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Gas lift chamber purge and vent valve and pump systems
Mini pump's nozzle device and handheld portion made of dual material with different hardnesses
Pump body with plunger pistons
Method and control system for a pump
Method and apparatus to sense temperature in an implantable pump
Computer system with motor cooler
Mop assembly with fastener channels
Eyewear with enhanced fit
Device with pull tab activation
Machine and cross-machine direction elastic materials and methods of making same
Polyelectrolytic internal calibration system of a flow-through assay
Single phase color change agents
Tissue box
Wet wipe dispensing system for dispensing warm wet wipes
Discharge container
Pneumatic powered autoinjector
Absorbent articles with comfortable elasticated laminates
Indicia for a garment with a dual fastening system
Absorbent pad with activated carbon ink for odor control
Stoma pad
Dual-layered disposable garment
Thermo-gelling composition
Process for producing and controlling the package quality of absorbent articles containing a wetness...
Systems and methods for charging a cleaning solution used for cleaning integrated circuit substrates
Process for producing absorbent sheet
Prepress workflow methods for generating images with improved misregistration tolerance utilizing gl...
Roller applicator
Octagonal bulk bin with self-locking webbed bottom flaps
Method for embossing air-laid webs using laser engraved heated embossing rolls
System and method for tour optimization
Fuel gauge cap
Digester wash extraction by individual screen flow control
Co-administration of a tissue plasminogen activator, anti-CD11b antibody and anti-CD18 antibody in s...
Anti-NGF antibodies and methods using same
Apparatus for searching for and detecting defects in parts by endoscopy
Implantable analyte sensor
Flexible generation of digitally reconstructed radiographs
Endoscope system using normal light and fluorescence
Method and instrument for minimally invasive sentinel lymph node location and biopsy
Apparatus and methods for assessing metabolic substrate utilization
Transcutaneous analyte sensor
Motion artifact reduction in coherent image formation
Method for evaluating extracellular water concentration in tissue
Method for monitoring viability of tissue flaps
Magnetic field measuring optically pumped magnetometer apparatus
Industrial device with adaptive optics
Antiglare supports and contrast amplifying supports for polarized light reflection
Optical sensor with chemically reactive surface
Chemical sensing apparatus and chemical sensing method
Reflective sheet detector
Method and apparatus for evaluating semiconductor layers
Method and apparatus for determining concentration using polarized light
Apparatus for angular-resolved spectroscopic lithography characterization and device manufacturing m...
Focus determination for laser-mask imaging systems
Apparatus for the determination of surface properties
Time-lapsing data methods and systems
Computer implemented method and system for hanging protocol configuration simulator displaying desir...
Intelligent ultrasound examination storage system
Hue diving and judging device
System and method of registering field of view
Reduction of scan time in imaging mass spectrometry
Method and apparatus for acquisition and administration of medical image data
Apparatus and method for compensating for pixel distortion in reproduction of hologram data
Fingerprint scanner auto-capture system and method
Indication of accuracy of quantitative analysis
Method for endoluminal imaging with movement correction
Automated system of processing biological specimens and method
Systems, devices, and methods for bundle segmentation in diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging
System and method for automatic extraction of spinal cord from 3D volumetric images
Registration system and method for tracking lung nodules in medical images
Characterizing biological stimuli by response curves
Devices and methods for identifying and monitoring changes of a suspect area on a patient
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and program
Image edge enhancement apparatus and method thereof
Correction method of defective pixel in image pickup device and image processing apparatus using the...
IC chip type hearing aid module for mobile communication terminal
Hearing aid with information signaling
Hearing aid fitting system with a camera
Method and system for determining velocity by using variable or distinct sampling rates
Optical communication device and system using optical power and signals
Virtual channel remapping
Method and system for inter-fabric routing
Zone based quality of service in a fibre channel fabric
Monitoring of data packets in a fabric
Apparatus and method for a generic service locking mechanism for a fibre channel switching fabric of...
Preallocation of client network address translation addresses for client-server networks
Biosignal intensity distribution measuring apparatus and biosignal intensity distribution measuring ...
Locking filter assembly
Apparatus and method for continuous separation of magnetic particles from non-magnetic fluids
Oil-water separator
Apparatus and process for water conditioning
Filter cartridge assembly with water collection
Environmentally-neutral processing with condensed phase cryogenic fluids
Treating runoff
Process for preparing semipermeable membranes having improved permeability
Apparatus for supporting chemical tablets
Functional water purifier
Structure of water filter assembly
Biological fluid filtration apparatus
Septic system cleaning
Use of Rhizopus stolonifer (Ehrenberg) Vuillemin in methods for treating industrial wastewaters cont...
Mixed bacterial culture for atrazine degradation
Method of growing bacteria for use in wastewater treatment
RO membrane cleaning method
Process for the treatment of contaminated water by means of a bifunctional system consisting of iron...
Switching sequence control method for a PS-ZVT bridge converter
Power converters
Battery charger apparatus with a digital charge reduction loop
Nonlinear digital control circuit and method for a DC/DC converter
Switched mode current source for pulsed loads
DC-DC converter
Circuit arrangement for generating light pulses
High-speed, single-slope analog-to-digital converter
Resonant switching converter having operating modes above and below resonant frequency
Methods and apparatus for charging a battery in a peripheral device
DC-DC converter and control method thereof
Control method and circuit with indirect input voltage detection by switching current slope detectio...
Method and apparatus for synchronous rectifying of soft switching power converters
Switching power supply circuit
Output power factor control of pulse-width modulated inverter
Signal modulation scheme in class-D amplification and circuit therefor
Pulse width modulation amplifier
Apparatus and method for class D amplifier with sampling rate conversion
Composite-forming method, composites formed thereby, and printed circuit boards incorporating them
Aqueous self-adhesive coating for electrical steel and its uses
Fuze module
Peptides and their use for the treatment of HIV infections
Designing and operating of semiconductor integrated circuit by taking into account process variation
Method for reducing binary image update package sizes
Compositions for delivering hypnotic agents across the oral mucosa and methods of use thereof
Lightweight acoustic automotive carpet
Method of preparing sustained release microparticles
Fuel cell with a device for storing water
Drying method for fuel cell stacks
Transistor with dielectric stressor element fully underlying the active semiconductor region
Methods of alteration of surface affinities using non-chemical force-creating fields
Charge switch nucleotides
Crosslinked (meth)acrylamide particles, process for their production and their use
Growth factor complexes and modulation of cell migration and growth
Benzofuran derivatives useful for treating hyper-proliferative disorders
Coarse wellsite analysis for field development planning
Waste sorting system utilizing removable liners
Microshells for multi-level vacuum cavities
Process for making photocatalytic materials
Systems and methods for automatically updating electronic mail access lists
Methods and computer programs for formulating messaging platform capacity projections
Methods and systems of electronic message derivation
Enterprise service availability through identity preservation
Generation of debug information for debugging a network security appliance
Preventing execution of programs that are embedded in email messages
Systems and methods for automatically updating electronic mail access lists
Data repository and method for promoting network storage of data
Method for establishing a secure Ad Hoc wireless LAN
System and methods for detecting malicious email transmission
SIP server architecture fault tolerance and failover
Method for mapping an encrypted https network packet to a specific url name and other data without d...
Gallium naphthalocyanine salts for use as improved infrared dyes
System and method of indicating the strength of encryption
Method and system to pre-fetch data in a network
System and method for generating shipping labels
Method and system for the configuration of a mobile station baseband circuit for an acoustic accesso...
Electronic inventory movement and control device
Method and system for listing items globally and regionally, and customized listing according to cur...
Confidence communication method between two units
Systems and methods in which a provider is selected to service content requested by a client device
Dynamic file access control and management
Rolling cache configuration for a data replication system
Method for device dependent access control for device independent web content
Consumer product package bearing a remotely-alterable radio-frequency (RF) powered electronic displa...
Chlamydia antigens and protein vaccine
Synergistic antipyretic formulation
Pueraria candollei var. mirifica A Shaw. & Suvat. extract
Production of a von Willebrand factor preparation having a high specific activity
Stabilized compositions comprising tissue factor pathway inhibitor protein or tissue factor pathway ...
2-(aryl)azacyclylmethyl carboxylates, sulfonates, phosphonates, phosphinates and heterocycles as S1P...
Eph receptor Fc variants with enhanced antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity activity
Method and kit for determination of prostacyclin in plasma
Latex reagent for adiponectin analysis and method of adiponectin analysis
High temperature heap bioleaching process
Non-volatile memory and method for biasing adjacent word line for verify during programming
Manufacturing assembly for manufacturing a disk drive
Silicide-silicon oxide-semiconductor antifuse device and method of making
Methods of forming flash devices with shared word lines
Pre-programming of a preamplifier in a disk drive to improve servo-writing characteristics
Disk drive demodulating a spiral track by finding a maximum correlation between a spiral track cross...
Disk drive comprising a servo accelerator employing a dual state variable memory
Disk drive motor having a rotor with at least three bendable balancing tabs
Method for using transitional voltage during programming of non-volatile storage
Non-volatile memory read operations using compensation currents
Methods and apparatus for extending the effective thermal operating range of a memory
Dual voltage flash memory methods
Calibrating a defect scan parameter for a disk drive
Device and method for monitoring operation of a flash memory
Partial block data programming and reading operations in a non-volatile memory
NAND flash memory with a programming voltage held dynamically in a NAND chain channel region
Method of improving programming precision in flash memory
Media drive, processing method for recording data onto a medium, processing method for data read fro...
Managing data storage media and multiple cartridge memories of a data storage cartridge
Methods and apparatus for controlling write driver current
Disk positioning information writing method and apparatus, information recording/reproduction appara...
Storage device, head returning method, and head returning apparatus
Disk drive initializing a coil temperature estimation algorithm using a resistance of the coil estim...
Method and system for pre-contact detection and active damping of air bearing vibrations in a hard d...
Technique for signal and transducer alignment in a tape drive
Quiet high performance seek procedure for disk drives
TMR element having a tunnel barrier which includes crystalline portions and non-crystalline portions
Magnetic head with planar outrigger
Webbed ground plane structure for integrated lead suspensions
Disk drive including an actuator latch with a pivot ball in a latch post opening and between a VCM t...
Helical gear actuator for tape drive systems
Method and system for reduction of off-track write errors in disk drives
Slider with a constant flying height
Method and system of using a step plate mechanically formed in a disk drive suspension flexure to mo...
Read/write head with dynamic flying height control by magnetostriction
Electricity generating device for use in an armour arrangement, and an armour arrangement of this ki...
Chamber for weapon
Venting device for an airbag inflator
Combined window screen and ventilation system for vehicles
Superparamagnetic platelets field sensing devices
System and computer program product for facilitating customs planning and clearance
Assembly of a needle and a fluid supply device and methods of their use
Thermal transfer sheet
Quadratic and cubic compensation of sigma-delta D/A and A/D converters
Method for customizing processing and response for intrusion prevention
Method and system for protecting computer networks by altering unwanted network data traffic
Computer security intrusion detection system for remote, on-demand users
System for SSL re-encryption after load balance
Machine for the production of ice-cream portions equipped with a feeding device for a preparation
Method, computer program product and arrangement for controlling the milking by a milking machine
Corn butterer
Surface modification of lactose excipient for use in powders for inhalation
Dispensing device for drinks
Method for the production of cheeses with spun curd
Ointment composition for treating decubitus ulcers and methods for its making and its use
Grandiflora Rose plant named `Meiroylear`
Substituted thienopyrrole carboxylic acid amides, pyrrolothiazole carboxylic acid amides, and relate...
Semiconductor ground shield
Bovine treadmill
Dynamic isokinetic exercise apparatus
Method and apparatus for investigating a gas-liquid mixture
Device for redistribution of catalyst in the FCC risers
Vehicle for exercising
Method and system for valuing intangible assets
Push-up bench
Auction for targeted content
Multiple muscle exercising device
Exercise apparatus
Exercise apparatus
Linearly adjustable multi resistance ratio exercise apparatus
Variable stride exercise device with ramp
Elliptical exercise apparatus
Exercise device with treadles
Weight selection methods and apparatus
Dual cam exercise device method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for physical fitness training
Abdominal exercise bar accessory and method use
Traction extension table
Exercise apparatus for performing a bent-elbow plank position push-up and method of using same
Universal system for monitoring and controlling exercise parameters
Composition comprising protein material and compounds comprising non-oxidizable fatty acid entities
Treatment of osteoarthritis
Ligand for G-protein coupled receptor FPRL2
Combination therapy for effecting weight loss and treating obesity
Pyrimidine compound having dibenzylamine structure and medicament comprising the same
Melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagonist
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Selective serotonin 2A/2C receptor inverse agonists as therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases
Benzamide derivatives and uses related thereto
Pyrazole derivatives and use thereof as orexin receptor antagonists
Method of increasing gastric emptying
Substituted morpholine compounds for the treatment of central nervous system disorders
Urea derivatives as calcium channel blockers
Thiazolo[4,5-C]pyridine derivatives
Pharmaceutical compounds
Pyrazole carboxamides as inhibitors of 11-.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1
Apparatus and method for calculating life expectancy in mobile communication terminal
Temperature-based monitoring method and system for determining first and second fluid flow rates thr...
Method for producing heat exchanger elements, heat exchanger elements and method for assembling such...
Monolithic air conditioner
Heating a storage building
Boiling and cooling device
Flanged connection for heat exchanger
Illumination device with reflective heat radiating fins
Air distribution assembly for vehicles
Apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics system
Removable cooling duct with interlocking dovetail connections for an air tight thermal seal
Fan docking collar
Rack with integrated rear-door heat exchanger
Deformable duct guides that accommodate electronic connection lines
Apparatus and data processing apparatus
Electronic device
Power supply unit for an electrical appliance and method for making electrical power available at co...
System of facilitating cooling of electronics racks of a data center employing multiple cooling stat...
Heat dissipating fin assembly for clamping dynamic random access memory to dissipate heat
Digital micromirror device module
Method of fabricating a portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple power mod...
Near infrared imaging agent
Oil type discrimination method and oil type discriminator
Combining X-ray fluorescence visualizer, imager, or information provider
Method and system for provision and acquisition of medical services and products
Methods and apparatus for renal neuromodulation
Vascular graft sterilization and decellularization
Computer-aided implanting of orthodontic anchorage devices using surgical guides
Calcium phosphate cements comprising autologous bone
Method and device for determining position of dental implants
Extension piece for a dental implant, transfer aid for transferring the position of an implant and o...
Adjustable rod and connector device and method of use
Trench photosensor for a CMOS imager
Antibacterial macrocycles with substituted biphenyl
Systems and methods of media management, such as management of media to and from a media storage lib...
Method and apparatus of high speed property mapping
Enclosed axle drive
Integrated microfluidic transport and sorting system
Method for forming high density patterns
Barrier metal film production method
Micropump, micropump unit including the micropump, sample processing chip for use with the unit, and...
Job scheduler
Instrument access control system
System and method for representing content in a file system
Method and apparatus for querying program design models
System for integrating diverse database and maintaining their consistency
Spam filtering with probabilistic secure hashes
Electronic file management
Method and program product for reducing database walk frequency while repetitively accessing a firew...
Method and apparatus for providing strobed image capture
Method and apparatus for improving end to end performance of a data network
Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
Distributed data sharing methods and systems
Instant messaging using distributed indexes
XML schema for network device configuration
Global server load balancing
Integrated circuit device and signal transmission system
Communication scheme using outside DTCP bridge for realizing copyright protection
Low power memory controller with leaded double data rate DRAM package on a two layer printed circuit...
Detecting lock acquisition hierarchy violations in multithreaded programs
Lifting sling adapted to effectuate cargo security
Systems and methods for computing data transmission characteristics of a network path based on singl...
High-power amplifier apparatus for TDD wireless communication system
Image display device executing instructions in a multicast message to configure itself to connect to...
System on a chip for networking
Method and apparatus for creating a secure communication channel among multiple event service nodes
Test circuit and method for multilevel cell flash memory
Method and system for instruction tracing with enhanced interrupt avoidance
System and method of analyzing an HTML document for changes such that the changed areas can be displ...
Visual administrator providing java management bean support
Method and system for analyzing source code
Task following between multiple operating systems
Method for assuring event record integrity
Secure traversal of network components
Surface-enhanced spectroscopic method, flexible structured substrate, and method of making the same
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and carborane containing network polymers
Semiconductor devices
Therapeutic proline derivatives
Telechelic homopolyamino acids functionalized with hydrophobic groups, and their applications, espec...
High performance hyperspectral detectors using photon controlling cavities
Layered composite film incorporating a quantum dot shift register
System with extended range of molecular sensing through integrated multi-modal data acquisition
Hybrid random bead/chip based microarray
Device and method for acquiring information on objective substance to be detected by detecting a cha...
Imaging lens, camera module, and portable terminal apparatus
Photochemical method for manufacturing nanometrically surface-decorated substrates
Luminescence characterization of quantum dots conjugated with biomarkers for early cancer detection
Growth method for chalcongenide phase-change nanostructures
Method for nanostructuring of the surface of a substrate
pRNA chimera
Fiber optic SERS sensor systems and SERS probes
System and method for identifying and evaluating nanomaterial-related risk
Polymerization method for formation of thermally exfoliated graphite oxide containing polymer
Structures, systems and methods for joining articles and materials and uses therefor
Snap frame graphic display arrangement
Air ring with circumferentially adjustable air flow
Mold for manufacturing a tube by extraction
High capacity extrusion die assembly
Double-row angle pin connector
Open-cell foam composed of high-melting point plastics
Soft polymer compositions having improved high temperature properties
Adhesion technique for incompatible polymers using modified polymer tie layers
Flat panel lens
Manufacturing method of printed circuit board using an ink jet
Manufacturing method of film insert molded article
Method of playing a poker-type bonus
Card game with fixed rules
Liquid crystal display device
Plasma display panel and field emission display
Casino-type wagering game based on card color
Method and apparatus for synchronizing data from memory arrays
Microseismic event detection and location by continuous map migration
Mobile terminal device, topology management device, location management device, and communication me...
Method for detecting UWB pulse sequences and detection means suitable for this purpose
Efficient header acquisition
Splitter card with integral test access
Method and a system for automatic measurement and tracking of logs, industrial wood and boards
Error concealment using icons for JPEG and JPEG 2000 compressed images
Distribution cable assembly having overmolded mid-span access location
Terminal-based server for location tracking
Propagation loss model based indoor wireless location of stations
Mobile communication terminal equipped with function of indicating direction of destination and meth...
Processing method for vending machine with substitutable magazines
Method, system and device for monitoring vehicle usage
Nucleic acid base sequence determining method and inspecting system
Aerodynamic shapes for wafer structures to reduce damage caused by cleaning processes
Auxiliary display system architecture
Displaying text intraline diffing output
Systems and methods that facilitate improved display of electronic documents
Extended eraser functions
System and method for visually expressing user interface elements
Creation of three-dimensional user interface
Accelerated scrolling
Keyboard accelerator
Two dimensional trees to edit graph-like diagrams
Systems and methods to efficiently and automatically effect population of custom controls onto a vis...
Cryptographic puzzle cancellation service for deterring bulk electronic mail messages
Nucleic acid construct containing fulllength genome of human hepatitis C virus, recombinant fullleng...
Precious metal catalyst for debenzylation
Treatment of ALS and variants thereof consisting of primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) or spinal muscul...
Abuse-resistant amphetamine prodrugs
Abuse-resistant amphetamine prodrugs
Medicament for treating lung cancer
Methods of preparing pre-mixed, ready-to-use pharmaceutical compositions
Methods of treatment with pre-mixed, ready-to-use pharmaceutical compositions
Methods and devices for epithelial protection during photodynamic therapy
Methods of enhancing solubility of agents
Methods and related compositions using specific indanes to reduce weight and inhibit lipase, .alpha....
PH-sensitive polymeric micelles for drug delivery
Shaped articles containing poly(vinylpyrrolidone)-iodine complex
ErbB2 and ErbB3 chimeric heteromultimer adhesins
Method and x-ray system for detecting position changes of a medical implant
Memory device and semiconductor device
Method of making non-volatile memory cell with embedded antifuse
Control system for control subject having combustion unit and control system for plant having boiler
Methods for self-balancing control of mixing and pumping
Fuel injection control device
Fault code memory administrator with a driving cycle state machine concept
Tracking physical inventory of data storage media
ASCII gateway to in-vehicle networks
Cutting tool
Light emitting array
Implantable multi-wavelength oximeter sensor
Multi-stage automatic transmission
Assembly including a planetary pinion carrier and one-way clutch
Biopsy needle with integrated guide pin
Air purification and decontamination for hazmat suits
Balloon catheter for delivering therapeutic agents
Motor battery systems
Method and a device for detecting intrusion into or tampering with contents of an enclosure
Network bus coupler and system
Methods and apparatus for acquisition of marine seismic data
Seismic streamer receiver selection systems and methods
Autonomous seismic data acquisition unit
Systems and methods for seismic data acquisition employing asynchronous, decoupled data sampling and...
Integrated carry-on baggage cart and passenger screening station
Method for determining seismic data quality
Systems and methods for providing dynamic quality of service for a distributed system
Vertical foregrip top
System and method for enabling image recognition and searching of images
System and method for search portions of objects in images and features thereof
Sole for footwear
Insole with ventilation
Lace system for footwear
Eyestay ornament for footwear
Hybrid water sport footwear
Process for making urethane-containing structures and the structures made thereby
Wireless lighting control methods and apparatus
System and method for enabling image searching using manual enrichment, classification, and/or segme...
Sole for footwear
Sole for footwear
Portion of a footwear upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Portion of a footwear midsole
Methods and systems for integrating fluid dispensing technology with stereolithography
Rail measurement system
Method for making negative electrode component including a carbonaceous material for use in a nonaqu...
Wafer inspection using short-pulsed continuous broadband illumination
Apparatus and method for imaging with surface enhanced coherent anti-stokes raman scattering (SECARS...
Photobleaching by high power pulses
Apparatus and method for probing integrated circuits using polarization difference probing
Apparatus for crystallizing semiconductor with laser beams
Optical disc drive apparatus and signal recording method
Optical disk differentiating method and electronic device thereof
Disc device
Liquid cooled laser bar arrays incorporating diamond/copper expansion matched materials
Method and device for determining an activation threshold
High-dynamic-range analog fiber-optic link using phase modulation and tunable optical filter
Transistor having an embedded tensile strain layer with reduced offset to the gate electrode and a m...
Apparatus for and method of recording image
High speed data channel including a CMOS VCSEL driver and a high performance photodetector and CMOS ...
Optical element, optical module and method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus and methods for adjusting the rotational frequency of a scanning device
Low-friction sliding member in transmission, and transmission oil therefor
Fuel cell system with reformer response time correction
Vehicle surroundings display unit and a method of displaying vehicle surroundings
Joining structure for side members and cross members in chassis frames
Vehicle box apparatus
Vehicle seat assembly with air bag seam rupturing means
Seat assembly having a seat cushion rocker mechanism
Remaining-capacity dispersion detecting apparatus and remaining-capacity control apparatus for batte...
Power converter and control method for a power converter using serially-connected DC power sources
Injection molded magnesium convertible top stack
Foam-molded member having skin and method of manufacturing foam-molded member having skin
Vehicle seat with auto-fold leg
Battery module with insulating plates nipping electrode tabs
Cell structure having improved heat dissipation and lower vibrations
Image pickup apparatus, image display system, and method for controlling the image pickup apparatus
Power conversion apparatus and method and automobile
Package elements and methods for securing a getter
Fiber-containing composite and method for making the same
Wind turbine lightning connection means method and use hereof
Devices, systems and methods for diagnosing and treating sinusitus and other disorders of the ears, ...
Composite self-cohered web materials
Electrolyte for high voltage lithium rechargeable battery and high voltage lithium rechargeable batt...
Semiconductor substrates having useful and transfer layers
Hermetic container and image display apparatus
Highly porous self-cohered web materials
Unimorph/bimorph piezoelectric package
Means and method for reducing build-up of electrostatic charges in a fluid container
High pressure insulated electrical, fiber and tubing feed-through fitting assembly
Truck bed staircase device
Catheter having plurality of stiffening members
Composite material, in particular composite membrane, and process for the production of the same
Cathode active material, cathode material having the cathode active material, secondary aqueous lith...
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Highly porous self-cohered web materials having haemostatic properties
Ultrasound communication system for metal structure and related methods
Assembly of a bodywork part and a headlight glass for a motor vehicle
Support for a motor vehicle light unit, a light unit, and an assembly comprising a front end module ...
Water based damper
Drawing frame-roving frame combination for the production of rove by means of a pneumatic spinning p...
Article shipping and/or storage container and a shipping and/or storage container having articles
Bumper skin
System for providing GPS information indoors and method of acquiring indoor GPS information by mobil...
Antenna for GPS
Lighting system using GPS receiver
Passenger airbag module
Airbag for a front passenger's seat
Side airbag apparatus
Airbag assembly
Selections of genes and methods of using the same for diagnosis and for targeting the therapy of sel...
Resilient intervertebral disc implant
Methods to increase or decrease bone density
Intervertebral implants with covered inner chamber and methods of use
Method for producing a bone material enriched with bone growth factors
Method of inhibiting the activity of growth factor homolog ZVEGF3
BMP-7 variant compositions, methods and uses
Composition for accelerating bone fracture healing
Maleamic acid polymer derivatives and their bioconjugates
Human DRG11-responsive axonal guidance and outgrowth of neurite (dragon) proteins and variants there...
CD9/CD81 double-deficient non-human animal
Combination electrical stimulating and infusion medical device
Antibodies to the polypeptide hormone phosphatonin
Methods and compositions for increasing antibody production
Diketohydrazine derivative compounds and drugs containing the compounds as the active ingredient
Methods and apparatuses for stabilizing the spine through an access device
Compositions and methods for enhancing the immunogenicity of antigens
Methods and compositions for vaccination against or involving enterobacteriaceae bacteria
Methods and compositions relating to HPV-associated pre-cancerous and cancerous growths, including C...
CHD7 gene polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility to idiopathic scoliosis
Endoscope, in particular for tracheotomy
Medical devices for use with endoscope
Method of preparing closure components suitable for use in diapers
Dust suppressant composition
Apparatus for treating allograft products
Warming and nonirritating lubricant compositions and method of comparing irritation
Tamper-indicating printable sheet for securing documents of value and methods of making the same
Substrates and compounds bonded thereto
Manufacturing method of high voltage semiconductor device that includes forming a nitride layer on s...
Garden tool maintenance fluid
Methods of inhibiting glutamate receptors by administering the tripeptide KDI
Hydrophilic gel from reactive hydrophilic oligomers
Fluorinated surfactants for use in making a fluoropolymer
Water- and oil-repellent fluoroacrylates
Method for assessing the suitability of metered dose inhaler actuators
Insertion support system for producing imaginary endoscopic image and supporting insertion of bronch...
Optical barrel enclosing rod lenses
Writing instrument with a tape flag dispenser
Enhancement of GNSS position determination in poor signal propagation environments
Golf swing aid apparatus
Two-piece assembly, assembly kit and method of achieving an assembly
Multi-purpose golf accessory assembly
Apparatus for physical measurements of the eye
Golf green slope indicator
Golf club handle grip with ball marker
Gulf putting training aid
Removable footwear traction plate
Golf shoe
Golf balls incorporating rigid, rosin-modified polymers
Golf club bottle opener combination
Adaptive training system
Network service system and program using data processing
Meeting structures and global unique identifiers
Network monitoring device
Indicating network resource availability methods, system and program product
Method and system for monitoring and instantly identifying faults in data communication cables
Apparatus and method to control access to stored information
Multithreading instruction scheduler employing thread group priorities
MIME handling security enforcement
Self-synchronizing bit error analyzer and circuit
Methods and arrangements to remap degraded storage blocks
Displaying full screen streaming media advertising
Automated transport stream apparatus and method
Fused bicycloheterocycle substituted quinuclidine derivatives
Indole compounds useful as serotonin selective agents
Neutralizing antibodies against GDF-8 and uses therefor
Orthogonally protected disaccharide building blocks for synthesis of heparin
Crystalline 1H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyridin-5-amine, 7-[5-[(cyclohexylmethylamino)-methyl]-1H-indol-2-yl]-2...
Double-sided fiber-based displays
Gloss providing sheet and image formation apparatus
Liquid ejecting head, imaging forming apparatus, device for ejecting a liquid drop, and recording me...
Phase change inks
Modulators of amyloid aggregation
Compositions and methods for inhibiting H. pylori adhesion and infection
Molecules with extended half-lives, compositions and uses thereof
Human anthrax toxin neutralizing monoclonal antibodies and methods of use thereof
Bar composition comprising thermochromic pigment or dye signalling benefit agent release or other us...
Bandpass filter, high-frequency module, and wireless communications equipment
High-precision signal detection for high-speed receiver
Joint demodulation filter for co-channel interference reduction and related methods
Signal-quality evaluation device, signal adjustment method, optical-signal evaluation system, and op...
Method and system or managing ECGs in a clinical trial
Receiver system with interdependent adaptive analog and digital signal equalization
Apparatus and method for cordless recording and telecommunication transmission of three special ECG ...
Method for deriving standard 12-lead electrocardiogram, and electrocardiograph using the same
Signal processing device and method, signal processing program, and recording medium where the progr...
Method of estimating noise and interference covariance matrix, receiver, and radio system
Adaptive IQ imbalance correction for multicarrier wireless communication systems
Method and system for verifying the integrity of normal sinus rhythm templates
High performance equalizer having reduced complexity
Stabilized digital timing recovery using low-complexity equalizer
Electrotransport delivery device having improved safety and reduced abuse potential
Split gate flash memory device having self-aligned control gate and method of manufacturing the same
MEMS bubble generator
Reforming catalysts having a controlled coordination structure and methods for preparing such compos...
Preparation of a mechanically durable single layer coating with anti-reflective properties
Biodegradable multi-block polymeric composition capable of sol-gel transition and pharmaceutical com...
Nano-structured photovoltaic solar cell and related methods
Short-wavelength coherence tomography
Data storing and reading apparatus for storing data in a nano-device
Method for improving the air quality in the limited space and the equipment using thereof
Printed circuits prepared from filled epoxy compositions
Dual-chip integrated heat spreader assembly, packages containing same, and systems containing same
Method for fabricating capacitor of semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for technology resource management
Economic filtering system for delivery of permission based, targeted, incentivized advertising
Method, system, and medium for representing visitor activity in an online store
Method, apparatus and computer-readable medium for searching and navigating a document database
System and method of ad-hoc analysis of data
Data independent relevance evaluation utilizing cognitive concept relationship
Method and system for high performance integration, processing and searching of structured and unstr...
Customized, personalized, integrated client-side search indexing of the web
Joint optimization of wrapper generation and template detection
System and method for determining initial relevance of a document with respect to a given category
Automated error checking system and method
Finite state automaton compression
Facility for highlighting documents accessed through search or browsing
System for similar document detection
Systems and methods for sorting and displaying search results in multiple dimensions
Transmit power reduction for a wireless device with multiple transmit signal paths
Providing keys to share data within an instant messaging session
Multi-rate optimized connection between industrial control scanner and industrial controller
Exactly once cache framework
High performance turbo and Viterbi channel decoding in digital signal processors
Method for providing quick responses in instant messaging conversations
Messaging component configuration and deployment in an archived form
System and method of secure garbage collection on a mobile device
Method for supporting various multi-antenna schemes in BWA system using multiple antennas
Wireless human interface device packet compression system and method for reducing power consumption
Precise sleep timer using a low-cost and low-accuracy clock
Apparatus and methods for speed management and control
Method for dynamically targeted instant messaging
Information terminal, and server for efficiently exchanging messages via a network
Meetings near me
System and method for confirming specification of intended electronic mail message recipients
Method and apparatus for enhancing discoverability and usability of data network capability of a mob...
Wireless communications system with dynamic transmission band assignment
Network analysis system and method
Double-stranded synthetic oligonucleotides useful for inducing apoptosis of osteoclasts for the trea...
Tryptophan derivative and application thereof
Automated method for image analysis of residual protein
Transgenic fungi expressing Bcl-2 and methods of using Bcl-2 or portions thereof for improving bioma...
Methods utilizing target genes related to immune-mediated diseases
Amylases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Kinases and uses thereof
ZSIG33-like polynucleotides
Insulin-associated peptides with effects on cerebral health
IL-17-like cytokine binding compounds and antibodies
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH354
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH298165
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH611149
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH234162
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH652087
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH515277
.DELTA. 15 desaturases suitable for altering levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in oleaginous pla...
Substrate isolated integrated high voltage diode integrated within a unit cell
Inverter with four-transistor Schmitt trigger
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistor technology using selective epitaxy of a strained ...
Apparatus having a layer of material configured as a reservoir having an interior capable of holding...
Integrated circuit wire patterns including integral plug portions
Semiconductor device having moisture-proof dam and method of fabricating the same
Stacked die semiconductor device having circuit tape
Integrated circuit package-in-package system with carrier interposer
Vertical power semiconductor component, semiconductor device and methods for the production thereof
On-chip cooling systems for integrated circuits
Trace design to minimize electromigration damage to solder bumps
Semiconductor device including a barrier metal film
Interconnect structures with interlayer dielectric
Interconnection between different circuit types
Electrical open/short contact alignment structure for active region vs. gate region
Methods for etching layers within a MEMS device to achieve a tapered edge
Atomic layer deposition apparatus
Robust measurement of parameters
Clock circuits and counting values in integrated circuits
Apparatus for auto focusing a workpiece using two or more focus parameters
Enhanced clock signal flexible distribution system and method
Methods and systems for electrical and/or drug stimulation as a therapy for erectile dysfunction
Solder material test apparatus, and method of controlling the same
On-site method of providing analysis of potency and purity of pharmaceutical compounds
Transparent monitoring and intervention to improve automatic adaptation of speech models
Audio/visual content providing system and audio/visual content providing method
Method and system for providing a secure multi-user portable database
Method for inspecting luggage
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Timing techniques for magnetic resonance imaging
Medical device introducer
System for creating optimized promotion event calendar
Method and system for providing a fixed rate annuity with a lock-in interest rate feature
Method and system for establishing network connections
System and method for automated trading
Method of testing a sequential access memory plane and a corresponding sequential access memory semi...
Initialization and acquisition of peers in a peers' list in a peer-to-peer network
Pair of gloves
System and apparatus for group data operations
Purse insert
Coupler fitting for an artificial tree segment
Three-dimensional presidential plaque
Spare tire carrier assembly
Electrical adaptor
Laptop computer
Multifunction printer
Lavatory vessel
Water storage tank
Time of flight aspects for X-Ray fluorescence visualizer, imager, or information provider
Image recognition facilitation using remotely sourced content
Methods and devices for analysis of x-ray images
Automated histogram characterization of data sets for image visualization using alpha-histograms
Image enhancement using anisotropic noise filtering
Systems and methods for viewing medical images
Systems and methods for minimally-invasive optical-acoustic imaging
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatu...
Method for determining the condition of an object by magnetic resonance imaging
System to provide myocardial and neural stimulation
Method and system for implementing and managing an enterprise identity management for distributed se...
Information processing system, information processing method and information processing program
Establishing secure TCP/IP communications using embedded IDs
Mobile phone holder
System, method and apparatus for small pulmonary nodule computer aided diagnosis from computed tomog...
System and method for developing and implementing intellectual property marketing
Methods and systems for providing a measure of supervision over the activities of representatives of...
Information searching apparatus and method with mechanism of refining search results
Methods of providing published content
Reversible document format
RF transceiver front-end
System and method for identifying billing errors
Managing sponsored content based on usage history
System and method for spam identification
System and method of dynamically generating index information
Reusable sticker
Input device with forward/backward control
Click fraud detection
Providing accessibility compliance within advanced componentry
System and method for detecting accidental output to a device
Trimerising module
System and method for measuring forces
Traffic sensing and monitoring apparatus
Angiopoietin-2 specific binding agents
Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of iron metabolism
Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy test reagents and methods
Process for preparing an olefin polymerization catalyst component with improved high temperature act...
Substituted indolealkanoic acids
Contact structure comprising semiconductor and metal islands
Widely tunable twin guide laser structure
System and method for randomizing orders in an electronic trading environment
Method and system for displaying a series of recordable events
LCD monitor
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Mobile phone
Communication device
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Communication device
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Communication device
Mobile telephone
Set of keys for a handset
Hard disk drive
Set top box
Thermoplastic composites containing lignocellulosic materials and methods of making same
Method of repairing a crack in a turbine component
Conductive ink composition for inkjet printing
Process for producing photonic crystals and controlled defects therein
Method for making an optical fiber comprising nanoparticles and preform used in the manufacture of s...
Compounds for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Phenanthroindolizidine alkaloids
Cyclic ureas used as inhibitors of metalloproteases
Methods of using (+)-2-[1-(3-ethoxy-4 methoxyphenyl)-2-methylsulfonylethyl]-4 acetylaminoisoindoline...
Methods of using (+)-2-[1-(3-Ethoxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-2-methylsulfonylethyl]-4- acetylaminoisoindolin...
Oral pharmaceutical composition for targeted transport of a platinum complex into the colorectal reg...
Processing program edition conferencing method and system
Interactive recording and playback for network conferencing
Method and system for providing a private conversation channel in a video conference system
Display device and driving method
Apparatus and method for driving organic light-emitting diode
Touch panel, display device provided with touch panel and electronic equipment provided with display...
Thermally crosslinkable materials and multi-layered devices therefrom
Organic phosphorescent material and organic optoelectronic device
Organic electroluminescent device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic appliance
Organic electroluminescent display device
Composition for conductive materials, conductive material, conductive layer, electronic device, and ...
Method for manufacturing an organic semiconductor element
Materials for electroluminescence and the utilization thereof
Organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same
DNA-based memory device and method of reading and writing same
Flat fluorescent lamp with improved capability of luminance and reduced initial operational voltage
Organic electroluminescent device and display using same
Organic EL panel having film layers with overlap deviations
Full color OLED and method of fabricating the same
Electroluminescence display device with microlens
System for displaying image
OLED device with metal foil
Detector arrangement
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Method for imaging Acoustically induced rotary saturation with a magnetic resonance imaging system
NMR CryoMAS probe for high-field wide-bore magnets
Virtual probing
Method for verifying sensors installation and determining the location of the sensors after installa...
Ballistic impact detection system
System and method to control microcode updates after booting an operating system in a computing plat...
System for, and method of, authenticating an electronic message to a recipient
Using biometrics on pervasive devices for mobile identification
Method and system for enterprise memory management of memory modules
Technician communications system with automated claims processing
Source identification on a display screen
Geographically resolving a keyword query
Systems and methods for replacing open windows in a graphical user interface
Systems and methods for classifying and transferring information in a storage network
Using a file server as a central shared database
Network real estate analysis
Managing location information for a group of users
Compact camera modules with Lavet stepping-motors as actuators
Synthesized voice production
System and method for processing sentence based queries
Method and apparatus for visual silent alarm indicator
Pointing device with integrated audio input and associated methods
IP-based voice/video communication system and call pickup/forwarding method
Liquid crystal display device having sound
Color reproduction method and system, and video display method and device using the same
Three-dimensional image display device, portable terminal device, display panel and fly eye lens
Multiple image artifact correction of images for a display having a partially-silvered surface
Method of determining PSF using multiple instances of nominally scene
Method and apparatus for removing noise from a digital image
Generating and displaying spatially offset sub-frames using error values
Method and apparatus of removing opaque area as rescaling an image
Image processing method and apparatus with image resolution conversion related to relative movement ...
Driving support apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing non-resident program guide information to a media subscriber
Remote electromechanical control of a video communications system
Information processing apparatus and display control method
Method and system for generating, transmitting and utilizing bit rate conversion information
Signal processing using pilot based coding
Method and system for flow detection and motion analysis
Pattern inspection apparatus, pattern inspection method, and recording medium
Compositions and methods using RNA interference for control of nematodes
Polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
Pea line 08520689
Soybean variety 457114
Soybean variety D4356652
Soybean variety D5882437
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH635689
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV858395
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV581972
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH958922
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH961186
Plants and seeds of corn hybrid CH794587
Inbred broccoli line GKO-1
Method of treatment of wood ash residue
Ion transport membrane module and vessel system with directed internal gas flow
Si-C-O composite, making method, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell negative electrode mater...
Method for increasing the chrome to iron ratio of chromites products
Process for recovering base metals from spent hydroprocessing catalyst
Method for attacking bauxite enhancing filterability of sludge in attack output
Compositions and methods for treating exhaust gases
Reactor and process for the preparation of silicon
Thermally exfoliated graphite oxide
Low CTE highly isotropic graphite
High purity nuclear graphite
Process for the production of hydrogen by the thermochemical route, based on the hydrochlorination o...
Sulfur recovery plant
Titanium-aluminium mixed oxide powder
Method of removing carbon monoxide and operating a fuel cell system
Process for preparing a beta zeolite
Graphite powders suited for negative electrode material of lithium ion secondary battery
Container with bottom compartment
Device for shaping hair
Comb straightener
Eyelash curler
Electric depilator
Electric depilator
Bird feeder assembly
Bottle cap assembly for a bird feeder
Bird feeding apparatus
Collar for an animal
Vacuum cleaner upright portion
Optical connector cleaner
Curved pyramid drying ball with round nodules and patch
Wiping sheet
Surface cleaner
Waste receptacle
Trash can
Three-dimensional image retainer
Backlit static display on foam board using light piping pegs as highlighters
Adjustable collapsible panels
Airplane carton
Travel game
Jumping toy with disassembly action
Flicker-type flying toy device
Action figure with movable appendages
Method and apparatus for controlling access to storage media
Information processing device, information recording medium and information processing method, and c...
Method and apparatus for a variable processing period in an integrated circuit
Enhanced security design for cryptography in mobile communication systems
Cryptographic system and method for geolocking and securing digital information
System and method for security association between communication devices within a wireless personal ...
Wireless device synchronization
Method and system for secure storage, transmission and control of cryptographic keys
Encryption key updating for multiple site automated login
Method and apparatus for maintaining ephemeral keys in limited space
System and method for managing stereoscopic viewing
Quantum Fourier transform based information transmission system and method
Method and device for monitoring and analyzing signals
System and method for verifying the identity of a sender of electronic mail and preventing unsolicit...
Subscription broadcast security system
Secure control of security mode
Maneuvering robotic vehicles having a positionable sensor head
Endeffectors for handling semiconductor wafers
Device for mounting a pneumatic tire onto a vehicle wheel rim
Robot and attitude control method of robot
Object picking system
Acoustic signal transmission method and apparatus with insertion signal
Biomimetic tactile sensor
Mobile robot
Leg joint assist device of legged mobile robot
Moving body system and method of detecting position of moving body
Autonomous mobile equipment and position-of-object and own position detecting system
System and method for managing telecommunication trunk groups
System and mobile terminal for displaying caller information and method thereof
System and method for employing state information to enhance network functionality
Systems and methods for integrating outsourcers
Systems and methods for scheduling contact center agents
Attenuation and termination circuit using impedance synthesis
Multi-dwelling unit module for passive optical networks
Cellular phone apparatus with keyboard
Portable telephone
Acoustic echo cancellation
Cellular telephone device having a non-contact type integrated circuit card processing section
Adapter for secure VoIP communications
System and method for in-transit SMS language translation
Internet telephone system, call connection controller, terminal association method used therein and ...
Noise suppression device
Method of arranging supplemental meeting services
Extending camp-on capabilities to invitees to an ongoing converence call
Method and system for web-based event notification
Telecommunication system architecture for extended open service access to multiple heterogeneous net...
Vibratory gyrosensor having a vibration element provided with terminals