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Diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase
Upper portion of a vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner nozzle
Laundry bin
Paint brush holder
Iron guard
Acellular red blood cell substitute
Human MutT2 antibodies
Electronic musical instrument with performance assistance function
Inter-track communication of musical performance data
Camming coupler for a music desk
Method of billing a communication session conducted over a computer network
Universal remote control allowing natural language modality for television and multimedia searches a...
Efficient content server using request redirection
System and method of applying price changes in an electronic price label system
Address data storage device
Device for data analysis and organization
Microprocessor having improved memory management unit and cache memory
Network directory access mechanism
Flexible search engine having sorted binary search tree for perfect match
Method and system for specifying and displaying table joins in relational database queries
Natural language information retrieval system
Light source device
Method and apparatus for cutting off defective portions of lengths of timber
Split jamb for doors and windows
Substrate processing apparatus and processing method by use of the apparatus
Method of frequency reuse in a fixed access wireless network
Method for fabricating semiconductor light emitting device
Memory tile for use in a tiled memory
Chain-type ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) with rewrite transistors coupled between a sens...
Compositions and methods for their preparation from lepidium
Electroluminescence device
Organic electroluminescence device
Nondestructive apparatus and method for detecting molecular orientation in thin films
Safing mode for high momentum states in body stabilized spacecraft
Snack dispenser and coin bank
Mass storage data integrity-assuring technique utilizing sequence and revision number metadata
Shopping cart
Breath actuated inhaler
Modified aluminas and the use thereof in FCC catalysts
Adjustable angled rear wing
Door mechanism for handheld computer
Virtual device architecture for mobile telephones
Visual educational device for teaching literacy
Method and system for supplying contents via communication network
Multiple target projector system and method
Helmet headphones
Substrate transport apparatus with coaxial drive shafts and dual independent scara arms
Miniature robotic vehicles and methods of controlling same
Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
Fluorescent lamp driver circuit
Method for driving motors and apparatus for driving motors
Semiconductor memory device and storage method thereof
Sense amplifier for dynamic random access memory ("DRAM") devices having enhanced read and write spe...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Fe-Ni based material for shadow mask
Sn based alloy containing Sn--Ti compound, and precursor of Nb3SN superconducting wire
In-situ stress monitoring during direct material deposition process
Closed-loop non-invasive oxygen saturation control system
Apparatus for culturing plant materials as foods
Apparatus for decoupled thermo-photocatalytic pollution control
Cobalt-coated lithium manganese complex oxide and preparation process thereof
Process for producing a piezoelectric element using a first SOL and a second SOL having a lead conte...
Organic electroluminescence element material and organic electroluminescence element comprising same
Sandwich cathode design for alkali metal electrochemical cell with high discharge rate capability
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and device for radiographic imaging using gamma rays and X-ray beams
Telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) genes from Candida albicans
Methods for purifying telomerase
Mammalian telomerase
Diagnostic methods for conditions associated with elevated cellular levels of telomerase activity
Data structure for representing two or more versions of program material
Rear steering control for vehicles with front and rear steering
Dual stage occupant restraint deployment control for motor vehicle
Three axis adjustable automotive foot controls
System for sensing a side impact collision
Driving force distribution control system and vehicle having the driving force distribution control ...
System and method for early detection of area code changes
Programmable multiple-standard digital communications system
Method and apparatus for calculating DC offset in a digital gyrator
Acoustic component mounting structure for portable radio unit
Method and apparatus for multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation and recording medium with the meth...
Distributed wireless online access system
Preset amount electronic funds transfer system for gaming machines
Automatic broker tools and techniques
Method for determining concentration of an analyte in a test strip
(R)-chiral halogenated substituted fused heterocyclic amino compounds useful for inhibiting choleste...
Advertisement subsidized video-on-demand system
Method of preparing coated seeds
4-mercaptopyrrolidine derivatives as farnesyl transferase inhibitors
Urethane-modified polyisocyanurate foam
Process for preparing a monoazo metal complex salt compound for charge control agent and toner for d...
Zirconium compound and electrophotographic toner employing it
Powder coating compositions, method for preparing them and method for forming films
Roofing granules with a decorative metallic appearance
Aqueous coating composition comprising an addition polymer and a polyurethane
System, method and computer program product for diagnostic supervision of internet connections
Method and apparatus for computing delay correlation effects in digital circuits
Programmable array built-in self test method and controller with programmable expect generator
Method and apparatus for acoustic logging
Broaching machine
Method for unit distance encoding of asynchronous pointers for non-power-of-two sized buffers
Double-layer sock having inverted, side-by-side toe closure seams
Driver circuit of display device with channel width directions of buffer and sampling thin film tran...
Microsensor including a VCSEL and method for electro-mechanical coupling of microsensors
Magnetic disk apparatus
System and method for breadth first asynchronous expansion of distribution lists with throttling
Boiling water reactor plant with hybrid pressure containment cooling system
Isolated human phosphatase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phophatase proteins, and ...
Chromone derivatives, process for the preparation of the same and uses thereof
System and method for detecting leaks in underground storage tank
Preservative composition
Systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating penile tumescence
Mediators of hedgehog signaling pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
Three-dimensional flexible adhesive film structures
Methods and systems for providing emission of incoherent radiation and uses therefor
Food-packaging bag, method of food packaging, and use of laminated film as food-packaging bag
Sheet dispenser
Universal container for medicinal purpose
Polyester resin compositions for calendering
Flexible tear-seal; seal material and method for toner hopper compartment
Light emitting diode lamp device
Vehicle glass with angled edge
Deployment of EL structures on porous or fibrous substrates
Automatic adverse weather rear light system for motor vehicles
Back light for a liquid crystal display device
Active and passive holographic optical based curved surface element
Image sequence compression featuring independently coded regions
Optical disc for storing moving pictures with text information and apparatus using the disc
Analog/digital camera and method
Method and system for a combination of high boron and low boron BPSG top clad fabrication process fo...
Variable optical attenuator
Optical component having positioning markers and method for making the same
Optical disc for coordinating the use of special reproduction functions and a reproduction device fo...
Fiber optic cable routing device with pre-alignment feature
Installation structure for optical fiber
Method and apparatus for reducing video data
Image reading apparatus
Image sensor and optical character reader
Vehicular occupant detection arrangements
Harvester with intelligent hybrid control system
Method and its apparatus for inspecting a specimen
Method and arrangement for heartbeat detection
Method and system for predicting human cognitive performance
Constructional components for use in a wall structure
Coated article having the appearance of stainless steel
Surface-treated steel sheet for battery case, battery case comprising the same, methods for producin...
Container for providing easy access to beverage cans
Coated article having a stainless steel color
Hot-rolled steel wire and rod for machine structural use and a method for producing the same
Surface-hardened austenitic stainless steel precision weight and process of making same
Rounded gemstone setting
Bearing apparatus for vehicle
Manufacturing method of a copolyester containing ethylene naphthalate unit (EN) and its application
Case-reduced verification condition generation system and method using weakest precondition operator...
Axially deformable bobbin for dyeing spools
Furniture extremity
Packaging with incorporated temperature sensitive label
Method for motion correction in a series of images of a rigid body
Computing by anticipation for nuclear medicine imaging
Method and device for liquid transfer with an analysis apparatus
Antibiotics from microbispora
Milk-based powder for pets
Modification of foaming properties of proteins
Process for frozen dairy product
Method for obtaining milk products containing selected fractions of fat globules
Hydropneumatic vehicle suspension strut
Optical recording and reproducing apparatus and recording medium having multilayer recording membran...
Asymmetric disulfides and methods of using same
Specific antibody-containing substance from eggs and method of production and use thereof
Zone based radio frequency identification
Interleavers and de-interleavers
Compounds for altering mitochondrial function and cellular responses
Process for the utilization of waste materials from electrolytic aluminum reduction systems
Transactional name service
Simple electric bicycle
Pole-mounted sign
Enhanced virtual renaming scheme and deadlock prevention therefor
Miniature vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
Process for producing cheese
Portable orientation system
System for sensing catalyst coating loss and efficiency
Process for the cleavage of alkyl tert-alkyl ethers into isoolefins and alkanols over acid catalysts
Alkylation process
Fractionation in light paraffin isomerization process
Synthesis of cyclopropaneacetylene by a one-pot process
Computerized method of and system for learning
Enzymatic method for preparing synthesis intermediates
Light-emitting device with quantum dots and holes, and its fabricating method
Fractions of Chlorella extract containing polysaccharide having immunomodulating properties
System used in plural information processing devices for commonly using peripheral device in network
Internet data access acknowledgment applet and method
System and method for computer system performance data pause and resume consuming minimum display ar...
Method and system for broadcast management in a data communication network that permits namesharing
Information processing system and information processing method
Reverse HTTP connections for device management outside a firewall
Method of driving flat-panel display device
Image reading apparatus
Apparatus and method for data partitioning to improving error resilience
Joint coding method for images and videos with multiple arbitrarily shaped segments or objects
Image output processing apparatus
Enhanced error diffusion by using peak position profiles
Paper tray adjustment page
Software validation method and system
Switching apparatus for mass transit vehicle
Data communications between fixed and moving terminals
Temperature control system and method for an automated guideway transit system
Optimal vehicle following control system
Vehicle train routing apparatus and method
Vehicle train tracking apparatus and method
Monorail guideway assembly
Density enhanced protein tyrosine phosphatases
Thermosensitive biodegradable hydrogels for sustained delivery of leptin
Antenna switching diversity
Bladder for vulcanizer, vulcanizer using the same and vulcanizing-molding method
Flame retardant combination for thermoplastic polymers l
Image forming apparatus capable of single-sided and double-sided printing
Cable with self-extinguishing properties and flame-retardant composition
Systems and methods for sculpting virtual objects in a haptic virtual reality environment
Fibrin nanoparticles and uses thereof
Damper continuous feeding body
Chromium blanks for forming black matrix-screen and color filter for liquid crystal display
Polarizing screen
Gravure screen and method of making the same
Method for preparing 2-nitro-5-(phenylthio)-anilines
Golf ball cover containing a blend of ionomer and plastomer, and method of making same
Prober for electrical measurement of potentials in the interior of ultra-fine semiconductor devices,...
Image display apparatus and display control method
Reversible electrodeposition device with ionic liquid electrolyte
ArF laser with low pulse energy and high rep rate
Equipment service vehicle having on-board diagnostic system
Method and apparatus for ultra precise GPS-based mapping of seeds or vegetation during planting
Tubular pile connection system
Method of remediating heavy metal-containing soil
Pipe handling apparatus and method of using the same
Active apparatus and method for reducing fluid induced stresses by introduction of energetic flow in...
Method for correcting surface shape of magnetic head slider and magnetic head slider
Communication module having a structure for reducing crosstalk
Positional deviation adjusting apparatus of stereo image
Liquid crystal display panel avoiding display unevenness and manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus
High performance polarization controller and polarization sensor
Technique for integrating electronic accounting systems with an electronic payment system
Electronic payment device using balanced binary tree and the method of the same
Microwave enhanced deep fat fryer
Bifurcated stent and distal protection system
Monoclonal antibodies against activated ras proteins with amino acid mutations at position 13 of the...
Encoding and decoding of array sensors utilizing nanocrystals
Fuel cell system
Propylene terpolymers
Stabilizers for halogen containing polymers
Optical detection method for improved sensitivity
Method for efficient analysis semiconductor failures
Method and apparatus for improved duration modeling of phonemes
Impact wrench
X-ray generating mechanism using electron field emission cathode
System for toner cleaning
Vehicle-based navigation system with smart map filtering, portable unit home-base registration and m...
Method and circuit for processing signals for a motion sensor
Fused ring heteroaryl and heterocyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Process for the isolation of lovastatin
Compositions and methods for locating preferred integration sites within a plant genome
Auto CPAP system profile information
Attachment to traffic light apparatus for visual indication of traffic light duration
CDMA receiver with a reduced number of required high speed adders
Device for cooling an electric module and a technical appliance
Communicable disease barrier method of use
System and method for control scheduling
Method for coordinating activities and sharing information using a data definition language
Tailoring data and transmission protocol for efficient interactive data transactions over wide-area ...
Multi-colored material using rainbow grating
Carrier devices and packages of containers
Chitin deacetylase gene, vector containing said gene and transformant
Secure method for providing negotiable discount coupons to consumers using a distributed processing ...
Column comprising a base between filler body sections
Porous calcium phosphate cement
Spike forming method
Electromagnetic field tamper alarm
Combination of non-living-source physical energy and living-source chemical energy to maximize the s...
Method and apparatus for adjustably sizing identification band
Print option for WAP browsers
System with and method of cryptographically protecting communications
Interface for merchandise price optimization
Decision-theoretic approach to harnessing text classification for guiding automated action
Approach for performing administrative functions in information systems
Poultry processing method and system
Ultra-light rock-climbing wall
Method and apparatus for pricing products in multi-level product and organizational groups
Process thread system receiving request packet from server thread, initiating process thread in resp...
Automatic virtual negotiations
Braiding machine
Standby power supply
Surge suppressor for coaxial transmission line
Load protection circuit
Portable apparatus for testing multi-wire harnesses and electrical assemblies to identify wiring err...
Aqueous pharmaceutical suspension for pharmaceutical actives
Cathode ray tube with arrangement for electron ray control
Retrofit aluminum smelting cells using inert anodes and method
Adaptive washer and bolt assembly
Prestress retention system for stress laminated timber bridge
Manufacturing method for structural members from foamed plastic composites containing wood flour
Apparatus and methods for development of resist patterns
Method of designing an integrated circuit memory architecture
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device
System and method for calculating aerodynamic performance of tilting wing aircraft
Segmented metal bitlines
Solid-state variable-conductance device
Electroluminescence device
Alkyl-substituted poly(2,2'-bipyridine-5,5'-diyl) and use thereof
Digital system
System and method for synchronizing data among a plurality of users via an intermittently accessed n...
Implantable pulse generators using rechargeable zero-volt technology lithium-ion batteries
Wind detection aid
Duplex stainless steel
Alternating pressure method for cellulite reduction
Methods for improving the aesthetic appearance of skin and hair
Skin care composition containing conjugated linoleic acid and a phenolic compound
Skin care compositions
Compositions and methods of treating abnormal cell proliferation
Use of nitroxides in wound healing and in the prevention of photodamage
Method for enhancing protective cellular responses to genotoxic stress in skin
Data management system for retrieving data based on hierarchized keywords associated with keyword na...
Method for improving neural network architectures using evolutionary algorithms
Ester-terminated poly(ester-amides) useful for formulating transparent gels in low polarity fluids
Hydrolyzed jojoba protein
Unsymmetrical cyclic diamine compound
Process for the preparation of pure triethylenediamine (TEDA)
Cap for an aerosol container
Method of playing a wagering game
Combination three-dimensional archery target and animal decoy
Electro-mechanical coin operated prize capsule fishing simulator game system
Joint for connecting wood members
Kit and a process for facilitating evaluation of cooperative skills of individuals in a group enviro...
Gaming machine with moving symbols on symbol array
Video game device, new practice creating method and readable storage medium storing new practice cre...
Cosmetic salt scrub product
Apparatus and method for enhancing the security of negotiable documents
Systems and methods for bonding information and services to assure the accuracy of the information a...
Perpetual calendar wall display device having rotatable calendar days
Labels for containers
Reusable information tag
Optically-based methods and apparatus for performing sorting coding and authentication using a gain ...
Cyclist helmet with reinforcing hoops
PEGylation reagents and compounds formed therewith
Timing optimization in presence of interconnect delays
Adaptive controller for automatic ventilators
Amperometric sensor for single and multicomponent analysis
Devices comprising thin films having temperature-independent high electrical conductivity and method...
Slow-release biodegradable granules of Pasteuria penetrans
Playground spinning element with noise making device
Obstacle assembly for bikes, skateboards and rollerblades
Water fowl toy
Climbing structure
Method of making a fiberglass dasherboard
Device and method for communications and entertainment having a barrel user-interface
Camera with improved outer covers
Synergistic analgesic combination of oxycodone and rofecoxib
Cargo net assembly
Composition of ionic substituted polystyrene and stabilizer(s)
Method and apparatus for selective block processing
Instrumentation for the production of fixing surfaces for a knee joint endoprosthesis
Method and apparatus for detecting and correcting errors and erasures in product ECC-coded data arra...
Portable device charger based on audio energy power
On-demand direct electrical resistance heating system and method thereof for heating liquid
Coffee extracting device
Coffee system
Coffee machine
Method and device for predicting physiological values
Use of a free space electron switch in a telecommunications network
Laser nozzle
System and method for recovering from design errors in integrated circuits
Cosmetic and paramedicinal compositions containing plant extracts
Training device for and method for training gliding sport athlete
Image display device and its repairing method and apparatus
Method for isolating nucleic acids from a liquid sample containing nucleic acids
Two stroke engine exhaust emissions separator
Method and system for updating directed user-based dynamic advertising
Optical fiber array assembly with preform for supporting fibers
Seismic source sensor
Heat retaining stuffed doll assembly
Method and system for synchronizing elements of a seismic device using a standard transmission netwo...
Apparatus for the direct reduction of iron oxides
Super-active porcine growth hormone releasing hormone analog
Health food useful for preventing liver and biliary dysfunctions containing an alkanoyl L-carnitine ...
Arginine/ascorbic acid mixed powder as an oral supplement
Fractionation process
Programmable cooking or baking apparatus and method
Abuse-tolerant metallic packaging materials for microwave cooking
Air bleaching catalysts with enhancer and moderating agent
Detergent tablet
Bleach-containing detergent composition
Acidic limescale removal compositions
Fabric enhancement compositions
Imidazo-containing heterocyclic compounds, their compositions and uses
Charging material preheater with replaceable shaft wall portions
Fast conditional thunk utility
Dual-phase reactor plant with partitioned isolation condenser
Intelligent assembly systems and methods
Indirectly illuminated sign
Incoming call notification apparatus
Venlafaxine production process
Keratin-based powders and hydrogel for pharmaceutical applications
Methods of inhibiting platelet activation with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
System, method, and computer program product for web content aggregation and development, and web co...
Content delivery network using edge-of-network servers for providing content delivery to a set of pa...
Distributed object instantiation of native objects in java
Process and system for merging trace data for primarily interpreted methods
Method and apparatus for debugging optimized code
Partial printing of a substrate
Articulated barrier insertion attachment
System and method for smart card with memory
Valuation of tester accuracy
Flood control barrier
Control of marine borers by chlorothalonil
Surface treatment of fluorinated contact lens materials
Bioabsorbable surgical fastener for tissue treatment
Tissue transplant coated with biocompatible biodegradable polymer
Vision correction using intrastromal pocket and flap
Externally directed anastomosis systems and externally positioned anastomosis fenestra cutting appar...
Interleukin-22 polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding the same and methods for the treatment of pancre...
Desaturase antigen of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Expression of immunogenic hepatitis B surface antigens in transgenic plants
Rh blood group antigen compositions and methods of use
Delivery system for entrapping charged macromolecules and a method for preparing same
Polyamide chains of precise length
Isolated nucleic acid molecules coding for tumor rejection antigen precursor MAGE-2 and uses thereof
Wireless device for displaying integrated computer and television user interfaces
2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-(1,4)benzodiazepine-3-hydroxamic acids
Water-responsive, biodegradable compositions and films and articles comprising a blend of polylactid...
Tire lift dolly
Absorbent article having an extensible outer cover and an extensible bodyside liner
Electrochemical assays
Method of forming a hybrid lens
Method for conducting sensor array-based rapid materials characterization
Method for fractioning poly (ethylene oxide) formed using a metallic cyanide catalyst
Spacecraft constellation formation keeping using inter-spacecraft distance measurement
Cooperating tube construction for dyeing reels
Lever actuator
Dye spring elongated membrane design
Profile printing method with additive technology
Basal cell carcinoma tumor supressor gene
Hydropneumatic suspension with variable damping and stiffness
Hydrocarbon vent hood
Molecular chemotherapy enhancement of radiotherapy
Gas separation membrane
Use of metal complexes to treat gastrointestinal infections
Cell-associated glucosyltransferase from Streptococcus mutans serotype, c, e or f
Human tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-4
Fragrance compounds
Diagnostic method and diagnostic means used in delivering a medicament to a patient
Gamma-ketoacid tetrapeptides as inhibitors of caspase-3
System for controlling engine braking in a vehicle driveline
Low overbased alkylaryl sulfonates
Process control for acetic acid manufacture
Dual directional carbon anode cleaning apparatus
Catalyst for dehydrogenating ethyl benzene to produce styrene
Synthesis of aluminum rich AFI zeolite
Geum plant named `Flames of Passion`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI ONE SAP`
Apple tree `Kitaro`
Miniature rose plant named `KORbefosa`
Hibiscus plant named `Angelique`
Geranium plant named `Patriot Cranberry Red`
Poinsettia plant named `Fiselfi`
System, method and computer program product for monitoring in a distributed computing environment
Retrovirus from the HIV type O and its use (MVP-2901/94)
Retrovirus from the HIV group and its use
Cyclic sulfone containing retroviral protease inhibitors
Razor heads with intermediate guard elements
Pipette tip holder
Temperature monitoring assembly having a thermostatic control with mounting clip
Benzoate esters of hydroxyl terminated polyether polysiloxane copolyols and process for producing sa...
Electric bicycle
High load capacity cradle particularly for rolls and coils
Method and apparatus for applying and verifying a biometric-based digital signature to an electronic...
Power-driven ornithopter piloted by remote controller
Prefillable syringes and injectors for use therewith
Method and a system for determination of somatic cells in milk
Method and system for enforcing a communication security policy
Low cost timing system for highly accurate multi-modal semiconductor testing
Fluid power interlock system
Mobile computer
Architecture of a framework for information extraction from natural language documents
Device and method for performing high-speed low overhead context switch
Benzimidazolinyl piperidines as CGRP ligands
Oxazolidinedione derivatives and their use
Indazole derivatives with 5-HT2 receptor activity
Compositions containing hypoglycemically active stilbenoids
Therapeutic agent comprising (+)-sibutramine
Crystal form of N-(4-trifluoromethylphenyl)-5-methylisoxazole-4-carboxamide
Chemical compounds
Machine tool and cover device for the machine tool
Demonstration device modelling a living organism
Method and apparatus for generating masks utilized in conjunction with dipole illumination technique...
Electronic bore pressure optimization mechanism
Exchange and to the release of an amine from its carbamoyl fluoride
Embryonic germ cells, method for making same, and using the cells to produce a chimeric porcine
Development tool, method, and system for client server applications
Detergent cosmetic compositions for hair-care application and use thereof
RF transmit calibration for open MRI systems
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus with vibration-decoupled outer envelope
Detunable coil assembly and method of detuning RF coil for MRI
Gradient coil with direct cooling
Inductively coupled reception coil arrangement for magnetic resonance tomography
Circuit for the excitation and recovery of the signal emitted by a probe in an NMR spectrometric app...
Errors in systems using magnetic fields to locate objects
Phosphor for light sources, and associated light source
Wall suspension type toy structure
Combination toothpaste dispenser and oral hygiene assembly
Low power, short range point-to-multipoint communications system
Spherical silica particles and method of production
Flame-retardant resin composition, and prepregs and laminates using such composition
Reaction vessel of oxidization and decomposition processing equipment by supercritical water and met...
Osteogenic devices
Sulfonamide derivatives
Process of rheology modification of polymers
Plasma furnace disposal of hazardous wastes
Flexible smoke generator
System and method for computerized visual diet behavior analysis and training
Flame-retardant phosphorus-modified epoxy resins
Electrode belt of heart rate monitor
Blocking of boron diffusion through the emitter-emitter poly interface in PNP HBTs through use of a ...
Surface mounting apparatus installed with tray feeder
Brewing bag for a filter coffee brewing device
Method and apparatus for self-diagnostic evaluation of nerve sensory latency
Process for the preparation of autocrosslinked compounds of hyaluronic acid and the derivatives ther...
Drawing method
Plasma display panel and method for forming fluorescent screens of the same
Rear projection type screen and method of manufacturing same
Fluorescent screen having a variation in sensitivity and method of manufacturing the same
Grignard preparation of unsaturated organic compounds
Polarizer protection film
Fuel cell collector plates with improved mass transfer channels
Preparation of supported nano-sized catalyst particles via a polyol process
D-enzyme compositions and methods of their use
Modulated release particles for aerosol delivery
Membrane-bound metalloprotease and soluble secreted form thereof
Use of background electrolytes to minimize flux variability during iontophoresis
Method of fabricating porous membrane with unique pore structure for aerosolized delivery of drugs
Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid analogs and methods of their use in treating dry eye disorders
Oximeter sensor with digital memory encoding sensor expiration data
Conditional purchase offer (CPO) management system for packages
Compositions and methods for delivery of agents for neuronal regeneration and survival
Microwave enhanced deep fat fryer
Vascular filter convertible to a stent and method
Method for transforming human B lymphocytes
Process parameter extraction
Catalyst and process for aromatic hydrocarbons production from methane
Organic electroluminescent device
Method for converting oxygenates to olefins
Reinforced resin composition
Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens
Viewer controlled multi-function system for processing television signals
Multi-view computer-assisted diagnosis
Method for patterning a silicon-on-insulator photomask
Vehicle lift of the type with four columns
Miniature transformer
System for surveillance of spectral signals
Image forming apparatus
Relational database and system for storing information relating to biomolecular sequences and reagen...
System for ECG monitoring with selective lead switching
Smart remote monitoring system and method
Methods and systems for service level agreement enforcement on a data-over cable system
Advanced metering system enabling regulation and billing of utilities by third party interagent
Interactive method of performing cardipulmonary resuscitation with minimal delay to defibrillation s...
Portable structure
Failure analyzing apparatus and failure analyzing method for semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and system for electrokinetic delivery of a substance
Pyridones and their use as modulators of serine hydrolase enzymes
Deoxyamino acid compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting ....
Fungicidal combinations comprising a 4-phenoxyquinoline
Method and apparatus for audio signal channel muting
Process to manufacture simvastatin and intermediates
Plant cinnamyl-alcohol dehydrogenase
Process for typing HCV isolates
Preventing airway mucus production by administration of EGF-R antagonists
Assembly system for installing a roof module into a vehicle body
Robot and method for bending orthodontic archwires and other medical devices
Spray urethane tool and system
Edge gripping pre-aligner
Robot for mixing crystallization trial matrices
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Robot simulation apparatus
Cardboard container with anti-slip property
Magnetic carrier particles for electrophotographic developer having plated layer of iron oxide
Porous inorganic materials
Production of porous mullite bodies
Thermosensitive recording material
Coated porous mullite bodies
Composition for gas purification and method of preparing same
Detergent range ethoxylated alcohols to control black flies
Prolonged release microcapsules
Repellents for ants
Method of producing sustained-release microcapsules
Biological sterilization indication for use with or without test pack materials or devices
Base-triggered release microcapsules
Image reading device
Mutant luciferases
Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for improving loop stability and speed of a power control loop
Laser engraved verification hologram and associated methods
Thermal printer for elongated substrates and method therefor
H2 receptor antagonist compounds in combination with nitric oxide donors, compositions and methods o...
Analyte monitoring device alarm augmentation system
Deacetylase inhibitors
Dry out mechanism for humidifier
Library device and logical number allocating method therefor
EP4 receptor selective agonists in the treatment of osteoporosis
Ferroelectric storage read-write memory
Device and method for preparing calcium phosphate-based cement
Method for measuring door sealing gap of vehicle
Software development framework for constructing embedded vehicle controller software
Method and device for assisting a driver of a vehicle
Method and apparatus for determining an individual wheel surface coefficient of adhesion
Accurate vehicle navigation
Game calling device having adjustable pitch, intensity, tone and inflection
Game machine, method of controlling operation of the game machine, and computer readable medium havi...
Gaming machine with player controlled payout rate
Practice golf putter
Thread forming apparatus having tangential chasers for cutting a thread on a railroad spike
Printed book augmented with an electronically stored glossary
Apparatus and method accumulating cases to be learned
Method and apparatus for a unit locked against use until unlocked and/or activated on a selected net...
Cashless method for a gaming system
Game character generating method, storage medium and video game device
Annular disk for flexible shaft couplings, disk packet made from these annular disks, and flexible s...
Constant velocity universal joint
Labyrinth seal for a universal joint shaft
Device and method for fitting golf clubs for use in sand
Watch type portable radiotelephone
Accelerometer influenced communication device
Combined rear view mirror and telephone
Apparatus for adjusting a camshaft
Oil supply route in a camshaft for a cam phaser
Camshaft drive mechanism
Bi-level flow generator with manual standard leak adjustment
Supraglottic airway structure specifically used for anesthesia
Cryogenic method and apparatus for promoting angiogenesis
Noninvasive devices and methods for shrinking of tissues
Termination assembly formed by diverse angularly disposed conductors and termination method
Contact element
Receptacle terminal and connection structure thereof with pin terminal
System and method for generating a torsion field
Technique for stabilizing picture output in video display apparatus
Monitoring analyte concentration using minimally invasive devices
Bacterial strains and use thereof in fermentation processes for 2-keto-L-gulonic acid production
Pressure sensitive adhesive compositions prepared with a sterically hindered alkoxylated silane
Sulfur-containing fertilizer composition and method for preparing same
Nitrogenous composition resulting from the hydrolysis of maize gluten and a process for the preparat...
Substance for lowering high cholesterol level in serum and methods for preparing and using the same
Method of forming a transparent and gas-permeability decreasing coating to a paper or board web and ...
High temperature underfilling material with low exotherm during use
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing chelating dianionic ligands
Video call distribution
System and method for distributing personal identification numbers over a computer network
Self service kiosk which dispenses vouchers
Software correction of image distortion in digital cameras
Methods and systems for printing on spherical objects
Small footprint kiosk
Method for making products having merged images
Guidance pattern allowing for access paths
Receiver of a satellite positioning system and associated method
Fluid contaminant sensor
Methods for evidencing illicit use of a computer system or device
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
System, method, and apparatus for pushing data in a direct digital call environment
Apparatus and method for automatically searching for updated information in an internet site and/or ...
Non-pyrogenic bacterial strains and use of the same
Fluorescent nanocrystal-embedded microspheres for fluorescence analyses
Function-based small molecular weight compound screening system in drosophila melanogaster
Apparatus and method for controlling display of music score
Modular memory device
Submersible loudspeaker
Method for estimating arrival direction of desired wave
Integrated position and direction system with skyplot
Mobile communications matching system
Event notification system tied to a file system
Cache memory system and method for managing the same
Digital electronic control unit
Power supply feed-forward compensation technique
Semiconductor device test system and test method
Expert analysis modules for machine testing
Weighted setback reporting thermostat
Current estimation for an electric machine
Composition of 2-cyanoacrylate, Lewis acid metal salt and clathrate
Focused acoustic energy method and device for generating droplets of immiscible fluids
Measurement and analysis of mercury-based pseudo-field effect transistors
Method for manufacturing a radiation shielding material
Method of performing analytical services
Electrodeless fluorescent lamp with low wall loading
System and method for measuring physical, chemical and biological stimuli using vertical cavity surf...
Method and apparatus for recording and managing communications for transcription
Telephone outlet for implementing a local area network over telephone lines and a local area network...
Telephone switch with delayed mail control system
Signal transfer point local number portability database audit system and method
Communication system
Methods for creating transgenic animals
Concurrency-safe reader-writer lock with time out support
10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid compounds for promoting desquamation/epidermal renewal of the skin and/or...
Polymeric composition
Composition for improving cooling sensation effects
Polar solvent compatible polyethersiloxane elastomers
Abrasive polishing apparatus
Process for the preparation of aqueous dispersions of particles of water-soluble polymers and the pa...
Cement additive
Coating composition
Hydrophobicizing agents for hydrophobicizing gypsum-plaster-bound construction materials
Coating agent for ink jet recording materials and ink jet recording material
Polymer-polymer bilayer actuator
Tunable wavelength filter using nano-sized droplets of liquid crystal dispersed in a polymer
Synthesis of attrition-resistant heterogeneous catalysts using templated mesoporous silica
Pressure transducing assembly
Alkoxy-substituted perfluorocompounds
Toning agent
Fast-dry high solids coatings based on modified alkyd resins
Aqueous emulsion composition and adherent composition
Stain-proofing agent for preventing adherence of stain and non-aqueous composition for paints contai...
Quinoxalinyl amide derivatives
Preparation of polymerisation catalysts
Method for preparing melamine
Methods for preparing 5- and 6-benzyl-functionalized quinoxalines
Tapered dovetail mortise and tenon joint structure
Compression repair method and apparatus
Commode ventilation system
Food-quality and shelf-life predicting method and system
Surface printing inks and coatings for use
Asymmetric halogen-alkyl alditol derivatives as nucleators and clarifiers for polyolefins, and polyo...
Preparation of 2S,3S-N-isobutyl-N-(2-hydroxy-3-amino-4-phenylbutyl) -p-nitrobenzenesulfonylamide hyd...
Efficient implementation of a complex filter with on chip resistor tuning
Developmental competence for assisted reproduction and nuclear transfer in pigs
Semiconductor device with clock signal selection circuit
Changing clock delays in an integrated circuit for skew optimization
Method for automated placement of cells in an integrated circuit layout
Semiconductor chip input/output cell design and automated generation methods
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit device, and apparatus for designing the same
Multicomponent devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics
Method for marking samples
Method for the production of pentopyranosyl nucleosides
Systems and methods for high performance scanning
Computer-aided probability base calling for arrays of nucleic acid probes on chips
Methods of identifying nucleic acid probes to quantify the expression of a target nucleic acid
Magnetic memory device including storage element exhibiting ferromagnetic tunnel effect
Integrated circuit with analog or multilevel storage cells and user-selectable sampling frequency
Electrochemical detection of single base extension
Sub-nanoscale electronic systems and devices
Process for producing oxide thin films
Nucleic acid encoding melanoma differentiation associated gene-9
DNA encoding mammalian CX3C chemokine genes
Frame adjust linkers
Development of resistance to raspberry bushy dwarf virus
Process for preparing 1-indanones
Organic electroluminescence device
Thin film electroluminescence device and process for production thereof
Shift control system for continuously variable transmission
Process for producing a film or layer
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Aluminum compounds and process of making the same
Method of recoating an optical fiber
Powder container for an image forming apparatus and powder discharging device
High precision alignment of optical waveguide features
Process for producing activated carbon material, and electric double layer capacitor employing the s...
Silica glass honeycomb structure from silica soot extrusion
High strength and high surface area catalyst, catalyst support or adsorber compositions
Fabrication of microlensed fiber using doped silicon dioxide
Photoinduced grating in oxynitride glass
Interleukin-15 receptors
Immunogenic compositions to the CCK-B/gastrin receptor and methods for the treatment of tumors
Antigenic constructs of major histocompatibility complex class I antigens with specific carrier mole...
Enhanced immune response to an antigen by a composition of a recombinant virus expressing the antige...
Multivalent Mycoplasma bacterin
Attenuated strains of mycobacteria
Vented container containing a liquid product with particulate solids
Perforated sheet of material
Sanitizing compositions and methods
Process for making low fat nut spread composition with high protein and fiber
Antimicrobial lees
Medicinal aerosol formulation
Reliability of electrical distribution networks
Serpentine actuator disk
Electromagnetic valve having nonmagnetic member between stator core and moving core
Multiple balls supported push actuator
Variable reach lift arm
Ratchet and cam buckle tensioning assembly and method for using same
Safety latch for a tire carrier and improvements therefor
Method and apparatus for implementing measurement based dynamic frequency hopping in wireless commun...
Streaming multimedia network with automatically switchable content sources
Negotiating optimum parameters in a system of interconnected components
Method and apparatus for operating vehicle mounted disk drive storage device
Multimedia chip package
Unified communication services via e-mail
Multimedia educational system
Method and apparatus for cataloguing multimedia data
Measuring device for evaluation of physical and/or chemical properties of gases, fluids and/or solid...
Acoustically visible fishing net
Device and method for alerting to the need to recover something, identifying it, and determining its...
Portable breath test simulator
Vehicle tracker with user notifications and associated methods
Vehicle tracker including stationary time determination and associated methods
Vehicle tracker with power saving features and related methods
Vehicle tracker conserving codes and related methods
Lyophilizate of lipid complex of water insoluble camptothecins
Enhanced fabric comprising substrates and process to provide same
Data base duplication method of using remote copy and database duplication storage subsystem thereof
System for collecting, transforming and managing media metadata
Phase-vocoder pitch-shifting
Wunder Wedje golf system
Distributed Bragg reflector laser and fabrication method
Wave division multiplexing channel telemetry by phase modulation
Broadbrand electronic N.times.N cross-connect switch using tunable lasers
System and method for controlling antenna downtilt/uptilt in a wireless communication network
Code division multiple access system and method of operation with improved signal acquisition and pr...
Wavelet-based compression of images for storage, transmission and reconstruction using hierarchical ...
Method and apparatus for updating records in a database system based on an improved model of time-de...
Subaperture chemical mechanical planarization with polishing pad conditioning
Ferrule holder assembly for optical-fiber-end-face grinding apparatus
Automatic abrasive sleeve tightening means and quick release system for an oscillating spindle sande...
Serrated knife sharpener
Ionic aqueous composition containing levomenthol
Motor drive
Production of heterologous protein in milk of transgenic non-human mammals comprising a construct wi...
Security document with steganographically-encoded authentication data
Color image forming method, color image forming apparatus, covering sheet and color image
Fishing lure
Sleeve with a triangular lower end
Fuel injection control apparatus
Adjustable and releasable clamp-on track assembly and method of use with a vehicle
Dry tank shutdown system for pumps
Method for determining seafloor roughness using multibeam echosounder
Focusing device comprising a Luneberg lens including a homogeneous volume of dielectric and method m...
Insulated backflow device cover
Process for the production of N-protected azetidine-2-carboxylic acids (azeohs)
`Dhawal`, a high alkaloid producing periwinkle plant
System of distributing music contents from server to telephony terminal
Electronic musical instrument with mute control
Optical cross switching system
Machine control integrating event based model with task based model
Fuzzy image segmentation
Method and system for classifying and processing of pixels of image data
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for deskewing and despeckling of images
Adjusting an electronic camera to acquire an image
Image processing apparatus, method, and medium for adding identification information
Content screening with end-to-end encryption within a firewall
Signal transmision method
Pay telephone vault guard
Method and system for connecting a mobile terminal to a database
Method for navigating a vehicle
Conveying device
Robotic system
Apparatus for clamping and transporting a semiconductor wafer
Gripper with coiled sensor wire
Programmable materials
Engine cutter
Semiconductor light emitting element
Semiconductor memory device
Driving circuit for a voice coil motor and driving method thereof
Small signal, low power read data bus driver for integrated circuit devices incorporating memory arr...
Packet-based integrated circuit dynamic random access memory device incorporating an on-chip row reg...
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of designing the same
Raw bar stripping off and cleaning jig and raw bar stripping off and cleaning method
Process and apparatus for automatically controlling slag foaming
A1 alloy and method
Ductile filler metal alloys for welding nickel aluminide alloys
AC-to-DC converter circuit utilizing IGBT's for improved efficiency
Diabetes management system
Non-invasive method for the in vivo determination of the oxygen saturation rate of arterial blood, a...
Method for culturing plant materials as foods
Method of fabricating a ferroelectric memory cell
Compounds related to natural sources and their use as biopesticides
Seed coatings
Reflective optical circulator
Methods and apparatus for interpreting user selections in the context of a relation distributed as a...
Delayed transaction method and device used in a PCI system
Encryption system for distributing a common crypt key
Antigen carbohydrate compounds and their use in immunotherapy
Process for making decorative automotive interior trim articles with integral in-mold coated polyure...
Internet-implemented method supporting component repair services
Biocidal polystyrene hydantoin particles
Method and input device for controlling the position of an object to be graphically displayed in vir...
Adaptive predictive coding of 2D or 3D mesh information
Apparatus and methods for processing a workpiece
Method and apparatus for high-pressure wafer processing and drying
Reactor for electrochemically processing a microelectronic workpiece including improved electrode as...
Microelectronic workpiece processing tool including a processing reactor having a paddle assembly fo...
Method and apparatus for attaching connective tissues to bone using a cortical bone anchoring device
Tricyclic compounds and their use in medicine process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compo...
Antitumor agents
Absorbent article having hydrophobic leak protection zones
Molded flywheel magnet cage
Television program record scheduling and satellite receiver control using compressed codes
Skin care composition
Boronic ester and acid compounds, synthesis and uses
Method of organogenesis and tissue regeneration/repair using surgical techniques
Topical compositions comprising protected functional thiols
Chewing apparatus
Activatable time-temperature indicator system
Detection of DNA damage
Bioabsorbable composites of derivatized hyaluronic acid and other biodegradable, biocompatible polym...
Nucleic acids encoding human transporter proteins
Sheets of cultured epithelial cells used for wound repair and their cryopreservation
Cleansing agents
Agent for treatment of bladder troubles
Pharmaceutical compositions containing N-palmitoylethanolamide and use thereof in the veterinary fie...
One step method for micro-production of tea leaves
Optical transmission system and optical amplifying apparatus, optical amplifying unit, and optical c...
Single use disposable protective cap
Polarization insensitive semiconductor optical amplifier
Means for reading a table of contents of a non-finalized optically readable data carrier
Monolithically-integrated optical device and method of forming same
Method and apparatus for optically switching data
Blade electrode array for insertion under soft tissue of lateral wall of cochlea
Address generator for interleaving data
Method and system for selectively blocking delivery of bulk electronic mail
Skin cream composition
Method and apparatus for varying power levels in a multicarrier modem
Ultrashort-pulse source with controllable multiple-wavelength output
Network software for a plumbing control system
Paper roll target apparatus
Non-toxic, heavy-metal-free shotshell primer mix
Non-lead hollow point bullet
Method of internally coating a weapon barrel by means of a laser beam
Protective fabric having high penetration resistance
Degradable practice mine
Overwrap tape end-effector for fiber placement/winding machines
Cam mechanism
Rolling bearing
Tapered roller bearing
Hermetic compressor and open compressor
Resin composition for sliding member, and sliding member produced therefrom
Rolling apparatus containing a liquid fluorinated polymer oil and thickening agent
Unitized tone ring assembly
Permanent floral decoration
Baby shoe
Shelf and bracket therefor
Memento box
Baby merchandise display package
Orthopedic shoe brace
Hang-up display box for shoes
Optical modulation device and projection display device utilizing the optical modulation device
Method and apparatus for firing simulation
System, functional data, and methods to bias map matching
Fiber optic switch package and method of assembling a fiber optic switch package for redirecting fib...
Method and apparatus for tuning a megasonic transducer
Nucleic acid ligand diagnostic biochip
Finder optical system
Controlled environment photo studio
Lens-fitted photo film unit with flash device
Interface control assembly for a one-time-use camera having a recording head
Camera that operates in accordance with the speed requirements of the photographer
Focal position changeable spatial modulation unit and focus detection device
Distance measuring device
Hierarchical JTAG based checkstop architecture for computer systems
Stack clearing device and method
Heart shaped novelty device
Loudspeaker with differential flow vent means
Method and device for controlling communications with a serial bus
Detecting modification to computer memory by a DMA device
Multi-bus access cache
Semantic error diagnostic process for multi-agent systems
Bicomponent effect yarns and fabrics thereof
Melt spun polyester nonwoven sheet
Manufacture of polysulfones
Oxidative carbonylation of toluene catalyzed by rhodium and iridium
Process for the manufacture of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropene, 2-chloro-pentafluoropropene and composi...
Reduction of bowman-birk protease inhibitor levels in plants
Treated water-insoluble solid particles, preparation and use
Capping layer
Method and apparatus for controlling chemical interactions during planarization of microelectronic s...
Catalyst for selective oxidation of carbon monoxide
Thermoplastic resin composition and shaped body thereof
Racemization of optically active amines
High frequency ceramic compact, use thereof, and method of producing the same
Radio frequency transmission control apparatus for preventing oscillation in wideband wireless local...
Mobile communication system
Transceiver and a base station system
Method and system for improving the performance of inter-systems handovers
Radio communications systems
Telecommunications system, a channel extension protocol, and a radio station
Fire prevention automation commanding control system using satellite-location/geography-information
Melting and holding furnace for aluminum blocks
Voltage limiting protection for high frequency power device
Method for automatically tallying voting data in e-mail systems
Apparatus for nuclear transmutation and power production using an intense accelerator-generated ther...
On-line NMR imaging of a solid or liquid object undergoing continuous translational motion
Steady-state imaging sequence
Diagnostic simulator for MRI
MRI apparatus with a piezo actuator in a non-rigid suspension of the gradient coil carrier
Fusions of scaffold proteins with random peptide libraries
Enhanced in vitro synthesis of active proteins containing disulfide bonds