Prior to recording, a difference between a disc's temporal, maximum recordable length and a temporal length having been consumed by recording data is calculated. A scale is determined to allow a length of a period of a preprogrammed recording to be relatively matched on a timebase bar with the obtained difference's temporal length. Relative to the length of the period of the preprogrammed recording, an amount indicating a shortage of the difference's temporal length is calculated. An image of the timebase bar is created and the determined scale is used to create on the bar an image indicating the calculated amount of shortage, and these images are integrally displayed. Furthermore, if the current recording location and time shift reproduction location are also obtained, these locations are displayed on the same timebase bar.


< Methods and apparatus for improved read sensors using a multi-layered seed layer structure having a nitrogenated nickel-tantalum layer

> Method of fabricating thin film write heads with a shortened yoke and improved dimension control

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