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System and method for adjusting the ratio of deposition times to optimize via density and via fill i...
Heat dissipation structure for electronic device
UV-activated dielectric layer
Method for manufacturing MOS transistor
Microfabricated miniature grids
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Trench isolation type semiconductor device which prevents a recess from being formed in a field regi...
Silicon-on-insulator wafer having reentrant shape dielectric trenches
Semiconductor device having silicide-blocking layer and fabrication method thereof
Triple-well CMOS devices with increased latch-up immunity and methods of fabricating same
Semiconductor device having improved insulated gate bipolar transistor and method for manufacturing ...
CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Bi-directional read/program non-volatile floating gate memory array, and method of formation
Fast solution of integral equations representing wave propagation
High frequency electric motor or generator
Identifiable structures and systems and methods for forming the same in a solid freeform fabrication...
Connector for coaxial cable and method
Rear-viewable reflective display
Electronic floor display with alerting
Antibacterial agents
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Statine derivatives for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Fused bicyclic-substituted amines as histamine-3 receptor ligands
HCV inhibitors and methods of using them
Prodrugs of an ERK protein kinase inhibitor
Methods of treating pain using neurotrophic factors
Pyrazolyl carboxanilides for controlling unwanted microorganisms
Control of particle growth with complexing agents
Flexible electric paper display apparatus
Pharmaceutical preparation in the form of a suspension comprising an acid-labile active ingredient
Compositions, systems, and kits for administering zotarolimus and paclitaxel to blood vessel lumens
Method for the diagnosis and prognosis of malignant diseases
Antibodies against PRO1879 and the use thereof
Seed tape including successively arranged germinating units as well as a method of germinating the s...
Extensions to coupling channels to support multiple coupling facility sharing, interrupts, and messa...
System and method for scheduling compatible threads in a simultaneous multi-threading processor usin...
Application interface for analytical tasks
User interface expander and collapser
Addresses as objects for email messages
Apparatus and method for tracking packets in a reliably connected transmission system
Method of and apparatus for authenticating control messages in a signaling network
Boolean processor
Thread interleaving in a multithreaded embedded processor
Method and apparatus for initiating CPU data prefetches by an external agent
Synchronizing an instruction cache and a data cache on demand
Apparatus and method for managing voltage buses
Ubiquitous visited links
Autonomic e-mail processing system and method
System and method for rapidly generating identifiers for records of a database
Characterizing newly acquired waveforms for identification of waveform anomalies
Apparatus for converting energy that can be operated with fuel, in particular fuel cell assembly
Control and power supply network for vehicle braking system
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising bone morphogenetic protein monomers for inhibiting bone forma...
Human phosphatase RET31, and variants thereof
Methods for modulating signal transduction mediated by TGF-.beta. and related proteins
Method of delivering a bioactive agent with porous .beta.-tricalcium phosphate granules
Implantable or insertable medical devices containing graft copolymer for controlled delivery of ther...
Method for sterilizing bioactive materials
Production of recombinant BMP-2
Kinase peptides and antibodies
Stent with wishbone connectors and serpentine bands
Bone anchor and methods of using the same
Polarizing, photochromic devices and methods of making the same
Methods for remote characterization of an odor
Multi-beam antenna
Superhard material article of manufacture
Vehicle wheel including spoke attachment
Inhibiting effects of sloughing in wellbores
Internal combustion engine piston crank mechanism
Exhaust gas purification device
Bumper for vehicle
Radiator grille for vehicle
Radiator grille for vehicle
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Navigation system performing route guidance for vehicle
Headlamp for vehicle
Headlamp for vehicle
Starting device for motor vehicles
Method of detecting obstructions caused by motor-driven power windows and similar devices using fuzz...
Remote transmitter system and method
Tire pressure monitoring sensor diagnosis via vehicle antitheft and entry system
Assembly for controlling a device
Deformable component, especially accessory for a vehicle, and process for manufacturing
Vehicle seat assembly
Internal combustion engine and control method thereof
Wavelength tuning optimization of semiconductor lasers
Airborne free space optical communication apparatus and method with subcarrier multiplexing
Optical source generator for wavelength division multiplexing optical communication systems
Device and method for delivery of long wavelength laser energy to a tissue site
Optical waveguide structure and optical module
System for optimizing alignment of laser beam with selected points on samples in maldi mass spectrom...
Distributed feedback laser diode
Semiconductor laser device and illumination apparatus
Red light laser
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser optimized for thermal sensitivity
Quantum cascade laser
Semiconductor laser
Optical semiconductor device
Cr.sup.4+-doped mixed alloy laser materials and lasers and methods using the materials
Excessive current input suppressing semiconductor laser light emitting circuit
Diamond-cooled solid-state laser
Laser apparatus, laser irradiation method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Optical recording medium
Optical pickup apparatus and optical disk drive apparatus
Magneto-optical storage medium capable of recording plural rows of marks on each track
Microscope turret mounted laser EPI-illumination port
Footwear sole
Post pressurizing material treatment for bodies moving through fluid
Methods of amination
Homogenously branched ethylene polymer carpet backsizing compositions
Method of producing a fibre reinforced structural element
Billet loader for extrusion presses
Plasmon photocatalysis
Quantum dots of group IV semiconductor materials
Bottom exit of exhaust air from a chassis to reduce acoustics emission
Heat-generating electronic part cover and cover mounting method
Fastener with snap-on feature, heat dissipation assembly for central processing unit and method of u...
Portable electronic apparatus
System and method for inducing turbulence in fluid for dissipating thermal energy of electronic circ...
System for efficiently cooling a processor
Dual impeller push-pull axial fan heat sink
Cooling device for heat-generating electronic component
Method and apparatus for controlling mixture of fresh and recirculated air in a vehicle
Heating element
Supporting seat for supporting weight of heat dissipating fins to avoid deformation of heat dissipat...
Cooling device for a chip and method for its production
Method for ventilating a seat
Pharmaceutical use of fused 1,2,4-triazoles
Peak data retention of signal data in an implantable medical device
Crystalline form V of agomelatine, a process for its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions con...
Indane acetic acid derivatives and their use as pharmaceutical agents, intermediates, and method of ...
Purified racemic lasofoxifene and purified lasofoxifene D-tartrate and a method for effective purifi...
Thiazolidinedione derivative and its use as antidiabetic
Cellular phosphorylation potential enhancing compositions preparation and use thereof
2-((2-Thioxo-2,3-dihydro-1H-imidazol-4-yl)methyl)-3,4-dihydronapthalen-1(2- H)-one
Bis-aryl thiazole derivatives
Method for treating atherosclerosis employing an aP2 inhibitor and combination
Indolylmaleimide derivatives
4-(2-butylamino)-2,7-dimethyl-8-(2-methyl-6-methoxypyrid-3-yl)pyrazolo-[1,- 5-a]-1,3,5-triazine, its...
Substituted amino carboxylic acids
Tetraazabenzo[e]azulene derivatives and analogs thereof
Methods for detecting, prognosing, or monitoring a disorder by comparing relative flux rates of two ...
Method for protection against fraudulent modification of data sent to a secure electronic medium
System and method for providing substitute content in place of blocked content
Condition component framework for reinsurance
IC card, terminal device, and data communication method
Obtaining product item assistance
System for associating identification and personal data for multiple magnetic stripe cards or other ...
Method and apparatus for filtering spam email
Content distribution & communication system for enhancing service distribution in short range radio ...
Texture-based packing, such as for packing 8-bit pixels into one bit
Printing educational material using a mobile device
Method of removing an elongated structure implanted in biological tissue
Constructing preforms from capillaries and canes
Method of forming a low k polymer E-beam printable mechanical support
Sulfonated aromatic copolyesters containing hydroxyalkanoic acid groups and shaped articles produced...
Organo-ceramic composite materials, their use as adsorbents, and methods of making the same
Latex particles having incorporated image stabilizers
Polymer membranes
Low-density, open-cell, soft, flexible, thermoplastic, absorbent foam and method of making foam
Methods for treating or preventing cancer using Benzopyranone Compounds
Method for masking and removing stains from rugged solid surfaces
Quaternary ammonium salts as thickening agents for aqueous systems
Wafer bonding of thinned electronic materials and circuits to high performance substrate
Multi-function microphone boom with on-line indicator
Chiral sensor
Processes for the preparation of paclitaxel
Benzene, pyridine, and pyridazine derivatives
Substituted carboxylic acids
Process for processing expandable polymer particles and foam article thereof
Lubricant compositions and methods
Method for thermal development of a photosensitive element using a development medium having a suppo...
Electrochemical device including electrolyte
Ceramic molded body and metal matrix composite
Inhibitors of caspases
Methods of using (+)-2-[1-(3-ethoxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-2-methylsulfonylethyl]-4 acetylaminoisoindoline...
Sulpiride pharmaceutical compositions
Treating agent for irritable bowel syndrome
Imidazole derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Method for the suppression of viral growth
Gyrase inhibitors and uses thereof
Use of a lactate salt for the treatment and prophylaxis of atherosclerosis
2-Oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives, processes for preparing them and their uses
Internal 1,15-lactones of fluprostenol and related prostaglandin F2a analogs and their use in the tr...
Method and device for correcting signal distortions in an amplifier device
Power converter system and method
Method and apparatus to improve regulation of a power supply
Power supply for use in an electronic energy meter
Voltage output digital-to-analog converter circuit
Mixing DAC architectures for a radio frequency receiver
DC-DC converter having protective function of over-voltage and over-current and led driving circuit ...
Camera shake correction device and imaging apparatus having the same
Switched constant current driving and control circuit
Polarization switching digital to analog converter and method
Circuit and method for dynamic adjustment of operation conditions of a gas discharge lamp
Cleaning and reconditioning of an inline automated chemical analysis system
Buffy coat separator float system and method
Method for the determination of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol in feed
Blood processing systems and methods that alternate flow of blood component and additive solution th...
Lift station and method
Method for evaluating cation-exchange resin and method for controlling water treatment system using ...
Method for reducing production of wastewater treatment station sludge with fixed biological cultures
Method for making a mechanical interlock for filters
Filter element for keyed latch valve
Filter module, installation kit for a filter module and a filter device
Automatic transmission fluid filtration system
Microfluidic device
Container for inhibiting microbial growth in liquid nutrients
Fluid conditioning system and method
Curb inlet filter
Skimmer system
Methods and systems for membrane testing
Filter apparatus
Cyclonic fluid separator with vortex generator in inlet section
Hearing aid assembly
Systems and methods for retrospective internal gating
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, recording medium thereof, and program thereof
Image processing apparatus, an image processing method, and a computer readable medium having record...
System and method for estimating image sharpness
Image processing method, apparatus, and program
Preparation of a digital image with subsequent edge detection
Systems and methods for correcting image color balance
Analysis of pulmonary CT data
Systems and methods for measurement of a specimen with vacuum ultraviolet light
Fuel cap
Suction valve for reciprocating compressor
Push rod in an electrical pump adapted for use with a piston rod in an air nozzle
Hydraulic valve driving device and engine including the same and vehicle
Apparatus and method for holding a cryogenic fluid and removing cryogenic fluid therefrom with reduc...
Guitar headstock
Method of controlling power within a disk array apparatus
System for optimization of database replication/synchronization
Remote control method and apparatus, remote controller, and apparatus and system based on such remot...
Systems and methods for package sortation and delivery using radio frequency identification technolo...
Nitrogen removal from olefinic naphtha feedstreams to improve hydrodesulfurization versus olefin sat...
Mixed-signal functions using R-cells
Collaboration launchpad
Refreshing a transaction screen
Personal hydrogen sulfide gas alarm system
Standard based firewall adapter for communication systems and method
System, method, and computer program product for selective filtering of objectionable content from a...
Overlay management
Methods and apparatus for multi-threading using differently coded software segments to perform an al...
Method and system for dynamically varying intermediation functions in a communication path between a...
Method and system to analyze inlined functions
Grouping breakpoints by a criteria
User interface system and methods for providing notification(s)
Methods and systems for software watchdog support
Mixed mode verifier
System and method for calibrating remote emissions sensing instruments
Vehicular impact reactive system and method
Context-aware and location-aware cellular phones and methods
Control device and method of manufacturing thereof
Chip scale atomic gyroscope
Alkoxylated polyol containing bleach activating terminating functional groups
Processing systems and methods for molecular memory
Optical transceiver module with power integrated circuit
Information recording/reproducing device using optical disk and method therefor and information reco...
Personal video display device
Combined video camera and disc recorder
Display panel with icon
Display panel with a generated image for a PDA
Carry case for home video game console
Refining behavioral detections for early blocking of malicious code
Method and system for filtering spoofed packets in a network
Cryptographic policy filters and policy control method and apparatus
Generation of therapeutic microfoam
Diffusion tensor imaging using highly constrained image reconstruction method
Inbred maize line PH51K
Inbred maize line PHB5R
Inbred maize line PH87P
Transgenic mouse expressing human FcRn protein
Methods and systems for classifying mass spectra
Optional use of a lead for a unitary subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Automated method for image analysis of residual protein
Methods for producing equivalent logic designs for FPGAs and structured ASIC devices
Interleaver for iterative decoder
Method and apparatus for performing retiming on field programmable gate arrays
Method and apparatus to enable I/O agents to perform atomic operations in shared, coherent memory sp...
Packet prioritization and associated bandwidth and buffer management techniques for audio over IP
Time division multiple access/time division duplex (TDMA/TDD) transmission media access control (MAC...
Use of priority-based scheduling for the optimization of latency and jitter sensitive IP flows in a ...
System and method of pipeline data access to remote data
System load based adaptive prefetch
Robust calculation of crosstalk delay change in integrated circuit design
Diagnostic context
Configurable test load for an implantable medical device
System and method for peer-to-peer handset communication
Information recording/reproducing apparatus and information recording/reproducing method
Counter circuit and semiconductor device containing the same
Tape carrier for TAB
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor chip, and semiconductor wafer including a variable thickness insulating layer
Use of models in integrated circuit fabrication
Image sensor package and its manufacturing method
Nonvolatile memory device
Printer apparatus
Thin film magnetic head including NiPRe alloy gap layer
Methods and apparatus for creating a high speed connection between a device under test and automatic...
Capacitor device and semiconductor device having the same, and capacitor device manufacturing method
Contact pin assembly and contactor card
Isolation spacer for thin SOI devices
Integrated magnetic flux concentrator
EL display device and electronic device
Microemulsion containing alkanolammonium salts of fatty alcohol sulfates and/or alkylpolyalkylenegly...
Divided wall exchange column
Print server, method, and system capable of handling different kinds of data
Printing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Connection management system for creating and releasing connections to a print server
Image printing apparatus and control method therefor
Exposure method and apparatus
Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable program for implementing the ...
Database system, its control method, and information processing apparatus
Method of controlling display of point information on map
Image generating apparatus
Image forming apparatus with tone correction and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus
Recording apparatus
Dual mode timeline interface
Image processing method and apparatus
Preview display for multiple-sided printing
Information processing apparatus, distributed printing method, and storage medium
Fiber optic pair with pigtail geometry
Absorbent article fastening device
Delta information design closure integrated circuit fabrication
Preventing storage of streaming accesses in a cache
Fuel cell evaluation method and fuel cell evaluation apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring parameters of a mixture having solid particles suspended in a flu...
Method and apparatus for implanting an electrical stimulation lead using a flexible introducer
Body surface bio-potential sensor having multiple electrodes and apparatus including the same
Sensor assembly
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively replacing a facing mechanism used in t...
Molding compounds for use in furnace blower housings and blower housings molded from these compounds
Constructing well structures for hybrid optical waveguides
Photonic crystals
Holographic recording medium
Recording and/or playback device
Shared address lines for crosspoint memory
Process for the preparation of N,N-diisopropyl-3-(2-hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)-3-phenyl-propaneamine
Method and system to compensate for lamp intensity differences in a photolithographic inspection too...
Antiviral oligonucleotides
Redundant storage of computer data
High throughput imaging device and method
Packaging of multiple fluid receptacles
Class AB operational buffer
Grafting-modified cyclic polymer, process for producing the same, and curable composition
Black and white photothermographic material and image forming method
System for detecting air
Device for analysis of a signal, in particular a physiological signal such as an ECG signal
Toner cartridge
Intelligent power management control system and method
Angle detecting apparatus and scanning-type actuator using the angle detecting apparatus
Image guided interventional method and apparatus
Method to correct magnetic field/phase variations in proton resonance frequency shift thermometry in...
Optical near-field generator and near-field optical recording and reproduction apparatus
Coupling electromagnetic wave through microcircuit
Photonic interconnections that include optical transmission paths for transmitting optical signals
System and method for identifying a vascular border
Method and apparatus for detecting anomalous shadows
Systems and methods for correcting inhomogeneity in images
Method for herniated inter-vertebral disc diagnosis based on image analysis of transverse sections
Detection and analysis of lesions in contact with a structural boundary
Disk-drive enclosure having rows of alternately facing parallel drives to reduce vibration and metho...
Magnetic head device and linear tape drive including a multi-element magnetic head chip and twin bim...
Actuator for hard disk drive having a reinforced structure
Method and apparatus of acceleration-based track seeking servo control of disk drive
Multilayer densified surface to improve air flow resistance and structural properties
Delivering items based on links to resources associated with search results
Hot topic extraction apparatus and method, storage medium therefor
Method and system for facilitating secure electronic transactions with multiple merchants
Illumination device for projection system and method for fabricating
Surgical stapling instrument
Object process graph application controller-viewer
Verification of the design of an integrated circuit background
Facilitating non-contiguous allocation of a large object within a java heap
Method and system of remote diagnostic control and information collection using a dynamic linked lib...
Scoring mechanism selection along multiple dimensions
Inputting method and device with a flat input having sensor capable of coordinate touch input wherei...
Stent delivery system
Molded plastic arch unit for a culvert or bridge
Electrical adapter
Multi-purpose opener
Inter-language translation device
Push-to-talk apparatus and method for communication between an application server and media resource...
UWB repeater with pulse delay and UWB communication system
Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus loaded therewith
Processor with personal verification function and operating device
Structure for collecting scattered electrons
Flexible display device
Tunnel magnetoresistance effect device, and a portable personal device
Perpendicular magnetic recording element having stacked FM and AFM films applying magnetic bias alon...
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Signal detection circuit and signal detection method
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Organic light-emitting devices with multiple hole injection layers containing fullerene
Deployment system for thermal radiating materials
Method for the synthesis of perindopril and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Heteroaryl alkylamide derivatives useful as bradykinin receptor modulators
Inducible nitric oxide synthase binds, S-nitrosylates, and activates cyclooxygenase-2
Spatial light modulator and a display device
Method and apparatus for wafer-level measurement of volume holographic gratings
Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects
Lithographic projection assembly, load lock and method for transferring objects
Element substrate and light emitting device
Phase shifter module whose linear polarization and resonant length are varied by means of MEMS switc...
Programmable capacitors and methods of using the same
Electronic control systems and methods
Methods, architectures, circuits, software and systems for CRC determination
Fixing apparatus with a pressing member and transfer fixing member
Photonic crystal optical circuit and method for controlling the same
Method and apparatus for converting a voice signal received from a remote telephone to a text signal
Radio frequency isolation system and cover assembly for vacuum electron device
Arc fault circuit interrupter and method for disabling series arc protection during current transien...
Method and apparatus for interfacing external resources with a network element
Planar optical waveguide assembly
Optical devices of substantially identical crossed sheet polarizer packages with compensator having ...
Plasma doping method and plasma doping apparatus
Thermoplastic polycarbonate compositions with improved optical surface quality, articles made theref...
Portable electronics device
Full cell stack
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Multiple capillary fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
Gas concentration sensor, hydrogen purification unit using this and fuel cell system
Structures and fabrication techniques for solid state electrochemical devices
Direct type fuel cell power generator
Power supply with power generation module and electronic device
Enhanced flowfield plates
Selectable multi-purpose card
Aspiration flow modulation device
Metrics to predict subjective impact of eye's wave aberration
Wet pulverizing of polysaccharides
Dimmable LED-based MR16 lighting apparatus and methods
Bicycle headlamp
Thiouronium salt as anti-reversion agent in a vulcanizable rubber composition and tire based on such...
Bicycle stand
Heterocyclic compounds having inhibitory activity against HIV integrase
Method and system to process remote orders
Connecting system for tensile elements
Kit for converting vehicle to tracked driven snow vehicle
Multi-functional retaining strap
Wheel gripping bicycle carrier
Bicycle frame
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Exercising apparatus for body lipolysis and strengthening muscles
Method and a digester for the continuous cooking of wood raw material to cellulose pulp
Infusion fabric for molding large composite structures
Electrode for an electrochemical capacitor, a composition used for the electrode, a method of manufa...
Short-arc lamp with dual concave reflectors and a transparent arc chamber
Method for producing multinary metal oxide powders in a pulsed reactor
Copolymer for use in chemical amplification resists
Photoresist undercoat-forming material and patterning process
Silane-crosslinkable coating formulations
Methods and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio wireless cells and networks
Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidines that modulate ACK1 activity
Devices for aligning sheets and a method for aligning sheets transversal to the direction of travel ...
Printing group of a printing unit, consisting of two printing groups placed vertically above each ot...
Imaging device for a printing press
Method of effecting nuclear magnetic resonance experiments using Cartesian feedback
Low temperature probe for NMR and NMR device
NMR probe head with heated housing
Single-sided NMR sensor with microscopic depth resolution
High performance security inspection system with physically isolated detection sensors
System, method, software arrangement and computer-accessible medium for providing real-time motion c...
Determination of spatial sensitivity profiles of RF coils in magnetic resonance imaging
Biophosphonate compounds and methods for bone resorption diseases, cancer, bone pain, immune disorde...
Peptides and compositions which modulate apoptosis
Mammalian two-hybrid system for screening for modulators of the accumulation of metabolic products
Triosephosphate isomerase directed diagnostics and therapeutics for multidrug resistant neoplastic d...
MRE 11: modulation of cellular proliferation
Fabric care composition comprising a polysaccharide-grafted polymer particle
Disposable test tube rack
Counting chamber--8 chamber slide for counting cells in biological samples
Counting chamber--2 chamber slide for counting cells in biological samples
Vibrating massage device
Electrical sensor conductor pattern
Monitor for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Prone positioning apparatus
Blood pressure measuring apparatus
Scanner for an X-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus
Spinal implant
Implant for medical applications
Dental pliers
Cover for endoscope connector
Otoscopic instrument head
Heart shaped chest piece
Surgical instrument handle assembly
Chin mounted patient interface frame
Nose-worn air filter
Respiratory therapy device
Spherical vacuum desiccator
Mobile phone
High density electronic packages
Rotary tapered tool holder
Catalytic amplification of multiplexed assay signals
Structured datatype expansion framework
Global positioning systems applications
Pilot-type two-port valve
Method and system for decontaminating mail
Connector device
Control of acute hypertension and cardiotoxicity in patients treated with vascular targeting agents
Conserved diaphanous-related formin autoregulatory domain (DAD)
Intravascular imaging detector
X-ray image diagnostic device
Polyphenol proteasome inhibitors, synthesis, and methods of use
Oncogene, recombinant protein derived therefrom, and uses thereof
Azabicycloalkane compounds
Compositions and methods comprising farnesyl dibenzodiazepinones for treating neoplastic cells and c...
Cradle stop assembly, and operating mechanism and electrical switching apparatus employing the same
Power strip with 12 volt outlet
Electroplating composite substrates
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery negative electrode material, making method, and lithium io...
Layered electrodes for lithium cells and batteries
Planographic printing plate precursor
Electrolytes for lithium sulfur cells
Process for operating a regenerative fuel cell
Solder metal, soldering flux and solder paste
Set of lipstick sleeve flask rings
Lipstick container
Micropigment mixtures
Cosmetic product dispenser
Work space formation apparatus
Method and apparatus for a proximity warning system
Self-service catalog manager for stores implemented on a communications network
Method and apparatus for reducing interference associated with wireless communication
Method and apparatus for wireless data transmission
Optical communications imager
Magazine-based data cartridge library
System and method for providing a distributed loaded monopole antenna
Two-phase commit synchronizing seal state
Apparatus for fabricating a reconstitution assembly
Apparatus and method for measuring luggage weight
Foldable shipping container bulkhead
Mechanism for storing authenticity information about a written or printed document
Process for the oxidative purification of terephthalic acid
Oxidation system employing internal structure for enhanced hydrodynamics
Water-soluble flame-retardant polyester resin, resin composition containing the resin, and fiber pro...
High IV melt phase polyester polymer catalyzed with antimony containing compounds
Composition for forming silica based coating film, silica based coating film and method for preparat...
Substrate for electrophotographic photoreceptor, process for producing the substrate, and electropho...
Polymeric fluorescent material, process for producing the same, and polymeric luminiscent element
Organic electroluminescence device and material thereof
Method for restoring ceramic heater
Process for producing alcohol
Method for manufacturing cycloalkanol and/or cycloalkanone
Light emitting device and illuminator using the same
Food-grade cloning vector and their use in lactic acid bacteria
Spreadable food product
Fish strike indicators
Fish stringer system
Storage case
Animal restraint apparatus and method of use
Compact elevated pet bath
Merozoite surface protein 1 lacking glycosylation sites
Fish lure
K-9 rappel harness system
Double-release bar for a cow stanchion apparatus
Self-cleanable hair brush
Radiation tomographic imaging apparatus and radiation tomographic imaging method, and image producin...
Multi-component telepresence system and method
Input device operating on the parallel kinematic principle with haptic feedback
Liquid crystal alignment layer
Electromagnetic interference shields for electronic devices
Bromination process
Manufacturing method of co-polyester resins for clear mono-layer containers with improved gas barrie...
Thermoplastic allyloxymethylstyrene-based resin
Hybrid polymer composition, and article therefrom
Production of 3-hydroxycarboxylic acid using nitrilase mutants
Multilayer composites with special visual effects
Sublancin lantibiotic produced by Bacillus subtilis 168
Tea beverage with improved flavor
Production of crystalline materials by using high intensity ultrasound
Acid beverage composition utilizing an aqueous protein component
Metering device
Process for preparing instant rice and product thereof
Automated method for packaging food
Method for manufacturing sausages, and container for containing sausages to be processed
Methods for splitting pistachio nuts
Clinician programmer for use with trial stimulator
Manufacturing process for a power distribution assembly of an electrical system
System for monitoring and calculating integrated tissue pH
Sensor and radiance based diagnostics
Endoscope system
Ultrasound probe
Diagnostic procedures using .sup.129Xe spectroscopy characterstic chemical shift to detect pathology...
Integrated procedure light for infant care apparatus
Information processing apparatus, and program, computer readable medium, and method for searching fo...
Using difference kernels for image filtering
Dynamic warp map generation system and method
Compressed document matching
Cutting tool angle adjustment method
Contrast compensation apparatus and method thereof
Automatic analysis and adjustment of digital images with exposure problems
Method, apparatus and program for image processing
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Iterative method for refining integrated circuit layout using compass optical proximity correction (...
Optical coupling device and method for bidirectional data communication over a common signal line
Backlight module
Optical fiber termination apparatus for taut sheath splicing and method for using the same
Space efficient network hardware mounting brackets and communications equipment mounting systems inc...
Slack cable storage box with adjustable height spools
Cable manager including nestable radius limiter
Storage trough and fiber management system
Optical fiber
Optical transmission line constituting method, optical transmission line and optical fiber
Loose tube optical cable having straight aggregation structure
Surface plasmon optic devices and radiating surface plasmon sources for photolithography
Birefringence control in planar optical waveguides
Micro lens array and a method of manufacturing a replication mold for the same
Adaptive transmitter arrangement for optical fiber communications and related method
Optical arrangement for pre-processing primary illumination light
Liquid crystal display device
Lamp assembly
Evaporator device for active substances with an incorporated light
Light guide plate locating construction
Liquid crystal display and assembly thereof
LCD display backlight system with improved color mixing and efficiency
Light guide plate
Lamp reflector for use in a backlight module and method for making the same
Phosphor based illumination system having an interference reflector and a display
Phosphor based illumination system having a light guide, an interference reflector and a display
Light emitting panel assemblies
Surface light source device and display
Image display device with microlight sources and soft light panel
LED illumination engine using a reflector
Vehicle lamp
Light-guiding system comprising a number of light transmission rods
Shear welded mounting stud assembly
Vehicular headlamp employing semiconductor light-emitting element having improved light distribution
Multi-focal lens for bi-functional headlamp
Night vision system for motor vehicles
Modified shotgun and modified shotgun shell ammunition
Safety and arming unit for a spinning projectile fuze
Safety latch assembly for use in a weapon breech
Configurable device for cleaning the barrel of a firearm, and firearm cleaning kit containing compon...
Firearm authorization system with piezo-electric disabler
Mechanism for counting rounds fired from a recoil gun
Clip-on night vision device
Manufacture of display devices with ultrathin lens arrays for viewing interlaced images
Laser welding methods and structures and control therefor including welded inkjet printheads
Apparatus for attachment of artificial nail
Method and apparatus for avoiding dicing chip-outs in integrated circuit die
Disperse azo dyestuffs
Operation method and purging system for a hydrogen demand/delivery unit in a fuel cell system
Systems and methods for electrosurgical prevention of disc herniations
Method and apparatus for fluid dispensing using curvilinear drive waveforms
System and method for transitioning between modulation formats in adjacent bursts triggering on ramp...
Disc holding mechanism
Springing device which facilitates opening and closing the aperture of an optical disc drive
Low-power CD-ROM player with CD-ROM subsystem for portable computer capable of playing audio CDs wit...
Transmitting stage
Apparatus and method for improving efficiency of power amplifier operating under large peak-to-avera...
Delay calibration in polar modulation transmitters
Signal processing semiconductor integrated circuit device and wireless communication system
Image forming apparatus
Infrared transmitter circuit and electronic device
Solid-state electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Hierarchical processing in scalable and portable sensor networks for activity recognition
Method and apparatus to monitor and detect cryogenic liquefied gas leaks
Apparatus for microwave heat treatment of manufactured components
Semiconductor device and method for making the same
Wipes container holder
Spray head for aerosol cap
Triggering circuit for an aerosol drug-dispensing device
Display screen with graphical user interface
Methods and systems for determining a property of an insulating film
Methods and apparatus for achieving thermal management using processor manipulation
Manufacturable vertical extended cavity surface emitting laser arrays
Method and system for verifying data in a shadow memory
Soft, thick, non-linting nonwoven
Server-assisted regeneration of a strong secret from a weak secret
Cement composition for use with a formate-based drilling fluid comprising an alkaline buffering agen...
Image forming apparatus using liquid with electrorheological properties and method of controlling sa...
Redispersible powder and its aqueous dispersion, preparation, process and use
Method for Improving Plant Growth
Process and apparatus for hot-forging synthetic ceramic
Clear glass composition with erbium oxide
Customized dental prosthesis for periodontal- or osseointegration, and related systems and methods
Microstructure features of gypsum wallboard made with high starch and high dispersant level
Media sheet
Hydrophobic Coating Composition
Fastener device for plasterboard
Light Emitting Device
Volume Calibration Phantom and Calibration Method Thereof
Fire-resistant barrier
Suction box and dehydrator with pressurization and forming machine using thereof
Fire-resistant gypsum panel
Particle Interactions in a Fluid Flow
Gypsum composition
Method for improving web performance by adapting servers based on client cluster characterization
Method and apparatus for managing file systems and file-based data storage
Predictive score for lending
Systems and methods for obtaining, storing, processing and utilizing immunologic and other informati...
Method for calibrating sensor positions in a human movement measurement and analysis system
Method And System For Identifying Gene-Trait Linkages
Minimally invasive apparatus to manipulate and revitalize spinal column disc
Apparatus and Methods for Preventing or Treating Failure of Hemodialysis Vascular Access and Other V...
Healthcare Device
System, Apparatus, and Method for Facilitating Interface with Laryngeal Structures
Method for modifying a medical implant surface for promoting tissue growth
Multi-node system in which global address generated by processing subsystem includes global to local...
Two address map for transactions between an X-bit processor and a Y-bit wide memory
Method and apparatus for direct conveyance of physical addresses from user level code to peripheral ...
Computer platform memory access control method and system with memory configuration automatic settin...
Storage apparatus and method for relocating volumes thereof
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having a password protection function
Storage system with multiple copy targeting and disk failure protection
Storage system, redundancy control method, and program
System for automated generation of config to order software stacks
Systems and methods for replicating virtual memory on a host computer and debugging using replicated...
Detection and recovery of dropped writes in storage devices
Systems and methods for executing across at least one memory barrier employing speculative fills
Method and data processing system for microprocessor communication in a cluster-based multi-processo...
System and method for backing up data from a quiesced storage device
System and method for generating effective address
Storage system with primary mirror shadow
Encryption of data in a range of logical block addresses
Method and apparatus for efficiently determining rank in an LRU list
System and method for distributing dynamic event data in an internet protocol television system
Shunt apparatus for treating obesity by extracting food
Pharmaceutical Compositions Based on Nk2 Antagonists for Pediatric Use
Method to Assay Coenzzyme Q10 in Blood Plasma or Blood Serum
Method of Obtaining a Hydroxytyrosol-Rich Composition From Vegetation Water
Method for producing a nutritional supplement using fish roe
Partially Defatted Cocoa Solids Containing Conserved Amounts of Cocoa Polyphenols
Method of and apparatus for processing corn grains for production of ethanol
Oily Food Material
Gelled dairy compositions and related methods
Method for Producing a Vegetable Protein Ingredient for Ice Cream and Ice Cream Containing Said Prot...
Apparatus with flow divider and method for making multicolored cereal
Confectionery moulding device
Continuous Intermeshing Agitator Food Cooker
Technique for digitally removing x-ray scatter in a radiograph
Devices and methods for producing multiple x-ray beams from multiple locations
Radiographer support system
X-ray detector system
Method for restoring truncated helical cone-beam computed tomography data
Method for reconstructing a CT image using an algorithm for a short-scan circle combined with variou...
Methods for processing color image data employing a chroma, hue, and intensity color representation
Lateral phase change memory and method therefor
Radiation image detector and radiation image detecting system
Dynamic pattern generator for controllably reflecting charged-particles
Structured X-ray conversion screen fabricated with molded layers
Devices, systems, and methods for imaging
Radiation detection by dual-faced scintillation
Method and computed tomography gantry for measurement of rotation angle of rotor
Vacuum actuated display ornaments
Surface ornamentation for a pet food container
Method for producing mold for use in duplicating light diffusion sheet, light diffusion sheet and me...
High speed spectral domain functional optical coherence tomography and optical doppler tomography fo...
Desk storage container
Ball peen hammer with flat top head
Collapsible funnel
Layout design apparatus, layout design method, and computer product
Synchronous network traffic processor
Storage control device and storage device error control method
Fragment processing utilizing cross-linked tables
System and method for an event planner
Triangular lighting unit
Odd lot processing in centralized automated market system
Systems and methods for natural spoken language word prediction and speech recognition
Method and system for probing a wireless network to monitor and process the wireless network perform...
Optical measurement instrument and optical measurement method
Method and device for correcting a spectrum
Method to stabilize a moving image
Methods and systems for requesting and providing information in a social network
Design verification using sequential and combinational transformations
Displaying search results
Apparatus, methods and computer program products for GPS signal acquisition using an adaptive search...
Method and arrangement for use in a single user detector for a CDMA multi-path system
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for testing the same
Nyquist filter and method
Nonuniform oversampled filter banks for audio signal processing
Test gas delivery device
Aqueous dispersions of fluoropolymers
Heat-curable adhesive composition
Method and device for the production and filling of containers
Clip ejector for endoscopic clip applier
Clip device for endoscope and clip for endoscope for use therein
Medical device and method of embolizing bronchus or bronchiole
Reinforced medical probe cover
Stress birefringence compensation in polarizing beamsplitters and systems using same
Device and method for examining and/or treating and eye
Fastener for a display page
Color quality and packet shaping features for displaying an application on various client devices
System for creating media presentations of computer software application programs
System and method for virtual router enabled electronic documents
Method and system for resolving error messages in applications
Method for initiating a sub-system health check
System for monitoring a subsystem health
Method for an interpreter to control a native function call based on a signature of the native funct...
Graphical user interface and background search methodology for creating references between software ...
System providing methodology for securing interfaces of executable files
Tape storage emulator
Recording medium with content stream data recorded thereon, recording apparatus, and reproducing app...
Apparatus for mounting removably a disk drive in an electronic device
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic recording and/or reproducing system
Magnetic sensor that combines both CPP and CIP modes of operation
Suspension of disc drive
Resin and metal head suspension for disk drive
Magnetic tape head system method specifying parameters for near-constant resolution at varying tape ...
Slider, head assembly and disk apparatus
Method and apparatus for connecting a micro-actuator to driver arm suspension
Recording medium cartridge
Thin film magnetic head structure, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing thi...
Magnetic head having writer with embedded write gap between wear-resistant pole tip layers
Self-aligned trimmed pole
Composite type thin-film magnetic head with reduced capacitance between leads for read and write hea...
Single pole magnetic head having intermediate magnetic layer and tip magnetic layer
Increasing the effectiveness of error correction codes and operating multi-level memory systems by u...
Multiple mode communication system
Integrated circuit memory array configuration including decoding compatibility with partial implemen...
Partial page fail bit detection in flash memory devices
Method for programming non-volatile memory with reduced program disturb using modified pass voltages
Apparatus for programming non-volatile memory with reduced program disturb using modified pass volta...
Computer memory cards using flash EEprom integrated circuit chips and memory-controller systems
Memory card with two standard sets of contacts and a contact covering mechanism
Shield plate for limiting cross coupling between floating gates
Magnetically soft, high saturation magnetization laminate of iron-cobalt-nitrogen and iron-nickel fo...
Electrical connector with grounding pin
Modular optical receiver
Modular optical transceiver
Self-healing passive optical network
Integrated optical mode shape transformer and method of fabrication
Single fiber links for full duplex aircraft data network
Fiber optic strain sensor and associated data acquisition system
Polarization beam separator and combiner
Present invention relates to the new 3-decladinosyl derivatives of 9-deoxo-9a-aza9a-homoerythromycin...
Digital exposure apparatus for a color enlarging photoprinter
Method of producing headliners, door panels and interior trim parts
Identification of genotype-selective anti-tumor agents
Polymerisation catalysts
Holder for securing objects
Fluorinated carbon for metal/fluorinated carbon batteries
Signal detection by a receiver in a multiple antenna time-dispersive system
Drive unit and drive method for press
Method for preparing an optical active layer with 1.about.10 nm distributed silicon quantum dots
Mobile phone
Disk player
Method and apparatus for evaluating and optimizing a signaling system
Remote order acceptance design system and elevator remote order acceptance method
Data transfer scheme using caching and differential compression techniques for reducing network load
Engine system for multi-fluid operation
Method and system for authentication of a user
Printer controller having tamper resistant shadow memory
Stable pharmaceutical formulation of paroxetine hydrochloride and a process for preparation thereof
Techniques for managing interdependent data objects
Aerosol extraction during printing by and servicing of fluid ejection-device
Plasma treatment at film layer to reduce sheet resistance and to improve via contact resistance
Monolithic white light emitting device having nitride cladding layers and passive layer
Top flange stud to plate tie
Light source device and spectrophotometer with the light source device
Binder diffusion transfer patterning of a thick film paste layer
Electroluminescent fluorinated pyrenes, and devices made with such compounds
Process for the synthesis of hydroxy aromatic acids
Catalyst for the production of 1,3-propanediol by catalytic hydrogenation of 3-hydroxypropanal
Stain-masking cut resistant fabrics and articles and processes for making same
High crimp bicomponent fibers
Hierarchical, multilevel, expand and collapse navigation aid for hierarchical structures
Automatically scaling the information and controls in navigation tabs per available window area
Scalable transformation and tree based query language node--set selection
System and method for displaying two-dimensional data on small screen devices
Method for locating a light source relative to optics in an optical mouse
Real-time bidding using instant messaging clients
Elevated electrodes for probe position sensing
Second stage SOVA detector
Prioritizing transfers across an interface
Overmold component seal in an electronic device housing
Compositions and methods for affecting movement of contaminants, bodily fluids or other entities, an...
Stabilized prostaglandin E composition
Topical compositions containing Bacillus coagulans extracellular products and uses thereof
Compositions for enhancing immune function
Use of Legume Products for the Treatment and Prevention of Radiotherapy-Induced Skin Damage
Composition and uses of galectin antagonists
Topical and intravaginal microbicidal ad antiparsitic compositions comprising quassinoids or quassin...
Monocotyledon plant indications extract compositions, method of preparation and pharmaceutical compo...
Diagnosis and treatment of human dormancy syndrome
Self-Preserved Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Compositions Containing Tobramycin
Compositions and methods for coating medical implants
Method for Inhibiting Cancer Using Arsenic Trioxide
Methods and compositions for modulating the immune system and uses thereof
Method for treating cancer using oral arsenic trioxide
Calcium Influx Inhibitors in the Treatment of Ischemia
Synergistic Phytoceutical Compositions
Effluent Treatment Installation And Clarification And Filtration Method Using Same
Fluid Purification Methods and Devices
Enhanced shale oil production by in situ heating using hydraulically fractured producing wells
Combined development of oil shale by in situ heating with a deeper hydrocarbon resource
Hydrogenation and epoxidation of polymers made by controlled polymerization
Method of developing a subsurface freeze zone using formation fractures
Method of developing subsurface freeze zone
Optimized well spacing for in situ shale oil development
Low viscosity, high particulate loading dispersions
Spinous silica-based sol and method of producing the same
Chemically amplified positive photo resist composition and method for forming resist pattern
Heme peptide
Method and system for separating solids from liquids
Web video distribution system for e-commerce, information-based or services websites
Death domain containing receptors
Animal accommodation station
Cosmetic applicator
Standing type air conditioner
Television integrated in refrigerator
Display panel with a generated image for a PDA
Pop-up window and user interface for display on a television receiver
Data transmitter
Set of key buttons for a handset
Combination of key buttons for a handset
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Clamshell-style mobile phone
Light-emitting diode (LED)
Seasonal carry bag
Flash programmer for programming NAND flash and NOR/NAND combined flash
Method of communicating between network devices through gateways using call discrimination options
Method for splitting data and acknowledgements in a TCP session
Separate write and read access architecture for a magnetic tunnel junction
Millimetre-wave illumination source
Fermentative production of mannitol
Display system
Method for providing feedback responsive to sensing a physical presence proximate to a control of an...
Marking and identifying web-based authentication forms
Systems and methods for promoting customer loyalty on the Internet
Addressing in wireless local area networks
Providing instant messaging functionality in non-instant messaging environments
Reliable request-response messaging over a request-response transport
Method and apparatus providing database inquiry services by dynamically creating intelligent links f...
Systems, devices and methods for providing a reward based upon use of a mobile communications device
Methods and systems for reporting automotive traffic conditions in response to user-specific request...
Wireless relay for payment enforcement devices and method of using same
Method to provide wireless broadband communication to a high-speed movable vehicle
Beam synthesis method for downlink beamforming in FDD wireless communication system
Modified power control for reduction of system power consumption
Method and apparatus for in-situ film stack processing
Method of forming conductive metal silicides by reaction of metal with silicon
Method to chemically remove metal impurities from polycide gate sidewalls
Relaxed, low-defect SGOI for strained Si CMOS applications
Crystal imprinting methods for fabricating substrates with thin active silicon layers
Etchant, and method for fabricating a thin film transistor subtrate including conductive wires using...
Polymide thin film self-assembly process
Control apparatus and control method for automatic transmission
Developing method, developing device, and image forming apparatus including the developing device th...
Fluidic acoustic transducer
Diamond anode
Semiconductor memory device
Twin insulator charge storage device operation and its fabrication method