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Process for conversion of natural gas and associated light hydrocarbons to salable products
Process for the production of phenol and acetone from cumene
Process for the purification of a diolefin hydrocarbon stream
Process for the production of linear alkylaromatic hydrocarbons
Alkylation catalyst, method for preparing same, and use thereof in alkylation methods
Olefinic hydrocarbon separation process
Method and apparatus for training of auditory/visual discrimination using target and distractor phon...
Job aiding apparatus
Sound field simulation method and sound field simulation apparatus
Pictorial tour process and applications thereof
Automatic voice device for fire extinguisher
Portable computer apparatus for assisting persons with cognitive disabilities
Method and system for automatic text-independent grading of pronunciation for language instruction
Mixed micellar delivery system and method of preparation
Buccal drug administration in female hormone replacement therapy
Sheet pack
Solubility parameter based drug delivery system and method for altering drug saturation concentratio...
Segmented transdermal dosage unit
System and method for a master scheduler
Method and apparatus for remote ROM flashing and security management for a computer system
Multicast message transmission device and message receiving protocol device for realizing fair messa...
Random test generation for compiler optimization
Pseudoceramides, and dermatologic external preparations containing the same
Drilling system with integrated bottom hole assembly
Sulfonamides as cell adhesion inhibitors
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Acaricidal compositions
Crystal form of N-(4-triflouromethylphenyl)-5-methylisoxazole-4-carboxamide
Heterocyclic topoisomerase poisons
Nodulisporic acid derivatives
Freeze dried liposome encapsulated amphiphilic drug compositions and a process for the preparation t...
Use of virulence factors of pathogens to improve liposomal delivery of therapeutic agents
Gelified microspheres, their method of preparation and their applications
Antibiotic formulation and use for bacterial infections
Combination pharmaceutical composition and associated methods
Self-emulsifying ibuprofen solution and soft gelatin capsule for use therewith
Suspend/resume capability for a protected mode microprocessor
Method for establishing a secured communication channel over the internet
Computerized pool cue and controller
Method and system for software instruction level tracing in a data processing system
Aqueous carrier systems for water-insoluble materials
Health-and-fitness-brush shower installation
Insecticidal and miticidal compositions
Benzothiepine 1,1-dioxide derivatives, a process for their preparation, pharmaceuticals comprising t...
Amidino derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors
Terpenoid lactone compounds and their production process
BTK inhibitors and methods for their identification and use
Magnesium (-)hydroxycitrate, method of preparation, applications, and compositions in particular pha...
Biphenyl sulfonyl aryl carboxylic acids useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglyce...
Rapidly dissolving robust dosage form
Pharmaceutical compositions in the form of sustained-release tablets based on high molecular weight ...
Dosage forms
Controlled release pharmaceutical tablets containing an active principle of low water solubility
Oral cisapride dosage forms with an extended duration
Surface cross-linked particles suitable for controlled delivery
Process for the preparation of respirable particles
Providing services in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for controlling and observing data in a logic block-based asic
System for persistently encrypting critical software file to prevent installation of software progra...
System, method, and product for memory management in a dynamic translator
Multiplex amplification of short tandem repeat loci
Method of automatically milking animals and a fully automatic milking machine suitable for performin...
Producing protected protein for ruminant feed by combining protein with reducing carbohydrate
Enhancing milk production by adding to feed a nonionic surfactant coated on a carrier
Method for improving the efficacy of a probiotic, preparation of food additives and animal feed cont...
Method of bonding and tenderizing meat
Enzyme pre-granules for granular fodder
Confectionary product including compartment for housing an object
Pasta composites and process therefor
Apparatus and a method for keyboard encoding
Multimedia calling method and apparatus
Internet protocol telephony for a mobile station on a packet data channel
Designating a control channel in a telecommunications system
Communication system for a line network
Method and device for identifying a specific patch cord connector as it is introduced into, or remov...
Amiodarone as an antifungal agent
Method for increasing the concentration of ascorbic acid in brain tissues of a subject
Salts of anionic complexes of RU(III), as antimetastatic and antineoplastic agents
Platinum complex conjugated to cyclotriphosphazene, its preparation, and anticancer agent comprising...
Tricyclic compounds having activity specific for integrins, particularly alphanubeta3 integrins, met...
System for stimulating brain plasticity
Method of making controlled release particles of complexed polymers
Methods of treating mammals using nanocrystalline formulations of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)...
Bilayer structure which encapsulates multiple containment units and uses thereof
Rapidly releasing and taste-masking pharmaceutical dosage form
Topical composition
Apparatus and method of use for calculating an estimate of damaged surface repair cost
Parcel trace system
Multi-application IC card with delegation feature
Transportable modular patient monitor with data acquisition modules
Method and system for load balancing by replicating a portion of a file being read by a first stream...
System and method for designing integrated circuits using cells with multiple unrelated outputs
Method and system for tracking vantage points from which pictures of an object have been taken
Multi-level run length coding for frequency-domain audio coding
What-if index analysis utility for database systems
Input/output completion port queue data structures and methods for using same
Method and system for sharing negotiating capabilities when sharing an application with multiple sys...
Browser-based email system with user interface for audio/video capture
Authorization systems, methods, and computer program products
Method and apparatus for session management and user authentication
Image sensing device with different image sensing characteristics for documents and scenery
Method for directly inlining virtual calls without on-stack replacement
Conditioning shampoo composition
Swirling fluid jet cavitation method and system for efficient decontamination of liquids
Backseamed casing and packaged product incorporating same
Meat packaging apparatus and method
Use of carotenoids as stabilizer of the color of riboflavin and riboflavin derivatives
Device and method for puffing products such as foodstuffs and tobacco
Process for treating fruits and vegetables after harvesting, with purification of plant-protection p...
Method of using microwaveable food container
Audio note taking system and method for communication devices
System and method for connecting and interfacing a communications device to a telephone line via a t...
Programmable access carrier selection terminal
Method and system for billing toll-free calls from public telephones
Method and apparatus for displaying caller information during call switching in private branch excha...
Method for providing telecommunications-based services
Glutamine containing oral replacement solution
Uses for thyroid hormone compounds or thyroid hormone-like compounds
Benzoylphenylurea insecticides and methods of using certain benzoylphenylureas to control cockroache...
Dialkyl ureas as calcitonin mimetics
Sulfonamide bridging compounds that inhibit tryptase activity
Pharmaceutical compositions
Molded soft-skinned figures with articulating members
Artificial eyeball for a doll
Tossable ring airfoil projectile
Assembled building block for forming various geometrical shapes with corners having angles 60 degree...
Yo-yo with adjustable slot width
Movable frog toy
Methods for producing dried storage-stable platelets and compositions obtained thereby
Seroreactive regions on HPV 16-proteins E1 and E2
Removal of prions from blood, plasma and other liquids
Polypeptides having phytase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Chimeric bacillus thuringiensis-endotoxins and host cells expressing same
Composite vaccine which contains antigen, antibody and recombinant DNA and its preparing method
DNA encoding human leukotriene C4 synthase, polypeptides and uses therefor
System and method for facilitating issue tracking
Method and apparatus for providing a number of subscribers with on-line banking service employing a ...
System and method for administration of an incentive award system having a delayed award payment usi...
Automatic manufacturing evaluation method and system
Multi-tiered structure for storing and displaying product and process variants
Method for marking, tracking, and managing hospital instruments
Quantitative risk assessment system (QRAS)
Apparatus and computer-implemented process for providing real-time multimedia data transport in a di...
Pattern matching method, timing analysis method and timing analysis device
Method and apparatus for preventing the fraudulent use of a cellular telephone
Rotatable frozen confectionary product
Modified goal post
Computer-program compilers comprising a program augmentation capability
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Solid phase synthesis of oligonucleotides using carbonate protecting groups and alpha-effect nucleop...
Sequences from auxin-induced gene products targeting fusion proteins for degradation
Promoter and construct for plant transformation
Expression of sucrose phosphorylase in plants
Transgenic plants expressing maize acetyl COA carboxylase gene and method of altering oil content
Canola cultivar 45A51
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACbitou`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACamque`
Hybrid ash tree named `Northern Treasure`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACtasy`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoerica`
Refining process and apparatus
Process for transforming a gas oil cut to produce a dearomatised and desulphurised fuel with a high ...
Process for removal of sulphur together with other contaminants from fluids
Dimerized alcohol compositions and biodegradible surfactants made therefrom having cold water deterg...
Benzoquinoneimines as vinyl aromatic polymerization inhibitors
Catalysts suitable for decreasing the cold filter plugging point of middle distillates
Dispensing and filtering
Conversion of xanthophylls in plant material for use as a food colorant
High protein edible composition and method of preparing the same
Pectin for stabilizing proteins
Foods containing thermally-inhibited starches and flours
Extruded intermediates containing a soluble fiber and food products containing same
Process for preparing chocolate
Method and apparatus for introducing and modifying telecommunications services
Method and apparatus for providing a directory number to a call-processing device in a communication...
Call distribution facility
Method and system for routing incoming telephone calls to available agents based on agent skills
Method and apparatus for value-based queuing of telephone calls
Method and apparatus for displaying an electronic phonebook
Loop current monitor circuitry and method for a communication system
Utilization of ethoxylated fatty acid esters as self-emulsifiable compounds
Ionic molecular conjugates of biodegradable polyesters and bioactive polypeptides
Polynucleotide compositions
Desktop charger
Signal amplifier circuit with symmetrical inputs and outputs
GPS location for mobile phones using the internet
Siloxane nonionic blends useful in agriculture
Protection of the esophagus from chemotherapeutic or irradiation damage by gene therapy
Pharmaceutical therapy for congestive heart failure
Lactulose-based anhydrous composition
Administration of histamine for therapeutic purposes
Internet service via ISDN
Data communication method, data communication terminal, data communication system and communication ...
Address routing using address-sensitive mask decimation scheme
Distributed world wide web servers
Floater bonus poker
Method and apparatus for selecting joker card in poker game
Multi-level lottery-type gaming method and apparatus
Video game apparatus having a direction pointing mark and player object displayed on a game screen
Game system operable with backup data on different kinds of game machines
Swimming pool water game goal apparatus
Method of improving ABS control behavior
Wheel slip angle detecting system for vehicle
Cut-in management for an adaptive cruise control system
Vehicle deceleration control unit
Route consideration apparatus
Collision avoidance system
Method and device for determining a variable describing the speed of a vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling offers that are provided at a point-of-sale terminal
Method and system for generating statistically-based medical provider utilization profiles
Method and apparatus to connect consumer to expert
Cryptographic encoded ticket issuing and collection system for remote purchasers
Method and system for handling disruptions in the management of electronic auctions
Automatic remittance delivery system
Electronic transaction processing system with escrow card
Data display control apparatus
Automatic topology synthesis and optimization
Secure wireless electronic-commerce system with digital product certificates and digital license cer...
Image processing device, image processing method, game device, and craft simulator
Method and apparatus for multiple file download via single aggregate file serving
Computer program product having preloaded software module
Electrically driven hair care appliance
Music performance training apparatus and recording medium having a training program stored thereon
Combination of carotenoids for use as dietary supplement or topical ointment
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38K06
Inbred maize line PH45A
Inbred corn plant 86ISI26 and seeds thereof
Inbred corn plant 01IUL6 and seeds thereof
Polymorphism detection utilizing clustering analysis
DNA sequence assembly system
System and method for a precompiled database for biomolecular sequence information
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yobrigitte`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yopam`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Harmony`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocheryl`
Double impatiens plant named `Balfieorce`
Metasequoia glyptostroboides plant named `Golden Dawn`
Shrub rose plant named `JACsuyel`
Short-chained peptide material
Granular feed nutrient supplements
Rubber modified monovinylidene aromatic polymer blends
Composition of pyruvate and anabolic protein and method for increasing fat loss in a mammal
Method for supplying bioavailable methionine to a cow
Food transport container with integral heater
Shielding method for microwave heating of infant formulate to a safe and uniform temperature
Intra-body information transfer device
Prepaid mobile subscriber identification card and method implemented thereby
Redialing apparatus for portable telephone
Wireless local loop system utilizing independent central offices located in new residential and comm...
Radio apparatus having a telephone number book with adaptable storage and retrieval indexing
Using vocoded parameters in a staggered average to provide speakerphone operation based on enhanced ...
Speech recognition of caller identifiers using location information
Molecules expressed in hippocampus
3-substituted pyrido[4',3':4,5]thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives, their preparation and their use
Methods of preparing novel dipeptide compounds or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Diaryl-2-(5H)-furanones as Cox-2 inhibitors
Method and an arrangement for cooling an apparatus cabinet
Telecommunications network management system
Scrambling of digital media objects in connection with transmission and storage
Cell selection during loss of service in a telecommunications system
Radio telephone with removable memory modules and module prioritization
Communication terminal having a predictive editor application
Voice message recorder and limited range transmitter for use with telephones
Body suspended amusement system
Amusement system
Interactive entertainment content control
Diesel fuel for use in diesel engine-powered vehicles
Method for inhibiting hydrate formation
Gas phase alkylation-liquid phase transalkylation process
Catalyst for dehydrogenation of alkylaromatic hydrocarbon, process for producing the catalyst, and p...
Aromatics isomerization using a dual-catalyst system
Catalytic production of light olefins rich in propylene
Monomethyl paraffin adsorptive separation process
Amusement ride
Three-dimensional educational role-playing game apparatus and method of use
Instruction for groups of users interactively controlling groups of images to make idiosyncratic, si...
Electronic auscultation system for patient simulator
Toy band with pre-recorded message
Display system for curved surfaces
Pharmaceutical composition containing bupropion hydrochloride and a stabilizer
Foam control agents for silicone surfactants
Polar solvent-in-oil emulsions and multiple emulsions
Urogenital carcinoma TLP peptides
spoIIIE from Steptococcus pneumoniae
Nucleic acids encoding a human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) integrase interactor protein (I...
Methods for determining therapeutic index from gene expression profiles
Method and apparatus for selectively presenting media-options to clients of a multimedia call center
Data processing system having a synchronous memory with an output circuit which selectively outputs ...
Data storage apparatus with improved security process and partition allocation functions
Method and system for generating displays in relation to the play of baccarat
Method for using two copies of open firmware for self debug capability
Method and apparatus for nail coloring
Method and apparatus for treatment of human or animal cell samples
ELISA serodiagnosis of pig pleuropneumonia serotypes 1,9, and 11
Neural receptor tyrosine kinase
Functional expression of, and assay for, functional cellular receptors in vivo
Methods for treating restenosis with p21
Figure cutter for food slices
Apparatus for and method of portioning rice
Soft scrub and spray method
Process of elimination of bacteria in shellfish, of shucking shellfish and an apparatus therefor
Processes and apparatus for preparing compost
Installation for biochemical sewage treatment
Acetylcholine enhancers
Antithrombotic and antiatherogenic pharmaceutical composition including a thienopyridine derivative ...
Subtype-selective NMDA receptor ligands and the use thereof
Heteroarylsulfonamide derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Farnesyl transferase inhibitors, their preparation, the pharmaceutical compositions which contain th...
Selective NPY (Y5) antagonists (bicyclics)
Oral mucosal composition comprising 5-aminosalicylic acid
Pharmaceutical composition comprising carnitine or alkanoyl L-carnitine, for the prevention and trea...
Liposomes preparation method and plant
Vesicular complexes and methods of making and using the same
Liposome-assisted synthesis of polymeric nanoparticles
Soft gelatin capsules containing particulate material
Sustained release polymer blend for pharmaceutical applications
Method for coding and multiplexing multimedia data, apparatus for coding and multiplexing multimedia...
Method of using fingerprints to authenticate wireless communications
Method and system for monitoring and controlling network access
Device and method for converting computer programming languages
Anti-microbial proteins
LH/CG receptor, DNA and use thereof
DNA sequences encoding human membrane cofactor protein (MCP)
Isolated nucleic acid molecules associated with gastric cancer and methods for diagnosing and treati...
DNA molecule relating to suppression of gene expression and novel protein
Genetic polymorphisms in the microsomal triglyceride transfer protein promoter and uses thereof
Feed additive that increases availability of butyric acid and non-digestible oligosaccharides in the...
Immobilized-cell carrageenan bead production and a brewing process utilizing carrageenan bead immobi...
Method of preparing a dairy spread
Microwavable pasta in a bowl
Process for the production of hollow baked confectionery
Edible laminated dough and edible lamination dispersion therefor
Coated low-fat and fat-free snack food products and method to prepare the same
Pharmaceutical composition
Medicines comprising Rho kinase inhibitor
Therapeutics for diabetic complications
Substituted thiadiazolesulfonamides
Oxazolidinone antibacterial agents having a thiocarbonyl functionality
Use of an angiotensin II antagonist and a benzofuran derivative in the treatment of cardiovascular c...
Inhibitors or bone reabsorption and antagonists of vitronectin receptors
Pharmaceutical dosage form for pulsatile delivery of d-threo-methylphenidate and a second CNS stimul...
Antiparkinson dosage form
Self adjustable exit port
Directly compressible high load acetaminophen formulations
Bioadhesive microspheres and their use as drug delivery and imaging systems
Pharmaceutical excipient having improved compressibility
Granular preparation and producing process thereof
Method and apparatus for cataloguing multimedia data
Microcontroller with selectable oscillator source
Method and apparatus for extending security model to native code
System and method of using annotations to optimize dynamically translated code in the presence of si...
Dietary supplement and method for lowering risk of heart disease
Nucleic acid encoding CD28
Biomarkers and targets for diagnosis, prognosis and management of prostate, breast and bladder cance...
Compounds and methods for detecting biomolecules
Method of isolating RNA
Boiler extrusion process and plant for products, preferably for human or animal consumption
Method of frying food
Breadmaking machine and method with automated dispenser and pause function
Nitrite formation in beef mixed vegetable juice: isolation of nitrite-resistant bacteria which have ...
Aqueous extraction process to selectively remove phospholipid from egg yolks
Methods for continuously molding chocolate and products made thereby
Process of freezing sushi, boiled rice or processed food with boiled rice as main component
Pesticidal compositions
Ace-inhibitor nitric salts
3(5)-amino-pyrazole derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as antitumor agents
Aminoiminoquinone and aminoquinone alkaloid compounds and methods of use
Compositions based on aminoacids
Method of promoting smoking cessation
Cockroach controlling compositions
sustained release non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory and lidocaine PLGA microspheres
Polyester analogue of poly-L-lysine as a soluble, biodegradable gene delivery carrier
Cosmetic compositions with gorgonian extract
Ascorbic acid composition and method for treatment of aging or damaged skin
Method for treating dentures
Method of applying makeup and article
Lubricious, drug-accommodating coating
Browser-based electronic messaging
Semiconductor device capable of carrying out high speed fault detecting test
Method of using primary and secondary processors
In-line keyboard
Patient garment having enhanced accessibility
Apparatus and method for remotely powering access equipment over a 10/100 switched ethernet network
Augmented monitoring system
Interactive video communication in real time
ATM-based distributed virtual tandem switching system
VDSL cabinet designs and configurations
Adaptive interference canceller using digital control techniques
Pyrrolidine derivatives for vision and memory disorders
Heterocyclic ketone and thioester compounds and uses
8-substituted B-nor-6-Thiaequilenin compounds having activity as selective estrogen receptor modulat...
Non-peptide GnRH agents
Chromene-3-carboxylate derivatives
Ophthalmic composition
Tricyclic compounds, their production and use
5'-primary aminoalkyl psoralen compositions with platelets
High molecular weight surface proteins of non-typeable haemophilus
Haemophilus adhesin protein
DNA polymerase-related factors
Adjuvant incorporation into antigen carrying cells: compositions and methods
Gene therapy for the treatment of solid tumors using recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors
Screening method for the identification of plants possessing anti-microbial activity and tolerance t...
UTP based video and data conferencing
Test circuit and method for interconnect testing of chips
User mode proxy of kernel mode operations in a computer operating system
Parallel processing method and system using a lazy parallel data type to reduce inter-processor comm...
Mapping image data samples to pixel sub-components on a striped display device
System and method for adjusting pixel parameters by subpixel positioning
Distribution of a centralized database
Multiple user software debugging system
Microprocessor with coprocessing capabilities for secure transactions and quick clearing capabilitie...
Extensible compiler and method
Integrated adaptor module
Medical fabric goods
Back wiring board and aggregated device
Apparatus and method for improved digit recognition and caller identification in telephone mail mess...
Apparatus and method for simultaneously transmitting biomedical data and human voice over convention...
Method of and apparatus for hiding numbers inputted by a user from being displayed on the LCD screen...
Personal computer assisted multiple line access
Choice of guaranteed vs. bumpable conference call reservations
Vitamin D3 mimics
Substituted biphenyls
Diamine alkylene diacetic or triacetic acid derivatives, preparation method, use in cosmetic and pha...
Use of pharmaceutical composition in the treatment of traumatic arthritis in horses
Use of the naturally-occurring quinones thymoquinone and dithymoquinone as antineoplastic and cytoto...
Pharmaceutically active carotenoids
Key array for telephone handset
Cellular telephone data communication system and method
Packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such disks and...
Toy airplane
Wire skeleton for soft sculptured dolls
Method of producing a hairpiece which can be fastened on a toy figure, and toy figure with a hairpie...
Self righting pet toy
Method and composition for treatment of headache using magnesium
Cleansing compositions
Methods for cleaning, conditioning and styling hair
Bleaching enzymes
Solid particulate propellant systems and aerosol containers employing the same
Slow release of fragrant compounds in perfumery using a keto esters
Pharmaceutical compositions containing flavanolignanes and methods for using same as an antiprolifer...
Method and apparatus for electronic mail notification
Embroidery system utilizing windows CE based GUI
Selective reestablishment of internet connectivity based on duration of user inactivity
Premises gateway and premises network interfaces for accessing subscriber premises equipment and com...
Virtual matrix encryption (VME) and virtual key cryptographic method and apparatus
System and method for digitally signing a digital agreement between remotely located nodes
Method and an apparatus for preprocessing logging of received postal items
Methods and apparatus for allocating resources in the presence of uncertainty
Method of determining optimal asset allocation utilizing asset cash flow simulation
Protection of transaction data
Network license authentication
Synthesizing virtual two dimensional images of three dimensional space from a collection of real two...
Apparatus and method for interfacing boundary-scan circuitry with DTL output drivers
Centralized authentication, authorization and accounting server with support for multiple transport ...
Restraint deployment control method having a delayed adaptable deployment threshold
Flexible coupling and bonded subassembly having a central pivot bearing
Multi-language DCE remote procedure call
Reduction of hair growth
Tone generator with diversification of waveform using variable addressing
Enzyme-decomposed materials of laver and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for called-party telephone messaging while interconnected to a data network
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting
Call hold state notification across a communications network
Method and apparatus for processing FISU frames according to the Signalling System 7 protocol
Ring trip detection in a communication system
Adaptive dual filter echo cancellation method
Sticker shielding against electromagnetic wave
Treatment and prevention of hepatic disorders
Copolymer compositions for treating viral infections
Amyloid .beta. protein (globular assembly and uses thereof)
Synthetic peptides for the detection of trimethylamine (TMA) and their detection method and device
Anti-apoptotic genes of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and their use
Driving game machine and computer-readable medium storing driving game program
Controller-based linked gaming machine bonus system
Image generating device and information storage medium
Computerized pool cue
Golf game with a three dimensional target
Method for determining an intersection-torque in a driving line of a vehicle with an automatic trans...
Electronic transmission control system for automotive vehicle with continuously variable automatic t...
Vehicle dynamic control system
Turn control system for vehicle
Vehicle position determination system and method
Navigation system providing simplified navigation instructions using graphics and voice guidance to ...
Synchronous timer vehicle speed measurement
Freight calculation system and method of operation
Method, system and program product for performing cost analysis of an information technology impleme...
Method of RF-based communication
Memory integrity for meters
System for creating and managing proprietary product data
System for providing targeted internet information to mobile agents
Watchdog for trusted electronic content distributions
Method and apparatus for delivering multimedia content based on network connections
Method and system for tuning of components for integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for generating and verifying encrypted data packets
Putter having plastic insert
Access control for networks
Summary frames in video
Method and apparatus to enhance optical transparency of biological tissues
Center point stereo field expander for amplified musical instruments
Absorbent article which maintains or improves skin health
Reagent for the detection and isolation of carbohydrates or glycan receptors
Plant promoter
Structure and expression of the biotin carboxylase subunit of heteromeric acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Computational method for designing chemical structures having common functional characteristics
Spoonable, low water activity batters
Betaine and bakery products
Composition for producing a thickened coffee beverage
Method of obtaining haemin from slaughter blood
Mutant proteins having lower allergenic response in humans and methods for constructing, identifying...
Polynucleotide molecule from Haematococcus pluvialis encoding a polypeptide having a .beta.-C-4-oxyg...
High speed oven using a jet of heated air
Begonia plant named `Dana`
Portable telephone support with a tilting member
Method for locating a called subscriber
Telephone messaging and editing system
Method of analyzing dialogs in a natural language speech recognition system
Apparatus and method for monitoring progress of customer generated trouble tickets
Method of switching service profile to another and terminal apparatus for utilizing the method
Method and apparatus for producing a combined data stream and recovering therefrom the respective us...
2-aryl dihydropyrimidine compounds
Synthesis of cisapride
1-phenyl-benzimidazole compounds and their use as GABA-a receptor modulators
Process for manufacturing of L-DOPA ethyl ester
Nanoprobe for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy in medical diagnostic and drug screening
Rate control techniques for efficient high speed data services
Implementation of buffering in a packet-switched telecommunications network
Telemetric measuring of a mobile telephone network
Radiotelephone with scanning of channel signals containing access rights
Handover in a mobile communication system with adjustable error correction
Modular mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for adjustment of TCP sliding window with information about network conditions
Mounting system for releasably and securely mounting an entertainment accessory within an automobile
Wave machine for liquids
Entertainment and exercise device
Method for improving the operation of a propane-propylene splitter
Zeolite material, a method of making such improved zeolite material and the use thereof in the conve...
Zeolite SSZ-36
High pressure storage and transport of natural gas containing added C2 or C3, or ammonia, hydrogen f...
Process for hydrotreating a hydrocarbon feedstock and apparatus for carrying out same
Aromatic modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resins giving an excellent balance between tack and shear pr...
Methods and kits for painting walls
Method for obtaining a tabulation to display a range of colors which can be reproduced with accuracy
Braille cell and display comprising a plurality of braille cells, as well as a method for controllin...
Magnetically interactive substrate for a book
Simulative golf game system and a method for providing a simulative golf game and a storage medium f...
Game device and picture processing device
Rehabilitation apparatus
Glycerolipidic compounds used for the transfer of an active substance into a target cell
Methods and products for stimulating the immune system using immunotherapeutic oligonucleotides and ...
Formulations containing hyaluronic acid
Globins containing binding domains
Antibodies specific for the extracellular domain of NYK/flk-1 protein and uses thereof
Transgenic model and treatment for heart disease
Imaging using a contrast agent
Multimedia electric adapter
PC system having flash-ROM controlling device and method for protecting BIOS stored in flash-ROM
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising benzotriazole and benzoazolyl/benzodiazolyl sunscre...
Freeze-dried ginseng berry tea
Subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) simulator
Full-duplex speakerphone circuit including a control interface
Line powered modem
Telephone with automatic pause responsive, noise reduction muting and method
Hanging latch hook mechanism for telephones
Housing assembly for a selective call receiver
Method in mobile telephone systems in which a subscriber identity module (SIM) is allocated at least...
Macrocyclic analogs and methods of their use and preparation
Composition comprising mupirocin and chlorhexidine
Anticonvulsant derivatives useful in treating essential tremor
Method for preventing or treating coronary restenosis with catechin
Heterocyclic cis cyclopropane derivatives as melatonergic agents
Dioxocyclopentyl hydroxamic acids
Aryloxyarylsulfonylamino hydroxamic acid derivatives
Method of using isomer enriched conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Nutritional composition for treating inflammatory bowel diseases
Compositions, methods and devices for the transdermal delivery of drugs
Phospholipid formulations
Non-gelatin substitutes for oral delivery capsules, their composition and process of manufacture
Melatonin for the production of a peroral pulsatile form of medication
Capsules for oral preparations and capsule preparations for oral administration
Line drawing using operand routing and operation selective multimedia extension unit
Maintaining a memory while in a power management mode
Hydroxypropyl quaternary ammonium compounds containing an ester function, and cosmetic and dermatolo...
Enzyme Inhibitors
Antenna device for mobile radio telephone devices
Voice command system and method
Power supply circuit, telecommunication device and method for multiple DC slope power management
Customizing audio output to a user's hearing in a digital telephone
Videocommunicating device with an on-screen telephone keypad user-interface method and arrangement
Method and apparatus for connecting circuit boards
Treatment of HPV induced cancer using in situ application of two nordihydroguiaretic acid derivative...
Indene-1-acetamide sPLA2 inhibitors
2,3,5-substituted biphenyls useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Maximizing effectiveness of substances used to improve health and well being
Subcoated simulated capsule-like medicament
Methazolamide composition and method of use
Hydrophilic film and process for producing the same
Precipitated silicas which contain an active substance
Nanosheres comprising a biocompatible polysaccharide
Controlled absorption diltiazem pharmaceutical formulation
Method and apparatus for transferring money via a telephone call
Satellite communication system
Merged memory and logic (MML) integrated circuits including memory test controlling circuits and met...
Cosmetic composition containing a cationic polymer and an acrylic terpolymer, and use of this compos...
Performance information making device and method based on random selection of accompaniment patterns
Warning system for excessive apparent temperature conditions
Method of establishing a connection as well as an exchange, service computer and communications netw...
Private IP telephony backbone linking widely-distributed enterprise sites
Method and system for voice call completion using information retrieved from an open application on ...
Local area network for the transmission and control of audio, video, and computer data
Digital signal processor-based telephone test set analyzing and displayed multiple signal parameter ...
Loop certification and measurement for ADSL
Dual mode monitor module
Arylsulfonanilide ureas
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Benzenesulphonamide derivatives, preparation thereof and therapeutical uses thereof
Benzamidoxime prodrugs as antipneumocystic agents
Composition comprising ketanserin and L-carnitine or an alkanoyl L-carnitine for the treatment of CR...
Hydroxylation activated prodrugs
Domino playing piece system
Operating device for motorcycle simulation apparatus
Prompt-release oral pharmaceutical compositions for extemporaneous suspensions
Biodegradable polymer matrices for sustained delivery of local anesthetic agents
Immunoliposomes that optimize internalization into target cells
Method of detecting lung disease
Chemokines that inhibit immunodeficiency virus infection and methods based thereon
DNA molecule encoding for cellular uptake of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and uses thereof
Assay for disease related conformation of a protein and isolating same
Apparatus for automatically applying and preparing software, and recording medium for preparing soft...
Self-authentication of value documents using encoded indices
Postage meter with removable print head and means to check that print head is authorized
Per call real time billing display
Systems and methods for quantifying qualitative medical expressions
Self-closing cap for the filling neck of a container
Modeling and projecting emotion and personality from a computer user interface
Method and system for testing multiport memories
Stiff-feel hair styling compositions
Wireless Transceiver System For Digital Music
Method for non-invasive and safe testing of telecommunication and broadcast towers or other airwave ...
System, method and apparatus for direct voice mail access and blocking
Delivery of urgent messages by integrated forced delivery and voice mailbox
Elastic buffer for data storage with speech data
System and method for number presentation
Automated time synchronization of peripheral devices using a telephone
Method and apparatus for providing a station set with advanced telecommunications services
Vascular remodeling agent
Topical application of formate for relief of adverse skin condition for humans
Hinge mechanism
Structure for children's games
Book useable with a game piece, such as a book with an internal passageway
Mechanical model of an animal
Musical ornament having concealable and movable figurine
Feathered game call apparatus and method
Game call striker
Method for adaptively training humans to discriminate between frequency sweeps common in spoken lang...
Doppler ultrasound simulator
Device and method for simulating ophthalmic surgery
Method for teaching in a screen-saver environment
Method and apparatus for multiple choice testing system with immediate feedback for correctness of r...
Do-it-yourself storytelling book
Programmed cell death and ICH-3
HCV genomic sequences for diagnostics and therapeutics
Encapsulation of supported animal cells using gas-phase inorganic alkoxides
Conjugates of a particle vector and oligonucleotides, process for their preparation, and pharmaceuti...
Treatment of mycobacterial diseases by administration of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protei...
Pharmacological composition for treating cancer cells
2-aminopropane-1,3-diol compounds, medicinal use thereof, and intermediates in synthesizing the same
Certifying authorization in computer networks
Network security system allowing access and modification to a security subsystem after initial insta...
Portable system for personal identification based upon distinctive characteristics of the user
Method and apparatus for determining a stable weight measurement for use in a security software appl...
Decoding key recorded at a recording site in order to decode information transmitted to that site is...
Analysis system with time standard
Service business management system
Method and system for creating, validating, and scaling structural description of electronic device
Event architecture for system management in an operating system
Computer mouse
Sprites with depth
Image generator and method for resolving non-binary cyclic occlusions with image compositing operati...
Analog video tagging and encoding system
Method for creating communities of trust in a secure communication system
Method for preventing inadvertent betrayal by a trustee of escrowed digital secrets
Passenger protecting apparatus
Ilex hybrid variety named `Huo Yen`
Dart target with a function of displaying scores
Apparatus and methods for music and lyrics broadcasting
Apparatus for signal transmission and detection using a contact device for physical measurement on t...
Use of 13C NMR spectroscopy to produce optimum fischer-tropsch diesel fuels and blend stocks
Mitigation of fouling by thermally cracked oils (LAW852)
Steam cracking of hydrotreated and hydrogenated hydrocarbon feeds
Method of accessing an IP in an ISDN network with partial release
System, method and user interface for data announced call transfer
System for handling large blocks of special number calls in a telecommunications network
Telecommunications network architecture with rapid restoration
Connection apparatus for connecting a digital or analog subscriber line of communication network to ...
Articulating telephone base
Phone holder
Iterative repair optimization with particular application to scheduling for integrated capacity and ...
Auditron access printer
Method and system for controlling the initiation and duration of overtime intervals in electronic au...
Method for multi-directional consumer purchasing, selling, and transaction management
Information recording medium and information reproducing apparatus
FPGA device and method that includes a variable grain function architecture for implementing configu...
Polymer fine particles for jet ink, process for producing the same, and jet ink comprising the same
Method for evaluating target protein quality from fermenter
Heterocyclecarbonyl amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Compositions for enzyme catalyzed template-independent formation of phosphodiester bonds using prote...
Crystalline complexes of baccatin III with imidazole, 2-methylimidazole or isopropanol
IL-5 transgenic mouse
Cloning using donor nuclei from a non-quiesecent somatic cells
Plasmids containing DNA-sequences that cause changes in the carbohydrate concentration and carbohydr...
Method for shortening internode of inflorescence by introducing gene for petunia transcription facto...
Tomato xyloglucan endo-transglycosylase nucleic acids
Method and apparatus for pitting peaches
Apparatus and method for molding food
Method for processing food product
Cooking vessel for induction heating and alloy and method for producing such a vessel
Co-crystallization of sugar and n-[n-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-l .alpha.aspartyl]-l-phenylalanine 1-methyl...
Preparation of breading product and breaded foodstuffs for oven-cooking
Incorporation of supersaturated lactose in process cheese and product thereof
Dimorphotheca plant named `Mauve`
Blueberry plant named `Sapphire`
Sanitary cover for telephone and method of making same
Two-wire conference apparatus with echo canceler without training
Subscriber unit and method for updating a function value
Technique for reporting faults of base station of digital cellular system
Cellular-fixed call completion and call transfer service from a cellular network provider
Antitumor and anticholesterol preparations containing a lipoteichoic acid from streptococcus
Video encoder and decoder using motion-based segmentation and merging
Method and apparatus providing residential base carrier inactivation after line failure or line in u...
Method and arrangement for a handover between base station controllers
Method for providing angular diversity, and base station equipment
System and method for character case control in a wireless communication device
Multi-filar helix antennae for mobile communication devices
Methods and apparatuses for identification of the position of data packets which are located in a se...
Pet entertainment apparatus
Wire dress protector for a television cabinet stand
Motion simulator
Process for production of ethylene and propylene by catalytic pyrolysis of heavy hydrocarbons
Process for producing diesel fuel with increased cetane number
Process for recycling heterogeneous waste
Enzyme catalysis in carbon dioxide fluids
Process for separating saturated compounds from olefins
Method and compound for inhibiting the plugging of conduits by gas hydrates
Solid state oxygen anion and electron mediating membrane and catalytic membrane reactors containing ...
Multi-player interactive electronic game for health education
Music lesson system with local training terminal and remote supervisory station
Editing method in a multimedia synchronous training system
Learning system and method based on review
Painting kit and related method
Conic section activity boards
Stilbene compounds comprising an adamantyl group, compositions and methods thereof
Use of polymers containing .beta.-hydroxyalkylvinylamine units as biocides
Method for making a polyvinyl acetal sponge packing for use in the nasal, sinus and otic cavities
Bioactive agent release coating
Method for making aqueous emulsions of functionalized organopolysiloxanes
Aqueous emulsions of amine-functionalized organopolysiloxanes and method
Pre-scheduled callback service
Method and apparatus for automated different GPS processing
Method for generating web browser sensitive pages
Method for establishing trust in a computer network via association
Resources sharing on the internet via the HTTP
Electronic bookstore vending machine
Network audio-link fire alarm monitoring system and method
Crash-action, vehicle racing game and method
Electronic game board
Collector card/phone card dispensing system with promotional free spin/free draw game feature
Method and device for generating an error signal in a motor vehicle
Method for driver-behavior-adaptive control of a variably adjustable motor vehicle accessory
Hidden acquisition module for acquiring data from a vehicle
Apparatus and method for controlling a speed change of an automatic transmission
Method for determining the fill time of a transmission clutch
System for determining a control quantity
Media capture and compression communication system using holographic optical classification, voice r...
Table-based compression with embedded coding
System and method for publishing calendar information to a publicly accessible location
Method for transmitting text data for shared application between first and second computer asynchron...
Hitch control system with adjustable slip response
Dermatological compounds
Remote controlled page turner utilizing a plurality of movable fingers
Ink jet inks containing linear polymer additives
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator and system for testing same
System for electrode localization using ultrasound
Developmental regulation in anther tissue of plants
Soybean cultivar 952057703252
Soybean cultivar 61694097
Nucleic acid sequences encoding an antifungal polypeptide, aly AFP from alyssum and methods for thei...
Hybrid maize plant and seed 36R10
Aarobacterium-mediated method for transforming rice
High stability peanut oil
Method of making an extruded instant granular food product
Method of forming a hybrid polymer film
Protein hydrolysis
Pharmaceutical composition containing evodiamine compound and method for improving lipid metabolism ...
Anticancer effects of specific branched-chain fatty acids and related production process
Food amount detector of a microwave oven, a microwave oven employing a food amount detector and a co...
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Harmony`
Variety of petunia named `Trumpet Pink`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Amante`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Desire`
Climbing rose plant named `Scarlet Star`
Sutera plant named `Lavender Storm`
Shrub rose plant named `Radrazz`
Wireless subscriber unit and method for managing smart card data
Telephone hand-free apparatus
Method and arrangement in a communication network
System and method for telemarketing presentations
System for determining whether to connect a terminal to a service provider according to information ...
Autoantigen-like protein
Antisense modulation of bcl-x expression
Substituted indolealkanoic acids
Naphthalene derivates, process for the preparation thereof, and intermediates therefor
Imidazole derivatives as therapeutic agents
Ketone derivatives and medical application thereof
Method for adjusting the color temperature in a back-lit liquid crystal display and a back-lit liqui...
Broadband coupler for measurement of antenna signals
Enhanced acknowledgment pacing device and method for TCP connections
Mobile communicator
Dual band architectures for mobile stations
Notebook security system (NBS)
Ornamental display
Container with electro-luminescent lighting
Metal yo-yo and method for manufacture
Toy building set
Sound generating educational musical toy and teaching device
Selective voltage multiplier for toy model train with audio system
Riding gaming machine
Rides conveying park-goers in their own motor vehicles
Beach sling-jump amusement device
Riding game system
Interactive arena play structure
Lighting systems
Entertainment kit
Ruthenium catalysts and their use in the asymmetric hydrogenation of weakly coordinating substrates
Lubricating oil or lubricating oil composition and fuel oil composition
Dispersants and dispersant viscosity index improvers from selectively hydrogenated polymers: blends ...
Base fuel oil for diesel fuel oil and diesel fuel oil composition comprising the same
Process for the preparation of aralkylated aromatic compounds using heterogeneous catalyst
Method for producing high purity isobutylene from a butane plus fraction containing isobutylene and ...
Method for selective adsorption of dienes
Computer-aided learning and counseling methods and apparatus for a job
Educational game using selective light displacement to teach physical concepts
Pedometer with game mode
User-adaptable computer chess system
Swimmer's training method
Pen based computer handwriting instruction
Position-sensitive educational product
Soluble, degradable poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives for controllable release of bound molecules in...
Fibroblast stimulating growth factor 1 (FsF-1) and the early detection of fibrosis
Luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analogs with cytotoxic moiety
Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of Babesia microti infection
Reshaped human antibody to human medulloblastoma cells
Avidin-biotin immunoconjugates
Moraxella catarrhalis outer membrane protein-106 polypeptide, gene sequence and uses thereof
System and method for integrating a document into a desktop window on a client computer
Methods and apparatus for entering and evaluating time dependence hypotheses and for forecasting bas...
Combining real-time and batch mode logical address links
Hierarchical rate control of receivers in a communication system transmitting layered video multicas...
Automatic called party locator over internet with provisioning
Analog terminal internet access
Method for software distribution and compensation with replenishable advertisements
Display for game and gaming machine
Method of playing dice game
Image processor, image processing method and game machine and recording medium
Game pad apparatus and method for navigation on a digital video disk (DVD) system
Bowling game
Apparatus for practicing the game of golf
Concave rebounding surface for playing a ball game
Allosteric inhibitors of pyruvate kinase
Insulator structure for polysilicon resistors
Method and apparatus for analyzing an AgZn battery
Data storage device
Laminated hard disk head suspension and etching process
Electrophoretic, high index and phase transition control of total internal reflection in high effici...
Computerized method and apparatus for analyzing nucleic acid assay readings
Vehicle behavior control system
Wheel module for a vehicle with an electrically controlled braking system (EBS)
Automotive vehicle control apparatus including means for preventing between running stability contro...
Method and apparatus for controller power train of motor vehicle
Navigation system for a vehicle
Driver preference responsive vehicle route planning system
Method for determining itinerary data
Patching environment for modifying a Java virtual machine and method
Distributed application launcher for optimizing desktops based on client characteristics information
Interactive dubug tool for programmable circuits
FPGA modules parameterized by expressions
Record-based backward skipping within physical blocks of data
Method and apparatus for accessing mirrored logical volumes
Controlling video or image presentation according to encoded content classification information with...
Permanent failure monitoring in complex systems
Method and system for dynamically selecting a boot process within a data processing system
Cable location method and apparatus using modeling data
Method and system for creating an approach to a position on the ground from a location above the gro...
Apparatus and method for monitoring and coordinating the harvesting and transporting operations of a...
Web page generation with subtemplates displaying information from an electronic post office system
Database system with original and public databases and data exploitation support apparatus for displ...
Method and apparatus for processing electronic mail in parallel
Coarse indexes for a data warehouse
Advertisement selection system supporting discretionary target market characteristics
Method and system for visualization of clusters and classifications
Method for upgrading copies of an original file with same update data after normalizing differences ...
Multi-venue ticketing using smart cards
System and method for handling permits
Automated network sizing and pricing system for satellite network
System and method for private information retrieval from a single electronic storage device using co...
Method for enabling a user to fetch a specific information item from a set of information items, and...
Method of determining visibility to a remote database client of a plurality of database transactions...
Computerized system and method for managing information
Scaleable method for maintaining and making consistent updates to caches
Computer-aided logic circuit designing apparatus computer-aided logic circuit designing system, and ...
System and method for transmitting and utilizing electronic program guide information
Highly integrated portable electronic work slate unit
Communication system and method with orthogonal block encoding
Bearer channel modification system for a code division multiple access (CDMA) communication system
Parallel hopping hybrid direct sequence/slow frequency hopping CDMA system
RAKE receiver
Signal transformation method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for generating alert in radio paging receiver
Apparatus and method for saving battery power of a paging receiver
Reducing radio transmitter distortion
Method of changing the code of a radio communication system
Universal dictation input apparatus and method
Method for selecting base transceiver stations for gathering data to determine a mobile station's lo...
Method of handover control in mobile radio communication realizing reduced control load
Method and apparatus for retransmitting short message upon transmission failure in mobile radio term...
Up-link power control for fixed wireless access
Method and system for generating and transmitting a waiting message
Separable cellular telephone and method for operating the same
Broadcast audible sound communication of programming change in an implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for determining altitude
Automated in situ testing of railroad telemetry radios
High-performance half-rate encoding apparatus and method for a TDM system
Multiple value multiple owner message class
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a mark...
Biometric watermarks
System and method for location-based marketing to mobile stations within a cellular network
Point of service third party financial management vehicle for the healthcare industry
Method and system for managing wellness plans for a medical care practice
Secure spread spectrum watermarking for multimedia data
Method and system for improving delay error
Friction element
Two position reclinable wooden chair
Human requiem
System and method for enhanced automatic recall
Virtual telephone
Arrangement for controlling remote telephones
System and method for automated emergency call breakthrough
Method of alerting apartment residents to the arrival of visitors
Method and apparatus for on-hold switching
Plant volatile elicitor from insects
Methods and pharmaceutical preparations for improving glucose metabolism with (-)-hydroxycitric acid
Alpha-methylbenzyl-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses containing a substituted phenyle...
Non-steroidal ligands for the estrogen receptor
Entrapment of vitamins with an elastomeric silicone polyether
Method and apparatus for master-slave control in a educational classroom communication network
Swim training apparatus
Internally lighted globe
System and method for stimulating night vision goggles
System and method for establishing a data session and a voice session for training a user on a compu...
Use of proteins as anti-retroviral agents
Sodium hypochlorite based disinfectant and sterilizer for medical-surgical instruments
Production of lampbrush chromosome
Method for preparing a product in particular for preventing and curing skin diseases, and resulting ...
Purification of Japanese encephalitis virus
Targeted nucleotide sequence delivery and integration system
Peptide analogues containing a 7-membered lactam ring
Floating dock including buoyant wharf modules and method of making such modules
Floating offshore drilling/producing structure
Spicy popcorn with natural ingredients
Antifoulant compositions and methods of treating wood
Method for producing docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) using Pseudomonas sp. ys-180
Quick response perimeter intrusion detection sensor
Method of screening acoustic signals transmitted by a moving target
Accounting and billing based on network use
System and method for issuing security deposit guarantees based on credit card accounts
Computer-driven information management system for selectively matching credit applicants with money ...
System and method for printing multiple postage indicia
Facility for the intelligent selection of information objects
Rapid production of optimal-quality reduced-resolution representations of very large databases
Recoverable computer file system with a signature area containing file integrity information located...
Method and system for generating and distributing document sets using a relational database
System for collecting television program data
Multimedia direct access storage device and formatting method
Minimization of circuit delay and power through transistor sizing
Method and system for interfacing to a type library
Method and computer program product for reducing inter-buffer data transfers between separate proces...
Computer hibernation implemented by a computer operating system
Correcting for changed client machine hardware using a server-based operating system
Technique for producing a privately authenticatable product copy indicia and for authenticating such...
Error correction on a mobile device
Circuit and method for ensuring interconnect security with a multi-chip integrated circuit package
Method and apparatus for software component analysis
Conditioning/styling terpolymers
Collectible card and can package and method
Production of alkali metal cyclopentadienylide and production of dihalobis (.eta.-substituted-cyclop...
Dosage forms for the treatment of the chronic glaucomas
Nephrin gene and protein