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Medical dressing for application and maintenance of medication on body tissue
Transdermal administration of fenoldopam
Pharmaceutical composition in form of solid lipidic microparticles suitable to parenteral administra...
Formulation of fast-dissolving efavirenz capsules or tablets using super-disintegrants
Process for providing herbal medicants in cellulose derivative capsules
Methods and formulations for making bupropion hydrochloride tablets using direct compression
Oral preparation containing at least one active pharmaceutical substance in a matrix capable of swel...
Signature verification apparatus and method utilizing relative angle measurements
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets
Method and apparatus for facilitating transactions on a commercial network system
Apparatus and method for providing collateral construction loan insurance coverage
System and method for profiling customers for targeted marketing
Simultaneous voice/data answering machine
Network security device
Method and apparatus for performing byte-code optimization during pauses
Pyrrolidine carboxylate and pyrrolidine amide hair revitalizing agents
Method and system for reversing physiological changes in human beings using acupuncture and hypnosis
Communication support system in which a caller profile from a data processing device is transmitted ...
LAN connection using analog modems via telephone wiring
Telephone-linked commodity-billing method
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer to implement telephone functions with a displayed te...
Communications protocol for least cost call routing system
Method and apparatus for automatic language mode selection
Call controlling apparatus and method used for an order-wire system in a communication system
Liquid pharmaceutical formulation containing zotepine
Antitumor compositions containing taxane derivatives
Radicicol derivatives
Non-steroidal polycyclic ring sulphamate derivatives, their preparation and their use as oestrone su...
Tocotrienols and tocotrienol-like compounds and methods for their use
Pharmaceutical formulations containing a combination of carbidopa and levidopa
Method for preventing crystal formation in a dispersion of a liquid in a matrix
High surface area alumina solid
High load formulations and methods for providing prolonged local anesthesia
Controlled release oral dosage form of ketoprofen
Sustained-release preparation utilizing thermal change and process for the production thereof
Bioerodible porous compositions
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Medical non-intrusive prevention based on network of embedded systems
Simultaneous bi-directional translation and sending of EDI service order data
Key replacement in a public key cryptosystem
Distributed group key management scheme for secure many-to-many communication
Aggregating and pooling weight loss information in a communication system with feedback
Method and apparatus for storing, searching and playing back audiovisual information and data files
Packet processing device and mobile computer with reduced packet processing overhead
Method and system for analyzing and displaying program information
Inhibition of hair growth
Data sending apparatus and data receiving apparatus communicating data storage control command in MI...
Health appliance including an expandable chamber for stretching the toes
Remote reconfiguration method for feature-function telephone sets
Virtual end office in a switched telephone network
Two way transmission of subscriber provisional data for an intelligent peripheral in an advanced int...
Intelligent phone cord apparatus
Method to alert a phone operator by magnetic means of an incoming call
Communication device comprising an off-hook detection circuit
Bridged tap terminator
Formulations for treating disease and methods of using same
3-phenyl-4-(4(methylsulfonyl)phenyl)-2-(5H)-furanone as a cox-2 inhibitor
Emulsion containing ascorbic acid and its uses in the cosmetics and dermatological fields
Carbamoyloxy derivatives of mutiline and their use as antibacterials
Uses of hydroxy and ether-containing oxyalkylene esters for treating metabolic conditions
Tranilast-containing preparation for external application and method of producing the same
Method of treating mammals
Method of stimulating growth in aquatic animals using growth hormones
Herbal hormone balance composition
Process for producing an oxidation-protected vitamin C preparation
Transgenomic viruses
Binding moieties for human parvovirus B19
Targeted therapy to a biomedical device
Molecular cloning and expression of the Pro8 isoform of human IL-3
Method and apparatus for automatically generating advisory information for pharmacy patients
Device and method for project management
Conditional purchase offer management system for event tickets
Method for transferring, receiving and utilizing electronic gift certificates
Product classification process for optical subassemblies
System and method for optimizing investment location
Method and system for indexing and controlling the playback of multimedia documents
Method for indicating the existence of a control object
Steganographic techniques for securely delivering electronic digital rights management control infor...
System and method for partially whitening and quantizing weighting functions of audio signals
Method and system for aggregating objects
Method and system for sharing a communications port
Method of authenticating a magnetic card
Folding stand for sheet music or other reading or visual material
Oil-in-oil and three-phase emulsions
Interleukin-1 type 3 receptors
Sparc-deficient transgenic mice
Seed specific polycomb group gene and methods of use for same
Method for reducing expression variability of transgenes in plant cells
Method for producing finely ground kava root
Edible fat spread
Chocolate refining process
Process for removing flatulence-causing oligosaccharides in legumes
Jerky-type pet treat manufacturing process and product
Ruminant feed additive composition and process for producing the same
Mixed feed with an amino acid
Peach tree named `Glacier`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckaggie`
Surface treatments for titanium dioxide and other industrial pigments
Production of high viscosity index lubricants
Process for converting hydrocarbons by treatment in a distillation zone associated with a reaction z...
Voice and data communications
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having split adaptive gain settings
Remotely controlled speaker phone
Reversible base with positive lock condition
Cellular phone with cancel function for fixed terminal dialing
Method relating to a telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for supporting short message services in a wireless number portability environm...
N-aminoalkyl-2-anthracenecarboxamides; new dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Transdermal therapeutic device and method with capsaicin and capsaicin analogs
Method for preventing and treating peripheral neurophathy by administering selegiline
Isolated muteins of proteins SCP-1, and compositions containing the mutein
Family of proteins belonging to the pancreatic ribonuclease a superfamily
Process chamber in connection with a circulating fluidized bed reactor
Device for soothing, distracting and stimulating a child
Walking apparatus
Remote control system for operating toys
Chew toy for dogs and method of making the same
Synchronized sounding/flashing circuit
Synthetic polypeptide having fish growth hormone-like activity, nucleic acid encoding for the polype...
Strain of bacillus for controlling plant diseases and corn rootworm
Isolation and structural elucidation of the cytostatic linear and cyclo-depsipeptides dolastatin 16,...
Homeopathic preparations of purified growth hormone
Synthetic analogs of thrombospondin and therapeutic use thereof
In vivo method of improving survival rate of brain neurons
High-speed broadband wireless communication system architecture
Systems and methods for executing application programs from a memory device linked to server at an i...
Method for reducing perceived delay between a time data is requested and a time data is available fo...
Method and apparatus for automatic call setup in different network domains
System and method for collecting printer administration information
System for providing enhanced grade of service for connections over a large network
Tracker arrow
User controlled graphics object movement based on amount of joystick angular rotation and point of v...
High performance low cost video game system with coprocessor providing high speed efficient 3D graph...
Game attractant heating device
Cartridge, game machine and bi-directional communication type game system
Internal combustion engine control apparatus
Method and arrangement for controlling vehicle spacing
Method to schedule a vehicle in real-time to transport freight and passengers
Method and device for providing traffic information
Automated vehicle tracking and service provision system
Full fusion positioning method for vehicle
Positioning system for a motor vehicle having a satellite receiver
Method and system for accommodating electronic commerce in the semiconductor manufacturing industry
System and method for movie transaction processing
Method and apparatus for a modular postage accounting system
Customer support search engine system and method of searching data using the search engine system
System for remote loading of objects or files in order to update software
Sleep mode transition between processors sharing an instruction set and an address space
Single chip computer having integrated MPEG and graphical processors
Method and system for managing addresses for network host interfaces in a data-over-cable system
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Music box having an improved, rigid base frame
Method for preventing sexually transmitted diseases
Shoot meristem specific promoter sequences
Enhancement of tomato phytoene synthase gene expression with a modified DNA
Soybean cultivar 02322780
Inbred corn plant F351 and seeds thereof
Synthetic corn hybrid P89
Further method of creating and rapidly searching a virtual library of potential molecules using vali...
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabud`
Guzmania plant named `GUZ 224`
Guzmania plant named `Bolero`
Guzmania plant named `GUZ 222`
Guzmania plant named `GUZ 201`
Chrysanthemum plant named `True Yellow AT`
Anthurium plant named `Red Flare`
Complexes of heavy metal ions and a polymer, and their use for selective removal of compounds from l...
Fumonisin detoxification compositions and methods
Wall mounted microwave oven
Method for protein stabilization of wines
Method for determining likelihood of developing clinical tolerance
Partial interesterification of triacylglycerols
Denture adhesive comprising a polymeric activator and methods of preparing the same
Voice recognition button for mobile telephones
Electronic control unit with modifiable pre-set programs for the control of automatic watering syste...
Method and apparatus for assembling and presenting structured voicemail messages
Charge allocation in a multi-user network
Computer implemented method and apparatus for receiving facsimile messages using an indentifier appe...
Method and system for audio access to information in a wide area computer network
Network data visualization system and method for downloading visualization software to a user statio...
Nucleic acids encoding human calcium sensor protein
2'-O-alkylthioalkyl and 2'-c-alkylthioalkyl-containing nucleic acids
Biphenyl hydroxy imino butyric acids and their derivatives for treating arthritis
Sphingosine derivatives and medicinal composition
Jewelry setting
Step-controlled frequency synthesizer
Asymmetric high-speed data transmission apparatus and method in a mobile communications network
Data transmission method in a TDMA mobile communication system
Implementation of access service
Method for reducing interference, and synthesizer arrangement
Mobile terminal having RF power consumption optimization of extended standby mode
Navigation method, in particular for vehicles
Submersible life saving platform
Simulated boat device
Bat bag
Corporate and entertainment management interactive system using a computer network
Network delivery of interactive entertainment synchronized to playback of audio recordings
Interactive entertainment system for presenting supplemental interactive content together with conti...
Metallocene production process
Thermal fluid blends containing 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro(1-phenylethyl)naphthalene
Upgrading light oligomers
Selective hydrogenation catalysts containing palladium, also tin and/or lead, and the preparation an...
Catalyser for aromatising aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons, methods of producing and using said ...
Diene compound and process for producing the same
Lower alkane oxidative dehydrogenation catalysts and a process for producing olefins
Template for creating a layered pattern
Position flag for manually usable means
Method for training a person to properly support the head of a young infant
Planetary teaching age
Video coloring book
Light transmitting peg for use in a toy illuminating assembly
Electronic interactive puppet
Dry flowable polyoxin compositions
Salts of aminoimidazole carboxamide and 5 amino or substituted amino 1,2,3-triazole, induce apoptosi...
Compositions for killing dust mites and methods of using same
Emulsions containing silicone polymers
Multivalent and multispecific antigen-binding protein
VANILREP1 polynucleotides and VANILREP1 polypeptides
Ryegrass pollen allergen
System and process for job scheduling using limited discrepancy search
Computer implemented marketing system
System and method for dynamic profiling of users in one-to-one applications
Marketing system, information communications method, and recording medium with dual communications m...
Magazine, online, and broadcast summary recommendation reporting system to aid in decision making
Multimedia collaboration system
Portion of a keyboard
Portion of a computer input device
Type font
Type font
Type font
Modular garden border system
Method for synchronization between links and group definitions within an object-oriented system
Reduction of hair growth
Music-related information transmitted over mobile telephone network to a requesting user
Additive for stimulants
Glucocorticoid receptor agonist and decreased PP5
CICM cells and non-human mammalian embryos prepared by nuclear transfer of a proliferating different...
Expression of sucrose phoshorylase in plants
Maize Rad23 genes and uses thereof
Expression of magainin and PGL classes of antimicrobial peptide genes in plants, and their use in cr...
Method of making a reduced calorie reconstituted milk composition
Egg yolk compositions
Soybean milk, soybean milk pack and process for producing the same and process for manufacturing tof...
Methods for recovering raw meat from the head-shells of crustaceans, e.g. lobsters and use thereof f...
Method of treating a meat processing plant waste stream
Compositions prepared to contain active dextran sucrase produced by Leuconostoc mesenteroides ssp. c...
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabsal`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabbo`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabir`
Rose plant named `Ivtahockey`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACyimp`
Miniature rose plant named `JAChal`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Lacy`
Method for route searching in telecommunications networks
Computer/telephony integration logging application
Methods and apparatus for encoding and decoding data transmitted over telephone lines
Echo canceler employing multiple step gains
Transmit power scaling for far-end crosstalk reduction
Prepaid security cellular telecommunications system
Proapoptotic peptides dependence polypeptides and methods of use
Process for producing depsipeptide derivatives and novel intermediates therefor
Peptido-mimetic compounds containing RGD sequence useful as integrin inhibitors
Human sulfonylurea receptor
Toy automobile
Blanket with pockets and buttons for retaining amusement figures and the like
Pressurized water gun with selective pressurization
Book with a sliding toy
Resilient crushable foam objects with interchangeable parts
Tetrakis-pentafluorophenyl borates from pentafluorophenyl grignard reagents
Systems for selectively separating CO2 from a multi-component gaseous stream
System for selectively separating CO2 from a multicomponent gaseous stream
Polymerizable adamantane derivatives and process for producing the same
Polymerization of dicyclopentadiene
Hydrocarbon hydrogenation catalyst and process
Hydrocarbon conversion processess
Prophylactic reduction and remediation of schizophrenic impairments through interactive behavioral t...
Shape fitting toy
Real-time IMU simulator
Color comparison list for displaying of the color system
Vectors for DNA immunization against cervical cancer
Artificial diets for arthropods
Fluorescent energy transfer ligand interaction assay on a lipid film
Terminally modified, amino, polyether siloxanes
Multivalent ligands which modulate angiogenesis
Acid-functionalized saccharide polymers
Stabilization of vitamin C
Accelerating access to wide area network information
Modem operating with central office clock
Distributed subscriber adjunct services system
Method and system for using TCAP signaling for improved call setup from a virtual switching point
Location of a mobile station using a plurality of commercial wireless infrastructures
Geo-spacial Internet protocol addressing
Method and apparatus for controlling a gaming operation
Crane game claw gauge
Adjustable game call apparatus with moisture diverter and precision tuning system
Game call with fine, precise adjustable tone
Methods of progressive jackpot gaming
Gaming device with variable bonus payout feature
Method for representing automotive device functionality and software services to applications using ...
Load monitoring system and method utilizing transponder tags
Stall and recovery control system
Autonomous traveling vehicle
Open architecture diagnostic tool
Vehicle electronic control apparatus
Distributed vehicle safety with bus connection components having a remotely-located initiation elect...
System and method for searching databases with applications such as peer groups, collaborative filte...
Dynamic content organization in information retrieval systems
System and method for electronic transmission storage and retrieval of authenticated documents
System for accessing promotion information and for generating redeemable coupons therefrom
Microprocessor including multiple register files mapped to the same logical storage and inhibiting s...
Method and apparatus for enabling parallel layout checking of designing VLSI-chips
Methods and apparatus for positioning displayed characters
System and method for parsing a natural language input span using a candidate list to generate alter...
System and method for distributing preferenced data over a communications network
Method and apparatus for downloading auxiliary data to a client from a network during client idle pe...
Robust efficient distributed RSA-key generation
Process for completing and/or verifying data concerning the state of a road network; traffic informa...
Use of relational databases for software installation
Methods and compositions for protecting animals and humans against attack and infestation by arthrop...
System and method for production of audio control parameters using a learning machine
Rust prevention
Leafy cotyledon1 genes and methods of modulating embryo development in transgenic plants
Soybean variety 94B53
Soybean cultivar 01022430
Soybean cultivar 02322470
Image forming apparatus using synthesized image and graphic data to display a portion of an image su...
Expert system for analysis of DNA sequencing electropherograms
Apparatus and method for the generation, separation, detection, and recognition of biopolymer fragme...
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabdul`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabbe`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabig`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckaiden`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckansley`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckacton`
Almond tree named `Durango`
Compositions and methods for protecting cultivated plants from herbicidal injury
Inhibitor of helicobacter pylori colonization
Gaskets made from olefin polymers
Polylactic acid resin composition and film therefrom
Process for making cellulose ether having enhanced gel strength
Stopper gate for product conveyor
Request-and-respond approach to reducing latency within a tracking system
Method and apparatus for controlling a conference call
Portable wireless device
Apparatus for sensing the presence of a mobile telephone in its holder
Portable terminal equipment
Tone and speech recognition in communications systems
Method and system for transmitting and receiving alarm notifications and acknowledgements within a t...
Asset tracking within and across enterprise boundaries
Enhanced triple-helix and double-helix formation directed by oligonucleotides containing modified py...
Tricyclic pyridine N-oxides vasopressin agonists
D-mannitol and its preparation
Hypersensitive response induced resistance in plants by seed treatment with a hypersensitive respons...
Plate link for attaching a clasp link to an ornamental chain and a method of attaching the end of a ...
Jewelry piece
Jewelry setting
Method and apparatus for providing air quality analysis based on human reactions and clustering meth...
Multi-filar helix antennae
Display with icon row
Base station
Event recording in a service database system
Executable programs
High performance yo-yo
Animal toy having simulated liquid drinking and wetting action
Amusement device resembling living being having paraphernalia item and associated belly member
Sound producing device for use on a bicycle
Artificial antlers for rattle bag
Toy vehicle
Interchangeable sound effect device
Acetals, their preparation and their use
Process for the preparation of cyclopropylacetylene
Process for converting C5 olefinic cuts by metathesis using a catalyst based on rhenium and cesium
Aliphatic hydrocarbon alkylation process
Process for improving the pour point, and a catalyst based on at least one MTT, Ton or Fer zeolite
Process for pretreating cracked gas before caustic tower treatment in ehtylene plants
Catalysts and process for ring opening of cyclic compounds
Virtual challenge system and method for teaching a language
Educational treasure hunt game
Thoracic training model for endoscopic cardiac surgery
Apparatus illustrating vision disorders and conditions
System and method for interactive scoring of standardized test responses
Tactual annunciating device for notifying vehicle or machinery status or condition
Management training simulation method and system
Injections containing lipid a analogues and process for the preparation thereof
Water insoluble derivatives of polyanionic polysaccharides
Method for treating a patient with neoplasia by treatment with a platinum coordination complex
Method for treating pre-malignant basal and squamous cell lesions of the epithelium
Human monoclonal antibodies to epidermal growth factor receptor
Metastasis models using green fluorescent protein as a marker
Metastasis models using green fluorescent protein (GFP) as a marker
System and method for varying the color of reflective objects in digitized images
Method and system for internet-based, competitive event prediction
Method and apparatus for automated selection and organization of products including menus
Transaction system
Method and system for providing access for categorized information from online internet and intranet...
System for managing user-characterizing network protocol headers
Hypertext transmission method and server apparatus for sending and receiving files other than HTML f...
Street hockey stick
System for linking a unique identifier to an instant game ticket
Game device, picture data and flare forming method
Data carrier, game machine using data carrier, information communication method, information communi...
Net scoring system
Table tennis handle-less racquet and multipurpose combination table
Shock-absorbing and skidproof protective jacket of game racket handle
Intelligent braking system for materials handling vehicles
Method and device for determining a variable representing the road resistance on a motor vehicle
Auto-cruise controller
Navigation-assistance method and device for a vehicle driver
GPS receiver with cross-track hold
Process for estimating the speed of a vehicle or of an assemblage of vehicles
System for protecting weight verification device private key
System, method and computer program product for online financial products trading
Method and apparatus for software licensing electronically distributed programs
System and method for automatically providing shipping/transportation fees
Technique for providing a universal query for multiple different databases
Method and apparatus for remote interaction with and configuration of a wan-based knowledge base
Semiconductor memory device and sales processor having the same
Technique for effectively locating an object
Method and apparatus that allows the logic state of a logic gate to be tested when stopping or start...
System and method for providing peer level access control on a network
Multilayer structure solid golf ball
Method for generating a Java bytecode data flow graph
Agents and compositions thereof for the hair treatment
Distribution of musical products by a web site vendor over the internet
Method of making molecular chlorine dioxide
Maize Rad2/FEN-1 orthologues and uses thereof
"Soybean cultivar 60211960"
Inbred corn line LH185Bt810
Inbred corn plant 16IUL2 seeds thereof
Inbred corn plant F307W and seeds thereof
Method of electroporation mediated delivery of drugs and genes
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabasi`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabra`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckaban`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckadama`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabner`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckacar`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckabri`
Radiation tolerant polypropylene and its useful articles
Rapidly disintegrating flavor wafer for flavor enrichment
Co-processed botanical plant composition
Production and use of formulations consisting of cellulose, kalium caseinate and cross-linked vinylp...
Method for producing alkali metal and alkaline earth metal pyruvates
System for controlling a self cleaning oven having catalyst temperature control
Temperature self-regulating food delivery system
Binocular head mounted display system
Telecommunication circuit and a telecommunication device
Battery switching subscriber loop interface circuit
Inductive coupling interface for electronic device
Establishing emergency calls within a mobile telecommunications network
Portable terminal device for automatically controlling transmitting voice level and calling sound le...
Method and apparatus for simultaneous tracing of multiple transmission lines
Apparatus including a host processor and communications adapters interconnected with a bus
Inhibition of human fucosyltransferases with N-linked Lewis-x and LacNAc analogs
Synthetic polynucleotides encoding tropoelastin
Dipeptides with neurokinin-antagonistic activity
Non-human animal model for systemic lupus erythematosis
Disease resistance in vitis
Compounded power factor corrected universal display monitor power supply
Method of allocating frequency bands to different cells, and TDMA cellular radio system
Calling number identification for a radiotelephone operating within a public or autonomous system
Re-routing procedure
Event recording in a service database system
Method and system for securely interacting with managed data from multiple devices
Dynamic iterative decoding for balancing quality of service parameters
Ice skating rink structure
Method of interactive play
Methods and apparatus for internet based financial transactions with evidence of payment
Preparation of highly branched, liquid polymers of ethylene and/or .alpha.-olefins in the presence o...
Clathrate hydrate inhibitor and method of inhibiting the formation of clathrate hydrates using it
Intermediates in a process for cis-1-{2-[4-(6-methoxy-2-phenyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalen-1-yl)phe...
Production of ethyl aromatics by passing portions of transalkylation effluent to a multi-bed alkylat...
Process for cyclopentadiene substitution
Process for the preparation of 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Removal of benzene from organic streams using cyclodextrins
Interactive hatching egg
Computer system and karaoke system
Method and apparatus for biomechanical correction of gait and posture
Music organizer and entertainment center
Time-scale modification method and apparatus for rhythm source signals
Apparatus and method for providing modular reconfigurable multi-function displays for computer simul...
System and method for distribution of child care training materials and remote monitoring of child c...
Emulsion polymerization process
Polymers for delivering nitric oxide in vivo
Renal nuclear matrix proteins, polynucleotide sequences encoding them, and their use
Soluble MHC complexes and methods of use thereof
Antibody immunoreactive with a human cytokine designated LERK-6
Process for the production of iodinated organic x-ray contrast agents
Metastasis models using green fluorescent protein (GFP) as a marker
System and method employing LED light sources for a projection display
Content addressable memory with an internally-timed write operation
Data control system
Method and apparatus for providing error correction
Method of depigmenting and/or bleaching skin and/or body hair or head hair
Respirator selection program
Advanced glycation end-product intermediaries and post-amadori inhibition
Purine derivatives having phosphodiesterase IV inhibition activity
Substituted 1,3-oxathiolanes with antiviral properties
Dihydropyrimidines and uses thereof
Treating NIDDM with RXR agonists
Method of preventing abuse of opioid dosage forms
Administration of 5-HT receptor agonists and antagonists, to treat premature ejaculation
Micro hand sanitizers (MHS)
Adhesive cooling composition and process for its preparation
Cosmetic composition
Delivery of hydroxy carboxylic acids
Form of administration for applying pharmaceutical substances and auxiliary substances, and process ...
Optical disc, reproduction device and method for coordinating a variable reproduction of video image...
Synchronous memory and data processing system having a programmable burst order
Method and system for performing timing analysis on an integrated circuit design
Hair styling agents and compositions containing hydrophobic hair styling polymers
Method and apparatus for washing wares for food and filling wares with food
Compounds useful for inhibition of farnesyl protein transferase
Condensed piperidine compound
Antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone
Oxazoline antiproliferative agents
Ortho-sulfonamido bicyclic hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase and TACE inhibitors
Oxazolidinones useful as alpha 1a adrenoceptor antagonists
Angiogenesis inhibitors
Microbiocidal mixtures
Use of fatty acid esters as bioadhesive substances
Capturing and detecting mites using 3-phenoxybenzyl chrysanthemate
Liquid antimicrobial, skin moisturizing formulation
Compositions and methods to repair osseous defects
Integrated comprehensive hemorrhoid treatment compositions and regimen
Production of a video stream with synchronized annotations over a computer network
System and method for dynamically controlling processing speed of a computer in response to user com...
Integrated circuit identification system
Apparatus and method for disabling methods called on an object
Hair treatment composition
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Adjustable accessory mount
Display controller for communication apparatus and method therefor
Telecommunications provider agent
Apparatus and method for implementing high speed modem communication support
Telephone answering method and apparatus
Neurotrophic diamide and carbamate agents
Method for enhancing outflow of aqueous humor in treatment of glaucoma
Pharmaceutical composition for angiotensin II-mediated diseases
Methods for treating neuropsychiatric disorders
Pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting the growth of cancers
Substituted pyrroles
Methods for treating or preventing alzheimer's disease using substituted 2-aryl-3-morpholinopropanon...
Flexible hydrophilic articles having a residual antimicrobial effect
Hydrogel laminate, bandages and composites and methods for forming the same
Amidine derivatives and drug carriers comprising the same
Osmotic delivery composition, solution, and method
Drug delivery via therapeutic hydrogels
Supercritical fluid extraction of mould lubricant from hard shell capsules
Sustained-release microgranules containing Diltiazem as the active principle
Method for creating structured documents in a publishing system
Boot failure recovery
Dynamic policy-based apparatus for wide-range configurable network service authentication and access...
Tactile simulator
Water-in-oil emulsion containing fused silica and a polysaccharide alkyl ether
Rotor construction for controlled-pole electric machines
Method and apparatus for awarding and redeeming prepaid telephone time
Methods and apparatus for efficiently providing a communication system with speech recognition capab...
Method and apparatus to provide enhanced speech recognition in a communication network
Communications system using portable recording medium
Apparatus for providing caller ID services in internet telephony system
Electronic mail system
Method for providing remote emulation of the functionality of a private exchange
Methods and compositions for inhibition of angiogenesis
4-amino-(ethylamino)-oxindole dopamine autoreceptor agonists
Aromatic heterocyclic compounds and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Pyronin antibacterials, process and novel intermediates thereto
Seed treatment fungicides for control of plant diseases
Fungicidal composition and method of controlling fungus infestation
Fungicidal compositions based on (N-phenylacetyl-N-2,6-XYLYL)methyl alaninate
Colonic drug delivery composition
Pharmaceutical composition having two coating layers
Multiparticulate modified release composition
Composition and method of preparing microparticles of water-insoluble substances
Orally administered pharmaceutical formulations of benzimidazole derivatives and the method of prepa...
Processes for preparing flutamide compounds and compounds prepared by such processes
Poly(vinyl acetamide) adhesive for skin cleaning tape
Secure smart card access to pre-paid metering funds in meter
Method and apparatus for expiration of prepaid slot machine plays
Optical disk, an optical barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking f...
Method and apparatus for the optimization of a tree depth for clock distribution in semiconductor in...
Parameterless language in a machine for implementation thereof
Distributed authentication system and method
Automatic detection of per-unit location constraints
Managing interruption while downloading data over a network
System and method for protecting a multipurpose data string used for both decrypting data and for au...
Tilt and swivel adjustment of flat panel display having detents for landscape and portrait positions...
Method and device for program transformation using class hierarchy transformation based upon type co...
Compound for the amelioration of pseudofolliculitis
Handheld computer and data processing system
Multi-function health device
Method and apparatus for providing 56K modem technology for public switched telephone networks
Advanced intelligent network (AIN) functionality for electronic surveillance
System and method for operating a plurality of call centers
Robust signaling tone frequency measurement
Network interface device with automatic connector closure
Universal handsfree set seat
System and method for detecting unauthorized access to a portable electronic device
Nutritional formulations containing water-miscible lipid derivatives as antibacterial agents
Method of treating skin disorders with high-strength retinoids
Methods for treating anxiety, anxiety disorders and memory impairment using naaladase inhibitors
Methods for treatment of conditions associated with lactosylceramide
Use of alicyclic diamines as immunomodulators
Car holder/charger
Integrated circuit with a test function implemented by circuitry which identifies the presence of a ...
Doll's clothing
Toy racing car track system
Robot ball
Toy vehicle capable of propelling itself into the air
Antibodies to heparan sulfate glycosaminoglycans in the diagnosis of polyneuropathies
Polypeptides for diagnosing infection with trypanosoma cruzi
Recombinant FIV glycoprotein 160 and P24 gag protein
Multiple drug resistance gene atrD of Aspergillus nidulans
Plasmids encoding immunogenic proteins and intracellular targeting sequences
metK from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Mur A-1 from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Information system for golf carts and system for calculation of use and/or acquisition of use data
Health care data manipulation and analysis system
Method and system for controlling closing times of electronic auctions involving multiple lots
Method and system for controlling an electronic auction during the transition to a closed state
Multimedia computer system
Proximity-based cluster allocation for hardware-software co-synthesis of heterogeneous distributed e...
Hardware and software controlled on/off circuit for computers
Simulation device for fostering a virtual creature
Data processing method and apparatus
Radio apparatus
Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for pregnant women
Nucleic acids that control endosperm development in plants
Production of plants resistant to attacks by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum by the introduction of a gene ...
Cytokinin oxidase
Leaf-specific gene expression in transgenetic plants
Method of increasing fruit size in a plant
Method for controlling water content of plant
Package with tear tape and method of forming same
Antibody specific for homogalacturonan
Detection of helicobacter pylori in the stomach
Xylanases, genes encoding them, and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for reduced food adhesion
Carnation plant named `CFPC Marmalade`
Double impatiens plant named `Balfiecobl`
Astilbe plant named `Vision In Pink`
Universal hands-free receiver for a mobile telephone
Fitting device for separate elements of a mobile telephone handset and the handset thus obtained
Telephone calling card having a wireless receiver for receiving notification of arrived messages
Test system for remotely testing switches within a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for detecting message waiting signal
Modular wireless headset system
Visualizing methods for dispatch and diagnosis of finite machines for semiconductor's manufacturing
Antiallergic agents
Cyclohexenone long-chain alcohol and medicament containing same
Double-stranded peptide nucleic acids
Method and circuit arrangement for signal processing
Adaptation method and amplifier arrangement
Method of improving quality of radio connection
Power supply circuit featuring secondary side microcontroller for controlling a primary side power f...
Resettable memory structure
Method for packet switched data transmission
Method and apparatus for increasing a probability that a dual-band mobile station will acquire a des...
Roulette of improved type and new gambling game providing for the use of said improved roulette
Durable tactile indicia for banknotes/documents and method of making same
Double targeted gene replacement in unicellular diploid organisms
Solid formulation
Permucous preparation
Method for treating symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome by administering a combination of...
Transdermal application of naturally occurring steroid hormones
Use of 2,3-dimethoxy-5-methyl-6-decaprenyl-1,4-benzoquinone
Softgel-compatible composition containing retinol
IP mobility support using proxy mobile node registration
System and method for analyzing coupon redemption data
Method for providing bank card transaction data
Flattening complex data structures in Java/Javascript objects
Slot machine
Multi-line, multi-reel gaming device
Video game system using terrain profile information
Interactive game system
Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of ionomer covered game ball
Bowling score display apparatus
Method and device for determining the probable path to be covered by a vehicle
System and method for cylinder power imbalance prognostics and diagnostics
Accurate vehicle navigation
Map data processing apparatus and method, and map data processing system
Method and apparatus for differential scale factor calibration in differential odometry systems inte...
Vehicle speed detection system
Method and apparatus for controlling multiple speech engines in an in-vehicle speech recognition sys...
Tokenless biometric electric check transaction
Method and apparatus for authentication of postage accounting reports
Vending machine evaluation network
Association rule ranker for web site emulation
Electronic mail interface for a network server
Active marketing based on client computer configurations
Configurable transaction routing system and method
Bitstream assembler for comprehensive verification of circuits, devices, and systems
Method of designing a constraint-driven integrated circuit layout
Geographic redundancy protection method and apparatus for a communications network
Information processing system and true/false determining method used therefor
Method of simultaneous display of two pictures for internet-functional television receiver
Application programs constructed entirely from autonomous component objects
Automatic morphing photography booth
Musical listening apparatus with pulse-triggered rhythm
Near-real time DGPS network and server system
Soybean variety 95B32
Soybean variety 93B65
Inbred sunflower line PHA283
Inbred sunflower line PHA305
Inbred sunflower line D116A
Method and apparatus for providing a bioinformatics database
Blackberry plant named `Chickasaw`
Hemerocallis hybrid plant named `Robbobeli`
Osteospermum plant named `White Moon`
Fern plant named `Regina`
Blackberry plant named `Apache`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Temptress`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yobillings`
Fat products from high stearic soybean oil and a method for the production thereof
Fumonisin detoxification compositions and methods
Making beverages in a microwave oven
Heating apparatus for cooking
Microwave cooking grill and steamer
Computerized foodstuffs imaging process and apparatus
Modularized amusement ride and training simulation device
Rapid terrain model generation with 3-D object features and user customization interface
Scalable mixing for speech streaming
Process for separating and characterizing spoken announcements in a radio transmission
System and method for implementing a transaction log
Data transmission/reception apparatus and computer program product
Apparatus and method for an HTTP server capable of connecting facsimile apparatuses and data termina...
Method and apparatus for rules-based storage and retrieval of multimedia interactions within a commu...
Web based help desk
Growth-associated protease inhibitor heavy chain precursor
Use of antisense oligodeoxynucleotides to produce truncated proteins
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Method and apparatus for providing overlay to support third generation cellular services
Picking up of mobile stations from a direct mode channel
Method and devices for transmitting short messages
Detection of speech channel back-looping
Processing speech coding parameters in a telecommunication system
Method and apparatus using an accounting bit for a SIMA network
Portable electronic devices
Amusement ride vehicle with wheelchair ramp
Image invertible objects and methods of making the same
Method and system for accessing remote data based on playback of recordings
Network delivery of interactive entertainment synchronized to playback of audio recordings
Music channel graphical user interface
Heat storage medium
Method for removing and suppressing coke formation during pyrolysis
Method of metathesis of alkanes and catalyst
Driver training system
Phonics training computer system for teaching spelling and reading
Dummy for practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) of a human being
Electronic interactive play environment for toy characters
Dance game apparatus and step-on base for dance game
Tactile and visual hearing aids utilizing sonogram pattern recognition
Column writing for fast and super fast reading
Silane copolymer and a method for producing the same
Human respiratory syncytial virus peptides with antifusogenic and antiviral activities
Polypeptides their production and use
Solid-phase synthesis of novel 14-membered macroycles for high throughput screening
Soy isoflavone concentrate process and product
Mycobacterium fol a gene that encodes for the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase
Polycarboxylic based cross-linked copolymers
Video on demand applet method and apparatus for inclusion of motion video in multimedia documents
Method for authentication item
Basketball practice assembly
Method and apparatus for authenticating users
Cis-isoambrettolide and use thereof
Medical line securement device
Apparatus and method for communication between data network and telecommunication network
System and method for integrating voice on network with traditional telephony
DTMF tone detection and suppression with application to computer telephony over packet switched netw...
Data access arrangement for a digital subscriber line
Method and apparatus for power regulation of digital data transmission
Security system alarm panel
Compositions containing histamine H2 agonists and methods of use in treating allergy and inflammatio...
Method of treatment of pigmented cancer cells utilizing photodynamic therapy
Glyoxylic acid derivatives
Modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPases)
Selective NPY (Y5) antagonists (tricyclics)
Guanidinyl heterocycle compounds useful as alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonists
Antimicrobial dendrimer nanocomposites and a method of treating wounds
Adhesive cooling composition and process for its preparation
Sealing bag for a transdermal therapeutic system
Method for delivering beneficial compositions to hair follicles
Vaccines against sterols
Polymer-lipid conjugate for fusion of target membranes
Tablets containing a sweetening mixture
Content addressable memory (CAM) engine
Method and apparatus for authenticating users on a network using a smart card
Method and apparatus for immediate data backup by duplicating pointers and freezing pointer/data cou...
Treatment of hearing impairments
Low-emission elastomer floor covering
Voice-mail greeting message notification
Voice mail source address indentification blocking
System and method for delivery of pre-recorded voice phone messages
Communication method, voice transmission apparatus and voice reception apparatus
Video phone interactive corporate menu answering machine announcement
Method and system for the recording and selective accessing of messages using a computer, a remote u...
Method and system for providing prepaid and credit-limited telephone services
Compounds and methods for synthesis and therapy
3-(4'-bromobenzylindenyl)-2-indolinone and analogues thereof for the treatment of disease
Compounds having [2.2.1] bicyclo skeleton
Use of efomycins
Terpenoid lactone compounds and their production process
Angiogenesis inhibitor for the treatment of endothelial cell proliferation
Biconvex rapidly disintegrating dosage forms
St. John's wort composition
Anti-asthma therapy
Flow controller configurations for an active agent delivery device
Fast decomposing pellets
Method for the preparation of an enteric coated high drug load pharmaceutical composition
Process for the preparation of enteric coated pharmaceutical dosage forms
Machine readable recording medium, reproduction apparatus and method for controlling selection of me...
Jumperless computer system
Information sharing system and method with requester dependent sharing and security rules
Post dump garbage collection
Hormonal agent for skin treatment
Method and system for global communications network management and display of market-price informati...
Subscriber-initiated automated third party billing feature
System and method for automatically updating a clock using caller ID information
Telephone with novel FSK decoding means, simultaneous off-hook caller ID reception means, and set of...
Telephone pager and intercom system
Communication system with assembly carrier unit
Use of calendula glycosides for the treatment of psoriasis
Cockroach controlling compositions
Azahexane derivatives as substrate isosters of retroviral asparate proteases
Tyrphostin like compounds
9-halogen-(Z)-prostaglandin derivatives, process for their production and their use as pharmaceutica...
Method of treating macular degeneration with a prostaglandin derivative
Cancer-cell proliferation-suppressing material produced by cancer cells restricted by entrapment
Conditioning of bioactive glass surfaces in protein containing solutions
Anti-corrosive material
Antibodies to oxidation-specific epitopes on lipoprotein and methods for their use in detecting, mon...
Strains of bacteria and pharmaceutical composition containing one or more of such strains and use of...
Production of megakaryocytes by the use of human mesenchymal stem cells
Method and apparatus for organizing and storing bills
Interactive point access financial and information system
Method and apparatus for web messaging
Apparatus and method for device timing compensation
Method and apparatus for pitch tracking
Cross-file pattern-matching compression
Layered query management
Application execution environment for a small device with partial program loading by a resident oper...
Method and mechanism for interprocess communication using client and server listening threads
Cryptographic technique that provides fast encryption and decryption and assures integrity of a ciph...
Stack-based system and method to combine security requirements of methods
Minimizing debug information for global types in compiled languages
Adamantyl-substituted retinoids and pharmaceutical/cosmetic compositions comprised thereof
Isolation and formulations of nutrient-rich carotenoids
Tightly integrated cooperative telecommunications firewall and scanner with distributed capabilities
Intelligent service peripheral/intelligent peripheral
Capacity provisioning for AIN
Communication system including digital error message detection
Method and apparatus for reusing service circuit resources in a telecommunications network
Prioritized transaction server allocation
Hydroximic acid halogenides, method for the production and use thereof
Butyrate prodrugs derived from lactic acid
N-(aroyl) glycine hydroxamic acid derivatives and related compounds
Low molecular weight dendritic compounds as pharmaceutical agents
Method and composition for selectively inhibiting melanoma
High molecular weight primary aliphatic alcohols obtained from beeswax and pharmaceutical use thereo...
Process for removing bile salts from a patient and alkylated compositions therefor
Modular building blocks with color coding
Dynamic searching device for toys
Toy figure simulating musical instrument play
Doll having an arm movement mechanism using a rear-facing lever
Knockdown style safety disk-shooting toy
Pop-up novelty presentation method for microwave food product
Motor driven surface translating amusement device including a light sensor for movement control
Methods and compositions for preserving adenoviral vectors
Inhibitory effects of synthetic and natural colorant on carcinogenesis VIII
Compositions and methods comprising morphine gluconate
Additive preparation and method of use thereof
Cell surface protein expressed on human cortical thymocyte and their use
Controlled communications over a global computer network
Method and apparatus for dynamically defining data communication utilities
Method and computer program for distributing software to a personal palm-type device through a globa...
High-score display system for a video game
Database driven online distributed tournament system
Cord controller of exercise device
Rhythm game apparatus, rhythm game method, computer-readable storage medium and instrumental device
Foundation brake control algorithm for electro-hydraulic brake system and brake-by-wire system
Stability control system for automotive vehicle
Informing apparatus for cruise control system
Vehicular navigation system and storage medium
Vehicle present position detection apparatus, vehicle present position display apparatus, navigation...
Method and apparatus for prompting a motor vehicle operator to remain within a lane
Method and appliance for braking a motor vehicle in the immediate vicinity of an obstacle
Product disposal system
Electronic content delivery system
Method and system for preventing counterfeiting of high price wholesale and retail items
Iterative problem solving technique
System and method for administration of awards program
Methods and devices utilizing a GPS tracking system
Apparatus and method for bus timing compensation
Control device for game machine
Architecture for virtual private networks
Visualization method and system for dynamically displaying operations of a program
Method and system to deliver an audiovisual presentation to a workstation using the telephone
Device for improving fuel efficiency and method for producing the same
ATP-binding cassette transporter (ABC1) modified transgenic mice
DNA molecules which code for a plastid 2-oxoglutarate/malate
Plant pathogen resistance genes and uses thereof
Seed-preferred promoters
Flowering locus T (FT) and genetically modified plants having modulated flower development
Glucan elicitor receptor, DNA molecule coding therefor, fungus-resistant plants transformed with the...
Tomato CF-5 gene encoding a disease resistance polypeptide
Shelf stable brownie batter article and method of preparation
Natural antibrowning and antioxidant compositions and methods for making the same
Process for preparing bacon chips and patties
Method for making sandwiches
Comestible cleaning process
Method and apparatus for the application of volatile substances conveyed in carrier gas
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ares`
Telecommunications functions management system providing distinctive alerting based on caller identi...
Method of distinguishing between echo path change and double talk conditions in an echo canceller
Telephone line box that prevents tangles of the extension and retraction of a cable
Secure digital interactive system for unique product identification and sales
Method for invoking dynamically modifiable subscriber services and an intelligent telecommunication ...
Service of a telecommunication system and service device realizing such a service
Cromolyn sodium containing composition and method of treatment for vilvar vestibulitis interstitial ...
Microbiological fire-fighting formulation
Method of detecting autoantibody present in the serum of rheumatic
Key matrix for a telephone handset
Authentication between communicating parties in a telecommunications network
Data card housing
Book with nested sculpted forms
Pocketbook book
Backscreen edge contouring for off-axis large field of view displays
Educating special needs children about money
Method and apparatus for developing computer screen layout
Method and system for computer assisted natural language instruction with distracters
Particles having a polymeric shell and their production
Mutational variants of mammalian proteins
1gG /transferrin receptor fusion protein
Global financial services integration system and process
System and method for pre-authorization of individual account remote transactions
Value sharing method for determining pricing
Method and arrangement for data processing in a mail-processing system with a postage meter machine
Method, article of manufacture, and apparatus for constructing a multi-dimensional view containing t...
Participant server which process documents for commerce in trading partner networks
Method for preventing software piracy during installation from a read only storage medium
Method and apparatus for storing and replaying creation history of multimedia software or other soft...
Programmable IC with gate array core and boundary scan capability
Method and apparatus for operating resources under control of a security module or other secure proc...
Image processing device
Forward error correction system for packet based real time media
Compiler-assisted or interpreter-assisted compression solution to the year 2000 problem for computer...
Electric field shielding apparatus
Method and system for allowing users to access and/or share media libraries, including multimedia co...
Method and apparatus for dispensing drugs to prevent inadvertent administration of incorrect drug to...
Soybean cultivar 9521427112273
Soybean cultivar 952125710238
Production of cotton fibers with improved fiber characteristics
Hybrid maize plant and seed 37H24
Inbred corn plant 89ADH11 and seeds thereof
Signal detection methods and apparatus
Method and system for anonymously testing for a human malady
Impatiens plant named `ElRed`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Stacy`
Hibiscus plant named `Fantasia`
Hibiscus plant named `Plum Crazy`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomaggie`
Euonymus fortunei plant named `Bushel Of Gold`
Hibiscus plant named `Crown Jewels`
Method of producing dry noodles
Cryogenic rheological modification of tree nuts
Process for expanded pellet production
Methods of using procyanidin antioxidants
Cold solvent extraction process for extracting oil from oil-bearing materials
Double-layer container equipped with temperature warning device
Portable and compact motion simulator with a single degree-of-freedom
Mutli-user 3D virtual reality interaction system utilizing protocol data units for data communicatio...
Method of detecting fraud concerning electronic memory cards used in telephony
Cellular telephone with voice dialing function
Portable information terminal apparatus, numeric displaying method, storage medium, and information ...
Subscriber creation and deletion interface between a customer administrative system and database net...
Database synchronization and organization system and method
Agent-based management system having an open layered architecture for synchronous and/or asynchronou...
Increased fertility and improved fetal development drug
Sialidase localized in plasma membrane and DNA coding for the same
Process for the production of DNA comprising the genome of the hepatitis B virus and vector includin...
High purity adduct of castor oil and maleic anhydride
Ester compounds
Optically active 2-aminotetraline, process for its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions conta...
Method for estimating the bone quality or skeletal status of a vertebrate
Faceting hollow link chain with finger
Method and apparatus for segmentation and assembly of data frames for retransmission in a telecommun...
Method and equipment for multirate coding and detection in a multiple access mobile communication sy...
Calling line identification with location icon
Intelligent network searching for a multi mode phone
System for providing a simultaneous data and voice channel within a single channel of a portable cel...
Method of forming a user interface for a telecommunications exchange
Redundant switching arrangement
Floatable recreational park
Ride-type game machine