A production device for performing a blow molding, charging, and sealing process for plastic containers has a first type of molding device (10) into which a tube of plasticized plastic material may be introduced. The molding device (10) of the first type may be rotated to individual spatially separate stations (22, 24, 26) about an axis (20). One station (24) performs the function of blow molding of the container. Another station (26) charges and seals the blow molded container. Simultaneously a tube of plasticized plastic material can be blow molded for production of the plastic container and a corresponding container produced in this manner at the other station can be charged with the medium, in particular one in the form of a fluid, and to seal it. The cycle times may be reduced in comparison to cycle times of production devices of the state of the art so that the rates of output of charged containers sealed under sterile conditions to be produced may be significantly increased.

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