A wave actuated gaming wheel is described as a device for entertainment. In a basic form, the invention includes a wave generator, a wave tank or pool, a wave energy captured device, and a specially adapted gaming wheel. The wave energy capture device is mounted in the path of the wave, positioned so as to interact with an oncoming wave. Paddles, cups, or pontoons, and other supporting structure are coupled or fixed to the gaming wheel to capture energy from the wave and to transfer it to the gaming wheel in the form of rotary motion. When the wave has passed, the transfer of energy terminates. Friction, energy losses, or a brake cause the gaming wheel eventually to come to a stop. As with conventional gaming wheels or "wheels of fortune," the circumference of the wheel may be divided into a plurality of distinct gaming partitions with symbols that represent a certain possibility for a winning outcome. Players or observers seek to predict which gaming symbol might fall along a pay line when the gaming wheel stops.

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