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Smoker's requisite
Barbecue stove with burner
Food processing apparatus and method
Clean-in-place automated food or beverage dispenser
Enclosed rotisserie with added convenience
Automated belt cooking machine pancakes or the like
Splatter lid
Apparatus for treating and preparing food by gas-fired heating and a heat exchange device for such a...
Cooking apparatus, cooking system and cooking control method using the same
Vacuum storage apparatus with sliding drawers
Process for converting brined sweet cherries into sweetened dried red tart cherry-like products and ...
Microwave interactive flexible packaging
Inductively heatable components
Coating and developing apparatus and coating and developing method
Camera arrangement for a motor vehicle
Illumination apparatus, and image capturing apparatus and projector apparatus using this illuminatio...
Method and apparatus for reconstruction of a multi-dimensional image
Method of and system for extracting 3D bag images from continuously reconstructed 2D image slices in...
Collimation and calibration integrative apparatus for container inspection system
Thermal optimization of ferrofluid seals
X-ray imaging apparatus and operating method therefor, with subject thickness-dependent use of a sca...
Equipment for mammography
Radiation tomography apparatus and radiation tomography method thereof
Inspection system for limited access spaces
Accelerated orthodontic apparatus and method
Phosphor panel
Grid assembly for use with a cassette
Detector for the detection of electromagnetic radiation
Printhead heaters with short pulse time
Electron microscope and a method of imaging objects
Optical filter and display apparatus with the same
Rectifying contact to an n-type oxide material or a substantially insulating oxide material
Electron beam emitter
Coincidence counting method of .gamma. ray and nuclear medicine diagnostic apparatus
Methods of preparing main group boryl compounds
Process and catalyst for dehydrogenating primary alcohols to make carboxylic acid salts
Heat-conductive silicone composition
Quantification method of vessel calcification
Sonar system and process
System and method for increasing the contrast of an image produced by an epifluorescence microscope
Compensation for geometric effects of beam misalignments in plane mirror interferometers
Texture caching arrangement for a computer graphics accelerator
Fault current limiter
Noncontact sensor
Plasma display panel and process for producing the plasma display panel
Dual wavelength detector
Method and apparatus for radiation analysis and encoder
Apparatus and method of simultaneous fat suppression, magnetization transfer contrast, and spatial s...
System and method of magnetic resonance imaging for producing successive magnetic resonance images
Spectrally tunable detector
Bi-directional wavelength division multiplexing self-healing optical ring network
Waveguide type optical device
Method and apparatus for maximizing radiation shielding during cask transfer procedures
Optical transmission system
Lighting system including photonic emission and detection using light-emitting elements
Multiphoton-excitation laser scanning microscope
Side-emitting fiber optic position sensor
Durable hydrophilic nonwoven mat
Textile backed pile article and method for making same
Balanced acoustic wave filter device
Liquid crystal display device having a wire securing member
Image metrics in the statistical analysis of DNA microarray data
Apparatuses and methods for determining protease activity
Method and apparatus for perioperative assessment of cardiovascular risk
Control of the pH in washwater recovery system for a glass forming line
Delay circuit having delay time adjustable by current
Alkaline storage battery
Apparatus for thromboembolic protection
Copolymer of alicyclic olefin having secondary hydroxyl group and acryl compound, and chemically amp...
Method for glue-bonding toothbrush to closure with corresponding germicidal receptacle
Precision degree pipe bender
Radar array
Track having rotatable bushing and link for the same
Agarase and gene thereof
Refrigerant valve arrangement
Method and device for selecting the operating mode of an integrated circuit
Cradle for a PDA
Capacity altering device, holder, and methods of sample processing
Polynucleotides encoding the human citron kinase polypeptide, BMSNKC.sub.--0020/0021
Norbornene compounds with cross-linkable groups and their derivatives
Financial instruments, system, and exchanges (financial, stock, option and commodity) based upon rea...
Low coherence interferometry utilizing magnitude
Hybrid variety of Texas X kentucky bluegrass designated `HB 129`
Pharmaceutical tablets having height greater than width
Reproducible selection of members in a hierarchy
Heater assembly for a respiratory treatment machine
Fuel cell system and stack used thereto
Sensor array for navigation on surfaces
Noise resistant small signal sensing circuit for a memory device
Peer-to-peer (P2P) connection despite network address translators (NATs) at both ends
System and method for multiple account single security trading
Surface modified stamper for imprint lithography
Avoiding superparamagnetic trap by changing grain geometries in heat-assisted magnetic recording sys...
Hydrophilic shape memory insertable medical articles
Phototherapy Systems and Methods
Rapid Acting and Long Acting Insulin Combination Formulations
Combination drug therapy for reducing scar tissue formation
Fungicidal Mixtures and Novel Triazolopyrimidines
Stable and bioavailable compositions of isomers of carotenoids for skin and hair
Alkaloid compounds and their use as anti-malarial drugs
Appetite-Suppressing Compositions And Methods
Method of Obtaining a Firming Active Principle, Active Principle Thus Obtained and Uses Thereof
Therapy of estrogen-associated disorders
Use of a liquid cooling sensate to provide a pungent, warming or tingling sensate composition
Formulation to aid in management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with urgency symptoms.
Extracts of Scutellaria for the Treatment of Sars
Modeling systems for consumer goods
Acorus Gramineus Soland Extract for Preventing and Treating Ischemic Heart Disease and Pharmaceutica...
Hydrophobically modified polymers
Treatment fluids comprising clarified xanthan and associated methods
Periodic Acid Compositions For Polishing Ruthenium/Low K Substrates
Method to bind enzyme to carrier using cationic copolymers and product produced thereby
Breeding method for yeast, yeast and a production method for glycoprotein or beta-glucan
Copolymer and Top Coating Composition
Proton-conducting electrolyte membrane, production process thereof, and membrane-electrode assembly ...
Rotary Parlour with Delivery Lines
Induction of immunity using inhibitors of granzymes
Compositions comprising amphotericin B, methods, and systems
Modulation of cell fates and activities by phthalazinediones
Peptides for enhancing resistance to microbial infections
IGF-1 as feline vaccine adjuvant, in particular against feline retroviruses
Inhibition of HIV-1 virion production by a transdominant mutant of integrase interactor 1(INI1)/hSNF...
Method and system for determining phenotype from genotype
Immunotherapeutic methods using epitopes of WT-1 and GATA-1
Aminoadamantane derivatives as therapeutic agents
Nucleic acids encoding dendritic cell transmembrane serine protease
Genome of the HIV-1 inter-subtype (C/B') and use thereof
Apoptosis-inducing polypeptides
Pyrrole compounds and uses thereof
(1,10B-Dihydro-2-(aminocarbonyl-phenyl)-5H-pyrazolo[1,5-c][1,3]benzoxazin-- 5-yl)phenyl methanone de...
Methods for treatment and management of brain cancer using 1-oxo-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-4-methy...
Verifying the presence of an original data storage medium
IP network and admission control method used therefor
Method and apparatus for secured electronic commerce
Localized network authentication and security using tamper-resistant keys
Mass subscriber management
Robust watermark for DSD signals
Method for altering encryption status in a relational database in a continuous process
Digital data file encryption apparatus and method
Image processing
Method, software, and device for hiding data in binary image, while preserving image quality
Method and apparatus for secure key delivery for decrypting bulk digital content files at an unsecur...
Quantum cryptographic key distribution networks with untrusted switches
Method and apparatus for film anti-piracy
Method to authenticate a mobile station, a communications system and a mobile station
Scheme for transferring copyright protected contents data using radio link layer authentication/encr...
Casino poker game
Board game and method to play
Device and method for continuously shuffling and monitoring cards
Game ball bag
Game apparatus with an encapsulated figure
Soccer strategy board game
Game for moving an object on a screen in response to movement of an operation article
Method for player-influenced random distribution of game tokens
Lottery game tickets as prizes in games of chance
Gaming machine having a variable display
Game machine, server, and program
Two stage fluid catalytic cracking process for selectively producing C.sub.2 to C.sub.4 olefins
Aubrieta plant named `Audelmag`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Danat213`
Antirrhinum plant named `Sunkisuhowa`
Astilbe plant named `White Sensation`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingsalab`
Coreopsis plant named `Little Sundial`
Process for the selective removal of sulphur compounds from synthesis gas
Cobalt ferrite based magnetostrictive materials for magnetic stress sensor and actuator applications
Film containing a photo-catalyst apatite, its formation method, coating liquid, and electronic devic...
Method for removing harmful substance in vent gas
Plasma particulate filter
Catalysts for the production of methylchlorosilanes using zinc oxide promoters
Method for fast start of a fuel processor
Production of agglomerates from gas phase
High pressure/high temperature production of colorless and fancy-colored diamonds
Method for producing silanes
Titanosilicate, process for its production, and its use in producing oxidized compound
Reprocessing method by fluoride volatility process using fractional distillation
Hydrogen generator
Method of producing lithium tantalate crystal
High pressure superabrasive particle synthesis
Maximizing regulatory credits in controlling air pollution
Panel for oven
Cellular phone
Storage container
Systems and methods for discovering and interacting with services
Methods and apparatus for using water use signatures and water pressure in improving water use effic...
Apparatus and method for providing a telematics service having and AGPS function
Portable communication device and method of sensing camera operation mode in the portable communicat...
Method for setting up route path through route discovery in a mobile ad hoc network using partial ro...
Electricity waste suppressing original document size detection apparatus
Image fixing unit having preheating means for image forming apparatus and image fixing method using ...
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus in which a user may separate a development cartridge from the image forming ...
Image forming apparatus for preventing resistance variation of intermediate transfer belt and method...
Image forming device, consumable used in the image forming device, and method of managing status inf...
Bottom level detection device for burst mode optical receiver
Method and apparatus for inter-chip wireless communication
Intelligent spectrum management in a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) wireless communications s...
Installation technique for a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) wireless communications systems
Wireless communication system using an impulse signal train, a wireless transmission apparatus, a wi...
System and method for hybrid coordination in a wireless LAN
MAC controller and clock synchronizing method for use with the same
Cooperative wireless communications
Method and apparatus for wireless relay within a network environment
Method and communication device for expanding the range of data transmission rates in wireless local...
Wireless network detection device
Wireless communication system capable of saving time for mutual data communication in sniff mode
Method and apparatus for frame buffer management
Circumferential speed and developer characteristics
Farfield analysis of noise sources
Valve control method for circuitry for power generation systems
TFT array substrate, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display having the same
Display device and method for fabricating the same
System and method for abstracting and visualizing a route map
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Portion of an electronic mouse
Automatic view selection
Method for predicting the readings of japanese ideographs
System and method for adding hardware registers to a power management and configuration system
Thread based email
Domain adaptation for TTS systems
Innovations in pure lossless audio compression
Automatic resolution of segmentation ambiguities in grammar authoring
Display device
Mesh connected electrical rotating machine with span changing
Gaming device having an award distributor and an award accumulator bonus game
Ballast having a dimming device
Hybrid processing of OpenGL display list commands
Methods for identifying compounds that modulate stabilization of secretase-associated proteins
Assessment of sleep quality and sleep disordered breathing based on cardiopulmonary coupling
Production of broad molecular weight polyethylene
Angioplasty device and method of making same
Method for the production of riboflavin of modification b/c in granular form
Technological machinery for production of polarizers
Compounds and methods for regulating cell adhesion
Color image forming apparatus including a voltage attenuating intermediate transfer belt
Compositions for solid freeform fabrication
Communication performance calculation method and communication performance calculation apparatus in ...
Tissue box caddy
H. pylori fucosyltransferases
Semiconductor device
System and method for installing portable device drivers
Bag sealing system and method
Network media access controller embedded in a programmable logic device--physical layer interface
GMG-3 GMG-4 and GMG-6 polynucleotides and polypeptides and uses thereof
Pharmaceutically stable hemostatic compositions
Process for the production of propylene copolymers
Intake structure for V-type internal combustion engine
Method and system for interactive initial offering of multi-class financial instruments
Fast/slow state machine latch
Fencing of resources allocated to non-cooperative client computers
Method and apparatus for automated debug and optimization of in-circuit tests
Breath actuated dry powder inhaler and tape dose strip
System and method for the automatic detection of the expiratory flow limitation
Single data line sensing scheme for TCCT-based memory cells
Method and structure for generating offset fields for use in MRAM devices
Method of controlling telephone connections for internet protocol communications
Procedure and Multi-Key Card to Avoid Internet Fraud
Electroluminescent display panel and method for operating the same
Organic electroluminescent device and electronic apparatus
Thick film dielectric electroluminescent display having patterned phosphor film with electronic band...
Light-emitting device comprising porous alumina, and manufacturing process thereof
Vertically polarized traveling wave antenna apparatus and method
Vacuum diode-type electronic heat pump device and electronic equipment having the same
Devices with HfSiON dielectric films which are Hf-O rich
Pb-Ge-Te-compounds for thermoelectric generators or Peltier arrangements
Wind turbine and energy distribution system
Fresh water extraction device
IP multicast packet replication process for 4K VLANS
Multiring control method, node using the method, and control program
Digital camera and power supply control thereof
Image sensing apparatus and data processing method used therein
System and method for performing sociometric data collection and analysis for the sociometric classi...
Methods and systems for managing hierarchically organized and interdependent tasks and issues
E-commerce bid and project management system and method for the construction industry
Premium evaluation systems and methods
Method and system for dynamic management of part reliability data
Providing market feedback associated with electronic commerce transactions to sellers
System and process for the production of a customer individualized print product
Control system
Point-of-transaction machine with improved versatility and related method
System, method and program product for providing navigational information for facilitating navigatio...
Calcium fortified, soy based, infant nutritional formulas
Method for the preparation of yoghurt and other fermented milk products
Butter cup
Apparatus for making ice cream having an improved dispenser
Lactoferrin in the reduction of pain
Agents for alleviating symptoms accompanied by inflammation
Stabilized polynucleotide complexes and methods
Overheat prevention device for household bean milk and bean curd makers
Intravascular stent
Stents for blood vessels
Method and apparatus for treating vulnerable plaque
Supra-renal anchoring prosthesis
Active tissue augmentation materials and method
Substituted cyclopentanes or cyclopentanones as therapeutic agents
CXCR1 and CXCR2 chemokine antagonists
4-Phenyl-6-substituted-pyrimidine-2-carbonitrile derivatives
Methods for producing modified glycoproteins
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Antibodies to M-CSF
Intravascular folded tubular endoprosthesis
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT2C, receptor ligands
Lamp lighting circuit
Agents for treatment of HCV and methods of use
Method and system for generating an initial layout of an integrated circuit
Alkali dry cell
Method of establishing connections between measuring electronics and fuel cell stack
Methods and apparatus for assembling solid oxide fuel cells
Surgical device with brush electrode and methods for electrosurgical treatment
Low complexity beamformers for multiple transmit and receive antennas
Method for producing silicon wafer
Maltose-1-phosphate-producing enzyme
Vessel retraction device and method
Display device, lighting device and projector
High temperature bulk polymerization of branched crystalline polypropylene
Data architecture of map data, data architecture of update instruction data, map information process...
High efficiency radio frequency power amplifier having an extended dynamic range
Touch sensor and location indicator circuits
RFIC die and package
Industrial apparatus for applying radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to semiconductive dielectri...
System and method for carrier identification in a pneumatic tube system
Controller for processing apparatus
Secure and intuitive method for wireless network set-up and associated device and system
Power control in mobile communication systems
Method and apparatus for reducing paging-related delays
Method for synchronizing a radio communication system divided into radio cells, a base station and m...
Process and system for deployment of radio coverage of a cellular radiotelephony network
Resource negotiation in wireless communications networks and methods
Communication system, gateway equipment, communication method and authentication method
Means and method for measuring the status of a core interface between two core subnetworks in a tele...
Advertising system using radio communication between advertiser and consumer
High sensitivity radio receiver
Reception diversity system and control method therefor
Wireless communications system having reduced noise mode operation capability
Base station control equipment, radio base station equipment, radio terminal equipment, and mobile c...
Oil pump arrangement for an internal combustion engine
Branch calling and caller ID based call routing telephone features
Internet provider subscriber communications system
Method and system for accessing information and/or data available on a wide area computer network
Client account and information management system and method
Timeline presentation and control of simulated load traffic
Method and apparatus for accessing a common database from a mobile device and a computing device
Packet data processing apparatus in packet data communication system
Sequence-preserving deep-packet processing in a multiprocessor system
Multi-service network switch with independent protocol stack architecture
Computer, internet and telecommunications based network
Determination of endpoint virtual address assignment in an internet telephony system
Integrated telephone central office systems for integrating the internet with the public switched te...
Managing internet protocol unicast and multicast communications
Selection system, its selection method for voice channels, and switchboard for use therein
System for digital radio communication between a wireless LAN and a PBX
Apparatus and method for providing server state and attribute management for voice enabled web appli...
Resynchronization of point-to-point protocol sessions for inter-PDSN handoffs
Portion of a pair of sports gloves
Pair of sports gloves
Finger tongs
Golf training glove
Guide rope for children
Cosmetic container
Hair trimmer
Elastic ornamental hair band
Elastic ornamental hair band
Hair bead mounting tool
2,4,8-trisubstituted-8H-pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one compounds
Interface between front-end systems and back-end systems
Deallocation of computer data in a multithreaded computer
Data processing system
Storage system and method for acquisition and utilization of snapshots
Remote asynchronous mirror recovery
Computer oriented record administration system
Controlling access of concurrent users of computer resources in a distributed system using an improv...
System and method for testing automated provisioning and maintenance of Operations Support Systems
Method for distributed program execution with web-based file-type association
System for frequency-domain scaling for discrete cosine transform
Live actor integration in pre-recorded well known video
State adaptation devices and methods for wireless communications
Message indexing and archiving
Input/output circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Adjustable electronic duplexer
Method for providing CTI services or features via communication channel having communication connect...
Router and sip server
Remote tracking and communication device
Method and system for transmitting data based on two-dimensional symbol technologies
Hinges and associated devices
System for automatically assigning a telephone number to an existing telephone after detecting a net...
Communication system, and connection setting method and connection setting program of exchange and t...
Mobile communication device
Telephony apparatus for PBX system
Mobile-service switching center, base station controller, multicall communication mode supporting te...
Method and communication system of associated phone calling
Communications terminal, communication control method and program
Traffic shaping of cellular service consumption through modification of consumer behavior encouraged...
Direct connect wireless headset system
Device, method of manufacturing the same, electro-optic device, and electronic equipment
Rotatory polarization plate, optical element, light condensation backlight system and liquid crystal...
High-speed high-temperature nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display comprising...
Method of producing inorganic semiconductor-or phosphor-primary particle and inorganic semiconductor...
Composite material including nanocrystals and methods of making
Single-pass growth of multilayer patterned electronic and photonic devices using a scanning localize...
Light emitting element and manufacturing method thereof
Electro-optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic module, methods of manufacturing and driving the same, and electronic instrument
Electroluminescence display device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating semiconductor device utilizing laser irradiation
Forming process of thin film pattern and manufacturing process of device, electro-optical apparatus ...
Harnessing machine learning to improve the success rate of stimuli generation
Access control system and method
Method and apparatus for data validation
Multi-tiered boot list
Method of enhancing absorptions of transmucosal administration formulations
Bioreactor for sewage and wastewater treatment
Methods and compositions for the detection of microbial contaminants
Micro-pattern embedded plastic optical film device for cell-based assays
Enzyme multimer and process of producing same
Apparatus for circulating carrier fluid
Buffy coat tube and float system and method
Unit for the treatment of histological samples
Remediation of sulfur-containing pollutants with hydrocarbon-utilizing bacteria
Flexible screen display with touch sensor in a portable computer
Cellular broadcasting Media
Atomic lookup rule set transition
Metro ethernet network system with selective upstream pause messaging
Forwarding traffic in a network using a single forwarding table that includes forwarding information...
Information delivery method for communication systems
Location based adaptive antenna scheme for wireless data applications
Apparatus and method for phase synchronization control in RZ optical transmitter
Method and apparatus for providing multicast services in a wireless communication environment
Method and apparatus for reducing phase jitter in an optical communication system
Broadcast channels for wireless telephony
Protection scheme for a communication network
Method and apparatus for mitigating intersymbol interference from optical filtering
Dispersion compensation apparatus
Method and apparatus for transporting a SDH/SONET client signal as a service
Methods and apparatus for reliable point to multipoint communications
System for implementing simulated facility groups on a GR303-type interface
Selective transmission rate limiter for rapid spanning tree protocol
System and method of employing efficient operators for Bayesian network search
Breath actuated dry powder inhaler and tape dose strip
Fluid dispenser device having reservoir with adjustment mechanism cooperating with device body
Air decontamination devices
Apparatus for froth cleaning
Juice extractor with drive and return cams for extractor cup movement
Process for accessing munitions using fluid jet technology
Process for packaging plastic materials like hot melt adhesives
Coextruded living hinge, a component incorporating the hinge, and methods of making the component
Dual-functional medium shredding machine structure
Abnormality determining method, abnormality determining apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Warming system and method for heating various items utilized in surgical procedures
Sorting system using narrow-band electromagnetic radiation
Serine proteases from gram-positive microorganisms
Phosphoserine phosphatase of coryneform bacteria and variants thereof
Polyphosphate:AMP phosphotransferase
Transglutaminase-producing strain
Fructosyl peptide oxidase and utilization thereof
Stacked 1T-nMTJ MRAM structure
Power monitoring circuit having automatic feedback and overload protection
Cyclooxygenase-2 selective agents useful as imaging probes and related methods
Generator for rhenium-188
Ophthalmic compositions containing a synergistic combination of three polymers
Recombinant herpesvirus and polyvalent vaccine
Methods of treating psoriasis with .alpha..sub.v.beta..sub.3-specific antibodies
Method for producing crystals and screening crystallization conditions
Actuator modules
Cables with stranded wire strength members
Device and method for monitoring leukocyte migration
Cloning and sequencing of pyruvate decarboxylase (PDC) genes from bacteria and uses therefor
Methods of well treatment
Genes encoding genetic stability, gene expression and folding proteins
Screening and therapeutic methods relating to neurogenesis
Materials and methods for regulating process formation in cell culture
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Genes encoding novel proteolytic enzymes
Data reproduction apparatus, data recording apparatus, circuit element, data reproduction method and...
System for capturing information from a printed document
Methods and apparatus for supporting and implementing computer based animation
Method and system for mail security and traceability
Reproducing method, reproducing apparatus, recording method, recording apparatus, and method for gen...
Method of performing data searches on a network
Feedback process to model CP utilization in multi-processor performance models
Data embedding device and data extraction device
Event-driven flow control for a very high-speed switching node
Variable data differential gloss images
Method and device communicating a command
Printer and method for detecting donor material
Authentication of merchandise units
Method of generating a distributed text index for parallel query processing
Automatically facilitated support for complex electronic services
Monitoring database performance by obtaining SQL addresses for SQL statements
Methods and systems for database statement execution plan optimization
System and method for category organization
System and method for category discovery
Multidimensional data object searching using bit vector indices
Document search methods and systems
Bookmark managing system and bookmark managing method
Uniquely identifying an object before it is stored in a database
Apparatus, system and method for automating an interactive inspection process
Method and apparatus for encoding a plurality of pre-defined codes into a search key and for locatin...
Rotating automotive grille assembly
Structural component of a motor vehicle bumper arrangement
Cluster mounting bracket
Moveable guard assembly for all terrain vehicle
Steering arm for a walking/rider pallet truck
Electric power steering apparatus
Power steering device
Steering control device
Reduction gear device
Limiting and controlling motor vehicle operation functions enabled for each of a group of drivers of...
System of devices for emergency opening of vehicle doors
Vehicle immobiliser/alarm
Control apparatus for electrically-powered vehicle
Vehicle transmission systems
Method for actuating a reversible belt pretensioner
Compact fault tolerant variable cross-drive electromechanical transmission
Power transmission system for four-wheel drive vehicle
Dual hinge belt lumbar
Vehicle floor mats having integral hook retention
Vehicle seat backrest suitable for allowing the attachment of a child seat and vehicle seat comprisi...
Method for manufacturing fuel cell, and electronic device and automobile including the fuel cell
Chassis as well as a child vehicle seat provided with such a chassis
Starting device for motor vehicles
Drive unit of an adjuster of a vehicle seat
Amphibious recreation vehicle
Sports equipment transporting apparatus
Seat assembly for vehicle
Side impact load transmitting structure
Boot of a motor vehicle
Sliding door opening and closing device
Apparatus and method for repetitive motion therapy
Transformable toy
Method and foot switch control for fast angulation changes in an x-ray system
Footrest for wheelchairs or the like
Lifting appliance
Disc brake
Elevator apparatus
Textile weave of inelastic and elastic fiber forming an elastic weave with one or more rigid loops
Device for carrying and fastening a robot
Decorative vamp system
Reduced skin abrasion shoe
Automated tightening shoe
Plate support for athletic shoe
Shoe having a replaceable sole
Convertible sandal
Inflatable shoe sole
Toilet seat lifting and lowering device
Wound dressing
Traumatic Amputation and Wound Dressing
Wound treatment apparatus employing reduced pressure
Removable gauze bandage with perforated adhesive strips to adjust bandage
Intelligent orthosis
Medical device for a user's limb
Air flow sleeve system and cast structure incorporating air flow sleeve system
Blister inhibiting cover dressing and method of using same
Orthotic Bracing Device
Adjustable sling as a support of internal organs or anatomical tissues
Machine for the manufacture of a fiber material web
Visor for vehicles
Skate boot
Broadband surface plasmon jets: direct observation of plasmon propagation for application to sensors...
Non-volatile memory arrangement having nanocrystals
Article comprising gated field emission structures with centralized nanowires and method for making ...
Nanoparticle delivery vehicle
Golf balls incorporating nanofillers and methods for making such golf balls
Method of making nanoparticles
Layered materials including nanoparticles
Optomechanical structure for a multifunctional hard x-ray nanoprobe instrument
Method and apparatus for metadata synchronization
Camera and piezo ceramic motor therefor
Camera module
Information processing device, power supply control method, and computer program
Method and apparatus for surgical operating room information display gaze detection and user priorit...
Camera-equipped portable device
Color OLED display with improved power efficiency
Low power remote asset monitoring
Solar powered sign light
Solar cell phone
Support base for solar collector assembly
Solar collector
Performance monitor for a photovoltaic supply
Chinese lunar calendar-based tidal prediction system and method thereof
Photonic crystal energy converter
Timepiece dial and timepiece
Frequency control and power balancing in disturbed power inverter system and method thereof
DC-DC converter
Electrochromic material
Handheld metrology imaging system and method
Sequential colour visual telepresence system
Apparatus and method of re-adjusting convergence of a projection TV
Electronic device and antenna apparatus
Automated traffic control system
Battery pack with internal charge/power switching
Fan motor
Dye-sensitized solar cell
Dye-sensitized solar cell
Vehicle navigation system
Entertainment apparatus, object display device, object display method, recording medium and characte...
Tactile signal-producing vest worn while playing a video game
Multiplayer biofeedback interactive gaming environment
Gaming device having a re-triggering symbol bonus scheme
Gaming device having a competition bonus scheme
Gaming device having offer/acceptance advance threshold and limit bonus scheme
Gaming device having related award component selection
Game of skill and chance and system and method for playing such game
Gaming machine with polyhedral reels
Closure system for a stuffed toy
Floating water toy
Propeller impact protector and model flying airplane incorporating same
System and method for playing a table and electronic card game
Poker game with dealer disqualifying hand
Display assembly for a vehicle
Knowledge discovery method with utility functions and feedback loops
Inference machine
Apparatus and method for synthesizing emotions based on the human nervous system
Conditional CSP solving using constraint propagation
Method and system for automatic computation creativity and specifically for story generation
Systems, methods, and software for hyperlinking names
Classifying text in a code editor using multiple classifiers
Two step data analysis
Cognitive memory and auto-associative neural network based search engine for computer and network lo...
Techniques to organize test results
Training of associative networks
Methods and systems for applying genetic operators to determine system conditions
Degree of outlier calculation device, and probability density estimation device and forgetful histog...
Systems and methods for designing and manufacturing engineered objects
Information processing apparatus and method
Genetically adaptive neural network classification systems and methods
Method and apparatus for creating consistent risk forecasts and for aggregating factor models
Fast feature selection method and system for maximum entropy modeling
Low-substituted hydroxypropylcellulose powder and method for producing the same
3'-End Nucleoside Unit Comprising Phosphoramidite
Apparatus and Method for the More Efficient Isolation of Nucleic Acids
siRNA targeting neuropeptide Y (NPY)
Oxidation of carbohydrate with ultraviolet radiation
Molecular Transporters Based On Alditol Or Inositol And Processes For The Preparation Thereof
Method for inhibiting NOX1 gene expression
Integrin-linked kinase and its uses
Secreted Insecticidal Protein and Gene Compositions from Bacillus Thuringiensis and Uses Therefor
Stress Tolerant Transgenic Wheat Plant
Protein Tyrosine Phosphate Mutations in Cancers
Methods for Treating Disease by Modulating an Osmotic Stress Pathway
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering ...
Novel compositions and methods in cancer
Rna Interference Mediated Inhibition of Gene Expression Using Multifunctional Short Interfering Nucl...
Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptor Mutants and Uses Thereof
Antibiotic and Method of Production Thereof
Nucleic acid molecules encoding the MAGE-1 tumor rejection antigen precursor
Inbred corn line PHC78
Soybean cultivar 5419227
Changing the fine chemical content in organisms by genetically modifying the shikimate pathway
IL-21 as a regulator of immunoglobin production
Non-human animal model of oligodendrocyte developmental disorder
Ferritin light subunit variant-encoding nucleic acids, polypeptides, transgenic animals comprising t...
Non-oligomerizing tandem fluorescent proteins
Primers and probe to identify mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
Antifungal proteins and methods for their use
DNA sequences encoding peptide sequences specific for the hepatic stages of P. falciparum bearing ep...
Lepidopteran-active Bacillus thuringiensis .delta.-endotoxin polynucleotides, compositions, and meth...
Variants of TRAF2 which act as an inhibitor of TNF-alpha (TNF.alpha.) signaling pathway
Isolated recombinant bovine soluble CD14 polypeptide, rbosCD14
Bardet-Biedl susceptibility gene and uses thereof
Molecular characteristics of non-small cell lung cancer
Variants of alpha-fetoprotein coding and expression sequences
Genome of the HIV-1 inter-subtype (C/B) and use thereof
MDL-1 polypeptides
Compositions for the regulation of cytokine activity
Extracellular NAD.sup.+ and cADPR as potent anti-inflammatory agents
Dynamic content clustering
Networked international system for organizational electronic commerce
Micro-optic security and image presentation system
Rollover detection system
Occupant classification system and method
Active shift transmission, transmission control unit and automobile
Personal propulsion device with hands free control
Lateral control rod for a cab suspension system
Underbody structure of vehicle
Motorcycle rear fender structure
Support structure of parts for vehicle
Dual-circuit steer-by-wire steering system comprising a common cradle
Retractable passenger seat for an ATV
Vehicle body frame structure
Oil-hydraulic vehicle
Pedestrian impact sensing apparatus for a vehicle bumper
Protective structure for an electrical circuit device
Front-end structure of vehicle
Vehicle having twin transmissions for driving respective wheels
Hydraulic traction system for vehicles
Edge adaptive demosaic system and method
Funduscopic image processing unit and method
Method and apparatus for a velocity detection system using optical growth rate
Inter-frame video techniques for behavioral analysis of laboratory animals
Digital demodulation device and synchronization detecting method
Lossless image encoding/decoding method and apparatus using inter-color plane prediction
Quadratic video demodulation with baseband nyquist filter
Method and apparatus for optimizing the presentation of audio visual works
Expanded information capacity for existing communication transmission systems
Dot clock synchronization generator circuit
Method, system, and program product for eliminating error contribution from production switchers wit...
Video coding method and decoding method and devices thereof
Apparatus and method for converting analog and digital video format
Reduced television display flicker and perceived line structure with low horizontal scan rates
Deployable monitoring device having self-righting housing and associated method
Aligning data streams
Image pickup device with a three-dimensional circuit board and device assembly method
Security device, key device, and program protection system and method
Game finder
Method and apparatus for creating and playing soundtracks in a gaming system
Wagering gaming device providing physical stimulation responses to various components of the gaming ...
Gaming device including a game having a wild symbol related award
Gaming device including a game having a wild symbol related award
Wagering game with award feature for subsets of game outcomes
Gaming system
Game apparatus, input device used in game apparatus and storage medium
Collapsible game feeder
Stream reforming of solid carbon in protonic ceramic fuel cells
Hybrid materials and methods for producing the same
Hydrothermally stable metal promoted zeolite beta for NO.sub.x reduction
Process for reforming hydrocarbons with carbon dioxide by the use of a selectively permeable membran...
Method for zero emission liquid hydrogen production from methane and landfill gas
Process and installation for the treatment of DSO
Hydrophobic silica fine powder and making method
Targeted duct injection for SO.sub.3 control
Method and apparatus for bubble injection of agent into exhaust gas for use with emission abatement ...
Process to separate the vanadium contained in inorganic acid solutions
Process and device for carrying out reactions in reactor with slot-shaped reaction spaces
Passivation of porous semiconductors
Active material for positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of m...
Force measurement system for an isometric exercise device
Knowledge management tool
Dynamic binaural sound capture and reproduction
High order filters with controllable delay and performance
Joint component framework for modeling complex joint behavior
Computer interface device
Iron nitride magnetic powder and method of producing the powder
Method for manufacturing composite articles and the articles obtained therefrom
Ti(C,N)-(Ti,Nb,W)(C,N)-Co alloy for milling cutting tool applications
Titanium-based alloy and method of heat treatment of large-sized semifinished items of this alloy
Automatic player exactly bringing pedal to half point, musical instrument equipped therewith and met...
Acoustic piano with MIDI sensor and selective muting of groups of keys
Wavetable audio synthesis system
Automatic performance apparatus
Performance control system, performance control apparatus, performance control method, program for i...
Slide rule devices for music study
System and method for musical instrument education
Keyboard apparatus
Stringed musical instrument and method
Method for driving retransmission timer in mobile telecommunications system using radio link protoco...
Method of transmission between two processors of a radio communication unit
Radioelectric asymmetric conveyer for therapeutic use
Uterine tissue monitoring device and method
Method and apparatus for synchronizing WLAN in a multi-mode radio system
System and method for call processing in a mobile device with position location capability
System and method for enabling two-way radio communications over a computer network
Method for monitoring the transmission quality in a cellular radio communication system
Telecommunication call management and monitoring system
Emergency call placement method
Method and apparatus for generating arbitrary phase shift using a phase shifter based on adding two ...
Automatic gain controller for achieving high signal-to-noise ratio and low power loss, and a transmi...
Method for detection of radio communication terminals
Method and system for supporting multiple service providers within a single optical network
Auxiliary playpen speaker
Method and apparatus for receiving a CDMA signal
Radio reception apparatus, radio reception method and radio reception program capable of switching m...
High frequency power amplifier circuit
Method and apparatus for improving power amplifier efficiency in wireless communication systems havi...
Communication system with frequency modulation and a single local oscillator
Computerized system and method for creating a buyback stock investment report
Email viewing security
Reproduction control method, program and recording medium
Machine post-launch configuration and option upgrade with master key
Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium on which a program for executing t...
National identification card system and biometric identity verification method for negotiating trans...
Accessing information on a network using an extended network universal resource locator
Data distribution system, terminal apparatus, distribution center apparatus, high-efficiency encodin...
Communication system using communication network and communication method
Method and apparatus for calendaring reminders
Very large dataset representation system and method
Apparatus and method for ballot ticket price calculation
Electronic settlement system, settlement management device, store device, client device, data storag...
Connected audio and other media objects
Information management system
System and method for securing communication service
Automated banking machine and system
Method and apparatus for integrated payments processing and decisioning for internet transactions
Compound order handling in an anonymous trading system
Method and system for building and maintenance watch lists
Light hydrocarbon separation using 8-member ring zeolites
Process for producing olefins
Process for the production of triptane
Isomerization of olefins with carboxylic acid
Low metal content catalyst compositions and processes for making and using same
PEG-substituted pyridine ligands and related water-soluble catalysts
Process for removing contaminants from Fischer-Tropsch feed streams
Method of preventing heat exchanger fouling
Hydrangea plant named `RIE 05`
Shrub rose plant named `Radtkopink`
Grandiflora rose plant named `BAIsme`
Dianella caerulea plant named `DCNCO`
Pennisetum plant named `Fireworks`
Argyranthemum plant named `Bonmadchebon`
Coreopsis plant named `RP1`
Acer palmatum plant named `Ryusen`
Hydrangea paniculata plant named `HYPMAD II`
Floribunda rose plant named `Poulcas025`
Petunia plant named `Petrosena`
Petunia plant named `Petelred`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Radiant Time`
Oak tree named `QXMTF`
Verbena plant named `Carsca`
Diascia plant named `KLEDB05503`
Bracteantha plant named `KLEBB05354`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsaleo`
Brachteantha plant named `KLEBB05351`
`Little Honey`: a Grevillea cultivar
Bispecific single chain Fv antibody molecules and methods of use thereof
Humanized immunomodulatory monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of neoplastic disease or immunode...
Bispecific single chain Fv antibody molecules and methods of use thereof
Growth differentiation factor-8 nucleic acid and polypeptide from aquatic species, and transgenic aq...
Q3 SPARC deletion mutant and uses thereof
Biocompatible crosslinked polymers with visualization agents
Cross-linked ionic core micelles
Photocleavable DNA transfer agent
Peptides and medicinal compositions containing the same
Methods and compositions for treating ocular disease
Process for identifying a novel target for use for the development of therapeutic modalities and dru...
Viral vectors having tissue tropism for T-lymphocytes, B- and mast cells
Device for maintaining vascularization near an implant
Attenuated vaccine useful for immunizations against Coccidioides spp. infections
Protease producing an altered immunogenic response and methods of making and using the same
Enzymatic polymerization
CXCL10-based diagnosis and treatment of respiratory illnesses
Rocket-powered sensor target assembly
Method of conversion of continuous medium flow energy and device for conversion of continuous medium...
Control linkage for T-tail aircraft elevator surfaces
Device for facilitating the lowering of a landing gear by gravity
Bendable wing for micro air vehicle
Aircraft archway
Deployable receptacle
Flow restrictors for aircraft inlet acoustic treatments, and associated systems and methods
Method and apparatus for fighting a fire in an enclosed space in an aircraft
Device for indicating a beat level
Computer system providing selective wireless network enablement
System and program for preventing unauthorized copying of software
Duplication controlling method, duplication controlling apparatus, recording medium, and duplication...
Techniques for preserving content during a redirection for authentication
Image authenticating methods
System and method for playback of copying-and-use-protected acoustic and image media
Data embedding with multi-level screening
Protected storage of a datum in an integrated circuit
Method for establishing a common key for a group of at least three subscribers
Embedding supplemental data in an encoded signal
Approach for managing access to messages using encryption key management policies
Key agreement and transport protocol
Encryption between multiple devices
Facilitating secure communications among multicast nodes in a telecommunications network
System and method for encypting spread spectrum carrier
Logical access block processing protocol for transparent secure file storage
Cyphering of the content of a memory external to a processor
Methods and apparatus for confidentiality protection for Fibre Channel Common Transport
Ultra-secure, ultra-efficient cryptographic system
Determination of the presence of additional coded data in a data frame
Method and system for cross-marketing products and services over a distributed communication network
Ticketing with printing option
Method and system for managing real property transactions having internet access and control
Method for providing web-based insurance data processing services to users
System and method for providing routing, mapping, and relative position information to users of a co...
Internet access control method in a mobile communication terminal with a built-in web browser
Dynamically channelizable packet transport network
Cell relay using the internet protocol
Methods for discovering network address and port translators
System and method for indicating the priority of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls
Optional setting up of a connection via a telephone network or via the internet
Low level order picker lift truck
Wafer transfer apparatus
Waste container bib
Open top bin
Recycling bin
Boot attachment for a boot dryer
Paint vessel cover
Multi-feature scraper tool
Grip of a handle for a squeegee or the like
Microfiber-tube wet mop
Dust collecting pad
Oven rack cleaning device
Handle for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner handle portion
Steam vacuum cleaner
Combination steam and vacuum cleaner
Drum washing machine
Drum washing machine
Aqueous parts cleaner
Animal collar
Rectangular bathroom bin
Apparatus, system, and method for supporting a gate entry for underground full extraction mining
Seismic base isolation by electro-osmosis
Inbred corn line PHEWW
Inbred corn line PHCA5
Cotton cultivar PHY 800 Pima
Soybean cultivar 6134466
Lettuce cultivar 40-0401159-B
Lettuce cultivar 10-0204040-B
Non-dehiscent sesame variety Sesaco 29
Nucleotide sequences and method of using same to increase plant stress tolerance
Methods of protecting plants from pathogenic fungi
Unactivated oocytes in nuclear transfer to produce cultured inner cell mass cells and ungulates
Capture and release based isotope tagged peptides and methods for using the same
Frame for speaker device and speaker device
Combustion chamber for a gas turbine
Arbitrary coverage angle sound integrator
Resin-molded component and method for manufacturing thereof as well as diaphragm for loudspeaker
Apparatus for containing noise generated by a pneumatically powered surgical instrument and related ...
Vortex muffler
Ferromagnetic frame magnet with superconducting coils
Device for calibrating a magnetic resonance apparatus having a pet function
Magnetic resonance diagnosing apparatus and its operating method
PRO19628 Antibodies
Anti-pro4407 antibodies
PRO1571 polypeptides
Brain natriuretic peptide spliced variant
Substituted indoles
Halogenated nitrobutadienes for controlling animal pests
Nitrosated and nitrosylated proton pump inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Heterocyclic substituted aminoazacycles useful as central nervous system agents
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Amide derivatives
Pyridyl substituted ketolide antibiotics
Methods to increase or decrease bone density
Tissue products comprising a cleansing composition
Transformed bacteria producing CS6 antigens as vaccines
Thermally color-developing reversibly thermochromic pigment
Involuted endovascular valve and method of construction
Chemically attached coaxial connector
Thermoplastic railroad cross-ties
Temperature indicator
Cleaning implement
User interface for interactive television systems
Ejection failure mechanism
User interface display navigation and item selection system
Demand-based power and data rate adjustments to a transmitter to optimize channel capacity and power...
System and process for presenting search results in a histogram/cluster format
Text editing apparatus
Data management tool
Virtual machine with securely distributed bytecode verification
Caching support for direct memory access address translation
Queue memory management
Advanced processor with system on a chip interconnect technology
Systems and methods for initiator mode connection management in SAS connections
System and user interface supporting processing and activity management for concurrently operating a...
Adaptive file readahead technique for multiple read streams
Quality analysis including cumulative deviation determination
Footwear upper
Slipper insole, slipper, and method for manufacturing a slipper
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Odor-eliminating camouflaged reclosable storage bag
Shoe with improved ventilation