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Bearing mount system for reducing vibration
Stratified composite material for sliding elements and method for the production thereof
Supporting structure for a rotor
Combined hub temperature and wheel speed sensor system
Vehicle wheel speed sensor and bearing assembly having speed sensor secured to wheel spindle
Portion of a midsole periphery
Display device
Abatement of effluents from chemical vapor deposition processes using organometallic source reagents
System and method for tilt mirror calibration due to capacitive sensor drift
System and method for synchronizing database information
LED retrolift lamp for exit signs
Connection system for catenary riser
Cardiac sonospectrographic analyzer
Composition of a weatherproof roofing material
System for dispensing plastic fasteners
Method for initializing and allocating bandwidth in a permanent virtual connection for the transmiss...
Biodegradable stent
Polyamide graft copolymers
Surfactant blend for use in highly alkaline compositions
Implant device with a retinoid for improved biocompatibility
Compositions and methods for altering the biodistribution of biological agents
Method and apparatus for producing and measuring light and for determining the amounts of analytes i...
Nitric oxide donor compounds
Magnetic tunnel junctions using ferrimagnetic materials
Toy doll bed having jumping doll
Process for producing catalyst for ethylene polymerization and process for producing ethylene polyme...
CVD plasma assisted low dielectric constant films
Quantitative trait loci associated with soybean cyst nematode resistance and uses thereof
Gas/vapor delivery from solid materials
Method and system for maintaining thread-relative metrics for trace data adjusted for thread switche...
Method and circuit arrangement for speech level measurement in a speech signal processing system
Anti-cholesterolemic vaccine
Paclitaxel formulation
Manufacturing of fibre reinforced composites
Catalyst for oxidation of hydrogen, method for selective oxidation of hydrogen, and method for dehyd...
Lithium secondary battery
Lithium ion secondary battery and its manufacture
Precision product container
Planographic printing plate
Alkali-metal-.beta.- and .beta."-alumina and gallate polycrystalline ceramics and fabrication by a v...
Photoelectric cell and process for producing metal oxide semiconductor film for use in photoelectric...
Lithium secondary battery
Coated lithium electrodes
Optical disk
Small aircraft power tug
Medical injector
Limited backflow reflux valve
Head gate assembly for restraining livestock
Secure device for pivotally securing a top cover on a power stapler
Integrally bladed rotor airfoil fabrication and repair techniques
Laser apparatus
Method of controlling or stabilizing the attitude of a vehicle in space
Pressure control system for a pressure-expandable displacement element
Inflatable evacuation slide with arch support
Variable-length cut-off jaw folder
Apparatus and method for gray level printing
Method of measuring cells and device for measuring the cells
Jam recovery when using ordered media
Rotary direction indicator
Glass-mountable antenna system with DC and RF coupling
Method of producing a breathing mixture and an apparatus for applying the method
Process for recycling fiber composite materials
Process and composition of sulfur dyes
Key guard for a function key on a bicycle control panel
Viscous carrier compositions, including gels, formed with an organic liquid carrier, a layered mater...
Multiple patterned structures on a single substrate fabricated by elastomeric micro-molding techniqu...
Magnetic nanocomposite compositions and processes for the preparation and use thereof
High-temperature polymer/inorganic nanocomposites
Intercalates formed by co-intercalation of monomer, oligomer or polymer intercalants and surface mod...
Rubber toughened thermoplastic resin nano composites
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Extended reach tie-back system
Corrective intraocular lens system, intraocular lenses, and lens handling and installation devices f...
Device for bending an intraocular lens
Intraocular lens shipping case and injection cartridge
Frosted haptic intraocular lens
Binocular lens systems
Electrical double layer capacitor and portable electronic apparatus equipped with electrical double ...
Light-colored glass of high transmittance and method for production thereof, glass plate with electr...
Multiple-step plasma etching process for silicon nitride
Tetrafluoroethylene copolymer and use thereof
Hydrogen using system for installation in vehicle and control method for the system
Evaporator raw fuel injection apparatus
Circuits and methods for a memory cell with a trench plate trench capacitor and a vertical bipolar r...
Method of making semiconductor supercapacitor system and articles produced therefrom
Cooling roll, method for manufacturing magnet material, ribbon shaped magnet material, magnetic powd...
Endoluminal implantable devices and method of making same
Superconducting dot/anti-dot flux qubit based on time-reversal symmetry breaking effects
Apparatus and method for preparing microparticles
Transmission type projection screen
Preparation of pyrrole and pyridine
Compact light weight condenser assembly
Methods of converting and reproducing an image, an ink transfer member, and a medium including such ...
Semiconductor device, refreshing method thereof, memory system, and electronic instrument
Method and system for restoring optical ring-networks
Device in a process system for determining statistical parameter
Universal motion control
Layout verifying method for integrated circuit device
Instrument sterilization container having an improved latching mechanism
Puncture proof surgical gloves
Holographic-based bar code symbol position detection system for producing bar code symbol position d...
Heteroaryl amidines, methylamidines and guanidines, preparation thereof, and use thereof as protease...
Fluid delivery systems and methods and assemblies for making connections
Puncture guard for catheter wire
Films based on ethylene copolymers and gloves made of these films
Methods of ophthalmic administration
Guide wire with damped force vibration mechanism
Neurotransmitter transporter SC6
Room temperature hydrogen packaging using a solvent
Polymeric mesoporous separator elements for laminated lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
Polyphenylene ether resin compositions
Surface-modified fibrous material as a filtration medium
Single cell isolation apparatus and method of use
Percutaneous electrical therapy system with sharp point protection
Method of updating the system time of a data processor system
Heat exchanger having selectively compliant end sheet
Coil on plug signal detection
Automatic phone line re-allocation
System and method for rendering image based data
Cache address conflict mechanism without store buffers
Multi-functional vibration actuator
Visualization of local contrast for n-dimensional image data
Electronic device for automatic registration of images
Process for determining the position of a moving object using magnetic gradientmetric measurements
Transgenic rodents harboring APP allele having swedish mutation
Method for increasing the bioavailability of metaxalone
Process for manufacturing simvastatin from lovastatin or mevinolinic acid
Spring-assisted folding knife
Sandwich and method for the production thereof
Container having lateral supporting handles
Bleach compositions containing metal bleach catalyst, and bleach activators and/or organic percarbox...
Detergent tablet
Cutlery knife
Cutlery knife
Centrifugal fermentation process
Pressure support system with a low leak alarm and method of using same
Method for providing system integrity and legacy environment emulation
Determining remaining operating life of fluorescent lamp
Multi-sampling .SIGMA.-.DELTA. analog-to-digital converter
Devices and methods with programmable logic and digital signal processing regions
Using electrically lossy transmission systems to reduce computer RF emissions
Touch panel
High pretilt alignment of reactive liquid crystals in liquid crystal displays
Holographically-formed polymer dispersed liquid crystals with multiple gratings
Thermo-electric signal coupler
Histone deacetylase as target for antiprotozoal agents
Roof perimeter safety rail system
Controlled foam injection method and means for fragmentation of hard compact rock and concrete
Controlled foam injection method and means for fragmentation of hard compact rock and concrete
Display box
Capillary polarimeter
Roof scaffolding system
Foam core imaging member
Thermally developable silver halide photothermographic material
Catalysts for the enantioselective epoxidation of C.dbd.C double bonds
High strength nonwoven fabric and process for making
Method for the preparation of urea
Dual color guest-host polarizers and devices containing guest-host polarizers
Recreational floating device having underwater projectile dispensing feature
Walk-behind self-propelled power equipment unit with speed control
Precision longitudinal registration of tire building drum to automated tire building system work sta...
Self-propelled load-bearing movement apparatus
Snow trail grooming accessory and method
Chitin deacetylase preparations
Adaptive control of cylinder valve timing in internal combustion engine
Variable valve-timing engine
Mechanical compression and vacuum release
Textile manufacturing and treating processes comprising a hydrophobically modified polymer
Conductive ink or paint
System and method for filtering data received by a computer system
Method for load balancing in an application server system
Methods and apparatus for modifying a customer order
Method and system for facilitating networked information exchange
Data transmission using DNA oligomers
Method, system, and program for superimposing data from different application programs
Audio watermarking to convey auxiliary control information, and media embodying same
Signal encoding and decoding method with electronic watermarking
Data copying system, data copying method, data reading apparatus, data writing apparatus and data re...
Eukaryotic mechanosensory transduction channel
Self-regulated apoptosis of inflammatory cells by gene therapy
Method for inhibiting complement activation
Music box container
Method and system for writing common music notation (CMN) using a digital pen
Electrical connector for connecting an audio source to a caller on hold
Forward error corrector
Method for providing automated user assistance customized output in the planning, configuration, and...
Contextual searching by determining intersections of search results
Intelligent pre-caching algorithm for a directory server based on user data access history
Chemical surface deposition of ultra-thin semiconductors
Fragranced lacquer coating and process for preparation thereof to be screen printed
Fluorescent agro lamp with reduced mercury
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp and ultraviolet-ray irradiating apparatus and method using...
Discharge lamp having discharge space with specific fill concentration
Apparatus and method for configuring a hand-held interactive device
Aromatic polyenic compounds and pharmaceutical/cosmetic compositions comprised thereof
Process for the treatment of waste water
Selective ring opening process for producing diesel fuel with increased cetane number
Hair conditioner composition that is non-irritating to the eyes
Methods for making polymers from N-vinyl acetamide monomer
Biologically active composition
Polymer blends that swell in an acidic environment and deswell in a basic environment
Soil-resistant spin finish compositions
Adhesive compositions and composite materials
Curable polyurethane polymer
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the breast
Luminescent compounds
Toner, image-forming method and process cartridge
Aminoindan derivatives
Resin composition, binder resin for toner and toner
Sensor device
Electron tube
Forming semiconductor structures including activated acceptors in buried p-type III-V layers
Cladded read conductor for a pinned-on-the-fly soft reference layer
Methods and apparatus for decoding of general codes on probability dependency graphs
Jointed support system and method of constructing same
Portable anesthesia rebreathing system
Communication and interaction objects for connecting an application to a database management system
Methods and devices for producing and using synthetic visual speech based on natural coarticulation
Safety helmets with cellular textile composite structure as energy absorber
Computerized, monitored, temperature affected, delivery system for perishable goods
Apparatus and methods of controlling image forming apparatus
Color printer color control system using dual mode banner color test sheets
Image processing device and method of the same
Modified median filter that better preserves textures
Machine models assembly including bin access control
Integrated development environment for aspect-oriented programming
Pharmaceutical dosage form for transdermal administration
Bubble diagnostics
Method and device for identification of a substance
Method of making a semiconductor device with aluminum capped copper interconnect pads
Automatic assignment and tuning of radio call letters to radio presets
Camera with system for recording photographic factor on photographed frame of photographic film
Guzmania plant named `Viola`
UOWE's retry process in shared queues environment
Data saving method and external storage device
Remote data copy using a prospective suspend command
Method for diagnosing and alleviating the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
Trash receptacle holder
Trash receptacle
Workstation dolly
Configurable power distribution circuit
Portable radio terminal
Online medicine cabinet
Wafer handling system
Fluid heating system for processing semiconductor materials
Method, system and program products for providing user-managed duplexing of coupling facility cache ...
Reconfigurable, intelligent signal multiplexer and network design and maintenance system therefor
Image capturing apparatus and distance measuring method
Self-referenced holographic storage
Reference frequency quadrature phase-based control of drive level and DC bias of laser modulator
Acousto-optical switch for fiber optic lines
Multilayer acoustic damper for a disc drive
Footwear support system
Matrix display device with improved image sharpness
Single-substrate-heat-processing apparatus for semiconductor process
Actuator using piezoelectric element and head-positioning mechanism using the actuator
Interactive toy
Dynamically adaptive network element in a feedback-based data network
Alarm server systems, apparatus, and processes
Bus communication and transfer rate negotiation system
Circuit for protecting a load from an overvoltage
Optical disc
Optical reproduction apparatus
Driving control device and methods for vehicle
Process for fitting structural units to vehicles
Rotator circular buffer with entries to store divided bundles of instructions from each cache line f...
MRI apparatus including a vacuum isolated gradient coil
Method for creating polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences
Methods for preparation and use of 1.alpha.,24(S)-dihydroxyvitamin D2
Amino-terminal modified parathyroid hormone (PTH) analogs
Method and apparatus for implementing a corporate directory and service center
Illuminated emergency sign utilizing LED units
Up-converting reporters for biological and other assays using laser excitation techniques
Interlocking container for companion products
Air-filled packing cushion delivery system
Multi-wall sack
Container neck finish and method and apparatus for forming same and cap for use thereon
Shallow depth, coiled tubing horizontal drilling system
Process and device for controlling and assisting natural breathing and mechanical respiration
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding transferase enzymes
Fluorescent articles of glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate
Method for preparing copolyestercarbonates and articles therefrom
Process for manufacturing a contactless smart card with an antenna support made of fibrous material
Method and apparatus for high speed electron beam rapid prototyping
Spatial characteristic and logical hierarchy based manner for compactly storing IC design data and r...
Systems and methods for parsing a natural language sentence
Maize replication protein A and use
Vascular blood flashback containment device with improved sealing capability
System and method for TLB buddy entry self-timing
Instruction decode unit producing instruction operand information in the order in which the operands...
System and method for maintaining synchronization in a computer storage system
Data transformation for explicit transmission of control information
Use of avian antibodies
Methods and compositions comprising the agfA gene for detection of Salmonella
Method of stimulating immune response
Network manager, nodes and network management system
Method for preventing and treating peripheral neuropathy by administering selegiline
Process including extractive distillation and/or dehydrogenation to produce styrene from petroleum f...
Memory allocator for multithread environment
Cardiac rhythm management system with ultrasound for autocapture or other applications
Electronic design automation system and methods utilizing groups of multiple cells having loop-back ...
Optical disk, reproduction apparatus, and reproduction method
Overhead lattice support structure
Methods and apparatus for processing DVD video
Projection screen having electric field responsive reflectance layer and a photosensitive material
Optical semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Flexible spirally shaped heating element
Sensor controlled water heater and method of use
Front-loading syringe adapter for front-loading medical injector
Controlling plunger drives for fluid injections in animals
Animal health care, well-being and nutrition
Internet server session backup apparatus
Pneumatic pilot-operated control valve assembly
Methods and apparatus for optimizing simple network management protocol (SNMP) requests
Protective colloid stabilized emulsion polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers, and adh...
Object-oriented paradigm for accessing system service requests by modeling system service calls into...
Object-oriented programming model for accessing both relational and hierarchical databases from an o...
Distribution mechanism for reuse of web based image data
Restricting deep hyperlinking on the World Wide Web
System and method for establishing direct communication between parallel programs
Remotely controlled boot manager
System and method for generation VPN network policies
Method of driving liquid crystal panel, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Information processing apparatus and recording medium with pattern generation programs recorded ther...
Image processing apparatus
Image processor
Image processing apparatus
Object-oriented data storage and retrieval system using index table
Managing system and managing method of mobile agent
Methods and apparatus for correcting spectral color measurements
Mechanism for adjusting radiating direction of light emitted from laser light source in optical pick...
Fuel dispenser bumper guard display assembly
Sealed fluid dispensing device
Antenna apparatus having a simplified structure
Protection products and armored products made of fiber-reinforced composite material with ceramic ma...
Process for fine division of organic pigments by precipitation
Image-forming machine having a control device for detecting toner clogging in a replenisher station
Vaccine adjuvant
Safe water toothbrush assembly
Drill stand
Enzyme-immobilized electrode, composition for preparation of the same and electrically conductive en...
Process for preparing 1,4-diaminonaphthalene and/or 1,5-diaminoNaphthalene
Hydrogen purification membranes, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Container for receiving an operating means for the operation of fuel cells
Reflective spatial light modulator with deflectable elements formed on a light transmissive substrat...
Method and system for suppressing spurious reflections
Multi-layer optical record carrier not requiring spherical aberration correction
Fluid heating device and cartridge for the same
Nasopharyngeal airway with inflatable cuff
Occlusion of a vessel
Mass spectrometric methods for biomolecular screening
Supported catalyst for ethylene (co)polymerization, preparation and use of the same
Flame retardant heavily filled thermoplastic composition
Dissection of corners in a fabrication layout for correcting proximity effects
Polyelectrolyte complex antibacterial agent and antibacterial material
Reference database
Method of testing a semiconductor memory, and semiconductor memory with a test device
Inlet unloader valve
Hand held power tool
Method and apparatus for real time optical correlation
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus for stably forming a developer layer on a developer...
Objective with crystal lenses and projection exposure equipment for microlithography
Microscopic feature dimension measurement system
Device and method of determining arterial wall elasticity
Reflective color LCD with color filters having particular transmissivity
Optical display device having a reflection-type polarizer
Half reflection type liquid crystal display device having matched phase of transmitted and reflected...
Reflective liquid crystal display device having front scattering films
Reflective-type liquid crystal display with single polarizer and an inner metallic reflector
System and method for improving contrast in an electro-optical imaging system
Polymerizable compounds having norbornanelactone structure and polymers
Cross-linker for photoresist, and process for forming a photoresist pattern using the same
Assays for detecting .beta.-secretase
Key intermediates in the manufacture of simvastatin
Buffers for stabilizing antigens
Modified ribozymls
Skipped-state method for mouse encoding
Radical definition and dictionary creation for a handwriting recognition system
Confidence measures using sub-word-dependent weighting of sub-word confidence scores for robust spee...
Imaging for virtual cameras
Emergency lighting remote monitoring and control system
Power transfer apparatus for concurrently transmitting data and power over data wires
Initial acquisition and frame synchronization in spread spectrum communication system
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Method and apparatus for associating pupils with subjects
Apparatus and method for calibrating an engine management system
Semi-transparent reflective layer for a phase hologram
Vacuum degassing method for molten glass flow
Alkali-free glass
Compositions and methods for treating infections using analogues of indolicidin
Integrated semiconductor optic sensor device
Electronic device for distinguishing sugar sweetened beverages from artificially sweetened ones
Histone deacetylase as target for antiprotozoal agents
Highway crash barrier monitoring system
Indium aluminum nitride based light emitter active layer with indium rich and aluminum rich areas
Circuit selection of magnetic memory cells and related cell structures
Method for forming Ta2O5 dielectric layer using plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition
Method, apparatus and design procedure for controlling multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) parameter de...
Neural processor, saturation unit, calculation unit and adder circuit
Realistic doll head mounting assembly
System and method for securely logging onto a remotely located computer
Strap for nasal cannula
Structured focused hypertext data structure
Calendar producing system, producing method, selling system and selling method
Fluorinated solvent compositions containing ozone
Training aid for skaters and methods related thereto
Modular educational implement structure
Apparatus for the simulation of image-guided surgery
Retaining device for personal vehicle with handlebars
Junction structure of dielectric strip, nonradiative dielectric waveguide, and millimeter-wave trans...
Method for reducing the width of a global data bus in a memory architecture
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Liquid crystal driver unit, liquid crystal driving method, and liquid crystal display device
Dynamic data storage control method and system
Molten magnesium cover gas using fluorocarbons
Corrosion resistant 6000 series alloy suitable for aerospace applications
High temperature thermal processing alloy
Receptor activator of NF-.kappa.B
Light diffusing coating for exterior bulb surfaces
Oled fiber light source
Electrochromic device
Compact solid state dye laser
Device, system and method for data access control
Air cleaner unit for vehicle
Control system for an electric motor
Deceleration control of a personal transporter
GPS derived swathing guidance system
Fall through telephone directory
Method for regional system wide optimal signal timing for traffic control based on wireless phone ne...
Portable locator system
Ternstroemia gymnanthera plant named `Sotall`
T7 promoter-based expression system
Bis(alkyleneoxybenzophenone) ultraviolet light absorbers
Pyrazole derivatives as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
System and method for tracing
PCMCIA interface card for coupling input devices such as barcode scanning engines to personal digita...
Developing device with developing mark reduction feature and cartridge using same
Method and means for the production of hyaluronic acid
Treatment of lupus erythematosus
Oral administration of effective amounts of forms of hyaluronic acid
Markup language for interactive services and methods thereof
Multimedia distribution system using fiber optic lines
Noise reduction sandwich panel, notably for aircraft turbojet engine
Device for positioning a pair of overlapping flaps
Modified platinum NOx trap for automotive emission reduction
System and method for actively aligning mirrors in an optical switch
Kissing doll
Methods, apparatus and data structures for providing a uniform representation of various types of in...
Wet adhesion monomer and derived copolymers for latex paints
Apparatus and method for measuring concentrations of a chemical/biological/nuclear agent in an envir...
Nubbed grip for rotatable bicycle gear shifter
Rotatable grip for derailleur type bicycle gear shifting system
Linear derailleur
Bicycle derailleur and actuating system
Bicycle derailleur cable preload and sealing system
Linear derailleur
Railroad crossing traffic warning system apparatus and method therefore
Method for performing remote operations
Device for the mutual support of two construction members
Paging amplifier for cellular phone
Method for low temperature lamination of metals to polyimides
Genes encoding exopolysaccharide production
Calcium phosphate artificial bone as osteoconductive and biodegradable bone substitute material
Disk cartridge and disk cartridge loading method
Vapor deposition of reflective and/or phosphorescent material in a lighting system
Decorative light plug
Data storage media containing clear polycarbonate blends
Luminous cigar lighters
Current source methods and apparatus for light emitting diodes
Motorcycle jacket with turn signals
Backlight of a liquid crystal display device having a deformable projecting part for securely retain...
Vehicle guidance system for avoiding obstacles stored in memory
Multi-instance input device control
Interactive television system and method for simultaneous transmission and rendering of multiple enc...
Apparatus and method of optical transfer and control in plasmon supporting metal nanostructures
Layered circuit boards and methods of production thereof
Optical waveguide circuit
Adaptive support for positioning optical components
Cable routing clip
Vehicle rendering device for generating image for drive assistance
Position detecting system for projection exposure apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring 3-D information
Fuzzy inference method and machine
Codec with genetic adaptation
Dye management system including an administration set with an in line burette
Method and apparatus for treating cardiac arrhythmia
Measurement of intracardiac impedance in a multisite-type, active implantable medical device, in par...
Insulating construction form and manner of employment for same
Corrosion protection for galvanized and alloy galvanized steel strips
Steel with improved impact penetration resistance and method for producing the same
Method for producing hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having high strength and also being excellent in...
Method for manufacturing of strips of stainless steel and integrated rolling mill line
Surface treated steel sheet
Combined four stone round gemstone arrangement with setting
Polymerization catalyst systems, methods of making and uses therefor
Messaging application user interface
Magnet assembly with variable field directions and methods of magnetically navigating medical object...
Medical diagnostic imaging system and method for adaptive interline delay and transmit power
Method and apparatus for image reconstruction using a knowledge set
Biomagnetic field measuring method and apparatus
Apparatus for restraining the neck and/or head of a farm animal
Kit and associated methods for confining a pet within a preselected area
Equine inverted posture alarm
Method for chronic catheterization of the common bile duct of a laboratory rat
Animal model for transplantation
Intestinal activation food using natto powder
Chewing gum composition
Oral composition
Therapy for clostridial botulinum toxin
Remote control inputs to java applications
Ethylene interpolymer polymerizations
Combination process for manufacturing ethylene ethylbenzene and styrene
Phthalate free nail polish enamel composition employing novel plasticizers
Processing and alarm circuitries each having different power supply unit(s) requirement and powering...
Flashlight holder
Single aperture conformal aircraft bays
Leak-resistant cryptographic indexed key update
Actuator for foot-operated control system
Method of prophylaxis for bovine mastitis
Nailer magazine with blocking device
System and method for the automatic mining of new relationships
Integrated method of preconditioning a resin for hydrogen peroxide purification and purifying hydrog...
Water purification using titanium silicate membranes
Displaying aliased and anti-aliased characters from a source font
Image transmission system having a mesh setting device
Video signal processing device and its method
Apparatus for generating sub-picture units for subtitles and storage medium storing sub-picture unit...
Image composing and displaying method and apparatus
Lyrics display apparatus
Local communication system and station for use in such a system
Waste rubber treatment process and apparatus therefor
Atomically engineered hydrogen storage alloys having extended storage capacity at high pressures and...
Method of constructing and unrolling speculatively counted loops
Method for preparing capsules consisting of a liquid active material core enclosed in a mineral coat...
Immune cell cytokine
Programmable one-pot oligosaccharide synthesis
Structure for working unit for bucket excavators and method for manufacturing the same
Lighting device for electronic apparatus and lighting method for electronic apparatus
Aerosol for dispensing a liquid
Anti-inflammatory androstane derivatives
Composite stringed musical instrument, and method of making the same
Photosensitive resin composition
Polymer blends of PVDF thermoplastics blended with FKM fluoroelastomers
Tooth coating composition and over-coating composition therefor
Human porphobilinogen deaminase sequences
Substrate for mounting semiconductor element having circuit patterns, and an insulating layer made o...
Reflecting screen
Preparation of C5-/C6-olefins
Resist composition comprising photosensitive polymer having loctone in its backbone
Method of operating a fuel cell system
Pile and method for installing same
Grooved retaining wall block and system
Method of hardening soil and hardened soil
Process for recycling materials used in water treatment
Pilot signal strength adjusting method in mobile communication system
Color matching apparatus for automotive repair paints
Two-way wireless system for financial industry transactions
Random number generator
Method and system for standardizing and reconciling invoices from vendors
Electronic statement presentment system
System for database creation, maintenance and access using event marking and two-dimensional partiti...
Balloon catheter and method of manufacture
Polynucleotides encoding mouse urotensin-II Receptor (UTB-R)
Inorganic dual-layer microporous supported membranes
Solid electrolyte battery
Compatible compositions of poly(phenylene ether) resins and semi-crystalline resins
Electrical switchgear with synchronous control system and actuator
N-substituted chitosan derivatives in a process for their preparation
High-pressure mercury lamp
Body type determination apparatus
Autodisk controller
Non-slamming check valve
System and method for distributed computer automotive service equipment
Codopant polymers for efficient optical amplification
Roll member and fusing device using the same
Reconstruction of multislice tomographic images from four-dimensional data
IC with selectively applied functional and test clocks
Energy adjusting circuit for producing an ultra-low energy defibrillation waveform with fixed pulse ...
Composition for inhibiting production or secretion of amyloid .beta. protein to treat Down's syndrom...
Therapeutic brassiere
Treatment of arteriosclerosis and xanthoma
Apparatus and method for the production of gel beads containing a biocatalyst
Method and system for presenting information for physical motion analysis
Pick and place machine with improved vision system including a linescan sensor
Vehicle mounted travel surface and weather condition monitoring system
Method and apparatus for converting a low dynamic range analog signal to a large dynamic range float...
Rotary sensor system with a single detector
Channel equalizer with acousto-optic variable attenuators
Microstructured optical fibres
Apparatus and methods for treatment of conditions including obstructive sleep apnea and snoring
Selective routing of data flows using a TCAM
LCD panel including plurality of display panel parts wrapped around by a thin plastic film envelope ...
Device and method for maintaining time synchronous with a network master time
Hologram with integral printed indicia
Method of ablating body tissue
Method of making a package with a zipper closure
Waterproof connector
Surgical stapler and method of applying plastic staples to body tissue
Mattress coverings and methods of making
Cable reel structure and method of assembly
Secondary battery and method of manufacturing same
Friction pull plug welding: chamfered heat sink pull plug design
Method and apparatus for processing transport type B ATVEF data
Network access authentication system
Method and apparatus for reducing flicker when displaying HTML images on a television monitor
Establishment of a connection between a base station and a mobile station using random access channe...
Electronic cash implementing method and equipment using user signature and recording medium recorded...
Dual-use email system
Reconfigurable audiovisual previewing system and method of operation
Method and system for protecting digital data from unauthorized copying
Write input credit transaction apparatus and method with paperless merchant credit card processing
Method and apparatus for transmitting and displaying information between a remote network and a loca...
Browser on test equipment
Process for producing light olefins
Electro optical device
Method for extracting digests, reformatting, and automatic monitoring of structured online documents...
Cathode ray tube driver circuit with cathode current detection
FCC process with improved yield of light olefins
White light illumination system with improved color output
Method and circuitry for identifying weak bits in an MRAM
Ferroelectric memory with bit-plate parallel architecture and operating method thereof
Method of copper interconnect formation using atomic layer copper deposition and a device thereby fo...
Method and apparatus for providing media-independent self-help modules within a multimedia communica...
Systems and methods for generating hardware description code
Complementary functional PDA system and apparatus
Information gathering and personalization techniques
Aqueous coating agent of hydrophilic resin, MoS2 and Sb2S3 and/or Sb2S5
Polytetrafluoroethylene composition, method for its production and granulated product
Magnetic latching system for mems optic switches
Method for making separable multiple core optical fibers, the resulting fiber structures, and uses t...
Composition containing tackifier and method of modifying time-sensitive rheological properties of op...
Non-constant dispersion managed fiber
Optical fiber splicing and connecting assembly with coupler cassette
Crystalline titania having nanotube crystal shape and process for producing the same
Electro-conductive oxide particle and process for its production
Conversion of geothermal waste to commercial products including silica
Process for metering hydrogen permeated in a metallurgical structure, and apparatus thereof
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Composite powder
Legged mobile robot and external module for the robot
Method and apparatus for identifying instructions for performance monitoring in a microprocessor
Method and apparatus for testing error detection
Dual functioning symbol error correction code
Method of developing re-usable software for efficient verification of system-on-chip integrated circ...
Enhanced starch biosynthesis in seeds
DNA encoding a plant deoxyhypusine synthase, a plant eukaryotic initiation factor 5A, transgenic pla...
Multipurpose wrap
Silicone grafted thermoplastic elastomeric copolymers and hair and skin care compositions containing...
Process for producing gray cast iron for use in high speed machining with cubic boron nitride and si...
Water-in-silicone emulsion cosmetic compositions
Method of biological control
Soft tissue augmentation material
Roll of wet wipes
26,27-Homologated-20-EPI-2-alklidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Combinations of formoterol and a tiotropium salt
Aerosol spray texturing device with variable outlet orifice
Stand alone data management system for facilitating sheet metal part production
Computerized system for market-based constraint optimization
Solution-based methods and materials for sequence analysis by hybridization
Mobile telecommunications device having multiple directory number capability
Seamless data network telecommunication service during mobile wireless call handoff
Dynamic maintenance of location dependent operating parameters in a wireless terminal
Wireless telecommunications system architecture supporting receive diversity
Constraining pulse positions in CELP vocoding
Direct digital synthesizer
Shock-mitigating nose for underwater vehicles
Underwater explosion test vehicle
Method of controlling sea lice infestation in fish
Floating collapsible utility trailer
Dock structure with adjustable fixtures
Method for deterring forgeries and authenticating signatures
Non-reproducible image formation preventing apparatus and image formation apparatus
Complex oxonol infrared radiation sensitive compounds
Process for the preparation of cinnamic esters
Automatic electrophysiological measuring apparatus/method
Land vehicle communications system and process for providing information and coordinating vehicle ac...
Game system and computer readable storage medium for breeding game
Gaming devices having reverse-mapped game set
Game system, program and image generating method
Game controller
Game racquet with separate head and handle portions
Image processing device using speech recognition to control a displayed object
Game machine system, broadcasting system, data distribution system, and method, program executing ap...
Manually operable suitable control unit for a boat
Sport monitoring system for determining airtime, speed, power absorbed and other factors such as dro...
Stabilization of cardiac troponin I subunits and complexes
Method and apparatus for measuring properties of paper web
Methods for condition monitoring and system-level diagnosis of electro-mechanical systems with multi...
Method and apparatus for thermally insulated and earth cooled electronic components within an electr...
Cork screw with integral intelligent thermometer
Entertainment apparatus
System and apparatus for a karaoke entertainment center
Counterweight arbor guide system
Print on demand camera system incorporating a detachable printing unit
Manual adjustment mechanism for a vehicle
Method for the prevention, inhibition, or treatment of vaginitis and/or bacterial vaginosis using po...
Method of loading tendons into the knee
Method, system, and program for logging statements to monitor execution of a program
Method and apparatus for electronically distributing images from a panoptic camera system
Protection device of personal digital assistant
Automated banking machine system using plural communication formats
Method and apparatus for compiling source code by flattening hierarchies
Personalized search methods
Strapless spur
Method of manufacturing reflective liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for producing carbon dioxide
System and method for performance support
Method and apparatus to create virtual back space on an electronic document page, or an electronic d...
Implantable medical device incorporating integrated circuit notch filters
Light image shift correcting device and an optical device
Biochip and biochip reading device comprising a plurality of zones for molecular recognition
Amusement device
Air inlet and outlet silencer structures for turbine
Method and device for welding
Plant fatty acid desaturase promoters
Method and apparatus for the detection of volatile products in a sample
Functional emulsions
Method for producing luteolin and luteolin derivatives
Recovery process for volatile compounds from solids in aqueous solution
Multiple zone member
Foaming anti-bacterial cleansing skin product with low water insoluble emollients and foam dispenser
Cleaning and disinfecting compositions comprising C6- C7 alkyl sulfate
Liquid acidic hard surface cleaning composition
Bleach catalyst and composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Method for increasing sucrose content of plants
Method of and apparatus for automatically controlling operation of a continuous casting plant
Method and system for generating and using a computer user's personal interest profile
Automotive mirror with integrated Loran components
Radial base heatsink
Method and apparatus for operating LED array and charging battery for emergency LED operation includ...
Graphical interface, method, and system for the provision of diagnostic and support services in a co...
Methods of treating or preventing weight gain, obesity, and related disorders
Closure guard with electronic marker and perforated carrier sheet
Method of structurally reinforcing an assembly of tubular members in a marine environment
System and method for site specific therapy
Filamentous porous films and methods for producing the same
Tissue-engineered tubular construct having circumferentially oriented smooth muscle cells
Radiation cross-linked hydrogels
Methods and compositions for treating solid tumors
Radial finned heat sink
Hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies for an anticoagulant test
Human monoclonal antibodies specific for hepatitis C virus (HCV) E2 antigen
Expression of lipoproteins
Polypeptide variants
Hepatitis C diagnostics and vaccines
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Miniature automated teller machine
Read while write method in data storage device
Bleaching compositions
Electrophoretic displays using nanoparticles
Writing instrument
Metal member with chromate coat, spark plug with chromate coat and manufacturing methods thereof
Method for simulating a joint
Olefin polymerization catalyst and process for preparing polypropylene and propylene block copolymer
Operations center for a television program packaging and delivery system
Airborne turbulence alert system
Self-broaching, rotatable, push-in interbody spinal fusion implant and method for deployment thereof
Methods, systems, and computer program products for designing an integrated circuit that use an info...
Microprocessor with non-aligned memory access
Increased starch content in plants
Avian antitoxins to clostridium difficle toxin A
Color changing candle
Method and apparatus for conducting an fMRI-BOLD experiment with multiple stimulation functions
Transport of digitized signals over a ring network
Apparatus for detecting rotational angle by employing two or more detection signals based on rotatio...
Gas phase polymerization of olefins
Injection molded article used with photosensitive material
Process for regenerating periodic acid
Cosmetic compositions using polyether siloxane copolymer network compositions
Azalea plant named `Robleb`
Pulmonaria plant named `Baby Blue`
Blueberry plant called `Sebring`
Tiarella plant named `Black Snowflake`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Delbiros`
Pulmonaria plant named `Moonshine`
Interspecific tree name `Sierra Rose`
Method and apparatus for relocating elements in an evolvable configuration bitstream
Compositions and methods for inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection by down-regulating hu...
Aryl phosphate derivatives of d4T having anti-HIV activity
Water-insoluble derivatives of hyaluronic acid crosslinked with a biscarbodiimide
Anti-HIV pyrazole derivatives
Flame-proof moulding compounds
Synthetic HIV-2 envelope genes containing modifications that lead to optimized expression in bacteri...
Read/write memory with self-test device and associated test method
Multi-use farm trailer
Active probes for ensuring software package compatibility
Image forming apparatus having a cleaning device
Inflatable satellite
Key ring organizer for an electronic business using public key infrastructure
Electronically controlled contrast media injector for medical diagnostic imaging
Liquid byproduct from agricultural processing and fibrous portion from milling feed
Tool suite for the rapid development of advanced standard cell libraries
Surface pattern for embossed paper product
Double acting cylinder with integral end position volume chambers
Fluid selector valve
Reciprocating tool having a piston retainer
Component for a wireless communications equipment card
Automatic data collection device having a network communications capability
Cuffed nasal airway and anesthetic wand system
Crystallizable farnesyl protein transferase compositions, crystals thereby obtained, and methods for...
Multi-object identifier system and method for information service pattern environment
Device and process for measurement and treatment of spinal mobility
Lift control enclosure
Wet line fluid removal system with optical sensor
Method and apparatus for assessing patient well-being
Feedback mechanism for deep brain stimulation
Method and apparatus for the treatment of blood borne pathogens such as immunodeficiency virus
Diagnostic method for detecting Alzheimer's disease in living patients
Polynucleotide compositions encoding broad spectrum delta-endotoxins
Method for creating a database for comparing music
DNA encoding triol polyketide synthase
Display plate for timepieces and method for fabricating the same
Vaccine composition for preventing or treating hepatitis C
Compositions and methods for wound healing
Efficient system and method for facilitating quick paging channel demodulation via an efficient offl...
Process for the preparation of metaxalone
C-nitroso compounds and use thereof
Process for preparing a cyclic amino acid anticonvulsant compound
Resource locking approach
Medication delivery device with bended piston rod
Compositions and methods for treating diabetes
Heterocyclic .beta.3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Lysine binding fragments of angiostatin
P-thienylbenzylamides as agonists of angiotensin-(1-7) receptors, and methods of their preparation a...
Anisotropic magnetic powder and magnet thereof and method of producing same
Device for developing and measuring grasping force and grasping dexterity
System and method for automatically optimizing heterogenous multiprocessor software performance
Discharge valve
Refrigeration compressor
Scroll machine with capacity modulation
Scroll machine with discus discharge valve
Conical hub bearing for scroll machine
Compressor capacity modulation
Compressor discharge valve having a contoured body with a uniform thickness
Drive circuit modal filter for a vibrating tube flowmeter
Straight tube coriolis flowmeter housing
Circuitry for supplying a controlled signal to a drive system
Combined pickoff and oscillatory driver for use in coriolis flowmeters and method of operating the s...
Vibrating conduit parameter sensors and methods of operation therefor utilizing spatial integration
Vibrating conduit parameter sensors, operating methods and computer program productors utilizing rea...
Vibrating conduit parameter sensors, methods and computer program products for generating residual-f...
Method for purifying adipic acid by crystallization
Hematopoietic stem cells
Intelligent information routing system and method
Glycogen biosynthetic enzymes in plants
Non-conductive long wave thermal radiation shield
RF coil for reduced electric field exposure for use in very high field magnetic resonance imaging
MRI system having RF shielding gradient coil structure
MRI gradient coil with variable field of view and apparatus and methods employing the same
Two dimensional B1-gradient NMR imager
Superconducting control elements for RF antennas
Magnet, a method of adjustment of magnetic field and a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Phosphorus supported carbene transition metal complexes
Compound machining center compound machining method and machining tool
Spread illuminating apparatus with a frame having resilience for clamping constituent members
System and method for rapid shape digitizing and adaptive mesh generation
System and apparatus for single subpixel elimination with local error compensation in an high addres...
Color flat panel display device
Light modulating devices having grey scale levels using multiple state selection in combination with...
Tiled flat panel display with improved color gamut
Method and apparatus for processing fragment pixel information in a three-dimensional graphics proce...
Full-scene antialiasing using improved supersampling techniques
Hemostat coated dental floss and hemostat coated dental tape
Merchandising method and apparatus
Removal of CMP residue from semiconductor substrate using supercritical carbon dioxide process
Catalyst system composed of metallocenes comprising substituents containing fluorine
Activated carbons from low-density agricultural waste
Polymeric compositions for forming optical waveguides; optical waveguides formed therefrom; and meth...
Load of particles for machining liquids for electro-erosion machines, its process of production, its...
Multilevel semiconductor-on-insulator structures and circuits
Electron-emitting devices
Use of tolterodine to treat asthma
Marine umbilical
Method and apparatus for controlling a microwave oven
Polyolefin articles with long-term elevated temperature stability
Monitoring procedure and a monitoring installation for numerically controlled machine tools
Compositions and methods for fumonisin detoxification
Atom or group transfer radical polymerization
Robot and action deciding method for robot
Coffee machine for brewing coffee powder pre-packed in a cartridge
Injection moulding articles made of metallocene polypropylene
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of herpes simplex virus infection
Concurrent flow mixing methods and apparatuses for the preparation of gene therapy vectors and compo...
Semiconductor device and circuit board for mounting semiconductor element
Backlight system for liquid crystal display comprising prism lens having apex angle of
Photo-film unit masking material and photo-film unit
Copolymerization of norbornene and functional norbornene monomers
Self-contained downhole sensor and method of placing and interrogating same
G protein coupled receptor protein production, and use thereof
Phenoxyacetic acid derivatives and medicinal compositions containing the same
Apparatus for rf intraluminal reduction and occlusion
Secure transfer of trust in a computing system
Passive low pressure flash gas compression system
Low profile catheter valve and inflation adaptor
UPS (undecaprenyl diphosphate synthase
Distribution control system capable of isolating fault section without using time limited sequential...
System and method of determining the noise sensitivity of an integrated circuit
Fuel cell apparatus
Warning message camera and method
Method and apparatus for allocating free memory
Catalyst composition, method of polymerization, and polymer therefrom
Compatible compositions of poly(phenylene ether) resins and semi-crystalline resins
Secondary shaping of ionically crosslinked polymer compositions for medical devices
System and method for using a page tracking buffer to reduce main memory latency in a computer syste...
Direct drive variable displacement pump
Ratchet wrench with multi-position ratchet head
Electrophotographic image printing apparatus using liquid developer
Loop powered radar rangefinder
Electronic information vending machine and method
Method and composition for modulating amyloidosis
Process of lactonization in the preparation of statins
Yeast transformation cassette
Medicinal herbal composition for treating liver diseases and HIV
Apparatus for the production of gel beads containing a biocatalyst
Methods of tonsil reduction using high intensity focused ultrasound to form an ablated tissue area c...
Robot arm edge gripping device for handling substrates using two four-bar linkages
Multiple sided robot blade for semiconductor processing equipment
System and method for manufacturing plastic injection stack components
Autonomous action robot
Method of using a specimen sensing end effector to determine angular orientation of a specimen
Robot control apparatus
Robot apparatus, information display system, and information display method
Hardware message buffer for supporting inter-processor communication
Method for producing microencapsulated adhesive
Process for preparing crosslinked bead-form polymers
Composition containing protease separate from glycosidase for removing nits in treating lice infesta...
Bacillus subtilis strain for controlling insect and nematode pests
Delivery systems for active ingredients including sunscreen actives and methods of making same
Cigarette with dry powered Vitamin E
Gas-containing microcapsules useful as contrast agents for diagnostic imaging
High power factor electronic ballast with load dependent bus voltage regulation
Radio communication system with multiple and simultaneous encoding technique
In-line cold foil transfer process and apparatus
Substitute 11-phenyl-dibenzazepine compounds useful for the treatment or prevention of diseases char...
Solid monolithic concrete insulated wall system
Process flow for sacrificial collar scheme with vertical nitride mask
Method of forming graded thin films using alternating pulses of vapor phase reactants
Method for producing grains of aliphatic acid silver salt and thermally processed image recording ma...
Cellubrevin homologs
Screening for antibiotics
Thin film formation process by clearing the implanted layer with laser radiation
Printer or copier system having re-employable container for consumables and method for the employmen...
Positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte cell and manufacturing method of the same
Aluminum fishing boat
Edible herbal compositions for relieving nicotine craving
Low-density compositions and particulates including same
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfiesaci`
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synt...
Noise silencer and method for use with an ultrasonic meter
Hit result register file used in a CAM
Adjustable, self-aligning, linear roller bearing
Hydrodynamic type porous oil-impregnated bearing
Anti-reversal and anti-rotation thrust washer
Retainer for rolling bearing and rolling bearing
Tripot constant velocity joint having ball modules
One piece differential bearing adjuster lock and fastener
Bearing with wireless self-powered sensor unit
Mount device for connection of filament-shaped connecting bodies
Electrophoretic display device
Wavelength selective cross-connect switch using a MEMS shutter array
Surface acoustic wave ladder filter with balanced input and output terminals
Method for multi-layered coating of substrates
Cut resistant fabric
Knife-stab-resistant composite
Process for the preparation of crystalline polycarbonate oligomers
Biomedical implant material and method of producing the same
Process for producing amorphous material containing single crystal or polycrystal and material produ...
Method of manufacturing LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Process for preparing a mixed metal catalyst composition
Powder coating or adhesives employing silanes or silane treated fillers
Layered ceramic/metallic assembly, and an electrostatic chuck using such an assembly
Patient mask
System and method for coverage and interference prediction and tradeoff
Method and a tool for treating the wall of a critical zone in a borehole
Accelerating identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms and alignment of clones in genomic se...
Method and apparatus for high density recording of data on a disk, and recording medium produced the...
Method for identifying a compound to be tested for an ability to reduce immune rejection by determin...
Passively administered antibody that enhances feed conversion efficiency
Clostridial toxin disease therapy
System and method for signaling and detecting request for power over ethernet
Monomodal and polymodal catalyst supports and catalysts having narrow pore size distributions and th...
Method of producing the plated molded articles by non-electrode plating, and the resin compositions ...
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate
Method of producing lithographic printing plate, lithographic printing plate precursor and method of...
Sufidomaidocarboxylic acids, method for production thereof, and use therefor
Lithium secondary cell
Positive electrode material and secondary battery using the same
Color light filter and process of manufacturing a color light filter
Electronically controlled contrast media injector for medical diagnostic imaging
Apparatus and method for a capping machine