A nuclear magnetic resonance probe head comprising at least two orthogonal coil/resonator configurations A1 and A2 having different resonance frequencies, wherein at feast one of the coil/resonator configurations A1 has two saddle-shaped coils S1 and S2, wherein each coil has a window about which N windings are disposed which are connected in series, wherein N.gtoreq.2. Each coil S1 and S2 is formed mirror-symmetrically relative to a central plane of the respective coil, which is perpendicular to the window of the respective coil, wherein the central planes of the coils S1 and S2 are identical to minimize the electromagnetic coupling between the two coil/resonator configurations A1 and A2 at the resonance frequency of A2. The NMR probe head reduces coupling between the two coil/resonator configurations.

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