variety APA94-31572
18F-labeled choline analogs
Rodent HER2 tumor model
36 human secreted proteins
Superconducting magnetic resonance imaging magnet assembly and method with reverse wire channel orie...
Communications circuitry for combining terrestrial and satellite signals
Bicyclic aromatic compounds and pharmaceutical/cosmetic compositions comprised thereof
Method of automatically adjusting a vehicle speed display according to vehicle location
Rapid sample collection in supercritical fluid chromatography
Porous carbonized film and process for its production
Plum tree named `Yummycrisp`
Avocado tree named `Harvest`
Avocado tree named `3-29-5`
Nectarine tree named `Giant Pearl`
Sutera plant named `Suttipp`
Nectarine tree named `Diamond Pearl`
Petunia plant named `Jam Scarl`
Human FLTS3 ligand
Aromatic derivatives as HIV aspartyl protease inhibitors
Antiviral azaindole derivatives
Substituted pyridine compounds useful as modulators of acetylcholine receptors
Carbocyclic HIV protease inhibitors
Soft-touch pneumatic drive unit
Precision low jitter oscillator circuit
Method for controlling a coating process
Systems and methods for generating custom reports based on point-of-sale data
Preference-based catalog browser that utilizes a belief network
Recordable optical disk encrypted with disk identification and multiple keys
Method for fast multi-dimensional packet classification
System and method for providing a session query within the context of a dynamic search result set
Computer database system and method for collecting and reporting real estate property and loan perfo...
System and method for web-based querying
Method and apparatus for electrically coupling components in a removable cartridge
Methods and arrangements for secure linking of entity authentication and ciphering key generation
Attractant scent and solid delivery vehicle and method of manufacture
Analyzing fault logs and continuous data for diagnostics for a locomotive
Pressure sensor
System for assessing metal deterioration on maritime vessels
Prompt management method supporting multiple languages in a system having a multi-bus structure and ...
Remote monitoring of computer programs
Process for removing fluorides from fluids
Mini-structured catalyst beds for three-phase chemical processing
Dialkyne compounds
Catalyst regeneration via reduction with hydrogen
Catalytic hydrogenation to remove gas from x-ray tube cooling oil
Process for converting natural gas to higher value products using a methanol refinery remote from th...
Process for the selective preparation of DIB from an i-butene-containing C4 stream
Methods for inhibiting angiogenesis
Inhibitors of amyloid formation
Substituted imidazole neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Branched chain amino acid-dependent aminotransferase inhibitors and their use in the treatment of ne...
Carbocyclic potassium channel inhibitors
Caspase inhibitors and uses thereof
Controller and control method for orbit boring
Monitoring of training programs
User controlled relaxation of optimization constraints related to volatile memory references
Hydraulic machine
Method for separating a diphosphine diastereoisomers
Double heterojunction light emitting diodes and laser diodes having quantum dot silicon light emitte...
ASIC design support system
Method and composition for inhibiting human cholesterol esterase
RF coil for imaging system
System and method for filtering frequency encoded imaging signals
Stimulable phosphor sheet and process for producing the same
Informational article and an associated method
Method for measuring the distance and speed of objects
System for synchronizing activation of an imaging device with patient respiration
Composite proppant, composite filtration media and methods for making and using same
Biodegradable plant protein composites and related methods
Method for producing polybenzimidazole sintered compact
Image forming device having transfer registration control
Biocidal plastic material
Functionalized alkoxyamine initiators
Self-cleaning mechanism enabling visibility into containers of particles
Detection and handling of semiconductor wafer and wafer-like objects
Use of tropical root crops in effective intervention strategies for treating difficult and complex c...
Apparatus for providing data to a plurality of graphics processors and method thereof
Antiangiogenic drug to treat cancer, arthritis and retinopathy
Optical functionality sheet, and planar light source and image display apparatus using the same shee...
Method for the production of amines from epoxidized olefins
Manifold assembly for a fuel cell power plant
Polymer composition, membrane containing said composition, method for the production and uses thereo...
Composite hydrogel drug delivery systems
Sulfonamides and derivatives thereof that modulate the activity of endothelin
Area of interest reconstruction for surface of an organ using location data
Implants formed of coupled bone
Antibody variants
Multiple communications port unit and computer architecture
High voltage protection circuit for improved oxide reliability
Process for producing an organic electroluminescent device
Olefin polymer, olefin polymerization catalyst and process for producing olefin polymer
Identification of objects of interest using multiple illumination schemes and finding overlap of fea...
Initializing an ecommerce database framework
Method and apparatus for remote diagnosis of an ultrasound scanner
Programmable refresh scheduler for embedded DRAMs
Control button
Light guide plate with alicyclic resin
Treatment of asthma and respiratory disease by means of electrical neuro-receptive waveforms
Immunotoxins and methods of inducing immune tolerance
Direct current electrical system arc detection apparatus and method
Television system communicating individually addressed information
Method and apparatus for generating and displaying location-specific diagnostic information using an...
Control system for reverser transmission having aggressive and non-aggressive modes
Method and apparatus for determining substrate offset using optimization techniques
Composition for preparing substances having nano-pores
Method for simultaneous identification of differentially expressed mRNAs and measurement of relative...
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and method
Methods of terminal sterilization of fibrinogen
Voice activity detection speech coding to accommodate music signals
Log-spectral compensation of PMC Gaussian mean vectors for noisy speech recognition using log-max as...
Oxygen monitoring apparatus
Robot and joint device for the same
Product cycle project development
Robot system
Loading and unloading station for a device for the processing of circular flat work-pieces, especial...
Apparatus and method for fabricating bonded substrate
Semiconductor chamber process apparatus and method
Apparatus for conveying liquid crystal display panel
Overcurrent protection circuit, electric leakage protection circuit for an electric apparatus
Frequency selective RF output power calibration using digital and analog power measurements for use ...
Apparatus and methods for extended base station range using staggered uplink frame structures
Method for applying an embossing foil to a flexible material
Method and device for storing flat recording media
Multi-layer foil and process for the production thereof
Method of manufacture of foil material and the foil material made thereby
Multisectional storage container
Apparatus for applying an embossing foil to a flexible material
Individual container that can be assembled to a multiple storage container
ACE-2 inhibiting compounds and methods of use thereof
Underwater or under-hydrocarbon pelletizing of biologically-active-compound-containing melts
Antiperspirant and deodorant products and methods for their use
Formulation and manipulation of databases of analyte and associated values
Packing for column
Thermal cycler and DNA amplifier method
Tissue maintenance system that applies rhythmic pulses of pressure
MORC gene compositions and methods of use
Biodegradable and bioabsorbable implant material and method for adjusting shape thereof
DNA sequences encoding polypeptides having beta-1,3-glucanase activity
Compositions and kits for fluorescence polarization assay of large molecules
Immunoassay for quantitative determination of the complex between prostate specific antigen (PSA) an...
Human chromogranin A (CgA) immunologic assay, antibodies, reagents and kits for said assay
Immunoassays for anti-HCV antibodies
Profile of a face of a guitar body
High altitude platform control system
Parachute trajectory control
Winding device and ornithopter utilizing same
Nitrate ester plasticized energetic compositions, method of making and rocket motor assemblies conta...
Cargo door electrical control and warning indication system and method of use
Graphical system and method for defining pilot tasks, patterns and constraints
D.C. direct drive impact wrench
Reversible ratchet wrench with high torsion
Microarray detector and synthesizer
Tip design and random access array for microfluidic transfer
Method to diagnose and treat pathological conditions resulting from deficient ion transport such as ...
Microarray dispensing with real-time verification and inspection
Methods of identification and isolation of polynucleotides containing nucleic acid differences
Compression-tuned grating-based optical add/drop multiplexer
Device for adjustable chirping in-fiber Bragg gratings and method for producing same
On demand media web electrophotographic printing apparatus
Orthodontic appliance audio receiver
Thermoacoustic tissue scanner
System for sensing factory workspace
Vibration data processor and processing method
Optical-electrical MEMS devices and method
Booster amplifier with spectral control for optical communications systems
Temperature control of micro-mirrors of an optical switch substrate
Micromirror optical switch
Double lens array for optical cross-connects
Micromachined apparatus and technique to align two dimensional fiber array
Fiber array coupler
Method for entraining and mixing gas with liquids
Method for controlling the proportion of fluid passing through a filter
Solvent extraction process
Method for decomposing or oxidizing dioxins and/or poly chlorinated biphenyls contained in liquid
Integrated monolithic microfabricated dispensing nozzle and liquid chromatography-electrospray syste...
Solar photoreactor
Condensate demineralization
Epoxy resin composition for fiber-reinforced composite material prepreg, and fiber-reinforced compos...
Cured tire including encapsulated high modulus composite
Single component adhesive with an adaptable open joint time
Adhesive composition and adhesive sheet for semiconductor devices
Base sheet for flexible printed circuit board
Semiconductor device and mounting board
Low temperature bonding adhesive composition
Sealant compositions and sealant articles using the same
Photoimageable dielectric material for circuit protection
Ambient-temperature-stable, one-part curable epoxy adhesive
Proximity submunition fuze safety logic
Optical disk and optical disk drive
Conditional access system for controlling the access to a data content
Method of inserting a watermark and authenticating a digital signal
Perceptual modeling of media signals based on local contrast and directional edges
Method and apparatus for delivery of selected electronic works and for controlling reproduction of t...
Method and process for managing ultra secure electronic distribution of digital movies to commercial...
Method and system for abstracting network device drivers
System and method for providing random access to a multimedia object over a network
Object access mechanism that dynamically switches between multiple distributed access models
Method and system for dynamic configuration of interceptors in a client-server environment
Techniques for permitting access across a context barrier on a small footprint device using an entry...
Toggling software characteristics in a fault tolerant and combinatorial software environment system,...
Method for platform specific efficiency enhancement of java programs and software product therefor
Compile method, exception handling method and computer
Scan system and method for scanning images to an online web page
Laser sighting beam modification for measuring or treatment instrument
Tunable semiconductor laser having cavity with wavelength selective mirror and Mach-Zehnder interfer...
Picture bracelet
Bracelet ends
Method for changing a wavelength of a laser light
Arrangement for the resonant frequency doubling of multimode laser radiation
Frequency stable pulsed laser
Semiconductor laser and method for producing same
Semiconductor laser device, and image forming apparatus
Erbium-doped fiber amplifier pump array
Raman amplification method and optical signal transmission method using same
Olefin polymerization processes and products thereof
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Rubber compositions & vulcanizates including comb polymers
Covulcanizable anti-aging agents
Method of making biodegradable polymer compositions
Ion-sensitive hard water dispersible polymers and applications therefor
Data retrieval method and apparatus with multiple source capability
Arabidopsis MPC1 gene and methods for controlling flowering time
Parametrical generation laser
Multiresolution video
Recording medium for which a sub-picture can be favorably superimposed on a main image, and a reprod...
Computer implemented empirical mode decomposition method apparatus, and article of manufacture utili...
Nucleic acids encoding human tumor necrosis factor TR20
Method of increasing viscosity of oil-based compositions and compositions resulting therefrom
Lipstick case with mirror
Guerbet wax esters in personal care applications
Lithium secondary battery
Lithium ion battery using prismatic can with recessed surfaces
Lithium secondary battery
Method for monitoring end of life for battery
Care agents
Methods and apparatuses for treating waste water
Apparatus for fabricating pasted electrodes
Electrode having PTC function and battery comprising the electrode
Electrochemical lithium ion secondary cell having multiplate and jellyroll electrodes with differing...
Nickel-rich quaternary metal oxide materials as cathodes for lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer bat...
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Electrolyte polymers for lithium rechargeable batteries
Non-aqueous electrochemical device
Quick fastener system for fixing a tool at the end of a loading arm
Cradle-assisted myocardial repair and treatment
Urinary incontinence therapy
Efficient magnet system for magnetically-assisted surgery
Amino acid substitution mutants of interleukin 13
Propylisopropyl acetic acid and propylisopropyl acetamide stereoisomers, a method for their synthesi...
Make-up case with seal
Oxidation dye composition for keratinous fibers
Cement additive, and concrete composition and structure both containing the same
Composition containing a mixed silicate, a polysaccharide and crosslinked poly(2-acrylamido-2-methyl...
Cosmetic composition comprising at least one silicone/acrylate copolymer and at least one thickening...
Topical composition containing a silicone polymer with a polysiloxane skeleton containing non-silico...
Phosphomagnesium cement compound comprising a polymer in particle form
Symmetrical Polyurea-urethane fertilizer encapsulation
Remediation of soil polluted with phosphorus-containing wastes
Calcium nitrate based fertilizer
Composition and method for treating plants with exogenous chemicals
Method for making nitrogen-potassium fertilizer containing calcium nitrate and products thereof
Phytopharmaceutical alloy compositions
Methods of making substituted phenylketoenols
Monoclonal antibodies against a human act and serine protease complex
Pressurized device comprising an ultrafine foaming oil-in-water emulsion and use of this emulsion in...
Stable liquid enzyme compositions with enhanced activity
Process for producing porous polymer
Waste receptacle
Bin cart
Rack having inset wheel
Telescopic handler
Device for isolating regions of living tissue
VTOL aircraft with angled thrusters
Flexible probe/probe response routing for maintaining coherency
Integrated proxy interface for web based report requester tool set
Logic for initializing the depth of the queue pointer memory
Multiplexed enzymatic assays
Products & methods that harness the power of fun to motivate children
Axial piston refrigerant compressor with piston front face projection
Antibacterial composition for control of gram positive bacteria in food applications
Method of isolating stem cells
Process for the purification of phosphonium salts
Method and apparatus for linearity measurement
Flying reel changer in a web-fed rotary printing machine
Fuser web cleaning assembly for an electrophotographic machine
Method of producing customizable, multi-dimensional print media and die-pressed print media
Chewing gum containing physiological cooling agents
Compositions and methods for treatment of asthma
Cleaning method of containers and apparatus thereof
Skate wheel and method of making a skate wheel
Emoticon keyboard
Bicycle derailleur
Elliptical exercise methods and apparatus
Ceramic-metal composite and method to form said composite
Catheter for modification of agent formulation
Container with holder for elongate article
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Method of restoring endothelium of cornea
Implantation device with deformable nozzle tip for implanting a deformable intraocular lens
Instrument and method for creating an intraocular incision
Methods and compositions for the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses
Porphyrin derivatives their use in photodynamic therapy and medical devices containing them
Control apparatus for reformer and method of controlling reformer using control apparatus
Water vapor transfer device for a fuel cell power plant
Methods and apparatus for treating waste
Monolithic expandable structures, methods of manufacture and composite structures
Fuel cell power system performing AC inversion, method of distributing AC power, and method of opera...
Method of making flat panel displays having diamond thin film cathode
Supercritical fluid-assisted nebulization and bubble drying
Adsorption process for atomic layer deposition
Surface treatment of silicone hydrogel contact lenses comprising hydrophilic polymer chains attached...
Method of detecting an analyte in a sample using semiconductor nanocrystals as a detectable label
Air massage system
Semiconductor encapsulating epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Polymer membrane and a process for the production thereof
Olefin polymerization catalyst
Apparatus and method for completing transactions in all flow control classes
Dynamic early indication system for a computer
Method and apparatus for scheduling memory calibrations based on transactions
Methods and apparatus for data storage on magnetic media including error correction codes
Method and apparatus for identifying switching race conditions in a circuit design
Switching power supply unit
Generating and utilizing organized profile information
System and method for assessing performance optimizations in a graphics system
Precordial electrocardiogram electrode connector
Assay for Alzheimer's disease drug development
Transgenic plants having non-pathogen induced systemic acquired resistance (SAR)
Devices for creating collateral in the lungs
High efficiency driver apparatus for driving a cold cathode fluorescent lamp
CDMA reception method and CDMA receiver
Use of R-enantiomer of N-propargyl-1-aminoindan, salts, and compositions thereof
Laser programming of integrated circuits
Current-type touch control liquid crystal panel and a current touch shield
Polymer dispersion type liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Transparent flexible barrier for liquid crystal display devices and method of making the same
Electronic package with thermally conductive standoff
Water blocking optical fiber cable
Information processing system, control method therefor, and information processing apparatus
Laser image connectable to medical modality of a workstation
Segmented document indexing and search
Information processing method, apparatus, and system for a multimedia presentation system with a fil...
Information registration method, information management method, information registration apparatus, ...
Data recording apparatus and method including control data invalidating function
Pump apparatus
Assembly for an air separator and method for controlling the function of the same
Sonic contaminated resource treatment method and apparatus
Multi-stage engine coolant recycling apparatus and process
Traveling wave generator
HCV antigen/antibody combination assay
Phosphinic pseudo-peptides that may be used as matrix zinc metalloprotease inhibitors
Contactor, a method of manufacturing the contactor and a device and method of testing electronic com...
Rotational mask scanning exposure method and apparatus
Electrically conductive ceramic material, a process of producing same, and an electrostatic chuck
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Rapid acquisition magnetic resonance imaging using radial projections
Apparatus and methods for facilitating wound healing
Blister containing a transdermal therapeutic system and a single dose form of administration
Spheronized self-emulsifying system for hydrophobic and water-sensitive agents
Dietary supplement composition and method for improving and maintaining healthy skin
Dutasteride to prevent and treat atherosclerosis
Hyaluronic acid anti-adhesion barrier
Mesoporous compositions and method of preparation
Prognostic evaluation of cancer
Produce washing method
Random truncation and amplification of nucleic acid
Methods and devices for improved tissue stabilization
Sample preparation apparatus and method
Plasma processing methods and apparatus
Modular surface mount manifold assemblies
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having molecular weight of 2937 daltons
Eprosartan arginyl charge-neutralization-complex and a process for its preparation and formulation
Absorbent elements for hygiene articles
Device for dispensing of hydrogen
Induction heating and control system and method with high reliability and advanced performance featu...
Resonant power supply and apparatus for producing vacuum arc discharges
Measurements of electrical properties through non magneticially permeable metals using directed magn...
Three-dimensional input apparatus
Electromagnetic actuator for engine valves
Footwear for infants and toddlers
Orthopedic shoe restraint
Shoe with music generating unit in the tongue
Mechanical seal with flexible metal diaphragm
Bellows seal with drive collar for reverse pressure capability
Radial lip shaft seal
Drive mechanism for a rotating mechanical split seal and method of assembly thereof
Radial lip shaft seal
Mechanical face seal
Rotary shaft monitoring seal system
Portable oxygen concentration system and method of using the same
Sleep apnea treatment apparatus
Apparatus for supplying breathable gas
Method for maintaining airway patency
Transparent and colorable elastomeric compositions
Inner tube compositions having improved heat resistance characteristics
Fluidized bed reactor and process
Method for reducing the naphthenic acid content of crude oil and its fractions
Composition containing a cross-linkable matrix precursor and a poragen, and a porous matrix prepared...
Silica zeolite low-k dielectric thin films
Optically anisotropic cellulose ester film containing discotic compound
Perforated end pipe of silencer unit
Acoustic media
Cellular phone with lighting device and method of controlling lighting device
Method of routing calls to peripheral devices
Method for originating packet data calls via dial-up networking applications
Data path evaluation system and method
System and method for automated received message handling and distribution
Nondestructive method of quality control of high-voltage systems and device for use of the method
Swinging seat with spring suspension
Amusement ride system
Nimble virtual reality capsule using rotatable drive assembly
Method and apparatus for illumination and entertainment by light emitted from a guide via scattering
Film carrier and film handling device using same
Methods and systems for enabling a tunnel between two computers on a network
Radius marrow nail
Methods and apparatus relating to the formulation and trading of investment contracts
Blast joint assembly
Safety network for industrial controller providing redundant connections on single media
Footwear sole
Method for data collecting and processing
Method and apparatus to search for information
Randomly moving pet amusement device with flexible attachment
Methods, systems and tools for borehole logging
Storable composition and slurries and use of same for cementing oil and gas wells
Rinse-aid formulation
Concentrated, stable, preferably clear, fabric softening composition containing amine fabric softene...
Radio frequency shielded and acoustically insulated enclosure
Diagnostic procedures using direct injection of gaseous hyperpolarized 129Xe and associated systems ...
MRI compatible surgical biopsy device
Temperature controlling device for aerosol drug delivery
Particulate delivery systems and methods of use
Treatment of insulin resistance with growth hormone secretagogues
Mammalian growth factor-7
Vacuum pump
Method of improving user access performance by adjusting power of user probe signal
Ceramic capacitor with czt dielectric
Method, system and computer program product for transferring human language data across system bound...
Method and system for database-driven, scalable web page development, deployment-download, and execu...
Methods for laying out memories bidirectionally for object oriented applications
Method and apparatus to reduce code size and runtime in a Java environment
System, method, and program for performing program specific operations during the uninstallation of ...
Projection screens and methods for making such projection screens
Demand aggregation through online buying groups
Writeable medium access control using a medium writeable area
Search engine using sales and revenue to weight search results
Question answering system and storage medium
Method and apparatus for processing silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Method of treating dermatological disorders with fruit extracts
Method of reducing eye irritation
Bleaching compositions
Transparent/translucent liquid compositions in clear bottles comprising colorant and fluorescent dye...
Exterior finishing composition
Methods and compositions for retarding and eradicating infestation in trees and tree derived product...
Composite staple for completing an anastomosis
Methods and systems for intraluminally directed vascular anastomosis
Expandable stent with sliding and locking radial elements
Process of making a three-dimensional object
Therapeutic uses of polymers and oligomers comprising gamma-hydroxybutyrate
Medical device containing polyhydroxyalkanoate treated with oxidizing agent to remove endotoxin
Functionalized derivatives of hyaluronic acid, formation of hydrogels in situ using same, and method...
Defense-related signaling genes and methods of use
Method for measurement of lymphocyte function
Inorganic-polymer complexes for the controlled release of compounds including medicinals
Treatment and prevention of helicobacter infection
Diminishing viral gene expression by promoter replacement
Carbon resistant surface coating
Methods and apparatus for point-of-sale packaging of cards
Electrochemical coagulation assay and device
Multilayer films with quiet film layer having noise dampening properties
Key top member for push button switch structure
Photothermographic and photographic elements having a transparent support having antihalation proper...
Luminaire baffle structure
Multilayer printed wiring board and its manufacturing method
Combination UV inspection light and flashlight
Assembling structure for lamp string with fully enveloped bulbs
Method and apparatus for sensing the color point of an RGB LED white luminary using photodiodes
Rearview mirror assembly with integral display element and camera
Polarization splitting backlight module
Optical unit and projector using the same
Synchronizing a video program from a television broadcast with a secondary audio program
Multi-standard channel decoder for real-time digital broadcast reception
Field freeze filter implementation
Device for controlling the displaying of characters in a video system
Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing pr...
Photonic crystal fibers
Planar lightwave circuit platform and method for manufacturing the same
Photonic crystal waveguide and directional coupler using the same
Termination and splice panel
Variable optical attenuator
Wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system having tunable multi-channel dispersion...
System and method for aligning components of optical head
Image interpolation apparatus
Method of searching 3-Dimensional images
Image processor
CMOS digital optical navigation chip
Image reading system
Closed loop drug administration method and apparatus using EEG complexity for control purposes
Bio-electrical impedance analyzer
High performance rapid prototyping system
High hardness stainless steel for screws used in magnetic memory devices
Method for continuously casting ferritic stainless steel strips free of microcracks
Method for high concentration carburizing and quenching of steel and high concentration carburized a...
Steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Ultra-high-strength precipitation-hardenable stainless steel and strip made therefrom
Rubber-steel cord composite and pneumatic tire for passenger cars
Composite steel structural plastic sandwich plate systems
Process for producing oilseed protein products
Improving rewet shrink properties of casing
Oligonucleotides and method for characterizing and detecting Genogroup II type small round structure...
Bioreactive allosteric polynucleotides
Thickened hard surface cleaner
Branched maltodextrins and method of preparing them
Emergency vehicle with medical image scanner and teleradiology system
Optimizations to receive packet status from fifo bus
Administration and search and replace of computerized prepress
Copolyester with improved extrusion processing and color for extrusion blow molding
Olefin polymerization process
Dyadic DSP instructions for digital signal processors
Heparin compositions and methods of making and using the same
Managing redundant electronic messages
Three-pin skull clamp with load distribution indicators on the rocker arm
Fast transform for reconstruction of rotating-slat data
Method of reducing cholesterol and altering fatty acid content of eggs
Crystallization process using ultrasound
Stabilization of pigments and polyunsaturated oils
Solid-liquid fractionation process of oil composition
Increasing the HDL level and the HDL/LDL ratio in human serum by balancing saturated and polyunsatur...
5-HT3 receptor assay using transgenic mammal
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Bootable packet written re-writable optical disc and methods for making same
Method of analyzing integrated circuit power distribution in chips containing voltage islands
Method and apparatus for developing and placing a circuit design
Emulation system that uses dynamic binary translation and permits the safe speculation of trapping o...
Extended syntax record for assembler language instructions
System for personalizing, organizing and managing web information
Measurement by concentration of a material within a structure
Nucleic acids encoding a calcium independent receptor of .alpha.-latrotoxin, characterization and us...
Wave antenna wireless communication device and method
Vehicle pedal attachment
System for packet communication where received packet is stored either in a FIFO or in buffer storag...
Transgenic animals and lats genes
Chromatography using microwave pulsing
Hibiscus plant named `Chicago`
Hibiscus plant named `Charleston`
Hibiscus plant named `San Diego`
Dahlia plant named `Kiedahbic`
Plum tree named `Plumsweetone`
Plum tree named `September Yummy.RTM.`
Hemerocallis hybrid named `Malja`
Methods and systems for protecting data from potential corruption by a crashed computer program
Flextensional output actuators for surgically implantable hearing aids
Enhanced endotracheal tube
Oxihumic acid and its use in the treatment of various conditions
Methods for inducing mucosal immune responses
Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants
Flip cover with battery for portable computer system
Handset cradle
Data processing system, data processor and data processing method
Teat dipping agent
Methods and apparatus for electrically controlling adjustments of a chair
Data verification system and technique
Working cylinder
Data system and method for accessing a computer network using a collection of bar code symbols