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Method and apparatus for digital watermarking using error diffusion
Method and apparatus for inserting and extracting watermark into and from contents information
Method for conducting a contest using a network
Human cytomegalovirus DNA sequences
Tbx3 gene and methods of using it
Mop head
Laundry iron
Laundry iron
Step-on wastebasket
Office cleaning cart
Iron compounds, compositions, methods of making the same and uses thereof
Pharmaceutical preparations for external use containing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesi...
Controlled release pellet formulation
Apparatus and method for providing multimedia conferencing services with an unspecified bit rate qua...
Reverse billing of internet telephone calls
Method for distributing digital TV signal and selection of content
Computer system and methods for management, and control of annuities and distribution of annuity pay...
Call redirection methods in a packet based communications network
Object-oriented resource lock and entry register
Storage structure for storing formatted data on a random access medium
Memory management of striped pipelined data structures
Method and apparatus for representing and navigating search results
Method for formatting, associating organizing, and retrieving data of and from a database stored in ...
Method and system for reassembling fragmented datagrams utilizing a plurality of concurrently access...
Storing multidimensional data in a relational database management system
Methods and systems for synchronization of mobile devices with a remote database
Dimmable discharge lamp for dielectrically impeded discharges
Fundus camera
Organic electronic device and nonlinear device
Magnetoresistance effect device, magnetic head therewith, magnetic recording/reproducing head, and m...
Method and apparatus for slaughtering and processing animals
Core-shell tectodendrimers
System and method for grating profile classification
Gas bag dispensing toy and method
Shut-down procedure for hydrogen-air fuel cell system
Digital signal storing apparatus and method, program recording medium, digital signal recording appa...
Receiving apparatus that receives and accumulates broadcast contents and makes contents available ac...
Laryngeal mask airway
Connector for use in packaging aerosol containers
Database copy apparatus, database copy method and recording medium recorded with database copy progr...
Antifouling polymers
Stereolithographically marked semiconductor devices and methods
Method for preventing the falsification of documents comprising a photograph, preferably a facial-vi...
Swimmer's restraining device
Interactive tactile display for computer screen
Amusement system having type practice function, typing practice system, and computer readable storag...
Methods and systems for tutoring using a tutorial model with interactive dialog
Mounter head of surface mounting apparatus
Non-galling chuck
Battery pack for a camera
Heat exchanger tempering valve
Methods and compositions for retarding the staling of baked goods
White light emission diode
Magnetic levitation motor and method for manufacturing the same
Method of operating a graphical user interface to selectively enable and disable a datapath in a net...
Fast cycle ram having improved data write operation
Lipoproteins as nucleic acid vectors
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Method and apparatus for waveguide optics and devices
Semiconductor storage device
Air gap semiconductor structure and method of manufacture
Method of planarizing a conductive plug situated under a ferroelectric capacitor
Electronic music providing apparatus
Thin-wall multi-concentric sleeve speaker
Vibrating diaphragm of false speaker structure
Apparatus for damping acoustic vibrations in a combustor
Keypad button guard
Antenna equipment and communication terminal equipment
Wireless messaging method
Speakerphone accessory for a portable telephone
Delivering location-dependent services to automobiles
System and method for auditing and reconciliation of telephone service provider's databases with a r...
Adjustable storage rack for pots, pans and lids
Strain of bacillus for controlling plant diseases
Flash device, lens-fitted photo film unit, camera, light measuring device, and method of producing l...
Card design having tape and disk drives
Method and apparatus for quick search for identities applicable to specified formula
Software modeling of computer hardware
Procedure for the preparation of pure phosphatides with phospholipase D
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Targeted vectors
Soundproofing system
Valve system for a collection bag
Liquid crystal display device with patterned layer having fixed cholesteric order and method of manu...
Falling film plasma reactor
Driving shaft device of toy twist car
Ring fluorination of non-activated aromatic compounds
Method and device for computer assisted graph processing
Dry toner, dry toner production process, and image forming method
Wound dressing and drug delivery system
Flame retardant polycarbonate polyester composition
Home waterproofing system
Fiber array and methods for using and making same
B7-H2 nucleic acids, members of the B7 family
Method and apparatus for controlling the decarburization of steel components in a furnace
Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet excellent in film characteristics and magnetic characteristics...
Steel strapping and method of making
Wire rod steel
Method for coating a steel alloy
Zn-Al-Mg-Si-alloy plated steel product having excellent corrosion resistance and method for preparin...
Magnetic shielding steel sheet and method for producing the same
Prongless gemstone setting
Process for the color enhancement of gemstones
Polymers derived from low unsaturation polyamines
Polymer composition, a process for the production thereof and films prepared thereof
System and method for central management of connections in a virtual private network
Method to improve drought tolerance in plants
Method and apparatus for configuring and initializing a memory device and a memory channel
Method and system for automating design rule check error correction in a CAD environment
Method and apparatus for resteering failing speculation check instructions
Quick starting for microprocessor-based system by retrieving a target state memory image and a targe...
Turbo code interleaver using linear congruential sequences
Monoclonal antibodies to membrane neutrokine-.alpha.
Diacetyl tartaric acid esters on mono- and diglycerides based on C12 to C22 fatty acids and succinic...
MRI antenna
Communication bus system with protocol for detecting presence of slave device
Data storage system having crossbar switch with multi-staged routing
Two-part cradle for mobile phone
Golf ball cores comprising a halogenated organosulfur compound
Over the door valet
Over the door hook
Satellite constellation for measuring atmospheric wind speeds using doppler lidar
Flight simulators
Catalyst and method for trimerization of isocyanates
Ink-jet printer
Laser-imageable printing members and methods for wet lithographic printing
Method and apparatus for laser power control during recording
Rotary vacuum-chuck with water-assisted labyrinth seal
Retractable self-leveling ceiling sign hanger
Broad spectrum microbicidal and spermicidal compositions, devices, and methods
Portable multi-antenna signal receiver
Electrically conductive microcapillary composite matrix and method for producing same
Image forming apparatus and system with a transfer device having an adjustable transfer bias
LSR receptor, activity, cloning, and uses for diagnosing, preventing and/or treating obesity and rel...
Non-toxic antimicrobial compositions and methods of use
Method and apparatus for determining visibility of groups of pixels
Hardware-assisted z-pyramid creation for host-based occlusion culling
Apparatus and method for grouping texture cache requests
Fuel cell having improved condensation and reaction product management capabilities
Emergency power supply for cellular telephone
Method and apparatus for post-tensioning segmented concrete pilings
Method for increasing the bearing capacity of foundation soils for built structures
Tarp application method and apparatus
Apparatus for the enhancement of water quality in a subterranean pressurized water distribution syst...
Numeric key-based chinese address inputting method
Image exposure apparatus and image forming apparatus with it
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Programming method of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Integrative encoding system and adaptive decoding system
Monochrometer and wavelength division multiplexer comprising said monochrometer
Data structure of digital map file
Optical projection imaging system and method for automatically detecting cells with molecular marker...
Single-path lead for an active implantable medical device of the implantable defibrillator/cardiover...
Pneumatic air tool with direct air path motor
Photosensitive member and image forming apparatus having the same
Methods and DNA constructs for gene silencing in transgenic plants
Accessing a secure resource using certificates bound with authentication information
Method for testing vehicular mirrors for regulatory compliance using artificial visualization
Particles of HCV envelope proteins: use for vaccination
Methods for the screening of non-recombinant cell lines capable of expressing a single PDE4 isoenzym...
Three-dimensional image scanner and heat-insulating device for optical apparatus
Trunk arrangement in a computer network with intra trunk switch connections
CDMA radio communication system using chip interleaving
Connection terminals for straps
Absorbent articles having wetness indicating graphics providing an interactive training aid
Hand-held stun gun for incapacitating a human target
Apparatus and method for specifying and obtaining services through voice commands
Methods and systems using multiple watermarks
Arrangement of equipment for a motor vehicle and dashboard comprising said arrangement
Automobile instrument panel assembly
Differential device for 4WD-vehicles
Apparatus, method, and program for drivingly controlling hybrid vehicles
Control apparatus for electric motor and control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Collision record apparatus, collision state estimation method, and record medium
Application of automation and procedures to enable high-speed recovery and relocation of computer wo...
Guitar strap
Piston pump with piston spring-biased to filter piston
Hermetic compressor having improved motor cooling
Suction-discharge device for fluids comprising a piston within a rotating inner tube and a plurality...
Suction pump
Apparatus and methods for pumping high viscosity fluids
Precision dosage apparatus, system and method
Safety ratchet mechanism
Multi-pass exhaust gas recirculation cooler
High performance cold plate for electronic cooling
Method for controlling an economizer
Advanced setback reporting thermostat
Method for distilling a fluid with horizontal vapor transfer into a condensation zone and modular de...
Disk drive actuator assembly having a spring lock mount
Seat apparatus for automobile
Reclining apparatus
Insulating film having improved adhesive strength and board having the insulating film
Structural modified epoxy adhesive compositions
Adhesive, bonding method and assembly of mounting substrate
Curable resin compositions
High performance composite flywheel
Epoxy based reinforcing patches with improved adhesion to oily metal surfaces
Curable resin composition, multilayer printed circuit board manufactured by using the composition, a...
Method and composition for bonding components to glass
Coated abrasive article
Low moisture absorption epoxy resin systems with alkylated diamine hardeners
Manufacture of void-free laminates and use thereof
Abrasive articles and their preparations
Apparatus and method for detecting the reset of a node in a cluster computer system
Inbred corn line 4VP500
Content screening with end-to-end encryption
Aggregate score matching system for transaction records
Method of enabling and administering commercial transactions using a computerized administration sys...
Method of chemically decontaminating components of radioactive material handling facility and system...
Wireless maitre d' system for restaurants
Tele-jam system and method for real-time musical interaction
Credit card system and method
Mixed metal catalyst, its preparation by co-precipitation, and its use
Method of driving plasma display panel and plasma display apparatus
Engineered wood member and method of its manufacture
Dual action shutter release with thumbwheel brake and methods
Polyfuse trim read cell
Objective for optical disk, optical pickup, optical disk writer-reader, and optical disk reader
Isolation of memory cells in cross point arrays
Implantable medical pump with multi-layer back-up memory
Method for producing ultra-thin tungsten layers with improved step coverage
Method and system for data mining automation in domain-specific analytic applications
Electronic RPM yo-yo
Solid electrolyte composite for electrochemical reaction apparatus
High temperature coatings for gas turbines
Protective cap
Stable/improvedly self-tanning compositions comprising amino-substituted 2-hydroxybenzophenone compo...
Filtrate plate device and reversible-well plate device
Organic particulate-filled adhesive
Canola cultivar 44A53
Single breath induction anesthesia apparatus
Aerosol method and apparatus, particulate products, and electronic devices made therefrom
Three dimensional spatial user interface
Method and system for the dynamic analysis of data
Reduced odor esters and process for producing same
Gaming device having independent bonus reels
Game system, game providing method, and information recording medium
Video game system and video game memory medium
Ball game system including a resiliently suspended floor and elastic ball
Game system and information storage medium
Method for analyzing the quality of telecommunications switch command tables
Depressurized underwater one-time-use camera with seal integrity indicator and method
Energy conversion composition
Proteoglycan compositions for treating prostate and bladder inflammatory conditions
Method and apparatus for motor fault diagnosis
Fluidized bed low density granule
Process for preparing cyclodextrin inclusion complex
Virtual tug of war
Ferris wheel
Fairground attraction
Sliding slope and means for sliding down objects or persons
Entertainment device and method of operation thereof
Ultraviolet imager system and method
Predictor miss decoder updating line predictor storing instruction fetch address and alignment infor...
Control wand
Apparatus and method for targeting and/or installing fastners into an intramedullary nails
Mixed signal synthesis behavioral models and use in circuit design optimization
Dial plan mapper
Method and system for augmenting web-indexed search engine results with peer-to-peer search results
Composite polyurethane foams and method of manufacture thereof
Electrophoretic display device, method of manufacturing electrophoretic display device and electroni...
Negative-charging electrophotographic photosensitive member
Portable game table
Loudspeaker systems
Toilet seat lift
Body weight management system
Disposable absorbent article combining low viscosity liquid handling and high viscosity liquid handl...
Hair styling compositions containing select polyalkylene glycol styling agents
Process for making functionalized oxazolidinone compounds
Bottom electrode structure of electric arc furnace
Composite fins for heat sinks
Digital signatures having revokable anonymity and improved traceability
Solution-based transdermal drug delivery system
Spiropyrazole compounds
Method of treating chronic fatigue syndrome
Method and apparatus for loading an object-oriented operating system by providing an initial executi...
Digital rights management within an embedded storage device
JavaBean activation framework-common desktop environment bridge
Method and product for debugging a target java virtual machine having no debug information therein
Dynamic selection/definition of which class/methods should or should not be jit'ed using information...
Reduction of leachability and solubility of radionuclides and radioactive substances in contaminated...
Method for in situ renovation of a manhole, particularly a sewer manhole, and prefabricated liner th...
Apparatus and method for determining cardiac output in a living subject
Methods and compositions for expression of transgenes in plants
Chlamydial vaccines and immunogenic compositions containing an outer membrane antigen and methods of...
Metastatic breast and colon cancer regulated genes
Isolated nucleic acids comprising Listeria dal and dat genes
Isolated nucleic acids encoding activated and suppressive forms of ATF6
Variant of LAV viruses
Coin bank
High power white LED lamp structure using unique phosphor application for LED lighting products
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a multiparameter light and/or a component th...
Apparatus and method for adjusting the color temperature of white semiconduct or light emitters
Reference light for maneuvering a vehicle
Front light, reflective liquid crystal display device and personal digital assistant
Optical film
Apparatus for processing a control command sequence as well as a method for generating a control com...
Method and apparatus for image capture, compression and transmission of a visual image over telephon...
Face image photographing apparatus and face image photographing method
Apparatus and method for image/voice transmission
Optical fiber cable holder
Variable optical attenuator having integrated reflective device
Dispersive optical fiber using binary component silica
Systems and methods for fabricating flexible optical fiber circuits
Braided optical fiber bundles
Image processing method for reducing noise and blocking artifact in a digital image
Digital image processing method and for brightness adjustment of digital images
Method and apparatus for merging data and medium for providing program for merging data
Albuming method with automatic page layout
Image processing apparatus and the method of correcting the inclination
Method and apparatus for automatically positioning images within a region
Apparatus and method for determination of the adequacy of dialysis by non-invasive near-infrared spe...
Planar transducer for measuring biomedical pressures
Method and system for monitoring heart failure using rate change dynamics
Brain-body actuated system
Shark cartilage extract: process of making, methods of using, and compositions thereof
Preparation of sterol and stanol-esters
Mutant EGIII cellulase, DNA encoding such EGIII compositions and methods for obtaining same
Acid oil-in-water emulsified composition
Starch obtainable from modified plants
Tracking of mobile terminal equipment in a mobile communications system
Method for calibrating a color marking engine for halftone operation
Method and apparatus for ordering photofinishing goods and/or services
Process for the polymerization of ethylene and interpolymers thereof
Creating applications within data processing systems by combining program components dynamically
Implantable mircophone system for use with cochlear implant devices
Non-scatterable, radio-opaque material for medical imaging applications
Method and apparatus for obtaining an optical tomographic image of a sentinel lymph node
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic navigation of a surgical probe near a metal object
Automatic machine for vaccinating chicks and similar birds
Anti-reversional mechanism for trolling reel
Fishing reel fishing line release and retrieve mechanism
Method and plant for treating milk
Milk protein dispersions
Powdered milk solids for providing a developed milk flavor to chocolate, the method of preparation a...
Data search employing metric spaces, multigrid indexes, and B-grid trees
Apoptosis inducing molecule II and methods of use
Multi-media interactive play system
Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting hepatitis B viral nucleic acids
Magnetic resonance apparatus having an optical fiber with a Bragg grating for measuring mechanical d...
Crossbar switch and control for data networks switching
Weight classification system
Perfluoronaphthyl substituted boron containing catalyst activator
Friction material for brake
Device, system, and method for applying a product
Urethane-acrylic hybrid polymer dispersion
Nectarine tree named `Candy Pearl`
Petunia plant named `Whip Blurose`
Floribunda rose plant named `Jaczibwo`
Euphorbia plant named `Vanilla Swirl`
Plum tree named `August Yummy`
Nectarine tree named `Early Pearl`
Antibodies specific for semaphorin-like polypeptides
Wireless battery charging system for existing hearing aids using a dynamic battery and a charging pr...
Syringe label cradle
Aminophenol derivatives and their use in oxidative hair dyes
Method for grinding glass
Coating compositions comprising silyl blocked components, coating, coated substrates and methods rel...
One base photosensitive imaging system
Organic semiconductor device and process of manufacturing the same
Detergent granules
Process for delivering chelant agglomerate into detergent composition for improving its storage stab...
Cellulose particles, method for producing them and their use
Method and system for uniform resource locator status tracking
Solid-state non-invasive infrared absorption spectrometer for the generation and capture of thermal ...
Contrast injector for injecting a contrast medium to generate prolonged uniform vascular enhancement
Composition absorbing odorous substances and releasing various active substances
Clock adjusting method and circuit device
Modified starch film compositions
Pneumatic conveying apparatus
Optical code reader with hand mounted imager
System and method for caching data based on identity of requestor
Cast membrane structures for sample preparation
Catalysts systems for the polymerization and copolymerization of alpha-olefins
Process for pretreating a catalyst based on an EUO zeolite under severe conditions
Preparation of epoxides from alkanes using lanthanide-promoted silver catalysts
Catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes and a process for producing olefins
Desulfurization with improved sorbent regeneration
Insulin preparations for pulmonary delivery containing menthol
Substituted pyrrolopyridinone derivatives useful as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Amide compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting protein kinases, and methods for thei...
PARP inhibitors, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods of using same
Therapeutic uses of di-aryl acid derivatives
Monocyclic-7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine compounds, compositions, and methods of use
Symmetrically disubstituted aromatic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting poly (...
Optical measuring apparatus for measuring objects on machines
Concealment-type word puzzle/game
System and method for controlling access to broadcast services
Dental material containing a component which contracts during thermal treatment
Quantum computer
Secure and dynamic biometrics-based token generation for access control and authentication
Oxidized polymeric carbohydrates and products made thereof
Phosphorus-silicate fibers suitable for extended band amplification
Product and process for tokens
Bacteriophage-encoded enzymes for the treatment and prevention of dental caries and periodontal dise...
Apparatus and method for receiving radio signals according to variable weighting factors
Method of making metallization and contact structures in an integrated circuit
Flame-retardant and flame-retarding resin composition
Manufacturing method for polycarbonate
Method for hemihydrogenating dinitriles to form aminonitriles
Process for producing aromatic hydrocarbon compounds and liquefied petroleum gas from hydrocarbon fe...
Self-cleaning technique for contamination on calibration sample in SEM
Semiconductor element, especially a solar cell, and method for the production thereof
Remedies or preventives for pulmonary insufficiency containing diaminotrifluoromethylpyridine deriva...
Process for producing a precursor fiber bundle and a carbon fiber bundle
Aqueous plastic dispersions presenting increased stability
Apparatus and method for imaging objects with wavefields
Workpiece handling robot
Coffee making machine
Nucleic acid molecules encoding soluble starch synthases from maize
Pressure sensitive adhesive label for hard disc drive and method for reducing generation of sound at...
Chemical processes
Materials and methods useful for the control of insect larvae
Hyaluronic acid gel, process for the preparation thereof and medical materials containing the same
Methods of treating vascular diseases characterized by nitric oxide insufficiency
Hypothalamus-specific polypeptides
Combination therapy using sympathetic nervous system antagonists and endothelin antagonists
Heterocyclic analgesic compounds and methods of use thereof
Methods of treatment using MAO-A and MAO-B inhibitors such as L-deprenyl
Software encoding using a combination of two types of encoding and encoding type identification info...
Apparatus and methods for capturing particulate material within blood vessels
Stand-alone internet mailbox for cable subscribers
Low-power consumption semiconductor memory device
Emissive display with improved persistence
Alkylidene complexes of ruthenium containing N-heterocyclic carbene ligands; use as highly active, s...
Locomotive emission reduction kit and method of earning emission credits
Signal splitter and gain adjustment system for a cable data system
Multiple drawer cabinet allowing one drawer opened at a time
Measurement, data acquistion, and signal processing for a photonic molecular probe
Developing device including first and second developer carrying devices with insufficiently-charged ...
Water plasticized high refractive index polymer for ophthalmic applications
Web bridged energy management system and method
Method and apparatus for generating a twelve-lead ECG from fewer than ten electrodes
Measuring device for taking at least one measure of a bubble filed with a medium
Method of forming a spin-on-glass insulation layer
Nuclear transfer using cells cultured in serum starvation media containing apoptosis inhibitors
Editor for musical performance data
System and method for building an executable script for performing a network security audit
Pegylated interferon alfa-CCR5 antagonist combination HIV therapy
Implanatable stimulation device for snoring treatment
Robot vacuum cleaner with air agitation
Line laying structure for robot wrist
Wrist driving mechanism for robot
Method of holding a part in position in an assembly station
System, method, and program for robot control
Robotic device management system and method, and information management apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Method and apparatus in a CDMA base station for controlling transmit power during soft handoff
Therapeutic ureas
Stable aqueous surfactant compositions
Process for preparing citalopram
Marker wire and process for using it
Method of sterilizing products
Optical sensors for the detection of nitric oxide
Topsheet for contacting hydrous body tissues and absorbent device with such a topsheet
Device for performing an assay, a method for manufacturing said device, and use of a membrane in the...
Object extraction method, and image sensing apparatus using the method
Image forming apparatus with vibration-caused image defect prevention feature
Telemetric medical system and method
Orientation angle detector
Output and/or input coordinated processing array
Electronic holding circuit and adjusting method thereof using a probabilistic searching technique
MEMS optical switches having obliquely angled inputs and outputs relative to a face thereof and move...
System architecture of optical switching fabric
Channelized wavelength division multiplex equalizer using reflective attenuators
Device for generating electrical signal that is a function of the optical power in optical fiber, an...
Particle guidance system
Optical attenuator
Variable optical attenuator
Zero voltage, zero current switching power factor correction converter with low conduction loss and ...
DC to DC converter method and circuitry
DC apparatus and vehicle using the same
Method and apparatus for light to frequency conversion
Controlled multi-output DC/DC converter
Switching voltage converter with half bridge output as reference voltage
Symmetrical DC/DC converter
Class D amplifier with bandwidth independent of load impedance
Concept and method to enable filterless, efficient operation of Class-D amplifiers
Techniques for synchronizing a self oscillating variable frequency modulator to an external clock
Output stage for high power class D amplifiers
Class D amplifier
Class-D amplifier with enhanced bandwidth
Multiple channel class D audio amplifier
Active filter for reduction of common mode current
Method and apparatus for accurate pulse width modulation
Attitude sensor for spacecraft
Artificial satellite with an orbit having a long staying time in a zenith direction, an orbit contro...
Magnetic dipole tractor beam control system
Method for operation of a rotating space vehicle with varying rotation
Power plant for propeller aircraft
Fiber optic tufts for flow separation detection
Aircraft energy systems management method
Multimedia presentation latency minimization
System and method for synchronizing enhancing content with a video program using closed captioning
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S44`
Oven with water evaporator on door
Pre-harvest sprouting
Miniature bowling game
Method and apparatus for providing power and wireless protocol capability to a wireless device, such...
Publish-subscribe architecture using information objects in a computer network
Preparation of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
CFI-type zeolite, process for preparation of the same, catalyst prepared from the same, and process ...
System and method for facilitating a windows based content manifestation environment within a WWW br...
Data file synchronization
Scheduling presentation broadcasts in an integrated network environment
Method and apparatus for utilizing an audibly coded signal to conduct commerce over the internet
Mobile computing device and associated base stations
Integrated television and internet information system
Seatbelt with child resistant buckle
Computer readable medium for recommending items with multiple analyzing components
System and method for client replication of collaboration space
Income planner for corporate sales agents
Cellulose acetate film for use in liquid crystal displays
Composition comprising silicone epoxy resin, hydroxyl compound, anhydride and curing catalyst
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory and method for fabricating the same
Genes for detecting bacteria and detection method by using the same
Transparent forsterite glass-ceramics
Transparent gallate glass-ceramics
UV photosensitive melted germano-silicate glasses
Chromatic dispersion compensator
Tissue dilator devices, methods of fabrication of tissue dilators, and methods of use for tissue dil...
System and method for analyzing genertic algorithms
Uncorrelated michelson interferometer
Wireless communications using circuit-oriented and packet-oriented frame selection/distribution func...
Methods and apparatus for frame synchronization in a digital audio broadcasting system
Efficient list decoding of Reed-Solomon codes for message recovery in the presence of high noise lev...
Dynamic call waiting based on caller ID
Active noise cancellation for a torpedo seeker head
Sail and method of manufacture thereof
Arcuately displaceable privacy screen assembly
Power train
Air induction system for small watercraft
Inflatable dinghy cover
Flexible male female mold for custom surfboard production
Lottery ticket play action game
Telecopier cover sheet assembly package
Method of identifying polypeptides
Anti-idiotypic antibody against FimH adhesion of uropathogenic type I-fimbriated Escherichia coli, c...
Internal cushioned metatarsal guard for safety footwear and method of making the same
Liquid crystal display device and resistor type touch panel
Home appliance networking system and method for controlling the same
Biodegradable targetable microparticle delivery system
Cellulose/polyolefin composite pellet
Hydrogenated block copolymer compositions
Processes of purifying oligonucleotides
Benzene butyric acids and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
AIDS prophylactic lubricating composition and devices for its use
Method of forming precision glass microlens arrays and a microlens array formed therewith
Wafer rotation randomization for process defect detection in semiconductor fabrication
Process for the production of laminated cores
Low profile pump
Magneto-optical reproducing method using a plural of different reproducing beams
Teatcup liner series
Polymerization and/or crosslinking method under electron beam and/or gamma radiation
Wavelength-division multiplex optical signal processor and a method of regenerating a wavelength-div...
Process for obtaining or repairing a die that does not need end finishing
Polyfunctional polyisocyanate polyadducts
Apparatus and method for utilizing the waste heat of an air-cooled fuel cell battery
Disk playback device with reduced depth dimension
Information distribution apparatus, information distribution method, and computer readable recording...
Method and system for the simplification of leaf-limited bridges
Mobile crew management system for distributing work order assignments to mobile field crew units
Method and system for managing windows desktops in a heterogeneous server environment
Systems, methods and computer program products for handling client requests for server application p...
Cuff bracelet
Configuration of a remote data collection and communication system
Card carrying an array of compounds
Method and apparatus for filter selection from a frequency synthesizer data
Chemically amplified positive resist composition
UV stabilized, impact modified polyester/polycarbonate blends, articles, and methods of manufacture ...
Satellite cluster comprising a plurality of modular satellites
Power management under limited power conditions
Method and apparatus for determining slew rate limits and controlling dampers in a suspension system
Hidden image game piece
Game for two people in a relationship and method of play
Game apparatus and method for teaching basketball skills
Signalling in a digital mobile communications system
Bubble blower
Transmission mechanism for motion toy
Method for manufacturing a pet mannequin for training pet trimming technicians
Swinging bob toy with middle bob having non-cylindrically symmetric weight distribution
Erectable shelter
Transport vehicle for skaters and skiers
Shock linkage assembly for a snowmobile suspension system
On demand vehicle drive system
Engine with torque converter
Method and apparatus for controlling an electric powered assisted steering system using an adaptive ...
Electrically assisted power steering system for motor vehicles
Vehicle suspension device
Statement regarding federally sponsored research or development
Multithreaded address resolution system
Method and apparatus for searching a filtering database with one search operation
Method and apparatus for multi-threaded based search of documents
Use of .alpha.-1,4-glucan lyase for preparation of 1,5-D-hydrofructose
Photographic kiosk
Digital camera valet gate
Remote consumer information system
Billiards showroom kiosk
Sonometry and densitometry medical diagnostic devices enabled for per-use patient examinations charg...
E-service to manage and export contact information
Portable high speed internet device integrating cellular telephone and palm top computer
VPN composing method, interwork router, packet communication method, data communication apparatus, a...
Watermarking based protection of virtual component blocks
Perceptual modeling of media signals based on local contrast and directional edges
Ink jet recording sheet
Camera network communication device
Data communication apparatus, image server, control method, storage medium, and image system
Apparatus and method for recording data onto a predetermined recording medium
Manual assisted vertical lift bed
Method and means for injecting fluid into a meat product
Method for production of pasteurized in-shell chicken eggs
Method for making a puffed food starch product
Coextrusion method with coextrusion hollow needles
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S50`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `KLEI01027`
Hosta plant named `Thunderbolt`
Inkberry plant named `Gold Mine`
Hibiscus plant named `New York`
Biopreparation of textiles at high temperatures
Trophoblast cell preparations
Compositions and methods for drug delivery using pH sensitive molecules
Database useful for configuring and/or optimizing a system and a method for generating the database
Methods of organizing data and processing queries in a database system, and database system and soft...
Multi-dimensional database record compression utilizing optimized cluster models
Pectin, method for its production, acidic protein foods incorporating it and method for their produc...
Monolithic catalyst dehydrogenation reactor
On-line synthesis and regeneration of a catalyst used in autothermal oxidation
2-acylamino-2-deoxy-glucono-1,5-lactones, a method for the production thereof, compositions containi...
Thermal cracking of crude oil and crude oil fractions containing pitch in an ethylene furnace
Gold recovery from thiosulfate leaching
Oxynitride phosphor activated by a rare earth element, and sialon type phosphor
Silicon wafer and method for producing silicon single crystal
Bioactive sol-gel derived silica fibers and methods for their preparation
Contact bonding adhesives
Process for preparing derivatives of isopropenyl-.alpha., .alpha.-dimethylbenzyl isocyanate
Self-leveling screeds and trowel-applied flooring compositions containing dispersion powder composit...
Process for preparing polymer dispersions with a high solids content
Two-part polyurethane adhesives for structural finger joints and method therefor
Method for manufacturing field emission device
Golf ball with vapor barrier layer and method of making same
Low field magnetoresistance of intergranular tunneling in field-aligned chromium dioxide powders
Silicone and ionically modified isocyanate adduct
Alkyd-based ink vehicles and ink compositions
Display device with deflection means and means for influencing the distance between electron beams
Avian infectious herpesvirus recombinants and recombinant vaccines prepared with the use of the same
Monolayer sheet structure of primary hepatocytes obtained using a protein-phosphorylation inhibitor
Methods for modulating T cell responses by manipulating intracellular signal transduction
LED lamps
Resistive cross point array of short-tolerant memory cells
Process for producing structured layers, process for producing components of an integrated circuit, ...
Genome DNA of bacterial symbiont of aphids
Cell-cycle checkpoint genes
Nucleic acids and proteins from Cenarchaeum symbiosum
Apparatus and method for compensating image signal
Projection television
Dynamic gamma correction apparatus
Display assembly having display supported on casing to be controllable in attitude
Method and device for optically examining structured surfaces of objects
Time scheduling method and scheduler for a modular engine that negotiates among modules timing offer...
Image forming method
Polyurethane-forming composition with adjustable mix viscosity, geotextile composites prepared there...
Photographic processing composition containing a diaminostilbene derivative and image forming method...
Baroplastic materials
Method of reclaiming crosslinked rubber
Manufactured article recycling system
Magnetic nasal tube bridle system and related method
Multimedia timeline modification in networked client/server systems
Recording medium, information reproducing apparatus and information reproducing method
Three-dimensional graphics processor and its drafting method using parallel scanning lines as proces...
System and method for resource management on a data network
Soybean cultivar SW84112
Soybean cultivar SW61302
Metal material having good resistance to metal dusting
Vane heat transfer structure
High strength aluminum alloy forgings
Rhodium-based alloy and articles made therefrom
Aluminum alloy composition, article and method of use
Method for dissolving plutonium or a plutonium alloy and converting it into nuclear fuel
Apparatus and method for inserting an updateable hidden image into an optical path
Method and system for embedding extra information, method and system for decoding
Method and apparatus for touch screen data entry
Computing device communication with replay protection
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Monarda plant named `Fireball`
Information management apparatus dividing files into paragraph information and header information li...
Mapping persistent data in multiple data sources into a single object-oriented component
Method for washing of graphic image files
Managing replacement of data in a cache on a node based on caches of other nodes
Archiving tool
Chlorogenic acid and an analog thereof for immune system stimulation
Vacuum cleaner
Hand wand for vacuum cleaner
Grill construction for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner head
Front handle for vacuum cleaner
Electric signalling system
Radar plow drillstring steering
Diversity system for receiving digital terrestrial and/or satellite radio signals for motor vehicles
Portable wireless terminal
Ballpoint pen type input device for computer
Receiver selectively receiving, demodulating and outputting a tv broadcast signal and an FM radio br...
Process for production of optically active pyrroloazepine derivatives
Azetidine derivative and process for preparation thereof
Optically active nitro alcohol derivatives, optically active amino alcohol derivatives, and process ...
Surface mountable optocoupler package
Scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using the same
Rotationally detachable low to high heel shoes
Flat display device
Process pair protection for complex applications
Prioritized data capture, classification and filtering in a network monitoring environment
Distributed realtime speech recognition system
Enabling application response measurement
Automatic invocation of computational resources without user intervention across a network
Compositions of a hydrofluoroether and HFC-32
Fluoropolymer film structures and laminates produced therefrom
Genes involved in cyclododecanone degradation pathway
Coating compositions containing isocyanate-functional non-aqueous dispersed polymers
Process for rotomolding with melt-extruded TFE/PAVE copolymer
Ink jet recording element
Loose fiber adsorbent
Material to be printed by an ink-jet printer
Apparatus and method for UV oxidation and microbiological decomposition of organic waste air
Fire retardant EPDM roofing membrane compositons for use on high-sloped roofs
Compositions for inhalation
Reagent delivery device and method of use
Dimethicone copolyol raspberriate as a delivery system for natural antioxidants
Porous particles, their aqueous dispersions, and method of preparation
Protective layer transfer sheet
Aqueous monomer/polymer composition
Limiting weight gain of cats by feeding carbohydrate source that excludes rice
Method of making pepperoni flakes or pepperoni
Peelably sealed packaging
Blended pressure-sensitive adhesives
Cleaning compositions for oil and gas wells, lines, casings, formations and equipment and methods of...
Antistatic ionomer blend
Access system and method for buses
Dispatching system with dynamically forward loading (DFL) intensity to solve nonlinear wafer out pro...
Methods and systems for electronically forwarding an online gift
Compositions, methods and kits relating to remodel
Process for profile extrusion of a polyester
Composition containing thermoplastic polymers
Rapid prototyping method of sintering powdery material and fabricating apparatus using the same
Handwriting recognition method and apparatus having multiple selectable dictionaries
Method and apparatus for speech reconstruction in a distributed speech recognition system
Voice activated circuit and radio using same
Apparatus and method for synchronizing a clock using a phase-locked loop circuit
Tau-conotoxin peptides
Electronic system and method for controlling access through user authentication
Sequence database search with sequence search trees
Diagnostic expert in a process control system
Fuzzy logic based control
Method and system for generating software code using a symbolic language translator
Methods and devices for reducing the mineral content of vascular calcified lesions
T1 receptor-like ligand II and uses thereof
Adhesive compositions including self-assembling molecules, adhesives, articles, and methods
Method for manufacturing a non-aqueous-gel-electrolyte battery
Moniliform silica sol, process for producing the same, and ink-jet recording medium
Carbonaceous material for electrode and non-aqueous solvent secondary battery using this material
Lithium secondary battery
Hand held mobile phone with integral internal printer
Inhibitors of factor Xa
Method and apparatus for visually creating and testing object oriented components
Method and apparatus for signal generation and detection using unstable periodic chaotic orbits
Fodder mixing and feeding the fodder, method and apparatus for supplying fodder using the same
Coating compositions containing functionalized silicones
Anti-transforming growth factor Beta (TGF-.beta.) treated stem cell composition and method
Absorbent polymer material based on renewable starting materials
Production of polyester using preblended cobalt-phosphorus
Process and apparatus for gravure
Printing machine with an imaging device
Outdoor menu display device
Friction material formed by deposition of friction modifiers on high, wet energy carbonaceous fricti...
Mixtures of carboxylic acids, their derivatives and hydroxyl-containing polymers and their use for i...
Catalyst system and its use in a polymerization process
Silver halide photographic emulsion
Fixed abrasive planarization pad conditioner incorporating chemical vapor deposited polycrystalline ...
Metal oxide coated nano substrates
Metal oxide coated substrates
Metal oxide coated substrates
Silver halide emulsion
Sheet resin composition and process for manufacturing semiconductor device therewith
Ethylene polymerization
Controlling access to multiple memory zones in an isolated execution environment
Knife blade
Method and apparatus for ventilation/oxygenation during guided insertion of an endotracheal tube
Wiring failure analysis method using simulation of electromigration
Discharge lamp with spiral shaped discharge tube
Apparatus and method for forward power controlling in CDMA mobile telecommunication system
Image forming apparatus having density detecting means
Apparatus for accessing another apparatus to perform processing and method therefor, and memory medi...
Vacuum retort anaerobic digestion (VRAD) system and process
Semiconductor device on a packaging substrate
Barrier layer integrity test
Method of selectively alloying interconnect regions by ion implantation
Organic electroluminescence display device and method of manufacturing same
Apparatus for inspecting a printed circuit board
Magneto-optical head for magneto-optical reading and writing system
Methods and systems for determining a critical dimension and a thin film characteristic of a specime...
Optical device and a microscope
Process for producing L-arabinose, L-arabinose-containing enzymatically processed products, diet foo...
Food using .gamma.-aminobutyric acid-enriched cruciferous plant
Method for isolating a target biological material, capture phase, detecting phase and reagent contai...
Molecular dispersion composition with enhanced bioavailability
Methods for surface modification
Treatment of bruxism
Arrangement for partitioning logic into multiple field programmable gate arrays
Optical proximity correction
Microphone boom for a headset
Disk cascade scrubber
Apparatus and method for drying a thin substrate
Sun shade
Cordless telephone
Event routing mechanism in a computer system
Method and apparatus for compensation of second order distortion
Modulation of L-selectin shedding via inhibition of tumor necrosis factor-.alpha. converting enzyme ...
AAV vectors for gene therapy
Method of reinforcing catalyst reaction
Pattern-forming method using photomask, and pattern-forming apparatus
Soldering iron with heated gas flow
High voltage pulse generator using a non-linear capacitor
Method of controlling the temperature of water in a water heater
Method and apparatus for virtual resource handling in a multi-processor computer system
Optical fiber having negative dispersion, negative dispersion slope and large effective area
Method and apparatus for using a universal serial bus to provide power to a portable electronic devi...
Apparatus and method for controlling link stack corruption during speculative instruction branching ...
Method for making wood and plastic composite material
Personal care product
Immunogenic polysaccharide-protein conjugates containing poly .alpha.(2.fwdarw.8), .alpha.(2.fwdarw....
Web infeed device with decentrally arranged connection stations
Printing machine with observation window and with control and/or display elements disposed in the vi...
Vehicle fueling safety system and method
Method for carrying out operations on petroleum and gas fields and deep-sea platform for realizing t...
Method for subsea pod retrieval
Tubular roll core with display
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition
Halogen-free, pentane-blown, flame-retardant rigid polyurethane foam and a process for its productio...
Assay for evaluation of cellular response to allergens
Method and system for dispensing prophylaxis medium
Coating compositions and methods for reducing edge glare in implantable ophthalmic lenses
Covalently-bound, hydrophilic coating compositions for surgical implants
Biodegradable polymer compositions, methods for making same, and articles therefrom
Diffusing adhesive layer, optical member and liquid-crystal display device
Wafer level interconnection
Underwater lamp
Focusing electrode and method for field emission displays
Circuit for improved back EMF detection
Electronically latching micro-magnetic switches and method of operating same
Electromechanical switching for circuits constructed with flexible materials
Delay/load estimation for use in integrated circuit design
Electrolytes with strong oxidizing additives for lithium/sulfur batteries
Monocyclopentadienyl titanium metal compounds for ethylene-.alpha.-olefin-copolymer production catal...
Inbred corn line BE4207
Signal-identifying circuit arrangement
Method and apparatus for creating at least one qubit in a quantum computing device
Method and device for encapsulating an electronic component in particular a semiconductor chip
Concrete placing and screeding apparatus and method
Variable reluctance motor with improved tooth geometry
Method and apparatus for improving component placement in a component pick up and place machine
Surface flashover resistant capacitors and method for producing same
Mandrel with variable pocket widths for automatic packaging machines
Tape feeder with splicing capabilities
Maximizing sequential read streams while minimizing the impact on cache and other applications
Scalable directory based cache coherence protocol
Actuator assembly with orthogonal force generation
Rotary piezoelectric microactuator with an optimum suspension arrangement
Effiicient data representation of teeth model
System and method for monitoring and controlling energy usage
Method for solvent bonding polyolefins
Covering material
Distillation of polycyclic diol
Olefin-based copolymer composition
Lancet system
Assay devices and methods of analyte detection
Method for fabricating a pressure-wave sensor with a leveling support element
Method and apparatus for controlling a discharge lamp in a backlighted display
System and method for soft handoff setup during system access idle handoff in a wireless network
Friction material
Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Heat treatable coated articles with anti-migration barrier layer between dielectric and solar contro...
Apparatus for thermal treatment of glass and method and thermally treated glass therefrom
Opening and closing structure of window member
Ultrafine particle dispersion composition, composition for interlayer for laminated glass, interlaye...
IG window unit and method of making the same
Process and device for shaping hollow glass object
Anti-cancer activity of carvedilol and its isomers
Method for producing liquid urethane prepolymer and resin composition
Polyurethanes and graft mixed polymers based on polyurethane and their use for producing coating mat...
Composite type conductive polymer and process of producing aromatic compound
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Spectrum-controllable reflective polarizers having electrically-switchable modes of operation
Dosimeter for assessing degree of illumination
Surface acoustic wave device with improved electrode
Gyrase inhibitors and uses thereof
Method and system for network data flow management with improved completion unit
Method and apparatus for processing interrupts in a computing system
AHB segmentation bridge between busses having different native data widths
Method and apparatus for correcting common errors in multiple versions of a computer program
System for exchanging software processes during execution using threads
Personal cleansing composition comprising a glyceryl ether
Warewashing system containing nonionic surfactant that performs both a cleaning and sheeting functio...
Non-aqueous cleaning system and method for a printing press recirculation system
Deparaffinization compositions and methods for their use
Acidic all purpose liquid cleaning compositions
Implantable osmotic pump
Hydrocracking and hydrotreating separate refinery streams
System and method for providing repeated elimination bonus in gaming activities
Controlled release urea-formaldehyde liquid fertilizer resins
Method for determining the volume of single red blood cells
Method for measuring the volume of individual red blood cells
System and method for managing intermittent interference on imaging systems
Picture archiving and communication system employing improved data compression
Computer-readable storage media stored with a delay library for designing a semiconductor integrated...
Fiber laser pressure sensor
Mechanical face seal with elastomeric bellows unit and intermeshing drive bands
Conduit vibration decoupling device
Conduit vibration-decoupling device
Bellows seal with reverse pressure capability
Mechanical face seal assembly
Rotating seal ring component kit for a mechanical split seal
Pressure responsive primary ring for a non-contacting mechanical end face seal
Hydrophobic compositions and methods of use in water applications
Engineered in situ anaerobic reactive zones
Method for treating an effluent using simultaneous nitrification/denitrification in a biological fil...
Cellulose compound hollow fiber membrane
Method for separating heavy isotopes of hydrogen from water
Molten salt collector for plasma separations
Dynamic respiratory control
Nebulizer mouthpiece and accessories
Methods and apparatus for decoding LDPC codes
Method and apparatus for teaching and learning
Display system facilitating paint color selection and coordination
Technique for mentoring pre-readers and early readers
Tongue lifter
Distributed real-time operating system providing integrated interrupt management
Active-matrix-driven organic EL display device
Display device
Apparatus and method for evaluating organic EL display
Driving circuit and display
Power supply circuit of an electro-optical device, driving circuit of an electro-optical device, met...
Color filter substrate and manufacturing process therefor, liquid crystal device and manufacturing p...
Method of forming antireflective coatings
Solar selective absorption coatings
High performance cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells
Photosensitive composition, and optical waveguide element and process for producing the same
Lithographic printing process
Process for making a color selective Si detector array
Apparatus for radiation treatment with a homogeneous UVB distribution
Method for the production of a dehumidifying element
Mapping reservoir characteristics using earth's nonlinearity as a seismic attribute
Device for reducing noise emissions
Sound attenuating composite articles incorporating scrim material and methods of making same
Walnut tree named `Fredrick`
Trisazo compound
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synt...
Computer system having reduced cabling requirements
System LSI development apparatus and the method thereof for developing a system optimal to an applic...
Solid condiment comprising a solid and a liquid
Corneal vacuum centering guide and dissector
Viscoelastics for use in middle ear surgery
Soundproofing cover for vehicle
File management system and method, and storage medium
Shoe cleat connector
Reflection type liquid crystal display device
Card system, card information presentation apparatus, card issuing apparatus, card contents update a...
Image processing apparatus
Flash device, lens-fitted photo film unit, camera, and producing method for the same
Optical apparatus, optical apparatus driving unit and camera system
Rangefinder device and camera incorporating the same
Method for reconnection of a dropped call in mobile communication system
Toner for electrophotography and manufacturing method thereof
Cosmetic compact or creme powder
Skin light exposure control methods
Process for the preparation of graft rubber latexes having a reduced residual monomer content
Method and apparatus for performing large numbers of reactions using array assembly with releasable ...
Lock bolt structure of steel cable lock
Steel cable lock structure
Three-piece pressure sensor with high pressure stainless steel sensing element
Flux cored wire for dual phase stainless steel
Corrosion protection of steel in ammonia/water heat pumps
High tensile strength hot-rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Steel pipe having high formability and method for producing the same
Method of manufacturing small volume in vitro analyte sensor