To suppress variations of data currents dependent on a threshold voltage Vth of driving elements which form a current generation circuit. A current output section 41a has circuit systems in which a driving element DR and a switching element SW are connected in series, the number of the circuit systems corresponding to the number of the bits of input data. Each gate of the driving elements DR is commonly connected to a first node N1. The current output section 41a outputs data current Idata such that electrical currents flowing through each channel of the driving elements DR are merged in a state in which the voltage V1 of the node N1 of the node is set to a driving voltage. A gate voltage generation section 41b sets the voltage V1 of the node N1 to an offset voltage corresponding to Vth by diode-connecting at least one of the driving elements DR. Also, the current output section 41 a sets the voltage V1 to a driving voltage, in which the offset voltage is used as a reference, by varying a voltage Vref supplied to a terminal which is capacitively coupled to the node N1.


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