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Applications of nano-enabled large area macroelectronic substrates incorporating nanowires and nanow...
Method for plasma etching a dielectric layer
Multiple operating voltage vertical replacement-gate (VRG) transistor
Method and system for increasing yield of vertically integrated devices
Excimer laser crystallization of amorphous silicon film
Stress bimorph MEMS switches and methods of making same
Method of eliminating photoresist poisoning in damascene applications
Methods and compositions for screening for altered cellular phenotypes
Medical devices, drug coatings and methods for maintaining the drug coatings thereon
Recombinant aav vectors with AAV5 capsids and AAV5 vectors pseudotyped in heterologous capsids
Self-broaching, rotatable, push-in interbody spinal fusion implant and method for deployment thereof
Segmented polymers and their conjugates
Adult human dental pulp stem cells in vitro and in vivo
Identification of genes having a role in the presentation of diabetic nephropathy
NELL-1 enhanced bone mineralization
Techniques for spinal surgery and attaching constructs to vertebral elements
Method for forming an orthopedic implant surface configuration
Air-conditioning resistor and operating unit
Airbag device
Knee protecting airbag device
Trim and glass run attachment structure in vehicle door
Scintillator including a group III nitride compound semiconductor and a scintillation counter includ...
Production method for semiconductor crystal and semiconductor luminous element
Apparatus and method for generating and displaying fuel flow information in a GPS-equipped vehicle
Enhanced wireless network security using GPS
Projectile comprising a reception antenna for a satellite navigation receiver
Bootstrapping tandem GPS navigation receivers
GPS reception method and GPS receiver
Method and device for contactless measurement of a linear textile formation such as yarn etc
Clip for clothing strips
Flat end head made of polymer material
Yarn withdrawal device for open-end spinning arrangements and method of making yarn using same
Copper based sintered contact material and double-layered sintered contact member
Methods of bonding materials, especially materials used in absorbent articles
Aesthetically improved side panels for disposable garment and methods of making the same
Light weight rubber composition containing clay
Editing system, editing method, clip management apparatus, and clip management method
Pressure-sensitive seal assemblies and strip assemblies using kiss-cuts, adhesive-masking, multiple ...
Toner cartridge, image forming apparatus and tear-seal device and method of manufacturing utilizing ...
Reader/writer for magnetic memory
Methods and apparatus for recycling asphalt shingle material into shaped products
Method for manufacturing a structure
Inflatable heating device for in-situ repair of conduit and method for repairing conduit
Method of manufacturing a decorative panel cover
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and deformable spinal disc annulus stent
Method for producing spacer and spacer
Composite resilient mount
Seismic monitoring of in situ conversion in a hydrocarbon containing formation
Piston ring having wear resistant composition
Z-stud structural member
Method of using non-resinous melamine to safen urea-formaldehyde-wood composite products and product...
Pressing process for composite wood panels
Armrest having armrest bun and method of manufacture
Low-friction sleeve insert for a visor bearing
Vehicle dynamics control apparatus
Drive control device for hybrid vehicle
Valve actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine and method of adjusting lift thereof
Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Content providing area presentation system
Combustion control system of internal combustion engine
Adaptive cruise control system for vehicle
Information presentation controlling apparatus and method based on driver's mental fatigue
Display device
Drive train for hybrid electric vehicle
Magnetic circuit structure for rotary electric machine
Control device for fuel cell system and control method
Method for manufacturing printed circuit boards from an extruded polymer
Automotive vehicle seat insert
Electrical connectors having a sealing element
Configurable overhead console
Indium free vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Arrangements for increasing sputter life in gas discharge tubes
Carbon dioxide laser resonator gas
Line selected F2 two chamber laser system
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and method of fabricating the same
Stepped manifold array of microchannel heat sinks
Systems and methods for thermal management of diode-pumped solid-state lasers
Age compensation in optoelectronic modules with integrated temperature control
Self-synchronous locking of optical coherence by single-detector electronic-frequency tagging
Wavelength locking for multi-wavelength laser source
Tunable semiconductor laser and production method
Q-switched, cavity dumped laser systems for material processing
System and method for protecting eye safety during operation of a fiber optic transceiver
Optical head for near-field recording and reproduction, and method of manufacturing the same
Optical element module, and apparatus and method for fixing optical element
Exposure apparatus for optical disc
Ventilating footwear and method of ventilating footwear
Cushioning member having a wavy outline
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear cleat with blade-like traction elements
Frequency controlled lighting system
Portion of a shoe sole
Multiple sensing automatic lighting system for personal safety
Footwear outsole
Waterproof footwear construction
Portion of a shoe upper
Electrostatically dissipative athletic shoe
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Chaos cryptographic communication method and chaos cryptographic communication system
Method and device for extraction of electrons in a vacuum and emission cathodes for said device
Exposure apparatus
Synthesis of trinitrophloroglucinol and triaminotrinitrobenzene (TATB)
Synthesis and purification of 1,3,5-triamino-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene (TATB)
Heterocyclic quinones as pharmaceutical agents
Additives for powder coatings
Printed circuit embedded capacitors
Invariant checking method and apparatus using binary decision diagrams in combination with constrain...
Method for attenuating noise in seismic data using complex trace diversity filter
Discrete component array
Systems and methods for immobilization using selected electrodes
Wide field method for detecting pathogenic microorganisms
Method and apparatus for dynamic burnout imprinting protection with shift correction
Image processing unit, image processing method and medium, and game machine
Polypeptides having polymerase activity and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for performing a minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty
Ventricular restoration shaping apparatus and method of use
Splint assembly for improving cardiac function in hearts, and method for implanting the splint assem...
Method and apparatus for performing a minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty
Surgical sensor
Automatic transmission
Automatic transmission
Transmission with friction launch mechanism
Integrated micro-strip antenna apparatus and a system utilizing the same for wireless communications...
Surface treatment apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Optical modulator
Customizing traveling wave optical modulators
Integrated fiber, sensor and lens arrays and their applications for optical networks
Waveplate and optical circuit formed using mesogen-containing polymer
Optimizing plant control values of a power plant
Device for a vehicle for estimating friction coefficient of a road surface
Apparatus and method for determining a failure in an automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for centrally-controlled electrical protection system architecture reliability ...
Methods of forming prostheses
Fixation element for an implantable microphone
Multi-modal text editing correction
Method and system for using idle threads to adaptively throttle a computer
Method for watermarking computer programs
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
Memory isolation through address translation data edit control
Configurable PCI express switch which allows multiple CPUs to be connected to multiple I/O devices
System and method for generating a predicate abstraction of a program
Geographical client distribution methods, systems and computer program products
Method and system for creating and maintaining version-specific properties in a file
Positive tone lithography with carbon dioxide development systems
Process of insulating a semiconductor device using a polymeric material
Method for isolating polyorganosiloxanes
Sample holding chuck for use in reactor and reactor using same
Method and system for video poker
Rewritable card printer
Technique to create targeted lottery systems using electronic media interfaces
Casino game having lanes with displayed targets
Optical recording medium
Extrusion method and extruder
Extrusion die and method for using the same
Ink reservoir for writing instrument
Linear fixture assembly
Method for preparing polyimide and polyimide prepared thereby
Method for producing cellulose shaped bodies with super-absorbent properties
Animal feeds including actives and methods of preparing same
Moldable pellet based on the combinstion of synthetic cellulose fibers and thermoplastic polymers
Extrusion device for manufacturing a product based on a rubber mix
Polymer processing system including decompression chamber and method for using same
Expandable packer with anchoring feature
Inkjet printing device for inks containing a high loading of pigment and inkjet printing process uti...
Dis-azo dyestuffs and use thereof in ink-jet printing
Application of nanotechnology and sensor technologies for ex-vivo diagnostics
Method for cutting single-wall carbon nanotubes
Structures, systems and methods for joining articles and materials and uses therefor
Process for manufacturing purified phosphorodiamidite
Finishing of textile fibers, tissues and fabrics
Methods of forming oxide masks with submicron openings and microstructures formed thereby
Method for gold deposition
DNA encoding peripheral-type benzodiazipine receptor associated protein 7 and applications or method...
Method for sequencing nucleic acid molecules
Spatial learning and memory
Common optical-path testing of high-numerical-aperture wavefronts
Method for sequencing nucleic acid molecules
Chemical-mechanical planarization composition with nitrogen containing polymer and method for use
Composition for chemical-mechanical polishing and method of using same
Method and apparatus for controlling the display of hierarchical information
System and method for creating a graphical program based on a pre-defined program process
Abstract user interface manager with prioritization
Multiplexing structures for delivery of interactive program guide
Flexible digital cable network architecture
System and method for extending application functionality and content
Direct invocation of methods using class loader
Computer software run-time analysis systems and methods
Brassiere and related breast cup construction
Continuous molding of fastener products and the like and products produced thereby
Fastening system for a bra
Method of forming brassieres underwires
Brassiere and manufacturing process thereof
Continuous molding of fastener products and the like and products produced thereby
Moldable warp knitted fabric and method of forming a seamless molded fabric portion therefrom
Multifunction swimsuit and casual wear undergarment
Double-closure clasp
Method of forming seamless fabric cups and resulting products
Method for forming two-layer brassiere cup
Process for preparing breast pads
Apparatus for constructing breast cups
Method for constructing breast cups
Cleaving process to fabricate multilayered substrates using low implantation doses
Method of graft polymerization and variety of materials utilizing the same as well as producing meth...
Matt, UV-stable, co-extruded polyester film, a method for the production thereof and the use of the ...
Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of aqueous organic solutions
Apparatus for producing hydrogen, electrochemical device, method for producing hydrogen and method f...
Aqueous black enamel composition for glass substrate
Solar collector and method
Plasma-vortex engine and method of operation therefor
Energy conversion systems
Method and apparatus for determining latency between multiple servers and a client
Delay-Locked Loop (DLL) capable of directly receiving external clock signals
Circuit and method for a folded bit line memory cell with vertical transistor and trench capacitor
Optical position sensing device
Positive piece engagement indicator for marking tool
Firewall pooling in a network flowswitch
System and method for on-line monitoring and billing of power consumption
Method and architecture for an interactive two-way data communication network
High density optical source bank
Upper layer network device including a physical layer test port
Session initiation protocol based advanced intelligent network/intelligent network messaging
Congestion control and traffic management system for packet-based networks
Pipelined packet scheduler for high speed optical switches
Electronic textile touch light controller
Binary hysteresis comparator circuits and methods
Protective relay test device having a hand-held controller
Pattern measuring method and measuring system using display microscope image
Chemoreceptive semiconductor structure
Microsize driving device and method for preparation thereof
Carboxylic acid derivatives as IP antagonists
Nucleic acid biomaterials and methods of formation and use
Method and apparatus for dental implants
Therapeutic use of aryl amino acid derivatives
Method and apparatus for determining the homogeneity of a granulation during tableting
Heat storage type heater and method of controlling input and output of heat of the same
Means for securing a cooling device
Thermal standoff for close proximity thermal management
Computer system with a liquid-cooling thermal module having a plurality of pumps
Cooling array
Brazing sheet product and method of its manufacture
Preappliable phase change thermal interface pad
Air mover
Air conditioner for vehicle
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Clip for heat sink
Plate heat exchanger
Heat exchanger plate
Multitubular heat exchanger
Layered evaporator for use in motor vehicle air conditioners or the like, layered heat exchanger for...
Heat exchanger with valve
Heat exchange unit for isothermal chemical reactors
Refrigerating unit having heat-exchanger mounting shroud
Impeller driven active heat sink
System for cleaning tubes of heat exchangers and cleaning bodies for use in the system
Pro 1474 polypeptides
Substituted indole oxo-acetyl amino acetic acid derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator i...
2-Azabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane derivatives
Substituted chroman derivatives
Benzoxazinone-derived compounds, their preparation and use as medicaments
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives, medicinal compositions containing the same and intermediates ...
Combination therapy for effecting weight loss and treating obesity
Radiation barrier
Lactam glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors and method of use
Aporphine and oxoaporphine compounds and pharmaceutical use thereof
Power transmission belt containing short high molecular weight polyacrylonitrile fiber
High density rubber compounds
Lat pulldown weight training machine
Method and apparatus for treadmill with frameless treadbase
Stairclimber apparatus pedal mechanism
Elliptical exercise apparatus cams
Multi-purpose exercise apparatus
Exercise machine with dual, cooperating weight stacks
Video bike
Abdominal exercise system
Neck exercise apparatus
Weight exercise apparatus
Systems and methods for generating three dimensional, textured models
Aerobic and strength exercise apparatus
Adjustable exercise bell
Data transmission system
Pull retainer emergency safety switch
Exercise device and method
Continuously variable transmission
Lactalbumin production process
High modulus, temperature-resistant film for form fill and seal packaging
Method and apparatus of coating articles
Mammary gland tissue-specific expression system using .beta.-casein promoter site of Korean native g...
Control release formulation containing a hydrophobic material as the sustained release agent
System and method for detection of intrusion attacks on packets transmitted on a network
Hybrid lay-up tool
Brushless DC motor
Stress relief in fibre optic arrays
Method for preparing plastic optical fiber preform
Efficient reduced complexity windowed optimal time domain equalizer for discrete multitone-based DSL...
Method and apparatus for selecting among multiple data reconstruction techniques
Fast waveform synchronization for concentration and time-scale modification of speech
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing enhanced power system with optimized...
Electricity meter having gas consumption correction processing
Semiconductor optoelectronic device
Sigma-delta (.SIGMA..DELTA.) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) structure incorporating a direct samp...
Flat material especially in the form of a sheet or a strip and device for writing on said material
Print protection, embedded print protected page, embedded text page, embedded text kit, and methods ...
Multiplex PCR primer set for human glucokinase gene amplification
Isothermal chimeric primer nucleic acid amplification methods using blocking oglionucleotide
Igniter for oxygen lance for thermal cutting, drilling etc.
Car-mounted igniter using IGBT
Techniques for programming and verifying data in a programmable circuit
Digital data reproducing apparatus
High sensitivity tunneling GMR sensors with synthetic antiferromagnet free layer
Method and apparatus for achieving physical connection between the flux guide and the free layer and...
Anti-parallel tab sensor fabrication using chemical-mechanical polishing process
Current-perpendicular-to-plane-magnetoresistive sensor with free layer stabilized against vortex mag...
Electromagnetic transducer laminate with different widths for the semi-hard magnetic layer and the f...
Magnetic tunnel effect type magnetic head having a magnetic tunnel junction element, and recorder/pl...
Magneto-resistive device with reduced susceptibility to ion beam damage
Slide microactuator using C-shaped piezoelectric element
Dimple pivot post for a rotary co-located microactuator
Gimbal strut shape to increase buckling load
Head slider with flotation improving section and disk drive apparatus using the same
Disk cartridge having a dust-proof shutter
Magnetic head
Disk drive including surface coated disk clamp screws with reduced coefficient of friction for mitig...
Diversion of tangential airflow in a disc drive
Flow divider upstream of disc drive recirculation filter
Data storage device with dampers
Small library horseshoe architecture
Media storage systems and cartridge-handling apparatus therefor
Configuring a disk drive to support a targeted storage format
Disk drive servo controller utilizing an extended servo header
Disk drive employing enhanced instruction cache management to facilitate non-sequential immediate op...
Computer network and connection method for connecting a personal computer and a content delivery sys...
Method and apparatus for storage device performance measurement
Disk drive employing asymmetric acceleration/deceleration pulses for acoustic noise reduction during...
Method and apparatus for determining embedded runout correction values
Method of lubricating multiple magnetic storage disks in close proximity
Apparatus and method of preparation of stable, long term thrombin from plasma and thrombin formed th...
Process for making substituted pyrazoles
Heterocyclyl substituted 1-alkoxy acetic acid amides
Pyrrolothiazine and pyrrolothiazepine compounds having serotonin-2 receptor antagonistic and alpha-1...
Platelet ADP receptor inhibitors
Platelet adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonists
Mandelic acid derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors
Attenuation of fibroblast proliferation
Method for maintaining people and organization information
Electronic commerce providing system having orderer authenticating function
Method and system for verifying and enabling user access based on voice parameters
Early auto-on mobile communications device
Noncontact IC medium and system using the same
System and method for using a mobile router tunneling protocol to locate functionality in a distribu...
System and methods for implementing code translations that enable persistent client-server communica...
Method for operating a cellular telecommunications network, and method for operating a personal cell...
Method and apparatus for providing service selection, redirection and managing of subscriber access ...
Method and apparatus for notifying a user of new data entered into an electronic system
Device, method, and storage medium to block junk email
Method, system and facility for controlling resource allocation within a manufacturing environment
Security mechanism and architecture for collaborative software systems using tuple space
Systems and methods for blocking delivery of an electronic communication
System and method for controlling and organizing Email
Image forming process and image forming apparatus, electrophotographic image-receiving sheet, and el...
Process for preparing a deuterated or tritiated compound
Catalytic system for the preparation of polybutadienes and preparation process
Ink jet recording material suitable for use in wide format printing applications
Method to produce a tampon that inhibits exoprotein production from gram positive bacteria
Laundry system having unitized dosing
Polymer with superior polar retention for sample pretreatment
Electronic device manufacture
Body for providing ingrowth and growth of bone tissue and/or connective tissue and method of making ...
Refrigerator and deodorizer producing ozone by high-voltage discharge
Method for treating alkanes
Formation of strong superporous hydrogels
AC methods for the detection of nucleic acids
Batteries and battery systems
Fiber-reinforced composite structure
Hot cup made from an insulating paperboard
Rationally designed heparinases derived from heparinase I and II
Enclosures housing cell-coated supports for treating tumors
Optical communication system for transmitting RF signals downstream and bidirectional telephony sign...
Attachable/detachable probing tip system for a measurement probing system
Process for removal of paint from plastic substrates
Propylene alpha-olefin polymers
Thermoplastic polymer blends of isotactic polypropylene and alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers
Thermoplastic polymer blends of isotactic polypropropylene and alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers
Hydrocarbon synthesis process using pressure swing reforming
Process for producing propylene alpha-olefin polymers
Means for the modulation of processes mediated by retinoid receptors and compounds useful therefor
(E)-styryl sulfone anticancer agents
Compositions of biochemical compounds involved in bioenergy metabolism of cells
C10 carbonate taxane compositions
Selective inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase
2-[pyrazolyl and triazolyl-3'-oxymethylene]-phenyl-isoxazolones, triazolones and tetrazolones as pes...
Insecticidal 3-(2,6-disubstituted phenyl)-5-[5-arylthien-2-yl]-1,2,4-triazoles
4-(4Methoxybenzyl)-n'-(5-nitro1,3-thiazol-2-yl)urea and its use in the treatment of conditions assoc...
Sulfonylquinoxalone derivatives as bradykinin antagonists
Synergistic combination
Rotamase enzyme activity inhibitors
Smooth bracelet
Strap for a watch
Method and plant for manufacturing cement clinker
Target illuminating beam steering device
Target specific screening and its use for identifying target binders
Apparatus and method for branch prediction where data for predictions is selected from a count in a ...
Target determination apparatus
Processes for purifying and for detecting target double-stranded DNA sequences by triple helix inter...
Target system
Ultraviolet activatable adhesive film
Heat resistant, impact resistant, acrylic/epoxy adhesives
Power-mode controlled power converter
Method and apparatus for implementing a class D driver and speaker system
Header conversion technique in ATM switch
Insulating switching DC/DC converter
Method and apparatus for power conversion having a four-quadrant output
Direct charge transfer digital to analog converter having a single reference voltage
Architecture for achieving resonant circuit synchronization of multiple zero voltage switched push-p...
Switching power supply circuit
Multi-phase switching power supply having both voltage and current feedback loops
Protection circuits for a DC-to-DC converter
Method and apparatus for flushing contaminants from a container of fluids
Apparatus and method for processing of animal manure wastewater
Dialysis device with air chamber
Flood and drain wastewater treatment system and associated methods
Method and device for the treatment of effluent, sludge and organic substrates
Disposable fluid separation device and manifold assembly design with easy change-out feature
Method and system for identifying and quantifying chemical components of a mixture
Gutter screen termination trim with water tension breaker
Tank mounted oil filter assembly
Apparatus and methods for magnetic separation
Method of separating superalloy metal powder from admixed contaminants
Adsorbent for eliminating hepatitis C virus, adsorber, and adsorption method
Non-thrombogenic semipermeable membrane and method for making same
Securing seat for holding filtering cylinder of a dust collector
Separator tank assembly
Solid bowl screw centrifuge comprising a peeling disk, and method for the operation thereof
Device and method for carrying out spatially directed detection of an electroencephalogram
Method and apparatus for provisioning network devices using instructions in extensible markup langua...
Method and apparatus for relocating data related to database management system
Switch provided with capability of switching a path
Multi-rate shared memory architecture for frame storage and switching
System and method for backing up data
Kit and process for use in making a personalized memento
Debossable plastic plaque with fine jewelry appearance
Mobile communication system having mobile stations and a base station
Information storage medium with wobbled groove having wobble period based on multi-frequency shift k...
Real time polishing process monitoring
Hearing aid with a radio frequency receiver
Apparatus and methods for hearing aid performance measurement, fitting, and initialization
System for programming hearing aids
Micromachined magnetically balanced membrane actuator
Hearing instrument receiver mounting arrangement for a hearing instrument housing
Method for adjusting a transmission characteristic of an electronic circuit
Phosphors containing boron and rare-earth metals, and light sources incorporating the same
Laser projection apparatus with liquid-crystal light valves and scanning reading beam
Electro-optic array interface
Measuring method and apparatus using attenuated total reflection
Methods of inspecting flexographic and the like printing plates
Optical waveguide sensor, device, system and method for glucose measurement
Self-calibrating beam profile ellipsometer
Elastic-wave monitoring device and surface-acoustic-wave device
Differential numerical aperture methods
Method of and apparatus for investigating tissue histology
Analyte concentration detection devices and methods
Underflow waterbox
Low work function material
Thin, soft bath tissue having a bulky feel
Thermal therapy sleeve
Grafted biodegradable polymer blend compositions
Absorbent articles comprising supercritical fluid treated HIPE, I-HIPE foams and other foams
Use indicating soap
Composition for forming an elastomeric article
Viscous liquid dispenser having leak prevention device
Crimped thermoplastic multicomponent fiber and fiber webs and method of making
Elastic composites for garments
Method and apparatus for forming an embossed article
Container and cartridge for dispensing paper products
Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same
Suspension mechanism for stirling cycle engine
Locking suspension system
Hybrid pneumatic-magnetic isolator-actuator
Vehicle suspension beam
Air suspension anti-roll stabilization system
Mechanical drive system operating by magnetic force
Electric motor
Downhole torque generator
Discharge valve apparatus for reciprocating compressor
Unit utilizing current to control reciprocation for pushing fluids
Compressor unit with an electrical circuit device connected to the main body and an electrical power...
Method and apparatus for cooling turbomachinery components
Vibration isolating fuel pump assembly
Inline tandem pump
Piston assembly for a compressor
Tire pressure maintenance unit
Pump for supplying a gas to a sensor and methods therefor
System and method for monitoring the mechanical condition of a reciprocating compressor
Engine unit case
Method and a pump apparatus for the generation of an adjustable, substantially constant volume flow ...
Long-life vacuum system for energy storage flywheels
Apparatus for changing capacity of scroll compressor with movable seal member
Oil lubricant retaining bearing structure for a fan
Guitar bridge protection plate
Guitar pedal
Set of pickup covers for an electrical stringed musical instrument
Methods and systems for integrated scheduling and resource management for a compiler
System, computer program product, and methods for emulation of computer programs
Method and system for generating driving directions
Process for the production of gasoline with a low sulfur content comprising a hydrogenation, a fract...
In situ thermal processing through an open wellbore in an oil shale formation
In situ thermal recovery from a relatively permeable formation with quality control
Apparatus for testing semiconductor integrated circuit
Systems and methods for providing automated diagnostic services for a cluster computer system
Concept of zero network element mirroring and disaster restoration process
Computer, computer system, and data transfer method
Tree system diagram output method, computer program and recording medium
Devices relating to rolled product
System and method for custom-made clothing
Method and apparatus for preventing denial of service attacks
Access privilege transferring method
Interface for a system of method of electronic presentations having multiple display screens with re...
Method and system for enabling connectivity to a data system
Hormone and albumin fusion protein
Solid dose delivery vehicle and methods of making same
Regulation of human wee1-like serine/threonine protein kinase
Prokineticin polypeptides, related compositions and methods
Pharmaceuticals for the imaging of angiogenic disorders
Rewrite control apparatus for onboard program
Place guidance system
Communication system for communicating between moving objects and vehicular driving support apparatu...
Antibody methods for selectively inhibiting VEGF
Remotely operable air conditioning system for vehicle
Information processing apparatus, information capturing apparatus, information integration apparatus...
Recoverable pod for self-protection of aircraft and method of protecting an aircraft using a recover...
Intelligent selectively-targeted communications systems and methods for aircraft
Monitoring system for automatic charging apparatus for vehicle
Method and system for route calculation in a navigation application
Vehicle security methods and apparatus
Using cationic celluloses to enhance delivery of fabric care benefit agents
Using cationic celluloses to enhance delivery of fabric care benefit agents
Process for the production of detergent granules
Treatment of fabric articles with specific fabric care actives and a siloxane lipophilic fluid
Lubricating oil compositions
Process for manufacture of quaternary ammonium tosylate salts of cinnamidoalkylamines and/or benzami...
Pharmacological composition having blood pressure reductive activity
Agrobacterium mediated transformation of moulds, in particular those belonging to the genus Aspergil...
Reconstructed glass for fiber optic applications
Deployable optical fiber transmission lines, optical transmission cable, and method of making same
Optical transport network
Reflection suppression for an optical fiber
Miniature WDM add/drop multiplexer and method of manufacture thereof
Wedge prism optical switches
Method and system for reducing intra-channel nonlinear effects in highly dispersed optical pulse tra...
Optical cross-connecting device
Method and system for optimizing a laser system
Adjustable and modular backplane assembly for providing a fiber-optics communication backplane
Plastic optical fiber
Optical communication system with multiple photonic integrated circuit (PIC) chips and an external b...
Transmitter photonic integrated circuit (TxPIC) chip with enhanced power and yield without on-chip a...
Methods of reducing pests by use of halogen substituted ethanol
Capillary seal with fill pool
Container providing a controlled hydrated environment
Rectangular speaker
Thermal mass flowmeter apparatus and method with temperature correction
Safeguarding user data stored in mobile communications devices
Mixed-mode (current-voltage) audio amplifier
Reduction of cross-talk noise in VLSI circuits
Variable-function or multi-function apparatus and methods
Method for prefetching recursive data structure traversals
Voice user interface with personality
Optical subassembly for high speed optoelectronic devices
Cable winding device with direct cable to electrical component connection
Temperature measurement apparatuses and method utilizing the alexandrite effect
Method and apparatus for generating commercial viewing/listening information
Cluster event notification system
Method for inserting a watermark into an image
Intelligent feedback loop process control system
Method and system for delayed write scanning for detecting computer malwares
On connect security scan and delivery by a network security authority
Computer security and management system
Method of and products for promoting improved growth of plants and more water-efficient growing soil...
Medicament incorporation matrix
Method of forming a drug eluting stent
Aerosol delivery systems
Matrices formed of polymer and hydrophobic compounds for use in drug delivery
Interface for making spatially resolved electrical contact to neural cells in a biological neural ne...
Computer method and system for reading and analyzing ECG signals
Methods for transforming immature maize embryos
Pipeline controller for providing independent execution between the preliminary and advanced stages ...
Method and system for resource allocation in FPGA-based system-on-chip (SoC)
Notifying status of execution of jobs used to characterize cells in an integrated circuit
Measurement of timing skew between two digital signals
Architecture for a sea of platforms
Method and apparatus for generating jitter test patterns on a high performance serial bus
Method and apparatus for isolating faulty semiconductor devices in a multiple stream graphics system
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Highly available transaction processing
Method and system for preventing data loss within disk-array pairs supporting mirrored logical units
Method and apparatus for generating a second signal having a clock based on a second clock from a fi...
System, method and apparatus for the frequency management of blades in a bladed architecture based o...
Power saving circuit has an input line coupled to an external host and a keeper to hold the line in ...
Network device interface for digitally interfacing data channels to a controller via a network
Gas sensor, fuel cell system therewith, and automobile therewith
High-frequency circuit device and high-frequency circuit module
Wafer test method utilizing conductive interposer
Microcontactor probe having a contact needle
Piezoelectric oscillator, portable telephone unit using piezoelectric oscillator, and electronic equ...
Tape substrates with mold gate support structures that are coplanar with conductive traces thereof a...
Semiconductor device
Electronic parts packaging structure and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same, circuit board and electronic equipment
Leadframe having lead locks to secure leads to encapsulant
High-frequency circuit block, its manufacturing method, high-frequency module device, and its manufa...
Semiconductor multi-package module having inverted land grid array (LGA) package stacked over ball g...
Semiconductor circuit, especially for ignition purposes, and the use of the same
Process for removing endogenous Vitamin B12 and folate from albumin preparations
Methods for monitoring and guiding therapeutic suppression of parathyroid hormone in renal patients ...
Liquid crystal display with at least one phase compensation element
Methods and apparatus for leukoreduction of red blood cells
Process and means for the treatment of water in an aquaculture system
Apparatus for treating water
Liquid distributor and method for operating the same
Structures to represent poorly formed HTML documents
Method and device for the synchronisation between two networks
Processing method of device information and network device in device information management system
Data reproduction system and method
Digital filtering methods and devices
Client-server speech processing system, apparatus, method, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus with reciprocating dispersing feature
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus
Transfer bias control method for image forming apparatus using electrophotographic process
Image forming apparatus and cartridge detachably mountable thereto
Diagnostic device, diagnostic system, diagnostic method, program and storage medium
Free-space optical communication apparatus and free-space optical communication system
Information signal processing method
Reproducing apparatus having high-speed reproducing function
Isolated RuvB polypeptides
Method for recycling a plastic material
Cable with shielding strip
Method for producing amines by means of olefin animation in the presence of unstaturated nitrogen co...
Methods for modifying electrical properties of papermaking compositions using carbon dioxide
Cooking method for pulp
Mannich base prodrugs of 3-(pyrrol-2-yl-methylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Process utilizing seeds for making single-wall carbon nanotubes
Histone deacetylase inhibitors based on alpha-ketoepoxide compounds
Differential gearing unit for vehicle
Spring with excellent fatigue endurance property and surface treatment method for producing the spri...
Tailored solutionizing of aluminum sheets
Pelvic floor exercise device
Laser beam temporal and spatial tailoring for laser shock processing
Spring with corrosion fatigue strength
Induction hardening of heat treated gear teeth
High fatigue strength gear
Coil spring resistant to permanent set and fatigue
Carburized hardening process and carburized hardened power transmission members
Method of heat treatment for steel
Process for producing a coil spring
Low silicon rapid-carburizing steel process
Webbed bevel gear
Cover for air bag device
Ultrasonic sensor system for horizontally polarized transversal waves
Pacemaker connector part and manufacturing process for making same
Copier or scanner platen cover with fluorescent coating
Developing apparatus
Systems and methods for in-situ replenishment of consumable items
Data transmission rate arbitration method and optical communication apparatus
Wrapping machine for wrapping a plastic foil web around an object
Liquid metal switch employing an electrically isolated control element
Reflection-type projection screen
Controlled release of antifoam additives from compounded rubber
Thermal transfer recording image receiving sheet
System and method for monitoring alignment of a signal lamp
Motion generation system of legged mobile robot
Wireless controller and a method for wireless control of a device mounted on a robot
Gear pump
Robot arm mechanism
Robot for surgical applications
System and method for locating components on a tray
Joint unit for a robot
Guiding device for an umbilical member of a robot and a robot having the guiding device
System and method for controlling a robot
Method and system for torque/force control of hydraulic actuators
Automatic cell cultivation apparatus having a multijoint robot
Process for the control of the position of workpiece and tool with a robot in a production machine
Laser processing robot system and method for controlling the same
Shoulder arthrometer
Device for cervical and pelvic measurement in medical obstetrics
Method for detecting edema
Microwave sensor system
Method and device for determining the float angle of a motor vehicle
Seat belt force sensor system
Composite Hough transform for multitarget multisensor tracking
Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) with output buffer
Method for determining the angle of a rotor blade pertaining to a wind energy installation
Side impact sensor systems
Friction brake arrangement with energizing braking function
System and method for monitoring a pressurized system
Multi-sensor animal trap having a plurality of connectable trap members
Leaf spring assisted opener
System and method for conditional tracing of computer programs
Process for manufacturing simvastatin and novel intermediates thereof
C-terminal modified oxamyl dipeptides as inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Hydroxyalkanoyl aminopyrazoles and related compounds
Display apparatus
Sealable film for tear-open packaging
Anti-snoring device comprising a skin compatible adhesive
Two-axis magnetic field sensor
Resonant protection kit for power supply
Sizing of an electromagnetic transponder system for an operation in extreme proximity
Coordinated numerical control of sideband energy and modulation compression method for the radio fre...
Excited state atomic line filters
Mirror rocking member for optical deflector
Light deflector, method of manufacturing light deflector and torsion oscillating member
Remotely operated manhole cover for a tanker
Device for defining a handle in a tubular covering for a food product
Component feeder having a high density cover tape reservoir
On-site measurement of the density or thermal resistance of a material
Apparatus for making exploded cellulosic fiber insulation
Short arc ultra-high pressure mercury lamp and method for the production thereof
Production of polyelectrolyte capsules by surface precipitation
Performance modeling in a VDSL network
System and method for electronically managing discovery pleading information
Hierarchy-based secured document repository
Use of dynamic multi-level hash table for managing hierarchically structured information
Non-streaking black color formulations for polycarbonate-siloxane copolymers and blends
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Inhibition of intracellular signal transduction by 14-3-3-binding peptides
Fluid flow control device and method for use of same
Optical device, optical path switching device and optical path switching method
Data processing system, maintenance apparatus and image processing apparatus
Speaker assembly
Radio LAN system implementing simultaneous communication with different types of information and com...
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Reflected backdrop for communications systems
Image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus
Continuous optimization and strategy execution computer network system and method
Method and apparatus for detecting radioisotopes in fluids
Method of diagnosing fibromyalgia caused by small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
Receptor ligands and methods of modulating receptors
Treating method for suppressing hair growth
Transdermal electrotransport delivery device including an antimicrobial compatible reservoir composi...
L-ribo-LNA analogues
Combination of C1-INH and lung surfactant for the treatment of respiratory disorders
Lactobacillus rhamnosus polynucleotides, polypeptides and methods for using them
Expression of functional human olfactory cyclic nucleotide gated (CNG) channel in recombinant host c...
Carrier with solid fibrinogen and solid thrombin
Method and apparatus for split download
System and methodology providing flexible and distributed processing in an industrial controller env...
Computer-implemented method and apparatus for audio data hiding
High-speed dynamics computation for link system
Evaluation apparatus and evaluation method
Vehicular motion control apparatus and vehicular motion control method
System for software PLC implementation for plastic molding machines
Systems, methods and devices for reliable asynchronous message transmissions
Spin barrier enhanced dual magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory using the same
Cross point memory array with fast access time
Analysis systems detecting particle size and fluorescence
Dual-mode camera system for day/night or variable zoom operation
Lightening device for metal halide discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for assembling an array of micro-devices
Compact ion gauge using micromachining and MISOC devices
Water heater
Orbital welding internal pressure control
Laser manipulation system for controllably moving a laser head for irradiation and removal of materi...
Device and method for degassing plastics
Method of making polycarbonate
Continuous interfacial method for preparing aromatic polycarbonates
Method of making polycarbonate prepolymer and method of making high molecular weight polycarbonate
Thermoplastic resin and method using volatile, self-quenching tertiaryamine catalyst
Process for producing powder aggregate particle of high molecular weight polycarbonate resin
Process for the preparation of polyester/polycarbonate copolymers
Preparation of aromatic carbonates
High impact strength polycarbonate resin composition
Synthesis of polycarbonate from dialkyl carbonate and bisphenol diester
Lens array sheet and transmission screen and rear projection type display
Projection screen and projection system comprising the same
Medical adhesive composition, medical adhesive tape using the same and tape preparation for percutan...
Printed circuit board employing lossy power distribution network to reduce power plane resonances
High throughput screening of crystallization of materials
Ultra-fast precision motor with X, Y and Theta motion and ultra-fast optical decoding and absolute p...
Method for producing low-loss tunable ceramic composites with improved breakdown strengths
Method of manufacture medical devices employing microwave energy
Apparatus for use in calibrating a VNA
High linearity doherty communication amplifier with bias control
Wetlaid-spunbond laminate membrane support
Electrode for polymer electrolyte fuel cells and manufacturing method therefor
Fuel cell having metalized gas diffusion layer
Method of preparing membrane-electrode-gasket assemblies for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Alkaline direct methanol fuel cell
System and method for starting a fuel cell stack assembly at sub-freezing temperature
Current collector for use in a fuel cell
Membrane module for hydrogen separation
Rubber hose material and rubber hose using the same
Polymer electrolyte having acidic, basic and elastomeric subunits
Externally manifolded membrane based electrochemical cell stacks
Compact chemical reactor
Bond layer for coatings on plastic substrates
Modular computing system
Locator device for submerged structures
Light active sheet and methods for making the same
Method of obtaining particulars of ophthalmic lens
Method and apparatus for providing peer-to-peer data transfer within a computing environment
Method and apparatus for providing peer-to-peer data transfer within a computing environment
Register based queuing for texture requests
Programming multiple chips from a command buffer
Recycle process
Method for extracting information from a database
Block copolymer
LDL receptor signaling assays
Notebook computer force-controlled pointing stick device
Chiral monophosphorus compounds
Support structure for a vehicle
Folding electric bicycle
Quick conversion connection system for a component of a vehicle-mounted equipment carrier
Bicycle rack
Apparatus for restraining cable curvature
Disc brake caliper assembly with shims
Tubeless tire compound and a system and method for retrofitting non-tubeless tires
Handlebar stem and speed indicator
Sleeved glove with latching mechanism for aerodynamic position when cycling
Bicycle pedal
Bicycle crank arm
Bicycle frame
Recumbent bicycle frame
Speedometer for a bicycle
Plain bearing composite material
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and process for fabricating the same
Wood impregnation
Capacitor-grade lead wires with increased tensile strength and hardness
Thermistor device, thermistor device manufacturing method and temperature sensor
Batch thermolytic distillation of carbonaceous material
Passivation of steel surface to reduce coke formation
Highly concentrated, free-flowing pearly lustre concentrates
Method, system, and computer program product for analyzing combinatorial libraries
CT detector array having non pixelated scintillator array
Niobium alloy powder, anode for solid electrolytic capacitor and solid electrolytic capacitor
Antibacterial agents
Substituted Quinazolin-4(3H)-one compounds, compositions, and methods for their use
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Method and device for performing a functionality test of a technical device
Device and a method for aligning sheets
Characterization, determination of a characteristic number and selection of suitable dressings on cy...
Control unit
Device and method for detecting the edge of a recording material
Arrangement for production of cut out and/or unformed workpieces
Transit vehicle signal apparatus and method
Multiplexed inductive automated guidance for moving vehicles
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Linear beam raster magnet driver based on H-bridge technique
Magnetic resonance method and device
Customized spatial saturation pulse sequence for suppression of artifacts in MR images
Encapsulation of a magnetic resonance tomography device for attenuation of low sound frequencies
Permanent magnet assembly and method of making thereof
Split type NMR magnet device and NMR apparatus for solution analysis with at least an 11 T static ma...
Magnetic resonance system with a local coil pivotably mounted in an examination tunnel
Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus
Method and apparatus to generate an RF excitation consistent with a desired excitation profile using...
Integrated electronic RF shielding apparatus for an MRI magnet
MRI system having a gradient magnet system with a balance member
Magnetic resonance system
Recycling method for magnetic field generator
Early stage multipotential stem cells in colonies of bone marrow stromal cells
Welding flux for use in arc-welding of stainless steels, method of welding stainless steel members u...
Process for production of vinylphosphonic acids and silyl esters thereof
Method for the optical analysis of a fluid
Information processing method and recording medium therefor capable of enhancing the executing speed...
Method and system for scheduling software pipelined loops
Silent chain
Door key retention security system
Method and apparatus for controlling movement of cutting blade and workpiece
Emission control system for vehicles powered by diesel engines
Substituted 4H-chromenes and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the use...
Oxidative hair dye composition containing polyakyleneglyco(n)alkylamine and a solid fatty compound
Sunscreen composition and a process for preparing it
Cinnamomi and poria composition, method to prepare same and uses thereof
Implantable drug delivery device
Lawn stake with canine scent attractant
Bar soap composition with reduced bar wear properties
Sheet-type packs
Speech recognition system to selectively utilize different speech recognition techniques over multip...
Pneumatic coupling
Fluid-activated linear drive
Phase shifted time slice transmission to improve handover
Mapping between native data type instances
Electrically conductive covering material
Sachet for packaging animal semen and for uterine treatment
Substance delivery device
Substance delivery device
Device, a probe and a method for introducing and/or collecting fluids in the inside of an animal ute...
Veterinary delivery device and method
Synchronizing of animal oestrus and intra vaginal devices useful therein
Method and apparatus for creating a pathway in an animal
Method of artificial insemination by timed release of sperm from capsules or solid beads
Method for the stimulation of sperm production and gonadal development in animals
Internal artificial vagina for collecting animal semen
Container for semen and other biological liquids
Patch assembly for use on live animals
Methods for improving sheath fluids and collection systems for sex-specific cytometer sorting of spe...
Devices for collecting animal semen and method of use
System and method for implementing a timer facility
Toner for electrophotography, developer using the same, process cartridge using the same, image-form...
Dry toner, and process cartridge, image forming process and apparatus using the same
Method for coating an internal surface of an article with an aluminum-containing coating
Process for producing polar olefin copolymer and polar olefin copolymer obtained thereby
Machine dishwashing detergents containing surfactants with specific diffusion coefficients
Ink-jet printing of viable cells
Toner, method of producing the toner, developer including the toner, and image forming method and ap...
Ethylene copolymer compositions suitable for viscosity index improvers and lubricant compositions
Process and apparatus for highway marking
Composition containing aminophenol derivative, use thereof, and process for dissolving aminophenol d...
Compounds derived from diaminopyrazole substituted by a heteroaromatic radical and their use in oxid...
Cosmetic composition containing a polymer and a fluoro oil
Fabric conditioning compositions
Substrate treating compositions comprising a C7 or higher monohydric alcohol
Hair bleach product
Variable stretch composites and methods of making the composite
Hydrophobic biologically absorbable coatings for drug delivery devices and methods for fabricating t...
Organizing data according to cardiac rhythm type
Ion channel modulating compounds and uses thereof
Cradle apparatus with built-in scanning module
Lithium rechargeable battery