It is considered that in the fabricating steps of a TFT substrate, a color filter layer is prepared at the same alignment accuracy. However, since the heat resistance temperature is about C., it could not withstand the process temperature of about C. in the TFT. The pixel section is formed by arraying in a matrix shape a light emitting element in which an organic compound layer having the luminous property is formed between a pair of electrodes consisting of a translucent electrode and a non-translucent electrode and a TFT, the coloring layer of color filter provided corresponding to each pixel is provided in contact with the flat surface of the flattened insulating film composed of an inorganic or organic material between the light emitting element and the TFT, the boundary region of coloring layers adjacent each other is provided while overlapping with a gate signal line or data line for transmitting a signal to the TFT, and the translucent electrode is provided while overlapping with the layer inside of the coloring layer.


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