A device and method is shown that enables any strip or modular shipping seal-assembly to be ergonomically installed in a user-friendly way by leaving a handle protruding from the strip-assembly or seal-assembly for easy separation of the release liner when installing the strip-assembly or seal-assembly. Also, seal-assemblies may be manufactured and installed where there is a page consisting of the same material that the seal-insert is made of and the seal-inserts are die-cut into the page. Since the seal-insert perimeter is formed with a kiss-cut to the bottom release liner, the seal-assembly can be built-into a page. Then when it is time for the seal-assembly installer to install the seal-assembly, he simply pulls on the seal-assembly and the seal-assembly lifts right off of the page, ready to install, adhesive exposed because lifting it off the page separated the seal-assembly from the bottom release liner layer of the page. This invention has applications that can be used in many industries and is not limited to the imaging industry.

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