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Vitamin D3 derivative and treating agent for inflammatory respiratory disease using same
Frame for eyeglasses
Indirectly illuminated sign
Passenger entertainment system having downconverter control signals and power supplied over output c...
Swing device with an automatic driving unit
Dual row outdoor leisure rocking chair
Stage element movement assembly
Assistance method and apparatus
Article for the delivery of foam products
Dosing reservoir
Hair styling composition comprising adhesive particles
Skin care compositions containing an organic extract of chick pea
Neutralization of phosphate esters, compositions based upon and methods using same
Polar solvent compatible polyethersiloxane elastomers
Agents promoting laminin production in skin cells
Substituted benzene compounds, process for their preparation, and herbicidal and defoliant compositi...
Paper having improved print quality and method of making the same
Cosmetic or medical preparation for topical use
Bleaching compositions
Antifungal preparations
Process for combatting and/or preventing allergic diseases employing natamycin
Animal feed method employing natamycin
Milk sample preservative
Control of poultry dactylariosis
Fermentation process for producing natamycin
Form, fill and seal container forming apparatus
Control of volatile carbonyl compound in compositions used in printing, printing methods and resulti...
Individual package bagger and process
Double shell dispenser
Packaging container
Fluid dispensing system and method for container closure members
System and method for launching generic download processing in a computer build-to-order environment
Solid product manufactured from recycled domiciliary sweepings materials, a procedure for manufactur...
Insulated assembly incorporating a thermoplastic barrier member
SVC accessing method for use in ATM-DSLAM
Protective screen for horse blanket
Use of an adhesive tape as cable bandaging tape
Foldable board for arranging small articles in a tent
Method and device for recovering pure PVC from plastic waste containing PVC
Adhesive for binding vinyl chloride to steel plates and vinyl chloride-coated steel plates
Injection moulding
Flame and shrinkage resistant fabric blends and method for making same
Image processing device and image processing method
Process for manufacture of triboelectrically charged nonwovens
Aligning rectilinear images in 3D through projective registration and calibration
Blends of ethylenic polymers with improved modulus and melt strength and articles fabricated from th...
Dicing configuration for separating a semiconductor component from a semiconductor wafer
Method of making a semiconductor package by dicing a wafer from the backside surface thereof
Semiconductor wafer having regular or irregular chip pattern and dicing method for the same
Cathodic protection system utilizing a membrane
Auction notification system
Loyalty file structure for smart card
Proactive calendar notification agent
Software system and methods for resubmitting form data to related web sites
Espresso cup with a five-point star base that swirls to form the bowl of the cup
Plasticized bone grafts, and methods of making and using same
Microapplicators, delivery systems and methods for adhesives and sealants
Transition-metal-catalyzed process for the preparation of sterically hindered N-substituted alkoxy a...
Extrusion coating process for making high transparency protective and decorative films
Multilayer container resistant to elevated temperatures and pressures, and method of making the same
Absorbent article, particularly a tampon having additives that reduce toxic shock syndrome toxin pro...
Deactivatable electronic article surveillance tag and method for making same
Styryl sulfone anticancer agents
Fusions of scaffold proteins with random peptide libraries
PTP 1D: a novel protein tyrosine phosphatase
Immunoassay for 2-oxo-3-hydroxy LSD
Method for the production of arylsulfides and compositions made therefrom
Methods relating to modulation of cartilage cell growth and/or differentiation by modulation of NFAT...
Solid state light-emitting device
Motion detection and recording method and apparatus
Rapid prototyping and manufacturing process
Structural analogues of vitamin D
Method and device to prevent cardiac dysrhythmias
Detecting seizure
Tissue ablation system and method for forming long linear lesion
Encapsulated cells producing cytochrome P450
Promotion of proliferation of adult corneal endothelial cells
Fuel cells based on oxidation of organics over metal exchanged .beta.-aluminas
Method of making a solid electrolyte separator
Ionically conductive bilayer solid electrolyte and electrochemical cell including the electrolyte
Glass sealing of electrochemical storage cell structures
Electrodes and battery cells
Method of making analogues of .beta.-alumina
Self-doped molecular composite battery electrolytes
Linear motor and method of producing the same
Method of distributing documents having common components to a plurality of destinations
Method and apparatus for reducing static charges during polymerization of olefin polymers
Process for the polymerization of olefines
Lymphoid tissue-specific cell production from hematopoietic progenitor cells in three-dimensional de...
High density, miniaturized arrays and methods of manufacturing same
Melt-processible poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
Aqueous resin dispersions
Polymeric film compositions having controlled viscosity response to temperature and shear
Scalable virtual timer architecture for efficiently implementing multiple hardware timers with minim...
Dyeing cone
Chair arm
Pressure-activated flexible valve
ACC2-knockout mice and uses thereof
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Method for making a hydropneumatic accumulator
Injection system and method for releasing gas or vapor from a solid material
Shaft leakage containment system for a gas control valve
Computer data storage backup with tape overflow control of disk caching of backup data stream
Compressor system memory organization and method for low latency access to uncompressed memory regio...
Dynamic variable page size translation of addresses
Not reported jump buffer
Hardware/software co-synthesis of heterogeneous low-power and fault-tolerant systems-on-a chip
Continuous-strand pellets and method and device for preparing continuous-strand pellets
Seed localization system and method in ultrasound by fluoroscopy and ultrasound fusion
Differentiation learning aiding apparatus and storage medium
Uncertainty constrained subsurface modeling
Fixed format stream in a communication services patterns environment
Real-time plant nutrition prescription
Di-(uridine 5')-tetraphosphate and salts thereof
Complementary DNA's encoding proteins with signal peptides
Cell-associated glucosyltransferase, an antibody thereto, and a dental caries prophylactic compositi...
Immobilization of Crotalus atrox and Crotalus durissus terrificus whole venoms on aldehyde-activated...
Porous polymethylsilsesquioxane with adsorbent properties
Testing system and methods with protocol pattern injection and external verification
7B2 knockout transgenic animals as models of endocrine disease
Process for the catalytic oxidation of sulfur, nitrogen and unsaturated compounds from hydrocarbon s...
Electrolytic cell
Method and apparatus for detecting and eliminating short-circuits in an electrolytic tank
Method and device for protecting the anodes of electrolytic cells against overloads, short circuits ...
Spring battery retainer
Method for cleaning electrodes
Load compensating device for a handling machine and process for carrying out such compensation
Rotating retractable cam limit switch
Composite shell material for prosthesis
Component feeder system
Rolling conductor support
Tape for storage of electronic components
Collapsible reel for wire and cable packaging and system for stacking and transporting the same
System integration of a steam reformer and fuel cell
Cold starting of gasoline fueled fuel cell
Process for preparing rust inhibitors from cashew nut shell liquid
Ionic compounds with delocalized anionic charge, and their use as ion conducting components or as ca...
Polymer and inorganic-organic hybrid composites and methods for making and using same
Sulfated CCR5 peptides for HIV-1 infection
Protein compositions substantially free from infectious agents
Protein compositions substantially free from infectious agents
Lead frame for use in a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device using the same
Process for preparing solderable integrated circuit lead frames by plating with tin and palladium
Lead frame for semiconductor device and method of producing same
Ink control in printing press
Negative electrode material for non-aqueous lithium secondary battery, method for manufacturing the ...
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery
Cathode current collector for electrochemical cells
Composite electrolytes based on smectite clays and high dielectric organic liquids and electrodes
Anodically-bonded elements for flat panel displays
Sulfuric positive electrode for use in lithium secondary battery and method for manufacturing the sa...
Treatment of protozoal infection
Dielectric ceramic composition and method for manufacturing the same
Italian rye grass and a method of introducing endophytic fungi into an italian rye grass
Circuit trace termination and method
Medical electrical lead having bending stiffness which increase in the distal direction
Oxime derivatives and the use thereof as latent acids
Pigment preparation
Oligomeric hindered amine light stabilizers based on multi-functional carbonyl compounds and methods...
Pigment preparation
Phenol-free stabilization of polyolefin fibres
Golf ball having dual core and thin polyurethane cover formed by RIM
Scratch resistant discontinuous acoustical surface coating
Soft tissue paper having a softening composition containing an extensional viscosity modifier deposi...
Recyclable and repulpable ream wrap and related methods of manufacture
Magnetic recording media
Rubber composition for hose production, hose, and process for producing refrigerant hose
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Accessory tool storage door for a floor care appliance
Portion of a floor care appliance
Manual clothing washing device
Combination bag holder and disposal container for tampons
Ventilated waste can with mesh liner and dome lid
Optical disk, reproduction apparatus, and reproduction method
System and method for a fast hardware implementation of RC4
High precision cartesian robot for a planar scanner
Combination cellular/satellite wireless communication devices
Method and apparatus for optimizing overall characteristics of device, using heuristic method
Method for regulating centrifuges for dehydrating wastewater sludge, using fuzzy logic
System, method and article of manufacture for a goal based system utilizing a time based model
Pivotal instrument support apparatus
System and method for flexible software linking
DNA encoding human 5-HT.sub.1D receptors
Pyridyl alkylamine compounds which are useful against histamine H.sub.1 and H.sub.2 receptors
Window protector
Casement window
Window protector assembly
Laundry faucet valve and timer control
Composite wood products
Three-dimensional measuring system for animals using light pattern triangulation
Enhanced maintenance of pregnancy using leukaemia inhibitory factor in embryo culturing
Fertility regulation with transforming growth factor .beta.
Finger puncture protector and method
Detection of reproductive hormone levels in equines
Device for trans-cervical artificial insemination and embryo transfer
Treatment of human infertility
Smart card application development system and method
Explicit rate computation for flow control in compute networks
Set of fenders and steps
Sensor arrangement
Opening and closing chuck
Method of scanning indicia using selective sampling
Apparatus capable of processing sign language information
Scalable multiple address space server
Method of preparing magnesium alcoholates
Growth hormone fusion proteins, methods of production, and methods of treatment
Speech recognition method
Method of administering IGF-1, IGF-2, and analogs thereof to birds
Extracellular signal-regulated kinase, sequences, and methods of production and use
Peptide analogs of insulin-like growth factor II
3-cyanoquinolines, 3-cyano-1,6-naphthyridines, and 3-cyano-1,7-naphthyridines as protein kinase inhi...
Method for the treatment of wiping solution
Pyridin-4-yl or pyrimidin-4-yl substituted pyrazines
Process for the preparation of arylethanolamine derivatives having an anti-obesity and anti-diabetic...
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido bicyclic heteroaryl hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloprote...
Sulfonylamino carboxylic acid N-arylamides as guanylate cyclase activators
Chromium L-threonate, process for preparation of the same and their use
Prestressing device for a mechanical finishing device
Education intermediary system and method
Method and apparatus for cheating an information report resulting from a diagnostic session
Semiconductor element having a p-zone on the anode side and an adjacent, weakly doped n-base zone
Thyristor having cathode shorts
Process for the manufacture of short circuits on the anode side of thyristors
Method for fixing semiconductor bodies on a substrate using wires
Power semiconductor module having a plurality of semiconductor arrangements
Method for manufacturing a power semiconductor component for high speed current switching
Scroll machine with capacity modulation
Pocket setter for flat and tabular garments
Method and apparatus for attaching sleeves to tubular shirt bodies
Style group recognition system for automated sewing patterns
Motor connection block, particularly for electric motors
Method and apparatus for switching back a change-pole motor
Flat sheet hemming method and folding and separating apparatus
Gyroscopic mass flowmeter
Radiation-curable release compositions, use thereof and release coated substrates
Miniaturized cell array methods and apparatus for cell-based screening
System and method for modifying configuration files in a secured operating system
Method for purification of saccharide
Devices and methods for using centripetal acceleration to drive fluid movement in a microfluidics sy...
Apparatus and method for telecommunication routing and parameter negotiation
Object encapsulation protection apparatus
Architecture and apparatus for implementing 100 MBPS and GBPS ethernet address
Passing environment variables from an hypertext protocol server application programming interface
Apparatus for preventing automatic generation of a chain reaction of messages if a prior extracted m...
D/A conversion circuit and liquid crystal display device
Image forming apparatus capable of changing parameters of document file data
Screen image observing device and method
Reversible embedded wavelet system implementation
Database managing device
Information processing apparatus and a method
Method for compiling an image database, an image database system, and an image data storage medium
Mask generator and image mask patterns
Ink jet charge plate with integrated flexible lead connector structure
Apparatus for a high efficiency spray system
Portable conference center
Variable data print job system
Method and apparatus for tab printing
Cache memory and method for use in generating computer graphics texture
Video source with adaptive output to match load
Optical drive controller with a host interface for direct connection to an IDE/ATA data bus
Method and apparatus for run-out correction in a disk drive
Method and article of manufacture for differentiating between a non-volatile memory device and an em...
Dual drive traction system
Door control apparatus
Floor structure
Reduced voltage braking system in a linear motor in-track transit system
Laser radar for a vehicle lateral guidance system
Automatic lateral guidance control system
Automatic lateral guidance control system
Transgenic plants expressing a dual-specificity MAPK phosphatase and uses thereof
Flexible shaft coupling
High temperature pressurized high frequency testing rig and test method
Apparatus and method for deicing aircraft using compact, lightweight air source
Process and device for inerting an aircraft fuel tank
Inflatable vessel and method
Application of carbon fiber mesh for space and airborne platform applications
Universal spacecraft separation node
Dissolvable thrust vector control vane
Skipping filter for inertially augmented landing system
Printing form and method of modifying the wetting characteristics of the printing form
Method of operating a printing machine, and a printing machine for performing the method
Method for controlling a quantity of ink in a printing machine
Device and method for switching between collect and straight modes on a folder
Gripper assembly for a matched velocity transfer device
Device and method for binding printed products
Strain control in an infeed of a printing machine
Cylinder in equipment for producing printing plates
Device for clamping flexible plates including a pivotable three-armed profiled strip
Method and device for producing a multicolor print
Method for adjusting a register
Stack changing device
Stack changing device
Wave dissipating blocks for constructing a seawall
Greens maintenance system
Process for the removal of pollutants from the soil
Coated metal peroxides
Hydrostatic equalization for an offshore structure
Inflatable mine support
Modular fiber log erosion and sediment control barrier
Periodontal disease preventive and ameliorative agent
Multiple antenna cellular network
Polycarbonate resin composition
Cooking appliance and cooking system
Process for preparing azo colorants
Smectite clay/organic chemical/polymer compositions useful as nanocomposites
Polyamide composition comprising a layered clay material modified with an alkoxylated onium compound
Process for microgel preparation
Torenia plant named `Dantopur`
Verbena plant named `Sunvivaro`
Verbena plant named `Sunvivabura`
Vriesea plant named `Deplarly`
Verbena plant named `Sunvivabupa`
Dracaena plant named `0101WS`
Heuchera plant named `Crimson Curls`
Alignment apparatus
Device for brewing beverages
Methods of using hop acids to control organisms
Memory access system and method employing an auxiliary buffer
Method of making high refractive index ophthalmic device materials
Methods of refractive correction of the eye
Noninvasive measurement of chemical substances
Combination ultrasound and laser method and apparatus for removing cataract lenses
Ocular aberration correction taking into account fluctuations due to biophysical rhythms
Surgical blade
Opthalmic lens systems
Solar cell and method of fabricating the same
Solar cell module and process for its production, and solar cell module installing method and solar ...
Photovoltaically self-charging storage system
Light distribution controlling apparatus, luminous flux density controlling apparatus and partitioni...
Microelectronic fabrication having formed therein terminal electrode structure providing enhanced ba...
Electro-optical device and semiconductor device
Thin film flexible solar cell
Very low dielectric constant plasma-enhanced CVD films
Methods and structures for silver interconnections in integrated circuits
Selected processing for non-equilibrium light alloys and products
Coated nanoparticles
Testing device for evaluating the immunity of an electronic device to electromagnetic noise
Ligands for opioid receptors
Transparent shock-absorbing laminate and flat panel display using the same
Plasma display panel and method for forming fluorescent screens of the same
Rear-projection screen
Reflective type screen
Method for producing polyetherols by ring-opening polymerisation of alkylene oxides
Cathode composition for solid oxide fuel cell
Protective glove and method for making same
Elastic substantially linear olefin polymers
Two-chamber single-pass electrode arrangement
Rolling garment bag
Intravascular filter and method
Detection, quantitation and classification of RAS proteins in body fluids and tissues
lacR from Streptococcus pneumoniae
System and method for on-line impulse frequency response analysis
Detecting interport faults in multiport static memories
Fuel cell device with a heat release means disposed on an automobile
Transparent contacts for organic devices
Catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation process and catalyst
Thermoplastic resin composition and process for preparing the same
Circuit breaker with mechanical interlock
Method for representing terminal-based applications in the unified modeling language
High-pressure discharge lamp, and manufacturing method, lighting method, and lighting device for the...
Automated system and method for spectroscopic analysis
Network interface module for receiving cable television broadcasting
Pneumatic tool housings having embedded electronic devices
Elongated pneumatic tool with replaceable soft grip
Process for coating diamond-like carbon film and coated thin strip
Method for creating physiologically active compounds
Car wash entry station
Spray arch for vehicle washing machine
Gantry mounted soap heating system
Mechanism for connecting disparate publication and subscribe domains via the internet
Demonstration page method and apparatus
On-the-fly memory testing and automatic generation of bitmaps
Built-in self test for content addressable memory
Method and system for identifying dynamic NAND or NOR gates from a netlist
Method and apparatus for evaluating the design quality of network nodes
System and method for on-chip filter tuning
Spectrophotometer for tissue examination
Magnetic resonance angiography data
Concurrent MRI of multiple objects
Methods for in vivo magnetic resonance imaging
Phase-resolved optical coherence tomography and optical doppler tomography for imaging fluid flow in...
Method and apparatus for targeting material delivery to tissue
Printers employing duplex registration for post printing operations
System for the prediction, rapid detection, warning, prevention or control of changes in activity st...
Medical electrical lead having controlled texture surface and method of making same
Vehicle control apparatus for front and rear drive ratio on the basis of operator's desired vehicle ...
Piecemeal retrieval in an information services patterns environment
Rudder angle indicator system with active sector sensing
Mobile telephone with a GPS receiver and EKG electrodes
Liquid crystal display device
Reflection color liquid crystal display
Resistance-film type touch panel for use in a liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal displ...
Anisotropically oriented phase difference compensation film of a branched polycarbonate
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
Combination of optical elements
Microporous polymeric membrane
Composite cathode for electrochemical cell
Solid state cell manufacture
Process for preparing ultrathin polymethylmethacrylate polymer films
Infrared treatment for psoriasis
Method and apparatus for applying polymeric coating
Method for the preparation of a frame-supported pellicle for photolithography
Roof sheeting
Container and blow-molded product
Metallocene-catalyzed process for the manufacture of EP and EPDM polymers
Substituted norbornene fluoroacrylate copolymers and use thereof in lithographic photoresist composi...
Chemical amplifying type positive resist composition and sulfonium salt
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions rheology-modified using peroxides and free radical coagents
Process for the preparation of organic compounds with manganese catalysts or the like
Transgenic mice deficient in natural killer cells
Catalytically active recombinant memapsin and methods of use thereof
.alpha.aminocetic acid derivatives- .alpha.4.beta.7 receptor antagonists
C-terminal modified oxamyl dipeptides as inhibitors of the ICE/ced-3 family of cysteine proteases
Pharmaceutical dopamine glycoconjugate compositions and methods of their preparation
Vial access adapter and vial combination
Preparation of erythropoietin by endogenous gene activation
System for producing multiple diagnostic test elements
Compositions and methods for inhibiting light-induced inactivation of biological reagents
Magnetic particles for purifying nucleic acids
Automatic analyzer
Methods for identifying human cell lines useful for endogenous gene activation, isolated human lines...
Telephony terminal apparatus capable of reproducing sound data
Process for the removal of a silyloxy protecting group from 4-silyloxy-tetrahydro-pyran-2-ones
Network management using abstract device descriptions
Complex of lipo-viro-particles, method of preparation and applications
Extending dish drain rack
Detergent tablet
Detergent tablet
Monovinylidene aromatic polymers with improved properties and a process for their preparation
Dish rack
Method for manufacturing a chemically adsorbed film and a chemical adsorbent solution for the method
Multi-layer detergent tablet having both compressed and non-compressed portions
Preparation of 3-methylpyridine from 2-methylglutaronitrile
Process for preparing glyoxylic acid/aminomethylphosphonic acid mixtures
Hydrogenation of enzymatically-produced glycolic acid/aminomethylphosphonic acid mixtures
Production of glyoxylic acid from glycolic acid
Production of glyoxylic acid from glycolic acid
Enzymatic oxidation of glycolic acid in the presence of non-enzymatic catalyst for decomposing hydro...
Antenna provided with an assembly of filtering materials
Method and apparatus to treat conditions of the naso-pharyngeal area
Time estimator for object oriented software development
Media content protection utilizing public key cryptography
Modular fiber reinforced polymer composite deck system
Method and system for dynamically configuring a central processing unit with multiple processing cor...
Fuse holder having an integrated connecting line for status indicators
Method for activating peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-.gamma.
Data communication system and data communication operating method
Carry bag with pouch insert and cover
System for user customization of attributes associated with a three-dimensional surface
Photochromic gyricon display
Safety footwear
Body part imaging system
Dead reckoning pedometer
Method for managing inventory
Storing and recalling information to augment human memories
Processing aqueous titanium solutions to titanium dioxide pigment
Process for preparing a zeolite with structure type MTT using specific template precursors
Make-up or care composition containing a crosslinked polyorganosiloxane containing an oxyalkylenated...
Method of produce ultra-low friction carbon films
Metal-based composite material and method of producing the same
Composition useful for making in-situ silicon carbide whiskers and fibres
Process for preparing tantalum alkoxides and niobium alkoxides
Semi-transparent reflective layer for a phase hologram
Cleaning device and method
Rearview mirror mounting assembly
Vehicle mounted remote transaction interface system
Digital electrochromic mirror system
Compounds and methods for the inhibition of the expression of VCAM-1
Treatment of interstitial cystitis using topical application of menthol and L-arginine
Heterocyclic containing biphenyl aP2 inhibitors and method
Modified peptide nucleic acid (PNA) molecules
Method and apparatus for optical measurement of concentration and temperature of liquids
Semicoductor passivation using barrier coatings
Cathode ray tube with deflection unit
Liquid crystal device and a method for producing it having directly controllable dynamic surface-dir...
Structure of a multi-domain wide viewing angle liquid crystal display
High-response electro-optic modulator based on an intrinsically acentric, layer-by-layer self-assemb...
Optical waveguide
Multivariate statistical process analysis systems and methods for the production of melt polycarbona...
In-line continuous feed sleeve labeling machine and method
Album page
Reticles including support frame for charged-particle-beam microlithography, and methods for making ...
Class of cytodifferentiating agents and histone deacetylase inhibitors, and methods of use thereof
Multiuser internet gateway system
Encoding device
Image synthesization method
Image forming apparatus, image bearing member life detecting method, and process cartridge detachabl...
Developing apparatus with longitudinal end leakage preventing member in contact with smooth surface ...
Process cartridge, engaging member therefor and method for mounting developing roller and magnet
Charging apparatus employing charging particles, and image forming apparatus employing such a chargi...
Variable frame rate adjustment in a video system
Method and apparatus for treating pressurized drilling fluid returns from a well
Column gas-liquid contacting apparatus and its use thereof
Apparatus and method for degassing a liquid or pasty medium in a machine for producing and/or upgrad...
Gas dissolving apparatus and method
Well-bottom gas separator
Gas dissolving apparatus and method
Method of removal of air from blood
Construction of a water treatment reservoir for a domestic water treatment appliance
Method and system to remotely monitor groundwater treatment
Apparatus and method for degassing and preventing gelation in a viscous liquid
Anti-microbial fibrous media
Apparatus and method for reducing residual solvent levels
Construction of a water treatment appliance
Rotary phase separator with integral accumulator and outlet valve
Packing element
Industrial robot
Robot device and behavior control method for robot device
Pipette head appatatus for robot
Apparatus and method for joining layers of materials
End effector assembly
Robot performing dance along music
Method and device for a context-based memory management system
Platform-independent selective ahead-of-time compilation
Methods and apparatus for monitoring, collecting, storing, processing and using network traffic data...
Method and apparatus providing an improved electronic program guide in a cable television system
Method and apparatus for recognizing and reacting to denial of service attacks on a computerized net...
Robotic system control
Assembly for automatically supplying an amount of feed to a dairy animal in a predetermined period
Multi-joint type industrial robot and arm unit thereof
Dual concentric robotic high performance automated tape cartridge system
Device for transmitting torques
Method of collecting measurement data during automatically milking an animal
Paragraph management software system
System and method for simulating a laboratory experiment
Java virtual machine with non-volatile memory
Method and system for programming devices using finite state machine descriptions
Power transfer apparatus for concurrently transmitting data and power over data wires
Internet television program guide system
Method and system for displaying target vehicle position information
Directed user-based dynamic advertising
Vehicle particulate sensor system
Calibration system, target apparatus and calibration method
Methods and apparatus for dynamic point of interest display
Method and system for real-time recording and uploading of vehicle routes for routing assistance and...
Method for managing test measurements
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisimp 413`
Dianella plant named `SOUGOLD`
Brunnera plant named `Silver Wings`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisimp 104`
Belly ring pad
Using sparse feedback to increase bandwidth efficiency in high delay, low bandwidth environment
Adjustable power bat
Multi-tool apparatus for friction game cells
Toy vehicle
Toy system
Polypropylene preparation
Under and above ground, radio frequency driven element, metal locating system
System and method for controlling personal telephone number dialing lists and dialing capabilities
Content filtering for electronic documents generated in multiple foreign languages
Rules database server in a hybrid communication system architecture
Polymerization processes for using dilute multicomponent feeds (LAW624)
Liquid crystal display
Multimedia chip package
Trinocular field glasses with digital photograph capability and integrated focus function
Hybrid PCB-IC directional coupler
Method and system for mapping traffic congestion
Optical information processor and semiconductor light emitting device suitable for the same
Thin film magnetic memory device capable of easily controlling a data write current
Contact structure for semiconductor devices and corresponding manufacturing process
Atomic layer doping apparatus and method
Region extraction apparatus, region extraction method and computer readable recording medium
Data compressing apparatus, reconstructing apparatus, and its method
Computerized image-processing method
Amplifier circuit arrangement for alternatively processing a digital or an analog signal
Lane following vehicle control
System and method for providing a database of content having like associations
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively transferring various kinds of powder
Process for selective N-acylation of purine nucleosides
Method and apparatus for toner image fixing using a sheet-shaped pressing member
Purge gas systems for use in lithographic projection apparatus
Coolant cooled type semiconductor device
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Technical support chain automation with guided self-help capability using active content developed f...
Species specific genomic DNA sequences for identification of Anacardium occidentale and the method f...
Stereoselective synthesis of nucleoside analogues
Plastid transformation of solanaceous plants
Method of decreasing seed size in a plant
Optical imaging device for firearm scope attachment
Formatting input data file compatible with workstation application into formatted input data file co...
Intelligent tutoring methodology using consistency rules to improve meaningful response
Process for preparing silanes
System and method for applying standards to adapt generic educational materials for use in different...
Laser ablation of multiple layers
Method and composition for devulcanization of waste rubber
Polymeric system for delivering an active material
Heat sink and power source unit employing the same
Cellulose dispersion
Apparatus and method for enhancing gambling devices with commercial advertising indicia
System for and method of processing data, and entertainment system
Portable game machine and game-advancing method
Video game system and video game memory medium
Video game apparatus, background sound output setting method in video game, and computer-readable re...
Game device including a subset for displaying image information
Gain control for multi-channel fixed wireless terminal
Rotating pile for undergrounding
Dracaena plant named `0103GJ`
Robot area monitoring device
Transmitting data reliably and efficiently
Method and apparatus for accelerating a memory dump
Method for reducing simulation time taken by a CPU during signal integrity analysis
Macro design techniques to accommodate chip level wiring and circuit placement across the macro
Ranked break points and method for debugging a computer program
Indolecarboxylic compounds for inducing/stimulating hair growth and/or retarding hair loss
GRIN fiber lenses
Light imaging contrast agents
Camera having a front cover
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisimp 551`
Scheduler capable of issuing and reissuing dependency chains
Catalytic compositions and methods for asymmetric allylic alkylation
Method and apparatus for reducing signal integrity and reliability problems in ICS through netlist c...
Method and apparatus for multi-stage hang recovery in an out-of-order microprocessor
Network server platform (NSP) for a hybrid coaxial/twisted pair local loop network service architect...
Compact economical spark arrestor and muffler
Multiple-thread processor with single-thread interface shared among threads
Treated textile fabric
Wide-angle projection lens and a projection-type image display device
Direct electrochemical reduction of metal-oxides
System and method for disabling a cellular phone
Post metal etch clean process using soft mask
Dual stage positioning system using a shared voltage source
Puppet construction kit and method of making a personalized hand operated puppet
Autonomous off-board defensive aids system
Methods and systems for updating an inheritance tree with minimal increase in memory usage
Method and system for selectively connecting mobile users based on physical proximity
Detent spring for rotatable grip actuating system
Bicycle derailleur
LED lamp
Active electronic mail
System for creating messages including image information
Sending both a load instruction and retrieved data from a load buffer to an annex prior to forwardin...
Array access boundary check by executing BNDCHK instruction with comparison specifiers
Gyricon displays utilizing magnetic elements and magnetic trapping
Inflatable underground structure liner
Method and apparatus for obtaining enhanced production rate of thermal chemical reactions
Water recovery in the anode side of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Fuel cell system having a methanol decomposition reactor
Fuel cell system with a device for supplying fuel
Non-invasive cardiorespiratory monitor with synchronized bioimpedance sensing
Method and system for driving a magnetizing fixture
Caulking roller and sintered flanged pulley caulked by the caulking roller
Siloxy substituted cocatalyst activators for olefin polymerization
Multi-environment testing with a responder
Method for new product development and market introduction
Breath test for the detection of various diseases
Process for synthesis of novel cationic amphiphiles containing N-hydroxyalkyl group for intracellula...
Signal pickup or signal generator for a magnetic resonance tomography device
Data transmitting/receiving apparatus for executing data retransmission and parallel processor syste...
System and method for monitoring eye movement
Powering computer systems
Nutritional methyl supplements change DNA methylation and related characteristics of mammalian offsp...
Brand positioning within electronic personal devices
System and method for using an enhanced external data interface to display data in EPL systems
Method and apparatus for selling subscriptions to periodicals in a retail environment
Charitable and public funding using tax credits and passive losses
Customer support system using internet
Method and apparatus for displaying medication information
Elevation positioning cradle for microwave antenna
Temperature insensitive optical waveguides and optical devices using the same
Peripheral vascular array
Disposable front loadable syringe
Method and apparatus for automatic undo support
System and method for monitoring gas turbine plants
Solenoid for electromagnetic valve
Semi-automatic compressor controller and method of controlling a compressor
Aperture controlled laser beam shaping techniques for scanning optical code
Method of detecting incorrect sequences of code execution
Well tending method and apparatus
Low pressure EGR system for diesel engines
System for reducing NOx transient emission
Process for reduction of gaseous sulfur compounds
Powder coating composition and method
Precious metal color effect materials and production thereof
MPEG decoder and optical video disc player using the same
Apparatus for detecting position of featuring region of picture, such as subtitle or imageless part
Hydrocarbon conversion using zeolite SSZ-58
Hydrocarbon conversion using zeolite SSZ-60
Zeolite catalysts having stabilized hydrogenation-dehydrogenation function
Method for transporting Fischer-Tropsch products
Increased space-time yield in gas phase polymerization
Medical aerosol formulation
Compositions for treating arterial thrombosis and a factor Xa inhibitor
Crystals of 5-[{6-(2-fluorobenzyl)oxy-2-naphthyl}methyl]-2,4-thiazolidinedione
Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic compounds
(3Z)-3-(2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-1-ylidene)-1,3-dihydro-2H-indol-2-ones as kinase inhibitors
Methods of using compositions containing hypotriglyceridemically active stilbenoids
Apparatus for counterbalancing weight
Method and apparatus for testing custom-configured software/hardware integration in a computer build...
Process for the condensation of a carbonyl compound with an aromatic derivative in a basic medium
Engraftable human neural stem cells
Polysaccharide derivative
Plasma display panel including grooves in phosphor
Active-matrix emitting apparatus and fabrication method therefor
Antialiasing system and method that minimize memory requirements and memory accesses by storing a re...
Patterned organic layers in a full-color organic electroluminescent display array on a thin film tra...
Color display device for monovalve projectors
AC plasma display with dual discharge sites and contrast enhancement bars
High resolution flat panel phosphor screen with tall barriers
Charge controlled mirror with improved frame time utilization and method of addressing the same
Method of three-dimensionally measuring object surfaces
Dental floss having low density and method of making same
Efficient radio link adaptation and base station sector selection in a radio communication system
Compounds having antiviral activity
High thermal conductivity heat transfer pad
Polarizer with composite phase compensation film
Platemaking process and system for printing abstract patterns on architectural materials
Metal barrier behavior by SiC:H deposition on porous materials
Polymerization of olefins
Fuel cell manager
Monitoring apparatus for a vehicle and/or a premises
Loop structures for supporting diagnostic and therapeutic elements in contact with body tissue
Catheter for emboli containment
Sensors, methods of manufacture and sensing methods
Load controller and method to enhance effective capacity of a photovotaic power supply using a dynam...
Spiral shield for a flexible high-Q implantable inductively coupled device
Oxygen separation through hydroxide-conductive membrane
Active matrix electroluminescent display device
Method of designing integrated circuit and apparatus for designing integrated circuit
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising the same
Thermoplastic resin composition
Molded case circuit breaker including vacuum switch assembly
Polyelectrolyte complex antibacterial agent in antibacterial material
System and method for organizing data
Elmore model enhancement
Feed system for a rotary drill tower
Ratcheting screwdriver with reversing cap having projecting pin
Adaptive tracking of dots in optical storage system using ink dots
High power LED
Image-forming machine with a conditioned cleaning system
Automated data integrity auditing system
System and method for characterizing synthesizing and/or canceling out acoustic signals from inanima...
Tele-diagnostic device
Digitally-tunable echo-cancelling analog front end for wireline communications devices
Data collection methods and apparatus
Gene-targeted mice with humanized A.beta. sequence and Swedish FAD mutation
Software control of DRAM refresh to reduce power consumption in a data processing system
Pharmacokinetic-based drug design tool and method
Methyl analogs of simvastatin as novel HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Optical fiber preform
Inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme
Left-right flow control algorithm in a two chamber cardiac prosthesis
Breathing gas delivery method and apparatus
Cluster system having virtual raid, computer for the cluster system, and parity calculation method i...
Resonant converter circuit with suppression of transients during changes in operating condition
Methods and compositions for treating lipoxygenase-mediated disease states
Multicast communication method in a CDMA mobile communication system
Carbamate compounds for use in preventing or treating psychotic disorders
Method for drying anhydrous paroxetine hydrochloride
Inhibitors of histone deacetylase
Mini marker
Metallic ink composition for wick type writing instruments
3-Sided pen
3-sided pen
Mini marker
Barrel-shaped marker
Medical aerosol formulation
System for clearing buried and surface mines
Fin disengagement device for limiting projectile range
Flying object by flapping motion of wings equipped with compressed air engine
Solar cell array orientation in an airship
In-flight loadable and refuelable unmanned aircraft system for continuous flight
Docking system for airport terminals
Method for producing multilayered optical filters using a genetic algorithm and a method for operati...
Apparatus and method for electronic RIN reduction in fiber-optic sensors
Relaxed quorum determination for a quorum based operation
Domain access control for logging systems
Mechanism and apparatus for adaptive quality performance control in 3D based PC applications
Logical view and access to physical storage in modular data and storage management system
Process and system for configuring repair codes for diagnostics of machine malfunctions
Portable game machine having image capture, manipulation and incorporation
Convertible activity toy
Climbing rocks with full outer grip
Dynamically adjustable network enabled method for playing along with music
Device with interchangeable user-interfaces and method for doing same
Electronic sound generator attachment for children's slides
Optoelectronic device including a barrier layer and interface barrier layer and a method of manufact...
Digital video playback with trick play features
Method and apparatus for terminating a burst transmission in a wireless system
Optoelectronic phase locked loop with balanced photodetection for clock recovery in high-speed optic...
Method for detecting forward link power control bits in a communication system
Self-adaptive processor overload control system
Security management system and method
Integrated light and tow-line-attachment assembly for a boat
Bus to boat passenger transfer facility
Working ship
Frame, inflatable skin and watercraft formed from same
Method for detecting inflow of fluid in a well while drilling and implementing device
Transporter for installation or removal of an offshore platform and a method for removal of an offsh...
Resealable label having laminate cover
Secure sticker and integrated label/form
Methods and articles for determining invisible ink print quality
Concrete silt fence
High energy impact absorption fender system using valvular control logic
Citrus tree named `Tami`
Printable laminate with viscoelastic layer
Method for forming chromium anisotropic metal particles
High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet superior in stretch-flanging performance and fatigue resistance...
High strength, high toughness, seamless steel pipe for line pipe
Content protection for digital transmission systems
Signal processing to hide plural-bit information in image, video, and audio data
Control and coordination of encryption and compression between network entities
Method and apparatus to encode digital signals
Method and apparatus for enlarging DVB-CI functionality by enabling a direct access to the condition...
Robot apparatus capable of selecting transmission destination, and control method therefor
Process for the manufacture of 117Sn diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acids
Angle control of modulating wave to reduce reflected wave overvoltage transients
Article comprising micro fuel cell
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisimp 171`
Resolving dependencies among concurrently dispatched instructions in a superscalar microprocessor
Method and apparatus for scrambling a high definition television signal
Instrumentation for implant insertion
Debugger with real-time data exchange
Method and apparatus for archiving and restoring data
Method for automatic analysis of audio including music and speech
Hinge assembly for a cover
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Rolling cart panel
Load platform
Mailbox support
Nucleotide sequences encoding maize RAD51
Apparatus and method for navigating objects within a computer-implemented object environment
Flexible polymer foams, their production and use
Circuit board, method for manufacturing the circuit board, and display device and electronic equipme...
Portable braille computer device
System, method, and computer program product for automatically updating software on a client compute...
Characterization of microelectromechanical structures
Microactuator-induced reactive forces for fine positioning a sensor
Yo yo having removable toy figures and container playset
Integrated borehole system for reservoir detection and monitoring
Ladle, a ladle heating system and methods of heating the ladle
Isoflavone derivatives
Talking moving dieter's plate
Portable food container with incorporated heaters
Holding or cooking oven
Pump unit particularly for medical and food use
Technique for effective navigation based on user preferences
Feeder monitor and feeder monitoring network
Stable alkaline hair bleaching compositions and method for use thereof
Apparatus and process for making structured paper and structured paper produced thereby
Self-warming rinse out hair care compositions
Speckled detergent composition
Laundry detergent and/or fabric care compositions comprising a modified cellulase
Multifunctional detergent materials
Induction furnace with improved efficiency coil system
Sampling over joins for database systems
Method of preparing composite gas separation membranes from perfluoropolymers
Method and system for connecting proximately located mobile users based on compatible attributes
Apparatus and method for feeding electronic components
Reflector road sign with self-provided light means
Tool for building documents for commerce in trading partner networks and interface definitions based...
Headset docking device
Method and synergistic composition for treating attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Calcium channel blockers
Antiviral methods and compounds
Methods for treating or preventing fibromyalgia using very low doses of cyclobenzaprine
Method of checking the performance of a flow cytometer instrument and apparatus for executing said m...
Multi-coil electromagnetic focusing methods and apparatus to reduce borehole eccentricity effects
Junction seal between a liner of an underground structure and a penetrating pipe
Aqueous-dispersing composition of synthetic resin and silicate oligomer
Examination and imaging of biological tissue
Cardiac assistance systems having bi-directional pumping elements
Mineral and cellular patterning on biomaterial surfaces
Use of collagen of aquatic origin for the production of supports for tissue engineering, and support...
Delivery vehicle
Passive/non-invasive systemic and pulmonary blood pressure measurement
System and method for paper web time-to-break prediction
Compounds, compositions and methods for preventing and treating pestivirus infection and associated ...
Urea substituted imidazoquinolines
Stabilized protein crystals formulations containing them and methods of making them
T cell receptor V.beta.-D.beta.-J.beta. sequence and methods for its detection
HIV-2 peptides
Moraxella catarrhalis protein, gene sequence and uses thereof
Interactive video-on-demand system
Coating composition for ink receiving layer formation improved in ink fixability and water resistanc...
Regeneration and augmentation of bone using mesenchymal stem cells
Porous synthetic vascular grafts with oriented ingrowth channels
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Interleukin--1 receptor antagonist and uses thereof
Coin retaining device
Scent emitting device
Enzyme inhibitors
Detection of target analytes using particles and electrodes
Razor with sound indicator signalling first use
Detection assembly for detecting dispensed material
Linking of computers based on steganographically embedded digital data
Bis(tetrahydro-indenyl) metallocenes as olefin-polymerization-catalyst
Method for lamination of fluoropolymer to metal and printed circuit board (PCB) substrate
Method for event recording in java
Methods and apparatus for integrating, organizing, and accessing flight planning and other data on m...
Superoxide dismutase or superoxide dismutase mimic coating for an intracorporeal medical device
Internet shopping system utilizing set top box and voice recognition
System and method of using machine-readable or human-readable linkage codes for accessing networked ...
Non-round composite container with inverse curvature
Text influenced molecular indexing system and computer-implemented and/or computer-assisted method f...
Cloning of a yeast alpha-amylase promoter and its regulated heterologous expression
Pipe coupling assembly system and method
Near-infrared noninvasive determination of pH in pulse mode
.beta.2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Tumor necrosis factor delta polypeptides
Method of reducing or preventing malodour
Imaging system for obtaining quantative perfusion indices
Emergency alert system
Method for the iontophoretic non-invasive determination of the in vivo concentration level of an ino...
Device for representing a control situation determined by a motor vehicle distance control device
Aspergillus fumigatus auxotrophs, auxotrophic markers and polynucleotides encoding same
Integrated process for the preparation of epoxides
Oxidation and oxydehydrogenation of hydrocarbons in the fluidized bed
Process for chlorosilane intermediates manufacture
Integrated palladium-based micromembranes for hydrogen separation and hydrogenation/dehydrogenation ...
Reconfigurable computing system and method and apparatus employing same
Lancet having a blood-collecting needle with a safety feature
Diagnosis and treatment of cancer having clonal macrophage involvement
Pentamer peptide amide, ALGPGNH2, which inhibits viral infectivity and methods of use thereof
Managing operation of servers in a distributed computing environment
Semiconductor memory device, method of manufacturing the same and method of driving the same
Take-off device for airplanes
Front load pressure jacket system with syringe holder
Controlling plunger drives for fluid injections in animals
Open loop control apparatus for vacuum controlled systems
Multiple-mode memory component
Modified cage member for an impact mechanism
Scroll machine with capacity modulation
Scroll machine with capacity modulation
Open drive scroll machine
Scroll machine with non-machined anti-thrust surface
Scroll machine with discharge valve
Portable hunting blind
Reed valve retention
Explosion proof feedthrough connector
Deterministic serial bus communication system
Control valve main seal retainer with an assembly and removal tool
Straight tube coriolis flowmeter casing
Batch maximization for a batch delivery system
Mass flow controller
Crude oil measurement system and method
Discharge-pumped excimer laser device
Handle for traffic delineator
Polarization diversity antenna system for cellular telephone
Ventilation system and/or breathing tube
Non-metallic hydraulic expansion mandrel
Polymer, process for producing the polymer, and curable composition containing the polymer
Liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal projection display apparatus which employ hologr...
Method for producing 4-amino-5-chloro-1-phenyl pyridazinone-(6)
Storage tank enclosure unit
Shaft for medical catheters
System synthesizer
Co-initiated polyether polyol and process for its preparation
Ductile poly(arylene sulfide) resin compositions
Capillary electrophoresis method using initialized capillary and polyanion-containing buffer and che...
Automated weighing station
Separator tank assembly for a fluid compressor
Workstation and spring-assisted door therefor
Electrophotographic color image formation system and method using liquid developers
Method and system for connecting mobile users based on degree of separation
Wireless biopotential sensing device and method with capability of short-range radio frequency trans...
Therapeutic method for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Pyroglutamic acid derivatives and related compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA...
Nucleic acid probes for the detection and identification of fungi
Biocatalysts immobilized in a storage stable copolymer gel
Heat-sensitive recording material
Microcapsules of the multi-core structure containing natural carotenoid
Microencapsulated labelling technique
Prolonged release microcapsules
Tobacco substitute
Food preservation and disinfection method utilizing low temperature delayed onset aqueous phase oxid...
Bacillus mycoides strain for controlling corn rootworm
Apparatus for dimming a fluorescent lamp with a magnetic ballast
High-strength valve spring and it's manufacturing method
System for heat treating coiled springs
Limited slip motor vehicle differential assembly
Manufacturing method of suspension spring for car
High surface pressure resistant steel parts and methods of producing same
Method for controlling forward power control utilizing an erasure indicator bit in a CDMA system
Histone deacetylase as target for antiprotozoal agents
Heat-transfer label assembly
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mother Teresa`
Interleukin-1 .beta. converting enzyme like apoptosis protease-3 and 4
Programmable logic device having integrated probing structures
Method and apparatus for implementing IEEE 1149.1 compliant boundary scan
Rolling out high bandwidth connection services in geographical areas covering several central office...
Tear-off optical stack having peripheral seal mount
Storage compartment forming insert for a firearm grip
Lead-free frangible bullets and process for making same
Spin-stabilized projectile having a multi-part guide band and method of making the projectile
Multi-media data collection tool kit having an electronic multi-media "case" file and method of use