The present invention includes a process of preparing an advanced cosmetic product by combining a high internal phase ratio (HIPR) emollient-in-water emulsion with a partial cosmetic formulation that typically contains water, a coloring agent, a fragrance, a rheology modifier, or a pH adjuster, or a combination thereof. The present invention also includes compositions directed to two particular subclasses of HIPR emollient-in-water emulsions, namely an HIPR silicone elastomer-in-water emulsion and an HIPR sunscreen-in-water emulsion and water-diluted dispersions thereof. The use of an HIPR emulsion of a cosmetic emollient provides a simple and flexible method of formulating the cosmetic product, due in part to the long shelf-stability of the HIPR emulsion (greater than 1 year), and the low quantity of water in the emulsion (typically less than 20% by volume based on the volume of emollient and water). The HIPR sunscreen-in-water emulsion can be formulated into an advanced cosmetic product with an improved sun protection factor (SPF) and critical wavelength.


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