The present invention provides a transformable toy of which a figure is transformed between a doll robot toy and a four-legged walking robot toy with rear-leg sections thereof of a more natural shape. One of a pair of leg sections 11 of the doll robot toy 1 is provided with a knee-position connecting mechanism 114 for connecting a thigh section 111 and a shin section 112 and an ankle-position connecting mechanism 115 for connecting the shin section 112 and a foot section 113. The knee-position connecting mechanism 114 includes a connecting link 118 connected to both of the thigh section 111 and the shin section 112 respectively with turning pairs 116 and 117. The ankle-position connecting mechanism 115 is so constructed as to connect the shin section 112 and the foot section 113 with a turning pair 119. Then, the shin section 112 is length-adjustably constructed so that it can become long in a figure of the doll robot toy and become short in a figure of the four-legged walking robot toy.


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