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Stepwise drivers for DC/DC converters
Liquid crystal display system with lamp feedback
Mass spectrometric analysis of biopolymers
Engine oil filter
Filter plate assembly for filter
Treatment of environmental pollutants with mineral ores
Backflow prevention for high pressure gradient systems
Methods and system for protein separation
Method of preparing a chromatography matrix
Method and system for filtration of wastewater
Positively charged membrane
Filter comprising rotatable, disk-shaped filter elements
Spiral wound membrane element and a process for preventing telescoping of the filter element
Filtering device
Filter cartridge for gravity-fed water treatment device
Filter element
Internal UV treatment of potable water systems
Wastewater treatment equipment
Apparatus and method for recovering acetic acid and catalyst in process for preparation of 2,6-napht...
Cruising aeration apparatus and method
Brine container with filter system
Storage subsystem that connects fibre channel and supports online backup
Switching method of data replication mode
Method and system for DMA optimization in host bus adapters
Zone management in a multi-module fibre channel switch
Base station identification in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based spread spectrum mult...
System and method for optimizing the strength and orientation of the inductive field of a hearing ai...
Method and system for manufacturing integrated circuits meeting special customer requirements with m...
Nitride semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the nitride semiconductor laser devic...
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for optimizing inspection recipes using programmed d...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Metal wiring for semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Chip package with die and substrate
Semiconductor wafer, an electronic component, and a component carrier for producing the electronic c...
High resistance silicon wafer and its manufacturing method
Laser fuse with efficient heat dissipation
Structure of sweep-type fingerprint sensing chip capable of resisting electrostatic discharge (ESD) ...
Semiconductor device having a dual gate electrode and methods of forming the same
Non-volatile memory device and methods of forming the same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory
Magnetic memory devices having patterned heater layers therein that utilize thermally conductive sid...
Self-aligned transistor
Semiconductor display device
Pipe shaped phase change memory
Technique for tuning an ion implanter system
Method and apparatus for adjusting feature size and position
Converted digital colour image with improved colour distinction for colour-blinds
Registration of thoracic and abdominal imaging modalities
Locally storing biological specimen data to a slide
Radiography apparatus and radiography method
Pass-line insensitive sensor
Surface scanning
Method and apparatus for a liquid chemical concentration analysis system
Cup lid
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition containing peptides
Compositions and methods for treating cancer by modulating HER-2 and EGF receptors
Biotechnological process for neutralizing alkaline beverage industrial waste water
VEGF-binding fusion proteins and nucleic acids encoding the same
Chemokine PANEC-2 polypeptides and compositions and methods related thereto
Microalgal feeds containing arachidonic acid and their production and use
Antiseptic composition
Anti-microbial compositions and methods of using same
Preparation for cardio-cerebral blood vessel diseases and its preparing method
Schisandrin B preparation
Process for physicochemically producing glycogen and glycogen obtained thereby
Stable pharmaceutical formulation of paroxetine hydrochloride anhydrous and a process for preparatio...
Heparin prodrugs and drug delivery stents formed therefrom
In situ blood vessel and aneurysm treatment
Single ply tissue products surface treated with a softening agent
Disposable leak-proof containment garment
Diagnostic device
Method for embossing textured tissue sheets
Apparatus and methods for making crosslinked elastic laminates
Method and apparatus for folding articles
Micro irrigation pump
Fuel pump to be installed inside fuel tank
Submersible pump assembly for removing a production inhibiting fluid from a well and method for use ...
Water pump
Variable displacement pump and control therefor
Oil utilized as motor protector trip for scroll compressor
System and method for processing complex computer instructions
Fusing load and alu operations
Gas turbine fuel preparation and introduction method
System and method for the secure enrollment of devices with a clearinghouse server for internet tele...
Biometric authentication with security against eavesdropping
Method and system for efficient multiprocessor processing in a mobile wireless communication device
System and method for optimizing an integrated circuit design
Virtual environment capture
Graphical list grouping widget and methods of use thereof
Common text framework
Information encoding by shortened Reed-Solomon codes
System and method for storage area network switch port failure recovery
Clocking system including a clock controller that uses buffer feedback to vary a clock frequency
Measure controlled delay with duty cycle control
Utilizing paging to support dynamic code updates
Memory leakage management
Method and system for improving the latency in a data transmission system
Apparatus, method and system for providing automated services to heterogenous devices across multipl...
Method and system for determining a track record of a moving object
Method of producing traffic signal information, method of providing traffic signal information, and ...
Police radar/laser detector with integral vehicle parameter display using a vehicle interface
Control and/or monitoring apparatus and method
Semiconductor cleaner comprising a reducing agent, dispersant, and phosphonic acid-based chelant
Video conferencing apparatus and method
Continuously variable transmission
Systems and methods for automatically picking and coring lettuce and cabbage
Program recording and viewing reservation system and method thereof
High-bandwidth digital content protection during rapid channel changing
Network communication with client-forced authentication
Configurable cableCARD
Apparatus and method for movement coordination analysis
Structure of delta-sigma fractional type divider
Multiport RAM with programmable data port configuration
Device and methods for repeatedly updating the function of a LCD monitor
Electronic apparatus and medium
Secure lock mechanism based on a lock word
Scripting virus scan engine
Method and system for integrating performance enhancing functions in a virtual private network (VPN)
Pickup unit homing mechanism for a disk drive unit
Method of coating a medical appliance utilizing vibration
Tumour suppressor and uses thereof
Rationally designed antibodies
SARS nucleic acids, proteins, antibodies, and uses thereof
Pulse oximetry relational alarm system for early recognition of instability and catastrophic occurre...
Method for segmentation of IVUS image sequences
Remote function invocation with messaging in a distributed computing environment
Dispatching application steps of an application running on an application server in a client/server ...
Method of automatic synthesis of sequential quantum Boolean circuits
Design verification method for programmable logic design
Electronic circuit with asynchronously operating components
Tap multiplexer
Data processor
Transparent IPSec processing inline between a framer and a network component
Method and system for controlling access to data of a tape data storage medium using encryption/decr...
Interrupt processing system
Method and system for programmable input/output transceiver wherein transceiver is configurable to s...
Client server system and method for executing an application utilizing distributed objects
Apparatus and system for asynchronous replication of a hierarchically-indexed data store
Methods and devices for reducing the detection of inappropriate physiologic signals to reduce misdia...
Self adjusting optimal waveforms
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Hybrid vehicles
Power module driving control apparatus and hybrid vehicle
Modular power source for riding mower
Device at handtruck
Crawler tractor
Multiple-core planar optical waveguides and methods of fabrication and use thereof
Semiconductor device mounting socket
Display element, display and method for manufacturing display
Structure and method for monitoring stress-induced degradation of conductive interconnects
Luminescence cell, luminescence device with luminescence cell, luminescence unit, luminescence devic...
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Interposers with flexible solder pad elements
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Bonding and probing pad structures
Semiconductor chip with post-passivation scheme formed over passivation layer
Semiconductor package structure for vertical mount and method
Wafer-level diamond spreader
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package and lead frame therefor
SiGe nickel barrier structure employed in a CMOS device to prevent excess diffusion of nickel used i...
FEOL/MEOL metal resistor for high end CMOS
Barrier dielectric stack for seam protection
Heat generating element, medical therapeutic instrument implementing the same, and treatment apparat...
Wiring board and semiconductor package using the same
Method of manufacturing a hockey stick blade with a braided fiber envelope
Iontophoresis device
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus cleaning method and cleaning device with improved lubr...
Fiber optic ribbons having an attachment portion
Tubeless fiber optic cables having strength members and methods therefor
Flip chip mounting substrate
Wound dressing and method for manufacturing the same
Two-component coating composition and method of preparation
Fluorochemical diesters as repellent polymer melt additives
Oxygen absorber, method for producing the same, and packaging material using the same
Radiation curable compositions
Multilayer laminated sheet material usable for making protective garments, in particular for fire-fi...
Biped robot control system
Wheeled moving robot
Mobile robot and mobile robot charge station return system
High frequency composite component
Apparatus for determining flow rates of biological fluids
Methods and apparatus for blood component separation
Hydraulically integrated solids/liquid separation system for wastewater treatment
Information processing apparatus including NAND flash memory, and information processing method for ...
Peripheral apparatus, firmware updating method thereof for determining whether an error has occurred...
Method for simulating conveyance of medium
Image forming apparatus free of defect due to substances bleeding from transferring member
Developing apparatus, cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring first and second cleaners operable on the basis of an interval of ...
Image forming apparatus with heat control of image bearing member
Image forming apparatus and output control method of the same
Image heating apparatus including a cooling unit adapted to cool a heating member
Image forming apparatus with conveyance speed control based in part on loop detection
Method and device for selecting data in a communication network
Recording medium type discrimination apparatus, recording apparatus, and discrimination method
Image reading apparatus using image reading lens
Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus employing this apparatus
Imaging optical system and image reading apparatus including four, free-form shaped, resin off-axis ...
Color characterization with enhanced purity
Oxidation using a non-enzymatic free radical system mediated by redox cycling chelators
Pavement degradation tools in a ganged configuration
Enzymatic depolymerization process of polylactic acid, and producing process of polylactic acid usin...
Toner, method for producing the same, and image-forming method using the same
Network-based photomask data entry interface and instruction generator for manufacturing photomasks
Computer system protection
Information distribution/reproduction control apparatus, information distribution/reproduction contr...
Document repository
System and method for conducting product configuration research over a computer-based network
Network dynamic service availability
Telecommunications and telephony network
Wireless local loop antenna
Electronic document management system and method
Method and apparatus for performing network processing functions
ADSL modem for providing IPoA, PPPoA, or PPPoE based dial-up networking service over Ethernet
Flow control between fiber channel and wide area networks
Method and system for location-centric information retrieval from wireless devices using RFID coding
Wireless, internet-based medical-diagnostic system
Participant interaction with entertainment in real and virtual environments
Ultrasonic welding machine, as well as tool for an ultrasonic welding machine
Drug dispensing medical electrode lead and method for making same
Mobile station body comprised of stacked elements
Dual antenna system having one phase lock loop
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device
Signal transmitting cable
Optical switches
Cartridge, image forming apparatus and toner agitation member
Optical device with reduced temperature dependence
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Information recording medium
Process cartridge for image-forming device
Micro-electromechanical system based data storage system
Kit and method for determining a plurality of analytes
Aryl-substituted pyrazole-amide compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Method, routines and system for identification of imprints on dosage forms
Apparatus for controlling the power of an AC voltage supplying an electrical consumer by phase contr...
Concrete reinforced with acrylic coated carbon fibers
Electromagnetic impulse survey apparatus and method utilizing a magnetic component electromagnetic a...
Metal cored electrode for open root pass welding
Pocket tape with alternating adhesive and non-adhesive zones and overlying carrier tape
Cutlery set
Device for a turbidity sensor for a dishwasher or washing machine
Automated quality control method and system for genetic analysis
Analytical device with lancet and test element
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Thermal mass transfer substrate films, donor elements, and methods of making and using same
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Method for retrieving reliability data in a system
Acquiring test data from an electronic circuit
Method and arrangement and computer programme with programme code means and computer programme produ...
Methods, apparatuses, and systems useful in conducting image guided interventions
Control apparatus and control method of optical signal exchanger
Method and system of image segmentation using regression clustering
Method for branch selection for probe alignment
Method and system for fast normalized cross-correlation between an image and a Gaussian for detectin...
Region growing in anatomical images
Method and system for wavelet based detection of colon polyps
X-ray device
Writer structure with assisted bias
Interactive atlas extracted from volume data
Wireless communication device and method
Band coupling structure incorporating conductive wires
Protector-equipped antenna unit with drain structure
Method for detecting acoustic emission using a microwave Doppler radar detector
Eyeglass case
Providing common memory management code to objects that are instances of different classes
Eigen decomposition based OPC model
System and method for providing automatic resets
System and methods for an overlay disk and cache using portable flash memory
Using network traffic logs for search enhancement
Efficient query processing of XML data using XML index
Dynamically assigning a survey to a respondent
Part measurement prioritization system and method
Method and system for analyzing throughput
Assessing blood brain barrier dynamics or identifying or measuring selected substances, including et...
Directed flood of push-to-talk announce message
Method and apparatus for security in a wireless network
White vector feedback adjustment
Optical return-to-zero phase-shift keying with improved transmitters
Lithium ion secondary battery
Flat display panel support and flat panel display device including the support
Production method of catalyst for fuel cell and of fuel cell, and catalyst for fuel cell and fuel ce...
Evanescent wave sensor with attached ligand
Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring a physical or chemical quantity
Method for preparing metal cyanide catalyst complexes using partially miscible complexing agents
Aqueous dispersion type pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive prod...
Digital contact case
Use of 1H-indol-3-yl-2-oxoacetamide compounds
Circuit for monitoring harmonic distortion in the power supply of a synchronous electrical machine w...
Wireless LAN base station device having antennas and transmission-reception portion
Lathe spindle unit and lathe apparatus
OAF065alpha and OAF065beta polypeptides
Chemokine receptor binding heterocyclic compounds
Piperazine amidines as antiviral agents
Pharmaceutical compositions and treatment methods
Method for modulating Nod1 activity, use of a MTP related molecule for modulating Nod1 activity, and...
Method of preparing nucleic acids for detection
Inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase to treat type 1 diabetes
Neural proteins as biomarkers for traumatic brain injury
Parasitic helminth cuticlin proteins and uses thereof
Preventive and therapeutic use of polypeptides from African Swine virus as vaccines
Building additives based on purified hydroxyalkyl guar
Stem cell-specific promoters and their use
Process for catalytically decomposing organic hydroperoxides
Mobile phone
Cutting machining tool
Detection of allergen-associated materials
Vaporizer features
Transient receptor potential channel TRPV3 and its use
Oil containing starch granules for delivering benefit-additives to a substrate
Oil containing starch granules for delivering benefit-additives to a substrate
Method for authentication of pharmaceutical products
Media player
Bidirectional network language support
Zero-footprint camera-based point-of-sale bar code presentation scanning system
Pneumatic nail gun
Medical fluid adaptor
Breast pump
Imaging apparatus and subject moving apparatus
Syringe Having Needle Isolation Features
Rules and directives for validating correct data used in the design of semiconductor products
Process for removal of intermediate hydrogen from cascaded polyolefin slurry reactors
Method and apparatus for a low-density parity-check decoder
Method, apparatus and system for use in controlling transmission power during wireless communication
System and method for delay reduction via automatic target packet transmission
Method and apparatus for providing a multimedia broadcast/multicast service in a visited network
Handover method and apparatus
Method and system of correlating dissimilar call records to a high level aggregated view
Systems and methods of using IQ modulation for calibration or measurement
Providing time synchronization across store-and-forward communication devices using protocol-enabled...
Data error detection and mitigation systems and supporting method and apparatus
Method of dynamic transmit scheduling using channel quality feedback
Method and apparatus for routing calls
Surface contamination detection
Optical reflectometry analysis with a time-adjustment of partial responses
Determining mode spectra for principal states of polarization
Method and apparatus for marketing retail goods
Spectrum analyzer and method for correcting frequency errors
Apparatus and method for gas flow management
Multi-channel high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Portion of an adapter
Ear phones
Enhanced shared secret provisioning protocol
Pen cap and clip
System and method for establishing a secure execution environment for a software process
Adaptive class loading
Compilation and runtime information generation and optimization
Efficient construction of pruned SSA form
Inheritance breakpoints for use in debugging object-oriented computer programs
Buckets of commands in a multiprocessor-based verification environment
Test automation stack layering
High performance freeze-dried dynamic web page generation
Computer generated documentation including diagram of computer system
System and method for tracing and logging for software module
Method for capturing computer application diagnostics
Electronic signature method, program and server for implementing the method
Method, system, and software for mapping and displaying process objects at different levels of abstr...
Programmable logic device-structured application specific integrated circuit
Defining the visual appearance of user-interface controls
System and method for assessing component capabilities
Kernel-based network security infrastructure
Asparaginases and method of preparing a heat-treated product
Method for making a low carbohydrate dough
Method of using a device to lift, move and flip foods
Antioxidant sesame extract
Method of manufacturing condensed milk
Stable acidic milk drinks, process for producing the same, and additive for acidic milk drinks to be...
Alkali and alkaline earth metal levulinates as antimicrobial agents
Time released nutritional product and method of manufacture
Method for producing oenological tannins and enzymatic composition
Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
Container having the function of absorbing blood and water of fresh food
Wildlife feeder
System and method for providing selective access to animal food
Cooking apparatus
Collapsible misting fan apparatus
Microseismic event detection and location by continuous map migration
Method and apparatus for measuring thread wait time
Automatic back annotation of a functional definition of an integrated circuit design based upon phys...
Allocating lower priority interrupt for processing to slave processor via master processor currently...
Method and apparatus for pre-tabulating sub-networks
Instructions for ordering execution in pipelined processes
Memory efficient array transposition via multi pass tiling
Technique for reduced-tag dynamic scheduling and reduced-tag prediction
Multi-socket symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) system for chip multi-threaded (CMT) processors
Aligning device for fuel elements of a pressurized water reactor
Car navigation system
Lance for injecting particulate material into liquid metal
Method for the preparation of highly densified superconductor massive bodies of MgB.sub.2, relevant ...
Fuel gas calorie control method and device
Combinatorial library of 3-aryl-1H-indole-2-carboxylic acid
Backlight unit and method for equalizing brightness thereof
Method for inhibiting insects with an insect cadherin ectodomain
Automated sales support device
Prompt language translation for a telecommunications system
System and method for quality of service management with a call handling system
Device and system for selective wireless communication with contact list memory
Two piece actuator for clip mount system for cellular phone or personal electronic device
Multiple path hybrid for subscriber line services
Telephone apparatus for stabilizing call in no power operation mode and method for controlling the s...
Communication system employing a personal assistant server and a personal assistant terminal
Automation of customer premises equipment provisioning in a telecommunications network
System and method for providing segmented applications
Interactive voice response (IVR) system providing dynamic resolution of data
System and method for telephone operation in quiet mode
Method for integration of a packet-oriented network into a communication system
Multi-function general purpose transceiver
Telephone communication system over a single telephone line
Server-based discovery for location-based forwarding
Electronic apparatus
Communication unit provided with intra-changeable elements
Organic electroluminescent device and fabrication methods thereof
Substrate with printed pattern
Nonwoven fabric
Memory device signaling system and method with independent timing calibration for parallel signal pa...
Method for manufacturing a thin film transistor
Exposure apparatus comprising cleaning apparatus for cleaning mask with laser beam
Safety signaling apparatus for watercraft
Methods and apparatus for processing fish and other products
Aerosol cap
Blocking device for a locking stressing mechanism having a spring-actuated output drive device
Method for managing objects created in a directory service
Electric double layer capacitor utilizing a multi-layer electrode structure and method for manufactu...
Method and system for monitoring, controlling, and locating portable devices performing remote diagn...
Methods for imperfect insulating film electrical thickness/capacitance measurement
Apparatus and method for charge pump control with adjustable series resistance
Discharge light source with electron beam excitation
General dependency model for invalidating cache entries
Method and system for calendar-based image asset organization
System and method for the administration of resource groups
Electronic document versioning method and updated document supply method using version number based ...
System and method of preventing a web browser plug-in module from generating a failure
Tracking incremental changes in a mass storage system
Flexible and error resistant data buffering and connectivity
News distribution
Selective cache flushing in identity and access management systems
Method and system for tracking entities in a computer network
Distributed policy model for access control
Method and system for managing a network
Portable media player
Controlled non-proportional scaling display
Noisy operating system user interface
Automatic fault-testing of logic blocks using internal at-speed logic-BIST
System, Method and Apparatus for Automatic Segmentation and Analysis of Ink Stream
Uninterruptible power supply and method of manufacturing same
Method for driving a switch that controls current drawn in a power factor correction circuit and a d...
Burn-in system power stage
Method and apparatus for adjusting a reference
Integrated FET synchronous multiphase buck converter with innovative oscillator
Switch mode power circuit
Programmable on-chip sense line
Fast-disabled voltage regulator circuit with low-noise feedback loop and operating method thereof
Low noise, low power, fast startup, and low drop-out voltage regulator
Voltage regulator with improved protection and warning system
Inverter-integrated electrical rotating machine
On-line testable solid state reversing DC motor starter
Battery protection device, battery protection system using the same, and battery protection method
Connection member and battery pack
Battery pack for transportation and operation
Battery pack
Measuring fuel by counting coulombs
Rechargeable battery-operated hand machine tool
Vehicle mounted inspection systems and methods
Fluorescent ballast with unique dimming control
Cylinder cover
Method and system for adaptive interleaving
Method and system for adaptive interleaving
Device for managing termination of conductors with jack modules
Hinged weatherproof electrical box cover
Electrical connector housing alignment feature
Flared implant extender for endosseous dental implants
LED light bulb
Tennis bag
User interface with toolbar for programming electrical stimulation therapy
Method for Predicting the State of the Gastric Mucosa
Spinous Process Distractor
Delivery device
Method for measuring the strength of healing bone and related tissues
IL-17A/F heterologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Targeting the Reverse Mode of the Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger For the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Conditio...
Use of prodrugs of GABA analogs for treating disease
Novel formulations of pharmacological agents, methods for the preparation thereof and methods for th...
Novel Therapeutic Agent For Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Als) or Diseases Caused by Als
Modulators of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator
Devices and methods for pain management
Devices and methods for pain management
Method and Apparatus For Health Control
Probe with multiple arms and system for deep electrical neurostimulation comprising such a probe
Method for surgically implanting an electrode device
Device and method to for independently stimulating hemidiaphragms
Gastric restriction method and system for treatment of eating disorders
Device and Method for the Thereapy of Obesity
Anastomotic Outlet Revision
System and Method for Acoustic Information Exchange Involving an Ingestible Low Power Capsule
Crystal and Salt of 1-Cyclopropylmethyl-4-[2-(3,3,5,5-Tetramethylcyclohexyl)Phenyl]Piperazine
Organ Function Maintaining or Amelorating Solution
Methods and Compositions for the Treatment of Lipid-Associated Disorders
Agent for increasing adiponectin in blood
Derivatives of Aminobutanoic Acid Inhibiting Cpt
Device and method for installation of electrical wiring in conduit
Dust collector for drill
Picture hanger for use with gypsum board
Method and system for caching streaming multimedia on the internet
Efficient binary coding scheme for multimedia content descriptions
Software methods for authoring multimedia content to be written to optical media
System and method for wireless broadcast of multimedia files to vehicles
Multimedia presentation system and method therefor
Cover frame support clamp for pontoon boat rails
Retractable boat shade canopy, frame and mounting system attachable to a boat's existing T-top
Multi-part boat
Accessory ready assembly
Method for performing verification of logic circuits
Isolated pwell tank verification using node breakers
Restoring data with reduced suspension-of-access periods
Programmable interleaving in multiple-bank memories
System and method for performing memory operations in a computing system
Method for translating slide presentations into different languages
Method and system for monitoring power flow through an electric power transmission line
Method and apparatus for providing information about a real-world space
Location tracing system for mobile telecommunication terminal and method thereof
Defining a smart area
Private wireless network integrated with public wireless network
Composite coating for improved wear resistance for x-ray tube bearings
Moss control composition
Golf club head
Impact force dampening system for use with a golf putter head
Golf putter with concave cylindrical or spherical striking surface
Golf club head with alignment system
Putting training device
Reel mower with adjustable bedknife having constant longitudinal location relative to reel
Color filter and manufacturing method therefor
Ink composition
Chemical resistant thermoplastic resin composition
Method of applying outer insulation to a stator bar of an electric machine
Input tracking high-level multibit quantizer for delta-sigma ADC
D/A conversion circuit and A/D conversion circuit
Electro-pneumatic latching valve system
Air-suspension device for vehicles, in particular for commercial vehicles
Lifting system for a vehicle axle
Operating assist device for vehicle clutch
Vehicle with clutch assist device
Vehicle brake apparatus
Clamping and/or brake device
Method for illuminating liquid crystal display device, a back-light assembly for performing the same...
Method and apparatus for characterizing arrays using cell-based timing elements
Method for producing fluorinated organic compounds
Fuel cell and metal separator for fuel cell
Process for preparing symmetrical and unsymmetrical N,N-dihydrocarbylhydroxylamines
Producing method of wired circuit board
Reinforcement element and method of producing a reinforcement element
Channel estimation applique for multiple antenna wireless communications
Construction machine with fuel use indication
Cell delivery patch for myocardial tissue engineering
Method for synthesis of polymers with thiol functions
Mobile phone
High-frequency module and mobile communication apparatus using the same
Apparatus for filling and refilling a flexible container
Sulphonamide derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic application
Method and apparatus for improved routing in connectionless networks
Method for manufacturing steel plate having superior toughness in weld heat-affected zone
Point search apparatus and in-vehicle navigation apparatus
One to many mapping of application service provision
Particle filter cleaning apparatus
Method and system for enhanced data searching
Method and system for detecting vulnerabilities in source code
Systems and methods for reducing detected intensity non-uniformity in a laser beam
Stent coatings with engineered drug release rate
Device retrieval system on the basis of device attributes and method thereof
Multi-dose inhaler
Electrochromic device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Magnetic memory arrays
Image forming apparatus
Halogen incandescent lamp
Future valve analytics
Information processing method, inter-task communication method, and computer-executable program for ...
Methods and apparatuses for thread management of multi-threading
Storage system for increased cache reliability VI reading redundant disks into cache
Shared translation look-aside buffer and method
Information processing apparatus and method
Atomic operation involving processors with different memory transfer operation sizes
Storage system and power source control method thereof, storage apparatus and data processing method
Combined buffer for snoop, store merging, load miss, and writeback operations
Storage system has the function of preventing drive write error
Method for keeping snapshot image in a storage system
Virtual disk drive system and method
Abnormal IPSec packet control system using IPSec configuration and session data, and method thereof
Method for inserting a fusion cage having a height substantially the same as the height between adja...
Device and method for the delivery of viscous fluids in the body
Periosteal distraction
IL-1-like cytokine antibodies
Device and method for providing electric service
Electromagnetic wave absorption complex, and method of producing the same
Selectively responsive tag suitable for RFID systems and the like
Fuel cell gas separator
Magnetically attracted inspecting apparatus and method using a ball bearing
Methods for modifying truck cabs and doors
Dual range vehicle remote
Doppler tracking optical monopulse
Adjustment of print job to reduce color toner usage
Apparatus and method for packaging and integrating microphotonic devices
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser
Laser cavity pumping method and laser system thereof
Laser annealing apparatus and annealing method of semiconductor thin film using the same
Semiconductor laser device
Vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
Laser system with multiple wavelength diode pump head and associated method
Optical system for cell imaging
Laser pulse multiplier
Surface and subsurface detection sensor
Beam irradiation apparatus, beam irradiation method, and method for manufacturing a thin film transi...
In-line fabric labeling printing system and associated method of use
Method for verifying scan precision of a laser measurement machine
Liquid crystal displays
Surface coil arrangement for magnetic resonance tomographs
Method for determining the content of at least one component of a sample by means of a nuclear magne...
Pyrimidine compound and medicinal composition thereof
Indoles, 1H-indazoles, 1,2-benzisoxazoles, and 1,2-benzisothiazoles, and preparation and uses thereo...
Intermediates in producing phenoxyacetic acid preventives and method of using the same
Metallopeptide compositions for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Process for preparing carbamic ester derivatives
Opioid receptor antagonists
Modulators of calcitonin and amylin receptor activity
Swabable fluid connectors and fluid connector pairs
Disc access processor processing a result of accessing a disc and method thereof
Methods and apparatus for improved read sensors using a multi-layered seed layer structure having a ...
Magnetic detecting element provided with free layer having layered-ferri configuration
Magnetoresistive sensor having an in stack bias structure with NiFeCr spacer layer for improved bias...
Soft magnetic thin film and magnetic recording head
Sensor with in-stack bias structure providing enhanced magnetostatic stabilization
Stamped stators for disk drives
GMR head design that suppresses tribocharge during its assembly
Signal reproducing method and storage apparatus
Head slider for disk apparatus
Systems and methods for regulating hard disk drive operation in cold temperatures
Magnetic head coil system and damascene/reactive ion etching method for manufacturing the same
Two degree of freedom position control method, two degree of freedom position control device, and me...
Method of detecting position of head for recording medium
Storage device, continuous-vibration detecting method, and control apparatus
Large protrusion recording head for controlled magnetic spacing recording/reading
Transducers for ferroelectric storage medium
Using a mechanical stop for determining an operating parameter of a data handling device
Method and apparatus for using a one-time or few-time programmable memory with a host device designe...
Flash EEprom system
Compressed event counting technique and application to a flash memory system
Reducing floating gate to floating gate coupling effect
Multi-bit-per-cell flash EEPROM memory with refresh
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device, electronic card using the same and electronic apparatus
Non-volatile semiconductor memory with large erase blocks storing cycle counts
Method for column redundancy using data latches in solid-state memories
System and method for displaying messages using a messages table
Data-capable network prioritization with reduced delays in data service
Methods and apparatus for automatically recording push-to-talk (PTT) voice communications for replay
Broadband communications access device
System, method, and apparatus for communicating information between a mobile communications device a...
Optical fiber array, optical fiber positioning method and optical fiber positioning plate
Fiber access terminal
Cable management panel with rear entry
Two-dimensional photonic crystal slab having three-dimensional local structure
Fiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof
High-power fused collimator and associated methods
Apparatus and method of compensating for wavelength dispersion of optical transmission line
Fiber optic sensor and sensing system for hydrocarbon flow
Optical switch
Method and apparatus for simultaneous emission and transmission spect using oblique line sources
Optical communication module and optical element for optical communication module
Doped-ring amplifying optical fiber, and an amplifier containing such a fiber
Method and apparatus for optical interactance and transmittance measurements
Application of statistical inference to optical time domain reflectometer data
Distortion measuring device, method, program, and recording medium
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Starting circuit for electric discharge lamp
Wireless tire pressure and/or wheel speed sensing system for aircraft
Passenger screening system and method
Torque sensor packaging systems and methods
Efficient translation of data from a two-dimensional array to a wedge
Method and system for selectively etching a dielectric material relative to silicon
Electronically controlled prosthetic system
Information signal processing apparatus, picture information converting apparatus, and picture displ...
Fixing unit and image forming apparatus
System and method for forward error correction decoding using soft information
Catalyst system comprising a mixture of catalyst components for producing a polyolefin blend
Integrated high efficiency fossil fuel power plant/fuel cell system with CO.sub.2 emissions abatemen...
Process for stably operating a continuous preparation process for obtaining acrolein or acrylic acid...
Carousel for electric toothbrushes
Oriented graphite film, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving differential STBC using channel power
Process for producing cyclic thioether and synthetic intermediate thereof
Mobile phone
Pet toilet
Compound for treatment of external secretion disorders
Method of adjusting the working range of a multi-analyte assay
Action record support program, system, device, and method
Method and system of providing a dynamic sampling plan for integrated metrology
Honeycomb filter and exhaust gas treatment apparatus
System and method for providing a health model for software
Method and system for detecting race condition vulnerabilities in source code
Method and apparatus for reducing the infrared and radar signature of a vehicle
Method of offering wall-thickness thinning prediction information, and computer-readable recording m...
Apparatus and method for delivery of mitomycin through an eluting biocompatible implantable medical ...
Phase changable memory device structures
Nonvolatile variable resistor, memory device, and scaling method of nonvolatile variable resistor
LED lamp and method for manufacturing the same
High pressure discharge lamp having a conical part and a cylindrical body part
Remote access and retrieval of electronic files
E-commerce sales and use tax exchange system and method
Method for preparing organic-inorganic composite microcrystal
Method for cleaning tar-bearing waste water and apparatus for performing said method
Collagen production method
Glass composition and glass substrate
Methods of modifying fibers
Handle for taping knife with enlarged hammer end
Weathered stone and the manufacturing method thereof
Electronic controls for pollutant removal
Method for conveying, mixing, and leveling dewatered pulp prior to drying
Coatings for building products and dewatering aid for use with same
Methods of cementing subterranean formations using cement compositions comprising maltodextrin
Optical system, image projection apparatus and method thereof
T Cell Apoptosis Inducer
Process for the Heterotrophic Production of Microbial Products with High Concentrations of Omega-3 H...
Preparation of Canola Protein Isolate and Use in Aquacultre
Fruit breaking method and apparatus
Pectin for Heat Stable Bakery Jams
Methods and Apparatus for Processing Perishable Products
Marbled Bouillon, Broth, Soup, Sauce or Seasoning Cube and Process for Preparing the Same
Adjustable aperture for plant tissue packaging
Coated Snack Products
Methods for reducing asparagine in a food material using cooling
Soluble Coffe Product
Virtual lobby for data conferencing
Mobile computerized tomography (CT) imaging system with cordless and wireless capabilities
Transmission imager
CT system with synthetic view generation
Customized material for improved radiopacity
Computerized tomographic imaging system
Object positioning method for a lithographic projection apparatus
Method and apparatus for soft-tissue volume visualization
Asymmetric flattening filter for x-ray device
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
X-ray irradiator and X-ray imaging apparatus
Coherent THz emitter with DC power reducing resistor
X-ray generator and method
Digital wireless position sensor
System for controlling image quality in processing radiographic photothermographic sheet media
Imaging mode for linear accelerators
Radiation image photographing apparatus
Separate plane compression
Optical information recording medium
Liquid crystal device comprising alignment posts having a random or pseudorandom spacing therebetwee...
Pet dental chew
Facial feature-localized and global real-time video morphing
Mention-synchronous entity tracking system and method for chaining mentions
Chinese romanization
System and methods of deriving differential fluid properties of downhole fluids
Integrated transceiver circuit with low interference production and sensitivity
Image tracking control algorithm
Strap holder
Flower vase stake
Anchor body for concrete construction
Battery testers with secondary functionality
Micro beam collimator for high resolution XRD investigations with conventional diffractometers
Electrolyte for electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor and process for producing tetrafluoro...
Prefix processing technique for faster IP routing
Dynamically categorizing entity information
System and method for conducting electronic commerce
Method and system for multi-user channel allocation for a multi-channel analyzer
Matching the fit of individual garments to individual consumers
System and a method for accelerating communication of TCP/IP based content through the use of fake h...
Geometry based search method for 3D CAx/PDM repositories
Method and apparatus for removing crosstalk and other interference in communications systems
Coupling structure, resonator excitation structure and filter for coplanar-waveguide circuit
Bandage container
System for detecting position of capsule endoscope in subject
Radiation curable thermal transfer elements
Fluorescent red-orange retroreflective sheeting
Multilayer optical film with melt zone to control delamination
Oxygen enrichment apparatus
Endoscopic retractor instrument and associated method
Device for blow moulding, filling and closing plastic containers
Method for using a cutting tool having variable movement in a z-direction laterally along a work pie...
Method for using a cutting tool having variable and independent movement in an x-direction and z-dir...
Cover for terminated cables
Abrasive article with holes
Abrasive article with holes
GPS for communications facility records
Vehicle speeding alert system for GPS enabled wireless devices
Transitional feminine styled garment for mastectomy patients
Device for the control of fluorescent lamps in a lighting arrangement
Method of making an electrically conductive element for use in a fuel cell
Method for production of polyelectrolyte membranes and fuel cell
3-cyclopropyl-4-(3-amino-2-methylbenzoyl)pyrazoles and their use as herbicides
Method for detection of promoter methylation status
Quick release stowage system for transporting mobile satellite antennas
Method of treating a subterranean formation with an oil-based composition containing a polysaccharid...
Mobile phone
Program, method and apparatus for analyzing transmission signals
Methods for management of mixed protocol storage area networks
Insurance pattern analysis
Determining ion beam parallelism using refraction method
Estimating software project requirements for resolving defect backlogs
Anisotropic conductive connector and wafer inspection device
Measurement substrate, substrate table, lithographic apparatus, method of calculating an angle of an...
Method and apparatus for document filtering using ensemble filters
Memory system combining flash EEPROM and FeRAM
Gas discharge lamp for extreme UV radiation
System for savings and tax management of gratuity income
Floating Lifter Pressure Relief Valve
Data-providing service system
Modular electronic device
Method and system for utilizing profiles
Multi-pass data organization and automatic naming
Header-token driven automatic text segmentation
Contextual content publishing system and method
Collaborative content evaluation
Network commerce system with lead-based feedback
Method and system for gateway communication
Method and apparatus for controlling access to a data storage device
Protection assembly for a multi-surface housing
Virtual front shield writer
Method and device for compensating for thermal decay in a magnetic storage device
Method and apparatus for improving servo stability in read heads while writing
Modulation bit added to worst case codeword
Skin care composition
DNA sequences from tcd genomic region of photorhabdus luminescens
Brassica Juncea Lines With High Oleic Acid Profile In Seed Oil
Brassica Plant Comprising a Mutant Fatty Acid Desaturase
Method for the production of plant seed with modified fiber content and modified seed coat
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Plastid Transit Peptides
Plastid Transit Peptides
Nanoarchaeum genome, Nanoarchaeum polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding them and methods for makin...
Separating agent for optical isomers, method of production thereof, and separation column for optica...
Amidite for nucleic acid synthesis and nucleic acid synthesizing method
Nonhuman model animal lacking the ability to control lymphocyte migration
Corn Event MIR604
Corn Event DAS-59122-7 and Methods for Detection Thereof
Novel chelating agents and highly luminescent and stable chelates and their use
Mammalian endonucleases and methods of use
Glycosyltransferase, nucleic acid encoding the glycosyltransferase and method of testing canceration...
Method for the sulfonation of compounds comprising free hydroxyl (OH) groups or primary or secondary...
Regulation of hypoxia-inducible gene expression with antisense Inhibitory PAS domain protein
Sulfotransferase inhibitor
Method for cell adhesion and wound healing
Method for detection of alterations in the DNA mismatch repair pathway
Method For Automatically Controlling Access To Internet Chat Rooms
Methods of modulating cell death based on the Bit1/AES regulatory pathway
Screening for disease susceptibility by genotyping the CCR5 and CCR2 genes
Image display apparatus and image display method
Display apparatus and its control method
Display apparatus
Image display and display panel thereof
Current generation circuit, method of driving current generation circuit, electro-optical device, an...
Circuits including parallel conduction paths and methods of operating an electronic device including...
Circuit in light emitting display
Image display panel consisting of a matrix of memory-effect electroluminescent cells
Light emitting device having a conductive polymer and coloring layers
Top-gate thin-film transistor
Binuclear organometallic complexes and organic electroluminescent display device using the same
Light emitting material and organic light-emitting device
Rapidly self-assembled thin films and functional decals
Automated molecular pathology apparatus having independent slide heaters
Embedded piezoelectric microcantilever sensors
Bottom profile for drawn and ironed can body
Portable motion-activated position reporting device
Systems and methods for facilitating wireless communication between various components of a distribu...
Fixed transmitting station with electromagnetic field probe
Mobile phone with wireless camera detection
Systems and methods for waking up wireless LAN devices
Method and device for floating-point multiplication, and corresponding computer-program product
Data acquisition system for system monitoring
Method of configuring an in-vehicle telematics unit
Leaf, multi-leaf collimator, device for delimiting beams and irradiation device
Container for grenades
Surface wave resonator with reduced acceleration sensitivity
Modular sealed portable digital electronic controller
Security entrance system
Manufacturing process for membrane-electrode assemblies
Acoustic generator for distance sounding with a new and novel portal structure for the efficient fir...
Apparatus for simultaneously coating and measuring parts
Digital camera with viewfinder designed for improved depth of field photographing
Body temperature measuring system capable of measuring plural remote temperatures and receiver capab...
Characterizing a cargo container
Electrically variable transmission having three planetary gear sets, a stationary member and three f...
Electrostatic chuck including a heater mechanism
Control system for internal combustion engine
Coherent optical detector and coherent communication system and method
Light source unit and light irradiation unit
Method and system for a digital device menu editor
In situ user interface template editing
System and method for self-diagnosing system crashes
System and method of providing multiple installation actions
Narrow bandpass filter assemblies for solar telescopes
Surface plasmon enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Coulter counter having a plurality of channels
Standoff optical detection platform based on surface plasmon-coupled emission
Nitric oxide enhancing diuretic compounds, compositions and methods of use
Method of fabricating a multi-cornered film
Method for dosing a biological or chemical sample
Photoreceptor layer having vinylidene fluoride
Method and system for label-based packet forwarding among multiple forwarding elements
High-speed traffic measurement and analysis methodologies and protocols
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Phase event detection and direction of arrival estimation
Method of forming stepped structures employing imprint lithography
Acicular silicon crystal and process for producing the same
Antibiotic polymers
Method of microbial reduction and/or sterilization of impression materials
Lipase variants
Process for preparation of rosuvastatin calcium
Inhibitors of Akt activity
PI-3 kinase inhibitor prodrugs
Polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding same
Low-molecular weight peptides inhibiting ion channel activity
Method and apparatus for applying energy to biological tissue including the use of tumescent tissue ...
C-type lectin polypeptides
Therapeutic device and system
Discharge lamp lighting device
Color image forming apparatus using base-layer
Portable phone
Chain for a rock guitarist
Rake receiving apparatus and method in a direct sequence CDMA mobile communication system
Setting method of chip initial state
Rear panel for a ponytail cap
Non-volatile memory electronic device with NAND structure being monolithically integrated on semicon...
Rear panel with hairnet for ponytail cap
Active matrix liquid crystal with capacitor below disclination region
Display device capable of reducing burn-in on display panel
Semiconductor integrated circuit and its power-saving control method and program
Light-emitting device and image forming apparatus
Privacy management of personal data
Remote field command post
Care/makeup compositions comprising a 2-alkylideneaminooxyacetamide compound for stimulating the gro...
Epoxy resin curing agent of aliphatic diamine/styrene addition product
Mapping radio-frequency spectrum in a communication system
Plasma processing system for treating a substrate
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Sleeve for a printing machine
Positioning device for a rotationally displaceable positioning element
Amplifier having a regulation system controlled by the output stage
Apparatus and probe head for determining a quantitative property of a sample substance by means of m...
Electrically symmetric NMR coils with a plurality of windings connected in series
Gradient bore cooling providing RF shield in an MRI system
Medical device chemically modified by plasma polymerization
Catheter assembly