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Bearing washer for thrust bearing and thrust bearing
Pipetting device
Hydrocarbon adsorption filter for air intake system evaporative emission control
Quantifying core reliability in a multi-core system
Isolation of input/output adapter error domains
Redundant acknowledgment in loopback entry
Audio clutter reduction and content identification for web-based screen-readers
Methods and apparatus for displaying network data
Method of forming an external electrode fluorescent lamp, thick film electrode compositions used the...
Black conductive thick film compositions, black electrodes, and methods of forming thereof
Dielectric and display device having a dielectric and dielectric manufacturing method
Pigment dispersions containing aminated acrylic macromonomer dispersant
Process for the preparation of 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and/or 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
Electronic device comprising a gamma correction unit, a process for using the electronic device, and...
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with silylated, germanylated, and stannylated ligands, and devi...
Ring reduction via natural anaerobic microbiological activity for transformation of crude oil-associ...
Pixel structure
Reduction of carbon monoxide and nitric oxide in smoking articles using iron oxynitride
Chemically-modified coatings for enhanced performance of ink-jet images
Keypad light guide with lined apertures
Welding flux
Iridescent magnetic effect pigments comprising a ferrite layer
Single layered photoconductors
Method for producing heat-resisting compound oxides
Long-fiber reinforced polyolefin composition
Method and apparatus for identifying photocatalytic coatings
High speed SRAM
Method and apparatus for charging hot direct reduced iron from hot transport vessels into a melter o...
Substrate with printed pattern
Modified alkoxylated polyol compounds
Wipes container
Toothbrush head
Air freshener device
Backsheet design for a substrate
Refill for air freshener device
Packaging container with surface ornamentation
Air freshener device
Toothbrush package
Air freshener
Cleaning implements and substrates for cleaning surfaces
Medicinal container with surface ornamentation
Method and apparatus for forming films
Air freshener
Compositions for oxidatively dyeing keratin fibers and methods for using such compositions
Process for high engagement embossing on substrate having non-uniform stretch characteristics
Patch-like infusion device
Solubility tags for the expression and purification of bioactive peptides
Headwear with integrated spectacles
System, methods, and compositions for detecting and inhibiting leaks in transmission systems
Interlayers for laminated safety glass with superior de-airing and laminating properties and process...
System and method for managing and provisioning streamed data
Ion channel modulating activity I
Crystal forms of O-desmethylvenlafaxine
2-(1H-indolylsulfanyl)-aryl amine derivatives for use in the treatment of affective disorders, pain,...
Methods of treating psychiatric conditions comprising administration of muscarinic agents in combina...
Lavandula plant named `Jin Cobule`
Blueberry plant named `Dolores`
Blueberry plant named `Altair`
Petunia plant named `Sunsurfcopavio`
Interspecific tree named `Blackred IV`
Plum tree named `August Majesty`
Interspecific tree name `Plumcandy V`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsanao`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsador`
Method for preparing a cosmetic composition and cosmetic composition prepared by this method
Stable liquid cleansing compositions containing high level of fatty acid isethionate surfactant prod...
Method for producing cyclohexadecanone
Process for increasing the basis weight of sheet materials
Vesicles of high molecular weight silicone polyethers
Single-crystal platy barium sulfate in cosmetic compositions
7-hydroxy chromones as potent antioxidants
Method for detecting a plurality of catalase positive microorganisms
Laundry care compositions with thiazolium dye
Fabric softening compositions comprising free fatty acid
Wrapping materials for smoking articles
Method and apparatus for focussing ultrasonic energy
Recovery of reprocessable medical devices in a sharps container
Medical overlay mirror
Fluidic adaptive lens
Minimally invasive system for selecting patient-specific therapy parameters
Distortion compensating amplifier
Method and apparatus for distortion correction of RF amplifiers
Device and method for receiving and processing RF signals, a method for providing digital calibratio...
Integrated radio frequency filters for multiband transceivers
Diagnostics in industrial process control system
Monitoring a parameter with low power consumption for aircraft landing gear-data logger
Method and system for index sampled tablescan
Diagnostic method and apparatus for detecting and locating computer network discontinuities
Computer sleep/awake circuit
Diagnostic repair system and method for computing systems
Mechanism for guiding airflows within optical disc drive
Vein authentication device
Wireless process field device diagnostics
Wireless transceiver system
System for electrosurgical tissue treatment in the presence of electrically conductive fluid
Apparatus and method for high efficiency operation of a high temperature fuel cell system
Systems and processes for providing hydrogen to fuel cells
Fuel cartridges for fuel cells and methods for making same
Ash handling and treatment in solid fuel burners
Inhibition of metal diffusion arising from laser dicing
System method and apparatus for dry-in, dry-out, low defect laser dicing using proximity technology
Flooring having surface layer of synthetic resin and wood-based board
Mounting system for muzzle devices and firearms
Exterior rear-view mirror for vehicles, especially for motor vehicles
Lighting device for vehicle and door mirror device
Housing for an electromagnetic radiation emitting optoelectronic component, component and method of ...
Auxiliary power adapter having device controls
Liquid crystal display device comprising a frame having through holes at a bottom portion and a fram...
Backlight module having light guide plate with sliding strips and frame with sliding guides and liqu...
Portable electronic device with an integrated switchable mirror
Projector lamp unit
Vehicle lamp collapsible closeout
Light guide orientation connector
Sheet switch module
LED flat lamp
Backlight module with point light source having light guide portion
Optical unit, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
Backlight module and an optical slice unit support device thereof
Optical fibre switching assembly
Optical wavelength coupler using multi-mode interference
Interface device for performing mode transformation in optical waveguides
Apodised binary Bragg grating
Ultra-high density connector
Self-supported optical correlator
Light transceiver module
System and method for compressing and scaling images
Variable length coding for clustered transform coefficients in video compression
Detection of artifacts resulting from image signal decompression
Method and system for progressive mesh storage and reconstruction using wavelet-encoded height field...
Video deblocking method and apparatus
Dimensional vector and variable resolution quantization
Processing method, image processing system and computer program
Stabilization of objects within a video sequence
Method for merging digital images to obtain a high dynamic range digital image
Methods and devices for transseptal access
Ultrasound ablation catheter and method for its use
Locking component for an embolic filter assembly
Long lived anion-selective sensors based on a covalently attached metalloporphyrin as anion receptor
Apparatus for two-dimensional transducers used in three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging
System and method of discovering, detecting and classifying alarm patterns for electrophysiological ...
Apparatus for improved pulse oximetry measurement
Method and system for display of cardiac event intervals in a resynchronization pacemaker
Capture threshold estimation for alternate pacing vectors
Process for the (co)polymerization of ethylene
Method for manufacturing an endovascular graft section
Method for forming finely-structured parts, finely-structured parts formed thereby, and product usin...
Drill-in fluids and associated methods
Drill-in fluids and associated methods
Fluorine-containing elastomer composition excellent in plasma-aging prevention effect and shaped art...
Process for the synthesis of polyalkylphenol antioxidants
Apparatus for positioning a medical instrument
Imaging apparatus
Prior-constrained mean shift analysis
Quantitative single image-based magnetization transfer weighted imaging using an inter-subject norma...
Dog training device
Portable or stationary animal alley
Orthopedic boot for animals
Fly reel
Sanitary tubular pet waste removal device
Dewatering promoter and method for production thereof
Method and apparatus for venting fish
Rod and tackle carrying case
Energy absorbing support for downrigger weight
Doggie fountain
Disposable sanitary shield for kitty litter containers
Pet cleaning apparatus
Compact item descriptor, catalog system and item part number validation
LED string light engine and devices that are illuminated by the string light engine
Lactone-containing compound, polymer, resist composition, and patterning process
Production method of polishing composition
Herbicidal composition
Radiation-curable silicone rubber composition
Preparation of cyclic oligosiloxane
Polyimide having an alcoholic hydroxyl group and a process for the preparation thereof
Process for producing carboxylic acid
Method for producing halogen-substituted benzenedimethanol
Protection circuit
Electrostatic chuck and manufacturing method thereof
Bottle for packaging
Information processing system and information processing method
Method and apparatus for duplicating secure documents
Method of storing and accessing electronic data and apparatus therefor
Sensor network system
System and method for modeling affinity and cannibalization in customer buying decisions
Systems and methods for price searching and customer self-checkout using a mobile device
Managing queries in a distributed database system
High speed subscribe-and-alert service using content graphs
Reliable generation of a device-specific value
Positive column tubular PDP
Method and apparatus for indicating operational state of aircraft engine
Enclosed mobile/transportable motorized antenna system
Liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal display apparatus using liquid crystal display devi...
Device and method for measuring microporous film on battery electrode plate, coater equipped with fi...
Time-resolved fluorescence spectrometer for multiple-species analysis
Image system and miniature deformable mirror thereof
Contra rotating generator
Multi-layer piezoelectric element
Ultrasonic liquid treatment system
Apparatus for mixing and dispensing fluids
Extruding container of applying filler
Cooling massage device and product dispenser including such a device
Stabilized body care products, household products, textiles and fabrics
Battery having lithium fluoride/lithium hydroxide coating on anode
Electrode material, and production method and use thereof
Alleviation of voltage delay in lithium-liquid depolarizer/electrolyte solvent battery cells
Cross-linked sulphonated polymers and their preparation process
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
Viscosity reduction
Polyalkylated arylalkyl sulfonic acids and their salts
Low temperature non-aqueous electrolyte
Regeneration controller for exhaust purification apparatus of internal combustion engine
Solid state gas sensors based on tunnel junction geometry
Vibratingly stirring apparatus, and device and method for processing using the stirring apparatus
Atmospheric corrosion sensor
NO.sub.x sensing devices having conductive oxide electrodes
Lithium secondary battery and a method for preparing the same
Propylene copolymer, polypropylene composition and uses thereof, transition metal compound and olefi...
Anode active material, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium battery containing the an...
Lithium secondary battery including a separator
Infant cradle
Arterial probe for OCT
Radiofrequency ablation epiphysiodesis
Catheter handle
Self biased low noise high PSRR constant GM for VCO
Enumerative DC-RLL constrained coding
Optical module and optical system
BSS selection using path loss
Method for at speed testing of devices
Lane assist system for a motor vehicle and operating method
Rate-7/8 direct-current free and runlength limited code
Automatic write strategy calibration method for optical drive
Method for identifying vehicles in electronic images
Optical module and optical system
Object detection system for vehicle
Calibration system for writing and reading multiple states into phase change memory
Identifying apparatus
Switch/network adapter port incorporating shared memory resources selectively accessible by a direct...
Manifold-type solenoid valve with external port
Out-of-band management and traffic monitoring for wireless access points
Preparation method of biotinylated protein and detection method using the same
Method and apparatus for making porous agarose beads
Sealing assembly for a spindle
Ceiling-mounted monitor system
Colonoscope handgrip assembly with force and torque monitor
Medical instrument
Rectangular rasp
Lancing device
Handle for ophthalmic surgical instrument
Dental implant holder
Finger prosthesis
Dental implant
Implant abutment
Inlay for transport tray for spectacle lenses and spectacle lens blanks
Therapy suit
Sacral wound dressing
Foot support wrap
Breast milk storage container
Control system for a hydraulic servomotor
Tunable magnetic field amplifying device
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of exciting two slices intersecting each other with ...
Sheet-transporting apparatus
Method for cleaning an anilox inking unit
Folded box gluing machine with improved accessibility
Safety marking
Separation membrane and manufacturing process thereof
Stimulation and recovery of heavy hydrocarbon fluids
Systems, methods, and catalysts for producing a crude product
Reinforced poly(arylene ether)/polyamide composition and article comprising the foregoing
Method for reducing odor using metal-modified particles
Laser light absorbing additive
Silicon-containing film forming composition, silicon-containing film serving as etching mask, substr...
Method and system for generating help files based on user queries
System and process for identifying objects and/or points nearby a given object or point
Approximating function properties with expander graphs
State replication
System and method for determining whether a network destination is reachable
Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) security infrastructure and method
Entity domains
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
Transport high availability
Software reliability analysis using alerts, asserts and user interface controls
Decoding technique for linear block codes
Grid entry user interface extensions
Semiconductor device
Bicycle for interactive game
Helmet, helmet liner and method for manufacturing the same
Bicycle wheel and hub apparatus and method
Magnetostrictive load sensor and moveable object including the same
Motorcycle equipped with a weapon
Portable, remote, fast-fill inflator and nitrogen converter unit
Bicycle rim brake assembly
Measuring instrument for bicycle
Bicycle pod transport system
Bicycle front derailleur
Bicycle hub gearbox
Method for providing mental activity for an exerciser
Mobile physical training system and method thereof
Storage battery manufacturing method which uses a polar plate having a foamed-metal electrode substr...
Amusement apparatus operative as a dynamo battery charger
Bicycle display device
Stable pigment dispersions
Stable pigment dispersions
Method of producing polymer using iron complex as catalyst
System and Method for Reducing Execution Divergence in Parallel Processing Architectures
User Friendly Mobile Phone When Accessing Web Pages on Communications Paths With Low Bandwidth
Arbitration Based Allocation of a Shared Resource with Reduced Latencies
Device and method for determining the amertopia of an optical system
Intraocular ring assembly and artificial lens kit
Ophthalmic lenses capable of reducing chromatic aberration
Apparatus and method for regulation of carbon dioxide content in atmosphere
Method and apparatus for hydrogen generation
Manufacturing of a photo-radiation source by binding multiple light emitting chips without use of so...
Gas diffusion substrate and electrode
Fuel cell system with a fuel tank configured to store a fuel at a pressure higher than atmospheric p...
Forced air fuel cell power system
Catalyst assembly for use in anode gas oxidizing systems of high temperature fuel cells
Electrochemical device and methods for energy conversion
Fuel cartridge, fuel cell and portable electrical appliance including fuel cell
Separator for fuel cell and fuel cell containing the separator
Process for producing a fuel cell separator
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Self supporting structurally engineered non-platinum electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction in fuel ce...
Method of operating a fuel cell stack
Device and method for removing carbon monoxide from a gaseous stream containing hydrogen
Fuel cell assembly having long life characteristics
Hydrogen permeable membrane, fuel cell and hydrogen extracting apparatus equipped with the hydrogen ...
System and method for detecting gas
Dual function CO clean-up/sorber unit
Gels with predetermined conductivity used in electroporation of tissue
Materials containing voids with void size controlled on the nanometer scale
Spin-torque devices
Beverage maker having brewing chamber adapted to receive coffee pods or loose coffee
Proton exchange membrane materials based on sulfonated poly (phthalazinones)
Dense plasma focus apparatus
Metrology system of fine pattern for process control by charged particle beam
Antenna-coupled-into-rectifier infrared sensor elements and infrared sensors
Semiconductor device and method of forming a semiconductor device
Amplifier modulation method and apparatus
Controller and driver features for bi-stable display
Support structure for MEMS device and methods therefor
System and method for providing control for switch-mode power supply
Optical buffer device
Control device and method for a substrate processing apparatus
Rapidly expanding composition for gastric retention and controlled release of therapeutic agents, an...
Screening assay for inhibitors of TRPA1 activation by a lower alkyl phenol
Aminotetralin-derived urea modulators of vanilloid VR1 receptor
Method of coating fine particles with lipid film
Multiple sample sources for use with mass spectrometers, and apparatus, devices, and methods therefo...
Arc chamber for an ion implantation system
Current-steering type digital-to-analog converter
Method and apparatus for detecting positions of center points of circular patterns
Image forming apparatus with air flow blocking mechanism
File management method for log-structured file system for sequentially adding and storing log of fil...
Graphical user interface to manipulate syndication data feeds
Bottle cap
Ultra scalable high speed heterojunction vertical n-channel MISFETs and methods thereof
Semiconductor device fabricated by selective epitaxial growth method
Radiation image detector
Magnetic bearing system
Application-specific integrated circuit with automatic time-constant matching
Flow control device with a permeable membrane
Display apparatus
Method for correcting an error of the imaging system of a coordinate measuring machine
Estimating processor usage
Test precondition items for automated analysis and test generation
Selectively forced redirection of network traffic
Method and system for testing provisioned services in a network
Method and mechanism for database partitioning
Parallel population of an XML index
Search and presentation engine
Systems and methods for inferring uniform resource locator (URL) normalization rules
Method for sorting data using common prefix bytes
Commit-time ordered message queue supporting arbitrary read and dequeue patterns from multiple subsc...
Analyzing the dependencies between objects in a system
Rechargeable in the ear hearing amplifier
Orthovoltage radiotherapy
Devices, systems, and methods for improving image consistency
Magnetic fluid detection method and magnetic fluid detection apparatus
Method for lateral motion magnetic resonance imaging
Method of determining a spatial distribution of magnetic particles
Using a discretized, higher order representation of hidden dynamic variables for speech recognition
Diagnostic support system and method used for the same
Acoustic transducer
Medical imaging-quality assessment and improvement system (QAISys)
Method and functional unit for quality monitoring of image acquisitions and simultaneous implementat...
Method and apparatus for post-processing of a 3D image data record, in particular for virtual colono...
System and method for detecting pain and its components using magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Cleaning device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Silver halide photosensitive material for color-photography and image formation method using the sam...
Protective cover for display panel and its use
Electrophotographic toner and image forming apparatus
Magnetic toner
Concepts and methods for identifying brain correlates of elementary mental states
Treatment of severe pneumonia by administration of tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI)
Reagent compositions for use in electrochemical detection
Process for manufacture of simvastatin
Query processing system of a database using multi-operation processing utilizing a synthetic relatio...
Pliers head
Method and apparatus for measuring a parameter of a fluid flowing within a pipe having a sensing dev...
Flexible modular sensor systems
Method for determining concentration; a dialyser
Antiblooming imaging apparatus, system, and methods
Global pointing actuator
Apparatus and method for in-belt conveyor idler condition monitoring
Wheelchair accommodating system
Micromirror array
Method of forming an acceleration sensor
Non-contact profile measurement system
Method for producing programming elements for broadcast stations
Method for the enantiomoeric separation of optical active amlodipine
Process for production of piperidine derivatives
Sensor system, garment and heart rate monitor
Fatigue resistant design for leads employing multi-strand cables as primary conductors
Loudspeaker apparatus
CMOS-compatible polarization-diverse tunable optical bandpass filter
Optical waveguide chip and method of manufacturing the same
Optoelectronic integrated circuit board and communications device using the same
Rolled-print-medium holder device
Method and apparatus for manufacturing hub assemblies
Wireless state machine and multiplexing method for concurrent ad-hoc and infrastructure mode service...
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof, and program
Transmission apparatus, method and program
Image forming apparatus having contactless type temperature sensor
Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Document management system and document management method
Obtaining or sending information to a device on a network by a client apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Bus system
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Image processing method and apparatus for edge detection in an image
Image encoding apparatus and method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Wetland water treatment system
Method and apparatus for managing variable density drilling mud
Surface acoustic wave resonator, and surface acoustic wave filter
Semiconductor device and memory card using the same
Semiconductor device including substrate and upper plate having reduced warpage
Semiconductor device and electronic control unit using the same
Semiconductor device
Power module and motor integrated control unit
Semiconductor device having high cooling efficiency and method for manufacturing the same
Microcircuit package having ductile layer
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Display filter and display device including the same
Cantilever probe card
Probe card including contactors formed projection portion
Cantilever microprobes for contacting electronic components and methods for making such probes
Probe for electrical test and electrical connecting apparatus using it
Multilayer positive temperature coefficient thermistor
Semiconductor device and method for determining fuse state
Electronic controller
Method for fabricating wiring board provided with passive element, and wiring board provided with pa...
Implementing a web service application on a device with multiple threads
Method and apparatus for maintaining data integrity across distributed computer systems
Methods and apparatus for synchronization of data set representations in a bandwidth-adaptive manner
Methods and systems for managing network traffic
Method for configuration of a processing unit
Method and system for managing dynamic associations between folksonomic data and resources
Executing functions determined via a collection of operations from translated instructions
Synchronous type semiconductor device for high speed data processing
TOD or time stamp inserted into trace recording stream
Network service level agreement arrival-curve-based conformance checking
System and method for obtaining a volume of influence based on non-uniform tissue conductivity data
Binders curable at room temperature with low blocking
Therapy triggered by prediction of disordered breathing
Energy-efficient, laser-based method and system for processing target material
Relative calibration for dosimetric devices
Semi-synchronous scanning of modified files in real time
Apparatus and method for managing digital rights with arbitration
Electronic tablet
Allocation of network resources
Toolbar for a user interface on a display screen
Video camera with memory card recorder
Calibrachoa plant named `Duealpur`
Fast axis beam profile shaping by collimation lenslets for high power laser diode based annealing sy...
Electronic circuitry
Methods and apparatus for controlling multiple master/slave connections
Voice recognition script for headset setup and configuration
Methods and apparatus for implementing parameterizable processors and peripherals
System and method for enhancing eye gaze in a telepresence system
Measurements using a single image
Passively biased fiber-optic gyroscope and current sensor
Broadband laser illumination device for a scanning microscope with output stabilization
Adjustment method, particularly a laser adjustment method, and an actuator suitable for the same
Fiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof
Bend insensitive optical fibers
Method for fabricating three-dimensional photonic crystal
Installation tool with integrated visual fault indicator for field-installable mechanical splice con...
Retractable module for patch cords
Methods for configuring and testing fiber drop terminals
Polymer clad optical fiber
Containment vessel and method of operating a condenser in a nuclear power plant
Method of wood strength and stiffness prediction
Method for the non-destructive testing of an element for a nuclear reactor
Optical pressure sensor
Optical fiber sheet and its manufacturing method
Monolithic transmitter photonic integrated circuit (TxPIC) with a traversely disposed output
Micro-optics photonic bandgap fiber coupler
Kitchen-range, an oven and a self-cleaning assembly
Lubricating compositions containing sulphonates and phenates
Detergent composition or component therefor
Organoleptic compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Method for manufacturing a molded detergent composition
Fabric care composition comprising organosilicone microemulsion and anionic/nitrogen-containing surf...
System and method for controlling a safety system of a vehicle in response to conditions sensed by t...
Method and system of determining the absolute velocity of a vehicle
Automated speech recognition using normalized in-vehicle speech
Method and system for providing signatures for machines
In-vehicle antitheft device and central authentication device
Digital electrochromic circuit with a vehicle network
Method and apparatus using radio-location tags to report status for a container handler
Variable reflectance mirrors and windows
Vehicle information system with steering wheel controller
Selecting transmission ratio based on performance drivability and fuel economy
Estimating static power consumption of integrated circuits using logic gate templates
Variable threshold system and method for multi-corner static timing analysis
Hydroprocessing bulk catalyst and uses thereof
Highly active slurry catalyst composition
FCC additive for partial and full burn NOx control
Welding shield for coupling heaters
Process for recovering ultrafine solids from a hydrocarbon liquid
Riser reactor for fluidized catalytic conversion
Hydroprocessing bulk catalyst and uses thereof
Oral modification of an ASR lexicon of an ASR engine
Privilege promotion based on check of previous privilege level
Banjo pot sub-assembly
Electric fan with sealing lid
Variable displacement vane pump with variable target regulator
Portable, rotary vane vacuum pump with removable oil reservoir cartridge
Scroll compressor with vapor injection and unloader port
Method of manufacturing double-glazing, and spacer forming device used for the manufacturing method
Bearing systems for high-speed rotating machinery
Compressor lubrication
Statically sealed high pressure fuel pump and method
Radial rotary engine with energy storage
Tandem pump valve structure
High-efficiency, large angle, variable displacement hydraulic pump/motor
Low back-flow pulsation fuel injection pump
Unit for applying opening devices of packages of pourable food products
Vehicle suspension arrangement
Gravity compensation device for a chip transfer apparatus
Extendable flatbed manufactured primarily from aluminum
Medical suction apparatus and methods for draining same
Portion of a metering device
Dunnage airbag inflation circuit
Containers with tapered sidewalls and stacking tabs
Medical sensor and technique for using the same
System and method for supporting a patient during medical imaging
System and method for monitoring blood glucose levels using an implantable medical device
Stokes parameter measurement device and method
Gloss measurement apparatus and gloss measurement method
Cavity ring-down apparatus and method for measuring reflectivity of highly reflective mirrors
Apparatus for examining flat panel display device and examining method thereof
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional imaging
Deep pixel display and data format
Device for on-line data acquisition in three-dimensional positron emission tomography
Method for illuminating a sample
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
System and method for reducing circular artifacts in tomographic imaging
Systems and methods for filtering data in a medical imaging system
Method and apparatus for segmenting structure in CT angiography
Method and apparatus for detecting anatomic structures
Method of producing a color conversion table, image processing apparatus, method of image processing...
Systems and methods for image segmentation with a multi-stage classifier
Method of removing refractory metal layers and of siliciding contact areas
Micromechanical device and method for manufacturing a micromechanical device
Micromechanical device, micromechanical system, apparatus for adjusting sensitivity of a micromechan...
High brightness light emitting diode with a bidirectionally angled substrate
Electronic assembly for image sensor device and fabrication method thereof
Electronic apparatus with wiring plates fixed directly to columns to space wiring circuit from base
Integrated circuit packaging system with passive components
Semiconductor package on which a semiconductor device can be stacked and fabrication method thereof
Piezolectric micro electro-mechanical system switch, array of the switches, and method of fabricatin...
Circuit and method for interconnecting stacked integrated circuit dies
Semiconductor device having symbol pattern utilized as identification sign
Trimming circuit, electronic circuit, and trimming control system
Program stored in medium readable by computer for measuring optimum feed amount to RFID antenna, fee...
Lithographic processing cell, lithographic apparatus, track and device manufacturing method
Nonvolatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
Production device and production method for an optical device component having a grating structure
Semiconductor-based broadband modulators
System and method for detecting defects in a semiconductor during manufacturing thereof
Ellipsoidal line cut system and method for hearing aid shell design
Synchronous frequency-shift mechanism in Fizeau interferometer
Methods and systems for doppler frequency shift removal and correlation for software-based receivers
Method and system for processing out of orders frames
Byte level protection in PCI-Express devices
Write and read assist circuit for SRAM with power recycling
Computer system, storage device, management server and communication control method
Method for incorporating brain wave entrainment into sound production
Device for focusing a magnetic field to treat fluids in conduits
Collapsible colander and bowl
Biological fluid filtration system and biological fluid filter used therein
Membrane plate and filter element
Method of substance separation by supercritical fluid chromatography and vapor liquid separator for ...
Metal compound removal
Method for recycling of oil based drilling fluid contaminated with water and water contaminated with...
Method of reclaiming brine solutions using an organic chelant
Method of determination of the conditions of exhaustion of a filtering cartridge for filtering caraf...
High capacity and high efficiency filter deck assembly system and method of use and replacement
Tertiary filter
Apparatus and method for separation of water from an emulsion or mixture of water and oil
Small droplets recovery system
Microbial composition and a process useful for the neutralization of alkaline waste-waters
Blood analysis apparatus and blood analysis method
Hydrocarbon industry servicing fluid and methods of performing service operations
System for generating electrical power
DC/DC converter
DC-DC converter
Power converter with an adaptive controller and method of operating the same
Semiconductor power converter apparatus
Power converter employing integrated magnetics with a current multiplier rectifier and method of ope...
AC to DC converter circuit
DC/DC converter with spread spectrum switching signals
Switching power supply with voltage limiting device and control method thereof
Circuit and method for RF power amplifier power regulation and modulation envelope tracking
Randomized thermometer-coding digital-to-analog converter and method therefor
Class-D amplifier and multi-level output signal generated method thereof
Overcurrent detection device
Digital input class-D amplifier
Adhesive composition and adhesive sheet
Information processing device capable of updating a stored program
Method and system for integrating and controlling components and subsystems
Content distribution system, content distribution control apparatus, content distribution control me...
Content distribution system, content distribution control apparatus, content distribution control me...
Methods and apparatus providing security for multiple operational states of a computerized device
Proxy authentication
Method and apparatus for controlling evaluation of protected intellectual property in hardware
Unauthorized access prevention system
Throwing target
Pump with conveying chamber formed in outer rotor surface
Meat injector
Avocado slicer
Christmas tree ornament with integrated smoke detector, heat detector, motion sensor, and fire extin...
Human-clothing-environment simulator
High phosphorous poisoning resistant catalysts for treating automobile exhaust
Deformable variable-stiffness cellular structures
Manufacturing method of SOI substrate and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for electrochemical mechanical processing
Wastewater treatment system
Sintered spherical pellets
Process for preparing materials for extraction
Template-directed assembly of receptor signaling complexes
Polyelectrolyte multilayer films at liquid-liquid interfaces and methods for providing and using sam...
Strengthening of a structure by infiltration
Ultraviolet assisted pore sealing of porous low k dielectric films
Hydrogel-web composites for thermal energy transfer applications and methods of making the same
Supported polymerisation catalysts
Atom or group transfer radical polymerization
Optical waveguide surface plasmon resonance sensor
Method for malicious traffic recognition in IP networks with subscriber identification and notificat...
Suppressing spam using a machine learning based spam filter
CAPTCHA-based spam control for content creation systems
Method and system for monitoring email and website behavior of an email recipient
System, method and program product for visually presenting data describing network intrusions
Methods and systems for generating query and result-based relevance indexes
Method and apparatus for approximate matching of DNA sequences
Control and management of electronic messaging
System for processing information including a mail subject of an e-mail not including all contents o...
Column select multiplexer circuit for a domino random access memory array
Techniques for performing business analysis based on incomplete and/or stage-based data
Method, device and system for automatic retrieval of similar objects in a network of devices
Selective omission of transaction data in a digital receipt
Techniques for providing suggestions for creating a search query
Incremental approach to an object-relational solution
System and method for the transformation and canonicalization of semantically structured data
Digital information recording media system including a digital information recording media device wi...
Dynamically repositioning workflow by end users
System and method for exchanging loyalty points for acquisitions
Method for selecting a merchant for a trial mode of a referral service
Biological tissue closure device and method
Extendible stent apparatus
Prosthetic valve with slanted leaflet design
Method of preventing pathological levels of factor VIII before, during and/or after a surgical proce...
Platelet ADP receptor inhibitors
Ureas as factor Xa inhibitors
Factor Xa inhibitors
Process for decreasing the amount of cholesterol in a marine oil using a volatile working fluid
Low reflection lateral output fiber probe
System and method to monitor particles removed from a component
Electronic device with dual slide actuator that extends and retracts a connector
Disk drive employing repeatable disturbance compensation for fly height control
Program time adjustment as function of program voltage for improved programming speed in memory syst...
Dual voltage flash memory card
Method of depositing germanium films
Flash memory with improved programming precision
Perpendicular recording head with reduced thermal protrusion
Magnetic head slider with trailing rail surface for flying height control
Narrow width actuator for tape drive systems
Spring member for acceleration sensor, acceleration sensor and magnetic disk drive apparatus
CPP spin valve with long spin diffusion length AP1 layers
Method and system for implementing disk IO command splitting
High-rate RLL encoding
Detection of signal disturbance in a partial response channel
Head switch operation for a disk drive
Write transducer and system implementing same
Storage device, control device, and vibration-detection method
Non-contact measurement of slider fly height by electrostatic force
Method for differential timing based servo pattern for magnetic-based storage media
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with circuit board attachment device
Thin film magnetic head with layer having high saturation magnetic flux density, and magnetic storag...
Base layer apparel
Apparatus, systems and related methods for processing, dispensing and/or evaluatingl dry powders
Trailer and hitch mechanism for a robot
Personal listening device
Rewriting table functions as SQL strings
Method and apparatus for placing an integrated circuit device within an integrated circuit layout
Method and apparatus for performing dummy-fill by using a set of dummy-fill cells
Method and apparatus for modeling an apodization effect in an optical lithography system
Metal body arc lamp
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer system
Connector, connector system, and use thereof
Esophagus stoma button
Locking catheter connector and connection system
Appearance changing decorations on fabric using disappearing ink
4-hydroxy-4'-isopropoxydiphenyl sulfone developer dispersion, method of wet grinding, and thermal re...
Donor substrate and fabrication method of organic light emitting display using the same
Wireless intrusion sensor for a container
Network intrusion mitigation
Biological fertilizer
Pyridazines as 11b-HSD1 inhibitors
5 HT receptor mediated neurogenesis
Thiazole-4-carboxyamide derivatives
Anthranilamide and 2-amino-heteroarene-carboxamide compounds
Organic compounds for the treatment of inflammatory or allergic conditions
Butanoic acid derivatives, processes for the preparation thereof, pharmaceutical compositions compri...
Substituted 4-aminocyclohexanol compounds
Aminotetrahydropyrans as dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diabe...
Deuterated benzo[D][1,3]-dioxol derivatives
Furnace with integrated blower housing and heat exchanger
Furnace with integrated blower housing and heat exchanger
Jointing structure of a heat dissipating fin
Nearly isothermal heat pipe heat sink
Method for making brazed heat exchanger and apparatus
Heat transfer plate, plate pack and plate heat exchanger
Specialized space control and monitoring system
Heat integrated distillation column
Loop reactor heat removal
Spray cool means for cooling a modular inverter electric motor system
Electronic apparatus and fin unit
Computer enclosure
Integral swivel hydraulic connectors, door hinges, and methods and systems for their use
Miniaturized liquid cooling device
Electronic package whereby an electronic assembly is packaged within an enclosure that is designed t...
Heat sink assembly having heat pipe
Memory module assembly and heat sink thereof
Motor control apparatus and method of assembling motor control apparatus
Electronic assembly cooling
LED element and printed circuit board with the same
Heat sink and electronic apparatus using the same
Eye optical characteristic measuring apparatus
Systems and method for predicting the lime requirement in soils
Fiber-reinforced composites for dental materials
Oxime derivative, photopolymerizable composition, color filter, and process for producing the same
Isoquinoline and benzo[H] isoquinoline derivatives, preparation and therapeutic use thereof as antag...
System for modifying small structures using localized charge transfer mechanism to remove or deposit...
System and method for depositing thin layers on non-planar substrates by stamping
Synthesis of novel monomers containing the trifluorovinylidene group and the cyanato group and polym...
Thin film piezoelectric actuator
Phase-change memory (PCM) based universal content-addressable memory (CAM) configured as binary/tern...
Programmable heavy-ion sensing device for accelerated DRAM soft error detection
Call intercept methods, such as for customer self-support on a mobile device
Cantilever probe and applications of the same
Building management system and operating method thereof including protocol conversion
Inter-FE MPLS LSP mesh network for switching and resiliency in SoftRouter architecture
Method for finding resource and service in network and relay node apparatus
Communication system, real-time control device, and information processing system
Methods, systems and computer program products for evaluating network performance using diagnostic r...
Connectivity assessment for label distribution protocol (LDP) networks
Method and system for facilitating packet-based communications
Dynamic network protection
Method and apparatus for composing, browsing, replying, forwarding e-mail
Method and system to clear counters used for statistical tracking for global server load balancing
Message delivery with configurable assurances and features between two endpoints
System and method of binding a client to a server
Test equipment and semiconductor device
High speed integrated circuit
Method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Rotary residual fuel slurrifier
Method and apparatus for manufacturing fine particles
Anthracene derivative, and light emitting element, light emitting device, electronic device using an...
Image processing for vehicular applications applying image comparisons
Stirling engine and associated methods
Method and apparatus for growing a composite metal sulphide photocatalyst thin film
Solar heating system and architectural structure with a solar heating system
Refined routes to chlorin building blocks
Electrical characteristics of electrochromic devices
Systems and methods for smart deicers
Diagnostic test sets
System and methodology for cross language type system compatibility
Portal runtime framework
Extractor system, method and computer program product for managing network access on a per-applicati...
Apparatus expressing high availability cluster demand based on probability of breach
Method of authoring, deploying and using interactive, data-driven two or more dimensional content
Methods and apparatus for creating markup language documents
Method and apparatus for aggregating, condensing, supersetting, and displaying network topology and ...
Use of a reusable control software whose user interface and communication connection are established...
Model-based customer engagement techniques
Methods and systems for displaying multiple unique dynamic messages on a user interface
Precision shape modification of nanodevices with a low-energy electron beam
Method for chemical mechanical planarization of chalcogenide materials
CMP composition of boron surface-modified abrasive and nitro-substituted sulfonic acid and method of...
Methods of forming thermoelectric devices using islands of thermoelectric material and related struc...
Method and apparatus for high-gain magnetic resonance imaging
Method for making optical elements for microlithography, the lens systems obtained by the method and...
Zoom lens and optical apparatus including the same
Polyamino acids functionalized by at least one hydrophobic group and the therapeutic application the...
X-ray tube and X-ray analyzing apparatus
Receiver array using shared electron beam
Wafer-level alignment of optical elements
Logical library architecture for data storage applications and methods of use
Embedded nanotube array sensor and method of making a nanotube polymer composite
System and method for holographic optic trap bonding
Derivatized polyhydroxystyrenes with a novolak type structure and processes for preparing the same
Snow plow having reinforced mold board
Railway crossing installation
Non-axial actuable valve capable of retaining both high and low pressures
Method and apparatus for making brushes
Wiring board, method of manufacturing wiring board, and electronic device
Ink jet head for providing stable ink discharge, method of manufacturing the ink jet head, and ink j...
Method and system for accessing a file system
System for providing continuity between session clients and method therefor
Slot machine reels
Generating a graphical designer application for developing graphical models
Method, system, and apparatus for providing custom product support for a software program based upon...
System and method providing single application image
Template-driven approach to extract, transform, and/or load
Minimum delta generator for program binaries
Reflective screen
Electrowetting element, lens system, electronic device and driving method
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording with controlled state of magnetization of the end...
Electrostatic-discharge protection using a micro-electromechanical-system switch
Semiconductor switching device
System and method for producing and delivering vapor
Multi-application trial stimulator
Mass air flow sensor signal compensation system
Process control architecture with hydrodynamic correction
Automated linearization analysis
Multi-step automatic gearbox
Aluminum phosphate compounds, compositions, materials and related metal coatings
Modified reactive sorbents exhibiting enhanced decontamination of chemical warfare agents
Compositions and methods for modulating c-kit and PDGFR receptors
Processable molecularly imprinted polymers
Cable assembly
Device for treating surface of a polymolecular formed product
Dual redundant dynamic logic
System for standard positioning service and precise positioning service cooperative operation
Processing of seismic data acquired using twin over/under streamers
System for detecting, tracking, and reconstructing signals in spectrally competitive environments
Device and system that identifies cardiovascular insufficiency
System and method for speed measurement verification
Method and system for treating metal-containing fluid emissions
Software algorithm identification
Mycobacterium tuberculosis epitopes and methods of use thereof
Chaologic brain function diagnosis apparatus
Footwear upper
Toe spacer sock and corrective footwear
Footwear washer
Foot measurement apparatus
Article of footwear having a fluid-filled bladder with a reinforcing structure
Article of footwear having a fluid-filled bladder with a reinforcing structure
Contoured skate boot
Intelligent footwear systems
Intelligent footwear systems
Attachable cover for footwear
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Multilevel read-only optical disk and method for producing the same
LPP type extreme ultra violet light source apparatus and driver laser for the same
Temperature shift matching
Control circuit for optoelectronic module with integrated temperature control
Temperature compensated laser focusing optics
Laser irradiating method including maintaining temperature of a lens
Configurable laser driver with common anode and common cathode outputs
Light source device, monitor device, projector, and driving method for driving light source device
Laser drive, optical disc apparatus, and laser-driving method
Surface emitting laser array, production process thereof, and image forming apparatus having surface...
Self-mode locked multi-section semiconductor laser diode
Coupling devices and methods for stacked laser emitter arrays
Semiconductor laser device, and image display device
Laser diode device
Broadband light source in particular for short coherence interferometry
Optical E-field modulation using a directly driven laser
Image forming apparatus
System for processing semiconductor substrate by using laser and method of the same
Dynamic matrix sensitivity measuring instrument for inertial sensors, and measuring method therefor
Thixomold hinge assembly
Fuel cell housing structure
Catalyst powder, method of producing the catalyst powder, and exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Control device for vehicle cooling fan
Multichannel heat exchanger with dissimilar tube spacing
Seal structure
Anti-rotation running board bracket
Modular seat/console for a vehicle
Active head restraint systems for vehicle seats
Acoustically tuned seating assembly
Metal structure and vehicle seat
LED apparatus for world homologation
Method of pre-applying a bolster assembly to an interior trim part
Fuel cell system
Multiple cell battery
Isocyanato terminated precursor and method of making the same
Composite porous materials and methods of making and using the same
Contoured passive radiator and loudspeaker incorporating same
Capillary hydration system and method
Foldable top assembly for a golf cart
Modular power source for walk-behind mower
Permeable, close to the body liner for swim wear
Edible pet chew
Apparatus and methods for manufacturing cigarettes
Integrated and modular BSP/MEA/manifold plates for fuel cells
Thermal interface material and method for making the same
Bond pad design to minimize dielectric cracking
Selectable tap induction coil
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for charging the same
Connector for measuring electrical resistance, and apparatus and method for measuring electrical res...
Digital camera
Pixel structure and TFT array drain connected to pixel electrode without connection line from drain ...
Motor vehicle rear door
Reaction product of polyamine, acyclic carbonate and cyclic carbonate
Battery vent and pressure blowout relief frit
Green glass composition
Circuit board and method of manufacture thereof
GPS monitor
System and method for model-base compression of GPS ephemeris
Adjusting GPS communication with a wireless device
Method of determining a GPS position fix and a GPS receiver for the same
Method and system for multi-function satellite positioning system receivers
Cross-correlation detection and elimination in a receiver
Reducing memory usage in noncoherent signal processing
Method and apparatus to utilize GPS data to replace route planning software
Light emitting device
Picture display unit
Side-loading bone anchor
Expandable vertebral prosthesis
Channeled biomedical foams an method for producing same
Lysyl oxidase-like 1 (LOXL1) and elastogenesis
Bone and tissue scaffolding for delivery of therapeutic agents
Phosphorus-containing compounds with polymeric chains, and methods of making and using the same
Variable depth injection device and method
Expandable spinal implant having interlocking geometry for structural support
Irradiated implantable bone material
Tricyclic-bis-enone derivatives and methods of use thereof
Biologically active peptide and agent containing the same
Recombinant bone morphogenetic protein heterodimers, compositions and methods of use
Heated substrate support and method of fabricating same
Plasma process for inductively coupling power through a gas distribution plate while adjusting plasm...
Method for manufacturing layered periodic structures
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Process for making thin film field effect transistors using zinc oxide
Deposition methods for releasing stress buildup
Process for manufacturing a TFT device with source and drain regions having gradual dopant profile
Inkjet printhead comprising bonded heater element and dielectric layer with low thermal product
Local stress engineering for CMOS devices
CMOS fabrication process
Method to chemically remove metal impurities from polycide gate sidewalls
Method and apparatus for fabricating a high dielectric constant transistor gate using a low energy p...
Low wet etch rate silicon nitride film
High-quality SGOI by annealing near the alloy melting point
Electronic cooling device and fabrication method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Method of fabricating an in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display comprising rubbing and apply...
Signaling intermediates in an in vitro model of Alzheimer's disease
Endoscopic device
Endoscope optical system
Connector system and method of using same
Device and method for treatment of sinusitis
Apparatus for establishing access to the body
Instruments and techniques for controlled removal of epidermal layers
Cathode edge support device for a remote identifier in electro-winning and electro-refining process
Coextruded profiled webs
Sample processing devices
Perfluoropolyether amide-linked phosphonates, phosphates, and derivatives thereof
Complex microstructure film
Radiation curable thermal transfer elements
Method for selecting therapeutic agents for cancer treatment
Liquid detergent composition
Preparation and stabilization of fluoropolymer dispersions
Salts of isophosphoramide mustard and analogs thereof as anti-tumor agents
Intermediates for imidazonaphthyridines
Polyoxyalkylene ammonium salts and their use as antistatic agents
Temperature adjustment in scanning beam devices
Sprinkler with reversing planetary gear drive
Sprinkler nozzle and flow channel
Putter head