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Activated Sialic Acid Derivatives for Protein Derivatisation and Conjugation
Cold-adapted equine influenza viruses
Therapeutic target for protozoal diseases
DNA encoding the novel mammalian protein, Ire1p
Compositions and methods for activating genes of interest
Nucleic acid molecules coding for a dextran-saccharase catalysing the synthesis of dextran with .alp...
Method for producing L-amino acid using methylotroph
Method of identifying or characterizing a compound that modulates ribonuclease H activity
Alginases, systems containing alginases and methods of cloning, purifying and/or utilizing alginases
Method of isolating a nucleic acid using a material containing an amino group and a carboxyl group a...
Nucleic acids for detection of Listeria
Nucleic acid cloning
Genomic markers of hepatitis B virus associated with hepatocellular carcinoma
Detection of nucleic acids by type-specific hybrid capture method
Dry granulated formulations of azithromycin
Integrating operating systems with content offered by web based entities
Method for verifying a digital signature
System and method for marking data and document distribution
Content encryption using programmable hardware
Enterprise wireless local area network switching system
Secure wireless LAN device and associated methods
Method for securing software updates
Method and apparatus for remote digital key generation
Tate pairing techniques for use with hyperelliptic curves
Tampering judgement system, encrypting system for judgement of tampering and tampering judgement met...
Portable data carrier provide with access protection by rendering messages unfamiliar
Document encryption
Encrypting and decrypting a data stream
Organic electroluminescent panel
Making multicolor OLED displays
Light emitting material, method of manufacturing the light emitting material and method of manufactu...
Indenofluorene compounds and organic electroluminescent devices using the same
Organometallic complex and organic electroluminescent devices utilizing the same
Drug eluting coatings for medical implants
Plasmon resonant based eye protection
Public service robot
Image display for a mobile phone
Image display for a mobile phone
Set of key buttons
Wireless headset
Portable speaker
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Cellular phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Method, apparatus and system for accessing multiple nodes on a private network
Method for designing a micro electromechanical device with reduced self-actuation
Measuring instrument for body and subcutaneous fat thickness
Optical fibre sensor assembly
IP-based enhanced emergency services using intelligent client devices
Method and system for device-based call park and pick-up
Imaging spectrometer including a plurality of polarizing beam splitters
Multi-function transportable recreation chair
Audio system and method
Service authorizer
System for monitoring the quality of industrial processes and method therefrom
Home system including a portable fob having a rotary menu and a display
Method and apparatus for improving throughput in a wireless local area network
TDOA/GPS hybrid wireless location system
Communication relay method and device
System and method for dynamic channel allocation in a communication system using an orthogonal frequ...
Crystals of hepatitis C virus helicase or fragments thereof comprising a helicase binding pocket
Liquid crystal display device with storage electrode extension
Method of fabricating a capacitor
Method of fabricating tensile strained layers and compressive strain layers for a CMOS device
Methods of fabricating semiconductor structures having epitaxially grown source and drain elements
Method for fabricating stress enhanced MOS circuits
Apparatus and method for forming polycrystalline silicon thin film
Ruthenium containing layer deposition method
Methods of making substitutionally carbon-doped crystalline Si-containing materials by chemical vapo...
Fabrication of waveguides and Bragg gratings with UV-irradiation
Printhead module assembly with A flexible PCB
System and method for dynamic weight processing
Systems and methods for detecting shallow buried objects
Apparatus and method for image based coordinate determination
Secure content microdisplay
Magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma with tuning of electrostatic field
Low consumption cathode structure for cathode ray tubes
Identification, categorization, and integration of unplanned maintenance, repair and overhaul work o...
Clutch fill volume learning strategy for transmission control
HTML driven embedded controller
Multi-transistor memory cells
Multiple select gate architecture with select gates of different lengths
Phase-change random access memory device and method of operating the same
Calendar-based user interface system
Method and system for binary serialization of documents
Device specific pagination of dynamically rendered data
Network download regulation method and system
Automated banking machine including deposit storage chest and card reader cooling device
Method for auto-calibration of a tool in a single point turning machine used for manufacturing in pa...
Raman diffusion optical amplifier
Systems and methods for handling a file with complex elements
Methods and compositions for modulating gamete adhesion
Semiconductor device encapsulation
Controller system for pool and/or spa
Photovoltaic device forming a glazing
Method and system for sequestering carbon emissions from a combustor/boiler
Lead-free frits for plasma displays and other glass devices utilizing glass sealing materials
Thermally driven cooling systems
Mechanism for interconnecting independent functionalities of an engine controller
Handling transfer of management data to and from a telecommunications unit of a telecommunications s...
Method and apparatus for rendering audio streams from textual content for delivery to a user
Descriptor write back delay mechanism to improve performance
Network-processor accelerator
Determining availability of a destination for computer network communications
Method and system for detecting wireless access devices operably coupled to computer local area netw...
Apparatus and method for packet forwarding with quality of service and rate control
Method and system for dynamic bandwidth allocation
Laser plasma spectroscopy apparatus and method for in situ depth profiling
Image pickup apparatus equipped with light emitting device and control method thereof
Alignment systems and methods for lithographic systems
Group formation/management system, group management device, and member device
Self-contained apparatus for inspection of electric conductors
Toilet paper dispenser
Imaging agents for early detection and monitoring of cardiovascular plaque
Therapeutic compounds
Cysteine-containing peptides having antioxidant properties
Bicyclic pyridine and pyrimidine P38 kinase inhibitors
Coumarin analog compounds for safer anticoagulant treatment
Antibodies binding a gamma carboxyglutamic acid displaying epitope
Methods and kits for diagnosing or monitoring autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases
Dermal penetration enhancers and drug delivery systems involving same
Methods of identifying individuals at risk of perioperative bleeding, renal dysfunction
Method and device for analysing a liquid
Braided endoluminal device having tapered filaments
Anomaly detection method and motor control device
Contact resistance and capacitance for semiconductor devices
Disk recording/reproducing apparatus with cartridge drop preventing mechanism having elastic flap po...
Separation of citric acid from gluconic acid in fermentation broth using a weakly or strongly basic ...
Hair removing apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Method and kit for making prosthetic socket
Smart antenna device with increased operation speed and complex smart antenna device using smart ant...
Hybrid power supply system
Sample holder
Translucent pill crusher pouch with bevel seal
Translucent pill crusher pouch with angled seal
Foot cuff with tapered, blunt end
Bone hammer
Nasal dilator
Nasal dilator
Fastener tab for an absorbent article
Fastener tab for an absorbent article
Sanitary absorbent article
Sanitary absorbent article
Disposable urinary devise for standing females
Portion of mask
Breathable gas dispenser
Artificial insemination device with an inner catheter for animals
Thin-film magnetic head having a write shield layer
Extendable compiler framework
Method and device for organ positioning
Apparatus for rapidly heating and cooling a mold
Process for fabricating hollow electroactive devices
Dyes for organ function monitoring
Universal modular stent graft assembly to accommodate flow to collateral branches
Stent delivery devices
Anastomosis instrument and method for performing same
Anesthesia intubating forceps
Multi-braid exterior tube
Safety shield for medical needles
Composition and method for enhancing immune response
Substances and their uses
Gamma-1 and gamma-3 anti-human CD23 monoclonal antibodies and use thereof as therapeutics
Electrode for a lithium cell
Electrically-powered autonomous vehicle
Track-mounted drilling machine with active suspension system
Low floor type motorcycle
Method for mounting an automobile rim on a motorcycle
Bolt-type seal lock
Method for identification and authenticating without specific reader an identifier
System for biometric security using a smartcard
Biometric authentication device and method
Transaction card with stake
Automated banking machine currency cassette with RFID tag
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
System and method for configuring a computing device
Medical information access and processing system
RF device in drinkware to record data/initiate sequence of behavior
Power detection circuit for non-contact IC card or RFID tag
Systems and methods for providing gaming activities
Tethered electrical components for eyeglasses
Pulsed terahertz frequency domain spectrometer with single mode-locked laser and dispersive phase mo...
Blood coagulation test cartridge, system, and method
Amorphous polyester chip and method for production thereof, and method for storage of amorphous poly...
Machine housing
Cigarette pack
Can for lighter
Chandelier lighting element
Lighting fixture
L.E.D. light source cover
Light globe
Torch connector adapted for internal connection to tubular structures
Area light
Area light
Back scratcher
Clip light
Nutritional gel container for plants or animals comprising a lighting device
Frog-shaped keylight
Composition comprising a silicone/perfluoro surfactant mixture for treating or cleaning fabrics
Oxygen getters for anode protection in a solid-oxide fuel cell stack
Multi-stage glycolic acid crystallization
Compounds, formulations, and methods for treating or preventing rosacea
Push-up dispenser
System and method for providing character interactive input/output
System using registration information set by a user to allow other users to access updated portion o...
Imprint client statistical filtering
Cell-based computing platform where services and agents interface within cell structures to perform ...
Systems, methods and software for automating database tasks
Method and apparatus for file system snapshot persistence
Trusted access by an extendible framework method
Method and system to compare data objects
Illuminated reading glasses
Process and systems for peptide synthesis
Buttock deformity treatment
Anti-human tenascin monoclonal antibody
Set of containers
Lid for jar
Modified alkoxylated polyol compounds
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Photocatalytic compositions and methods for use
High blocking semiconductor component comprising a drift section
Electrophotographic developing agent
Heat resistant label
Waterborne epoxy coating composition and method
Amine- and phthalocyanine dye-containing ink-jet inks with improved ozone fastness
Use of partially fluorinated polymers in applications requiring transparency in the ultraviolet and ...
Thick film getter paste compositions for use in moisture control
Capacitive/resistive devices and printed wiring boards incorporating such devices and methods of mak...
High melt flow fluoropolymer
Chromium oxide compositions containing zinc, their preparation and their use as catalysts and cataly...
Method for increasing the ratio of p-hydroxybenzoic acid ester glucoside to total p-hydroxybenzoic a...
Mar-resistant glass-plastic glazing products
Process for preparing amide acetals
Cache control device, and method and computer program for the same
Failure recovery apparatus, failure recovery method, manager, and program
Method and apparatus for restoring a device to a default state
Offloading the processing of a network protocol stack
Managing a computer system having a plurality of partitions using a service processor
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Bearing part, heat treatment method thereof, and rolling bearing
Hydraulic dynamic bearing and spindle motor
Bearing unit, and motor and electronic equipment, both equipped with the bearing unit
Spacer structure for cross rollers
Hub cap having an air valve for bearing cavity pressurization
Portable trailer
Computer network file synchronization system and method
Littrow interferometer
System and method for controlling a multi-function digital media drive
Optically addressed spatial light modulator and method
Interface converter for image processing systems
Methods and devices for measuring a concentrated light beam
Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device
Pointing device
Method and system for operating an atomic clock with simultaneous control of frequency and magnetic ...
Optical module and optical communication device
Module assembly for multiple die back-illuminated diode
Three-dimensional optical data storage in fluorescent dye-doped photopolymer
Optical module, optical transceiver, and optical joint sleeve
Optical receptacle, optical sub assembly and optical transceiver
Wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer comprising an optically dispersive stratified body
Vulcanized tire size allocating method, tire manufacturing method, and vulcanizing process setting m...
Sodium channel blockers
Indol kinase inhibitors
Piperazinyl-or piperidinylamine-sulfamic acid amides as inhibitors of steroid sulfatase
Small molecule compositions for binding to hsp90
Apparatus and methods for electrochemical processing of microelectronic workpieces
Filtered replication of data stores
Velocity adjustment in learning cell identity
System and method for stored data archive verification
Cialbrachoa plant named `Kirifu-24`
Stimuli-responsive composition, and image-forming method and apparatus using the composition
Method for manufacturing pattern formed structure
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Imaging members
Sealant composition for liquid crystal and process for producing liquid-crystal display panel with t...
Droplet discharging head and microarray manufacturing method
Piezoelectric actuator, droplet ejection apparatus, and manufacturing method thereof
Flame retardant resin composition and flame-retardant injection-molding
Apparatus for reducing volume of sludge
Backlight unit
Liquid-jetting apparatus and method for producing the same
Active element substrate with simplified signal line arrangement having active elements and pixel el...
Display apparatus and method of inspecting the same
Three-dimensional electroluminescence display
Light emitting device with specific four color arrangement
Flat display panel and method of dividing the flat display panel
Semiconductor fabricating apparatus
Laser irradiation apparatus, method of irradiating laser light, and method of manufacturing a semico...
Method and apparatus for electroluminescence
Droplet information measuring method and apparatus therefor, film pattern forming method, device man...
Printer, an operation panel thereof having a function for doing maintenance of print station
Method for treating stomach ulcers with herbal extract composition
Channel estimation in a wireless transmission system
Wide window clock scheme for loading output FIFO registers
Lens driving device and portable equipment with camera
Surface acoustic wave device and manufacturing method therefor, and communications equipment
Micro electro mechanical system apparatus
Laser anneal method of a semiconductor layer
Illumination optical apparatus and projection type display apparatus
Payment based electronic mail printing system utilizing search criteria
Systems and methods for normalization of linguisitic structures
Systems and methods for controlling a tone reproduction curve using error diffusion
Polymeric optical waveguide-forming master plate, method for producing polymer optical waveguide, an...
Rolling ink stick
Methods, systems, and products for creating message logs
Tuning antennas with finite ground plane
Sutera plant named `DANCOP23`
Sutera plant named `DANCOP20`
Sutera plant named `Dancop21`
Methods of detecting protocol support in wireless communication systems
Load balancing method and apparatus for ethernet over SONET and other types of networks
Method and apparatus for monitoring optical signal-to-noise ratio
Direct optical image projectors
Protection of devices in a redundant configuration
Imaging sensor
Light-mediated micro-chemical reactors
System and method for filtering recurrence events
Device for measuring a volume flow with inductive coupling
Concrete block and method of making same
Chemically bonded phosphate ceramic sealant formulations for oil field applications
Filter apparatus with automatic cleaning
Golf ball and thermoplastic material
Plastic component having breakaway feature
Method and apparatus for separation and recycling plastic
Free wire reclaimer with improved magnetic separation
GEF-H1b: biomarkers, complexes assays and therapeutic uses thereof
Method for fabricating metal gate structures
Adaptive-allocation of I/O bandwidth using a configurable interconnect topology
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for fabricating the same
Hierarchical netlist comparison by relevant circuit order
Semiconductor integrated circuit designing apparatus, semiconductor integrated circuit designing met...
Gate-length biasing for digital circuit optimization
Methods for designing integrated circuits
Streaming kernel selection for reconfigurable processor
Method and apparatus for performing synthesis to improve density on field programmable gate arrays
Local preferred direction architecture, tools, and apparatus
Systems, devices, and methods for arc fault detection
DVI link with parallel test data
Efficient scan chain insertion using broadcast scan for reduced bit collisions
Plasma display panel having a magnesium oxide protective film and method for producing same
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus having two elliptically polarizing plates
Hot-melt adhesive
Transparent cold-wax and hot-wax depilatory compositions with three-dimensional suspended particles
Cobalt-containing black pigment particulates
Highly-sensitive displacement-measuring optical device
Imprint method for manufacturing micro capacitive ultrasonic transducer
Multi-light-source illumination system for optical pointing devices
Microelectronic imaging units
Methods and compositions that enhance bioavailability of coenzyme-Q10
Apparatus and method for the non-destructive separation of hardened material layers from a flat cons...
Discharge lamp lighting circuit with power control
Arc tube of discharge lamp having electrode assemblies receiving vacuum heat treatment and method of...
Internet facsimile apparatus and e-mail receiving method
Methods and systems enabling the identification of actual costs in a transaction based financial and...
Use of selected cyclosporins for the treatment of hepatitis C infection
Assays for measuring nucleic acid binding proteins and enzyme activities
Lipid A deficient mutants of Neisseria meningitidis
Electronic apparatus, replacement unit, and electronic apparatus control method
Face identification device and face identification method
Watermark information detection method
Recording method for recording data on a storage medium
Method for detecting forged barcodes
Method and apparatus for on-site mixing of liquid deicer
Result set management
Method and apparatus for calculating similarity among documents
Self join elimination through union
Use of special directories for encoding semantic information in a file system
Architecture for network search engines with fixed latency, high capacity, and high throughput
Data plotting extension for structured query language
Cam drive apparatus having a magnetic gear
Camshaft-adjusting device
Variable valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine and internal combustion engin...
Anchor for securing an object to ground
Landscape stake system
Vehicle rollover detection and mitigation using rollover index
Car traffic information notification system, car traffic information notification method, and naviga...
Ecological driving system
Method and arrangement for controlling actual torque in a land vehicle driveline
Steering angle estimating apparatus for vehicle
Operation checking method for adaptive front lighting system
Vehicle stability control with lateral dynamics feedback
Finite element simulation
Temporary protective cover for an electrical box
Electrically conductive/insulative over-shoe for tissue fusion
Convertible low profile roller and support base
Carbonic water production apparatus and carbonic water production method
Mortar bomb positioning apparatus
Fixing element for a sensor head
Arrangement for arresting a portable object to a stationary object by a cable
Therapeutic compression and cushion sock and method of making
Footwear for hostile environments
Article of cleated footwear having medial and lateral sides with differing properties
Shoe with optimal mass distribution
Leisure shoe
Shock resistant shoe
Athletic shoe with independent supports
Profiling bed
Mattress hinges to provide greater stability and lower shear
Fitted blanket
Gantry jockstrap
Method and Apparatus For Dynamic Scoliosis Orthosis
Non-volatile programmable impedance nanoscale devices
Surface enhanced spectroscopy-active composite nanoparticles
Electronic device having coalesced metal nanoparticles
Nano tip and fabrication method of the same
Sulfur-functionalized carbon nanoarchitectures as porous, high surface area supports for precious me...
Method for producing nanosilicate plates
Method of manufacturing semiconductor nanowires
Methods for producing reinforced carbon nanotubes
Process for preparing a nanosized zeolitic material
Method for the production of polyamide nanocomposites, corresponding packaging materials and moulded...
Nanostructured materials and photovoltaic devices including nanostructured materials
Microcontact printing method using imprinted nanostructure and nanostructure thereof
Coated carbon nanotube array electrodes
Tire with component having nanozeolite
Image device and method for driving optical system
Imaging device, camera, and imaging method
Autofocus lens apparatus and camera system with the same
Digital camera module with auto-focusing function
Stage apparatus and camera shake correction apparatus using stage apparatus
Method for diagnosing disease from tongue image
Motor structure with built-in lens
Blur correction apparatus and camera
Electronic apparatus and camera
Spray development of photosensitive plates
Device and camera
Shutter and optical apparatus having the same
Game piece
Method for playing a wagering game
Educational question and answer escape game having an antagonist element
Three-dimensional puzzle
Game table with centrifugal blower assembly
Data terminal, data distribution system, and internet telephone system
Gaming device having mechanical indicator with values and modifiers and selection of values and modi...
Articulated, steerable, toy vehicle
System and method for toy adoption marketing
Electronic toy, control method thereof, and storage medium
Reusable pinata system and method of operation
Balancing game method and apparatus
Multi-variable operations
System and method for creating a performance tool and a performance tool yield
Mediating conflicts in computer user's context data
Method for scheduling jobs using distributed utility-based preemption policies
Virtual community generation
Methods and apparatus for business rules authoring and operation employing a customizable vocabulary
Systems and methods for optimizing decision graph collaborative filtering
Method and arrangement for designing a technical system
System and method for real-time recognition of driving patterns
Automatic model maintenance through local nets
Method and system for implementing evolutionary algorithms
Data mining platform for bioinformatics and other knowledge discovery
Method of setting optimum-partitioned classified neural network and method and apparatus for automat...
Self-modulation in a model-based automated management framework
Scoring mechanism for automatically generated test programs
Moving apparatus and method of self-direction testing and self-direction correction thereof
Downloading and Transfer of Audio or Video Data from Video Broadcasts
Electronic control device and method for controlling the operation of motor vehicle
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Electrically powered vehicle mounting electric motor and control method therefor
Vehicle control system
Rack-and-pinion steering apparatus
Self-propelled vehicle, in particular a road-building machine and a method for driving and controlli...
Passenger restraint device of motor vehicle
Multi-motor drive system for a work machine
Springer type suspension
Member for fixing a bicycle driving device
Radiator and isolation and mount system
Fuel tank provided with air guide structure of straddle-type vehicle
Electrical drive system for a vehicle with skid steering
Hybrid car
Generated power control system
Modular chassis with simplified body-attachment interface
Legged mobile robot
Electric drive system with differential steering
Rack-and-pinion steering system, in particular for light commercial vehicles
Multi-view video format
Standby circuit for an electrical device
Efficient monitoring system and method
Signal-to-noise optimized fully monolithic video receiver IF channel
System and method of manual indexing of image data
Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and ...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
Systems and methods for image enhancement in multiple dimensions
Demodulation and phase estimation of two-dimensional patterns
Image processing apparatus and method of motion vector detection in a moving picture, and recording ...
Method for coding and decoding digital data stored or transmitted according to the pixels method for...
Reduction of rounding errors during the processing of digital image data
Method and apparatus for shot detection
Method of image qualification for optical navigation sensor
Image recognition system, image recognition method, and machine readable medium storing thereon an i...
Method and apparatus for identifying objects depicted in a videostream
Frame-based carrier frequency and phase recovery system and method
Variable lottery game allowing participation in several different lottery games within a single draw...
Container decoy
Deer attracting apparatus
Process for the regeneration of catalysts for steam cracking
Antimony vanadium phosphate
Solid acid catalyst containing tin and method for preparation thereof
Production method for zeolite shaped body and production method for zeolite layered composite
Process for preparing molecular sieve beads
Plasma-induced hydrogen production from water
Hydrogen iodide manufacturing method and hydrogen iodide manufacturing apparatus
Method for preparing iron oxides
Method of producing aluminum hydroxides by precipitating aluminum salts in the presence of seed crys...
Hydrogen peroxide production in microchannel reactors
Recovery of sulphuric acid
Flaky carbonaceous particle and production method thereof
Manufacture of silica aerogel via vapor phase reaction
Process for producing inorganic spheres
Indium phosphide substrate and indium phosphide monocrystal and method of manufacturing thereof
Treatment of engine exhaust using molecular sieve SSZ-56
Heat recirculating cooler for fluid stream pollutant removal
Flue gas purification process using a sorbent polymer composite material
Process to produces solutions to be used as coating agents in photo-catalytic and transparent films
Potassium monopersulfate solutions
Network data analysis and characterization model for implementation of secure enclaves within large ...
System, method and computer program product for large-scale street name speech recognition
Interactive images
Interactive images
YUV compression for boost
Dynamic knee balancer
System and method for finding and serving consumer product related information to consumers using in...
Aluminum alloy blank for lithographic printing plate and support for lithographic printing plate
Product manufacture in structural metallic materials reinforced with carbides
High-strength titanium alloy and method for production thereof
Heat-resistant cast steel excellent in aged ductility and creep rupture strength for hydrogen produc...
Iron-base alloy containing chromium-tungsten carbide and a method of producing it
Method and apparatus for enabling advanced manipulation of audio
Method and electronic device used to synthesise the sound of church organ flue pipes by taking advan...
Apparatus and method for processing ringtone
Mouthpiece for musical instrument
Interchangable and modular acoustic and electric guitar apparatus
Foldable mobile terminal with antennas and a selector selecting a diversity transceiving system base...
Device and method for controlling radio mobile terminal connected to hands-free kit
Wireless base station apparatus and wireless communication control method
System and method for radios using common equipment packaging
Automated real-time site survey in a shared frequency band environment
Method for sharing antennas of a wireless device
Method of transmitting a message in a mobile communications system using a mobile repeater
Method and circuit for adaptive control of the bandwidth of a carrier recovery loop in radio transmi...
Base station apparatus of mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for interfacing synchronous core network with asynchronous radio network
Method and apparatus for address allocation in GPRS networks that facilitates end-to-end security
Managing scrambling codes during serving radio network subsystem relocation
Packet transmission method, base station and mobile station
Medium streaming distribution system
I/Q mismatch compensation in an OFDM receiver in presence of frequency offset
Wireless optical pointing device with a common oscillation circuit
Planar inverted-F antenna
Antenna module
Radio communication device
Antenna arrangement and a module and a radio communications apparatus having such an arrangement
Fixture for mobile radio equipment in a vehicle
Direct authentication and authorization system and method for trusted network of financial instituti...
End-to-end security of transactions between a mobile terminal and an internet server at the applicat...
Process for calculating the economic value created by a business activity
System and method for single sign on process for websites with multiple applications and services
Method and apparatus for the rental or sale, and secure distribution of digital content
Methods, systems, and storage mediums for providing multi-media content storage and management servi...
Methods of coordinating products and service demonstrations
Method and apparatus for distribution of digital certificates
Credit card transaction tracking systems and methods
System and method for focused routing of content to dynamically determined groups of reviewers
Online system for fulfilling loan applications from loan originators
Method and system for enhanced distribution of financial instruments
Method and system for improved fund investment and trading processes
System and computer program product for conducting electronic auctions with aggregate lotting for tr...
Order and payment visibility process
Method and medium for associating a wish list with buddy list screen name
Disk dispensing and retrieval system and associated methods
Single level bill of material available to promise
Method of production planning
Protocol disambiguation using a model-based methodology
Downwash process bioremediation system
Process for the construction of a segment of an open-air work by prefabricated structural members, a...
Beaver control device for a culvert pipe
Submerged power generating apparatus
Ground anchor load testing system and method
Methods for labeling nucleotides, labeled nucleotides and useful intermediates
Preparation of agarose coated, solid agarose beads containing secretory cells
Crystallization of aurora/LPL1P-related kinase
Apparatus and method for using optical mouse engine to determine speed, direction, position of scann...
Scanning ion probe systems and methods of use thereof
Protein profiles with atmospheric pressure ionization
Soybean cultivar 6326393
Soybean cultivar 6434385
Soybean cultivar S060295
Soybean variety XB42K07
Soybean cultivar 6421326
Soybean cultivar 306612412
Soybean cultivar 26660135
Soybean cultivar S050216
Soybean cultivar 5512112
Protein kinase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Plant isoflavonoid hydroxylases and methods of use thereof
Silanyl-n-alkanal compounds, method for production and use thereof
Vascular-preferred promoters
Ligand activated transcriptional regulator proteins
Vehicular target acquisition and tracking using a generalized hough transform for missile guidance
Flight deck security pocket door system
Aircraft wet wing
System and method for controlling a roll rate of a torsionally-disconnected freewing aircraft
Watercraft arresting system
Distinguishing Bound and Unbound Contrast Agents Using Magnetic Resonance
Non iterative shimming in magnetic resonance imaging in the presence of high LIPID levels
Magnetic resonance imaging visualization method and system
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Apparatus and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Method
High Impedance Differential Input Preamplifier and Antenna for Mri
Active Decoupling of Transmitters in Mri
Components and methods for use in electro-optic displays
Electrophoretic display medium and device
Particles for display media and information display panel using the particles
Triphenylethylene compounds as selective estrogen receptor modulators
Substituted sulfonamide-indoles
Antibodies to PRO361 polypeptide
Secreted transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Compositions and methods for treating diabetes
Amide derivatives
Diazepine compounds as ligands of the melanocortin 1 and/or 4 receptors
Macrocycles useful in the treatment of alzheimer's disease
Processes for forming backplanes for electro-optic displays
Essential fungal CaYLR100w polypeptides, and methods of use
Microencapsulated heat delivery vehicles
Method for encapsulating phase transitional paraffin compounds using melamine-formaldehyde and micro...
Bioactive agent release coating
Aroma-producing compositions for foods
Compositions of beta-defensin inducing agents
Glycerol derivatives for inkjet inks
Phase change inks containing specific colorants
Multi-driver speaker system
Stethoscope with identifying-personalizing ring
Wellbore signal generator
Cover assembly for an internal combustion engine
Air suction device
Handle for a cleaning article
Cleaning device
Frame for a drain cleaning machine
Cleaning machine
World clock with movable destination indicator pin
Method and apparatus for determining access permission
Method and apparatus for trusted blade device computing
Protective device
Organizing elements on a web page via drag and drop operations
Methods and systems involving object attribute recognition
Methods involving text attribute recognition
Architecture and control of reed-solomon error-correction decoding
System and method for interleaving data in a communication device
Apparatus and method for testing and debugging an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for testing a data processing system
Trie-type memory device with a compression mechanism
Address translation for input/output devices using hierarchical translation tables
Priority scheme for transmitting blocks of data
Secure resource access in a distributed environment
Non-linear digital rank filtering of input signal values
Method and system for checking availability of automounted file systems
Detachable charm for footwear
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Golf club incorporating a damping element
Scaffold-organized clusters and electronic devices made using such clusters
Method to fabricate combined UV light emitter and phosphor for white light generation
Apparatus and methods for binding molecules and cells
Conductive heat transfer for electrical devices from the solder side and component side of a circuit...
Heat sink apparatus
Computer system
Heat dissipation apparatus for heat producing device
Heat dissipating device having a fin also functioning as a fan holder
Flexible circuit board with heat sink
Heat dissipation device
Heat dissipation device
Heat pipe with guided internal grooves and heat dissipation module incorporating the same
Cooling function power adapter
Video graphics array (VGA) card assembly
Axial duct cooling fan
Systems for improved blower fans
Heat dissipating device for data storage device
Apparatus and method for the application of prescribed, predicted, and controlled contact pressure o...
Process for the removal of volatile compounds from mixtures of substances using a micro-evaporator
Heat sink for electronic device
3D checkerboard perforation pattern for increased shielding effectiveness
Protective cover for heat-conductive material of heat sink
Method and apparatus for detecting predefined signatures in packet payload using Bloom filters
Method and system for dispensing and verification of permissions for delivery of electronic messages
Detecting code injection attacks against databases
Keyword-driven assistance
System and method for automated optimization of search result relevance
SIP-based VoIP traffic behavior profiling
Device for measuring translation, rotation or velocity via light beam interference
Organic electrolyte capacitor
Screen and image projection system using the same
Contact structure
Stabilization of nitrogen-containing and oxygen-containing organosilanes using weakly basic ion-exch...
Isolation of proteins
Human clnk-related polypeptide, MIST (Mast Cell Immunoreceptor Signal Transducer)
Molecular imprinting of small particles, and production of small particles from solid state reactant...
Propylene polymer resin with improved properties
Inkjet ink, ink set and method of printing
Depeptidized inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Treatment of macular degeneration with ADP-ribosyl transferase fusion protein therapeutic compositio...
Stain removal method utilizing a composition comprising hydrogen peroxide and cyclodextrin
Method of inhibiting copper corrosion during supercritical CO.sub.2 cleaning
Phthalamide-lanthanide complexes for use as luminescent markers
Method of modulating inflammatory response
Method and system for ultrafast photoelectron microscope
Transparent conductive layer forming method, transparent conductive layer formed by the method, and ...
Thermoplastic resin-molded article and a process for producing the same
Press felt for papermaking
Method for enhancing engraftment of cells using mesenchymal progenitor cells
Phospholipid-based powders for drug delivery
Cartridge retaining mechanism for nucleic acid extracting apparatus
Microfluidic apparatus, Raman spectroscopy systems, and methods for performing molecular reactions
Mesoporous aluminum oxide, preparation and use thereof
Electrolytic processing apparatus and method
Chair mechanism
Generation of a testbench for a representation of a device
Beam combination using interleaved optical plates
Modular diode laser assembly
Christmas tree ornament hazard detector
Interleaved magnetometry and pulsed electromagnetic detection of underground objects
Treatment of diseases caused by viral infection
Methods for treating sarcopenia with a growth hormone secretagogue
HIV replication inhibiting pyrimidines and triazines
Therapeutic uses of di-aryl acid derivatives
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Durable biocompatible controlled drug release polymeric coatings for medical devices
Methods using phenethanolamine derivatives for treatment of respiratory diseases
Inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Substituted 2-aminoimidazoles, process for their preparation, their use as medicament or diagnostic ...
2-(phenyl or heterocyclic)-1H-phenantrho[9,10-d]imidazoles as mPGES-1 inhibitors
Thiazole derivatives
Amlodipine gentisate and a method of its preparation
2-thio-substituted imidazole derivatives and their use in pharmaceutics
Constrained himbacine analogs as thrombin receptor antagonists
Amelioration of the development of cataracts and other ophthalmic diseases
Substituted phenyl methanones
N3-substituted imidazopyridine c-Kit inhibitors
1,2,3-substituted indolizine derivatives, inhibitors of fgfs, method for making same and pharmaceuti...
CCI-779 polymorph and use thereof
Epoxy resin composition
Power amplification circuits
Systems and methods for maintaining minimum pulse width during shutdown
Power supply feed forward analog input filter component mismatch correction
Class D amplifier
Method and device for improved class BD amplification having single-terminal alternating-rail dual-s...
Amplifier circuit with multiple power supplies
Internet broadcasting system and method thereof
Current driving circuit for inductive loads
Converter circuit for switching of a multiplicity of switching voltage levels
Timing generating circuit and digital to analog converter using the same
DC-DC converter including short-circuit protection circuit
Buck converter having improved transient response to load step down
Boost DC-DC converter and semiconductor device having boost DC-DC converter
Auxiliary turn-on mechanism for reducing conduction loss in body-diode of low side MOSFET of coupled...
Motor driving apparatus
Method and apparatus for the biological activated sludge treatment of wastewater
Autotrofic sulfur denitration chamber and calcium reactor
Separation device comprising a separation channel and a counter-channel
In-situ ballast water treatment method
Wet oxidation method
Microporous filter membrane, method of making microporous filter membrane and separator employing mi...
Environmental remediation method and system
Highly water-permeable blood purifier of hollow-fiber membrane type
Energy-based process for fluid treatment and system thereof
Filter housing apparatus with rotating filter replacement mechanism
Emulsion and effluent treatment processes
Filter installation for liquids
Treating liquids with pH adjuster-based system
Ion exchange porous resins for solid phase extraction and chromatography
Methods for reducing boron concentration in high salinity liquid
High-denitrification shared type orbal oxidation ditch
Process for removing viruses in fibrinogen solutions and fibrinogen obtained by said process
Remote water dispensing device and methods for operating such remote water dispensing devices
Storage system and method using interface control devices of different types
Load balancing in core-edge configurations
Fibre channel credit extender and repeater
Ballast circuit for gas discharge lamps
Tool for insertion and removal of a hearing aid ear wax guard and a method for its use
Method and apparatus for modular hearing aid
ITE hearing aid for binaural hearing assistance
Floating gate isolation and method of making the same
Determining physical property of substrate
Semiconductor integrated device
Integrated optics arrangement for wavelength (De)multiplexing in a multi-grade vertical stack
Multi-threshold MIS integrated circuit device and circuit design method thereof
Method and apparatus for performing failure analysis with fluorescence inks
Organic electroluminescent device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Packaging of a microchip device
Aluminum cap with electroless nickel/immersion gold
Stacked integrated circuit package system with connection protection
Thin silicon based substrate
IC chip package having force-adjustable member between stiffener and printed circuit board
High capacity thin module system
Semiconductor device with conductor tracks between semiconductor chip and circuit carrier and method...
Package having bond-sealed underbump
Trench isolation structure having an implanted buffer layer
Encapsulated microstructure and method of producing one such microstructure
Preparation of microelectromechanical system device using an anti-stiction material and selective pl...
Semiconductor substrate, substrate for semiconductor crystal growth, semiconductor device, optical s...
CMOS image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Image processing apparatus and method capable of correcting gradation of image data
Spectrophotometric scanner
Surface plasmon resonance sensor
Polarization measuring apparatus
Apparatus for scattered light inspection of optical elements
Dispenser housing
Mascara brush
Stable aqueous dispersions of hydrophilic phenolic resins having low xylenol and bisphenol-A content
Fabric crepe and in fabric drying process for producing absorbent sheet
Capacity modulated scroll machine having one or more pin members movably disposed for restricting th...
Fan motor with digital controller for applying substantially constant driving current
Pump-motor assembly lead protector and assembly method
Displacement type compressor having a self-start synchronous motor and start load reducing means
Fuel feed apparatus with reinforcing structure
Fluid transfer system and method for transferring fluid
Electro-hydraulic power steering apparatus
Speed control for compressors
Fan frame and heat dissipation fan incorporating the fan frame
Methods and systems for selecting methodology for authenticating computer systems on a per computer ...
Process for the preparation of an FCC catalyst
Method and apparatus for adjusting transmission power of CDMA terminal
Methods and systems for providing variable rates of service for accessing networks, methods and syst...
Method for scheduling executions of real-time processes to guarantee satisfaction of various timing ...
Systems and methods for scheduling coprocessor resources in a computing system
Multi-task system for controlling execution of application sessions and reservation of resources
Federating legacy/remote content into a central network console
Concurrent code loading mechanism
Method and system for providing a common operating system
Method and apparatus for controlling a display of a data processing system
Exploded views for providing rich regularized geometric transformations and interaction models on co...
Disk space management and clip remainder during edit operations
Re-programmable COMSEC module
Coding apparatus and decoding apparatus for transmission/storage of information using synchronizatio...
Failover and failback of write cache data in dual active controllers
Network device and method of operation
Authentication in data communication
Methods and systems for accessing networks, methods and systems for accessing the internet
Method and system for trace generation using memory index hashing
Processor and programmable logic computing arrangement
Modified Fc molecules
Topical treatment for psoriasis
Beauty wash product compositions delivering enhanced visual benefits to the skin with specific optic...
Recombinant sendai virus
.beta.-glucan-containing fat and oil composition and novel microorganism capable of producing .beta....
Polynucleotide encoding coleopteran-toxic polypeptide
Screening methods for identifying viral proteins with interferon antagonizing functions and potentia...
Method for expressing HIV polypeptides
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Formulation for treating candidiasis using Morinda citrifolia
Combined effects of nutrients on proliferation of stem cells
Herbal extracts of Salicornia species, process of preparation thereof, use thereof against tuberculo...
Bioactive botanical cosmetic compositions and processes for their production
Methods of administering microparticles combined with autologous body components
Planning a journey that includes waypoints
System and method for in-vehicle communications
Method and system for sending events between vehicles
Method and system for unlocking of objects
Sulfur-containing poly (unsaturated carboxylic acid) and its uses and production process
Integrated electrical and optical sensor for biomolecule analysis with single molecule sensitivity
Longest prefix matching (LPM) using a fixed comparison hash table
Produce packaging system having produce containers with arched bottom and raised feet to enable unde...
Saddle fit system and method
Multi-layer information recording medium and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Coreopsis plant named `Tropical Lemonade`
Geranium plant named `Ballursal`
Geranium hybrid plant named `Thunder Cloud`
Combined digital disc player and automotive navigation system
Security memory device and method for making same
Security measures in a partitionable computing system
Webcrawl internet security analysis and process
Network, method and computer readable medium for distributing security updates to select nodes on a ...
Intentional cascade failure
Systems and methods for defining security information for web-services
Protected execution environments within a computer system
Method and apparatus for migrating a virtual TPM instance and preserving uniqueness and completeness...
Multi-domain authorization and authentication
Patient-controlled automated medical record, diagnosis, and treatment system and method
Method and system for providing therapy for bulimia/eating disorders by providing electrical pulses ...
Intraluminal electrode apparatus and method
Method for discriminating between ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias
Techniques for sensing and adjusting a compliance voltage in an implantable stimulator device
Method and apparatus for rendering of complex translucent objects using multiple volumetric grids
Surgical testing instrument and system
Insecticidal plant cyclotide with activity against Homopteran insects
High salt plants and uses for bioremediation
Systems and methods for a common runtime container framework
Systems and methods for mapping arbitrary logic functions into synchronous embedded memories
Method for designing semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit and program ...
Architecture and method for testing of an integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for unifying self-test with scan-test during prototype debug and production tes...
Secure access of objects generated from data representation language representations of the objects ...
Context controller having context-specific event selection mechanism and processor employing the sam...
Data bus mechanism for dynamic source synchronized sampling adjust
Distributed computing system architecture
Application platform execution environment
Transferring system identities
Global interrupt and barrier networks
File folding technique
System and method for simple object access protocol access to interface definition language based se...
Opto-semiconductor devices
Electromagnetic interference shielding for a printed circuit board
Spatially-fed high-power amplifier with shaped reflectors
Exposure apparatus
Pixel cell design with enhanced voltage control
Film bulk acoustic resonator, filter circuit and method for manufacturing a film bulk acoustic reson...
Systems and techniques for radio frequency noise cancellation
Method and apparatus for cavitation threshold characterization and control
Circuit device and method of manufacture thereof
Automatic design method including automatic processing for equalizing spacing wiring and automatic d...
Air bridge structures and methods of making and using air bridge structures
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Resin composition for optical wiring, and optoelectronic circuit board
Method of forming a penetration electrode and substrate having a penetration electrode
System, method and apparatus for improved electrical-to-optical transmitters disposed within printed...
Post passivation interconnection schemes on top of the IC chips
Selective irradiation of small target area in X-ray fluorescent spectroscopy
Post passivation interconnection schemes on top of the IC chips
Obstacle detection apparatus, method and medium
Modular self structuring and computing system
Automatic clamp changing apparatus
Molded component retrieving apparatus and a molding machine having the molded component retrieving a...
Coverage robot mobility
Radiating device for hyperthermia
Image processing apparatus
Apparatus connected to network, and address determination program and method
Information processing apparatus in which a storage medium is removably mountable
Optical element holding apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom lens and image-pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom optical system
Terminal apparatus and control method thereof
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Remote site management system
Image reading apparatus
Network data base control device and method thereof
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image forming apparatus
Method of generating color separation data and image processing apparatus
Playback system
Electronic apparatus, image forming system, video printing system and camera-incorporated recording/...
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Removing diamondoid components from natural gas at reduced temperatures
Conversion of ethers to olefins
Process for producing isoprene
Process for producing cumene and process for propylene oxide production including the production pro...
Integrated heavy hydrocarbon removal, amine treating and dehydration
Internet interface service system and method providing public internet access to users carrying mobi...
Intelligent end user devices for clearinghouse services in an internet telephony system
Method and apparatus for inexpensively monitoring and controlling remotely distributed appliances
System and method for delivering security services
Method and apparatus for providing a web-based active virtual file system
System for enhancing a query interface
Content identification, and securing media content with steganographic encoding
Method of implementing secure access
Caller control of internet call waiting
Distributed denial-of-service attack mitigation by selective black-holing in IP networks
Integrated voice and data interoperability platform
Calibration on wafer sweet spots
Non-systematic coded error correction
Optimized characterization of wafers structures for optical metrology
Reactive replenishable device management
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering energy into audio circuit and related...
Image forming method and apparatus having a unit for conveying toner and carrier particles from a cl...