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Auditory sense training method and sound processing method for auditory sense training
High heat filter fabric and method
Method for collecting geological data ahead of a drill bit
Gateway platform for biological monitoring and delivery of therapeutic compounds
Expression shoe
Command authorization via RADIUS
Reversible electrodeposition devices and associated electrochemical media
Methods of inactivating viruses
Logic configured for complimenting data on a bus when threshold exceeded
Promoter sequences
Method and system for detecting excessive use of a data processing system
Anchoring system
Methods for determining a measure of atmospheric aerosol optical properties using a multi- or hypers...
Delivery of diazepam through an inhalation route
Aluminum-based material and a method for manufacturing products from aluminum-based material
Automatic directory supplementation
Method of making a catalyst
Mobile vehicle sensor array
Method and apparatus for providing access to drawing information
Nonvolatile memory device using semiconductor nanocrystals and method of forming same
Process for making bit selectable devices having elements made with nanotubes
Method for controlling a nonvolatile memory
Light emitting diode with wavelength conversion
Method for controlling data transmission in a radio communications system
Horizontal liquid level measuring device
Method and apparatus for distributed voltage compensation with a voltage driver that is responsive t...
Parts requirement planning system and method across an extended supply chain
Band-like ring
Electric drive control apparatus, electric drive control method and program therefor
Outboard motor steering system
Speed controlling device of a motorized cart for a person to ride on
Adaptive collision load path modification system for vehicle collision compatibility
Method and apparatus for sensing seat occupancy
Device for driving a vehicle wheel
Torque distributing differential assembly
Steering damper system
Electrically driven power steering system for vehicle
Motorized system for vehicle steering
Power steering system
Power steering motor having a noise dampening piston assembly
Vacuum actuated direction and speed control mechanism
Hydraulic transmission for driving and steering wheels
Direct drive suspension
Drive system of a utility vehicle
Drive for a device for lifting a hood
Electric generating system for automobiles and its control method
Motorcycle forward controls with push pressure activation only
Reverse firewall packet transmission control system
Event bookmarking
Method of superimposing images
Detecting irises and pupils in images of humans
Real time frame detection in a film scanner
Sensing display
System, device and method of expanding the operational bandwidth of a communication infrastructure
Method and apparatus for providing a selection list of content items
User position utilizaion system
Wireless communication terminal suspending interrupt during RF payment and method thereof
Barometric floor level indicator
Backscatter communication device wake-up methods, communication device wake-up methods, and radio fr...
Radio communication apparatus
Group calls in a mobile radio system
Handover system and method in heterogeneous network
Radio receiver
Wireless transmitter DC offset recalibration
Multiband radio antenna
Method and apparatus for power control in a mobile radio system
Apparatus and method for transmit power level reporting with reduced interference
Mobile communication terminal with global positioning system
EZ connect, 2 way splitter
Fuel cell for portable radio-electronic equipment
Multi-mode transmitter
Systems and methods for multicarrier transceiver with radio frequency interference reduction
Method and system of channel adaptation
Method and apparatus to facilitate macrodiversity reception
Voltage margin testing of bladed servers
Method and apparatus for controlling a power supply
Load-dependent variable frequency voltage regulator
Alarm system for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for reducing audio noise in a switching regulator
Apparatus and method for step-down switching voltage regulation
Apparatus and method for start-up for a synchronous switching regulator
Maximum power follow-up control apparatus
Portable device having a charging circuit and semiconductor device for use in the charging circuit o...
Methods and apparatus for managing a plurality of charging devices via a network
Power converter and vehicle equipped with power converter
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and service providing system
Optical disk drive and recording and reproducing apparatus with magnetic clamping
Recording and/or reproducing device for disk
Method and device for processing documents and recording medium
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and recording medium therefor
Method and system for enabling optional customer election of auxiliary content provided on detachabl...
Communication apparatus, communication method and program storage medium
Communication system
Automatic GPRS re-attach after cell reselection
Broadcast program recording apparatus using electronic program guide
Stereo demultiplexer
Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating data into a variable-length code and providing ...
Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating data into a variable-length code and providing ...
Method and system for synchronizing isochronous data on transmit over the IEEE 1394 bus from content...
Objective lens drive device, and disk recording and/or reproducing device
Dual density recording for direction-dependent linear media
Data recording method and data recording/reproducing device, recording medium
Holographic stereogram forming apparatus
Picture processing apparatus and picture processing method
Intumescent ceramic fire retardant coating containing intumescent ceramic particles
Low dust wall repair compound
Retractable barbed barrier system
System and method for intermediation of services
Displacement/quantity of light converter
Exhaust muffler for internal combustion engines
Constant directivity acoustic horn
Animal raising and lowering system
Combined exhaust duct and mixer for a gas turbine engine
CPR demonstration device and methods
Child activity device
Swim stroke guide
Dynamic on-line scoring guide and method
Emergency reporting apparatus
On demand contents providing method and system
System for controlled nutrition consumption
Data security system
Digital watermark data embedding method, and digital watermark data embeddability analyzing method
Clear text transmission security method
Method for piracy protection of an apparatus and arrangement for the implementation of the method
Product trading system, product trading method, and computer program and recording medium for perfor...
Trade finance automation system
Method and apparatus for trading securities or other instruments on behalf of customers
Computerized system and method for optimizing after-tax proceeds involving options
Customer interface unit
Thru-hull light
Flowline jumper for subsea well
Pipeline protection system
Pontoon for protection barrier system
Marine vessel corrosion control system
Method and arrangement for inspection of an object
Methods for reducing the viscous drag on a surface and drag reducing device
Cylindrical hull structure
Functional application of photochromic compound materials to products
Toy carrying package
Pet toy having controlled movement
Mast cell surface antigen, DNA thereof, and antibody against the antigen
Family of genes encoding apoptosis-related peptides, peptides encoded thereby and methods of use the...
Bioerodible poly(ortho esters) from dioxane-based di(ketene acetals), and block copolymers containin...
Pharmaceutical composition for improved administration of HIV gp41-derived peptides, and its use in ...
Radiometal-binding peptide analogues
Use of melagatran for the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes mellitus
Soluble Zcytor11 cytokine receptors
Use of peptide
Process for generating multilayered particles
Adenoviral vector incorporating zipper peptide-modified fiber protein and uses thereof
Helper dependent adenovirus vectors based on integrase family site-specific recombinases
Adenoviral vector and methods for making and using the same
Method for the production of bacterial toxins
Method for identifying compounds in vitro that modulate the dysregulation of transcription of transc...
Expressed ligand-vascular intercellular signaling molecule
Bifunctional chelating agent for actinium
Modified antibodies to prostate-specific membrane antigen and uses thereof
Recombinant infectious laryngotracheitis virus and uses thereof
Method of detecting objects within a wide range of a road vehicle
Image detection processor
Image processing apparatus and method therefor
Extracting key frames from a video sequence
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method
Personal broadcasting system for audio and video data using a wide area network
Method and system for providing automated captioning for AV signals
Document imaging system
Method for determining corresponding points in three-dimensional measurement
Display apparatus and a tuner mounted thereon
Single panel type video display
Method and apparatus for transmitting digital television data
Video signal noise level estimator
Processing a video signal using motion estimation to separate luminance information from chrominance...
Method and apparatus for enhancing green contrast of a color video signal
Silt fence installation apparatus
Roof bolts for use in mines, a method for their production and method for their installation
Retaining wall construction including precast elements
Apparatus and method for supporting a structure with a pier
Method of installation of a tension leg platform
Plow blade with water passageway
Mixing method, mixing apparatus, and program for implementing the mixing method
Music performance data processing method and apparatus adapted to control a display
Electronic tambourine
Single adjustment balancing and tuning of acoustic drums
Method and apparatus for playing a digital music file based on resource availability
Tuning systems for stringed musical instruments
Non-volatile semiconductor memory
Signal amplification using architectures of nanodots and connecting channels
Drawable and writable photo album
Method for producing fatty acid methyl ester and equipment for realizing the same
Method of manufacturing a field emission device utilizing the sacrificial layer
Calcium phosphate bone replacement materials and methods of use thereof
Expanding arthroplasty devices
Dynamic multilock anterior cervical plate system having non-detachably fastened and moveable segment...
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Analyte sensing via acridine-based boronate biosensors
Directed differentiation of human embryonic cells
Endothelial-monocyte activating polypeptide III antibodies
Allograft bone composition having a gelatin binder
Borellia burgdorferi epitope peptides
Therapeutic and diagnostic tools for impaired glucose tolerance conditions
GPE analogs and peptidominetics
Spinal fusion using an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor
Electrochemical immunoassays using colloidal metal markers
Direct hydrocarbon reforming in protonic ceramic fuel cells by electrolyte steam permeation
Spinel articles and methods for forming same
Method and apparatus for obtaining enhanced production rate of thermal chemical reactions
Mo-Cu Composite powder
Method of making manganese sulfide compositions
High yield co-production of anhydrous hydrogen bromide and sodium bisulfate
High yield co-production of anhydrous hydrogen bromide and sodium bisulfate
Conversion of sodium bromide to anhydrous hydrobromic acid and sodium bisulfate
Method for fabricating carbon nanotube yarn
Process for the production of nitrogen trifluoride
Method for producing inorganic porous material
Volume reduction of aqueous waste by evaporative crystallization of burkeite and sodium salts
Transient liquid phase reactive sintering of aluminum oxynitride (AlON)
Calcium hypochlorite compositions
Magnetic cluster, magnetic recording medium, method for fabricating a magnetic cluster and method fo...
Method of arsenic immobilization in crystalline form from water
Polarizing devices and methods of making the same
Polarizing devices and methods of making the same
Air spinning frame with reluctance motors
Device for producing a spun yarn
Use of waste carpet as filler
Proton conductive solid polymer electrolyte and method for producing the same
Method of manufacture of colloidal rod particles as nanobar codes
Method of optimizing spacing between elastic members in applying leg elastics
Structured material and method of producing the same
Composite and absorbent article comprising ultrasonics-friendly adhesive, and method of making same
Compositions and methods for improving proppant pack permeability and fracture conductivity in a sub...
Audio input device and method of controlling the same
Engine air-fuel ratio control system
Vehicle surrounding area image system
Vehicle independent passive entry system
Cell plate structure for fuel cell, manufacturing method thereof and solid electrolyte type fuel cel...
Heat and gas exchange system for battery
Head restraint roller guide
Automotive seat assembly with stowable headrest
Vehicle seat having a head restraint independent from its backrest
Vehicle seat assembly having active head restraint system
Center stack face plate with integrated HVAC duct assembly
Air duct assembly
Wrapped bolster seal
Articulating door for a storage compartment
Modular storage system
Carpet molding process
Control apparatus of automatic transmission with manual mode
Turbocharged engine control system
Method for providing high connectivity communications over a packet-switched optical ring network us...
Enhancing fiber-optic sensing technique using a dual-core fiber
Manufacturing method for optical coupler/splitter and method for adjusting optical characteristics o...
System and method for fabricating Bragg gratings with overlapping exposures
Method for suppressing energy spikes of a partially-coherent beam using triangular end-regions
Method and apparatus for Raman ring resonator based laser/wavelength converter
Zero dead time architecture and method for flow cytometer
Discharge laser with porous layer covering anode discharge surface
Process and device for producing a shaped body by selective laser melting
Laser resistant to internal ir-induced damage
Band type multicontact electrode and method of making the same
High power and high gain saturation diode pumped laser means and diode array pumping device
Gain boost with synchronized multiple wavelength pumping in a solid-state laser
CO2 waveguide laser with beryllium oxide waveguides
Semiconductor laser device including cladding layer having stripe portion different in conductivity ...
Semiconductor laser device and fabricating method therefor
Laser diode driving device
Gas laser transmitter
Tunable laser with a fixed and stable wavelength grid especially useful for WDM in fiber optic commu...
Bessel free electron laser device
Detergent injection systems and methods for carbon dioxide microelectronic substrate processing syst...
Glucopyranosyloxybenzylbenzene derivatives, medicinal compositions containing the same and intermedi...
C2-substituted idan-1-ols and their derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as ph...
MCH antagonists for the treatment of obesity
Hydrate of 5-[4-[2-(N-methyl-N-(2-pyridil)amino)ethoxy]benzyl]thiazolidine-2,4-dione maleic acid sal...
Family of genes encoding apoptosis-related peptides, peptides encoded thereby and methods of use the...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Selective cyclic peptides with melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4-R) agonist activity
Aminoalkylbenzofurans as serotonin (5-HT(2c)) agonists
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
ACE-2 modulating compounds and methods of use thereof
Imidazopyrimidinyl and imidazopyri dinyl derivatives
Piperidine derivatives
8-Azabicyclo[3.2.1]oct-2-ene and -octane derivatives technical field
Opioid receptor active compounds
Inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
DHEA composition and method
Human lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase gamma-2 polypeptide
Systems and methods for accessing reporting services
Method for dynamic multi-level pricing for wireless communications according to quality of service
System and method for automatically setting up a universal remote control
Trailer hitch tow bar assembly
Digital multi-point electronic load weigh system
Vehicle suspensions
Crystalline forms of venlafaxine hydrochloride
Optical interrogation system and sensor system
Head tracker system
Method and system for accomplishing a scalable, multi-user, extended range, distributed, augmented r...
Design and fabrication methodology for a phased array antenna with shielded/integrated feed structur...
System and method for tracking beam-aspect targets with combined Kalman and particle filters
Image fixing apparatus using pulsating power for heating
Optical measurement instrument and optical measurement method
Edge cut to increase effective width of insulation sheet and method of forming the same
Cellulosic fiber insulation and process of preparation
In-building CATV system, down-converter, up-converter and amplifier
Pervaporation membranes and methods of use
Alkaline battery including lambda-manganese dioxide
Optical disk, method for producing the same, and apparatus for producing the same
Method and apparatus for providing a uniform fuel cell stack structure
In vivo incorporation of unnatural amino acids
DC/AC converter to convert direct electric voltage into alternating voltage or into alternating curr...
Resist composition comprising photosensitive polymer having lactone in its backbone
Layer structure and optical waveguide sensor based on photoaddressable polymers
Optical element and surface light source device using the same, as well as liquid crystal display
Polyamines and analogs for protecting cells during cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy
Stabilized thickened hydrogen peroxide containing compositions
Reinforcing bar and method for the production thereof
Near-optimal low-complexity decoding of space-time codes for wireless applications
Mowing machine
Apparatus and method for supporting and shaping a photo-stimulable phosphor plate
Sweetener compositions containing fractions of inulin
Methods for prevention and treatment of mastitis
Method of calculating multiplication by scalars on an elliptic curve and apparatus using same and re...
Blacklight with structured surfaces
Displaying the appearance of a printed and assembled document
Seamless re-direction of calls between home and mobile telephones
Software self-repair toolkit for electronic devices
Bacterial delivery system
Nucleic acid molecule, comprising a nucleic acid coding for a polypeptide with chorismate mutase act...
Apparatus and methods for image and signal processing
Compounds as PDE IV and TNF-inhibitors
Device and method for internal combustion engine control
Matrix multiplication in a Galois field for forward error correction
Object oriented ADN and method of converting a non-object oriented computer language to an object or...
Variable focus system
Error correction for regional and dynamic factors in communications
Drug delivery system including holder and drug container
Poinsettia plant named 'Fismillerl'
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Method and system for providing constraint-based guidance to a designer in a collaborative design en...
Polyvinyl alcohol compositions
Aerosol product dispenser system
Delivery of compounds for the treatment of migraine through an inhalation route
Security system in a service provision system
Intermediate precursor compositions used to make supported catalysts having a controlled coordinatio...
Trial upgrade capability for wireless handheld devices
Method for obtaining novel lutein-based formulations
Semiconductor device and corresponding fabrication method
Methods of manufacturing ferroelectric capacitors for integrated circuit memory devices
Magnetic non-volatile memory coil layout architecture and process integration scheme
Molded package and semiconductor device using molded package
Door jamb
High definition electron gun for cathode ray tube
Method and system for customer selected direct dialed voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP)
Exclusive encryption
System and method for monitoring a security of an asset
Document management system
Fluorinated photoresist materials with improved etch resistant properties
Method for thermally processing photosensitive printing sleeves
Positive resist containing naphthol functionality
Low activation energy positive resist
Method of reducing the average process bias during production of a reticle
Particles and methods for producing a three-dimensional object
Efficiency agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation method
Abrasive product, method of making and using the same, and apparatus for making the same
Superconducting magnet made of high-temperature bulk superconductor and process of producing same
Abrasive article and methods for grinding glass
Reinforced cementitious boards and methods of making same
Permeable cement and methods of fracturing utilizing permeable cement in subterranean well bores
In situ molded thermal barriers
Substrate and method for growing shiitake mushrooms [Lentinus edodes (Berk.) singer] and new shiitak...
In-situ treatment of asbestos-containing material
Use of a copolymer having at least one grafted alkoxy or hydroxy polyalkylene glycol function, as ag...
Resin composition, and method for producing the same
Thermally stable anthrapyridone
Facing material with controlled porosity for construction boards
Vapor deposited multilayer dental devices
Method and system for designing a dental replacement
Holder for holding a dental model for the production of rotational images and mounting device theref...
Single layer substrate
Flow-through mixing apparatus
Method of producing composition comprising thermoplastic resin and rubber
Novel composition
Receptacle for enclosing low-voltage electronic devices in a wall
Cementing methods using compressible cement compositions
Structural building elements having pressure-sensitive adhesive
Building board
Composite building material
Drywall finishing system
Process and system for drying and heat treating materials
Article of footwear with remote sound activating unit
Article of footwear with powered elements and shaped power source
Fabric design panels for wearing apparel
Item of footwear comprising a rigid shell and flexible half-sole
Footwear including replaceable outsole members
Self stabilizing adjustable dihedral heel assembly and shoe including the same
Reinforced toe
Cleaning shoe
Apple tree named '8S6923'
Hybrid maize plant and seed 31D58
Inbred corn line PHEBA
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39A94
Hybrid maize plant and seed 31P41
Inbred corn line PHEGV
Inbred corn line PHDRW
Inbred corn line PH8T0
Inbred corn line PHC78
Inbred corn line PHANF
Inbred corn line PHEHC
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38K46
Inbred corn line PHDPP
Inbred corn line PHEHR
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38F33
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39B93
Inbred corn line PHE35
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33Y74
Inbred corn line PHF1J
Method and apparatus for creating medical teaching files from image archives
Method for reducing fraud in government programs
Process control system and process control method
LSI mask manufacturing system, LSI mask manufacturing method and LSI mask manufacturing program
Single electrode probe for a cardiac pacemaker system
Nerve stimulator output control needle with depth determination capability and method of use
Apparatus for directionally stimulating nerve tissue
System for processing program information
Method and apparatus for identifying lead-related conditions using lead impedance measurements
Method for optimizing the characteristics of integrated circuits components from circuit specificati...
Neurostimulating lead
Dual/triple redundant computer system
Calpain large subunit (n-CL4) cysteine protease gene disruptions, and compositions and methods relat...
Method for programming a patient care device
Camera and animation controller, systems and methods
Method for automatically creating a dental superstructure for joining to an implant
Method for tissue grafting
Implant material for minimally invasive spinal interbody fusion surgery
Implantable vertebral lift
Intervertebral implant for transforaminal posterior lumbar interbody fusion procedure
Bone treatment systems and methods
Ostial stent
Delivery of therapeutic capable agents
Portable time harmonic tissue stimulator and method
Ultrasound device and method of use
Suture anchor
Anchor/suture used for medical procedures
Three dimensional implant
Expandable ports and methods for minimally invasive surgery
Annular nucleus pulposus replacement
Coplanar X-ray guided aiming arm for locking of intramedullary nails
Drill guide tissue protector
Method, system, and program for managing a relationship between one target volume and one source vol...
Memory allocation method and computer readable medium
Control method for storage device controller system, and storage device controller system
Block cache size management via virtual memory manager feedback
Dynamic partitioning of a reusable resource
High-speed memory for use in networking systems
Method and apparatus for dynamic timing of memory interface signals
Byte swap operation for a 64 bit operand
System and method for managing compression and decompression and decompression of system memory in a...
System and method for providing one-time programmable memory with fault tolerance
System and method for using file system snapshots for online data backup
Autonomic link optimization through elimination of unnecessary transfers
Method, system, and program for managing information on relationships between target volumes and sou...
System and method for conducting an auction-based ranking of search results on a computer network
Backup system and method and program
Memory system and method for two step memory write operations
Memory read/write reordering
Method and system for postmortem object type identification
Memory control apparatus and method for controlling memory access capable of selecting desirable pag...
Managing I/O accesses in multiprocessor systems
Outgoing connection attempt limiting to slow down spreading of viruses
Plant bioreactors
Method for producing carotenoids
Osteogenesis promoter containing beta-cryptoxanthin as the active ingredient
Trisubstituted thiophenes as progesterone receptor modulators
Food for improving arthritis
Nonelastomeric dental article with a protective fluoropolymer layer
Elastomeric dental article with a protective fluoropolymer layer
Polyolefin resin and its use in films, coatings and food containers
Shelf stable meat analogues comprising glycerol and glucose
Method of deflavoring soy-derived materials confectionary type products
Food composition
Process of freezing fresh pureed fruits, vegetables and meats to produce a healthy frozen baby food ...
Foaming food-grade lubricant
Satiety emulsions and food compositions
Trans-fatty acid free shortening
Non-toxic lava fluids for use in children's products
Frying fats and oils
Citrus peel juice
Gelled food product and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for removing skin and fat from meat parts
Device and method for absorbing excess fat from food
Radio communications device including at least one light source
Symbol estimation-based decorrelator for estimating spatial signatures in a wireless communications ...
Optical fiber coupling configurations for a main-remote radio base station and a hybrid radio base s...
Data transmission method and system
Method for initiating a communication within a communication system
Raster-to-vector conversion operations adapted to modeling of RF propagation
Method and radio communications system for controlling connections for calls to and by radio subscri...
Synchronization in diversity handover
System for mobile radio communication and a method relating to service provision in mobile radio com...
Finding cell phones in rubble and related situations
Security system
Apparatus for generating multiple clock signals of different frequency characteristics
Radio frequency circuit and communication system with power amplifier control
Frequency correcting method for cellular phone terminal
Radio receiver and receiving method for controlling the beam-width of an antenna
Method and apparatus for determining the frequency of a radio signal during periods of stability and...
Game system, program and image generating method
Hand-held musical game
Game device, program, and method for sequentially changing game images over time
Game device
Area-based resource collection in a real-time strategy game
Detachable golf club short club bag
Wild game attraction device and method
Athletic shoe having cushioning
Shoes with side panel for connection outsole
Waterproof footwear liner and method of making the same
Efficient buffer allocation for current and predicted active speakers in voice conferencing systems
Video conference system and methods for use at multi-station sites
Method for simultaneous body part display
Image processing method apparatus and storage medium for recognition of irradiation area
System and method for fusion-aligned reprojection of incomplete data
X-ray generator
X-ray detector having an accelerometer
Field and factory testable imaging detector
System and method for CT scanning of baggage
Method and system for imaging a volume using a three-dimensional spiral scan trajectory
X-ray CT apparatus
Light-emitting device having electrode formed by laminate of at least first inorganic film, organic ...
X-ray scatter elimination by frequency shifting
Rotatable filter for a pre-subject CT collimator having multiple filtering profiles
Image recording medium holding mechanism
Characterizing an electron beam treatment apparatus
Imaging device with reflecting light guide
Disc drive apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Method using video buffers for receiving and transferring selected display output from a computer to...
Multilingual document retrieval system
Method for the characterization of the three-dimensional structure of proteins employing mass spectr...
Microelectrode catheter for mapping and ablation
Simplified water-bag technique for magnetic susceptibility measurements on the human body and other ...
Fetal pulse oximetry
Development unit for developing electrostatic latent images
Image forming apparatus
Aroma diffuser
Method for measuring bone mineral density by using X-ray image
Imaging of scattering media using relative detector values
Method and system for verifying a computer program
Spell checker with arbitrary length string-to-string transformations to improve noisy channel spelli...
Computer for execution of RISC and CISC instruction sets
Virtual modular relay device
Simultaneous multi-user real-time speech recognition system
Brush streak eraser
Free sheet color digital output terminal architectures
Signal processing subband coder architecture
Method and system for processing vascular radiographic images which have been reconstructed by three...
Region extracting method for medical image
Telecommunications portal capable of interpreting messages from an external device
Radiosurgery x-ray system with collision avoidance subsystem
Integrated memory having a memory cell array containing a plurality of memory banks, and circuit con...
Magnetic resonance imaging with nested gradient pulses
Method of localizing the myocardium of the heart and method of determining perfusion parameters ther...
Multiple preparatory excitations and readouts distributed over the cardiac cycle
Systems and methods for global optimization of treatment planning for external beam radiation therap...
Automated tracking of certificate pedigree
Apparatus and method for using a network processor to guard against a "denial-of-service" attack on ...
Document information display system and method, and document search method
Search and index hosting system
Searching content on web pages
Information translation communication protocol
Methods and apparatus for analyzing, processing and formatting network information such as web-pages
Optical disc for storing moving pictures with text information and apparatus using the disc
Interference canceller with fast phase adaptation
Dynamic allocation of NEXT cancellation filters in a modem pool environment
Adaptive signal weighting system
Signal processing circuit
System and method for temporal analysis of serial data
Electric filter comprising a plurality of thin film bulk acoustic resonators
Diffractive color filter
Stereoscopic observation system
Enclosure for telecommunication lines and splices
Emulsion polymerization of fluorinated monomers
Sterilization indicator test packs
Aqueous intumescent fire barrier composition
High-frequency coagulation apparatus
Polypectomy device and method
Implantable drug pump access template
Method and system for dynamically adjusting field of view in a capsule endoscope
Surgical repair of tissue defects
Memory reallocation and sharing in electronic systems
GPS RF front end IC with frequency plan for improved integrability
Method of despreading GPS signals
Software GPS based integrated navigation
Dynamic instrumentation event trace system and methods
Methods and apparatus for mouse-over preview of contextually relevant information
Registry driven interoperability and exchange of documents
Computer implemented method and apparatus for providing a logical point of access to one or more fil...
Methods and systems for hairpins in virtual networks
System and method for widely witnessed proof of time
Server for an electronic distribution system and method of operating same
Software application environment
Method, system and product for managing a virtual storage system
Method and apparatus for creating and deploying web sites with dynamic content
Survivable and scalable data system and method for computer networks
Pad with rigid and stretchable foam
Carbon layup tape with fugitive binder and method of use
Thermographic overcoat layer and thermographic image recording members
Facilitating drainage
Primer composition for polyolefin materials
Method of bonding a window to a substrate without a primer
Low voltage pyrotechnic igniter assembly
Saddle tank siphon primer
Push button air primer for carburetor
Radio frequency triggered directed energy munition
Systems and methods for providing automatic access to data media in a data storage system
Spin valve magnetoresistance sensor and thin film magnetic head
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic recording and/or reproducing system
Disk drive comprising depletion mode MOSFET for protecting a head from electrostatic discharge
Magnetoresistive effective element, thin film magnetic head, magnetic head device and magnetic recor...
Micro-flexure suspension including piezoelectric elements for secondary actuation
Piezoelectric actuator, disk drive using the same and manufacturing method thereof
Magnetic head supporting device having dummy weight used to coincide mass and swing movement centers
Digital microelectronic circuit with a clocked data-processing unit and a converting unit
Copper gimbal and gimbal damping for integrated lead suspension
Magnetic head
Magnetic head having a laminated yoke layer with protected pole piece and disk drive containing the ...
Thin film magnetic head and manufacturing method thereof
Magnetic recording/reproducing device having position control
Method and apparatus for reducing vibration in a dynamic system
Apparatus and method for calculating disk shift amount in disk drive
Method apparatus and system for accessing discontinuous media tracks
Apparatus and method for controlling head unload operation in disk drive
Data storage device and actuator control method
Method and apparatus for active fly height control with heating and electrical charge
Method and apparatus for self servowriting of tracks of a disk drive using an observer based on an e...
Method for generating a format specific data structure in a disk drive having differing surface form...
Disk drive having one or more partial servo wedges that includes a short servo sync mark that is dif...
External backup storage
Sulfonylalkanoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Use of rapamycin to inhibit immune response and induce tolerance to gene therapy vector and encoded ...
Substituted tetracycline compounds as synergistic antifungal agents
Methods of using 69039, a novel human Na/Ca exchanger family member
Bisbubstrate inhibitors of kinases
Hybrid oligonucleotide phosphorothioates
Use of (R)-peniciclovir triphosphate for the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of viral ...
Cyclic derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
System for reducing the influence of polarization mode dispersion in high-speed fiber optic transmis...
Optical communication system using a high altitude tethered balloon
Large mode field diameter optical fiber
Fiber-wired sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Universal apparatus for incorporating intelligence into an optical fiber distribution frame
Low cutoff large effective area optical fiber
Optical fiber with low taper induced loss
Dispersion-shifted fiber
Disk subsystem
Storage subsystem and storage controller
Storage controller and computer system for managing information related to connection port
Antenna steering for an access point based upon probe signals
Polarization preserving optical fiber and absolute single polarization optical fiber
Hydrogen concentration relocation in optical fiber
Optical fiber, Raman amplifier, and optical communication system
Formailide derivatives as beta2-adrenoreceptor agonists
Operating circuit for a lamp with a heat sink
Speech translation device and computer readable medium
Developing apparatus
Roll retainer and fiber chopper
Cellulose fiber insulation plant and process
Method for the alkylation of salicylic acid
Material for positive electrode and secondary battery
Method and apparatus for searching for a three-dimensional global path
Method for fabricating supported bilayer-lipid membranes
Information processing apparatus
α, α-difluoroamines and difluoromethylene-α, α-diazo compounds
Applicator for cleaning teeth
Friction bodies comprising metal-infiltrated, fiber-reinforced porous carbon
Method and apparatus for an enhanced OFDM system
Bardet-biedl susceptibility gene and uses thereof
Internal combustion engine provided with intake bypass control device
Polymers for separation of biomolecules by capillary electrophoresis
Unisex protective garment for dogs
Scalable methods and apparatus for Montgomery multiplication
Laminated ceramic capacitor
Method and apparatus for managing network traffic using cyclical redundancy check hash functions
Detection of RNA Sequences
Modified oligonucleotides for mismatch discrimination
Conduit insert for optical fiber cable
RFID manufacturing concepts
CRC encoding scheme for conveying status information
Lantana plant named 'Balucrehot'
Digital clay apparatus and method
Sulphur dioxide generators
Secondary battery having radical compound electrode
Treatment of a titanium tetrachloride-containing waste stream
Semiconductor memory device
Force-resisting devices and methods for structures
Plasma display panel
System and method of a stackable wireless internet protocol base station
Method for purging abandoned shopping carts from an electronic commerce web site
System comprising fluid treatment module and a support structure
Diamond-coated porous substrate and liquid treatment apparatus and liquid treatment method using sam...
Method of producing useful products from seawater and similar brines
Treatment of neurological disorders with nicotine
Methods for treatment of wounds using time release compositions
CD147 binding molecules as therapeutics
Biological glue based on thrombin-conjugated nanoparticles
Use of hydrophilic-rich alkylmethylsiloxane-dimethylsiloxane-polyoxyalkylene copolymers as emulsifie...
Devices and methods for delivering therapeutic substances for the treatment of sinusitis and other d...
Separation process
Isolation of amino acids and related isolates
Method for scavenging radicals with urocanic acid, derivatives and analogues
Furoisoquinoline derivative and use thereof
Process for extracting and purifying naturally occurring zeolite
Microbicidal composition
Photolytic oxygenator with carbon dioxide and/or hydrogen separation and fixation
Polishing apparatus and polishing method
Method and device for the production of purified steam
Coating process for microfluidic sample arrays
Use of animal urine for efficient and quality vermicomposting and recycling slow degrading and uncon...
Methods of making thin dielectric layers on substrates
Method of deflavoring soy-derived materials
Method for suppressing microbe activity in meat storage enclosures
Cleaning process and apparatus for silicate materials
Treatment of swine wastewater by biological and membrane separation technologies
Partially dehydrated reaction product, process for making same, and emulsion containing same
Continuous filtration systems using pump, venturi and flow control valve
Packaging material and packaged product
Process for manufacturing animal feed supplements
Soybean processing
Method of producing processed food
Mucorales fungi for use in preparation of foodstuffs
Dietary supplements comprising soy hypocotyls containing at least one isoflavone
Fat blend
Composition for mitigation of insects and/or mollusca
Pregelatinized starches and processes for their production
Method and system of facilitating automatic login to a web site using an internet browser
Method for identification of version levels of components across heterogeneous systems while elimina...
Digital image watermarking method
Cache system and method for controlling the cache system comprising direct-mapped cache and fully-as...
Multi-processing memory duplication system
Apparatus and method of upgrading program of firmware board
Apparatus and method for displaying detailed map of selected area
Mobile terminal
Power controllable wireless mobile communications system of adaptive modulation and coding scheme an...
Service apparatus and method for public mobile communication network, and private wire and mobile co...
Method for transmitting short message service using tag
Apparatus and method for processing paging for WCDMA terminal
System and method for providing rescue channel communications between base stations in a wireless co...
Receiver for rejecting image signal
Link connection method between communication terminals equipped with bluetooth wireless devices
Covalent conjugates of biologically-active compounds with amino acids and amino acid derivatives for...
Alteration of sequence of a target molecule
Light beam preparation arrangement
Vehicle information display
Polarized light source system comprising meshing prism plates and liquid crystal display using the s...
System and method of vehicle surveillance
System for mediating safety drive information, safety drive information mediating apparatus used the...
Apparatus and methods for providing emergency safety lighting
Automatic lead distribution and processing confirmation system and method
Method and system for sharing data between wired and wireless platforms
Load balancing in set top cable box environment
Method and system for auctioning a product on a computer network
System and apparatus for automatic and continuous monitoring, proactive warning and control of one o...
Inverted-F antenna configuration for an implantable medical device
Portable computer
Method and apparatus for handoff between a wireless local area network (WLAN) and a universal mobile...
Group communication method for a wireless communication device
Assistance techniques for subscriber units having positioning capabilities
Method and apparatus for allocating uplink resources in a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) comm...
Application independent messaging system
Method for ascertaining a dynamic attribute of a system
Object detection system for vehicle
32142, 21481, 25964, 21686, novel dehydrogenase molecules and uses therefor
Method and marker for identification of pre-malignancy and malignancy and therapeutic intervention
Tensile-stressed microelectromechanical apparatus and micromirrors formed therefrom
Selectively bonded thin film layer and substrate layer for processing of useful devices
Automatic transmission
Component tagging with maintenance related information including maintenance procedures
Method and device for monitoring the performance of industrial equipment
Integrated vehicle control system
Connector port construction technique for implantable medical device
Apparatus for actively monitoring device for lead fixation in implantable tissue stimulators
Valved intradermal delivery device and method of intradermally delivering a substance to a patient
Iontophoretic fluid delivery device
System and method for correlation of patient health information and implant device data
Image forming apparatus and charging device therefor receiving AC and DC voltages
Twin insulator charge storage device operation and its fabrication method
Recovery guarantees for general multi-tier applications
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
System and method for providing a unified messaging scheme in a mobile device
Coordinating transactional web services
Voice recognition status display
Sound source separation using convolutional mixing and a priori sound source knowledge
Method and apparatus for using wildcards in semantic parsing
Non-linear observation model for removing noise from corrupted signals
Programmable logic devices optionally convertible to one time programmable devices
Coin discriminating apparatus and coin discriminating method
Mechanical memory
Optical element with nanoparticles
Positioning two elements using an alignment target with a designed offset
Electric field resonance assisted Raman scattering for ladar IFF
Reduced temperature sensitive polymeric optical article and method of making same
Stabilized derivatives of ascorbic acid-3-phosphate
Protein structures and protein fibres
Vertical cavity laser producing different color light
OFET structures with both n- and p-type channels
Scanning probe microscopy inspection and modification system
Mitogenic oxygenases
Alphavirus replicon vector systems
Method and composition for improving fertility health in female and male animals and humans
Plaster containing an active agent
Lordotic fusion implant
Device and method for treatment of mitral insufficiency
Temporary device for capturing embolic material
Specific antibody directed to active hepatocyte growth factor activator and method for using the sam...
Storage-stable, liquid fibrinogen formulation
Methods of coating a device using anti-thrombin heparin
Composition comprising a metal chelator and a method of treating amyloidosis by administering the me...
Combination comprising N-{5-[4-(4-methyl-piperazino-methyl)-benzoylamido]-2-methylphenyl}-4-(3-pyrid...
Alternatively spliced circulating tissue factor
Lipoprotein associated phospholipase A2, inhibitors thereof and use of the same in diagnosis and the...
Assay method
Hydrophilic member precursor and pattern forming material that utilizes it, support for planographic...
Fiber chopper apparatus and method
Method of making leather fiber insulation by drying-case hardening and product thereof
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Method and apparatus for specifying a cost function that represents the estimated distance between a...
Textured electrolyte for a solid oxide fuel cell
Microcomputer, electronic equipment and debugging system
Data transfer control device and electronic equipment
Data transfer control device and electronic instrument
Information directory system
Method and apparatus for audio error concealment using data hiding
Management system for devices connecting with network
Radio communication terminal unit and method of transmitting base station identification number
Mobile station having waiting process with main power off
Distortion-correcting circuit, integrated circuit, and radio communication device
Color image forming devices for use in color printers
Image formation apparatus
Phase and polarization insensitive gates and switches
Power line communication system and method
Preparation and purification of hydroxylamine stabilizers
Aqueous dispersion type pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, and pressure-sensitive adhesive she...
Adjuvants and copolymer compositions
Toothpaste tube
High-power transmission acoustic antenna
Ultrasound oral hygiene and therapeutic device
Feeding unit for transfer press
Modified red phosphorus, method of producing the same, decolorized red phosphorus composition and fl...
Multi-oligosaccharide glycoconjugate bacterial meningitis vaccines
Multi-layer capacitive transducer
Concurrent access of shared resources utilizing tracking of request reception and completion order
Method for providing cable isolation in a fibre channel test environment using a software driven PCI...
Method of predicting optical properties and physical characteristics to formulate optimum coating sy...
Processes for preparing conductive macromolecular polythiophenes
System and method for recording telephonic communications
On-line catalyst monitoring using a Kalman filter
Method for correcting noise errors in a digital signal
Geranium plant named 'Balfanero'
High performance controller for shifting resonance in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) device...
Antiviral substances from plant cuticular and epiciticular material
Indexing to efficiently manage versioned data in a database system
Respiratory humidification system
Semiconductor device with floating trap type nonvolatile memory cell and method for manufacturing th...
Card-type LED illumination source
Gas discharge panel with electrodes comprising protrusions, gas discharge device, and related method...
Network latency recovery for internet gateways
Analyzing instruction completion delays in a processor
Nano-scaled dendrimer-based colorimetric biosensors
Fuel cells utilizing non-porous nanofilm microchannel architecture
Device based on coated nanoporous structure
Isolated computing environment anchored into CPU and motherboard
Method to prevent denial of service attack on persistent TCP connections
Detection of grid participation in a DDoS attack
Tuning product policy using observed evidence of customer behavior
Data-driven media guide
System and method for exchanging images
Promoted listings
Thumbnail generation and presentation for recorded TV programs
Tracking promoted listings
Runtime Services for Network Software Platform
Virtual device hub
Providing Optimal Number of Threads to Applications Performing Multi-tasking Using Threads
Intelligent performance monitoring based on user transactions
Mutually exclusive options in electronic forms
Method and apparatus for provisioning software
Managing code when communicating using heirarchically-structured data
Trainable rule-based computer file usage auditing system
Interpreter for simplified programming of graphics processor units in general purpose programming la...
Special PC mode entered upon detection of undesired state
Method and apparatus for semi-automatic extraction and monitoring of diode ideality in a manufacturi...
Databus and method for the communication of two assemblies by means of such a databus
Radio receiving device and radio receiving method
Multi-channel demodulation with blind digital beamforming
Method and apparatus for equalization in transmit and receive levels in a broadband transceiver syst...
Lens mount for viewfinder cameras
Optical component positioning jig and manufacturing apparatus of optical device
Image-formation optical system, and imaging system
Catadioptric reductions lens
Fisheye lens and imaging device using it
Optical apparatus
Lens apparatus and camera
Variable magnification lens and imaging apparatus using the same
Two-group zoom lens
Stepwise variable zoom lens system
Three-group zoom lens
Immersion microscope objective lens
Liquid-immersion objective optical system
Solid immersion lens and sample observation method using it
Speckle reduction for display system with electromechanical grating
Optical material, and optical element, optical system, and laminate type diffraction optical element...
Method and apparatus for micro-Golay cell infrared detectors
Method and system for enabling a user to obtain information from a text-based web site in audio form
Method and apparatus for providing high speed modem replay using locally connecting modems
Method and system for voice electronic mail
Network interface redundancy
Tone detection
Packet-based trunking
DTMF tone detection and suppression with application to computer telephony over packet switched netw...
Processor interconnection
Apparatus and method for classifying information received by a communications system
Apparatus and method for providing a binary range tree search
Method and apparatus for changing a sound source of a supplementary service using a ring back tone o...
System and method for providing an advertisement service using the call-connecting signal
Method for providing a subscriber-based ringback tone sound stored in a mobile exchanger
Mobile communication terminal with menu profiles
Method for providing a caller-based ringback tone sound in case of a non-subscribed called
Method for providing subscriber-based ringback tone with no progress tone
Ad ringer
Method of managing trunk and querying and ascertaining ring-back sound to provide ring-back sound in...
Calling party ringtone selection in telephone system
Method and apparatus for managing presenting and changing ring-back sounds in subscriber-based ring-...
Calling party ringtone selection in telephone system
Call control system, method for controlling call, and call control program
Method and device for remotely routing a voice call
Telephone call screening and routing device and related method